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Ororo Munroe/Storm (this one is not that bad I guess but it’s very basic and yall probably already saw all of this actresses as ororo)

1. Naomie Harris


Originally posted by gael-garcia

2.  DeWanda Wise


Originally posted by what-ohhellnah-holdup-huh-ohokay

3. Janelle Monae 


Originally posted by akageesus

4. YaYa DaCosta


Originally posted by sextonsharpwinhalstead

5. Kiki Layne


Originally posted by wonderfulwoc

6.  Issa Rae


Originally posted by omibutt

7.  Aja Naomi King


Originally posted by michael-arden

8.  Yetide Badaki


Originally posted by ashjafir

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Tempo (Heather Tucker) the former member of the terrorist group MLF (Mutant Liberation Front) has a job given by Sebastian Shaw. Her job was to use her time-manipulation powers for distilling his stash of whiskey. 

Time manipulation is quite a useful superpower at the mundane utility side when it comes to distilling the alcohol or slowing down the expiry of food. 

- Marauders #10, 2020

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If you are interested in the slightest of X-Men and want to interact with one else who may as well. Come to Twitter and Roleplay as your Favorite character and meet some lovely people and friends along the way. Just private message me if you have questions and orif you’d like to join.

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