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Correct me if I’m wrong I guess but like my life experience has taught me that like no small number of cis women and girls are capable of engaging in social (and sometimes institutional) aggression towards people who they identify (knowingly or unknowingly) as “gender failures” and this includes “gender failures” that have some kind of voluntary identification with manhood/boyhood (some of whom are even personally cisgender but still don’t “qualify” as men/boys due to the strict rules associated with such) and this is why I really don’t trust the opinions of these people about anything related to faggotry.

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Will I get attacked for asking that maybe people who aren’t gay/bi men or proximal to categorization as “effeminate” at all not make “haha doing [x] makes a man gay” or “haha doing [x] is a female trait in a man” like this just reads as “”“ironic”“” homophobia towards gay/bi men and “”“ironic”“” anti-effeminacy (or transmisogyny but that’s not my call to make) to me at best and mocking how much any sign of gender non-conformity or proximity to gayness is punished in men?? It’s getting old and more uncomfortable by the day and most of the people I see doing it are like cis women or TME non-binary bi/gay women who aren’t the primary targets of fag hate or anti-effeminacy in any capacity and are still capable of perpetuating those things themselves so idk why it’s become a meme in these circles?

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How about instead of arguing about masculinity being inherently toxic or not we throw both the concepts of masculinity and femininity in terms of gender presentation out along with manhood/womanhood and get rid of the root of the problem altogether.

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2 days to go!
Final promo!
Here’s a sample of the final track “Disappear”.

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I actually love coming to the same conclusions as other people on my own I think it’s fascinating how we all connect unrelated media and yes while coming up with something original can be deeply satisfying I think it’s comforting to know that you are not alone in your tiny little brain playing a fucked up game of Connect Four

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i think criticizing me specifically should be illegal actually. everyone else deserves haters but not me i know everything

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