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#original poetry
dvmetvra · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Antigone from the grave, m.g.t.
I dug a grave with my bare hands for you.
Blistered my fingers, broke and stained my nails with dirt, poured libations of my sweat and blood and tears over the sweet stench of your rotting body.
It was summer when you died, you know it, and my back and arms got sunburnt as I dug hunched over the arid ground. I thought I was boing to heatstroke or boil alive in the mourning I wore.
The mourning wasn't for you, not officially. The only good thing our brother ever did was die alongside you and give me the way to mourn a traitor in secret.
Digging alone was hard. Not spilling the libations, not getting myself so dirty they would notice was harder. I asked our sister for help and she refused; she always loved our brother more than you, always honoured civil codes more than moral ones.
She just wanted to survive, I just wanted to die for you, for a cause that mattered. I was never one for living. As a child you teased that I looked like a corpse; look at me now, I am hanging from the ceiling.
I said look at me now. Lift your eyes to the sister who died to bury you, who lifted the putrid carcass into a grave dug with my flesh and bones, who they exiled to a cave, who refused to die the way they dictated. Haemon died for me. I died for you. Please look at me.
Can you hear me? Are you there? Is anyone listening? Is my voice heard?
Please look at me, listen to me. Father, mother, lover, brother - any of the two will do. Just please, someone take notice of me. I don't want to die. I cannot die.
Am I stuck here forever? Am I talking to the void? Where are the gods I begged for? Where are the gods I died for?
You were a god to me, brother. Please save me from oblivion.
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avolitorial · a day ago
Tumblr media
flash flood warning | 9.24.21 | transcription below
flash flood warning 
at night you see your face submerged, carved from bone and wrapped in black thread. the river runs beside the road, flooding the banks when it thunders. you counted down the days until you left your parents’ house and still cried your first night away; you knock the lonely mud from your boots and leave them by the door with each return, too considerate to bring the despair home. there’s a version of you who has never kissed anyone you didn’t love, flesh or icon, and this is an impossibility you hold like a relic under your tongue. alluvial sand and wild honey. salt and spit. you think loving god could be simple if god never looks at you, so you ask god to stay out of reach, a light-shadow of annihilation somewhere far up the road. beams flickering between the trees. a fury of wings and burning coals ghosting holy around the bend, tracking the red silt of your devotion down the night-wet asphalt. do you love the headlights, or do you love the version of yourself who doesn’t know to flee? your mother sews quilts for each of her daughters, a woven thread of care trimmed and pinned and stitched up, like skin or estuaries or girlhood. you want a body with that much love in it; you want a body that bloats in the gravel at the river’s edge. you want a body that knows adoration. you’ll rest easier as a carcass in the wake of divinity.]
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imsorrythings · 2 days ago
Poetry is dead and so am I
Poetry is dead and so am I my pen had a stroke, my well ran dry, poetry is dead and so am I.
Jesus H Christ. Find me a prescription for whatever is going on before I go comatose, hardly daring to get out of bed, barely hacking up a couplet into the nearest tissue.
My new sick is backwards-sick; love, pain, sex - terminal, a boring mess on the floor, coaxed into the shape of a poem.
How I long for the old sick, my tongue in your teeth, your God in my throat, hands as syringes, drawing blood from anything you touch.
For me, this was always my way of talking to you, how I love you, how I hate me. But I have nothing left to talk about and I won't pretend that I do.
On Instagram, they post type-written pieces of paper that say things like "you are my moon and my stars." They must have died, too.
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abrighterspark · a day ago
note to self: you won't realise you were no longer numb until the emptiness returns to the scourge of a stomach it calls home; you won't remember what it feels like to feel when it does
note to self: you won't know how to remove the restlessness - that shifting tide within you - you won't know why it calls on you to make moves and take names, take charge and make change you won't hear the fear in its voice until you've gone too far to take any of it back
note to self: you won't settle for mediocrity when you're experienced temptation sparks flying from your fingertips as they swirl across pure art dreaming, drawing, dragging out minutia into moments sculpted into memories too precious to forget; you forge ahead.
note to self: i am numb again this time i won't fight it i'll find it dig deep find purpose and return to numbness for comfort when it's done
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dolores-hazy · 23 hours ago
Unnatural Disaster
The calm before the storm
Has gotten less so, can't fully
Catch your breath any more before over-
Bearing down again with gale
Force winds bent on destruction
There was a time of being convinced
(That's long since died) it would stay gone
For good if you were good enough
No getting smart no talking back
Obedient obsequious quiet observer
Keeping what was seen behind closed doors
As you were told, said but not as done
Trying yet failing to be the perfect one
Who couldn't ever exist...tell them this
And get another hissy fit pissing
Match made to rub your nose in
Ride it out when turbulence is less
Intense; when there's a tear of tornadic
Activity activating the storm within
Unleash its fury if that's what it takes
To make it out alive, able to fight another day
Is that any way to live? Ask me again
When the levee breaks
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charredluv · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Gorgeous poem -- Hades & Persephone -- by the super talented @kairos-thehumanpoet 🖤. Absolutely lovelovelove.
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manicsammi · 2 days ago
I am the worst kind of person. 
The begging kind,
The pleading kind,
The kind that falls to my knees for you.
The foolish kind.
- S.W
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novinablog · a day ago
I found you
I found you
Like the night found the moon
I found you
Like i found a light in the dark
I found you
Like i found the rainbow after the thunderstorm
I found you
Like I found a spring in the middle of the desert
All i want
And all i need
Is on you
Because you are the apple of my eye
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Thats whats apparent to see
A stand-off between life bringer and me
A constant roar of rage
And yet we stay
Infinitesimal reasons
Leads to one sharp cry
And that is where
I learn to fear my life
Comedic things brought war upon us all
For she thinks that she's done
Nothing wrong at all
Yet...what does she think she's done to me and you?
A puppeteer thats what she is.
Yet claimes that she is only playing our game
Only for herself.
That's what she cares
Even though she pretends to be mama bear
Blame is a game that no one has not played
But...why is it never her to blame?
When she controls our every move
To the point that we have no clue..
Who we are
Scarred. 6 of 6
None of us know how to deal with this
Fly swatter swung at the young
And yet she claims she's done nothing wrong
Choked by fear and anxiety within
Makes us all give in.
We let her win
But..what would you do if you knew
It wasn't genuine..
Nothing is real. Therapist is all I know
And thats why I hurt but help you so.
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sweatermuppet · a month ago
Tumblr media
portrait of a cannibal & a baker in their shared kitchen, silas denver melvin (instagram) (buy my poetry)
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poetryworld-1212 · 5 months ago
Educate Yourself
Educate yourself on other cultures.
Educate yourself on the difference between the Asian ethnicities.
Educate yourself on not letting your racial bias get in the way of growing.
Educate yourself on how to educate others.
Educate yourself on how to be an ear or shoulder in this troubling time.
Educate yourself on the difference between cultural appreciation and appropriation.
Educate yourself on the proper way to lend a shoulder or ear to your friend who is a person of color.
Educate yourself on the difference between ethnicities within different cultures.
Educate yourself on all the facts of the case before you jump to conclusions.
Yeah please please please educate yourself with everything going on. Don't forget to get all of the facts before you voice your opinion because there will always be someone out there who might know more on the subject than you.
Please educate yourself on other cultures and do not forget...
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ancientoptimism · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A lot of people talk about time as if it is the enemy. The villain in all of our stories.
Time isn’t yours. But you can still use it. Use it to fill your place in this universe. To fill it with adventures fit for novels and memories fit for nostalgia. I’ve never met any villain who is capable of that, have you?
{Photo Credit to me!! It’s my watch and I like it a lot.}
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