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#original poetry
poetryworld-1212 · 3 months ago
Educate Yourself
Educate yourself on other cultures.
Educate yourself on the difference between the Asian ethnicities.
Educate yourself on not letting your racial bias get in the way of growing.
Educate yourself on how to educate others.
Educate yourself on how to be an ear or shoulder in this troubling time.
Educate yourself on the difference between cultural appreciation and appropriation.
Educate yourself on the proper way to lend a shoulder or ear to your friend who is a person of color.
Educate yourself on the difference between ethnicities within different cultures.
Educate yourself on all the facts of the case before you jump to conclusions.
Yeah please please please educate yourself with everything going on. Don't forget to get all of the facts before you voice your opinion because there will always be someone out there who might know more on the subject than you.
Please educate yourself on other cultures and do not forget...
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jrambles · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
They're all screaming, and grabbing at you. And they all matter, but it's never going to be enough. You will never have enough hands, enough heart, enough of you.
-my poem
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psychicdonuts · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Neta L.
[ID: I’m told I am a visual learner in school. / Which means: I know only by sight. / Which means: when I ask you if you know me, what I want you to say is: / I have seen you and I have loved you regardless. / I have watched you and I have held on to your shaking hands and I have wiped tears from your cheek and here I am, / in spite in spite in spite. / You do not need to be good to be loved. You need only be. /end of ID]
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melloncolliegalaxies · 3 months ago
my friends have a tendency to turn into read texts and missed calls; they're like good songs i could once recite as effortlessly as my own name and now, all these years later, both just teeter on my tongue, offbeat and unfamiliar.
they're old towns i used to live in with memories, so fond, i swear i'll return to visit one of these days - as if the longer it's been makes it easier to knock on doors with new locks.
my friends are movies that get better with age, they're classics that deserve oscars and i think that's what makes texting back or returning calls most difficult; i've regarded their progress with both pride and shame, because the only thing i've grown is my misery and how insulting it would be to return bearing my festered melancholy like flowers.
- "read texts and missed calls"
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lovebird-in-the-dark · 5 months ago
His hands were warm,
Lips full of hope,
And wishes divine.
He was giddy on joy,
Perhaps from thinking,
I claimed him as mine.
But oh, my darling,
You don't know what I do.
You don't know how many I've made happy before.
How many crowns I've stolen,
How I want more.
But you did,
You did trust me,
Despite all the signs,
I was a black swan,
Heady like the finest wine.
It might have been good for a while,
When you clutched at my sweatshirt,
Like I was your lifeline.
And we shared breath through pressed foreheads,
And mindless nothings.
I stole and stole them, pulling at your heart as I held your hand.
Tugging them from your soul as we kissed.
I couldn't stop,
They were so incandescent,
Brimming with hope,
I could not.
I stole them through your clouded breath,
Shimmering like the first rain of spring,
Breathed them in like a drug,
And stored them in little bottles of gauzy wings.
You should have known better than to trust me,
For I am the kind of person,
A storm couldn't tame.
I was the type to make you need me,
Make you love me,
Until it was all you knew,
Until you couldn't think of me,
Without staying sane.
And then I would leave you on the edge of a cliff,
For I am the living proof,
That people don't see the monsters, dressed in laces and ribbons.
That a monster that didn't need to be aloof,
To be feared.
That all I needed was a guise,
And nothing was forbidden.
I stole until I had it all,
Until you were just like the rest,
Until you were mindless and mediocre.
I feigned to love you until you wanted your own fall.
And then I left in a whirlwind of darkness,
Away to the skies,
I missed so much.
Where I shed my mortal skin,
And let it wither to dust.
In this form of starlight,
I was eternal,
I was a flaming rite.
I drank and drank them,
Like the sweetest wine,
Spilling down my throat.
I glutted myself on them,
As I watched from the heavens,
At you mortals below.
So hopeful,
And bold.
So naive,
Waiting to find one with whom to be whole.
I drank them like humans drank love.
It felt like flying,
Like drowning and wicked passion.
It was the beginning of the skies breaking.
It was unfair,
Could set the world amiss.
But for all it was wrong,
I had never felt so drunk,
As I was on every stolen wish.
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naranni6 · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
What would you do with me? Im open for everything:) Drop me a dm.
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thmntngts · 2 months ago
help a gay trans masc author afford things like monthly T + antidepressants by supporting me & my poetry on patreon. only $3 a month to get access to all my wips, projects, & other writing extras, already have 6 different pieces of writing at the time of posting this.
please reblog if you can! thank you! 💘
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ancientoptimism · 4 months ago
You can’t strive for good days when you ignore the small reasons for said good days. You don’t need to run away or go on a long road trip, you don’t need big trips or anything like that.
You need warm cups of tea, or the cold feeling of your glasses on your nose, or rain at night and bird song in the morning, or the cake warmth after putting on a baggy jumper, listening to music whilst washing up, dancing in the kitchen when alone, smiles at strangers, dark bus journeys, the smell of fresh laundry, the rain on your cheeks or the sun in your eyes, bad jokes, the feeling of old books and the smell of new ones, using pens for the first time.
These are the things that make a good day; look for them.
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onekindredspirit · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
”Come to me
Take the scent of my skin
Come to me
And let me whisper you
To healing, once again.”
- One Kindred Spirit
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onurtaskiranpoetry · 28 days ago
Tumblr media
If you can’t find the words, let me find them for you. With one kiss, I’ll feel all the silent words that were simmering on the tip of your tongue.
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ancientoptimism · 12 days ago
Some days I wish to live by the sea. Those cold shivering mornings go hand in hand with the crashing waves. There’s old piers that remain unopened during the day but you can still see the arcade lights and smell the donuts in your soul. Oh I wish some days to live by the sea and let my fears and worries be washed away by the waves. I’ll sit and stare just to watch them complete their pattern over and over.
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jrambles · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
I’ve created my first official collection of poetry, titled Harvest! It’s a collection of 60 poems over 5 years worth of writing, and I am extremely proud of its creation.
It's available for free download/viewing here, and I deeply hope you enjoy it.
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snspoetry · a month ago
I'm withering.
You have all the power
To water these flowers
And keep my attention
Focused and pure,
Like studying on Adderall,
But day by day
I ebb away
Bit by bit,
Spitting bitterness
Like arsenic
Onto this dynamic
And wondering
Just how long
I’ll be anchored
In your harbor.
I don’t ask for much.
A little attention,
A mention,
A concentrated effort
For deeper conversation,
But the small talk
Is killing me slowly,
Making the boulder in my throat
Ache for closeness.
We are here,
Here and now.
I’m living like there’s no tomorrow -
Because there isn’t one.
I think of you and pop the top
Of my valiant Valium,
Willing sleep
To whisk me away
To the land of unconsciousness.
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inrumford · 18 days ago
Tumblr media
we pick it up slowly it seems as if it were part of the fabric of dreams tendrils of hope filaments of despair intertwined in our lives they float through the air
unseen yet felt
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