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Hold Me Close (Moon Boys)
Pairing: Moon Boys (Mostly Steven) x fem!Reader
Fic Type: Drabble
Summary: Having been against touch all your life, now that you have three loving boyfriends, you’re overwhelmingly clingy. Cuddles, hand-holding, standing so close you’re up against them; but sometimes that’s just not close enough.
A/N: Soooo, I’m probably gonna do a Santi version of this? And Poe of course my space husband. Also this was supposed to involve Marc and Jake, but I couldn’t come up with a good story for them yet… :///
Rating/Warnings: 18+ NSFW, Minors DNI, light smut, mention of virginity loss, cockwarming, fluff, a little angsty, hurt/comfort, cuddles, touch-starved reader, touch-starved Moon Bois
Tumblr media
~🌙 Steven🌙 ~
You heaved a sigh.
It wasn’t enough.
Your life had been one of light touches, 30 second embraces, cuddles only when a small child or when crying– and that you certainly didn’t do often. As you grew older, you became averse to touch. The thought of hugs made you so uncomfortable you visibly cringed, personal space became a large issue for you, and even a mild handshake was enough to have you inwardly squirming with discomfort as if a centipede was crawling on you. Physical touch, you came to feel, was a very, very bad thing.
Until you met them.
Your boys.
Steven Grant, the sweet gift shop worker with a bit of sass, secretly a tough-ass in a tux when night rolls around. Marc Spector, his alter, the soft but rough mercenary who had pushed you away for weeks when you’d first met. And then Jake, the brutal cabbie driver who fronted only rarely, long enough to serve Khonshu or to protect his alters– until he met you. Marc could get past physical touch if necessary, but he didn’t like it. Jake despised it, he still wouldn’t let you within a foot of him at any given time. Steven was the most like you.
Yearning for touch but detesting it, you’d both, slowly, learned to overcome it. It was barely-there brushes of fingers when grabbing something from the other at first, which made you both yank back as if you’d been burned. There was a lot of talking. Unplanned touches sent Steven into a spiral of mild panic and you retreating into your shell. And so, one day, on the couch, you and Steven spent the day literally warming up to each other. 
The first touch of his fingertips against yours made you both gasp, and then you remained like that. Hour by hour, you slowly began to increase the contact, until finally, you were holding hands. Many hours later, past midnight, you closed the distance between you in an embrace that left you both breathless with sobs at the contact. It felt unnatural to both of you, to be held like this. 
And then, the unthinkable happened.
You started craving it.
He kissed you for the first time that night, and from that night onward you were always stealing kisses from each other. You slept entangled like koalas, facing each other. All those years of wanting someone to love you enough to hold you, and finally, you found him. Them. Because soon, Marc started to hold your hand, too.
It was Steven, though, that took your virginity, and you’re a little embarrassed to say that when you were cuddling afterward, you were quietly sobbing into his shoulder. “Hey… Love, did I hurt you?”
“No,” You’d answered, comforted by him rubbing your back. “Not at all. I just… I never knew…”
“How intimate this would be?” Steven finished softly. 
“We’re so close,” You breathed in disbelief, about the fact that he of all people wanted this intimacy with you– this closeness. As close as two people could possibly become. “Please don’t go away. Ever.”
“Never,” Steven promised, sealing it with a kiss. 
And while the cuddles, you clinging to him like a human backpack as he went about the house, and the constant entanglement of your bodies on some level comforted you, sometimes, when you were feeling especially in need of physical contact– like now– it just wasn’t enough.
Steven sat on the couch beside you, reading. You were pressed flush against his side, legs thrown over his lap, one between his knees. He had one arm around you, the other on his book, and his head laying on yours. And yet, despite this closeness… 
It wasn’t enough. 
You weren’t sure how to say this. Not at all. But there were some nights when you slept with Steven that he remained buried inside you, keeping you as close as humanly possible. It’s something you both clearly enjoy, but have never openly stated– so you wonder, what would he think of you saying it out loud? Asking for it without sex?
Of course he notices something is wrong. Maybe it’s the tenseness of your shoulders, or the way you keep shifting as if to get even closer. Steven lifts his head, taking his glasses off as he looks down at you. “What’s wrong, love?” 
“Nothing,” You lied, a lie you’d told your entire life. It came easily now, a habit you’d never be able to break. 
Steven made a face, carding his fingers through your hair. “Aw, dove. That’s not true. What is it, hm?” You could only shrug. Unsure of how to bring it up. Steven knows that you’re hiding something, but he doesn’t push you. He keeps massaging your scalp, pressing a soft kiss to the corner of your mouth. “Alright, then; you can tell me when you’re ready.”
It isn’t until you’re getting ready for dinner that you are. 
Steven is reading on the couch; his eyes widen to the size of dinner plates when you step out of the bathroom in the pretty short nightgown he likes so much, instead of going straight to making dinner with him like you’d planned. “L-love?!”
“Steven…” You say nervously, wringing your hands together. “Can… Can we try a different way of cuddling?” 
“Yeah,” Steven answers, eyes raking over your body and drinking in the sight of you. “What’d you have in mind?”
“U-um…” You nervously crawl onto the couch beside him, on your knees as you struggle for the words. “You know how… uh… sometimes after we have sex, you uh… kinda…”
Steven’s quick. He gets it immediately. “You want to be connected, love?”
You let out a whooshing breath of relief. “Yeah.” Immediately after, you added, “I just want to be close to you, and today, it just… Cuddling just doesn’t feel like enough right now.”
“Well,” He leaned over to give you a warm kiss. “Sounds like a bloody good idea to me, dove.” His hand rested on your thigh, massaging the flesh gently. “You alright with me getting you ready? I don’t want to hurt you.”
You couldn’t help but chuckle a little. “You mean can I handle it without jumping you?”
Steven laughed quietly, his smile dazzlingly bright. “Yeah.” You nodded, and Steven didn’t waste any time. Without breaking eye contact, he slipped his hand up your nightgown. You bit your lip as he pumped his fingers in and out of you, slowly working you open and chuckling into your mouth as he kissed you messily. “Aw, love; you’re already soaked. Why didn’t you ask me for this earlier?”
He pulled his hand away and sucked his fingers clean with a soft moan, trying to ignore the fact that your face must have mimicked the sudden arousal you felt. “D-didn’t know how to ask–” You cut off as he guided you closer to him by your wrists. You planted a knee on either side of his hips, hovering there as he untied the drawstring of his sweatpants to remove his half-hard length. 
“You can ask me anything,” Steven breathed, letting out a sharp intake of breath as his tip brushed your soaked folds. “Anytime,” He added, although it was more of a growl he started to enter you. Your jaw fell in a silent scream as he guided you down onto him. “That’s it, dove, that’s it– agh–” He bottomed out, stretching your walls to a slight burn; you gasped at the feeling as you involuntarily clenched around him. Your relieved sigh was music to his ears, and it took everything he had in him not to buck up into you– at least, not more than the two times he couldn’t help himself. He forced himself to sit still, and you saw him visibly struggling. Immediately, you felt guilty. Is this too much for him, too little?
“W-we don’t–”
“Just… just gimme a second, yeah?” He whispered, breathing deep to control himself. Eventually, his hands found your hips as he calmed, a sparkle in his eyes as he kissed you. “O-okay; I can hold out now. Feels good for you, dove?” You wrapped your arms around his neck, collapsing forward onto him and relaxing into his embrace, overwhelmed by the intensity of the waves of your emotions, of the feelings of warmth and safety. Steven wrapped one arm around you tightly, the other coming to rest on your stomach. He massaged your abdomen, making you both moan into your kisses when he nudged that place where his length rubbed against your insides. “There,” He breathed, keeping his hand still. He rubbed his nose against yours, trying to keep his breathing even. “Feel that?” He met your gaze, dark eyes conveying a sense of assurance. “I’m as close to you as I can ever be physically, love.” He eased up on the pressure, which was good, else you never would have lasted with him inside you. He gripped the back of your head as he kissed you, licking into your mouth and tracing your tongue with his. “But it doesn’t matter how close I physically am, does it?” He breathed into you, so softly you could barely hear him. “Because even if we’re apart, I will always be right,” He kissed you again, hand dropping to sit over where your heart was. “Here.”
“Don’t ever leave me, Steven,” You whispered, leaning into his touch.
“Never ever, not in a thousand years. Nothing’s ever going to take me away from you, dove. You hear me? Never. I promise.” Steven pressed his lips to yours passionately, lovingly, as if trying to convey how much he loved you without words. “If you ever need this, darling, just ask. I’d be more than willing.”
“I love you, Steven,” You sighed softly.
“Love you too, darling.” He shifted so that you were lying down. He faced you, keeping your back against the couch, wrapping his arms and legs around you protectively. He pecked your forehead. “With all my heart.” Dinner was forgotten, both of you falling fast asleep.
Thanks for reading! I’m gonna be doing Marc, Jake, Poe, and Santi probably, eventually. ://
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Both of these pictures were side by side in my gallery. This captures their realtionship so well
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Meanwhile in Moon Knight Finally: Post Credit Scene
Tumblr media
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beaxtrice · 20 days ago
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He's so cute ❤️
[Credit second gif: here]
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its-a-show-stoppin-number · a month ago
Moon Knight episode 5 spoilers
⚠️TW abuse and death mention⚠️
Tumblr media
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bucky-barnes-diaries · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The t-shirt! The sunglasses! Those arms! The hair! HIM!
All of it makes me (s)cream
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❝ today is your turn to lose.❞ okay sure. my virginity?????? okay SURE THEN ABSOLUTELY. NO PROBLEM SIR.
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Tumblr media
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Can i request the moon boys reacting to y/n getting angry at a sibling over a special interest I think it might be funny seeing the moon boys reacting to y/n who is usually nice and sweet just go ballistic
I kinda lost it at my brother today swore like a sailor over marvel icronicly 🤣
I keep requesting cause i love your writing so much 💖💖
Bro?!?! Buddy?!?! Are you me?!?! This literally happens to me all. The. TIME. I know exactly how you feel. I’m flattered you think my writing is that great, I don’t mind you sending in requests at all! uwu
Pairing: Moon Boys x gn!Reader
Fic Type: Blurb
Summary: You’re typically sweet as sugar, but when your sibling teases you a little too much about a special interest, you take a turn that’s extremely surprising to your boyfriends.
A/N: This takes place in an au where Moon Knight is not in the MCU, they’re real superheroes serving the real god of the moon and the MCU is a movie series. :p (I was gonna use Star Wars, but you mentioned Marvel, so I decided to use that if that’s okay.)
Note: [Y/S/N] = Your Sibling’s Name
Rating/Warnings: 14+, strong language, probably some incorrect MCU references, an AU that doesn’t make sense b u t *shrugs* this is fanfic, bewildered Moon Bois, gn!sibling so that it’s more reader-friendly (I didn’t want to just add brother or sister lmao), cussing, swearing, and name-calling to a sibling in a loving manner, a sibling teasing reader in a sibling way, reader using crappy insults because I’m not very creative lmao
Tumblr media
Your sibling had come to visit you in Steven’s little flat, an unexpected surprise that neither of you were anticipating in the slightest. Unannounced completely. It wasn’t bad, it was just… Startling? Yes, startling is the correct term.
I mean, the flat was a mess. Your lazy weekend was indeed the laziest of weekends. That meant lots of cuddles and not so much actually getting up to put things in the trash can, or do the laundry, or do the dishes. It looked like the flat hadn’t been cleaned in months. I mean, what were they gonna say about you to the rest of the family?! That you and your boyfriend(s) were slobs?!
Marc and Jake immediately retreated into the headspace when Steven opened the door curiously to find your sibling standing there. “Oy?! Lads?! Where’d’you think you’re going?!” Steven’s desperate thoughts were met by Marc and Jake’s unadulterated terror.
“Ohoooo no, hombré,” Jake said, turning to hide in one of the back rooms of Steven’s mind-replicated flat. “I’m not ready to face that yet!”
“Besides, Steven,”Marc reasoned, slowly backing away, “You’re the nicest and most likable out of the three of us.”
And so that was how Steven alone was promptly smushed into a bone-crushing hug. “So you’re the boyfriend!” 
“U-uhm… Yes, I am?” Poor Steven voiced it like a question, glancing back over his shoulder to try and convey his fear to you as you approached with a lazy smile. 
“Yes, he’s my boyfriend,” You gently pried Steven out of the hug, patting his back a little so that he might be reminded to breathe. The poor guy looked like a deer in the headlights, waiting for what he thought was the inevitable disapproval of your family member. “Steven, this is Y/S/N. Y/S/N, this is Steven.”
“Nice to finally meet you,” Y/S/N shook Steven’s hand adamantly, whereas your boyfriend was a little more hesitant, a shy smile on his face. “Y/N’s told me a lot about you.”
“They have?” Steven seemed surprised. You wrapped your arms around one of his and leaned into his warmth.
“Don’t be so shocked, silly. Of course I talk about you.” To your sibling, you said with a jerk of your chin, “What’s up?”
“I was in the area for business,” Y/S/N replied, “Figured I’d swing through.”
“You have a hotel?” You inquired, pulling them further into your flat. Steven quietly shut the door behind you, ensuring that it was locked.
“Well, yeah, but it’s one of those old creepy ones like you see in scary movies.” At your frown, Steven perked up.
“Uh oh,” Marc thought, rushing into the headspace. “Don’t even think about it, Steven.”
“Amigo, if you do this, I swear to god, I will kick you in the crotch.”
“...Jake, we share a body.”
“And if he does this, we’ll be in pain already. Might as well make him suffer for it.”
“Why don’t you stay with us?” Steven offered, ignoring his alters. He saw your concern and wanted to get rid of it. You didn’t need to worry like that. He wanted to help, and the way your face lit up at the suggestion only made him more certain that this was the right thing to do– not to mention, your smile also shut his alters up for a second as they admired you.
Your sibling eagerly agreed, and while they went to collect their things from their hotel, you and Steven tidied up the apartment. You laughed and rambled on excitedly about having your sibling stay with you for a few days, and that night at dinner Steven grew more comfortable around them as they spoke, conversations touching on old family stories, amusing tales of childhood endeavors that ended in chaos, and nostalgic recollections of old places.
That is, until your sibling noticed your Marvel merchandise in the bedroom as you gave them a tour. 
Comics, movies, an action figure or two, you had a connection to the movie franchise that your boyfriends found endearing. You would have them watch the movies with you, telling them all the details that they hadn’t noticed or pointing out comic Easter Eggs and similarities. They were pretty sure you could recite Black Panther line-for-line just from memory alone, and for all it was worth, the boys tried their absolute hardest to keep up with all the information, although the MCU was notoriously confusing. 
“You’re still into Marvel, huh?” Your sibling joked.
“Um, yeah?” You gave them a look as if that was the dumbest question they could’ve asked.
Y/S/N just shrugged.
The boys thought nothing of it.
Y/S/N intended to stay for only three days, and on the first day, things went over smoothly. On the second, Steven overheard your sibling teasing you about your Marvel collection again. From where he sat with his book on Egyptian mythos, Steven lifted his head to listen to the exchange.
“Shut up, Y/S/N! Put that down!” You were sweet as always, your voice soft and tender.
“What, you mean your toys?”
“They’re not toys, they’re action figures.”
“Action figures. Action figures which you set on your five million Marvel comics. I’m surprised the floor doesn’t cave in.”
“Ugh, you’re impossible…”
“And you’re a geek.”
Still swapping playful banter, you and your sibling left the bedroom and went out for the day– but not before giving Steven a goodbye kiss. You pecked him a second time– “For Marc” – and a third – “For Jake” – before pulling away. 
You returned later in the evening, with no sign of Y/S/N. “Where’s Y/S/N?” Steven questioned, glancing toward the door as if he expected them to enter as he spoke.
“We split up,” You answered as you started up some popcorn in the microwave. “They’ll come back later. For now, though…” You wrapped your arms around his neck and gave him a kiss. “We’ve got the evening to ourselves.”
“Sounds lovely, darling,” Steven hummed, kissing your cheek. His arms wrapped around your waist, hugging you close. “Marc says it’s your turn for movie night.”
“I know!” You chirped excitedly as the corn kernels in the microwave started popping. Steven– and Marc and Jake, within the headspace– watched fondly as you zipped around him, headed for the tv remote. “I know exactly what we’re watching.”
“Age of Ultron?” Steven guessed, eliciting a scoff from you.
“No. We’re watching the first Avengers. The original.”
As you prepared the streaming site, Steven continued where you’d left off with the popcorn, getting out the designated gigantic bowl and your favorite drinks. It was then that your sibling walked through the door, all smiles and warm greetings until they seen what you were putting on the tv. “Ugh. Avengers again? Haven't you seen it a billion times already? Give it a break, will ya?”
Steven, Marc, and Jake watched as you put your hands together like you were praying, taking a deep breath. 
And then, you just…
It was like an atomic bomb went off or something. 
“Alright, listen up you fucking dingbat,” You said— you! Their sweet Y/N, cussing?! The boys stared with wide, surprised eyes as you kept going. “I don’t give a shit— nay, two shits— what the fuck you think about my interests, because that’s just what they are. My interests. Hear that? Lemme say it again for your brain cells in the back: my. Fucking. Interests. So that means whatever two-cents you care to drop are promptly shoved in the ‘who-gives-a-fuck’ bin, which is lower on the goddamn rung than the ‘i-don’t-give-a-shit’ barrel. You’re here as my guest you fucking skunk-wad, and while you’re here you can either shut your damn mouth and enjoy the damn movie I’m putting on for entertainment, or walk the fuck away and go on casually about your boring-ass evening in whatever way you choose. But it’s my turn for movie night, dammit, so we’re fucking watching Avengers. Unless you wanna go fucking prance around the flat, then be my guest. Otherwise, shut up, fuck off, peace out.”
With that, you plopped on the couch as if nothing had happened. “Steven, honey, you can bring the popcorn. Come sit down.”
Oh shit. 
Oh fuck.
Maldito infierno.
Steven very cautiously approached, feeling for all the world as if he were a soldier sneaking between two opposing lines of fire, still wide-eyed with shock. Did that just happen?! He was surprised when Y/S/N only nodded, as if impressed by your outburst. Steven sat beside you and braced for the worst, especially when your sibling sat down on his other side. You pushed play.
And simultaneously, you both grabbed a handful of popcorn.
What the bloody hell?
What the hell?
¿Qué carajo?
Then you both started excitedly making references and pointing out keys of the plot, as if you hadn’t snapped at your sibling. Oh, well. I guess we fight like that a lot, don’t we?
“Yeah, you’re right,”Marc shrugged within the headspace. “Though… I’ve gotta admit…”
“That was… Extremely sexy of them,” Jake added when Marc lost his words.
Steven didn’t vocalize it, but he didn’t need to. He was in full agreement. When your sibling left the next morning, Steven told you almost before the door had completely shut, “Y’know that was really bloody hot when you told them off, love.”
You laughed, leaning into his chest as he wrapped his arms around your waist. “You think so?”
“Yeah,” Steven admitted softly, pressing a kiss to your forehead. “Jake and Marc think so, too.” You hummed, thoughtfully. Maybe even somewhat shyly. You’d hardly ever gotten more than frustrated, so your little sailor-swear outburst was unexpected, even for you. You were drawn out of your thoughts, a peal escaping from your throat as Steven tickled your sides a little to get your attention. “We’ve got ourselves a little spitfire, lads!”
And from then on, that’s what you were.
Their spitfire.
Thanks for reading! ^^ I hope you liked it!
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haleyboook · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Million Dollar man
Over the years I never anticipated such a crowd at our first movie premiere together as an “official” couple. It’d always have been us showing up to the events in separate cars leading the paparazzi to believe we were nothing more than friends.
Being introduced to one another through both our acting in the newer aged Star Wars. My character, Eden, being Rey’s best friend. Oscar calls it a Chewie and Han sorta friendship.
I find it adorable he calls it that
But here we are, actually allowing the paparazzi to know we’re together. God it’s terrifying. Oscar squeezes my hand, guiding me down the red carpet towards the oncoming cameras. 
His thumb grazes the top of my hand, easing a small amount of my nerves. 
We come to a stop and his arm snakes around the hip of my red dress. His smile catching me as I look over to him
“No smile?”
I roll my eyes as I say “Not everyone’s as comfortable in front of cameras as you are, Mr. Estrada.”
He nudges me saying “Oh how you say my name.. it just sounds so nicely hearing you roll those r’s.”
“I had an excellent teacher.”
The paparazzi shout “Oscar! Y/N! Are you two here together?” 
Oscar nods saying “You guys can perceive it as you please. We are just here in support of a friends directorial debut.”
“Y/N! Is Oscar a good boyfriend!”
“Y/N how old are you!”
“Y/N how long have you known Oscar?”
My eyes widen and I’m caught off guard as Oz begins to graze the skin on my arm lightly. The stubble from his beard skimming over my skin in the nicest ways as he presses his lips to multiple points on my arm
My hand reaches for his face and I hold his cheek in my hand, reciprocating my thankfulness.
Oscar says “Wait until you guys see her in the new dc superhero movies. Spoiler, she’s the new wonder woman. Only wonder woman to steal my heart.”
Quickly we move along the carpet and I pinch Oscar’s side annoyed with him “you just lied your ass off. Oscar they’re going to never leave me alone about it now. I think I’d pass out if they used me to replace Gal Gadot. I adore her but I am so out of my league if I was to play Wonder Woman.”
He shrugs saying “Had to throw them off, I agree, Gal Gadot is good an all but you could easily replace her if you wanted to.”
“I’m busy enough with all of your antics.”
He smiles as we enter the cinema “you wouldn’t like it any other way.”
“Oh! Look! Pedro!” Quickly I slide away from Oscar as he groans. He mutters “I’ve got a girlfriend obsessed with pedro when he’s obsessed with me.. ugh..”
I smile as I hug Pedro saying “How’s filming?”
“Could ask you the same. Mando and Eden should have a cameo in each show.” 
I scoff and say “I think Oscar would rather eat squirrel than not be the first cameo in my show.”
He laughs and says “You say that like you’ve been offered squirrel before.”
Oscar approaches saying “Her second great aunt offered me it when I met her family. I think the laugh coming out of my mouth when they offered and Y/N’s shocked look was enough for them to continue to despise me.”
I groan and say “She was struggling with dementia and you insulted her.”
“You could have warned me! You told me every last detail about your parents and sister but nothing about a senile old lady who’d try to force feed me grilled squirrel.”
Pedro laughs and I shake my head. Pedro asks “I didn’t know you were so country... so yeehaw. Yeehaw Y/N. Yeah.. you’re stuck with that for now.”
I look to Oscar and then respond “I was born in California. Moved around while my father was in the military. Aunt Renee was just crazy and now she has dementia.”
Oscar narrows his eyes saying “She scared me. That’s what.”
Pedro says “Oscar afraid of old ladies. Highlight of my day. I’ll make sure to send them all your way.”
I smile and say “Maybe he’ll swoon them all to dancing with him like he did with my mother.”
Pedro’s eyes widen and he says “You flirted with her mother?”
“I was being polite!” 
Pedro says “He brought out the latin dance moves didn’t he?”
Oscar scoffs and Pedro says “I knew it!” 
Oscar sighs saying “It wasn’t my intention to make her mother fall in love with me.” He attempts to shimmy away from us, shimmying his hips and making me laugh as he tosses his hand out towards me
Pedro smiles saying “Look at those Latin hips move!”
I shake my head and accept his hand as he pulls me forward. Spinning me into his arms and dipping me suddenly as we dance to the non existent music.
I laugh as he begins to hum some old show tune, and just like that I fall in love with him all over again.
“Oscar Isaac Hernandez Estrada, you are a million dollar man. I love you more than anything.”
He blushes and says “I’m honored?”
I laugh and he kisses me mumbling “I love you more than Pedro and that’s a lot.”
first fic whoooo
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jakelcckley · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
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fitzs-br1dg3t · a month ago
#MoonKnight theory:
The reason Layla never knew about Steven was because she was the only thing that made Marc happy. There was no need for Steven to come out and absorb any pain.
Tumblr media
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spideylilparker · 11 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
No but Oscar Isaac predicting in his year book back in 1997 that he’s going to be famous and actually making it is so cute
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sad-trash-hobo · a month ago
Thinking about how Elizabeth Olsen and Oscar Isaac Hernandez Estrada heard it was a marvel project and were like, you know what I'm not gonna dumb down my performance one bit, in fact I'm gonna give the audience everything they want, and then they fucking did
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its-a-show-stoppin-number · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I’m a simple bisexual. I see a guy with golden retriever energy and a beautiful woman who could kill me and I fall in love 🤷🏻
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bucky-barnes-diaries · a month ago
your camera roll if Oscar Isaac was your boyfriend #6
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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lil-stark · a month ago
“woooohoooo hippo!!!!! ” my brother in taweret we are loving this character development
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park-bench-poet · a month ago
Sometimes a family is you, your alternate personality, the bitch ass bird he made a soul-binding deal with, his amazing wife, the hippo-goddess she serves, and your two fish
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