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makeout sessions w haikyuu men pt2?? with sakusa, osamu, daichi, & whoevet else u want. only if ur comfy with it!!
Tumblr media
FEATURING : osamu, sakusa, daichi, ukai, tsukishima, and ushijima x female reader
CONTENT WARNINGS : suggestive content, 18+, grinding, mentions of oral (m receiving), nudes
Tumblr media
makeout sessions with osamu are long. it’s 8;45, and onigiri miya closes in 15 minutes, but you can bare another moment without your mouth on osamu’s. you pull him in by his collar, wrapping your hands around to his grey roots. they’re sweaty from being up since six in the morning, but you don’t give a fuck. his eyes widen, flickering up to the door where there were no signs of customers. his hands find purchase on your waist, pulling your body flush against his. you whine, needy for him as you rub your tongue against his. he growls against your mouth, pulling away much to your dismay. ‘gimme a sec’, he grunts, stepping away from the counter and walking over to the front door. he flips the electronic ‘open’ sign to ‘closed’, making his way back over to you. he could close 15 minutes late for you.
Tumblr media
makeout sessions with sakusa are possessive. he wants you and only you. some may think his greatest pleasure was scoring the final point in the men’s v league grand final last year, but sakusa knows it’s only in second. his greatest pleasure was feeling your lips slide against his, hearing your small groans of pleasure. his fingers are long and wrapped around your throat, eyes squeezed closed. the feeling of rapture gushes throughout his athletic body, making his heart pounder faster than it would after a game of volleyball. he’s cradling your face, thumbs stroking at your cheeks as he presses his growing erection against your stomach, giving you the hint that he needed you now.
Tumblr media
makeout sessions with daichi are breath taking. he treats you like you’re made of glass, so careful not to hurt you. it doesn't take much for you to succumb to his touch, only a mere palm on the back of your neck has you moaning into his mouth. his lips are soft and taste like vanilla lip balm as he rests his hand on the wall where he has you in a kabedon. his other hand cups around the back of your neck, pulling you in impossibly closer. his thumb hooks under the angle of your jaw, tilting your head up with a simple press. he's hooked onto you, taking a brief moment to pull away and admire your flushed face. he’s got an unreadable expression on his face, maybe, coy? you don’t waste another second wandering about it as you flex onto your tippy toes and press your mouth back against his.
Tumblr media
makeout sessions with ukai are merciless. you’ve been sending him naughty texts all day, even sending a scandalous photo of your upskirt once. you hear the door slam when you come home, heavy footsteps quickly making their way to your bedroom door. you lay down your book, and you’re not even able to utter a word before keishin grabs your wrists, pinning them above you and pressing his crotch down onto yours. he takes a second to admire the fear and shock on your face, ahead of pressing his lips down onto yours, compelling his tongue into your mouth. fervently, he tongues every inch of your mouth, grasping at your tits through your shirt, grinding his cock down onto your crotch. he pulls away, watching your wide eyes and open mouth as you struggle to catch your breath. he takes the opportunity to spit inside of your mouth, reaching up and closing your jaw. ‘your mouth shouldn’t open unless it’s to put my cock in’, he says, rubbing his thumb over your lips as you swallow.
Tumblr media
makeout sessions with tsukishima are unfair. he teases you endlessly, refusing to bend down to reach your lips. you pout, looking up at him. your puppy dog eyes make him give in, arching down you press his lips against yours. you sigh dazedly, allowing him to glide his tongue into your mouth. precisely as you’re about to start sucking on it, he pulls away and stands back up to his regular height. you look up at him, a perplexed look crossing your face. he leans back down, tricking you into thinking he was going to continue. he stops when his mouth reaches your ear, smirking internally when he hears your breath hitch. ‘if you want more, you gotta work for it’, he whispers in a low voice, slender fingers coming to your head and pushing you to your knees.
Tumblr media
makeout sessions with ushijima are impatient. you knew when he slipped that ring on his finger, his training hours were long and you would only see him during the night and on the weekends. you often found yourself craving his touch throughout the day, but you knew better than to touch yourself without him. when he finally opens the front door at 8:15, you’re throwing yourself onto him, slipping your tongue into his mouth. he gently reciprocates, sliding his hands down your hips. your hands snake under his white tank top, feeling across his sweaty abs. this truly was the best part of your day.
Tumblr media
thank you for reading! likes, reblogs, follows, and general feedback are all appreciated! 💜
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His Super Reliable Manager
Kuroo, Osamu, Oikawa, Bokuto || manager!reader
warnings: jealous bfs, lowkey suggestive (mainly Osamu’s)
notes: requested, another long scenario(s) glhf
Tumblr media
As manager, you’re one of the most reliable people on team
They would go to ask you for anything or help with some things
Your captain bf was used to it…kinda
Kuroo would start to notice some things that he’s never noticed before you started dating
Like helping them into their jackets, assisting with injuries, helping with their shoelaces (bc you’re pretty good at tying them), aiding them in anything
Your bf would pretend not to care
Because it’s what you do, right?
But of course, one day he was watching as you dabbed some cream on Lev’s hand before placing a bandaid on it
“Make sure to change the bandaid after a shower, or if it gets dirty or wet,” you say with your arms on your hips.
“Thanks, [y/n]-san! Where can I find this…uh…” Lev tries to remember the name of the cream you used on his hand.
“Neosporin,” you answer.
Suddenly two large arms hug you from behind.
You immediately knew who it was because of the familiar skin tone and scent
“As long as your not allergic to neomycin sulfate, bactitracin zinc, or polymyxin B sulfate,” he says, resting his chin on your shoulder.
Lev’s head spins at the jumble of words thrown at him
You freeze, turning your head to him
“Hi?” You greet him in a how-can-i-help-you manner.
“Hey.” He smiles and gives you a lingering kiss on the lips.
Right. In. Front. Of. Everyone.
Right in front of everyone!!!
The most affection you’ve shown in public together was merely a peck on the cheek.
(Not that he mind PDA with you.) It was your idea to minimize the intimacy in public.
Lev takes that as his queue to walk away
“Tetsurou, what are you doing?” You turn around to face him.
“What, I can’t kiss my lover?” He has his hold still on you as he leans down to give you another kiss.
But you push away, whispering, “Not now, everyone’s watching us.”
He smirks.
You blush heavily, pulling away from him as he chuckles.
Now whenever you’d be seen getting a little too handsy (to Kuroo’s liking) with another team member, he’d pop out of nowhere
Like *poof* and start getting all flirty and intimate
Basically stealing your attention from them
Tumblr media
You becoming manager was the best thing that ever happened to him since you’ve both started dating
Because now you have a reason to be on the court with him
And it meant spending more time together
But it’s also the worst thing ever
Because your job is to also make sure the rest of the teammates are in their best form
And that means…doing exactly what you are doing right now:
You squeeze Suna’s shoulder joint, trying to find the painful area that he’s been complaining about
“No,” he says.
You lower your hand and press again.
“Ow!” He yelps. “Yep, right there,” he says groaning.
Ain’t no way, Osamu thinks to himself
He’s been watching you the whole time
His jaw clenches really hard seeing you with your hands on Suna’s shoulders, the middle blocker holding a pack of ice in his lap.
“Okay, leave the ice there.” You help the middle blocker lift the pack of frozen contents near his right arm. “Rest a bit.”
You both don’t think much about it until Osamu shows up
“Soooo, what’s going on here?” Your boyfriend doesn’t hide his emotions, sending a tired look to his teammate.
Suna scoots farther away from you on the seat, noticing your proximity.
“Suna might not play today,” you say, standing up.
“Sorry, bro,” the fox-eyed boy apologizes.
You don’t realize the apology was also for something else.
Their is a shared glance between the guys that you don’t catch.
Osamu gives a sigh.
“Take it easy, Suna.” The tall middle blocker nods to him.
With that, Osamu takes your hand and brings you to the side where there’s less people
“Samu, need something?” You ask, wondering if there was something wrong.
He glances at you with no words
“You?” he says after a moment of silence.
Oh, boy.
Osamu isn’t one to be super flirtatious
But these moments usually occur when he’s 1) done something wrong, 2) jealous, 4) just in the mood to be
“Samu, I don’t have time for this. The others need some help.”
You guessed jealousy based on the way he is now clinging on to you as you tried to walk back to the rest of the team
He circles his arms around you, pulling you into a hug.
“Just a little longer, yeah? ‘Need ya.”
You hug back, placing your face in his chest to hide your blush
His chest vibrates as he lets out a chuckle.
“Sorry, I’m kinda sweaty.”
You don’t really care, and neither does he
You have work to do
“‘Kay Samu. We got to go back.” you pull away before giving him a peck on the cheek.
“Don’t worry. We can continue this later,” you whisper in his ear.
And that makes him behave for the rest of the day for sureee!!!
Tumblr media
After a hard, long day of practice
The boys of Aoba Johsai go through the same routine
changing back into their comfy clothing, refreshing themselves
However, some guys had been pushing themselves way too hard, injuring their hands
Being the responsible, reliable manager you are, you quickly bring out the first aid kit and tend to their wounds
You sigh as you wrap the bandage around Kyoutani’s bruised finger.
“You gotta be careful Kyou-kun.” The aggressive wing-spiker grunts as a reply.
what the fuck?? Oikawa side-eyes you both from a distance, pretending to drink water.
Oikawa’s ears and eyes are aimed towards your direction. He can’t help but scowl at the sight of you touching another guy’s hands, especially like that
He stares daggers at the back of their heads.
Feeling chills, they turn their head around to see Oikawa, whose expression abruptly changes into an innocent, friendly smile.
But they know their captain too well. Hidden beneath the smile is pure evil, perhaps planning their demise if they keep clutching onto your hand like that.
As you move on to tend to the next person, Kindaichi, you notice the shallot-haired boy hesitate, looking a bit anxious.
“What’s wrong Kindaichi?”
Oikawa stares intensely at the 1st year. And the poor lad seemed to notice.
“Ah, i-it’s nothing. I can do it myself!” He attempts to take the medical tools.
“Oh, Kindaichi-kun, don’t kid yourself! Please, let me!” you say with a reassuring smile, wanting to be a supportive agent to the team.
The dude opens his mouth and closes it as if trying to say something
Before he could say a word, your bf suddenly appears out of nowhere, approaching you
“Babe, what about me?” He slings an arm around your shoulder, pulling you close.
“Oh, are you injured?” You ask, immediately searching his hands for any signs of injury.
There weren’t any, surprisingly.
“Yeah, but only a kiss would make it better,” he leans forward and pouts pointing at his lip.
It makes the rest of the guys walk off to give you guys space to flirt talk
His words make you roll your eyes.
“Tooru, not now. We need to fix their wounds.”
“Do you have to?” he says with a pitiful voice.
“It’s my job. I’m the manager?”
“You’ve done so much today, though. Here, relax.” He takes the bandages and creams from your hands and places them back in the small bin. “The boys can do it themselves. They’re big boy now, see?”
Kindaichi is seen struggling to wrap the bandages on his fingers before stomping over to his companion, Kunimi
They’ve grown accustomed to your help that they’ve depended so much on you
It makes your heart warm, thinking about the fact that you truly have a place in this team
But of course, now that you’re dating Oikawa, you’d run into these little situations where he’d start acting up
Making excuses so that you’d put your attention to him instead
However, you knew exactly how to put him in his place
By giving him exactly what he wants
“Here, gimme your hand, babe.” You motion towards his hands.
He raises an eyebrow, giving you his hand, palm faced down.
You bring his fingers to your lips, kissing each tip
“Better?” You ask.
His eyes gaze at you with a foggy look in his eyes, as if daydreaming.
He shakes his head as you call him back to reality.
“Yeah, yeah! It’s better.”
“Good.” You place a hand on his shoulder. “Now, can I go do my job?”
You smirk, trying not to laugh at his suddenly changed demeanor.
Tumblr media
He’s not sure why you got your hand wrapped around the ankle of one of his teammates
His eyebrows scrunch in confusion, watching you from a distance
As manager, you’ve always been helpful in many situations
But this was definitely a new situation to him
He’s never seen you get this handsy with another person
He absolutely hates it.
Konoha sat on the bench with you squatted on the ground, inspecting his hurt leg
Konoha yelps when you press a certain spot.
“Ah, there it is,” you say, chuckling as you gently apply the ice pack on the wing spiker’s shin.
Before you could say anything else to the injured player, two large arms scoop you up
Bokuto literally picks you up, making you squeal
“Get your own manager, Konoha!!!” He shouts as he pulls you away in his arms, bridal style
Konoha merely sighs as he watches you get carried away by your burly bf
Here we go again
“Kou! you need to let me—”
“No!” His grip on you is strong as he walks to a bench much farther from everyone else.
Finally reaching his destination, he sits down with you in his lap.
“Hehe,” he smirks, watching his team, sticking his tongue out at them.
They don’t seem fazed at all, used to his antics.
“Koutarou, what are you doing? We’re leaving soon. I need to help gather some things.” You try to squirm your way out of his arms but he just tightens his hold.
“Wait, wait—”
“Kou,” you say his name sternly.
You explain your role and duties as the manager
And how it is essential to be in their best form if they want to go in the “main arena” that he always dreamed about
“Fine,” he says, cowering. His eyes lower to the ground, creating pitiful look on his face.
You give him a light kiss on the cheek. Then another on his lips, surprising him.
“Who’s the most handsome, strong ace in the world?” You ask, booping his nose with a finger
He gives a weak smile. “Me.”
“My favorite person in the world?” You pinch his cheek.
Bokuto’s smile grows, his owl hair no longer drooping. “Me?”
“That’s right. And whose boyfriend?” Your smile is reflected on his face.
“You know it.”
He giggles, before leaning in for another kiss from you to which you gladly obliged.
“Alright, time to go,” you say after pulling away.
You slide from his lap and take his hand to walk with you
But he stands still, tugging on your hand.
“Wait, let me carry you back.” Your bf leans down with his back facing you. “Hop on.”
You laugh at his request.
“Okay, babe.” You drop on his back, your limbs clutching onto him.
Bokuto chuckles and carries you piggy-back style back to the team, definitely in a better mood
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heich0e · 18 hours ago
"Stop yer wigglin'."
You kick your legs a little bit, just to spite the boy who's carrying you on his back--a large hand holding either of your knees while yours dangle over his chest, arms wrapped loosely around his neck.
"Samu, I'm cold," you complain, pressing yourself a bit closer to him to try and leech some of his body heat through the planes of his broad back.
"Samu I'm tired, Samu I'm cold, Samu I was put on this earth t'make yer life harder," the boy in front of you parrots back at you, his hands squeezing your knees gently which undermine his mocking with a playful affection.
"Nah, that was Tsumu's job. I'm just backup," you say as you tuck your chin over his shoulder. You can see his profile a little better like this, watching the lines of his face curl up into a wry smile.
"And here I thought now that scrub's off in Tokyo trainin' with the national team I'd get a break." Osamu snorts, hiking you up a little further on his back as he keeps walking in the direction of his apartment. "What the hell possessed ya to drink so much tonight anyway?"
"I was just having fun," you mutter, and though he can't see your pout you're sure he can hear it in your voice--he's heard it enough times over the years to detect it even without seeing the telltale purse of your lower lip. One of the many benefits of being friends since you were kids.
"That makes one of us," he quips, but you know he's lying. For all his complaints about carrying you home, you know he doesn't really mind, and that he'd had just as nice of a time tonight as much as you had drinking with some of your old friends from high school.
"I'm hungry."
"Of course ya are," he remarks with a laugh.
"What are you gonna cook for us when we get to your place?"
"Oh, I'm a personal chef now too? Being a human chariot wasn't enough, yer highness?" he drawls.
"Pleaaaaase, Samu?" you plead as he turns the last streetcorner ahead of his building--the entryway now in sight.
He sighs, but it's a sound as fond as it is exasperated.
"Fine, but yer doing the dishes."
You kick your legs again, squeezing your arms around his neck a little tighter. You know as well as he does that the two of you will probably pass out on the sofa before the dirty dishes have even been touched, and that by the time you wake up the next morning he'll already have them done.
It's just the way it's always been.
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maitaro · a day ago
Playboy 22' - The mini event masterlist.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
A/N : Reaching a new milestone, I have planned this small event - which isn't really an event tbh. The main theme is Playboy (the magazine) and I will write a few nsfw fics inspired by it <3. Ah also, this is strictly a Haikyū!! thingie + I'll only write for the guys below since they're the ones I'm the most comfortable with as for now. ;) @oikawas-milk-bread 👀
Tumblr media
Tōru Oikawa x fem! Reader - nsfw.
Being a top athlete offers tons of possibilities, among posing for the infamous sexy and controversial magazine Playboy. How could Oikawa say no, especially when the famous singer Y/N will be his photoshoot partner?
Rintarō Suna x fem! Reader - nsfw.
Having a model as his girlfriend, Suna is used to see her in sexy poses, but he wasn't aware she would be on the new Playboy cover. Should he punish her for it ? Or show her how much the photographs affected him ?
Atsumu Miya x fem! Reader - nsfw.
Besides being an amazing volleyball player, Atsumu shows off his body often, thanks to his contract with the Playboy magazine. He isn't the best teacher, but he could always try to initiate the new recruits, especially a hottie like you. However, those lessons definitely need to stay private and secret. <3
Tetsurō Kurō x fem! Reader - nsfw.
He's a business man, of course. He's very strict about monthly wages, but being the owner of the Playboy magazine definitely gives Testurō many advantages, one of them being to pay his favourite bunny with his cock.
Osamu Miya x fem! Reader - nsfw.
Osamu isn't a horny guy, but he still is a man with needs. So how is he supposed to react when his favourite Playboy model is coming in his restaurant to eat onigiris on a Tuesday night ? Is it him or is she... flirting with him?
Yūji Terushima x fem! Reader - nsfw.
Nothing could go wrong when the famous pornstar Yūji Terushima offers you, the cutest Playboy bunny, a photoshoot with him..., right ? Especially when it has to take place in his studios..., right ?
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sakusaww · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: Miya Osamu x reader
Genre: angst
Warnings: implied cheating, somewhat toxic relationship, reader doesn't acknowledge osamu's feelings in the best way, possible friendship breakup, unrequited love
This is for @okkatsudon 's somebody new collab, where y/n fails to see Osamu in a different light, breaking his heart in the process.
Tumblr media
"Why do you let him do this to you every single time? Stand up for yourself for once y/n," Angry was a grave understatement. Osamu was furious but he did not quite know with what. He didn't know if he was fed up of the absolute jerk your boyfriend was being, with you for always forgiving him or with himself for not getting to you sooner.
"Samu, he is just running late. He's a busy person with his studies and everything. He didn't forget this time and I'm sure he will show up later saying sorry," at this point you were making up excuses, however stupid they were. You felt a need to justify your boyfriend's current absence because surely, he didn't actually forget about the date you planned for weeks and he was just running late.
"For the nth time y/n, we all have pressure from studies and we all are busy people. This is uni for Christ's sake! People make time for the ones they actually fucking care about," he tried to reason out rubbing his index and middle finger on his temple.
"Break up with him. You deserve better," Osamu suggested.
"That was a good one right there," you giggled a little and looked up at him. You hoped to find a trace, a little drop of humour or sarcasm in his eyes and tone but if his face said anything, it was that he was being serious.
"You're not joking."
"No y/n I'm not joking. You know your worth. You know how he's treating you, so leave him and find someone better," it almost sounded as if he was pleading, like your predicament hurt him and maybe to some extent it did.
Osamu hurts knowing that you voluntarily decide to stay with some douchebag, ignoring how he tries so hard to be seen by you in a different light. His heart aches when you gush to him about your boyfriend doing the absolute bare minimum, knowing that he can treat you so much better.
"Better as in who Samu? No one seems to be-"
"Better as in me! I know I can make you happy. Treat you better than that jackass and I've never ever in my life lied to you y/n and you know that," Osamu looked straight in your eyes and his jaw clenched a bit before relaxing. Feelings were suffocating.
"Osamu I really don't understand if you are joking right now or not," you shook your head and let out a nervous laugh.
"Does any part of me say that I'm joking? You know very well y/n that we would be better together. What we have is certainly a billion times more amazing than what you both have. Give us a chance," your world stilled at his words. The lamp post outside your room flickered, the ceiling fan above you kept rotating but everything felt frozen in place.
Never in your life had you imagined Osamu confessing to you. Atsumu, maybe. Osamu, never.
You saw the tears slowly filling his eyes and you wanted to console him but the only words that came put of your mouth were, "what we? What us? There was never a 'we' or....or an 'us'."
"Surely you don't mean that," he laughed weakly.
"No no i do. I do mean that. What we had...it never crossed the boundaries of friendship," his face turned cold at your words and you had to look away.
"Oh really? Is that so? Tell me then y/n what about the time we kissed in that one house party. Oh, and the time you almost kissed me while you were in a relationship? Surely you cannot forget them?" His voice was lured with venom, and his glare could very much make you shrivel in a corner.
"We both agreed that it meant nothing! Don't you dare turn this on me!" Your voice was slowly rising.
"Sure, they would mean nothing to you," he turned around and gave a low chuckle.
"Just tell me one thing y/n. Did i mean absolutely nothing to you?" He looked defeated asking you this. Something told you that you were never supposed to know of these feelings.
"You mean the world to me Samu but," you took a step towards him and placed a hand on his cheek. He leaned on it because, at the end of the day, Miya Osamu would do anything to get the slightest bit of affection from you.
"But you don't love me that way yada yada," he closed his eye and released an almost watery sigh.
"I'm sorry. I really do love you but I'm sorry," you tried to hug him but he stepped back from you. Maybe it was your intuition telling you about a possible drifting between you and your best friend, but that action hurt so much.
"Right...yes..uh ok then. I said what i had to, I'll take my leave now. Bye....uh hope your boyfriend shows up," he looked anywhere but your eyes and he sounded awkward.
Without another word, he was gone and it left you wondering if he would ever return.
In the silence of the evening and echoes of your thoughts, you felt your phone vibrate in your pocket.
Clearly it was your boyfriend trying to make amends right? Eitherways, you loved him enought to forgive him and to forget about the heart you broke.
Taking it out you saw one single text from your boyfriend that said : 'wanna hang out now?'
And to that, you had only one thing to say. So, with a smile, forgetting about Osamu in an instant, you responded : 'yes<3'
Tumblr media
A/n: ya reader is kinda toxic, ik but don't ask me why cuz idk the answer to that.
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sugawarassoulmate · 14 hours ago
Ok, hear me out, for Bully! Osamu (post confession).
Suna airdropping Osamu women’s nudes. Osamu ignores the photos but forgets to delete them because he literally doesn’t care.
And reader accidentally finds out about the nudes and thinks Osamu might be cheating or thinks he’s been watching porn and she becomes super insecure about her own body (you know, because pornstars have ridiculously unreasonable beauty standards).
How do you think this would play out?
hi i got carried away and now this is 1k words LOL enjoy
i can’t really see post-love confession bully!osamu doing this unless it really was just a slip of his mind and also suna hadn’t found out yet that you two were dating. (cause suna rintaro is such a samu/yn supremacist lemme TELL you sksks)
Tumblr media
words: 1k cw: fem!reader, crybaby!reader, insecurity, sexting, infidelity mention (it doesn't happy don't worry), overthinking, no sex but minors still dni)
Tumblr media
sunarin would like to share a photo, read the notification on osamu’s screen. without thinking, he hits accept and goes back to cooking. osamu isn’t aware of the multiple photos downloaded into his photos app—he has no clue that suna has, yet again, sent him a bunch of nudes from his latest hookup.
osamu didn’t see the messages suna left where he described how “hot” she was and how she had the “perfect body”.
no, osamu had no idea. but you saw everything.
hours later, after you and osamu already had dinner, your boyfriend jumped into the shower while you were laying in bed. you reached for your phone to look something up but groaned upon realizing that it was dead. instead, you grabbed osamu’s, putting in his passcode with ease.
you only wanted to google something really quick before charging your phone. but the barrage of texts from suna pique your interests.
from: sunarin: bro look at what i sent when u get the chance 
from: sunarin: she’s got a friend too if ur interested 👀
those two messages alone cause a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach but as you keep going. all suna can talk about is how perfect this girl is and how her friend was “definitely” osamu’s type.
hesitantly, you look through osamu’s photos. maybe you’re overthinking and interpreted suna’s words incorrectly. but you can feel your chest tightening when you come across naked photos of a girl you don’t recognize. 
you thought the worst immediately, mind racing at the belief that osamu was cheating on you, but you snapped out of that quickly. osamu would never. then, you remember suna’s messages. is this the kind of girl osamu wants?
suna was right, her body was perfect—flat stomach, pouty lips, sharp jawline. she had pretty, perky breasts and she looked incredibly sexy in the lingerie she was wearing. she was nothing like you, a standard you couldn’t even dream of attaining. 
like clockwork, as the insecurity bubbles inside of you, nerves overwhelming every part of your being, the tears start flowing just like they always do. you’re crying so much, that you don’t notice a hand grab your shoulder.
“babe? baby, what happened? what’s wrong?” osamu asks, towel wrapped around his waist and hair still wet from the shower. you should probably be angry at him and push him away but you lean into his touch, unable to stop the sobs leaving your mouth.
you hold up his phone, the screen revealing all of the photos in his album and you’ve never seen osamu’s eyes widen that big before. “w-what is this?” 
the look on osamu’s face is an odd combination of horror and confusion, glancing over at the screen for a brief moment before turning his attention back to you. his rough thumbs wipe away the tears in his attempts to comfort you with kind words and soft coos. this is a far cry from the boy who used to find pleasure in being the reason behind your never-ending sobs.
osamu looks at you seriously, “baby, suna sent me those. i accepted the message without lookin’ at them, i promise. he’s always sendin’ shit like that and i delete them. there is nothin’ between me and that girl, i swear.”
of course, you believed him, even if he didn’t have the conviction in his voice. osamu would never betray your trust in such a way. but your anxiety festers in the back of your throat with your next question. “do you…want me to look like that?” you asked, fear pulsating throughout your body, scared of what his next words are going to be. did he settle for you? is he waiting for his “perfect type” to come along? you could never reach that goal, you can’t be what he wants.
again, osamu’s bewildered stare meets yours. “no, i just want you. the way ya are is perfect, it’s all i’ve ever wanted. you’re all i’ve ever wanted.” he stares into your eyes looking for some kind of response, your silence prompts him to continue.
“okay, yes. suna’s sent me that kind of stuff before we started datin’. it’s never meant anythin’, it was just stupid guy talk about the girls he was hookin’ up with. i don’t want a girl like that—i don’t want anyone if it’s not you…”
his words feel nice and in your head, you know them to be true. but it doesn’t sit right with you, still. knowing these girls have been on his phone. event the thought of them being there before you started dating makes you feel icky, as possessive and irrational as it sounds. you sniffle, bringing the phone down and wrapping your arms around osamu’s neck to pull him close.
“first, delete all of those photos,” you say, voice still weak from all of your blubbering but osamu takes you seriously, nodding at your demands. “And then I want you to tell suna that we’re together and he can’t send you stuff like anymore. no exceptions.”
“anythin’ ya want, baby, i promise.” he reaches over and immediately starts removing the pictures without a second thought. never sparing them a passing glance until they’re all gone. when he’s done, he chucks his phone away and cradles your face in his hands. “can i kiss ya, baby, please. i’m sorry sorry,” he breathes, forehead pressed to yours. “never want ya to feel like that…ever.”
you smile for the first time, his words overwhelming you in the best way. softly, you nod, and osamu attacks your face with kisses, an apology falling from his lips between each one. 
a few days later, suna approaches you to apologize for his messages. you can’t help but notice the fading bruise at the corner of his mouth.
Tumblr media
©sugawarassoulmate 2022 all rights reserved - please do not repost/translate my work on other platforms!
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a collection of notes the haikyuu boy wrote but never gave you/you never got
Characters -> Semi Eita, Miya Osamu & Oikawa Toru
Tumblr media
Dear y/n, I don’t know how to start this. This sounds cliché but my therapist is making me write this. Anyways I just want you to know that I’m sorry for everything, for the lying, the arguing and, especially for saying you weren’t enough for me. Because you’re IT for me y/n and you always will be. I remember the first time we hung out, we were second years in highschool and you came over because your parents were arguing. We were sitting on my bedroom flood listening to music and I remember you putting on this one song. It was so bad but apparently you loved it. Dubbed it your ‘favorite song in the entire world,’ later that day when you went back home I layed on my bed and feel asleep thinking of you and music, my two favorite things. You know I never liked that song, but once I knew it was your favorite I listened to it on repeat and it became one of the best songs I’ve ever heard. I’m sorry y/n, I’m so so sorry I said you weren’t enough for me,I’m sorry you walked out of the apartment angry and I’m sorry you got into that car crash. I’m writing this to let you know that you were enough and your heartbeat will always be my favorite song even though it’s gone, but hey, all songs have to come to an ending eventually right?
Dear fucking y/n l/n, sincerely FUCK YOU
Dear y/n, I hate you 
Dear y/n, I’ve always wonder what crosses you mind when you your eyes meet mine. If you thought of me the way I thought of you. If you loved me the way I loved love you. It’s been years and I know I should move on. Move on from something we’ve never had. Move on from one silly kiss that you made clear was a mistake. I writing this because I know my brother is going to purpose to you tomorrow on the roof of onigiri, ironic right. My brother is gonna purpose to the unrequited love of my life on the roof of MY shop…I should’ve said no. What do you see in him that you don’t see in me? We’re twins and yet you still chose him every time. My biggest mistake wasn’t falling for you, it was thinking that you had fallen for me too. But I’ll never tell you that I won’t even give you this stupid letter I’ve wrote on a napkin.
I love you y/n, I’ll always love you despite everything. We almost hit 6 months before the incident. Before I betrayed you and your trust. I never should’ve dated you for a bet, I should’ve maned up and asked you out myself. I know you don’t believe me, but l loved you months before I asked you out. I don’t know why I let my friends pressure me into that stupid stupid bet. You probably won’t get this message since you’ve blocked me but no matter how much time has passed, there will always be times when I think of you and it suddenly get harder to breathe. That will never change my love.
Tumblr media
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hey boo! here are some ideas for some fluff you could do!
- making cake with the haikyuu boys (oikawa and atsumu would be clumsy) (osamu and akaashi would be teaching you and it would be so cute)
- surprising the haikyuu boys with a pet (like a dog)
- haikyuu boys play a prank on you by ‘forgetting’ it’s Valentine’s Day and make you mad but then surprise you afterwards
have a lovely day! x
Making Cake with Oikawa Tooru, Atsumu Miya, Osamu Miya, and Akaashi Keiji
Yo, my best girl! Thank you so much for the ask! I am sorry for the long update, there were too many asks and I need to finish them all. Also, the college has started so my response may be a bit late.
Warning: None other than profanity
Gender: Neutral
Oikawa Tooru
Tumblr media
I don't want to be mean once again but if you are baking a cake together with Oikawa, the greatest king of Aoba Johsai. I am praying for a bit of good luck for you.
Oikawa could be very playful around you, so I can see him smearing a flour on your face when you are not looking at him and then laughing his ass off once he sees your surprised face.
If you try to smear the flour back at him, he would squeal and look at you with surprise but that only lasts for a second as you can see him smirking at you.
If you manage to throw something and it lands on top of his head, he would whine at you, saying that you are messing with his hairstyle, "(Y/N)-chan!! You are dirtying my hair!!" and putting a pout on his face.
Don't get fooled by his whine and pout as he looks at you with his puppy eyes because once you turn your back against the dramatic boy, he would sneak up behind you.
Once your back are facing him, he would throw an egg or a flour on top of your head, laughing his ass off and running away one you turn around and giving him a death glare.
Baking together with Oikawa found end up like a world war because of the mess in the kitchen or it could be very fluffy where the two of you going to spoon feed each other baked cakes.
Even though there was a flour, frosting and egg war with Oikawa, the cake turns out good. The two of you going to have a good laugh after cooking and cleaning up the whole kitchen.
The result is 6/10 - even though he knows how to bake a cake. I think it's better when he is doing it alone, he is too distracted by playing with you a lot.
Ⰶ║ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ║Ⰶ
The counter of the kitchen is painted with white dust as a frosting cake was smeared on Oikawa and your apron. Your face with Oikawa was also some have smeared egg yolks and the flour, you know if Iwaizumi saw the condition of you and Oikawa's kitchen, he would be pissed off and smack your heads including Oikawa, upside down.
You might be wondering how the hell the kitchen became messy, flour and posting are everywhere. The answer is your boyfriend Oikawa and you. The two of you have been following each other for a long time and Oikawa was the one who started the flour and frosting war together with you.
↠ Flashback ↞
As the two of you stood side by side, you were pouring flour, a pinch of salt and baking powder together as Oikawa was turning on the oven to heat it. Putting the plastic of flour away, you didn't see Oikawa's Eyes go slanted as he looks at the opened bag of flour. Reaching out slowly, his hands grabbed a handful of flour.
The male silently follows you from the side and without any warning not sign. Everything was white and you could hear your boyfriend laughing his ass off. The white powder that was surrounding you slowly fade into the air and you could see your boyfriend laughing and hunching over the kitchen counter.
"HAHAHAHA! Oh My God, Chibi-chan! Your face is priceless!" He snickered louder, pointing at your dumbfounded face.
"....Oh, you're on, Dooru-kun," You grabbed a fistful of flour, smirking at Oikawa who immediately shriek in panic.
Ⰶ║ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ║Ⰶ
Atsumu Miya
Tumblr media
Just like Oikawa, baking with Atsumu also would look like world war and your kitchen is going to be messy when the two of you are baking together.
Another world war when baking together with Atsumu, and I can see your kitchen even messier than you with Oikawa. After all, he is more competitive than the great king.
You need to shield yourself from him when it comes to baking, he won't be afraid to throw an egg at you instead of smearing it like Oikawa did to you.
He would be running around chasing you as his hands already had the cake frosting, giggling like a madman as he tries to catch you and mess your clothes with the frost.
Pouting like a baby if you manage to made a mess or smear a flour or frosting at his hair, whining that you ruined his beautiful bleached hair.
But that won't last long because he would try to smear it back to your hair and chuckle or laugh like a dolphin on a drug if he manage to make a mess on your hair.
Atsumu would also sneak some kisses on you when you were backing, hugging you from behind and kissing your shoulder teasingly just to fluster you to death.
If Oikawa and you manage to make the cake still looks decent enough to be eaten, with Atsumu... I had to be honest with you but your cake is going to look like a bomb just dropped on it.
The cake ended up with 4/10. He doesn't read the instruction at all, acting all cocky and 'I know how to bake the cake' and mostly distract you when you are baking.
Ⰶ║ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ║Ⰶ
Sitting on the chair and back hunched over a little bit, Atsumu places his head on top of his palm as he was watching you combine a mixture of sugar and butter with Flour, a pinch of salt and then baking powder. He does really want to help you baking a cake but unlike Osamu, he has a zero skill in cooking or baking.
Osamu would never let him cook or bake in the kitchen after the incident when he tried to make himself lunch. He almost set the kitchen on fire as the food got burnt because he forgot to add butter and oil. Plus, he kinda failed to make himself his own food. Because of that, he often steals from Osamu's lunch box or snacks.
As he notice that you were distracted by making the batter for the cake, a light bulb appears on top of his head as his lips stretched to the corner of his lips and his eyes were hooded, looking at you with a devilish stare. Standing up, Atsumu began walking up you slowly without you hearing his footsteps getting louder.
His arms slowly slide around your hips, hugging your waist as he places his chin on top of your shoulder, getting comfortable, "You need help, baby?" He asks, acting innocent and sadly, you didn't even notice it.
"Sure, can you put the flour away?" You keep mixing the batter.
"Okay," he smooches the top of your head.
Instead of feeling the plastic taken away, you were surrounded by a cloud of white smoke and powder. You could feel the powder sticking to your face as you can hear laughter from your boyfriend.
"BHAHAHAHA! You were so distracted that-" He got cuts off by an egg thrown to his head.
"Game on, Berry," you smirk.
Ⰶ║ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ║Ⰶ
Osamu Miya
Tumblr media
Baking with Osamu? Unlike Atsumu, your kitchen won't turn into another place of food battle because he knows what it feels like to clean the whole kitchen.
It wasn't really much of a surprise if you are baking cake together with Osamu and the cake turned out beautifully, simple yet beautiful in the eyes of the beholder.
He's very careful when it comes to baking cake and cooking food. Not only he can teach you baking and cooking but also he's very detailed and he can make cooking looks fun without messing the kitchen like Oikawa and Atsumu did.
His chest would be facing your back as his hands gently held onto yours while he was teaching you from behind. When baking with his S/O, the two of you would exactly look like a scene from a romantic movie.
His hands would gently lead you your hands and whisper from the back as his lips near your ears, making you flustered with the sudden physical contact with him.
Of course, Osamu noticed it when you were getting shy of his affection. He did not say it out loud but when you get embarrassed, he thinks you look cute.
There's a time he would purposely smear frosting on your face but it won't be as hardcore as Atsumu. It's just like he smear the frosting on the tip of his finger on your cheeks before chuckling at your reaction.
Overall, baking together with Osamu was definitely worth it, the two of you didn't turn your kitchen into a war zone and the cake ended up really good. It was plus and plus baking with him.
The cake ended up 9/10 even if you mess around with him. Even though he can bake a cake, he just prefers cooking and becoming a chef rather than baking, that's all.
Ⰶ║ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ║Ⰶ
Staring at the ingredient in front of you, you really wanna ask yourself how did you get into this situation. You're not a baker or a chef, and even if you can cook, you never make the hard one. It was only the simple ones like pancakes and stuff. You were nervous to bake a cake together with your boyfriend, Osamu Miya.
Sensing your unease the taller male glances at you as he gently held one of your hands, pulls you closer and cups your cheeks with the palm of his hand to comfort you, "(Y/N), Hey. it's okay, you told me you wanna try to bake a cake together with me. I promise I will help you in each every step," he says.
Listening to his every word, the beating of your heart was getting calmer than before. You know you can trust Osamu, even though he's just an Onigiri chef, he has some experience to make other foods, especially having a glutton twin who would often steal his food whenever he's not looking.
"Yeah, thank you, Osamu," You smile at him."
"No problem, now look at the ingredients and I will teach you how to bake a cake," sweetheart." He goes behind your back, placing the mixing bowl in front of you.
Even though the actions were innocent, you could feel his chest touching against your back and you can feel your cheeks heat up but the physical contact of your boyfriend. Seeing you getting embarrassed, Osamu couldn't;t help but let out a small smile at your cute shy face.
Ⰶ║ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ║Ⰶ
Akaashi Keiji
Tumblr media
Hear me out, I don't believe Akaashi Keiji's cooking and baking level is five stars, it's mediocre but I do believe he can still make the food homey, comforting and delicious.
However, a Baking session with Akaashi is also as worth it as if you are baking with Osamu. Your baking session with him has a full of a fluffy and romantic sessions.
He will be staying on your side, leading and instructing you carefully with the recipe book in front of him. If you had trouble, he would go on your side immediately.
Even though he's not as cheeky as Atsumu and Oikawa, I still can sense he would mear your face with flout or frosting when you are distracted as he let's out a tiny laugh.
Would stare at your face lovingly as your eyes focusing the frost of the cake as he thinks 'how did he get so lucky 'dating you and being able to bake together with you.
Would also playfully smear the flour or the frost on your nose just to see you wrinkle your nose and pout at him for doing that cheeky trick at you, he couldn't help it when there is a chance.
There's a chance that he made tiny mistakes together with you but it won't be as horrible as it sounds even though he did read the recipe from the book as you gave him some instruction.
It could be like filling the pan a little bit too much or just a little so the cake ended up a bit too big or too small. There would be some mistakes here and there but it's not a major problem, just a minor one that can be fixed.
The cake ended up 7/10 when baking with you. I'm sorry hun, he's not really a chef or baker but at least he knows the basics and he can help you around.
Ⰶ║ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ║Ⰶ
Pouring the batter inside of the pan, Akaashi squinted his eyes as he was trying to look at the line borders but because he forgot to wear the glasses, he couldn't see the lines perfectly. Seeing him keep pouting the mixture, your footsteps got closer and your hands immediately stopped his action to continue pouting.
"Babe, you poured the batter a bit too much," you point it out.
"Oh, I did? I'm sorry then, (Y/N)." he apologizes.
"It's alright, it won't overflow. It's just going to be a bit puffier if I had to be honest," you told him as you carefully put the pans inside the oven after Akaashi preheat it ten minutes ago.
Sighing, Akaashi couldn't help but smile as he walked upon you, wrapping his arm around you and kissing the top of your head, "Thank you, (Y/N)-san for helping me," he pulls away carefully. The kiss was very unexpected, thus it causes you to get a bit flustered by Akaashi's soft affection.
"Y-your welcome," you said, looking down to hide your red face.
Ⰶ║ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ║Ⰶ
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pause. flatmate!osamu walking around the flat w messy hair, tids out, n a towel hanging low on his waist
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greenfoxeyedbrunette · a month ago
"—and so yeah, I didn't really think-" your lover pushes up your shirt "mmhm, continue baby."
"that they would re-ah-ct like.." He pinches your nipples and puts one in his mouth. Sucking one of your breasts and playing with it, flicking his tongue back-and-forth on your nub while massaging your other breast simultaneously. "that and I called—mmh!! " Now swirling his warm tongue around, he does the same with his other hand lower.. to your clitoris. "Hmm.." he brings his fingers that came from your pussy to his mouth, tasting your slick. "I thought I told you to keep talking baby."
suna rintarou, miya atsumu & osamu, tsukishima kei, suguru geto, maybe gojo satoru, oikawa tooru, kuroo tetsurou
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bbysamu · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
⇢ Oikawa Torū, Bokuto Kotaro, Kenma Kozume, Akaashi Keiji, Kita Shinsuke, Miya Osamu, Semi Eita, Kuroo Tetsuro 
a/n: Repost from old blog, writing part 2 soon. 
⇢ masterlist 
Tumblr media
ꨄ OIKAWA Toru | He wanders off after thirty minutes at Sephora. The smell of the perfumes were starting to overwhelm him. He returns twenty minutes later to find you gone. “Y/N?” He whisper-yells at every aisle. Pulling out his phone, he tries to call you only to realize it was out of battery. A smart and efficient man, he doesn’t run around trying to find you, he heads straight to customer service. “Hi ma’am, I seem to have lost my baby, can you please make an announcement telling her daddy is looking for her? Her name is Y/N.” “yeah no problem.” “Y/N, Y/N, please come to customer service, your daddy is looking for you.” You roll your eyes as soon as you hear the announcement, only your husband would refer to himself in public as daddy. “how old is your child?” she whispers to Oikawa, although her voice still broadcasting, “oh she’s not my child, she’s my wife.” The woman gasps slightly, “sir that is not appropr—” the announcement cuts off, making you giggle as you make your way over to customer service to claim your husband.
ꨄ BOKUTO Kotaro | You told him you were going to go return something real quick and you’ll meet him back at the exact same place. He said he’d stay put, except he didn’t. Bokuto wanted to surprise you by following you to the store, it would’ve been kind of cute if he didn’t follow the wrong person. “boo!” The woman turns around and yelps. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry! I thought you were my girlfriend.” He then realizes two things: 1) he doesn’t know which store you’re at 2) he can’t find his way back to your meeting location. He pokes his head into every store at first whisper-yells your name. He decides to just shout, “Y/N WHERE ARE YOU?” on repeat. He didn’t care about the weird looks, he just had to find you. You paid no attention to the weird yelling until people around you started to say, “Y/N, come out already so this man can stop shouting.” You run towards the sound of his voice and see two security guards talking to him. “there she is!” He points at you. “I’m so sorry for causing trouble officers.” As soon as the guards were gone, you smack him on the chest. “Ko! couldn’t you just call me?” “oh yeah” He smiles sheepishly as you shake your head.
ꨄ KENMA Kozume | It’s definitely his fault for losing you. You told him to stay put for five minutes, but how could he when he sees the newest Playstation on display. You find him easily of course, “babe, I’m going to check out the sale at Nordstrom.” “uh-huh, okay.” He replies without registering what you had said. By the time he finishes playing, his phone is out of battery and he has no idea what you had gone. Too shy to go to customer service and to yell, Kenma decides to just visit every store you could’ve possibly gone to. After the tenth store, the tenth being Victoria Secret and getting weird looks, Kenma has had enough. Finally musters up the courage to go to customer service to borrow the phone. “where are you?!” He exclaims angrily. “I’m at Nordstrom. And what are you getting angry for? I told you.” Kenma suddenly remembers your words and sulks all the way over to Nordstrom, frustrated he spent all that time looking for you.
ꨄ AKAASHI Keiji | Rarely loses you, but today, you just had to run off after hearing word that Bretman Rock was at the same mall as you. Akaashi returns to your table confused with your smoothie in hand. At first just sits down at the table, hoping you’ve just run off to the bathroom. When you don’t return after ten minutes, Akaashi calls you. “babe where are you? I got the smoothie already?” “Keiji I can’t talk right now, it’s almost my turn. Oh Bretman!” The phone cuts off. Akaashi thinks to himself “who the heck is Bretman.” Starts to get worried, “is Bretman an ex I didn’t know about?” Tries to call you again only to get more worried when it goes straight to voicemail. Starts pacing back and forth until he sees the flyer, “Youtube Beauty Guru Bretman Rock Fanmeet at 2F”. Akaashi visibly relaxes as he makes his way over to the fan meet, thinking how your smoothie has turned into juice by now.
ꨄ KITA Shinsuke | The only reason he lost you was because you excitedly got out of the elevator at the wrong floor and the door closes before you could hop back in. “babe, just stay there i’ill come find you!” “okay!” The door closes and your husband sighs. Getting off at the floor above, Kita starts to make his way down, hoping you would actually stay put. He sighs again when he doesn’t see you waiting for him. He pulls out his phone, only to see there was no reception. Immediately, looks around and once he realizes this was the floor with all the makeup counters, Kita was able to find you. Just as he suspected, you were in Sephora. “honey, what’d I say about waiting for me by the elevator?” “I did wait for a bit, but then I realized you’ll be able to find me, you always do”. You smile so sweetly, Kita couldn’t help but smile back. “That’s true. So what’d you got in your basket there?”
ꨄ MIYA Osamu | He lost you because he got distracted by the free samples and didn’t realize you’ve kept walking without him. And you kept walking without realizing your husband has long left your side to grab some free food. “hey babe, try this.” He says to the empty air. “babe?” He pouts slightly when he realizes you’re gone. Osamu doesn’t go looking for you, this occurrence has definitely happened one-too-many times. Instead, he stays by the free food, occasionally sneaking in another sample when the worker wasn’t looking. “Samu!” He perks up at the sound of your voice. “Y/N, you gotta come try this!” “Samu! What did I say about not being distracted by food. This is like the third time this month already.” He looks at you apologetically before leading your hand over to the free foods, “yeah I know, but princess you gotta try these!”
ꨄ SEMI Eita | Your husband stands outside Victoria Secret looking rather flustered. All it took was a minute of not paying attention to you and you mumbled something about needing a new bra and ran off. “Y/n!” He whisper-yells, ignoring the weird looks thrown his way. He finally steps into the store, simultaneously overwhelmed and dizzy by the sheer size of the store and the candy-sweet fragrance. He tried to look for you, but soon gave up realizing it’ll take too long. He approaches one of the counters. “excuse me, my wife is somewhere in this maze of bras and I can’t find her. Do you mind make an announcement for me?” “sure!” The woman giggles, eyeing Semi up and down. “attention. attention. Y/N. Y/N. Your very handsome husband is here looking for you. Please come to counter number 1.” Semi blushes at her words but smiles in relief when he sees you running up to him. You quickly said your thanks and drag him out the store. “gosh, babe, I can’t bring you anywhere without someone trying to hit on you.” Semi picks up your hands, intertwining them with his. “that’s why you shouldn’t run off and should stay by my side at all times.”
ꨄ KUROO Tetsuro | To be honest, he’s not quite sure how he lost you. The two of you were just doing some window-shopping when you suddenly disappeared. Fortunately, Kuroo knows exactly how to deal with a situation like this. He knows his wife well and knows how easily embarrassed you are. He draws in a deep breath and shouts, “MARCO!” Kuroo was quite thick-skinned, easily able to ignore the stunned looks thrown his way. He grins when he sees you running towards him. “Kuroo Tetsuro, I’m gonna kill you when we get home.” “honey, that’s the wrong response.” “what?” you hiss at him. He looks down at you, “you’re supposed to say polo.” “you’re a dead man.” He grabs your left hand and plants a light kiss on them, “if you don’t wanna play Marco Polo in public, don’t run off by yourself.”
Tumblr media
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— when they're asked about you in an interview
gn!reader | timeskip bokuto, kenma, atsumu, osamu, suna, sakusa note from nia: oh to have a famous boyfriend who's hopelessly in love w me even on camera for the world to see o)-(
✧* BOKUTO's eyes light up (even more than usual) at the chance to gush over you. "is it safe to assume you're excited to go home to your partner after this win? how's our favourite couple doing?" he grins and his grip on the mic tightens a little, "i am! we're doing super great and i still love them as much as usual, which you probably know by now." the crowd laughs a little at his comment, but he seems to ignore them and the camera flashes while he continues with a love-struck gaze, "i miss them and eating dinner together and seeing them when i wake up and, y'know, just being with them. they texted me after the game you know?" bokuto looks up suddenly. his eyes flicker between the cameras, "baby! i know you'll see this eventually so i just want you t'know i love you! i promise i'll treat you to something when i come back!"
✧* KENMA blinks, "my—? ah, uhm...we're alright, yeah." to be honest, all he wanted was to be home with you right now, but he's never been super vocal about your relationship—he kept most comments and news to streams where fans might see your head pop in sometimes. he's gone through enough interviews that he doesn't usually slip up on it, but sometimes they'll ask about something specific and he can't help himself. "in your recent stream, i saw you guys were talking about them playing with you and some other pros. are you excited about it?" a soft smile forms on his lips at the thought of your face when he proposed the idea, "yeah, we wanted to do something like a charity stream, maybe. we don't usually get the opportunity to do something like this together so i hope you all look forward to it."
✧* ATSUMU may love talking about himself and how well he spiked the ball near the end of a match, but talking or thinking about you is second to nothing. "my partner? they're as great as they usually are. still bringin' me lunch and kissing me goodbye before practice, thank god," he sighs dramatically, grinning when he's met with laughter. "lucky catch, huh, miya?" atsumu's never been the best with words, but he wishes he could tell everyone on the planet about how right the interviewer was, "the luckiest." and he knew not every interviewer had honest intentions—that they were just doing their job—but atsumu couldn't help but mentally thank them for what he got to do at the end of the interview each time. "babe! ya better be ready to give me a dozen kisses when i win this next match, alright? love ya!"
✧* OSAMU has a hand on his hip while the other scratches the back of his neck, "well, they're not in right now, but sometimes you'll catch 'em helping me out around the shop." he doesn't know how many times he's talked about how you got together and what opening the restaurant was like, but he never minded small questions about you. "better than having to talk about my idiot brother," he'd say while leaving a kiss on your temple. the interviewer says "they must be lucky to have you and your onigiri, huh?" and he lets out a small laugh, "oh yeah, they better appreciate me and my craft." his smile softens as he turns to glance at the store front, "but, uh, no, i'm the lucky one. don't know where i'd be without 'em, to be honest." he takes a mental note to save some of your favourite for dinner tonight.
✧* SUNA reaches for the bracelet on his wrist at the mention of your name, "mm, i've been away from home for a while now, to be honest. i just hope they haven't started stealing and using my things more than they already do." his lips quirk into a smile when he thinks of you watching, probably doing exactly what he says he fears the most. he hopes you can tell it's a lie by his voice and the way his eyes flicker to your initials on the bracelet you gave him months ago. "what are you going to do when you finally see them again?" suna's mind seems to hesitate, trying to choose between making another joke or being sincere. ultimately he lightly sighs and leans back before responding, "just drag them to bed so we can sleep, probably. i miss that more than any of the other stuff."
✧* SAKUSA is quick to respond, "we're doing fine. i'm happy with them." your relationship isn't something he's afraid to talk about—sakusa just enjoys his privacy and is always looking out for your own safety. his teammates look at him but he refuses to meet their gaze, knowing full well they'll try to tease him given the chance (though he can feel their stares burning holes through him.) the interviewer only continues, "their birthday's coming up soon, isn't it? will you make it home in time to see them?" he hesitates for a second, not because he's unsure of his answer but because he suddenly remembered he has to check on your gift. sakusa nods, the only thing on his mind being your smile when you see what he has planned, "that's not even a question—of course i will."
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iwaizumis-bitch · 2 months ago
when he’s lovesick
content warnings: mentions of pregnancy, drinking, lovesick men
word count: 907
featuring: miya osamu, iwaizumi hajime, sakusa kiyoomi, ushijima wakatoshi, & suna rintaro
notes: i haven’t written fluff in forever omg, also suna is slowly becoming one of my favs🤤
Tumblr media
miya osamu
good with kids. kids loooove osamu. when a small family comes in during a quiet afternoon, osamu is all smiles at all of them. truth is, he’s thinking about you and him being like that one day in the future. when he’s taking their order he’s like, ‘aaand for the little fella?’ and it’s just so 🥺🥺🥺. he’ll see the boy has a buzz lightyear shirt on and will just entertain him with questions about toy story, making little jokes now and then, and the parents are loving it!! when their order is ready he’ll scribble a little mr and mrs potato head in sharpie on the brown paper bag and hand it to them. his heart melts when he hears the kid babble about how they should come here everyday as the three of them leave. but the best part??? he didn’t even know you were watching until he turned around, seeing you sat in a corner booth witn a dopey grin on your face and dried tears running down your cheeks.
Tumblr media
iwaizumi hajime
everything learning new things. if someone had told hajime a few years ago that he would be an expert in hair braiding, he would’ve scoffed and thought nothing more of it. now, he’s a master at braiding, so much so he can braid your hair whilst his eyes are on the television. and when you come home that night with the braid he tied in your hair that morning still in, but wispy and looser, he loses it and goes red as a tomato. he’s also super gentle with your hair, even after all the years of you saying it’s ok if he pulls a bit, but he wouldn’t dare even try to hurt you. also!!!! he paints your nails on your non dominant hand and he’s always so focused with the brush, tongue poking out between his lips in concentration as he tries not to make it splotchy, but you would wear it either way.
Tumblr media
sakusa kiyoomi
know his priorities. kiyoomi only had 3 priorities in life. you, himself, volleyball, in that order. you were his number one priority, and he made sure everyone in his life knew that, especially you. no one would question where sakusa had disappeared to, training wasn’t supposed to end for anothed 45 minutes! he sighed, declining another call from shoyo as he unlocked the door to your apartment. ‘omi!’, you exclaimed, running to him to give him a hug. ‘you’re early’, you said, voice muffled as you hid your face in his shoulder. ‘mmm, we got off early’, he said, crossing his fingers behind your back. it was just a white lie, it’s not like 45 minutes of practice would really make him a better player. oh yeah, and whenever a game finishes, he’s off looking in the front row of the grandstand for you. in that moment he didn’t care about anything except for you. no tabloid headline ‘stone faced volleyball star in love?!’. no atsumu calling him a simp, just you and him, he thought, pulling you in for a kiss with a small smile in front of everyone.
Tumblr media
ushijima wakatoshi
becomes domestic. it warms your heart every single night when you hear the front door click open around 7:30. you smile to yourself hearing his footsteps come to the kitchen, where you’re currently stirring a pot of pasta. ‘welcome home wakatoshi’, you hum, feeling his big arms circle around your waist. ‘dinner’ll be ready in 10, go have a shower, ‘kay?’, you tell the 6’4 sleepy giant, who just gives you a kiss on the top of your head and nods. it still doesn’t feel real, you think. you look down at your stomach, remembering the words of the sonographer you saw a few hours earlier. ‘you’re two months along, congrats!’, he smiled at you, handing you the photo of your baby. you poured the pasta into a seperate bowl, mixing the sauces around as you hear the shower turn off upstairs. you’re cleaning up the pot when you hear wakatoshi stop at the bottom of the stairs. ‘love?’, he says, concern laced in his voice. ‘yes?’, you reply, turning around to see him with a positive pregnancy test in his hand, a tear slipping down his cheek when you nod at him, coming to hug him.
Tumblr media
suna rintaro
becomes absolutely enamored with you. whether it’s in real life or on social media, he’s always so happy to brag about how he has the best fiancé in the whole wide world. his instagram feed is just filled with photos of you, all captioned with some lovey dovey quote. the twins comments of calling him a ‘lovesick loser’, never phased him in his second year when he was pining after you, nor does it phase him now. if he hears anyone say shit about you, he’s so ready to defend you with his whole life. when he’s drunk, he’s bawling his eyes out to anyone who will give him the time of day about how in just a few months, he gets to marry the most beautiful girl in the world. atsumu and osamu have sent you countless videos of rintaro hunched over a bar, tears falling from his cheeks onto the sticky counter as he drunkenly babbles about how perfect you are and how he doesn’t deserve you. he’s so clingy, and he kisses your ring finger every night, counting down the days until you share the same last name.
Tumblr media
likes, reblogs, follows, and feedback are all appreciated 💗
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heich0e · 15 hours ago
Ok but would reader and best friend Osamu ever share a BED instead of the couch?
Osamu thinks about it a lot.
You in his bed.
He'd be lying if he denied the implication that his thoughts were less than pure, because he'd been picturing you like that as long as he'd been conscious of imagining anyone in that sense. But most of the time it's quiet--tender, even. It's moments like this.
"I'm sleepy," you mumble, curling onto your side atop his bed as Osamu stands at the end and folds his freshly washed laundry.
"Yer always sleepy, like a big baby," he quips, neatly folding one of his t-shirts and slipping it into his drawer along with the rest of them--all pleated into identically uniform rectangles.
"Am not," you shoot back. But there's no bite to your words, too heavy with the weight of your aforementioned sleepiness--just like your eyelids that are threatening to close as Osamu sends a pointed glance in your direction.
"If yer not sleepy yer hungry, and if yer neither it's because yer sleepin' or eatin' already. And then after ya eat yer sleepy, or when ya first wake up you say--"
"Alright, I get it!"
Samu laughs at the scowl on your face, approaching the bed and plucking the empty basket off the corner to move it to the floor. He flops down dramatically next to you for no reason other than to disturb you.
"Get off me ya big bully!" you complain, pushing him away from where he's half on top of you.
"It's my bed," he replies pointedly, "and I'm the one who just washed and folded all my laundry. If anyone deserves a nap it's me."
The two of you settle down in silence, each finding your own space easily though your bodies rest close together. Osamu's never been happier that he didn't splurge for a bigger bed when he finally moved into his own place--if there was more space, he might not get to feel the way your body radiates a soft heat against his side, he might not get to smell the faint scent of your shampoo, he might not have such a good view down the neckline of your--
"We should get up," you murmur, stirring a little.
"Don't wanna," Samu whispers back immediately.
There's another moment of quiet.
You laugh a little, all breath. "Man, thank god you don't have a girlfriend."
Samu's heart stutters.
You laugh, and there's more body to the sound this time.
"No, no, I just mean"--you roll onto your side so you can look at him directly, propping yourself up on one elbow--"we wouldn't be able to do stuff like this if you did. Or I did. Or whatever."
Samu's brow scrunches together.
"Whaddya mean?"
"I doubt a girlfriend would like the idea of you in bed with me."
Samu's heart feels like it's beating out of sync, ventricles and atrium pumping arrhythmically. What does that mean? What do you mean? Why does it feel good and bad at the same time?
"We used to take baths together," he offers as a reply.
You snort.
"That was less 'taking a bath' and more getting the mud hosed off of us by our ma's. And it was usually your fault," you say pointedly, your nose scrunching up in a smile.
"Nah, it was always Tsumu's," Osamu says breezily--a miracle considering the war raging under his ribs. He reaches up with one hand and pushes you back down onto the mattress so you're lying side by side again.
You don't protest, not even as he uses the movement as an excuse to scoot a little closer to you.
"Are we taking a nap?" you ask as you settle into the bed, snuggling into the warmth of his side without pretense.
"Well, I don't have a girlfriend to complain about it so I don't see why not," Samu replies with a little shrug.
You hum--a drowsy, lazy sound--and Osamu lets it roll over him like a wave.
He thinks about this a lot.
The soft sounds of your little snores. The heat of your body that curls further around him in your sleep, seeking him out without even knowing it.
He thinks about it on the nights when you fall asleep on his sofa, always before him--though you assume he just falls asleep at the same time. It's easier to let you think that than to come up with another excuse as to why he's at the other end of the couch the next morning--uncertain as to how he could possibly explain that he spent his last moments of wakefulness torn between thinking about carrying you into his bed and admiring how peaceful you look when you're sleeping.
Osamu lets his eyes flutter shut.
Thank god he doesn't have a girlfriend.
Thank god he doesn't have a bigger bed.
Thank god you're always sleepy.
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sakusins · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
you’re not too sure what time it is, but you know it’s early when osamu lays himself over you, head digging into your chest as he steals your warmth. you groan, wrapping your arms around him as you pull the blanket higher over your bodies.
“what time is it?”
“almost six,” he hums. it’s quiet for a moment, you seem to be drifting back to sleep, and osamu grins in victory against your shirt that all’s gone according to plan as he drifts off himself.
until you speak up.
“wait a second. aren’t you supposed to be on the couch?” his body freezes for a moment before he’s clutching onto you tightly while you’re trying to shove him off. “samu! get off!”
“i’m serious, i’m still mad at you,” you huff. he frowns (though it’s more of a pout) and simply shakes his head.
“‘m not lettin’ go. ma back hurts. i’m cold too.”
“miya osamu—”
and before you can finish your sentence, there’s a soft bite at your chin that makes you stop.
“don’t call me by ma full name,” he grumbles, settling back down into your chest. “‘s rude.” he has the audacity to grab your hand and plop it into his hair too, gesturing at you to play with the dark brown strands.
“did you just bite me?”
“and what if i did?” comes his quiet mumble, voice muffled by your shirt.
last night wasn’t exactly a big fight, it was a petty one if the both of you were being honest, but osamu should’ve admitted he was wrong, and his attitude was what landed him a spot on the couch. and to his dismay, you seem to fall asleep much easier without his embrace than he does without yours.
“what do you—you bit me,” you repeat incredulously. you smack his shoulder when he snickers quietly at your shock.
“didn’t even hurt, ya drama queen.” and you want to keep your facade of being mad, you want to tell him to go back to the couch until you’ve deemed he’s earned his spot back, but something about the way he nuzzles into you and kisses your collarbone before trying to fall asleep makes you give in.
he’s stubborn, you’ve come to know this a tad bit too well, but he’s also gentle. he plants one more spoonful of dinner to your plate when you tell him to stop, he pulls the sun visor down for you when the light shines in your face as he drives, he wakes up and puts socks on your feet when they feel like icicles against his calves, and he’s the only person who easily forgives you for your own stubbornness too—every time, without fail.
so you wrap your arm tightly around him, stroking through his locks as you mumble “you’re such a weirdo, you know that?”
“well, ‘s just the way i am, deal with it,” he mumbles back. and then you giggle, he laughs, you kiss his forehead, and he kisses your jaw—and you’re back to your usual routine, last night all forgotten.
“i love you,” you whisper.
“love ya too. and i also love yer cheeks, ‘m bitin’ them next.”
Tumblr media
still firmly believe osamu’s love language it biting
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sunarc · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Boys who thrust their cock into your dripping hole, smirking at the way your legs shake. He holds your hips down to keep you in place while he fills you to the brim with his cum. His laughter fills the room as he watches you squirm. 
“Don’t run. I’m gonna fuck this cum back inside and I want you to scream my name and thank me while I do it”
Tumblr media
Atsumu. Osamu, Suna, Iwaizumi, Matsukawa, Hanamaki, Kuroo, Daichi, Sugawara, Tsukishima, Tendou, Ushijima, Sakusa, Gojo, Nanami, Toji, Getou, Sukuna
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kissyomi · 2 months ago
Soon To Be A Dad!Kiyoomi can’t help but stare at you every chance he gets. In the initial months of pregnancy, kiyoomi used to dread the next morning because he knew he had to leave for the day but the moment he’d come home, he’d always greet you with a hug and a kiss with his large hand splayed on the top of your stomach. But as you near the last trimester, he is ready. He takes a break from everything to be there to support you and makes sure the last three months are spent in preparing for the arrival of his little princess. He absolutely loves helping you around the house— “Are you laughing at me omi?” “what?” “don’t lie! I heard you!” “But, love.. you’re waddling, it’s so cute.” “That doesn’t give you the right to laugh at me! It’s your fault anyways!” “we need to have more.” “Omi-” —at the expense of him absolutely taking advantage of your state and just being mushy, almost as if it’s him who has the increased hormone levels, not you. (p.s: he ugly sobs when he holds her for the first time) (i’m.. going to cry.)
Soon To Be A Dad!Atsumu is a certified mess- fusses about everything. You don’t like it. He’s like an overprotective mother constantly dancing on your head. It gets a little tiring. You’re surprised by how much atsumu suddenly.... did not change despite acting differently. He’d wake up early in the morning to make you breakfast, he buys every book that has to do with babies and parenthood. He means good, believe me, it’s just he is a little worried. Worried about you, about the baby. He’s a nervous wreck on the day of the doctor’s appointment, so you end with a partner in anxiety, aw he’s so cute. But 9 months with a first time dad atsumu instilled a lot of love and patience in you and it seems like it prepped you right for your gremlin who was atsumu’s carbon copy. “You know tsumu, they say children are halves of both the parents added together.” “yes..? Baby, ya trickin’ me? The books say that-” “No noo, I'm serious! I hope the baby looks like you.” “baby.. that's so sweet of ya. I hope they get yer pretty eyes-” “but just looks, your mom told me you were a menace.” “baby!” But of course, the gremlin ended up with your eyes and a menace. Not that you minded because everyday with atsumu’s mini version meant having fun and you, hogging the gremlin’s love. (p.s: he nearly passes out when he sees the baby’s head crowning)
Soon To Be A Dad!Kuroo who sings to your bump after he learned babies can partially hear sounds from the womb. Working in an office setting, kuroo can’t exactly take months off no matter how much he wants to so he cherishes every moment he can. Your bedtime routine consists of your usual skincare with kuroo, a moment of relaxing and winding down, then kuroo takes you to bed with his hands running up and down your body, massaging your shoulders. Once, you’re on the bed, he sits by your side, face nuzzling your belly as he hums songs, talks to it with the most adorable shine in his eyes. He also dumps random info, claiming the baby will absorb the knowledge and it’ll be smart like him “-And that’s what nfts are.” “for your sake, sweetheart, I hope you forget some stuff daddy tells you.” “What! They’re gonna be super cool with all this information!” “I can already see the future ‘daddy needs to stop’ conversation” (p.s: he has little subtle information exchange contests, your 5 yr old child seems to be winning)
Soon To Be A Dad!Osamu takes you to his shop with him every time he can. He refuses to leave you alone at the house, insisting on him helping you with everything. Unlike Atsumu, he’s a tad bit more calm and not fussing over you. He even converts his back office into something much more comfortable for you and keeps his stuff sorted out so you don’t just get up and start clearing it for him. Even though he might not fuss, he does everything to just not let you work. “Where’re ya goin’?” “I need a glass of water, samu-” “Sit down, I’ll get it. ’s on the way.” “it’s literally on the end of the sofa I’m sitting on.” “...I need to get ma files from there.” “The files are on your desk.” “.........’m thirsty.” He's trying his best to be subtle because he learned his lesson after seeing Atsumu with his partner, spare him please. (p.s: he calls his baby his lil onigiri)
Soon To Be A Dad!Suna who wakes up and goes to McDonalds with you at 2 am because you had a craving. He records you almost all the time. He gets even more clingy once your baby bump starts showing. You thought atsumu was too much? Well this guy is even worse, but not like fussing about what you eat or do but like, constantly asking you to record these ‘precious moments’. Like, no rin, the bump did not increase since the last 12 hours. But he's a super adorable version of clingy. “Do you wanna go to samu’s for onigiri?” “Do you think he can make, like, mustard onigiri?” “....” “don’t you dare say anything.” “what the fuck, how does that not make you wanna throw up?” “goddamnit, rin. I felt peace now i wanna thr-” “Oh shit sorry, don’t puke here baby! Let’s go to the bathroom!” Records embarrassing videos so he can show you later. Loves to get on your nerves by teasing you, that's normal but this is just intensified because he loves you (idk he’s weird and your man, ask him). Asks stupid questions sometimes??? “Do you think the baby breathes?” “No, the baby does not breathe.” “Then how do we know it’s living?” “heartbeat” “how is the heart beating if there is no oxygen?” “why don’t you go in and ask yourself?” “....” “no, it is not an invitation.” Scares himself with the information received sometimes. “It's gonna stretch...how much??" (p.s: he stares at the head of the baby and then at you before deciding you could definitely fuck him up if you want to.)
Tumblr media
A/n: I feel like this didn't come out like i wanted it to. but i kinda like it?
reblogs, likes and comments are appreciated!
©️ all credits belongs to @kissyomi 2022, do not repost, modify or translate my work on any platform. Plagiarism is strictly forbidden.
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augustineafterdark · 2 months ago
warnings: 18+ minors dni, f!reader, oral sex and also kitchen sex with osamu hehe
Tumblr media
osamu prides himself on his self-control. running a business means he’s constantly keeping himself in check when dealing with employees and customers alike, keeping calm and composed in the face of any situation.
so, it’s very unfortunate to him that his own body has betrayed him like this so early in the morning.
groaning, he swats blindy at the phone on his nightstand until he successfully hits snooze, rolling over to press himself against you.
(which also presses his very unfortunate erection against your ass.)
“honey,” he whines, pressing soft kisses to the back of your neck, hands gripping your waist tightly. “ya gotta get up and help me with this.”
you just murmur sleepily, a quiet moan slipping past osamu’s lips when you shift a little, unintentionally nudging your ass back against him.
“can’t,” you mumble, rubbing the sleep from your eyes as you turn to face him, wiggling out of his hold and scooting to the edge of the bed. “we’ve gotta get the twins ready to take to your mother’s.”
he pouts when you lean over to press a kiss to the corner of his mouth before hauling yourself out of bed. “but–”
sighing, you lift the hem of the shirt you’d stolen from him over your head to get changed, revealing bare skin that somehow manages to send more blood straight down to his dick. “we can't be late, samu.”
“just a quickie?” he pleads. “i’ll be fast–”
“last time you said that, i ended up pregnant with twins. do you want more children to feed?” when he opens his mouth, you hold a hand up to stop him. “actually– don’t answer that. just take care of yourself in the shower because we just changed the sheets.”
osamu grumpily does as you say, stepping into a cold shower and jerking himself pitifully to the memory of last night’s activities. the way you’d ridden him, the sound of your moans, the way you’d jerked against him whenever he’d tweaked your nipples or thumbed your clit.
by the time he gets out of the shower, you’re already changed into your work clothes, one child balanced on your hip as you make breakfast one-handed as the other twin plays around with cheerios in her high chair.
“don’t forget you’re doing pick-up today,” you tell him, grabbing his jaw to press a kiss to his cheek as you transfer the toddler into his arms. osamu drops a kiss onto her little nose, grinning when she giggles. “what do you want for dinner? i was going to run to the store after work.”
“i can just bring something home from the restaurant,” he suggests, eager to lighten your load (and gain a few brownie points in the process). “i was gonna make some extra for tsumu anyway.”
“oh, lucky us,” you coo to your other daughter, picking up a cheerio and pressing it into her hand. “daddy’s going treat us to his yummy food tonight! you like onigiri, baby?”
she just babbles a little cheer, which the twin in osamu’s arms mimics excitedly at the prospect of food. yup. definitely his kids.
(and he really wouldn’t mind making more)
his plan was simple, really, because one doesn’t have to be a genius to impress their wife. they just have to be a good husband.
and osamu likes to think that he is.
which is why he comes home with not just some food from the restaurant, but a nice bottle of wine, and a cute little potted plant for the kitchen windowsill as well.
yet when he proudly sets those things on the counter next to where you’re prepping tomorrow’s lunches, you only notice one thing.
“it seems you’ve forgotten something,” you tell him as he tosses his cap aside, shaking out his hair a little. he then simply wraps his arms around you, trailing slow kisses up the column of your neck.
“i don’t think so,” he breathes, hands already skimming down your waist and the curve of your hips. “got everything i need right here.”
“osamu…” you groan, but you’re pushing your hips back against him ever so slightly. “where are our children?”
he presses one last kiss to that little spot behind your ear. “they’re staying overnight with tsumu.”
your eyes fly open as you twist in his hold, the moment he’d been working towards shattering at his admission. “you left our children with atsumu?”
“ma was busy!”
“you couldn’t have asked kiyoomi? or even driven down to the countryside to shinsuke?”
“atsumu’s not that bad at babysitting!” he lies, simply holding you tighter as you try to escape his grasp.
“he always lets them stay up past their bedtime, and i’m pretty sure he can’t even tell them apart!” you argue, slapping at his shoulder.
“they’re identical twins, sometimes i can’t even tell them apart.”
“you can’t tell your own children apart?!”
osamu’s…really not doing himself any favours right now, so he loosens his hold to give you a little wiggle room, letting you return to your lunch prep and laughing when you huff at him. he’d tried to take it slow, tried to seduce you with wine and a cute little plant and some kisses, but sometimes…the direct approach is the best one.
especially when you’re like this, all huffy and doubting his brother’s childcare capabilities. “you better call atsumu and tell him you’re coming to pick up the girls. i bet he’s feeding them mochi for dinner right now–”
your voice wavers when he lets his hand skim lightly down your sides, fingertips digging into your hips as he pulls you close once more.
“honey, just relax. the girls will be fine for a night,” he assures you, sweeping your hair aside to press another kiss to the back of your neck. “we’ve got the house to ourselves tonight, so…”
osamu grins against your skin, slipping his free hand beneath the waistband of your shorts as pushing aside the lace of your underwear to rub slow, practiced circles over your clit. you fumble with the lid in your hands when he quickens his pace, groaning as you grip the edge of the counter.
“samu,” you gasp, leaning back against his chest. “wait, at least let me put away the food–”
“no,” he interrupts, momentarily dipping a finger into your wet slit to spread your slick. “i wanna eat somethin’ else.”
bento boxes are pushed to the side as osamu spins you around, yanking your shorts and dampened underwear down your legs before hoisting you up onto the counter. it’s instinct now, the way his hand cups the back of your head to pull you into a deep kiss, and the way your legs hook around his waist to force his body closer to yours. he lets you melt into him, parting your lips and letting him muffle any banter you’d had prepared.
his hands are quick to pry your thighs apart, pressing a final kiss to your lips before kneeling between your legs and immediately licking a long broad stripe up your center.
your thighs twitch around his head when the tip of his tongue meets your clit, osamu pulling back an inch when you stifle a moan with the back of your hand.
“hey, none of that. i wanna hear ya, sweetheart,�� he murmurs, pulling a sharp gasp from your lips as he plunges two fingers into you. his mouth follows, wrapping around your clit and huffing a laugh when your body shakes in a full body shudder.
“oh, fuck,” you breathe, hands fisting tightly at the soft material of his t-shirt. the rough drive of his fingers mixing deliciously with the insistent sweeps of his tongue. “osamu–”
“hmm?” he hums, the vibrations making your toes curl. you whine when he pulls his fingers out, his lidded-gaze meeting yours as he brings his fingers to his mouth, licking them clean before hooking his hands under your thighs to pull you to the edge of the counter.
then he’s nudging his hips between your legs, pants already unzipped and underwear shoved down to press his thick length against you. he pushes into you in one go, your body putting up little resistance as a result of his earlier actions. he lets you cling to him as you adjust to the sudden stretch, snaking a hand between your bodies to press his thumb to your clit. your body jolts in response, osamu groaning loudly as your walls clench around him.
he feels your nails dig into his skin as he begins steadily rocking his hips into yours. his thrusts are rough, fast, a result of the tension that’d been building since you’d left him in such a pitiful state this morning. he crushes his lips against yours in a bruising kiss, swallowing your moans as his hips slam against yours with abandon.
it’s not long until you’re crying out, the pleasure that’d he knew had been coiling in your gut since he’d slid his hand down the front of your shorts crashing into you.
but your hand grips his hair, pulling him back in for more even as your body jerks with sensitivity, begging him for more.
just like he’d planned.
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oooobokuto · 2 months ago
You guys remember frat boy!osamu?
Well, you guys broke up.
It was stupid. You spent maybe half an hour yelling at each other. Just because Osamu wasn't like his frat brothers didn't mean he wasn't a frat brother, and fuck, you just wish he would say something to the dozens of girls who threw themselves at him daily. It hurts! How doesn't he get that?!?
After a couple of months, Atsumu begs to you come back around the house. Just because you and his brother stopped dating doesn't mean that Atsumu had to lose someone he now considered his best friend.
After the blonde twin blows up your phone with invites to a party at the frat house, you decided to say fuck it.
You show up in some tight jeans and a lace-up cami. You don't necessarily want to impress anyone; all you're going to be doing is talking to Atsumu and drinking a couple of beers, but it's nice to dress up sometimes.
You expect to see Osamu in his room like he usually would be. Even before you dated, he never participated in a party, but 20 minutes after you arrive, you see him walk into the house from the backyard with a girl on his arm. Atsumu tries to place himself in front of you to act as a human shield, but it's already too late, and you're making your way out of the house as he yells for you.
Once back at your dorm, you check your phone and see a snapchat from Suna, but you don't bother to open it. Instead, you wash off your makeup and cry yourself to sleep.
You don't get to sleep very long though. A loud knock at your door wakes you, and you check the time to see that it had been an hour since you'd left the party. You assume it's Atsumu trying to make you feel better, so you open the door.
"'Tsumu, I appreciate your efforts but-" You stop talking when you see who it really is.
"Wrong twin," Osamu says, running a hand through his gray hair. He holds out his hands. "I, uh, the store didn't have yer favorite flowers, but I thought ya'd like these ones..."
You only stare at the flowers. "What do you want, Miya?"
"Can I come in?" He asks. "I just want to talk, and if afterwards, ya never want to see me again, I understand."
You let him in, and he thanks you. After he sets the flowers on your desk, you flick on the lights. You gasp as you see a bloody nose and bruised eye. "'S-Samu..."
He chuckles. "It's okay," he reassures you. "It was just 'Tsumu. No big deal." He waits for you to calm down a bit before speaking again. "I miss ya," he tells you. "And I'm so fucking sorry for what I did to ya. I love ya, and I can't believe I ever allowed myself to let ya feel insecure. I should have just told all those girls to back off. If the situation were reversed, I'd want the same."
Your eyebrows furrowed in frustration. "I don't get it 'Samu," you say. "Why did it take you months to get it? The girl you were with tonight was one of the girls who I asked you to tell to back off!"
He puts his head down in shame. "I know," he admits. "And I..." He takes a deep breath. "I overheard 'Tsumu and Hinata talking before the party, and 'Tsumu said he invited you, and Hinata said he was excited to see you again, and I just... I guess I got upset that ya were hanging out with my dumb brother, and I wanted to make ya jealous."
"You're a fucking idiot," you tell him.
"I know, but I do love ya and miss ya," he says. He walks over to you and holds your face in his hands. "And I promise to be better for ya. Just give me one more chance."
You look up at him, your gaze softening as your hands reach up to brush under his bruised eye. It'll need to be iced in the morning. "You really promise? I can't let you in just to get shattered again, 'Samu. You're the only man I've ever loved."
He nods in response. "And if I break my promise, which I won't, I'll let ya beat me up with 'Tsumu next time."
You laugh at his words and lean up to kiss him. "Okay," you whisper. "One more chance."
Osamu grins like a kid on Christmas and picks you up to spin you around before pulling you in for a passionate kiss. "Ya won't regret it."
He sleeps in your dorm room that night. You lay on top of him with your head on his chest as he plays with the ends of your hair, and he falls asleep with a smile on his face.
The next morning, Osamu sits on your bed, holding a bag of ice up against his eye. He's got a childish pout on his face.
"Ya can stop watching it now!" He grumbles.
Meanwhile, you're standing across from him, gawking at your phone. "Damn, baby, 'Tsumu really got you this time," you tell him. You wince as you watch Atsumu's fist makes contact with Osamu's nose. "Suna's a great camera man."
Tumblr media
Copyright © 2022 oooobokuto.tumblr.com - do not copy, modify, repost, or translate any of my works. any action to do so will be considered plagiarism.
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iwaso · a month ago
uhm, hi!! i have a request! So, know how there are hcs where the haikyuu boys walk in on the reader changing, right? But what if it was the other way around?? The reader walks in on them changing!! please ignore this if your busy or don't wanna do it, no pressure!!
Tumblr media
featuring: various
genre: fluff | wc: 500+
warnings: a couple of swears, that's abt it
notes: i finally got around to writing this 💀 thx for the req anon, this was fun! (barely proofread beware lmao)
Tumblr media
ღ THE SCREAMER; this is a genuine reaction. maybe he mistook you for a serial killer, or he's really insecure about his body, or perhaps he's just shy. the only thing for sure is as soon as you walk in, a shrill, almost girly shriek bounces off the walls and reaches your ears, followed by a loud "get out!" from the boy in front of you. an alternative name for this group: the cover-uppers.
⋯ ♡ᵎ
ღ THE FLIRT; he has no shame. you walk in on him changing? that's an opportunity—a gift, actually, for him and for you. as his eyes meet yours the expression on his face is smug, and he takes his sweet time discarding his clothes. he flexes what he can; his abs, his biceps, anything, just to see you all flustered. consider it his guilty pleasure (except he's not ashamed at all).
"like what you see? come on, don't be shy now."
⋯ ♡ᵎ
ღ THE ONE WHO DOESN'T CARE; you could barge in on him doing anything and he would not give a shit. who cares? he's just changing—it's a part of human life. is it that big a deal? sure, internally, his stomach does a flip (just one; singular) but no one needs to know that.
⋯ ♡ᵎ
ღ THE CONVERSATION STARTER; branches from the previous category. he's casual—opts to just go about it like he's making his morning coffee. why get shy? there's nothing wrong with his body. then again, he's a little unaware of how good he looks. that, or he's very aware and he's casually teasing you with his assets. either way, a fucking menace.
BOKUTO, SUNA, matsukawa, kunimi, FUTAKUCHI, daichi, konoha, aran, OSAMU
ღ THE ANNOYED ONE; he's freaking out a little—mind going blank, his breathe getting caught in his throat—but under no circumstance would he ever admit it. he puts up an irritable front and shoots you a glare, as if to ask you what the hell it was that you wanted. he urges you to get the fuck out as he returns to changing, but as soon as you leave, he malfunctions in the silence; shoots an arm through the neckline, misses a couple buttons, forgets his shirt is inside-out... he hates that you have that effect on him sometimes.
TSUKISHIMA, shirabu, daishou, SAKUSA
⋯ ♡ᵎ
ღ THE "PLAY-IT-COOL" TYPE; he freezes when you walk in, but only for a moment. "hey," slips past his lips, and his voice is level and cool. the only thing that betrays him is the flush of his ears—something you're quick to notice and something he accepts he can't hide. he goes about his changing while making light conversation, but you know his mind is running a couple of miles.
ennoshita, yamaguchi, KAGEYAMA, AKAASHI, semi, IWAIZUMI, kenma, KYOTANI, yaku, KITA
⋯ ♡ᵎ
ღ "FUCK DON'T COME IN" ; self-explanatory. alternatively: the one who rushes to the door. as soon as he hears the door creaking open he jumps to slam it shut. he yells out an apology in case he hurt you on accident, but he swiftly follows it up with, "don't come in til i say!" why? "my pants are down right now!" just listen or else he'll yell again. louder.
TANAKA, nishinoya, SUGAWARA, hanamaki
Tumblr media
— i have just been informed that the third pic above (right) says "fuck your mom" in chinese 💀 if anyone is offended by this kindly send me an ask n i'll change the pic accordingly. thank you <3
feedback & reblogs are always appreciated!
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