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#oscar madly
shujubee · 10 months ago
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Tumblr media
Connor Jessup for Numéro Netherlands
Hair & Makeup by Brenda Thurston
Styling by Donte McGuine
Photography by Connor Jessup
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fromthespaceamundo · a year ago
Tumblr media
Connor Jessup as Oscar Madly in Closet Monster (2015).
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winterevanesce · a year ago
» “When will the voices stop making trouble inside?”
! WARNING ! Contains explicit gore and flashing lights/quick cuts
「 Fanvid  // MultiFandom: Black Swan & Closet Monster (with additional clips from Locke & Key, American Crime Season 2) 」
☞ Download/Notes/Stream Links: AO3
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queentin-tarantula · 3 years ago
Closet Monster (2015) - dir. Stephen Dunn
Please, don’t kiss me. I just had the worst day of my life and my mouth tastes like vomit and I don’t want to ruin this.
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data-reel · 3 years ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
“Where’s Buffy?”
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tombwolf · 4 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Closet Monster (2016) | dir. Stephen Dunn
You can’t lie to me Oscar, I’m your spirit animal.
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cinemacoloris · 4 years ago
Tumblr media
closet monster (2015) dir. stephen dunn
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fromthespaceamundo · a year ago
Tumblr media
Connor Jessup as Oscar Madly in Closet Monster (2015).
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celestialbarnes · 7 months ago
to lose a lover (3) | c.e
pairing: chris evans x actress!reader 
summary: you and chris were best friends, he dated jenny until he didn’t, you stayed to pick up the pieces of his broken heart, falling for him and becoming his lover, only for him to leave you for the woman he once loved. (based on this request)
word count: 2.1k
warnings: ANGST, nsfw themes, it’s just painful 
a/n: hello! i’m back with chapter 3, it’s angsty and it took a playlist of sad songs and a full day to write it, so i hope you will like it and if you did, please let me know, thank you! 
series masterlist
thank you for reading, i really appreciate every like and reblog! 
Tumblr media
You stared at the Oscar invitation that had been lying on your coffee table for the last two days as you contemplated whether you should go or not, you knew that the news of Chris and you having broken up had spread like wildfire, thanks to the media, and multiple twitter threads online that simply made the news bigger.
“You’re kidding me,” she had said when you picked up your phone only to see what the latest gossip sites had posted, “Jenny Slate the new Mrs Evans?”. That had stung like hell, well, more like hurt because it had been barely a month after you had seen Chris and Jenny at the quaint café that you had once thought was you and Chris’s special place.
It had taken everything in you not to break as you walked away, god, it was hard seeing the man that you loved with the entirety of your heart offering his love to someone else that wasn’t you, and as if to make it worse, you had to find his clothes still buried in some of yours, and as if on instinct, you had taken them out, holding it close to your chest, inhaling Chris’s scent as your tears stained the fabric, that night you slept with it by your side, and as much as you hated yourself for it, you still loved Chris, and simply put, there was just no way for you to get over the one man you had fallen for, pined for and loved for so long.
You had scrolled down the page only to see Chris outside a jewelry store, more specifically Cartier, he had a cap pulled over his face and sunglasses, but you could never mistake that boyish smile that was painted on his face, and you could feel your heart sink into the pit of your stomach as you looked at the picture that was seemingly mocking you silently.
“(Y/n), don’t-“
“It’s fine Nat, I-I, Chris, he was gonna propose to her before they broke up,” you replied softly, tears brimming at the corner of your eyes as you found yourself glancing back at the photo of the brunette, in the fancy store, standing over what you assumed to be rows of different rings, and you couldn’t help but wonder if he had done that when he was planning to propose to you.
It was a fact that Chris had made plans to propose to Jenny, he had divulged to you that he had booked an entire restaurant for a night, he had bought flowers, the one that Jenny adored, planned an entire menu that consisted of all her favourite foods and all he had left was to find a perfect diamond ring that Jenny would say yes to, he had big plans to pop the question, but before he could do all of that, Jenny left, saying something about focusing on her career, on spending more time on herself, of not having to worry about the relationship, she had thought her love with Chris to be a burden.
You remembered that night, it was ingrained in your memories, you had received a call from the bar downtown, Chris was dead drunk, having stayed till closing and refusing to leave.
“His girlfriend won’t pick up,” The bartender had said frustratingly, and you, well, being Chris’s best friend, you had dropped sleep aside, pulling on a shirt and sweatpants as you made a dash out of your apartment, taking an uber down, and god, it broke your heart to see the man you loved slumped on the wooden bar table, tears staining his cheeks and his jacket splayed on the floor, with half a dozen of beer bottles scattered around him, he looked wrecked.
“Jenny, I s-still love you,” he had slurred as you struggled to help him up, which wasn’t an easy task at all, it was nearing four in the morning and it was safe to say that getting an uber was tough, it had taken fifteen minutes before you got one and having your best friend slumped against you as you tried not to fall over was no easy task.
“J-jenny,” Chris mumbled and you could feel your heart ache, you loved Chris, hell, you loved him for a good half of your fifteen year friendship, you had hoped that one day he would see it, maybe even return it, but that was crushed when he met Jenny who he had fallen for with all his heart, even when he was with you, all he could talk about was her, she had come into his life, wormed her way into his heart only to leave a storm behind her with Chris laying in broken pieces, and it was you who picked it up, piece by piece, patching the brunette up, trying your hardest to not show how hurt you were when he talked about her, how he still loved her despite the break up, how he still adored her.
And you, well, you were hopelessly, madly and pathetically in love with Chris that you hadn’t realised that you were a rebound, you were the one person he decided to use to get over the woman who practically stomped on his heart, you were a placeholder, and honestly, you couldn’t blame Chris, no, you couldn’t, after all, it was you who had opened your heart to him, who had allowed yourself to fall in deeper into the hold you dug for yourself.
You were the one that led your walls down around him, you allowed him to make love to you, moaning mess as he buries his face into the crook of your neck, groaning as your hips moved against his, your fingers carding through his hair as he thrusts into you, his name falling from your lips as you come undone, your legs tightening around him as he spills into you, mumbling sweet nothings in your ear. You were pathetic alright, giving your whole self to a man who never truly wanted you. You needed Chris; he just didn’t need you around.
Picking up the invitation, you sighed, ticking the yes to whether you were going, your pen stopping at the plus one, you swallowed the lump in your throat as you ticked no, slotting the card back into the golden envelope, wiping the tears that slowly slid down your cheek, maybe, just maybe, it was time for you to accept the cruel fact that Chris would never pick you, not when it came down to Jenny and you and certainly, not for you.
Tumblr media
“Ma’am,” the driver said as the limousine stopped outside the oh so familiar red carpet, the second the door opened, you were swarmed with paparazzi.
“(Y/n)! over here!”
Cameras flashed as you tried to plaster a fake smile on, trying to ignore how the lights hurt your eyes as you headed down the red carpet, this was probably a really bad idea but you had no way of leaving now.
“(Y/n)! Why did Chris leave?”
“Was there cheating?” You could feel your insides freeze at all the questions that you were bombarded with, sure, you knew it was coming, it wasn’t as if you didn’t know, you knew that they had wolfed the news of you and Chris’s break up down, and that they would throw you questions like these, and despite the amount of times you had practiced saying “no comment”, “It’s in the past,” it didn’t help at all, you had promised yourself to not break apart, not on the red carpet and definitely not in front of cameras, the last thing you wanted was for the break up to be brought up all over again, you weren’t over Chris but you didn’t need anyone knowing that.
“Its Chris and Jenny!” You bite your lip as soon as the limousine stopped in front, you swallowed the lump in your throat as you watched Jenny and the man that left you in shambles step out from the car, and as if seeing them at the café was bad enough, you could see them holding hands, their fingers linked with each other’s just like how yours was once laced with Chris’s, bright, glittering smiles on their faces as the cameras flocked towards them, the sound of pictures taking and cameras flashing echoed, you saw the boyish smile on the brunette’s face as he walked along with her, she looked gorgeous in a simple flowing white dress that accentuated all her curves, her curls put up in a bun, she glowed, hell, Chris glowed when he was with her, the smile he had on his face seemed to be just a little happier than the ones he flashed when he was with you.
Maybe, that was why he would gladly pick her over you any day, you watched as they walked over, the brunette’s gaze meeting yours as they did, your eyes meeting his baby blues, baby blues that you now was filled with love for someone else, you tried your best to return his small smile only to fail as hot tears stung your eyes, blurring your vision as you turned away, not wanting him , Jenny or anyone else for that matter to see you cry for a man who didn’t want you, you walked away, refusing to admit that you could still feel his gaze on you as you headed straight for the theatre.
It didn’t take long for the ceremony to start, you were seated with none other than Sebastian who was coincidentally one of Chris’s closest friends.
“It’s been long huh,” He had said as you settled into your seat, shooting you one of his warm smiles which you returned.
“Yeah, it has,”
“How are you doi-shit, I shouldn’t ask that,”
“It’s fine, I’m doing alright, how about you?” You asked the Romanian who shrugged as your eyes met his cerulean blues for a moment, you had always admired his eyes, it was almost as if they had a calming effect, and you couldn’t help but smile when he said that he was doing great, having finished shooting his hit television show with Anthony, revealing that he had also come without a plus one.
“Why not?” you asked as the lights slowly dimmed down, and silence filled the theatre.
“I don’t have a date, plus now I get to sit with you,” he replies jokingly, making you chuckle as you looked towards the stage.
“Please welcome the talented Chris Evans,” you watched as the brunette walked onto the stage, the clapping dying down as he greeted the audience, you fidgeted in your seat as he starts his speech, you could tell in an instance that he was nervous, maybe even more when he looks towards Jenny who was seated near the front rows, you watched as he swallows hard, trying his hardest to deliver the speech.
Chris never really liked being in the spotlight, maybe you would go as far to say that he tried his best to avoid it, which was probably why he always made it a point to stay away from crowded places, even before he called you his, you remembered him holding onto your hand every time the both of you headed out, you would squeeze it lightly, smiling at him reassuringly at him, and you would gladly stay with the Evans in their backyard, enjoying the afternoon with them. Jenny however was his polar opposite, she didn’t exactly like staying in, and preferred to be out and about, and Chris, well being the man he was, tried his best to accommodate that about her, maybe the brunette just wanted something a little different from what you had to offer when he was with you.
“You alright?” Sebastian asked, his hand brushing against yours lightly as you nod, flashing him a small smile, you turned your attention back towards the stage, your heart racing when you realised that this time, Chris’s gaze found yours, your eyes locked with his blue ones, and just like that you found the memories of you and Chris flooding your mind, playing over and over again, like a silent film, you remembered every fleeting touch, every hug, every time he captured your lips in his gently, every time he buried himself in your heat as he made love to you.
The weeks that you spent trying to mend that mess that Chris had left in his wake seem to have gone to waste as you felt your heart break all over again, it hurts to know that he chosen Jenny over you, it crushed you indefinitely that you weren’t his first choice that you were simply an option that he would consider if things with Jenny went south, and it hurt like hell when you finally found it in yourself to look away.
Tumblr media
taglists are open! feel free to fill in the taglist form (link in bio) / drop me an ask to be tagged in my fics!
a/n: that’s the end of chapter 3! i really hope you like it, and if you did, please, let me know, your feedback really means the world to me, thank you!
leave some feedback?
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anotherplumbob · 25 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
We also get to see Jeff and Alec at the funeral. Jeff is still madly in love with Misha or so it seems. And Alec is very much focused on his career as an investment banker. His kids actually live with their mom Tatiana and he just sees them on the weekends, so they don’t have the best relationship.
Meanwhile, upstairs, Oscar is getting to know his second cousin Finn (he’s Vivi’s son):
Finn: our only direct connection to an actual heir was through grandpa AC. I heard mom say that now the Watcher will forget about us forever. 
Oscar: don't worry, I live with a former heir, the current heir and a future heir and the watcher has also forgotten about me!
Finn: perhaps we can be friends! 
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tempest-tatsumi · a month ago
Salem sighed, closing her laptop after filling in paper work. She stretched, trying to loosen out her muscles, as she was on the laptop for a few hours. She got up to check on her kids, walking to the twins room first, she took a pit into their room and while a mess it was the first time she walk into the room and didn't she have Jaune or Cinder flying toward her like a rocket. They were quietly doing their own things, Jaune playing his video games and Cinder reading a book.
She smiles and closed the door not disturbing them. Moving on she went to her check on her baby, her other two kids being with their dad. Oscar, who last time she check was napping. When she peak into the room he looked directly at her and cooed happily. Salem picks up her baby boy and touch her head to Oscar's. A grin coming across her face
Salem:Who mama special boy? You are! You ar- FUCK!
She cursed as Oscar reel back his head and gave her a devastating headbutt. The force of it sent her tumbling back and land on her back but made sure her baby wasn't dropped, holding him in the air. A little blood dripped from her forehead as she look at the ceiling in a daze, Oscar clapping his hand and giggling madly.
Salem:You've.... got a hard head.
Sibling au
Ozpin laughed at his exe story, Salem glaring at him did nothing to cease it. She held an ice pack to her head, a band-Aid where baby oscar headbutted her was.
Salem:(grumpy)That isn't funny.
Ozpin:You got Ko by our baby Salem.
Salem:He got a head as hard as steel!
Ozpin chuckled and pick Oscar up and smiles at him.
Ozpin:Did you hear that Oscar? Your wittle head gave mama a boo bo-
He was cut off by Oscar headbutting him hard as well.
Ozpin stood frozen for a few seconds before slowly putting Oscar back in his crib and then falling straight to the floor looking up to the ceiling in a daze, blood driping where Oscae headbutted him. Salem crackled at the sight.
Salem:Not so funny now is it!
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annethepancake · 28 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
30-Day Movie Challenge here. Part 2/3. Part 1. Part 3.
11. My guilty pleasure movie: Wilde (1997) Fuck toxic boyfriends but young Jude Law was soooo pretty in this, it convinced me that maybe Oscar Wilde had a point when he fell so madly in love with this god awful little brat named Bosie.
12. An underrated movie I want people to watch: Beautiful Boy (2018) It’s not underrated I don’t think, it’s just a lesser known film starring Timothée Chalamet. Aside from Timmy’s phenomenal performance, the message of this movie is really clear and really helpful. Watch this and never, ever do drugs.
13. A movie whose color scheme I love: Amélie (2001) If you know my photography skills you know I’m awful and always use saturation to try to distract you from it. I do like vibrant colors and saturation, and while The Grand Budapest Hotel could have been an obvious choice I just prefer the warm and vibrant colors here in Amélie, the colors themselves just told the story so well.
14. My favorite female director: Emerald Fennell She directed her debut feature length movie (Promising Young Woman) while pregnant with her first child. And it’s a masterpiece that won her an Oscar. Phenomenal work. She’s also one of the screenwriters for Killing Eve, which is amazing as well.
15. A film that discusses mental health: Eighth Grade (2018) Such an important movie (for kids and adults alike) and the way it’s played out is a tad too real, and so well executed. Bo Burnham did a great job on this and he deserves every praise he got from such an outstanding work. The mental health issue that the film discusses: Anxiety in teenagers in a world of social media.
16. A movie I keep coming back to: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (2010) Every time anyone breathes “comedy” around me, there I am with my “Ooooh you should totally watch Scott Pilgrim”. But really it’s such a clever comedy and I would be offended if you watched with me and didn’t like it :< Not to mention the awesome soundtrack!
17. That mood changer movie: Brokeback Mountain (2005) My heart still aches for these two honestly. And it really did change a whole industry. I wrote about it here.
18. A quote I admire from my favorite movie: Maurice (1987)
“I was yours till death if you’d care to keep me once, but I’m someone else’s now, and he’s mine in a way that shocks you. Why don’t you stop being shocked and attend to your own happiness?”
You know how I feel about Maurice. It is such a shame that this quote is not included in the final cut, but it’s such an important scene. Briefly about the movie: Maurice was gay in the 1910’s England, where homosexuality was a crime punishable by jail time and hard labor. He met Clive who made him discover that about himself, but then Clive decided to conform to societal norms and left to marry a woman. This quote is from the speech (the “fuck you” speech as the fandom likes to call) that Maurice delivered to Clive right before leaving to roam the greenwood with Alec (his new love interest) and never returning. This quote really captures how much Maurice was now sure of himself and knew who he was, which he never had been before, and marks the moment he decided to pursue his own happiness and flip off the entire England with its social stratification and homophobia.
19. A movie based on a true story: Hidden Figures (2016) This movie shone a light onto a story I never knew existed before: Black women’s contribution to freakin’ NASA! All of the three women were so phenomenal and I’m so glad I got to know them through the performances of three equally awesome actresses.
20. My favorite cinematographer: James Ivory I don’t know a lot of cinematographers, but James Ivory used to be an art director, so movies like Maurice and Call Me By Your Name and A Room With A View do have a lot of his touch of art, and I like all of the visuals in these films, so there we go.
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tombwolf · 4 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Closet Monster - (2015 Dir. Stephen Dunn)
You remember that fur hat I used to wear when you were a kid?
…it would be nice to have it back, it was nan’s.
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skyholders · a month ago
MLQC Mini Garden Series: Lucien
This series is something between a study and a headcannon, focusing on the MLQC characters, and what flowers symbolise their character and their relationship with the MC. It's just a small, niche project. I hope you enjoy it nonetheless.
Tumblr media
Karma CG from @acrispyapple
Other parts of the series: Gavin / Kiro / Victor
Tumblr media
"He is witty, graceful, lovely to look at, loveable to be with. He has also ruined my life, so I can't help loving him - it is the only thing to do." - Oscar Wilde, Picture of Dorian Gray
The hydrangeas symbolise a wide array of things. Its name stems from the Greek word hydros, meaning water, and angeion, which means barrel. Blue hydrangeas grew around the ancient Japanese imperial family's gardens, and the emperor would often send his lovers blue hydrangeas as a form of apology.
Hydrangeas come in quite a few colours, each with different meanings; most of which reminds me of Lucien in some ways or the other.
Blue hydrangeas: Used for apologies, understanding, or the want to understand someone. And also gratitude.
Purple hydrangeas: The colour purple itself symbolises royalty or nobility. However, this flower can also convey a deep understanding.
Pink hydrangeas: Sincerity, true feelings.
White hydrangeas: Purity and grace.
Multicoloured: A loss that can't be avoided.
Hydrangeas are also a rather peculiar flower. The colour of a hydrangea is determined by the acidity of the soil. If the soil is acidic, a hydrangea is usually blue or purple. If it is alkali, the flower is pink. I think it fits Lucien rather well; he changes his "colours" for every person he meets. He adapts his personality to fit the person he's with. Lucien also wishes to understand MC, and to be understood by her as well.
Tumblr media
Purple Hyacinth
"I know Hyacinthus, whom Apollo loved so madly, was you in Greek days." - Oscar Wilde, The Complete Letters of Oscar Wilde
Let's talk about the origin of the hyacinth's name!
Hyacinths are named after Hyacinthus - a Spartan prince and Apollo's lover. One day, while Apollo was throwing a disc, the winds blew it away and it gave a fatal blow to Hyacinthus. He bled heavily, and died straightaway. From his blood grew flowers, though it's said that those flowers aren't hyacinths, but instead irises or larkspurs.
However, as his namesake, the hyacinths convey a deep sorrow or regret. It is used to apologise to someone. To say, "Please forgive me."
There is a line from The Complete Letters of Oscar Wilde which I've almost quite frankly engraved into my mind: "I know Hyacinthus, whom Apollo loved so madly, was you in Greek days." Wilde was writing to his forbidden lover, how much he misses and yearns for him.
Lucien knew he shouldn't be falling in love with her at the beginning. A part of him yearns; the other pulls him away. And when it all fell apart, he wished to express his sorrow and regrets so desperately he began to imagine a version of her that's never there.
Tumblr media
"It has been discovered - What? - Eternity. It is the sea fled with the sun." - Arthur Rimbaud, L'eternité
Irises, one of the supposed flowers that'd grown out of Hyacinthus' blood after his sudden death. It's a flower which means wisdom and admiration; psychic abilities and intuition. An overall fitting flower to describe Lucien's personality.
A quick fact, but irises can also symbolise royalty, as it's the inspiration behind the fleur-de-lis, a symbol of the now fallen French royalty.
Tumblr media
"I love you as one loves certain obscure things: secretly, between the shadow and the soul." - Pablo Neruda, Love Sonnet XVII
To give a little reference to Garda in the actual story, I think it's quite adorable how the flower Lucien and MC took care together symbolise loveliness and secret love. Gardenias can also symbolise joy, and gentleness.
It's so easy to imagine Lucien picking this specific pot of flowers because it's one of his millions of little ways to tell MC he cares. That with her, he's found his joy, his calm, and he's found how lovely the world can be.
Tumblr media
Lavender roses
"What is there to do: I've made love to satellites in your name." - Keith S. Wilson, Heliocentric
Lavender roses symbolises enchantment, or a love at first sight. I don't think this requires much explanation at all.
Because can you imagine living in a monochromatic world, just for it to be painted anew by this one person? And the very first colours you see are the colours of them? Must be the most enchanting moment of your life, isn't it?
Tumblr media
"And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye." - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince
This flower isn't so widely known, but for such a delicate flower, it speaks quite a few words.
Rainflower, or the Zephyranthes, is a flower whose name stems from the Greek words 'zephyr', meaning wind, and 'anthes', meaning flower. If you gift this flower to someone else, it can either mean, "I love you back," or "I must atone for my sins," or, "I will never forget you."
These pretty white blossoms can also symbolise new beginnings, big expectations, and joy. If I am to use one flower to summarise Lucien and MC's relationship throughout the story, I think this one's a good choice.
Tumblr media
Hello! It's been a while, has it not? Sorry for being so absent these past few weeks. I'm occupied with school, personal projects and health. But I'm fine, and I hope you're well too!
This series is.. sorta random. But to get back to the spirit of posting I decided to mash in things I love - character studies, literature, flower language - and make it into this weird amalgamation that is this post. I hope you're liking it so far. Tell me what you think of it?
Anyways! I should probably go and finish a math assignment now. Stay safe, have a brilliant Sunday!
- Shio
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dreadedwords · 4 months ago
“My life—my whole life. Take it, and do with it what you will... I love you—love you as I have never loved any living thing. From the moment I met you I loved you, loved you blindly, adoringly, madly! You did not know it then—you know it now!”
— Oscar Wilde, Lady Windermere’s Fan
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milkytheholy · 5 months ago
Hello! Can I request a Rise!Leo x female reader where the reader is very self conscious about her feelings towards the red slider and thinks that even Leo wouldn’t like her since no one else did, but then they are been chased (in a mission or a game with his brothers, idk) and have to hide together in a small place (like some closet or something) . Then a few things start to get serious and he says something that makes the reader even more uncomfortable and by the end she’s crying because she knows he’ll never even love her? I mean, Angst and angst with comfort.
TMNT masterlist
Ultimate masterlist
I don't deserve you
Tumblr media
Did you see the way he looked at me? He kinda looked happy to see me, but that can't be right, he's probably just tired of hanging out with his brothers. But did you see the way he wrapped his arms around me? He practically lifted me off of the ground! Maybe he wants to be more than friends? I mean, he flirts with me on a daily basis and his brothers seem to think he has a thing for me. 
But why would he like me? I'm nothing special, I don't deserve him, I could never give him the love he truly warrants. Besides, I'm a loner of sorts, no one likes me above ground so why would below be any different, maybe they're just doing it to seem nice? They're heroes after all, heroes have to be nice, like, 24-7. 
"Yo (Y/N), you coming or what?" Leo called out to you, jogging in spot by the lair's entrance. He beckoned you multiple times after that, a cheeky grin on his face when you finally shuffled to a stop next to him. "You called, my lord?" you replied, a brow raised in fake frustration. Leo laughed beside you, wrapping an arm around your shoulders and pulling you closer to his chest. Pulling away, Leo looked around the lair for his brothers, hoping Mikey wouldn't walk around the corner and spot them.
"I hope you didn't forget about our annual hide and seek event? C'mon, Mikey's seeking and we still need to find somewhere to hide before he tags us!" Leo rushed out, not waiting for a response from you. He grabbed your hand and tugged you along with him as he sprinted around the lair, he'd push you against the wall every so often when he thought he heard the demonic calls coming from Mikey. Each time he pushed himself against you another thought popped into your head:
Friends don't act like this, do they? They don't push themselves against you for the sake of a family game, ugh why can't he be clear about what he wants! Even if he did want to be more, would I be ready? I'm not right for him, I know I'm not, but does he know that?
"C'mon, this way," he drew on your conjoined hands again, leading you into the kitchen; a poor decision really considering there were barely any places to hide. You'd never seen Leo look so frantic before, practically diving behind the kitchen counter whenever he heard a slight creak from another room. Noting that your hands were still together, you broke them apart and shoved your hands in your jacket pocket. Leo sent you a quizzical look but ignored it in favour of investigating a strange sound he heard.
Popping his head above the kitchen counter, Leo's eyes switched from left to right, wanting to observe his surroundings. In the distance he could hear a yelp, sounded like Raph and if Raph was caught it meant he'd blabber everyone else's hiding spots. Thinking fast, Leo grabbed your hand and hid in the spot closest to him...a kitchen pantry. You resisted at first, pushing against him, but the moment he heard Raph and Mikey entering the kitchen, he pulled on you hard and shut the door before either seekers stepped foot into the kitchen.
You went to scream at him, roar about the way he acted too friendly when he didn't see you like that, but he silenced you. Smushing his finger against your lips, he squinted at you and tipped his head to the door where you could hear his brothers opening and closing cabinets. You pouted up at him, eyes folded in a glare, Leo looked puzzled. He wanted to talk to you about it, wanted to know the reason for your suddenly harsh behaviour, was he to blame? Did you really not want to play hide and seek?
You slumped back against the other wall, however, you were still in contact with his plastron. He continued to stare at you, trying to figure out what was going on in that pretty little head of yours. You could feel his gaze, cursing your body for feeling flustered, cheeks bruising red. When the sounds in the kitchen seemed to quieten, Leo was the first to speak.
"What's up with you today? You're acting weird," he whispered, still uncertain of his brother's whereabouts. You gawked at him, did he really just have the audacity to say you were acting weird? "Me acting weird? What about you acting weird!" you shoved a finger harshly against his chest. Leo's eyes widened, his form becoming defensive, "What do you mean I'm acting weird? You're the one who's suddenly all grumpy and acting like Oscar the Grouch."
"I am not!" you said, almost offended. Trying your best to turn from him and ultimately giving up, Leo poked your shoulder until you looked back at him. "What!" you groaned, quickly getting irritated with the manchild squished next to you. Leo sighed with his head tilted down, "Look, I'm sorry, okay? I just wanna know if you're okay, you mean a lot to me and I hate seeing you all sad about something."
It felt genuine, you couldn't shake the feeling of falling madly in love with the red-eared slider, but you needed to resist his siren ways. Pushing the feeling down, reality took over, "Don't say stuff like that-"
"Like what?"
"Like you care, I know it's just a front or something, you don't need to keep lying to me to make me feel better."
"What are you on about?" Leo questioned, hurt flashing in his eyes. You stared dead into his eyes, gulping down the mass amount of guilt and regret lodged in your throat, "We could never happen. Never. You're too good for me, I'm not enough for you." 
You pushed the door open, fidgetting your way out of the small space and into the kitchen. You glanced back at Leo, seeing the look of heartbreak clear as day, turning away you marched right out of the kitchen and to the entrance of the lair. Walking past the projector room, Mikey spotted you with a smile and called out to you "Found you, (Y/N)!" but you just kept on walking, ignoring the brother's calls for you to stop.
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The Cat’s Meow
Tumblr media
(gif from Google. If it’s yours, lemme know so I can credit.)
Pairing: Henry x Female!Reader
Summary: Henry meets your cat
Rating: M, just to be on the safe side (nothing explicit but tagged as smut just in case)
Word Count: 1331
Warnings/Content: All fluff, with a few allusions to smut
This request comes from @agniavateira​ based on the prompt below. Thank you so much for requesting this. It was such fun to write, and it helped to get me out of my head with my other WIPs. 😚
Tumblr media
Unbeta-ed. All mistakes are my own.
Reposting my works on any other sites or platforms is strictly prohibited (my official AO3 is linked in my master list). Likes, comments, and reblogs are always greatly appreciated.
Tumblr media
“So, I have something to confess,” you said as you turned ever so slightly toward Henry, who was putting forth his best attempt at patience as you slid your key into the front door bolt.
Henry nimbly slid one arm around your waist and pulled you into his chest as he peppered the side of your neck with featherlight kisses. “I imagine you’ll have a few more once I am through with you.”
“I am sure that is true too, but…” Your laughter dissolved into a moan when he nipped gently at your earlobe.
“But…” Henry prompted as his hands began to wander.
You playfully swatted him away. “You’re distracting.”
“It’s a well-cultivated talent.”
You grumbled something under your breath as you finally turned the key in the bolt and pushed the door open. Henry crowded you through the threshold, and you just barely escaped his grasp again as you flipped on the light.
“You’re slippery tonight,” he remarked with a waggish expression.
You turned toward him, one brow arched with an unspoken rejoinder.
“Is something wrong?” His tone grew slightly more serious. “Usually you’ve ripped half my clothing off by now.”
It was true; ever since the two of you had come to your arrangement (friends with benefits was the most polite term for it), you managed to make it all the way to the bedroom only about half the time, and that was being generous.
“Yes well, this is the first time we’ve been to my place, and I realised that I forgot to mention something.”
Henry stilled at the hesitance in your voice. “A good something or bad something?”
“That depends,” you replied, hanging your coat up on the hook by the entryway.
Henry followed suit, since it appeared that clothes would not be strewn across the room this evening. His head dipped down close to your ear, and his voice dropped low.  
“Do you have a dodgy flatmate I need to worry about?”
“Not exactly.”
He breathed a sigh of relief before moving onto his next guess. “Embarrassingly large plushie collection?”
You chuckled and shook your head. You hadn’t intended for this to become a guessing game.
Henry made a grand show of looking lost in thought and his lips ticked into a devious smile. “Secret sex dungeon?”
“Henry, don’t be silly.” That certainly escalated quickly, though Henry did have the tendency to be single-minded when it came to sex. “I don’t even have a cellar, let alone a dungeon.”
He shrugged with wistful disappointment. “A man can dream.”
Before you had a chance to say anything more, there was a rustling to your left, Henry followed your gaze toward the opening into the living room, from which sauntered your sleek, short-haired black cat.
“Speak of the devil,” you said.
Oscar slowly strutted toward you, his tail moving in unhurried flicks as he acknowledged you with a lazy, rolling meow that sounded suspiciously dismissive.
Henry looked between you and the cat and then back again. “Wha — a cat? That’s the confession?”
“Does it seem so unbelievable that I would have a cat?”
“No,” he drew the word out slowly, “it just seems odd that one would think there was a need to confess to having one.”
“You don’t know my cat,” you grumbled as you planted your hands on your hips. “He’s a haughty, ill-tempered little demon who…” your eyes grew wide when Oscar pranced toward Henry and wound affectionately between his legs, “…hates everyone.”
“Oh yes,” Henry crooned as he knelt down to scratch Oscar under his chin, “he’s an absolute beast.”
You let out a short huff of disbelief. “He’s never done that before.”
“What can I say…” Henry gave Oscar one more rub before he rose and slowly stalked toward you. He drew you closer and finished his salacious thought with a whisper in your ear.
Heat immediately erupted across your skin. “Let me guess, another well-cultivated talent?”
Henry pulled you in for a kiss and let his actions speak for themselves.
When you rose the next morning, Henry was already gone, as was typical when he was busy. You were by no means a morning person, and when Henry had to get up well before the crack of dawn, you gave him full permission to see himself out without so much as a goodbye.
Besides, the arrangement between you was completely casual. You were friends and you both thoroughly enjoyed your physical relationship, but it never extended beyond that, and thus you didn’t require the typical emotional pampering that you might’ve if your feelings were more deeply invested.
When you finally dragged your deliciously sore body downstairs for breakfast, you found a note stuck to your fridge.
Oscar wouldn’t stop meowing at me when I tried to leave, so I distracted him with food. He was demanding and insatiable, much like his owner. xx H
You chuckled as you filled your kettle. Oscar — indulging in his morning ritual of bird-watching — was perched by the small window above the sink that overlooked your modest back garden.
You gave him a quick pat on the head, but his only acknowledgement of your presence was an irritated flick of his tail.
“I should’ve named you Judas,” you grumbled as you set your kettle to boil.
Oscar barely turned toward the sound of your voice and if cats were capable of rolling their eyes, you were sure he would have done.
The next time Henry came over, Oscar greeted him at the door and mewled insistently until Henry knelt down and showered him with affection. Only once Oscar was completely satisfied did he let Henry pass.
“I feel like you have horribly mischaracterised your cat,” Henry remarked lightly as he tugged your shirt over your head and tossed it across the hall. “He’s quite affectionate.”
“I assure you I haven’t,” you replied as you made quick work of his belt. “I don’t know what sort of spell you cast over him, but he barely tolerates me, and that’s probably only because I feed and shelter him.”
Henry smirked before he tore his own shirt over his head. “Like I said, I have a way with—”
“Yes, yes I know,” you cut him off as you playfully shoved him down the hall toward your bedroom.
A few weeks later, Henry came over for takeaway and a chat, but it wasn’t long before you were straddling him on the couch as you devoured each other.
You caught his lower lip with your teeth and he let out a startled grunt.
“Oh sorry, did I hurt you?”
“No, it’s not you.”
You pulled back and opened your eyes to find Oscar bumping his head against Henry’s cheek. He purred madly as he wound in front of Henry’s face before trying to wedge himself into the sliver of space between your bodies.
This was getting ridiculous. “Oscar, shoo.”
You tried to gently push him aside, but Oscar shot you a look of pure defiance as he planted himself squarely on Henry’s chest.
Henry tilted his head to the side and grinned at you, looking inordinately pleased with himself for having won over your irascible cat with zero effort.
You jabbed a finger at him and said, “Don’t you dare say it.”
Later, when the creak of your bedroom door woke you in the middle of the night, you turned over and your drowsy gaze caught Oscar just as he hopped onto Henry’s pillow.
Was nothing sacred?
Oscar padded around gently, just enough to rouse Henry into shifting to a position that allowed him to nestle into the cradle of Henry’s elbow.
You let out a breathy oh at the sight. Even you had to admit that there was something particularly adorable about a man of Henry’s size curled up with such a small animal, even if it was your obstinately grumpy cat.
When Henry gave Oscar a sleepy scratch behind the ears before drifting off again, you felt your heart flop earnestly in your chest and you gasped.
“Oh no.”
Tumblr media
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