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Originally posted by thesewickedhands

It was the day before the Valentine’s Day dance and Elizabeth had no intentions of going so she decided to get a shift at Dwayne’s after school on both days. She caught up with Monse and Cesar to see them heading for the table selling the tickets, but she disregarded that.

“Wassup, homies? Y'all goin’ to the dance?” Elizabeth asked.

“Yup,” Cesar nodded, “aren’t you going?”

Elizabeth snorted, “not a chance, I’d rather get that money so I’m working a shift over at Dwayne’s,”

Jamal and Ruby caught up with the three and the freshmen bought the tickets for themselves as Elizabeth stood at the side, texting Oscar. Her phone started ringing to see it was Oscar so she picked up and put the phone on her ear, “Hey, baby,”

“Oye, what’s this I hear about you not wanting to go to the dance, but to work as well?” Oscar asked as he drove away from the drop off sight.

“I don’t want to go to the dance. The only dance I’m going to is Prom and that’s it,” Elizabeth laughed, “chill, baby. After my shift, we can chill and watch movies, please. Doesn’t that sound better than a stupid dance?”

“Whatever, get your ass to class, nerd,” Oscar chuckled and hung up.

It was after school now, but before she was going to leave for Dwayne’s, Cesar and Monse stopped her so Cesar could ask her a question.

“Hey, hermana. Is it ok if I take Monse back to your place? I promise we won’t do anything more than make out,” Cesar smiled sheepishly.

“Ok. If you do decide to do the icky then you wash your sheets, ok? Ok. My mom is doing a double shift so she’s not going to be home tonight so you’re good,” Elizabeth smiled.

“Thanks,” Cesar did a one-arm hug before walking away with Monse, who smiled in thanks to her best friend.

Elizabeth began her journey to Dwayne’s until an all too familiar car slowed down next to her so she turned and saw Oscar. The girl leaned down to the window and gave him a smile, “what are you doing here? I thought you had business to take care of?”

“Already did it so I can take your sexy ass to work, even though you should spend tomorrow night at that dance, mamita,” Oscar smirked.

Elizabeth rolled her eyes, “whatever. Thanks for the ride, but I decided to walk so either you go away or walk with me,”

“Elizabeth, sit your ass in this car before I make you,” Oscar threatened, causing her to chuckle but still get in the car per request of her stubborn boyfriend, “bueno. Now let’s go to Dwayne’s so you can get me some food and I can watch you work,”

The two pulled up to the barbecue joint and walked in, causing heads to turn and turn back in fear of making eye contact with the leader of the gang. Elizabeth pointed to a table for Oscar and grabbed her shirt from her backpack before throwing her backpack into the storage and going behind the counter ro see Dwayne was standing with his arms crossed and a stern expression.

“Now what were you thinking, working a shift here when you should be spending tomorrow night at that dance?” Dwayne looked at her.

“No, I don’t want to go to that dance. I just want to work, go home, do homework, and just chill with some good barbecue and Netflix tomorrow, Dwayne,” Elizabeth grinned at the man.

Dwayne rolled his eyes, “you should live once in a while, you know that?”

“I am living, Dwayne! I’m livin’ with barbecue, tacos, and Netflix,” Elizabeth grinned before grabbing a pad for Oscar’s order, going over to the table he was sitting before turning and giving Dwayne a thumbs up, “now, for you, what do you want to order?”

“Yeah, let me get a pulled pork sandwich with a side of you,” Oscar smirked at his girlfriend.

“Stupid,” Elizabeth laughed, “no, really, what side do you want?”

“Papas fritas, bebe,”

Elizabeth nodded, glancing at Oscar before walking away to the divider between the kitchen and servers, putting in the order wheel. She moved around effortlessly, making it look easy and with a smile as she greeted customers and got their orders ready. People felt like her presence brought a light that was needed with her smile which often led to big tips, lucky enough. The chefs had made a to-go plate for the new employee with a lot of fries and meat so she smiled at them and gave them each a little bit more of her tip. By the time she was done, Oscar was still sitting in the same booth, but with only a soda and wallet in hand.

Oscar saw her walk out from behind the counter and stood up to drive her home since it was already dark. The two sat in silence with only the music playing softly from the radio, Oscar’s hand on her thigh until Elizabeth spoke up and got a text.

“Hey, can we stop by the bodega for some iced teas or something?” Elizabeth asked before looking down at her phone to see Cesar’s text telling her that he wasn’t going to be home tonight cuz he decided to stay a night at Jamal’s, “my mom isn’t going to be home tonight,”

Oscar pulled up to the bodega and the two got out of the car and into the store. Elizabeth went to the nonalcoholic drink to decide while Oscar grabbed one beer and followed her to give her butt a squeeze. Elizabeth chuckled, turning to point a finger in his face as a gesture to stop it, but it didn’t work as he did it again so, in retaliation, she did it to him causing him to jump. They grabbed snacks to go with the Netflix night they were going to unexpectedly have.

Oscar, of course, paid for their snacks and the two left to go to her place. They went inside and to her room since she had the luxury of a tv in her room. Elizabeth grabbed her small table and set it on top of her legs so she could eat her food. Oscar started scrolling through Netflix and settled on a random movie that looked interesting, so he relaxed into her bed with his shirt off and in only his shorts and socks, stealing a few fries and meat. When they were done with the food, Elizabeth was about to go and throw her food away, but Oscar grabbed it and left the room to throw it away for her. She pulled her phone out and immediately texted Cesar that Oscar was there and to not come back tonight. It was going to be a long night.

It was the night of the dance and Cesar was getting ready, but was struggling with his tie even though it was barely after school. Elizabeth walked into the room and saw Cesar struggling, but she laughed and went up to him, “you need to learn how to tie ties, mano,”

“Oscar always tied ties for me,” Cesar smiled sadly.

Elizabeth lifted his chin, “he may not get it right now, but he will. Just know that he misses you, it wasn’t his choice to kick you out,” Elizabeth did the last loop and let it loosely hang, “I got you, mano. For life, even if Oscar breaks up with me in the future,”

Cesar scoffed, “more like you break up with him. He is super in love with you,”

It has been a few hours since her shift, meaning it was about 8pm and the joint was closing when she got a text from Cesar. She opened the text to read that Cesar needed her so she ran out of the joint and into her house to hear Cesar sobbing in his room so she dropped all of her things and went into his room. The older girl had calmly sat next to the boy that became like a brother to her and wrapped her arms around him as he cried more.

“What happened, mano?” Elizabeth whispered into his ear.

“Monse left to go live with her mom…and we broke up. I-i said something that I shouldn’t have because she said she was going to be with her mom,” Cesar slowly stopped crying.

The two laid down and cuddled, “what did you say?”

“I t-told her that she was her mother’s daughter because she was walking away so she turned and yelled out that we were done,” Cesar said.

“Pobrecito,” Elizabeth cooed, “it was your own damn fault, but it’s ok. You’re going to learn from this and become better,”


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saw oscar today! hes doing so much better, he was purring and rubbing and eating like normal

hoping he can come home on friday ❤️❤️❤️

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Random Fact of the Day no. 17 (RFOTD #17)

For his Oscar-nominated role in “La La Land”, Ryan Gosling spent three months learning to play the piano — so it’s somewhat of a compliment that many people ask if there was a hand double involved. “It’s all Ryan”, says writer-director Damien Chazelle, adding that there was initially going to be someone on deck just in case, but it was never needed.

All his hard work has paid off, earning him his second best actor Oscar nod; he was previously nominated for the 2006 film “Half Nelson”. He also provides vocals on “City of Stars”, which is up for best original song.

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ya está entrando en mí la idea de que vamos a cortar

es inevitable, aún si volvemos y lo intentamos, más pronto que tarde vamos a terminar de nuevo y por siempre

te voy a extrañar tanto, oscar. te voy a extrañar tanto tanto tanto tantísimo

salvaste mi vida al dejarme conocerte; y siempre voy a recordarlo

creo firmemente en que seguiremos siendo amigos, pero nunca más cómo antes; nunca más tan libremente. lo que esto ha hecho es cambiar nuestra dinámica irremediablemente

y voy a extrañarte, y quién sabe si te muestre este post en algún momento; pero necesitaba dejarlo salir, porque con todos siempre voy a estar tranquila, siempre voy a decir que fue una decisión mutua, siempre voy a soltar mi risilla y comentar ‘no funcionó ): pero seguimos siendo compas, todo bien :)’ pero la verdad es que me duele mucho y me va a doler mucho más por un rato

lo peor es que realmente no sé cuánto, no sé qué esperar, es la primera vez que mi corazón se rompe tanto; y malamente no es como había oído, no es que se me rompa en mil pedazos y se me haga añicos… es como si un gran trozo de mi corazón se hubiese descompuesto al mismo tiempo

y me duele mucho, también, pensar en que eres infeliz, y pensar en que no sabes qué es lo que sientes, y pensar en que ya no sientes lo mismo por mí. espero y pienses muy bien las cosas, espero y nunca te arrepientas de haber hecho esto. porque te conozco, y sé que no es algo ligero con lo que cargarás poco tiempo.

te amo, siempre vamos a ser iguales. nunca te he mirado más arriba de tus ojos.


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