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#original rp
cefni · 7 days ago
Fuck, I Love You.
Tumblr media
Warnings: Sexual intercourse, vagina penetration, chocking, biting, marking, swearing.
Concept: Bakugo says I love you for the first time.
If there was one thing Keturah could know for a fact, even after a year of being in an established relationship with him, it was that Katsuki Bakugo was not an emotionally verbal person. Feelings and talking about this feelings was not something that he was comfortable with.
Good thing it never bothered her though. She didn't need to hear him tell her how he felt about her, she saw it in his actions. The small things he did for her when she was having a bad day, or the small gestures of affection.
Hell, it took him six months to even hold her hand in public. He was just not that kind of man and she was a confident and independent enough woman to not need that from him. So when he did say something emotional or about feelings, it was definitely a smart idea to not make a big deal out of it.
Today had been no different than any other day. Katsuki had worked a little bit later at the office than usual to finish up paper work, but once he had finished, he had made his way over to Keturah's apartment. From there, things progressed the way they usually would. Asking how the other's day was, confirming that neither had to be up for work in the morning, hands moving around on each other suggestively.
The normal interactions that usually lead to the position that Keturah found herself in.
Naked, on her hands and knees on the kitchen floor as Katsuki thrusted into her. Sounds of moaning and sex echoing off of the kitchen walls. His hand digging into her one hip as she felt his chest lay against her back.
Katsuki snaked his free hand around her front, taking a pause in it's adventure to group and play with the nipple it found on it's path across her body. He alternated between rough kisses and nips at the skin of her back before his hand settled on the front of her neck.
With a motion that could only have occurred from practice of doing so, he pulled her back into his lap. Pressing her back against him as he switched to bouncing her in his lap. "Fuck... you feel so good." He softly groaned in her ear, his lips then moving to the skin of her neck and biting hard.
Keturah's body felt on fire. The change in deeper position and his bite only adding more fuel. Her back arched into his bite, hand seeking hold in his blonde hair. Once there, she grasped it hard and pulled on it. Earning herself a sinful moan in her ear from him as she felt a particularly hard thrust from him into her. Forcing a sinful moan of her own out from her before he continued his pace.
His mouth then found her ear lope, his tongue pulling it to suck on it before resuming his mixture of panting and moans into it. "Fuck, baby...." He moaned. "I love you." He moaned into her ear before his lips took it into his mouth and bit on it gently.
Katsuki didn't know what made him decided to say it in that moment. He had felt it for her for a while, but he had never been one to talk about his feelings. For a moment, after he realized it said it, he hesitated with her ear in his mouth.
Did he over step? What if she didn't love him? Did he just ruin the best relationship he's ever been in?
Just as his start was stammering in his chest from doubt, Katsuki felt her other hand come up onto his neck. Watched her turn around in his arms to catch his lips in hers passionately. "I love you too." Keturah moaned in between lip locks before feeling herself being pushed back down onto the floor. Her back touching the cool of the kitchen tile.
With his feelings validated and returned, Katsuki resume his actions with a vigorous passion. Katsuki Bakugo was not an emotional man, but tonight he took a big scary emotional step in his relationship. One that lead to them to continue to make love on the kitchen floor.
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purgatoriorpg-archive · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
AT THE TRIAL OF CAESAR’S MURDER , THEY WILL TELL YOU THAT HE DESERVED TO DIE. The unanimous declaration: it was justice. It was mercy. Tyrannicide demands blood sacrifice, the unholy sacrilege of a covenant sworn in heresy. We call to the stand the world, lit by gilt sun and endless horizon, spinning upon the axis of halcyon splendour and primogeniture, to present testimony. Exhibit A: Pedigree. a hundred, thousand years of birthright flowing through veins lined with ichor, anointing them untouchable. Exhibit B: History. The enduring mythology of noblesse oblige outliving time and civilisation. Empires have risen and fallen and revolutions have been won and lost in the time it took their ancestors to unravel the great secret of all existence. The answer was there in the apocryphal beginning of everything—in the garden, the snake, the fall. The very serpent that cupped humankind in its palms and whispered to us, freedom.
In the end, the blood was theirs. Smeared like augury across faces eclipsed by terror and wonder. Terror at what they had done, wonder at the savage thrill consuming any threat of danger or consequence. After all, they had the finest attorney not even a lifetime of entitlement could bribe, cheat or steal: temptation itself. Desire who had lured them to the edge of infinity, breathing liberty and deliverance into their ears, would save them just as it had killed him. They were guilty, they were damned, they had let hunger feast upon them until hunger devoured them whole.
—    ⟡    —
Five years have passed since the death of their leader and self-proclaimed king. Five years since they conspired to kill him, and he wound up dead somehow without a murderer or conviction. Convenient, you might be inclined to think. Opportunistic, even. They had killed him a hundred times before they saw him lying there, fallen. Killing someone and living with it are two very different sins, however. Now, gathered together for the first time since they plotted treason and assassination, the rot festering beneath the veneer of blue-blooded opulence is hungry for blood. For vengeance and retribution, for more. Always more. In Purgatory, no one is innocent, for all have sinned and fallen short of Paradise.
PURGATORIO is an original murder mystery roleplay centered around a group of the world's wealthiest heirs and scions and the conspiracy surrounding the mysterious death of their friend. Inspired by The Secret History, Succession, the original Gossip Girl and the assassination of Julius Caesar, the game’s limited run and highly interactive nature will unravel the secrets and scandals of their lives, both past and present, and answer the final, enduring mystery: who killed Caesar.
REBLOG THIS POST to get exclusive access to key details about THE MURDER, including the investigation, autopsy and aftermath.
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starscursed · 4 months ago
Reblog this if you’re an active Indie RP blog !
I feel like the best way to find you guys is by playing Marco-Polo, so here it goes - MARCOOOO!
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rawaa11 · 11 days ago
من الآن وحتى نهاية الأيام سأظل مقتنعًا بأن الحب الصادق يظهر في وقت الانهيار، الحب هو تلك الأيدي التي تقبض على ساعدك وتعيدك للوقوف عندما تهدمك الحياة، الأحبة هم الذين يرممون مايتلف من ابتسامتك وقلبك، الذين ينحازون لصفك ولا يتنازلون عنك أبدًا، ليس الذين تأتي وتذهب بهم كلمة مغشوشة"
Tumblr media
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role-playz · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
It’s Game Day! You and your best friend always watch the game together, so he invited you over to his place. When you arrive his mother opens the door to great you. (Friend’s mom role play. Message to role play)
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tattooedcharlotte · a month ago
Tumblr media
Been playing around with moodboards on Canva, and threw together some ideas for the latest story I'm sharing, Rogues in Korvosa. I quite like it.
Art as ever by my main enabler @mr-rockadopolis and @lucenorthstar
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pride-of-azkets · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Penned by Gabe on @pride-of-azkets Semi-selective, literate multi-paragraph 18+ only due to nsfw content Multi-verse, multi-ship D*scord available by request
Rules | Muse Bios | Ask Memes
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deo-mavkararonik · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Вам очень понравилось. Круто! Буду больше страдать. Я хотел написать "стараться"
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palmfated · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
At the school’s establishment a man named Hans Creed, husband of the headmistress, created Velus after discovering an ancient machine that, with a single drop of blood from the right person, could allow them to jump through time and space. Unfortunately, Hans was not a person who could use the chronograph. But a student was.
                                         MAIN DROPPING TUES. MAY 11
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rpgadverts · a month ago
Tumblr media
Site | Lore | Rules | Discord
Quenquerre is the capital of Oriel, an empire established thousands of years ago by supernatural interlopers who call themselves thaumaturges. No one knows where they came from, not even the thaumaturges themselves. Nor does anyone remember a time when the native human population did not live either under their thumb or, at the outskirts of Oriel’s holdings, in fear of encroaching colonization.
But the empire is waning. Slowly, the spirits of magic are fading, either dying out or going somewhere else. Other forces press in at its edges, and unrest simmers. It's a time of great turmoil and social — as well as technological — change.
For the ruling thaumaturges, this brings unrest and uncertainty. Will they be able to hold onto their dominance? For the humans of Oriel, this brings opportunity and uncertainty in equal measure. What does a future look like free from thaumaturge rule after all this time?
The Fall of Oriel is set in Quenquerre in the year 1227, as the empire begins to decline. Welcome to a new 18+ fantasy play-by-post role play, set in the original, late-19th century-based world of Arret.
Unique Features
Four playable classes of character. Will you play a human or a thaumaturge? Or an obliviate, those thaumaturges whose bodies reject symbiotes, leaving them incapable of magic and prone to dangerous side-effects? Or a maledict, a life cursed — or blessed — to “steal” the life of someone else?
 A creative magic system. Everything in the world, including living things, is made up of spirits. Thaumaturges literally ingest these spirits, taking them on as symbiotes and using them to command other spirits. Humans, who see this as abominable, have their own ancient tradition of magic instead.
No activity checks or word count. Our priority is on ensuring everyone is having a good time, at whatever pace and length suits the writers involved. Whether that’s 1+ per character per day or 1+ per month, as long as everyone in the thread is happy, so are we. 
 No dice, no stats. The “game” — though we hesitate to call it that — is mostly just focused on collaborative writing. If you happen to want some randomness or external motivation, or want a mod to take on some NPCs in your thread, you have options, and you’re welcome to organize something yourself. But whatever you want, if you want a storytelling “sandbox”, you’re in the right place; there’s only as much structure as you want there to be.
Lore contributions welcome! Oriel is a new site, and we want to build and grow it with you, the players!
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emirkocturk · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ne sevgiler yeşertmiştim hiç kimse anlamadı çocukken yol kenarlarında yeşeren ufacık çiçeklerle konuşurdum bazen ve görenler deli zannedip gülüp geçerdi önümden oysaki bilselerdi ne papatyalar yetiştirmiştim mutlu umutlara ekilen..
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strawbeariecake · 3 months ago
♡ Intro ♡
Hiya! I'm Dee! I am currently in search of roleplay partners
I'm 19nb please be 18-25 if you are interested in roleplaying with me :>
I do all sorts of pairings, such as mxm, fxf, mxf, nbxnb, nbxm, nbxf, etc.
NSFW/smut is fine with me! I actually encourage it, as I am trying to get better at it anyway. I'm not the best but I'm trying to improve haha.
^^ I can play a character for any position/role, but my characters generally do have their preferences.
Kinks are welcome, but I draw the line at certain things (bathroom play, age play, c*nnib*lism, n*crophilia, b*stiality, body mod (kn*fe play doesn't count and I am okay with it)).
I'm not really sure how I would describe my writing style, but I guess I would say semi-lit to lit, depending on mood.
I write in past-tense, 3rd person, so I would prefer it if you did too
Mainly looking to do fandomless roleplays
I do not use real life face claims for my characters. I simply draw them myself.
I don't have any triggers that would affect the roleplay.
Discord is in my bio!
♡ Plot Related Stuff ♡
I'm generally open to any sort of plot, but I most like plots involving supernatural, dystopian, or sci-fi elements. Of course, slice of life is fine too!
I'm a huge sucker for an enemies-to-lovers trope
Darker themes are fine, such as yandere/kidnapping plots
I'm really open for various plots, so if you have an idea in mind, let me know!
Otherwise, I prefer to come up with a plot with my partner, so I don't typically have one prepared in advance
Let's have our characters go on an adventure! They can scale mountains, explore damp caves, braving the elements!
Or maybe they're more about that fluffy, domestic life, where they can lay in bed all day with hot cocoa and their loved one while it storms outside <3
♡ Extra ♡
I'd love for us to be friends outside of roleplay!
My characters are my children and I love to gush about them, so I'd like to talk to you about them and hear about yours :'D
Please don't spam me if I take a bit to respond! I offer the same courtesy and would like it returned. I do have my limits for time between responses, unless discussed beforehand, but I am really patient and lenient.
I'm a bit socially awkward and ND, so apologies in advance if I get annoying to talk to sometimes :''D
We can also totally talk about interests and such OOC
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beyondtheveilhq · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Beyond the Veil is an 18+ discord fantasy roleplay in which each one hundred years the veil between the fae and mundane worlds is opened and a year-long celebration occurs. It is to not only renew the treat signed over a thousand years ago but to also establish alliances—including royal marriages between three human realms (Eumalia, Fristian, and Gorduno) and the two fae courts (Unseelie and Seelie). However, the night after the opening ceremony to open the veil, the King of Eumalia and the heir and Seelie Prince were found dead in their respective quarters. Chaos ensues not only as the treaty is threatened, potentially leading to war, but humanity has been protected by the fae from the dark forces that used to haunt both realms and may be no longer...  
Beyond the Veil is a BRAND new fantasy discord roleplay that will be officially beginning on July 9th! However, join the discord early and you’ll be able to have your character ready and approved to begin roleplaying before the rp even opens!
18+ Members only • brand new and welcoming community • original character focused • emphasis on creative freedom • value placed in player contributions • advanced literate • very supportive staff and intentions to take on new moderators soon    
Link to the discord is in the source link!              
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superstes-promo · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
DO YOU CRAVE FAME? You are one of the lucky ones to be part of the reality show thousands of people tried to get in. You are part of a group of 10 contestants who are eager to win the prize and leave your mark while being part of this reality show.
                                 DO YOU WANT TO BE WIDELY ENTERTAINED?
The Superstes was a dream coming true, and in a blink of an eye, there you were, appreciating the view of the island that would be your home for the following weeks and, hopefully, you’d be the one to remain there up until the very end. Winning would be the only way out of there for you and nothing would change your mind about it. But who’s told you in the end you’ll be the last one in the island?  THINGS AREN’T ALWAYS WHAT THEY SEEM TO BE.
Inspired by Total Drama Island, but with a whole different background, Superstes is a small group skeleton roleplay with a psychological thriller atmosphere where players alongside the admins work together to develop the following chapters of this reality show as the plot moves forward, offering a safe environment to develop characters and build connections. Join us! We’d love to have you here!
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tattooedcharlotte · 4 months ago
A family of bad boys. Oloch with the nose ring, father of Torvik (hooded) and Crovak (tattooed). You really don't want to piss them off. Art by @mr-rockadopolis
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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flytoinfinityy · 2 months ago
Looking for a LONG TERM, Literate, descriptive, rapid fire daily, roleplay partner.
Preferably Female and over 21. I'll make an exception for 18+.
Discord, 3rd or 1st, I have no preference and do them both.
I'm in a lot of Fandoms, just ask!
I double only so it's fair. You play my crush, I play yours.
I'm looking to world build at the moment! I'm cool with Fandom characters, though I don't want to follow any shows! I want to make our own world and such!
I am comfortable playing Male and Female characters and I expect the same from you.
I have no limits, I like darker themes, so I expect the same in return, though whatever limits you have I will highly respect! I never want you to be uncomfortable.
I DO NOT FADE TO BLACK. So if smut is not your thing, don't hit me up. Lol.
I do also have a kik, but I prefer discord.
If you've made it this far, great!
Fandoms I'm in and looking for as far as characters go, will be in the tags.
I'm also not ghost friendly, so if you ghost people and plan on ghosting me if something isn't working right, don't hit me up. I'm all about communication.
My contact info is
Discord: ToInfinityyy#3748
Kik: ___ToInfinity
Looking forward to hearing from you!
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sketchestosketches · 9 months ago
Imagine your OTP
#5: Wedding
Person A: *holding B’s hand*
“C, I would like you to marry us”
Person C: “Oh uh. Gosh this is awkward. Uhm look. I already have a boyfriend and Im not even sure how poly marriages work or-“
Person B: “C?”
Person C: “Y-yeah?”
Person B: “A meant we would like you to be the officant”
Person C: “OH”
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