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#osamu oneshot
xybi · a month ago
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↳ timeskip!osamu x gender-neutral!reader
↳ never again are you entrusting osamu to take care of triplets. especially when you only took a short nap as you were exhausted from work.
↳ 500 words
↳ fluff, domestic life with osamu and adopted 2-year-old triplets who are all boys, mentions of food, and so on.
↳ [insert cool taking care of babies tip here], actually, i got nothing to share this time 🗿
↳ hq masterlist : the adventures of being parents series msterlist
Tumblr media
"are you really sure that you could watch over these troublemakers?" a small yawn escaped your lips as you gazed upon your significant other, who was currently tackled down on the floor by your adopted triplets. coming home from work today was exhausting to say the least, and osamu suggested that he would take care of the kids while you get some proper rest. you were reluctant of the idea; knowing that these little musketeers are quite troublesome to deal with.
osamu only hummed at you, swiftly picking up the two while the other clung onto his legs. "of course, i can. yer underestmitatin' my parentin' skills, love?" he lightly laughed as you rolled your eyes at him. "we'll be in the kitchen if you need anythin', get some sleep, [name]." osamu placed a small kiss on your forehead before exiting the room, the triplets wobbly following behind their father attentively.
"nom nom?" one of his sons asked, his gaze fixated on the cookie jar on top of the kitchen counter. his brothers happily walking by his side. "nommy! 'ookie!" the other remarked boisterously. osamu chuckled at this; what could possibly go wrong while the kids are under his watch? it's not like he hasn't taken care of them before, it'll be a piece of cake, he thought to himself.
okay, he was wrong. he was so, so wrong.
the kitchen was an absolute mess.
a light layer of flour coated the children's faces, chocolate smudges on their newly bought clothing, crumbs of pastry stuck on their little hands, and never-ending screams that made his ears ring painfully. "oh- shoot, careful there, buddy," he released a shaky exhalation. "now, wait a minute." once he noticed that there were only two children running around, worrying completely took over him.
"where's ta other one?"
he looked everywhere, all while watching the other two. unknown to him, the youngest one quickly waddled his way just to wake you up; for cookies, the youngest one woke you up to share his cookies with you. "hold on, baby. we have to clean your hands first." you sighed, finally catching up to your son as he obliged to your statement—extending his little chubby hands to you while you cleaned them with some wet baby wipes.
in a blink of an eye, your son was already wobbly running to find his brothers; with you trailing behind him intently, so much for some shut-eye. "oh my, why are baby ghosts running around?" you commended, as all three of them clung onto your legs, all giggling from the mess they've made, "it seems that my dear husband can't take care of three little troublemakers. and now, there's four."
"okay," he sighed in defeat, grabbing a wash cloth to wipe off the smudges in the kids' faces, "okay, maybe taking care of three kids was a little hassle."
"a little?"
"okay, t'was a lot of trouble."
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imarizaki · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
[2:47 am]
you rub your eyes and yawn. you reach over to osamu’s side of the bed, only to be met with an empty space. 
you get up and start heading over to the nursery. if there was anywhere he’d be this early in the morning, it’d be where your baby boy slept. you yawn. peeking into the dimly lit room, you see your husband standing in front of the crib.
you didn’t know of how long osamu had been awake. but you did know it wasn’t the first time he’d done this, and you were starting to get worried. you didn’t want him to overexert himself by managing onigiri miya while barely getting a wink of sleep. 
you approach him from behind and you wrap your arms around his torso. he relaxes when you rest your head against his back. 
you sigh, “’samu,” you yawn, “come back to sleep.” you nuzzle your head into his back.
he places his hand on top of yours. “’m keeping watch over our baby.” his voice sounds raspy, and his accent thickens. 
you feel a pang in your chest. you knew he was worried, and rightfully so, your baby boy was born prematurely, after all. you recall how terrified osamu looked when he heard the doctors say that your baby’s lungs were underdeveloped and that they’d have to keep him there until he was ready to go home. 
even after all the reassurance the doctors had given your husband, he still woke up every night to go check up on your son just to see if he was still breathing. 
you kiss the space between his shoulder blades, “’samu, please,” you plead, “you can’t keep doing this anymore.” 
he turns around and you see his tear stained cheeks. 
“i know, i just-” his voice breaks, “i don’t want to lose him.”
your heart shatters. you cup his face in your hands and gently wipe the tears away. 
“we won’t,” you softly, yet firmly say. you gently kiss your husband. 
“our son’s strong like his father. if he was able to recover faster than the doctors expected, then he’ll certainly grow into a strong man someday.” 
osamu smiles, “thank you, dear.” 
he kisses your forehead, “i love you.” 
you smile, “i love you too, ‘samu.”  
Tumblr media
taglist: @celestialices @catchmewiddershins​ @satis-lacrima​
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dreampathic · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
“I love you y/n.” Osamu says breathlessly, leaning in dangerously close..
“OH MY GOD” Atsumu interrupts, wearing his purple hotdog underpants and a towel around his neck. “HAHAHHA YER KISSING YERSELF IN THE MIRROR?”
Osamu’s face burns bright red, moving away from the foggy mirror and shoving past his brother straight to their shared bedroom, slamming and locking the door.
“AYE THE FUCK YOU SLAMMING DOORS FOR?” Their mom shouted from downstairs. “SORRY” Osamu flings himself onto the bottom bunk and groans into the pillow.
Why did Atsumu’s dumb ass catch him in the bathroom practicing his confession to you. He just wanted it to be perfect, no matter how..awkward it seemed to kiss himself. He’s not too bad at the tongue action though.
Tumblr media
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hqshine · a month ago
[ 12:17 AM ] — 𝑀𝐼𝑌𝐴 𝑂𝑆𝐴𝑀𝑈
Tumblr media
His lips are on yours in a savouring manner as he lifts you up on the kitchen table. Smooth and cool, you giggled as you sat comfortably as he remains within your legs.
Osamu continues to devour you, and you could feel the smile on his lips as he wraps his arms tightly around your waist.
You were wearing his shirt and nothing else but fuzzy socks and the both of you decided it was the best time to make some cookies.
at 12am.
So while most of your neighbours are already dead asleep, the two of you threw flour at each other and raced around the apartment, giggles and laughter escaping from the both of you.
the half done cookie dough lay on the kitchen table as the oven dings, after preheating.
And you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in the world except here, in the arms of your boyfriend who was currently chasing you around, surrounded by pure warmth and love
“come ere’ baby! you ain’t escapin’ from me”
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sophiashortcake · 8 months ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
in your defense, you weren’t planning on dining and dashing from onigiri miya.
𝐏𝐀𝐈𝐑𝐈𝐍𝐆: miya osamu x gn!reader
𝐆𝐄𝐍𝐑𝐄: fluff, comedy, unedited, we die like men!
𝐖𝐀𝐑𝐍𝐈𝐍𝐆𝐒: none, besides a bad date.
𝐀/𝐍: this fic came out a little longer than expected, but i hope you guys like it! and i hope there’s enough osamu interaction as well.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You never should have agreed to go on this blind date.
You ultimately regretted a lot of things today, like forgetting to charge your phone (so calling for help to escape was not an option), or agreeing to go to a busy restaurant together (which meant you would have to wait forever for your food, which prolonged this awful date). But agreeing on being set up on a date by your best friend was arguably the worst decision you’ve made today.
After numerous attempts on Tinder, and every other dating app on the market, you were on the verge of giving up on your love life, but your friend offered you solace; letting her set you up on blind date. You were hesitant to agree, but what could be the harm?
The harm was being sat next to this god-awful man you called your date.
On paper, Hiro seemed quite the catch, successful, charming, attractive, but he immediately ruined himself the second he opened his mouth. He had spent the last hour listening to him boasting about his career and accomplishments. To be honest, you couldn’t quite tell if he was telling the truth or just bluffing. But whatever it was, it certainly annoyed you. Seriously, how could one person talk about themself so much?
“And then I got the promotion--”
“Yes,” you sighed, stirring your drink with the straw in an attempt to distract yourself from another one of his stories. “After you got the pay raise, you mentioned this already.”
“What can I say?” He chuckled with the most egotistical grin you’ve ever seen plastered on his face. “I’m just that good.”
You prayed somebody would put you out of your misery already. You cursed yourself for the nth time today that you didn’t charge your phone, leaving you unable to call for help. You pondered over any other possible solutions. You glanced around to spot somebody exiting the bathroom, then an idea clicked in your head.
“I’m gonna go to the bathroom,” you announced, grabbing your bag beside you. You didn’t wait for Hiro’s response before you made a beeline for the bathroom. 
You hurriedly went in, and shut the door behind you. Please let there be a window, please let there be a window! You scanned the wall for an escape route, and there in all its glory laid a window against the tiled wall. You exhaled in relief, this was your exit ticket. You eyed around for something to climb on, and luckily the sink seemed to be just high enough for you to reach the window.
You swung your bag onto your shoulder, and went to go climb ontop the sink, mindful of your balance so you didn’t fall. You barely were just able to reach the window, but luckily you were able to pop it open, revealing the alleyway outside.
You stuck your head out, seeing the area below. You nearly cursed, realizing there was about a six to eight foot drop from the window to the ground, with nothing to help you get down. You were desperate to get out of this date, but not at the expense of breaking your legs. You huffed silently, deliberating over your options.
“Are you okay up there?”
Your eyes shot back to the alleyway, a man standing below, staring up from you. He had dark hair kept under a cap with the restaurant’s name and logo, so he must have been an employee from his uniform. Your eyes zeroed in on a name tag reading ‘MIYA’ on his shirt, he must have been the owner too. You couldn’t help but notice his hands clutching a trash bag, presumably to throw it out. You cursed silently, you looked suspicious as hell right now.
“Peachy!” You chirped. “Just, uh, trying to get some air!” What the hell? Why was that your first response?!
“Do you need any help?” He asked, raising an eyebrow at you.
“Nope!” Yes you do! What the hell were you talking about?!
“Alright then,” he shrugged, before tossing the trash he had in his hand into the nearby dumpster. Before you could say anything else, he went back into the restaurant.
You groaned, cursing your hasty responses. So much for escaping. 
Realizing you had no way to get outside, you climbed back into the bathroom and onto the floor. You sighed, knowing you would just have to go back to your wretched date. You begrudgingly left the bathroom to head back to the table.
You sat back down infront of Hiro, and resisted the urge to roll your eyes at the sight of him.
“You took awhile, what were you doing?” He asked. Who the hell asks what someone was doing in the bathroom?
Before Hiro could open his mouth again, a waiter finally arrived with your food. You thanked whatever gods there were silently, and prepared to scarf down the meal as quickly as you could to get out of there and never speak to Hiro ever again.
“Tuna onigiris?” The waiter asked, holding out a plate, and you looked up to see the same employee from earlier. He definitely recognized you again from the way his eyes held an amused glance at you, I mean, how couldn’t he? You definitely don’t forget about people who tried escaping your restaurant only a few minutes ago. He probably knew you were trying to ditch your date as well.
At second glance, you realized he was definitely attractive, and you couldn’t help but notice the way his arms flexed while he held out the platters of food. Granted, it was probably deplorable that you were checking out the waiter on your date, but come on! This date had already gone to shit anyway.
“Tuna?” Hiro spat. “We ordered salmon!” Oh god, here we go.
The waiter eyed Hiro, and you could tell he was holding back his tongue from Hiro’s rude response, but kept his professional demeanor, but you could notice a sharp glare in his eye. “My apologies--”
“I can’t believe the staff here is so incompentent that they can’t get orders correctly,” Hiro scoffed. You grimaced, how entitled could one person be? 
“I can change your order, sir.” He replied, particularly harsh on the ‘sir’. 
“You better,” Hiro sneered. The waiter shot him another glare, before turning back to the kitchen, but not before giving you a quick look of sympathy. You turned back to Hiro, not bothering to hide the disgust in your face.
“Could you have been any ruder?” You scoffed, crossing your arms.
“Well excuse me for wanting proper service,” he huffed. 
You wanted to chew him out, but you knew it would have been a waste of your time. You two kept a tense silence, and you didn’t care about your harsh attitude anymore, he had no right to be so rude! Before long, the waiter came back with a different plate of onigiri. Hiro took the plate with a petty silence that made you want to strangle him.
“Thank you,” you smiled, trying to make up for Hiro’s poor behavior.
“No problem,” he replied. He eyed Hiro, who was now occupied onto his phone, before lowering his voice. “He totally sucks, I see why ya tried to ditch.”
He gave you one last sympathetic smile that admittedly made your chest flutter, before leaving the table. You were glad you finally could eat, meaning you could leave as soon as you finished. You went to start your meal, cringing at the way Hiro loudly chewed on his food, but you were thankful he had something else occupying his mouth other than another one of his work stories. 
The next half hour, you hurriedly ate your food, determined to escape this date as quickly as possible. And it seemed your prayers had been answered, it was finally time to leave.
“Well!” You grinned a little too happily. “This has been fun!” Obviously, you were being sarcastic.
“Listen, (Name)...” Oh no, what else could he possibly have to say?
“I forgot my wallet,” Hiro nervously laughed, and you suppressed the urge to groan. Now you were gonna have to pay for the date too? Whatever, it was fine, if it got you out of this restaurant quicker, so be it.
“It’s fine, I got it,” You sighed, going to dig through your bag for your own wallet. You shuffled around your bag for it, to no avail. Where the hell was it? The more you rifled through your bag, the more worried you got, until you remembered something. Didn’t you see it on your kitchen counter this morning?
Oh no, you thought to yourself, don’t tell me I forgot it.
“Do you not have your wallet?” Hiro questioned.
“I think I forgot it at home,” you groaned, throwing your head back. How could you be so stupid?
“Don’t you have somebody you can call?” He nervously asked, twiddling with his thumbs.
“My phone died,” you grumbled, this could seriously not get any worse. “Don’t you have somebody you can call?” You remembered he had his phone earlier.
“Well, all my buddies are at work right now so--” You’re pretty sure that translated to I have no friends or anybody that would wanna save me right now.
“Well what do you propose we do?” You scoffed, crossing your arms, not even trying to hide your annoyance anymore. Hiro paused in thought, and you sighed, knowing his brain wasn’t going to get you very far. 
“Well… We could always…” Hiro trailed off, to flick his eyes to the door. It took a second for you to realize he was referring to running out.
“That’s stealing!” You hissed silently.
“Well, we don’t have any other ideas!”
You sighed, there really was no other option was there? It wasn’t like you could explain yourselves to the waiter, well, not with how Hiro treated him earlier. You could always come back to pay, along with a thorough apology.
“Fine,” you huffed, glancing to the counter where your waiter was. You noticed he had turned back as he was occupied with some paperwork. “I don’t think anybody is looking right now.”
Without your permission, Hiro grabbed your hand, and dragged you out of your seat. You were barely able to grab your bag and jacket before he dashed haphazardly out the door with you in tow, not even bothering to be discreet. You were positive the waiter had heard the door ring on your way out.
“Wait, wait!” You yelped, as Hiro pulled you through the streets with you barely able to keep up. “I think the waiter!--”
“Hey!” A voice behind you shouted, and you didn’t even have to turn around to know it was the worker in question. “You two! Get back here!”
However, Hiro didn’t care as he dragged you along for another block or two, losing the waiter behind you. You rounded a corner, before he dropped your hand. You exhaustively tried to catch your breath, as you panted for air. Once you regained control of your breathing, you glared up at him.
“Never call me again,” you hissed, before trekking off back to your apartment.
Tumblr media
You were hoping he didn’t call the cops when you walked back into the restaurant.
You clutched your bag, now with your wallet inside, to your side as the waiter from earlier glared at you from behind the counter. If you weren’t terrified right now, you’d note how pretty his dark eyes were.
“I’m gonna call--”
“No, wait!” You called, cutting him off. “I can explain, and pay for my meal from before!”
“You have a minute,” he replied, raising an eyebrow before crossing his arms against his broad chest.
“I was on a date earlier, with the most awful guy by the way, and he forgot his wallet, and I forgot mine at home, and he dragged me out of the restaurant, and--”
“With the rude guy who kept talking about his job,” He noted.
“Yes!” You gasped. “Him! Terrible, right?”
“No kidding, I heard him all the way in the kitchen,” he scoffed. He paused to look at you, before sighing.
“Alright, I believe ya,” he said.
“Thank you!” You exhaled in relief, going to reach for your wallet inside your bag to pay him.
“No worries,” he cut in, waving his hand. “You don’t need to pay.”
You frowned. “But--”
“After the date you had, I’d feel awful if I made ya pay,” he chuckled. His deep laugh and smile almost made you flustered.
“Are you sure?” You asked, furrowing your eyebrows. “I can’t just leave without paying.”
“Well, maybe you could let me take you on a real date as payment,” he smirked, leaning over the counter. You nearly laughed at his confidence.
“What makes you think I’ll say yes?” You asked, raising an eyebrow.
“The fact you were checking me out at the table.” Shit, guilty as charged.
“Alright,” you giggled. “I’ll let you take me on a real date, Miya.” He grinned in response.
“You can call me Osamu.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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tobibam · a month ago
"𝐈'𝐦 𝐜𝐨𝐥𝐝! 𝐂𝐚𝐧 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐥𝐞𝐭 𝐦𝐞 𝐢𝐧?"
Tumblr media
𝐅𝐚𝐧𝐝𝐨𝐦 : 𝐇𝐚𝐢𝐤𝐲𝐮𝐮!!
𝐏𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 : 𝐎𝐬𝐚𝐦𝐮 𝐌𝐢𝐲𝐚 𝐱 (𝐟𝐞𝐦) 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫
𝐖𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 : 𝐌𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 𝐨𝐟 𝐟𝐨𝐨𝐝, 𝐬𝐨𝐦𝐞 𝐜𝐮𝐫𝐬𝐞𝐝 𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐝𝐬, 𝐬𝐥𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭 𝐜𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐤 𝐚𝐭 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐞𝐧𝐝 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐟𝐮𝐥𝐟𝐟 ♡︎
𝐀/𝐧 : 𝐓𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐢𝐝𝐞𝐚 𝐜𝐚𝐦𝐞 𝐟𝐫𝐨𝐦 𝐚 𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐬𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 𝐛𝐞𝐭𝐰𝐞𝐞𝐧 𝐦𝐞 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐝𝐞𝐚𝐫 @dreamesamu (𝐚𝐦𝐞𝐥𝐢𝐚), 𝐭𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐤 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐬𝐨 𝐦𝐮𝐜𝐡 𝐚𝐠𝐚𝐢𝐧 𝐝𝐞𝐚𝐫, 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐈 𝐡𝐨𝐩𝐞 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐚𝐥𝐥 𝐰𝐢𝐥𝐥 𝐞𝐧𝐣𝐨𝐲𝐞𝐝 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐬! <𝟑𝟑
Tumblr media
Chopped chopped.
The sound of cutting ingredients came from the kitchen. And standing there, was a silvered haired man, who was preparing dinner for the day.
Osamu continued to cut the ingredients gingerly, with Atsumu; his twin, gone to buy some groceries, the house is quiet. The only other sound that could be heard was the sound of a ticking clock. Osamu glanced around, it was almost 7 p.m. Atsumu would probably come back in an hour or two.
The man heaved a sigh, today’s menu was no ordinary. It’s the certain’s person most favourite food, (l/n) (y/n). His childhood friend and crush for more than ten years. You were one of his neighbours, so he’s known you since you were a child. And even though he’d never admitted it out loud, he’s pretty sure he’d been hopelessly in love with you for almost the rest of his life.
However, it seems to him that you’re still unable to get all those little hints he’s been leaving here and there. Sometimes he wonder how dumb you really are for not getting those obvious hints yet.
Yes, he was practicing to cook your favourite meal. Just so that he can perhaps prepare a bento for you later, but of course, he didn’t tell you about this. There’s no way he’ll tell you until he’s sure that everything is perfect. He means — everyone knows that he’s such an amazing chef, but this. This is not just for someone random, it’s for you. His crush. It needs to be special.
His twin also know about this little crush of his, but he’s still smart enough to not let it slipped out in front of you. Hell — Osamu would be ready to beat his ass up if he did.
Osamu was distracted by his own thoughts for a moment, before the sound of the door bell rang caught his attention. He stopped, thank god that he’s still manage not to cut his own fingers. The man took off his apron, before hurried over to open the front door.
As the door creaked open, it reveal you. You. The girl he oh — so in love with. You were rubbing your arms up and down, as if you were trying to get some warmth.
Osamu blinked, stupefied.
“(Y/n),” He began. “Why are you here?”
“My mum and dad have works today.” You said, shaking your head while your body shivered a bit as the wind blows through. “And I don’t want to be alone.”
Osamu leaned himself against the doorframe and raised one of his eyebrows at you, “So?”
You let out a frustrated sound in response, “Can’t you see? I’m cold! Can you let me in?”
The man bit the inside of his cheek, he felt his heart thumped so fast as if it were about to burst out. Well — who would have thought that their crush was gonna show up right at their house? Oh, he doesn’t know how the hell in the world could he still maintain that normal expression.
Instead, he only shrugged, and took a step back for you to come in. Then Osamu quickly went to grab a blanket, “Idiot.” He mumbled before throwing it at you.
“Ah — Samu! What’s the problem with you!?” You caught the blanket and glared at him.
“Just shut up.” The man answered, before swiftly swept past you back into the kitchen.
You paused, watching after him, curious, you flung the blanket over your shoulders and started to followed him.
“Ooo,” You said as you sniffed the air, “I smell something delicious here.” You look over Osamu’s shoulder, you could tell only by just the ingredients that he was cooking your favourite food. And the smile unknown to you slowly crept up to your face as soon as you saw them.
“Is this for me?” You asked hopefully, and Osamu hated how much he liked the look in your eyes.
“No.” He replied, “Atsumu’s just asked me to cook it.” It’s a lie, he knows, but he just couldn’t let you know the truth. And yet he felt his heart dropped a bit as he saw your face fell into disappointment.
“But,” He added. “I accidentally make for more than 2, and our parents aren’t home today either. So you can join us, I guess.” Osamu have to bit back his smile when he saw your expression brighten up once again.
“Yay!” You cheered joyfully, even Osamu this time, couldn’t help but let out a small chuckle.
“Just go to the couch and wait.” He said, “I’ll call you when food is ready.”
“Sure~” Sung you cheerfully, retreating back away from him. “Oh and —” You abruptly stopped and turn back, “Where’s Atsumu by the way?”
Osamu felt a pang of jealousy shot through his heart. “Out,” he said bitterly, “he went out for some groceries shopping.”
“Ohhhh” You said, “Okay, don’t forget to call me when food’s ready!” Then you head out of the room.
Once you’re out of the room, that’s when he let all the emotions and thoughts wriggled free.
It’s ridiculous. He knows. But he just can’t help it, this sick, stupid feelings always come back to him every time he saw you and Atsumu together, or even when you were simply mentioned his brother.
Because deep down, he’s scared. He’s scared that in the end, you’ll choose him. That you’ll think Atsumu is the better twin. And Osamu didn’t want you to think like that, no. But — what could he do ? What could he do if you really think like that ?
The silvered haired man shook his head and try to focus back into cooking, ‘Don’t think too much about it.’ He reminded himself, ‘It’s just a stupid crush. It’s not that big of a deal, right?’
Oh — he could only hope so.
Tumblr media
“Thank you for the meal!” You announced once you’ve finished eating.
“How was it?” Osamu asked as he finished his, too.
You look at him and smile wildly, “Delicious.”
“Of course it is.” The man agree, “The chef is no one else but Osamu Miya here.”
Rolling your eyes, you got up from your seat and move to put the dishes in the sink, and started to wash your dishes. The man moved to help you soon after as well.
“Wait…” You said suddenly, “And Atsumu? Nah he can eat the leftovers right? It’s his own fault for coming home late.”
Ah speaking of his twin. It’s already half past 8 p.m. now, but Atsumu still haven’t come back, ‘Perhaps he hang around there a little longer and was buying something unnecessary again’, Osamu sighed. But not that he wanted his twin back right now anyway.
The man glanced at you.
At least not when you’re with him.
Tumblr media
You shivered and sneeze.
“It’s still cold.” You sighed and wrapped your arms around yourself.
Osamu sit down on the couch, “Then why do you come out in the first place?” He asked curiously, “You could have just stay in your house and open the heater.”
“I told you I don’t want to be alone!” You whined, “You wouldn’t want to be alone in this super super cold night too, right?”
The man in front look up and stare at you. Face calm and indifferent.
You open and close your mouth a few times, baffled, “W-what? Why are you looking at me like that?”
Osamu stood up, with contorted and reluctant expression, he slowly open his arms.
This only just make you even more confused.
Why would he do that?
You blinked several time and gave him a puzzled look, but he only turn his head away, cheeks light shade of pink.
“Samu what —”
“You said you’re cold,” He promptly cut you off, “So…” He took a deep breath and bit his tongue, “So hug me, and maybe you can get a bit warmer.”
Dumbfounded, you stuttered out — “H-huh? Um-But um-uhhhh…” Ha — and who would have thought that their crush would offer them a hug when you were just jokingly whine that you’re cold? All right. Sure. You really are cold. But you surely never expected that, Osamu Miya. Your crush, would really listen to you and offer you a hug. Not that you have anything against, oh dear, you could never, but like seriously? Did he — perhaps — reciprocate your feelings? The feelings that you’ve been hiding for years — all this time?
Osamu gradually got more nervous as the silence hung on, “You don’t want to hug me?” He mumbled, “Ha… I’ve never seen you have a problem hugging Atsumu, but with me? That’s —”
The man paused as you throw yourself and flung your arms around him.
“No it’s not like that!” You interrupted, “Idiot. Do you really think I like Atsumu?” Hugging him a little more tighter, you buried your face into his broad chest.
“I like you silly.” Said you.
Although it is quiet, but in this silent room. He can still hear it.
Osamu couldn’t believe it his ears. He might just be imagining things, maybe this is just a dream. It would be such a very sweet dream if it is. His heart was racing fast and he’s certain that you’re able to hear it too. The man could barely speak any word, all that he could managed out was “You… you really mean it?”
Slowly, you nodded. Before slightly pull back and look at him right in the eyes.
“Yes, Samu. I like you.” Even with flushed face, you tone is sincere and determined, you wanted him to know that you meant every word. Though that didn’t help how embarrassed your are by your own words. But slowly you relax as you feel him wrapping his arms around you and pull you back into a tight hug.
“Good. Because I… I like you too.” He muttered, and you smile.
“But you’re still an idiot that you think I like Atsumu though,” You chuckled. And you could feel him flinched slightly.
“Just shut up.” Osamu complained. That only get you giggling harder.
Annoyed, he playfully smack your forehead lightly.
“Ow — Samu!” You mildly scold him, but when you look at him again — he was already looking at you. But that was only for a brief second before you felt a pair of lips on your own.
The kiss was gentle and sweet. Along with such a romantic moment of you two alone in each other’s arms. Everything just felt so right. So perfect.
As you’re about to close your eyes and enjoy the moment, Osamu brought his hand up to cupped your cheek. His movements are careful, yet loving. It make you feel so loved, and then —
“Samu! I’m home!”
A voice shouted from the front door, making you both immediately stopped and whipped your head to the source of that voice.
And here he is. The other Miya twin. Miya Atsumu.
He was frozen to the floor, eyes and mouth wide open.
“…Wait…Uh…Samu…” Before a gasped of realization hit him and a hand flew to cover his mouth, “Samu! You —!”
He quickly snapped his mouth shut and run as his twin darted towards him.
“You damn Atsumu! Why the f*ck do you’ve to come back now and ruin the moment!?” Osamu shouted while running after him.
“Eeeeeeekkkkk!” His other twin cried, “How the hell would I know that!? At least you finally got yourself a girlfriend! Isn’t that a good thing!? No stop —! Ahhhhhhhhhh —!” Atsumu dramatically scream at the top of his lungs.
“Shut up you stinky!” Osamu yelled back.
And that’s how they continue to chase each other whilst leaving you standing there alone in the living room, bewildered and embarrassed.
Tonight is going to be chaotic.
…You’re quite sure it will.
Tumblr media
𝐋𝐢𝐤𝐞𝐬 𝐨𝐫 𝐫𝐞𝐛𝐥𝐨𝐠𝐬 𝐚𝐫𝐞 𝐡𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐥𝐲 𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐜𝐢𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐝 ♥︎
- 𝐖𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞, 𝐁𝐚𝐦𝐁𝐚𝐦 🦢🌙
Tumblr media
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iwas-baby · 7 months ago
osamu + piss kink + humiliation
my first time writing piss kink let’s see how it goes 😭
event link here nsfw
you sat on your knees while on you and osamu’s shared bed. he had you holding your bladder all day while out with your friends and now he sat behind you, kissing up your neck, pressing down on your stomach.
naturally, you whined at the contact, feeling your cheeks heat up knowing what was to come. that gut turning feeling only intensified when he brought his fingers down to your pussy, rubbing your clit while still pushing against your lower stomach.
you could feel it coming, your legs trembling as the urge to pee grew greater and great by the second. “please please please,” you begged, turning your head slightly to watch osamu’s amused smirk.
“please what? what’d ya want baby?” his fingers sped up, cutting off your answers as your moth hung open while slurred groans escape.
slowly, you could feel urine start to prickle against your thigh, for a second the relief felt good but still you tried to hold it in. though osamu didn’t like that—growling and putting more pressure on where your bladder was.
enough was enough and slowly you began to pee all over yourself, soiling the sheets underneath you at the same time. you were embarrassed, turning your head away and burying it into osamu’s shoulder while he continued to play with your messy clit.
with the hand once forcing your bladder, now grabbed the back of your head, forcing you to look down between your legs and with a teasing tone he whispered into your ear: “look at it, you disgusting slut.”
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oikawaplssteponme · 5 months ago
helping hands | timeskip! miya osamu x reader | wc: ~.5k | tw: swearing | fluff
Tumblr media
“So you don’t know how to make onigiri...yet you applied to work at my shop?”
Miya Osamu looked up from the resume that he held in his hands. You chuckled nervously.
“Well I was hoping to learn...”
Osamu sighed, setting your resume down and fixing his hat.
“You come here a lot, don’t you?” he asked. You nodded.
“Yeah all the time! It’s my favorite place to get onigiri,”you explained.
“Yeah I recognized you. You always get the grilled salmon filling.”
You chuckled.
“Yeah, you definitely make it best here.”
You watched as Osamu read over your resume once more. You applied because you needed a job, but the attractive owner definitely played a factor.
He shrugged.
“I’m only hiring you because you’re the only person who applied and I need someone to help me during night shifts,” he said plainly. You nodded.
“You start tomorrow. Come in at six and please don’t be late.”
Osamu got up and walked back to the kitchen of Onigiri Miya. He smiled to himself. Now he’d get to see you more than just when you would come in to pick up your order.
“Oh okay, thank you!”
You waved him goodbye and he gave you an unenthusiastic one back.
It’s rice balls, you thought to yourself, it can’t be that hard to make.
“How about this one?” you asked, holding out the miss-shaped rice ball. Osamu took it from your hand, inspected it, and threw it in the bin where the rest of your failures were.
“My brother can make these better than you,” he huffed. You sighed.
“Shit...l-let me try again.”
You laid out some of the cooked rice before adding the filling. Osamu nodded to himself with every action you took. You began to shape it into a triangle. He sighed.
“That’s where you go wrong. You’re not being careful,” he explained.
“Here let me show you.”
Osamu moved to stand behind you, placing his large hands on top of yours. He moved your hands to his liking, finally forming a perfect triangle.
“See? You don’t need to be so rough.” He said softly. He added the strip of nori, completing the onigiri.
You turned your head to face him. He was still standing closely behind you.
You locked eyes with him and Osamu's face turned bright red. He stepped away, cleaning his throat.
“Uh try it…make sure it’s good,” he insisted, pointing to the onigiri. You smiled, happily taking a bite.
“It’s so good,” you gushed. Osamu smiled.
“Yeah so just make it like that every time…try again.”
You nodded. You took a deep breath and repeated the same steps, this time recalling the movements your hands did with Osamu’s help.
“Better?” You showed him the rice ball. He smiled, grabbing it from your hands and taking a bite.
You applauded yourself, relieved.
“I guess you’ve earned your keep Y/N-chan,” he teased. You chuckled.
“Thanks to you Osamu-san.”
Osamu blushed. He rubbed the back of his head.
“I’m gonna go check that everything’s okay up front,” he said. You nodded.
As Osamu walked away, you turned around cupping your face. It was burning. You smiled to yourself, suddenly looking forward to tomorrow’s shift.
Tumblr media
a/n: hi hi! question: do you all like these little blurbs? ive been writing them more but im not sure if you all like this style so just lmk ! :) i hope you liked it <3 reblogs are greatly appreciated!
[general taglist: @lealofsblog @iwaisa @bakugousmymassa @evivn1 @tetsoleil @bokutory @vangoghmusings @moonlightaangel @misszenin @marajillana @sopesmin @alaina-rose13 @shotoful @katlingclaw ]
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hq--fics · 5 months ago
Whoo hoo! I'm back well really this is like my millionth time back because I absolutely adore your writing. Congrats on 500🎉 Can I get Osamu with secret relationship. Where Osamu is well duh in a secret relationship and Atsumu knows something is up so is being all nosey in hopes of discovering what his brother is hiding. Congrats once again on your milestone!!💜💜💜
A/N:  Aww thank you so much! It means so much to me that you keep coming back to read my work! Thank you for the request darling, I hope you like how I wrote it **Requests are open**
500Event! Secret Relationship w/Osamu
Words: 500 
Warnings: none
General Masterlist, Love Thy Neighbour Directory, Mission Database
Tumblr media
“Why’re ya so curious about this Sumu?” Osamu asked with an irritated scowl at his twin who stood beside him. Atsumu paused surveying the filled room of past classmates to glance at his brother with a smirk. “Why’re ya bein’ so defensive about the question Samu? I tell ya everythin’ about who I see.” he retorted. “Can I not wonder if yer gonna break more hearts or reignite an old flame?” Osamu rolled his eyes at that. Honestly saying anything would only spur Atsumu on even more. This was the main reason why he hadn’t revealed the truth of his love life just yet, he could already see how Atsumu would react and honestly he wasn’t ready for that headache just yet. “Oh fuck! Is that who I think it is?!”
And just like that his twin sped off and at first Osamu let out a sigh of relief but then he tensed when caught sight of you hugging his brother with a bright, beautiful smile. When you pulled back his eye twitched to see his brother look you over shamelessly. Whatever he said made you laugh and you slowly turned to show off your figure in the outfit that only heightened your beauty. Then Atsumu said something else that made you both look his way. 
The blond headed back, pulling you along with him not seeing the playful grin on your face. By the time Atsumu stopped beside Osamu again, you had composed your expression into one of polite surprise. “Osamu! It’s so nice to see you.” you grinned leaning in to hug him in a friendly embrace that he forced himself to return with the same lack of intimacy that you had. Little did Atsumu know you both had woken up together that morning and he was going to remain clueless to that fact.
“Hasn’t our little manager become a hottie Samu?” Atsumu prodded with a wicked grin, sliding a hand over your shoulder as he leant down to inform you. “Did my brother ever tell ya that he had the hugest crush on ya back in the day?” “Atsumu!” Osamu growled out in irritation while your eyes glimmered in amusement. “If I recall, a lot of the team had a crush on me.” you mused with a laugh that Atsumu joined in on. “But that’s all in the past. We all had our teenage crushes right?” Osamu smiled and began to engage in unnecessary small talk with you, pretending to catch up when he already knew what you’d been up to, the last six months specifically. Thankfully Atsumu excused himself and when you were both alone you smirked at him.
“Huge crush huh?” you repeated as you stepped closer, pulling out your phone to pretend to show your boyfriend something, finally feeling the warmth of his body radiating into your back as he leant closer to look at the photo of you both on your lockscreen. “Head over heels actually.” He replied. “Still am.” “Good, me too.”  
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mattsunfairy · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
recipe box.
osamu x reader
genre: angst (toxic relationship)
Tumblr media
most people would tell you the kitchen is the heart of a house and although they aren’t always wrong, it just wasn’t the case in your house.
with your apron on, you looked at the small box that was hidden in the upper pantry, scanning through recipes. flipping through the options with your fingertips, you couldn’t help but sigh.
osamu would be home late again. he’d be tired and cranky and not in the mood to talk to you. you knew that. even before he left in the morning you knew.
there were left-overs in the fridge and he usually had something to eat at the restaurant, there was no point in cooking a meal.
maybe it would make osamu happy to make him some dessert? you had faith that it would make him look at you like he once did. maybe it would also be able to take the permanent frown off his face. one could only hope.
your boyfriend liked cookies, you thought. he mentioned it when you went out with some mutal friends; friends he said weren’t good enough for you.
you placed the butter into the mixer, slowly pouring the sweet sugar in.
you could remember when the relationship was still sweet, everyday was warm like honey. there wasn’t constant fighting, your voice never strained because of the shouting— there was peace.
next the eggs. you watched as the machine swirled the ingredients together. what you couldn’t remember, though, was when things had changed. one day it was cloud nine and then the next it was as bitter as the dark roast he drank in the morning.
vanilla extract, baking soda, flour, salt.
gulping, you leaned against the counter. you didn’t even realize your fingers starting to shake a bit, barely recognizing the familiar sting in your eyes.
osamu promised to care about you, to love you. yet, his words hurt the most, made you feel isolated and small. gasping for air in fits of panic attacks within your own home. the feeling of being worthless was anything but sweet.
as you rolled the cookie dough flat, you cursed as you dropped the cookie cutter, anticipating a voice to snap at you for messing up. osamu wasn’t home, though, you didn’t have to worry about that. you rinsed off the cutter, finishing off the cookies.
the tray was in the oven, slowly baking and you sat on the cold tile floor and stared mindless at them. the light inside the stove was dim but you still patiently watched them rise.
you were always patient. that’s why you thought things could change. but the sweetness would never come back, it would never be like it once was, you understood that now.
hot tears trailed down your face, sobs echoing in the empty kitchen. the last pieces of your heart had finally fallen apart. things couldn’t be fixed. your bloodshot eyes gazed upon your reflection in the window of the oven as you caught a glimpse of your puffy lips and stained, flushed cheeks.
when osamu came home, he waited for the welcome home, excepting you to take his coat like usual. he was getting angry that you weren’t there— after all he could smell something from the kitchen.
he stormed in, fists balled and temper heated but the only thing he saw was a tray of cookies and a note, written on the back side of recipe from the recipe box. you were gone.
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suhkusa · a year ago
haikyuu kinktober 2020 day 10
Tumblr media
theme + character ; osamu miya + kitchen sex
warnings ; 18+ content, name-calling, slight degradation
w/c ; 948
a/n ; i saw like 5 deer today feeling great! also went outside and like did nature shit (i didnt rlly i just like breathed in oxygen) and felt pog - anica
Tumblr media
Osamu weaved his fingers through your hair, fisting the back of your head as he deepened the kiss with his tongue. His crotch pressed into yours, causing a low, rumbly groan from his throat.
You gripped onto the edge of the counter, rocking your hips back and forth creating some slight friction. The fabric of your panties were now soaked with your arousal, a clear sign that you wanted him.
“Turn around,” Osamu said as he flipped you around, making you face away from him. Your backside rubbed at the tent in his pants, you placed your palms on the cold surface of the counter and bent over slightly. “You wanna fuck here?” His tone was teasing, almost as if he wanted you to say yes.
And of course you said yes.
Osamu grinned, “Such a dirty, filthy, slut. Fuck in the kitchen, hm?” His palm caressed your left cheek, his other hand slid up the arch of your back. Osamu gently pressed you down, forcing you to bend over and press your chest on the countertop. He let out a low chuckle before swinging his hand back to slap your ass, hard. A sharp sting caused you to jerk up a bit, but that had only made you even more wet.
At this point you were begging...aching for him. You whimpered as he tugged off your pants, hearing him suck in a sharp breath once your backside was bare. Smooth skin, despite the reddening mark from his hit, Osamu licked his lips excitedly as he caught the sight of your wet pussy. Glistening and slick with desire, he teased your clit with the tip of his finger, loving the way you whined.
You arched your back even more and tried to create more friction, attempting to rub your cunt against his finger.
“Aww, does the little slut want more?” Osamu slapped your other cheek, “Does she?” He said more daringly.
“Osamu,” you pleaded, feeling your hole clench from the ache.
“What is it, what do you want?” He grunted, slowly beginning to take his pants off. His erection springed free, ready for your pussy.
“Please…” You whimpered, practically sounding like a sad puppy.
He merely laughed at you, leaning over and teasing you with his cock. As soon as you felt his tip slide against your slit, you let out a breathless moan.
“Please what?” He asked with his lips right next to your ear, his voice low and husky.
You didn't want to sound desperate, but you were.
“P-Please...please fuck me,”
Osamu chuckled, “All you had to do was ask,”
He slammed his dick into you, stretching you wide open immediately. You moaned at the feeling, the sudden invasion of him, and he was pleased enough to let out a moan of his own.
His fingers dug into your waist as he began to slowly buck his hips, the sound of your skin slapping together filled the kitchen. Your nipples had hardened due to the cold countertop, and your whole torso had turned rigid from the temperature.
Osamu pulled your lower half towards his, rocking your body into his. He felt you clench around him, knowing you were still wanting more.
“Does your clit want some attention? Does it?” He lowered his right hand and ran it to your inner thigh, once again deciding to tease the sensitive nerve.
“Yes please, yes- ahh fuck, Osamu…” you yelped out as he suddenly began to rub your clit, fast, harsh, brutal. He was done teasing. He wanted to see you come, see your body freeze up as you screamed and came all over the place. Massive jolts of pleasure ran through your body, your hand had reached down to grip at his wrist but Osamu put it back on the counter.
“Too much? Do you feel too good?” You nodded, squeezing your eyes shut as your teeth sunk into your bottom lip, deep enough to possibly draw blood. He swung his left hand and gave your ass a harsh slap, “But you asked me, didn't y-fuck,” Osamu groaned when he felt you clench even tighter around him, your moans bounced off the walls and rang through the kitchen.
Osamu was right though, you did ask him. You basically begged for him to fuck you, to make you feel this good. And he was doing exactly as you asked, fucking you and making you feel so fucking good.
“C’mon, come for me slut,” Osamu grunted whilst attacking your clit, still fucking the hell out of your cunt.
Your breath wavered and you felt the need to grip something, but there was nothing in your reach that you could possibly grab ahold of.
Osamu was close, he would probably come in the next couple seconds, but he wouldn't stop until you did. Actually thinking about you orgasming all over him while in a kitchen made him get even closer, he felt his orgasm ball up in his lower chest and he came inside you.
A line of mumbled curse words came out from his mouth, he continued rocking his hips into yours, even if his dick was really fucking sensitive.
“C’mon, be a good girl and come for daddy.”
And at that your legs nearly gave up on you, a rush of electricity shocked you as you whimpered and moaned and screamed, letting all the tension that had kept itself in your crotch out on his cock.
Osamu pleasantly hummed, the corners of his lips curled up into a smirk when he looked down and pulled out. A mix of your cum and his all spread on his cock.
“You gonna suck this mess all off or what?”
Tumblr media
kinktober taglist
@itachiyam @yashinosakura @chaosamu @thathoneybee3 @curiouslilbeast @woah-there-cowboy-or-cowgirl @sarcastickaigan @kaidousgf
Tumblr media
© all writings belongs to suhkusa 2020. do not repost or change.
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swnfrancisco · 12 days ago
『sweet surprise』 | miya osamu x reader
━━━━°⌜ 赤い糸 ⌟°━━━━
genre: one-shot; sfw; fluff; implicit nsfw.
━━━━°⌜ 赤い糸 ⌟°━━━━
you finally come home after a hard and stressful day at work. as soon as you walk through the door you feel an amazing smell in the air and smile at the thought of having your boyfriend’s incredible food for dinner.
you drop your bag to the floor and follow the scent to the kitchen. the table is set with two plates and a few candles are lit up, along with a little vase with flowers.
osamu -who’s shirtless under his apron- carefully puts the food on the white surfaces, quietly humming the song that comes from the speaker. he wears that cute pout he always has when he’s focused on something while giving the plate it’s last details.
you lean back on the wall beside you and watch him. when he's finished, he steps back to stare at his work and nods in a self-approval manner. you chuckle at his adorableness.
as soon as your sweet voice enters his ears he turns to you, slightly surprised that you were standing in the corner the whole time.
he gives you an understanding look, it seems as if he could see the tiredness though your eyes, and opens his arms.
you are quick to jog a little to him and wrap your arms around his torso. you feel a weight being pulled out of your shoulders as he hugs you back and kisses the top of your head.
you snuggle your face on his chest, taking in his familiar cologne. it feels safe being in his arms.
“welcome home, gorgeous. bad day?” he asks, rubbing his hand up and down your back.
“not anymore.” you rest your chin on his chest and give him a lazy smile.
he places a soft kiss on your lips, then another on your nose, another on your cheek, your eyebrow, your forehead… and suddenly the air is filled with the sounds of your giggles.
you feel your stomach warming up as you eat the food. quietly humming from how good it is. you feel a pair of eyes staring at you, and osamu and you start chuckling as your gazes meet.
he watches you as you eat, smiling fondly at the sight of his love happily finishing eating the food he made especially for them.
“wanna dance?” he offers you his hand.
“of course.” you respond, letting him pull you out of the chair and closing your bodies together.
osamu rocks you back and forth on the kitchen floor, occasionally spinning you or supporting your back so you fall back dramatically.
you both look deep into each other’s eyes the whole time, exchanging affectionate gazes. you start to blush when he smiles at you, sending butterflies to your stomach. no matter how long you have been together, osamu would always make you go crazy.
“ew, yer so in love it’s disgusting.” you both turn your heads to the voice. atsumu stands at the door looking back at you unfazed. “i suppose she said yes, so congratulations.”
you tilt your head in confusion and turn to osamu, who glares at his brother with his jaw clench.
“i said yes to what?”
“atsumu, i’m gonna kill you.”
“oh, uh…” the blond starts to walk backwards, panic written all over his face. “did you guys hear that? mom is calling me, i have to go.”
“what? you mom is in hyo-” tsumu sprints out of your sight before you can finish your sentence.
osamu sighs and punches the bridge of his nose.
“baby, what was he talking about?”
“open the fridge.”
“no, tell me, what was that about?”
“darling, just open the fridge.”
you throw him a suspicious look and do as he said.
in the middle of the shelf was a colorful pavlova filled with heart shaped cut fruits and a shiny dot on top of it. you get closer to give it a better look, and realization lays upon you.
that shiny dot is a silver ring with a small gem on it. it is delicate and beautiful, the perfect ring.
osamu comes up from behind you and picks up the dessert, then drops to one knee. he takes the ring out of it and cleans it a little.
“l/n y/n, will you make me the luckiest man on earth and give me the honor of being your husband?”
your eyes widen and you bring both hands to your mouth, happy tears starting to form in your eyes.
“yes! yes, yes, yes!” osamu smiles widely at your shouts.
you shake slightly as he puts the ring on your finger. after staring at the new weight on your hand for a bit you throw your arms around your fiancé and kiss him passionately.
he grabs you by the waist and pulls you to sit on his legs, closing the gap between the two of you.
“i love you. miya osamu.”
“i love you more, miya y/n.” he takes your hand in his and kisses your ring finger. “i’m sorry, this wasn’t quite how i planned to propose.”
“i don’t care how you propose, samu, as long as you’re the one asking, i’ll always say yes.”
you hear sniffs and hiccups, and osamu laughs under his breath.
“really?” he asks his twin, who’s standing at the door /again/, recording everything in his phone while he bails his eyes out.
“i’m sorry i said yer disgusting, this is really nice.” he sniffs. “i gotta send this to ma, i’ll be right back.”
“how about you /don’t/ come back, tsumu?” samu suggests, still mad at his brother for ruining his proposal.
atsumu nods and wiped the tears off his face, heading to the door.
“before i go, congratulations! and be careful with what you do tonight, y/n has to fit in the dress in a few months!”
“just go already, asshole!”
you laugh and cling harder to osamu, delivering little pecks to the side of his neck.
he smiles and cups your cheeks with both hands, making you look at him.
“we’re getting married.” he says as if he could not believe it.
“we’re getting married, baby.”
he catches your lips in a sweet kiss, hands caress your sides while bringing you impossibly closer to him. you lock your fingers on his brown strands, deepening the kiss and smiling into it.
samu wraps your legs around his waist and stands up. he starts kissing your neck while walking out of the kitchen.
“love, remember what tsumu said, i have to fit in the wedding dress.” you say teasingly.
“i don’t care, you’ll look beautiful anyways. we’ll make the dress fit.” he says between kisses.
osamu carefully lays you on your shared bed and gets on top of you…
━━━━°⌜ 赤い糸 ⌟°━━━━
read more;
━━━━°⌜ 赤い糸 ⌟°━━━━
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ellewords · 6 months ago
at sea, adrift
Tumblr media
request from : @bokutosworld​  <3
fic notes :  timeskip!miya osamu x gn!reader, fluff, slight angst, wc: ~1.5k
from elle ! oooh i haven’t written for samu in a while so this request was fun to do :> thank you sm for requesting and i hope you like it <33
Tumblr media
“ i'm setting off, but not without my muse    no, not without you. ”
part of my 400 milestone event
Tumblr media
“crossing the bay of yura, the boatman loses the rudder. the boat is adrift, not knowing where it goes. is the course of love like this?” — poem 46, sone no yoshitada
Tumblr media
People will often ask you what your relationship with Osamu is like or — better yet — what it even is in the first place.
Without missing a single beat, you’ll always reply in the same way, “It’s like being at sea, slightly adrift.” 
Tumblr media
You’ll meet Osamu when the sun is at its peak, high and bright, shining down and prickling your bare skin. There’ll a cold splash, staining your white shirt and sticking to your arms. Looking up, you’ll see him. Gray hair, shocked featutes that immediately melds into an apologetic one, a half emptied cup of sweet peach tea in his hands — the other half accidentally on you.
“ ’m so sorry.” He’ll say, bowing his head ever so slightly. Mostly as a sign of how apologetic he is, partly to hide the faint flush on his cheeks.
You’ll shake your head, a small laugh leaving your lips, “Don’t be. It’s way too hot anyways, I needed that.”
 Osamu raises his head, blinking back at you, wondering how you could make a joke to try and make him feel better. Especially when he was the one at fault. 
“There must be some way I can make it up to ya.” 
He won’t take no for an answer, stubborn, despite your insistence that everything was truly okay; that he didn’t have to go to such great lengths for something seemingly insignificant. You had a jacket wrapped around your waist, surely you could use that to cover it up.
But Osamu mentions that he owns a quaint little onigiri place a little ways down the street, it had just opened and he’s more than happy to give you a few items on the house.
With his persistence, and the sun’s beaming haze now painful on your skin, you’ll eventually allow Osamu to accompany you to his store; without knowing you had just left the shore, into the vast unknown of the deep blue, oarless with holes on your sail.
Tumblr media
You couldn’t possibly think that one chance encounter one random Thursday afternoon would eventually turn into several lunch periods spent in his presence, not expecting the building you worked at would only be a ten minute walk away from his store. 
The sea will be still, windless even. Truly, you’ll expect nothing more than a few minutes of his day. But when he gives you more than that, you’d never think he’d know your schedule like the back of his hand, preparing your food before you could even go through the front door. 
Eventually he’ll no longer ask for your order, preparing something he’s sure you’d like, sliding it towards you the minute you settled down in your unofficial seat — the one closest to the register. There’s always a small, anticipating smile on his face; eyes on you as he eagerly watches you take your first bite, awaiting your criticism.
And when you tell him you like it — and you always will — there’s an unexplainable amount of pride that courses through his veins, unlike anything he’s ever felt before. 
“Ya aren’t gettin’ tired of me yet?” Osamu would smirk as you brought the onigiri to your lips for another bite, “How many times have ya come in ‘ere this past week?”
You won’t be able to help rolling your eyes, a quiet groan escapes your lips at his teasing, “Want me out of here, Samu?”
“Who am I to deny a paying customer?” He shakes his head, giving you a wink as his gaze lands on your somewhat frustrated features, “especially when they’re this cute.”
“Shut up.”
“Oh, ya love it.”
You’ll frown, staring at the plate in front of you, fingers lightly tapping on the plastic table, “Do you always flirt with your customers?”
“Only the ones I spilled my drink on.” Osamu laughs, finally turning away from you to tend to his other waiting customers. You’ll be left with his words, on your own devices as you contemplate any and all possible meanings to them. 
You remain adrift, afloat on the seemingly endless blue sea, not a single sight of land ahead. 
The seas will be still for a while, for months after you’ve left the shore. It will be too still for your liking. Osamu keeps things as they are, never pushing forward but never pulling back either. There’s no movement, and you’ll have nothing with you to move your little boat along.
Tumblr media
But soon enough you eventually grow tired of waiting, thinking you were fine with the way your relationship is progressing, or rather the lack of its progression. But you’d only be fooling yourself. There are nights where you’ll find yourself screaming up to the heavens, wondering why you aren’t being given anything to guide you on whatever this journey was.
You’d want to find some oars, create your own if you have to, not wanting to live the rest of your days drifting along the sea, all on your own. You’ll search for scrap pieces of wood that could serve as a means to row forward, the ones close enough that you don’t have to make any effort to reach. But they’re far from what you need. They’ll be too rugged, too heavy — sharp splinters or rough around the edges, giving you small cuts on your hands. 
Osamu would have to be the one to bandage these wounds, arriving at his shop just as he’s about to close. The bags under your eyes will be heavy, tears threatening to burst at any moment. He’ll open his arms out, inviting you to melt into his embrace. He’ll feel your body shake as you struggled to hold yourself up.
“Bad date?” He’ll ask, his voice is soft but you’ll be able to tell that he’s scolding you, “Why’d ya keep goin’ out with those jerks anyways?”
And in your exhaustion, you’ll have no choice but to let out an honest answer, “Because I can’t keep waiting for you to make a move.”
Osamu’s world will stop then spin. His bottom lip will quiver,  grip on you loosening for the briefest of moments, heart hammering in his chest as your words pierce through him — slowly, painfully. He didn’t think you’d feel the same, he never allowed himself to feed the delusion of a possible relationship. There’s so much he has to do, building dreams that had come way before you. 
Storms are rough, but this first one will be especially difficult. Waves are the highest they’ll ever be, realizations crashing down before the two of you. The cold night air will howl, sending chills down your spines, freezing you both in your place. In the distance, a low rumble of thunder, a warning of what’s to come — how difficult your journey will be.
He’ll ask you to wait it out, to whether the storm with him. And he’s pleading because Osamu knows himself enough to know the extent of his own feelings towards you, aware that they’re not to be taken lightly. But he’s also aware that he won’t be able to give you all the time and attention you deserved, he could’t be able to give you all of him, at least not yet. At this point, business was booming and he’s been thinking of opening up a store in Tokyo. 
But he’ll admit his selfishness and tells you he loves you, and everything will feel like it’s crashing down yet building back up. Give him time now and he’ll eventually give you the world. 
“Just wait and see,” Osamu will mumble into your shoulder, holding you as close as humanly possible, and you are left with no choice but to believe him. 
Storms are rough, but they’ll push you forward too. You wouldn’t be stuck in the same place long after, for as long as you held on.
Tumblr media
The sun always rises after a night of heavy rain, painting the pale blue sky in vibrant shades of purple and orange, an early morning breeze blowing between you. It’s quiet, tranquil, and both of you will live for moments like this. Hours in the kitchen taste testing new recipes, of your arms around his waist as he moved from counter to counter. Nights he’s spent cheering you on during stressful work weeks, a kiss to your temple and hands rubbing at your shoulders. He’ll open a location in Tokyo, you’ll eventually get promoted at your job. 
These are the days wherein in the water is calm and you’ll feel the wooden boards beneath your feet move, slowly and steadily towards land — wherever that may be. 
Though some days you are back adrift, barely lazing along the seemingly endless sea.
And when people ask you why you continue to stay regardless, a fond smile will grace your features as you think of him, answering without a single moment’s hesitation,  “Because I’m not alone. He is with me, both adrift but finding our way.” 
Tumblr media
—   event masterlist ! <3
Tumblr media
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dreampathic · 6 months ago
┇osamu as your boyfriend┇
❥warnings: food
❥genre: pure fluff
❥a/n: i have no patience when it comes to children, esp my lil sister 😐
Tumblr media
he’s so fine and for what but anywaaaaays
so we all know this man owns a restaurant in the time skip so he would force you to taste test all of his new recipes, only adding the ones you like on the menu
whenever you go home from having a rough day, osamu would give you a back massage and have you rant about your day to him as he listens intently and responding every so often with, “yeah your boss is a fucking asshole” or “i would’ve shoved that water cooler up her ass”
he has a very broad chest, and i know he has very beefy arms to go with it. so his cuddles/hugs>>>
his favorite cuddling position is you laying on top of his chest with your head in the crook of his neck as he rubs your back with one hand and the other resting on your waist
one time suna took a picture of the two of you sleeping on the couch, drool coming out of your mouth and osamus hair a bit messy holding you so close. he keeps this pictures frame in his office.
if you’re on the shorter side, he purposely keeps the most important things on the highest shelf so you would ask him to get it for you but at this point you climb the counters or get a chair and it makes him sad because, “i wanted to get it for you”
atsumu teases the two of you all the time, “wow you guys got engaged? that’s fucking lame” “you cant even have a girlfriend for more than a month” it backfires.
no matter how busy he knows he’s going to be that day, he always makes time in his morning to make you a bento box with your favorites
i saw this one hc that his love language is biting so yeah❤️ he bites you, it’s nothing sexual at all tho, he does it show his love for you. like he would randomly come up behind you and lightly bite you shoulder, “what was that for?” “i was in the mood for a snack.”
he loves eskimo kisses. it literally makes him smile so much.
he pinches your cheeks all the time and everytime you give him a death glare, he ignores it and continues to do it and says, “aww you’re so cute!” like one of those aunts that haven’t seen you in forever
he listens to sza and has a whole concert while he cooks, you join him all of the time and the both of you act so heartbroken when both of you are completely fine
he is also a huge harry styles fan and blasts his music around in the house and you’re like, “babe please turn it down, i’m trying to sleep and i don’t wanna hear sunflower for the thousandth time”
he gives you a goodbye kiss every morning and sometimes, if he’s in a rush and forgets to he goes back in the house and kisses you quickly before leaving
he remembers every food allergy you have and all the foods you despise, he also knows exactly your order for places you two frequent
overall; mr osamu miya is the cutest and best miya twin and yes i’m biased
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aitarose · 9 months ago
May i please have some Osamu and reader on spending their day at home just making out maybe?
KITCHEN BITS (O. MIYA) pairing: miya osamu x fem!reader
Tumblr media
synopsis: routine meal preparations with the so-called master chef, osamu miya—and a little bit of kitchen shenanigans.
word count: 1.3k
genre: time skip, established relationship, fluff
warnings: suggestive, cursing
Tumblr media
notes: this is literally just them making out and being thirsty which is fair 
Tumblr media
The pleasant mouth-watering aroma of Osamu’s nationally famed onigiri steamed above the kitchen stove. The scent was perfection to the nose, a smell that would have any normal person hypnotized in the direction of his local restaurant. 
His recipes were delicious, somewhat of a delicacy that even Atsumu held to godly standards—standards that his twin brother always seemed to be able to meet. Standards that were nothing but small roadblocks in his drive to success.
Some would say that food was the way to a man’s heart, the physical gift being the greatest thing anyone could ever receive—but in his eyes, there was no need for presentation and delicacies to win his love. 
As his love had already been won, it’d been won by her.
“What’re you up to?” She asked, arms snaking around his waist, face pressed against his backside as she admired the concentration he held while immersed in the ingredients in front of him. The smell was divine, that of his signature dish.
“Finishing dinner.” Osamu replied, holding a wooden spoon out to her, passing it as if to say that she was now his sous chef. Taking control of the utensil, Y/N maneuvered to see the beautiful food, feeling a deep hunger rumble in her stomach.
It was a daily thing, cooking together, being in each other’s company for as long as they possibly could after the long hours of their respective work days. He was her favorite sight to come home to—the gentle look in his eyes, puckered lips, and strong stature.
Yes, she was hungry—but her hunger wasn’t thinking of food.
He seemed to be thinking the same thing, staring at her rather than the inflamed gas stove, the fire in his eyes matching the hue of the flame—burning and passionate.
By some invisible force, they stepped towards each other in synchrony, bodies colliding as Osamu’s hands buried themselves in her hair, tangling the already messy locks into knots and weeds. His grip was tight, grounding the both of them, making sure their minds were still touching the ground. 
His kisses were fervent, desperate and needy as her mouth danced against his, biting his lower lip in an attempt to deepen their connection—the wooden spoon in her left hand dropping to the ground with a hollow thud, whilst her palms held his face, pulling him closer. 
“‘Samu.” She whispered against him, feeling his breath on her nose. Her heart was pounding fast, a million beats a minute as her chest began to heave, heavy breathing and all. “‘Samu, the food.”
Ignoring her concerns, he craned his neck down, peppering her neck with sparse kisses, sucking on her skin and creating waning spots of shadows. Closing her eyes, she let him continue, too distracted by the feeling of being in his arms to care about anything else.
They were addicted to the taste of each other, having a physical hunger that could only be satisfied through acts of love—acts of love that stemmed from their emotional connection. The kind of connection that could never be broken.
There was no one else quite like Osamu. Out of all of her relationships, there’d not been a single person that had ever been able to make her feel the way he did. How he pleased her needs and listened to her wants, following the steps of her unspoken recipe, never missing a beat. 
As his lips trailed upwards, stopping at her chin and lingering, his lust-filled eyes meeting hers, she felt time stop. All that mattered was him, all that ever mattered was him and what he needed at that very moment, in that very second. 
Wordlessly, they communicated through longing glances, foreheads pressed together, her lips nipping at his. She jumped up knowing that his arms would catch her, that he was always going to be the safety net to pick her up as she fell.
His hands held her tight, gripping her thighs and adjusting her weight to a comfortable hold. As her legs wrapped around his waist, clinging to his body like it was a support beam, her face leant down to meet his once more, his silver locks mixing with her own.
She’d never grow tired of the way his mouth moved with hers. The way he grabbed at her throat, large palm encircling her vocal chords, guiding her jaw towards his and passionately connecting their lips in repetition. He was the customer, and she was his four-course meal. 
Gasping between kisses, she delved deeper, her already bruised lips fighting for control as she reached down, taking a hold of the bottom of his wine stained tee and yanked it to the ceiling—laughing as it flew across the room and into the sink’s dish water.
“Well, that’s one way to clean it.” She giggled, arms latched around his neck, hands rubbing the bare skin of his back. He really was the prettiest sight in the world, toned chest and tousled hair—not even a model could fare in comparison to his beauty.
Shaking his head in amusement, Osamu hoisted her up higher, her neck now having to crane down to meet his lips. “Yer ridiculous.” He more or less groaned between kisses, being fully consumed by her insatiable hunger, craving for more and more of her—wanting as much as he could get. 
The world seemed hazy, a hallucination that only existed when they were the main characters—a mirage that came to life due to their passion and the overwhelming love that they felt. The overwhelming love that they’d communicate through stolen kisses and endless hours in bed. 
“Gonna pay for that.” He mumbled, nodding at his soaked shirt that’d been abandoned amongst the dirty dishes, cringing as it sank beneath the tinted water’s depths. Though his eyes were distracted, his body was attending to her, reacting to the way she was leaving her own marks along his neck. 
With a seductive look on her face, eyelids heavy and full of lust, she neared his ear. He felt his breath catch, an unexpected moan leaving his lips as she nipped his skin, whispering the one thing he’d been waiting for her to say—insinuating what he’d been getting at all along.
“Then make me pay.”
It was as if a switch had been flipped in Osamu’s brain, his muscles working overtime as his longings devoured her. The sound of her light squeal in surprise drove him further off the rails, igniting the flame in him that eternally burned for her and only her. 
As their mouths molded together, familiarizing themselves with the already familiar taste of one another, he blindly made his way to what he assumed was the kitchen island, eyes closed in blindness to his endless love. 
He set her down quickly, arms maneuvering around her in order to keep her attention, not noticing how he’d gone in the exact opposite direction that he’d meant to. Rather away from the divider and towards the bright and hot stove. 
“Fuck!” She yelped, falling off of the counter and onto the floor, holding her bottom like her life depended on it. Her expression had evolved from pure ecstasy to an overload of red, hot pain. 
Panic on his mind, Osamu kneeled down at eye level to her, and tried to think of any way to make her feel better—a way to apologize for his somewhat laughable mistake. Taking her palms in his, pressing kisses to the tops and closing them around his own, she seemed to relax for a moment.
“Let me draw you a bath?” He asked, hoping that the serene water and soaps would relieve her nerves of their stress, relax her into an easy slumber. An easy slumber that wouldn’t involve him getting his ass slandered when she’d awake—when she’d awake and immediately tell Atsumu all about it.
Pushing his shoulder back lightly and hanging off the side of the counter in an attempt to stand up, Y/N shook her head, finding the situation all the more hilarious. “I’ll draw myself my own bath, ‘Samu.”
“And you’re going to stay here and finish dinner—for real this time.”
Tumblr media
© aitarose.tumblr 2021. do not copy or claim my writing, works, themes, copy and paste my words, or headers as your own
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sugasfanfics · 7 months ago
Osamu Comfort Fic
Desc: Osamu tells you you’re amazing bc you are 
There’s a silence crashing in waves over the room as Osamu enters, his wonderfully blue eyes setting to where you’re sat staring intently into the mirror before you realise he’s there and turn to him like a deer caught in headlights. Osamu cocks his head to the side as he recognises the quiet panic setting into your features, immediately he sits down and reaches out to you, gently pulling you into him. You take this as a chance to burrow your face into his side, trying to hide away.
“Why ya hiding baby?” Osamu questions as he shifts to wrap his arms around your bent over frame, tender hands moving to rub soothingly against your back.
“I look awful today” you mutter pitifully against his chest, your words muffled as you press closer to him. When you say this Osamu frowns disapprovingly and lets his gaze drop to your perfect features.
“Don’t say that, please, it’s not true, not at all, you’re always looking perfect I swear to ya” Osamu says firmly, his hands tracking up your arms to meet your chin which he lifts up to look genuinely into your eyes. Then in a soft sweeping motion he kisses you, slow and careful, meaningful, and brimming with love. It manages to tell you something profound but he still makes sure you understand by outlining it in devoted words.
“See, yer beautiful, and I love ya for it” Osamu reaffirms fondly, his sweet kisses filling the sentence “say it, say I’m beautiful and amazing” he urges with a soft chuckle breezing against your ear.
“I’m beautiful” you mumble against Osamu’s cheek, your smile imprinting to his skin as you press closer to each other.
“And?” Osamu implores with a grin before laying a deliberate kiss to your lips.
“And amazing” you finish with a content laugh whilst leaning into Osamu, just wanting your skin pressed tight together, wanting his sweet kisses littering your face in a clumsy mess.
My Masterlist <3
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tsumwriter · 3 months ago
Osamu x Reader Fluff
Imagine Osamu acting like he hates k-dramas but ending up binging one by himself  (spoilers for Crash Landing on You, if you haven’t watched it yet,,, hurry up and watch it) 
Osamu rolled his eyes as you whimpered, “Noo Jeong Hyuk don’t..” for what felt like the 100th time. 
Unamused he shoved a handful of popcorn in your mouth. 
“It’s literally just a k-drama, babe, chill.” 
You just looked at your boyfriend incredulously and shook your head vigorously while trying to swallow the popcorn in your mouth.
“But ‘Samu, don’t you get it! They can never be together, no matter what!!” 
He just laughed softly at your exaggerated gestures and pulled you back in for a cuddle. 
“Whatever you say…” 
In the end it didn’t really matter to him what was on the TV as long as he got to hold you. 
At one point in the episode, Osamu couldn’t believe his eyes. Ri Jeong Hyuk had come to the South to protect Seri! 
“Babe! Jeong Hyuk is in South Korea!” 
You just mumbled incoherently and snuggled closer into Osamu’s side as you continued to sleep. 
Meanwhile, Osamu was now deeply invested in the drama. 
The next morning, you woke up on the couch next to your boyfriend who was now sniffling. 
Confused, you rubbed your eyes to make sure you were fully awake, “‘Samu, what’s wrong?” 
Osamu turned to you with heavy dark circles and swollen eyes full of tears, “He had to go back… With the entire squad.” 
Your boyfriend sniffed, “Ri Jeong Hyuk.” 
You just rolled your eyes before bringing him into an embrace. 
“It’s okay babe, it’s just a k-drama…”
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iwas-baby · 5 months ago
osamu holding your hands while also looking at you with so much love with his lazy eyes during sex. you didn’t tell him you had a bad day but he sensed it anyway. he was tired because the shop was full today but he didn’t care,,,, he alr made it his mission to make you feel really good AND loved. also aftercare is basically just you being wrapped around (extra tightly) by his warm and large body.
ah yes, osamu is the king of soft, slow and romantic sex. late nights and most definitely early mornings when he has the day off. he gives you all his attention, making sure to hit every sweet spot of your body. his strokes are slow and his thrust savour the feeling of your cunt; so that he can cherish the sounds you make. he smiles when you squeeze his hand, whispering his name as you cum for another time.
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omijime · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
realizing you fell for their best friend, not them.
Tumblr media
↳ pairing❪s❫: miya osamu x fem!reader x miya atsumu, suna rintaro x fem!reader x miya osamu.
↳ genre❪s❫: angst, i’m here to hurt you, tbh.
↳ warning❪s❫: major second lead syndrome, alcohol consumption.
↳ taglist: @tsukisemi , @tetsukuroosgf , @g4nyu , @atsumu-brainrot , @seijohlogy ❪ who allowed me to take inspiration from their own layout ❫.
↳ nini’s note: the inspiration to write this came from all those damn kdrama’s i’ve watched ❪ if you want me to recommend some: send an ask ❫. + the fact that i’ve been the second lead several times </3 also please excuse any grammar errors, i’ve checked it a few times but i have shit vision.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
osamu rushed around the school campus looking for you, he’d sent dozen of texts asking where’d you snuck off too.
you’d promised him, you wouldn’t bail out on lunch with him or suna.
the past few weeks of lunch osamu spent alone with suna, while his twin insisted on getting extra practice and you were no better, always insisting that your study partner wanted to work during lunch.
he heard rumors that you must’ve been seeing someone, some classmates stating they’d often seen you out at an arcade center or cafe with a mysterious guy. osamu brushed off the rumors, insisting to suna that you would’ve told him if the rumors were true.
then he overheard a few of your classmates talked about seeing you with atsumu, and osamu couldn’t bring himself to think rationally about the situation startling the girls into telling him that exact location you’d been seen at.
miya osamu had never ran this fast in his life, if students weren’t aware of him being part of the volleyball club, they would’ve assumed he was on the track team.
osamu stop running when he noticed the two of you sitting under a large tree in the furthest side of the campus. his heart shattered realizing all those rumors were true, and that “mysterious” guy was his own twin brother.
atsumu’ head rest on your lap as you used the palm of your hand to shield his eyes from the sun. atsumu took hold of your hand pressing small kisses on the palm, giggles beginning to slip past your rosy colored lips.
the two of you looked content and peaceful around one another, the loving expression in his brother’s eyes told him everything. miya atsumu was in love with you, his best friend, and you were in love with his twin brother.
osamu forced himself to watch you feed atsumu, the food he’d spent hours perfecting for you was being given to atsumu. osamu wanted nothing more than to cause a scene, shame the both of you for lying and sneaking behind his back.
instead, he watched you gently brush the crumbs from the corner of atsumu’s lips, wishing that he’d done something about his own feelings. and maybe, that could’ve been him laying his head on your lap, and not atsumu.
Tumblr media
suna couldn’t believe his eyes.
how could he not have noticed you’d been in love with his best friend this entire time. how come he hadn’t realize the person you’d spent countless nights talking to him about was miya osamu?
you’d called him in the middle of the night slurring your words as you asked him to pick you up. correction, in the drunk state you’d been in, you ended up calling suna, osamu.
when he arrived at the bar, suna rushed out of his car and sprinted towards the entrance. he stopped himself from rushing in upon hearing your voice, suna turned on his feet eyes locking onto the figures of his two best friends’.
neither of you noticed him. you were laying on the bench drunkenly mumbling to yourself. osamu using his fingers to brush the loose strands of your hair out from your face. “can’t you just like me?” you asked, trying hard to keep your eyes wide open as you stared into ‘samu’s.
“i already do.” osamu’s tone of voice is filled with amusement, his eyes sparkling as he stares down at your sleepy figure. suna hadn’t been aware that his male best friend also shared mutual feelings for you. “you do?”
you sounded confused, and a bit surprised to hear what’d he said. “can you tell me again when i’m sober?” osamu laughs gently throwing his head back upon hearing your words. “i’ll tell you as many times as you want to hear.”
suna realized in that moment, he’d lost you.
all those years of hoping you felt the same as suna did went down the drain. you are in love with his best friend, and there’s no one else to blame when he’s the one who decide on bottling up his feelings for you.
Tumblr media
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starrysamu · a year ago
osamu x f!reader / 4.2k / humor, fluff 
→ in which you (and your roommate) embarrass yourself in front of the cute boy next door. 
about the fic: this is actually a friendship fic. expect osamu to play a very little role here. loosely based off of the mv for “i’m different” by hi suhyun. thank you to yuren for beta-ing! warnings: mentions of alcohol, stalking (none of the sort actually happens!) a/n: to miss jac, my sister, the james to my charles, only the happiest of birthdays to you. @stelleum​, despite the frequency with which i say i hate you, i, in fact, do not hate u very much and actually! appreciate your existence in my life. thank you for keeping me grounded, fueling the gremlin in me, and encouraging me when i need to hear it. wish i could hang w u rn :/ i hope today, and this year, treats you so so well! i love u millions billions ):
Tumblr media
you jiggle the handle before finally flinging the door open. you flinch a little when it hits the wall, sucking in a breath when you realize that it’s probably going to leave a dent. 
you glance over at your roommate sprawled on the couch, who scrambles up to look at the wall. “are you for real right now?” she asks, shoulders slumping forward. 
the door shuts behind you with a slam and you toss your keys on the counter. “we weren’t going to get our deposit back anyways.” 
she clicks her tongue, turning back to the tv to aimlessly flip through netflix. “welcome back,” she says mindlessly, eyes scrolling through the tv shows. 
“i see someone’s having a super busy day,” you say sarcastically, breathing out a laugh as you set your backpack against the floor. you clutch your stomach as you reach for the fridge, eyes flitting up to the chore chart in front of you. 
your eyes flicker to the trash can and you sigh, frowning as you shut the fridge. 
“i’m taking a break today,” your roommate whines, stretching her legs out on the couch and reaching her arms up. she slumps back against the cushion with a sigh, finally clicking on a movie you assume she’s already forced you to watch before. 
you grin, shimmying the bag out of its can. “you got any trash in the bathroom? i’m gonna take everything out now so i don’t have to later.” 
“efficient,” is all your roommate says. for a moment, you’re left just standing there - hello? - before she finally says, “nah, i took it out yesterday or something.” she waves the remote around halfheartedly. “but you know what?” 
you hum as you tie the strings on the bag. “what?” 
the volume grows a little louder as your roommate clicks the remote a few times. you sigh and reach for the door handle again, propping it open with a shoe. you defeatedly watch it slide back shut, before deciding to hold it open with your foot instead as you finish tying the bag. 
“there’s a cute guy who moved in 618,” she practically yells at you over the tv. there’s some sitcom laughter that follows after the punchline you’re only half listening to as you stick your head out. 
you lug the bag through the doorway, and when you look back up, you see a set of brown eyes staring back at you, an amused smile toying on his lips. your eyes grow wide as you freeze, before you turn into your apartment. you reach for the keys on the counter and fling them towards the couch, desperately trying to catch your roommate’s attention. 
“what the hell - ”
you’re waving your hand furiously at her as you smile uncomfortably at the stranger standing in front of apartment 618. you watch him press his lips together as he turns his attention back to the door. you’re mentally begging for him to just slow down. you wonder if you should say something to stall him - 
everything unravels in slow motion - he’s opening the door to his apartment, your roommate is jumping over furniture to get to you, and you’re stuck in the middle, leg stretched out as you hold the door open. you’re clutching onto the white bag for dear life as your eyes shift back and forth. 
your roommate just about knocks you over when she pokes her head out, catching the ghost of the boy next door as he walks into his place. you look to her expectantly, before your eyes trail back to where he stood. 
“yeah,” she says breathlessly, flashing you a toothy grin. “him.” 
you sigh, hanging your head. “think he heard us, by the way.”
“good. with a face like that, he deserves to know.” 
Tumblr media
you push the window to the side, grunting as you struggle to get it open. it sends dust flying into your face and you sneeze - you’re going to have to take care of that tomorrow. for now, you’re excited to make a certain discovery known to your roommate. 
“i hate this place,” she grumbles, watching you struggle with the window as she walks over with a mug. 
“not for long.” you grin excitedly as you reach for the cup, taking a long sip as you look outside. 
being on the sixth floor has its perks - not too far from the ground, yet just high enough to enjoy the sunrises, sunsets, and now, quite possibly a few other things. 
you check the time on your phone, practically buzzing in your spot. a grin graces your lips as you look back outside, inhaling the fresh air.  
“why’re you awake so early anyways?” your roommate mumbles tiredly, setting the mug to her lips. she sighs as she looks to the sun peeking over the horizon. “even i was thinking about sleeping in today.” 
you roll your eyes, setting your mug on the sill. “i have work later.” you glance at her in anticipation as the time flips to 8:02 am, and you forget all about how you need to get ready to leave soon.   
your roommate’s lip curls as she leans against the sill. her eyes flit to the road before growing wide, jaw dropping slightly. 
“you’re kidding,” she gasps excitedly. “girl, get the binoculars or something, i need an HD view. don’t tell me this is why you woke me up?” 
you laugh, eyes glued to the boy stepping out of the building. the black shirt clings to him and he hasn’t even started his morning jog - oh, bless the higher powers. he reaches a hand into his gray hair and fluffs it out a bit, before uncapping the bottle in his hand and taking a quick sip.
oh, it’s quite hot indeed, you think, lips pressed together.  
you lean in towards her, as if he’d even be able to hear you from all the way down there, before whispering, “i’ve had work kinda early these past few days.” 
“i can’t believe we exist in a time like this,” she grins, taking another sip of her coffee. she leans forward even more, eyes trailing after him.  
as if he can hear you, he looks up. the two of you freeze in your spot, before your roommate abruptly turns to you. “do something,” she whispers, fighting the urge to laugh. 
you press a hand to your mouth, shoulders shaking as you suppress a giggle. “i can’t believe we’ve been caught.” 
“we’d be the worst detectives ever.” 
your eyes flit back down and you offer a small wave before you turn around quickly and bury your face in your hands. your roommate follows, slamming the window shut. 
“i can’t believe you just did that.” 
you take a deep breath before leaning against the glass, peeking at her through your fingers. “man, i really hope i never see him again.” 
Tumblr media
you puff your cheeks out, shifting onto the balls of your feet as you wait for the elevator. you slip your thumbs under the straps of your backpack as you sigh, checking the time on your watch. 
you shoot a message to your roommate - hurry up, elevators almost here.  
[7:57 am]: shut up.
you breathe out a laugh, before looking back up. someone - no, the boy next door - is standing next to you. how long has he been there? 
your heart begins to hammer away. does he recognize you? after all the shit you and your roommate have already pulled, there’s no way he wouldn’t, right? your teeth tug on your lip as you continue to contemplate it, shifting on your feet anxiously. 
you sneak a glance at him and you realize it’s the first time you’re really looking at him. good thing, because any earlier and you may as well have just decimated to dust. your fingers itch for your phone as you mentally yell for your roommate to hurry the hell up. you’re hoping she’s prepared for the close up, because god knows you weren’t. 
a soft ding! echoes and you can hear the elevator door sliding open but your eyes are still glued to him. as if he feels your eyes on you, he turns your way, before silently shifting his attention back to the elevator. 
your feet stay grounded in your spot as he turns to face you. the door begins to close and he presses a hand against it. 
“are you going down?” 
your eyes widen a fraction. god, and he sounds like that?
all you can do is blink for a moment, before shaking your head quickly. “uh, no,” you manage out. “i’m, uh,” your mind is blanking, struggling to find the right words. “i’m waiting for my roommate.” 
he hums, before letting the door go. you exhale the breath you were holding as you hear footsteps coming your way. 
your grip tightens on the handles of your backpack as you turn to your roommate in a daze. “you just missed it.” 
she looks up from her phone, before reaching for the down button again. “good thing there’s three of them,” she muses, brows pinching as she sticks the phone in her back pocket. 
“no, not the elevator. him.” 
Tumblr media
you sling your backpack across the table, slipping into the chair. your roommate jolts, eyes going wide as the phone almost falls out of her hands.
“way to make an entrance,” she mutters breathlessly, looking back down at her screen.
“i can’t wait for this class to end.” 
“it hasn’t even started yet,” she laughs, flipping her phone and setting it on the table. “but listen up,” she leans in to whisper, “pretty boy from 618 is sitting all the way down there.” 
your heart catches in your throat as you scanned through the sea of people. why the fuck did everyone look the same from the back? who even has gray hair anymore anyways? why was this so difficult - 
your lips turn up when you see them, eyes growing in excitement. “i swear on every higher being he smiled at me on his way out this morning.”
“it’s literally fate,” your roommate presses, eyes crinkling. “so next time instead of smiling at him, get his number.” she rolls her eyes before shutting them completely, leaning back in her seat. “god, he’s so hot.” 
“i think i just might.” your eyes flit back to him, latching to the back of his black jersey. “until then, i think we should go sit by him.” 
your roommate looks at you mischievously, a big grin spreading on her lips. “i think that’s a fabulous idea.” her eyes shift behind you, the grin falling just as fast as it came. “next time though.” 
you turn around to see your professor stalking down the stairs. “welcome to literature,” she announces, heels clicking against the carpet. 
you bite your tongue, eyes narrowing to your side. “more like, welcome to hell.”
Tumblr media
your roommate hands you your cup and you grab it gratefully, stabbing your straw through the plastic cover. 
“my life saver,” you mumble, taking a long sip. “just what i need to get me through today.” 
she hums, hiking her bag up her shoulder. “can’t believe we already have an exam.” 
“i know, what the fuck?” you grumble, gnawing at your straw. “we literally just started.” 
you hear her sigh as the two of you make your way to the library. truth be told, you’re only going because you get to see some familiar faces there, not to study. “social hour,” as your roommate liked to call it. 
“how was work today?” your roommate asks, squinting against the setting sun. “also what the hell are we supposed to do for lit?” 
“some lady came in today, right,” you start, “and she was like ‘can i get a sandwich?’, but she never specified that she didn’t want onions. when we gave it to her, she’s like ‘i need another one because i don’t want onions.’ like, wouldn’t you think to tell us that before? i couldn’t even eat it myself because of the rules.” 
“imagine not saying what you want and then getting angry about it,” your roommate huffs. “couldn’t be me.” 
“some people are so …” you groan frustratedly, hanging your head back. “everyone feels so entitled these days. i haven’t got a clue about lit, by the way.” 
your roommate clicks her tongue, taking a long sip from her cup. she chews her way through the boba, reaching for the heavy door in front of you. “maybe 618’s around on the fifth floor,” she murmurs. “that would cheer you up real quick.” 
“it really would,” you grumble, chewing your straw again. “feel like i’d get distracted by that pretty face though.” 
your roommate snorts, pressing the 5 as soon as the two of you step into the elevator. “what are the odds that he’s actually here?” 
“if he’s here,” you start slowly, the gears in your mind turning, “we grab dinner on our way home as a treat.” 
“he’s already the meal.” 
you almost spit out your drink, clasping a hand over your mouth. “he’s the dessert too,” you tack on as the doors slide open. 
your roommate giggles as she steps out, eyes wandering for an empty table. the two of you sneak your way around some shelves before your eyes widen. you reach for the hood on your roommate’s sweatshirt and yank her back. 
“what the - ”
“look,” you whisper aggressively, pointing to the gray hair. “it’s him isn’t it?” 
your roommate puts a hand to her mouth. “i can’t believe it,” she whispers back. “i guess we’re grabbing sushi on our way home?” 
you step in front of her and snatch a random book sitting on the shelf before making your way to the table behind him. you slam it on the desk to grab his attention, quickly flipping it to a random page. 
your roommate stands behind the shelves, peering at you. you hide your face behind the book, before peeking up from it.
a pair of brown eyes look back at you for a moment and you feel your stomach lurch. he presses his lips together, fighting back a smile as he says, “i think your book’s upside down.” he turns back to his laptop, propping his elbow on the table. 
your jaw drops and you look down at the words, neck bending at a funny angle just trying to make sense of it. you turn to your roommate quickly, who’s buried her head in her hands. you quietly shut the book before tiptoeing away. 
“we need to find somewhere else to study, asap.” 
Tumblr media
[7:55 AM]: you’re kidding. 
[7:55 AM]: does it look like i’m kidding? get me out of here.
[7:56 AM]: oh my god, it’s like the planets aligned for you. 
you want to hide your face when you think of your embarrassment as you lock the door behind you, a mere few feet away from a now familiar tuft of gray hair. 
part of you feels thankful that his back is facing you, and another part of you feels just a little sad that you can’t see his face. 
the story’s a little different when you’re both waiting for the elevator a few moments later. you curse all the gods for this one - how uncomfortable. 
your eyes flit towards him, before you fish for your phone back out of your pocket. he’s tall, you note. you sneak another glance at his sharp features, the cotton t-shirt that hugs his arms, the khaki shorts that sit low on his waist. you’re careful not to stare for too long - not after last time.  
your heart just about stops when he glances over at you. how’d he know? 
does he remember you? 
a tiny part of you hopes he does. 
your lips curve upwards as you send a small smile his way. even if he doesn’t remember you - or your embarrassing roommate - from quite literally yesterday, you were going to make sure he did now. 
the elevator dings! and the two of you shuffle into it, standing four feet apart like there’s an ocean right in between the two of you. you breathe out a soft sigh before looking down at your phone, flipping between the home pages on your phone because only god knew you weren’t getting any notifications this morning. 
to your relief, your roommate sends you a text and you’re glad you no longer have to aimlessly scroll through apps on what felt like the most agonizing elevator trip ever.
when it reaches the bottom, you look back up at the boy leaving. you’re glad you did, otherwise you would’ve missed his smile on his way out. 
you glance back down at the screen, fingers flying as you leave your building for class. 
[8:01 AM]: he totally smiled at me. like, for sure for sure.  
[8:01 AM]: i’m telling you, the planets are lining themselves up for you. 
Tumblr media
your feet pad against the concrete, eyes glancing at the broad shoulders in front of you. 
god, you hope he doesn’t think you’re stalking him at this point. 
you quicken your pace a little, head held high. maybe you can throw him off by walking in front of him - because clearly that would show that you are, in fact, not stalking him. 
part of you thinks that if you had the free time though, you might be curious to see where he’s headed all the time - only because your paths cross a lot more often than you like.  
you reach for your phone as you zip past him, sweat beginning to collect at the top of your head. you fight the urge to to match his pace, but now is not the time. maybe you’ll save that for tomorrow or the day after. 
the goal now is to just make sure he doesn’t think you are stalking him. 
it’s not like it is your fault you live right next to each other with basically the same schedule. there’s no way he’s noticed, right? he’s probably in his own - 
“are you headed to literature right now?” 
you whip around, praying that he’s talking to you because otherwise this would be so embarrassing. you blink a few times, stopping in your tracks as you muster up a nod. 
“cool, me too,” he rumbles. 
god, you’d forgotten how he sounds too. 
you almost want to puke. 
“i’m osamu,” he says, a lazy grin sliding along his lips. “nice to meet you, neighbor.” 
Tumblr media
“turn to the person next to you to discuss the last reading.” 
you blink a few times, cursing her in your head. sure, your roommate was on your right, but on your left: an attractive face you wish you could hide from at almost living moment. and next to him? no one. 
so you - and he - are left with no option but each other (how cliche!). your roommate leans in towards you. “i’m jealous, but i guess the guy next to me will have to do.”
osamu clears his throat, brows raised slightly as he waits for your full attention. you lean back a little to peek at the boy sitting next to your roommate, and she’s right - he’s not half bad at all with that bedhead of his. you fight a giggle as you turn towards your partner, nodding at him in acknowledgement. 
you’re so desperate to fix your first impression but just looking at him made you want to laugh. your eyes follow his every move as he pulls out the book and smooths the pages with his hands - oh, his perfect hands - finding the line where you started your assignment the night before. 
would you ever tell him you never read it?  
“i think the author did a really good job ...”
you peek at him through your lashes, propping your elbow onto the table and resting your chin in your hand. “mhm,” you nod slowly, lips pressing into a thin line. your eyes flicker to the book in his hands - as if you’re paying attention to anything he’s saying - before they immediately travel back to his eyes. 
you’re too lost in your train of thought to realize that he’s paused for almost a full minute now, waiting for your answer. your eyes go wide as you scramble for your own copy. “ah, wait, fuck, hold up,” you mumble, digging through your bag.
he puts a fist to his mouth and stifles a laugh as you’re desperately rummaging around for any semblance of the book, before sliding his to you. 
“do you remember the question?” he finally says, hand still on the book. 
you still in your spot, glancing up at him guiltily. “no.” it probably would’ve been too forward to say you were too busy paying attention to him and his stupid face, so you settle with, “i wasn’t listening when she said it.”  
a soft “tch” leaves his lips, and you roll your lips under your teeth, turning back towards your roommate. how mortifying. you almost want to shove your head in your backpack, but you don’t have enough time to even think about that when the teacher calls for everyone’s attention. 
“what the fuck am i supposed to do now?” you whisper to your roommate, hoping your teacher is talking loud enough so osamu can’t hear you. 
osamu leans in. “i can hear you.” 
your eyes widen and you shoot a pleading look at her. with a defeated sigh, you let your head bang against the table, still facing away from him. you stay like that for the remainder of class, a huge sigh leaving your lips almost every two minutes. 
when he leaves after your professor dismisses everyone, you glare at your roommate. “we have to drop this class.” 
Tumblr media
“i just think it’s awfully funny he hasn’t officially introduced himself to us, don’t you think?” your roommate muses. “like, swing by, my dude. we’d love that. we don’t bite.” 
“nobody does that,” you gripe, sinking into the couch. “this isn’t a house in the suburbs with, like, a white picket fence where you go around baking things for your neighbors. also, i’m pretty sure he thinks we’re weird as hell.” 
your roommate juts her lip out. “maybe we should. if he does, he should come by to say it.” 
“we should not.” 
“i just think it would spice up the student housing life,” she laughs, taking a sip from her glass. she smacks her lips together, nose scrunching. “how do you drink this on the regular?” 
“on the regular,” you repeat dumbly. “you’re making me sound like an alcoholic.” 
she laughs, before pulling up the episode for the week. “i’m just saying, it’s too bitter.” 
“you just have all the ... sweet teeth,” you mumble back, taking a gulp out of your glass. “but i think he and i are friends now.” 
she gasps, looking at you abruptly. “it was the thing in class, wasn’t it? i knew it. i’m switching spots with you next time.” 
you plaster your hands to your face. “you remember how embarrassing that was? pretty sure he thinks i’m - no, we’re - stalking him too.” 
“it’s not our fault he lives next to us.” she turns her attention back to the screen. the first scene begins to play and she leans back. “i’d pay money to live next to daisuke, though.” 
you roll your eyes, checking the time on your phone. “pizza should be here soon,” you murmur under your breath. 
as if on cue, there’s a knock at the door, and your roommate pauses the show as you make your way to the door. the delivery guy hands you the box and the receipt, and you take it from him gratefully, your stomach growling. 
your eyes flit to apartment 618 when you hear another door open. they widen for a second and you clench your teeth to stop your jaw from dropping open. you swing your head to look at your roommate, waving your hand furiously at her to just get the hell up because you can’t even believe your eyes - 
she’s up and running yet again, sidestepping all the furniture in her way. she pokes her head out and gasps, eyes growing wide as she looks at you. 
“oh, hey guys,” osamu said breezily, tossing a hand up. next to him, a person neither of you had ever seen. 
you lean in close. “you think he’s seeing someone?” you whisper, eyes flitting back to the pair. 
your roommate turns back to you and sighs. “they’re standing really close to each other, aren’t they?” she turns back to watch them turn the corner, until they’re both out of your sight. 
you shut the door defeatedly, glancing down at the box in your hands. “man, i’m not hungry anymore.” 
“goodbye 618,” your roommate sighs. “you were good to us.” 
you glance over at her, breathing out a laugh as you make your way back to the couch. your roommate follows dejectedly, slumping down in the empty spot next to you. she presses play on the show as you prop the box open. she reaches her glass out to you as she leans in for a slice of pizza. 
“i think … after this week, we should probably leave the building. let’s move out.” 
you just smile, before clinking your glass with hers. 
Tumblr media
a/n pt. 2: if u made it this far, i have to apologize for the open-ended, somewhat bittersweet ending :3 this is actually a massive jac x remy friendship fic anyways, literally based off of the mv i mentioned in the first a/n. (give it a watch and listen and you’ll come to realize that that’s how we really would act in front of a miya osamu, probably). miya osamu if ur reading this u live in our minds rent free - 
and once again, happy birthday miss jac! i’m sorry i couldn’t get this out right at midnight, so i hope you saw this as soon as you woke up :3 ps, if u couldn’t tell i was the roommate. she was me. we were one 
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