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Thieving Touch (Steven Grant x Reader, Marc Spector x Reader, Jake Lockley x Reader) [Part 16]
Steven goes hunting for help.
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Warnings: religious discourse (may contain errors)
Tumblr media
Gif Source: nicolatexla
You slept hard after your emotional release. Swaddled tightly in sheets and pillows, you breathed shallow but evenly, your expression smooth and slack. Marc and Steven watched you for almost an hour, checking to see if nightmares or something else disturbed your slumber. Only when they were assured that you were sleeping soundly did they retreat to the balcony outside the hotel room.
Sliding the glass door shut behind him, Marc paced, trying to expend the restless energy clawing through him. Your emotions had struck too close to him, brushing up against his with bristles that irritated him. The only person whose emotions had ever nearly triggered his was Steven, and that was a whole other box to unpack.
Steven’s soft voice slowed him. Marc glanced at his reflection in the sliding glass doors. Steven attempted a sympathetic smile, but the slash of his mouth was grim, worn down by the emotional turbulence. Neither of them had signed up for someone as troubled as themselves.
“You sure know how to pick ’em, Steven,” Marc half-heartedly joked.
“Well, I picked you, didn’t I? Or, erm, you picked me.” Steven shook his head. “A month ago, we wouldn’t have made it through that, yeah?”
“No, we wouldn’t have.”
They sat with that thought, processing it. A month ago, they had been in denial, fighting each other with the conviction that only one of them was in the right. A month ago, Marc would have fled the room in the face of your words and emotional vulnerability, would have preferred to fling himself off the balcony in his efforts to escape.
That he had not only not run but had actually stayed to help, to hold you up, was progress. That he could live with.
“Next steps,” he prompted Steven, resorting to what he did best: action. “How do we find an expert on this stuff, like you suggested?”
Steven rolled his eyes. “The internet.”
“Right.” Marc pulled out his phone, realized belatedly it was not a smart one. “We need a computer.”
An hour later, they sat on the balcony, nestled in the corner between the edge of the glass doors and the wrought-iron railing, a laptop balanced on their knees. Steven took over, having a better idea of what to look for.
He glanced through the doors frequently, checking on you while the hotel’s mediocre wifi took its time loading web pages. You slept soundly, the weight of your burden invisible or perhaps gone altogether in your sleep.
“Do we ever look like that?” he asked absently.
“We do now, those blackouts aside,” Marc answered.
“I can’t think about that right now.”
“I know.”
Steven resumed searching. He narrowed down his parameters to professors in psychology, sociology, and anthropology. Of the three, he expected the last to be the most fruitful.
After an hour and a half of searching, he felt like abandoning the idea. Nothing was yielding fruit. Tapping his fingers against the laptop, he tried to approach the problem from a different direction. He searched for biologists specializing in parasites, waded through twenty minutes worth of material before having to close out of the browser entirely in a futile attempt to delete the information from his brain, his skin crawling.
He cast his net wider. Searching through professors of literature across the world, he tried to find anything that even closely resembled knowledge of parasitic gods and their interactions with humans, even if it was only to be found in the pages of fiction. He sifted through folklorists and those specializing in urban legends.
Hopelessness began to snare his efforts. Rubbing his eyes, Steven leaned back in his chair, stared up at the night sky. Too much light pollution prevented him from seeing the stars, but the moon hung ponderously above him, staring down like an evil eye.
He refused to consider Khonshu’s prolonged absence.
“Maybe we have to do this a different way,” Marc suggested as Steven straightened again and stared at the blank Google search box.
“Do you have any ideas?”
“Didn’t think so,” Steven quipped.
He googled theologians. Inundated in results across a variety of beliefs but mostly Christian, he searched half a dozen pages before returning to the blank search page. With an exasperated sigh, he typed in gods and humans.
The topmost result caught his eye immediately. Google had spat up a list of books and where to purchase them at the top of the page, the actual website search results underneath them. Two books from the left was something titled Human Nature and Divine Interference by a professor from an Ivy League university.
Hope flickered in Steven’s chest. He read the book jacket, then hastily typed the professor’s name into the search bar. Several results quickly populated, among them YouTube links to clips of various lectures the man had given around the world. Steven clicked on one called “When Gods and Humans Meet.”
The professor was perhaps in his early forties with a head full of short, silky hair. He unironically wore a tweed jacket with elbow patches, but his color scheme of navy, white, and tan worked well on him. He looked at home upon the podium, eyes bright with excitement as he conveyed his knowledge to the auditorium.
“The vast majority of Christians believe that divine interference is the best thing in the world. To have God step in and resolve problems is the height of faith. ‘Give it all up to God,’ they say, ‘for He is benevolent and only wants to help, if you let him.’ This, of course, is an incredible belief, built off the Judaic belief that God searches for man.” He smiled. “As an aside, please see Abraham J. Heschel’s quintessential work, The Prophets, if you wish to understand how God uses prophets in an attempt to do just that, as well as his God in Search of Man.”
Clearing his throat, the professor continued, “The reason these beliefs are so astounding is because all other faiths, Islam excluded, of course, did not see all their gods as benevolent. If anything, they were, at best, indifferent—at worse, malevolent. Consider the Greeks and their pantheon. Unlike, say, the Egyptian pantheon, which built its mythology on explaining abstract concepts and elements and nature, the Greeks populated their pantheon with gods that were all too human. They drank, cavorted, lusted, cheated, failed. They were as fallible as humans.”
He paused, scanning the crowd of faces before him. “What did this mean for humans?” He waited for a response.
“It explained their own debauchery and shortcomings,” someone answered off camera, their voice tiny without a microphone to amplify it.
“Yes, it did. But it meant more than that. Greek literature is filled with gods and humans. And what happens to each human that interacts with a god? Something terrible.”
Steven sucked in a breath, hunched over the laptop as the professor cleared his throat, made a show of shuffling through the papers in front of him on the podium.
“To interact with the divine was to suffer,” he said, his voice low. “If you came upon an unaware god in the forest, your punishment was swift and immediate, usually involving transfiguration from human to something like a tree or animal. If a god came to you, it could mean any number of things; if Zeus came to you, there was a good chance his vengeful wife Hera would follow to slaughter you and any offspring he sired on you.”
Uneasy chuckles rippled through the crowd.
“If you take anything away from this lecture, it should be this: If the deity isn’t God or Allah, run—and pray the deity doesn’t care. Otherwise, you’ll be in for a world of hurt.”
Steven leaned back in his seat, the excitement of discovery coursing through him. Drafting up an email, he shot it off to the address provided on the professor’s faculty page.
It bounced back seconds later with an out-of-office reply stating he was on sabbatical.
“Bollocks,” Steven muttered, slumping back in his seat.
“That just means we have to do this the hard way,” Marc stated.
“What does that mean?”
“We’re going to find him and pay him a visit.”
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Flying Lessons
Pairing: Poe Dameron x Reader
Warnings: very slight angst if you squint really really hard, serious fluff, for plot purposes X-wings have more than one seat don't question it, she/her pronouns used for reader
Word Count: 1.8k
Request: May i have a strangers to friends to lovers fic with Poe Dameron? Maybe the reader is a mechanic, but they want to become a pilot. And reader is friends with Snap Wexley but since Snap has no free time he sends her to Poe and they slowly fall in love as he teaches her how to fly? The plot is just a suggestion but it would be cool :3. Can’t wait to see all the fics you make! from @justgimmethebody
Enjoy! I had such a good time writing this! Please forgive any grammar or spelling mistakes I missed.
Tumblr media
The shrill buzzing of equipment working away at the engine of an X-wing was somewhat of a comfort. It wasn't the most pleasant sound but to (Y/N), it gave her a sense of accomplishment, hearing her tools working to repair something so important to the resistance.
Wiping the sweat from her brow on her sleeve, she stepped back to admire her handiwork. The X-wing engine looked good as new.
“Hey, (Y/N)! You got my baby fixed up?” A voice yelled from across the hanger. She turned to see Snap Wexley making his way across the hanger.
(Y/N) smiled, gently slapping the side of the X-wing. “Good as new.”
Snap climbed into the cockpit, switching on the engine which ignited without issue. He clapped his hands together before whooping loudly. (Y/N) bit back a laugh at her friend's excitement.
“You've done it again,” Snap stated, giving her a quick pat on the back.
(Y/N) rolled her eyes. “Don't sound so surprised. Have I ever let you down?”
She watched as he hopped back into the cockpit before fiddling with the controls. “What's it like up there?”
“Amazing. Don't know how I can ever thank you.” Snap replied.
(Y/N)’s gaze ran over the X-wing before drifting toward the sky, light blue peeking through the clouds.
“Teach me to fly.” She said, “You've been saying you would for years.”
Snap sighed. “Yeah and I've also been busy fighting First Order fleets for years.”
“I’m with these stupid X-wings all day and can't even get in one and just fly away for a few minutes.” (Y/N) snapped. “I'm sorry. I just really want this.”
Snap was silent. His expression changed after a few moments, his eyes flashing with realization. “I think I know a guy.”
(Y/N) grabbed his sleeve as he jumped from the X-wing, walking toward the hangar’s exit. “Oh no, do not make someone else give up their time because you're too busy. I don't want to be a burden.”
“Trust me, this guy will jump on the opportunity to be in a ship over being on the ground any day. Get to the hangar before sunrise tomorrow. I'll have him meet you there.” Snap said, giving her a quick pat on the shoulder before exiting the hangar.
(Y/N) looked back at the starships, appearing very small compared to their size. Their size didn't seem to bother her.
Soon she’d be flying one.
The sun had begun to peak over the horizon, the hangar empty apart from the fleet of resistance starships.
(Y/N) leaned against the side of one of the X-wings. She sighed, bobbing her heel up and down as she glanced at the entrance.
Maybe Snap’s friend had turned him down. Maybe he forgot he was supposed to show up at the hangar so early in the morning. Maybe Snap never even asked his friend to teach her to fly at all.
She watched the sky become brighter, an ombre of oranges and blues being created as the sun rose higher by the second.
(Y/N) turned to look at the X-wing behind her.
Surely, there wouldn't be too much harm in just sitting in the cockpit. No one was around. It wasn't like she would be taking off. She just wanted to know what it felt like to sit in the pilot's seat rather than repairing it from the outside.
She climbed into the X-wing, settling into the seat and placing her hands on the controls. A smile tugged at her lips.
(Y/N) turned the steering controls slightly. She looked out into the horizon, picturing herself soaring off into the distance.
With a jerk of the steering in the opposite direction, she let out a loud whoosh as she mimicked the sound she’d heard the ship make when she watched them take off on a mission.
She leaned her head back against the seat, letting go of the steering with a soft grin.
“That's not exactly the sound they make ya know,” A voice said, causing her to jump in surprise. “I'd say it's a lot louder than that.”
A young man stood on the ground next to the ship, his arm leaning against the wing. His eyebrows were raised back in amusement.
(Y/N) climbed out of the cockpit, not looking him in the eye as she stepped onto the ground. “Sorry, I, in, got a little distracted I guess.”
He laughed, crinkles forming around his brown eyes. “I can tell. Usually, I wouldn't be too happy seeing someone fooling around with my ship but I guess I can let it slide.”
(Y/N)’s stomach dropped. “This is your X-wing?”
The man nodded. “Don't worry about it. You're Snap’s friend? The one who wants to learn to fly?”
She nodded, holding out her hand. “(Y/N) (L/N).”
“Poe Dameron,” He replied. “Well, hop back in. Not much time before the rest of the base wakes up.”
The two climbed into their seats, fastening themselves in as the top lowered over their heads. (Y/N) examined the hundreds of buttons and switches, having no clue where to begin.
Poe flipped one of the switches, the engine roaring to life. “Now, gently push the steering forward.”
The X-wing jerked forward. Poe quickly braced himself, pushing his body back against the seat.
“Gently.” He repeated.
“I was pressing gently.” (Y/N) said.
“Well, then, do it gentler.” Poe said, trying to stop a grin from appearing on his face.
The ship inched forward, starting on a slow roll. Poe relaxed a bit, watching as (Y/N)’s smile grew.
“Ok, great, now pull upward. Gen-” Poe began.
“Gently. Got it.” She replied, cutting him off with a soft wave of her hand.
Poe raised an eyebrow. “Confident already?”
(Y/N) looked over at him. “Oh yeah. I've got this.”
Poe chucked. “Get us up then.”
The X-wing shot upward, flinging them both into their seats. Poe pressed his hand against the roof, his eyes widening for a moment before a smile graced his face. He whooped loudly as they straightened out, gliding around the base.
(Y/N) laughed. “This is amazing!”
Poe looked over at her, the way she stared in awe out the front of the cockpit causing his own excitement to grow. He’d flown millions of times before but somehow, watching her watch the sunrise, now was different.
He let her glide around for a bit, giving her directions on how to turn and smiling at her pleasure in succeeding.
“Now, landing is the same concept as taking off. Push downward and straighten out when you get close to the ground. Make sure you're ready to hit the breaks.” Poe instructed, pointing to the landing entrance of the hangar.
(Y/N) nodded, gently pushing down on the steering. Her foot touched the breaks gently as they got closer to the ground, but the ship didn't seem to slow down.
She pressed down roughly on the breaks, the X-wing quickly approaching the concrete wall of the hangar. The end of the X-wing tapped against the wall, denting it slightly as the two were jerked forward slightly. Poe’s arm reached over (Y/N), stopping her from flying too far forward.
The two looked at each other, eyes wide. After a few moments, (Y/N) began to laugh.
Poe raised an eyebrow, beginning to chuckle as he ran his fingers through his hair. “Well, that was an eventful first lesson.”
(Y/N) stopped laughing abruptly. “Oh, stars! Your ship! I’ll fix it, I promise!”
Poe laughed, climbing out of the cockpit, reaching up for her to grab his hand as she stepped out after him. “Don’t worry. It's just a dent.”
Under normal circumstances, Poe would have never been so lenient about his precious ship being damaged. But he didn't seem to be too bothered as he watched her fingers anxiously run over the dent, her mind working on how she would repair it.
“I'm sure we’ll have a lot more before our lessons are done.” Poe added.
(Y/N) spun around. “Are you serious? You’ll really keep teaching me?”
Poe shrugged. “Well, with that landing I don't think we’re quite done yet.”
Arms wrapped around Poe’s neck, making him stumble backward slightly. (Y/N) hugged him tightly, overcome with happiness. He tightened his arms around her, his heart skipping a beat.
He tried not to let the rapid beating of his be too obvious, as she pulled away.
“Same time tomorrow?” She asked.
“Wouldn't miss it for the world.” He replied.
As the weeks passed, their meetings became more frequent. Any moment that they were both free to fly, they were up in the air.
(Y/N) was becoming better and better at flying, pressing buttons and flipping switches as needed before Poe could even open his mouth.
Poe was happy for her. He really was.
So he didn't understand why a sense of dread overcame him when she landed perfectly, shutting off the engine with a soft huff.
It was silly; he knew that. But still, he would miss just talking to her as they glided around the base. He’d miss the way the sun touched her face as he saw her waiting for him in the hangar. He’d miss the smile on her face when he showed up.
“Nice landing.” Poe said, his palm tingling as (Y/N) let him help her step down. He’d done it every time since their first flight together.
(Y/N) smiled, nudging him softly before leaning against the ship. “Almost as good as a real pilot?”
Poe returned her smile sadly. “Yeah, almost.”
Her brows furrowed together at his tone. “What's wrong?”
“Guess you don't need these lessons anymore, do you? You're a natural now.” Poe said, moving to stand next to her as he leaned his arm against the X-wing.
(Y/N) frowned. “Oh.”
A silence fell between them. Poe examined her features, wondering what she was thinking as she fidgeted with her fingers.
Poe sighed after a moment. “I want to keep seeing you.”
(Y/N) looked up at him, scanning his face. “You mean that?”
Poe laughed. “Are you kidding? I'm falling so hard for you.”
The firm and sudden press of her lips against his caused Poe’s eyes to flutter shut, his hand coming up to cup (Y/N)’s jaw. He smiled into the kiss, moving his other arm to wrap around her waist, pulling her close.
He sighed happily as she pulled away, his eyes remaining closed for a moment. “So I take that as yes you want to keep seeing me.”
(Y/N) smacked him softly on the arm. Poe laughed, pressing his lips to hers once more.
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Broken Yet Reunited || Santiago Garcia x Reader
Tumblr media
gif made by Cass - please credit us if you use the gif.
Summary:  Long after your break up, Santiago finds his way back into your life
Warnings: none, just fluff & comforting 
Word count: 2143
Pairing: Santiago ‘Pope’ Garcia x fem!reader
Authors: Cass & Rouge
Tumblr media
Hundreds of loud conversations competed with the music that dominated the atmosphere in the bar. The audience was mostly young people. Santiago made his way through the crowd to order a drink, a dark local beer. He felt someone melting their body to his from behind before the drink was poured, and he knew you had arrived. "What brings you here, Y/N?" Santi inquired.
"I should ask you that question, Santi," you chuckled as you wrapped your arms around his waist. "I would never think of you as someone who enjoys such places, but I can't blame you… All the young ladies in the room."
Scoffing, he rolled his eyes theatrically. "Stop, that isn't a reason. One for the lady," he ordered a drink for you as well. "How's life treating you? I haven't heard from you in a long time."
You shrugged as you sat on a high chair next to him, patting his shoulder. "Oh, you know, doing my things, popping in and out. This is standard fare. So, how about you? I heard you're doing well."
"Could be better," he said quickly, sipping from his pint. "Been missing ya."
"You? Did you miss me? Do you know how to do it?" You asked, slightly teasingly, tilting your head. "I'm sure your cute contacts or informants are enough for you."
"No, as you can see, Y/N," he said flatly. "You're familiar with my work. I wanted to keep you safe from any potential dangers."
"I'm a mercenary, and you think I'm afraid of some ex-shady soldier's business? My cherished softie," you tease him even more.
He rolled his eyes again as he sipped his beer. "So, what are you doing here?"
"Oh, work is going dry for the time being, so I'm using my free time to rest," you explained, taking a large sip of your drink. "I was shot in the knee a few months ago and am still trying to recover. I'm not going to run a marathon, for sure."
He frowned, disappointed that you didn't even send him a message informing him of the seriousness of the situation. "Do I want to know about the circumstances?"
"Let's call it a team misunderstanding that results in friendly fire. That's all, but I'm still alive, so it's not all bad."
Santiago slowly nodded his head.
"How are things going for you? Was it something like neck surgery? I hope you're not running around doing crazy stuff like I am." Looking at him, you raised an eyebrow.
"I've been trying, but haven't been successful so far," Santiago joked lightly before putting his palm to his nape and smiling sadly at you.
You slid out of your chair and approached him. Your hand soon replaced his on his nape. "I think you enjoy the difficulties more than I do, Santi."
He gave a small smile, leaning into your touch. "Isn't it getting later? Could we get some takeout and come to my house?"
"Are you tired of all the pretty ladies around you?" You laughed and leaned in behind him to kiss his scar. "Takeouts and your establishment? Sounds intriguing."
A shiver ran down his spine and spread throughout his body. He nodded and hummed softly.
"Let me just pay for the drink and we'll be on our way, sweetie." You said this as you kissed his nap again before walking away.
"This one's on me," he said, nodding to the bartender and leaving a few dollars on the counter.
"I'm not returning that money to you." You cautioned him while patting his back.
"I'm not expecting this, babe."
"I'm hoping so, baby." You took his hand in yours and yanked him out of that damn bar.
Then you followed him to wherever he chose to get the food.
Tumblr media
Santiago's apartment was small and cluttered, just as you remembered. A single man explained a lot.
"Same place, same shambles. As far as I can tell, nothing has changed." You chuckled as you sat on the couch.
"Sorry, hadn't expected guests," he apologized as he unpacked the food and offered you your portion. Santiago gathered a few boxes and relocated them to the second small room that served as his bedroom.
"You haven't had any visitors since you moved in? This place looks exactly the same after... four? five years? Typical guy," you laughed. "A woman's hand is needed here."
"As you can see, there's no line of women on the horizon," Santiago joked lightheartedly as he joined you on the couch. "I'm delighted you came. I missed the old days."
"I missed them as well," You agreed and moved your legs onto his lap. "If I may say so, this is surprising. You were always the one with the most female informants."
He laughed. "It's not my fault that I'm attractive and women treat me this way."
"Nonetheless, none of them stayed. A slew of bitches... Of course, no offense intended," you said this before you started eating.
"You're talking about yourself as well?"
You raised an eyebrow as you looked up. Things were getting interesting.
"Pardon me? First and foremost, I was not your informant. Second, you ignored me on your own volition, love."
"I told you about my motivation, and if I recall correctly, you sold your mates twice."
"I swear Santi, if we're going to pull dirt on each other, you'll end up with that fork in your eye and you'll never see me again," you warned, playing with a metal fork. "According to what I know, you took four of our buddies to rob a drug lord and only three of them returned, so don't pretend to be a saint, darling."
He rolled his head back, resting it on the back of the couch, and set the food down. "True. It's been a fucking disaster. Tom was far too avaricious."
"He was never perfect. Of course, I don't think he deserved it," you sighed and popped some food into your mouth. After a brief pause, you shrugged slightly. "I have a feeling he didn't even like me. I didn't like him very much; he had a difficult personality."
"I'm afraid he never truly liked anyone," Santiago replied, rising from his seat and walking to the window, where he sat on the windowsill and peered out.
You walked over to him, placing food on the small coffee table you had obtained. You wrapped your arms around him and nuzzled his shoulder without saying anything.
"I'm still not over that fucking failure. I lost a friend, so screw the money."
"I know," you gave him a gentle squeeze while whispering. There was nothing else you could say because nothing you said would make things better. Actually, you've been feeling bad since you brought up the subject.
"Return to eating, darling, it'll get cold," he said, tapping the bridge of your nose. "Would you like something to drink?"
"Yours will as well; I'm not returning to it unless you return to me."
He let you pull him back onto the couch where he was sitting, grabbing the box containing his meal to finish it. "Hey, did you meet anyone?"
"I did, in fact," You nodded and smiled at his slightly disappointed expression. "But don't be concerned, Santiago. You're not going to get a wedding invitation anytime soon. I abandoned him, so I am mostly alone. You? Are you sure you're not keeping some pretty girl from me?"
"I'm not," he assured, more like he'd be assuring himself as well. "No girl could stick with me as long as you actually did." Santiago indeed felt an unpleasant sting in his chest when you mentioned having someone, but thankfully it was a past thing.
You hummed loudly while chewing your food and nodding your head. "Don't give me that look, my tolerance for 'Santiago's bullshit meter' is not too high. It's something I made up with the Millers."
"What?" He cast another glance your way. "Come on, for a change, stop being a jerk."
"I am not a scumbag. If you don't believe it, ask Ben "You lay down and ruffled his hair gently. "You should know that I don't mean it negatively."
"I don't know anymore," Santiago hissed, jolting up, his palm resting on his nape.
"You okay?” You asked worriedly. "That neck, huh? Can I do something?"
"It's fine," he said but it clearly wants fine. He crossed the room to reach the bathroom, and with a shaking hand, he opened the box with pills, instantly swallowing two.
You, of course, followed him, and your palm was gently placed against his nape. "It's really that bad, huh?"
As you looked into his reflection in the mirror, he gave a slight nod and a single tear streamed down his cheek.
"C'mon. We're going to sleep. "The bed is still in the same room?"
He nodded and walked into the small room that served as his bedroom.
You walked alongside him and, once in the bedroom, you removed items from the bed. This man didn't seem to change much. You were the first to lay down when it was finished. "Please come here." You muttered.
He laid down beside you, taking an almost embryonal position, grunting a little with pain.
You moved closer and wrapped your arms around him. "Is there anything else I can do to assist you?"
"It's fine this way," he said quietly, his eyes closed, taking in your warmth and presence.
You nodded and carefully placed your hand on his nape, covering the scar. "Did you miss me that much?"
Santiago silently nodded. "When you spend your entire day alone, you have plenty of time to think. And I've been thinking a lot about what we talked about recently. I missed your presence and the relationship I should have given more thought to. I'm sorry I didn't pursue you."
You wanted to say something, but your knee was acting up, so you hissed. "Fuck..." You stretched your leg in the hope of some relief, muttering more curses. "To be honest, I missed this relationship as well. To be more specific, I missed you, which is probably why I never stayed with anyone. They weren't you."
He rolled onto his back and extended his arm to you. "Come on in, doll. Maybe I should go to the pharmacy and get some pain relievers or ointment? What about your knee?"
You nuzzled closer to him and sighed deeply. "No, I've got mine, but I kind of shoot myself in the knee, pun intended. Because I can't mix them with alcohol, I'll just have to wait." You laughed as you rested your leg on his. "Oh, Santi, we're so broken. "Where have all the good times gone?"
He gently rubbed his palm over your aching knee, whispering soothing sentences into your ear. "I guess they're gone."
"Wow, and I was dubbed the 'team's biggest pessimist,' guess you took after me, huh?" Before looking at him, you moved your hand into his hair, sadly smiling. "Santiago?”
His eyes were closed as he got lost in your touch. "Yes, doll?"
"Let us try to make good again in the coming days. Together. What are your thoughts on this concept?"
"Mhm," Santiago hummed softly, nuzzling his face into the crook of your neck, his hand soon stopping rubbing your knee and lying still.
"Santi? Don't leave me like that, sweetie," you kissed the top of his head softly.
He reluctantly opened his eyes and smiled at you. "You're a tease."
"This makes me very happy. I'll be your pillow for as long as you want." You kissed his brow and gently cupped his cheek. "Maybe I should move in since we've already been together?"
"Where do you keep your belongings? I'll go get them for you."
"Well, I live with a friend now, and all my belongings fit into a box and a traveling bag, so I'll get them myself, but I was wondering what you thought about such an idea?"
"I'll make you a room in the wardrobe and the bathroom," he chanted happily.
"So eager suddenly. Look at you. Where is that sleepy pessimist that I was cuddling just a moment ago, huh?” You couldn't help but laugh.
He raised his head and his lips met your jawline.
Turning your head, you smiled and simply kissed him like during good old times.
He hummed softly. "Esta vez no voy a dejar que te vayas de nuevo."
"I hope so. Try it and I will kick your ass before leaving," you warned him with a short laugh.
Tumblr media
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pinkiebieberpie · 27 days ago
pov: your camera roll if you were dating steven grant ✨
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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marveicinematics · a month ago
for a few kisses (steven x reader, smut)
Summary : It’s the first time you get to spend some time alone with Steven since the two of you started dating, and one thing lead to another.
Pairing : Steven Grant x (unexperienced) female reader.
Words : 1,062.
TW : Smut. Blowjob, swearing. And a lot of fluff.
Note : I’m trying to cope with Moon Knight episode 5, don’t mind me.
You had been on your tippy toes to reach his face, though Steven wasn’t even the tallest guy you knew. But there you were, with your arms around his neck, and your lips against his. Kissing him like you had wanted to for a little too long.
Steven was a busy guy, sometimes. He’d have to work late, or take you on dates around London. But it was the first time he took you to his apartment. And god, you loved it. It was so... him. The tons of piles of books, the scent of hot tea, the messy bed. The messy bed. From the moment you had seen it, you knew this was where you wanted to spend the rest of the night with him. Curled up and tangled up in between the sheets, discovering his body all night long.
He kept on giggling in between kisses, and you loved it. You knew none of you were expert in this field — he had mentioned he hadn’t been intimate with a woman for a long time, and everything was pretty new for you, too. Yet, everything was so natural. Your hands cupped his face while you kissed his mouth some more, as his hands travelled down your waist to pick you up.
Before you knew it, he was sitting on the edge of the bed, and you were sitting on his lap. Some more messy kisses and giggles, and you heard him whisper “god, you’re pretty“ when your mouth left his to catch your breath. The thing was, you knew the two of you were in love. None of you had the guts to say it yet, but you could hear it in each of his whispers, and see it in his eyes when he was staring at you. And damn, you loved him back just as much.
Breaking away from the kiss, you lifted his sweater over his head and tossed it on the floor of the bedroom, before kissing him some more — a little harder, this time. Your hands reached for his chest, touching his naked skin for the first time. He shivered as you did, and your smile grew bigger. He must have been enjoying it as much as you were. You didn’t mention it, but you had never felt quite this aroused before. But, right now, you just needed to see him being as happy as he could be. 
Your mouth found his neck, attaching your lips to his skin for wet kisses as you heard him whimper. And, slowly, you kissed down his body. Soon enough, you left his lap and kneeled on the floor, right there, in between his legs. Your hands grabbed his thighs as your lips placed kisses on his stomach, making him arch back. Pleasure, or you hoped so. He had been reserved enough to not let you know if he was actually enjoying it.
It was only when you unbuttoned his pants and slide it down his legs that you realized how hard he already was. You looked up at his reddened face — you weren’t sure if he was blushing or extremely horny. Maybe both, you thought. “Everything’s okay?“ You asked, only trying to make sure he was comfortable with everything you were doing. He nodded, whispering a quick “yeah“ before you continue. His boxers followed his pants quickly, and there he was, naked on the bed and hard as a rock.
“Fuck, Steven,“ you groaned, your cheeks turning red as you realized you swore probably for the first time since the two of you met. He let out of chuckle, his hand reaching for your face to caress your check with his thumb. He was gentle, even in this moment. So, finally, your hand grabbed his cock and you started to jerk him as your lips found its tip.
You actually had never done that before. But it was Steven, and it felt alright, because you knew how much respect he had for you. Hearing him moan softly, you worked twice as hard, trying to focus on the sounds he was making to know exactly what he liked. You put it in your mouth, bobbed your head a couple of times, lick it again with such passion and love. 
It didn’t last long, but it was okay. After a few minutes, his moans turned more guttural and his hands were holding the sheets so hard his knuckles turned white. “Oh gosh“, he kept murmuring, probably thinking you wouldn’t hear, “that’s so good“. It only made you go harder and faster, wanting to see how far you were able to take him. It was only when you heard him groan louder and felt his hot seed in your mouth that you knew you could actually make him come for you.
“Oh god, shit. I’m so sorry.“
You reached for anything to spit in and wiped your mouth, before giggling. “It’s all good“, you reassured him. He looked like he had done the worst thing one could imagine. “I’m so glad you liked it.“
You came back to sit on his lap, and he kissed you again. His kisses felt like thank you’s and your touch against his skin was more gentle than before. When his hands reached under your dress, you stopped him. “Steven, I think that’s enough for tonight, if that’s okay with you.“ He looked taken aback, blinking as he was trying to understand what went wrong. “You don’t want me to...“ — “No, I’m good. I loved pleasuring you, really. That’s enough for me, right now. I’d much rather cuddle for the rest of the night.“
You were probably just as surprised as he was. You wanted him, and the wet spot on your underwear could attest it. But hearing him moan, seeing him being pleasured and making him climax was such a beautiful moment, that all you wanted to do now was resting your head against his chest. And so you did, quietly, as Steven rubbed your back with his thumb.
“I’m so stupid“, he whispered, a huge smile on his face attesting that he was joking. “I was so focused on how good it felt that I didn’t even take time to look at you. I’m sure you looked beautiful.“
You blushed, his eyes connecting with yours. “Well, I guess we’ll have to do it again, right?“
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vintagemulti · a month ago
picking up the pieces -> steven grant
pairings: steven grant x reader, (marc spector x reader hinted at)
desc: the serenity after the storm, as some would say. as per usual, your husbands gentler half helps mend you after the most recent argument.
warnings: injury, talks of toxic relationships, hurt/comfort, swearing, blood, angst
a/n: you guys wanted a part two, so a part two you shall receive!!
series masterlist
Tumblr media
you take steven’s hand, guiding him through the narrow street and into the main entrance of the hotel you booked a room in only a few hours ago.
trying to not acknowledge the pain in your shoulder, you unlock the room door, air conditioning instantly hitting your face and providing the much needed respite from the hot egyptian evening.
the mirror hanging next to the door caught your attention, the bandage that was haphazardly wrapped around your shoulder was stained with crimson blood - you couldn’t tell if it was from five minutes or five hours ago.
although the mirror caught your attention, steven stopped and stared as he walked past.
“is he here?” you mumbled, placing the room key on the bedside table.
“no,” steven looked back at you. “he’s gone, for now.”
you shouldn’t have smiled, but the relief poured itself onto your features too quickly for you to catch yourself.
and steven noticed.
he smiled back, taking a few steps towards you, leaving only a few inches between your bodies. you could feel his breath fanning your face, warm and inviting.
it must have been instinct for you to fall into him - literally. your body dropped head first into his chest, arms snaking round his torso and clutching at his shirt.
steven pulled you even closer, one hand going to the small of your back and the other to your hair, tracing circles into your scalp. he leaned down, kissing your head while whispering words you couldn’t hear, but felt - deep inside.
you didn’t know how long you both stood there, sobbing into his shirt, a wet patch forming on his chest. when you pulled back, you instantly missed his warmth, but the pain in your arm overtook your senses.
“oh, love,” he sighed, noticing your hiss of pain. “do you have a first aid kit?”
nodding, you pointed to the small bag lying on the floor next to the bed. you had learned quickly to always carry the bare minimum of medical supplies, especially when you were within a mile vicinity of marc.
“go to the bathroom, i’ll be there in a second.”
it wasn’t a question - more of an order, albeit softly spoken, but you knew steven was frustrated. not with you - never with you, but marc. marc was the one who did this do you, left you in pain
you obliged, walking through to the bathroom and pulling your sun dress over your head, leaving you in just your bra and panties. you pushed yourself onto the bathroom counter, back leaning against the mirror.
when steven walked through, he was carrying the small dark green box, and he too had stripped down to his underwear.
it was something he had learned very quickly, that whenever he would be left to clean up after fights there was one thing you wanted about all else - skin on skin contact. especially when you were in pain. it helped you ground yourself, helped you remember that steven was there with you, and that everything would be ok. one day - everything would be ok.
he walked between your legs, setting the first aid kit next to you and opening it. steven turned back to you, hands going to the bandage.
your head hit the mirror behind you, pain surging through your arm as he peeled it off, some of the dried blood sticking to your arm and reopening the cuts.
grabbing his arm with your uninjured one, you hissed in pain. the cuts were along your right shoulder, in between the joint and the elbow.
“i know,” steven whispered, dumping the used gauze into sink. “i know, darlin’.”
although you knew that the pain would come much worse, it didn’t prepare you for the harsh sting you felt as steven pressed the antibiotic wash covered cloth onto your arm.
you let out a cry, jumping closer to steven. your head sprang up from leaning against the mirror and hit his chest, a few tears falling onto the tile floor.
he instantly dropped the cloth, hands coming around your head. “‘m sorry, my love,” he mumbled into your hair. “it’ll be over soon.”
raising your head, you looked up at him and pushed yourself forward slightly, meeting his lips in a kiss. it was soft, your lips slightly wet from tears. pulling away, steven gave you one more quick peck before picking the cloth up again.
he dabbed at the wounds a few more times, making sure there was no blood still coming out of the gashes before he tossed the cloth next to the gauze in the sink.
after rummaging in the first aid kit for a second, he pulled out a small pair of tweezers, along with a fresh gauze.
“this is gonna hurt, angel.” steven looked at you, eyes apologising before he could.
you nodded - words not quite coming to you.
steven sighed, taking your arm in one hand and angling the tweezer in the other. you expected his hands to shake, but they were completely still - focused on getting the remaining shards of glass out of your flesh.
the first shard came out easily, considering it was already halfway out of your arm. it didn’t hurt any less, though, as it felt like a million small knives ripped into your skin at once. you could feel the blood seep out of the cut, the smell of iron filling up the air.
the second and third shard were harder, requiring a little more pulling. the pain seemed to intensify, and for a moment your head felt all too heavy on your neck - your eyes unfocused you could feel your heart beat in your chest.
with the fourth shard, which opened a whole new cut as it came out, you breath shook. a tear fell down your cheek, but you didn’t really feel it - you just felt the pain. it was blinding, hot pain, but the feeling of dizziness and derealisation cancelled it out.
you knew what that feeling meant.
“steven,” your voice was hoarse. “i’m gonna pass out.”
right after you said it, you felt your eyes roll back into your head, and everything went black.
steven caught you as you slumped forward, your entire weight falling onto him. this happened a lot, you pain tolerance wasn’t quite the same as marc’s, and considering the nonstop heat, he wasn’t surprised.
taking the opportunity to take out the last glass shard, thankful that you wouldn’t feel the pain. from his knowledge, you would be out for a few minutes, so he took those precious seconds to clean up the wounds once again, and put on a new bandage - must tidier than your makeshift one from before.
while steven put the tweezers back into the first aid kit - one hand still holding you against him - he felt you move slightly.
your eyes fluttered open, pupils dilating against the bathroom light. they landed on him, right into his deep, brown eyes.
in your eyes, he could see relief - that the muscles in your arm were no longer tense around chunks of glass.
“thank you,” you mumbled, looking away and to the sink, full of red and white gauze, scattered with little pieces of stained red glass. “thank you.”
“it’s the least i could do, darlin’,” steven’s hand traced patterns on your thigh. “god knows he wouldn’t.”
you smiled, but it wasn’t a happy one. “no, he wouldn’t. not now. maybe six years ago, but not anymore.”
steven didn’t say anything, only pulled you into him and hooked his hands under your thighs, lifting you off the bathroom counter. you clutched him like a koala, arms around his neck and legs around his lower back.
you didn’t see it, but steven looked in the mirror behind you - just for a second. marc looked back at him, no emotion in his face. steven wasn’t worried about him taking the body, for once, he knew that marc wanted him to look after you.
i would, you know? i would look after her. you’re just better at it.
his tone wasn’t harsh or condescending, but almost sad - the saddest steven had heard him in a long time. was there regret mixed in there? maybe. the love - that was deep down in marc’s stomach, reared it’s head. for just a moment.
steven turned, still carrying you, and walked into the main room. laying you down, you crawled underneath the sheets, tiredness hitting you as soon as your head falls onto the pillow. he clicks off the light, only the moonlight from the window illuminating your forms.
the bed shifted as steven laid next to you, his body heat instantly hitting your skin. you moved closer to him, hand coming up to move the hair on his forehead. steven smiled, grabbing your hand in his and wordlessly pulling you on top of him.
you forget how strong he is, the fact he shares a body with marc slipping your mind, so when he yanks you with almost no effort, you let out a small laugh.
“you’re so beautiful.” he mumbles, looking over your face.
“so are you,” you whisper, intertwining your legs with his and letting your head fall onto his shoulders.
if there was one thing you loved lost about steven - and marc - it was his shoulders. something about his frame, so big, so intimidating and yet so comforting, made you feel so safe. how he towered over you but wouldn’t hesitate to get on his knees in a millisecond, it made you feel a way you couldn’t understand.
you kissed his shoulder, shifting on top of him. “am i not too heavy?”
you felt him shake his head. “never, pretty girl.”
heat flooded to your cheeks, after all this time he still made you blush. maybe it was the nickname - pretty girl. it was something marc had called you, from the moment you met even until now, when you weren’t arguing.
“yeah?” his hand went to your hair, massaging your scalp in a brain melting way.
“i love you.”
steven smiled. “i love you too, angel.”
sleep had almost consumed you, but you had just enough energy to lift your head and look to the other side of the room, at the floor to ceiling mirror.
“i love you, too,” you mumbled. “even though you’re a fucking idiot.”
your head fell back to steven’s shoulder, and sleep took you over almost instantly, eyes closing and consciousness slipping away from you.
steven watched as you fell asleep, moonlight illuminating your features with such beauty - he thought khonshu might have crafted the moon just for you, in this moment.
he averted his eyes to the mirror, noticing that marc watched you as well.
i’ll fix this. this will be the last time you have to do this, steven.
steven scoffed, choosing to look at you again, your body weight comforting him - you were really real.
“you and i both know that’s not true, marc,” he mumbled. “but whatever makes you feel better.”
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countlessimagines · 2 months ago
Met Halfway [ Steven Grant/Moon Knight/Marc Spector x Reader ]
Tumblr media
Summary: When Marc asks you to make sure Steven does not figure out about his mercenary life, you wind up making things more difficult.
A/N: Hello! Just want to clarify that this is ONLY based on the first episode, not the following ones as they have not been released! So if the storyline is a bit off or seems inconsistent, that is why! I wanted to write something already and have no patience lol
Other than that, I hope you enjoy and know that there is SPOILERS AHEAD!
It was a normal night, really, in your defense. There was not a thought in your mind that would have guessed you would be comforting your nice and mannered neighbor, Steven Grant.
Well, it was your promise to Marc to make sure he did not pursue the phone further or the reflection shaking his head in the mirror.
You had been relaxing peacefully in your apartment one Sunday night when you heard Steven screaming and yelling different things and doors slamming around. You were quick to react and exit your apartment only for the elevator doors to close with him in it.
It was difficult to keep up with this newfound life. Marc, who spoke normally and often had a confident manner, had approached you when you were trying to open your door with handfuls of grocery bags. He had offered you help and gotten to know you well.
However, sooner or later he knew that he had to tell someone the truth… and he quickly made the decision that you would be the exception. His neighbor who would likely hear his mercenary side kick in and experience it first hand. So, he revealed his alter and how he needed your help to make sure Steven did not wander too far off the deep end.
You surprisingly took it well as you were a retired SHIELD agent who took to London for a breath of fresh air after SHIELD had fallen to Hydra. It was a mess but London had screamed your name for an escape.
And now, once again you were wrapped up in a world of chaos and a little crush on both Marc and Steven. While Marc took control and was very adamant with you, Steven was often polite and kept simple conversations with you. Marc had convinced you to go out on a date with Steven to get more involved with that side of him. While you were often confused about your feelings, you fell for Steven who was always so confused and tired but was a love sick puppy.
However, when he agreed to your date, you found yourself wondering why you agreed to do this. You knew eventually this would fall apart, like Steven had told you… don’t get too attached because he does not know how it will all end.
But as you watched Steven run back from the elevator, you knew you were in for the long run.
“Steven! Everything alright?” You said hurriedly and ran to him. You met halfway and he immediately grabbed your shoulders.
“I don’t… I don’t know what I saw and everything is flickering and there was this mummy…” he was blabbering on and you knew that this would lead to nowhere good. You could almost hear Marc saying to defuse the situation.
“Hey, why don’t we go back inside your place and make some tea, okay? We can go and relax and get your mind off of this.” You smiled at him to hopefully help him calm, which helped him in the slightest. He would later admit that your smile was the one thing that always made his heart thump wildly and his thoughts seem to slip away.
You both entered his apartment where you began to set the kettle and Steven sat down on a nearby chair.
“I’m going insane,” he whispered and looked down at his shaking hands. He was on edge and you knew that you had to get his mind off of everything.
You knelt down to his level and grabbed his cold hands. He glanced into your eyes and there was a moment of complete, comfortable silence that he appreciated.
Steven knew you were not judging him but simply letting him calm down. He could trust that you would not run away, scared he was a mad man.
And for what he was too afraid to do the night of your first date, he leaned forward and you met him halfway, lips meeting and eyes closing in content.
He was gentle with you as he cupped his hands on your cheeks, while you placed your hands on his knees.
It wasn’t long before he pulled away and placed a delicate kiss on your forehead instead.
“Thank you,” he said quietly to you.
“For what?” You also spoke low as to not disrupt the special moment.
“For not being scared of me but rather offering to help me out. Others probably would have thought I was crazy and called the cops.” He chuckled, but you could tell it was not a genuine laugh. The brokenness and tired expression spoke for itself.
“Anything for my favorite neighbor,” you joked.
While the future was uncertain for you and Marc, you knew that at least you had Steven to worry about for the time being. And Steven wanted to worry about you too in a sense of protection and wanting to be by your side every day.
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multific · a month ago
New Start
Tumblr media
Santiago Garcia x Reader
Summary: When the boys found you, you were bound to the wall, ankles and wrists blessing from the cuffs that kept you in that tiny jail, they had a feeling you haven't even seen the light in a long time. You were scared and you didn't even speak English.
It was Frankie who found you, he thought he heard a noise in the basement and surely enough, there you were. You were so scared you even threw a bowl and a small vase you found at him.
"We can't bring her with us. She will slow us down." said Ben as they all decided to do a small gathering and plan on what to do with you. Ben gave you a bottle of water and a poorly wrapped sandwich. You silently ate everything.
"So, what? You suggest we leave her?" asked Santiago.
"Probably not a good idea, she'll be dead if someone finds her still here after what we just did." Will made a good point. Everyone groaned.
"We can bring her to the plane, then we-"
"What we bring her home, Fish?! Are you insane? Stealing money is one thing but bringing an illeagal immigrant into the States is just-"
"I know someone, she will get a name, an identity." replied Ben. "We can save her."
"We are not her saviors. We can't even talk to her, she doesn't understand English! Can you speak to her? Spanish?" everyone shook their heads. "French" Again, everyone shook their heads. "German?" No. "Then what the fuck should we do?"
"Bring her with us, Benny's friend will give her IDs and she will live. We killed enough people already." said Santiago and everyone agreed, even if Tom wasn't a fan of the idea, he decided to agree.
"We are going to save you." Santiago said as he knelt down in front of you, offering you a smile.
You didn't understand a word they were speaking, but you did understand their intentions.
They weren't there to hurt you, they were there to help. Especially that really handsome one with the beautiful eyes and curly hair, you especially liked him, so you stuck with him. You followed him, watching his movement as he walked, you followed, just as silently.
You watched as they all panicked when you heard shots. You ducked behind a rock, but you couldn't ignore that you saw an enemy with a gun behind one of the guys, you slowly walked there when no one was watching.
And just as Tom turned, he saw the gun, but the guy was pushed before he could fire and fell, Tom shot the guy before he looked up to see you crouching, he knew you pushed the guy.
"You saved my life," he said as the others arrived.
You were confused. They all talked to you, saying things but you didn't understand a thing. They all sat around a fire, talking to each other, laughing and you laughed with them, even if you had no idea what they were talking about.
You suddenly spoke up, saying your first name. And they all looked at you confused. They you said your name again and pointed at yourself.
"Ben." one of them said.
Okay, easy names, you thought.
"Francisco." Oh Boy. "But call me Frankie."
"Santiago." another longer name.
You nodded and smiled to all of them.
You learned to say all their names. And when you finally got back, well, they got back, you were at a completely strange place.
You did what you knew would work, you stuck with Santiago. And you also knew what the gold ring on some of their fingers meant.
You were a foreigner not stupid.
Your journey with the men was… interesting to say the least.
They all made sure you were safe but Santiago in particular. And who were you to push away such a handsome hero?
"You can live with me while we figure this out, I'm the only one without a wife, girlfriend or kids so I don't have any explaining to do, but you have to keep a low profile." Santiago said and he repeated himself in Spanish, but you still didn't understand a word. Yet, you still nodded, you understood his intentions, you understood that this was his home, typical bachelor’s home.
You were given a room and food. But you didn't like that. Your room was too quiet, it felt cold like your cell. Even if the bed was the most comfortable you could ever ask for and the room was warm.
You still didn’t feel safe. You were lonely.
You often moved to Santiago's room, trying to be quiet not to wake him up, you would silently laying down next to him, you felt better there, safer.
The first time he noticed you in his bed was when he woke up with you in his arms, in his sleep he unintentionally moved over to you and cuddled you.
He was concerned but he didn’t mind, he just didn’t want to overstep your boundaries. You were happy to cook for him, happy to watch movies with him, whatever he wanted really.
Days, weeks and months passed. You now had a basic English vocabulary.
“Dinner?” you asked Santiago as he was sitting on the couch.
“I’ll order something, come back the series in starting.”
This was your normal now, but you felt bad, ever since he and his team helped you, you didn’t do anything productive, and cooking doesn’t count. Not in your book at least.
You wanted to work, but with the language barrier, it was extremely difficult.
Later that evening, you were getting ready for bed when his phone started to ring.
It was Tom calling.
“What’s up?” asked Santiago as he answered.
“Pope, hi, how’s things with your new-found wifey?”
Santiago laughed a little.
“Not so bad, she can now talk a lot better, why did you call?”
“I know who she is Pope. She was taken from her village, I have a report. Her village was attacked, they killed everyone, even she is presumed dead. There was fire, gunshots, almost everything you can imagine.”
“That’s awful.”
“Yeah, and I also have some news, since she’s dead, well presumed dead, it will be difficult to get her past immigration, you are lucky I know a lot of people but she will need a new last name. I am filling in her papers and I-“
“I will marry her.”
“Sorry? You don’t need to play the hero Pope. It’s all good I put her down as a random, generic last name, but-“
“It’s not about playing the hero. I want to marry her. She’s perfect.”
Tom smiled on the other end of the line.
“Come over tomorrow, collect her papers, oh, and you better start teaching her fast, No government official will believe that she is American if she doesn’t even speak basic English.”
“Thank you, Tom.”
“I should thank her, she saved my life, this is the least I can do.”
You understood that this was needed. Giving you a new identity was difficult, but not impossible. With the correct connections, you were officially an American citizen.
“Now, you can leave the house.” Said Santiago as he gave you your brand new ID. “Leave the house, look for a house, job or whatever you want. But you can stay with me as well. I like you company you know that.”
“Stay with Santi.” You said “No leave. Stay and help.” It made him smile.
“Marry me.” He said, right there, in front of Tom’s house as you two were walking to the car. You tilted your head.
“Marry?” you thought that was a name.
“Yes, I’m asking you to be my wife.”
Now that word you understood.
“Me? Santi wife?”
“Yes. I love you.” You understood that word as well. And all those days you just thought it was one sided. That he only let you sleep next to him because he was kind.
“I love you too.” You said with a rather shaky voice. But it was the truth. Santiago smiled as he grabbed your jaw and pilled you close to kiss you.
You were so happy, you felt like your chest would burst. You not only were rescued from your prison, you got to know this lovely group of men, and you even found love.
This was the fresh new start you begged for every night in that cold, dirty disgusting cell.
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alisonwritesimagines · 2 months ago
R.E.M ~Steven Grant/Marc Spector Imagine~
Summary: Steven doesn't want to wake up from the dream that he thinks he's in. Marc doesn't want the dream-like bliss to end either.
Author’s Note: I am going to start off with a simple imagine for now with Steven and Marc. I hope this starts off okay! Also. we're going to pretend that Marc and Layla were never married. Even though I would be down to be Layla's wife because she's really pretty.
Reader’s Pronouns: She/Her
Warnings: Steven being Steven, mild spoilers for ep 1, mentions of insomnia
Please do not post this anywhere!!!
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Tumblr media
Mmm, last night, boy, I met you, yeah When I was asleep ('Sleep) You're such a dream to me, mmm, woah And it was on a day like this, yeah If you can believe, if you can believe (If you can believe) Mmm, you're such a dream to me
You had to have been a dream. There was no way you were real according to Steven. He didn't know how to explain the feelings he had whenever he saw you. Whenever he saw you, he felt like he was in some sort of trance.
He felt bad that he didn't remember how you two got together or who you were the first time he woke up from his sleep and you were lying by his side. But needless to say, he was grateful that you had stuck with him even with his insomnia problems. You were definitely a dream if you decided to stay with him even with his problems badly affecting him.
Before you speak, don't move 'Cause I don't wanna wake up Wake up, wake up, wake up Don't wanna wake up, oh Wake up, wake up, wake up Boy, you're such a dream If you can believe, babe Boy, you're such a dream to me
Holding your hand, kissing you, and holding him close to your arms was definitely a dream. He didn't want to wake up from whatever blissful dream he was in.
Steven loved your smile. Your touch. The way you talked to him about the different mythologies. He loved every quirk you had and you loved his.
"Excuse me, um, I love you" I know that's not the way to start a conversation, trouble I watch them other girls when they come and bug you But I felt like I knew you, so I just wanted to hug you Plus you don't know your way around You can stop your playing now All your worries, lay 'em down, shh, don't say it loud Is this real, baby?
Tell her you love her, Marc's voice tells Steven.
"I love you," Steven said, listening to Marc's voice. You looked over at Steven with a smile. You leaned over to kiss his cheek.
"I love you too," you smiled. You moved over to be in between Steven's legs before you leaned back against his chest. You rested your head on his shoulder as you closed your eyes a little. Steven's arms hesitantly wrapped around your waist.
"Are you real?" Steven asked you quietly.
"Yes. If you need help determining if I'm real or not, I'll be glad to help remind you that I'm real and that I'm not going anywhere," you tell him as you looked up over at him.
You're like: "I love you—who starts a conversation like that?" Nobody, but I do But you are not a picture, I can't cut you up and hide you I'll get you out my mind, mhm, or try to But I just want to stand and yell I will never dare to tell Think I heard some wedding bells, shh, keep it to yourself Is this real? (Is this real?)
No matter how jealous he was of Steven, Marc would pretend to be him for your sake. After all, he fell in love with you as well. But he knew that it was dangerous if anyone knew about you or if you knew about Steven's situation.
But the moment he met you after taking over the body, he knew that you were the one for both him and Steven.
"I love you," Marc tells you, faking a British accent. The two of you lay in bed after you and Steven had just made love once again. Steven unknowingly went to sleep, letting Marc front.
"I love you too. Why do you start most of our conversations like that?" you smiled
"Because I want to remind you all the time. I just can't get you out of my mind," Marc answered. You smiled up at Marc before leaning in to give him a kiss.
"You always look so tired. Let's get some sleep okay?" You asked.
"Yeah. Let me just hold onto you."
"I'm not going anywhere," you giggled.
"No. But being with you is like a dream. And I don't want to wake up," Marc tells you, speaking for both him and Steven. You nodded before snuggling closer to him.
"I love you," you tell Marc.
"I love you too."
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yup-thats-me · 2 months ago
Familia || husband!Oscar Isaac x singer!wife!reader
pairing: husband!dad!Oscar Isaac x singer!wife!mom!reader
key: (y/d/n) = your daughter's name (just so you know)
warning: I don't think there are any. Just some crying. Oh and the pandemic do exist in this
summary: your husband and your six months old daughter crashes your meet and greet with a surprise visit during your tour :>
a/n: the more I consume moon knight content, the deeper I fall in the Oscar-Isaac-rabbit-hole hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
"Y/n, you're up in a minute." You smiled at your manager, getting up from your seat in front of the vanity and made your way to the backstage.
You could hear the cheers from your audience, chanting your name for you to come up. You smiled at yourself noting the support you got from your fans. You looked down at your left ring finger, rolling the diamond ring with a soft smile.
You were on your tour for your latest album. It was good to be back on touring the world again but leaving your dear husband, Oscar and your one year old was hard. Every night you would be on facetime with Oscar and (y/d/n), talking about how you wanted to be in your husband's arms with your daughter beside you. Although it wasn't possible in the moment, you were happy because within a week, you'd be where you belong. In Oscar's arms with your daughter squeezed between you two.
A tap on your shoulder brought you back from your trail of thoughts. Looking beside you, your manager signalled for you to step on stage. Putting on a bright smile you got up on the stage.
The lights blinded you for a minute and your ears hurt just a bit by the screams and from thousands and thousands of people and the clicks of a million cameras. You brought the mic forward to speak. "Hey!" The venue boomed with cheers and screams.
"Wow you guys are really loud", you giggled. You talked for a few minutes before you began with your performance.
As you sang, you walked from one end of the black stage to the other, laughing with your fans, chating with your guitarists. You were having a great time. The slight ache in your heart from being away from your family was ever present but you were able to hide that from the world with your infectious smile and cherry personality.
It was nearing the end of the live. You shushed the entire audience after a bit struggle before you began to speak again. "Y'all know we're nearing the end. So if any of you wants to ask something go ahead, I'm all for it," you smiled giving your audience a chance to interact with you.
A lady from the far end stood up. You smiled at her as the security personnel handed her a microphone to let her speak. "Y/NOHMYGODI'MSUCHAFAN!" She spoke so fast it took you a second to figure out what she was saying. When you did, you broke out in a giggle. "Take your time, honey", you said to calm her.
She laughed at herself before continuing with her question, "We all know you now have six months old daughter and it's the first time you've left her with your husband. How does it feel to be away from them?"
The bright smile that was gracing your lips dropped. You breathed in, thinking how it would have been on Oscar and (y/d/n) were here. How Oscar would whisper sweet nothings in your ear while you cuddled close to him with your daughter squeezing in between the two of you.
You smiled again. "Yeah. It's quite hard you know. These two years of the pandemic, me and Oscar were literally inseparable. We'd do everything together. Made each other laugh, tried every hobbies to keep ourselves involved in something. Then (y/d/n) came. Our nights became sleepless, we'd take turns to hold her while the other one slept", you paused for a bit, memories came flooding back. "When I tell you Oscar's a great at baby-talk, I'm not lying," you giggled imitating your husband when he talked to your daughter, remembering the way (Y/d/n) would always break into a fit of giggles, bubbles forming from her pink lips.
The audience let out a chorus of "aw's" at your actions. Then you continued on, "the point is, life is not always easy. But if it would've been easy, what'd be the point?"
The lady sat down again, giving the mic to the guy beside him to question you. You answered a few other questions from your fans before siging the last song of the night.
"Alright guys, it's the last song. I wrote this for my beloved husband and daughter", you annouced preparing yourself to sing.
"All of my life
I thought I was right
Looking for something new
Stuck in my ways
Like old-fashioned days
But all the roads led me to you"
The audience were humming alongside you as this was the first time they've heard the song. This song was a single. You had wrote this song while on tour when you missed your husband and daughter.
"Through the lows and the highs I will stay by your side.
There's no need for goodbyes, now I'm seeing the light
When the sky turns to grey and there's nothing to say
At the end of the day, I choose you
Oh, I choose you
I choose you"
As soon as you sang the bridge, the entire auditorium roared with cheers and claps. All were admiring you for your work. You bowed your head to hide the tears in your eyes. These were not the tears of pain but of joy. Only music was the way you could tell the world your love for your dear dear family.
Unbeknownst to you, a tall man with a small girl in his hold was also sniffling. You'd meet the man soon enough.
Wishing your fans goodnight, you took your leave for the backstage. Although the show was over, the meet and greet would still happen. That meant you have to again put on makeup. Honestly you were exhausted. It was the thought that you would see your husband and daughter within a week, kept you going.
The make-up artist got you ready in twenty minutes and you were a ready to meet your fans in person.
Stepping in the hall, the crowd clapped again for your performance. You thanked them and took your seat behind a wooden table.
People began to form a line, all having a chance to get your autograph, talk with you for a moment maybe a hug and a kiss on the cheeks even, then they'd leave.
You were on twelfth fan a voice made you stop whatever you were doing.
"Looks like you're quite busy, my love".
Your eyes widened knowing exactly who it was. Muttering a quick excuse me to the fan in front of you, you sprinted to your husband who was holding (y/d/n). Setting (y/d/n) on the ground, Oscar opened his arms to welcome you in his embrace. You leaped full force at him, making him stumble back a bit. You nuzzled your head in the crook of his neck, breathing in his cologne. You hadn't even noticed but you were crying in his arms. Oscar's arms went to smooth out your hair, he was himself sniffling. "Shh. Shh. It's alright y/n, I'm here. All is good", he whispered in your ear.
You couldn't keep the frustration of being away from the man you love the most, the dams broke loose. Crying you heart out, you wrapped your legs around his waist.
The people in the room were quite, just admiring their idol having her moment. They didn't even clicked picture, respecting your privacy.
As for you, you didn't cared of the entire world saw you like this. All that mattered was you were in his arms again. After sometime, you calmed down. Oscar put you down, you turning to your right to see your daughter looking up at you with big doe eyes. You picked her up.
"My sweet sweet baby. Mama missed you so much," you peppered her face with kisses, she giggled like crazy. Oscar came forward the both of you, wrapping his hands around your shoulders pulling the three of you for a hug.
You stayed like that for a few minutes before an excited squeal broke the somewhat intimacy you three were having. Turning around you saw a teenage girl jumping with excitement. Then you remembered what you were supposed to do.
"Wait for a few hours, I'll be back," you told him with a hint of sadness in your voice. Oscar kissed the top of your head. "Take you your time, sweet. Me and (y/d/n) are right here."
You smiled at the two for the last time before returning back to your seat and began to sign all the papers.
You three were back at your hotel. You were playing with (y/d/n) while Oscar had a bath. He came out with a towel wrapped around his waist, his hair dripping water. You bit your lips.
"You're quite a show yourself, mister," you teased. Oscar glanced at you, shaking his head at your remark. He grabbed a white t-shirt from his baggage put it with a pair of joggers.
He laid down beside you, his hand holding up his head. He stroked your cheeks. "You never told me you were coming!"
Oscar picked up (y/d/n) who was sitting on the bed and laid her on his chest. She began to play with the chain around his neck.
"If I told you wouldn't be a surprise," he breathed out, smiling at his daughter.
You snuggled closer to him. "I missed you two."
"And we missed you," you put (y/d/n) down, placing her between the two of you.
You were where you belonged. In his arms with your daughter in the middle.
Tumblr media
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cinebration · a month ago
Thieving Touch (Steven Grant x Reader, Marc Spector x Reader) [Part 1]
Premise: Steven meets you at the museum and thinks you’re normal, but Marc thinks you’re a thief. They’re both right. Sort of.
Will do my best to minimize spoilers from the show as possible. There may be some discussions of mental health problems in the future, but from the reader’s side, not necessarily Steven and Marc’s.
Tagged: @simpforbuckyb​, @gracehorses, @raging-trash-of-mind, @galactic-galabee, @wordacadabra, @lucy-sky
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12 | Part 13 | Part 14 | Part 15
Warnings: none
Tumblr media
Gif Source: oscar-isaac
Steven watched the patrons mill about the museum, wandering up to display cases and reading the placards there. How he wished to be alongside them, telling them the things the placards didn’t say, giving them the knowledge they were missing by only superficially engaging with Egyptian history and its associated pantheon. No one really ever came up to him even to buy the sweets on his counter, and the one or two that did eventually wander to a stop before him weren’t much interested in discussing the finer points of Egyptian mythology.
He still clung to a fragment of hope, however, no matter how often his supervisor, Donna, rejected his attempts to become tour guide. Maybe the next time the board members came into the museum, he could stage something to show them he knew what he was doing. Maybe he could even demonstrate that by going to the marketing department and telling them what they had gotten wrong on the banners.
As he listened to his watch click down to closing time, he gazed out at the diminishing stream of patrons. As he glanced past one of the displays by the Ammit pillar, he paused and turned his attention back.
You stood in front of a display case, hands hanging by your sides, fingers twitching like misfiring nerves shooting to your fingernails. Steven realized that you had been standing there for five minutes, unmoving but for the spasmodic digits.
Glancing over his shoulder for Donna and satisfying himself that she wasn’t around, he slipped out from behind the counter and slowly approached you. As he drew nearer, shifting to his right to see your face first in three-quarter profile, then in full profile, he felt himself losing his nerve. He hadn’t expected you to be so pretty, not from what he had seen of the back of your head. What was he doing?
“Hullo,” he greeted, hands held close together in front of him.
You jerked your attention to him.
“Sorry,” he apologized, already mentally kicking himself. “I didn’t mean to startle you. Can I help you with anything?”
Your lips twitched as though you were fighting a laugh. Steven smiled awkwardly, feeling what little confidence he had flag.
“So, you know a lot about this stuff, do you?” You gestured to the Egyptology wing in general.
“Probably too much,” Steven conceded quickly, though the stupid grin on his face said otherwise. “It’s my passion.”
He frowned. “Well, no, that’s got something of a negative context—”
“Is there an Egyptian god of thieves?”
He blinked. “Oh, uh…I’m not sure I’ve ever come across one, no. See, the Egyptian gods were used to represent abstract concepts, as well as natural and social phenomena. They aren’t patron saints.”
You chuckled, the sound dry and labored. “Not all are saints.”
“Sorry, what?”
“The Greeks had one, you know. A god of thieves. Hermes, not that many people care much about him. They hear his name and they think, Oh, that fun Paul Shaffer kinda guy from Hercules? Wings on his ankles? But he was more involved in human lives than the others and to much less detriment.” You cocked your head, and for the first time, Steven wondered if you weren’t looking at the object behind the glass but your own reflection in the crystal. “The Greeks did a hell of a job showing what happens when the divine touches the human.”
Steven scrutinized your profile as you continued staring into the display case. Wrinkles slowly bunched around your mouth and eyes, the muscle in your jaw flexing, the muscle over your temple tightening with it.
“Are you okay, miss?”
You blinked and fixed your attention on him, your eyes strangely clouded before suddenly sharpening on him. “Yeah, I’m fine. Just tired, that’s all.”
You flashed him a brilliant smile. His heart skipped, tension running down his spine as years fell off your face, your eyes alight with a fire he hadn’t seen before, as though the embers in your pupils had suddenly burst into whooshing flame.
“I know the feeling,” he managed to stutter. “The tiredness, I mean.”
Your gaze slid over his face, warming his cheeks. “You do, don’t you?”
“I have, um, a sleeping disorder.”
“Uh, yeah. I have to sleep with a—” He stopped himself. He couldn’t just tell you about the cuff around his ankle. Definition of a red flag that was, wasn’t it? “I have to take measures, you know?”
You nodded sagely. “I can’t sleep unless I…do something, you know?” You waved vaguely. Your attention snapped back to the display case. Sucking a breath between your teeth, you shoved your hands into your jacket pockets.
“What…” Steven swallowed thickly, his mouth both dry and gummy. Come on, bruv, you’ve got this. “I’m Steven. Steven Grant.”
You smiled again, shaking him. “You’ve got it backwards.”
“I’ve got…what backwards?”
“It’s Grant. Steven Grant. Like Bond. James Bond.”
A burst of laughter chuffed past his lips. “Oh, right. Clever!”
“I’m more of a le Carré fan myself, but Fleming did alright.”
“Oh, I, uh, don’t read much fiction. I should read more, though,” he covered quickly. “Do you have any suggestions?”
“Ladies and gentlemen, the museum will be closing in ten minutes.”
Steven felt the wind slip his sails. Trying not to let his disappoint show too much, he turned to you, smiling weakly.
“You work here often?” you asked.
Hope rekindled anew in his chest. “Y-yes. Most days, standard nine-to-five and all that.”
Cocking your head, you stared at him for a moment, long enough for him to start flushing beneath your gaze. “What kind of stories do you like?”
“Oh, um…I dunno. Adventure?”
“Adventure and Egyptian mythology,” you noted. “Sounds like you should’ve been an explorer or archeologist a hundred years ago.”
“Dunno about that. I mean, the adventure, yeah, and the discovery, that would be smashing.”
“There would be a lot of smashing,” you quipped, laughing. The sound made his soul quiver. “I’ll come back, then, with some recommendations.”
“Oh, really?” Excitement surged through him. “That would be smashing.”
Smashing again? He could hit himself.
You laughed instead. “It was a pleasure meeting you, Steven. Steven Grant.”
With that, you cast one last glance at the display case and strode across the marble floor to the front doors. Steven watched you go, not so much to enjoy the way you walked but because he was frozen to the spot, stuck there by his own hope overwhelming him. It didn’t feel real.
He reached into his pocket to whip out his phone and call his mother.
“Stevie!” Donna’s voice snapped across the room.
Steven squeezed his eyes shut, slowly turned to face her. “Sorry!”
“What were you doing? You’re not a tour guide. Stop chatting people up unless you’re trying to sell them sweeties.”
Sighing, Steven clung desperately to the buoyant hope in his chest. You were going to see him again. Sure, he may not have gotten your name just yet—
He hadn’t gotten your name. Frowning, he inwardly kicked himself. When he saw you again—he would not entertain “if”—he would be sure to learn it. He was sure it fit you like a crown on a queen.
“Not to burst your bubble, Steven, but she won’t be coming back for you.”
Steven shot an irritated glance at his not-reflection in the display cases he passed. Marc stared back at him, lips pressed into a thin “just how it is” line.
“Don’t do that,” Steven groused. “Don’t ruin my night.”
“I’m just saying, she’ll be coming back, but not for you.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
“It means she was here casing the place.”
“She’s planning on robbing it.”
Steven snorted. “Now you’re having a laugh. Just because you would do something like—”
“Who says I would—”
“I wouldn’t put it past you!”
Both men huffed at each other as Steven retreated behind his register and began gathering up the sweets displays.
“I can’t believe you would sabotage me like this,” Steven snapped. “Getting into my head—”
“I’m always in your head, Steven.”
“I have a right to be happy! And you’re not going to ruin it with your crazy American paranoia.”
“Crazy American paranoia? I’ve never heard that before.”
“Well, you’ve heard it now. First time for everything and all that.”
Marc threw his hands up and shook his head. “Fine. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”
Steven rolled his eyes at the reflection and slid a box over it to hide Marc. He wouldn’t let him take this away from him. It was the first hopeful thing he had had within his grasp—hell, within his realm—in a long time.
He couldn’t wait to call his mother to tell her.
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dreaminrubies · a month ago
Perhaps maybe? Riding Steven’s face…. Maybe with the ankle restraint in place too 👀👀 ->:3
Bless this request....🥵🥵🥵👀👀
I am....Y E S
Your tongue circled his brown nipple before you kissed down his stomach then ran your lips over the V of his hips then nestled your nose in the dark curls for a moment.  He was rock hard, tip leaking.  You stroked your hands down his thigh and calves before you took your time wrapping the cuffs around each ankle.  Hey, you had convinced him that a matching set was necessary.
“How does that feel, baby?  Not too tight?” you whispered as you glanced up at him.
He shook his head and you gave his inner thigh a sharp slap.  “Ah ah, use your words,” you said firmly before you kissed the area you had just smacked.
“N..no, not too tight at all,” he pushed out.  Your feet pressed against the floor as you took in the sight of him.  Legs spread and bound, covered in thin sheen of sweat, curls plastered to his forehead, arms at his side, and cock erect.
“Oh Steven, you’re so lovely like this,” you praised before you crawled back onto the bed.
“Please I wanna taste you,” he whimpered.
“I know you do, my good boy,” you smiled as you caressed his face gently then leaned down to kiss him.  You took a moment to situate yourself, thighs planted against his ears, feet tucked under his shoulders as you leaned back.  One hand planted firmly on the bed as the other tangled in his curls.  Steven’s hands grabbed your hips to help you maintain balance as well as made sure you were tight against his mouth.  Your eyelids fluttered as his nose slipped between your folds then up to bump against your clit before his tongue explored you.  You knew he was eager and trying his best to take his time and not eat you out like a sloppy fool.
“Mmm just like that, baby,” you purred as his tongue dipped inside of you.
The soft suckles on your clit, sharp probes of his tongue along with obscene slurping had you cumming against his face in no time.  His hands squeezed your ass as he pulled you closed and licked up every drop.  You scooted down to rest against his chest, one leg rested between his spread ones.
“W…will you do me now?” he asked a bit shyly.  You smirked then reached down to gently squeeze his balls. He gasped and bucked his hips.
“I suppose you’ve earned it.”
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thepaperpanda · a month ago
Partners in crime || Jake Lockley x Reader
Tumblr media
Summary: the experience of working with Jake is great, but it's even better once the job is done
Rating: explicit! (+18) 
Warnings: unprotected sex, oral (f & m receiving), knife play, dirty talking, daddy kink, Khonshu 🤭
Word count: circa 5500
Pairing: Jake Lockley x fem!Reader, Khonshu & fem!Reader
Authors: Fenrir & Cass
A/N: green italics indicate Khonshu, red italics illustrate Jake speaking Spanish
Tumblr media
You growled as you ascended the stairs to your apartment. Being a thief wasn't easy because the job took you longer than expected and because the idiot you worked with almost got you caught. You were supposed to have a meeting, but you were two days late. All you had to do was return home and contact the guy you often worked with.
"What the hell are you doing in here?!" You asked entering the living room and seeing Jake, sitting on your couch as if it was his own.
The man sat comfortably on your couch, his legs crossed, a lit cigarette held in one hand, a bottle of whiskey in the other, and his brown eyes were observing you attentively. “Y/N, you're fucking late. Don't you fucking think you're wasting my fucking time, eh? I've been waiting for you to arrive, and nothing happened."
“I nearly got my ass ripped off by Brazilian police. I wasn't going to get late." You rolled your eyes and tossed the bag on the floor. "I was going to contact you after I reached back home."
Holding the bottle in his hands, Lockley took a deep gulp straight from it. "Are you expecting me to feel pity for you, sweetheart? It's your fault that you chose your work partners incorrectly."
"I don't care if you pity me. This is the last thing I need from you. So, again, why are you here and what did you do to get in here?" You asked, crossing your arms over your chest.
A mischievous grin spread across his lips as he replied, "I've got my ways of getting in. I came because I was frustrated by the lack of contact from your side."
"I didn't intend to be late, and I really tried to get here as soon as possible." You sighed as you sat down next to him. "It's not the first time we worked together."
He scolded, finishing his cigarette and offering you a bottle. "It's not the first time you are late. I think it's just a habit of yours."
"Jake, don't be so dramatic. It's the first time I'm actually late." You groaned and took the bottle from him before taking a sip.
"How was it? Any interesting news?" He asked casually.
With annoyance, you told him, "Oh, it was such a beautiful trip. No news. I barely made it back, I was more focused on saving my ass just to come back to you."
"What happened?"
"Well, some fucker ratted us out. Being sure he'll get more money for it than for helping us, I shot him." You shrugged as if nothing serious had happened.
He looked up at you flatly and said, "Well done. You grow up."
Saying this, you looked back at him irritated as hell. "Don't speak to me like I'm some kind of noob. I know my job and I know what I'm doing."
He not only pestered you with his work, he also broke into your flat without a second thought; you have grown annoyed with Lockley lately.
The bottle was snatched from your hands and he downed its contents. "Will you help me with our next job or not?"
"Ey!" You cried when he lifted the bottle and huffed, crossing your arms over your chest. "First of all, it's your thing. As long as you pay me, I'll help."
"Sure, I'm willing to pay. I've never stolen anything from you, chiquita, so don't worry about it."
"I hope so, Lockley. So what was it about this time? Did you again pretend to be Indiana Jones and chase after some junk?"
"No, I already said what I was doing. Some people need to be silenced, it's mostly done now, but you and your skills might be useful to me, nena."
"Oh, really?" You hummed as you placed both of your legs on his lap. Despite Jake's lack of boundaries, working with him was pleasant, and he paid well, which was enough. "I wonder why you need a woman to help you since you are so effective."
Immediately, he gently rubbed you on your calf with a rough palm of his. "I thought I was clear, a beautiful assistant is always a pleasant distraction."
"Oh, well, it's definitely a helpful distraction for you," You teased him slightly. "This isn't the first time you ask me for assistance. I should really charge you twice. For getting my hands dirty and then warming your cock."
"Oh, don't play such a prude, honey." He snapped a little, moving his hand up your leg, then slipping it under your leather skirt, massaging your thigh. "I haven't heard you complain about warming up my cock when I was fucking you last time, instead you cried my name so loudly you attracted the attention of pedestrians when I was fucking you in the back of my car." He said.  "No me mientas, hermosa." Jake whispered with narrowed eyes. "Moreover, you know I hate it when you tell lies to me."
As you softly gasped, you wrapped your arm around his neck. He was more than right, last time was fun. Although you wanted to repeat it, sadly it wasn't the right time. "You are so cocky and cunning that you better tell me what the job is. You broke into my flat in order to get it done, so spill it, Lockley."
"There's one guy. I need to get him off quietly, and you know me, it's fucking hard at times. But you have the ability to get to him without creating much of a fuss. He'll get all head over heels when he sees you."
"I guess he orders a lot of whores and I will have to pretend to be one in order to get close to him." You said, all needy and high-pitched. "Or should I play a girl eager to be fucked by him?"
Jake brought his hand to your cheek, where he rubbed his calloused thumb against your soft skin. "You're such a smartie. Just look at you, such a hottie. If we succeed in getting rid of him, I'll reward you."
"I need to know what dress to wear, so let's get to planning."
Tumblr media
Waiting was his least favorite task. There was no way for him to control what was happening inside the apartment; if he wanted to stay low and not make a fuss, he had to trust you with what needed to be done. Knowing how to keep things quiet, unnoticed by others, was one of your skills. As he smoked another cigarette, he checked the time on his Rolex once more and let out a sharp sigh.
You both went with the whore plan. Being allowed in was not difficult at all, especially if the guy liked his ladies. You went there wearing the shortest dress you could find, fishnet tights, and black high heels. You started your job right away, being nice and flirty until you had the chance to slit his throat. Since he tried to lay his nasty hands on you too soon, he deserved it.
You didn't stop yourself from rummaging through the drawers while the poor guy was bleeding out. It wasn't like he had a lot of those.
As soon as you knew the guy was out for sure, you removed those damn hills and opened the window so you could use the fire escape. You finally made it safely into Jake's limo after climbing down. "You could tell me he is nasty as fuck. I will stop doing things like this, I swear. Fucking bastard."
Although it was a lie, the excessive amount of makeup on your face only exacerbated your anger.
Raising an eyebrow, he looked at you. "What did you expect? That he'll read you a bedtime story and rub your shoulder? I told you what he likes, so don't bullshit me."
You growled, digging through the bag you left with him. "Nothing really. Guy treated me like a fucking ragdoll, putting his paws all over me as I stepped in. Now excuse me, I'll go insane if I don't take that crap off my face."
Then you grabbed your bag and went to the back of the limo to clean yourself up.
Once you joined him, Jake felt a huge sense of relief; it was like a heavy stone had been lifted from his shoulders. Despite the fact that you were just his co-worker, he felt strangely attached to you. If the dude you were with wasn't dead, Jake would have slit his throat for even touching you. When you reached the back of his limo, he started the engine and drove away from the hotel. As you sat down, you put your legs on the couch and turned on the light. After a quick dig in your bag, you pulled out the brush and brushed your hair before finding items to remove your makeup.
"Amazing work again, Y/N." Khonshu himself decided to appear on the other couch.
At this point, he wasn't anything new to you. "Thank you, but it isn't like I had a choice. Too bad I got blood on my dress. Jake owns me one now!" You said the last part a bit louder to make sure Jake heard.
Khonshu chuckled softly. "You'll get a new one, don't worry. Sometimes I feel I can only count on you and your skills. What did you get yourself?"
Finally, you were done with makeup removal and sighed, looking at Khonshu while rubbing your eyes.
“The guy didn't have too many things there. Thankfully I found some money and a necklace. Looks like he had someone, possibly a significant other. Poor girl." You shrugged as you put on the necklace, relaxing on the couch.
Khonshu observed you silently for a long time. "For now, you will not be assigned any new tasks. Everything you had to do was already performed, on a temporary basis."
You whined loudly. "Too bad, I'll miss Jake breaking into my flat or doing all the work for the two of you. Let's hope I will be needed again soon."
"Jake will need your help despite his reluctance to admit it."
"He's a difficult type, huh?" You chuckled.
"Pretend you didn't hear me say that."
The vehicle stopped soon after.
As you giggled, you pretended to close the zipper over your lips, promising to keep quiet about it. You joked, "Ey, Mr Driver! Why are we stopping? I have an important gala to attend."
Door openings and closings could be heard. Lockley joined you moments later. "What was it he wanted?"
You smiled at him, shuffled, and responded, "Not much. Just congratulating me and promising me a dress. Why? Are you jealous? Worried that the ancient god will take me from you?"
"I can't handle the idea of his sweetness paired with your equally wry attitude."
"Oh, wouldn't we make a good pair? Don't you think, Khonshu?" You asked with a wry laugh following. "Maybe we should jump on each other?"
Jake cocked his brow and snorted loudly, adjusting his leather jacket and lighting his cigarette. "Eres graciosa, Y/N."
Khonshu replied so both of you could hear him, "You’re my another candidate, Y/N."
As you bowed your head in acknowledgment, you said, "I am flattered by that. I will be glad to serve you." You looked at Jake and took the cigarette from him.
"You weren't supposed to take it?" His eyebrows cocked as he stated.
You shook your head and took a drag, letting out the smoke through your nose. "However, I did. What are you intending to do about it, sweetie?"
Jake did not say a word, but just let his eyes wander over your exposed body and legs in a too short skirt.
Just like you did in your flat, you put your legs over his. "Like what you see?"
"Perhaps." He replied quickly, yet once again his hand touched your calf.
"The last few times, you were more certain about my legs." After removing your legs from his lap, you started undressing. First it was your blood-stained dress, then those annoying fishnets. Soon you straddled his lap.
"Much better." You were too well known to Jake. He knew well enough that you wanted to fuck beneath the facade of hatred and frustration. As you shifted in your seat, his dark eyes stared right at you. As he brought his index finger and thumb to your chin, he forced you to look at him. He lowered his lips, "I don't like secrets being kept from me." Jake hypocritically said with a shrug. As his thumb roamed over your chin, tightly gripping it, he forced your head to tilt. "Tell me, what else did you grab from the flat, doll?"
Your eyebrows raised as you asked, "Since when am I yours? But since you asked so nicely, I grabbed some cash, which I need to survive, and because you never gave me gifts, I grabbed a pretty necklace, too."
He cocked his eyebrows as he studied your face. Suddenly, his lips pressed hungrily against yours as he placed a hand on the back of your thigh.
Grabbing his leather jacket, you kissed him back, moaning. Yes! It was the best part of every meeting with Jake; it's exactly what you were looking forward to.
You were pushed so that you lay down on the couch. Jake grabbed your face between his hands and pressed his weight on top of you. Your elbow rested against the seat, but Jake's greedy nature pulled you down. Jake slid his tongue along your lip. As he sat on his knees, sneaking his fingers from your cheek all the way down your neck. As his hands made their way down to your breast, he bit down harshly on the bottom of your lip, causing blood to prickle from the wound. When Jake kept kissing you hungrily, his calloused hand roamed along the side of your stomach, to your hip, and stopped at your thigh.
While it was annoying as fuck, you simply loved the way he handled you. He was the only one who could do that.
After pulling away from the kiss, you looked to the side with a smirk on your lips.
Khonshu sat there like it was a business meeting.
"Someone likes to watch how tiny humans have fun, huh?"
Khonshu's laughter filled the limousine cabin. "I've seen many things, my little Y/N, but some never get old. Don't worry about me, pretend I'm not here. Watching you getting laid is still way more interesting than meeting with all those fuckers at Giza."
"Whatever you say, boss." Shrugging slightly, you grabbed the collar of Jake's jacket and pulled him in for another kiss. As you waited too long, there was no more time to waste.
In Jake's opinion, it was odd for Khonshu to join you during intimate moments; he didn't care whether he was being watched or not, yet it still made him wonder what Khonshu's motivations were. Could Khonshu have been so lonely in his former life that he was trying to make amends in a strange, prudish way?
Your thigh was lifted over Jake's waist, allowing him access between your legs. Jake chuckled, reaching into his back pocket to pull out his favorite dagger. As his other hand rubbed little circles over your pussy through the fabric of your underwear, he brought the dagger to the underside of your neck and lightly tapped your skin. "¡Sólo mírate! On my fucking mercy. Are you planning to fucking obey finally?"
Trying to increase friction from his touch, you rolled your hips loudly, purring loudly. You knew him well enough to know he wouldn't hurt you, the dagger was just a toy. You shivered at the touch of the blade. “Do not think I am scared by this little thing, sweetie. You must do more to tame me."
Continuing to rub the dump spot on your panties, Jake planted another heated kiss on your plump lips. The tip of his dagger's blade was pressed harder against your skin, making you squeak for him. "Aren't you tame already? Being so fucking wet like a good girl would?" He asked. "Dripping down your thighs, just for your daddy?" 
His eyes became dilated at the sight. The sight of you so heated made his cock twitch in his jeans. There was no hurry for him. From your neck, Jake roamed the blade of the dagger to the edge of your lacy bra, then trailed the tip down your half-naked body to the fabric of your panties "Lift your fucking ass up for me or I'll have to cut through your fucking undergarment, doll." He demanded.
A soft hiss left your lips at the feeling of the blade moving down your body. When he got like this, you loved it, but it got even better when you pretended to be a bit of a brat. You reluctantly raised your hips for him. "I paid too much for those to let you just cut them." You said and wiggled under him to get your panties off. You stuffed them into his pocket with a soft hum. "This souvenir is for you. If you ever feel lonely, daddy."
The mischievous grin lit up his face as his brow furrowed slightly. As you were laying under Jake, your chest heaving as you looked up at him, Jake cooed, "Well, well, look at that, doll. My personal whore is at last being obedient. After I'm done with you, you're going to be begging for more, cariño." He deepened his voice. He said, "I told you not to lie to me." He pressed his dagger against your lower stomach, but after this, he brought it up to the stripes of your bra and easily cut them off; Jake grabbed the material and threw it on the floor of his car. Jake's calloused hand reached between your thighs, separated earlier by his knee; Jake's thumb rubbed your clitoris and reached down to tease your entrance. An enormous smile formed on his lips as his dark eyes dilated. "You're wet already. How pathetic. I barely touch you."
"Who said it was for you, love?" You asked, looking right into his eyes. Playing the brat always made him go even harder on you, which you loved. Looking at Khonshu, you let out a sweet moan. "I've always wondered if you were watching even if you weren't with us. Now I know how it feels to know you are watching."
Khonshu's laughter filled the limo. "Little human, you're so full of yourself, aren't you? I've been watching you all the time."
Getting up off the couch cushion, Jake pulled you to the edge, spreading your legs even wider. "If you want me to fuck you, you better shut up, stop speaking to him and obey." Jake murmured, pressing his lips against your clit, flicking his tongue a little against your folds. As he felt you tense beneath him, he groaned. "I miss that little pussy of yours."
Laughing with Khonshu, you glanced down at Jake, bending your back slightly to feel his tongue on your needy clit. Oh, you weren't planning to obey, not yet.
"I can tell someone is very jealous of me. What is the reason? Isn't fucking an avatar kinda like fucking Khonshu himself?”
Your clit was grazed by Jake's fingers. Jake saw how you were restraining yourself from begging, and the tip of his dagger grazed your thigh. "Shut the fuck up, Y/N, or you're going to fuck your cunt yourself with one of your plastic toys." Jake curled his lips in a fake frown. Grazing the inner part of your thighs with his tongue, he trailed his middle finger between your folds; he saw how you loved to play with yourself by roaming your fingers against that spot. He buried his finger inside of your slick heat, licking his lower lip, Jake's eyes fixed on your face.
That was the goal you were aiming for. He was becoming increasingly irritated by the minute.
“I am sorry, daddy. I didn't mean to make you jealous." You said softly, before letting out a quiet moan.
He loved teasing you. As his fingers were coated in slick, and as wetter you got, the more he wished it was his cock. He loved the way your back arched to his touch, your thighs quivering when you neared your peak. As soon as possible, he put the knife on the cushion.
Your juice gushed out of your needy slit as Jake spread you wide open. His mouth descended on you hungrily, licking and slurping, as if it was the sweetest thing he had ever tasted. The more he indulged in your sweetness, the more he moaned. His tongue plunged into your slit while his hand grazed your breast. His dexterous fingers twisted and pinched at your stiff nipples.
"F-fuck, daddy!" You whined loudly, moving both of your palms into his hair to tug on them. Those colossal fingers of his always made you see stars but you needed more. Moaning his name, you tugged on his hair strongly, arching your back. "Daddy... Please. I want you to fuck me hard."
Despite your dripping cunt, he kept on devouring you, moaning and sending vibes through it. He paused for a moment. "It is pathetically insincere of you to beg me like that, sweetheart. Show me how badly you want my cock to fuck your cunt." He returned to flicking his tongue along your folds, slipping it directly into your pussy after a moment. Meantime Jake took off his leather jacket, he unbuckled his leather belt, opened his fly, and pulled his pants and boxers down underneath the curve of his ass, his aching cock curled up towards his belly button. “Just look at what you’re doing to me, Y/N.”
You smiled broadly as you stared at his cock, then straight at him, running the tip of your tongue along your lips. "Can I suck your cock daddy, please? I want you to fuck my throat until I am unable to speak."
Jake measured your face by the coldness of his brown pupils. "On your fucking knees, doll. What are you waiting for?" He asked, taking a seat on the couch cushion.
Getting down on your knees, you moved closer to him. After spitting on your own hand, you gave him a few strokes before wrapping your mouth around him. Your moves at first were shallow but soon you began to take more and more of him until your nose touched his base.
As soon as your gag reflex kicked in, you pulled away to catch your breath. You then wiped spit off the corner of your lips before doing it all over again.
In order to keep the hair from falling into your mouth, Jake gathered it on the back of your head, where he held you with both hands. "I'm so impressed with you, little whore. You're doing a great job."
"Just your whore." You gasped, pulling away for a moment before swallowing his cock whole again, staying at the base a bit longer as you started playing with his balls.
"That's it. Touch yourself. I want to see you play with yourself." He ordered in a husky tone.
Grinning around his shaft, you moved your hand between your legs and started playing with yourself as he asked you to.
Jake grunted as he rested his head against the back of the couch.
"Look at that, Lockley, our sweet Y/N is so eager." Khonshu commented.
You pushed one finger into your tight hole and moaned around him before pulling away quickly. As you gasped, you moved your hips a little. "Oh, daddy, fuck!" You murmured. "I want to taste your cum."
Jake let go of your hair, grabbed hold of your head, and got up as high as he could without hitting the roof with his head; he kept your head steady as his hips bucked, his shaft shuffling deep into your throat as Jake groaned. A grunt escaped his lips as he shot his thick cum directly into your mouth.
With a happy whimper, you took everything he had to offer. You closed your mouth as you savor the sweet yet salty taste on your tongue. You took a moment to show Jake what a mess he made in your mouth before closing your mouth to swallow it all, just being extra as always. Obviously, you showed him that you swallowed it all like a good girl.
He leaned down and kissed you rough, humming as he tasted himself on your tongue. "Look at you, my little puta, you learned a lesson. Atta girl." Jake sat back on the couch and jerked himself a few times; he got all hard again soon. As his girth curled with forking veins, the swollen tip dripped pre-cum down the underside of his cock. "Loss for words, querida?" Jake questioned. "Come to me. I wanna fuck that pretty cunt."
You crawled to him and soon climbed on his lap. "I know my daddy can get hard really soon. I still remember the night daddy fucked me for hours. I couldn't walk the next day."
As Lockley kissed your lips, his cock rested against your stomach. His fingers grazed your inner thigh as he said, "The first time we fucked, huh? What a beautiful night. You set me on fire with your stubbornness." Jake pressed his lips against yours as he threw you off his lap, pressing your body flat against the couch. He hovered over you, resting his arm above your head and looking down at you. During his movement, the ripples of his muscles contracted as his hair flung over his forehead, all messy. "Say it. Beg."
“Please, daddy. I need you to fuck me so hard that I am unable to walk. I want you to fuck me so hard that I am going to fall on my face with your fucking cum." You pleaded, touching his chest in desperate need of any touch.
"Good." Jake muttered, lowering his head and greedily grazing your lips. His hand curled around the flesh of your thigh and he lifted it over his waist. He stroked his cock over your sloppy folds. Jake smirked, "So fucking wet." In an instant, he sheathed his big cock inside your cunt, causing you to catch your teeth on the inside of your bottom lip. I've been waiting for this for a long time."
Whimpering, you bit harder at your lips. He wasn't the only one who was waiting for this moment. He ruined you, if you're being completely honest. There was no other man who could satisfy you. You didn't even try to get close to anyone else because none of them were Jake. You moved your hand between your bodies as you moaned his name.
"D-daddy, look what you are doing to your little girl." Taking one of his hands, you moved it where your bodies were connected and up, to your abdomen to show him the bulge in your lower belly each time he entered you.
His lips curled into a smirk as he grunted deeply. As he sucked on your neck, he massaged the area where the bulge had formed when he pushed into you. Jake's cock was so hard inside you. "That's my little cunt. My beautiful fucking whore." Jake moved his hips back to pull out of you. He glanced down to stare at the ridge of his dick drag against your walls; he took a hold of his cock and spat on it only to slip back into you, this time fucking you as hard as it was possible. His rough hand was running up and down your calf.
The entire limo moved to the rhythm of his strong thrusts.
You could only scream his name again, just as you had before. The only thing you cared about was how well you were fucked and not where he parked or if anyone heard you. He fucked you so well that you already felt sore, and you knew what it would feel like later or tomorrow. "You have this cunt only for you, daddy. I am your whore, your cumdump to use however you wish."
Keeping his hips surging in a repetitive motion, Jake rolled his head back. Your pussy felt too good around him, quivering with each heinous thrust of his. "That's right. You're mine. Fucking mine. Whoever tries to touch you will be dead." He urged his pace, picking up your other leg and resting both of them against his muscular shoulder. His balls hit your plump ass. "In or out?"
Feeling your own high approaching made your mind a little foggy. Everything felt so good. This time your mouth was open in surprise as you heard his question. You begged him with a pathetic whimper in your voice, "I-In... Please, cum in me. Fill me up with your warm cum and mark me as yours."
While biting and kissing your neck, he increased his pace. He pinned you down with his chest and weight. When he felt your wetness spilling over his cock, a powerful tone sounded within his chest as he shot his cum in your dripping core. "Fuck!"
You reached your climax by moaning his name as loudly as your lungs would allow. You tightened around his cock. "Fuck... Daddy! So good!" You moaned sweetly, rolling your head maximally back.
As he continued to fuck your pussy with his still throbbing cock, the pace slowed. After kissing your lips, Jake moved down to suck on your nipple. "I hope you are still on your pills." Having pulled out of you, Jake ensured that all the drops of his cum were on your folds as he jerked himself off.
As you whimpered at the feeling of emptiness, you nodded your head. "Y-yes daddy. I am on pills."
"Good." He praised and pulled both boxers and jeans up, zipping the fly and fastening the belt. Also, he improved his shirt. "Get dressed. Khonshu left. Maybe it was too much foreplay for him."
Groaning, you slowly sat up, shivering at the sensation of his cum dripping onto your inner thigh. Slowly, you put on your dress. "Too bad he disappeared. I was hoping he would watch the whole show. I tried my finest for him."
"For him? An old, fucking pigeon skeleton?" Jake cupped your chin between his fingers. "Do you want me to drive you back home, doll?"
"Yes, please. I don't think I can walk right now." You answered with a cocky smile. "And it's all your fault."
As he searched for his keys in his pocket, he pulled out the panties you had hidden for him. A cocky smirk spread across his face as he sniffed them and ran his tongue over the fabric. "No hay problemas, hermosa." Leaving you at the back of his vehicle, he returned to the driver's seat.
As you giggled loudly, you made yourself as comfortable as possible on the red couch. "You are a nasty fucker but I fucking love it, Lockley."
Instead of rolling the window that separated you from him down, Jake lit a cigarette and smoked it while driving. He couldn't get off his peak, and his member was still throbbing in his jeans.
After letting out a deep sigh, you rested your head against the window, watching everything that was passing by. You gradually regained your composure after the event.
"You love him." A strong voice chanted next to your head; it was Khonshu.
You were almost dozing off at this point. Khonshu's voice made you jump, but you calmed down once you realized it was him. "Perhaps. There is no place for love in my work, and I don't think Jake has a place for it either."
"You, small humans, are so pathetically stupid, not understanding the power of love and hatred." Khonshu said, shaking his head. "He does hold a very special place in his heart and life for you. It's time for you to realize that."
You chuckled. "Yeah, he definitely does. All he cared about was getting his cock warm before going to another job." Rolling your eyes, you sighed sadly. "People care mostly about sex. Not bonds. That's the way it is. Even if some want something more."
Khonshu tapped your head a few times with his hand. "I know you're better than that, little worm." He said before disappearing.
Suddenly, a thick envelope filled with money was thrown right next to you on the couch as soon as the window separating the back of the limousine from the driver was rolled down. Jake watched you in the rare mirror as he said, "Your payment, Y/N. I will contact you. Be ready at any time."
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thegirlwhomoanedwolf · 7 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
In secret
Oscar isaac x reader
( reader goes to the in secret movie premiere and things get naughty)
Warning: 18+ only, smut
Gifs by @eriklehnsherryes
“ unbutton your blouse.” As the words left his lips on the enormous screen you could feel warmth flushing your face. You were already turned on by oscars character in the movie but now it was hitting you full force. You didn’t know it was going to be this kind of movie when you agreed to come to the premiere. Sitting beside him while the scene played out made you desperate to touch him, yet you knew you couldn’t go there. So you shifted in the red velvet seat uncomfortably trying to find a way to ease the ache between your thighs but it didn’t help. A soft sigh of relief passed your lips when the intense scene ended but that relief was short lived.
You were a needy mess and regretted wearing a silk dress fearing your wetness would soak through it. Along with the fact you were freezing due to the low cut back and thin straps. To make things even worse or so much better, you couldn’t decide, Oscar wrapped his arm around your bare shoulder. It was a cliche move but you thought he probably just wanted to stretch out. When his fingers started stroking light circles on your arm you had to bite your lip to hold back a moan. You couldn’t take much more of this or you would climb on top of him in the celebrity filled theatre and show him how much you wanted him.
Deep breaths you reminded yourself. Deep breaths. All of that was lost with another delicious scene of him fucking his co star against a wall. Fuck. You had thought of the same scenario so many times. Your hand made its way to your thigh gripping tightly trying to keep it together. His fingers still tracing soft patterns on your shoulder driving you wild.
You had avoided looking in his direction ever since the first intimate scene so you couldn’t tell that his eyes were watching you the entire time. Watching your reactions. The way your breath quickened, how you tensed, wiggled around in your seat, how tightly your hand was wrapped around your thigh and how your nipples were straining slightly against your soft dress. Now he had proof. You wanted him just as bad as he wanted you.
His brown eyes stayed fixated to you as yours stayed on the screen. His pleasured sobs surrounded the theatre and he watched as your eyes widened before you hastily pushed up from your chair moving quickly to exit the theatre.
Fuck, you couldn’t do this. Your feet were moving before you even had thought it through. You needed to cum. HAD to cum. His moans echoed in your ears again and again. The sound of him cumming had to be the sexiest thing you had ever heard. You knew it was acting but that didn’t matter. You needed to get out of here before you did something stupid. You couldn’t risk your friendship. Also you needed to get home as soon as possible and fuck yourself to the thought of him making those noises while his cock was buried inside of you.
You pushed through the heavy theatre doors making your way into the empty hallway. Your heels clicked against the white marble floors as you tried to find a place to escape to. Your mind overwhelmed and not picking up on the fast footsteps behind you.
“(Y/n)!” Oscars voice called from behind you. You didn’t even turn to look trying to find an exit as soon as possible. He needed to leave you alone. A hand gripped your arm spinning you to face him and a gasp left your lips. You went to speak when you saw the look on his face. He looked pissed.
“ what the hell is wrong? You practically run out of the theatre then ignore me when I come to check and see if you’re okay ?” His voice was stern in a way that made your insides clench. You had to get away before you did something bad.
“ please Oscar I need to leave, please let me go,” you could feel your voice begin to tremble. It wasn’t that you were just horny you were in love with this charismatic gorgeous man and if he pushed you any farther you didn’t know if you could hold it in. You couldn’t ruin your friendship. You couldn’t lose him.
“ fine,” he replied quickly his hand sliding away from your arm. “ I’ll take you home.”
Why was he making this so difficult? Why was it even when he was upset with you he still wanted to make sure you were safe and cared for? You took in a deep shaky breath “ I just want to be left alone.”
Instantly you regretted what you said. His look of worry and irritation turned to one of pure hurt. His brown eyes showed his vulnerability in a way you had never seen.
“ what did I do ?”
That was it, you began to cry. “ I can’t do this anymore.” Was all that left you. Instantly he pulled you close enveloping you in his safe arms. It only made you cry harder.
“ what can’t you do pretty baby?,” he asked nervously against your ear as his hands soothed you rubbing softly against your exposed back.
“ I can’t keep pretending I don’t want to be with you.” This was it. The moment everything crashed and burned. His body went rigid and you had your proof you were right. He pulled away quickly before a hand gripped your chin and pulled it up forcing you to look into his eyes. You waited for his words of rejection.
“ then don’t,” before you could even process what he said his lips were against yours. Instinct took over and you wrapped your arms around him pulling his face closer to yours with his hair fisted in your hands and yours in his. Neither of you could get close enough. You moaned as his soft tongue began to play with yours and his rough hand grabbed your ass pulling you to him growling in response. With your body flush against his you could feel his erection pressing into you and your hips rolled against his trying to find relief. He moved you backwards until you were firmly pressed against the wall. Soon his mouth was everywhere. Your lips, face, neck and even lower to your breasts. He looked up at you smiling mischievously as his hand traveled to your ankle sliding slowly upward underneath your dress to in between your thighs.
“ fuck,” he hissed as his fingers met your core. “ no panties, such a dirty girl,” you whimpered as his fingers circled your clit then slid between your folds, all other thoughts leaving you. If someone else left the theatre early you didn’t even care. “ you’re dripping baby, we don’t want to make a mess.” With that he dropped down to his knees and quickly made his way under your dress. A soft gasp left your lips.
“ oh my god!” His warm tongue began to caress you licking up your wetness. He hummed in satisfaction one hand on your hip holding you firmly in place while the other moved to your entrance. His soft thick fingers entered you easily and you trembled when he began to suck on and finger fuck your pussy in unison. “ please” you sobbed as both your hands gripped his head under your dress rocking yourself against his mouth. He moaned and it sent you over the edge. You clenched around his fingers as he continued his ministrations.
You breathed heavily coming down from your high and he re-emerged from your dress. His lips glistening. He slid up your body, mouth meeting with yours in a passionate kiss moaning and pressing himself against you.
“Oscar,” you cried out needing more, needing him.
“ Do you want me pretty baby?”
“ Yes!” You impatiently lifted your dress above your hips and reached for his zipper. He helped you by unbuckling his belt and pulled himself free only giving you a short glance at what seemed to be his very well endowed member. He lined it up at your entrance rubbing his thick tip in your wetness.
“ yeah? Right here? You want me to fuck you against this wall ?”
“ yes! Please!,” you begged. He pulled one of your legs over his hip and sunk himself into you. You gasped never having felt to full. He hit spots you didn’t even know you had.
“ oh fuck pretty baby,” he cried against your neck as he pulled out slowly and forcefully thrust back in. “ fuck you’re taking me so well, such a good girl.” With one hand holding your hip his other went to your face pulling you in for a frantic kiss. You cried into his mouth his cock already having you so close. He pulled back, hand holding your face, his eyes burning into yours “ play with your clit for me.”
You reached your hand between your bodies and began to create small circles. Eyes rolling back in your head.
“ That’s it pretty baby, shake on my cock just like that. You feel so fucking good wrapped around me, I want you to come for me, come on you can do it.”
You convulsed with pleasure sobbing out his name and other incoherent words.
“ Oh fuck ,” you could tell he was trying to hold back.
You pulled his ass toward you forcing him in even deeper “ please cum in me.”
He obliged immediately his sobs even sexier than the ones in the theatre. You felt him twitch inside of you and held him tight. He kissed your neck softly and slowly resting against you before pulling out and smoothing your dress. He zipped himself up and kissed your forehead pulling back to look into your eyes lovingly.
“ come on sweetheart let’s get out of here before anyone realizes how you just made me the happiest man alive.”
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jakelcckley · 25 days ago
Beautiful. Handsome. Attractive. Personable. Striking. Stunning. Fine specimen. Hot. Gorgeous. Graceful. Majestic. Elegant. Classic. Very Good looking.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
He is literally a walking lana del rey song.
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marveicinematics · a month ago
“do you like that ?“ with steven please
Summary : You show Steven how to please you with his fingers.
Pairing : Steven Grant x female reader.
Words : 482.
TW : Smut. Fingering, touching, small praise kink. Mention of hurt (at the beginning).
Note : Steven is simply the love of my life.
You frowned at the feeling, not sure what you were expecting before Steven actually slid a finger inside you — but it wasn't doing it for you. It wasn't what you hoped for. Uncomfortable and hurting a little, you stayed quiet, thinking the feeling would go away. But it didn't, even after Steven started carefully sliding his finger in and out of your cunt.
“Steven, wait“, you mumbled, a bit ashamed. He looked up with questioning eyes filled with kindness. He would never hurt you on purpose, and you knew it. You just had to figure out what felt good for you, for both of you.
“It's...“ You wanted to be honest, to tell him you were suffering from a moment that was supposed to be pure pleasure. But you couldn't — he would have felt guilty, and he was in no way responsible for the reactions of your body. “Can we try something else?“ You said instead, offering him a soft smile.
He was surprised, but seemed to understand. As he slid his finger out one last time, you sighed and silenced yourself by kissing Steven again, one hand running through his black curls.
“What do you want me to do, love?“ He asked after breaking the kiss, and you could feel the panic in his voice. Steven was caring, and each time he had taken time to discover your body, he made sure everything that was happening was making you feel good.
Grabbing one of his hand, you slowly lead it down your body. “Let me show you what I do to make myself feel good, okay?“ He blushed, probably thinking about the fact that you touched yourself before. You placed his fingers against your clit, moaning at the feeling.
“Do you... Do you like that?“ He asked with a soft voice, as his fingers started massaging the bundle of nerve, your hand still guiding him.
“Yes, Steven.“
Your answer seemed to satisfy him, because he started going faster, and stronger, and trying to touch you in new ways you had never experienced before. Soon enough, your hand was off — you needed it to grab the bedsheets anyway, body arching and toes curling. “Fuck, Steven!“
He knew what he was doing to you. You couldn't believe he went from involuntarily hurting you to driving you so close to your orgasm. So close. “I'm so close.“ You screamed, biting down your lower lip. There was no way you'd let his neighbors hear the way he was pleasuring you.
“Come for me, love. You're such a good girl.“
The bastard knew how to talk to you, and within seconds you were coming undone. “Steven! Steven, baby!“ You screamed again, but your orgasm was so strong that you couldn't care about the neighbors anymore. “Feels so good!“
He let you coming down from your orgasm, fingers slowing down before he kissed your forehead with love. “That was so hot,“ he added in a whisper, “I think I almost came just looking at you.“
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vintagemulti · 2 months ago
the date -> steven grant/marc spector
pairings: steven grant x reader , marc spector x reader
desc: it was the first date. so why the hell did you end up back at work, with a man you’ve never met? and why did he look exactly like steven?
warnings: swearing, a little angst, violence, moonknight spoilers (ep1/2), alcohol, getting stood up
a/n: steven my beloved. oscar isaac if you’re reading this please give me a chance
Tumblr media
the cold london air was bitter as always, tearing you from your daydream as you stepped off the bus.
“thank you,” you mumbled to the driver, stepping out onto the street opposite the hustle and bustle outside of the british museum.
pulling your jacket a little closer, you crossed the road and picked up the pace as you neared the stairs. checking your watch, you let out a small sigh as you realised you were almost late.
running up the stairs and into the front doors, the air conditioning instantly greeted you fondly.
the niceties disappeared quickly though, as you heard a squawk from behind you.
“you’re late, y/n.”
turning round, you were face to face with donna - your boss.
“i’m not, actually. my shift starts at nine, it’s eight fifty seven-”
“right, well,” donna placed a stack of leaflets into your hands. “you’ve got a group of about twenty year elevens soon, just take them up to room 19 then back to the gift shop.”
“got it.” you smiled, rolling your eyes as soon as she turned her back.
being a tour guide wasn’t all bad, shifts went fairly quickly and all you had to do was say the same things, over and over. sure, some people would have loved to have your job. one of them was right in front of you.
“hey, steven.” you said, making him turn round.
“oh, hi!” he smiled back at you, looking at the leaflets in your hands. “busy schedule today?”
you shook your head. “not really. got a school group coming in soon, but after that i reckon it’s just tourists. how about you?”
steven smiled, fidgeting with little erasers in the shape of snakes. “when am i ever that busy? wish i had your job, to be honest. sounds like more fun.”
you leaned against the counter, looking around at the door and then back at steven. “yeah, well. it gets boring after a while, you know? how many times can you tell people about the egyptian fertility rituals before you start wanting to jump in the nile, eh?”
“i suppose,” steven laughed. “we should swap jobs for a day. would make both of us happier.”
smiling at him, you saw a large group of school kids walk in through the main door.
“that’s me,” you sighed. “we’re still on for tonight, yeah?”
steven looked back at you, eyes laced with confusion. “what?”
“our date?” you titled your head, hoping he was kidding.
“sorry, are you asking me out?”
you laughed, this was one you hadn’t heard before. “funny. i’ll see you at seven.”
walking away, you didn’t see the confusion on stevens face, or the small smile he couldn’t hold back. in his mind, that was your way of asking him out, but to your it was an odd pick up line.
the entire day, you couldn’t wipe the smile off of your face. even the year elevens you had trailed around for two hours couldn’t get you down.
as seven neared closer, you looked at yourself once more in the mirror, smoothing down your light blue dress. grabbing your bag, you opened your front door and stepped out, the cold london air instantly hitting your face.
locking the door behind you, you stepped into the hustle and bustle of central london, walking to the edge of the pavement before waving out your hand to a passing taxi.
the black cab pulled over you stepped in, smiling to the driver as you recited the name of the restaurant you and steven had settled on.
“is it a date?” the driver called, looking at you in the rear view mirror.
“yep.” you smiled, looking back at him. you couldn’t see much of his face, but he seemed friendly enough.
“luck guy,” he said. “first date?”
nodding, you looked out of the window. you were almost at the restaurant. “yeah, took him long enough to ask me, as well.”
the driver pulled over. “good, good.” he mumbled, finding the nearest space and parking.
he read out the fare, and as you handed him a five pound note, you noticed his tattoo. scales - they were small, but noticeable on his wrist. if you hadn’t had a glass of wine while getting ready, you would have sworn the scales moved.
“keep the change,” you smiled, opening the door and stepping onto the pavement.
the sun was setting, making the london skyline’s backdrop be tinted pink and yellow.
checking your watch, you read the time as six fifty five. you had just made it on time. walking up the few steps to the front door, your heels clicked against the marble. you had never been to this place before, but it certainly looked classy.
you couldn’t see steven, which was odd, but you half expected him to already be at your table.
walking into the front doors, you smiled at the woman at the front reception
“hi, do you have a booking?” she smiled.
“yeah, it’s under grant, i think? steven grant?”
she checked the list in front of her, ticking off one of the names. “table for two, yeah?”
“he’s not here already?” you tilted your head.
“no, i don’t think so. i can take you to the table, though?”
you nodded, following her as she walked through the restaurant, taking you to a table near the windows. she placed a drinks menu in front of you.
“i’ll wait to order until he gets here, if that’s alright?”
“sure, i’ll bring him here.” she smiled once more. “do you want a drink while you wait?”
“yeah, please,” you scanned the menu. “can i just have the house wine, red, please.”
she nodded and walked away, leaving you to stare out the window at the darkening sky. you checked your watch again - three minutes past seven. he was late.
you pulled out your phone, to make sure he hadn’t text or called you - but nothing. radio silence. you looked around once more, before typing out a message;
you: hey, you almost here? xx (7:04pm)
hitting send, a waiter walked over and placed a glass of red wine in front of you. you thanked him and instantly lifted the glass to your mouth.
it wasn’t your first of the night, but part of you wished steven would have been there for the first round.
after ten minutes passed, you were undeniably worried. it had got to the point where you checked your phone every few second, making sure it wasn’t on silent every time. checking your messages once more;
you: hey, you almost here? xx (7:04pm)
you: should i order drinks for you? xx (7:09pm)
you: everything ok?? x (7:11pm)
you: steven?? hello?? (7:14pm)
part of you prayed he wasn’t standing you up - it was him who had asked you out, after all. had he gotten into some kind of bother? as much as you hoped he hadn’t forgotten about you, him getting into any kind of trouble just made your heart sink even more.
after another twenty minutes, you couldn’t pretend like you didn’t see the staff sending you looks of pity. the wine glass in front of you was almost empty, and your phone still hadn’t buzzed once.
you never thought steven would be the type to stand you up - and in all fairness you still didn’t. a bad feeling had settled in the pit of your stomach, instinct telling you that something bad, although you weren’t sure what, had happened.
taking the final drink out of your glass, you checked your phone a final time. seven forty seven. almost a whole hour before steven was supposed to have shown up.
sighing, you left a ten pound note on the table and picked up your bag, giving an awkward smile to the waiter walking passed.
leaving the restaurant as quickly as you could, the sun had almost completely set, leaving the air much colder. you pulled your jacket closer, although the absence of steven’s presence left a chill you couldn’t warm up.
although you planned on heading home, the feeling in your gut seemed to take a hold of your feet, leading you the familiar route to the museum. you didn’t know why, but the suspicion something bad was happening only grew the closer you got to the museum.
doubting steven would even be there, you climbed up the steps to the main entrance, suddenly wishing you hadn’t worn heels at all. sure, you looked lovely, blue dress sitting perfectly on your body, but the outfit only seemed right to wear on a date, and somehow it looked like you ended back at work.
rummaging in your bag, you found your ID, holding it against the little scanner next to the front door. the museum was almost completely empty, only the cleaners and security guard greeting you as you walked in.
“forgot something in my locker,” you lied to the guard, walking past him. you walked through the different exhibits, heels echoing with every step you took.
making your way to the back rooms, you stood completely still, listening for any noise. a low, distant bang caught your attention, making you turn in the direction of the toilets.
the bangs got louder and louder with every step you took, the occasional scraping noise coming from the same direction. you couldn’t have been more than ten meters away from the bathroom when the noises completely stopped, silence scaring you far more than the bangs.
approaching the bathroom door, your own breathing was the only thing you could hear. had you imagined everything else? surely not. in fact, you knew you hadn’t made it up, because as you stood straight in front of the door, you saw scratch marks - long, deep, violent scratch marks.
your breath shook lightly, and you suddenly felt unable to move. it might have been fear that took hold of you, it might have been confusion - you didn’t know.
the door swung open suddenly, making you flinch backwards. when your vision focused, you couldn’t believe what you saw.
“steven?” you almost whispered.
he looked at you, but behind his eyes, something was different. that wasn’t steven - not the steven you knew, anyways.
“you need to go.” steven said, his tone harsher and more demanding than normal. that wasn’t the only thing, his accent was different - american.
“what the fuck, steven?” you shook your head, looking behind him at the bathroom. it was completely destroyed, mirrors and sinks completely shattered.
“you need to go.” he repeated, stepping forward.
“no,” you scoffed. “not until you tell me what the fuck is going on.”
steven sighed. “come with me. don’t say anything.”
he took your arm, sliding his hand down to interlock your fingers. pulling for behind him, he took long, determined strides back out to the main area of the museum.
try as you might, you couldn’t steady your breath - not with the speed steven was walking at. as you two walked into the last room before the exit, you noticed steven look up, as you followed his gaze you saw the security camera.
whatever he had just done, you were part of it now.
he stopped, staring at the lens. you stopped with him, hands still interlocked, breathing still unsteady.
“come on,” he mumbled, pulling you towards the exit.
it was completely dark now, the night air cutting at your bare legs like knives. steven dragged you down the stairs, your heels almost making you trip.
“steven, what the fuck?” you called to him. “what is going on?”
“listen, sweetheart,” he stopped to look at you. “i know what you’re thinking, but i’m not steven. i can’t explain everything to you, not right now.”
“if you’re not steven,” you breathed, meeting his eye. “then who the fuck are you, and where is steven?”
he sighed. “fuck.”
your black heels was sat next to the door, bag next to them. they had been discarded as soon as you stepped over the threshold, feet aching with every step you took.
steven’s flat was much like you expected it to be, messy but certainly cozy. it reflected a lot of steven’s personality, you thought. book covered almost every surface except for the bed, which was unmade. it was a nice enough place, actually - a spacious find underneath the clutter. you were surprised he had found such a nice flat, especially in central london.
“so, just to get it right,” you rubbed your temple. “you’re not steven, but marc spector, an ex-mercenary who’s wanted pretty much all over the world?”
marc nodded. he was sat on the edge of the bed, staring at you intently.
“and you just happen to be the avatar of the egyptian god of the moon, khonshu?”
“yeah, something like that.” he muttered, head falling to his hands.
you laughed a little. “wow.”
“you don’t believe me?” marc asked, still not looking at you.
shaking your head; “no, i do. that’s what makes it worse, how much fucking sense this all makes.”
“how come?”
“well,” you sighed, standing up and beginning to pace. “steven’s always been a little bit all over the place. he’s late a lot, i know that much. sometimes he doesn’t show up for a few days at a time, but i’ll just assume that’s you, taking control?”
marc nodded. “i do try, you know, to keep up with his schedule, but… there are more important things.”
you scoffed. “does steven know? that he’s… what’s the word, an alter?”
“no, not yet. i mean, he knows about me, i can talk to him, but he’s scared, he- he doesn’t understand.”
“can you blame him?” you raised your eyebrows.
“what do you mean?”
you walked over to marc, stopping a few steps away from him. “think about it - you’ve lived your whole life, you have all the memories and everything. you’ve got a job, a good flat. and suddenly, you start hearing this little american man talk to you. you hear voices, see things, lose days at a time and wake up, battered and bruised.”
marc looked up at you. “yeah, i guess. he’ll come to understand, soon enough.”
chewing on your lip, you walked away again. “when will steven be back? if you know.”
“soon,” marc breathed. “tomorrow morning, probably. i can feel him.”
you nodded. “i’ll come back in the morning. he’ll feel like shit, most likely. he missed our date.”
“actually,” marc smirked. “that was me who asked you out.”
“what?” you turned around, jaw hanging. “that was you?”
marc raised his eyebrows. “you think steven’s got the balls to ask a pretty girl like yourself out? god, he liked you for months. i did him a favour, sweetheart.”
you laughed. “wow, you had he convinced it was steven, anyway.”
“it’s a skill,” he smiled. “now, go home. get some sleep, come back before work. i’ll make sure it’s steven.”
there was that demanding tone again, although this time it seemed slightly more friendly. although demanding, marc had that affect on people - like you couldn’t say no to him. you nodded, sliding your feet into your heels and picking up your bag once more. you pulled out your lanyard, ID hanging off of it. you placed it next to the front door, praying steven would notice the next morning.
steven awoke that morning with a start, gasping for breath as his own mind woke him up. he checked the restraint on his ankle - still on. the sand around his bed was still neat - nothing to worry about.
he rolled over, checking the time; nine thirty four. thank god, he didn’t start until eleven.
no sooner than he woke up, he heard a soft knock on his door. steven wasn’t sure it was even there, until it came again - louder this time.
he undid the buckle around his ankle, rubbing his eyes as he approached the front door. ripping the blue tape off of the gap, undoing the locks, he pulled the door open.
“morning, steven.” you smiled. having changed out of your dress and heels, you settled on jeans and a hoodie, makeup from last night still half on.
“oh- y/n! hi, hey!” he stuttered, eyes going wide.
“can i come in?”
“um,” he looked behind him. his eyes scanned his flat, and fell upon them black and white striped lanyard on the floor. that wasn’t his - and when he looked to the end, he saw your ID.
“steven?” you asked again.
“yeah, yeah - come in.” he mumbled, voice laced with confusion.
you walked in, not stopping to look around before gravitating to beside the door and picking up your lanyard.
“left this here last night,” you smiled, looking back at him.
“but,” he mumbled. “you weren’t here last night.”
you moved towards him, walking past him and sitting on his bed, exactly where marc has sat last night.
“i know about the bathroom, steven. and marc.”
he turned to you so quickly you almost heard a bone in his neck crack. “what? what- how?”
you sighed. “sit, i’ll explain.”
steven obliged, coming next to you and sitting on the bed. you felt the mattress dip under his weight, and you turned to him.
“so,” you began. “i should probably start at the beginning, yeah?”
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girl-of-many-fandoms · a month ago
3 A.M.
Tumblr media
Pairing: Marc Spector x Reader
Summary: What else is there to do in the dead of night when you can't sleep besides baking and dancing?
Warnings: pure fluff
Y/N cracked an egg on the rim of her mixing bowl, humming along to the melody she had on a continuous loop in her head. It’s the dead of night and since she couldn’t sleep, her only option was to get out of bed and do something to wear her out. 
Too wrapped up in her own little world, she hadn’t noticed that she was not alone in the kitchen anymore. Marc had rolled over in bed to pull his lady closer to him but instead, his hand only came in contact with the cold sheets on her side of the bed. With a smile on his face, he watched in silence as she swayed her hips to whatever song she was busy humming away while she combined the ingredients needed to make brownies. Stealthy, he crossed the floor inching closer to her and once she was in arm's reach, he snaked his arms around her waist and kissed the back of her head.
“Hello to you too, mister Spector.” Marc pulled her flush against his shirtless frame leaving kisses along the column of her neck.
"Couldn't sleep?" 
"Nope so now I'm baking, which I won't be able to keep doing if you keep kissing me like that." Marc lightly bit down on her flesh and pulled away from their embrace.
"Tease." Y/N continued mixing the batter and once it was all combined she poured it into her baking pan and popped it into the oven. 
While she was cleaning up the counter Marc decided to play some music. The familiar tune of Frank Sinatra's song I love you baby filled the kitchen, bringing a smile onto her lips.
"Dance with me baby." Marc left no room for her to fight him on this one as he plucked the dishcloth from her hands and threw it to the side.
You're just too good to be true
I can't take my eyes off of you
You'd be like heaven to touch
Oh, I wanna hold you so much
At long last love has arrived 
And I thank God that I'm alive 
You're just too good to be true
I can't take my eyes off of you
Y/N locked her fingers at the base of his neck while he pulled her flush against his body, securing his arms around her waist. The couple gazed into each other’s eyes with a matching smile on their faces while Marc gently swayed them to the beat of the music. Neither of them couldn’t recall the last time they’d spent time together like this but that didn’t seem to matter as they both got lost in the moment.
As the song went on, they both stole a few chased kisses here and there. Marc's smile grew wider upon hearing her bubbly laugh that escaped her as he twirled her around; he’d do anything to keep hearing that sweet sound. The song came to an end and another began to play. Y/N thought they’d finish dancing but Marc held on to her tighter to keep her close to him.
“One more song.” 
She couldn’t say no to him so, one more song led to another and another until they both lost track of the time dancing in the middle of the kitchen. Y/N kissed him while he lowered her into a dip at the end of God knows which number song this was only to almost last on her butt at the scent of her brownies being burnt in the oven.
“Shit, the brownies!”
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xowlan · 6 months ago
let me keep the nightmares away⎮L. A T R E I D E S
p a i r i n g: leto atreides x reader
f a n d o m: dune
s u m m a r y: when nightmares consume you, leto comes to your aid to get rid of them
w a r n i n g s: 18+ because of sexual activities
m a s t e r l i s t
Tumblr media
Screams pierced through the thick air, dark by the smoke created by the burning bodies. The patches on their dead chests slowly fading by the fire, were familiar as you saw them since birth worn by every person that represented your house.
A house that now was burning and fell like ashes to the ground.
Death surrounded you everywhere, no matter what direction you went. Grieve stood like a strong opponent as it filled the women and children that were spared. The enemy at least had that kind of decency.
You lowered your eyes, stinging because of the thick smoke. A heavy tear made its way through the dirt and dried blood that covered your cheek. Your brother's body was in your arms, blood connecting the two of you as it had covered every inch of your skins.
You had lost your sword somewhere on the battlefield as you danced through the fighting pairs, trying to get as close as possible to your family. But you were too late. A soldier had already split the heart of your brother as he drove his sword through his chest.
Another scream pulled your eyes away from the body. You heard your name, pronounced in fear and desperation. A call for help. Your younger sister was dragged by the men onto a giant airship. Her eyes filled with tears and her lower lip trembled as she tried to get away from the mens' grasp. But she was nothing more than a child, weak and pathetic.
Just like you.
Your heart ached for her but you could find no strength to get up and run to her. You had given up. Your body shook and you cried out, knowing that you had lost everything. Everyone you knew and loved was dead.
A soft touch made you shudder. A figure, tall and dark, walked around you before it kneeled in front of you. Brown eyes stared at your broken expression. You knew him.
You loved him.
His touch, his eyes, everything about him came in a form of hope. His lips parted before they moved. He said something, but you didn't hear him. You kept staring at the dark hair that covered most of his face. Silver lines mingled with black ones, telling you that the man must have seen quite a lot in his life.
You knew him, yet why didn't you remember his name? Who is this man that could set your body on fire with just one single touch?
A frown settled on your face. Leto. The name suddenly cleared your mind.
"Leto." You whispered, raising an arm to touch his cheek. Calmness burst through you. But he was everything but calm. Leto's eyes widened as he held your body close to him, shouting in your face as he tried to awaken you from a dream.
You looked over his shoulder. This was not a dream. How could it be when the two of you were in the middle of a battlefield? Your eyes turned back to Leto. "Help me." You sounded desperate as if you were hanging on dear life. Perhaps you were.
"Y/n!" Leto pulled away from you, taking your face in his large hands. A tear escaped the corner of his eye as he looked at you like he was about to lose something dear to him. Why? His brown eyes flashed down at your stomach before they returned to your own eyes. "No, no, no." He kept repeating.
Your eyes lowered and a sob broke through you when you saw the tip of a sword coming out of your stomach. You didn't want to die. "Leto, please. Help me." You stuttered out, collapsing in his arms. More tears fell from Leto's eyes. "Stay with me, my love. I can't lose you."
Your words broke you. You wanted to tell him how much you love him but you had no strength to do so. You were fading away.
You saw those brown eyes within the first seconds that you awoke. Leto was hanging over you as he wiped the tears rolling from your cheeks. Concern was written all over his face. "You're safe, my love."
His voice served as an anchor, distracting you from a clouded mind filled with horrible memories. You moved to sit up making Leto shift onto his knees. He didn't create any distance between the two of you.
Your chest moved in rapid motions and your hands were clenched around the grey sheets. A hand brushed your chin. "Y/n, look at me." Leto's soft voice commanded you. Your eyes turned to him.
"I died." You told him. "I died in your arms." Leto pressed his lips tightly together. That was something he definitely never wanted to imagine. You held a part of his heart, together with Jessica and Paul. So if he would lose you, he lost that part too.
"That will never happen. They will have to get through to me first." Leto assured you. You couldn't hear his words. You leaped into his chest, lips in his neck. "Make me forget, please. Let me feel you." You begged. You needed a reminder that your husband was still by your side.
Leto's calloused fingers brushed over your spine, towards the swollen cheek of your ass. He took it firmly, bruising the skin as you gasped against him. You leaned back and stared at him.
Leto licked his lips as darkness covered his eyes. "Anyone that forms a threat to you will die." He kissed you harshly and you moaned, pushing yourself against him.
Leto moved the two of you, keeping your lips connected. Spreading your legs, he placed himself between them. You were so glad the two of you were already naked. His cock, hard and thick, brushed your clit and you cried out. "Leto, my lord, please. Fill me. Breed me."
Leto grunted against your lips. He leaned back and sat on his knees. Dark eyes took in your naked body. You were a piece of art to him. A goddess and he will worship you until the end of his days.
"I love you." Leto was vulnerable as he spoke those words, expressing the burning feeling that grew in his heart. "I love you." He said again and moved closer. A hand wrapped around his cock as he coated the tip with your juices. "I love you." He promised as he pushed into you.
You were his and he was yours to protect and to love.
You arched your back at the sensation of him felling you. Nothing else could defeat this feeling. You breathed only to be as close as possible to him. Leto pulled back before his hips snapped against yours.
Your head was thrown back against the cushion. Moans and whimpers left your lips as Leto kept trusting. You felt him. His cock dragged against your walls with every movement he made. Leto reached a hand, taking a swollen breast while his other hand held your hips firmly. You moved with him, like the waves of the oceans in Caladan.
"No one will take you away from me. My wife." Leto growled out as he fastened his movement. The dwelling thoughts of someone harming you angered him. He felt your walls clench around his cock, making him hiss.
Leto had scars all over his body and he wouldn't mind adding a few if he had to protect you. And protect you he will. His cock slammed within you and you couldn't stop the gasps as you felt your orgasm approach.
"Make me pregnant, my Lord. Let everyone see that I belong to you." You breathed out, moving your hips against his. Leto started to rub your clit as he glared into your eyes. He wasn't a duke at that moment. He was a warrior claiming what was his. The look did it for you. Your walls clenched around his cock as your orgasm washed over you.
"You do belong to me and the entire universe will know." With one last slam against you, Leto groaned loudly. Hot ropes of cum coated your walls as he filled you with his seed. Leto laid a hand on your stomach.
"Let us hope that we will welcome a child of our own, my beautiful wife. I want nothing more than that." Leto murmured, keeping himself inside of you. You hummed softly. "I hope so too."
Leto smiled softly and you sat up, moaning at the feeling of his cock brushing against your sensitive walls. Strong arms embraced you. Kissing your temple, Leto closed his eyes.
No nightmares came to any of you that night.
t a g l i s t: @evyiione
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stuckybarton · a month ago
As It Was
Tumblr media
Summary: Things in your life were moving too fast, but your husband was there to help you slow things down. Words: 824 Warning: None. Characters: Husband!Oscar Isaac x Wife!Fem Reader A/N: This goddamn man has got a hold of me since Dune and it's still coming full force all throughout Moon Knight. Also, as the title suggested, inspired by this song. MASTERLIST || Requests Are Open
Tumblr media
"Auntie…wake up so I can say good night to you."
Sitting in the porch of your house, listening to your niece's voicemail for the tenth time now. Sighing, with the life you had lived as an actress, it was hard to find time to talk to your family. How your time was a complete opposite of their own. It wasn't always like this, it never truly bothered you when you had packed everything you had and left with a dream for Hollywood. You have it now, another filming in the horizon that would cement your name along the people you had once just watched at TV--but there was always a price to pay for your ambitions.
Looking at the graying skies, it was far too early to call your niece back and you know perfectly well that it would be far too late to call her when you wake up tomorrow. The curse of living thousands of miles apart, on different time zones. You could only sigh and press your finger against the play button again. Listening to the sound of your sister's voice in the background, trying to explain to your niece that you were busy with filming, the sound of your brother-in-law reassuring the little one that you would be calling tomorrow instead.
"It's getting dark, Babe."
You turned smiling at the remaining constant you still had in your life. Your husband that had now found himself sitting besides you, eyes peering up towards the starless skies along with you. Your head immediately resting on top of his shoulders, welcoming the scent of his that always brought you nothing but comfort especially in times like this.
"Just trying to catch up on my emails." You lied, not wanting him to worry about you and your internal struggled in the moment.
"I'm sure little Bella is helping you immensely with your emails." He spoke smiling at how you glanced at him, now wondering how long he was watching you. "You know we could always fly back home to them for a visit." He spoke.
You know as much, but when you come to think of it, a week wasn't enough for you. You wanted more time, more than you actually realize you want. There was this stifling realization that everything around you was moving, living, growing but you stayed the same. Your personal life was left stagnant. Sure you had a husband now, a husband that was far too good for someone like you, but that was it. You have this plan, so elaborate that you have now realize wasn't going to happen any time soon if you don't act. If you don't make a decision, but it was hard without compromising.
"What's wrong?" He asked again, Oscar's arm now pulling you closer to him. "You know you can always tell me what's going on."
You took a breath, his warmth a complete contrast to the cold air of the night.
"You ever think we should just slow down with what we're doing in our career?" You asked.
"Sometimes." He responded immediately. "I don't get to spend as much time with you as I once did, but I know we're doing what we're doing because we love this. We love being in front of the camera, in front of the posters, in front of whatever God-awful trailer the might think of throwing us in."
"Do you ever regret that we don't start having kids early?" You asked.
"God no." He spoke vehemently, lips quick to kiss your forehead now. "I'd rather we both go childless than resent our kids because we weren't able to do the things we wanted to do in our careers."
You smiled and that was all you needed to know. You thought you were selfish, but then this man, this wonderful and far too understanding man was constantly trying to give you the reassurance you couldn't give to yourself in moments of doubts just like this.
"Stop worrying about the future, Babe." He spoke suddenly making your turn to look at him once again. "I know you and I know when you're like this. Everything has a right time and a right place. Kids, sure maybe one or two years from now since we both have a lot on our plate. You want to visit your family for longer than a week, that's fine, we can make some changes to our schedule but we can make time. The things around the both of us are changing and moving, but what we need to do is live in this moment."
You took his words in and he was right. Your arms wrapped tightly around his waist as your head held up to the sky, watching and noticing a single star in the horizon.
"Being an adult is hard."
"I know, but the money and the alcohol is too good to stay a child, Babe."
And that, you could agree on.
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