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I gotta write a thing about Storm. I fuckin’ love her. I’ve always thought she was cool. Every time my brother and I played Ultimate Alliance, I picked her, because I wanted to play as a badass girl who could fly. Also I’ve always had a thing for elemental powers. Nowadays, I have the utmost respect for Ororo as a character. She’s done so much and…tbh she’s just better than everyone, but instead of gloating all the time, she keeps going and doing what needs to be handled. I told @sebastianshaw​ earlier…I’d probably marry Ororo in any game of FMK. She’s so intelligent, wise, funny, classy, and kind. Not to mention ready to hold her own.

you go, honey.


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I want to read real books again

I know, nothing will compare to fanfiction, but like, I dunno, I’m feeling it, I suppose.

I really just don’t want to write my xmen 80s teen gang thing I have going on and I just want to read about it, and like have more warren content without having more warren content….

Anyway does anyone have any book recommendations?

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I’m glad you appreciate my analysis, thank you for saying so! 😊

Post-DoX, I’d definitely like to see Storm take on more leadership in the X-Men. I really like her in team books, especially when she’s in charge. Some of her most interesting characterization only comes up in context of her being a leader and in seeing what her teammates have to say about her.

With that in mind, I obviously don’t want her to leave the X-Men, but I wouldn’t be opposed if she got a solo book where she did some things that weren’t X-Men based. I’d love to see her connection with Harlem, which was established in Black Panther and the Crew, expanded upon and carried on, so that there’s some continuity in that aspect of her life. I wouldn’t mind a story that relates to her past, whether that’s her mother’s family and her history with the people of Uzuri or her time in Cairo and the relationships she made there.

As for relationships, I’m hoping that she’ll get back together with Logan. Even if that’s not an option, I’m still not a fan of Ororo/Forge. It doesn’t feel to me like it’s a relationship that’s likely to move her character forward. It might be cute for her to have a civilian boyfriend, since as far as I can remember, she hasn’t had one of those before, and the idea of her sitting down to a perfectly normal date with a perfectly normal man is charming to me.

In a world where I run the X-office, I’d like her to be in two different team books and a solo. One would be a standard X-book, maybe the flagship of the line, and she’d be working alongside a lot of her classic teammates. The other team book would be an X-Factor book based in NYC, less about her throwing thunderbolts and more about the team working with and for the community. It could touch on her relationship with Harlem and her history with Callisto and the Morlocks and would be a more grounded look at the goddess. The solo could feature any of the things mentioned above, but I’d really like it to have at least one space arc. I like it when Storm goes to space, both because it’s cool and because it’s always interesting to see a character so tied to the earth taken away from it.

I’d also like a couple of mini-series. One would be a book about her supervising a field trip for a group of students that definitely includes Marisol. They’re probably doing something normal for a field trip, like visiting a science museum, when they find out that there’s a supervillain lair underneath the museum. The kid books of the X-line are usually pretty fun, and although we know Ororo is a teacher, we don’t get to see that as much as we do with some of the other characters.

The other miniseries would be a book where Storm and Beast get tangled up with something magical, and Doctor Strange isn’t answering his phone, and Ororo has magical sensitivity and potential but no training and Hank hasn’t done magic since he was a teenager. Hank is one of my favourite supporting characters for Ororo because Pak did such a good job of establishing him as the one who nags her to follow rules even when she wants to do things her own way. And I think it’d be fun to see two capable heroes out of their element but ultimately capable of saving the day.

I mean, the bottom line is that I’ll be happy as long as they approach her character with the respect she deserves and give her interesting stories and relationships, but those are some of the things I’d choose if I were in charge.

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