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#osamu x reader
kitasfox · 2 days ago
can u do atsumu n osamu x bratty reader like v v bratty for her own good oopsies
Tumblr media
a/n: brats,,, such a great concept,,, especially with osamu,,, cuz that dude actually mean as FUCK thank you for the request my love. If you send me more I'll kiss u.
Also only Osamu today but I promise imma write atsumj too soon
taglist 》 if you rb it means ur hot
THIS POST IS NSFW! Minors do not interact or I'll bite.
warnings: uhh can I please do this later but like degrading hatefuck heavy I rlly can't give details rn I'm gonna pass out I'm tired
Tumblr media
Osamu doesn't hate many people, he's too busy to have such strong feelings for anyone— but when it comes to you, he can with a clear conscious say he hates you.
You, the daughter of the place he works at, the last obstacle at his biggest dream, opening his own onigiri shop.
He just needs a bit more time, a little more paychecks and he will finally be able to open his own place, and it would've been so easy if it weren't for you.
The spoiled little brat of the shop owner, thinking you can say anything you want, do as you will, and all these people that work for your daddy will obey your word, as well.
And for some reason, you seem to be so adamant on having Osamu obey, especially; giving him the stupidest orders left and right, stopping him from doing his work and acting like he's your fucking servant.
Like he's a fucking dog.
"Look at you," his fingers grip your chin, bruising touch digging into your drool covered face. "You look pathetic."
Your ass burns with the slaps he ha done landed on it, the counter you're bent over wet with your cum and drool.
You dknt know if you would've answered even if his hand wasn't pressing your face flush on the surface by your neck, his grip tightening and pulling your breaths away whenever you're close to cumming.
It feels humiliating to be bent over and fucked like this; you don't feel like a partner but a mere hole to fuck, and the worst part is— you like it.
"S-samh—!" You whimper against the counter, "too fast, too fast!" Your hands forming fists on the counter, trying to ground yourself against his ruthless pounding and manhandling, but Osamu had enough of you, and he won't miss the one time you actually work for something other than making his life hell.
His hips snap against yours, cock drilling in you and making you scream each time he pushes in. He's huge— girthy and long, stretching you so much that you're sure he's splitting you open, so long that your cervix aches with each nudge.
He's merciless, and it's obvious that while Osamu is fucking you, he's fucking you for his pleasure only, chasing his own orgasm.
You're so fucking tight, too, he's sure you only fucked rich brats like yourself, the vanilla dhdes with tiny dicks, it's clear by how you're losing yourself on his cock.
Your whole body shakes and spasms with the multiple times you came on his cock, it burns but you never felt this good fucking anyone. It all hurts someway or another, and you never knew just how good pain felt.
"You're lucky you have a tight pussy," the man groans from behind you, his hands sneak forward to press on your clit, laughing when you scream, your whole body shaking with the feeling shooting up your spine. "A rich daddy and a pretty pussy— you think having those let's you do anything you want, don't you?"
"He can— I can have you fired!" You blabber between moans and shaky breaths.
"Oh, I know you can. It's all you have to say whenever you're in a pinch, isn't it?" Osamu laughs behind you, calloused fingers running down your skin. "Come on, tell your daddy about how I fucked this tight pussy. Tell him how you begged me to make you cum, to play with your clit— come on, sweetheart, tell him how you squirted all over his shops kitchen, won't you?"
His fingers entangle in your hair, pulling on them so your face meets his. Your eyes are rolling back in your head, tongue lolling out of your mouth as he just keeps and keeps fucking you.
"N-no—" you cry, trying to give an audible answer through his fingers pushing on your cheeks and making you pout.
"No?" He repeats, sneering at your tear-damp face. "Can't use this mouth for anything good other than sucking cock? God knows you haven't said a worthy word till today."
His fingers push in your lips, heavy on your tongue, forcing you to hang open your mouth.
You're almost half conscious as you barely can tell he's leaning forward and spitting in your mouth, the foreign fluid sitting on your tongue as he doesn't let you swallow.
"Don't you dare swallow," he orders, to which you shake your head eagerly. When he grins, Osamu feels how tight you suddenly get.
"Look at you— suddenly so fucking obedient." Osamu smiles, tapping your cheek almost lovingly. "Who would've guessed all a brat like you needed was some cock?"
"—m not-" Osamu's hand reaches forward to press your face back on the cold surface, cutting your words off.
"Shut the fuck up," he groans, fuck— you squeezed him so tight at that, his movements getting faster and shallower with each thrust, "Can't say anything worth listening, anyway."
"Such pretty moans, fuck—" he throws his head back, chest rising and falling as its obvious how close he is, hands on your ass and pulling your hips towards himself as he pushes himself in you as well—
"Fuck, I'm gonna cum!" He groans, listening to your pretty screams of pleasure. "Fuck, fuck, I'm close—"
You only mewl in response, trying to rise on your toes so he can fuck you even deeper— and fucking finally, after fucking you senseless, Osamu starts cumming.
It's really a sight to behold, with how pretty he's sounding you think you might come again, his cock twitching in you like crazy as he cumms so fucking much—
Hes still in you as you're filled to the brim, you can feel your stomach bloating with his cum trapped in you.
"Fuck." He groans, chest rising and falling, face shining with a sheen layer of sweat. You mewl in pain as he's pulling out, so sensitive that you're sure you won't be able to walk for a while.
He glances at you, at your spent body, your fucked out face, wobbling legs— and laughs.
"Not much left of that little whore, huh? Did I fuck it all out of you?"
You open your mouth to disagree, brows furrowing at the way he degrades you, but the feeling of two fingers pushing into you make you gasp and screech.
"Don’t," he just tells you, leaning forward so, his voice vibrates against your skin, his grin against your neck, his fingers fuck his cum back in you as you whimper and squirm under him. "Don't disagree with me with my cum leaking out of your pussy, sweetheart."
He checks the time as he starts pulling his clothes back on. "Now, go along. Go back out there and greet you daddy, will you? Just be careful not to let any of this leak back out."
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artchaik · a day ago
Texting them "I made you a sandwhich"
Tumblr media
Pairing/s: Kuroo Tetsurou x Reader, Tsukishima Kei x Reader, Oikawa Tooru x Reader, Daichi Sawamura x Reader, Ushijima Wakatoshi x Reader, Miya Osamu x Reader, Sakusa Kiyoomi x Reader, Bokuto Koutarou x Reader
A/n: I saw this somewhere and I'm like- yes.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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nkogneatho · 9 hours ago
► 𝐇𝐚𝐢𝐤𝐲𝐮𝐮 𝐁𝐨𝐲𝐬 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐂𝐮𝐭𝐞 𝐓𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐲 𝐝𝐨.
↳ m.list ↳ taglist ↳ collab
Tumblr media
Tugs on the hem of your t-shirt when they are jealous.
Sakusa, IWAIZUMI, Kageyama, Kenma, Kunimi, Konoha, Goshiki, Tsukishima
Brings you everything to your bed so you don't need to bother to get up.
Sugawara, Akaashi, Komori, Osamu, Kita, Kindaichi, Makki, Fukunaga, Leon, Ennoshita, Yamaguchi
Hums you your favorite song while cuddling you to sleep.
KUROO, Daichi, Ushijima, Asahi, Aran, Washio, Matsukawa, Meian, Aone.
Asks to join in anything you're doing. Makeup? Yes. Arson? Yes.
Tumblr media
Taglist: @unabashednightmarepizza @loveliestmolly @half-baked-biscuit @smoothy-ve @your-girl-mj @sebbyzoldyck @cursedmoonchild @tetsunormous @nachotrash @acethecard @koifish69 @tamewkii @theaesthete @psycho-nightrose @httptamaki @tequchiha @kuroo-tetsunii @hanmasin
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sugawarassoulmate · a day ago
hii im back again hehe
i just wanna know how would bully!samu react to reader saying the safeword cause he’s being to rough on her and when he tries to help her, she just flinches away from his touch :(( sorry i brought angst to the table was reading angst fics earlier 😭 - 🎭
Tumblr media
okieeee so these asks were pretty similar so i combined them! i made it a bit more soft than angst bc that's just how it turned out unfortunately 😅 i've got more angst coming soon!
Tumblr media
words: 445
cw: fem!reader, use of safeword, name-calling, dubcon, painful sex, crying, aftercare, minors dni
Tumblr media
you just weren’t in the right headspace tonight. Osamu’s kisses didn’t elicit that tingly feeling inside like it usually does. You felt numb but you were too worried about angering osamu if you stopped him so when he tugged your shorts down, you let him. Maybe if you made the right sounds and reacted the way he wanted, he wouldn’t notice that you weren’t feeling it.
But everytime osamu reached out, you wanted to push him away, to get him off of you as soon as possible. But you kept quiet, letting him manhandle you however he wanted. “Feel s’good around me,” he groans, fingers digging into your hips, making you wince but you kept the pained noises to yourself. Osamu forces you to look at him, hips setting a bruising pace. “’s all you’re good for, yeah? Made to take cock like the good lil bitch ya are.”
You feel him grab your face, forcing you to look at him while he continues his verbal assault. Calling you the filthiest things he could think of, inflicting pain that never borders on pleasure. You want to tell him to stop but the words don’t reach your lips. “Did i fuck ya dumb already? Such a stupid little girl i got,” he mocks, squishing your face even more.
It becomes too much, it’s been too, too much already. You weren’t sure if you actually said it or even how osamu heard it. But it slipped from your mouth, breathless and whiney and before you knew it, osamu had pulled out of you. “Don’t cry,” he murmured against your lips. You don’t remember crying but osamu wipes away the tears running down your face. He holds you for a bit, running a soothing hand through your hair, whispering sweet words that you’ve never known him to say. “Let me run a bath for ya,” osamu offers, waiting for you to nod before he scoops you in his arms.
Later you’re dressed in comfier clothes, belly full thanks to osamu scrounging something for you to eat. He’s hesitant to join you on the bed, wanting to create distance so as to not overwhelm you. “I can sleep on the couch—” but you reach for him, wanting to feel his arms hold you close. Osamu settles behind you, his gruff breath in your ear as you two get ready for bed. “I’m sorry…” he mumbles into your skin, tightening his hold.
It’s the first time he’s ever apologized to you for anything. You don’t say anything in response, but your silence doesn’t scare him off. Osamu knows you’ve forgiven him from the way you snuggle into his form.
Tumblr media
©sugawarassoulmate 2021 all rights reserved - please do not repost/translate my work on other platforms!
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sakuctsu · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
-# akaashi rails you while you right by doja cat plays in the background
-# atsumu rails you while harleys in hawaii by katy perry plays in the background
-# bokuto rails you while no guidance by ayzha nyree plays in the background
-# daichi rails you while drugs and money by chase atlantic plays in the background
-# iwaizumi rails you while renegade by aaryan shah plays in the background
-# kuroo rails you while six feet under by the weekend plays in the background
-# kenma rails you while uhh by framed plays in the background
-# kageyama rails you while devil’s advocate by the neighborhood plays in the background
-# kita rails you while she by harry styles plays in the background
-# oikawa rails you while killshot by magdalene bay plays in the background
-# osamu rails you while reminder by the weekend plays in the background
-# nicollas rails you while moi by lolo zouaï plays in the background
-# mattsun rails you while sex money feelings die by lykke li plays in the background
-# meian rails you while white tee by summer walk plays in the background
-# sakusa rails you while lost in the fire by the weekend plays in the background
-# suna rails you while lollipop by lil wayne plays in the background
-# semi rails you while kiwi by harry styles plays in the background
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mimi-cee-hq · 2 days ago
oh sweet sweet Mimi I have a question for thee, which haikyuu boys do you think would realize they’re in love with you because of how much they love to make you ugly laugh?
[if you see this ask being sent to other hq blogs because I want lots of opinions no you didn’t <3]
Lol. Did you make that rhyme on purpose?
You know, at first I wanted to say all of them, but these are the ones I think of the most. This accidentally became a sorter. lol.
The ones that hear you ugly laugh because of something they said and realize they're in love with you because they keep trying make you laugh more.
Kuroo, Fukunaga, Suna, Hinata, Tanaka, Nishinoya, Suga, Yamamoto, Lev, Inuoka, Aone, Koganegawa, Tendou, Goshiki, Bokuto + Tsukishima if you share his snarky humour
The ones that accidentally make you ugly laugh at them and realize they're in love with you because they like hearing you laugh like that even if they're a bit grumpy about it.
Atsumu, Sakusa, Osamu, Yaku, Futakuchi, Oikawa, Iwaizumi, Yahaba, Kageyama, Kindaichi + Ushijima but he wouldn't be grumpy
This was fun because even though some characters are grouped together, how they'd react would be completely different. Like Hinata, Suna, and Aone in the first group and Atsumu, Kageyama, and Ushijima in the second group.
Now I kind of want to write out some of their reactions but I have too many WIPs. lol.
(For anyone new to my blog, I usually write one-shots and series. This is the first time I've done a sorter. lol.)
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jjuzoir · 15 hours ago
As your Househusband | HQ!!
Tumblr media
synopsis: just some haikyuu men are your husbands… hehe </3
characters: Oikawa, Iwaizumi, Kuroo, Kenma, Sakusa, Osamu, and Kita
word count: 2536
a/n: wow… i’m still emotionally devastated over the a3! news but whatever !! take haikyuu men as my peace offering 💞 this originally also included sugawara, daichi, aran, atsumu, and some other guys but it got too long so maybe i’ll make a part 2 </3
Tumblr media
— Oikawa
- He works his ass off for you. The house is spotless, the food is amazing, he’s always ready to do anything for you. He loves being a househusband, he was born for it basically.
- Tooru is naturally competitive so he’s got to have the best house and he will fight anyone who insinuates his place isn’t the best. AND he’s gotta do it alone, he doesn’t take that whole “hire some help” shtick, not until there’s some kids, because as long as it’s the two of you? He knows damn well no one, and he means NO ONE, can take care of his house as well as he can, thank you VERY much.
- He's known in the neighborhood for having the best cookies and knowing all the gossip. He won’t give you any of his recipes but he will tell you about how he saw someone, he isn’t saying who but—!, was buying store-made cookies.
- His favorite thing is getting to talk to you after you come from work, it’s literally the best thing ever. He loves sitting with you on the couch as you tell him about your day.
- Really likes it when you compliment him, so !! Go on, tell him you love him right now !! Isn’t the house spotless? Yes, of course it is, Tooru cleaned it.
- He knows he’s hot shit, he knows the mom’s and single people stare at him as he strolls the supermarket and he takes every chance he’s got to tell them that he is, in fact, taken and off the market by his very attractive, super intelligent, hot stuff spouse.
- Hangs out with Maki, Matsukawa, and Iwaizumi all the time. They’re known in the neighborhood as the hottest married guys and they’re always together, a very intimidating quartet but a very hot one too.
- - - - - - - - - - - -
— Iwaizumi
- He’s a softie. This man will make sure your meals are warm, your bed is made, your clothes are ironed, and that you’re healthy all while looking hot – and man you’re whipped but who can blame you?
- He’s the type to wake up super early to make sure you can eat a good breakfast every morning, he’ll go buy you fresh fruit and bread and he’ll make sure to make you coffee (or whatever you like) just right… *sigh* Hajime, my beloved.
- Spends most of his time between the gym, home or with Oikawa (most of their hangouts are at your house) and honestly? He doesn’t want much more, he’s living his best life.
- Has a bunch of plants he takes care of and, oh boy, the air in the house is fresh and so crisp. Could single handedly keep y’all breathing fresh air in an apocalypse. People might think you have kids because of the way he talks about his plants, and honestly, they might as well be.
- The neighborhood is kind of afraid of him after he got into a fight with another househusband, he insinuated Iwa wasn’t actually cooking for you and that he’s just average and it was all okay (he’s a big boy, he can handle criticism, even if it comes from some ugly, store buying cookie dough shit head (yes, ‘Kawa told him)) until he brought you into the mix with some shabby, petty comment about how you’re probably not even providing well enough with the way the house looks or something and Iwaizumi saw red. He works his ass off, sure but you? You’re literally what holds the household together, the neighborhood needs you, the world needs you.
- People had to step in and it took like, six grown adults to stop Iwa as the guy ran away. Then, he just goes home and bakes you some of the best cookies his ass has ever baked and cuddled you – he didn’t tell you why he was being extra affectionate but, damn can you complain?
- Would do it again for you though.
- - - - - - - - - - - -
— Kuroo
- Really against it at first, he’s a capitalist first — husband second. But then he realized you were making more money than him and he saw how much you’d benefit from him sticking around… and it’s not like he loves his job, but he’ll only entertain you and your fantasies for a week, okay?
- It’s been 2 years already and he’d rather die than go back to work. How the fuck did he do it before? Might cry if asked to go back to his job, like no joke, he hates just thinking about it. And it’s not like his income compared to yours, so it’s not as if you’ve lost any money from him not working so please don’t scare him by telling him he might need to work again.
- Insists you two get a pet to keep him company, so he got you two a cat and named her “Blanca”, she’s now your daughter. Carries her everywhere, literally everywhere. He goes grocery shopping with her, dusts the shelves while she’s in a baby carrier, it’s embarrassing.
- He’s not the best cook, he’s not not going to lie, but he’s fucking amazing at making homemade Pizza and soups. His soups are so good? He can make almost anything into a soup.
- The best thing is that Tetsu actually enjoys this so much, like, all of them do, but there’s an inherit joy to him about being able to be… well, home to you, and maybe it’s because his parents were divorced, but being able to be such a pillar in a house is something he treasures more than he thought he would.
- Kuroo enjoys having guests over, it’s his way of 1) bragging about you and his nice ass house and 2) showing how good he is at being your husband. Man, he just loves this, he loves you.
- He’ll literally brag his ass off about you, like this man? Carries your picture anywhere and probably waits until someone points it out so he can go “Oh this? So funny you ask, like oh my god how did you notice? Anyway this is my spouse and this is how we met and-“
- - - - - - - - - - - -
— Kenma
- How do you make more money than he used to? We don’t know but honestly? He’s kind of in love with it. Sure, he has a few stocks (ew) but he’s retired from pro-gaming and his position as a CEO and just chills as your husband.
- Like, don’t get him wrong though, he hired a bunch of people to help and shit but it’s the thought that counts <3
- They take care of cleaning the house and cooking, while he spends most of his time playing games or making sure things run smoothly (or playing with your cats).
- However, he does know how to cook your breakfast in a very specific way and that’s kind of the one thing he doesn’t let anyone help him with. It’s his thing, he knows what you like for breakfast and will get pouty (and kinda pissed off) if someone else tries doing it for you. Kenma knows he’s not the best at cleaning and baking or cooking, but he’s very fucking good making breakfast the way you like it and he’s super specific about it too. Like, he’s mastered the art of doing it and insists on making you breakfast, especially on weekends or mornings before long business trips.
- Most of his time is still spent gaming, he just doesn’t do it professionally, he still spends his time bullying kids on Apex and bothering Kuroo (and the rest of Nekoma).
- Talking about Kuroo, he’s probably over at your house pretty often lol. Kenma and him will chill while playing with the cats, they’ll also invite Kai and Yaku to shit talk other househusbands because we all know Kodzume knows some shit about some of the other guys…
- Honestly? He mostly sits there playing games looking pretty waiting for you to come home so you two can cuddle and play Mario Kart together, and he loves it.
- - - - - - - - - - - -
— Sakusa
- Your house is so fucking clean, you could eat from the floor and it’d be cleaner than most people’s plates.
- Sakusa is such a health junkie, he’s constantly worrying over your health and making sure you’re eating right and not risking yourself.
- Like, this man finds out you went to McDonalds and he’s shitting himself; “Babe? Babe? What’s this? I- You know I work my ass off to make you some food, healthy food - mind you -, and you do this? To me?”
- Other than his protectiveness over you eating his lunch, he’s super chill. He’s very understanding, especially whenever you arrive late at home due to work.
- More than interested in your workplace gossip, he’s got it all figured out… extend that to the neighborhood. He knows everything that’s going on at all times, which is so crazy because he’s like constantly at home making sure things are nice and tidy, so where does he get the time? Like?
- His speciality is probably like… salad, but fancy salads. Oh, oh! He also makes you the cutest bentos for work <3 They’re all super healthy too… yes sir!
- He’s probably a master at washing and ironing clothes, he’d rather die than see you wear a creased blouse. Probably teaches you to tie a tie, and then proceeds to buy you a bunch of different ties even if you didn’t learn so he can tie them in front of the door when you leave for work so he can give you a kiss on the lips… I’m sad now.
- One of the few things I don’t see him doing is gardening, though he probably really likes having a garden, he just isn’t fond of the work so it’s one of the few things he’ll hire someone to help with.
- He’s too prideful to let anyone try and help him, like, he’s genuinely so proud of the way he keeps the house (compliment him on it, now!). He even goes shopping for fresh flowers for the different vases in the house.
- Also super particular about the candles you two use in the house and the cleaning supplies, if they’re scented they gotta smell good and fit in with the house or else he’s simply not using them.
- Also has a collection of gloves (cleaning gloves), different supplies he uses, and aprons he stores. So imagine him picking out his favorite gloves and putting on an apron as he gets to work, probably looks hot as fuck doing it… damn it, Kiyoomi, stop being hot.
- - - - - - - - - - - -
— Osamu
- One of the best househusbands, hands down. He always greets you with a hug and asks you about your day while taking your jacket off and kissing your cheek.
- All of your meals are homemade just for you, they’re warm and tasty and you can taste the love he has for you in each bite. Makes you bentos for work because he hates the idea of his baby getting hungry and he knows what you like, he doesn’t trust casinos to feed you well like he can and he will fight God if he so much as hears you had to eat anything that wasn’t cooked by him.
- Loves going grocery shopping because it gives him so many ideas of what to make for you, it’s where he spends all of his money – also has shelves upon shelves of cooking books and recipes for you.
- Gets kind of pissed off if you go out to dinner or eat someone else’s food, it’s his love language to you, so please tell him so he doesn’t have a mini heart attack when you turn down his food - like he’d cry, solid tears.
- Likes keeping the house clean, the house isn’t always spotless, unlike with some of the other HH, but it always smells clean and it’s tidy. He likes it being kind of messy, Osamu thinks it makes it look lived in and homely.
- The silver-head likes chilling around at home and testing recipes for you. It’s one of those things he treasures a lot, keeps imagining your happy face as you taste his cooking and he’s running around the kitchen to finish it quickly so you can come home to his warm cooking. My man is in love, love.
- He doesn’t talk to many HH unless they’re Atsumu (who’s bugging his ass for help with cleaning) or trading recipes with Kita.
- - - - - - - - - - - -
— Kita
- Everyone is so fucking jealous of you, oh my god… how did you find him and do you agree to him marrying someone else once you (mysteriously) die?
- No, but seriously… he was made for this, all of his years with his grandma have helped raise the perfect househusband.
- He cooks and cleans, he gardens in the evenings, he enjoys baking for you, and he’s always just… so excited about being there for you I’m in tears.
- He has a bunch of recepies his grandma and mother have given him throughout the years in a little box and he loves taking them out and preparing you food, they’ll all be handwritten and he treasures them so much.
- Kita admires the fact you’re providing for both of you so well, so he’s constantly trying to make sure you’re comfortable and relaxed at home.
- Someone has probably tried breaking into the house to steal his recipes, so he keeps them super hidden and only shares them with Aran or Osamu.
- Has a morning routine for the two of you which basically consists of him waking up early and making you breakfast, he’ll wake you up with a kiss and eat with you, he’ll then help you get ready and kiss you goodbye at the door.
- He spends most of his time cleaning and cooking, but he’ll also spare some to the garden and going over to his grandma’s place.
- He has a very precise way of doing things, like, he’ll always open the windows immediately after you leave to air the whole house. Then, he’ll check the laundry and quickly finish it and divide it into what needs to be ironed and what not, then he’ll plug in the vacuum and spend the next hour making sure the floors are crumb-free, he’ll finish at like, 10 and get ready to shower. After that, he’ll go buy fresh ingredients for lunch and dinner, come back, start prepping lunch, he’ll invite his grandma over, have lunch at exactly 1:15 and take her home, tend to the garden from 2:30-3:45, and then go inside, iron the clothes. He then has the rest of the afternoon off and depending on the day of the week he’ll go over to his grandma’s, tend to the garden some more, go over to Osamu’s place and share recipes, or just stay inside reading. He’ll then start dinner a few hours before you come home, so that when you’re back there’s a warm plate of food waiting for you. He’ll also wait to dine with you too and kiss you goodnight, that’s probably the most important part of the day; the good morning, the goodbye, the hello, and the goodnight kisses.
- Someone, marry him or else I will!
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yaomomvs · 2 days ago
# another guy giving u flowers
how the haikyuu guys react to seeing you getting a bouquet of flowers from another man
→ ft. osamu miya, oikawa tooru
a/n: so a random friend confessed to me today and gave me a whole bouquet of flowers wtf?? i rejected him politely but anyways i thought this was a very funny prompt so here we go!
Tumblr media
oikawa tooru !
the day was pretty normal, you were just arriving to the lunch area in school to meet up with ur bf and eat like you usually do
oikawa was specially exited to meet up with you today since he had big news about the team and his daily life honestly
but all of the sudden he just feels like everyone is watching him expectantly, like he is used to this but this time there were definitely a lot of eyes on him
he is confused so he looks around and realize that in fact everyone was looking at him like expecting him to realize something
so when he finally spotted you across the room, your boyfriend’s stomach literally drops
so there you were, eyes wide open when this other guy he recognized as one of ur friends/classmates was bowing to you and handing you out a pretty bouquet of red roses
tooru genuinely did not know what to do, like poor boy was panicking he absolutely had never experienced this weird feeling in his stomach, his blood boiling like all at the same time, he stands up and literally looks everywhere panicking
it’s pretty funny seeing someone as confident suddenly becoming an adorable moron that genuinely doesn’t know what to do
he is like: 👁-👁
he would never doubt you, but that doesn’t mean he was thrilled seeing his s/o receiving a whole ass bouquet in the middle of a crowd
on the other hand you also were naturally shocked, you could be oblivious but you were definitely not expecting this
“i’m flattered but you know i’m with someone right?” you asked in the most polite way you could not wanting to hurt this guys feelings.
“absolutely! d-don’t misunderstand this, i know you are with oikawa-san, and would never try to get between you two! i just- uh, for some people is better to confront the problem to solve it y’know? so i figured out that would help me, i hope you don’t mind” he explains while lowering his head and your heart crashed.
usually, men felt like they had the right to have their confession accepted by you, but meeting this guy absolutely squashed your chicken heart and felt so grateful
you gave him the warmest of smiles “thank you for being so respectful, i appreciate your flowers there’s definitely a pal it there for someone so pretty like you!” and istg his face blushed at a 200% seeing you so happy that he immediately forgot he was trying to move on
yep that was it, tooru perceived this spellbound guy and i’m sorry he couldn’t stop his jealousy this time.
he calls your name and you couldn’t even respond bc he now has you in his shoulder glaring at the guy who lowkey felt intimidated but relieved as you waved goodbye
“is the great king jealous?” he has the most adorable pout
“fir simiine is pritty liki yiu” he mocks “DAMMIT OF COURSE I AM LOVE”
the volleyball team swears they heard your laugh all across the cafeteria lol
osamu miya !
you were chillin’ w the vb team in the lunch area
honestly you thought osamu was going to be a laid back boyfriend, no, so wrong, he is so clingy that it was almost as seeing a puppy w separation anxiety
so u got used to being around him, his brother, suna, etc.
“so what if we don’t call them UFOS, but...” “atsumu, shut up” suna said making u laugh. osamu looked at you with heart eyes, he really enjoyed watching u get along with what he considered to be his family.
in between jokes you asked your boyfriend if he could get you something to drink, knowing he would never let you do thing like this, osamu was a gentleman and you loved him for that.
while he was away you stayed chatting with suna, as the twins were buying your stuff, when you felt a little tap on your shoulder.
there was this adorable guy with a bouquet of flowers and cheeks blushing. your first impression was that he looked just so cute, like a a cute little kitten asking to be carried. 
“hi, y/n. god i’m so sorry about this, i feel stupid, sorry, i am really...” he was just stuttering and you smiled to reassure him. not to be a narcissist but you had received. couple of confession before, however not so many since you started a relationship with osamu so you were knew to handle this situation.
with your smile and little scoff, and while stopping suna to get in between the confession, you asked him to proceed.
this was huge thing for the guy so he continued more confident “you are so beautiful, and i just wanted to make sure you know that, i see you in classes and just so you know you are really something, like you light up the room.” those words were so nice that you almost felt the necessity to thank him, however you did want to put a limit but before you could say you were not available, two things happened, first you spotted a gray haired guy at the entrance looking at you, he raised his brow and just sighed as he gave you a smile.  
that’s what you loved about him, you felt curiosity to know if osamu was jealous, however, he is just caring like that. he would never do something to make you insecure about his love and the nod he just gave you proved you that.
and the second thing: “i know you are with someone, he really is lucky and i would never disrespect you like that. just wanted to let you know how i feel, i guess an act of kindness is important to everyone, so please accept the flowers. and have a good day” 
the girls in the lunch area went crazy and you knew that when he left he would have tons of admirers, you two kept on chatting for a bit until...
“well yeah that enough, let’s go my love” you huge boyfriend came to your side as he pushed the flower guy in a ‘friendly’ manner.
you laughed and just asked with you eyes.
“what it’s not like i’m mad or jealous” “so should i go have lunch with him?” “absolutely not”
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bubblebeemie · 2 days ago
Calling them your boyfriend while they are still your friends but they have feelings for you. Pt III
Tumblr media
Characters[Timeskip]: Kuroo Tetsuro, Miya Osamu
Genre: SFW, Fluff.
Warnings: None actually, Slight NSFW in the Samu’s one I guess hehe
A/ N : So this is the last part of this series, i hope you guys enjoy reading, thank you so much for all the love and support !!! If you didn't check the series the links are disposed below so be my guest!! Likes and reblogs are highly appreciated
<- Pt. I Iwaizumi and Atsumu. Pt. II Bokuto and Sakusa ->
Navi || MasterList
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Kuroo Tetsuro
Lately, Kuroo has been noticing the way you shine under the sunlight or how usual meals always taste better in your company. He also started noticing how other people won’t catch his attention but when comes to you he couldn’t help but smile at the sight of your figure or use you as a parameter for some decisions he, beforehand, considered trivial, like which cologne you’d compliment him for being using or which soap should him buy for when you come to spend the weekend cuz he asked you to make a review on his reports, and you’d probably end up sleeping in his apartment. Now, you guys were in a big gala event, and he didn’t think twice before asking you to be his companion. His reaction upon receiving an extra invitation was so organic, that he only realized he called you when listened to you say “So you’re coming to pick me at 8 right? I’ll be waiting! “ you said. When did he call you? or better why?. Well, he knew why, and even if he wanted to push the little feelings he has been denying, or the side smile formed in his lips when a sight of you on your pajamas on his kitchen on a Saturday morning, he was very much aware of your effect on him, and how things would get really bad if he didn’t take steps, or even worse if he did take, he didn’t want to mess up the “thing” you had. Was comfortable being with you, was funny, calm, refreshing, he could never explain the tension between you two, even more, the connection, the silly glances, how he loved how your laugh filled the air or how your smell gets stuck in his clothes when you warmly hugs him. He actually didn’t really wanna explain those things, he was happy that he can live this and he would like to stay like that, or at least it was he thought. He definitely rethought his conformation feeling when he saw you there waiting for him, 8 PM, walking right through his car, fancy clothes, angelic smile, you were almost a divinity, he would like to say, but even him, the guy that always had some comment to add, got speechless at your sight. The event was going, just ok, tons of champagne, famous athletes, important people. The place was simply stunning and after excusing yourself you decided to appreciate your way to the bathroom, looking at every detail you let pass when you were walking with Kuroo. Good 10 min have passed and you haven’t returned, the conversation between Kuroo and the others started to be pretty inconvenient and personal with a plus that he was worried about your absence. ‘Are you ok ?’ he texted you ‘Yeah sure, just looking around sorry!! I’ll be right back’ ‘ok but, please I need a rescue!’ and with this, your little tour comes to an end. You didn’t have to ask too much or come any closer to understand what was happening “Yes Kuroo-san, we never saw you with someone romantically, she is right don’t you think it’s time to think about marriage?” you heard a man talking “ Oh, I could totally settle you with an adorable girl I know, you see I have this goddaughter” a woman on Kuroo’s left started saying while putting his hand on his arms, he gave an apologetic smile “Hmm. you see I appreciate your effort, but I already have a s/o” he said “Oh really I don’t see any-” the woman starts but you put your presence to show “Oh here I am, I’m the beloved s/o, he’s my boyfriend,- You said intertwining your arms on his- it’s a pleasure to meet you all!! Tetsuro always talks about how golden you are!! ”they gave you a puzzled look, but Kuroo hasn’t seen bother too much, in fact, he was trying to keep the straight face, trying so hard not to act silly or make some silly joke, because at this point you already knew he did things like that when he was flustered, and he didn’t want you to know how flustered you got him, not like that, if he decides to let you know how you make him feel, he would like to do properly. “Kuroo? - you called again, he was so absorbed in his attempt to maintain the composure that he didn’t even hear you called him- Oh seems like my boyfriend is not feeling so well, with your permission we may go now, excuse us !” You said polite,
bringing him by the hand guiding him for somewhere else. “Golden? “ was the first thing he could say when you guys finally stopped at some terrace, a fool smile blooming on his lips, “What? I couldn’t think of anything better !! at least my acting was golden” you said giggling, your hands still on his “You are golden- he said, bringing his hands to cup your face, making you look at him, his gaze burning on yours - You know, You shouldn’t have to act tho, you should, in fact, be my s/o” “And you mister, should find a better way to tell me you’re madly in love with me than ask me for rescue you! ” “You right I should, but then I wouldn’t be able to have all this golden experience,” he said at last, before kissing you slowly, ending up letting a little kiss on your forehead. “ But seriously You should be my s/o…. So may you give me the honor to be my golden?”
Tumblr media
Miya Osamu
It was already a little late, you have told Osamu you’re going to his restaurant so you guys could head over to his apartment and you could try the new recipe he did, at this point nothing new about the stars, you and Samu have been friends for quite a while now, everything started with a bad day being fixed with one of his tasteful onigiris and since then, you never stop coming to his restaurant, and now even to his house, time in your presence was something so insignificant that he just realize one-minute could be too much when you were not around. You were already next to the door, you could see Osamu through the half wall glass, closing the cash desk but before you could reach the entrance a guy spotted you, and started to flirt, you were definitely not interested but the guy obviously didn’t work well with your negative response. This situation lasted about 15 min and Osamu started to get worried since you’ve already texted him you were near his restaurant, so he decided to check outside, he just went by the entrance when he spotted you quickly approaching your figure. Noticing his presence, You quickly hugged his waist, slightly tilting your head in his torso, he tensed up but his expression stayed still “ Here he is, as I was telling you, I already have a boyfriend !! ” You said, tightening the hug, making him look at you, “Your boyfriend it’s the owner of Onigiri Miya? Pfft this is absolutely ridiculous ”.He raised an eyebrow passing an arm around you “ are you calling my relationship ridiculous?” he said seriously, the man flinch “ what?, no, I mean you can be serious, look at them” “ So ye’re calling my s/o ridiculous ?” He said now tighten his embrace against your waist, “No, I-” “Ye’re pathetic ” Osamu said with a smirk “ Hmm… Samu can we go now ?” you said in a low tone, still feeling the heat on your cheek burning for the sudden Osamu’s action, “Yeah sure, doll, let’s head home, I have a special treat for ya, there,” He said looking the man from up to down turning to you with a cocky smile. He didn’t miss how you’re looking down avoiding his gaze, but he also didn’t miss how you didn’t let him embrace, even when the guys were out of sight,so he thought may it was ok to stay like that. “Are we still gonna eat your ‘new’ recipe ?” You said trying to make the thick tension in the air, dissolve. “Yeah, I told ya back there, that I have a special treat for ya at home- he said- I still didn’t have dinner, ya know” again the smirk “Oh food yeah, that’s great,” you said awkwardly “Yeah food, or are ya thinking about serving me another thing as my dinner ?” he teases “What- Samuu’’ you said lightly smacking his torso, finally looking at him, “Yeah ya definitely look better than my dinner now- he giggles light -ya look cute when yer flustered,” he said putting a part of your hair behind your ear, “You shouldn’t joke around like this if you keep this may I get the wrong impression,” you said with a small pout forming in your lips “ Wrong idea? Ya mean the idea that I wanna take ya home and make ya mine ?- he looked at you seeing you shyly nod- but that’s it’s exactly the idea I want ya to have !! What else I’m supposed to do, to make clear in yer pretty little head that I want to kiss ya, hm?” “ do you ever think about doing it ?” you said looking up at him, well you don’t have to say nothing more and even if you wanted to, his lips are now glued on yours, strong arms around your waist bringing you closer as if you’re gonna escape at any moment. He only gets a part of you when the air misses his lungs, caressing your hair while you hug him by the waist, blurring your head on his chest. He would like to stay like that until his stomach remembered him, he didn’t have dinner yet making you laugh at the loud protest of his body, “What? I told you I haven’t had dinner!! Come on let’s go home!”
Tumblr media
© all content belongs to bubblebeemie do not modify or repost; if found please let me know
Tumblr media
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quirrrky · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
𖧵 osamu, atsumu, kuroo, kenma, hirugami, oikawa 𖧵 fluff???? I fell in love with samu's ToT ♡ I wanna make a full-blown one shot out of it huhuhu
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Tumblr media
OSAMU It was raining hard which caused the power in the whole area to shut down. You were his last customer left and you were dining alone, that concerned him. “Are you alright?” “Yes, I am,” you answered. He lit up a little candle and brought it to your table together with several pieces of onigiri. “It’s on the house,” he said and handed you his jacket, “you might be feeling cold. It’s raining.” “Thank you,” you shyly replied. He motioned through the vacant chair in front of you and asked, “may I?” “Sure,” and he sat across you. Through the little yellow light the candle emitted, he gave you a cute smile. “I’m…‘Samu, by the way.” You didn’t know why but it made you smile and giddy too. Maybe you also had a blush on your cheeks? “I’m Y/N.”
ATSUMU He was helping you return the materials back to the storage room when the lights inside died. “Y/N,” he immediately called upon you. “I’m fine. I’m searching for the key so we can get out of here. I dropped it somewhere.” “Is that so? Lemme help ya.” Well, it’s not bad at all. Being trapped with his crush in this dark and enclosed space was actually a blessing. He started searching the floor just touching things when his hand suddenly felt something soft. “Uh, Tsumu, that’s…my thigh.” His mouth hung open in realization. He tried to compose and explain himself. “I’m sorry! I thought-I thought t’was a gym mattress! It’s just soft and- okay, maybe I should stop now.” He chuckled nervously.
HIRUGAMI You were both so busy doing your uni requirements when the power went out. In the dark, your gazes searched for each other. “Let’s take this a sign to rest.” He said and he sat at the edge of your bed. He patted the spot beside him, inviting you to join. How could you refuse? You’re just powerless when it comes to this man. The moment you were near, he pulled you and laid you both down. You had your head on his chest and his arm snugly cradling you. Amidst the darkness, he still admired your features. Leaning down, he placed a sweet kiss on your forehead, down to the tip of your nose until your cat walked over you, interrupting. Both of you laughed. He might have escaped the schoolworks, but he could never escape your furbabies.
KUROO You were working late at night in the office when the all the electricity suddenly shut off. “It looks like the guard thinks everyone’s out. Are you okay?” He asked. “Yup,” you answered. He rolled his chair near you. “You must be scared.” “Ah, no I’m not.” He didn’t listen. Instead, he placed an arm around you and pulled you close to him. “Shh, don’t worry. I completely understand.” Even if the lights were out, you were sure that he’s grinning like shit right now. “You know, that I’m completely fine, right?” You called out with a smile, almost about to laugh as you saw through his antics. He leaned against your ear and playfully whispered, “You know what? If I kiss you right now, no one would know.” “Tetsu!” You squatted him and he laughed. And that…definitely made him want to kiss you even more, so he cupped your cheek and locked your eyes in the way he always made you weak. Before you knew it, he’s already kissing you.
KENMA It was just a normal day for the two of you when the power outage happened. He was playing video game while you’re tinkering on your phone in bed, when all the lights including all your appliances shut down. Wait! You’ve seen many instances of this before. Maybe you could scoot over to his side and he would wrap an arm around you while you’re ‘scared’. “Kenma, I-“ however before you could continue your plan, he already got his PC back on. Damn, UPS?! You were disappointed and hid under your blanket instead. “Y/N?” “Hmmm?” “I’ll just save this and then I’ll join there.” You grinned as he began crawling under the covers beside you, engulfing you in an embrace. “Why are you smiling like that?” He asked. “Nothing.” Somehow, he knew that he lost to you again.
OIKAWA You were walking along an empty street when the lamp posts went out. “Y/N-chan!” He held your hand tightly. “It’s okay. I’m fine, Tooru.” You informed him only to receive a different response. “You’re so brave! What if a ghost suddenly appears here, babe?” Ohhh, you laughed at him. “I don’t know. Maybe there’s one right behind you right now.” You teased and he hugged you tightly. “Stop scaring me like that!” You gave another laugh. “I’m just kidding! I’m just kidding! Here,” you kissed his cheek. He huffed his chest and stood upright, toughening himself up. “Ha! I got this! It’s just darkness!” A cat suddenly hissed out nowhere and, “Y/N-chan!” You laughed at him again.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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riniackerman · 18 hours ago
mmm i was thinking on osamu, hirugami sachiro and kuroo being called good boys and they enjoying really much
good boy
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
╰ calling osamu, hirugami and kuroo good boy because they are <3
a/n: hngggg can’t stop thinking ab their flushed cheek when they get called by ‘good boy’ this this thisssssss is too much oml 😭😭 ❤️❤️ i just know kuroo is a fucking switch and i live for it ohmygod 🧎‍♀️<333
Tumblr media
pairing: haikyuu boys x dom fem!reader
featuring: miya osamu, hirugami sachiro, kuroo tetsuro
genre: nsfw
warnings: 18+ mdni, praise kink, over stimulating, cum play, teasing, edging, rope play, mommy kink, nipple play, breeding
Tumblr media
miya osamu | 宮 治
osamu can be a fucking bully when it comes to teasing so his little girlfriend had to tell where his place is.
“ah ah no samu” you hum as you pull away from his blindfolded face, your thighs straddling around his hips as he chased your lips for a kiss while he pushes himself closer into you, wincing from the overstimulation.
you have been teasing him for the past good 20 minutes. tied his wrists behind the chair, paused whenever he felt close, blowing cold air against his tip just so you could hear his pretty moans.
“p-please baby- need to cum…!” he chokes as he grinds his hips against your clothed cunt. “not so soon samu” osamu hated that he was begging for something and you could clearly tell by how he tries his best to not let a single moan.
you then pushed your lingerie to the side, guiding to his redden sensitive tip, twitching desperately for your cunt. osamu huffed when your folds brushed his tip, you leisurely slid yourself down to his length, trying your best to take it slow.
“baby i can’t hear you, you have to be louder m’kay?” you whisper against his ears as you finally bottomed out, earning few low grunts from osamu but it wasn’t enough. you wanted to hear his carnal moans. “ngh baby m-move for me please..” he murmurs, trying his best to not thrust since he didn’t want any more punishments.
“what happened to all the sounds you were making before? are you nervous?” you slobber while you locked yourself in the spot. not moving a single bit despite his cock was deep inside you. sure it felt good and salacious but you held it back, seeing osamu drooling all over his chin, chasing for your lips while he forced himself to not pound you? that was something else.
“seems like that bratty mouth of your quieted samu” you mewl as you started to leap on him, looking down to see his cock disappearing inside your cunt every time you bottomed out. “p-please ngh so good” he pants, overwhelmed by the blistering tempt from you.
“good boy, now fuck me”
good boy, when it slipped off your mouth, osamu quickly ripped the rope off and grabbed your waist, bouncing you up and down breaking you into inflamed moans.
↓ hirugami, kuroo
Tumblr media
hirugami sachirō | 昼神 幸郎
“m-mommy too much… ‘ts too much-” hirugami breaks down in pleading moans as you clench your legs around hips. you’ve been fucking him for too long, got to the point where both of you couldn’t see straight. everything is blurred out, everything is vague.
“too much-? but my puppy loves making mommy feel good. hm?” giving sloppy kisses and sweetly shimmering as hirugami bucks his hips till he’s all drained, cumming again inside you. he’s bound to breed you over and over again until he’s trembling from the overstimulation.
“mommy- oh m-mommy” he whimpers every second, desirous to stop but at the same time, he wanted to keep going. he couldn’t think straight. his face was buried between your boobs, sucking your sensitive nipple as you fucked him mindlessly.
“i- i know it hurts baby, but look” you look down as hirugami follows. “look how your dick is going in and out of me so nicely, you’re being a good boy for me, arent you puppy?” you rasp, holding onto his broad shoulder while his hand was on your waist.
“yes mommy, i’m a g-good boy…!” he whimpers, drowning himself in the overstimulation, going dim as he feels cumming once again. when you felt his cock was throbbing inside you, you quickly wrapped your arms around his neck, rocking your hips even faster as he blasts inside you.
both of you were drenched in sweats and cum, hirugami held your waist since it was so slippery on top of him. you slid your hands down to his cock and scooped his loads with your fingers, sucking it ravenously in front of hirugami’s face.
“want a taste puppy?” he swiftly nods his head as he opened his mouth. you crashed your lips on his, passionately kissing as his cum and saliva swirled together inside his mouth while his cock is still buried dip inside you.
Tumblr media
kuroo tetsuro | 黒尾 鉄朗
you tightly grip on kuroo’s shoulder to keep from pulling away, leaving bruising kisses all over his body along with scratched on his back which both of you will find it pretty after.
“open” you demand as kuroo opened his mouth shily. you tuck his shirt between his teeth, getting it out of the way for yourself. giving you full access to every inch for you to mark up as you wish. you smeared his abs with your soft boobs, making kuroo moan in agony.
“good boy, stay like this for me- you’re gonna fill your sweet cum inside me baby” you coo as you slid upwards against his abs, guiding your drenched cunt to his hardened length. muffled groans left his lips when your wall clenched around his cock, his shaft was drenched with his precum and your sweet juices.
“good boy” you whisper in his ears, giving countless butterflies to dance around his stomach. his eyes rolled at the sensation, you repeating good boy as you fucked his needy cock senselessly. giving him cloud 9.
“b-baby please” he stifled but you shushed him by licking his tense nipples, twisting and swirling it with your tongue, making kuroo succumb his mind. he peeked through your shoulder to see your ass jiggling every time it crashed his thighs.
he then grabbed both of your ass cheeks, pulling them upwards and spanking them, letting pretty moans to leave your lips. “s-so good tetsu, so good!” you tilt your head back at the lure, feeling his slender finger cupping your ass as you bounced on him vividly.
“hold still please- i’m so close-!” you mewl as juices gushed down on kuroo’s thick thighs along with his thick loads as his cock throbbed inside you. kuroo had his head fallen back over the chair, catching for breath with his shirt still stuffed in his mouth.
“good boy tetsu…” you slowly pulled his shirt off and sloppily kissed him, kuroo cupped your head as he sat up straight, picking you up with his hands, bringing you to his bed while his tongue swirled around yours.
“my turn”
Tumblr media
© RINIACKERMAN ⇒ do not repost, claim or copy my works
Tumblr media
↻ / ♡ are appreciated !
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leafsgarbage · a day ago
Finding your soulmate
A/N: I’m un-shadowbanned! heheh
-Sakusa, Iwaizumi, Osamu, and Akashi
Tumblr media
Sakusa Kiyoomi: Pain
Oh gosh
He actually couldn’t figure out what his soulmate thing was
Until he got a cut on his knee out of nowhere
Then he figured out you can feel each other’s pain (minimized though)
It made sense because he gets random marks in places that don’t make sense for a volleyball player.
like his back, neck, ankles, etc.
He felt bad because of how often he goes hard at volleyball
He can imagine you’re pretty upset with having bruises all over your body
But he also wonders why he feels scratches all over every now and then
You’re just calmly walking through the streets of Osaka taking your pet to the vet. He was in a little crate while he whined to be let out. You rolled your eyes and entered the building. He was always a bit dramatic.
Kiyoomi was dragged to go to the vet with Atsumu as his dog was having some indigestion and Atsumu cried to Kiyoomi that he needed the emotional support. (Kiyoomi was confused by that because Hinata and Bokuto were also there).
Moreover, he finds himself sitting in the waiting are while Atsumu is inside getting the doctors advice. Then someone walks in, a cat whining and whining, bugging him to no end. He takes his hands away from his face and accidentally hits his funny bone.
He holds it in, but then he sees someone also clutching their arm. “Owe.” They said. Kiyoomi freezes, trying to figure out ways in order to hurt himself so he can just be sure that it’s you.
Although, he didn’t have to do anything, because somehow, your cat opened its crate and started scratching at your hands furiously. Kiyoomi could feel it on his own and walked over to you.
He’s not an animal person, but he picked up the cat off of you and your cat purred and relaxed in his hold. You were shocked and your jaw was basically touching the floor. “So you’re the one who’s been harassing my soulmate.” He says teasingly to the cat.
You die inside because holy fuck your soulmate is hot.
“Um, hi.” You smile.
Tumblr media
Iwaizumi Hajime: Hears songs
He is so tired from you having the cha cha slide stuck in your head
who listens to cha cha slide ????
He wants to get back at you so he listens to the loudest song he can find just to annoy you
You pick up on what he’s doing so you do the same.
the two of you in an all out war of annoying songs
This started two months ago
you’re not sure how much more each of you can take
but you’ll be damned if you give in first
he’s also not backing down
and he doesn’t even know who you are
You were in your math class when Rock You Like a Hurricane pounds in your head. You’re sure once you meet your soulmate you’re going to scream in his face for 2 hours so he’d understand.
At least the songs you annoyed him with were funny and cute. Your head is pounding and you’re sure its gonna explode, until you’re blessed and the music stops.
The ace of the volleyball team sits next to you that day because there were no other seats left and your math teacher lets you change your seat everyday. He plugs in his head phones and you watch him put on Silvertongue.
You admit its a good song, you really can’t go wrong with Young the-
And then you hear it in your head. Oh he was going to be in for it.
Iwaizumi, completely unaware that his soulmate is sitting right next to him, enjoys the song. He decided to give you a break and listen to something you may like, although he doesn’t know because the two of you have been trolling each other.
Out of nowhere he starts hearing double music. They’re both the same song though. Before he can think much of it you’re tapping his shoulder, holding up your phone showing him the exact song you’re playing.
“You absolutely suck, Iwaizumi Hajime. Screw your music.” You tell him off.
“Y/n, who the fuck listens to the Dora musical?”
You point a finger at him. “Hey! I needed that to pass my Spanish cl-”
“Hajime and y/n, if you would like to continue this conversation on my time, may I suggest visiting your guidance counselors.” Your math teacher interrupts.
You mutter under your breath, “It’s your fault.”
Iwaizumi rolls his eyes on his way out with you, he’s just happy that he finally found you.
Tumblr media
Miya Osamu: taste
you definitely had a sweet tooth
it countered his own saltier taste
he didn’t hate it, but it was always sweet.
sometimes it’d be a macaroon that he likes
other times its the sweetest cheescake you could find.
to counter the taste, he would make pretty salty meals that you would often feel to be over salted
it’s really just to counter the sweetness overload in his mouth
he visits desert bars often to see if you’re there
You were stuck doing a cooking project with Miya Atsumu of all people, instead of his brother who you were sure you could get an easy A with. Atsumu was nice, so you thought that maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to work with him.
“We can go back to my place, and maybe I can beg ‘Samu to help us.” Atsumu says.
You smile. “Are you doubting my cooking skills Atsumu?”
He shakes his head. “No! I just wanna get this done quick.”
“We’re not gonna bug your brother, he’s got his own project.” You leave class and finish out the rest of your day.
Afterwards, you go to meet Atsumu at the front of the school so the two of you could walk back to his house together. To your surprise, Osamu is also there with Suna. “Hi y/n!” Atsumu waves you down and you wave back.
You greet the twins and Suna and start your walk. Atsumu is asking what kind of meal you two should cook and you reply with a couple of easy dishes. You guys stop by a little food market to buy snacks.
You grab a pack of skittles, the sour and the regular one and pay for them. You begin to eat the regular skittles when you hear a noise. “Gah.” You round the corner of an aisle and see Osamu with an upset look.
“Is it your soulmate again?” Suna asks.
Osamu shakes his head. “Yea she’s eating goddamn skittles.” Your eyes widen and he makes eye contact with you, seeing the skittles in your hands. You open the sour skittles and pop one in your mouth. Osamu recoils from the taste. “Hey! Quit that!” He says walking towards you with a smile on your faces. “I guess I can help you two with yer project.”
“I think I’ll be just fine with that.” You wink at your soulmate who just chuckles.
Tumblr media
Akashi Keiji- color
He wonders what a lot of things look like in color
he’s read up on a lot of colors, but it’s hard to really know when they all just look like shades of grey.
he knows you go to school with him
every time you’re somewhat nearby, he gets the faintest of color in his vision
he assumes that you know that too
he tries to find you all around the school, but he hasn’t really succeeded
and it’s getting really annoying having you right under his nose.
He was practice, they had Nationals coming up, the last one he would play with Bokuto so they had to be at their very best in order to make it a great send off.
Of course the goal is to win, but Bokuto just wants to have fun with his team for the last time. Akashi has to gather the team around for the coach to comment on a couple things they need to work on. Especially Akashi and everyone else.
He was an important aspect of the game, and they needed him to be at his very best, so he would. Bokuto was excited telling Akashi how cool he is. “Wow, I wish I could be as cool as Akashi!” He exclaimed.
The gym doors open and the boys turn to see you there with a notebook and sweatshirt in hand. You smile and wave timidly. “Hi, um Bokuto forgot this in our ceramics class.”
Bokuto runs over to you and takes them off your hands. “Thank you so much y/n!” He puts them on the bleachers and brings you towards the team. “Guys, this is y/n, she’s my ceramics partner.” He boasts.
You bow to them and you lock eyes with Akashi. The two of you are struck with a multitude of colors. Everything’s so bright that you two cover your eyes and sit on the ground groaning. The team is all shocked considering how long Akashi has been wanting to find you.
When you two have finally recovered you shake his hand, both of you blinking rapidly, getting used to your new view. “Hi,” you say.
“Hello y/n.” He smiles, and he doesn’t have to introduce himself because of course you know Akashi, Bokuto talks about him all the time.
“Wow Akashi! You’ve got such a pretty soulmate.” Konoha teases.
Akashi just nods. “Yea, I do.” You blush, still holding onto his hand.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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the cannibal - miya osamu
Tumblr media
pairing: miya osamu x reader
warnings: 18+, slight DC, implied pseudo-cannibalism, oral sex, cunnilingus, marking, food kink, food play, oral fixation, spitting, spit kink, table sex, light choking, light degradation, implied/referenced character death, porn making/videos
w/c: 6K
a/n: welcome to chapter 2 of thirteen nights of whorror! please read the tags before proceeding - if you think i am missing anything let me know and i'll fix it. this chapter is inspired by the character hannibal lector. enjoy!
- ao3 link -
Thirteen Nights of Whorror MASTERLIST
Tumblr media
The moan you make is obscene, long and drawn out as your eyes close in bliss, but you can’t help it.
Sure, it may not be proper dinnertime etiquette to sound like a wanton whore, but Osamu doesn’t seem to mind as he grins widely across the table at you, drink in hand and eagerly awaiting your opinion on his supposedly famous filet mignon. As soon as the steak hits your tongue it bursts with flavour, a dance of delightful herbs and spices on your tongue and all washed down with the perfect glass of red wine. So classy.
If Osamu had told you much earlier how good of a chef he really was, you would have skipped all those cautious first dates and ran straight to his house. How you even lasted these past few weeks with this meal of a man without getting up to anything more than heavy petting and drunken kisses is beyond you. In fact, that sort of patience should be rewarded because you’ve been wanting to jump his bones since that night he chatted you up at the bar.
Yet your gut told you to wait it out, take your time getting to know him and form a relationship that wasn’t just a single night of meaningless sex, and you’d give your past self a high five if you could because you were absolutely right for doing so – Miya Osamu is endlessly charming, sharp as a tack and oozing with the sex appeal of a successful entrepreneur who has more than earned his cash, and you’re more than ready to eat your dessert and let him have you any way he likes.
“Oh…my… gosh,” you speak rather embarrassingly with a mouthful of food, but Osamu only laughs. “This is… bloody fantastic! This is the best steak I think I’ve ever had in my life! The flavours, the texture- it’s incredible!”
The chef lets out a bashful laugh, hiding his gorgeous smile behind his glass of wine. He is the very image of modest – small but breath-taking smile, cheeks dusted pink because of your praise, shrugging off your words like he doesn’t deserve them.
“Thanks,” he responds, and his low voice is the cherry on top of all of this. “Glad ya like it.”
“’Like it?’ I love it! I can understand why you’ve been dying to cook a meal for me instead of going to a restaurant! I would have come a lot sooner if I knew you could cook like this.”
At that, he snorts good naturedly, and takes a gulp of wine before speaking.
“Well, I tried askin’ but you wanted to take yer time with the whole datin’ thing. Which is fine,” he adds quickly when he spies your shoulders drooping at what you thought was a snide remark. “I was jus’ impatient. I really like ya, and I…I wanted to cook ya a meal from home.”
That’s just about strong enough to melt you right on the spot. Your heart beats erratically inside your rib cage, threatening to break free from your skin and land in Osamu’s lap when he smiles at you so sweetly – hooded, but bright eyes, a gentle curl to his lips. If you had went to school with him, you have no doubt he would’ve been your school crush.
You shove another forkful of delicious food into your mouth, chewing thoughtfully as an excuse to buy you some time and rein in your wild emotions because you are seconds away from jumping into his lap.
And judging by the dark and inviting look he’s had plastered on his face for the entire evening he wouldn’t stop you if you tried. It sends sparks straight to your groin, and your thighs rub together subconsciously at the thought.
“I would have thought with your busy schedule as a psychiatrist you’d have loved the opportunity to go out,” is what you settle on saying after swallowing another mouthful. Osamu shrugs and pops some food into his mouth.
“I don’t mind either way. But I think cookin’ for someone is a good way to impress somebody ya like, y’know?”
Your cheeks flare with heat at his words. Dark eyes stare at you as he chews methodically.
“Well – consider me impressed, Miya. Where did you learn to cook like that?”
“I loved watchin’ my mother work in the kitchen when I was younger. I used to help her cook the dinners and make lunches for my brother and I. Guess I picked it up from her. Her food was always the best,” he cuts another chunk of his steak. You spot rivulets of bloody juices streaking on the white ceramic of his plate, and watch as he coats his pink piece of steak with a generous dollop. He smiles when he notices you staring.
“I like my meat rare.”
“To each their own. I prefer mine a little more cooked,” you laugh. Osamu holds his smile in response, and you can’t discern the meaning of it. It seems as though Miya Osamu has a million different smiles, and you’re determined to know each one.
“That’s fair. I jus’ think there’s some sorta beauty in raw, bloody steak. Tastes nice ‘n pure,” he pauses as a sinfully perfect demure sort of look crosses his face, and it hooks you in. “Forgive me if this is too early to say but…I often wondered how you’d taste.”
You nearly choke on your wine as your body flushes with heat and your core begins to pulse in excitement. You can’t make sense of this man – he’s both a calming ocean and the unknown storm laying just beyond it. He keeps you on your toes, leaves you wanting more.
And the bulge you spotted in his slacks tonight definitely has you craving more of Miya Osamu.
“P-Play your cards right and maybe you will,” you stutter out in a faux show of confidence, and secretly hope Osamu will just finish eating and whisk you away to bed. Your legs are already spread for him as it is.
To distract yourself from his less than subtle comments, you gaze about the collection of artefacts in his dining room. Pictures of his family - a blonde version of him that must be his twin - some artsy statues. Normal things, for a wonderfully normal guy. Not like the asshole that was your ex. You get the feeling that Osamu wouldn’t take your money and run out on you like he did.
One thing in particular, poised haphazardly on a shelf, takes your interest.
“What kind of mask is that?”
A strange shape and colour, seemingly crafted to only fit the lower half of a person's face with a small opening for the mouth, grated lines just about able to let a person breathe.
Osamu pauses before taking a sip of his wine and follows your line of sight. He snorts. “’S a muzzle.”
You blink. “A muzzle?”
“Yeah. It…it wasn’t meant to be down here. A friend took it outta my bedroom closet as a joke the other night ‘n I forgot to put it back.”
He almost looks bashful as he says it. Almost. But the way his hooded eyes keep flickering in your direction means he’s looking for some sort of reaction. Once a psychiatrist, always a psychiatrist you suppose.
“Why would you keep a muzzle in your closet?”
“Well, why would anyone keep a muzzle in their closet?”
“You mean to tell me you actually wear it?”
“Only if asked,” he answers slyly. “But usually, I prefer to put it on someone else.”
You’re about to ask what the hell he means when his small smirk causes realisation to hit in. Oh, he uses it during sex you think rather stupidly to yourself as your mouth falls open in surprise.
And for as odd as it seems, for as out of your comfort zone it is, the thoughts of Osamu putting this on you as he has his wicked way with you, or even wearing it himself as he opens himself up to be at your complete mercy has your underwear soaking wet as if Niagara Falls just appeared between your legs.
You’re antsy, you’re blushing, and Osamu won’t stop fucking smirking at you, enjoying your reaction a little too much.
“We don’t have to go there tonight,” he says eventually after watching you squirm and rub your thighs together while downing the last of your wine. God, this man is too much. He’s going to be the death of you.
You pop open a button on your blouse to cool yourself down. The grey-haired man in front of you licks his lips at the sight of your exposed flesh.
“Implying you want something to happen tonight?” you murmur shyly.
At that, Osamu chuckles; a deep, rumbling sound emitting from his chest and making you shiver with delight.
“I’ve been tryin’ to let ya know for weeks now how much I wanna fuck ya. I guess bein’ direct is the only option left.”
The room is silent as you process his words while he simply smiles at you, as though he hadn’t said anything incriminating at all.
“Uhm...ok,” you say lamely and mentally curse yourself for not saying something sexier. He raises a brow.
“Yeah. I… I w-want you to fuck me.”
It’s about as eloquent a verbal affirmation that you can muster in your shocked and flustered state, but Osamu doesn’t mind. Instead, his smile grew even wider, and his eyes darkened with lust. His index and middle finger swipe up the remainder of his steak's red juices, and those thick fingers are held out in front of your face.
“One last taste, then?”
You hesitate for only a moment before wrapping your lips around his fingers and sucking in a way you hope is turning him on. His white teeth bite down on plush pink lips, and you stop yourself from moaning around the digits that poke and prod your tongue and spread the delicious flavour of his bloodied steak around your mouth.
His fingers leave your mouth with a ‘pop!’ sound, and with quick and precise movements the plates, glasses and cutlery are shoved down to the other side of the long dining table. You barely have time to register the space cleared on the table before he comes around to where you sit and lifts you onto the dark mahogany table with ease to stand between your open legs.
Your skirt strains from where your legs are trying to spread wider, and Osamu addresses the problem by rolling the fabric up your thighs, bunching it just below your ass and exposing your panties a little bit.
He stares at the lacy red fabric of your underwear with a quiet smirk for a moment before those dark eyes meet yours again. His fingers tickle the skin of your bare thighs, making your eyelids flutter.
“Can I kiss ya?” he whispers, and it almost seems like a stupid question to ask because you’re already nodding frantically before he can even finish, winding your arms around his neck and pulling him in for a kiss.
He breathes in your sigh as your lips make contact, kissing you in a carnal mess of teeth and tongue as the fingers on your thighs grip your flesh tightly. You whimper into his mouth as he sucks on your tongue, massaging the muscle with his own sensuously as he angles his head and presses you further onto the table with his body.
When your fingers thread through his ashy locks and tug, his teeth bite down lightly on your tongue with a groan, the sound vibrating through your body from where his chest presses to yours. As he pulls back with a chest heaving for air he wastes no time in diving into the crook of your neck, licking a path up and down your skin to taste the saltiness of your flesh.
Your moan of pleasure is cut off with a gasp of pain when he bites down hard.
Pulling back with wide eyes you crane your neck to see droplets of blood spilling from a bite mark on your shoulder. “O-Osamu!”
“I’m sorry, baby,” he coos in apology, but the ravenous smile on his face says he isn’t sorry in the least. He leans down again and runs his tongue over your wound, lapping up the blood like a hound and humming in pleasure. It stings a bit, especially with the way the tip of his tongue tries to worm its way into the little incisions made, but the fingers that creep inwards and start to play with your drenched underwear are enough of a distraction from the oddity of his actions.
Hips grind upwards in search of more friction, and he rewards you with fingers pulling your ruined panties to the side to run thick, calloused fingers over your sopping wet folds while he continues to nip, suck and lick little marks and bruises into your skin, albeit a lot lighter this time and more careful with his teeth.
“Mmm, such a needy bitch, aren’t ya,” he hums in approval when he feels how wet you are, hears your broken mewls and pleas for more. His fingers graze your clit, and the keening moan you let out is equally as loud as the one you gave earlier. It throbs and begs to be touched, but Osamu seems to enjoy your desperate cries. “You want t’fuck me as bad as I wanted ya?”
“Fuck yes, Osamu,” you whimper when he delivers a bite to your collarbone, soothing it with his tongue just like all the others. “I want you so fucking bad, please!”
He pulls back and looks down at you with a feral grin that contradicts his lidded and sleepy looking eyes. It sends waves of heat through your veins, and tingles deep in your gut. His fingers leave your folds, and you bite your lip to stop from crying out in disappointment.
“Ya want my cock? Want me to fuck ya hard, make ya scream my name?”
Hands rip open your blouse abruptly, and buttons go flying everywhere like droplets of rain from the sky. You give a surprised shriek, mourning the loss of the shirt you just bought for your date tonight, but your bra is quick to join the discarded material of your top sadly on the floor. You elect to keep quiet about Osamu ruining your clothes when broad hands cup your tits to tweak and toy at your puckered nipples.
He tugs, rubs, and squeezes your buds, and licks a stripe up between the valley of your breasts, kissing his way up your chest to reach your mouth again and invade your senses with that skilful tongue of his once more.
Your hands move from his hair to his own dress shirt, but you don’t quite have the strength or patience to rip it open like he did with yours. Instead, he gives you space as he steps back to pull it over his head and throw it somewhere behind him.
He’s big, a broad chest and thick muscles cruelly hidden behind designer shirts and suit jackets. Quite frankly, you think his dress code should involve a lot less shirts and pants, but the greedy side of you is screaming in delight that only you might get to see his naked form from now on.
Your hands feel small as they explore the expanse of his torso, as they squeeze his pecs and nails scrape over his nipples. He gives a slight shudder when you do it, so you do it again and drink up every groan he’s gifting you. You move to kiss and bite at his own skin, to return in kind what he’s done to you and paint his skin in beautiful shades of purple, but he pushes you back as soon as he feels the graze of your teeth on his body.
“No, baby. I’m the one that wants to mark ya up - so you can show everyone what kinda slut ya are. I’m the only one that gets to taste ya.”
Osamu’s words make you shiver in pleasure, and your mouth pulls into a grin to match his own. Your skirt is the next item of clothing to join the pile of fabrics on the floor, quickly followed by your red laced panties that he takes a second to admire before pocketing them in his pants, much to your humiliation.
“Oh!” you squeal in surprise when he pulls you closer to the edge of the table, your legs hanging precariously off the edge and struggling to find purchase.
Osamu bends down and oh so generously offers your legs a place to rest on his shoulders as he lines his face up directly in front of your sex. You’re close to covering your face in embarrassment when he leans in with eyes closed and inhales deeply, smelling the musk of your juices and giving an animalistic groan of satisfaction, of pure pleasure, of hunger.
It’s hard to think when his grey eyes peek up at you from between your legs, when his nose brushes against your mound, when the heat of his breath touches your soaked pussy with each exhale, when his entire aura just vibrates with the feeling that he just wants to devour you, and it makes you even wetter and clench pathetically around nothing.
“I could just eat ya up,” Osamu grins, before the flat of his tongue licks from bottom all the way to the top of your folds to touch your clit.
You wail out in pleasure as he repeats the motion with his eyes rolling into the back of his skull at the taste, eager to lap up your juices and not waste a single drop. His movements are fast and animalistic, and you can’t stop the twitching of your hips as you buck into his awaiting mouth in search of the feeling of his tongue flicking against your bud.
“Fuck Osamu! Oh god, oh fuck that feels so fucking good-“
He’s like a hungry bloodhound the way he licks away at your pussy, slobbering into your folds and grunting and making one big wet mess down below. His tongue teases your entrance, and you whine his name, moving your hands to weave fingers into his hair and grip on.
“Yer cunt is so yummy, baby - I jus’ wanna ruin ya,” his voice sounds muffled and you almost miss it with all the moaning you’re doing. His words are so different from the collected and reserved Osamu you were just talking to earlier – like he’s lost control, like the beast that he keeps hidden inside is edging his way out. “Mmm this pretty lil hole is all mine.”
Your scream is loud and lewd when he finally pushes in, and his wet muscle thrusts carefully in and out of your fleshy walls and wiggles its way around like it is trying to reach the deepest parts of you. It feels fucking unbelievable and makes your back arch so you can shove your pussy even further into his face, thighs clenching around his head and holding him in place.
A pair of hands grab onto your hips to keep your wild movements to a minimum, but it’s difficult to keep still when that damned tongue of his is alternating between thrusting into your hole and moving upwards to flick over your sensitive bud. A light sheen of sweat starts to coat your body as you feel a heat begin to build in your gut - the tell-tale sign of your orgasm rising with each stroke of this tongue on your folds.
Osamu burrows deeper into the heat of your sex, and when he shakes his face side to side with his tongue moving wildly around your pussy you scream to the ceiling in ecstasy, nearly blinded by the bright, expensive light hanging above the both of you.
Moans and yelps are unstoppable as you approach your peak, feeling the heat in your gut bubbling and building, higher and higher and higher with each brush to your clit, until-
“Fuckin’ cum for me, slut. Scream my name.”
And so you do.
His name is broken as it spills from your lips in babbles as you fall over the edge and cum, gushing all over his face while he continues to drink your essence, slurping and humming appreciatively as you grind on his face. Every brush of his nose to your clit makes you twitch with the beginnings of overstimulation, and it isn’t until you continuously push at his face does he finally let up.
When he moves to sit back you gasp as a rush of cold air hits your soaking pussy, a mixture of your slick and his spit covering the entirety of your privates. That was one thing you noticed about his house – it’s cold. Colder than a house as expensive as this should be. But you think nothing of it right now, instead sighing as the cool air starts to bring you back down to reality from your high.
Osamu leans over your quivering form and it’s only then do you realise how messy he looks – cheeks flushed, hair tousled and out of place, and the lower half of his face shining bright with a lewd mixture of your cum and his saliva.
But you accept the rough kiss he plants on your lips, tasting your essence on his lips and tongue as he makes your savour the taste.
“You taste amazin’, darlin’,” he rasps, licking off what he can from his face and gathering up what he can’t with his fingers, moving to hold open your mouth with his free hand. You’re unprepared for the harsh and quick way he spits into your awaiting mouth, still dazed from your earth-shattering orgasm only minutes ago, and the glob of spit sits on your tongue, threatening to trickle backwards and down your throat. His slick coated fingers come next, placing themselves in your mouth, directly on your tongue, and it’s only then does he close your mouth. “Suck. You deserve a taste too.”
You try your best to swirl your tongue around his digits, to bob your head and suck his fingers off as pornographically as possible, even better than earlier. But his fingers shift, moving from holding down your tongue to rubbing the pads over your gums, your teeth, the inside of your cheeks. It feels strange, invasive almost, but it seems to turn him on, given that he’s starting to rut against the table for friction.
His bulge feels fucking huge when you grasp it to help him, and it makes your cunt feel achingly empty, begging to be stretched open by what feels like probably the biggest dick you’ll have in your life. Osamu sighs in pleasure and bucks into your hand before removing his fingers.
“Shit that feels good,” he sighs.
“Fucking me will feel even better,” is your bold response. He smirks, and the hand that wraps itself lightly around your throat makes your breath hitch in your chest.
“Once you get a taste of my dick, there’s no goin’ back. This’ll be the end for ya,” he says cryptically, but it only sends tremors of excitement through you.
“I just want your cock so bad, daddy.”
He raises his brow at the usage of the word ‘daddy’, no doubt analysing the potential causes for this kink, but you tug his face towards your neck to avoid whatever comment he’ll make. Teeth once again mark up your neck, nibble on your earlobes, while you give a sigh of contentment and rub his dick through his pants. The quiet groans floating in the air is like music to your ears.
Osamu allows you to unbutton his slacks, helps you shimmy them down his thighs and free him from the confines of his boxers - and you were right. His cock is huge, and thick, and veiny, and enough to put your biggest dildo to shame. Warm to touch, both of your hands wrap around it and start to pump him, using the precum spilling from the tip as lube.
It’s quite a sight to see Osamu’s shoulder slump as he lifts his head to the heavens, as his hips softly grind into your hands, to hear the muted sigh through his nose as you play with his balls.
But before you can even think about leaning down to close your mouth around him he’s pushing you back to lie down on the table, taking his cock in his fist and lining it up with your entrance.
“W-Wait,” you stutter when you feel the fat head of his member pressing against your hole. “What about protection-“
“’S fine,” he says rather impatiently, and you suppose it is. You’re too far drowning in lust to argue with him as you spread your legs wider for him, as he uses his hands to pin your thighs to the hard table underneath you.
And in one smooth and wet thrust he enters your cunt, with your whimper falling in time with his sigh. He’s big, and you feel like maybe he should have prepared you a little bit and used his fingers first, but Osamu has already started pumping in and out of you regardless of whether you feel discomfort. Any bit of pain you had soon turns to pleasure, however, as he fills you up so fucking perfectly.
“I knew you were a whore,” he grits his teeth. “Knew ya wanted my cock since day one. Did you touch yerself thinkin’ about me?”
“Yes, fuck. Every night-“
“Mmm, stuff yerself with those pretty fingers? Naughty girl.”
His hips snap into yours as he tries to get deeper, and you’re almost certain he’s going to hit your cervix if he continues hammering into you like this. You cry out in ecstasy when Osamu’s abdomen rubs against your already sensitive nub when he leans down, nails raking down his back uncontrollably while he hisses in pleasure in your ear.
“S-Shit, that feels good. Yer cunt feels nice and tight, jus’ for me- you didn’t let any other man touch you, did ya?”
You shake your head frantically, unable to say anything as his thrusts pick up speed. The hands on your thighs grow tighter.
“Good, can’t have yer body ruined. I need it perfect, need… the meat…”
You don’t bother asking what he means as you feel a second orgasm creeping up on you, his fat balls slapping against your ass so loudly over the random music playlist playing faintly in the dining room, lost to the moaning and sounds of crude sex.
Osamu eyes the other half of the table, and lets go of a thigh to reach above your head, where the sound of a plate dragging against the table catches your attention.
“Ya still hungry, baby?”
Osame grabs a piece of leftover meat off the plate, and holds it right in front of your lips with a smile. The juices drip down onto your lips, and without much thought you open up to accept the food, finding this weird food kink of his to be arousing in this moment. Maybe next time he’ll pour chocolate sauce on you and lick it up.
You do your best to chew and swallow the meat that he presses on your tongue with his thumb, but with his cock plunging into your tight hole makes it hard to do so, half afraid you’ll start choking to death. All you know is the heated look he gives you, the excitement in his eyes that has you clenching hard around him as your orgasm takes both of you by surprise.
“Fuck, yer so tight- I’m-“
His thrusts are erratic as he rails you. The table is shaking, your body feels like it’s on fire as your orgasm washes through you, and you close your eyes to the feeling of Osamu’s lips on yours, his tongue finding half chewed meat and finishing it off in his own mouth. With his body pressed to yours you can feel it when he swallows, can feel how his whole body tremors with delight.
In your dazed state, he roughly manoeuvres your legs as if you weighed no more than a doll, pinning your legs by your chest and seeking out his own release. You just about muster up enough energy to babble mindlessly in his ear like a siren, fingers threading through his hair and holding him close.
“Cum, want your cum so bad, please please please fill me up, I want it, cum in me-“
Osamu groans out your name loudly as he meets his own peak. Your cunt squeezes his shaft like a vice as he shoots his load into your walls, warm and filling you up with his seed as you milk him through it. He ruts limply into you as he comes down from his high, both of your chests heaving for much needed oxygen, rubbing his hair and back subconsciously.
You lay there for a few minutes gathering your thoughts after one of the best fucks of your life, feeling the blissful come down of your orgasm like a warm blanket during a winter storm, the wonderful weighted heat of his body on yours, the drip of his seed where it spills past his shaft and onto the table.
“That was…” you can’t even finish, breaking out into happy laughter and holding Osamu close. You feel tired in the best way, but you know you’ll need to wash the sweat and cum off of your body before leaving this house.
And almost like he read your thoughts, Osamu raises his head to flash you a lazy smile, and a peck to your lips.
“Want me to carry ya to the shower?”
“Please,” you giggle.
You giggle some more when he lifts you off the table and up the stairs to his ensuite, peppering kisses all over his face and neck in beautiful post-coitus bliss, but Osamu is too focused on bringing you upstairs, it seems, to reciprocate them. That’s fine, there’ll be plenty more kisses later, you think, as the warm spray of water hits you and Osamu leaves the bathroom for a minute with a barely there smile.
The water feels perfect on your skin, soothes the bruises painted on your body like art. The click of the door alerts you to Osamu’s presence again, and you’re about to ask if he wants to go for round two when you stop short to take him in.
Your smile drops in confusion as you stare at Osamu. He’s wearing a strange pair of clinical looking overalls like some sort of worker in a powerplant, and he’s holding a giant tub that he places on the ground carefully.
“Osamu…what are you doing? What is that?”
He doesn’t answer. Instead, he lifts something tied to a belt around his waist. It takes you only a second to realise what it is.
A hatchet.
Your blood runs cold despite the warm stream of water falling over you.
“O-Osamu, please- tell me what’s going on. Why do you have a h-hatchet?”
You attempt to leave the shower, but Osamu stands in your way, and you jerk backwards until your back hits the white tiled wall of the shower.
“This isn’t funny! I’m…I’m scared, Osamu. Please- tell me what’s going on!” Your voice is shaking, your eyes begin to burn with an onset of tears, and the confusion and fear you feel is so overwhelming it threatens to put you in a chokehold, especially since Osamu’s face has lost all traces of warmth and is replaced by a cold, calculating look.
You wonder if this is how he looks to his patients.
He sighs sympathetically, but it sounds fake,
“I hate to do this. I really do. You were such a good girl for me, one of the best. But you jus’ tasted too good. It’d be a sin to waste such good meat.”
“M-Meat? What the fuck? I want to get out of here- let me through-“
This time, Osamu backs you into the corner, and looms over your shaking body with the hatchet gripped tightly in his hand. Your heart plummets to your feet, and the frightened tears fall freely now.
“I wanna taste ya again. There’s a new curry I’ve been meaning to make. I think you’d be perfect for it.”
You’re going to be sick. Your legs are too weak to lift your body and run when he lifts his weapon. You mentally scream and beg for them to move, to do anything, but you fall back to the shower floor like Bambi on his newborn legs.
You’re just the deer caught in the hunters’ trap now.
“Now just stay still. This’ll be all over in a second.”
Miya Osamu smiles, but the shadows reveal it for the wicked nature it truly holds.
“And then I can have ya to myself all over again.”
“Osamu! Stop eating all the fucking food!”
“But ’s in the script!”
You bury your face in your hands and let out a long weary groan.
It’s only the fourth take and his plate is already nearly cleared of food. Again. That’s twice you’ve had to refill it! But he can’t seem to hold his hand away from his fork as he toys with another loose vegetable sitting on his plate and avoids making eye contact with you. He falters from lifting that piece of carrot to his mouth when you send him the coldest look you can muster.
“I know, but you’re only supposed to take small bites – or even fake ones! I’m gonna run out of food to put on the plates and the continuity in my shots will be messed up.”
“…that sounds like a problem for you, the director, ‘n not me, the actor .”
“I’m going to kill you. You’re unbelievable”
He sets his fork down with an exaggerated sigh and reaches out to hold your hand. Despite your ire with him, you allow him to link fingers anyway. Osamu rubs his thumb over the back of your hand, and the motion is enough to soothe you momentarily.
“Look,” he starts, and stares directly into your eyes with sincerity. “I’ll buy more food to use for yer film if I end up eatin’ it all. I promise. Hell, I’ll even make some burgers or somethin’ for you and the crew after we’re done today to say sorry. You jus’ did a great job with cookin’ it – I can’t stop myself. It’s amazin’.”
You level him with a dull stare. Osamu bites the inside of his cheek in contemplation.
“I’ll throw in dessert too.”
You sigh through your nose. You want to be annoyed, and you are, but you know it’s mainly just stress and deadlines getting the better of your nerves. Osamu can sense that.
So you just grumble out a small “ok, thanks” in response, yet it’s enough to have him grinning again.
Osamu presses a kiss to the back of your hand and your face burns, grows hotter still with the smirk he sends you after seeing your reaction.
“Ok, I’m ready for another take,” you breathe. “ Don’t eat all the food this time. Please.”
“I promised, didn’t I? But ya need to make it for me some other time. Like… like on a date.”
What is this? Miya Osamu being bashful? Miya Osamu is asking you out on a date?
“U-Uhm…I mean…I guess I could make it for you next weekend when I’m free. If- If you want-”
Your heart gives a leap at the fond smile Osamu wears just as the lights turn on again and the clapper board is positioned. Time to get back in character.
“Sounds like a plan. I’ll bring that dessert. Somethin’ nice for you to suck on.”
“Wow, flirting on a porn set, who would have- put down that fork!”
“I need it for the scene that you wrote!”
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lostinwildflowers · 13 hours ago
Sakusa doesn't like to go out, that much is obvious. He likes to stay home with you, where he can wrap you up in his arms, never wanting to let you go. In those moments, tell him how much you love him, how much you need him. He'll know how loved he is.
Atsumu is a different case, he likes to go out to party, he's lively and rambunctious, especially with his friends. But with you, he tones himself back a bit. Not as many drinks, not as many rounds of beer pong. He wants to remember these nights with you.
Osamu usually is at work and is exhausted when he comes home. He smells of a kitchen and is usually covered in flour, rice, and some brown stain. You can see the exhaustion on his face, so pull him into a hug and tell him he's worth it, and you appreciate all of his hard work.
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sugawarassoulmate · 2 days ago
ok ok i have a question! what’s bully osamu’s aftercare like
oooh good question
Tumblr media
i guess it all depends on his mood, yeah?
we have to remember osamu is a demon ok? when he's in a bad mood, don't expect much LOL
he'll probably shove you away from him after cumming in you, telling you to clean yourself up, not even bothering to at least throw a towel at you. it's pretty rare that he gets that mean. you must have done something bad to piss him off that much
(he'll probably feel bad about it the next day and make you something to eat bc he doesn't know how to apologize 🥴)
if he's not feeling so ~dramatic~ i'd say his aftercare is pretty standard: he'd clean you up if he came on you and offer to take a shower (cause he kinda wants a round two but mostly to get both of you clean) i feel osamu gets a lil cuddly after sex so he'll probably want to watch a movie or something but HE gets to choose, not you >:(
during those rare moments when he's feeling ~*soft*~ osamu is treating you like a princess afterward
he's not offering to take a bath, he's taking you to the bath to massage your shoulders and wash your hair
expect praises the entire time because you were "so good" for him :(
he'll dress you in comfy clothes (his shirt) and let you stay in bed while he makes something for you to eat
enjoy him now bc he's gonna be all mean again tomorrow :(
Tumblr media
©sugawarassoulmate 2021 all rights reserved - please do not repost/translate my work on other platforms!
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atsumus-housewife · 22 hours ago
Hi! Congrats of 5k! That's amazing and you deserve every single follower appreciating your writing! (And like, I know you generally write smut, but can I just say that you have some of the absolute sweetest fluffy writing! Makes my happy!) ❤️ For the event, can you do Osamu for the $3 slot? Thank you! ❤️❤️❤️
a/n: Don't you're gonna make me cry! ;;--;; it always is so otherworldly to think people enjoy my writing thank you <33 Osamu will never be fluff so pls enjoy your Osamu smut <3
Tumblr media
A gamble….will it pay off?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
$3 for the rice man and you'am kink with Osamu!
Tumblr media
tags: fem!Reader, ma'am kink, impact play, use of a crop, sex toys, nipple clamps, handcuffs, shoe licking
->Check out the other slot boys and girls <-
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"What's that 'samu?"
"I said yes ma'am."
"Yes ma'am what?"
Osamu felt his cheeks heat up. He couldn't hide it either. All he could do was obey even as he felt his cock twitch against the cool air, "...yes I wanna lick your'am."
You reach behind his head and tap him lightly with the leather head of your crop, "Then do it."
He leaned forward. Careful of the pull on his shoulders from his hands cuffed behind his back. Bent all the way down with his face hovering above the top of your heel. Osamu hesitated for a second.
A second too long. With a quick smack of the crop against his bare ass cheek. It left the prettiest red mark on his pale skin. And drew the lowest moan from his chest.
Osamu quickly leaned down and pressed his tongue to your shoe.
"I said lick it. Not just touch it with your tongue." Another smack on his ass. Osamu swore he could feel his cock twitch when the sting happened.
"Yes ma'am." He quickly rectified his actions by swirling his tongue over the buckle of your pristine heel.
Getting far to into it as Osamu nearly lowered himself completely to the ground. Lost in running his tongue over the smooth black leather of your heel. His ass up in the air. Cock dangling between his legs as he felt desperate for relief.
"Enough." You took your foot from his attention, "Sit back up for me."
"Yes ma'am." He answered automatically.
Back on his knees. Osamu looked up at you with spit covering his lips. And precum drooling down from his slit. The man looked incomplete to you. Until it struck you. There was something you had forgetten.
"How could I almost forget!" You had almost left his poor neglected nipples out of this.
Osamu waited quietly. Not even flinching in fact when you opened the little rubber covered mouths of the clamps. Placing each one slowly onto his nipples. Holding in his moan though at the first one. Just the shooting pain that turned into a pleasurable hum on his nipples made his cock even ache worse.
"Looks like you're gonna cum without being touched." You wrapped the chain of the nipple clamps around your finger. Only tugging enough to watch them pull at him, "Did I say you could cum?"
"N-No ma'am." Osamu stuttered. Best he could to just to keep his moans contained.
Sighing dreamily at his compliance. You pulled him over to your chair. Sitting with your legs spread and drawing Osamu closer. Not to use his tongue though. Not for the convenience of it though.
Set next to the chair was one of the many silicone cocks you enjoyed using. Taking one of the medium sized ones. You hold a steady grip on his nipple clamps while you use the other to rest the dildo between your legs.
All you need to say. Pulling Osamu closer to you he opens his mouth wide. Taking the colorful toy in his mouth. Cheeks hallowed out and grey eyes turned up towards you. He wastes no time bobbing up and down on your toy as if it were a real cock.
Making you smile as you sink back in your chair. Tugging lightly on his nipple clamps to hear him moan. The way his eyes flutter shut and his cock twitches between his legs. A lovely sight. One you intended to have all night until he was broken all over again.
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yatsurinamikaze · 2 days ago
Sombre (1)
//tw: miscarriage, blood, depression, dark stuff.
Tumblr media
You can hear a high-pitched ringing in your ears, very faint, almost like a tea kettle’s whistle- urgent and protesting. Your back is resting against the unsympathetically cold tiles, your legs sprawled on the solid floor beneath you- and yet, it feels like everything is trembling, almost like a quake but not violent enough. You feel yourself losing in the swaying consciousness lulling you slowly into slumber.
The door suddenly opens, the faint light pouring in informs you it’s someone you know. Still, you hear nothing but the ringing. Neither Osamu’s maniacal calls of your name nor the frantic call he makes to the hospital, not even his brazen cries.
Your gaze shifts from the wall in front of you to him as he shakes your shoulders forcefully urging you to stay with him. You part your lips to say something, but the words don’t make it outside. All you hear is the ringing. The constant, high-pitched ringing.
Osamu turns around to turn on the lights, illuminating the whole scene in front of you. You see no colors, well none except one: red. Everything else is just black and white. He grips your shoulders again, nudging you to look up at him. Have his eyes always been this grey? He has beautiful eyes, it would be so easy to lose yourself in them.
Your eyes focus on the shimmer pooling under his eyes and back into the bottomless pupils.
Softly, you speak, “Samu, why’s there so much blood..?”
The last image you see is his eyes screwing shut with streams of tears flowing down his cheeks as everything goes dark.
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crayonwriting · 16 hours ago
Big Tiddie Osamu
"Osamu," your eyebrows twisted in confusion at the sight of your husband and daughter laying on your shared bed, "What are you doing?" Said man had his shirt pulled up to his chin as your daughter lay on his stomach, staring at him. Osamu looked up at you with a lazy smile plastered on his face. "C'mere, babe. Look at this." He ushered you to sit on the bed whilst cooing at your daughter. You sat by his head, leaning against the headboard. Your daughter took no notice of your presence, continuing to stare at Osamu. "Alright, ma 'lil scrub," Osamu told your daughter, "Come to papa." He leaned back a little, and puffed his chest out. Just what the hell was he trying to do? Looking at your daughter, you noticed her gray eyes staring widely at your husband's chest. Her mouth was slightly open as she drooled. "Osamu, are you... trying to breastfeed our daughter?" "She was sucking on ma chest through ma shirt just a few minutes ago." Osamu chuckled. "Just wanted to try something before I come and get ya." The little girl was tentatively prodding at Osamu's nipple, a confused expression on her face. To her it looked a little different than usual but she was hungry and, if her papa wanted to feed her, she'll take it. "C'mon, eat up." Osamu squeezed at his chest, urging his child even more. You kept your mouth sealed, holding in your laughter at the anticipation of what's about to happen. Slowly your daughter leaned down—her little tongue poking out of her mouth—and latched on to Osamu's tit. You bursted out laughing especially when your daughter immediately pulled back with a sour face. "Osamu!" Your husband laughed along with you. Your daughter finally looked up at you and immediately crawled over. You welcomed her in your arms, giving her chubby cheeks a giggly kiss. "That was awful, huh?" You told her but it seemed that she was distracted—this time, by your own chest—as she pulled the collar of your tank top down.
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samstrugglingwithlife · 16 hours ago
Comforting Their S/O Who Is Burdened With A Ton Of Responsibility
Genre: Comfort
Warning: Nothing really except bad content, absolute dog-shit.
Characters: Osamu, Atsumu, Oikawa
A/N: Oh boy, what do I say? I know I should have done this sooner, it should've been a priority but I procrastinated. I ran out of fuel and sat with my fingers on the keys but nothing to write. It has been so fucking long, and I've always been a shit writer but this is on a whole other level of 'oh baby you need to go back to Creative Writing class'. But this is all I can do rn. Sorry about this and I'll try to get back into the groove of writing and maybe get better. To the anon who sent this request MONTHS ago, I am so sorry, genuinely.
Tumblr media
He’s not any better than his brother in the motivating department but he is an excellent listener. You can rant about your worries and stresses for HOURS and he will listen to every single thing without uttering a single word in between. He even rubs your back comfortingly while you talk.
He’ll ask you if there is any way he can help you out or share the burden, which is sweet.
He’ll either make for you or buy you your comfort food and snacks and drinks and this and that; basically, his way of comforting you is through your stomach, he’ll feed you whatever you want. And tbh, it works, when you’re enjoying food, you won’t think about anything else.
Is he at your doorstep at ass o’clock hour with a bag full of treats? Hell yeah! He’ll deliver the snacks and with a few words of encouragement and affirmations and then be on his way. Free postmates.
All in all, he finds that the best approach is to not say much, not because he is a man of few words, and just to give you comfort and relief by just being there and being attentive. He finds that grand words of motivation are not what you need at that moment but rather someone to rely on and just listen as you talk your heart out.
He tries his best to not give you any trouble because you already have enough stress as it is and he wants to take that away not add on to it. 10/10 Silent therapist.
Tumblr media
He’ll tell you to not be stressed and lo! Suddenly all your stresses and worries are gone. You know annoying ass people who say that stuff? Yeah, I’m sorry baby.
He doesn’t get it, to him the solution is simple, if your responsibility is to be a certain way or to do something, he’ll just tell you to just not do if you can’t.
However, when he sees that you’re stressed and overcome with pressure, he’ll realise that he was being insensitive and try to be more understanding and figure out how to comfort you.
He doesn’t exactly know what to say and often he’ll just sound like a motivational speaker. It’s a bit difficult for him to use his words to comfort you, he doesn’t have any. But dammit, he will try!
However, he cares for you deeply and by God he will offer to take away your burden if he can, or share it at the very least. But obviously, that is not possible so he’ll just distract you from it when you’re not engaged in it.
He’ll teach you volleyball or if you already know how to play, he’ll play with you; he’ll go on a rant about Osamu being a pain in his ass; he’ll even have you bleach his hair; anything to keep your mind of off your overwhelming responsibilities, at least for as long as you’re with him.
He’ll send you those #relatable kinda format motivational or just relatable memes. And strangely enough, they are oddly comforting.
He is a good S/O and cares for you deeply, he may be kinda lost in this area because he doesn’t know what to do or say to make you feel better, but he tries and he genuinely wants to be, and is, there for you. 10/10 for effort
Tumblr media
He gets you, he understands what it feels like to be weighed down by the pressure of having responsibilities. He is the captain of a whole ass volleyball team, plus there is an expectation to be the best at what he does and carry his team through.
He’ll sit with you, listen to you for hours until your heart feels lighter, then he’ll tell you the most encouraging things and not the generic “You can do it!” type stuff either, but something that will truly be a motivation for YOU.
When the deep talk is over, he’ll pull you into his arms and hug you nice and tight. Oikawa will take you out to eat or just hang out so you can forget your worries and stresses for a little while and just relax.
At moments when you’re feeling overwhelmed by the pressure of your responsibilities, his main concern is going to be to distract you and help you relax and then he’ll listen to your frustrations and complaints without any judgement; he’d always tell you that he KNOWS that you can get through this, that you are brave and strong and just overall brilliant for the things that you do.
“….. all in all you’re doing great and just go at it at your own pace, you’re so amazing that you give ME strength, just by looking at you, I feel like I can do it all. My S/O is not a weak bitch and let that be known. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk”.
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kuroosimpurou · 9 hours ago
He Knows
Atsumu x reader, Osamu x reader
SFW but very angst heavy 
Atsumu knew you had a boyfriend. He knew it. He even knew your boyfriend. He’d met you through your boyfriend. Your boyfriend being his twin brother. He knew it was an absolute dick move to fall in love with your brother’s girlfriend. He knew all this. He just couldn’t get his heart to understand it. Not when you and him got along so well. Not whenever he was with you made him feel like he was coming up for air after drowning for so long. Not when you understood him in a way no one ever had, not even his brother your boyfriend. He couldn’t help but dream at night of you being next to him holding him the way he’d always longed to be held. When you hugged him, he got glimpses of how it would feel to be in your arms and how precious it made him feel. You always scratched his back with your nails or gripped the back of his head in a way that melted him. He’d always had to not care what people thought of him. Not because he wanted to but because he had to put volleyball above his feelings. Sure he wanted friends and to be liked as a kid but he’d wanted to be great more than that. So he’d sacrificed. Osamu had always seen through it. Seen his loneliness and tried to drag him out of it. But Osamu had never understood why he shoved people away. You got it. You told him that it was ok to care about his career so much. You admired his passion. But you also called him out on his shit and told him it wasn’t ok to put a sport over people’s feelings. You loved him just the way he was. He’d never felt that before. Osamu loved him despite his perceived flaws but you loved him because of them. The problem was you didn’t love him the way he loved you. 
Atsumu loved you the way he loved winning. He craved your affection more than the applause of a crowd. Atsumu wanted to feel you kiss him and scratch the back of his head the way you did to his brother. He wanted to pull you into his side and squeeze your hip as you rested your head on his shoulder the way Osamu always did whenever you walked into a room. He wanted to be the first one you looked for in a room, not just the person you find after you see Osamu. After every win, he lost himself in the daydream of you waiting for him outside the locker room with the other significant other’s of the team. For those few precious moments in the locker room, he could pretend that behind the door awaited his lover. He could pretend all his hard work at practice had paid off not in the ending of the scoreboard, but in the pride you felt in him. His illusion would shatter as he exited and you weren’t there to jump into his arms and kiss him silly. 
Atsumu may not have you in his life the way he wanted but he would take whatever he could get. He immediately texted you, desperate for any scrap of your attention.
Atsumu: Did you see the game?
Y/N: Of course I did!! You did AMAZING Samu and I are so proud <3
His heart lurched at the instant mention of Osamu. He hated how it could never just be you two when he needed it most. He wanted your attention all too himself. Atsumu didn’t give a fuck if Osamu was proud of him in this moment as he watched his teammates meet their partners and embrace, he wanted you to be proud of him. He knew he had no right to be possessive or jealous but the image you attached of you two on the couch both clad in his jersey brought the little green monster out of him. Seeing you in his jersey never failed to make his stomach flip but the way your legs were draped across Samu’s lap as his hand rested too high up on your thigh made bile rise to his throat. Samu’s hands should be no where near you especially not in such an intimate way. What hurt him the most was how familiar it looked for both of you. Atsumu blinked back tears as he felt the loneliness overwhelm as he walked through the couples around him to reach his car on his own. 
He wanted to reply to you, he didn’t know what to do besides talk to you, but he couldn’t look at that picture again. It was hurting too much. His feelings should never have gotten to this point. He should have squashed this the moment your smile made his heart skip a beat when you first laughed at one of his jokes. He’d asked you where you were hiding Osamu’s real girlfriend because you were much too beautiful to be stuck with his scrub of a brother. You’d thrown your head back and laughed and that was it, his heart was yours. Atsumu swore he felt it fall out of his chest but you’d caught it as you looked at him and told him you didn’t think he meant that because then you’d be too beautiful for him as well. Your banter continued from there. There was never a dull moment when he spoke with you. He’d allowed himself to open up to you on your many dates hangouts without his brother. Who was he kidding, he had no control over what he told you. He could never hide anything from you because he needed you too see every crevice of his personality so you could tell him he was worth something. All the medals and plaques on his walls from volleyball didn’t mean shit to him in comparison to the way you looked at him. You saw him. How could he not fall head over heels for you? 
But with love comes pain and here he was now, in the parking lot of your and Osamu’s shared apartment building. You three had plans for dinner after his big game and he would never cancel on you no matter what the cost to his own wellbeing was. Being with you was like drinking the sweetest nectar as your presence filled him with the love he so desperately needed. But just as too much nectar burned mortals from the inside out, so did the slivers of your love that Atsumu got in those moments slowly destroy him as well. As you open the door and your eyes light up at the sight of him he feels another crack in his misshapen heart form. When your arms surround him, his knees buckled as he was overwhelmed with the feelings he felt for you. He braced one arm on the doorframe and the other wraps around you. He buried his face in your hair. 
“You did so good Atsumu.” You whispered into his ear.
Goosebumps covered his body from your words and breath tickling his neck. The earnestness in your voice as you spoke the words just for him hurt. He wanted to savor the way you sounded so proud of him, but he couldn’t let himself imagine there was any other relationship going on between the two of you because Osamu was staring at him.
Atsumu met his brother’s eyes and felt like he’d just been caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Osamu’s face betrayed that he could tell exactly what Atsumu was feeling, he always could. Osamu had pretended to not notice the feelings his brother had for you, but seeing the way Atsumu was holding onto you for dear life in the doorway of your shared apartment slapped him in the face. 
Osamu wasn’t an idiot. He could read his twin like a book. The longing gazes, the constant texts, and the way he always seemed to calm down whenever you were in the room. It all spelled out one big clear message; Atsumu was in love with his twin brother’s girlfriend. At first, Osamu had just lied to himself that it was a silly crush and he would get over it. No need to embarrass him right? But, as time went on Osamu saw his brother fall in love with you the way he’d never fallen in love before. Atsumu had never been interested in girls really. He’d always complained about wanting a girlfriend but had never found the one. What a fucking joke it was that the one girl Atsumu finally fell for was the same one Osamu already had fallen for. 
Osamu didn’t know what to do. You loved Atsumu so much. You had a horrible relationship with your own family and had clung to Osamu’s. You’d confided in your boyfriend that it was so nice to have a male friend like Atsumu where you could just be yourself without fear of judgement because he was your family. Osamu could never voice his worries to you about his brother’s infatuation and take that away from you. You said you felt like you and Atsumu had a special connection, and it was so nice to have a purely platonic friend. So how could Osamu ever tell you that your bestfriend was really in love with you? It would break your heart. You’d think you did something wrong when the only person who should feel that way was the pisshead himself. 
But Osamu could never really be mad at his brother, not when he saw how just you saying he did good in a game nearly brought him to tears. Osamu saw his brother’s loneliness and the way you cured it for him. He couldn’t blame the guy for falling for you. Hell, he’d fallen for you too. So what was he supposed to do now?
The rest of dinner went by without the twins looking at each other. You noticed the tension and asked Osamu in the kitchen if something had happened. Atsumu was in the living room while you two cleaned up and he could hear your conversation.
“Nothing’s wrong at all. Don’t worry your pretty little head about it baby ok? You know how much I love ya right?” Osamu pulled you into a sweet embrace as he kissed the top of your head. He didn’t what to do but he knew that just for tonight he wouldn’t let you go. 
Atsumu watched you melt into his brother’s arms. He didn’t know how he was going to continue you on having to watch the woman he loves be with another man. Especially when he would never want to take you from that man because at the end of the day, he loved his brother more than he loved you. 
Author’s Note: If you liked this please let me know, there may be a part two. Reblogs and replies are very much appreciated <3
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