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#osamu dazai

atsushi’s favorite picture of dazai isn’t the one where he’s all dolled up like an otome game love interest but the one where he clearly just woke up, dressed in the lousiest shirt possible with the kind of bed hair that makes people think “wow why are you even dating THAT”

but what they dont know is that it’s atsushi’s most favorite picture because in that state of vulnerability (because finally, finally dazai trusts him enough to show his true self around atsushi) dazai’s smile is the prettiest

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Dazai when he was in the PM

Dazai: people say I have a unique way of lighting up the room

Chuuya: It’s called arson and those people are witnesses

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random dazai blinkie i dont remember what i was gonna use for! but its still cute

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dazai/ranpo relationship analysis coming soon ⁉️⁉️ (NOT romantic, i just mean their dynamic + how they interact with one another)

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So- I made a Dazai and Chuuya version of the “Miku, Miku, You can call me Miku” trend

Chuuya version:

~They call me Chuuya Nakahara~

Chuuya, Chuuya, you can call me Chuuya

Red hair, blue eyes

I’m gonna kill Dazai!

Dazai version:

~They call me Dazai, Dazai Osamu~

Dazai, Dazai, you can call me Dazai

Brown hair, brown eyes

Wanna commit double suicide?

If someone wants to make this into a video/audio, I would love it (I don’t have the equipment to do it myself). Just give credit please :P

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a/n: i started out this blog with a hq as their zodiac signs post so i thought i should do one for bsd too !!

▸ 🎕 ┈┈┈┈ 🎕 ┈┈┈┈ 🎕 ┈┈┈┈ 🎕 ┈┈┈┈ 🎕 ◂ 

osamu dazai | gemini

  • oh god i fucking knew it like dazai just screams gemini to me it’s not even a surprise at this point
  • intelligence? check. sense of humor? check. talkative/chatty? check. dual-sidedness? check.
  • him being chaotic as fuck and unpredictable is just very gemini
  • as well as him being able to switch between being more light-hearted and cracking jokes to being all serious and kinda intimidating
  • geminis, like other air signs, are known for being intellectual too and quite skilled at a lot of things
  • aka dazai’s many hidden talents (he apparently control his own heart rate like bitch wtf—)
  • he’s not exactly the most loyal person either but more for the reasons that dazai thinks it’s probably superficial. he knows very well that things can easily change with time and is adaptive because of that
  • very good at just,,, avoiding things in general
  • his legs are long because he uses them to run away from his problems
  • isn’t the best when it comes to empathy and he definitely has a hard time connecting to people emotionally
  • but when he does, he treasures them quite dearly
  • his love language is roasting even though he is a bit of a flirt
  • that said, he likes being around people who just understand him in a way that even dazai doesn’t
  • in terms of ideal partner, i think dazai wouldn’t mind someone who’s different from him personality-wise and he can get along with pretty much anyone

kunikida doppo | virgo

  • i was guessing that this guy was either a virgo or a capricorn and he definitely fits being a virgo
  • him being super rigid and organized when it comes to his work and schedule is very virgo since they’re especially meticulous
  • just like dazai’s he’s very much a ‘what are emotions?’ kind of person (jk he knows anger but that’s also because of dazai)
  • kunikida can also get quite nitpicky but that’s because he expects a certain standard when it comes to things
  • he’s a huge fan of marie kondo and declutters his house regularly. probably has a spice rack that’s arranged in alphabetical order
  • him hating things that are out of schedule or haphazardly-made, spur-of-the-moment plans is also very virgo
  • SO good at repressing sadness and negative thoughts so he needs someone to truly open up with
  • also very detail-oriented. he’ll take notice if things are just the slightest bit different or off. it helps him a lot in missions since he’s very observant
  • king of self-control like how does he even do it ??
  • doesn’t smoke or drink or any of those things
  • heck, he doesn’t even eat junk food or sleep in late
  • okay but i feel like when or if he does get drunk, kunikida would already buy himself some hangover cures and place a glass of water on his nightstand table for hungover!kunikida
  • i feel like he has an aquarius placement in mars because of his idealism

atsushi nakajima | taurus

  • ngl i didn’t really picture him as a taurus so i feel like his moon is in cancer because of how gentle and warm he is as a person (wow i’m really stroking my own cancer ego here)
  • a very loyal king and more than a little stubborn when it comes to that but he’s very reliable
  • it actually bothers him a lot when he’s unable to get something required of him done, whether its a really important mission or just something small
  • has an EXCELLENT memory for things. like, if you mention absentmindedly that you like orange popsicles he’ll suddenly buy them for you because he knows you like them
  • atsushi probably really loves being in nature too and taking hikes when he’s not too busy with work
  • just,, imagine him,,, picking wildflowers,,, and bringing them to the office,,, i’m soft i can’t
  • he has a thing for making money but very careful about spending. the only time he really does spend is when he’s giving to other people (like kyouka)
  • buying stuff for people = buying stuff for himself
  • okay but most of atsushi’s money is spent on buying food (aka chazuke) and i bet he’s invested some time in cooking for himself
  • has a stubborn streak but it’s mostly fixated at how much he cares for people
  • he’ll go out of his way to plan birthday parties or do a favor for someone even after telling him he doesn’t have to

edogawa ranpo | libra

  • another smart air sign boi !!
  • libras are like the uwu air signs but in my experience no two libras are the same and a lot of their personality kind of depends on their other placements
  • kind of like dazai, ranpo isn’t one to easily empathize with people and he’s a bit dense when it comes to detecting emotional cues
  • has an inability to specifically choose what he wants to eat so he solves it by choosing everything
  • aka will clean out the convenience store with one visit and then probably call kunikida if he doesn’t have enough money
  • libras are also known to be very affectionate around people and also quite charming
  • you can see this in ranpo as he does have that skill of manipulating people. he can easily cause them to be frustrated and lose their cool (case in point: chuuya)
  • and in many ways, his attitude and skill demands respect from his peers
  • libras are also driven by a need for justice and ranpo does exhibit this is a bit
  • his idea of justice is quite different from kunikida since ranpo has a bit more self-preserving tendencies
  • but for him, the idea ‘what’s right’ is attributed to the people he knows has a strong moral compass (aka, he’d do anything to support/follow fukuzawa and kunikida ideals)
  • although i do think ranpo also has a basic sense of doing what’s right and he does it for the detective agency
  • he’s really good at arguing even though he probably hates arguing. but he DOES lowkey love watching people fight
  • sometimes he’ll stir the pot a bit in the office but fukuzawa already knows ranpo started it

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taglist (check out my post for details on being part of my taglist): @waitforitillwritemywayout @atsumusdomain​​ @laure-chan @goodfoodxoxoxo@guardianangelswings @ah-kaashi @amberalisa@whootwhoot@liz-multifandom-hotel​​ @kac-chowsballs​​ @violentfarewll

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🌷Bungou Stray Dogs YouTube Channels 🌷

TW: unaliving (I put it on the last dotpoint, feel free to skip)

  • Yosano posts reaction videos but laughs at the worst moments so she is demonotized
  • Kunikida posts videos of the history of the ada but dazai reported him so many times he is getting cancelled
  • Chuuya posts wine tasting and cringy amvs with a side order of hating on dazai
  • Rampo San does food asmr (he never cooks it himself)
  • Kyouka and Lucy have teamed up to make an atsushi fanpage.He doesn’t know it exists.
  • I can just imagine the two of them hunched over a laptop and Atsushi comes up but is mysteriously transported to Anne’s room
  • Atsushi himself posts inspirational quotes and puppy videos
  • The ada use it to de-stress
  • Kenji posts farming videos and has the largest sub count out of all of them
  • Kajji posts like science experiments but is demonotized bc he kept encouraging kids to try it at home when he is doing the most dangerous stuff
  • His most popular video is commiting arson “for science”
  • Probs calls his viewers “lemons”
  • Fukuzawa posts poetry readings.
  • Tanizaki doesn’t actually have YouTube, no one knows why, we just know naomi has something to do with it
  • Mori posts “adult Lolita content” and somehow isn’t demonotized
  • Fydor posts rat videos for reasons known only to himself
  • Like actuall animal rats he has at home
  • Higuchi and gin have made an akutagawa fanpage. You can tell who posted what.
  • Akutagawa has two accounts: one, atsushi fanpage/ hatepage, two, a cringy vlog account with captions like “plz notice me dazai senpai”
  • So like dazai films his attempted suicides and somehow still isn’t demonotized he goes on very long “haituses” which is actually him pretending he was at the hospital when his suicide didn’t work

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🌻BSD Characters as Roomates 🌻


  • Kunikida yells at you for not doing your chores/keeping up your responsibilities. That’s it. That’s the headcannon. Also you have heard him rant about dazai at 3am on multiple occasions but yk, what goes on at 3am stays at 3am.
  • Dazai is the worst roomate and is low-key your sleep paralysis demon, like he’s barely in but when he is, he either needs a favour or is hungry. You’ve sent out a missing persons warrant only to see him show up, so he’s essentially like at cat, you just assume he knows his way home. Never cleans up, never does anything, just leaves a mess and sometimes pranks you.
  • Chuuya just decided to make a cellar without the landlord’s permission and not only got away with it but never saw an issue with it. Leaves hats around the place randomly (?) And rants about dazai ~~to which you join in~~that just turn into venting (but neither of you acknowledge it the next day. Will come home to see you crying and just kinda say “there, there” and brush it off but hey when’s the funeral for the person who wronged you?

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