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Here’s some much appreciated boys from yesterday’s post! I loved drawing these guys so much, they’re the cutest bfs (omg I forgot its pride but this is perfect-). I made this while I was in a really bad mood but just seeing these babies together made my day again lol. One of my favorite parts of this drawing is on both of their shirts, the little demon guy, I made him recently and he’s just so adorable (his names eke and the cutest)! Make sure to go check out yesterday’s speed paint and support me 🥺🥺.

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Back at you again with the bad iMovie editing lol. I did this speed painting of Eire (left), who is still half asleep, and River (right) who’s annoying him until he wakes up. This drawing took about 7 ½ hours to do, i would’ve including the sketching process but the file got corrupted 😔😔, but I loved how this turned out! I found a great color palette and I love the pops of color it gave the piece :)! Make sure to go watch thw whole thing on youtube! (link in bio)

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