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Though I did not have all the thoughts at the time I was asked to write an essay over the topics and themes of 1984, and A Brave New World, as part of the final works to conclude a high school level Mexican law class, and how the authority in-place in both works of fiction can relate to the real world, probably as between classes I was drifting between clouds of marijuana smoke, 1984 has remained among one of my favorite works since.

But I still feel disdain for those who read 1984, and instantly feel a rebellious, ideological fervor to either confront Socialism as the mother of all evils, or to completely and utterly destroy all mechanisms of control due to how abused they are in the world of 1984. Being a Socialist, I’ll just go out and say it before I go on, the only equality Socialist practice in 1984′s IngSoc, English Socialism, is that of the right for all kinds of people to abuse other kinds people, only they take turns, and not all of them get a chance to do so, due to how short-lived their unpleasant lives can come to be. The uneducated proletariat in this world being the most free, living the motto ignorance is bliss while being allowed only manual labor and mechanical maintenance, and permitted some distraction even if only it is what is filtered through government sensors, they are allowed to congregate more freely than the middle class as shown in the book, who, as their white collar labors cover administrative, statistical analysis, and even creative labors even if only permitted to create propaganda that allows them some insight into the system as a whole, which may provoke some thought that causes disagreement among them as they come to think ideas deemed heretical of how things could be bettered or changed so as to simply be allowed to love freely, rather than the partners the authorities would choose for them, among many other liberties denied.

Since the proletariat are expected to congregate in relaxation from labors that would leave them not seeking any more stressful thought, and are even allowed alcohol, while the middle and upper class are restricted from even forming relationships as the dialogue between two with insight into different parts of the system, would allow them to compare and contrast what they know and further some rebellious or subversive thought the two might be sharing, and propel it further. Thus the need of the Big Brother Is Watching You posters on all work-places and public spaces, much like the gargoyles of Aztec or Catholic classical architecture, it incites the feeling of constantly being analyzed even to the core of one’s self even if the cameras cannot truly see into the mind, to reinforce self-revision and censoring of even one’s mind.

Similar to how the infamous Catholic Guilt among some faithful Catholics instills within them a drive to censor their mind from sin, which, while beneficial and positive in some senses, seeing as we cannot follow our natural, savage drives wildly and lacking restraint without coming to be destructive to society in most public spaces and social interactions or exchanges. When it comes to be excessive the pent-up frustration if not sublimated positively in art, consensual romantic relationships, free speech, playing games, or exercise, can turn to hate, which the authorities at some points in history, or even today in some churches, seek to redirect towards a group or force external to the groups ideas, be it Satan and his deception, promiscuous women or sexually liberated LGBTQ peoples, or some opposing religion or government. To hide the fact that usually, the only real enemy resides within oneself, and needs to be the first vanquished before any other opposition can truly be revealed, if indeed it does exist or not.

In the book we are shown that to create the representation of an external enemy, the authorities in 1984 come to even enact bombings in public spaces while claiming some other source, detonated so as to minimize any actual damage to economic output while being visible and claiming at least some death or damage if any. As well as the public parading of captured enemy soldiers, who are likely always the same unfortunate hostages kept captive for the occasion, perhaps their numbers even bolstered with actors, to portray the sense that we are indeed defeating the enemy and our government is successful and to be trusted. The act of false flag attacks being authoritarian extremism itself, and while I’m not blind to the possibility, I don’t fall into the common conspiracy theories such as the one claiming 9/11 to have been a fabrication of the government, as that atrocity was indeed a violent radical attack from al-qaeda terrorists of Saudi Arabian origin, acting as private individuals and not for any particular nation’s goals, as despite how I feel about the Saudi Arabians manipulating foreign armed forces to their defense, they as a nation did not perpetuate 9/11. And the truth is Iran nearby to them also does the same by promoting militant radical extremism towards violent actions in neighboring countries to further the goals of the religious radical Iranian regime, and their own opposing oil industry. Even if the American government came to use the terrorist attack to excuse some actions, such as the PATRIOT Act, continued operation of Guantanamo Bay, and the invasion of Iraq, as well as actions elsewhere to secure oil fields while also opposing violent extremism. While I do agree with the fact Saddam Hussein was a nasty and violently authoritarian individual suppressing Iraqi freedom worthy of being deposed and executed, he was not to my knowledge involved with 9/11.

In the book, this is displayed through the Two Minutes of Hate, where persons deemed subversive or disruptive are displayed and the public is promoted and allowed to freely display and voice their frustration and hate directed at this person or entity. Sometimes being the mysterious Goldman, allowed to be public knowledge as one of the founders of Oceania, but said to have committed some treacherous act meriting disgust and hate against the revolution. Goldman is allowed to be public knowledge, not only to direct hatred towards subversion, but also to instill some sympathy towards revolution to a potentially false idol with no clear or known motives to the public, his ideology never revealed, so that any could impose their own subversive thoughts upon the man who, though the authorities in 1984 claim is still at large, is more than likely long dead or exiled from Oceania. Likely so that people whom have come to harbor revolutionary sentiments within their heart can come to feel there might be a rebellion acting out somewhere, and upon detection, if society is not at a tipping point towards actual revolt, might be approached by secret agents from the Ministry of Love masquerading as members of Goldman’s organization to invite the individual before taking them away to be imprisoned or murdered. Whatever his actions beyond the revolution that resulted in the current state of being of Oceania as presented in 1984, that fictionalized authoritarian England, to remain unknown, the revolution itself impossible to pin to a concrete date though clearly being a few decades ago in that world, for all the people of 1984 know, it is and always will be 1984, and a boot shall always be stamping upon the face of mankind.

Since the constant suppression and violent conviction of any kind of act not strictly controlled naturally provokes some frustration even among many who adhere to IngSoc’s ideals of neglecting from themselves some objective truths, those who have read it well know, the Ministry of Truth being the governing body of propaganda and control of information, the Ministry of Peace being the military and armed forces, the Ministry of Love being the police and surveillance authorities that reinforce state ideology and punish dissent even through torture until the person is left either catatonic and incapable of thought, or submits back to group think, and the Ministry of Plenty governing economic output and agriculture, even when there is little, whether or not the scarcity is a fabrication of the state by limiting access to resources to incite the population by claiming some external force is responsible for it, or a true state of famine. And the Ministry of Silly Walks, obviously dictates conformity for how to properly rigidly march while wearing a military or police uniform or when in parade formation.

Whatever my own feelings about the War on Terror may be, despite it not being a goal of the fight against terrorism, it has often created terror in persons where otherwise there wouldn’t be due to some accident in misidentifying individuals or usage of weaponry involved in direct actions, or simply an overreaction in a more sensible individual when confronted with horrifying truths underlying society. But even so, terrorist groups do indeed exist and whatever their roots, even when there is a hint of being noble victims, most if not all of them have given to blinding hatred once they begin committing violent actions against unarmed noncombatants and civilians within and beyond their own state of origin, those that haven’t and adhere to self-defensive actions and fighting against other militants or military forces while avoiding harming noncombatants, I would instead label as insurgents. And as I come to analyze and retrospect over how terrorists recently affected my life and peace of mind, leading me to accept the War on Terror as a necessity for the time being, I would be less critical of it if some distinction would be made among governments fighting it between insurgent groups, and terrorist organizations, with insurgents being treated with respect to rules regarding the treatment of foreign prisoners of war, and terrorists receiving the full hammer of horrors that a modern military force is capable of inflicting upon them to stamp them out. Terrorists being those, who either through direct intent or excessive sloppy mishandling of weaponry, attack civilians lives or health, and whom promote some hateful mindset based in religion or discrimination, while insurgents being those who despite falling to militant actions, direct their weaponry only at hostile military forces and infrastructure, or commercial interests, that oppose their motives based in resources, defense against abusive government actions, or fighting discrimination and subjugation, and only falling to the title of terrorist if and when they fall towards harming innocent lives.

The mysterious Goldman of 1984, interestingly enough, plays a role similar to the one that Subcommander Marcos, or Rafael Sebastián Guillén Vicente, former university professor and member of the National Liberation Front opposing the PRI regime, Partido Revolucionario Institucional, during the possibly still on-going dirty war suppressing student activism and journalism. This was prior to his leading of the EZLN, Ejercito Zapatista de Liberacion Nacional, in the 90s taking up defense of indigenous Mayan people in Chiapas against violent government action. Mexico’s National Liberation Front has since, similarly to the EZLN taken up pacifist activism, educational exchange through inviting external individuals to take part in temporary camps, and setting up some shops selling products of indigenous Chiapas origin in cities of Mexico, and leaving their communities to spread their message in previously announced and planned public conferences elsewhere. If any weapons are still wielded by them, it is strictly in defense of their communities.

The way the cultural figure of Subcommander Marcos shares similarities to Goldman of 1984, is how we come to perceive the EZLN in middle class social circles and communities beyond Chiapas, who rarely if ever come into direct contact with the EZLN, as well as the way most Maoist or Marxist Catholic Radical militant groups of Mexico declare allegiance or solidarity to the EZLN even when they do not share the EZLN’s defense of LGBTQ liberties and women’s sexual reproductive freedom that they once were a vanguard of before such things were more commonly accepted in Mexican urban life. As well as the fact that at least one of the most prominent Maoist radical organizations dips into the practice of kidnapping to extort a payout as finance also practiced by narco criminals, with some of their most high-profile kidnappings occurring in the 2000s, while the EZLN is not known to commit any sort of violent criminal act to further their cause beyond what may be necessary in defense, even coming to enforce the law within their own communities, their law, which shares many parallels to state and federal law concerning violent crime and theft.

Many of us of the comfortable middle class who come to feel some frustration at some of the more ghastly underlying facts behind Mexican society and socioeconomic status, who desire to change in some way or form for the better, come to feel some solidarity and interest in the EZLN and their actions, even when others more accepting of the system consider them overrated or an annoyance, perhaps even projecting some of our own subversive ideas upon their agrarian anarcho-communist communal radical democratic liberal ecologist zapatist cause. I’d like to think between them and my own technocratic radical democratic liberal national socialist ecologist male feminist cause there exists some common ground as much of the EZLN’s victories reside in their embracing of technology, such as the internet even when it was new, to promote their message and coordinate transparently, while some other radical groups seem to oppose technology as Satanic evil completely. Their use of publicity and a media-friendly Subcommander Marcos to voice the cause being integral to them not simply being violent silenced and disappeared as easily and systematically as many groups before them and since then without a hint of evidence left behind aside from grieving friends and loved ones to also be murdered if they come to garner too much attention, until someone discovers a pile of buried incinerated bodies later on, if they even decide to tackle the issue of deciphering who they originally were.

But I don’t think I’ll find much support for my latent desire to conquer Guatemala and as far South as we can fight Central and South America, which stems from my latent frustration at how I feel society has neglected to offer me much of the support it freely and openly offered to better the lives of others around me concerning mental health, how I feel the world has abused Mexico in some respects, as well as my fandom of Shadowrun lore while having no one, not belonging to social circles known to play LARP’s save for some guys who play Dungeons and Dragons, which I consider rather lame, to play with. Since, in the world of Shadowrun, Mexico comes to be one of the world’s premier super powers by coming on top of several cataclismic world events that also allow them to freely clean hidden stashes of blood money without repercussion, which include the resurgence of magic and mutants to the world as the state of Aztlan, which conquers everything South down to Bogota of former Columbia before being stopped by Amazonia, having to use and lose most of it’s remaining military might to defeat a dragon with future cyberpunk jet fighters after a prolonged battle along the South American coast. And then former Mexico Aztlan maybe but probably not learns a lesson about the perils of being greedy and abusing power by now taking advantage of a divided United States that is now The American Confederate States, Pueblo Corporate Council, and the Free Californian Republic, by losing their own dragon, Quetzacoatl, in a battle to take Texas against those three powers re-united, and the Neo-Confederacy learns why racism is bad when a native American of their own lands transforms into a dragon proper to the natives of the United States to fight Quetzacoatl.

This is particularly intimate to me, considering how my brother, as a promoter of violent Maoist Catholic Radicalism, and his acceptance of their alleged use of torture to indoctrinate that he so claims to be aware of, was at some point in the recent past constantly attempting to undermine my support of the EZLN by finding whatever small fact he could twist into promoting the narrative that they are a front for the CIA, Central Intelligence Agency, or other external foreign forces to dissuade me from supporting them, as he attempted to instill in me his own Maoist Catholic technophobic misogynist ideals, as well as a blind unquestioning support of our president, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who I did indeed vote for but never will I blindly follow any politician, as I’ve become increasingly critical of AMLO even though I support some of his actions, even some controversial ones such as his nationalizing of state energy resources aside from petroleum. Though I oppose complete nationalization to allow some foreign competition and inversion, I espouse strongly the need to maintain a majority nationalized. I am not naive to the fact that AMLO and his party, MORENA, have recently been opposed to the EZLN as the EZLN took up an ecologist and indigenous land rights cause that opposed his plans for a railway system, the tren Maya in Southern Mexico. Where this would be taken a step further would be if, seeing they are unable to dissuade me from supporting the EZLN’s cause, as he claims ‘what’s the difference, they want to kill rich people too,’ while providing no proof, would be if a radical Maoist or Marxist Catholic, or even government agent were to approach me masquerading as an EZLN member, to deceive me into leaving with them to be tortured into indoctrination or enslaved to some work force to silence my Atheism, male feminism, and other liberal sexual values in addition to my pacifist multicultural tolerance which makes me incapable of acting in offense as they would like me to, as a strictly self-defensive actor. Even if this value of tolerance and respect for thy neighbor resides in our shared Catholicism I was raised with, that I have long since shed. Or this being attempted upon other people sharing some subversive thought to trick them into radicalization and extremist actions. That said, I’ll be keeping an eye for the next publicly announced EZLN conference, seeing as I recently missed one here in Morelia that was held in December.

Michel Foucault would later define the all-encompassing surveillance state that in 1984 works through sensors and cameras integrated into consumer electronics, such as televisions, and the ever-present cameras reminiscent of England’s CCTV system or China’s surveillance state today, as the ‘pan-optic’ in his work, as I once owned it before gifting it to my brother, Vigilar y Castigar.

But what differentiates a tool is the man or woman behind it, as even though these systems can come to be ultimate tools of suppression, they are also marvelous implements to defend the innocent and public spaces from violent crime, when not used to target any one group for anything less than preparation, planning, or enacting of violent criminal or terrorist acts. To implement the tools of surveillance in states yet to adopt them while avoiding their abuse in the majority of cases would require an accompanying doctrine and the maintaining of transparency regarding recorded and documented events using the surveillance system, so that the evidence recorded by surveillance is available to all parties within a legal prosecution’s process, able to be transferred and shared between police forces, military personnel or government officials that may need to review it before making a decision, as well as available to persons recorded and captured by the surveillance system upon request. Surveillance cameras and sensors would need to be either constantly recording as well, saving the video or other data to some memory or file, that is deleted past some time after the recording if not requested or manually saved, or for there to be a recapture system that automatically saves what was recorded during the last hour, or several hours, upon activation, but this would require constant monitoring of surveillance equipment’s data output, be it a video feed or other, by ever-more security and police employees. In my opinion, this is essential for surveillance to be used as any kind of evidence in court or when confronting corruption, as otherwise there would just be a witness claiming he saw so-and-so on a video feed, which makes the first option of constant recording of video feeds and other data better, though both could overlap, since the first case, a memory file that only begins to delete old video after a certain date after recording, would also ideally permit any civilian that may have something to report of interest to request that recording without a government official or private security guard having had to have noticed it and taken importance of it first. Also of importance to mention when arguing for a favorable use of surveillance systems, is the respect for privacy, with private data and the use of surveillance equipment to penetrate the walls of home and personal spaces such as bathrooms, allowed only when prior suspicion has been aroused to the fact the person may be dangerous to others.

The need for oversight is actually increased, not decreased as some would prefer to cut costs, by the implementation of currently experimental AI, artificial intelligence, detection techniques capable of tasks such as identifying a person on the street by comparing their photo to government databases or even their social media, before pilfering their available interests and contacts on social media, or even their personal messages. This should be a layered process, requiring human supervision, with the AI set to target actual evidence that a person might be involved in planning an attack or engaged in it, or accumulating equipment or resources needed, and not any political ideology or religion as a whole unless it is a specific group within that segment of the population that has openly declared for terrorist extremism. Upon detecting evidence, the AI would, depending on the gravity of the situation, either grant itself authority but only up to a certain point, or seek permission by a human overseer to more thoroughly pilfer the individuals information for evidence related to crime, the AI should not by itself have the permission or authority to ever place a person on a list of people to be detained or suppressed, as this, even with a highly developed AI with parameters set to combat crime and not suppress any ideology or religion would inevitably lead to errors, instead simply highlighting a person with relevant information to be reviewed before a human authority finally accepts or declines to label the person fit for a warrant seeking their detainment. An argument for AI in surveillance systems that review personal information and available documentation for data relevant to potential criminal acts also resides in the unreliability of human actors when expecting them to refrain from including personal motives in their actions, such as for example, looking at or downloading a potential suspect’s personal nude photography meant solely for personal use to be shared with romantic partners or other use defined by that person, or the person looking at personal data finding some cause for derision against the individual suspect in some factor that is not related to a criminal investigation. Still, the source of the information compiled by an AI needs to be made available to a reviewer if it is deemed necessary or truly confirming of a criminal threat afterwards.

A terrible implementation of AI in surveillance systems would, instead, cut costs and jobs by automatically selecting and placing by itself groups of people identified for targeting as either an example of sloppy implementation, or ulterior hostile government motive to suppress free speech and expression, When the AI is made by an external private entity, this risk is further compounded by the possibility of persons identified being of interest to suppress by the company in-question, and not for breaking any particular law.  The nature of technology is such that, particularly within a democratic capitalist system with actors being exchanged upon being voted out, retiring, or seeking a different job, is that different types of people less or more prone to abuse come into the controls of such tools, and so, some abuse is to be expected and should always be confronted when possible, but to systematically allow such abuse is a condition that all people within a nation should defiantly oppose. Ideally this also means that a state’s surveillance technology should be composed almost entirely of equipment and software with a national origin even if assistance, or parts of the equipment from external sources is required, this is to avoid the surveillance equipment from easily being adopted for espionage or criminal action by external actors.

Concerning recent scandals such as the one provoked by Cambridge Analytica regarding foreign interference of opinion and elections, AI used to predict events or actions taken by individuals or groups by examining every decision they have ever made available by direct documentation on the internet or inference, is also risky and requires oversight when applied to confronting crime. As an artificial intelligence to identify potential criminals could lead to authorities punishing or discriminating a person before they ever actually commit a crime, instead of perhaps offering mental health support, or some other type of intervention if deemed necessary and that the person cannot either calm down or control themselves from a violent criminal act on their own. AI for the predicting of events would more appropriately some day, once developed to be viable for such use, be applied for use in military simulations or natural disaster response, to project many possible outcomes of different events and routes taken while taking into account the knowledge of known and potential risk factors, and also the fact that concerning military action, people can come to be unpredictable and there may be more threats than the ones known, as well as the ancient adage that continues to hold true, ‘no plan survives first contact with the enemy.’ Instead AI is used perhaps for the most simplest of possible uses, identifying voter data to manipulate opinion by presenting the people in particular with articles presenting false or partial information skewed towards whatever opinion the authority or entity in-charge of this deems favorable. Or for the less ethically questionable use of marketing products by tailoring advertisement towards detected interests and background of a particular individual for presentation on their electronic devices.

In the world of 1984, the constant suppression and the latent frustration it creates, as well as the periodic instigation of the proletariat through both real and fabricated famines as well as the false flag bombings of public spaces, leads the system into a revolt against whatever the governing authorities are deemed to be, bourgeoisie being nothing more than a label for whatever you oppose in this world, a dehumanizing generalization similar to Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s constant usage of the words ‘fifi,’ ‘neoliberal,’ and ‘mafia del poder,’ even when the latter two are problems to confront, they are much more complex and his usage comes to simplify both the underlying factors and who may actually compose the opposition. In 1984, any radical technology that would redefine how society works is incapable of coming to be, as the smallest advances in technology are immediately added to the rest of the tools to be used to suppress any accompanying innovative thought that may lead the population, even when revolting, to adapt any true change that is not the exchanging of power between the previous systematic oppressor and the new. Again, similar to how AI prediction techniques have been abused for voter manipulation through social media in some cases rather than developing them further for better ends.

Social media, the internet, once critical to the success of the EZLN in their cause, the free sharing of uncensored information and thoughts where net neutrality continues to thrive, has become prevalent as the source of disinformation designed to confuse or needlessly radicalize entire populations or segments of people within them. The Iran situation following Solemani’s assassination at a civilian Iraqi airport was strangely accompanied by a surge in false news stories published to Facebook, which led to me at first fervently opposing such through comments written in heat, before dis-activating my Facebook temporarily all-together. My personal opinion being that yes, he was a target worthy of execution due to his direct hand in violent radical extremism opposing both military forces and killing civilian noncombatants who refuse to be radicalized, but the supposed double tap that murdered curious civilians and the operation being done at a public space for commercial and civilian use is where my disdain for the act resides in. These false news stories propelled the narrative of there existing an Iran-narco collusion, even when the narco’s capitalist business interest of the illegal narcotics industry would oppose religious radical violence that may disrupt drug sales, if anything it could come to be a Islamic Radical-Maoist Catholic Radical collusion as those groups would have a shared interest in imposing their misogynistic totalitarian ideals. But I’ve no evidence of this being the case. False news stories were also created to direct frustration and hate at the EZLN themselves, even insinuating them to be cowards for not coming forth in militant opposition to violently defend activist and ecological causes elsewhere beyond Chiapas.

Of the, oh-so-many, maddening thoughts that escaped me as I voiced my frustrations to a former lover, confused, and rightfully sensing some negative vibes in me, I’ll accept that the romance may be beyond saving. But among them, one which disgusted me most, was in my anger at seeing how my country has so been targeted with false publicity clearly tailored to incite hatred against the United States, propel the idea of Iranians acting with narco criminals, and painting the EZLN as cowardly and useless, I had decided enough was enough. Upon some notebook pages, I had began to outline a language educational program and accompanying public censor as a counterattack to English speaking nations similar to one hinted at in 1984 as part of IngSoc. Directed towards the omission of some words in language, to make it useful strictly for technical information regarding manual tasks ideally, to be enacted gradually since for immediate implementation would require the elimination of all fictional works as well, aside from a highly edited bible and select works including 1984 which could be further edited to propel a narrative which can be customized to one end or another, but included a list of works to banish at first. In my distraught thought that my brother was attempting to push into extremism, I had the foolish thought that maybe right-wing ultra nationalists individuals being elected in England and the United States, and even China, whom may be interested in the technical document seeing as they already wield some influence through universities and businesses abroad as another tool, as I, not knowing Mandarin, would be incapable of creating a program for the Chinese.

Though I did attempt some experimentation using digital translation and reading parts of the Quran as to how it could be attempted upon the current Iranian regime to make them further incapable of effective intellectual opposition. While also spamming digitally televised conferences held by Iranian government officials with brazenly heated comments intended to incite people attending who may have had a phone, to storm the stage, before realizing the Iranian people in the audience of these conferences propelling hate against the Western world and Islamic radicalization had no phones whatsoever. An act I would never commit against any other government really, save for maybe North Korea, since I was still going for IngSoc for Farsi speaking people at that moment, wondering if I could aid Western governments opposing Iran, among the comments was a smug declaration of ‘cut the shit and hold back on the missiles or it shall be my boot stamping upon you for eternity.’ Don’t hate Iran as a whole, I know there are protesters and activists within Iran also suffering at the hands of the Iranian regime and even if his comments of attacking cultural heritage sites since retracted were excessive, I’m pleased to see Donald J. Trump voice some support for Iranian protesters.

People with more radical right-wing tendencies in-charge would be of advantage as they may be more likely than liberal authorities to accept of such a plan to disfigure free speech leaning towards subversive thought, a less extreme version to also be proposed to limit the effect of external propaganda within Mexico. Her appalled disgust broke the trance as I shared this detail, and I quickly burnt any progress on that heinous manual, as well as her address where I had written it down, fearing it may come into the hands of the Maoist radicals affecting my life earlier this year who may send her something ghastly, and even claim I was behind it. I dry heaved at the thought that I would destroy my own childhood, as I thought of my first novel, The Eyes of the Dragon, by Stephen King which my older sister had gifted to me, as I thought of all the feeling the book that once united us, Cloud Atlas, instilled in me. And I cried, so much, as some of the external influence I’d sought to limit from beyond Mexico was indeed some of which you provoked in me as I foolishly let my love for you become so strong, and remain so even as years passed since we’d last had that strong and constant communication. That I would be the most perverse, and monstrous, alleged lover of literature, and one of the last if I succeeded, whether or not I was remembered as this would have required avoiding the fact that the work would have originated from a Latin American. And I’d really rather not be famous, much less for that, even as I seek some recognition that I deserve more support while also accepting some of my own failings. At the time I felt so much hatred for how communication has been abused so thoroughly by some interests, that I even despised myself for speaking so well the English that allowed me to enjoy your thoughts and share my own, or even Spanish, and not the Purepechan native to these lands, so much disfiguring it and rendering our interaction impossible for any future people became an acceptable thought to me. Even if things never come to be the same for that, as I come to also believe it best we forget about each other in all but the occasional reminiscing of the past, of all the things you caused me to introspect and decide differently, I thank you the most for that.

If I ever do indeed become desperate enough to repeat the creation of such a documentation for the use by a totalitarian government for profit if paid well for the unsavory act, well, it will never be for use against the United States, England, Australia, Cuba, Vietnam, Cambodia, Mexico, Japan, Austria, Israel, Canada, New Zealand, Belgium, Holland, Finland, Portugal, Ukraine, or Germany, as these are the states that I hold the most positive opinion for even when I disagree with some actions taken by them, but anyone else would be fair game. I do hope someday some African nation also comes to be a state I deem favorable, seeing as I do not think negatively of black people and my rarely sparked bisexual curiosities are most often provoked by black men or their voices, but until then, even if just about anyone else that isn’t an English or Spanish speaking country would be pretty damn hard for me, as the progress I had made was really just tedious and not difficult aside from the moral struggle, it would be a lot better and more intellectually entertaining work than going back to a menial labor job or the service industry. The only person in the world who I would be concerned towards avoiding offending by such an act, has already left my life anyway, and even after she’d forgiven me of the last times we spoke she wasn’t in the mindset, or no longer willing, to offer me the comfort and solace I once found in her to soften my increasingly callous soul as it had come to be made so defensive by recent threats personal and societal. So I decided it was time for us to move on, as we were just being toxic to each other in most interactions, but I’ll always regret how hostile I was with those last words intended to offend her, knowing she, like always, would just dismiss the notion if I’d simply said it was time to stop talking. Even if I was suffering a relapse of paranoia resulting from a psychotic break in months past, thinking she may be acting towards some interest against me, the thought that it should end stemmed from before that.

And the Chinese who can come to oppose all of the above countries, well, the home of Confucius, Taoism, and Sun Tzu’s Art of War would leave me disappointed in their capacities to be competitive rivals if they were fooled for such a ploy despite how well they’ve played the Capitalist game while calling their reigning party a Communist party, seeing as a lot of the knowledge that opened my mind to the possibility of abusing education to this end came not just from psychology, but also from ancient Chinese philosophy and the emphasis on language being an effective weapon as any. First I’d have to learn Mandarin to an acceptable degree. As well as learn more of their culture, seeing as I can already sort of detect how some of their own government propelled message is crafted as such by invoking their own history in rather eloquent detail, which even though I can sense how it is tailored to oppose other interests, I find rather beautiful. And they sort of are already doing it elsewhere anyway, and I find it amusing how people deemed educated let them, I’ll just be grateful it didn’t come to affect my own mind.

If politically correct culture imposed by universities already suppressing intellectualism by banishing thought critical of China even when they freely criticize their own government, results in you people doing this to yourselves in even minor ways, through rather stupid acts such as the censoring of a derogation term for colored people present in the original publication of Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, a book about a rebellious youth’s boyhood adventures in the highly racist Southeastern United States of the 18th century, either to eliminate the idea of discrimination being a thing to more easily discriminate another group, or to present the narrative that slavery wasn’t really that bad, well, I won’t be at fault for it and I never will be. I don’t recall at any point in the past, or in my perusing of past articles from history, there being any droves of black men and women demanding Mark Twain’s works be edited, so my best guess is some white university administration worker who hasn’t seen much of life beyond his desk and screen felt offended by the word and decided change must come at all costs before his token black friend sees it and is offended by it. Even though I suffer from a similar condition, I’ve seen enough dirty jokes and unsavory historical documents through this damn desk, and well, just about anything else, that my sensitivity has been dulled though I’m likely just as ineffective as that white liberally educated individual before real violence even if I manage to keep from submitting to fear a moment longer, some things you only learn once you experience them. Though I am pleasantly surprised to see Boris Johnson oppose Chinese influence of culture brazenly, even if it is part of what has provoked the Brexit campaign to leave the European Union and pitted him in some cases against the intellectuals of universities which, while still and likely to remain at the forefront of scientific and engineering knowledge, I hold disdain for in their humanities areas for banishing criticism of human rights atrocities committed by foreign regimes as they try to promote international relations.

Then again I’m also critical of some humanities faculties of Mexico as lacking in historical analysis to slant the narrative against capitalism while hushing the atrocities committed by figures such as Mao Zedong or Josef Stalin. The blatant waving of Soviet Union symbolism, aside from the Red Star, hinting at Roman war god Mars, I feel appropriate to be used openly, as the EZLN, North Vietnamese forces did, or even Cuba does. The symbol that instilled such disdain, the hammer and sickle at a university sponsored protest that I attended, left me with so much disgust it was among the reasons I abandoned that psychology faculty, aside from the desire to try something more challenging, the smug faux-intellectual attitude of some, and an unrequited crush. The hammer and sickle is a great symbol really, visually speaking, but the Soviet Union defiled it just like Nazi Germany defiled another visually appealing symbol, the Jainist swastika. To me to proudly wave a flag with the hammer and sickle around is an act meriting of completely avoiding that person doing so, the symbol to me is only appropriate when referencing Soviet Union history, as a joke, or as some sort of cameo in other work with relevant themes or not. As any true Socialist could tell you, blindly pursuing either unregulated Capitalism or totalitarian Communism is a mistake that will only lead to a chain of human rights abuses, and several more decades of suffering. I expected Prime Minister Johnson to be critical to that stupid plot’s success if I completed that manuscript for IngSoc, while not using the name English Socialism as his opponent was a Socialist.

If anyone dares tries to argue that the Soviet Union, for being the Union of Soviet Socialists Republics, or that even the Nazis, National Socialists of Third Reich Germany, were Socialists, well, I implore you to include Disney Land’s installations in China ruled by the Communist Party of China as part of your next vacation. Make sure to visit a McDonald’s fast food joint while you’re out there, personally I only recommend the McFlurries, been a while since I’d had one of those, and almost 15 years since I’ve last had anything else from McDonald’s save for maybe a fry pinched from a friends tray here and there and I hope to keep it that way, everything else is really much better at Burger King or Carls Jr if you really can’t go elsewhere and wait for a better burger to be prepared. Furthermore, if you have a history or sociology degree and are arguing this, wipe your ass with it next time you need to use the restroom as that’s about as much use as it’s done for you. People of other areas, well, I forgive your ignorance as being based in misconceptions and propaganda.

While I entirely support his struggle against Chinese cultural influence, I don’t hate China either, to entirely hate a nation is for the foolish, even as I share some sympathy for the people of Hong Kong in their struggle to be included fairly, and hope for Taiwan to retain national sovereignty even if I believe they should cooperate increasingly with Chinese military forces for security and against natural disasters seeing as China is the dominant military force of the area. And find the forced harvesting of organs from Uighur Muslim people being discriminated disgusting because of how the group as a whole is being punished by generalizing them, even if I would be accepting of this being done solely to radical Uighur Muslims, or other terrorists, who had indeed fallen to violent extremism disrupting the peace and safety of others through terrorist acts that exceed what could be defined as insurgent actions in self-defense, or public protest to exercise their voice. But ultimately, all I can do, and feel anyone can do so long as this doesn’t affect people beyond China, is hold an opinion, it is up to the Chinese people what to do within China. That type of foreign intrusion doesn’t really merit any violent response, it can be mitigated before it leads to promoting violence internally or dulling and subduing the mind of the populace, just by fighting back through reinforcing personal and national values while still allowing their side of the debate to filter in as an argument and not to freely accept it.

To strongly and radically declare support for the Hong Kong protesters in hostile opposition against the Chinese government from abroad, even if sharing sympathy or providing material support that is not weaponry is positive, would go against my value derived from a Chinese man of the past I admire, San Yat-sen, and his ideal that a nation’s change should come solely from within, from a nationalist sentiment, without external influence. So really, unless acting under the authority granted by a government or major corporation backing me, I would never act abroad against the interests of the authorities in charge there without them directly instigating me by either withholding personal documents like a passport from me indefinitely, stealing something of irreplaceable value, or attacking me violently as a state sponsored act and not a sole individual from that state. Which strangely enough, also stems from my love of Shadowrun lore, where people are such dicks to each other that unlike Dungeons and Dragons quest to go save some princess from an evil sorcerers castle or something equally lame, the quests are as varied as some mega corporation, activist rebel organization, intelligence agency, or government grants you a contract through a hidden net for Shadowrunners for tasks as varied as murdering a reporter onto a shady business deal, or the opposite either by being directly contacted by the investigator, or deciding of your own accord to go rogue as a double-agent, recovering evidence after fighting or sneaking through a mega corporations security to bolster her or his case to reveal that corrupt collusion and neglecting to kill the reporter while also coming into conflict with other groups or individual Shadowrunners working on a contract against you.

Also Tiananmen Square happened, and it was horrible, Tank Man shall forever be a legend, but I value having my organs within my body where they’re needed, so I wouldn’t go about saying this within China if I ever happen to visit that country for whatever reason, likely to visit The Great Wall, or to see the Terracotta Army of Emperor Qinshihuang. If this little essay for whatever reason made it past the Great Firewall of China, I also highly recommend you don’t try to search up that whole T-Square thing either, if you like having your organs and not having them removed while you’re still alive to keep them fresh. Just know that Tank Man was indeed a legend, and hopefully someday you can learn of him without running into trouble for it.

Unless someone of personal value to me is at stake, which really, is limited to my dogs, my parents, a handful of friends, and beyond Mexico, one guy plus my older sister’s family in the United States and one woman, and her direct family, in England. Within my own nation I feel free to defy the authorities if they go against my interests, or that of any group I hold empathy for, be it LGBTQ peoples, women, the poor and impoverished, or the EZLN and being a proud Mexican, I’d prefer never to shed my nationality, therefore I’d act respectfully of even laws I once disregarded concerning drug use and vandalism should I ever step foot in the United States again, I highly doubt ever meeting a partner that would so thoroughly entrance me so that I feel leaving Mexico for any considerable amount of time beyond that required for education or work an acceptable idea, I think that category was filled solely by one formerly Australian woman and I respect her decision to not embark upon that with me. Whatever befalls China, if any change is to come there, so long as they refrain from hostile attacks on foreign citizens and military forces, even if they are already pushing it to some extent by instigating foreign journalists and Uighur Muslims living abroad, that change should be solely from within the system that the Chinese people deem acceptable as a majority, and not from any foreign intervention so long as the above statement is respected.

By Manuel Ignacio Mier Aguirre, Jr.

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Book Three: 1984 by George Orwell (1948)


Again, this is another book I studied at A-Level (hence why it’s highlighted - I don’t make a habit of writing in books promise!) and wrote an extended essay on this bad boy.

I always found dystopian literature really difficult to read because it kind of bums me out, but I’ve found that if I suspend my reality enough and focus on the complex language that Orwell creates, it’s a very enjoyable read. If there’s one thing about me, I am a slut for language. I love long words that you can’t quite get your tongue around the first time and in my humble opinion, the invention of Newspeak is truly genius.

Addressing the idea of Big Brother is really quite unnerving - que all the jokes about FBI agents watching me cry whilst watching The Shawshank Redemption for the fourth time this week on Netflix - but sadly in Winston’s life, it’s a reality. Big Brother watches everything and even humiliates him from the comfort of his own living room to complete the daily work out faster and harder. It’s invasive and downright in humane to us mere mortals in the 21st century (and I’m just spitballing here) but I’m sure at least 45% of the reason most people put tape over their webcams.

John Hurt did a fabulous job of portraying Winston Smith in the 1984 adaption of 1984. Only a few parts of the plot were changed but you can forgive it as the film did a great job of creating the tense and opressive atmosphere you get when you’re reading. The scene with the Two Minutes Hate is especially unnerving as it contracts how quiet the film is by being so loud.

I don’t think there really is an overbearing moral of this story but it does reaffirm people’s want to repel forces that try to take away our liberties that we - in today’s society - take for granted.

It’s also amazing to think how this book is the forefront for most dystopian literature that has come since the 1940’s. If you were also enthralled in the early 2010’s obsession with dystopian literature - like I was - you will easily draw parallels between 1984 and other more recent novels like; The Hunger Games, The Host, The Divergent Series and The Maze Runner Series - to name a few.

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Here is a little snippet from my latest upload, book 1 chapter 2 of 1984! I hope you like the video. Personally I very much enjoy this quote from the chapter:“Ingsoc. The sacred principles of Ingsoc. Newspeak, doublethink, the mutability of the past. He felt as though he were wandering in the forests of the sea bottom, lost in a monstrous world where he himself was the monster. He was alone. The past was dead, the future was unimaginable. What certainty had he that a single human creature now living was on his side? And what way of knowing that the dominion of the Party would not endure for ever?”.

Here is the link to watch the full second chapter!

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Shelter-in-place BS…

My county has a link where you can report your neighbors for not following social distancing orders. What is this?! It’s a real life 1984 novel by George Orwell. Is this like blacklisting during the Red Scare? 🤬🤬

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I’ve been thinking about this forum post I saw the other day. It was about how people like me long for the days of the internet before smartphones became a thing.

The shift occurred sometime around 2007, and slowly went downhill from there. By the 2010s, shit had really hit the fan, and what had once been a haven for nerds who were shamed for knowing their way around computers – and using them as a form of escapism – has now become this soulless hellscape oversaturated with normies who ruined everything.

The internet was so much different back then. It was very wild west. A wild, untamed frontier where people’s main interests were connecting with like-minded individuals who loved the same things they did. Everything was exciting, people were creative for creativity’s sake, and you were free to make harmless off-color jokes without any SJWs going apeshit and threatening to kill you.

This is how it is today:

> Everything is taken over by corporations and sanitized so that profiles are no longer even personal. Web design is minimalist, and conformity is favored over individual self-expression.

> Fucking ads and paywalls everywhere you go. It’s like cancer.

> It’s not even worth it to use Google anymore because the search results are corrupted by nepotism, ads, and censorship.

> Everything is clickbait. Every “list” article and video is copied from all the rest of them.

> With the convenience of things like streaming and endless scrolling, people have become addicted to instant gratification. As a result, the average internet user has the attention span of a goldfish. No one wants to take the time to engage in – nevermind read – a discussion if the comments aren’t condensed into a thread consisting of less than 140 characters each. 

> Piracy is largely regarded as a negative thing, and yet it’s been a godsend for those times when precious data has been lost permanently because of someone’s carelessness. Sometimes, a backup has been preserved by a thoughtful person who took the time to archive it, but we aren’t always so lucky.

> This is a big one for me, personally. Nobody creates for fun anymore. People only jump on bandwagons to farm likes and shares. Everything is done for profit, followers, and self-glorification. Anyone who expresses interest in anything beyond what is considered casual is labeled autistic.

> Anonymity is frowned upon. When I was a kid, the adults made a big deal about how you should never to give out any personal info on the internet for your own safety. Today, most people are prime targets for doxxing because they’re actively encouraged (required, even) to post their full name and location on their social media profiles. If you want privacy, you’re regarded with suspicion, and accused of having something to hide.

> People are afraid to speak their mind because the thought police are everywhere, and I mean that in a literal sense. This isn’t just about cyberbullying, either. In Great Britain, you can literally get arrested for tweeting something like “men aren’t women”, which is an objective truth. If that doesn’t terrify you, it should.

> Mob mentality, witchhunts, and callout/cancel culture are additional reasons why people are afraid to express their opinions in a civil manner, or even just be themselves. Everything is polarized and politicized, and “if you aren’t with us, you’re against us”.

> Death threats, rape threats, doxxing. Everyone is a pedophile except for the creeps who are actually grooming children, but no one cares for some reason. 

In short, the surface web is cancer. You’re lucky if you can find any real human beings to interact with anymore. Perhaps the NPC meme isn’t just a meme, after all.

For those who feel the way I do, there isn’t much to enjoyment in online experience anymore. The internet used to be our means of escaping the harshness of reality. Now, it’s the other way around.

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So… my most uptight roommate, who I will call TwoShoe, walked in on Marine and I grinding. She silently closed the door.

I skipped church today. This is a bad look. If she reports me I’m essentially screwed.

We barely even did anything tonight! She came in the two seconds…

So. I’m scared. I’m so scared.


A) text my bishop & apologize for missing church. Let him know about my meds. Play the pity card.

B) play a game with TwoShoe, or make brussel sprouts, or play immune disease pity cards. Mention Marine wants to marry me & we are getting engaged “soon”. Leave soon up for interpretation.

C) keep curfew to the letter. Make church the next two times at least.

D) get a counselor

I HATE being here. I hate the rules, I hate the honor code. It’s Orwellian and keeps me so freaking anxious all the freaking time. I’m so freaking… I wish I were at a normal college. I wish I could have a roommate walk in on me and it’s just something awkward to laugh about and maybe work on, not something to jeopardize my education and my future. I hate having a bedtime, I hate having to be a certain person just to stop from being booted…

I’m so freaking scared.

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The thing with Orwellian doublethink isn’t that people truly believe 2+2=5, it’s that they just don’t care what it equals

So what if 2 plus 2 doesn’t equal 5?

Who gives a shit?

What does it matter?

Why is everyone making such a big deal over something so trivial?

4 and 5 are basically the same in the grand scheme of things, so why worry about it?

They KNOW that 2 plus 2 equals 4, but they also know that being wrong has no effect on their lives.  They’re not mathematicians, they don’t NEED to know what 2 plus 2 equals, so they can say whatever they want it to equal and still feel right.  It’s not like numbers mean anything to anyone anyway.  They’ve made it this far in life being wrong, so it must not matter; they’ll teach their kids to be wrong too for the same reason, it shouldn’t effect them growing up either.

The system works because everyone agrees it works; once people stop agreeing it works, it breaks down.

Those Fivers sure are stubborn, thinks the leader of the Four Party.  Why don’t we compromise?  Let’s say that 2+2=4 ½

4 ½ rounds up to 5

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