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bansq · 2 days ago
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day 3: costume
phil's plan to bully small rabbits backfires spectacularly
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morganitey · 2 days ago
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Designs for the origins season 3 cast!!
My personal favorites :D
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Click for quality ;-;
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skimmeh · 2 days ago
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Phantombbbuurrrr ....been thinking bout him alot
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beechbark · a day ago
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An above average man and his above average dog
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cupqueencake · 2 days ago
o!allium duo holiday home. o!Ranboo who used to be rich, a prince, a powerful guy. Who hates Ninjology, who hates sharing, who hisses at people, who sets forests on fire for fun, who takes people's animals and messes with them, who steals everyone's enchanted books, who has the cain instinct with everyone and everything. Who is living with the avian who isn't that rich. Who is happy to build a house together with. Who is happy to live by the water with him despite being allergic/in pain by it. Who smiles fondly at him. Wow, you know? Best friends.
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technoblade-updates · a day ago
Techno replied to Tinakitten on twitter!
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[Image ID:
A cropped screenshot of a tweet by tina :D @/TinaKitten with a reply Technoblade @/Technothepig.
Tina’s tweet reads “carrot gal ! 🥕”. Attached is a photo of Tina holding a plate of baked goods topped with carrot shaped edible decorations.
Techno’s reply consists of a meme image of Techno from tiny OSMP Sneeg’s perspective. The impact text reads “that carrot you got there can i have it”.
End ID]
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waddei · a day ago
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have some Ms paint origins art, im gonna go draw hitting on 16 fanart now
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sunblazes · 2 days ago
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I watch origins for walter and walter alone
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he1ian · 2 days ago
talking about early game experience = characters telling childhood stories CANON !!!
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isyn-ed · a day ago
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starboy just floating around
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bansq · a day ago
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biblically accurate
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freogo · 13 hours ago
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I love this cryptid-looking mf <333
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bimbloop · 2 days ago
Scott's house on Origins because it's really cool lookin : D
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chekhxvsgun · 2 days ago
headcanon that osmp!tubbo is specifically a tawny mining bee. 
tawny mining bees are native to europe, especially the uk area. 
and rather than the classic black/yellow coloration, they’re black, a reddish brown, orange, and yellow (shades vary)
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they’re not bees that have large hives! they’re considered solitary bees which means they dont follow a queen. each female bee basically make their own nest and other bees come/go as they please. 
which, o!tubbo hasn’t really followed a queen or lived in a colony. he’s a solitary bee with friends who come and go into his house. 
plus, this is the real cool part, their name comes from the fact that they burrow underground rather than make hives in trees or high up places
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and their burrows look like this ^^ . inside is usually a large chamber that may have several smaller ones that branch off that the bee will either use to store brood or other things.
and what has tubbo done as a bee in every season? he digs underground, with the entrance to his home literally looking just like this. just a hole in the ground. 
anyway, osmp!tubbo is a tawny mining bee. 
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defectfile1wav · 2 days ago
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Origin SMP Season 3 Designs + Weird predictions that I made at 2 AM. (PART 1)
If Apollo kicks me with his ball of prediction, I will die--
Some little dumb details under the cut: 
In his chest says: “GOD” = ☌⍜⎅ Because of course it is. 
 His silly hat, it’s inspired by medieval paintings. (that I can’t found)
He’s design is inspired by condor’s
He’s outfit, it’s inspired by 19th century fisherman. 
NO ARMS! Just little finger IN WINGS. 
He’s design is inspired by bats. (skeleton)
I would have gone all furry, but I didn’t, because he doesn’t deserve it.
“The World Is Mine“, it’s a reference to the song “The World is Mine“ by Hatsune Miku. 
He is inspired by cats and whatever that fluffy dog thing in The Dark Crystal. 
He has no body, no hands, no fingers, no ass--
He’s inspired by Lava herons. 
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bananimationofficial · 14 hours ago
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Had a fun little doodle stream today.
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beeduodle · 2 days ago
osmp tommy’s mother tongue isnt english it’s whatever language the dog of wisdom speaks
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moomoorare · 2 days ago
I did I did it!! I drew them!! The best duo in all of Origins :] !!! :D
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(click 4 better quality, reblog to help me out :3)
Birbinnit is small and full of anger. Orangeboo is big tall and absolutely enjoying the drama of their friendship, a bit endeared too but shhhh
[ID: digital drawing of o!allium duo. o!Ranboo looks endeared, he's glancing over to o!Tommy. He's smiling. His skin is of a greyish blue tone, with lots of fair speckles. His hair a dark blue, his eyes are mismatched, on the left muted green and on the right maroon red. He's wearing a cream turtleneck and a maroon skirt under a red wine coat with a lighter wine lining. He's also wearing a necklace with three enderman eyes. o!Tommy's wearing a red and white sweater and khaki shorts. He has baby blue eyes with yellow cat like elongated pupils and light blonde hair, his skin is of a pale peach. His cheeks are very red. He looks pissed, in his right hand is a blue lighter. His wings are open and the right one goes behind o!Ranboo as if for protection. The wings are a mix of two pale yellows with one reddish orange oval mark on broad part towards the end. His bird-like legs are pale yellow, matching the wings and his hair. End of ID].
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cupqueencake · 2 days ago
We are back to season 1. o!Allium duo is scheming again. They are terrorizing god. They are going to burn down his house. They are stealing people's horses. They are holding hands while they do it, friendship bracelets clinking.
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bansq · an hour ago
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making a flower crown :>
(day 5 of forcing ppl to look at bunnyblade)
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