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Title of story: I’m a Grown Ass Women

“The Taste” Chapter 5 of 6 is now on A03!

Check it out here, if you like:

Wrote this fic to celebrate Sign language and Damerey! 

Made some art to go with the whole story! Not this chapter in particular, lol.

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Can you do a head anon thingy on what each of Oscars characters would call you pet name wise? Your the best by the way!

I love this ask! Of course I can! I wasn’t too sure which of his characters you wanted to see, so I picked my favorites. Let me know if you want me to cover anyone else :)

Llewyn Davis:


Originally posted by blueuelove

  • Llewyn is the ultimate soft boi
  • He’s definitely troubled and struggles with depression
  • But he considers you the light at the end of his tunnel
  • He’s written songs about you
  • You are 100% his muse
  • His pet names for you would be so pure and cute
  • His favorites are “Sweetheart”, “Honey”, and “Sunshine”
  • He thinks they suit you well
  • He’ll use “Baby” and every now and then too, especially during sex
  • It’s always whispered so quietly, like if he speaks too hard you might just disappear
  • Sometimes, late at night, when he can’t fall asleep
  • He’ll whisper the sweetest of things in your ear
  • Calling you “Love” and all that
  • He’s the sweetest

Nathan Bateman:


Originally posted by martinmcdonagh

  • Okay
  • So Nathan is NOT a good guy
  • We all know that
  • He’s and asshole and a sexual deviant (fight me, you know I’m right)
  • But he tries his best to rein that in around you
  • Normally on the day-to-day, he’s calling you “Babe”
  • Maybe even “Princess” is he’s in a good mood
  • During sex though?
  • He LOVES to degrade you
  • Consensually of course (he’s not an animal)
  • He calls you thing like his “Little Slut” and “Cock Whore”
  • I’m sorry, but it’s the truth

Poe Dameron:


Originally posted by irebelcaptain

  • My mans, Poe, is the KING of pet names
  • He knows that you hate it when he uses them in public, so it’s become his mission to use them as much as possible
  • On a mission and on the comm links?
  • Oh well, doesn’t care!
  • Like he uses them any chance he gets
  • You name it, he’s called you it
  • It’s a tie between “Princess” and “Sweetheart” for what he uses the most
  • “Sweet girl” and “Baby” like to make an appearance every now and then too
  • When it comes to sex, he uses to four previously mentioned
  • But when he’s more in that soft dom mood of his?
  • He’s breaking out “Daddy’s Little Girl” and “Pretty girl”
  • Also refers to you as his “Good girl” after a particularly rough bout in the sheets
  • You always blush when he uses them
  • And boy does he eat that shit up

Santiago “Pope” Garcia:


Originally posted by boydswan

  • Pope is kind of a dick
  • He knows this and so do you
  • However, after that last mission in Columbia, he comes out wanting to be a better man
  • It takes time, but eventually he gains your trust and quickly becomes one of the best boyfriends you’ve ever had
  • He loves to call you things like “Cariño ” and Mi Amor”
  • His favorite is “Mi Vida” though
  • Because you are just that and more
  • I feel like he will sometimes refer to you as “Mami” too
  • Sex with Pope all depends on his moods
  • He’s always been rough around the edges and that translated in the bedroom
  • However, he’s started to become softer (the guys give him so much shit for it)
  • He loves taking his time with you now and instead of fucking, he makes love
  • Definitely calls you “Princesa” during sex and you eat that up

John “Jack” Jackson:

  • Jack is a TERRIBLE person
  • But I really just wanted an excuse to use this gif, so can you really blame me?
  • Like I said, he’s not a good guy
  • Kind of the worst
  • If anything, I feel like he’d refer to you as “Babe”
  • But since he’s kind of a murderer, we’re not delving any deeper
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