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rinslova · 2 days ago
ಌ including : o. miya, t. oikawa, k. tsukishima
ಌ genre : fluff
a/n: I literally had a burst idea about this, also haven't wrote for osamu or toru in a whilee
Tumblr media
love like you by: Rebecca sugar
Tumblr media
ع˖��. OSAMU
୨୧- raspberry
samu loves giving you surprise kisses so while you were reading a new book he had bought you, as you read the novel in the living room about to flip to the next page when you almost jumped feeling a chin on your shoulder. "Hey pretty girl, ya like the book so far?" You sighed smiling softly, humming in response before feeling him lean down a little more to press a kiss to your lips. He flashed you a smile before joining you on the couch, "You used the raspberry one I bought you?"
"Yeah, I know how much you like it, plus it smells pretty good." You admitted, snuggling into his side as his arm wrapped around you. "And it taste good too." He stated, pulling you into a another kiss. This time swiping his tongue against your bottom lip, "S-samu! Your gonna take all my lipgloss off!" You whined, "Oh well, guess you'll have to put more on won't cha?"
ع˖⁺. TORU
୨୧- peach
kawa thinks that sweet smelling scents suites you, perfume, body wash anything like that. So when you came home to see two bags full of bath and body works items, you looked to toru. "What? Can't I spoil my princess?" He asked with a pout, "Baby I don't mind you spoiling me but I already have 3 unused perfume bottles, and body wash AND lotion. I'm not even gonna start on lipgloss. I have 3 sets of peach baby, three"
He grinned walking over to your side, "Well how about this, we can try all of the lipgloss and chapstick flavors together. And I'll have to guess each one how about that?"
"I'd say thats an excuse to kiss me more." "You wouldn't be wrong~"
ع˖⁺. KEI
୨୧- strawberry
as expected, kei loves his strawberries. So when he was waiting for you in bed, and smelt the scent of strawberries off your skin he tried to calmly ask if thats a new body wash. "Oh yeah, I just got it. Apparently it has some vitamins in it and it smells really good, I think its strawberry, do you like it?" Like it? He loved it. Thats why when you had also told him you had got a new scented/flavored lipgloss he was slightly excited to kiss you and see it was strawberry.
And to his dismay, it wasn't. Pulling back from the kiss he frowned slightly. "What the hell kinda lipgloss is that." You held back a giggle, reading the label of the tube. "Apparently blackberry." He sucked his teeth, reaching into his pocket before handing you a soft pink tube. "Use this one, and get rid of that nasty ass blackberry." Even if it looked like he was doing you a favor, you saw the blush on his cheeks. "Thanks baby, oh its strawberry!" You said, faking your surprise. "Wanna test it out?"
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inarizaki players as your bf ! #
☆ featuring. atsumu, osamu, suna, kita, aran (in order)
sorry kita and arans are short, i got lazy 😭 suna’s part is kinda long bc i love him sm
- your relationship with him is definitely the “she fell first but he fell harder” type trope.
- i feel like atsumu’s s/o would definitely be someone smart, like really smart.
- he loves just watching you do your homework, he finds you so pretty when you focus on your work, and he just sits there with his head plopped on top of his crossed arms, staring at you in adoration
- you guys probably first met when you were assigned to be his tutor. his teachers had warned him that if his grades didn’t start improving then he’d be suspended from the volleyball team, this was the only reason he accepted tutoring.
- at first you guys probably didn’t get along, but seeing him look so determined to study just for volleyball actually made him kinda cute.
- after a while, atsumu had realized he’d fallen for you too- maybe because he couldn’t get you out of his head- or maybe because he actually started looking forward for tutoring.
- he finally asked you out after a couple weeks- and surprisingly to him, you said yes !
- now that you two are dating, you better brace yourself. because atsumu is probably VERY clingy.
- he constantly tells you to come over to watch him practice, and sometimes he forgets you have your own life, cause he just wants you by his side 24/7.
- you guys are definitely the friends to lovers trope !
- osamu would definitely want a partner that’s in love with food just as much as he is- he wants someone that can cook, that can bake, and someone that can finally realize that he is his own person. not “atsumu’s twin brother”.
- he first met you probably at the school cafeteria. (ik a lot of people say cafeteria food is bad but i have a feeling that osamu eats that shi upp 😭 he probably begs suna for some of his cafeteria food cause he actually likes it)
- “hey aren’t you a student? why are you serving as a lunch lady”, he asks. now osamu is a lot of things but most of all- he’s pretty observant. if he sees your face once he automatically knows who you are.
- you told him you volunteered cause they needed an extra hand cooking and stuff and thats when his eyes lit up- you were the one who made the cafeteria food actually taste good.
- he asked for your number so maybe you could talk more about different recipes and different foods you could try together.
- you started talking more and became friends. the moment he really fell for you and realized he likes you was when he asked for you to come over, atsumu was on a run and wouldn’t come back till way later so the house was his.
- when you came over you two just talked casually, and when you started cooking with him, you saw a smile on his face that you’ve never seen before.
- after cooking and eating, you two were cleaning up the dishes, you were washing them, while he was drying them.
- “hey i had a lot of fun today.” he said out of nowhere. “yeah me too, we should do this more.” it went quiet after you said that, and you turned to look at him, he looked like he was thinking hard.
- “this is probably a bad time but i just wanna get it over with, i have a crush on you. its fine if you don’t like me back i ju-“
- he couldn’t even finish his sentence, you turned off the faucet and dropped whatever dish was in your hand and just kissed him. it seemed to sudden but it all felt so right.
- you guys started dating a week after that, atsumu was kinda shocked. he knew his brother had a crush on you, but what he didn’t know was that you actually liked him back. atsumu could’ve sworn you were head over heels for him- not osamu, but then again that’s just atsumu’s big ego talking.
- osamu as a boyfriend is definitely chill- but he’s constantly freaking out in the inside, insecure that you’d leave him for his brother, but he’d never tell you about that.
- suna mfing rintarouuu <333333 (could u tell he’s my fav? hfiajshdak)
- brothers best friend trope with him omgggg !! ur probably the “i hate you” gf and he’s the “i love you too” bf
- imagine being the miya twins’ sister and crushing on your brothers’ best friend !! and him crushing on you backkkk ?!!!?!!
- your brother’s definitely dragged you to sign up as manager, and when you got the position you remembered that suna rintarou is also apart of the boys volleyball team.. yeah you have had a crush on him for a while.
- you first met him when your brothers invited him over to your house, you didn’t think much of him at first, sure he was attractive but he was quiet, didn’t say anything to you, just a small wave when you were introduced to him.
- he started to come over frequently, but still said nothing to you- you didn’t mind though. at that time you haven’t formed a crush on him yet.
- it wasn’t till his 7th? visit to your house that he said something to you that wasn’t a “hey” or “excuse me”. the moment was quite embarrassing however.
- you were getting dressed to go to your friends house, when all of a sudden your door opens with suna rintarou just standing there. it takes both of you a whole minute to process the situation and that’s when embarrassment strikes, “oh my god.. im so so so sorry.. uh i was looking for the bathroom, wrong room sorry..”. he seems calm on the outside but on the inside this man is literally going insane. yeah okay maybe he’s thought you’re kinda really cute, but he didn’t know you enough to like you, so what was this ? a small crush i guess.
- “its uh fine..”, that’s when he closes the door and practically tried to erase any memory of whatever the hell just happened. after that moment, you were finally dressed and when you left downstairs you had tapped the back of who you had thought was one of your brothers, “hey im going ou-“ it wasn’t til he turned his head, you noticed that wasn’t in fact one of your brothers- but instead the man who had just seen you in your undergarments a couple minutes ago.
- flustered still from what had happened, you quickly apologized and told him that you thought he was one of your brothers. he excused it. “hey wait, where are my brothers ?“ you asked, “uhh atsumu’s shitting.. and osamu ran to get snacks in the store.” you giggled at him, and started small talk.
- after that you and him constantly had your little small talks every time he’d come over to hang out with your brothers.
- you both kinda developed a crush on each other because of that..
- when he saw you at the gym, he thought you were there just to watch your brothers practice but when he heard you were becoming the new manager- he saw this as an opportunity to get even closer to you.
- this boy broo 😭 constantly flirting with u during practice istgg!!
- he will never do it in front of ur brothers cause for some reason he’s scared of them 😭 ??
- literally gets you flustered any time he can.. like he’ll do that thing where he wipes the sweat by lifting his shirt to show off his abs AHHHHH… and boy does he notice when you look at him .. pls he knows he’s hot and attractive
- this boy is literally WHIPPED for you, even before you two started dating, he did anything to get closer to you. he’d ask to use the bathroom during practice just to end up going to the water fountain where he’ll see you filling up water bottles and ask if you need help!! he’d also block hard spikes on purpose just to get his fingers to get injured so he could go over to you and ask you to tape them. (probably does that on purpose just so you could hold his hand..)
- the moment he asks you out is just out of nowhere. he’s walking you to your class while you tell him about how your day is going, all of a sudden he just stops walking, “anyways my next cla- rintarou? why’d you stop?”, you asked, he begged you to call him by his first name btw. “y/n i like you” he blurted it out of absolutely nowhere. the minute he said that the bell rang and his stupid ass thought you didn’t hear him 😭
- so he pulled you in closer and whispered in your ear, “i like you, a lot, will you let me be your boyfriend.”, you didn’t know what to say, so instead of saying anything you just pulled him in for a long kiss. “yes. duh.”
- dating him is literally SO FUNNN!! he does anything and everything just for you <33
- he’s definitely the type to barge into your class, disrupting the lesson and your teacher just stares at him, “can i help you?” is all she says and he just says, “yeah i just wanted to say hi y/n” its literally so embarrassing but he loves it smm, all of your classmates just go “oohhhhhhh” and you literally whisper “i hate you” even though he can’t hear you, he could read it off your lips.
- he does little shenanigans to try and impress you <333 like he would stuff your locker with little toys and treats and add a note like “meet me in the rooftop pretty ;)”.
- he probably bangs little pebbles against your window in one of your classes, so when you look out the window during class you just see him holding a giant sign thats like, “hi y/n”
- he decided to give hush money to literally the whole school to not tell your brothers you two are dating 😭 and it took your brothers 5 months to find out you and rin are dating, and they only found out when they barged into your room only to find you and suna making out on your bed.
- to say the least- they were not happy about this, and continued to threaten suna (jokingly obvi)
- during the time your brothers didn’t know about your relationship, suna would sneak into your room late at night to cuddle with you, sometimes he’d sleep over and wake up extra early to sneak out of your house, just to not get caught
- this man probably knows about the sidewalk rule !! he is also very hygenic and probably smells like vanilla 24/7 ( i swear i love me a man who actually smells good )
- as a boyfriend he’s probably very clingy, but will never admit it. he just wants to be with you all the time. his love language is probably physical touch and quality time.
- in summary he is very much in love with you and cannot deny it. he is quite perfectly best boyfriend material 😫 <33
- probably childhood friends to lovers !! <333
- you two are like two completely different people 😭 ! kita is more calm and collected, meanwhile you’re a little chaotic and all over the place, but trust me thats what he loves about you!
- you’ve been friends since day one, and probably met cause your moms were good friends, which led to you two meeting at a young age.
- as you two grew older, you stayed friends and you often visited him at his grandma’s, you helped kita and his grandma doing chores. you were pretty clumsy to say the least and you always apologized for it. you’d think that kita was mad about it but he thought it was cute how clumsy you were.
- you both matured throughout time and ended up going to the same schools. it wasn’t till your third year of high school that he finally confessed to you at graduation. it took him so long cause he was VERY nervous- but with the help of his volleyball team, they pushed him to confess to you!
- dating kita shinsuke is an absolute dream come true!! this man will do anything in his power to make you happy.
- i just know that he uses all 5 love languages <33 and especially acts of service and words of affirmation! he constantly reminds you of how much he loves and adores you, and uses the smallest things to remind you that too, like massaging your back after a long day, buying your favorite flowers even if theres no occasion, and overall making you happy.
- aran omfgbsjhdbs he is so fine oml
- i feel like you guys would def be that friends w benefit shit
- you’re ALWAYSSS flirting but whenever people ask u if you’re dating you’re just like “whatttt??? nahhh we’re just best friends, nothing more!”
- i swear to god “friends” my ass BECAUSE YOU TWO ACT LIKE YOU’VE BEEN DATING FOR YEARS !!
- you’d literally drink out of the same cups, cuddle n shit, make playlists for each other and all that couple stuff !!
- every time you guys say you aren’t dating it hurts both of you a little bit. its so clear that you both have feelings for each other, but not one of you dare say anything!!
- the only way you two started to admit feelings was when atsumu got so pissed at the whole “we’re just friends” shit that he accidentally let it slip, “y/n god how stupid can you be?!!?! aran literally LOVESSS YOU.” it didn’t take you long to run over to where he was.
- “y/n do you need someth-“ you cut him off just by saying “be my boyfriend” and thats when he placed his hand on the back of your head, pulling you in for a kiss.
- you guys automatically started dating and let me just say that this man has to be second best boyfriend material next to suna he literally worships you. like he would kiss on the ground you walk on.
- he is so in love w you, like you can’t tell me otherwise.
- tbh your dynamic with him didn’t change, only because you guys acted like you were dating before you did !!
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[signs of affection]
feat. suna, osamu, tsukishima,
Tumblr media
can’t stop kissing you. it’s literally concerning.
he’s not one for PDA but for you? that’s a whole other story. you’re pretty sure his lips have left a permanent indent on your neck.
god forbid one of the twins see, it’s always “nobody wants to see that”😐 but deep down they just jealous.
today was a relaxing day, no volleyball practice and both of your calendars were free.
so here you were, lying on top of your boyfriend, joined together by the lips.
his big hands hold a firm grip on your waist, rubbing occasionally. slowly, he reached up your shirt, caressing your bare back.
pulling away, your lips were joined by a string of saliva which you broke with your thumbs as you stroked over his swollen lips.
“you like kissing me huh,” you teased.
he hummed, rolling you two over so he was now straddling your hips. leaning towards your neck, he nipped and sucked until an array of deep purple bruises formed on your skin.
"it's not my fault you have such addicting lips." he spoke while assessing his artwork on your neck.
always makes food with you in mind. whether your there or not.
reluctant to cook for his brother but for you? don’t need to ask.
if you don’t stop him, he’ll probably cook a whole buffet for you. 
"samu why is there so much food?"
shocked by the sound of your voice, osamu momentarily forgets about the multiple plates of onigiri surrounding him.
"i got hungry."
"for 7 plates?"
"i didnt know what filling you wanted." he spoke after swallowing his food.
you were baffled, you made sure not to hint you were coming to visit him so how did he know you were coming.
so you asked "how did you know i was coming?"
"i didn't, i always cook with you in mind for some reason."
"awww," you wrapped your arms around his torso." you're so in love with me"
he paused looking at the food, then back at you.
"i guess i am" he replied, kissing your forehead.
always passes by your classroom.
needed to go down the hall, but instead took the long way up a floor just to see you
will always deny it, but you caught on after he passed by your classroom for the third time.
it was a simple request.
“please could you get another book from the class down the hall?” his teacher had asked.
he shut the door behind him, going the opposite way to his destination, and up a floor.
his unfazed visage remained as he passed your class, peeking in for what felt like a fraction of a second.
he chuckled under his breath, catching sight of your concentrated face. your brows furrowed and your bottom lip was caught in between your teeth.
he paused when your reason stare caught his surprised one, and he instantly looked away before you could see the blush beginning to form on his face.
to escape your teasing aura, he finally went where he was meant to go.
he knew he was in for a teasing later, not that that would stop him…
Tumblr media
reblogs and likes appreciated!
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heartaro · a month ago
Hiiii , i really like your blog! your hurt/comfort r so well written i swearrr !!
so , i wanted to ask u of you could do a angst to fluff /hurt comfort with tsukishima, iwaizumi, and osamu plz ! Any prompt i dont really care lmaooo
Have a great day :)) <3
hi hi darling!! thank you so much :((( 💓💓 you’re so sweet and thank YOU for sending this in! i’ve been having crazy writer’s block, so this gave me some motivation to write!!
Tumblr media
— tsukishima, iwaizumi, & osamu x gn!reader | hurt/comfort
warnings: swearing, arguments, the boys mention their ex in an argument </3 oh also these r so long & dramatic (bc i’m dramatic lmfao i’m a leo)
note from heart: ugh i kno these prompts are so common, but i love reading these kinds of stories/drabbles!! i hope you enjoy 💓
Tumblr media
» we all know tsukishima kei isn’t the best at expressing his emotions; especially those of love & kindness
» but you know better than anyone else that he loved you more than anything & that his love for you is unconditional
» however, there are definitely moments where you both fight and things can get out of hand
» like this current argument that sprung up once he got home from work
» he came home a lot later than you had expected, but he didn’t even bother to respond to any of your text messages or return any of your calls
» and so now, about an hour later, you two were still arguing
“kei, i’m really not asking for much! if you’re gonna be home late, could you at least let me know? like answer my texts or something?” you say exasperatedly. you were starting to feel exhausted from all the bickering that’s happened in the past hour, but your words just didn’t seem to get past your boyfriend’s bitter mood.
“look, y/n, i don’t need to constantly tell you my every move and where i’m at, and you don’t need to keep waiting up for me! i swear to god, it’s like you treat me like a fucking kid!” he shouts back, throwing his hands in the air before taking a breath, pinching the bridge of his nose.
he didn’t have the best day at work; too much paperwork, idiots causing a ruckus, his manager doing nothing but hounding him all day. tsukishima was ready to just go to sleep, but here he was.
“sorry for wanting to make sure you’re safe? sorry i care about my boyfriend? why is that so bad?”
“because it’s fucking annoying, y/n! you’re constantly hovering over me, smothering me all the fucking time!” he responds, turning away from you. he sighs, shaking his head, “mei was never this clingy.”
despite his tone being more hushed and quiet, you still heard him loud and clear. his words rang in your ears, practically screaming back at you in your mind in a constant loop. “mei was never this ‘clingy’ because she didn’t love you,” you let out, your voice wavering as you fought to hold your tears back.
you turned in the opposite direction, making your way to your shared bedroom and slamming the door shut. at the sound, tsukishima flinched. he didn’t mean to let those words slip, and the second they fell from his mouth he instantly regretted it.
it was true, mei never loved him, but he didn’t care much for it after he met you. you showed him nothing but love, always caring for him whether that was packing his lunch for work and leaving cute, little notes for him to see during his break or staying by his side whenever he was feeling unwell. your love was genuine and never-ending, you always had so much of it to give to him. but now he’s shut that out, refusing to accept your love all because he had a bad day at work.
he sighs again, turning around to see your bedroom door shut. he felt a pang of guilt in his chest. he knew he had to make this better, but he was never good at these kinds of things. usually when the two of you argued and things went south, you both would give each other space and then come back together to have a more civil conversation. but now it seemed that you wanted to just completely be away from him, and a conversation about this didn’t seem like an option.
on your end, you sat on the edge of the bed, letting your tears fall down your cheeks. you kept wiping them away, gasping for air after each stifled sob. you knew tsukishima didn’t care for his ex anymore, you knew he was way over her when your relationship with him progressed. he had even opened up to you about how his relationship with you has made him the happiest he’s ever been. but now you’re unsure.
you asked for one, simple thing, but it just seemed like an annoyance to him. you love tsukishima and you’d do anything to make him comfortable in your relationship, so maybe you will decide to give him space because maybe- deep down- he wishes that you were just a bit like mei. if he said it, then surely part of him meant it.
the rest of the night was silent and lonely for the both of you. you eventually got ready for bed and fell asleep, wondering if he’d even come to bed with you. but in his head, he thought it’d be best to leave you be, and so he slept on the couch.
the next morning you woke, reaching over to feel the cold sheets on his side of the bed. you scrunch your eyebrows together, feeling your heart ache knowing that he didn’t even bother to come back to bed. you sat up, rubbing your puffy eyes before making your way into the kitchen. on your way there, you heard familiar soft snores from the couch. you peek over to see your boyfriend, still in his work clothes, fast asleep.
you frown slightly. he didn’t even bother changing into comfortable clothes- he must have slept horribly last night. but you decide to give him his space, not wanting to smother him so early in the morning.
you begin making breakfast, doing your best to keep the noise down so that he could continue sleeping. you prepared a quick meal for the both of you, making sure to set aside his plate before eating on your own. you figured you’d eat before him so that he could eat his breakfast in peace.
as you finished, you began to walk out of the kitchen, noticing tsukishima rise from the couch. he stretched, wincing at the aching feeling in his back. your eyes widened, wanting to make a quick exit so that you wouldn’t disturb him. you start walking towards the bedroom, greeting him quietly and letting him know that his plate is on the table.
he barely registers what you say, but the second he sees you walking quickly back to your bedroom, he follows you.
“y/n,” he says, finally catching up to you before you can shut the door. you don’t turn around, instead beginning to fix the bed in attempts to not have a conversation with him. “y/n,” he tries again, this time his tone more calm and soft.
you want to, so badly, turn around and talk to him; to resolve everything that happened the night prior, but you were still so hurt that he mentioned his ex.
he sighs, watching you sadly, waiting for you to turn in his direction. “y/n.. baby, i-i’m sorry,” he stumbles over his words, taking a few steps closer to you. you stop your actions, wondering if you had heard him correctly. “i’m so sorry,” he says again, standing behind you, unsure if he’s allowed to touch you.
you slowly turn around, tears welling up in your eyes again at the sight of him. you’re just reminded of his cruel words, but you’re fighting between pulling him in for a hug or turning back around to ignore him. his heart drops at the sight of the tears glossing over your eyes, bringing a hand to yours.
“i’m sorry for last night.. i know,” he takes a breath, just letting his thoughts pour out of his mouth. “i know i should’ve just texted you, and i know you’re just looking out for me. i was having a bad day, but i was being a total dick about it. i’m really sorry.”
you stare at him sadly, “but why did you have to bring up her?” you sniffle, turning away from him, “am i really that annoying?” your voice was timid, droplets of tears falling onto the sheets. his heart aches even more at the sight of you and knowing that he’s made you cry once again.
he’s never thought of you as annoying, he loves the affection you give him. tsukishima isn’t the best at expressing his emotions, but he truly loves everything about you. he loves the way you care about him, loves the way you shower him with love every morning and night, loves the way you give him kisses at any given moment; he loves you.
he pulls you in for a hug, squeezing you gently. he shuts his eyes, never wanting to let you go. “i don’t think that of you. i don’t think you’re annoying or that you smother me. i love you and everything that you do for me, and you’re right. mei never loved me, but you do and that’s what matters to me,” he pulls away to look at you. you’re crying even more which makes him panic internally.
he brings a hand to cup your cheek, “you matter to me. not mei, not my coworkers, not anyone else. only you. i don’t know why i even brought her up.. i was just in a shitty mood, but that’s not an excuse to be a shit boyfriend to you.”
you smile, nuzzling your face into his hand. “you’re an asshole, kei.”
he scrunches his nose before leaning down to press a kiss to your forehead. “yeah, well, this asshole’s in love with you.”
» arguments with iwaizumi were rare but were always quickly resolved
» you both were quite hot-headed, so sometimes these arguments could escalate rather quickly
» it would result to screaming matches, but whenever it got to that point, you both knew immediately to drop it and give each other some space
» you two loved each other dearly and always wanted the other to remember that
» no matter what was said or done, you always found a way to comfort one another
» but this time it’s different and now you’re unsure if this can be fixed
you and iwaizumi have been going at it for the past two hours. you offered to pick him up from work today, going in a bit early to see him in action at his job. you knew he had many clients, a whole variety really. but you didn’t expect to see a woman all over him, running her hands up and down his arms and smiling flirtatiously at him. and you certainly didn’t expect to see him smiling back at her, completely unfazed at another woman’s touch.
“why is it such a big deal, y/n? she’s my client! what do you want me to do, tell her i can’t see her anymore because my girlfriend said so?” he says incredulously, his expression full of frustration. you roll your eyes, “i just want to know why the hell she had her hands on you like that, hajime! and why were you just letting it fucking happen?”
you were seething, both of you were. your chests heaving up and down as you glared at one another. you both remained silent, the only sound being the both of you breathing heavily.
you scoff, beginning to turn away from him, “if you can’t tell me why then i’m going the fuck to sleep.” he lets a short laugh, “of course you are. you were always one to never finish what they started.” you ignore him, beginning to make your way back to your room, but something stops you.
“at least sonnie could actually finish an argument,” he mutters, making you snap your neck to look at him. “sonnie only finished an argument with you when they decided to leave you for good!” you shout, getting in his face.
he looks at you in shock, processing his words while guilt gradually flowed throughout his body. “wait, babe, i-“
“don’t,” you say, your tone more quiet. he opens and closes his mouth as he tries to find something to say, but nothing comes out. you turn away, continuing to walk back to your room. you enter the bedroom, slamming the door shut, making iwaizumi flinch at the sound.
he sighs in defeat, instantly regretting his words. he runs a hand through his hair, unsure of what to do. usually, at this point, you two would take a step back and try to have a calmer discussion about everything, but now you’ve shut him out and he can’t find a solution. you want nothing to do with him right now, and he knows that trying to comfort you will only frustrate you more. so he decides he’ll stay away.
but, here you are, sitting on the floor in front of your bed wishing nothing but for iwaizumi to walk into your shared bedroom and comfort you. you want him to hold you, to remind you that you are his and he is yours, to shower you with his unconditional love, and to be there to rid you of the feeling of sadness and hurt. you let yourself cry, but you feel yourself become numb to it, your tears trickling down your face as you stare at the door mindlessly.
the mention of his ex’s name hit you, and it hurt so much. you knew of his past relationship. sonnie was the only other person iwaizumi had been with. they were together for almost four years and then suddenly broke up after a tragic fight. you were there to comfort him because he was your best friend, and now he was your lover. after four years of pining, he had finally become yours.
but since he mentioned them, his first ever love, you can’t help but feel as though you were just a rebound. you feel as though he had just settled for you to fill the emptiness in his heart. you feel as though he probably doesn’t love you as much as he loved sonnie. and these thoughts and feelings alone only worsen your pain.
after what seemed like an eternity, iwaizumi decides it’s finally time to meet you and fix this. he walks cautiously towards the closed door, knocking on it softly before calling out to you. “y/n? baby? can i come in?” he asks, his voice calm and gentle. he gets no response, the feeling of his guilt once again weighing in his chest. “i’m coming in, okay?” he says again, opening the door to find coming out of the bathroom.
you had just showered, your eyes red and puffy from crying for the past couple hours. you don’t acknowledge his presence and instead make your way to the bed, laying down with your back turned to him.
he looks at you sadly, wanting nothing more than to fix this. “babe, i.. i’m really sorry. i was tired and angry and i just let it slip. i shouldn’t have done that, i was only letting my temper get the best of me. i’m so sorry, y/n,” he apologizes, cautiously taking steps closer to you.
he walks over to your side of the bed, kneeling down in front of you. you cast your gaze away from him, and iwaizumi feels his heart drop. “baby, can you look at me? please?” he pleads, tears pricking at the corners of his eyes. you still don’t respond, laying before him as if you were just existing.
“i’m so sorry,” he whispers, reaching out to you, cupping your cheek and letting his thumb gently caress your skin. and that’s when you break, your tears pouring over once more, broken sobs leaving past your lips. you curl further into yourself, pushing his hand away from you. he watches you with a pained look, unsure of what to do next. “y/n, i-“
“why did you have to say their name?” you cry quietly. he drops his head, feeling so ashamed of himself. “i-i don’t know, y/n.. i was angry and-“
“and you took your anger out on me? just because i asked you why you didn’t set a boundary with your client?”
he looks back at you, finding your glossy eyes. he watches your lips tremble, your tears flowing down the side of your face. you look so heartbroken and betrayed, and iwaizumi’s heart begins to shatter.
“i’m sorry, i shouldn’t have done that. i should’ve listened to you instead of getting angry with you. i’m so sorry, baby.. i really didn’t mean any of what i said to you,” he says, gripping the bed sheets in attempts to keep himself from crying. you take in a shaky breath, shutting your eyes again. “am i enough for you?”
iwaizumi’s eyes widen at your question. he immediately stands up and scoops you into his arms, holding you close and letting you cry into his chest. he rubs your arm soothingly, pressing a kiss onto your forehead. “of course you are, y/n. you’re more than enough for me. you’ll always be more than enough, and i’m so happy to call you mine,” he whispers, letting his own tears fall.
he always feared that you might feel insecure in your relationship with him. he only ever wanted you to know that your relationship with him is important and that he cherishes it so much; that he cherishes you. he only wants you to feel love from him and to always remember that you are his end game; that he will only ever want you.
“i’m so sorry, baby.. i love you more than anything, okay? i love you and only you. i promise i’ll do better to set boundaries with my clients and to be a better boyfriend to you. i’m so sorry,” he cries softly, holding you just a bit tighter, never wanting to let you go.
you continue to cry, gripping onto his shirt, hoping and praying that he never leaves you. you two stay like this, grasping onto each other for dear life.
“i love you so much, y/n. you’re all i need.”
» ever since Onigiri Miya has shot up in popularity, osamu’s been really busy
» at first you really didn’t mind!! you were so proud of him for making his dreams come true
» but now it’s become something more of you two being roommates rather than you two being a couple
» he comes home late, too tired and exhausted to even greet you with a kiss
» it had even gotten to the point where you didn’t wait up for him like you usually would
» and now here you both were, arguing all because you had asked him to spend more time with you
“why are ya makin’ this such a big deal, y/n? we live together, isn’t that enough?” he shouts, sitting down on the couch and resting his head in his hands. you move to stand in front of him, your hands crossed over your chest. “samu, we are engaged! we’re going to get married eventually, and i’m just saying it would be nice if we just spent more time together!”
“and i’m sayin’ that we live together, y/n! i see ya every single day! why is it now that yer havin’ such a problem with this?” he looks up at you incredulously, eyebrows raised at you as if he were in pure shock. you shake your head, letting out a bitter laugh, “how am i supposed to get this through your thick skull, osamu? we. are. engaged.” you point out the ring on your finger, the same ring that he proposed to you with, the same ring that signified your promise to be with each other always.
he lets out a heavy sigh, leaning back against the couch, “i know that, y/n! yer actin’ like i’m not fuckin’ aware of that! seriously, what do you want me to do? just close down my restaurant after i worked so hard to-“
“i didn’t say that, osamu! i’m happy for you, and i’m so beyond proud of you, but i’m just asking for a little bit more time with you! you’re barely home these days, and it just doesn’t feel like we’re even a couple anymore!” you cry out, your voice starting to break. you were so frustrated, all you wanted was more time with him, to lay in his arms and to kiss him good morning and good night. but now it just seems like such a bother to him, like your love for him was just an annoyance and a distraction.
he looks away from you, standing up from the couch and beginning to make his way into the bedroom. “i’m done with this conversation, y/n,” he says firmly, his voice suddenly quiet and cold. “maya never had a fuckin’ problem with me being out all the time.”
you stare at his figure in shock, your heart wrenching at the words that fell from his lips. you inhaled, looking down at the ring on your finger then back up at him. he didn’t spare you even a glance, and without a second thought, you slipped the ring off your finger and set it down on the coffee table. turning on your heels, you made your way to the entrance, grabbing your bag and keys.
you turn back around one more time, hoping that osamu would have chased after you, but he wasn’t there. your hand met the handle, turning it as you opened the door. “maya didn’t mind since she was always with another man when you were gone,” you mutter, slamming the door shut and making your way to your car.
osamu heard the loud sound from inside the bedroom, his body quickly turning back around to make his way to the living room. when he enters he notices that you’re gone. your bag and keys missing from the entrance, your shoes no longer near the door, and your ring placed sadly on the table.
he panics, mentally berating himself for even uttering his ex’s name. he frantically looks for his phone, searching for your contact name and calling you. “pick up, pick up, pick up.. please, baby, please,” he begs quietly as he listens to the never ending rings. he’s hurrying to slip on his shoes, grabbing his own car keys to make his way out to find you. but before he leaves, he snatches the ring off the table, slipping it inside his pocket.
you’ve reached y/n’s phone! please leave a message and i’ll get back to you as soon as i can!
“fuck,” he mutters, trying once more, hoping that this time you answer his call. but this time it immediately goes to voicemail, his heart dropping into the pit of his stomach.
“baby? y/n, i’m sorry. i’m so sorry, i shouldn’t have said that. i’m so sorry, baby.. where are ya? please call me back… please come home, i’m so sorry,” he says, his voice wavering.
he ends his message and quickly goes to send you a text, only to be interrupted by a call from his brother.
“what, tsumu?” he asks, irritated. “cut the attitude, samu. the hell is yer problem?” atsumu responds.
“my problem is that i’m tryin’ to contact my fiancé, but ya fuckin’ interrupted me-“
“y/n’s coming to my place right now. what the hell did ya say to them?” atsumu argues, his voice stern. osamu’s guilt overflows. you called his own brother, you went to atsumu for comfort. osamu swallows the sudden lump in his throat, unsure of what to say. he knew his brother would lecture him for speaking poorly to you, and he didn’t want to hear especially from him. “if ya can’t tell me what ya said to them, ‘m not lettin’ ya come see them,” his brother says over the line.
osamu panics, gripping the steering wheel tighter. “i.. i brought up maya,” he confesses, hearing his brother sigh with disappointment. “i didn’t mean to, it just-“
“if ya didn’t mean to, then why’d ya say it at all?”
osamu knew his brother was right, closing his eyes as he rested his head against the wheel. “please, tsumu, i just wanna talk to y/n,” he mutters, wishing that he could at least hear your voice. atsumu sighs, a feint knock coming from his end of the call. “well, head over then ‘cause they’re here.”
osamu was practically speeding the entire drive there, almost running two red lights before finally making it to his brother’s apartment. he rushed out of the car and knocked on the door. atsumu answered, giving his twin a pointed look, but osamu ignored him. he pushed past, looking around for you.
“ya know ya should be thanking me for lettin’ ya in my house,” the blonde tries to joke, but osamu isn’t having it. despite his brother’s attempt to try and lighten his mood, osamu wanted nothing more than to just talk to you. atsumu sighs, pointing towards the direction of his guest bedroom, “y/n’s in there. be good to them, samu.”
osamu’s eyes dart towards the door, his body cautiously moving towards it. he opens the door gently, peeking in to see you sitting down on the edge of the bed facing away from the door. “tsumu, i really want to be left alone right now, i’m sorry, but thank-“
“wrong twin, baby,” osamu tries, smiling apologetically. you turn around, scowling at the man before you. “what the hell do you want? don’t you wanna be with maya?” you seethe, turning away from him. he walks over to you, kneeling down in front of you. he gently places a hand onto yours, hoping that you’ll allow him to be there with you. but you remove your hand from his touch, making his heart fall to the pit of his stomach.
“i’m sorry, y/n. it was stupid of me to have said that, but please know that i love ya. i want to marry ya. i want to be with you, and only you. i’m so sorry,” he slowly loses his accent, he’s always done that whenever he became serious about things.
he looks at you, hoping that you’d look at him and accept his apology. you sniffle, suppressing your sobs. “samu, you’re so mean sometimes, you know?” you cry, gripping the hem of your shirt. he sighs, going to hold your hand again, and this time you don’t push him away.
“i’m sorry, baby. i’ll do better, i promise. i love you so much. maya means nothing to me now, and i know it doesn’t seem that way, but i promise you that you are all i ever want.”
you turn your head to face him, your glossed over eyes meeting his. “i love you, samu.. i just don’t want to lose you,” you whisper, and he nods, smiling up at you. you watch as he carefully pulls something from his pocket, revealing your ring. he adjusts himself so that he’s down on one knee, holding the ring up to you.
“will ya marry me, y/n? will ya stay with me forever and let me love ya forever?”
you smile, laughing lightly. he chuckles, happy to hear that sweet sound again, “well? will ya marry me?” you can’t help but laugh more, nodding your head and allowing him to place the ring back on your finger.
osamu sits down next to you, pulling you in for a kiss. “i love you, y/n,” he says against your lips, smiling when you utter the same words back to him.
“ew, seriously?” atsumu interrupts. you and osamu turn around, fighting back your fits of laughter as you watch the blonde stand back in disgust. “in my house too? yer both disgusting!” he pauses, his expression softening a bit, “but ‘m glad ya made up.. now, ya want me to make dinner or are ya both gonna just makeout in my guest bedroom?”
Tumblr media
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sunkeiji · a month ago
# when he misses you most !
✫ ft. akaashi , suna , atsumu , osamu x gn!reader
✫ a/n: clingy boys and when they miss you :( mention of food in samu's! also unedited bc when do i ever
Tumblr media
✫ AKAASHI misses you most on late work nights, when the lamp in his office starts to strain his eyes and when his back starts to ache from the countless hours hunched over his desk. he glances at his watch often, searching for the motivation he needs to get through his final edits. and when he finally leaves marks on the last sheet of paper on his desk, he’s rushing out of the building to come straight to you. you know he’ll be extra clingy tonight — not only from his ‘be home soon, love’ text, but also from the deep sighs that left his lips when you called hours ago to ask when he’ll be home. and to no surprise, the second keiji opens the apartment door, he’s coming straight to you, leaning his head on your shoulder and taking in the scent of your shampoo. “god, what a long night,” another sigh leaves his lips. “need to hold you for a bit.”
✫ SUNA misses you most when you’re doing anything but giving him all your attention. and it all starts the second you get out of bed. when you're brushing your teeth, you leave the bathroom door open so he can slip in and sit on the edge of the tub, his warm fingers dancing at your waist. and when you go to the kitchen to make breakfast, he's clinging onto you from behind, tucking his face into the crook of your neck and leaving innocent kisses, one after the other. and when you turn around to look at him and give him what he's been waiting for (his good morning kiss, of course), rintaro melts into you, his tall stature shrinking to fit right against you. "you know what i want," he places a soft kiss to your jaw, "so why are you running away, hm?"
✫ ATSUMU gets clingy when he's sleepy. he's been trailing behind you ever since he came home from practice hours ago, leaning on the counter while you organized the kitchen, pulling you into his chest when you two settle onto the couch. "baby, i missed ya today," his voice trails off sleepily. "you say that every day," you say, leaning up to kiss his nose. his pink lips pull into a smile. he moves his hand from your hip to your cheek so he can hold your face, kissing your lips once before mumbling a quiet it's true. and you know that exhaustion's about to take over his body when his eyelids droop and his hand falls back to your hip. he rubs circles into your skin with remnants of that pretty smile on his face. you kiss his cheek once, then twice, and his grip on you tightens. "tsum, let's sleep on the bed. it's uncomfortable here." too tired to move, he simply adjusts so your body is between his legs, your head on his chest, and his large palm on the crown of your head to keep you secure.
✫ OSAMU misses you most when business is slow, when one or two customers filter into the shop. he thinks about when he first opened onigiri miya, and the big toothy smile on your face as you cheered him on in the kitchen. sometimes, he's grateful for a slow day. it means that he can get some time to himself in the kitchen. and most days, he'll call you as he prepares ingredients, asking you about your day and what you want for dinner that night. today, he sets up his phone by his cutting board so he could facetime you. the excitement in your voice brings a soft smile to his face. "whatcha up to, babe?" he asks, chopping up some ginger. he listens to your rambles, humming to indicate that he's listening. he loves feeling your presence even if it's through his phone. before he leaves work that night, he packs some extra onigiri for you, knowing you'd want to eat them while you sit on the counter as he cooks dinner.
Tumblr media
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hanmas · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
you’re not too sure what time it is, but you know it’s early when osamu lays himself over you, head digging into your chest as he steals your warmth. you groan, wrapping your arms around him as you pull the blanket higher over your bodies.
“what time is it?”
“almost six,” he hums. it’s quiet for a moment, you seem to be drifting back to sleep, and osamu grins in victory against your shirt that all’s gone according to plan as he drifts off himself.
until you speak up.
“wait a second. aren’t you supposed to be on the couch?” his body freezes for a moment before he’s clutching onto you tightly while you’re trying to shove him off. “samu! get off!”
“i’m serious, i’m still mad at you,” you huff. he frowns (though it’s more of a pout) and simply shakes his head.
“‘m not lettin’ go. ma back hurts. i’m cold too.”
“miya osamu—”
and before you can finish your sentence, there’s a soft bite at your chin that makes you stop.
“don’t call me by ma full name,” he grumbles, settling back down into your chest. “‘s rude.” he has the audacity to grab your hand and plop it into his hair too, gesturing at you to play with the dark brown strands.
“did you just bite me?”
“and what if i did?” comes his quiet mumble, voice muffled by your shirt.
last night wasn’t exactly a big fight, it was a petty one if the both of you were being honest, but osamu should’ve admitted he was wrong, and his attitude was what landed him a spot on the couch. and to his dismay, you seem to fall asleep much easier without his embrace than he does without yours.
“what do you—you bit me,” you repeat incredulously. you smack his shoulder when he snickers quietly at your shock.
“didn’t even hurt, ya drama queen.” and you want to keep your facade of being mad, you want to tell him to go back to the couch until you’ve deemed he’s earned his spot back, but something about the way he nuzzles into you and kisses your collarbone before trying to fall asleep makes you give in.
he’s stubborn, you’ve come to know this a tad bit too well, but he’s also gentle. he plants one more spoonful of dinner to your plate when you tell him to stop, he pulls the sun visor down for you when the light shines in your face as he drives, he wakes up and puts socks on your feet when they feel like icicles against his calves, and he’s the only person who easily forgives you for your own stubbornness too—every time, without fail.
so you wrap your arm tightly around him, stroking through his locks as you mumble “you’re such a weirdo, you know that?”
“well, ‘s just the way i am, deal with it,” he mumbles back. and then you giggle, he laughs, you kiss his forehead, and he kisses your jaw—and you’re back to your usual routine, last night all forgotten.
“i love you,” you whisper.
“love ya too. and i also love yer cheeks, ‘m bitin’ them next.”
Tumblr media
still firmly believe osamu’s love language it biting
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sunaerin · a month ago
⌕ m.osamu x f!reader
≡ tw/cw: suggestive. unedited. just fluff !!
⊹ notes: this was in my drafts for sooo long, but I finally finished it off ! i hope you all enjoy (( : soft!osamu means the world because I know he’ll treat you so well )) :
Tumblr media
Miya Osamu, 26, is a man in love. 
When a man is in love, he’ll place a small kiss to your temple as he lets you go off on your way, his sight lingering on you just to make sure you don’t trip or get hurt, or maybe sometimes he’ll just cup your face to see you melt into his touch. His hands are calloused and fingers are stiff, but nonetheless still holds every ounce of love he carries for you. 
He’ll gently grasp hold of your waist when he needs to squeeze by, where the faint smell of his cologne whiffs up your nose as he lowly chuckles, “excuse me, princess.”
And when you go grocery shopping with him, he’ll push the cart so that you could grab hold of his strong arms while browsing around. He thinks you’re the most beautiful when you furrow your brows as you compare the prices for the best deal, and ask him for his opinion if you can’t decide. And he especially enjoys the times when you grasp tightly at his arms, snuggling closer to his body at the frozen food section. He’ll immediately pull you in while he jokingly nags, “told you to bring a warmer jacket, dummy,” as he takes his sweater off to place it over you with no hesitation — the warmth of his clothes mirroring the warmth he carries in his heart. 
He’ll reach up for the items on the top self as he stands right behind you with his hand placed on your shoulder or at your waist, his strong chest grazing behind your back. And when he’s done you a favor, he’ll bend low to meet your gaze, softly tapping at his cheek, “give me a kiss, I did a good job, yea?” 
And he’ll cup your face, as he goes in to give you an innocent kiss, only to take a second or two to admire your beauty — your eyes closed and trusting, with him grazing his thumb against the apple of your cheeks and the softness of your lips just seconds before going in for a kiss with a smile that he couldn’t manage to contain — nor did he ever try to contain. 
He’ll sneak in small glances while you’re doing your own thing, and unknowingly smile when he sees you make a funny expression while you study or watch your favorite t.v. series — animated and truly angry when you shout, “Samu, did you see that? That fucking jerk!” as you punch his arm, and immediately apologize with eyes sparkling in worry when you realize you might’ve hurt him. He thinks: you can hurt me all you want, just don’t break my heart. But he trusts that you’ll never hurt him.
A man is in love when every single thing about his world reminds him of you, and every moment spent without you seems as if an eternity has passed and it absolutely pangs his heart whenever you’re angry at him or he can’t seem to do better. Osamu sits at his couch despite his shoulders aching and his body tired from being on his feet the whole day. He’ll count down the time until you’ll get home, looking forward to hearing your jubilant voice as you throw yourself into his arms for a needed hug. He longs for the day to end so that he could cook you a meal, listen to you go on about your day as you hold him tight with your arms around his waist as he pads you to sleep. 
They say a man is in love when he catches himself doing things he would normally never do when single. That’s what he thought when he’s sitting on the floor getting his nails painted by you, while he carries your purse during dates, when he starts to realize surely dinner wasn’t complete without dessert — your mantra, “there’s always room for dessert, Samu!” you’ll tell him with a smile so bright he could never say no.
A man is in love when he does all the above with a smile on his face, and if you tell him the sky is red, surely… the sky is red and he’ll believe.
It’s said that it doesn’t take long for a man to realize he’s in love — it took only but a week to know that you were the one, but never did he rush into his feelings for you. He waited, he confessed, and he waited some more till he finally won your heart a year after with some homemade onigiri during a late night at his shop, just the two of you — tired and weary from the day’s work, yet hearts thumping and alive being in each other’s presence. 
He holds you in times of weakness, carries you when you have no strength, supports you when you feel lost, and loves you all the same — through every season and every flaw, a man in love sees no challenge beyond his capacity.
Miya Osamu is a man in love for his hands still tremble when he glides his fingers across the expanse of your naked, vulnerable body laid out underneath him as he softly kisses your lips, holding back his urge to devour you whole. He’s a man in love as his lips tread down from yours, down your neck, to your breasts, down your stomach while he gently bites at your mounds and blow at your sensitive skin to see you shiver as he makes his way down to your womanhood — breath hitching as the fire in his stomach grows, holding your hand as he whispers, “so pretty.” And when he finally enters in, joining you and him as one, he’ll hold still for a couple of seconds to lock eyes with you, to tell you, “I love you, I love you,” his heart bursting in flames as you respond back, “love you too, Samu.”
Surely, Miya Osamu is a man in love when he wakes up sore from the night prior, yet his heart feels more alive as he watches you sleep peacefully in his arms, tucked just right in his frame, with a little bit of drool and eyes mildly swollen— so beautiful is what he thinks. He’ll bring you closer in, when he suddenly feels his throat tighten and his eyes starting to water, with a smile on his face as he allows one small tear to fall from his ducts...
Miya Osamu is a man in love, because all he could manage to let out despite wanting to say more and give you the world, hoping somehow you’ll hear him in your dreams and it’ll be just enough to get through to you,
“I love you... thank you for being mine.”
Tumblr media
© sunaerin 2022. do not copy, translate, and/or repost.
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luvbub · 6 months ago
hey! not sure if you're taking requests, please ignore me if you don't/don't want to write this, but i liked your ‘kiss the most attractive person in the room’ series sm!! it got me thinking how would the boys react if they were your bf and someone else tried to kiss you because of the same dare? if you'll decide to write it, please do atsumu and whoever else you want 🙏🙏 thanks, your writings are great, have a nice day!!
when someone else tries to kiss you
feat. Atsumu, Sakusa, Osamu, Iwaizumi
Tumblr media
You sat next to your boyfriend amongst the circle of people, leaning on his shoulder. Everyone had agreed to play truth or dare, and you were fortunate to avoid some of the more disastrously dares heard tonight.
The next bottle spin lands on a boy sitting across from you. You didn’t really know who he was, so you closed your eyes for a quick rest, waiting for the bottle to be spun again.
“Alright dude, you gotta kiss the most attractive person in the room” you hear someone else say. A few seconds of shuffling later you notice your boyfriend suddenly tense up. At the same time, you hear someone clearing their throat in front of you. As your eyes flutter open, you’re greeted with the dare victim sitting right in front of you, his lips turned up into a smirk.
He raises an eyebrow at you expectantly, and even though the room was dim, you felt his eyes piercing at you.
It takes a moment for Atsumu to process it all. He even waits a few more seconds, thinking that the guy was just pulling a funny prank on the two of you. But the guy didn’t leave.
“For someone who looks like a clown, this isn’t really funny” Atsumu says, causing the guy to shift attention from you to your boyfriend.
The guy only smirks at Atsumu, “Well I’m quite serious about you know. They happen to be the most attractive person in the room and I want to kiss them”
“Oh! I see! The joke is that you think Y/n would ever want to kiss you! Okay I take it back, this is pretty funny” Atsumu chuckles, wrapping his arm around your waist and pulling you closer to him.
The guy turns back to you, “Well Y/n, tell your little boyfriend how he’s wrong-”
You burst into laughter, interrupting the guy entirely.
“Wow you're really funny huh? Now you think Atsumu’s wrong about the whole situation?” you turn to your boyfriend, a grin plastered across his face, “babe you just said we were going to a party tonight, not a comedy show”
You both could tell the guy was furious- but his face was also red with embarrassment and so he stalked off to the kitchen as you and Atsumu laughed amongst yourselves. And when he was out gone entirely, you hear Atsumu curse under his breath.
“Damn- I should’ve said that the joke was that he thought you were the most attractive one in the room when it’s clearly me- wait no babe I’m joking I’m joking!” Atsumu quickly backtracks his words when you start to get up and walk away from him.
The guy from earlier wasn’t the only one who didn’t get a kiss from you that night.
Honestly, Sakusa’s been on his phone this entire time, so he wasn’t paying the most attention to the truth or dare game. But he does hear the dare given, and for the sake of his own curiosity, he looks up to watch. And when he sees the guy sit right in front of you, his mind goes blank.
He doesn’t like the way that this stranger is looking at you, and from the way you completely freeze, Sakusa knows you don’t like it either.
Sakusa nudges you to stand up, and the two of you get up from where you were sitting.
“No- I’d rather pass” you respond as politely as you can.
“Aw well don’t be like that. Just kiss me” the guy jokingly whines. But he doesn’t stop there- he keeps insisting that you kiss him while accusing you of ruining the ‘party vibes’.
Sakusa immediately lowers himself to meet the guy’s gaze, his expression absolutely deadpan.
“What part of no don’t you understand”
The guy doesn’t even get to respond- you and Sakusa are already on your feet and leaving the party. There was no saying goodbye to anyone, you two just walked straight out the front door. 
Outside the front door, you hear your boyfriend grumble about how he forgot how annoying parties could be, how he didn’t even know more than half the people there, and how his night was ruined. But when he turns to face you, his expression grows soft.
And for a second he considers leaning in to kiss you. But before he even moves, he stops himself.
“Can I kiss you?” he asks. Sakusa waits for you to give him permission before pressing a soft kiss to your lips.
And as soon as his lips part yours you see as his turns into a small smile.
“C’mon, let’s go home now” he says, taking your hand into his. Seemingly with this small action, Sakusa’s night was already starting to turn around.
You’re given almost no time to react- the moment your eyes open, the guy starts leaning in to you. No doubt, he was fully expecting that you would follow through with the kiss.
But before he could get uncomfortably close, Osamu pushes the guy’s face away, nearly knocking him over.
“What the fuck is your problem?” the guy shouts as soon as he gets his bearings. But Osamu ignores him- turning to check on you instead.
“You alright?" he asks, raising an eyebrow when you meekly nod back.
“I guess... It’s not like he kissed me or anything” you mumble under your breath, scooting closer to your boyfriend. Osamu sighs, gently taking hold of your chin so that you’re properly facing him.
“So what if he didn’t kiss you? That was still an extremely uncomfortable situation to be in." he says.
You take in his words- he wasn’t wrong. That dare had ruined the party for you, and you couldn’t find yourself enjoying being here any longer.
“Can we go home ‘Samu?” you murmur. Osamu smiles at you before kissing your forehead.
“Of course we can” you feel his breath on your forehead.
Not long after standing, Osamu has his hand outstretched, helping you up. The two of you quickly leave the party, not even bothering to give any more attention to the idiot you tried to kiss you. Honestly, the entire time you and Osamu were talking, the guy was waiting to butt in and shout at Osamu, but he didn’t even get the chance to.
Much like how he didn’t get the chance to kiss you.
“Nope” Iwaizumi answers almost immediately. The guy’s eyes flicker to your boyfriend, feigning innocence in his voice as he responds back.
“But I’m just following the dare’s instructions! And I’m being honest too-”
“Okay. Too bad, pick another person” Iwaizumi simply responds, snaking his arm around your waist to pull you closer. This action doesn't go unnoticed by the guy, and he triumphantly looks at Iwaizumi, the smirk ever so present on his face.
“Aw, you afraid that I’m gonna kiss your s/o and that they’ll somehow swoon for me? Is that why you have such a tight grip on them? I don’t blame you honestly” he says, laughing loudly to a mostly silent room.
Iwaizumi’s expression remains unchanged, as he’s completely unbothered by the guy’s attempt to provoke him.
“I’m afraid of getting into trouble when I beat your ass to the point where death is knocking at your door.” Iwaizumi replies.
“You can’t be serious du-” the guys words are cut short the moment Iwaizumi starts rolling up the sleeves of his jacket. You saw his eyes flicker down at your boyfriend’s forearms before giving up.
As he walks away, Iwaizumi pulls you onto his lap and you can’t help but laugh at the situation.
“Something funny?” Iwaizumi asks, resting his chin on your shoulder.
“I just love how all you had to do was show off your muscles for that guy to leave” you giggle, turning your head to kiss your boyfriend’s face.
Iwaizumi mumbles something that you can quite catch but even in this dim room lighting, you can make out the faintest blush swept across his cheeks.
Who would’ve guessed that the same guy who intimidated the room with his presence alone was also the same goof who’s head over heels for you.
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shoulmate · a month ago
"I'm serious, 'Samu, ya should'a seen 'em," groans Atsumu. "Absolutely stunning."
Osamu resists the urge to snort. You must have been for his brother to react this way. Instead of personally planning your demise his twin has been here for the past hour lamenting about the beautiful stranger who looked at him like he was a week old soda cup left on the street.
"I mean...I didn't even use one of the pick-up lines yer always cringin' at. I was polite n everything!"
He doesn't need to be looking at the onigiri he's shaping but he doesn't want to look at his brother either; he just has to wait this out. "I don't know 'Tsumu. Maybe yer just not as charming as ya think."
Atsumu scoffs, ready to retort but Osamu's phone rings, mercifully interrupting this one-way conversation. As Osamu takes the orders the Inarizaki group chat gets a text from Ginjima.
"Aww, little Ginjima's back from studying abroad," Atsumu says and Osamu pauses.
He thankfully already hung up the call because his mind is rushing back through the years to the starry-eyed younger sibling that followed them around when they went to Ginjima's house. The one who was awkward and unblossomed in highschool, who treated Atsumu with such indifference that Osamu couldn't help being a fan of them.
"Ginjima wants to know if he can bring 'em to the next get together." Atsumu snickers "sounds like they haven't made friends in the city yet."
Osamu flicks rice at him. "Be nice."
A week later Osamu closes the shop for his old teammates, Atsumu's rejection long forgotten as he gleefully waits to see how little Ginjima's grown up. Kita, Aran, Akagi, even Suna's here today. When Ginjima finally comes Atsumu squalks like a strangled chicken.
Everyone looks at him as he points a dramatic finger at you as you walk in with shock that turns to a smirk.
"Yer the one from the train!"
Osamu can't tell, no he doesn't care how his brother's feeling because god you are stunning. You have grown up and grown into yourself in the best way. Your bright eyes scan the group and crinkle up with a smile when they land on him.
"Hey 'Samu. It's nice to see you again."
Fuck, did he really forget how to smile?! His heart flips and he can't help but feel like the awkward one now. "Hey."
Kita steps in, taking over the conversation and Osamu exhales, trying to catch his breath.
He hangs back for the rest of the time, content to handle all the serving so he can watch you from the corner of his eye. He's too self-conscious to notice you sneaking glances at him and when the evening comes to a close and everyone says good-bye, he sighs thinking he missed his chance.
"I can't go back in there!"
"Why not?"
It's you and Ginjima having a heated conversation right outside. He can only hear because it's so quiet in the shop.
"My god did you see him? Those arms! That ass and his smile-"
"For fuck's sake, I had to listen to this all through highschool. Just confess already!"
You groan and your voice starts to fade; you're both walking away. "I can't! He only got cuter..."
Osamu finds himself grinning as he locks up and writes a text to Ginjima.
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krtnhie · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
favorite customer
miya osamu x reader
cw/s: MDNI 18+, dirty intrusive thoughts, pervert!osamu x fem!reader, implied smut
Tumblr media
the bells ring as the door to osamu’s shop opens, making him straighten up, ready to greet the approaching customer. he looks up and loses his composure at the sight of you. his eyes immediately glued on the way your dress hugged your curves, a generous amount of your breasts peeking at him.
he clears his throat and dismissed his inappropriate thoughts as you greet him with a smile and a small wave while you walk towards the cashier. giving him a better look of your body the closer you get.
“good morning ‘samu, i’ll have my usual.” your voice rings in his ear, making his heart pound and dick twitch. god, fuck he curses you for having such an effect on him.
“uh- of course yn, i’ll prepare it now.” handing you your change, feeling your small hand grab against his.
you sat down on one of the chairs. osamu seeing the way your dress hikes up higher as you sank down on the chair, exposing more of your thighs. fuck fuck fuckk
while he prepares your order of onigiris, his mind wanders on how it would feel like having your thighs clamp on his head as he devours your sweet sweet sweet pussy your hands tangled on his hair as your hips buck on his mouth. your whines and moans filling his ears oh, how he wants to fill you up–breed you like the slut you are bent over his desk.
he lets out a shaky breath as he finishes preparing the last onigiri, placing it in the takeout box. he went out of the kitchen and made his way to your table
“here’s your order, yn.” he placed the paper bag on the table and he calls you, eyes trying hard to not fall on your breasts.
you clasp your hands together “ah! thank you as always ‘samu!” you straighten your dress when you stood up, grabbing your takeout and greet him goodbye.
you kiss his cheek, “see you later, ‘samu!” you stroll away and left his shop.
he stood there frozen in place, taking in the act that you just pulled on him. fuck the feeling of your soft plump lips on him. he craves badly to have those lips wrapped around his cock, your eyes rolling back as he fucks your pretty mouth in his office at the back.
see you later indeed
Tumblr media
hmm, smut in part 2 ? 👀🛐
Tumblr media
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sanmiyaarchived · 2 months ago
osamu, atsumu, iwaizumi, lev
Tumblr media
your boyfriend’s proposal was everything you could ask for. it was romantic, surprisingly well planned out, and designed specifically for you.
you, of course, said yes, gladly accepting the gorgeous ring he had slaved over to buy for you.
as you guys cuddled on the couch, watching tv, you decided to play a game.
a few days ago he had the audacity to steal your favorite dessert. it was a petty excuse, but he needs to realize that proposing won’t fix that one mistake.
Tumblr media
you held out your hand in front of you, analyzing how it looked on your ring finger. it was stunning, as if it was made just for you.
your fiancé fawned over it too. he was finally able to make you his.
“you know…i think i would’ve liked it more if it was gold.”
his heart disintegrates.
he could only look at you, mouth open and astonished. your disapproving frown made him feel even worse.
“but it’s okay, thank you hun.”
“are ya serious?”
osamu felt like he was going to cry. he had worked so hard for the ring. he took months planning out this proposal to be attached to you for life, and this is what you say?
feeling his body shake, you immediately reassure him.
“noo samu i was just kidding i promise! i’m sorry baby.” you hold his face gently. “it was just a joke sweetie, i’m happy to be yours truly.” you cooed.
still a little hesitant and skeptical, he shakes his head. “that really wasn’t funny.”
“i’m sorry samu.” you repeat, pecking his nose affectionally. “it does fit a little tight though.”
after the proposal, atsumu bragged and yapped about how great of a fiancé he is.
‘ya won’t find anyone better than me doll.’ ‘i’m perfect for ya.’ ‘i’ll treat ya so good.’
while you love atsumu with your entire being, humbling him is extremely fun.
“i showed my friend the ring yesterday.” he perks up, face smiling in anticipation.
“oh yeah? what did she say?” he says confidently. he knows that your friend probably gushed over how beautiful it was. how expensive it looks. how precisely it fits on your small finger.
“she agreed that it looks a little bland.” you state nonchalantly.
atsumu freezes. bland? you agreed?!
“are ya kidding?! that right there is the best ring in the entire universe! ya and your friend don’t have taste!” although atsumu sounded comedic, he was actually super hurt. ‘and so what if it was bland? you still love him…right?’
“i love it though tsumie. thank you so much. i can’t wait to grow old with you.”
he switched in an instant. tears of adoration swell up as he holds you against his chest tightly.
“don’t play me like that…”
iwaizumi can’t begin to explain how euphoric he feels. seeing you in his clothes and wearing the ring he bought sent his heart soaring.
he sweetly holds your wrist up, looking at the diamond ring with you. a small smile on his face, and his eyes lidded in contentment.
“haji…you know i love you right?” you ask innocently.
he raises a brow. “yeah…you literally agreed to marry me.”
“well…don’t take this the wrong way…but the diamond looks a little…small.”
iwaizumi scowls. “what? are you kidding me right now?”
“even tooru says so.”
that sure did it. iwaizumi shoots off the couch, stomping his way to the bedroom. how could you say something so insensitive?
“but i love it anyway.” iwaizumi halts. he turns slowly, glaring daggers into your skull.
“i thought the diamond was too small.”
“it doesn’t matter haji. even if you gave me a ring made of sticks, i’d still want to be with you forever.”
he sighs, and sits back on the couch.
“it was also a joke.”
“what am i going to do with you y/n.”
poor baby. really. he looks so cute and cheerful knowing you guys are going to get married.
but he’s rich and he ate your ice cream so he deserves it.
as you guys watched disney films, you suddenly blurt out. “i’m mad at you.”
lev immediately looks worried. everything was going so well! and you looked so joyful when he proposed, what did he do now?
“all the money you make while modeling and yet you spent so little on the ring.”
lev stays still in total disbelief. he hunches over and covers his face. ‘does the ring look cheap?’ ‘do you think he doesn’t love you?’
“i’m…i’m sorry. i really did spend a lot y/n…if you want a different one-“
“lev baby i’m joking.” you say, rubbing his shoulders.
“i promise, i love you and this ring so so much. with all my heart. blame kenma for this.”
lev pouts as tears threaten to fall out. he hides his face in your chest. “why do you guys do this to me.”
Tumblr media
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iwadori · 2 months ago
When they sleep on the couch after an argument (Akaashi, Osamu, Oikawa)
Tumblr media
AN: the vibe in each characters is so different, but I hope you enjoy genre: angst, fluff
Tumblr media
“Shit, I'm sorry Keiji I didn’t mean too,” were the first words that came out of your mouth when you saw the state of your boyfriend's laptop. “Keiji?” You question again when your boyfriend doesn't respond, “are you okay?”
“I’m fine,” he responds curtly “it’s fine…I’ll just” he gestures to the mess in front of him, “figure something out.”
“I can help clean u-“ you step closer in an attempt to start to help but you pause when Akashi raises his hand to stop you.
“You’ve done enough Y/N,” he interrupts dismissively and stands up and leaves the room.
Fights between you and Akashi were rare, with both of you being good communicators. However, there were moments — like this one — where there wouldn’t even be a need to argue, where all you’d get is a disappointed look and a lack of communication. That’s how you knew Akashi was really mad.
For the rest of the night, you and your boyfriend didn’t speak. You were too apprehensive to talk to him and wanted to give him the space you thought he needed.
But to your surprise when you were getting ready for bed, Akashi wasn’t already in your bed reading like usual. He enters the room, walking past you like you're a ghost and going to take the spare blankets and pillows out.
“‘Kaashi, what are you doing?” You question, “where are you planning on sleeping?”
“Are you really that mad at me?” His dismissive one word answers were starting to get to you and you could hear your voice tear up, Akashi heard it causing him to turn around his face softening at your upset state.
“Y/N,” he started off, “I’m not mad at you.”
“It doesn’t seem that way” you mutter, “I get that I broke your laptop, but you don’t need to ignore me and sleep on the couch, like did I really upset you that much.” You were practically crying at this point, and Akashi was confused. He didn't think he came off that way earlier. He rushes over to you and uses one of his hands to cup your face and the other to wipe any stray tears.
“I really didn’t mean to seem that I was super mad at you,” he said “I was annoyed with you at first and thought taking some space before talking would be better so I didn’t say anything I knew I’d regret. But I realise now that me doing that made it even worse, I’m sorry Y/N.”
“I’m sorry too, but next time talk to me instead of just shutting me out.”
“Don’t worry, that’ll never happen again,” he puts back the blankets and the pillows, getting into your bed instead of going to the couch, “so now will you join me in our bed my love?” His question puts a smile on your face, and he holds out his hand for you to take as he pulls you into his chest, falling asleep happily knowing that your little argument was just that, a little argument.
“One job,” Osamu complained “you had one job y/n.”
“I know and I’m sorry, I didn’t know what happened,” you tried to explain to him.
“If I wanted someone to fuck up such a basic task, I would’ve asked ‘tsumu,” he continued to say to you.
“I didn’t intend for your clothes to shrink in the laundry, it just happened,” you countered.
“Oh “it just happened,” he mocked, “it's just— whatever, I’m going to be late to work,” before you could respond he was out the room and you heard the front door slam.
“Osamu?” You call out but to your avail there was no response, he left.
Throughout the rest of the day, you two didn’t speak to each other. Although you felt slightly guilty about shrinking his work clothes whilst you were doing laundry, it wasn’t an excuse for him to snap at you. However, whenever you two argued you both tended to need some time alone to cool down before you made up and went to sleep, so you were going to wait until he came home from work to talk.
But two hours after his usual time of coming home, he hadn’t arrived and you felt slightly panicked. Combining with his abrupt exit earlier, and him not coming home you thought that maybe your actions irritated him more than usual.
After calling Atsumu to see if he knew his whereabouts and getting no answer, you decided to go to onigiri miya to see if maybe he was still there. Having a set of keys to the building, you entered and found your husband in his office, asleep on his couch.
“‘Samu? Wake up,” you say to him.
“Huh what,” he confused, as he slowly sat up, “y/n? What are you doing here?”
“What am I doing here?” You mirror, “what are you doing here? Why didn’t you come home, I was worried about you.”
“What do you mean? What’s the time,” he checks the time on his phone and cringes at how late it is, “Shit, I’m sorry y/n, I didn’t intend to stay out so late.”
“And I didn’t intend to shrink your uniform either,” you counter, “I didn’t think you’d just walk out on me earlier, let alone sleep on the couch, in your office.”
“Honestly, it wasn’t intention babe,” he apologises “and I didn’t mean to yell at you like that earlier, I was just a bit frustrated and took it out on you and I took a nap earlier at work when it wasn’t that busy and just happened to fall asleep, but it wasn’t to avoid you.”
When you didn’t respond to his apology he pulls you onto his lap and snuggles into you on the couch, and continues to say, “I’d never, ever go to sleep without letting you know how much I love you y/n,” he presses a kiss to your forehead “I don’t want you to forget that, as much as we’ve never gone to bed without making up before and we aren’t going to start today.”
“Don’t talk to me right now Y/N,” was what Oikawa said to you when you entered your house.
“Kawa I didn’t mean t-“
“Please Y/N it’s been a long night, can I just shower and get ready for bed,” he didn’t give you enough time to respond as he walked off leaving you alone and feeling guilty.
You and your boyfriend, Oikawa, went out to eat with his friends and you happened to tell a few embarrassing stories about him to lighten the mood. At first, you thought he was okay with it as he laughed along and engaged but after the 5th or 6th story it seemed he was becoming upset. Before you could give a proper apology, he was dragging you home with a sour look on his face as his friends called out for being “too soft.”
When Oikawa finished his shower, you were hoping that it would’ve settled his mood to give you enough time to talk. However, he was getting the spare blankets and pillows and heading for the couch.
“I think you’re being a tad bit dramatic here, Tooru,” you said with a sigh.
“I don’t want to talk to you,” Oikawa said “since it seems whatever I say, you run and go tell anybody you see.”
“It was an accident, I didn’t mean to say all that about you,” you apologise, “we’ve all said things accidentally before.”
“Well could you maybe acicidentally shut the fuck up for once in your life,” oikawa mutters and his eyes widen, “y/n I’m sorry.”
“Yeah I think maybe you should sleep on the couch tonight,” you respond with your voice barely above a whisper
“No please don’t,” he begs “can’t we talk this out?”
“You didn’t want to talk to me earlier when I was trying to apologise to you, so why should I hear you out?” You argue.
“Because I'm an idiot…” he sighs “an idiot who’s sorry and I’m not going to sleep on the couch unless we sort this out.”
“Fine I’ll go sleep on the couch,” you retorted, taking the blankets and pillows from his hand and heading to the couch. You thought that Oikawa retreated, leaving you to have some space but when you feel a pillow drop on the couch and you look up and see your boyfriend sheepishly standing above you. “What are you doing?”
“I’m sleeping on the couch too.”
“There’s no space for the both of us here Tooru, move,” you say, wrapping yourself up in the blanket.
“Oh yes there is,” he counters, you feel his large body engulf yours, with his head nuzzling into the crook of your neck and you could feel his breath against his skin as he murmurs, “I’m sorry,” over and over again.
“What I said was stupid,” he apologises, “and you have every right to be mad but I love you and I’m sorry for snapping at you.”
“Just stop being so dramatic Tooru, half of those stories I told your friends already knew them. I am sorry for sharing embarrassing stories without you wanting me too but there’s no need to snap at you.”
“I know and I forgive you already, do you forgive me?”
“If you take your weight off my leg then I’ll forgive you for sure,” you say and he complies by moving his leg, “can we go back to bed now?”
“No, it’s comfortable here,” he murmurs into your neck as he snuggles into you deeper his arms squeezing around you tighter, you both falling asleep together in the position you were in.
Tumblr media
AN: this was very short, I am very tired, I didn’t know how fluffy or how angsty I should make this so its kind of just this. I think Akaashi would’ve made me actually cried since I hate being ignored, but yes please tell me your thoughts. Reblogs are appreciated.
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moriisukes · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
ENTRANCED: 1 : fill (someone) with wonder and delight, holding their entire attention. 2 : If you're entranced, you are charmed and mesmerized by something or someone.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
yaku morisuke looks for where your lips touched on the cup so he can place his at the same spot. he always blushes after, red coating his nose and cheeks. — it’s a simple action, really, but it never fails to give you butterflies.
kuroo tetsuro has made it a habit to sing cheesy love songs to you. you could be joining him while making dessert and he’ll place his lips by your ear, whispering, “when you smile, i smile,” followed by a goofy grin.
suna rintarou’s eyes always find you in a crowd. whether it be to make sure you’re comfortable, or if you enjoyed the joke and he wants to see that smile he loves so much, suna’s attention is always planted on you.
miya osamu is arguably the most in love when he hears your laughter. he finds you the most beautiful like this, with your eyes closed and a heartwarming smile spread on your face. he can’t help but reach over and press a small kiss to the corner of your mouth.
miya atsumu takes those buzzfeed tests and snaps a picture everytime you guys are compatible. when he sees a result that doesn’t satisfy him, he sulks and complains that they don’t even know what they’re talking about, you guys are perfect for eachother.
iwaizumi hajime always takes the initiative to clasp your necklaces for you. he bends down and presses a lingering kiss to the back of your neck, the shiver you get afterwards makes him feel accomplished — the nerves are only half of what you make him feel every day.
oikawa tooru giggles mid-kiss so often, you’d think he’d pull away by now. but he doesn’t, he continues to laugh and smile all the while pulling you even closer and resting his forehead on yours. if you listened hard enough, you could hear the small, “i love you,” that escapes his lips.
akaashi keiji hated how gloomy the rainy weather was. it wasn’t until you guided him to bed, laying his head on your chest with your fingers gliding in his hair that he found that maybe, just maybe, this feeling blooming in him makes up for the bitterness of the rain.
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youta · 3 months ago
you are sitting on the counter, watching osamu cut up vegetables. it’s a friday night, after a long day of work for both of you; nothing’s more relaxing than spending time with each other. one of your favorite things to do is to just watch him cook, and talk about your days in the meantime.
“atsumu asked if we want to have dinner together tomorrow,” osamu says, looking back at you.
“again?” you laugh, thinking about how his brother hangs out at your house all the time.
“yeah, my cooking must be too good,” he jokingly remarks, shrugging his shoulders. 
“i mean, i understand him then,” you chuckle, then add, “your cooking is the best.”
“oh? do i deserve a kiss for it?” osamu asks, turning around to face you, and points at his apron that says ‘kiss the chef’. you gave it to him for his birthday last year, and he hasn’t stopped wearing it ever since. he especially loves to put it on whenever making meals for you, begging for a kiss with it.
you roll your eyes, but the smile remains on your lips. he put the knife down, and stepped closer to you, in between your legs. your arms immediately wrap around his neck, and his hands hug your waist.
“if you ask nice enough,” you coo, your nose almost touching his. 'samu flashes you a boyish smile, and without saying anything, he just presses a soft kiss on your lips. 
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the-travelling-witch · 3 months ago
Wearing their clothes
Tumblr media
summary: what´s this shirt made of? boyfriend material
pairings: timeskip!suna x gn!reader; atsumu x reader; osamu x reader; futakuchi x reader
warnings: none i believe, just fluff; use of "doll" in suna´s part once
a/n: i´ve been in a bit of a slump lately and can hardly focus on any kind of work for longer than 0.2 seconds, so i apologise in advance that this isn´t the length i normally have for my posts (i just need suna rintarou to give me his clothes and call me pretty/doll)
haikyuu masterlist
Tumblr media
His reaction depends on whether you´re out in public or in a private setting
Although he´s less deadpan than in his high school days, you´ll still have your work cut out for you if you want to get a reaction out of him in public
Yet, however hard he tries he can´t quite suppress the small smile showing on his lips
Might tease you a little bit but will also search for some kind of physical contact
Either an arm wrapped around your waist or shoulder or your hands linked together
Definitely takes a whole album worth of photos when you´re not looking
Say, Suna, where´s your new lock screen photo from?
It had been a lazy Sunday for Suna and you, merely enjoying that you had finally some time for yourselves. No practice, no paparazzi, no boss, no last-minute assignments… Just the two of you sleeping in before finally getting breakfast (or rather lunch?) and spending the rest of the day in a sort of at-home spa while a TV show played in the background.
You had just gotten out of a relaxing and much-needed bath and picked some comfortable lounge-wear when your eyes landed on Suna´s EJP team jacket. Slipping it on, you marched into the living room, towel and blow-dryer in hand, to find your boyfriend half-asleep on the couch. You gently nudged him awake and gave him your best puppy dog eyes, “Dry my hair for me? Please?”
Taking a moment to blink away the remnants of sleep, he patted the spot next to him “Come here, you brat.”
“What a hypocrite,” you scoffed, “If I remember correctly, it´s usually me who dries your hair.”
“You don´t remember correctly.” His statement came out blunt but you could see his lips quirking upwards and his eyes crinkle at the corners.
The two of you fell silent after a little more banter and it allowed you to focus solely on the way Suna´s fingers moved through your strands and massaged your scalp. His caring touch weighed heavily on your eyelids and you fought hard to keep them open as your breathing deepened and evened out.
“Hey, pretty, stay with me. We´re almost done.” This time his voice was low and barely above a whisper and although it only lulled you further into dreamland, you hummed in agreement. When he finally put the blow-dryer down, he laid back down and pulled you down with him, so that you could look him in the eyes. “Now that that´s done, I guess I still have to congratulate you.”
“Huh? What for?” You eyed him suspiciously. He certainly was up to no good when he started like that. “If you´re going to say `for having such a kind boyfriend´ then you can save it.”
Suna smirked at your doubting expression and slung both his arms around your waist. “I wasn´t going to say that but yes, that´s also something to be very grateful for. No, I was actually going to congratulate you on making it into the EJP men´s volleyball team. I hear they´re really good. What position are you playing?”
“Middle blocker,” you said, copying his normal deadpan face, “The former one just wasn´t cutting it. What was his name again? Something with an S, I believe…Suga or something like that?”
“Sure, doll,” your boyfriend said, pulling at the hem of his your jacket, “But they could´ve at least given you a jacket that fits, don´t you think? Or do they expect you to still grow into it?”
“Thin ice, Rin.”
He snickered and you couldn´t help but join in. What Suna said earlier was absolutely right, you were extremely grateful to have him in your life. As you watched a cheesy rom-com, you eventually gave in to the temptation to rest your eyes for a bit and were promptly out like a light. Not even Suna pulling his jacket closer around your shoulders startled you, as he gazed at you with a lovestruck look. He pushed the hair from your face before placing a delicate kiss on your forehead.
“Sweet dreams, pretty.”
He´s giddy like a child on Christmas eve
Might stop breathing for a second
Reverts back to smooth-talking very quickly but the pink tint to his cheeks gives him away
Once he´s calmed down, he´s all over you
Fawning about how cute you look in his sweater
If you don´t physically push him away, he won´t let you go
´Tsumu swears he falls in love with you all over again
No, he´s not exaggerating, what makes you say that?
The house felt very cold and lonely as you were lying on Atsumu´s side of the bed. Your boyfriend was currently on a trip with his team to two away games in a row and because the matches were close to each other, he wouldn´t have the chance to come home in between. Saying you missed him would be an understatement.
With a sigh, you heaved yourself out of bed and made your way to your closet. More specifically, Atsumu´s side of the closet. Rooting through his clothes, you dug out his most oversized sweater and threw it on before returning to bed.
Just as you nestled into the blankets, your phone went off with an incoming video call. Smiling to yourself you answered it without checking the number. There was only one person it could be anyway.
“Babyyyyy, A miss yaaaa!!” As much as it pained you to be away from him, hearing your boyfriend whine like this was definitely lifting your mood. “Omi-Omi´s been so mean to me again during practice.”
In the background, you could hear someone grumble a faint “Don´t listen to this idiot, (y/n)”. Atsumu was sitting up against the headboard of the hotel bed, hood pulled over his still-damp hair and an adorable pout on his lips. You couldn´t help but break into a wider grin at the thought of the Miya Atsumu, heartthrob supreme of the volleyball court, whining like a child because his opposite hitter was a bit too blunt with him.
“Mmm, I missed you too, ´Tsumu. I can´t wait ´til you´re back.” You smushed your face into his pillow and mirrored his expression. “It´s so lonely without you.”
“Aww, don´t say that baby or A´ll miss ya even more. Just wait, A´ll win the next games for ya, alright?” There was a newfound excitement in his eyes and you wondered how he still had energy left after all that practice. You covered your mouth with your hand to stifle your yawn, before sleepily blinking at the screen again only to see Atsumu visibly perk up “Is that ma hoodie yer wearin´?”
“Mhm, you took all your team jackets with you. I had to choose something else.”
“Yer so cute, ma heart can´t take it, (y/n). Yer killing yer boyfriend over here!!” To further emphasise his point, he theatrically clutched his hand over his heart. You thought he might actually be crying. “Omi-Omi, look! Doesn´t ma baby look so cute in ma hoodie.”
The camera panned over to show a very unimpressed Sakusa, “You have my sincerest condolences (y/n).”
“Thank you, Kiyoomi.”
“Oi, what´s that supposed ta mean?!”
You´d think he´d be chill about it but he´s still a Miya (Kita said it best, they do share the same DNA at the end of the day)
He does keep his composure better than his dear brother, he can´t help but look a little smug though, especially if he´s around said brother
As the owner of Onigiri Miya, he has a lot of his branded shirts and caps laying around and it fills him with pride when you wear any of them
After all, you supporting the dream he built up through hard work so openly? Yeah, he´s living his best life
But it´s not only his shop´s clothes
Whenever you wear anything of his, you look so sweet he could just eat you up
You were spending the evening over at your boyfriend´s house for some much-needed quality time after a stressful week for both of you. Osamu had found a new lasagna recipe he wanted to try and you were not one to pass up the chance of tasting his god-like cooking. The bologna sauce had already been prepared the day before and now the only thing left to do was to layer the delicious dish.
It would´ve probably taken only half as long to get the lasagna in the oven if it wasn´t for the two of you fooling around or stealing kisses every couple of minutes. The kitchen was already smelling amazing and honestly, you didn´t think you could wait another half an hour for it to be done. Naturally, your talented boyfriend pulled most of the weight when it came to actually making the lasagna but you´d like to think it was an equal team effort.
You were currently layering the pasta and the sauce and in your enthusiasm, you hadn´t noticed some of the sauce dripping onto the edge of the counter you were leaning against. So, once you were done, your lightly coloured shirt now sported an intricate and totally fashionable red pattern.
“Dammit,” you cursed under your breath, examining the stain.
“Huh? What happened?” Turning to you, your boyfriend realised the situation pretty quickly. But Osamu wouldn´t be Osamu if he could hold his tongue. “Ya know, babe, that was actually for eatin´, not creative expression.”
“´m kiddin´, ´m kiddin´.” He held up his hands defensively before sliding the finished lasagna into the oven. “There, now we have all the time in the world ta throw yer shirt into the laundry and get ya a new one.”
“But I didn´t bring any spare clothes...”
“If only there was someone around who could give ya one of his, like, say, yer boyfriend,” he teased, grinning before giving you a quick peck on the top of your head. “Ya want a shirt or a hoodie?”
After getting out of your stained shirt, you handed it to your boyfriend through the half-opened door so he could throw into the washing machine while you changed into the one he gave you. That was the moment at which you decided to never bring a change of your own clothes when coming over.
You could smell the laundry detergent he always used and there was a sense of comfort wearing something that was his. Making your way back into the kitchen, you basked in the feeling a little longer before coming up behind Osamu and wrapping your arms around his waist.
“Oh? Yer done?” You couldn´t help but beam up at him and lean your whole weight against him as he returned your embrace. “Just gotta wait a little longer. A promise yer sacrifice wasn´t for nothin´”
Playful banter was exchanged left and right while you killed time by cleaning up the kitchen. Though there wasn´t much to do in the first place, Osamu had perfected the art of neat cooking, never making more of a mess than necessary. While you busied yourself with the dirty dishes, you didn´t catch the loving gazes he sent you way, committing the image of you in his shirt to memory. When the lasagna was done, Osamu suggested eating on the couch while watching the show you recently started.
“You know, this feels sort of illegal,” you chuckled as you settled against his broad chest, his strong arms firmly holding you there. “What if I ruin your shirt too?”
“Ya see, this is the fun part about bein´ an adult. We get ta decide for ourselves if eatin´ lasagna on the couch is illegal or not.” He placed his chin on your head and you could feel the soothing way his chest rose against your back with every breath he took. “Don´t worry about ma shirt, sweetheart. A wouldn´t mind lendin´ ya all of ´em, ya look better in ´em anyway.”
This menace, I swear
Will tease the absolute shit out of you
But if you move to take off his sweater again, he´s going to backtrack ASAP
Man has never moved so fast in his life, years of read-blocking are paying off
Might actually give you a real compliment afterwards, too
Maybe I´m kidding, I´m kidding
Of course, he´ll let you know how he actually feels, it´s just a rather painful way there (please be patient with this idiot)
You were meeting up with a friend at a café that day and had spent some time picking a cute outfit only to have all your planning go down the drain as the weather suddenly changed from pleasantly sunny to chilly windy. Seeing as you didn´t have the time to change clothes again, you grabbed the first hoodie in sight and threw it on before heading out the door. You´d later come to regret your choice of outerwear.
The time spent with your friend was practically flying by as you caught up with after not seeing each other for quite a while. After a couple of hours, you bid them goodbye and went home. Before almost leaving the second you entered.
“Oh, so that´s where my hoodie went. I almost thought it had grown legs and ran off. Well, considering how big it looks on you, some might actually think that´s what happened.”
“Hello to you too, Kenji. My day was lovely, thanks for asking. Yes, (f/n) is doing well, I know you are heartbroken that you couldn´t meet them today,” you said as you move to the couch, voice dripping in faux sweetness.
Your boyfriend had the audacity to snicker as you plopped down next to him and you promptly turned your body to face slightly away from him. Which only made him coo at your pettiness.
“Aww baby, don´t be like that. You know I´m not mad,” he said, poking your ribs with his pointer finger. “I understand that everybody wants to dress fashionably once in a while.”
When you forcefully spun around with an indignant “Excuse you?!”, you come face-to-face with that infuriating smirk and mischievous glint in Futakuchi´s eyes that made you want to wipe this amused expression right off. Putting on your best poker face you reached for the hem of the clothing article while holding eye contact.
“Fine. Be like that.”
As you motioned to pull the hoodie over your head, two firm hands kept it locked in place.
“As much as I appreciate you wanting to take your clothes off for me, we wouldn´t want you catching a cold now, would we?” He turned you around again so your back was against his chest before you could get a proper read on his expression. But your best guess was that it was most likely a nice shade of pink.
“Oh? So now it´s mine? Didn´t all of this start because you were so adamant it was your hoodie?” It was your turn to tease Futakuchi now and you revelled in it. “Something wrong, baby? Cat got your tongue?”
“You´re a brat, you know that?” Your boyfriend dramatically exhaled before pushing his face in the crook of your neck. “But I guess you´re cute, so I´ll let it slide.”
“If you want me to wear your clothes more often, you just have to ask, you know? You don´t have to be such an ass about it.” You laughed as he grumbled into your skin and slid your hand through his fluffy hair. “But I guess you´re cute, so I´ll let it slide.”
Tumblr media
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hanmas · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
includes: iwaizumi hajime, matsukawa issei, miya atsumu, miya osamu, suna rintaro
notes: micheth picked this one to repost
Tumblr media
✰ 𝐈𝐖𝐀𝐈𝐙𝐔𝐌𝐈 can’t keep his eyes from darting to the clock, dreading the hour hand reaching ten, knowing you’ll get up to leave as soon as it does. and just as predicted, he feels you unlatch from his arms, stretching before you begin to gather your belongings. “i should head home, babe, i got work in the morning,” you mumble. “okay,” he mumbles back, a frown painted across his face. standing up, he pulls you into a hug, holding you longer than usual, grip tightening when you try to pull away. “hajime, you have to let go,” you laugh as you rub his shoulders. with a heavy sigh, he finally lets go, his frown from earlier now a pout, making you giggle as you poke his lip with your finger. “whatever, text me when you’re home.” reaching for his face, you cup his cheeks, feeling the warmth on your palm as he blushes. “i’ll come back tomorrow and spend the night, you clingy baby.” you only giggle once more when he grumbles out a “shut up.”
✰ 𝐌𝐀𝐓𝐒𝐔𝐊𝐀𝐖𝐀 groans when you begin to get up, pulling you back down and leaning his weight on top of you, keeping you in place so you can’t leave. he grabs your hand, placing it on his head again, pretending like it isn’t getting dark outside. “issei, i spent the whole day with you, i gotta go now,” you roll your eyes, but your fingers play with the strands of hair beneath them anyway. “you should be spending the night with me too, babe. your whole life, actually.” laughing, you kiss his forehead before shoving him off, gathering your things and ignoring his glare. “i’ll spend the whole weekend, okay? but i gotta go now.” sighing, he follows you to his door, grabbing your wrist and spinning you to crash into his chest, wrapping you up in his arms one last time before you leave for the night. “this is the worst part every time,” he mumbles. laughing, you pat his cheek before pressing a kiss to his lips. “then do something about it.”
✰ 𝐀𝐓𝐒𝐔𝐌𝐔 whines as he notices the time, clinging tighter to you before you can even begin to get ready to leave. looking up at you with a pouty face, he tries to keep you from leaving for the night. “baby, can’t ya stay, please? don’t leave me all alone!” sighing, you hug him tighter, rubbing his back up and down. “i have to, tsum. i’ll see you tomorrow, baby.” he shakes his head, pressing more of his weight onto you when he feels you try to get up from under him. “no, i want ya to stay,” he whines, watching you sadly as you get up anyway, trailing behind you while you walk to his door. his hands play with the end of your shirt, eyes staring at the floor when you turn back and wrap him in a hug. “you can come spend the night tomorrow, i’ll come home early, promise.” huffing, he cups your cheeks, leaning in to kiss you. “fine, give me one more kiss before ya go.” you know he won’t stop at just one, but you don’t think you mind as you indulge him anyway.
✰ 𝐎𝐒𝐀𝐌𝐔 coughs the moment you began to get up, not meeting your eyes as he plays with his hands. “angel, i think it’s cold out, yer not wearin’ the right clothes to be out in this weather, ya know.” frowning, you check the weather on your phone, not noticing the way osamu wrinkles his brows that you’d missed his hint. “babe, the weather’s not too bad. i can borrow a jacket from you if you really want me to.” huffing, he crosses his arms, pout forming on his lips as he tries to come up with another excuse to get you to stay. “yer favorite one’s dirty. my blankets are warm though,” he said hopefully, watching you finally realize what he’s hinting, a small laugh escaping your lips as you shake your head. “samu, you could’ve just asked if you wanted me to stay, baby. but i can’t tonight.” groaning, he flops back onto his couch, hand covering his face. “but i’ll get cold without ya, baby,” he insists, peeking through his fingers to see if you’ll give in. leaning down, you kiss his cheek, running a hand through his hair. “i’ll cuddle you all night tomorrow, promise.”
✰ 𝐒𝐔𝐍𝐀 glares at you as you try to unlatch yourself from him, pressing right back onto you chest as you try to get up. sighing, you glare back, trying to wriggle out of his grip, failing as he brings himself flush against you once more. “rin, let go,” you hiss, only for him to hug you tighter. “why?” groaning, you cup his jaw, meeting his gaze. “because we both have to be up in the morning and go places. now stop being stubborn.” burying his head into your shoulder, he shifts so more of his weight leans on you. “don’t know what you’re talking about.” sighing, you stroke his back, letting him indulge in a few more moments with you. “rinnie, i’ll come back, you’ll see more of me. don’t be dramatic, you clingy baby,” you giggle, making him reach forward and flick your forehead. “nevermind, i don’t want you around anymore.” but he still pouts when you get up, watching you get your things to leave. “well, that’s too bad. i’ll still come bother you tomorrow whether you like it or not.”
Tumblr media
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euphoricimagination · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
𝑹𝒆𝒂𝒍𝒊𝒛𝒊𝒏𝒈 𝒕𝒉𝒆𝒚'𝒓𝒆 𝒊𝒏 𝒍𝒐𝒗𝒆
Feat. Kenma, Oikawa, Atsumu, Suna, Sakusa & Osamu
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Kenma realizes it an afternoon when you’re at his house, sitting behind you chuckling while watching you try to beat his high score in one of his games. At some point he stops looking at the game and focus on you, how the light of the TV reflects on your face. He thinks how easily you fit in his life, how happy he feels whenever you are around, how he could easily just sit there with you without the need of playing, and how he doesn’t mind being with you forever.
Oikawa realizes it when he sees you in a game that you thought you couldn’t go to. You had something to do, and he understood that, but somehow playing didn’t felt nearly as good that day. He was happy that his team won, but that happiness multiplied when he saw you in the stands cheering for him with a big smile. That day he realized that while he still loved volleyball, his main source of happiness was you.
Atsumu looks at you and imagines his future with you. He doesn’t want to see you with someone else. Not in the possessive, yandere type of way, more in a ‘I want you to love me forever, I want to be the reason why you’re happy’ way. He never cared for anything or anyone this much before, not even volleyball, so he knew that you were special. He doesn’t want to lose the best thing that happened to him.
Suna knew when he received a message from you asking if he was free, and despite his team going to dinner, he said yes and got ready to leave. He rather spends his time with you than going out to dinner, text you late at night no matter how early he needs to wake up in the morning. It’s not like you want to keep him away from his friends, he knows that, he just realized that you’re the most important person in his life.
Sakusa never really cared about love, and then he met you and slip into his life. He realized that it’s love when you went to the gym to bring him the lunch he had forgotten after a terrible morning. Not just for the fact that you took time of your day to make sure he had a good meal, but also because the moment he saw you he couldn’t help to go and hug you. Your touch relaxes him and comforts him, and he knows that nobody else could make him feel this way.
Osamu notices it when his mom teases him about it. He was talking to his mom one day when she asks him about you, and his eyes unconsciously started to shine, a smile appearing before he started to ramble about whatever you were up to. His mom logically noticed, so he let him finish before saying ‘ya really love her, don’t ya?’. He ends up with his ears red, smiling like a fool at the discovery.
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luvbub · 8 months ago
surprising your long distance boyfriend
feat. Osamu, Kuroo, Iwaizumi, Bokuto
part two
Tumblr media
You found yourself getting more and more nervous as you moved up in line. Of course you were excited to see your boyfriend after what seemed like forever- but your heart was still pounding.
The hoodie you were did a sufficient job at enveloping you, hiding your facial features. If you kept your head down, then Osamu wouldn’t be able to recognize you when you ordered food.
It didn’t take too long for you to reach the register. You lowered your head, and even though this was part of the plan, you wished you could see your boyfriend’s face again.
“Hey, what can I get for ya?” Osamu asks, and you’re wondering what kind of expression he has on his face. Clearly a customer not making any sort of eye contact with him is grounds for suspicion, but Osamu didn’t question it.
“Mm, can I get my usual please?” you ask, your voice slightly altered so that he wouldn’t recognize you outright.
“Ah, I’m sorry, I don’t remember people’s favorites” Osamu apologized.
“No? But the last time I was here, the person remembered my usual!” you pressed on, finding it hard not to break character.
“I’m literally the only person who works here, I can assure you that-” Osamu goes speechless when you finally lift your head, grinning at your boyfriend.
Osamu’s open mouth turns into a smile as he quickly rushes from behind the counter over to you. He immediately embraces you, resting his forehead onto yours. Osamu’s gaze is soft and so full of love at the sight of you.
“Well of course you can get your usual babe. You’re the only one who can”
Kuroo looks down at his phone, letting out a small sigh before sending you a text.
just got to kenma’s. I'll call you when I get back home. get plenty of rest, okay? I love you
As Kuroo walked in, he made no attempt to hide his solemn expression. Even though he was supposed to have a guy’s night with Kenma, Bokuto, and Akaashi, he couldn’t help but worry about you.
“Hey Kuroo, what’s wrong?” Kenma asks.
Kuroo shakes his head, “Y/n’s been super sick the entire day. And it’s frustrating because I can’t be right there next to them to help in any way.”
“How bad is it?” Akaashi asks, standing from his seat to hand Kuroo a drink.
“Really bad. They’ve been sleeping this entire day. And then not too long ago Y/n ate one thing and threw it up.” Kuroo answers, his eyes slowly flickering to you before looking back at Akaashi.
And then Kuroo’s eyes shifted back to you. He stared at you for a couple seconds before his eyes widened. Because when he first saw you, he saw familiarity. It only took him a longer glance to realize that this person sitting on the couch wasn’t a you lookalike, but was indeed you.
Laughter immediately filled the room. The moment you stood up, Kuroo has you pulled into his arms, still in disbelief.
“I- excuse me?” Kuroo’s surprised expression doesn’t waver. He backs away from the hug just a bit just to take another look at you, just to confirm everything. And when he sees your smiling face, he pulls you back in tighter.
“Oh my god, Y/n was right in front of you, watching you talk and you didn’t notice” Bokuto cackles. Indeed, the other three friends found it amusing that Kuroo didn’t notice you at first.
But Kuroo let them tease you, he didn’t mind at all. With you in his arms, nothing else mattered.
If there was anything that Iwaizumi’s friend group loved to do- it was going out for food. And today was no exception as he and the other three were out in a nice restaurant for some lunch.
“Say.. how's Y/n doing?” Oikawa asks, placing down his phone in front of him on the table. Iwaizumi looks up from his food, missing the mischievous expression on his friends’ faces.
“Uhhh they’re doing well!  The same as usual.” Iwaizumi answers. And while that was the truth, he felt a bit guilty. His response seemed so lackluster, but truly there wasn’t really anything exciting that was happening with you as of lately. Or so he thought.
“Aw, well I miss talking to Y/n, can we video call them?” Oikawa asks, and the other two friends eagerly agree.
Iwaizumi shrugs, there wasn’t anything wrong with doing so, and he knew that you weren’t particularly busy right now. So it couldn’t hurt to try and call you. So Iwaizumi leaned his phone against a glass of water before pressing the call button on your contact.
You could only imagine the surprise on Iwaizumi’s face when he saw the phone in front of Oikawa light up. He stared at the phone- slowly recognizing it to be yours.
And in an instant, Iwaizumi stands up from the table, scanning the entire restaurant. It couldn’t be, right?
But it was. He spotted you a couple of tables away, peeking behind a menu. Once you know you were caught, you got up from your own table to run up to your boyfriend. You practically jump into his arms, and Iwaizumi holds you close.
“I- how was this all organized?” he asks, completely surprised at what he was seeing in front of him. When did you and his friends plan this all out? How did he not notice?
But before you can even respond, Iwaizumi leans in to give you a much needed kiss. Your answers could wait.
You quietly chuckled to yourself, watching your boyfriend play the sport he was best at. You were watching in secret, obscuring some of the features of your face with a bucket hat so that you wouldn’t be immediately recognizable. 
Coach Foster allowed you to sit on the sideline bench with him and the other players in an attempt to surprise Bokuto. You could have sat with the rest of the audience, but with so many other people cheering for your boyfriend, you knew that you needed to be closer in order for the plan to work.
Your plan, by the way, was to continue lurking near the coach, acting as his assistant of sorts. And by the end of the match, Coach Foster would ‘introduce’ you to the team, to which you would rip off your disguise to surprise your boyfriend.
It was a great plan in your head at least.
But when the first set was over, with MSBY taking the win, you couldn’t help but lift your hat up a bit to get a better look at Bokuto. He was smiling amongst his teammates, happy he had done so well.
All of a sudden, his eyes immediately glanced over to you. You watched as he froze in place for a split second. And before you could even blink, Bokuto was sprinting over to you at full force, his arms stretched out and his grin even wider than before. Unfortunately, his attempt to hug you turned more into a tackle, causing both of you to fall onto the floor of the gym.
You can hear the loud gasps coming from the audience, but they soon turned into cheers when you and Bokuto share a sweet kiss.
The two of you manage to sit up, and Bokuto moves his hands from your sides to your cheeks, wonder filling his eyes.
“Oh my god it really is you” he laughed, pulling you in for another kiss before he had to go back onto the court.
Maybe it was a coincidence, but Bokuto did extremely well while playing during the match. And according to him, it was all because of you.
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ryesei · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
+ includes : osamu, kageyama, bokuto, sakusa, ushijima
Tumblr media
—OSAMU isn’t fazed when you enter the bedroom, faceplanting onto his tummy. he already knows what’s wrong, his eyebrows furrowing as you groan. letting out a soft grunt, his hand goes to your head, fingers running through your head soothingly. "headache again?" he asks, rubbing circles as he puts down the book he's been reading, voice concerned. "mhm," you sigh at his touch, feeling a bit relieved. "just keep doing that," you request, making him nod. "of course," osamu replies, pressing a soft kiss to your head. you eventually fall asleep on his stomach, osamu smiling at your quiet snores before he dozes off himself.
—KAGEYAMA's lips immediately turn into an angry pout as he notices the tired expression on your face. he’s not angry with you, never is, but the same can’t be said for whatever‘s making his lover look so miserable. you signal him to move over and lay your head on his lap, feeling him tense under you for a second before relaxing his thighs and patting your head. "y/n? are you okay?," he rushes, hand moving to squish your cheeks. "head. pains," you groan, making his frown deepen. if he could physically fight your ache—trust me, he would love to. other than that, unfortunately, he doesn't know what to do—so he lays with you until you feel okay, making a mental note to call sugawara for some advice for future problems.
—BOKUTO's eyes widen, smile forming on his face as you approach him as it always does. but it immediately drops when you sniff, burying your head in his chest as your arms wrap around him. "what's wrong, baby?," he questions, tightly wrapping his own arms around your waist, looking at you with a concerned pout on his face. "nothing, my head hurts," you mutter, making bokuto frown deeply in worry. "i'll take care of you," he assures, his own voice whiny—bokuto can’t stand seeing you in pain. both of you stay this way for a few minutes, with him blowing on your face to raise your spirits. he even has a list of medicines he can give you (well you made the list, but he does find it very useful when doubtful) and he stays until you feel better.
—SAKUSA raises an eyebrow at you when he sees you coming towards him, a sad pout decorating your down-turned lips. "you okay?" he asks, shaking his head at his stupid question since clearly, you aren't— it’s upsetting him too, his nose scrunching in a lour. you shake your head no, pushing your head against his to help soothe the pain. he pulls you towards him; pressing feathery kisses onto your temple, your cheeks and finally, your chin. "you'll be okay," he tells you, hands on your shoulders, rubbing circles against your skin. he stays like that for a minute before pulling away to get you warm water and medicine. you feel yourself relax a little—with sakusa helping out, you know you’ll be just fine.
—USHIJIMA is the most helpful, immediately pulling out the medicine box to hand you an asprin. "thanks, 'toshi," you smile at him (with clenched teeth, it still hurts, of course, and it doesn’t go unnoticed by the large man), making him sigh lightly as he sets the box down to come closer to you, his arms wrapping around your waist while yours finding their place around his neck. "we can nap together," he offers, knowing you need sleep, and him being there helps. his lips quirk up in a smile when you nod, pecking his lips gently. you head under the covers, your body resting on his warmer one. you both wake up feeling fresh, your headache gone.
Tumblr media
feedback and reblogs are appreciated <3
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veenxys · 8 months ago
haikyuu: the ones who’d kiss you to shut you up ﹠ the ones you’d kiss to shut them up
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
the ones who’d kiss you to shut you up;
kuroo, osamu, oikawa, sakusa,
KUROO — he does it just because. he loves the way your voice falters and the way your words trail off against his lips and he especially loves it when you recover from the initial surprise and a smile settles on your lips as you deepen the kiss, not letting go even when he tries to pull away. by the time it’s over you’re gazing at each other, breathless laughter escaping your lips
OSAMU — he does it to assure you — because he isn’t sure how else to stop your overthinking and rambling. it’s a soft but firm kiss and he leaves a sweet peck on your forehead and he holds your hand and lets you know everything’s going to be alright.
OIKAWA — he does it all the time. when you're talking, he is just in awe of how beautiful you are; he puts his hand on the back of your neck and pulls you into a breathtaking kiss or a light kiss on your lips (there's no between) and then he pretends nothing happened and asks you to continue with whatever you're saying and that he's really going to pay attention now - but you know he'll do it again.
SAKUSA — does this to reassure you or calm you down; sometimes, you may ramble and speak so fast because you’re stressed and/or panicking. or sometimes, he just had a bad day and you think he’s mad at you or something, but he puts your mind at rest by kissing you and letting you know that it’s not because of you.
the ones you’d kiss to shut them up
bokuto, atsumu, suna, kenma.
BOKUTO — you do so because clearly, that’s what he wants. “y/n. y/n. y/n - ” and with a smile, he welcomes your lips on his, melting into the kiss as he cups your cheek, and when you abruptly pull away and say, “now shut up, i’m trying to watch a movie,” he can only pout before leaving little pecks on your temple and cheek and jaw.
ATSUMU — you do so because he’s singing a little too loudly in the middle of the night and when you playfully tell him to shut up, he gets in your face challengingly, saying something about you having to make him, only to have his sentence cut short as your lips meet his, and he forgets to close his eyes for a moment before deepening the kiss by pulling you even closer.
SUNA — you do so because he’s an idiot for not realizing that you’ve been waiting for him to kiss you for the past half-hour. and when you suddenly lean in, barely touching, he’s unfazed, pressing a finger on your lips and a playful smile settling on his face, “you weren’t even listening, were you?” he has barely finished his sentence when your lips find his.
KENMA — he can be so clueless sometimes and he gets so lost in his own thoughts and is just speaking so much that he fails to realize you’ve been waiting for him to kiss you for hours now. you usually have to take the matter in your own hands and kiss him first.
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