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#ortho shroud
flowerofthemoonworld · 2 days ago
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Twisted Wonderland Line stickers Part 3
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sylois · 2 days ago
FINALLY Twst Line sticker!
This is what I want for a long time! You can purchase the sticker on Line sticker shop.
[Twisted Wonderland]
The sticker only in Japan region.
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alynabeatley · 2 days ago
Twisted Wonderland LINE stickers (for region Japan only)
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sihtod · a day ago
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TWST Halloween zine is opening preorders next week! I’ll publish all previews in my blog. If you are interested in our project, you can check wips and information here Also I’ll gladly answer all questions in case there are any (the price, shipping etc.)! Artists on preview: | |
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lynune · 3 months ago
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just Idia cosplaying as Miku
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masasei · 2 months ago
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aulilyu · 2 months ago
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man its been a while since i did long form comics
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sihtod · 10 hours ago
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Открытка тоже готова 🌟
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twistedwishingwell · 2 months ago
What the TWST boys do after Graduating NRC
More self indulgent head cannons because this is my life now. 
Ace: After graduating Ace jumps around from job to job for a while. He didn’t really have a plan for after school and it shows. He just didn’t know what he wanted to do. Finally he settles on joining the same police force as Deuce and the two of them turn into a literal buddy-cop movie joke 
Deuce: Crying that he managed to graduate and receive an offer for his team of choice in he Rose Kingdom branch of the police force Deuce works alone for several years before he gets in contact with Ace again and suggests him for the force. Ace aces all the tests needed to get him in the same department and the two become a literal buddy-cop movie joke 
Cater: Cater was another one without any clear plans after he graduated Night Raven since he focused most of his school life on trying to make friends and memories above everything else. However, he seemed to attack some attention with his Magicam account and landed a job at a fairly popular news station as a news anchor who specializes in going to more risky areas that having magic is useful for safety reasons 
Trey: He never planned on anything crazy. So he just goes back home and takes over his parents bakery. Happy and content with his life. Though he will take on the occasional special commission for a potion or charm.  
Riddle: Like his parents he became a doctor after graduation. However, unlike his parents he specializes in pediatrician and children’s mental health. He wants to be there for kids in the way his mother wasn’t there for him. He is also known for giving out strawberry flavored lollipops after every visit. 
Jack: Jack ends up working near his home on a specialty search and rescue team that specializes in natural disasters such as avalanches and rock slides. Not only does he get to be outside and close to home, but he also gets to help people. His unique magic and skills as a wizard and make him exceptional at his job. 
Ruggie: Shocking to no one, he continued to be Leona’s personal assistant even after graduating. The only change was the number of zero’s in his salary. It was the only way that Ruggie was going to agree to keep track of the lazy lions Magishift and Royal schedules. Though, most of his money goes to helping his community. 
Leona: Leona did manage to get a contract with a minor league Magishift team when he graduated which he gladly took as he still wasn’t ready to go back to the palace. He hired Ruggie as his assistant as quickly as possible and quickly moved up to the major leagues as a star player. He might not be king of the Afterglow Savanah but he’s king of the Magishift Field; and that’s good enough for now. 
Floyd: Floyd sticks with Azul and his brother as they work on expanding the lounge to various other countries and regions. Though, Floyd deals more with the backdoor work as Azul’s body guard and enforcer for Azul’s magic related contracts. Though he did get to be a model for a collaboration the Lounge did with is favorite shoe brand and model for them. That was fun. 
Jade: Sticks with Azul and his brother while working to expand the lounge. He is primarily Azul’s assistant and deal with guest relations when Azul can’t. He is also the liaison Azul uses when he can’t personal meet with a potential client for one of Azul’s special contracts. However, he hasn’t changed much as he still plots for ways to get as many mushroom dishes on the lounge’s menu as he can. 
Azul: Azul with the help of the twins is quick to turn the lounge into an international business he can be proud to rub in the faces of his childhood bullies. Starting on land though as he doesn’t want to be a direct competitor with his mother, however after she retires he is quick to merge the two businesses and expanding back to the coral sea. He still keeps up his contracts on the side though he is careful to keep everything “legal” 
Jamil: Despite having several offers to large companies (Azul included tho he pointedly burned that job offer) for his skills, Jamil chooses to take several years off and travel. He had saved up quiet a bit from working for Kalim for so long and after buying a van and the Parrot he always wanted he travels all over the world as his own master for a while. It isn’t until he is faced with the reality he has to go back to work soon he gets an offer to teach at NRC. He surprisingly enjoys the job and gets a power trip over scaring his students. Ends up bonding with Crewel over this though he has to argue with Trein to keep his cat away from his Parrot a lot. 
Kalim: Just as he had been dictated since he was small, he became the next head of the Asim family and their business. He works hard and thanks to his connections he formed during his days at NRC he’s able to contract Vil and Epel to advertise their Jasmine silk, be a main supplier for the Monstro Lounge Bistros, and even expand trade into the Valley of Thorns thanks to Lilia and Malleus; being the first Asim to do so. He does still call Jamil in a panic sometimes though over still things and smiles as his friend lectures him over the phone. 
Epel: He was just going to go back to his family farm and help out there but as he entered his fourth year he received an offer to train with a Pyroxene based Magishift team. Remembering Vil’s lessons from his first year Epel accepts the offer and soon “Poison Apple Felmier” is a household name for Magishift fans and fans of his charming appearance. He uses his influence to advertise his family business just as Vil had that first VDC. Even talks Azul into keeping the juice in supply as a seasonal item in exchange for Epel doing a few lounge commercials. Sometimes he works with Vil too but it’s rare. Regularly goes against Leona and the two have a friendly rivalry. Everyone knows it’s going to be a good match when the King and the Poison Apple go head to head. When he retires from Magishift he settles down back on the family farm just like he always intended. 
Rook: No one was sure what Rook was going to do. And frankly a lot of people were scared to ask. Vil had offered him a job as his assistant but Rook turned him down. Insisting that Vil needed someone much more suited to his position for such an important job. So Rook ends up working as a private investigator and sometimes free lance photographer for magazines (though usually he only has to ask Vil and Epel to pose for him). After all, he always did love the thrill of the hunt. 
Vil: He goes on to follow in his father’s footsteps. Even managing to finally beat Neige for best actor once they finally moved on from their teen heartthrob phases and into more serious movies and shows. He denies how much he cried receiving that award. Sometimes he throws a bone to his old classmates: posing for Rook, advertising for Azul and Kalim, and even doing fashion shows for Crewel with Epel. When he finally retires from the stage he’s still making bank though as he has launched his own skin care line and cosmetics brand: All top in their field for ingredient quality and effectiveness. 
Idia/Ortho: The shroud brothers didn’t have to work a day in their lives if they didn’t want to. Being lords of the Isle of Lamentation they were set. Still, Idia loved his games too much and so he actual did end opening a game production company that sprouted a popular francize. He as even able to get Vil to voice act in one of the games as the main antagonist. He was also contracted by Azul to do the Monstro Lounge security and update the Asim family security as well. But mostly the two of them stay home the same as ever. 
Sebek: Continues to be Malleus’ guard to his final days. He is eventually awarded cavalry general as well, an achieving he lords over Silver constantly despite Silver not really caring. 
Silver: Continues to be Malleus’ guard to his final days. He mostly works in the castle as his narcolepsy acts up on occasion though not to the degree it did in school after Malleus introduced him to the coffee from the Scalding Sands. 
Lilia: Continues to be Malleus’ guard to his final days. Happily watches as his family grows up to be kings and knights. Happy with where his life has gone compared to what it was. 
Malleus: He becomes king of Valley of Thorns as he was born to. He is a king that is respected and revered even if there are those who still fear his power. He brings the country into the modern area by expending trade and introducing technology more availably to the previously all magic country. He will go to NRC on occasion to give demonstrations and reminisce with Jamil over their school days. It’s a good life and he wouldn’t have it any other way. 
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misspomefiore · a month ago
Twisted Wonderland || Dorm Switch-a-roo
Crowley wants each dorm leader and vice dorm leader to switch dorms for an entire day. Let's see how this turns out.
note: there are hint spoilers for chapter 3.
i had this one sitting in my drafts for a long ass time and it was such a good idea. i don't know why i never finished it.
It was odd and rare for Crowley to call a meeting for both the dorm and vice dorm leaders. Everyone was gathered around the mirror room and waited for their headmaster to arrive with an explanation.
The headmaster finally walks into the room and everyone starts to quiet down in order for him to start the meeting.
"Thank you all for being here today." Crowley says.
"We kinda have to be." Jamil under breath. "Can we first address why you want us all here today?"
"Of course," Crowley nods and clasp his hands together. "I want you all to switch dorms!"
"You aren't serious right?!"
"This has to be a joke!"
"Say sike right now."
Everyone was immediately hushed before Crowley continued. "I'm doing this for you own sake. Several of you like to pick on each other for they way you each run your dorms so in order to fix that, you're going to be put in different shoes for the entire day."
The entire room groaned except for Kalim, Trey, and Azul. Kalim was excited to change things up a bit, Trey agrees that everyone needs to understand each other, and Azul wasn't happy about the whole situation due to who will be responsible for lounge, but he can see where Crowley is coming from.
Idia anxiously raises his hand. "A-About my vice dorm leader. He's gone on the 4th year thing so I can bring my brother instead?"
First off, everyone was surprised that Idia had physically showed up to the meeting but it's probably due to the fact that Ortho made him go. Second, Crowley did think this situation through.
"Of course and as for Leona. Since Savanaclaw doesn't have a vice dorm leader, you can bring anyone you like to keep an eye on you."
Leona rolled his eyes at the fact that he was told he basically needed a babysitter.
"Then that settles it. Now, let me announce which dorm you will be housed in."
Tumblr media
"It's Goldfish!" Floyd exclaims as Riddle and Trey both entered Monstro Lounge.
Riddle cringes as the eel pulls him into a gripping, tight hug. He eyes Trey to beg him for help but he just sees Trey smirking and amused by the situation instead of being worried for the air supply of his friend. The rest of the Octavinelle didn't even bother to try and pry Floyd off of Riddle for the fear that Floyd might squeeze them as well.
Floyd eventually did get bored rather quickly and yelled at everyone to get back to work. Azul put the responsibility of running the Monstro Lounge on Floyd's hand which frightened the rest of the employees. They expected him to slack off but surprisingly, everything ran smoothly. Probably because Azul promised Floyd that he would get paid extra if nothing was destroyed.
"Well, what are you waiting for?" Floyd scowls and throws two extra Octavinelle uniforms. "Get changed and start taking orders!"
Riddle and Trey were both shocked at the change from a carefree eel to boss mode. Floyd sees that they both didn't move and says, "What did you expect Azul and Jade to do all day? Play pattycake?"
Working mode of Floyd was terrifying indead.
Riddle was responsible for taking orders. Even though he had others helping him, he was overwhelmed by the amount he had to take. Trey was busy in the kitchen. He too was overwhelmed by the amount the orders despite the assistance he had. Floyd's constantly yelling didn't help the two and it just added onto the stress. Maybe this was why Azul was desperate to get so many students to work for him. The poor octopus could never catch a break because of the amount of work he has.
At the end of the day, they were excited to go back into their rooms to finally relax. They were given a spare room each out since Crowley also wanted everyone to stay at the dorm. They were both completely knocked before they could even reach their beds.
The next day, Floyd decided to play nice and gave them the day off. Riddle and Trey were unsure what to do, they explored the rest of the dorm. The whole place was way different from Heartslabyul. Everything reminded the two of an aquarium which was fitting for the Sea Witch. This did encourage Riddle to maybe take the time to stroll around outside of the Heartslabyul dorm.
When it was finally time for the event to end, Riddle and Trey were more than ready to leave. As they were about to run out and leave, they passed by Azul and Jade while shouting "You have your stupid dorm back". They giggled at the Heartslabyul boys' disheveled look. Maybe this wasn't a made idea after all.
Tumblr media
"What. The. Fuck." Leona murmurs under his breath as he watched several of the Heartslabyul dorm members chase the hedgehogs that escaped once again. Ace and Deuce were screaming while you were trying to calm them down while Cater was recording the whole thing.
Riddle was gone for less than an hour and the dorm was already a mess. Ruggie couldn't help but laugh at the whole situation while Leona groans and complained about how bothersome the mess would be to clean up.
"You have go to be kidding me!" Ace complains as he stops the Savanaclaw dorm leader. "Don't tell me we get-"
Leona glares at him and growls which caused Ace to put up his hands in defense. "I mean, wow! I'm so excited to get the amazing, Prince Leona as my leader for the day. Yay!"
Leona smirks in satisfaction with his response. A small pink hedgehog crashed into the lion's foot since it was running away from you. Leona picks it up and the creature covers it's eye in fear of what the lion would do. You finally caught up and saw the wholesome scene of Leona holding the hedgehog. It was so tiny compared to him which was rather adorable.
"This your's?" he asked and you nodded.
He hands it to you and you hurried it off to put it back into it's habitat area. Leona and Ruggie helped the rest of the dorm clean up despite the fact that Leona wanted to take a nap to sleep away all the problems. Once they were finished, they all gathered around the lounge area so Leona can know what to do.
"What do you all do all day? Have tea parties?" he scoffs as he lays down on the couch.
"Well, there rules we have to follow." Cater responds. "There are a lot so I can give you a book with all of them- huh? He's asleep already?"
Since it was not a good idea to wake a sleeping lion, it's best if he was left there since they don't want an irritated Leona to deal with. Ruggie had no other choice than to run the entire dorm himself since there was no leader.
"I better get paid extra for this." he mumbles.
He tried to follow at least most of the rules but he eventually gave up after "Rule 420: No donuts of Fridays". He wants his donuts on a Friday and no stupid rule was gonna stop him. He allowed everyone to do whatever they want and ignore all rules as long as Riddle doesn't find out. What he doesn't know won't kill him, right?
The next day, Ruggie was already out the door the second the time was up. Riddle came back to see that the dorm was in one piece. Thank goodness. However, it seems that everyone has forgotten about something.
"Leona! Get off the couch!"
Tumblr media
"Interesting." Jade says with a curious tone in voice as he observes the thorns that was just outside the Diasomnia dorm. “I wonder what kind of plants are these.”
“Jade, don’t touch that.” Azul commands the eel and he starts approaching the dorm.
“You’re no fun.” Jade signs in disappointment as he follows Azul.
They were greeted by Sebek and Silver who were waiting for their arrival.
“Welcome to Diasomnia,” Silver greets. “If you have any questions, we’ll be happy be help you.”
Azul nods as a thanks before Sebek cuts in. "And if you touch anything, I will have your heads, hum- I mean, fish!"
"That's funny", Jade chuckled. "The little freshman is acting all mighty when we are the ones that are suppose to be in charge here."
"I agree, Jade. Why don't we take this little lightening bolt away." Azul adds.
Sebek's jaw was dropped when he processed what the temporary Diasomnia dorm leader was saying. The other dorm members were already escorting him away the scene as Sebek tried to resist.
"Y-You can't just-"
"Rules are rules, bud. Malleus told us to do what these guys say."
In the corner of his eye, he can see Jade giving a closed eye smile as he was waving. Azul smirks as he also waves him off. Cue more cursing.
The entire day, Sebek was jailed into his room while he was crying that this isn't fair. He tried to contact Silver to break him out but he ended up falling asleep somewhere. To toy with him, Jade said they were wrecking the dorm and blaming it all on Sebek. In reality, the members were all taking turns playing Just Groove*.
The next morning, Silver finally let Sebek out of his room and he zoomed over to Malleus to tell him that it wasn't him that destroyed him the dorm. Imagine his surprise when the dorm leader said that everything was intact that made the first year confused. He needs a drink after this.
Tumblr media
“Oooooo~ everything is so pretty!"
Jamil were barely at the door of Pomefiore and Kalim was already running around. The two received odd looks from the rest of the residents and he mumbles apologies to them for his master’s behavior.
“Kalim, stop running everywhere!” Jamil shouts.
He was going to get in so much trouble if anything happens to Kalim but alas, the Scarabia dorm leader ended up running into someone since he wasn't paying attention to his surroundings.
"Oh! I'm so sorry! Let me help you up!"
Kalim holds out a hand for Epel to help him up. Epel brushes his uniform in order to straighten it and quickly fixed his hair.
"It's alright," he says softly and his eyes immediately widen. "Hold on, is Vil here?"
"Nope, I'm your dorm leader for today." Kalim responds proudly with hands on his hips.
"So, no Vil and Rook which means, no "looking your best every 5 seconds"?" Epel ask with his eyes gleaming with delight.
Kalim nods and Epel's facial expression turns into an excited. "Oh, hell yeah! No more fuckin' watchin' my profanity! No more stupid eye makeup shit! Fuck y'all!"
The first year wipes off his eyeliner and lip gloss with his sleeves and then runs off while cheering "Freedom!". Kalim smiles as he watching him fade in the distance while Jamil was caught off guard by Epel's immediate change in character. Yes, he was aware that Epel dislikes the way his dorm leader wants him to act, but he wasn't expecting him to full on get excited at the fact he was gone for the day.
"Let's move on," Jamil sighs and pitches the bridge of nose in a bit of stress. "Ok, let's make sure nothing else falls apart because I don't want Vil to- Kalim? Kalim?!"
Not even a second later and Kalim already ran off. He searched all over the castle to find his young master only to find that he had thrown a party in the common room. Oh, for the love of-
As it turns out, Kalim wanted everyone to let loose for the day. No need to be formal. Just have fun. Well, at least they were decent enough to not trash the whole place. They just played whatever music they want, dance however they want, and dressed however they want. Hey, Vil isn't here to nag them. Also, someone hold Epel back before he destroys the throne.
Once it was all over, the students cleaned after themselves because if their actual dorm leader was here, there would be nothing but etiquette lessons for the entire week. Jamil didn't even bother to stay till the end and he ended hiding in his room the entire time. The Pomefiore dorm beds were really soft and comfortable so he was able to get a good night's rest.
The next day, Jamil drags Kalim back to Scarabia when the whole event was over. Kalim was sad that he didn't have time to say goodbye to his new friends but he did invite them to the next party at Scarabia. Vil and Rook entered the dorm together and Vil did not look happy one bit. First off, the dorm he was staying at was not pleasant and all of his other members looked at him as if they were hiding something.
"Epel, you better start explaining or you'll be cleaning all the windows."
Tumblr media
"Oh my, it's so hot here." Vil complained for the fifth time as he entered the Savanaclaw common room. Rook didn't seemed bothered by the heat since it was normal where he grew up.
"My makeup is sweating off!" the blonde panicked when he saw his foundation staining his black glove.
"Is the sun bothering you, my Queen?" Rook asked as he takes his bow to point it straight at the sun. "Let me get that for you."
"Oh my Great Seven, who decided it would be a great idea to give us royal highness crew?" one of the Savanaclaw residents groan.
Rook turns his attention from the sun to the boy. Although his arrow was down, he still wore a terrifying expression. A smile was graced upon his face but you could still see the death in his eyes.
"Want to say that again, dear?" he said in a threatening tone.
The rest of the Savanaclaw members remain silent.
Vil was disgusted with the rude behavior of the members. They greeted their two guests rudely and intends to fix that.
"All of you potatoes need to learn some manners. For the entire day, I'm going to give you all etiquette lessons. If you don't want to attend, well, I do have some books on etiquette you can read instead."
No one bothered to protest with Vil. They all had to accept their fate for the time being.
Tumblr media
Idia nearly passed out when he saw the sight in front of him. The entire Scarabia dorm members were all gathered around the common room. There was food set on the table and loud music playing.
"Kalim wanted us to throw you a welcome party." one of the members explains.
Someone should've told him that introverts and parties do not go together. Ortho did his best to calm his brother but it failed miserably when Idia dropped to the floor and covered his face. Everyone ignored his state since they were all busy doing their own thing.
One of the dorm members approaches Idia and tried to grab him into a dance circle. It was enough to cause Idia to faint due to the amount of stress. The music was stopped and everyone scrabbled around on what to do. One person was on the phone with the nurse while another was trying to calm a crying Ortho.
"Don't worry! I can fix it!" one the Scarabia members said while running over to Idia with a bucket.
Before anyone could stop him, he dumped the entire ice bucket over Idia. Idia jolted up immediately on the cold impact. All eyes were on him and that made Idia cover his face with his dorm jacket.
"Oh, so his hair doesn't actually go out", one of the members comments.
For the rest of the day, Idia ended up hiding in an extra room. Ortho had to run the entire dorm for him and poor boy didn't know what to do. He told him to continue the party while he tried to cox his older brother out of hiding. He had to leave eventually because Idia forgot to charge his phone. Since his phone out, he didn't get the millions of messages from his dorm members.
When Idia was able to get his phone charged, he was shocked at the 99+ notifications he got. Why does something bad always happen to him when he leaves his room?
Tumblr media
"Oh my, what is that?" Malleus ask as he pokes one of the screens that was displayed in the lounge area of Ignihyde.
"That would be a screen monitor, dear. It’s displays videos, pictures and whatever you want on the screen.” Lilia explains to the curious fae.
“Oh? So, it’s like a tabletop?” Malleus asks as takes a look at the other technology in the room.
“Desktop and kinda, yeah.”
Sebek was not thrilled to discover that he can’t escort his young master the switch program. He feared that an Ignihyde might threaten and hurt him but Lilia says that he can keep an eye on Malleus. Besides, most of the dorm members tend to keep to themselves so no one won’t even go near Malleus.
That case was true considering that no one, besides them, were in the lounge area. It wasn’t surprising at all to see the dorm like this.
“Why don’t we go to our rooms since it seems like no one is here. Malleus? Malleus! What are you doing?!”
The Diasomnia dorm head was standing near one of the monitors. On the screen, it read “Warning: danger!” while the whole dorm was flashing red and the loud beeping noise is what drew the members to the area to see what was up.
“Don’t tell me he pressed the emergency button.” one of the boys says to another.
Malleus didn’t seem fazed at all. “I did since no one was around, I got worried at maybe something happened but assuming at you all are here, you’re fine. I’ll shut it off.”
Everyone scrambled around to try and stop him but it was too late. He accidentally pressed the “self destruct” button which sent everyone into a panic.
Lilia removes Malleus from the scene and explained to him that he can’t just press random button without knowing what they do. The Ignihyde students tore the whole place apart as they were trying to shut off the bomb. Some tried to contact Idia but he wasn’t even picking up like he normally would. Great timing.
In the end, they had to cut off the power in order to shut off the bomb. The entire dorm agreed it was best to leave the power off in case Malleus tried to do anything else. Everyone had to use flashlights and candles to navigate through the dorm. They can’t use their phones in order to save battery since they can’t charge. Lilia tried to look at the positive side of the situation but explaining that they all could have sleepover and get to know each other. Not the best thing for a bunch introverts.
Everyone was relieved when Idia returned to the dorm the next morning. He was able to shut off the bomb in case it goes off when the power was turned on. Malleus offered to help but Lilia ended up having to escort him out by saying that "Sebek might be worried so they have to hurry back to Diasomnia".
*Just Groove: Twisted Wonderland's version of Just Dance.
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ce-meyers · a month ago
*Contain spoilers from the first part of the Ignihyde chapter*
1. Vil being the QUEEN that he is insists on paying the boys the promised reward money (out of his own pocket too btw) even when they lost the VDC. The boys didn't want the money but Vil insists, saying that it's for their hardwork for coming for audition and rehearsals. Kalim decided to give the money to MC and Grim as he wanted them to use it to fix up Ramshackle Dorm. Jamil, Epel and Rook agrees. On one hand Deuce wants to give the money to his mother (aw), but on the other he wanted to give it to MC too (awwww). Ace is keeping the reward money (lol).
2. When the robots went around to capture students Vil, Jamil and Riddle are the three that had to be taken by force as they put up a fight.
3. Upon seeing the robot approaching him Leona surrendered and just went with it. He knew the robot is built specifically to deal with magic users (he recognized the logo on the robot, knowing what it belongs to), so putting up a fight is just pointless.
4. Azul was with Idia by the time robot came to get him. He was shocked (of course) but Idia talked him into going with it. Basically Idia explains what the robot is and that it's going to be alright.
5. Riddle and Azul never knew that the Idia Shroud they've known for so long is, in fact, a member of THE Shroud family. They thought Idia was just someone with a similiar surname (lol).
6. The Shroud family runs a tech company and owner of the Olympus search engine (Twst's equivalent of Google), and they also dwell in shady businesses. They are infact richer than the Asim, just not as well-known.
7. S.T.Y.X is an organization that the Shroud family has connections with, with Idia as their second-in-command. The organization researches "anti-magic" stuff and has been studying overblots for a long time.
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fisheem4mmal · 2 months ago
Happy Birthday Production Day Ortho!
His ssr before groovy had this melancholic feel to it for me... I felt sad looking at it I don't know if it was his expression and pose and the way his hand is poised over his 'heart' but it made my heart achey
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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