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Red Rose, Blood Moon


Welcome to chapter 2! This is an original story inspired by the tale of Red Riding Hood. I would like to say a special thank you to my best friend and co-author Olivia ( @asunshinepuff) for joining me in writing this world onto paper. 

This chapter contains mentions of weapons and an attempted sacrifice. You have been warned.

The story contain only original characters created by Olivia and myself. For those of you who want to be tagged to follow along this story, let me know! If you have any curiosities, theories, or questions, feel free to ask me or Olivia on her blog. 

I hope you enjoy, now without further adieu!

Chapter 2: The Bride in Red

The rest of the night Cassandra couldn’t sleep, and at first rays of sunlight, she burst from her bed, dressed for the day and was out the door before her parents could so much as say good morning. 

The young girl only had one thought in her mind as she marched across the village. Why? Why didn’t she tell me?  Is there something she had done to make her seem untrustworthy? They were best friend’s weren’t they? Practically sisters since they were toddlers. She wasn’t even hurt, at least she thought she wasn’t, she just wanted to know the truth. So she continued on to the cottage inside the woods. 

The cottage was a quaint little thing, surrounded by bushes and tree branches that hung low, covering the roof. Snow covered everything, the cottage itself was a warm dark wood with ash hardwood lining the front, the second story was a soft cream in color with dark wood accents. There was smoke coming from the chimney.

Rosabella opened the door, her sapphire blue eyes brightening. “Cass! Good morning!” She tilts her head in confusion, no one ever visits her Grandmère’s cottage. Rosabella shook those thoughts away. The reason why no one visited was because the villagers didn’t like grandmere, and grandmere didn’t like them. But Cassander was her friend, surely her grandmere would like her. Rosabella smiled. 

Cassandra had planned what she wanted to say, to ask her friend, but the moment her eyes met Rose’s, the words seemed to disappear. “Good morning,” She finally managed to get out. 

Rosabella smiles. “Did you eat breakfast yet? Grandmère made apple pie! I was going to bring it to your house!”

Cassandra’s eyes widen. She did not eat breakfast that morning, and Rose was distracting her from her thoughts, she needed to ask her questions. But they could wait until after pie, right? 

“Really? She did?” Cassandra exclaimed. Rosabella promptly nodded before grabbing her hand and pulling her inside the cottage, shutting the door. 

“Hold on, let me tell Grandmere you’re here.” Rosabella turns to leave when Cassandra only holds her hand tighter. Rosabella blink in confusion. “Cass?” 

The blonde haired girl looked to her friend in desperation, her eyes shifting quickly. She was nervous, she wasn’t nervous on the way over to the cottage, yet her body decided to shake now? With a stained sigh, she looks to her friend. She was determined to not let this go until she had an answer. “I saw you.” 

“You saw me?”

Wonderful, how vague could she possibly get? She was very worried about admitting what she saw. She was scared that her best friend would get angry with her and she’d lose a friend. Her only friend really. “Please don’t be mad, I didn’t mean to… but I saw you, at wolf’s time… turn… ” 

Rosabella’s smile faltered, her shoulders tensed. “When?”

“When you were at the edge of the forest… last night.” She paused at the pale face of her friend. Her worry only increased at what she might have to say in response. She didn’t know what she should do. If she lost her best friend from this… 

Rosabella paled, “It’s not what you think…” She lowers her voice to a whisper. “I didn’t kill the sheep! I swear! Yes I like to eat meat but I would never do that! You have to believe me! I’m not what the villagers say about me! I would never hurt anyone!” Her eyes start to water. “I didn’t want to scare you, but I couldn’t tell you, Grandmère wouldn’t let me! I’m not hurting anyone in the village! Grandmère says I’m too small to be dangerous! I’m a puppy!” 

Cassandra tenses at the sight of tears in her friend’s eyes, she hadn’t meant to make her cry. But, now things made sense. Why Rosabella always had to be back home before dark, why she would panic if she lost track of time, why the dog from last night was so smart, why the dog’s eyes looked exactly like Rosabella’s. “Rose…” She whispered softly.

“Please don’t tell anyone, they already think I’m strange…” The raven haired girl with bright red streaks pleaded, tears running down her cheeks. 

The blonde shakes her head, she wraps her arms around her friend and hugs her tightly. A small attempt to comfort Rosabella, but she knew she had to say something to calm her down. “You can trust me… I won’t tell anyone.” Please trust me. Her sky blue eyes widened ever so slightly, if she were to keep this a secret, she would have to make sure her father never found out. He wouldn’t hesitate to go after Rose, despite their friendship. “Especially not Papá, He can’t ever know…”

The weeping girl pulled away from the hug as she wiped her tears with her sleeves as she nodded. “Thank you…” Rosabella finally smiles. “So… want some pie?”

“Yes please.” Cassandra replies with a smile of her own. “Rose? For what it’s worth, I don’t think you’re strange at all, only” She pauses for a moment, thinking for the word she had recently learned, “stupefying!”  

Rosabella’s eyes widened, a wide smile breaking through her tears. “Thank you.”

“So… you’re a wolf?” The girls burst out into laughter. They settle down for pie, Cassandra stays in their cottage nearly the entire day. Only when Grandmere told the little girl to head home did she leave, hugging her friend good night. And the villagers watched in amazement as little Cassandra walked into the village from the path leading to Grandmere’s cottage, she ignored them. 

Soon the villagers began to notice the girls spent more time than ever in each other’s presence. Cassandra described the stories in her books with vivid detail, and Rosabella would invite Cassandra to spend the night in her grandmère’s cottage. Stuffing themselves full on pies and sleeping next to the fireplace. 

As the years went by, Cassandra and Rosabella had grown in beauty and grace. Erinna had taken it upon herself to ensure that Rosabella didn’t go fight the older boys whenever they did something remotely idotic. And if Rosabella by chance did teach the boys a lesson, Cassandra would somehow become quite forgetful of what things occurred. Or, she would take it upon herself to smack them with a book. Erinna would only shake her head in amusement at Cassandra. But Rosabella was not as fortunate. 

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I very much doubt anyone is following me for my own art at this point, but I don’t care lmao.

This is my character, Summer Piercy. She’s apart of a show I am hoping to bring to light someday. It follows her and her brother moving to a new town, and realizing they are a part of somethin much greater than they had ever expected.

They soon discover the town is linked to magic, mainly demons. They have to eventually figure out how to stop the evil demons and save their new friends! :)

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i love all of the cast of characters we havr for astrarium (mostly) but my girls here……id die for them.

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A new character just dropped!!!

This is the Father of Mirrors a major antagonist and ancient god of dillusions, false perception, and a distorted view of the world at large of my story Terminal.

I might also make a google doc explaining (not in full detail like important plot points and stuff) but just a Summary of the characters and concepts

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I solemnly swear that I am up to no good!


I fell in love next to you
Burning fires in this room
It just fits lights and smooth
Like my feet in my shoes
Little one, lie with me
Sew your heart to my sleeve
We’ll stay quiet underneath shooting stars
If it helps you sleep
And hold me tight, don’t let me breathe
Feeling like you won’t believe
There’s a firefly loose tonight
Better catch it, before it burns this place down
And I lie if I don’t feel so right
But the world looks better through your eyes
Ed Sheeran


Cassie silently made her way to the boys’ dorm to return the Cloak she had ‘borrowed’ from James. She wasn’t planning on facing anyone today, except, inevitably, her roommates, but by mid-morning she was hungry. So while everyone was at breakfast she had sneaked into the dorm, got the Cloak and made her way to the Kitchens and grabbed enough food to supply for the day. She quietly opened her door and walked over to James’ trunk without noticing that somebody else was there.

“Does James know you borrow that whenever you want to?”

“AH!” Cassie said jumping in surprise. “Remmy!” she complained bringing a hand to her heart. “Are you trying to give me a heart attack?”

Remus let out a small laugh. “You didn’t answer my question” he told her.

“What Jamie doesn’t know, won’t hurt him” she said winking at him.

“Don’t you think he’s going to notice his Invisibility Cloak disappearing every now and then?”

“He hasn’t yet. I’ve borrowed it about fifty times” she told him.

“That’s not that much” Remus said.

“This month” she finished smirking and making Remus laugh.

“Hi” he said, putting down his book.

“Hi” Cassie said, standing awkwardly in front of him.

“I was beginning to get worried” he admitted. “You skipped breakfast and lunch” he pointed out.

“I know. Sorry” Cassie smiled at him and sat next to him on the bed.

“How are you feeling?”

“Well, aside from the massive headache that woke me up, Sirius and Regulus’ stupid endless lecture about what I did, and a few guys I had to hex for saying idiotic things at me… not so bad” she said with a small smile at the end.

“Is that why you borrowed the Cloak?”

“I was hungry” she said shrugging her shoulders. “But Siri found me” she told him rolling her eyes. “You guys and your bloody map” she said with a small laugh.

“Well, I’m glad you’re feeling better” Remus told her smiling too.

“Thanks for taking care of me yesterday” she said, returning the smile.

“Any time, Cass” Remus assured her.

“Um, Remmy” she said getting a little nervous. “M-Marlene told me about your date” she said not looking at him. “I’m sorry!” she said embarrassed. “I am so sorry I ruined your date! I told her that it was all my fault and that you were just being a good friend and-”

“Cassie” Remus said softly placing his hands on her shoulders to make her stop talking. He chuckled a little at how cute she looked when she rambled. “Hey, it’s alright” he said not wanting her to get more upset. He pulled her close to him and hugged her tightly. “You didn’t ruin my date” he said trying to make her feel better. Cassie pulled away just slightly and looked up at him.

“I- um, I didn’t?”

“No” Remus replied. “Marlene and I talked and we came to the realization that we’re better off as friends” he said not wanting to tell her the real story.

“Really?” she asked trying not to sound so excited.

“Yes” Remus explained. “To be honest, I only agreed to the date because… I didn’t want to hurt her feelings” he admitted to Cassie. “She just looked really excited and I couldn’t say no but Marlene is just my friend” he told her.

“Oh” Cassie said feeling like a big weight was lifted from her shoulders. “So, you’re not mad at me?” she asked nervously.

“Of course not” Remus tried to convince her. “I could never stay mad at you” he said kissing her head and making her smile too. “Do you want to head down for dinner?”

“Um, actually, I’m a bit tired” she told him. “And I’d rather avoid… well everybody for a while” she admitted. “But you can go” she told him as she tried to stand up but Remus stopped her.

“How come you’re not avoiding me?” he asked with a small smirk.

“I was, actually” she mocked him. “You just happened to be here when I returned the Cloak.”

“Well, this happens to be my dorm” he said back.

“Would you like me to leave then?” she asked pouting.

“I would never, Miss Black” he said laughing. “So, what did you get from the Kitchens?”

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Eraser Army


Just found out I can add a title so that’s fun, but here’s toda’s concept art!! The eraser army has three variations and are the most common enemy to come across!

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It’s been a very eventful last few weeks for art

  • First two pieces are characters Honeybird (she/her) and her girlfriend Kyrin (she/they), the second piece is a part of my “Forward Thinking” project
  • Third piece is also part of my Forward Thinking project, character is Amber Foster (she/her), she’s also my only sex worker character so I thought it would be fitting. Sex work is REAL WORK. If you do not support them or that statement get off my blog.
  • Fourth piece is Swiftpaw, the bravest warrior right, next to Badgerpaw. A redraw/digitalization of a piece I made when I was 14-15
  • Fifth and last piece is two characters Marlow (he/him) and Jessibell (she/her) (typo in redbubble post) also a redraw/digitalization of an older post.
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A/N: Good evening friends! Just so you all know, I had so much fun writing this chapter. I really hope you all like it. And as always my requests are open and all feedback is welcome!!! Please enjoy and Happy Reading!

Warnings: Cursing, heavy drinking, extremely dirty dancing, and alcohol


Series Masterlist


Pt. 1 | Pt. 2 | Pt. 3 | Pt. 4

Chapter 5: Dancing and Drinking

Anna’s POV

(Play song 2) We left the pressing begging for more juicy details but we weren’t going to give them anymore. Ariana and Jackson walked in first followed by Miranda. I looked to my right and saw the ginormous line. I shook my head and nodded thanks to the bouncer that was doing an excellent job of keeping everyone in line. Patrick took my hand and I waved goodbye to the press before walking into the club. 

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Trigger Warning: Some light smut if you squint

“SEBASTIAN! YOU BURNED THE FUCKING HOTDOGS!” Emerson suddenly yelled. Eva turned her head towards the explicit commotion not ten feet away from her. Emerson was huddled over the mini beach barbecue the boys had brought out, frantically fanning the grey wisps of smoke that rose from within the grill. Sebastian meanwhile had missed out on the serve that Michael had made with the volleyball and ran over to help his brother.

“I didn’t burn the hotdogs! I left Rem to watch ‘em!” he said.

“How’s Remington going to watch the hotdogs when he and Andrew are both in the water?” Emerson snapped back at him.

“Quit your bitchin’ and help me put this out!” Sebastian then proceeded to grab his beach towel out from the sand and tried to help Emerson in putting out their lunch. Eva sighed and turned her head back towards the ocean horizon.

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Did some digital art of my protagonists in their new gear for the upcoming chapter 4 of bounty. I hope everyone is looking forward to it and I also hope you guys like these drawings✌🤓✨

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Me, crying while drawing Brooke and Daniel seeing each other for the first time in literal years: they’re siblings your honor

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Learning To Love - Chapter 1 - Ovauakk - Original Work [Archive of Our Own]
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