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#original character

so for the past 2 years me and my two friends have been working on a big fantasy story just for fun. I’ve made a LOT of art for it but due to whatever reasons I haven’t shared any of it.
But i’ve decided to start sharing some of it for possible feedback and the fact that if i fall back into the story illustrating pit then my social media won’t be completely abandoned for months.

SO! To kick things off is a recent redesign of one of the main cast characters. The design and name are not set in stone so feel free to leave feedback! ^^

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Everyone I have a new son, his name is Dyno and I love and cherish him

He doesn’t have a set species outside of my Dragon Quest IX fanfic but he could possibly be a PinnaWing-AntreWing hybrid regarding my own fantribes (with a bit of HiveWing too, probably)

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Dear my darlings,

     Extraordinary or not, you will always be special to me.

     Someone who is so beautiful in my eyes.

     Someone I will love until I die.

The famous K-pop boy group EXO receive a diary from a fan who claims to have went to a world where they live their lives as normal people.

  • au plot series
  • starring: exo, original characters
  • status: incomplete


prologue | 05.28.2018 (1) | 05.31.2018 (2) | 06.05.2018 (3) | 06.06.2018 (4) | interlude 1: doubt | 06.09.2018 (5) | 06.15.2018 (6)

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