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#osamu scenarios
sugawarassoulmate · 19 hours ago
cause i can’t stay with someone else
Tumblr media
despite wanting to rip his brother’s head off, osamu sits next to him. “i can already tell the next few days are gonna be a bitch,” he groans while atsumu laughs.
“i don’t need ya to keep me company, samu.” atsumu teases, pinching his brother’s cheeks. “y/n will take care of me. she’s been lookin’ forward to this fer weeks.”
osamu freezes again, thinking back to how you were buzzing with anticipation before atsumu’s arrival, anxiously waiting by the front door for him. everything’s going to revert back to when you were kids again. walking with atsumu hand-in-hand while osamu is left alone in the corner.
he’s going to ruin everything.
Tumblr media
she's finally here and she's a big bitch. i've been stressing over this for months and it's finally out. would've been here sooner but work, life, and my own head got in the way. so many of you have been asking for this and i was so worried of letting people down. i really hope you like it and put my lil brain at ease 🥺
words: 8.1k (i'm sorry)
cw: fem!reader, bullying, name-calling, jealousy, insecurity, fingering, floor sex, slight dubcon, slight somnophilia, multiple orgasms, overstimulation, unprotected sex, lots of italics, very long-overdue love confession, let me know if i didn’t tag anything, minors dni
disclaimer: on this blog, we discuss and explore toxic relationships/situations/ just because i write about these themes does not mean i condone/support these types of relationships nor do i do them in my own personal life.
these are fictional characters in fictional scenarios and nobody should be taking real-life advice or mirror the actions of the characters in these stories!
Tumblr media
“The fuck ya smilin’ so much about?” Osamu says when you show up at his place that day. You’ve been so giddy the past few days, practically bouncing with every step. Osamu’s harsh words didn’t even phase you, it was almost as if you weren’t even listening to him.
“You seriously don’t know?” you ask, barely able to contain the smile on your face. Osamu eyes you curiously, you’re never this expressive (unless Osamu did something particularly mean to you) but Osamu doesn’t feel like playing your games today.
He turns on his heel to head back to his room. “If yer not gonna tell me, I’m takin’ a nap,” he grumbles, hoping you’d join him but you’re sitting on the couch looking at the front door every once in a while. Osamu stops for a second...Couldn’t be. He thinks before continuing back to his room to shut his eyes.
His sleep doesn’t last long. About an hour later, Osamu’s stomping back into the living room ready to yell at you for waking him up with your shrieking. But he stops dead in his tracks when he sees you in the arms of someone else.
It’s as if you leaped into his arms after he walked through the door. His bags are dropped near his feet as he holds your weight, laughing along with your excitement. You don’t even spare him a passing glance as you bombard Atsumu with questions about how training camp is going. During your rambling, Atsumu’s brown eyes flick over to his younger brother, smiling at the grimace on his face.
“Ya said ya weren’t comin’ back for another week,” Osamu says, crossing his arms. You finally turn your head to where he’s standing and your eyes widen for a second—fear?—but Atsumu curls his arm tighter around your waist and offers his twin a shrug.
“Vacation started early,” he smirked, walking towards the couch while still holding you. He plopped down, with you in his lap. “Thought I’d surprise ya.” It was a surprise as far as Osamu was concerned. He thought he had more time until the hurricane that was his loudmouthed brother eventually came home.
It had been a few months since Atsumu had been back. He had been off at training camp since graduation. At first, he came home every other weekend but as the training became more intensive, he decided to stay at camp longer to focus on his regimen. Osamu remembers the day his brother left. Atsumu had been your best friend since childhood and when he went off to camp, you couldn’t stop crying. The never-ending flow of tears pissed Osamu off to the point that he eventually did something about it.
It ended up with him fucking you in Atsumu’s bed.
Since then, it was Osamu whose shadow you were always in. Talking to him so sweetly and doing whatever you could to please him. He didn’t have to share you with anyone but now his biggest competition is back and it isn’t even a fair fight. Five minutes in, and you’re practically straddling him talking nonsensically about all the things you can do now that he’s home. Osamu’s fuming but he doesn’t react, he’s been in this position before.
“Oh, you’re probably starving. We should get some food,” you say, moving off his lap to grab your phone. “I bet you’re not in the mood to cook, Samu. Let’s order something!” Atsumu hums in agreement, never taking his eyes off you as you walk out the room to figure out what to eat.
Once you’re gone, Atsumu turns his attention back to the upset man in the room. “Not gonna give yer brother a hug?” he asks, comically holding his arms out.
But Osamu is ready to clock him in the jaw for that stunt he pulled. Most people know to stay away from you if they know what’s good for them. Osamu was never too far away from you most days—walking you to and from class with an arm wrapped around your waist. Any guy who was dumb enough to try to get with you usually became well-acquainted with Osamu’s fist. But Atsumu is the only person he couldn’t face, not when you looked at him as if he hung all the stars in the sky.
Osamu always locked up when Atsumu was around. Everyone favored his brother—he was the nicer twin, the life of the party, people loved being in his presence. You were no different. Osamu can think back to all the times you ran into his brother’s arms, much like you did today, after “big, bad Samu” hurt your feelings.
With his brother gone, Osamu showed a different side of him. Sure, he’s still calling you an “idiot” every other sentence but Osamu noticed you leaning into his touch, asking for kisses, and holding his hand absentmindedly. Things you never did when Atsumu was around.
“So ya told her you were comin’ back but not me?” Osamu asks, ignoring Atsumu’s request.
Atsumu feigns a sad look. “She wanted to tell ya, but I thought this was funnier,” he smirks. “I was right.”
Despite wanting to rip his brother’s head off, Osamu sits next to him. “I can already tell the next few days are gonna be a bitch,” he groans while Atsumu laughs.
“I don’t need ya to keep me company, Samu.” Atsumu teases, pinching his brother’s cheeks. “y/n will take care of me. She’s been lookin’ forward to this fer weeks.”
Osamu freezes again, thinking back to how you were buzzing with anticipation before Atsumu’s arrival, anxiously waiting by the front door for him. Everything’s going to revert back to when you were kids again. Walking with Atsumu hand-in-hand while Osamu is left alone in the corner.
He’s going to ruin everything.
Osamu had been right when he said his brother’s visit would be exhausting. For the past few days, you and Atsumu were joint at the hip. If you two weren’t cuddling on the couch for a movie night, you were probably in the backyard tossing a volleyball around which usually ended with the two of you rolling around in the grass. If Atsumu’s need to be touching every part of your body wasn’t bad enough, he wasn’t shy about giving you compliments whenever Osamu walked in the room.
“Yer so pretty when ya smile like that,” Atsumu cooed one morning while Osamu was making breakfast—it took all his energy not to fling the skillet at his brother’s head. To make it worse, you’d blush every time he threw a stupid line like that. Osamu tried to ignore it but it seemed as though Atsumu made it his mission to shower you with affection.
“You’re mad,” you pointed out. Atsumu had left the house to hang out with some of his former Inarizaki teammates, leaving you and Osamu alone. You crawled into Osamu’s bed, mumbling the words against his lips. “Don’t be…”
He lets you kiss him, lets you run your fingers through his dyed locks. Osamu won’t admit that he’s missed your touch but when he inhales your scent, all he can smell is his brother. “Why didn’t ya go off with him?” he grunts, pushing you off before rolling on his side.
You don’t give up, though, wrapping your arms around him to be the big spoon. “Don’t be upset. It’s been so long since we’ve seen Tsumu. Obviously, I want to spend time with him,” you explain, doing little to soothe Osamu’s bad mood. “You should too, he’s your brother.”
“I’ve hung out with him enough to last a lifetime,” he huffs. Osamu can feel your hands wandering, stopping just as they’re about to slip past his pajama bottoms. Part of him wants to let you continue, but he can’t bring himself to. With his brother around, Osamu hasn’t had the chance to get his hands on you. Every time he turned a corner, you were perched in Atsumu’s lap, laughing at whatever bullshit he spewed out. When he was younger, Osamu would just get pissed off and sulk in his room but things feel different now. He’s been able to have you—he’s seen you writhing underneath him, moaning from his touch, and screaming his name. To see you hanging off his brother now stings a bit more. “Can ya fuck off? Go spend time with Tsumu since yer so worried about him.”
Osamu shoves you away, nearly pushing you off the mattress. He hears you whine in discomfort when your phone goes off. “H-hello?” you mumble, rejection heavy in your voice. Osamu doesn’t have to try very hard to know that it’s his brother on the phone. His annoying voice came through the speaker. “Uh, no, I’m not doing anything...yeah, I can meet you there.” Osamu caught the hesitation in your voice but tried not to dwell on it, you were still leaving him anyway. “No, you don’t have to come get me—oh, okay…”
The call ends a few minutes later, Osamu hears your footsteps fade as you leave the room. He wished you said something before you left but you were probably too scared that you would piss him off.
“Is she datin’ anyone?” Atsumu asks later that evening, once again bothering Osamu while he was cooking. You were next door at your place, grabbing a few things before returning for dinner. You must have been exhausted with the way Atsumu dragged you around everywhere.
“Excuse me?” the younger twin asks, staring at his brother incredulously.
Atsumu rolled his eyes. “y/n, stupid. I was askin’ Kita about it but he wouldn’t give me an answer. Figured if anyone knew it’d be ya.” he said, leaning on the counter. “You’ve been takin’ good care of her since I’ve been away, yeah?”
Osamu feels his face heat up, thinking about the last time the two of you had sex. You looked so cute in the new skirt you had on and Osamu couldn’t help himself—he had to embarrass you by flipping it up and showing off your pretty pink panties in front of your friends just to see the tears form in your eyes. You had bitched at him all the way home, crying about how mean he was being.
He thought you looked so adorable when you were upset, leaning in for a kiss in the middle of your ranting. “Ya ever shut up, ya fuckin’ brat?” he asks condescendingly, running his hands along your body. “Will ya stop cryin’ if I stuff you with my cock? Fill ya up ‘till all ya can think about is me?”
The way your eyes light up when Osamu talks like this never fails to amaze him. Such an innocent façade you put on for the rest of the world but only Osamu knows what a cock drunk little bitch you become, begging for “more, more, more” when he has you under him. He knows he doesn’t have to do all of this just to get you in bed but there’s a sick pleasure Osamu feels when he does something to make you upset. It makes you more eager to please, so submissive. There’s no better sight than you fucked dumb, whimpering how “it’s too much, samu”.
“Earth to Samu,” Atsumu grunts, snapping his fingers in front of his brother’s face. “Have ya been listenin’ to me?”
Shaking his head of his lewd thoughts, Osamu grumbles a response. “She’s not my fuckin’ problem. How should I know if she’s with someone?” he lies, going back to his food that, thankfully, hasn’t burned. “Why so concerned all of a sudden?”
Atsumu sighs dramatically. “I’ve thought about askin’ her out,” he muses, eyes giving his twin a once over before continuing. “Ya think she’d say yes? She’s always so affectionate when I’m around, it’s cute. Wondered if ya figured she’d be interested.”
Osamu’s ability to keep his composure has to be some kind of record. He can feel his vision blur and his hands clenching. For once, he thought he could have something to himself. Something Atsumu couldn’t ruin for him—like he’s done all his life. You might have been Atsumu’s friend growing up but the “relationship” you and Osamu shared was something his older brother could never understand.
He was going to mess it up, just like with everything else.
And Osamu couldn’t muster up the courage to tell him to back off. He wasn’t your boyfriend, something he’s made that clear to anyone stupid enough to ask. That never stopped him from getting jealous, though. Getting pissed off at you for letting another man flirt with you at a party or getting antsy when you ventured off too far from him. All he’s ever wanted was your attention but Atsumu’s always been the brighter, shinier one of the two.
“Do whatever ya want,” he says. “Not like I care.”
You started feeling tired after dinner, mumbling something about heading back home to rest. Atsumu offered his bed for the night but Osamu shuts it down quickly. “She can sleep on the couch,” he barks, shoving past his brother to get extra pillows and a blanket. He doesn’t miss the pained look on your face. It’s normally Osamu’s bed you sleep in, wrapped up in his arms every night. However, every time you tried to initiate something with him, Osamu pulled away. It’s to the point where he won’t even kiss you anymore and each time you get too scared to go any further.
But now, hours after both you and Atsumu had gone to bed, Osamu’s sneaking into the living room. You always looked so peaceful when you were sleeping. Normally, you were at your wits’ end, exasperated by Osamu’s revolving door of mood swings. So innocent, so easy to corrupt. Just the way he liked.
He curled up behind you, pulling you to his chest. The movement doesn’t seem to bother you as your form snuggles into him, as if you knew exactly what to do. Osamu takes a second to hold you—the past few days felt like an eternity and Atsumu’s words rattling around in his head have made it worse.
“I’ve thought about askin’ her out”
The thought of you in Atsumu’s clutches was too much. You’d fall so easily for his charms, everyone always did. He’d sweet talk you—fill your head with praises and promises to get you into his bed. He may have been your friend but Osamu staked his claim on you ages ago. Would that mean anything in the end?
Osamu’s hand is already down your shorts, fingers collecting the essence from your cunt. The familiarity of it all makes him groan in your shoulder. Softly, he runs his fingers along your slit, spreading your legs a bit for easier access. The constant prodding has you stirring in your sleep.
Still, Osamu refuses to slip inside you just yet, he wants to make you work for it a bit. There’s nothing you could have done to prevent Atsumu’s arrival, but he’ll gladly take his anger out on you. You slightly raise your hips, hoping for some relief in your slumber. Osamu holds you down, makes you take it at his pace. “Ahhh…” a sigh falls from your lips.
“I know,” he whispers, finally entering your warmth with two fingers. Your body tenses, mouth opening as a whine escapes. He shushes you as he angles his digits to reach for the sweet spot, the one that makes your walls spasm with pleasure.
“Samu,” you whimper, hands balled into fists. That’s right, he thinks, better know who you fucking belong to. He could tell you’ve been needy for him with how your slick coats his fingers. Osamu grinds his clothed cock against your ass—oh, how he wishes he could fuck you how he wanted, send you into a deep sleep with a belly full of cum. But you get so loud when he’s inside, tears running down your cheeks while getting railed.
What would Atsumu say if he saw? His precious y/n getting fucked by his younger brother who’s always been nothing but a menace to her since they were kids. Maybe Osamu should tell him how he took your virginity the night Atsumu left for training camp. How Osamu dragged you to his brother’s bed and had you bouncing on his cock. He should talk about how pretty you looked, cumming over and over until the only name you could remember was Osamu’s.
The sound of your cries brought Osamu back to the present, he had been ignoring your clit all this time and you were desperate for your release. Feeling generous, Osamu grinds the heel of his palm against your neglected bud, offering the stimulation you’ve been craving. Your head leaned back as another gasp escaped. Your hips started jolting, pitifully fucking yourself on Osamu’s fingers to reach your high.
Your eyes shoot open when you cum, creaming around Osamu’s hand with his name falling from your lips. He can feel his cock straining against his sweats as he feels your juices drench his fingers, the filthy sound of your pussy fluttering makes him harder with each passing second. He stops when your hand reaches for his wrist, your body shuddering from sensitivity.
Osamu shifts you around so you’re facing him, your breathing is still heavy as you try to calm down. “Just looked so pretty while you were sleepin’, dummy,” he hums against your lips. “Couldn’t help myself.” You sigh into his mouth when he kisses you properly, holding him close with your still-drowsy limbs.
He sucks in a breath when he feels you press your center against him, silently asking for him to fuck you. “Can’t,”
“But you’re hard,” you whine, moving your knee in between his legs to tease him more. Osamu moans at your touch, the pressure inside is telling him to push you on your back and have his way but he can’t bring himself to do it. Not when he’s upstairs. “Please?”
“Not tonight,” he says. That rejected look is back on your face before your brows furrow. To Osamu’s surprise, you return to your original position with your back facing him. “Don’t act like that—”
“Goodnight, Samu,” you bite back, not willing to hear him out anymore. For once, Osamu doesn’t have an insult to hurl at you, the urge to put you in your place isn’t there. Instead, he peels away from your form. He takes one last glance at you but you refuse to look at him. Feeling unwelcomed, Osamu heads upstairs to his room. He stops for a moment when he spots the door to Atsumu’s room and wonders if you’d say yes to him if he asked you out.
He shakes the thought away and continues down the hall.
Osamu ended up sleeping in the next day, the clock reading half past noon when he woke up. He doesn’t like being in bed that late and he wonders if you had breakfast in the morning.
He turns over to find you standing by his door with a hard-to-read look on your face. You shut the door behind you, crouching by Osamu’s bed. This feels wrong—you should have been in his bed last night, he should be holding you right now, whispering in your ear with a softness that was reserved for this time of the day. Osamu even made space for you on the mattress but you wouldn’t take it.
“What’s your problem?” you asked with a ferocity in your eyes that he’s not used to seeing. “I mean, really, Samu. Ever since Tsumu’s been here, you’ve been pushing me away. Did I do something?”
“What’re ya bitchin’ about now?” Osamu groans, rolling over to ignore you but your hand on his shoulder stops him. You keep it there, forcing him to face you.
“I’m serious, you’ve been so nasty to me...more than usual.” you’re looking at him in the eye, something else he’s not used to. “And last night—that was the first time you’ve touched me in days…” your cheeks flushed, thinking about Osamu’s fingers plunging in and out of you.
He thinks back to how you looked last night, delirious from sleep and his hand down your shorts yet still so willing to get him off. Even right now he wants you underneath him, to hold you close and feel every part of you. After hearing his lack of response, you puff out your cheeks and Osamu smiles softly. He’d never say it out loud but he finds your small defiance cute.
“Um, me and Atsumu…” you start and Osamu feels his stomach drop, fearing the words that are about to leave your lips. “We made breakfast this morning because we wanted to let you sleep and we started talking.” Your eyes flicked over at Osamu’s, the attitude you had completely disappeared. “He asked me out on a date.”
The sinking feeling in Osamu’s stomach starts to burn. He can feel the rage building up inside but he can’t take it out on you, he needs to think first. “Excuse me?”
Your cheeks flush, hands shaking a bit. “It came out of nowhere! We were talking about how he’s going back to camp soon and he was saying how much he missed me…” It’s as if you’re choosing your words carefully, worried what Osamu’s reaction might be. “And then he said that we should get dinner and at first, I thought he meant the three of us but… He said he wanted it to be the two of us—like a date.”
“What did you say?” he asks through gritted teeth. You stare at him sympathetically and Osamu knows you said yes. Once again he comes in second place to Atsumu, the golden child. How could he compare? He sits up finally, towering over you crouched on the floor, bracing himself for your answer.
“I told him I’d think about it,” your answer doesn’t make him feel better. You should’ve told him no right then and there. But then again, rejection has never been in Atsumu’s vocabulary. “I wanted to talk to you first.”
“What’s there to talk about, y/n?”
You shoot him an incredulous look. “I figured you’d have some opinion on it since—you know…”
“Because I fuck ya?” Osamu can feel the venom bubbling in his throat. He didn’t know why he was acting this way. “If ya wanna fuck Atsumu too, go ahead. I can’t control ya.”
“You know that’s not what I’m talking about, Samu!” you snap, catching him off guard. “Just tell me you don’t want me to go.”
“I don’t care what ya do,” he says, getting out of bed and shoving past you.
But you, persistent as ever, followed him down the hallway. “You don’t care? You always seem to care when you think someone is flirting with me. Or when you caught Suna staring at my ass that one time.” you stand in front of his path to get his attention. “I know you don’t want me to go, just say it!”
You’re giving him a way out. I don’t want you to go out with him, he wants to say. I want you to stay here with me. But the insecurity creeping away at him wonders if part of you wants to be with his brother instead.
“I’m not yer boyfriend,” he says, his go-to argument. One that you’ve heard a million times.
“God, I’m so fucking tired of hearing that,” you reach for Osamu’s face, forcing him to stare back at you. He doesn’t want to talk about this right now. It would be so easy to brush you off and act like this conversation never happened—he’s done it so many times. But the look on your face tells him you’re not standing for it. “Sometimes I wonder if I actually mean anything. Am I just someone for you fuck, Samu?”
No, he thinks. Osamu can feel his hold on you, the one he’s worked so hard to keep, slipping away. Shouldn’t you know how he feels for you at this point? Why does he have to put a label on it?
Osamu’s the one who takes care of you when you’re sick, snapping at you for being so reckless with your health. He’s the one who picks you up at the bar when you’ve had too much to drink, who holds you when you’re having a bad day and all you want to do is cry. Why couldn’t you see that part?
But then he thinks of how you’ve been looking at him lately. Your arms reach out to touch him, to hold him, and he slaps them away. Brushing past you as if you hadn’t said anything. And every time he does it, you end up going to Atsumu. It’s history repeating over and over and Osamu doesn’t have the nerve to stop it.
Your frustrated sigh breaks his trance. “You can’t have me whenever you want and then act like you don’t care. Either I mean something to you or I don’t.”
He softens in your embrace. “Ya mean a lot more than just somethin’, y/n,” he says, fingers tugging at your shirt to bring you closer to him.
“How would I know that?”
There’s nothing Osamu wants more than to kiss you right now. He’s deprived himself of your touch for so long and he wants to drown in it. You’re mine, he thinks, you’ve always been mine, not his.
And who should round the corner at this very moment? “Am I interruptin’ somethin’?” Osamu peers over your shoulder and there he is, smirking as if he knows a joke that everyone else is privy to. Osamu feels your body tense up and your hold on him waver, it’s subtle but he notices it immediately.
He’s suddenly shoving you away from him. You would have fallen on your ass if Atsumu wasn’t there to catch you. “Hey!” Atsumu scolds as your body falls into his arms. “The fuck is wrong with ya?” Brown eyes shoot daggers at Osamu.
But he can only focus on how you look as if you’re about to burst into tears—eyes rimmed red and lip quivering. Why did he push you away again? Why was he always bringing you back into Atsumu’s grasp? Osamu opens his mouth to apologize, something he rarely ever does even when he knows he’s in the wrong. But the sad look on your face starts to harden and you’re staring at Osamu with a wave of anger he’s never seen before.
“I never answered your question, Tsumu,” you mumble, turning in Atsumu’s hold so you’re facing him. The blonde is a little confused at first but he catches on after seeing the small smile on your face.
“Really?” he asks as if he wasn’t furious just seconds before.
“Yeah,” you look up with a sparkle in your eyes that has only been reserved for him. Osamu wants to pull you away but he freezes upon hearing the last few words that leave your lips. “I’d love to go out with you.”
Osamu is in the kitchen when the two of you leave for your date. He wants to rip Atsumu’s head off when he wraps his arms around your waist. He’s never seen you look so excited about something and wonders if you’ll have a good time.
He distracts himself by drinking with friends but he can’t have a good time knowing that you’re probably giggling at one of Atsumu’s stupid jokes right now. His brother must be a blushing mess by now, bashfully admitting how he’s always wanted to ask you out. Would you fall for his lines and admit that you’ve always wanted him too?
What would happen when Atsumu eventually had to go back to training camp? Would you end back up in Osamu’s shadow, hoping for a sweet word from him? No, he thinks. He’s ruined any chance of that by now. He so desperately wanted you all to himself and he let you get away.
Not because Atsumu was better than him. Not because you didn’t want him. But because he couldn’t show that he had given a shit about you.
Osamu stares down at the amber liquid in his glass. He can’t remember how many drinks he’s had tonight, he just keeps asking the bartender for more. Taking his glass in hand, Osamu knocks back what’s left, feeling the alcohol burn in his throat.
“Geez, how drunk you trying to get?” Suna snorts, pausing the conversation he was having with Ginjima.
Osamu considers Suna’s words for a second, starting to feel the effects of the liquor in his veins. But he can still picture your hand on Atsumu’s chest, leaning in closer and closer until…
“Drunk enough to forget tonight,” he grunts, motioning the bartender to get him another drink.
“Don’t you think you’ve had too much?” Ginjima asks, a worried look on his face as Osamu sips his alcohol. But the fact that he’s still sober enough to remember that you and Atsumu are out on a date right now means that he needs more. Osamu’s looking to get absolutely shitfaced if it means he doesn’t have to see your face in his head anymore.
Somewhere in his haze, Osamu must have brought up the situation with Atsumu as Suna lets out a very fitting “Yikes,” and the mood shifts. Everyone knew about the strained relationship with the twins and how you were always in the middle of it—both of them tugging on your arm like you were a toy to be fought over.
They saw how Osamu’s demeanor changed when Atsumu went away. Sure, he was still an insufferable grump who saw red anytime another man so much as breathed near you. But when he was with you, he was softer—though he’d never admit that. You were the only one that could quell his anger and stop his emotions from getting the better of him.
He was so secretive at first when the two of you started fooling around. Nobody could know what went on between you but after a while, Osamu would tell on himself constantly with the firm grip he had on your hand. He’d hold you close, whisper in your ear, and eventually start kissing you in front of everyone but somehow expected his friends not to ask questions. We’re not dating. He’d say one minute before punching some dude at a party for thinking he could dance up on you.
“Funny,” Suna quips, nursing his own drink, though it’s still the only one he’s had all night. “I can’t believe Atsumu would ask her out again,”
Suna’s brow quirks. “You never knew? Astumu asked y/n out back in high school. Caught him crying in the locker room when she turned him down,”
Atsumu had asked you out before? And you turned him down? You had never mentioned anything about that to Osamu but, to be fair, the two of you weren’t exactly friendly to each other back then. As soon as Atsumu left for camp, Osamu made him a taboo subject to bring up in conversation. Most girls would have killed to be with his brother back then—even now, Atsumu can light up a room better than anyone else. But you had rejected him. Why?
But then Osamu remembers that you went out with Atsumu anyway while he’s sitting at a random bar. Whether or not you turned down Atsumu and why you did it doesn’t matter all that much.
He swallows the remainder of his drink and immediately orders a round of shots. Ginjimagroans while Suna, eager to get drunk as well, claps him on the back. But Osamu’s not trying to have fun tonight, he wants to forget how badly he fucked everything up—until your face is no longer etched in his brain.
It’s the middle of the night when Osamu makes it home, or he thinks so at least. He’s not sure how he managed to leave the bar but suspects Ginjima called him a cab. He stumbles through the front door, knocking into furniture with every step. He’s usually good at handling his liquor but that’s because you’re there, making sure he’s limiting himself.
His blurred vision prevents him from noticing everything blocking his path, bumping into chairs and tables as if he doesn’t know the layout of his fucking house. Going upstairs to his room would be too much of a hassle by now so, in his drunken state, he makes his way toward the couch to sleep there for the night.
At least, he tries to.
Osamu, the drunk idiot that he is, bangs his knee into the coffee table and crashes to the floor. “Shit,” he grunts, holding onto his knee in pain. It doesn’t help that his head is pounding and the room is spinning too. Osamu thinks he might have drunk too much tonight but, unfortunately, you’re still weighing heavy on his mind which means he didn’t have enough.
“Samu?” says a shrill, familiar voice. “What the hell are you doing here?”
A lamp flickers on and Osamu groans as the light hits his eyes. He waits for them to get used to the light before directing his attention to the source of the voice.
You’re at the foot of the stairs, scowling at the boy curled up on the floor. “You look like shit. Do you even know where you are right now?”
Osamu furrows his brow. He forces his eyes to focus on the living room. Only then does he realize that nothing looks right—the coffee table doesn’t have the broken corner on it from when the twins were play-fighting a few years back and the pictures hung on the wall look different.
This is your house.
It doesn’t take much brainpower to figure out that Osamu must have wobbled his way to your place instead of his. Your houses were right next to each other and he’s always had a spare key.
“Shit,” he grumbles, feeling stupid. His body is too sore to make the trek back home. He decides he’ll leave in the morning.
You’re next to him in seconds, kneeling at his side and helping him off the floor. “Let’s get you to the couch, okay?” Osamu grimaces—whether it’s from the pain in his knee or the fact that he can still smell the faint scent of your perfume, he’s not sure. He takes in the sight of you, your hair slightly tousled and framing your face, eyes full of concern, and lips plump and soft. He’s angrier than he’s ever been but more than anything he just wants to kiss you. That’s when he notices you’re wearing pajamas. A t-shirt that’s much too big for you and your cute sleep shorts. Only this one doesn’t look like his.
As you guide him across the living room and sit him down on the couch, Osamu grabs a fistful of the shirt and pulls you forward. “The fuck is this?” The force of him snatching you sends you down to your knees, staring up at him.
“It’s yours,” you say quickly, hoping he’s too drunk to notice that you’re lying. But you’re preaching to the choir. Osamu doesn’t own anything that looks like this—he knows someone who does, though.
“Is he upstairs? Did ya bring him here to fuck him?” That tried and true anger of his is festering in the pit of his stomach. His grip tightens, threatening to rip the fabric off of you.
“Samu, you reek of booze,” you try to reason, small hands fighting against him. “Nobody’s upstairs, okay? Nothing happened tonight.”
“Don’t believe ya. What the fuck would ya have this on, then?” You’re his. It didn’t matter if Atsumu got his clutches in you already, you always belonged to Osamu, even when you were little. Before you can open your mouth with some stupid excuse, Osamu’s pushing you to the floor and hovering over you. “How could ya hurt me like that?”
You scoff. “Like you haven’t been hurting me? What do you want from me, Samu?”
“Ya still don’t know?” Osamu pulls the ugly shirt off you, revealing your tits in the warm, dim light. He can tell you’re frustrated by the deep blush spreading across your cheeks. He’s refused himself of your body for so long. He’s going to devour you.
Osamu latches onto your breast, biting down on your bud. The whimper that leaves your lips goes straight to his cock. He should’ve done this days ago. “Samu! You’re too drunk, we shouldn’t.” Of course, one of you has to be responsible, Osamu figures but he’s not stupid. He can feel you grinding on his cock.
“So tell me to stop,” he says against your chest, hand slipping down to cup at your clothed cunt. He takes note of how your body tenses up when he does it. “That’s what I thought.” He sucks on your breast while his hand creeps past your shorts. Already so wet, he chuckles, running the tips of his fingers along your slit.
You can’t stop gasping, unable to grab onto anything to ground yourself, and balling your hands into fists. It’s so cute how you hump Osamu’s hand, eager to get off. He fumbles to undo his own belt, freeing his half-hard cock with one hand before he starts jerking himself off to the noises you’re making. It only makes you more desperate, cries leave your lips as you reach out to touch him.
“Oh, ya want my cock, dummy?” he coos, tugging your bottoms down and leaving you fully naked under him. He doesn’t miss how quickly you nod, yelping when his fat cock slides against your folds. Osamu ruts into you while he continues his assault on your tits—rolling your nipples in between his fingers and sucking at the sensitive skin. He makes sure not to catch the tip of his cock on your clit so you won’t be fully satisfied.
“Samu!” you whine, just like he knew you would. Your fingers tug on his hair, pulling him away from your chest. “Don’t tease me, please.”
The tears forming in your eyes make Osamu’s dick twitch. “Tell me how bad ya want it,” he orders, snapping his hips against your center so your thighs tremble. But you’re hesitating, eyes not meeting his as if you’re afraid to say what’s on your mind. Suddenly, Osamu’s heart is sinking to his stomach. Had he gone too far? Did he say something wrong?
His intrusive thoughts are interrupted when he feels your soft hands cradle his face. “I just need an answer, Samu. Am I yours or just someone you fuck?” A few tears run down your cheeks. “I can’t keep doing this anymore.”
Osamu presses his forehead against yours. “I’m not good at this,” he says, pinning your hands above your head, fingers intertwining. “But you’ve always been mine, y/n. All I’ve ever wanted was you.” With a kiss, Osamu sinks into your cunt and has to get used to how tight you are—it really has been too long.
The sensation drives you crazy as well, arms wrapped around Osamu’s neck, sobbing in pleasure. “Say it again,” you cry against his lips, ignoring the slight pain of getting used to having him inside you again. “Tell me I’m yours again, please. Wanna hear it.”
Both of you sigh when Osamu finally bottoms out. He looks down towards your stomach, where it’s slightly bulging. “Mine, and only mine, yeah?” he breathes, taking a few seconds to get used to your walls squeezing down on him. Slowly, he pulls back a little before grinding back into you. “Fuck, I’ve missed ya so much.” he gasps, hands reaching underneath your thighs to press them to your chest.
Your high-pitched cries fill the room as Osamu pounds your sweet cunt. You’re trying your best to keep your eyes on him but each thrust knocks the wind out of you. “Feels s’good, Samu. Missed you too—fuck!” Your walls choke his cock, thigh shaking as your orgasm comes crashing down on you. “Gonna cum, gonna cum!”
“Cum for me, then. My sweet lil dummy, yeah?” Osamu growls, quickening his pace until the sound of skin slapping is overwhelming. The force of your orgasm nearly pushes Osamu’s cock out of you. Cries leave your lips while you come down from the high. Your eyes are red and puffy from all the tears you’ve shed. Osamu takes a moment of his own, staving off his own release.
Osamu sits up, shedding the rest of his clothes before pulling you into his lap. You grimace when you feel him lining himself up to enter you once more. “Sensitive,” you mumble, face in the crook of Osamu’s neck.
But you don’t fight back when he’s inside you once more, cock stretching you out until your hips finally meet. “Ya can give me another one, hm? For me?” Osamu kisses along your jawline, giving you a breather before he’s fucking you proper once more. “You’re mine, remember? Gotta fill ya up nice and good with my cum, yeah?”
His words have you moaning against his skin, unabashedly fucking yourself on his cock despite your poor cunt already spent from your last orgasm. “Love it when you say that,” you cup his face between your palms, kissing him over and over. “Want your cum, Samu. Want you to fill me up, please, please, please.”
Seeing you so fucked out, bouncing in his lap and begging for him triggers something primal in Osamu. He snatches your hips, nails digging into your skin. Tears flood down your face while the rhythm Osamu sets becomes brutal. “Gonna ruin ya for everyone else,” he snarls, feeling the precipice of his own release. “This body was made fer me, yeah. Just me…” His hand slips between both your bodies, catching your clit to send you over the edge once more.
“Just—just you!” you cry, chanting Osamu’s name like a prayer when you cum for a second time, making a mess of both of you. The way your walls convulse around him as Osamu’s cock twitching before he’s spilling inside your warm, willing cunt. It’s not long before you’re whining from how full you are. Osamu’s cum has always been thick and too much but he’s been pent from not fucking you for what felt like ages. “Full…” you whimper.
“Ya can take it,” he shushes, keeping both of you in that position until he’s sure you’ve milked him dry. You’ve relaxed in his arms, body exhausted from a rough and thorough fucking. He pulls out after a while, his cum seeping out of you and he has half a mind to finger it back inside but he restrains himself and gets you both cleaned up.
He must have sobered up at some point by how efficient he is at getting the two of you in your tub, cleaning off the sweat and cum from your bodies before dressing you in fresh pajamas. Thankfully, he always keeps spare clothes in your house. Osamu carries you to bed, ready to curl you into his side and doze off into a peaceful sleep. But somehow, with tired limbs you climb into his lap, arms wrapped around his neck.
“You meant what you said, right?” you ask, sleepy eyes staring up at him. “You’re not going to push me away again?” And Osamu can see the fear in your eyes, the worry that he might take his words back in the morning and send the both of you back to square one. He can’t blame you, he’s had his moments where he’s been inexplicably sweet to you just to go back on his word.
You continue, “I didn’t mean to hurt you, Samu. I only did it ‘cause I’ve been hurting for so long. I thought maybe I was wasting my time here because you wouldn’t commit to me,” You play with the ends of his hair, softly tugging on the freshly-washed strands. “I just wanted you to tell me not to go on the date because you wanted to be with me. Sometimes I just feel like some girl you caught dibs on or if you don’t actually care to be with me for me.”
Osamu sighs, he thought he was already showing those things for you—in his own way. But what you wanted was validation, something concrete to show that you meant something to him. Maybe that’s why you sought comfort in Atsumu who’s never been shy about expressing how special you are to him.
“I’m sorry,” he says, the words feeling foreign in his mouth. Your eyes grow wide with shock. Osamu’s never apologized to you before, for anything. There were moments when he wanted to but something, pride or stupidity, always stopped him. When he’d upset you, he’d cook your favorite meal, buy a gift or fuck the anger out of you. But he knows that can’t be his default anymore. “I should’ve seen that I was hurtin’ ya but…”
Osamu’s afraid of what he wants to say next, afraid of what your reaction might be but it’s something he needs to do.
“The truth is seeing ya with Atsumu makes me so scared. ‘’re just so happy when he’s around and I get worried that maybe you’d prefer him over me. Most people do...” he feels your hand cup his cheek and he leans into your touch. “I wanted to make ya happy like that but seeing you with him made me so angry that I just took it out on ya instead.”
Now or never, Osamu thinks. “You’ve never been just some girl. You’re the only girl that’s ever meant anything to me. I’ve been in love with ya since we were kids and I’ve just been too fucking stupid to realize it. I’ve always loved ya and all I’ve wanted was for ya to love me back—not cause yer stuck with me or somethin' but cause ya actually mean it.”
His body is shaking and he feels like he’s going to vomit from nerves. Somehow, Osamu musters up the courage to look you in the eye and he sees that you’re crying again. But these are different tears because you’re leaning in and kissing him feverishly. Again and again and again. It isn’t until he feels your fingertips rubbing his cheeks that Osamu realizes he’s crying too. Fuck, he’s actually crying.
“I do love you,” you proclaim with the biggest smile Osamu’s ever seen. “And I’ll keep saying it until you know it’s true.” But Osamu just needed to hear it only once to believe it. You love him.
And he loves you.
“You’re indulging him,” Osamu complains, pulling you into his lap as the two of you sit at the bottom of the stairs watching everyone else mingle in the living room.
“He wouldn’t shut up about it if we didn’t do it,” you remind him for the hundredth time. “Just be nice tonight, okay?” You kiss the pout off his face but Osamu still grumbles under his breath.
Atsumu was leaving in the morning but he, of course, wanted a going away party to see him off. Osamu thought it was a bit dramatic—his brother would only be gone for two months tops but Atsumu always craved the spotlight.
As usual, he charmed everyone with his stories from training camp and all the amazing athletes and coaches he’s working with. How he’s already being scouted for professional teams. Just a few more hours, Osamu thinks.
The one highlight is that this is Osamu’s first official outing as your boyfriend, something he feels a bit smug about since it takes some of the attention away from his idiot twin. Some people were surprised when you two finally made it official. Others, Suna and Kita, weren’t as shocked and wondered why it took so long to happen in the first place.
“What is the grumpy Miya Osamu thinking about right now?” you ask, head leaning against his shoulder.
Osamu kisses your temple. “How much I’d rather be in bed than listen to Atsumu tell this story again. What about ya?”
You smile at him with a sparkle in your eye that Osamu knows it's just for him. “How much I love you,”
Osamu snorts, hoping it covers the blush that’s most definitely on his cheeks but he’s sure you see right through him. “I love you too, dummy.”
Tumblr media
©sugawarassoulmate 2021 all rights reserved - please do not repost/translate my work on other platforms!
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itachiyama · a month ago
[5:46 AM] — MIYA OSAMU
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
you’re not too sure what time it is, but you know it’s early when osamu lays himself over you, head digging into your chest as he steals your warmth. you groan, wrapping your arms around him as you pull the blanket higher over your bodies.
“what time is it?”
“almost six,” he hums. it’s quiet for a moment, you seem to be drifting back to sleep, and osamu grins in victory against your shirt before drifting off himself.
until you speak up.
“wait a second. aren’t you supposed to be on the couch?” his body freezes for a moment before he’s clutching onto you tightly while you’re trying to shove him off. “samu! get off!”
“i’m serious, i’m still mad at you,” you huff. he frowns (though it’s more of a pout) and simply shakes his head.
“‘m not lettin’ go. ma back hurts. i’m cold too.”
“miya osamu—”
and before you can finish your sentence, there’s a soft bite at your chin that makes you stop.
“don’t call me by ma full name,” he grumbles, settling back down into your chest. “‘s rude.”
he has the audacity to grab your hand and plop it into his hair too, gesturing at you to play with the dark brown strands.
“did you just bite me?”
“and what if i did?” comes his quiet mumble, voice muffled by your shirt.
last night wasn’t exactly a big fight, it was a petty one if the both of you were being honest, but osamu should’ve admitted he was wrong, and his attitude was what landed him a spot on the couch. and to his dismay, you seem to fall asleep much easier without his embrace than he does without yours.
“what do you—you bit me,” you repeat incredulously. you smack his shoulder when he snickers quietly at your shock.
“didn’t even hurt, ya drama queen.” and you want to keep your facade of being mad, you want to tell him to go back to the couch until you’ve deemed he’s earned his spot back, but something about the way he nuzzles into you and kisses your collarbone before trying to fall asleep once more makes you give in.
he’s stubborn, you’ve come to know this a tad bit too well, but he’s also gentle. he plants one more spoonful of dinner to your plate when you tell him to stop, he pulls the sun visor down for you when the light shines in your face as he drives, he wakes up and puts socks on your feet when they feel like icicles against his calves, and he’s the only person who easily forgives you for your own stubbornness too—every time, without fail.
so you wrap your arm tightly around him, stroking through his locks as you mumble “you’re such a weirdo, you know that?”
“well, ‘s just the way i am, deal with it,” he mumbles back. and then you giggle, he laughs, you kiss his forehead, and he kisses your jaw—and you’re back to your usual routine, last night all forgotten.
“i love you,” you whisper.
“love ya too. and i also love yer cheeks, ‘m bitin’ them next.”
Tumblr media
i am once again pushing that osamu’s love language is biting
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ohajime · 2 months ago
When they tell you you’re clingy (Osamu, Atsumu, Suna)
Tumblr media
genre: angst, fluff
a/n: the lengths I went to, to write this with majority of it being written on my phone so there may be a few mistakes in there I hope you enjoy it let me know what you think also this is my longest work ever also thank you @/teesumu for making this so much better
Reblogs are very appreciated
Tumblr media
You shoved your phone back into your pocket, growing annoyed at your boyfriend's lack of response. It was date night, something that you and Osamu had agreed on doing weekly from the start of your relationship, and usually you would go to your date destination together but your boyfriend has been busy throughout the week so you agreed on a few days ago to go there on your own.
But to your avail, Osamu was a no show leaving you stranded at the restaurant on your own, embarrassment expanding inside of you as the feeling of all the people around you, watched as you sat there for a few hours checking your phone every 5 minutes waiting around for a man who was never going to show up.
When you arrived home, although you were still embarrassed the feeling of the humiliation vanished and was replaced with frustration.
Throughout the whole week, you were accepting of your boyfriend’s busy schedule, his neglect for you and your relationship being shaken off due to you assuming it was going to end soon. But as the messages you sent to him were left piling up with no responses, and the constant stiff replies when you spoke to him verbally were becoming more common, being in his presence made you feel like an outsider.
Just before you were going to go to sleep, the rattle of the front door handle jolted you awake in panic assuming that someone was breaking in but you realised that this late time was now the standard for when Osamu arrived home.
“Samu, is that you?” you stood up in your sleepy state and trotted out to the living room where you found him taking off his shoes and work bag,
“What are you doing up?” was what he asked, surprised to see you standing in front of him at this hour.
“You woke me up,”
“Oh, my bad” he apologised simply. Once you saw that he was settled in, you waited for him to follow you back up to your bedroom so you can finally go to sleep but he just stood there staring at you “Aren’t you gonna go back to sleep?”
“Aren’t you coming with me?” you asked with a raise of your eyebrows, wondering what was stopping your boyfriend from going to bed with you.
“I’ve got a bit more work I need to complete,” he finished turning away from you to get his work bag, opening it up.
“More work?”
“Yes Y/N some people actually have jobs y’know” he sighed tired of your inquisition.
“What’s that supposed to mean,” you asked back, now wondering where his ‘subtle’ jab was coming from.
“It seems that recently you’ve made it your job to bother me all day everyday Y/N,” he muttered.
“If you’re referring to the nice messages I send to you, I literally only do that to make sure that you haven’t drowned yourself in the piles and piles of work you’ve forced yourself to do.” You snapped back, growing offended that he was making it seem like your efforts to check on him were just a nuisance, “and it’s not like you even replied to them anyways.”
“Why would I reply to them when everyday it was just “Osamu where are you,” “Samu have you eaten,” “Samu can you do this,”” he mocked you with annoyance, “It just felt you were underneath me all day everyday, just texting and badgering me”
“I didn’t think that, that would be a problem,” you mumbled more to yourself not realising how overbearing you were actually being.
“Just god Y/N I didn’t know you could be so clingy” he said and the words tasted sour as he said them and he instantly felt regret, especially when he looked up to see your eyes widen and you take a small step back, “Fuck Y/N i’m sorry I-”
“Don’t apologise Samu it’s fine,” you said, forcing a smile “I guess I can be a bit clingy, actually thinking about it…”
“No that was my fau-”
“I’m pretty tired, so I think I’m going to head to bed,” you said sadly exiting the room before stopping to say, “Samu make sure you don’t overwork yourself.” He nodded, automatically feeling terrible knowing that what he said wasn’t the way he was meant to say it and seeing the instant frown form on your face replaced with a forced smile, Osamu felt even worse.
Throughout the next week, it seemed that your household dynamics changed again but this time you being distant and cold and Osamu grasping at every straw to try and get you to engage with him.
He did go back to his usual working routine, not forcing himself to do overtime, and that did make you happy but there was this constant reminder of what he said and you really didn’t want to come across as the “clingy, overbearing partner” he made you out to be.
“Y/N,” he said entering the room, feeling apprehensive to talk to you because of how distant you’ve been.
“Yes?” you responded simply.
“Are you alright?” he could probably guess the answer to that, but he didn’t know how else to strike up a conversation with you without you shutting it down.
“I’m fine,” you said, and he let out a small sigh thinking that was the end of the conversation but to his surprise you continued, “how about you, you good?”
“Yeah I’m good,” he answered awkwardly and you hum in acknowledgement not really wanting to further the talk you were having, you could feel him leave the room but not even a second later he returned walking closer to you “Actually Y/N, I’m not okay”
You actually looked up at him, clearly noticing the determination in his eyes “what’s wrong Samu,”
“You you’re what’s wrong with me,” he said but cringed at his word choice “I said that wrong, I just mean that the way you’ve been acting and I know I know it’s from what I said, I just feel terribly sorry.”
“I don’t really know what to say Samu..”
“Say anything, yell at me, shout at me, berate me for being so mean when you were only trying to help.”
“It doesn’t matter anymore I guess”
“It does Y/N I’m really sorry and I just need you to know that.” He said “and I realised as soon as you went upstairs when I checked the messages that I missed date night thats night and I know they’re not meant to be a big deal but I am really sorry for not showing up it really did slip my mind.”
“Why have you been so busy anyways Samu?”
“The shop just seems to be getting busier and it was overwhelming it well it is overwhelming I just didn’t really know how to handle it besides being at work 24/7” he responded “and I know it was dumb of me to do but I really didn’t know what to do.”
You could hear the hopelessness in his voice and it made you feel sad not knowing the stress your boyfriend was under. However, you didn’t want to excuse the stress he was under as a valid reason for him to just project it onto you and it seemed he didn’t want to either.
One of the things you did love about Osamu was how he was a hard worker, he always has been and although he did let your relationship down for the short period of time he worked hard to fix it again.
Tumblr media
The thumping of the base bounced off your head, leaving you wincing at the migraine you knew that was coming on. You stood next to your boyfriend, Atsumu as he paraded around the crowded apartment of a classmate he knew. Regret was an understatement to how you were feeling about deciding to come to this party but due to Atsumu’s persistence and you not wanting to seem like a ‘bore,’ you found yourself putting on your nicest outfit and heading to the house which was filled with flashing lights, deafening music and a constant scent of vomit surrounding you.
You weren’t known for going to parties, and neither was Atsumu but when he got invited to what was labelled as the “best summer party of the year,” he couldn’t resist in accepting the invite, excitement flooding him as he raved about the possible events that could happen at the party.
Although the party scene was definitely not your thing, you did agree on going thinking that one party wouldn’t hurt even though you were already questioning your choices the more Atsumu talked about it but you just assumed you were nervous as the idea of actually going to a party, a college one at that, was way too out of your comfort zone,
So that’s why you were now at the stupid party, sandwhiched next to your boyfriend as one of his friends tells everyone around you a dumb story which suprsingly had everyone, inclduing Atsumu, in fits of laughter. You were tired and hungry and being stuck to Atsumu all night had your feet in pain, “Babe?” you called, taking Atsumu’s attention slightly away from his friends and onto you.
“Yes?” he questioned before laughing again at the story being told.
“Can you take me to the bathroom?” you knew it was a trivial question to ask since you were definitely old enough to go to the bathroom on your own, but being in a new environment with inebriated strangers in someone else’s house there was safety and comfort you’d have if your boyfriend went with you.
“The bathroom?” he questioned “It's just upstairs first door on your left.”
“Oh. Well can you go with me, please?” you asked.
“Go with you?” he said with a laugh more at you then to his friends conversation, “babe it’s literally less then 2 minutes away.”
“Yes I know that but it would make me feel better if you jus-”
“Y/N,” he sighed rubbing the temple of his forehead, “can you stop being so annoying for the second and chill out.”
“What? I was only asking for you to come with me to the bathroom.”
“Yeah but not only that, you’ve been following me around the whole night like a lost puppy you can go and talk to people instead of being stuck by my side for the whole night.” He said his voice coming out of the hushed tone it was in before.
“It’s not my fault that you brought me to a party where I don’t even know anybody” you fired back.
“You were meant to make friends, talk to people this is why I brung you here like I didn’t expect you to be this fuckin clingy” he finishes and you didn’t actually notice how his friends stopped talking and their eyes were on you and you could see some of them trying to hide their obvious smirks behind their cups as they found the argument between you and Atsumu funny making you feel more embarrassed.
“Oh fuck you Atsumu,” you stood up abruptly and walked away heering the surrounding crowd murmur an “ooooooo” as you cursed your boyfriend. The need you had to go to the bathroom was gone, you just needed to get out of there.
You made it back home safely, got undressed and went straight to bed only being able to think about the words he said to you, because were you actually clingy?
When you woke up, Atsumu was beside you in bed snoring his head off and you could instantly smell the alcohol still stuck to you “well it seems he had a good time” you thought to yourself as you peeled away off your bed going into the shower, preparing to start your day.
Atsumu was already up when you exited the shower, groaning as his head rested on the table definitely hungover from all the drinks he had at the party. “Oh hey babe,” he grumbled upon seeing you, leaning in to give you the usual morning kiss you would share but you swiftly turned your head avoiding the kiss as you were definitely still annoyed at Atsumu and was not planning on letting this just be swept under the rug.
You and Atsumu have had arguments before, it wasn’t uncommon but your way of solving it was to generally just cool down after a bit and talk about usually ending up with you both agreeing how trivial the argument was. But this argument wasn’t trivial, he embarrassed you and whether it was intentional or not his choice of words still hurt and what hurt even more that now when you boyfriend is sober the first thing he did wasn’t apologise or try and talk about the situation he acted as if it never happened.
He could tell you were mad, it didn’t take a rocket science to tell you were mad from the look on your face and the slight hardened grip you formed around the handle of your coffee cup it was obvious you were mad. “Y/N?” he called, pulling you away from your thoughts.
“Yes?” you responded.
“Why did you leave the party early last night?”
“Oh you can’t remember?” you questioned, wondering if he genuinely couldn’t remember why or if he was just pretending not to know to avoid the awkward conversation that was going to be had if he did remember all the things he said.
“Not really…There’s just bits and pieces that I remember” he said “I guess I drank a bit too much”
“Yeah I guess you did”
“Well nevertheless the party was fun either way, I’m surprised we’ve never been to one before,” he continues on “speaking of which the host of this party is throwing another one soon, we should definitely go”
“Oh god no,” you scoff as if it was the worst idea ever said, which it was, but Atsumu didn’t understand that.
“Why not?” He questioned “did something happen at the party yesterday, is that why you left early?”
“Nothing happened I guess… and it’s not like you’d remember anyways” you said muttering the last part but he caught on and his eyebrows furrowed in confusion.
“Y/N what are you on about? What happened”
“Does it really matter, when you don’t remember?”
“You could at least tell me, so I can help.”
“Gosh Tsumu can you quit asking, you don’t have to be so clingy and annoying” you said with a sigh, and although he wasn’t really being clinging or annoying just a concerned boyfriend the use of the words he said to you seemed to spur a memory in Atsumu’s head from the party.
“Did I really say that?” he asked still a bit lost.
“Mhm” you affirmed “you were being a real dick last night Tsumu”
“I’m so sorry, I was pretty out of it last night”
“Yeah out of your mind thinking you could talk to me that way,” you said “do you know how embarrassing it was, having all those people watch us argue laughing at jeering at me when you called me clingy. Do you really think I’m that clingy?”
“No no of course not,” he said “and I didn’t mean to say all I said especially with people around us like that. I’m sorry for not really caring for you last night, especially when you left and I didn’t even notice.”
“Like Tsumu I know you were really excited for this party and I was fine with going with you but I would’ve at least expected you to make sure I was okay when I didn’t know anybody there.”
“Yeah that was stupid of me, I guess I was just so focused on having a good time I forgot about if you were having a good time and I’m sorry about that” he apologised “and no you really aren’t clingy not in the slightest I hope you don’t read into what I said I was just being an ass and if anything I’m the clingy one out of us two.”
“Indeed you are,” you agreed laughing slightly.
“So do you forgive me?” He asked with an apprehensive smile.
“No” you replied and his smile dropped “Atsumu, I know you apologized and I appreciate that but you literally wouldn’t of remembered this if I didn’t tell you, so it’s going to take a lot more then an apology that I prompted you to give for me to forgive you.”
He nodded sadly but did agree with what you were saying as sorry as he was he knew his words didn’t really matter since you were still hurt and embarrassed by what he’d done.
However with the determination your boyfriend had it would be his last dying mission to get your forgiveness and of course he eventually did after many apologises and gifts and him not stepping foot at another house party (him deciding to do that) he found his way in your good graces and he definitely proved that he was the clingy one in your relationship but you wouldn’t have him any other way.
Tumblr media
Suna Rintarou wasn’t used to dating someone like you, you were different to all his ex’s benign one of the first to date him for this long without complaining about his apparent “lazy” relationship tendencies.
He had a hard time expressing himself, and you knew that. It didn’t mean he didn’t love you because even though he didn’t profess his feelings for you everyday he didn’t need to as Suna showed all his love for you through his actions, doing little things throughout the day that easily made you smile.
You liked to return the favour, wanting to show him that you loved him just as much as he did you, if not more and this surprised Suna definitely not used to this treatment having a partner make him little bentos to bring to practice everyday, coming to his games and practice games to cheer him on, you were nothing like Suna had ever experienced and he didn’t know how to deal with it.
It was a usual day for you, you didn’t have work and your boyfriend had practice and since you were free you thought they'd be no problem bringing your boyfriend some lunch and seeing him play, so happily drove over to the gym to go and greet your boyfriend.
However, you paused upon your entrance just stopping outside of the doors as you heard voices, one specifically belonging to Suna. “How are things going with… Y/N is it?” you heard one of them ask and your heart squeezed in anticipation wondering what Suna would say in response.
“Oh Y/N, hmmm” he said and you could tell he was thinking about what he was going to say “they’re different.”
“Different?” one of them asked him unsure of what that meant.
“Yeah they’re definitely not what I’m used isn’t bad I guess it’s just,” he said “they’re a bit too clingy like way too full on”
“Oh I thought you liked them showing up to all our practices” you heard another ask but you could tell they were being sarcastic.
“They do that a lot, practically nearly every practice and they always are making me these little bento boxes, like jeez i'm not a child” once he said that you looked straight down into your hands at the “little bento” you made for him a stray tear dropping down on the finely wrapped box.
You turned on your heel and went straight back to your car, not wanting to hear anymore of your boyfriend's words. There was a sense of shame you felt as you thought about what he said, being reminded of how you acted around Suna and all the things you did for him.
He came home a few hours after you did, sweaty and tired and you didn’t really know how to “act normal” around him knowing that he said what he said. He greeted you as he usually did, pulling you into a hug, pressing a soft kiss to your neck, tiredly asking “what’s for dinner?”
You overcame your urge to relax into his hug having the constant reminder of him thinking that you were “too full on and clingy,” shrugging yourself out of the hug and standing up mumbling a quick “I don’t know I’ll probably order take out later,” and you walked to your bedroom leaving Suna confused at your behaviour.
But he left you be, for an hour or so not really thinking that you shrugging him off earlier wasn't anything too serious to fuss over. However after you ate dinner, when he saw you watching a movie he dived next to you resting his head on your lap. He made a few comments during the movie trying to spark up conversation but you replied simply, not leaving much room for any real conversation to be made as you didn’t want to come off as “too full on,” to your boyfriend or annoying.
This continued for the rest of the night, you shying away from Suna and not showering him in hugs and kisses and random thoughts you had and he definitely thought it was weird but he couldn’t really confront you about anything with your behaviour only of being on for less than a day.
The next day, Suna assumed everything would be back to usual with yesterday only being an ‘off’ day you may have and he was ready to see you show up at his practice with the nice lunch you always made him.
Suna came home way more tired than usual, with a lack of lunch and his mind being more focused on you it was impossible for him to play properly so he was extremely exhausted. He came home, looking immediately for you finding you in the kitchen cooking dinner.
“Y/N” he says grabbing your attention.
“Oh hey Rin how was your day?” You greet him.
“You weren’t at practice today”
“Because I’m not on the volleyball team…” you respond to his statement in confusion.
“Of course not, but on your days off work you always come to my practice and bring me lunch and stuff” he says.
“Yeah well I didn’t think my presence or my lunches were wanted” you said.
“Why wouldn’t they be?”
“I heard you talking about me,” you said simply and his mouth opens partly in shock.
“Y/N I-“
“They’re a bit full on and too clingy” you say quoting his words from before “and it’s funny how you question why I didn’t come to your practice and bring you lunch today Rin, because I didn’t think my “little bentos” were wanted since you of course aren't a child” You were being nonchalant with your tone of voice but Suna could tell you were frustrated by the way you spoke.
“Y/N it wasn’t meant to come out that way,” he said “it’s just that you’re different, way different to what I’m used to and maybe at first I thought you were too much for what I could handle but today at practice when you didn’t show up and didn’t bring me lunch I then felt sad, especially with how distant you were being last night and I know it was my words that caused all this but I regret them deeply. Since I love the way you are, how you show that you care just with the small things you do or how you light up talking about a story you read I love you Y/N.”
His ramblings caught you off guard since you definitely wasn’t expecting that, that was probably the most you’ve heard him talk about his feelings and you couldn’t ignore the nice way it made you feel.
“I get that I really do, but you could’ve easily talked to me before about how “full on” I was being and I would’ve understood that. You just have to talk to me Rin not talk about me to your friends.”
“Yeah I understand and I’m sorry.” He says pulling you away from your cooking and into his arms for a small hug. “Does this mean I’m forgiven”
“Does this mean you’ll start showing up to my practices and bringing me lunch again”
“We’ll have to see.”
You didn’t show up to his practices and bring him lunch anymore, at first but eventually you did and Suna talked to you more about what he was feeling and he always thanked you for all the things you did for him whether it was little or small. Suna definitely wasn’t used to someone like you but he did like how it felt to be with you.
Tumblr media
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kurosukii · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pairing: miya atsumu, miya osamu x f!reader
summary: there’s a fuzzy feeling in your stomach when they choose you to taste the new onigiri flavor for the restaurant, but little did you know...
genre: smut, mafia au
warnings: 18+. noncon/dubcon, yandere themes, somnophilia, drugging (they give you an aphrodisiac), dacryphilia, bastard and sleazy miya twins, objectification, multiple orgasms, threesome (no brother action), slight bondage, corruption, praise, degradation, pussy slaps, spanking, hair-pulling, fingering, nipple play, spitting, oral (f and m receiving), face-fucking, facial, squirting, double penetration, anal, creampie
word count: 4.7k
author's note: for @iwas-baby crime and punishment collab! thanks for letting me join! pls i was heating up while writing this . (let me know if i missed any warnings!) (MINORS DNI) @hqintheclub
no beta we fall like heroes <33
Tumblr media
[12:14 PM]
the background laughter and conversations amidst the soft music playing through the speakers are probably some of the things you loved about onigiri miya.
the food is amazing, the atmosphere is calming (despite the occasional group of rowdy youths that grab a bite) and because it’s a family-owned restaurant, everyone is so friendly, even towards newcomers like you.
of course, it doesn’t hurt that the owner is a sight for sore eyes. grey-haired with brown roots, coupled with even darker grey eyes and a muscled frame hidden underneath his black long-sleeved uniform—it’s no wonder that you and the rest keep coming back.
he introduced himself to you as miya osamu, accompanied with a crooked smile that had you weak in the knees.
“may i interest you with one of our specials? it’s on the house,” he had said, causing you to gasp and fumble with your hands, frantically replying “no! um, it’s alright, i’ll pay!”
osamu just laughed and shushed you, not minding your shocked expression. he insisted, and you would have argued with him further had he not winked at you slyly.
you’re a sucker for guys like him and it’s proven with the way the butterflies in your stomach fluttered like crazy.
since then, you’d been forgoing your packed bentos in favor of visiting your new favorite restaurant every lunch break. your cheeks burned in embarrassment when you realized that you just have a tiny crush on the handsome owner.
it went on like that for weeks, skirting around each other, sending flirty smiles and gazes, cracking jokes, and sharing little anecdotes of your life in the hopes that the other would finally make a move.
it’s your routine with osamu until it got disrupted when you finally met his brother and their...who was it? old friend?
osamu never really gave much away from his private life. he was very tight-lipped about it, but you guessed that he was just really a private person.
maybe if you had prodded further, things would’ve turned out differently.
“sweetheart! right on time, want ya to meet my scrub of a brother and uh, our very dear friend.”
it’s the first thing you hear when you open the doors into the restaurant, and your eyebrow quirks in confusion when you realize that it’s empty. funny, you didn’t see any ‘closed’ sign on the glass doors...
the pet name didn't go unnoticed, however, it never does, and osamu loves it when your cheeks flame in response to his teasing.
your attention is taken by his brother—you learned that his name is atsumu—when he bristles and frowns at osamu’s insult, immediately punching him in the arm.
“oi ‘samu! why’re ya calling me a scrub in front of the pretty lady?!”
you duck your head at his compliment, giggling at their brotherly antics when their quiet friend makes his presence known.
his hair is like osamu’s, but a couple of shades lighter and he regards you with a small smile as he raises his head in approval. you notice a dark shape protruding from his neck, is that a tattoo?
“kita, at your service,” the shorter man says, bowing his head in greeting as he keeps his clasped hands behind his back.
atsumu interrupts kita by taking your hand in his much larger and calloused one and drops a kiss on your knuckles. he’s definitely the more shameless twin.
it’s uncanny how he and osamu share the same face; the only way you can tell them apart is by their eyes and hair—atsumu’s eyes are warmer, more on the chocolate side and his hair is ash blonde and brown at the roots.
“ya already know my name, pretty,” he winks, smirking when an embarrassed expression crosses your face.
“stop harassing her, tsumu!” osamu scowls, pulling you from atsumu, cause your back to crash against his warm and firm chest.
kita watches the spectacle with thinly veiled amusement before clearing his throat and making the twins stand up straight.
somehow during their bickering, the twins sandwiched you, leaving a small amount of space in between that has your blood racing with how close and warm they feel.
“before i was so rudely interrupted by my brother, i was gonna ask if ya don’t mind tastin’ this new flavor me and kita came up with?”
osamu says in his deep voice, his large hands resting on your hips as his thumb draws slow circles on your covered skin.
“m-me? to what do i owe the pleasure?” you ask, clearly shocked at osamu’s statement. you totally miss the way atsumu’s eyes flash when you say pleasure.
“you’re a beloved patron of onigiri miya, so we want to run it by you first. besides, osamu values your opinion.”
kita finishes, and while your brain deduces that this is probably the reason the restaurant went under an impromptu closing, you feel someone discreetly sniffing your hair. you don’t have time to question it because the loud blonde pipes in.
“i value your opinion too! i know we just met but i can see why samu’s so smitten with ya,” atsumu reveals, and his brother quickly swears and punches him in the chest.
your heart swells at the idea that maybe your affections are returned; the other miya is quickly growing on you too, he’s different from his brother but it’s a good kind of different.
kita watches from the sides, silently appraising osamu’s—and by connection, atsumu’s—newest toy. you’re a pretty little thing, it’s no wonder that osamu has been so taken with you—so taken that he’s been neglecting his other duties.
such as testing the new party drugs their clan has been brewing at the basement of their compound.
like the dynamic of most twins, atsumu quickly catches on to his brother’s newest obsession; it’s why he couldn’t waste the opportunity of seeing you in the flesh and he definitely likes what he sees, you’re such a cute girl.
like osamu, he’s already had multiple fantasies of you ever since his brother showed him a picture of you sleeping. your pretty face would look so nice moaning in ecstasy and your luscious lips would look divine wrapped around his thick cock.
atsumu guesses that maybe you might need a bit of an enhancer so to speak, something to encourage you to let him and his brother have their way with you.
their lucky stars must be shining down on them because kita needs a dry run of the product, and it just so happens that the drug amplify the user’s sex drive.
so why not kill two birds with one stone?
“c’mon, i hear samu’s new onigiri flavor tastes amazing,” atsumu says, chuckling to himself as if he knows something you don’t.
osamu plants a small kiss on the crown of your head, shocking you and making you squeak. but he just smiles at you, grey eyes twinkling with mischief as he guides you by the arm towards the kitchen of his restaurant.
you miss the way he nods to kita as the older man nods back, placing his hands in his pockets before he strides towards the doors and into a waiting black car by the sidewalk.
“...she’s so fuckin’ wet, samu.”
“‘course she is. our pretty baby is a fuckin’ whore for us, ain’t she?”
their voices are a bit muffled, but you can definitely make out what they’re saying, as opposed to when you were streaming in and out of consciousness previously.
but this time, you’re finally torn from your fitful sleep because your body feels like it’s being kissed by fire.
you try to wipe your eyes to clear out the fogginess and stray tears but quickly discover that you can’t even move your hands.
“look at her buckin’ her hips against your mouth while she’s half conscious.”
that’s osamu’s voice, isn’t it? and what is he—?
“f-fuck!” you shriek, your chest heaving when you feel someone suckle your puffy clit harshly into their mouth. your body is slick with sweat, clinging to the soft and silken sheets beneath you.
you find out that the person responsible is atsumu, and the said miya is between your trembling legs, blonde hair in disarray as his tongue licks and sucks on your aching clit.
atsumu catches your eye and winks, lifting his head to blow you a kiss before returning to the task at hand. (more like at mouth.)
“finally, you’re awake, sleepyhead. didn’t expect that the drug would knock you out like that,” osamu says, more to himself than you as he sits on his haunches.
he palms your breast and his fingers give a quick pinch to your nipple, causing you to moan and buck your hips against his brother’s face. atsumu groans at your movement, and the vibrations send a shiver down your spine.
“w-what did you do to me, o-osamu?” you question him with tears in your eyes. the tears are from the pain of how hot and tingly your body feels, rather than the absolutely fucked up situation you’re slowly starting to realize you’re in.
you wail when you feel atsumu’s tongue bury inside of you, and your eyes roll back from the sheer pleasure of it all. your thighs threaten to close around the blonde’s head but his strength overpowers you.
his arms wrap around your thigh, preventing you from suffocating him as he bobs his head in a fashion that has your pussy gushing even more, causing you to gasp and moan his name brokenly.
was this the work of the drug? the fire you’re feeling in your veins and belly?
osamu tuts, displeased by how his twin brother is monopolizing your attention. he holds your chin with one hand so you can face him, while the other slowly strokes his leaking cock.
your eyes widen at his size, but you can’t help but become even more aroused at the length and girth that osamu’s carrying. it even looks more enticing when you realize that his entire left arm, as well as his shoulder, is covered with a myriad of tattoos that are all intertwined.
just who the hell are these people?
“kita-san wanted us to test out the new product. he’ll be damn well pleased to know it’s working.”
“p-product? what the hell—”
“shh, pretty girl. that’s enough talkin’. won’t you let me fuck your mouth, hmm?” osamu cuts you off by slipping his thumb between your lips, pressing down on your tongue as you struggle in your bonds.
your struggle is futile, the twins know it—you know it.
because with the way atsumu is practically making out with your pussy and combined with osamu’s saccharine words, your resolve is slowly crumbling.
it doesn’t help that the drug is finally showing its desired effects. the aphrodisiac in the onigiri osamu fed you is spreading through your bloodstream and increasing your sex drive, making you hornier and needier than you would normally be.
osamu knows it as well. a smirk graces his handsome face when he sees the pupils in your eyes practically disappear. you’re a hot mess; loud and needy whines erupt from your mouth, muffled by his thumb.
your chest is rising and falling rapidly, your breathing picking up as your hips move on their own accord. you’re riding his brother’s face and atsumu groans, slapping your thighs to show his approval.
“tsumu’s happily eatin’ your cunt, won’t you suck my cock? please?” osamu pleads, his grey eyes feigning hurt at your ignorance of his problem.
you nod vigorously as you whimper. you want, no, you need more. you need to be filled.
“open up, baby,” osamu orders as he removes his thumb, groaning when he sees a string of spit connecting his finger to your mouth. you whine when he guides his cock to you, smearing his pre-cum as he taps the tip of his cock on your cheek.
you squeak when atsumu’s teeth graze your clit, then moan long and hard when he soothes the little bite with his tongue, sucking the bud into his mouth. osamu seizes the opportunity and deftly slips his cock between your lips, and you can’t help but whine when his girth stretches your lips to the point where it aches.
osamu shivers when the vibrations from your moan go straight to his cock. he barely gives you a few moments to prepare yourself before his fingers tug at your hair and shoves his entire length in your mouth.
your squeal gets muffled, gagging as tears spring into your eyes at the sudden intrusion. but you find it so arousing that your mouth is being used as a cocksleeve. your arms struggle against the silk cloth tied around your wrists but not because you want to push the twins away.
rather, you want to run your shaking hand down osamu’s abs, and through atsumu’s soft blonde strands. you just want to touch them like how they’re touching you.
osamu moans when his cock reaches the back of your throat, his other arm holding the headboard as he pulls his hips back to thrust into your mouth. his grip on your hair tightens as he controls the movements of your head, his lips parting as he watches the tears mix with the drool that’s seeping from your mouth.
you’re making an even bigger mess of his cock and you can’t control your cries of pleasure either—though it’s all garbled—because atsumu pushes your legs up to your chest, holding your thighs as the folds of your pussy squeeze together.
from what you can gather through the mess of limbs and your blurry vision, atsumu’s right arm is moving rapidly with his hand wrapped around his cock as he jerks off with a speed equal to osamu’s thrusts in your mouth.
another notable thing about his arm is that it seems like it’s parallel to osamu’s tattoos; the entire sleeve, along with his shoulder as well, are covered with the black ink but your thought gets derailed quickly by the fact that atsumu is a savage pussy eater, uncaring of the sounds or mess he’s making.
whatever they’re doing, it doesn’t change the fact that both twins are on a mission; one’s determined to take pleasure from you and the other one is determined to make you cum all over his mouth.
“fuck yeah, that’s a good slut, letting me fuck her mouth,” osamu hisses as the headboard creaks beneath his tight grip. his grey eyes flutter as you choke and gag all over his dick, his fingers tightening in your hair as the vibrations from your mouth increase in intensity.
his abs clench and balls tighten from his incoming orgasm, eyebrows furrowing when his twin gets even louder and messier where he’s eating your slutty cunt. there’s practically a puddle where atsumu’s eating you and your slick is smeared across the back of your thighs and crevice of your ass.
eyes even blurrier through the cascading tears, it seems like your body is only getting hotter the nearer you get to your orgasm. your clit is throbbing and painful from atsumu’s ministrations, your lower stomach tightening until the spring threatens to snap.
osamu’s cock thrusting in your mouth feels so good too, you feel like you’re about to burst with all the pleasure you’re feeling—just a few more thrusts, a few more slurps, and suckling—
“fuck i’m gonna cum!” osamu groans, cutting your train of thought as you feel atsumu’s moan rumble against your pussy. all three of you cum together, the cries of your pleasure bouncing against the walls of the room as your body stiffens then shakes as the fire in your veins stretch throughout your sweaty form.
“fuckin’ shit, yeah take my cum baby, that’s a good slut, c’mon swallow it.” osamu says through gritted teeth, jaw clenching as he empties his load down your throat. there’s so much cum that it spills around the sides of your lips, leaving a white ring around his cock as tears stream down your face.
atsumu’s too busy smearing his release all over your throbbing pussy, spreading the white strings between your folds and teasing your clit with his continuously leaking tip as he lets out a couple of groaned expletives.
“want me to paint your face with my cum?”
your eyes flutter at osamu’s question, the grey-haired twin getting an idea as he watches his brother make his mark on you with his leaking cock. your shiny eyes look pathetic, wide, and pleading to get branded by osamu’s cum. he moans at how slutty and needy you look, pulling his still hard cock out of your overused mouth.
he bites his lower lip as he presses the tip of his dick on your face, watching intently as droplets of white mark your sweaty cheek. fuck, if this isn’t an explicit sign that he, and begrudgingly his brother, have ownership over you, then he doesn’t know what is.
“fuckin’ slutty bitch, wish you could see how messy your face is.” atsumu croons, brown eyes watching with glee as his brother smears his cum over your pretty face.
“shit, haven’t jerked off like that since i was a teenager,” atsumu quips to himself as he winces at how sensitive his cock feels. his balls are still so heavy, the only way he’ll feel satisfied is if he empties himself inside your cunt.
“you got a real good pussy on ya, princess.”
you whine, jerking against your bonds when atsumu slaps your hypersensitive pussy, whimpering pathetically as more slick gushes out of you. you can’t control the way your hips involuntarily roll against the air, searching for something to fill you up with. your body is still burning from the aphrodisiac and even though atsumu is talented with his mouth—you need more.
“look at her samu, still horny as fuck. want your other holes to be filled that badly, huh?” atsumu teases, giving your pussy a few more slaps. the bed sinks underneath his weight, brown eyes piercing through you. “good thing me and samu are good guys. don’t worry, you’ll get your cocks, sweetheart.”
the twins move quickly; you squeak when your wrists fall to your stomach, immediately realizing how sore your arms feel from being held up for so long. osamu’s holding a shiny knife, clearly having freed from the silk cloth.
he returns it to the drawer while atsumu makes himself comfortable against the headboard, mirroring your position as he pulls you on top of him, your palms finding purchase on his warm and defined chest.
he observes the dried cum on your face with interest as his tattooed arm makes its way between your legs. two of his fingers prod and play with your pussy before he inserts them inside, causing you to whine and instinctively ride his fingers.
atsumu clicks his tongue in disapproval as he holds you still while osamu takes his place behind you. osamu pushes your lower back none too gently, further deepening your arch as your body trembles from flames of unadulterated desire.
osamu spreads your cheeks, loudly spitting on your asshole. the wetness on your puckered hole makes you squeal and squirm as his fingers spread the globule of spit around the tight ring of muscle.
“have you ever had your ass fucked before?” he asks but doesn’t wait for you to answer because his fingers circle the rim of your ass, smirking when your back arches even more. atsumu probably curled his fingers inside of you, miffed at the way osamu captured your attention.
osamu’s question hangs in the air, you have never had your ass fucked, and usually, the apprehension of partaking in something foreign would weigh you down, but then again, that’s what the drug is for—removing one’s inhibitions, to formally speak.
the brothers stimulate your holes with their thick and skilled fingers, their mouths spewing filthy words as they watch you take them, causing your cheeks to burn. your nails scratch along atsumu’s chest, grunting when osamu inserts his index finger in your ass down to the knuckle.
the tip of his tongue rests on his lower lip as he swirls his finger inside your ass, stretching you out so you can take his cock. he spits again before his middle finger stretches you further. your head is hung low as you slowly move your hips along the rhythm of their fingers, gasping when the twins probe at an extra sensitive spot.
osamu removes his fingers from your stretched hole while atsumu continues to torture you, his other hand holding your chin as he pulls your face towards his. he captures your lips with his own, not caring about the taste of his twin’s cock lingering in your mouth.
you moan against atsumu’s lips when osamu taps his heavy cock on your ass—as if he’s saying hello—before the tip nudges your hole. red streaks from your nails cover atsumu’s pecs as osamu’s dick splits your ass open.
“your ass looks so pretty stretched around my cock—fuck, you’re so tight,” osamu hisses when he bottoms out, prompting atsumu to remove his fingers from you as he sucks and nibble away at your bottom lip. one of his hands squeezes your waist as he guides his cock to your pussy.
atsumu slowly brings you down on his lap, causing all three of you to cry out in pleasure. the skin separating them is thin and they’re both so thick that they can feel the weight of each other’s cock. both of them are cursing while you’re just there, cross-eyed and drool freely dropping from your mouth as your body trembles from practically being split in half.
atsumu bottoms out and the two brothers groan, your name mixing with a couple more colorful expletives. they take one long deep breath before osamu pulls out, only leaving the tip inside. he goes back deep in your ass with one hard thrust, your whimper turning into a scream as your body jolts forward.
atsumu takes that as his cue to mirror his brother’s actions and soon they fall into a near-perfect rhythm that only twins can do. osamu’s large hands are holding your hips so hard, his fingers surely leaving bruises on your skin. atsumu, on the other hand, is slapping your ass so hard that there are imprints of his palm on your jiggling skin.
just like the twins’ rugged and edgy looks, they fuck you rough and fast, greatly encouraged by your loud and pathetic cries as they take turns ruining your holes.
“this good enough for you, whore?” osamu hisses in your ear, hips thrusting wildly as he pulls your body back and forth on his cock.
“both your holes will be overflowing with our cum, ain’t that what ya wanted?” atsumu teases you, groaning when you tighten around him. the smacks of his hand on your ass mix with the slaps of your thighs on his lap.
“more, more!” you beg, face messy with fresh tears, drool, and dried cum. atsumu groans at how completely wrecked you look—his pretty baby, reduced to a mindless whore by his and his twin’s cocks.
“you really just can’t get enough, huh?” osamu grunts, his hips stuttering as he feels you tighten around him. one of his hands tug your hair by the roots. you squeal when he pulls your head towards him, your neck straining from the sudden movement. “we’re already splitting you open and you’re still begging for more?”
his raspy voice against your ear makes you shiver, the deep timbre sending tingles down your spine. you’re inconsolable, their filthy and degrading words not registering because all you currently care about are the two cocks pistoning in and out of you.
“please! need you, need your cocks— fuck, please!”
“yeah? then that’s what you’ll get, pretty,” atsumu rasps, his voice husky as he and osamu make eye contact, their twin telepathy playing in motion. they subtly nod to each other, their thrusts  increasing in intensity and with shortened intervals.
they’re not leaving you enough room to breathe due to their eerily precise movements that are particularly exclusive to twins. they’re loud and noisy, sweaty skin slapping and rubbing against your trembling form; it’s just so messy.
everything is dripping, making an obscene squelching sound as the twins fuck your creamy slick back into you. you’re a blabbering mindless mess and the only thing you know how to be is a glorified sex doll to these wayward brothers as they fuck you with a vigor that nobody has ever had in your life.
the twins are rutting into you, one from below and one from behind. the bed is creaking with your combined weight and movements as the headboard behind atsumu’s back is thumping against the wall. your nails leave red welts on his chest and your neck is aching with how osamu is bending your neck so he can see your fucked out expression.
eyes crossed and unseeing, your eyelids flutter as the pleasure takes over every nerve ending in your body. your vocal cords feel raw with how much you’re stressing your throat (and from osamu’s brutal face-fucking).
you’re clenching and unclenching around them, unintelligible words coming out of your drooling mouth as the twins snatch your breath away from you, tits swaying all over your chest from their powerful and hard thrusts.
“i’m gonna cum,” osamu grunts, voice tight as you clench around him. his eyebrows furrow in concentration, droplets of sweat traveling down his abs.
atsumu whines, not quite at the same place as his twin. “wait samu!”
“hurry the fuck up, dumbass.”
“m-my clit, please!” you plead, eyes wide and bright. you’re almost there, almost. osamu obliges you, one hand from your hip goes down your stomach as he spreads your folds, giving atsumu’s other hand reaches down as he furiously rubs your clit before pinching it.
you scream as you clench around them, causing them to moan your name as their hips jerk and stop abruptly, hot and thick spurts of cum spilling inside of you. their orgasms trigger yours, wailing as clear liquid shoots out of you, drenching atsumu’s abs as your nails scrape his pecs.
your eyes roll to the back of your head just as atsumu gasps, garnering osamu’s attention. the said brother was resting his forehead on your sweaty back, breathing heavily as he languidly raises his head.
“samu! she squirted!”
loud groans fill your ears as more ropes of cum spill from their cock, overflowing your battered pussy. the squelching of mixed fluids is deafening to you, their shallow thrusts pushing out rivulets of white as they moan quietly through their lips. you’re a whimpering and whining mess, the twins stopping their movements as the three of you pause and take a breather.
osamu pulls out and watches with wide-eyed interest as a thick globule of his cum leaks from your ass, traveling down the crevice to run down atsumu’s balls and onto the drenched sheets. you’re shaking and numb, atsumu’s whine sounding far away as he lifts you off of him.
osamu ungraciously crashes on the other side of the bed, breathing heavily with his arm across his eyes. atsumu’s shaking his disheveled blonde head from side to side, trying to gather his wits when his phone rings on the nightstand.
his phone lights up to indicate that it’s kita-san and he immediately scrambles to answer it with a stuttered and breathless greeting. it’s scary, actually. their boss always has an eerie and impeccable timing.
“judging by your heavy breathing, am i correct in assuming that it worked?”
atsumu nods slowly, forgetting that kita can’t see him, too entranced by how you’re still able to go at it because you’ve climbed onto his twin’s lap, vigorously bouncing on his cock as your tits sway around your chest with every movement you make.
osamu’s practically immobile on the bed, groans borderline sounding pained as his hazy grey eyes watch you fuck yourself on his aching cock. your voice is weak and soft as you cry out and whine more, more, more!
kita sighs at the lack of response from atsumu, and he quickly hangs up the phone because ultimately, he got his answer by hearing your pleasured whimpers traveling down the line as you fuck his enforcers to overstimulation.
the twins have been bitching about the lack of a—quote on quote—“pretty baby doll they can regularly sink their cocks into”.
well, now they got what they wanted. they should be thankful that you stepped through the doors of onigiri miya that one afternoon, and the fact that kita technically played matchmaker.
[3:04 PM]
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kaijime · 5 months ago
watch your mouth
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
includes. osamu miya x f!reader
cw. corruption kink, virgin reader/first time, osamu wants to breed u <33, dubcon, kitchen sex? [it’s in his shop so?], fingering, pierced dick [prince albert piercing], vaginal penetration, size kink, praise kink, tummy bulge, breeding kink, slight dumbification, creampie, thigh slapping?
wc. 3k
a/n. my piece for @seita’s corrupt-a-virgin collab, thank you for letting me join!!
Tumblr media
osamu miya likes to think he follows a strict routine. he wakes up early, shows up for his job, works, and goes home, waiting for tomorrow to arrive and the cycle to repeat itself.
but ever since you've entered his restaurant, you've become a part of his routine.
he sits behind the kitchen counter, watching in admiration how you tend to the customers. he'd be lying if he said he wasn't staring at your ass, but it’s not a lie if he doesn't say it right?
"samu?" there's that nickname again, the one you deemed him ever since that interview for the part time job. "this customer says you forgot to give her a part of her order"
"no i didn't"
"yeah, look" you approach him with the receipt in hand, pointing to a small part of the inked writing. "see?"
he can't see. or at least he can't see the receipt. he's too focused on you, pressing up against him. he knows you're not at fault, but you couldn't be that innocent.
you couldn't be innocent enough to not know the things you were doing to him, the things you were making him feel, the urges that blossomed with every lingering look and longing touch you left on his body. you just couldn't be.
yet, even when his idiotic brother dropped by his shop and shamelessly started flirting with you, you, it seemed like you didn't catch onto what he was doing.
"what's the freakiest place you've ever had sex in?" the fake blond asked, and osamu would've stopped him, if he wasn't curious to hear the answer for himself. still, he doesn't drive his full attention away from the counters he's been wiping, seemingly focused on the simple task.
you chuckled awkwardly under your breath. "that's inappropriate, tsu-"
"c'mon, tell me" he bumps his elbow against yours "can't be that bad"
"no i-... i've never uhm..." osamu can tell you're stumbling and stuttering to find an answer, so he lends you a few helping words.
"'tsumu” he calls "will ya stop harrassin' my employees?"
"'m just talkin' to her samu, no need to make a big fuss" he downs the last of his food and leaves, supposedly in a sudden rush.
it doesn't seem like it’s been hours since then, but the moon hangs low, and the crickets sing outside the window in spite of the late hour. despite the passing of time, not a single word has been said between you and your boss about the conversation you had with his brother, and every minute that passes only seems to thicken the tension between the two of you.
"shit" you mumble, mostly to yourself. you didn’t expect him to shoot up from his place, bent down searching through the lower cabinets.
"watch yer mouth" he says, an evident frown on his face, where he would once smile at you and nod in greeting.
"sorry" you reply, lip pouting slightly while you cleaned off your finger with a paper towel "just got a papercut" the blood tints the paper red and you wince at the stinging sensation.
"here" he holds out his hand to examine yours, even though you already cleaned most of it off, there's still a slight trickle of blood. he wipes it out with the towel he always hangs on his shoulder.
as he cleans your hand, he can't help but think about how it'd look so pretty wrapped around his cock. it would certainly bring more relief than his fist after all this time he's spent thinking about you while stroking himself late at night.
it’s not the first time thoughts like these cloud osamu's mind, but this time he's a little less discreet about it. he stares at your hand like he wants to devour it, and you'd be a fool not to notice it.
"samu?" you call out to his faraway mind, and he snaps out of his thoughs, loosening his grip around your hand.
"right" he mumbles, clearing his throat "sorry"
"thank you" you almost whisper, if he wasn't so close to you, he probably wouldn't have heard it.
he turns and goes back to the cabinets, thinking about what you answered earlier. you'd never what? had sex? were you that uncorrupted?
it would make sense to him, and it would help ease the pain of seeing you let his brother flirt with you like he wasn't even there, but those are all selfish reasons he wants to believe, and he's too scared to ask.
apparently not scared enough.
“what were ya talkin’ about with my brother” he asks, nonchalant as ever, making your breath hitch as you turned around hesitantly.
“we were just chatting” you say, the slightest purse on your lips that tried to relieve the nervousness of the conversation.
“sorry about that” he apologizes. “he can be annoyin’ sometimes”
“oh no, he wasn’t” you lie, clenching around the table cloth you held in your hands. even if the talk had been going smoothly, you still felt on edge after the question his brother left you thinking about. “he was really friendly”
“really?” his hands find comfort in his pockets, and if you’d looked close enough, you would’ve seen the slight smirk in his lip, one that indicates how eager he is to hear what you had to say. “then why didn’ you answer his question?”
if only you knew how much it mattered to him, to know if you were a pretty untouched virgin or not. osamu miya likes to go for girls like you, college girls who look for a quick cashgrab as a part time employee, innocent little girls who unknowingly fall for his charms and next thing you know he’s ruining them with his cock.
but you feel different, you feel delicate. like a pretty piece of porcelain he might break if he continues to toy with you under his calloused hands. yet, he can’t help but think about how perfect he finds your body. perfectly ripe and ready to be filled to the brim with his seed, the perfect age to be plump and round with a child. his child.
“does it matter?”
oh, it does, especially when he pins you against the counter and grips your cheeks between his thumb and his index finger. “samu?” you ask, displaying that innocent look on your face he’d grown to hate.
“i told ya to watch yer mouth” his hands roam down your body until they grab at the back of your thighs. “now jump”
“samu i- i’ve never done anything like-“
“i said jump” hesitant with your actions, you jump and wrap your legs around his waist as he settles you on the shop counter, where he takes off your pants and runs a finger over your clothes slit.
“please” you grip his wrist and beg in hopes for him to stop, but he slaps it away, pinning them behind you with his other hand. he slides your panties down your legs and plays with your clit, circling the nub with his fingertips and watching as your expression changes from one of fear to pleasure.
“please what?” his breath shudders against your neck, where he nuzzles his head and finds comfort in your scent. he slowly inserts a finger into your hole, scanning your face and searching for any signs of discomfort, despite him practically forcing you into this position.
you’re not strong enough to answer him, too lost in the way his fingers feel inside you. you’d been too afraid to do anything by yourself, but god did it feel so good when you gave yourself up to him, slightly bucking your hips into his thrusting fingers and arching your back into his frame.
he’s fond of every little expression you make, the bite of your lips, the clench of your thighs around his hand, and the tilt of your head, willingly granting him access to the skin, all for him to mark, bite and suck. all for him to claim as his.
“d’ya like it?” he asks, putting another one of his fingers to use inside your tight walls, feeling them clench and suck his fingers back inside every time he was close to taking them out.
“yes! yes! i-i... mmh!” you can’t even finish the sentence, not only because you’re sobbing and clenching around his digits uncontrollably at the foreign yet pleasurable sensation, but also because his lips suddenly enclosed yours in a hungry kiss.
he didn’t even have to put up a fight with you, pleased to find you let him do whatever he wanted with your mouth. his tongue tangles with yours in a passionate clash of lips, until he pulls away at the feeling of your hips wildly bucking against his hand, a sign of your inevitable orgasm approaching.
“feels weird ‘samu! ‘s-‘samu please!” the implication of your sensations being new to you made his cock strained against his pants, threatening the thick fabric of his jeans to snap if he grew even harder. the tight knot in your stomach finally snaps when he curls his fingers, sending you into ecstasy as your vision blocked out and you moaned uncontrollably loud.
still, after everything, osamu hasn’t forgotten where he is, and he knows his shop isn’t a decent place to lose your virginity. so he puts you down with shaky legs and slips up your panties, catching you before your trembling thighs can treason you and make you fall.
“do ya have a car here?” he says, grabbing his keys from the counter and puts a hand on your hip, guiding you over to the door which he locks before he continues to walk to his car. the dim lighting of the parking made this the perfect spot, if he were to fuck you in his car, no one would see it. but he has self control, or at least he tells himself that.
“no, my friend usually picks me up” he hums an answer and opens the passenger door to his car.
“i live a few minutes from here” he explains “wanna come over?” he asks, fully aware that he’s taking a leap of faith and you could just refuse him. but that’s not the case, and he’s more than happy to see you hesitantly get in his car and put your bag in your lap, covering yourself as much as you can since he ‘forgot’ to give you back your shorts.
the short ride to his house is awkwardly silent, and terribly torturous. his hand had found home in your thigh, and it had only sent an ache between your legs like you’d never felt before, prompting a clench from your thighs every so often.
he wasn’t lying, he only lived ten minutes away from his shop, but the distance seemed so much longer when his lingering touch would leave you high with the need for more.
“you ready?” he asks, holding the door open for you again as he waits for you to take his hand and get out of his car. he’s quick with hoisting you up and wrapping your thighs against his hips, carrying you to his doorway and leading the way to his room. there, he gently placed you on the bed and stripped off his clothing, taking off the apron he should’ve taken off at the shop, his shirt, his pants and—
“eager?” he can see the wanting look in your eyes, he’d be a fool not to notice it. his voice only startles you out of your thoughts, enough to make you stand up and take off your shirt as well, now fully exposed to him if it weren’t for the bra covering up your tits. there’s only so much he can hold back, but right now, with those pretty puppy eyes you unintentionally give him, he just can’t help it when he takes off your bra and slightly suckles at your nipple, circling his tongue around your perky nub and watching your face warm up in embarrassment.
he takes you to his bed again, this time while he plants kisses all over your neck. he’s hungry with the way he nips and bites at the skin, leaving a trail of teeth marks that would need to be covered up in the morning. in the morning, because right now, you couldn’t be bothered to care about anything else other than the way he rutted against you.
his cock already seemed big when he hadn’t taken off his briefs, so it shouldn’t have come as a surprise when he slipped them off and rubbed his tip against your clit, right?
he was huge, thick tip dripping precum, with a girth that looked too big to be real, pulsing against your pussy. he positions it against your drooling hole, using your slick to lube up his tip and feeling— metal?
you sit up, leaning against your elbows to see the prince albert piercing that runs along his tip, metal jewelry threatening to slip into your pussy, but you put a hand on his chest to stop him.
“i-it won’t fit!” you kick and shake your thighs around him, only for him to put your ankles together and fold your legs over his shoulder, pinning you down and slipping in the pierced head of his cock. you wince and gasp at the sudden stretch, silenced by his mouth clashing against yours, eagerly nipping at your bottom lip, desperate to drink in all your saccharine moans.
“good girl” he praises, slipping in inch by inch of his cock into your tight virgin walls “fuck- this tight little cunt is suckin’ me in, want ma cock princess? yeah? gonna stuff ya full of me ‘til ya can’t even speak, you’ll just be a dumb baby for me”
“hurts!” your words only drive him closer to shoving himself in one smooth thrust, but he holds back, he sees how much you struggle to take barely half of him, he wants to make this good for you to. he wants to make your first time your best time, the one you’ll remember and think about if you ever fuck another man. he wants to mold your insides to fit his cock perfectly, he wants to train you to be his perfect little girl who won’t find another way to get off if she doesn’t have his cock, he wants you to depend on him to always make you feel good.
“‘s ok princess” he leans down, folding you into a mating press as he kisses your neck and slips in the last of his cock, covered in a thin layer of white sheen. “my good girl, creamin’ around me” he mumbles against your ear while he starts a slow pace into your pussy, carefully rutting his hips into you, almost afraid he would break you. “so pretty”
“please!” you sob, tears stream down your face despite his carefulness, it would break his heart, but he can feel the way your own body betrays you, clenching around him and pulling him in for more of the delicious sensation of his cock dragging against your walls. “so big! c-can’t take it!”
“sure ya can, look” he puts a hand to your tummy, guiding you to do the same as he puts his hand over yours. there’s a small bulge, that appears and disappears whenever he thrusts in and out. “you’re takin’ it so well princess, keep yer hand right there” his other hand starts working tight circles against your clit, making you throw back your head at the sudden sensation.
“no! if you do that i-!”
“what are ya gonna do? cum? clench around my cock like yer doin’ right now every time i praise ya?” you fist the sheets to your sides, anything to relieve the aching between your legs and the tight knot that keeps forming in your stomach again.
“please don’t!” you desperately paw at his wrist, only to be slapped away and for him to increase the speed of his cock, rutting into your with more force. suddenly, the head of his piercing hits a different spot, one that left you gasping for air and arching your back against the mattress. “ah! right there- right there ‘samu!”
“yeah? you like it when i fuck ya right there?” he parrots, angling his hips at the same spot over and over, abusing it until he’s sloppily thrusting into you, on the verge of cumming and spilling all his load into you. “my pretty girl, moanin’ like a bitch in heat, all because i’m makin’ ya feel good”
“yes ‘samu! please please, please m-make me feel good! wanna cum, please!” fresh tears roll down your cheeks as you scream and beg for him, unwillingly rutting your hips against him as you cum around his cock, your high too much for your sensitive body as you whine uncontrollably when he doesn’t stop. you’re too overstimulated to say a word, gone too dumb on his cock to even realize that you’re babbling little nonsense words about how good you feel, and how much you want him.
“dumb lil’ thing” he says, giving one sharp, final thrust before he empties his load between your legs, deep inside you, careful not to move you too much in fear of his cum spilling out of your clenching hole.
he’s right, you are a dumb little thing, because as soon as he pulls out you’re desperately bucking your hips, blindly searching for him in hope he would fill up the sudden emptiness in your pussy, unintentionally spilling all his hard work between your thighs.
“no!” he grunts, slapping your thigh and grounding you to the mattress as you wince in pain, dark color blossoming at the skin where he’d placed the spank. “look what you’ve done, bad fuckin’ girl” he says, the sudden tone shift sends a tinge of fear all over your body, and you’re reduced to nothing but a kin to a stray puppy, a terrible look of guilt in your eyes, even if you don’t realize what you’ve done wrong.
“look at the mess you made” he mumbles, flipping you over and placing ass up “now i’m gonna have to fill ya up all over again”
Tumblr media
©️ kaijime 2021 | all content belongs to kaijime, do not modify or repost
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amalthea-000 · 5 months ago
‘ he compares you to his ex  i ,
Tumblr media
☞ tags: angst to fluff, arguments and what nots, some romantic undertones
☞ 📍 tw📍: swearing, slight insecurity, being compared to (dm if i missed one)
☞ with: timeskip! atsumu, osamu x f!reader
wc: 1111 words 
note: please dni if you ever feel triggered with topics like these, your comfort first! default name for the exes lol please send an ask if you want other haikyuu men for this series. :)) have a good one !! 
| masterlist | pt. 2 iwa & suna | pt 3 kuroo & ushi |
Tumblr media
° miya atsumu: 
- the moment both of you got in your shared apartment, you were at each others’ throats. words were flying out of your mouths, some were meant, some were not, can’t even tell which is which due to the heated predicament you were in.
you weren’t even sure how long you’ve been arguing but now you just wanted to sleep and talk about it tomorrow, when both of you have had a rest. “’tsumu, let’s just call it a night, okay? I’m tired” you huff. atsumu looked at you incredulously. “no, we’re finishing this now.” he stood his ground and kept berating you, your mind was exhausted and can’t even comprehend the words properly. 
“–are you even listening? god hayami never gave me a hard time, but ya’? yer a piece of work, y/n” your eyes widen at his words, even at your state, suddenly his words were loud and clear, and your heart clenched at the mention of his ex’s name. you shrunk at his words but shook your head, you look up at him hurt evident in your eyes, “ok then, go back to her, miya. i don’t care anymore“
 atsumu was speechless and was cursing himself internally. he never meant to go that far, it was the heat of the moment, the fatigue and your stubbornness. he was frozen as he watched you grab a blanket and slam the sliding door to the balcony. your sobs were muffled but hearing it broke his heart.
 guilt flooded his system, it was suffocating but with a heavy heart he peeked at your figure on the balcony, he was never good at apologizing, but he knows this was entirely his fault. you hear the door slide, refusing to look at the blonde setter, “what are you still doing here, miya?” ouch. he kneeled in front of you, regret reflects in his eyes but you were taken aback by his tears. the silence meant he could touch you, “that was really hurtful,” you said “i try so hard to be enough for you, to be the best for you but to compare me to her? not cool miya” he holds you close to his chest “i know, i’m a jerk. i’m really sorry, but can ya’ not call me that, i’m yer ‘tsumu.” he grumbled.
 “am i really that difficult?“ you whisper vulnerably, atsumu lets go of you and cups your face delicately “no ‘yer not, princess“ he loved that you gave him a challege, he admired how you stood up to him, how you matched his energy, how you remind him to humble himself— 
“it was an honest mistake, that will haunt me the rest of my life” he kissed your forehead, then your nose “i love ya’, i really do, ya’ made me a better man, princess” he looks down at you and suddenly the tension lifts and his heart wasn’t as heavy as before “are ya’ still mad at me?“ a soft smile grazed your lips, you pinch his side, “depends, are you going to kiss me?” ah there she is, he thought, atsumu lifts your chin and gaves you the most honest and loving kiss that sealed your forever with him. 
° miya osamu:
- you and osamu weren’t on good terms, you were arguing all week and it all started when you scolded him for overworking himself. so you were walking on egg shells with each other. fights with osamu would usually end immediately, so you can’t fathom how this particular fight lasted this long. 
“yer giving me a headache, y/n“ you turn to look at him “this argument has gone too far, osamu“ you say “i just want to get this over with“ you hear him huff, his grip on the steering wheel tightening “look we’ll talk about this when we get home, right now don’t make this all about you“ you scoffed at his comment. he parks the car near the restaurant, both of you were invited to celebrate MSBY’s win. as he was getting out of the car he mumbled something that made your heart drop.
“yuri wasn’t this selfish and stubborn, tsk. so difficult.“
 your face hardened as soon as you heard it, osamu didn’t notice your change in demeanor. your heart was breaking but you have to put on a brave front for your friends. from a distance you see a tall blonde waving at you, “congratulations,’tsumu” you hug him. “ya’ alright, y/n?” he looks at you with concern, “of course, you oaf ” you dismiss. he gives his twin a hug and three of you entered the restaurant.
 the car ride home was silent, osamu was quite worried, you’ve been silent since dinner, only answering questions in short sentences. even atsumu and bokuto noticed your odd behaviour. he knows that things haven’t been okay between the two of you, the altercation was taking a toll on your relationship. deep down he understands that you only wanted him healthy, it’s just that pride got in his way and let it do the talking. 
 as soon as you got home, you went straight to your bedroom, leaving osamu behind. you layed on your side of the bed, gripping your pillow, finally letting your tears down. your mind was full of doubts. yuri was great this, yuri was amazing that. how about you? were you even enough? did osamu really love you? are you really that selfish? 
“osamu?“ a small whispher broke the ravenettes’ thoughts, he hummed in response, “do you want me to be more like her?“ the question confused him but it dawned on him, she heard, shit. “angel, look at me“ you weren’t budging but when you finally do, his heart twisted in pain at your gloomy expression. “oh my god, angel no, no, i don’t want that” he held you tightly while you were sobbing against his chest, “i just want to take care of you, ‘samu” your words were muffled, “i- does that make me selfish? i’m sorry if-” he cut you off “don’t you dare say sorry, angel” he wiped your tears “it’s my fault ok? i’m the one who should be sorry” he leaned his forhead to yours “and I am, you’re so good to me, angel.” 
 you fell asleep on osamu’s chest, he looks down at your peaceful expression that matched the state of his heart. it hurt to think how his words and actions made you feel that way and so he made a mental note to be better. he promised himself that he’ll take care of you, himself and this relationship. he embraced you tighter, and you nuzzle into his warmth, “we’re gonna be ok, angel.”
Tumblr media
hello again! here’s a subpar series i wrote lol, i get compared a lot so i present to you my coping mechanism, writing lol! but yeah uhm i hope you like this!! wah writer’s block sucks but i’m trying haha i know this is not so good but i will be better <3 please take care everyone, drink water, eat right and sanitize - khlara
☞ taglist: @nakizumie @lumpiang-toge @arrogantsonofabiscuit​
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devilsamu · 9 months ago
c/w: f. reader; pet name “bunny”; cockwarming; soft dom! samu; size kink (big peepee! samu <3)
sitting on the couch // watching your favorite show together n relaxing // puts you right in his lap // chin resting in your hair n heavy arms wrapped around your middle // crossed over your tummy // how could he not sit you on his cock? keep him nice n comfy n so, so warm?
“twitchy little bunny,” osamu laughs softly at your wiggling, holding you tighter against him. “sit still, baby, quit squirmin’ around.”
“can’t help it, ‘samu,” you pout, turning your head to bury your heated face in the side of his neck. “you’re jus’ so big.”
“oh, bunny, ‘m sorry,” he murmurs and presses a sweet kiss to your forehead. it’s faux sympathy — he can’t help how fat his cock is, never mind how he likes how he stuffs you so, so full every time.
his hand fits between your thighs, index and middle finger petting the soft lips of your pussy. he’s so hard, pressing against every sensitive spot, so hot and deep in your guts that you feel like you’re going to gush.
“feel so fucking good on my cock, bunny. i know you love gettin’ stuffed like this, cute pussy’s droolin’ all over me,” he praises.
“‘samu,” you whine, fluttering and clenching on his dick at the filthy words. he lets out a deep groan, holding himself back from bouncing you in his lap; he wants to take his time, appreciate how your body tries to milk his cock.
he slides his fingers further down, parting them to feel the way your little cunt struggles to fit him, brushing over the wet rim that stretches around the base of his cock. you’re dripping down his fat balls you’re so needy, the pads of his fingers coming away slick n shiny. he spreads the wetness over your achy clit, sliding all slippery as he pets soft, teasingly light circles over it.
“just a little more, bunny. c’mon, sit nice ‘n still for me, and i promise i’ll make you cream all over my big cock.” <//3
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oikadori · 7 months ago
hi! can i request Headcons about kita and osamu with their s/o in online class or google meet and forget to turn off the camera stuff. i like how you've done for suna, daichi and akaashi hehehe your hc is cute and i love it! 🥺❤️
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
⇢ includes: osamu , kita , iwaizumi | PART I , PART III
⇢ genre// cw: fluff , f!reader // suggestive, iwa bites you 
⇢ wc~ 1K
a/n: please yess i loved this prompt sorry for taking so long i just idek why i left this on my drafts for so long SORRY nonnie !!
reblogs are highly appreciated <3 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Osamu’s eyes drift from the laptop on the counter to you, softening when you loudly yawn entering the kitchen, he must admit that seeing you decked into one of his grey sweaters is making his heart beat a little faster than before.
“good morning to you too” he says between a deep chuckle as he presses a button on his earbuds. “Nice to see that you slept so well”
Your eyes adapt to the light and notice Osamu sitting in front of the screen, his notebook resting beneath his hands. You tilt your head, sleepiness still fogging your mind as you move behind him.
“I’m hungry ‘Samu” your head falls on top of his muscular shoulder and your arms wrap his torso
Osamu, quickly taps the button that deactivates the camera, or at least he thinks he did, before looking over his shoulder with half lidded eyes.
“You’re always hungry Y/N”
“You’re always hungry too!!
He shakes his head, stopping a small giggle to come out of his lips as you nuzzle your nose against his neck, leaving soft kisses and mumbling “cook me something” in the process. Osamu closes his eyes, enjoying your caresses before turning to face you.
“I didn’t know I had such a whiny baby as girlfriend” he lays his pen on top of his notebook before cupping your cheek with his big palm, “What am I going to do with ya?”
You pout at his mocking tone and Osamu sees the opportunity to kiss your lips, drawing a little moan out of you. Your eyes flutter closed as you hug him tighter, enjoying the warmth of his body against yours.
“Miya-kun! You are still part of this class!!” a female voice rings in Osamu’s ears making him stiffen, you, on the other hand, are brushing your lips on the sensitive skin of his neck searching for his mouth again, causing the spiker to blush violently as he apologizes. He looks at you with pleading eyes, using all his willpower to hold back the urge to kiss you.
“babes-please, stop.”
Tumblr media
“Shin, can you help me with this real quick?”
Kita sees you from the corner of his eyes, standing on the entrance of his room, holding your math notebook and tapping your feet, waiting for an answer. He activates his microphone not facing you yet, addressing his classmates with a  stoic tone.
“Excuse me, I’m gonna leave for a bit” he explains to his group before deactivating his camera and mic to take off his earbuds, leaving them on top of the desk. Kita’s face softens as his eyes squint a bit to give you a tender smile, patting his lap for you to use as a seat. “Come, angel”
You eagerly move your feet in his direction before plopping your weight on his thighs, sitting horizontally. One of his palms caresses your back while the other rests on your legs.
“What is it, darling?” he whispers, leaning to pepper your cheek, making a bubbly laugh burst out of your throat.
“I-help me with math please, I don’t understand this right here” you whine, pointing with your pen at the equation on your notebook, an angry frown settling on your face as you reread the problem out loud.
“Poor baby, of course I’ll help ya”, Kita smiles before his nose tickles your neck and plants a little kiss over the exposed skin. “Okay, this goes like this-“
“Kita! Your camera is still on!” Aran’s yell coming from the earbuds is loud enough for you both to hear it, your face starting to burn as you look directly at the camera, finding the ace covering his eyes.
But Kita is calm, he gives a shy smile at the screen before plugging his earbuds back, squeezing softly your thigh in an attempt to relax you.
“Thank you Aran, I apologize for the scene but… I couldn’t help it” his cheeks redden a bit as you hide your face in your palms, muffling an apology before trying to stand up. Kita’s quickly grip your thigh stopping you for moving off his lap.
“I haven’t explained ya the exercise yet”
Tumblr media
“Are you still in class?”
“I have a little break, need something?”
You look at your boyfriend from your chair, giving a worried look that makes his thick, brown eyebrows to furrow together before he huffs. He looks away, hiding the red flush that started creeping on his face.
“No.”, You notice by the way he’s standing there, shifting his weight from left to right and hiding his hands in his pockets that he’s lying so, you lean back, offering a teasing smile.
“Oh! In that case I better do some work”, you drift your attention back to your laptop but your chair turns to the side, finding Iwaizumi’s greyish eyes staring deeply at you as his hands grip firmly the arms of your chair, caging you in your seat. “What is it Haji?”
“Want you” two simple words that make your heart flutter. One of his palms moves behind your neck to secure his hold on you as his lips crash against yours in a passionate kiss.
The room is silent except for the sounds of your wet and sloppy kisses.
“Iwa-chan!!” your boyfriend’s eyes snap open, and he freezes, lips still latched at yours, as the voice of seijoh’s captain bounce against the walls, “you are gonna hurt her lips if you keep biting like a rabid dog! ”
Iwaizumi grunts, shooting daggers to the setter across the screen, and you swear he’s about to smash your laptop with his own hands.
“What the fuck?!”
“If you need advice I-“
You quickly hold onto his arm, dragging him towards you to place a chaste kiss on his cheeks, giggling at the whole situation as your free hand closes the laptop, leaving Oikawa talking to himself.
Iwaizumi huffs and curses, wearing blushy cheeks, pressing  his forehead against yours. He stares at your red, swollen lips before tracing them carefully with his calloused fingers, worried.
“Was he right? Did I hurt you? Shit. Gonna be gentler next time, princess”
Tumblr media
taglist:  @evelynn27, @tobiosbbyghorl, @mjoork, @kenmaki, @hajiswife,  , @oikadiors , @arrogantsonofabiscuit, @asteroid-babe , @kouffee-ink, @wak4tosh1@sazunari @akkeyomi @ilovecheese08
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c0rncheez · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Characters ~ TimeSkip!Iwaizumi, 3rdYear!Tsukishima, TimeSkip!Osamu [PART 1]
Synopsis ~ The one where Y/n has to put her man in his place because he got the RIGHT one [u go bitch]
Cw ~ Lil Angst, Lil Fluff, Crack if u Squint, hurt&comfort?, BossBitch! Y/n, Fem Y/n, They’re mean to you for like 2 seconds, Strong Language, Slight Manga Spoils, You got them wrapped around your finger sis, This Y/n energy>>>>
A/n ~ @sakusasbitch thx for the request! And I ended up adding Tsukki as well 😌
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You and Iwaizumi were at the mall per your request. You noticed his stress had been building up lately and wanted to pull him away from his work for a bit.
You held onto his arm dearly while maneuvering through the shops. He was pretty quiet the whole time, only giving slight grunts to any of your questions but you didn’t want to pry nor did you really mind.
Apparently one of his clients tore their ACL again... right before the Olympics. You honestly understood why he was so stressed out but if he kept it up at that rate his face would be stuck in a permanent frown.
As you guys exited Pacsun his phone suddenly began to ring in his pocket.
“Shit” He cursed under his breathe once he checked who it was.
You pouted a bit as you peaked over his shoulder. Why was his job calling him on his scheduled day off?
“Babe-“ You tried to hold his hand from answering the phone.
He sharply shook you off of him before sneering—
“Oi, get the fuck off of me, you know I need to take this!”
You were left stunned in the middle of the mall as he stomped off to some secluded corner to answer the call. You felt your chest tighten at the whispers and gawking from the passerbys before you found a bench to sit down on near by.
The whole 6 minutes he was on the phone you did not move a single inch. Sure you might’ve crossed his boundaries from trying to police his own phone but still...
“H-hey Y/n…the call wasn’t that important just some scheduling stuff…” Iwaizumi stuttered as he sat down next to you with a sigh.
But you didn’t respond; nor look at him.
You could tell he was itching for you to say anything as his foot tapped the ground anxiously. But you kept your lips sealed tight.
“Y/n, babe… I didn’t mean to speak to you like that. I-I was just-“
“Take me home” you whispered before collecting your belongings.
This time he tried to hold your hand desperately to stop your movement.
“Babe, look at me... please” He begged uncharacteristically.
You snatched your arm away before standing up and glaring down at him.
“You expect me to stay here and fro-lick around on your arm after how you just spoke to me? I’ll be damned before I act like some desperate teenage girl. You’re stressed? Well then let’s go home, you’re not about to start talking to me like you do Oikawa. Get up and take me home.”
Iwaizumi was shocked to utter silence at the finality of your tone. He digged around in his pocket for his car keys before following your already exiting body.
He bit his lip in self loathing at the noiseless trip to the car.
Once in his vehicle he started the car but chose not to drive off just yet. You stared out the window impatiently before you felt a warm hand grasp your knee.
“Y/n, I know you were just looking out for me… I respect you way too much to ever yell at you like that. I’m so sorry, I mean that… me being stressed was no excuse” He strained out.
You still didn’t answer but you softly caressed his knuckles as he drove off. You noticed he was slightly shaking as well.
Later that afternoon he cooked your favorite dinner and kissed sweet everythings onto you. Once you were finally out of your funk you gave him a nice body massage as well.
He thought you were scarier then him when mad LMAO
Tumblr media
You idly cleaned up Tsukki’s room as he gamed with Yamaguchi on his PC. He was still quite prickly despite being in his 3rd year but you loved him nevertheless.
He definitely wasn’t the type to go about proclaiming his love in public so barely anyone even knew you guys were dating. Not even his best friend.
As you went about picking up the clothes around his bed you stumbled across a pair of briefs with green dinosaurs printed all over it.
“Aww Tsukki look!” You giggled as you ran over, teasingly showing off the boxers to him.
At first he simply frowned at your antics but once he heard Yamaguchi’s inquiry “Wait, is that Y/n?! Omg what is she doing in your room?” through the headset his embarrassment quadrupled.
He stood up and snatched his underwear from you sharply before hissing—
“You’re so annoying. Just get the hell out…I knew this was a bad idea”
He threw the boxers somewhere close to his hamper before returning back around to his game and promptly ignoring you and Yamaguchi’s questioning.
You felt your lip quiver slightly as you stared at the back of his head before turning around and following his words.
You grabbed your bag and your phone and promptly went home.
About 30 minutes later once Tsukki was out of his poor mood he finally quelled Yamaguchi’s thoughts.
“…Me and Y/n are together,” He stated.
“Well, probably not after what just happened,” Yamaguchi sweat dropped.
Tsukki paused the game and went out into the living room, suspecting you to be there but instead all your things were gone. He clicked his teeth before calling you— but it went straight to voicemail.
He power-walked back to his room before ending his game session with Yamaguchi without any explanation. He haphazardly threw on a jacket and some slides before heading over to your home.
10 minutes later you heard a knock on your front door. With a sigh you trudged over to answer only to reveal the source of your headache.
You simply stared at him, not offering any sort of greeting. You leaned on the side of the door with your arms crossed while peering up at him unimpressed.
“Uh, can I come in?” He scratched the back of his head.
“Okay well... I’m…sorry” he struggled to conceive.
He couldn’t even meet your eyes during his little…apology. You waited patiently until he finally lifted his head before you let your words spill.
“You’re an adult Tsukki, that little tsundere boy act is tired and old. If everytime you are in an uncomfortable situation you resort to lashing out on me then I don’t want to be apart of this. If something makes you uncomfortable you tell me, that’s how relationships work.”
He gnawed his lip during your verbal lashing. It was hard to hear but everything you spoke was the truth. He wasn’t the best at articulating himself but what he did know was that he didn’t want to lose you and he never meant any of the cruel things he said.
“I… I’ll be better...” He side glanced again, “so how can I make it up to you?”
You already knew what you signed up for once you fell inlove with his emotionally constipated self so you weren’t expecting a five paragraph essay of how much he loved you. That’s just not how the both of you worked.
So you smirked as a satisfying plan emerged into your mind.
The next week you guys made your relationship very public—
As Tsukishima walked down the school hallway with his shirt filled with dozens of your pictures and hearts he learned very quickly not to cross you again.
“This is for Y/n” he chanted in his head as he scowled at Hinata crying on the floor laughing.
Tumblr media
It was close to closing time for Onigiri Miya so you decided to drop on by your man’s establishment so you could head home together.
Once there you were surprised by how busy it was. There was still a long line despite the place closing in just an hour.
You decided to nab a table for yourself as Osamu and his employees handled the influx of customers. You didn’t want to disturb them as they worked quickly to satiate everyone.
Thankfully about 30 minutes later the restaurant was finally starting to bustle down so you decided to head to the counter to get yourself dinner.
The cashier greeted you happily as you were her bosses significant other and asked for your order.
Before you could even utter what you wanted Osamu came out from the back with an upset disposition.
“Really Y/n? Ya just sat around as yer saw how swamped we were ‘nd now yer addin’ to the load?”
The cashier nervously looked between the both of you before you responded.
“Well I didn’t want to disturb you guys since the last time I tried to help you yelled at me.” You rolled your eyes.
“Well get some damn food some place else, ya see us tryin’ to clean up.” He shot back as he closed the cashier’s register so you couldn’t order anything.
You really had to hold your tongue from cussing him out in front of everyone. He always got like this whenever he was busy. So instead you pulled your phone out and dialed in the number you needed.
“Who yer callin’?” He crossed his arms as his cashier scurried to the back.
Once your call was picked up Osamu’s eyes widened at the voice on the other side.
You held you phone to your shoulder as you replied to him.
“Your replacement is on the phone, so I suggest you talk to me with a bit more respect than that.”
He tried to grab your phone but you held it out of reach.
You gracefully flipped your hair over your shoulder as Osamu furrowed his eyes at your games.
“ Atsumu, what do you want to eat? I’m at your brother’s place right now.”
“Fine Y/n, fine,” Osamu surrendered, “I’ll make you yer damn food jus’ hang up on that bastard.”
You sweetly smiled up at him, “Say sorry and say please!”
He rolled his eyes not being able to stop his smile in return before turning to the kitchen.
“Please nd’ sorry… yer lucky I love ya,” he chided softly before heading to the back.
You quickly hung up on a confused Atsumu as you stared lovingly at your man’s retreating silhouette. In all actuality the only man for you was Osamu but sometimes that mouth of his needed a checkup.
Later that night you shared your onigiri with Osamu while he playfully pinched your cheeks for being so bold.
But he wouldn’t lie— he liked the sass... a lot.
Also Atsumu still thought he was getting food LMAO
Tumblr media
A/n ~ I’m not as confident in these characterizations 😭😭 but I hope you guys enjoyed them
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miyarins · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
featuring. suna rintarō, miya osamu, tōru oikawa
warnings. none, just fluff and crack if you squint
words. 0.8k
Tumblr media
✩ suna looked up from his phone, watching you barge into the apartment with an uneasy smile on your face. he cocked an eyebrow, looking at you up and down as you set your bag down. “you okay there, pretty? you seem pretty worned out” he asks, leaning back on the couch as you moved towards him and gave him a nod, muttering that you ran up the stairs. the brown haired male noticed how you kept observing him, reaching to grab your waist and pull you onto his lap. you let out a yelp, blinking in surprise. “what’s on your mind? you keep staring at me as if i’m some sort of monster” he teases, making you roll your eyes in return and look away. suna shook you slightly, patting the side of your waist with his hand as he stared at you, urging you to answer him. it took a couple of seconds for you to stifle a laugh before turning to him with a serious look. “i want a boyfriend” you announced, causing suna to raise both his eyebrows in surprise before letting out a laugh at your sudden statement. “yeah? that's nice, pretty. but don’t you think one is already enough?” he hums out before you shake your head, making his eyebrows go down and furrow. “i don’t want you, you’re short. i want a tall boyfriend” you replied, suna baffled at your response. he stared at you for a good moment before shaking his head. “i'm not short, im fun sized babe. but i do understand where you’re coming from” you burst out laughing at his response, moving to hold him. “what do you mean fun size rin?” “just a nice way of calling myself short for your pleasure.”
✩ osamu hummed, leaning against the counter of his shop, scanning the couple of individuals inside before standing up properly as he heard the door. he looked over, grinning from ear to ear as he watched you make your way over to the cashier. the both of you exchanged nods and smiles, checking the menu quickly before saying your order. “one order of the owner's recommendation and a boyfriend please” you hum out, tapping your card on the counter. you held in a laugh while watching osamu punch in the order before looking at you with a confused look. “...ya want a boyfriend?” he blinked, registering the second thing you wanted, you nodded in response to his question. “mhm, just one please” you smile, osamu staring at you as if he didn’t hear you correctly. “a boyfriend?” he repeats, you tilting your head, trying to plaster a confused expression on your face, “yes? is there something wrong?” he nods his head, “sorry darlin’, seems like yer already reserved by someone else” he coughs out, motioning at the shiny round band around both of your ring fingers. you look down and let out a small laugh, trying to cover it with a cough before nodding. “then, just one miya recommendation, since you seem like you ran out of boyfriends” you cave, failing at your prank. osamu nods in satisfaction, grinning and placing in an order of your favourite onigiri before leaning over the counter. “one order coming up, mrs. miya. make sure yer not searching for a boyfriend in your meal.” he pecks your cheek before continuing, “nice joke though sweetheart, i had to double back for a second.”
✩ you walked to the place you and oikawa were supposed to meet for lunch. you entered the building and immediately spotted the brown haired male who looked bored as ever. oikawa looked towards you, perking up and waving at you excitedly, causing you to wave back. you arrive at the table and take a seat, reading the menu for a second before watching it get snatched away by the male across from you. “your one and only has already picked something out for you” he grins, raising a hand to call a waiter over. oikawa orders for the both of you before blabbering about how his day went before asking you about your day. you shrug in response, thinking about your day so far. “nothing really, except i was thinking about a boyfriend, i realize i really want one,” you tease slightly, oikawa’s mouth gaping open at your sudden ‘confession.’ he crossed his arms, slightly pouting. “a boyfriend huh? and what about this hunk of a man right in front of you?” he questioned, offense clear on his face. “i guess you’re nice looking, but i’m looking for something nicer” he was shocked, was he really hearing correctly or did he have to clean his ears out? “for your information, this man you call ‘nice looking’ is your boyfriend” he scoffs and shakes his head, the waiter coming back with the food. he looks at him dead straight in the eye. “there’s no boyfriends in this dish right?” the waiter slowly shakes his head in confusion as you laugh at his reaction.
Tumblr media
© miyarins (2021). reblogs are appreciated! ヾ(`ヘ´)ノ ‧₊˚✩
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ryoccoon · 19 days ago
Being friends with the Haikyuu boys includes ;
Tumblr media
feat: seijoh four, twins & suna, karasuno 3rd years, nishinoya & tanaka, tendou, the terushima squad
warning: i have a soft spot for some of these characters, is it obvious?
Tumblr media
Seijoh 3rd years ;
- talking shit about people you don't like w/ Oikawa and Iwa
- watching crime documentaries and obscure alien abduction videos that have only 100 views on YouTube w/ Oikawa
- getting takeout at 3am w/ Makki and Mattsun
- if you don't have a date for valentine's day Iwa always makes sure to take you out, even if it's simply platonic
- impromptu waltzing around in the kitchen with Oikawa, he'll elegantly spin you around, telling you to follow his lead if you can't dance and gently dips you when it comes to an end
- listening and/or participating in Makki and Mattsun's burping competitions
- week-end sleepovers w/ Oikawa in which you put face masks on, sing along to corny love songs together w/ hairbrushes as microphones, then watch a movie together on the couch w/ a buttload of snacks
- bonus: sometimes Iwa joins in as he begrudgingly lets you and Oikawa put a glittery Disney Princess face mask on him. once he even let you paint his nails
- LOTS of boy/girl/other talk with Oikawa
- on the same note, you BET the Seijoh 4 have your back when you get your heart broken
- Iwa is all about smacking whoever hurt you while Oikawa rants on about how you were so much better than them anyway
- oikawa: "you deserved so much better than them anyway, (y/n)"
- iwa: "you want me to go see them? i won't do anything.... 'less you want me to."
- mattsun: "don't worry beautiful, we'll take you out for food later, get your mind off things"
- makki: "yeah, fries before guys, fajitas before bonitas, remember?"
- playfully simping over Iwa w/ Oikawa, aggressively flirting with him and complimenting him when he least expects it, always making him blush and incoherently grumbling about how you and Oinks are menaces when you're together (Iwa calls it 'the Tooru effect')
- babysitting Oikawa w/ Iwa and making sure he's taking care of himself and not overworking himself again
- giving Oikawa pep talks and reminding him of his self worth (he adores you for it and always finds himself holding back tears when you do)
- bonus: he loves it when you call him things like "superstar" or anything flattering of the kind
- Iwa giving you piggybacks or helping you walk home whenever you come back from a night out, humming and humouring you as you ramble on about your evening
- Oikawa being your not-so-subtle wingman, always bigging you up and making not-so-subtle eye contact and wiggling his brows at you when they're in the premises
- making shitty 5 minute crafts with Makki and Mattsun, only for each one of your crafts to go incredibly wrong (you keep them nonetheless)
Inarizaki 2nd years (twins & Suna) ;
- bullying Atsumu on a daily basis
- late night cars rides w/ timeskip Suna, going nowhere in particular, just listening to music and talking about everything and nothing as you cruise along the deserted streets
- lots of spontaneous outings
- late night conversations with Suna over the phone. he always seems to be up even when you're certain he'd be fast asleep at this time. to this day you wonder if he was genuinely sleeping or if he wakes up and stays up just for you
- cooking w/ 'Samu if you can cook or 'Samu teaching you simple and tasty recipes if you can't (Atsumu and Suna are your judges) ((Suna is a really critical judge)) (((Atsumu thinks anything you make tastes good cause he's high-key a kiss-ass)))
- getting your hair braided by Suna which he learned from having a little sister
- having three very protective, older brother figures; Suna will stare out anyone who looks at you funny and the twins will not hesitate to throw hands for you
- when walking in the street at night, the twins will walk at either side of you while Suna walks behind you so you feel 100% safe
- 'Samu the gentleman is always the first to lend you his jacket when you're cold
- discord calls in the evening while you play video games
- if you're not a gamer you just listen to them chat on call, their banter going from loud and bombastic to slow and sleepy as the night progresses until you eventually fall asleep to the sound of their hushed voices
- bonus: if you're on video call they'll film you sleeping and make dumb jokes about you until you wake up
- another bonus: sometimes Suna will fall asleep in call w/ you
- dyeing the twins hair for them and they help you with yours if it's also dyed
- falling asleep on public transports, couches, basically anywhere you can get some shuteye w/ Suna
- the twins will always without fail tease you and Suna for acting like a couple in these types of situations to which Suna replies by flipping them off
- speaking of: Suna is more than willing to cuddle if you're up for, whether it be platonic or not it's just very comforting and makes for a good body pillow
- having food stolen off your plate by 'Tsumu who doesn't even try to hide it either, he'll just swipe it off your plate while you look at him like "😐"
- 'Samu feels bad so depending on what he's eating he'll offer you some off his
Karasuno 3rd years ;
- casual homework sessions at Daichi's which you usually try and wiggle your way out of
- at first Suga chides you for it a little but usually gives up studying himself when he hears the Netflix opening screen on the living room TV
- having lunch at quaint cafés while you and Suga people watch (Daichi and Asahi say it's rude but they're totally doing it too)
- watching B-list movies with Suga and making a tier list based on how bad they were
Nishinoya & Tanaka ;
- having two perpetual bodyguards at your beck and call
- talking your way out of getting kicked out of places because of something dumb they did, only to laugh manically about it later
- having two boys who'll happily help carry your bags when you go shopping
- movies nights and pillow forts
- korean bbq evenings in which you bet on who can eat the most food in the space of an hour
- wearing matching bracelets with Nishinoya that he brought back from vacation
- exploring abandoned buildings and houses whenever you come across one. the ones you venture at night are particularly creepy but being with them is somewhat comforting (even though they're low-key terrified themselves sometimes) they'll gladly hold your hand if you need it and would NEVER pull a prank on you or leave you alone
Tendou ;
- binging anime together until the early hours of the morning, as usual it was supposed to be an evening thing so you both can't believe how quick time flies when you hear the birds chirping outside
- another boy who loves getting takeout late at night
- sending each other memes throughout the day and night and seeing who can rick roll the other the most
- raiding anime stores together
- making couples cosplays together and going to conventions in them (he once tried to convince you to go as hisoka and gon and you said N O)
- WAIFU WARS (the typical debates such as Hinata vs Sakura, Asuna vs Sinon, Rem vs Emelia...etc can go on for hours) ((eventually you settle the score by asking Ushijima which character is the most aesthetically pleasing))
- another one who loves trying out 5 minute crafts
bonus: sometimes Ushijima participates and he does NOT understand why you guys keep doing these cause they never turn out like in the video
- pranking Goshiki together then having to cheer him up cause he gets all huffy and moody with you
- watching trash TV together on rainy days; 90 day fiancé, biggest cheap skates, my strange addition you name it
- post-timeskip Tendou teaches you how to make chocolates and sends some to you through the post along with a postcard; there's always a long message written on the back saying how he misses your laugh and and can't wait to hear it again once he comes to visit
The Terushima gang ;
- frat parties 24/7
- lots of fun, lots of energy and lots of chaos
- unplanned camping trips that always somehow get way out of hand, luckily Terushima's a capable man when he wants to be and always makes sure everyone's safe
- having life-long bro bff's who've always got your back, no matter what
- a lot of teasing, flirting, picking fun at you (but will reflexively smack anyone else who does)
- the perfect wingmen who are always willing to help you with your love, and/or intimate life
- rearranging your study days because they insist on going out and having fun instead
- but then having Terushima promise you he'll help you study to make up for lost time
Tumblr media
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kureyama · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
★ you send them their baby pics.
Tumblr media
⤹ SUMMARY. how would the hq boys react to you sending them their baby pics pt. 1 | pt. 2
⤹ PAIRINGS. fem!reader x nishinoya yuu, tendou satori, miya atsumu, iwaizumi hajime, miya osamu, tsukishima kei
⤹ WARNINGS. cursing
⤹ GENRES. fluff, crack, boyfriend!smau
A/N: i thought it’d be cute to do this! hope u like it, and lemme know if you want a part 2 ^^
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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kiyosamu · 2 months ago
flirting with the owner~
pairing: osamu miya x reader
genre: FLUFFY FLUFF, osamu being silly, atsumu being snarky (but sweet), a soft and fun side of osamu <3
synopsis: one shot // visiting ‘samu on your lunch break
——— ♡ ———
“well hello, you sexy little thing. what can i get for ya?” osamu winked, leaning towards you over the counter with a smirk. “or would ya like somethin’… off the menu?”
“oh my goodness, the owner of onigiri miya… flirting with ME?!” you gasped, turning to the side and shying away from him. “i’m flattered, sir, but i have a fiancé.”
“what do ya mean ‘flirting’?” osamu blinked, making an expression as if he was completely surprised. “i talk to all of my customers like this.”
“well thank goodness. my fiancé is pretty big.” you looked back at him with a smile. “he wouldn’t like knowing other men were hitting on me while i’m just trying to get lunch.”
“yeah?” osamu rested his elbow on the counter with his chin in the palm of his hand. “tell me more. i bet i could take him on. steal ya and we could run away together.”
“hmm,” you hummed, crossing your arms and leaning against the wall. you couldn’t help but giggle as osamu stared at you while he acted completely serious. “for starters, he’s really strong. he used to be an athlete, you know.”
“used to? now what’s he do?” osamu cooed.
“he’s a business owner and he’s very successful. even franchised his business into multiple locations.” you pressed your hand to your chest, sighing dramatically. “and he’s just so, so handsome.”
“i see,” osamu walked around the counter, pressing his hand against the small of your back and pulling you close to him. “sounds like a decent guy.”
you giggled, wrapping your arms around his neck and looking up at him. “yeah, he’s alright.”
osamu used his free hand to rest on your cheek. he gazed dreamily at you, the words didn’t even need to be said. it was undeniable and he didn’t care who knew it.
osamu leaned down and kissed you, his soft lips turning into a smile with a soft hum when he felt you sigh happily.
“missed you.” you said after breaking the kiss, pressing your forehead to his.
“i always miss ya, sweetheart.” osamu whispered in your ear, pressing another kiss to your lips before letting go of you and gesturing towards the bar style seating. “go sit down, i’ll fix ya some lunch.”
you turned around and felt a hard smack on your ass and turned around to see osamu practically giggle with a low “heh” before winking at you again and heading into the kitchen.
you sat down and pulled out your phone when you noticed someone sit down beside you.
“i just gotta say it.”
you looked over to see atsumu running his fingers through his hair as if he was stressing out. you went to ask what was wrong when he spoke again.
“that whole display was so embarrassing. ‘samu looks like a little schoolgirl when you’re around and don’t even get me started on whatever that little roleplay was when ya got here.” atsumu mumbled.
you stared at him and tried to think of a response. atsumu had always been kind to you. if anything, he treated you the same way he treated osamu. it was clear they loved each other but there were no limits to the teasing. you included.
“that being said…” he looked over at you and gave you a big smile, “i never formally congratulated you guys on gettin’ engaged. you make my brother really happy, and seein’ that bastard happy makes me happy.”
atsumu patted your back as if he was celebrating a scoring point with a teammate. “happy to have ya join the family! just remember what you’re gettin’ yourself into.”
you laughed, nodding at his words. you knew he was talking about the fact that the twins were pretty much a package deal. their mom called it “buy one get one free”, with one comes the other. even in their separate relationships they always spent a lot of time together, and in turn, that means you did, too.
“i know exactly what i’m in for, and that makes me even more excited for the rest of our lives.”
“good.” atsumu’s smile turned into a devilish smirk when he stood up and peeked over the counter. “osamu! could ya hurry it up? some of us have places to be, ya know!”
“i’m right here, ya scrub!” osamu rolled his eyes at his brother, shoving a plate of food at him. “eat up, pig.”
“thank youuuuu~” atsumu said sweetly as he began to inhale the food in front of him.
“enjoy, baby.” osamu placed the food in front of you and gave you a kiss on the cheek. “i gotta get back, but i’ll see ya tonight, okay? i love ya.”
you turned to face him, giving him a soft kiss on the lips and nodded. “i love you too. thank you.”
osamu stood up straight and smirked at you. “always a pleasure to serve a pretty girl like you. stop by again, okay?”
atsumu grunted in disgust at his brother’s silliness and mumbled something inaudible. you smiled to yourself before taking the first bite.
if this was what the rest of your life was going to be like, you knew you were in for a wild ride.
and you wouldn’t have it any other way.
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mysterystarz · a month ago
hi there, can i request a part 2 of post breakup regrets? could it be suna, atsumu, ushijima, kags, and osamu? tysm!
haikyuu boys and their post-breakup regrets (part 2) :
Tumblr media
characters: suna rintarou, miya atsumu, miya osamu, ushijima wakatoshi, kageyama tobio (and g!n reader)
genre: angst
warnings: none except straight up angst
a/n: oh yay a request and for angst <33 thank you for requesting this anon — i had fun writing this, and as typical, i listened to some classical while penning this down!
wc: 0.3k
part one
Tumblr media
SUNA RINTAROU regrets keeping your pictures in his camera roll. They were what reminded him of better days when things were feeling rough, a subtle reminder that you’d always be there to support and love him whenever he felt like he didn’t deserve it. Seeing them now, all it did was remind him that you wouldn’t be there to do that anymore.
MIYA ATSUMU regrets pushing you away. He knew you loved him regardless of how he felt at times, but he only wanted you to see the best side of himself for fear of scaring you away when he wasn’t his happiest. Now anytime he plays volleyball, he’s reminded of the empty spot in the bleachers where you used to stand.
MIYA OSAMU regrets not respecting your boundaries at times. All he did was love you, and he would exchange the entire world for a simple smile from you. Now sitting alone in front of his onigiri, he realizes that your boundaries meant so much more than simple guidelines, because respecting them meant that he’d be sitting with you instead of by himself.
USHIJIMA WAKATOSHI regrets not taking risks. He never wanted to upset you throughout the course of your relationship, sticking to tried and true methods that he knew would keep you content. It was only when he saw pictures of your exploration in the days after your breakup that he realized that perhaps, you had gotten bored of him, and he wishes he’d tried more things with you. At least then, he’d have someone in his arms opposed to the air.
KAGEYAMA TOBIO regrets not showing you just how far his love for you went. He told you at every opportunity he had, even when he was away for games and didn’t have the time to talk to you at all, even if it was a simple text. Maybe if he had spent more time with you, even if it was a simple date, he’d be less alone imagining a world where your fingers were intertwined with his, instead of the empty space that existed.
Tumblr media
©mysterystarz all rights reserved, please do not plagiarize, translate, or modify my fics in any way even if credited
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miracl3girl · a month ago
maybe taking this back road wasn’t a good idea, not with the way your body was bouncing up and down on the seat. osamu drove as smoothly as he could but it didn’t change the way you were getting lifted into the air then slammed back down into the passenger’s seat. god he wishes you were getting slammed onto him instead. he felt his pants getting tight at the thought of pulling to the side of the dark, empty road and using you as a little toy. it wasn’t long before he had you bouncing on his cock and controlling your movements with his strong arms and big hands. you didn’t even have to move, he was impaling you with his hands around your waist, lifting your entire body up and then forcing it back down onto his length that was just way too big for you. “you cryin’ baby? my cock’s too thick, ain’t it? feels good getting bounced on a real man’s cock, huh?”
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ritnaro · 8 days ago
kinktober day 5: osamu + dumbification + voyeurism
Tumblr media
cw. nsfw, mdni, vaginal penetration, public sex? [samu fucks you in his empty shop], spanking, humiliation, voyeurism, slight dumbification, tsumu walks in on you at the end
wc. 600
a/n. pls forgive me for not posting, i’ve had a lot of things going on but i’m gonna try and finish this kinktober even if it’s late
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+ @hqintheclub
Tumblr media
“you’re just a little whore, aren’t you?” he says, when the customer finally leaves through the door. you curse under your breath, regretful of what you did earlier today to merit the punishment he was sure to give you now that you were free.
his hands fell heavy on your waist, and his breath shuddered next to your shoulder. you try to ignore him, you look out the window to distract yourself, not too many cars passing by the street in front of you. 
“i’m talking to you” he says, grabbing your cheeks between his thumb and his pointer finger and turning your head towards him, squishing your face in the process. “don’t ignore me” 
“i’m not” you reply with difficulty, it’s hard to talk when he holds your head like this.  
“you’re not?” he parrots with a chuckle, “then bend over”
it’s embarrassing how quickly you bend over on the table in front of you and flip up the skirt you’d been wearing to tease him. his fingers are driven to your slit, it’s almost automatic from how many times he’s done the same thing.
“you’re not even wearing any panties, aren’t you ashamed of yourself?” he asks, his fingers dipping into your needy hole. your walls flutter around his digits at his words, and your hands grab onto the edge of the small round table. 
“you’re not supposed to enjoy your punishment” he says, and you feel his fingers slip out and his belt buckle come undone. 
try as you might to turn your head and see him, he pushes your head against the cold wood of the table, and leaves you breathless when he does so little as rub the tip against you. your back arches and your hips buck under his touch. 
aren’t you ashamed of yourself? his question lingers in your head. in other circumstances, yes. you would be ashamed, your cheeks would be burning red with guilt and embarrassment, but not right now, when all you can think about is the anticipation of him pushing into you. 
you both gasp when he slips in, even if he doesn’t want to give you the satisfaction of his sounds right now, you know he can’t hold back when he’s finally inside you. he lands a few spanks on your ass and presses his chest to your back, whispering in your ear. 
“you know, anyone could come in through the door right now,” he says, almost proud of himself for making you kick and squeal at his words. “and they’d see you, creaming around my dick like a fucking bitch in heat”
your walls flutter around him unintentionally. the thought of someone walking in and seeing you like this, bent over and completely submitted to your boyfriend, it makes you clench your walls around him and moan in pleasure. sure, it would be embarrassing to be found like this, but the thrill makes you so sensitive, just a few more thrusts and you’re cumming around his cock, crying from overstimulation since he is still chasing his high.
“you like that? hm? would you like someone to walk in and see you? see how dumb you are for my cock, huh?” he sighs, sloppily thrusting into you, fucking his cum into you, his hands trembling as they hold your waist. for a moment, everything is blissful, but then the little bell above the door rings, indicating someone walked in.
“aww, don’t tell me you started without me” atsumu pouts.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
© ritnaro 2021 | all content belongs to ritnaro, do not modify or repost 
thank you for reading, reblogs are appreciated
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acup-ofawkward-andclumsy · 2 months ago
miya atsumu x fem!reader, miya osamu x fem!reader, suna rintarou x fem!reader
Warning: Mention of pregnancy, suggestive content in atsumu's and suna's , if there is anything else please mention ittt!!
Part one, two
Would definitely flip the fuck out. Did he not pull out in time?!?! Should he have listened to his brothers advice and put his ego aside?!?! Why did he have to have a breeding kink when he knows things like that are bound to happen. You get slightly worried that he might have a heart attack so you call the prank quits. When he realizes that it was all joke, he will sigh in relief, but quickly readjusts himself and pulls out the "Oh I knew ya were just messin' with me, I was just playing along, ya know?".
Very calm on the surface, but really, it's an internal panic, he decides not to freak out and to make sure that you are ok with it. Would literally ask you if you are fine with having the child, and what the next step will be. Is very mature and treats the situation with care. When you decide to break it to him, he just deadpans, you can feel the annoyance seething out of him. He pulls you into a hug, burying your face into his chest. "Don't joke like that again ya brat"
Grins like an idiot the whole time. Like yup, I marked her as mine, it's my child that's inside of her. He genuinely might explode of happiness, you've never seen him express this much in your entire relationship, also you're kinda scared to break it to him, when you did, he was so bummed, you actually had to reassure him and console him for hours. When he recovered, he went back to his normal self, and mother fucked smirked at you, smirked. "Ya wanna joke huh, well I'll make it come true now"
If you want to request check here
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dokifluffs · 7 months ago
Sleepy Time With His Babies | Atsumu, Osamu
Pairings: Atsumu X Reader (female), Osamu X Reader (female) 
Author’s Note: you guys are in for a treat~ 
Sleepy Time With Their Babies | Kita, Kuroo // Sleepy Time With Their Babies | Ennoshita, Akaashi // Sleepy Time With Their Babies | Iwaizumi, Sakusa // Sleepy Time With Their Babies | Kenma, Bokuto
Tumblr media
gif by @rivaillerose 💛💛
The usually bustling city life calmed down to a light doze
Sounds of usual heavy traffic were reduced to the faint zooming sounds of a few cars as they zipped by through the empty, bright streets
Though none of this brightens reached the two of you
Your shared apartment was high enough above the city where none of the lights at night somehow reached the two of you ever
The bedroom was immersed in complete darkness, nothing could be seen no matter how adjusted one’s eyes were to the dark
Deep breaths came from atsumu as he laid on his back, his legs somewhat spread under the covers, a hand resting on his stomach, the other outstretched as you laid curled up, faced away from him in your own little ball
His mind slowly stirred, his subconscious waking at the absent feeling of your presence beside him
His deep breaths shortened down as his fingers twitched, the tips of them grazing the back of your shirt
He woke more, huffing out an airy groan
“so.. far… away.. yer not supposed to be that far…” his mind pieced this together as he reached for you in the dark, moving closer toward the center of the bed
His hand moved down the side of your body until he found your belly
Despite being half asleep, Atsumu’s mind was still as sharp as it was when it came to volleyball, if not, sharper when it came to you
He hooked his arm around your abdomen, pulling you closer to him while also meeting you halfway
He didn’t feel complete until your back was to his chest, your body was touching his
You stirred in your own sleep feeling this pulling sensation until you woke yourself up the slightest
You turned in atsumu’s hold, his hand now resting on your lower back as you faced his chest, your head tilted back so your breaths tickled his neck
As fast and as soon as the two of you woke to the feel of each other, the two of you were out like a light
And that was all atsumu wanted
To feel you
The heavy weight crushed him slowly as the villain laughed maniacally in his face as he struggled to break free to save the city
Just as the final blow was about to hit Atsumu in the face, his body was jolted awake, relieved to not see any villains trying to destroy his town as he took deep breaths to head back to sleep
Though what he did realize was that the weight was still there
The bright light of the full moon shone through the open curtains Atsumu had neglected to close when he came up to bed, too tired and unbothered to do anything
But now with the light, he could clearly see the weight that made his breathing feel so stuffy
Well, he could see the weights
His four year old son and three year old daughter were fast asleep right on top of him, explaining why the bedroom door was ajar instead of completely shut like he had done coming in
His daughter was mostly the one on top of him while half his son’s body was on top
Though by the looks of what he could see, it seemed like his daughter had pushed her brother off of him
Atsumu chuckled silently to himself seeing the starfish position his daughter was in on top, her arms and legs spread widest to her abilities to hold as much of her dad as she could in her sleep
He pulled his son to his left side, carefully bringing his daughter to his right side so they could all sleep comfortably together
The two of them naturally curled into his sides, the feeling of them as natural as having you by his side
Though you were in a different time zone than they were for work right now
“We can’t wait to see ya,” Atsumu thought to himself as he let the last thing he see for the night be the pale moonlight on the ceiling  
Tumblr media
gif by @rivaillerose​ 💛💛
Osamu slept like a log with his jaw hanging slack as an inconsistent rhythm of rain bounced off the roof of the house
The bedroom the two of you slept in was high, the faintest golden-white hue of the streetlights shining in, casting blurry shadows of the rain streaming down the glass
You slept curled into Osamu’s side as he laid straight, his chest and arm being your pillow, warmer and comfier than any pillow
Your gentle, hot breaths warmed his side, his gray hair spread around on his pillow
Light snores could be heard but it wasn’t anything you weren’t used to
Even after his showers, no matter how much time he spent at home, how little time he went into the restaurant now as a little vacation, you could still smell the fresh scent of onigiris on him, even in your sleep
You nuzzled yourself closer to him, your hand rubbed over his toned abdomen even after all these years of cooking and making food, Osamu was still in shape
Occasionally even hitting some set by his brother for fun whenever visiting the rowdy blonde
His warmth was like no other and it was just as you loved it- loved him
A sudden, loud boom of thunder shook the ground, making the ground and bed vibrate for the briefest second
You jumped in your sleep, your heart aching for a short bit at the sudden jump from a resting heart rate to a rapid one
Osamu initially woke a little at the sound but was really awake now that you practically jumped against him
“You alright?” His voice was so much deeper from sleep, the words and the sound of his voice airy and raspy as he spoke
“Mmhm,” you let out a deep sigh, laying back down on Osamu. “It just made me jump...” you nuzzled closer to his body
He let out a deep chortle, his hand wrapping around your shoulder, giving it a squeeze as he pressed a kiss, followed by another as he couldn’t resist it
“I got ya,” his voice was so low, with your head laid on him, you could hear hints of the vibrations that rumbled in his chest and throat as he spoke
“Thank ya,” you copied his accent, different from yours
“Hmm,” he laid still for a moment before he turned so now his body laid, crushing on top of you
“‘Samu,” you groaned as you adjusted to his sudden mass lumped on top of you
He took hold of the sides of your head in his hands, pressing sleepy kisses to your face and neck, feeling your face burn hotter and hotter at his sudden affection
“Now I really got ya,” you could hear the smirk on his face
Osamu’s arms draped across your shoulders, the other holding your belly as you sat leaned back into his chest as he leaned against the headboard, a mass of pillows behind him
His thumb rubbed over your shoulder, your head leaned on his bicep, face squished into his muscle
He was just barely slipping in and out of consciousness in hopes you were okay, that the cramps were gone
You woke him not too long ago, the pain in your back and lower belly stung tears into your eyes and that was enough pain for Osamu to see and he didn’t want to see you in pain
His own cheek and head leaned forward to rest on yours, the sweet scent of your hair filling his nose with every still breath he took in
The storm raged on outside ever since the evening and showed no sign of lighting up until tomorrow afternoon according to the news channels
Rain flooded into the storm drains, restless flashes of lightning that filled the sky
Though a little rain and a few rumbles never bothered your sleeping
That is, until a bright flash illuminated the room followed by one of the biggest booms of thunder you had ever heard in your life
Startled by the sudden loudness, you jumped in Osamu’s arms, his eyes widened and hold on your stomach just hovering fearing his touch would somehow worsen any pain you were feeling
“What’s wrong?” His voice was deep, laced with sleep dripping from every word yet his eyes and mind were alert and wide, his attention on you in the dim darkness of the bedroom, a golden aura from a street lamp in the neighborhood barely passing the curtains. “Are you in pain?”
“No, thank you, though, ‘Samu.” You let out a sigh, leaning to rest your head back on his collar, his hand draped across your shoulders giving you a squeeze and rub. “The storm just startled me, that’s all”
Your hand found his hovering over your belly, pressing it down so it rested where it had moments ago
“Hm,” he let out a shot chortle before leaning close, pressing a kiss to the crown of your head. “Let’s sleep,” he whispered, using his foot to bring the blanket closer to the two of you so it rested on your lower halves
“Mmhm,” you hummed, reaching your head back to his bicep where you rested earlier, pressing a kiss to him before drifting back asleep in his hold
~~~~~ Thanks for reading! Masterlist for more! Please do not repost anywhere else!
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