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kościół św. Katarzyny Aleksandryjskiej i Małgorzaty Antiocheńskiej, XIV w.
foto z 18 czerwca 2018

Gotycki maswerk południowego okna prezbiterium został złożony ze starszych elementów. Zastąpiono nim wcześniejszy, zniszczony przez trzęsienie ziemi w 1443 r.


Kraków, Poland
Church of St. Catherine of Alexandria and St. Margaret of Antioch
built in 14th c.
taken on 18 June 2018

The Gothic tracery in a southern window of the chancel was composed of older elements. It replaced an earlier one, destroyed by an earthquake in 1443.

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What a perfect timing for national ornaments!

Right now my country is in an active state of fighting over a dictatorship. Something is already done, but long and dangerous process is still ahead. And actually this is the reason why I think that Dressrosa arc in One piece is such a complete bullshit that it hurts =__= One day I’ll explain ^^

But now I need to make an announsment. I do know that I won’t have internet this Sunday and Monday. Like no internet at all. Like we are talking about fighting a dictatorship XDD 

And. And maybe citizens of Belarus won’t have internet for two days. But maybe just maybe we won’t have it FOR MUCH LONGER PERIOD OF TIME

So I’m just saying this so nobody will be surprised if I’ll dissapear. I don’t like to dissapear without announsment ^^

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Circassian women have always been famous for their slim figure and thin waist. The fragility of the girlish silhouette was facilitated by the traditional women’s dress - “sae” (“fasche”). It was sewn from velvet, thick silk or cloth. On top of it, girls wore silver or gilded belts, bibs with silver or gold buckles, decorated with traditional ornaments.

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