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Eris: Oh Mother Mary we all look like ass.

Kaden: Aw, c'mon Jules we look cute.

Khione: No… Jules is right. We look pretty bad.

Eris: Yea. I mean, nets? Khio… why? An Kade, what is with that GIANT stud in your nose.

Kaden: Oh? Ok. Shut the fuck up Princess Cotton Candy- netted tank top- emo lookin headass.

Eris: I’ll give you the tank top but I looked good with pink hair, don’t fuck with me.

Khione: Alright girls, let’s all calm down sha’ll we?

Kaden: Fine, but can we agree that the armbands were pretty disgusting.


Khione: Uh huh, ok emo.

Kaden: Oh yea. Lol, that was back when you refused to wear neons 😂

Khione: Oh god. He didn’t even like the neon paint.

Eris: At least I didn’t wear like fourty rings. You literally look high in that photo.

Kaden: That’s because I WAS high. We all were.

Khione: Hey, I was designated. Don’t lump me in with you two Bro-mies.

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To my followers

To those who are active and like interacting with my posts:

Thank you, I would appreciate it if you support my other social media that I have my art/animation. I am graduating this May and would appreciate building a community of like minded people. I have big ideas and dreams ahead of me, and I don’t mind doing things on my own, but it’s always nice to have a team of friends you can count on. If you like what you see reach out and let me know who you are and go from there. Thanks everyone!


(Idk how to copy the link of my instagtam/ Twitter on my phone sorry)

Instagram: caldoanimationandart

Twitter: CaldoAnimation

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Inric has a lot of vocabulary to learn :) I did toy with the idea of putting the words he doesn’t (yet) understand in code of some kind - rot13, or a different font. But I thought it seemed a bit too gimmicky, in the end. It’s a good thing he learns quickly.

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Check out the cover art for Leviathan, an independent artist comic book under development.

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