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#original poem
a-moonlit-poet · 2 days ago
Remember Me
"Promise me one thing"
He said while trying to wipe my never-ending pain.
"When I will go away, u won't cry,"
I looked at his fading image;
How can I not?
How can I live
knowing he won't be there anymore?
How can I believe,
his arms will never surround me anymore?
The person who made me feel alive;
Won't be himself alive anymore?
I tried to hold him
But only to lose him more.
"You will remember the memories," he said
"You will remember all the times we laughed.
Remember the times we smiled.
Remember the moments we shared.
So that it would hurt less
When we'd bid a goodbye."
I looked up,
And heard the shatter of a broken heart.
I held him, hoping he might stay.
But he had to leave,
Cause that's what life is meant to be.
He smiled,
Pecking my hair gently.
"I promise,"
Is all I could say
Before his last image vanished as well.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[Today was the day when my closest friend was supposed to turn 18. But he left a bit too early. Wherever he is, I hope he is doing good and I hope he knows that I kept my promise alive as well. For me, he is forever living in my heart.]
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luvishjuneja · 2 days ago
Not everything is supposed to become long lasting or beautiful. Sometimes people come into your life to show what is right and what is wrong, show who you can be, to teach you to love yourself, to make you feel better for a little while . Not everyone is going to be forever and and we still have to keep it on going and thank them for what they've given us . No matter how happy someone may seem , They have moments,where they have questions whether or not not they can go on . No matter how confident someone may look , there are times when they feel unsure and insecure. May be my journey isn't about love .
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I really should have known all along,
All my friends warned me "he'll hurt you"
How much I wanted to believe that they were wrong,
I wanted you to prove them wrong.
What we had was a lie,
But still I carried on, thinking it would change.
One month, two months...ten months?
Tell me I was enough and I'll forget all about it.
What's stopping me from believing another lie you tell.
People will never understand how I loved you,
"Get over it, you don't understand love yet"
That's what they tell me but you and I know better.
It could've been your eyes,
Or your hair,
Or that charming smile which always made me flutter,
Maybe it was your voice that made me fall so hard.
Every shred of my dignity felt like a new toy for you to destroy,
It's unusual but I'm learning,
Learning how to pick myself up,
I'm learning how to laugh again.
I may be on the floor now like a thousand shattered pieces of glass,
But I'll get up again,
I'll see you again,
Look you dead in the eyes,
And I hope you see
That the happiness you tried so hard to take away is still there.
- Nandini
My friend recently went through a breakup, it was really messy and she's in a terrible state rn so I wrote this...?
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manoelt-finisterrae · a day ago
Tumblr media
trebón / storm
       os muros do día        refuxio do silencio        encontro co labirinto beizos que son escuma de bicos
       o día este día como unha onda de tempo        espíndonos
© Manoel T, 2021
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dehydratedbookworm · a day ago
When I was young,
I used to tell my mother
I wanted to see the stars.
I wanted to feel weightless,
Borne of air.
I wanted to touch the moon
And hold a handful of light.
My mother told me
It was quite impossible.
I would have to be older and wiser
To even learn about those things.
"It's not that easy"
She had told me with a smile
That meant I was only being silly.
Years later, when I met you
I knew my mother was wrong.
Your eyes held every bit of light
Of all the brightest stars,
You made me feel weightless
Like free falling from the highest cliff.
With your face in my hands,
I could feel every emotion
That made this life worth living.
When I found you,
I knew I had found what I had always wished for.
But my mother was right
About one thing.
It was not that easy.
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ruins-of-heart · a day ago
When I look into your brown hued eyes,
I swear my heart falters sometimes.
When you embrace me in your arms,
I never want to leave.
Lost in your daydreams,
Until the night falls.
Our laughter interwined,
Still strums in my mind.
Feel of your hands on my face,
Wiping my tears off.
I just have to close my eyes,
To feel you right besides me.
How would I've ever thought,
The color of love won't be red and bright,
Like a signal screaming dangerous and scare.
That it will be in hues of brown and yellows,
Scatter and wash me over like morning sunshine.
How could I've ever thought,
That it'd feel like the season fall.
So lovely so beautiful,
In shades of all kinds of warm.
Yet so much unlike fall,
Takes me far away from dead.
How could I've ever know,
That it'd be like winter rains.
So peaceful and serene,
Like the drizzling rainy evening.
Drenched in cold wind,
Yet I'm not cold at all.
As that one rhyme goes,
My humpty dumpty heart had a great fall.
Yet not so much like rhyme goes,
It ain't falling breaking apart.
Cuz you just catched me,
Even before my feet could touch the ground.
And I fell fell and fell,
I swear to God it was best ever fall,
Cuz all the other falls made me shatter,
Like a glass vase,
But this one made me shatter into a million butterflies,
They spread their wings,
And flew away to stars.
Another shit poem is up again!!! Hope y'all enjoy it 😁
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mvrkling · a day ago
Whether you've willed it or not
you've carved your mark
Whether tethered in knots of splendor
or lost in unraveled chaos
you're in every breath,
every break of ice
from my now beating heart
A thunderous sound;
hold me down and
silence me with a kiss
I want for nothing more
than your tender bliss
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helenasurvives · 10 months ago
i am asked about my favorite color.
i am seven
and my reply is
because i am a girl
and pink
is a princess color.
i am asked about my favorite color.
i am ten
and i like
because a boy told me that pink
is lame and girly.
i am asked about my favorite color.
i am thirteen
and i tell them
it is unique and spunky
like i want to be.
i am asked about my favorite color.
i am seventeen
and i just say
i do not say
it is bright and angry at the world
as i am
i cannot form the words to express
all of my frustrations
so i paint my lips with
i am asked about my favorite color.
i am twenty
and it’s pink
i remember the joy
of being a child
i reclaim the freedom
of femininity
because i cannot remember
what my shoulders felt like
before the depression
hung from them.
i am asked about my favorite color.
i am twenty-six
and my answer is
it confuses most people
they don’t see it
they may think of dirt
and dust
and dead things
but it is coffee with friends
and the chocolate chip cookies
my mom used to make.
it is my hair
and my eyes
amber and gold
in the sun
and i love myself
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merely-a-fool · 8 months ago
i want to grow old with someone in the way that we'll dance in the kitchen together even though our bones will hurt from it later and in the way that we'll know each other's favorite scents and in the way that we'll miss when we were young but we'll know that we have a part of that still in each other
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moon-and-moss · 11 days ago
It's weird how half our generation Just wants normal things
We have very ordinary dreams
A nice cozy home and a pet
Simple home cooked meals
To love and be loved
A job that we don't hate
And weekends spent with people we care about
I wrote this post after a conversation I had with my papa. He said how this generation is not ambitious and is even lazy.
That inspired me to write this post, there's nothing wrong with wanting ordinary things. But it's weird how our dreams and wants are so different from the previous generations.
So if these are your dreams, there's nothing wrong with that. You get to decide what life you want to make for yourself.
I'm sorry if I confused anyone.
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inowriting · 2 months ago
I'm five years old,
and I don't know what I want to be when I grow up.
A chef,
a pilot,
maybe a lawyer,
or president.
The possibilities seem endless and just within reach.
I can't wait to get older.
I'm sixteen,
and I don't know what I want to be when I grow up.
It all seems like a lot.
Too much,
and the feeling makes me a little nauseous.
I'm still a kid,
and everyone insists that I decide on the rest of my life now.
Before it's too late,
and I don't know what to do.
I don't want to get older.
I'm 26 now,
and I don't know what I want to be when I grow up.
And that's okay.
I don't know if I'll ever know for sure,
but I'm not worried.
I'm exploring.
Trying new things,
and discovering talents I didn't know I had.
I wonder where I'll be in five years.
I'm not sure,
but I will be happy if I'm here to find out.
Tumblr media
When will I grow up?
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a-moonlit-poet · a month ago
To him,
There was once a boy,
Standing in the dark
All by himself,
Trying to lose
What was already lost.
Scared and alone,
Yet not running away.
He saw the dark clouds
Which then broke into rain
And thunders that followed
Ringed deadly echoes in vain.
But he stood
Where he was.
He was afraid to move,
He was afraid of making a sound,
He stood
And let the water wash him away
Slowly but fully,
And losing himself
with every passing minute.
She saw him,
Standing afar
Hearing his silence
Roaring in abandoned azure.
He needs someone, she thought.
But little did she know
He needed nothing but himself the most.
She watched him
This all she could do.
She couldn't give hope
To the hopeless fellow.
She walked away,
Leaving him behind.
Thinking, I cannot fix him
That's not what he wants...
And somehow;
She knows.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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