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Hey anon! 

Thanks so much for your interest! Oscar Issac is a great FC, and we’d definitely accept him here in general, but I’ll admit I often struggle to know how to answer these because we do tend to focus more on character and bio than we do on FCs. And in terms of wanted connections, our members also tend to think in terms of bios and storylines, and then set out to find an FC to match, as opposed to the other way around. 

Looking through the open masterlist, no one necessarily pops out at me as being an excellent fit for Oscar, but that isn’t to say one doesn’t exist that I’m not seeing off the top of my head (though we do have a lot of POC bios so handling ethnicities can be slightly messy territory where that’s concerned, which is one of the reasons why we tend to think bio first, FC second). 

That said, we’d certainly be open to an OC of Oscar, or if you had any bio ideas you wanted to throw at us, we could discuss something! I think there are still members who have connection ideas for their characters which have not yet been written up as bios, so there may be some things to explore in that avenue!

Hope this helps, let us know if you have any other questions!


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What I See || Llewyn Davis

Pairing: Llewyn Davis x gn!reader

Summary: Llewyn feels like he isn’t good enough for you, you tell him exactly what you see in him.

Warnings: Swearing, alcohol (llewyn is like halfway to drunk, and crying. he’s precious and i love him)

Rating: Teen

A/N: the target audience for this fic is me and @tinyphantomsalad bc we both have a multitude of Llewyn Feels.

Tagging: @softly-sad and @gottalovethefandom because they were both interested in my previous Llewyn fic (Five Minutes to Midnight) and I couldn’t quite tag them in time for that one.

Wordcount: 442 lmao this is a drabble

xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx

“Why do you stay with me?” The question passes softly through Llewyn’s lips as you’re running your hands through his hair, raven black curls like silk under your fingers.

“Why would I not?” you murmur in response, peering down at Llewyn. His head rests on you, cheek smushed cutely against your chest. He’s more than a little tipsy, bordering on the edge of flat out drunk. He’s always extra cuddly like this, crawling into your lap and tracing the lines of you with gentle reverence.

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Originally posted by kissmekissme-calum

A/N - My first Poe fic! Isn’t it funny how the worst of situations inspire you. Anyway, enjoy! As always requests are open and just ask if you want to be added to any taglist.

Summary - You are stressed with Jedi training. When Poe figures it out he comes and cheers you up.

Pairing - Poe Dameron x Reader

Warnings - Mentions of stress. Nothing else but fluffy Poe

Word Count - 890 words



The base was quiet. It was that time of day where everyone was either in the mess hall or they were asleep in their beds. That’s where I wish I was. But, alas, it wasn’t. The forests of Ajan Kloss would have to do for now. I stood atop one of the many mountains that covered the planet. It was peaceful. Looking out on to the darkened forests below me, I let out a sigh and calmed myself down. I told Rey that this training was a bad idea but she didn’t seem to listen. It’s all becoming a bit too much. I’m becoming annoyed. Angry, even and we all know that anger isn’t the best of emotions for a Jedi.

I take another breath, slowly. My heart persists, however, and continues to pound in my chest. My breathing becomes heavier and heavier and I feel tears prick at my eyes. I bring myself down to the ground and bring my knees up towards my chest. I rest my head on top of them and let the tears fall freely. Maybe this is what I needed. Just to let all of my emotions out. I think about that over and over in my mind. I lift my head up slightly so I could see what was to the side of me. A rock lay on the ground, in amongst the dirt and leaves. I pick it up and let it roll around in my hands, observing it. Then I let it all out. I threw the rock over the side of the cliff and watched it as it flew through the air. It went quite far, most likely because of the force, before falling through the emergent layer of trees. You could tell where it fell as dozens of birds fled away from the scene. 

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hello there here are two more gifs of resistance dads au ¿?

-Poe never ceases to be amazed when her husband is in general badass mode and has to hide his heart eyes

-Every time Poe removes his beard, Finn always tries to convince him to leave it until one day he won (?)

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