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Run, Don’t Walk

Bit of a different one tonight. I’m enjoying churning out theropods like sausage meat but I still wanna keep a couple fingers in the OC pie. Working on Artemis non-stop has proven more exhausting than I expected (and probably exactly as exhausting as I should have expected), but it’s still my baby and I do want to keep my humanoid-drawing skills honed.

So here’s a very stylised thing with Abbie. What is she running from? Cops? A gang? A murderer of some variety? Vitylus has plenty of those in the slums. Her own guilt and conflicted feelings on the nature of her affection for Ethan? Who’s to say?

Go listen to Hey Monday if you haven’t, by the way. They’ve got, like, one album and a… Christmas EP? The fuck… but yeah, it’s solid late-2000s pop-punk. Personally I don’t see my characters as having a theme song, per se, but I fill that niche with whatever song i think would work best over the end credits were they to have their own movie. Run, Don’t Walk works very well for Abbie in that regard. Just a great song generally too. Good shit.

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Something different. Something loose. Really love this one brush for this type of work.

So old character turned into something new for a story. Lady of Many Colors. The Babbling Lady. Touched by the Cryros and the Void. Another guide for Ferros’ journey.

Also a sticker design but not for awhile. Still figuring out the text. Need to get back to finishing up that Patreon.

Also toying with a new watermark!

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As fluffy as he is menacing, Nettlestar brought a life of prosperity into Thunderclan, even if it cost the lives of his warriors.

Stubborn and unwiling to change his ways, Nettlestar accepted a kittypet into his clan and took her under his wing. Not because he wants to make Thunderclan a better place, but just out of his sheer amusement.

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My dear rat boy…

Rothko is one of the NPCs in a Homebrew RPG campaign I’m running! He only likes people begrudgingly, but loves his rat, Mr. Hyde, very very much.

I’m trying to get back into doing art for myself and I wanted to experiment with some more interesting coloured shading/lighting. I still have a lot to learn but I’m pretty happy with how this turned out!

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