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2d-gorillaz · a day ago
There's a few things I wish the DID subreddit would understand. This list is based on things I've actually seen asked on r/DID or r/AskDID.
This is a severe trauma disorder, meaning the brain is pulling out all of the stops to make sure it can cope with trauma. You won't find a "why" for everything.
Likewise, that's all DID is- dissociating from trauma and creating barriers with our underdeveloped sense of self. Alters cannot have powers, a completely separate brain, or other features that breach the simple "dissociated piece of the same brain" thing. They also can't "travel" from person to person. Thats a piece of your brain. It cannot walk out of your ear and into someone else's head.
However, psychosomatic symptoms are very common in systems. Anything to get away from the trauma. Another alter may very well experience digestive problems, chronic pain, or some other condition. Stress may also play a factor.
Introjected parts, especially fictional introjects, are more common in people who are neurodivergent. This is because of how we attach to media, especially when traumatised. It is not a sign of faking and we need to stop scrutinising introject-heavy system at every turn. (Largely anecdotal and obviously does not apply to eery single ND system)
Yes you can have DID with only 2 parts. You can have a traumatised and emotional part as host. You can have a system purely of child parts. Your system tailors to your survival after the traumatic events.
Alters are dissociated pieces of the same brain with dreams, aspirations, likes, dislikes, fears, list goes on. Alters cannot be erased, killed, deleted, locked away or otherwise removed. Because you and that alter are ultimately separate identities in the same brain and had DID/OSDD not formed, you would be the exact same person. People who tell you that you can kill, erase, remove, lock away or otherwise dispose of an alter are not only telling you misinformation, they are insinuating that you need to repress or ignore a part of yourself. That's disingenuous and extremely harmful. So please stop asking how to k*ll the host, r/DID.
The inner world is a visualisation tool. People without DID have an inner world. Things that happen in the inner world are pure visualisation. An alter who presents as pregnant in the inner world doesn't mean the body itself is pregnant. Those two things aren't connected. Injury in the inner world does not mean the body itself is injured. Keep in mind that it's purely a visualisation tool and you very well might not have one.
You ultimately cannot tell if someone does or doesn't have DID. It's covert and you can't get inside their brain.
DID/OSDD is built on denial and is not indicative on if you do or don't have the disorder.
You don’t have to tell everyone everything about your system purely because someone asked. I mean go ahead if you’d like but do know that giving away information about alters can be a very telling sign of your experiences which can be used for or against you.
Might be more to come as I read over that place.
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didandme · a day ago
i can joke about being the "evil alter" because when i do it it's funny since it's our struggle
If you aren't a system then you can't
- henry
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facesofone · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
One of the things I've had to vontend with, growing up as a system, is he constant contradictions in self. How can I say I'm passionate about something, when half the time I'm super into it, and the other half I don't care at all about it.
Panel 1: Person is showing Jak their phone, saying "Yeah it's a modern style, very boxy and sleek. It looks like a spaceship in my opinion. To which Jak just says "Mmhmn."
Panel 2: person is scrolling down and talking, "It's got TWO pools, van you believe it? Two pools, a jacuzzi, and this amazing garden encloses it all!" Jak is now thinking *OMG I don't care. Why is he showing me this?*
Panel 3: Person shows Jak the phone and says, "I know you like looking at architecture so I saved a couple of these places to show you." While Jak thinks, *Oh, he's trying to show Kyra."
Panel 4: person is scrolling through the phone while Jak, exasperated, thinks *Ugh, I hate not enjoying the hings I supposedly like.*
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plural-compilation · 2 days ago
Being a system is wanting to put it on all your social media but can't cause there's people who can't know about it
Case in point, this blog had nothing about being plural lmao
(from @the-psc-iv )
Being a system is: #6
Website: “Please enter your bio!”
Us internally:
Tumblr media
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neodotcom · 2 days ago
I think a lot of discourse comes from the miscommunication/misinterpretation that all alters MUST split from a traumatic event. Like no alters can form for many reasons? its a traumagenic disorder ofc but not all alters come from trauma
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this clown car is getting a little *too* crowded
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m-mui · 2 days ago
"my child is completely fine" your child has typed "pk;member new" in a discord server three times this week and its only monday
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"fuck you my child is completely fine"
ma'am your child just had to add a new alter into their simply plural list.
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thecages · a day ago
Heylo, time for another asking a question post.
Okay so… I hear that a lot of systems can’t “control” their alters. And I’m sorry for being absolute dumb-dumb about this but I’m often times very confused about what someone means by “control”.
I can control fronting, in the sense that I can ask a alter to front if I really wanted to, but only if the alter wants to do it. I can ask my headmates to do a lot of things, doesn’t mean they’re actually going to do it though. Alters usually ask me about wanting to front/other things first before doing it. I can tell them “no” or “yes” (dissociation used to be bad, so before I would say no in certain situations) and they’ll sometimes work with me.
So… is that what “control” is? My therapist tells me it’s good communication but everyone else makes it sound like I’m willy-nilly-ing my alters around.
What’s an example of someone “controlling” their alters?
I’m sorry… I don’t know why I’m confused about this but I am.
Is good communication like this considered “controlling” your alters?
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theangelicsystem · a day ago
A not so friendly reminder that we absolutely hate endogenic systems. Endogenic systems do not exist nor are they real. You are either a traumagenic system or not a system at all. Endos piss us off so much, no words can describe just how much. You are ableist fools who spread misinformation and further stigmatize an already stigmatized disorder. Either acknowledge that you have trauma or stfu about being a system. Unless you have trauma, then you aren't a system and that's a fact. Endogenics are so annoying and so are their supporters. Y'all fucking complain because traumagenics invade your spaces as if you guys don't literally fucking stigmatize DID/OSDD, spread misinformation, speak over us ACTUAL systems, and invade OUR spaces. Endogenic systems are a fucking joke. We wish all endogenic systems a very step on a lego.
Tumblr media
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bloodyl1ps · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
this post hasn't left my mind since i've first saw it
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thriftedspacesuit · 6 months ago
I actually don't recall ever seeing a positivity post for ppl w ongoing amnesia caused by trauma disorders. I'm not talking just repressed childhood memories, I mean perpetual long-term memory loss. I mean continuing to forget non-traumatic things that happened or ppl you knew a few years or even months ago. I mean struggling to retain any information you're learning if you don't constantly go over the same material over and over again, and losing it all once you stop repeating it
If you have amnesia like me, you matter. We navigate the world a bit differently but that's okay. Just bc our brains are broken doesn't mean we can't live happy and fulfilling lives. Be patient w yourself when learning new things. Surround yourself w compassionate ppl who love to tell you stories abt past exploits you may have forgotten. Also, hey, who else gets to watch a movie for the first time every time? Above all be kind to yourself.
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silly-stickman-comics · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Version with image description
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nidoskull · 4 months ago
what a nice pride month to remember neurodivergency complicates stuff
so here's to everyone whose delusions make it hard to tell who they're attracted to, or can't tell if their gender experience is the way it is because of a delusion
here's to everyone whose gender fluctuates and changes due to their hyperfixation or special interest changing and evolving over time
here's to everyone who can't quite figure out if their gender is theirs, or someone else's bleeding into yours
here's to everyone with any type of neurodivergency.
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internationalspacesystem · 4 months ago
hey hey
guess what
you aren't faking
you aren't faking
you aren't faking
you aren't faking
you aren't faking
you aren't faking
you aren't faking
you aren't faking
you aren't faking
faking is a conscious choice you make.
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