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Well guess who got herself some paints and dye?!

In our campaign, we’ve met one of our teammates’ friend, a tiefling named Siriano ahm… *looks at the notes* Siriano Mantovani di Broga, the younger one and this character has some shady business in town. He - or should I say she, ‘cause she only disguised herself - knows about the cult that follows the group and started the search in the city where currently we are docking.
The tiefling suggested we should get some different clothes and paints to hide our identity, and also rename and repaint the ship, 'cause originally the Titan belonged to the cult that wants to sacrefice us. So… Siriano got some paints and clothes to us and I really wanted to see how those look on Thilia. I had no restrictions, only the reddish hairdye 😋

Also this tiefling really hits on Thilia, I mean… Siriano complimented Thilia all the time. I really enjoyed how confused Thilia was during the session though xD

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“Solar Flair” Krillin shouted at the top of his lungs.

A bright light flashed from Krillin, blinding Kyan as well as most of the audience.

Kyan tried to find him, but he could tell that Krillin was moving quickly around the ring, leaving his ki sensing overwhelmed. “I don’t need my eyes to beat you, shortstack.”

Krillin came to a stop at the opposite end of the ring. “If that’s how you wanna play this,” he said.

He quickly raised his hand. “Then how about you dodge these, Dog-boy!”

A swirling disk of energy started to form above his raised hand. “DESTRUCT-O DISK!”


And thats the last one! These were fun, but I am burnt out.

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Hello friends 😄
Some time ago I made this drawing by hand in an anime style but now I decided to do it again in my own style in digital
I hope you like 😊
I personally loved 😍


Hola amigos😄
Hace un tiempo hice este dibujo a mano a un estilo anime pero ahora decidí volverlo hacer pero a mí propio estilo en digital
Espero que les guste😊
A mí en lo personal me encantó 😍

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