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#osdd system
milkysafespace · 12 hours ago
Yeah, having DID/OSDD/ being a system is fun unless:
- You have to visit specialists because your body doesn't work as it should and they think there is something wrong with your brain or other parts of your body but it's because of stress and memories that your body remember
- You can see that someone hurts your body but you can't do anything because the person who does something is YOU :)
- It often takes years before spcialist can diagnose you because you can change your mind literally in any second and they don't know what's going on
- You have different problem every five secounds
- You can't remember what you learn, read, write etc.
- You are so tired all the time, you can sleep 15 hours or you can't sleep at all
- Your medications can't work properly because every part of you has different problem so yeah, you can take your meds for depression but other parts can have other mental problems so it doesn't help if they front
- You feel empty and you don't know what to do because you feel that you shoudn't even be here
- You can choose what you want to do in the future but parts of you can have different interests and they don't want to learn what you need to learn for your school/uni
- Your language skill is different in every second
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did-osdd-culture-is · 22 hours ago
system culture is getting so freaking annoyed with the amount of accounts that have nothing to do with DID/OSDD and are not run by systems that have opinions on syscourse for some reason. Like im sorry i just wanted to enjoy a nice stimboard but now youre throwing your opinions on topics that dont even involve you out there like you know what you're talking about. please make it stopppppppp
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facesofone · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Buying treats for a system can be expensive. I want to do nice things and make us happy, but then that means I got to get a little something for everyone!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Panel 1: Kyra is on the left holding a bag and the boys (Ian, Atom, and Jak) are lined up on the right. Kyra says "Alright I'm back, and I have treats for everybody."
Panel 2: Kyra is holding the bag out, Atom is reaching forward, Jak is behind him, and Ian is running away triumohantly with his treat. Kyra says "Let's see. Ian gets some gummy bears. Atom, I got those chips you wanted to try. Cocnut bars for Luna..."
Panel 3: everyone is gone except her and Jak. He reaches for his treat. She says "And I got you your favorite flavor of beef jerky." Jak says, "Nice job!"
Panel 4: Jak says, "I'm almost afraid to ask. How much did all thi–" Kyra, bowing her head, says ,"You really don't want to know."
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a-system-of-broken-parts · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Sourced from ‘real depression project’ on Instagram.
[ID: Pictures with white writing on purple backgrounds, first & last pictures are pink writing on purple backgrounds. Words in quotation marks are also pink.
Picture 1; ‘childhood trauma isn’t just the result of being abused. It can also be the result of…’
Picture 2; ‘Being left to “fend for yourself” when you needed safety and security’.
Picture 3; ‘Having your feelings invalidated and denied whenever your sought emotional support’.
Picture 4; ‘Being forced to “self sooth” alone and find escape from your painful reality (eg. Video games)’.
Picture 5; ‘Having to hide your true self because it wasn’t accepted by those you craved to be understood by’.
Picture 6; ‘Having your parents constantly prioritise themselves (or their work) over yourself’.
Picture 7; ‘Feeling like you have to compete/prove yourself to receive the love and attention you sought’.
Picture 8; ‘Please know you are worthy of love & compassion- don’t let your parents inability to give you this make you conclude otherwise’. /end ID]
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aomdc · a month ago
man fuck explaining my disorder in detail to other people like if you tell people you have an identity disorder they shouldnt question any sudden changes in behavior/personality/whatever. idk why DID systems get constantly pushed into this box of like "give out information about all your alters else people will doubt whether youre a real system and think youre faking" like WTF. you dont have to explain SHIT to ANYONE you dont need to name every alter you have you dont have to explain or justify nothing just exist in your own way and be you and if anyone questions why youre different you can say you have DID and end it at that
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pseriouslyemil · 3 months ago
okay can you guys seriously leave mentally ill people alone? like, for real?
i cannot tell you the number of times ive seen an anonymous person go into someone's inbox and say some shit like "hey so you said you have bpd and i dont have anything against people with bpd but my ex had bpd and constantly manipulated and emotionally abused me, am i valid for hating her?" like. good fucking god.
first of all, random tumblr users are NOT your therapists. you shouldnt be going into ANYONE'S inbox and traumadumping without permission, regardless of who they are or what you're asking them.
second, seriously? like..... seriously? you think that's okay?
imagine going into a queer person's inbox like "hey so you said you're queer and i dont have anything against queer people but i was bullied by a gay person in high school so is it valid if i hate them? nothing against queer people btw i just have bad associations <3" like WHY are you making that somebody else's problem.
i dont care if your abusive ex had bpd, i dont care if your abusive father had npd, i dont care if your shitty ex friend had aspd. you do NOT get to traumadump that onto another mentally ill person who is NOT YOUR FUCKING THERAPIST. how on earth do you think that is okay. it does not matter what your ex with bpd did to you, you do not get to make that another person with bpd's problem.
quit further pushing the idea that ALL people with x disorder are abusive. we are already mistreated enough just for having stigmatized disorders, we do not have to deal with the additional pressure of having to reassure YOU that not all people with x disorder are bad. take that up with a therapist or with someone who has GIVEN YOU PERMISSION to vent to them about it. do not bring that shit into a random stranger's inbox.
like. im sorry you went through that, and it sucks, but the way that you people feel like mentally ill people are obligated to be your teachers or your therapists is ridiculous. we aren't here to make you feel better about yourselves. please, leave us alone.
this is free to reblog but do not use this post to traumadump about how someone with x disorder hurt you and how you use that as an excuse to hold a bias against mentally ill people, i don't wanna hear it.
Tumblr media
[ ID: A blue banner that reads, "People without stigmatized disorders do NOT clown on this post." On either end is a clown emoji with a red X over it. End ID. ]
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juicebox-sys · a month ago
What singlets think existing with DID/OSDD is like: Oh woe is me I am plagued by these demons which tell me to commit murder every hour on the hour how will i ever have a normal life
What it's actually like:
Tumblr media
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milkysafespace · a day ago
I think I am a system but:
I don't have the headspace/innerworld:
It's ok! You don't need the headspace to be a system.
You have to remember that your system was created to help you, not every system around the world so it's completely normal that every system is unique and at the same time normal.
Don't blame yourself if:
🍇 your innerworld is just a dark/white room or empty space
🍇 your innerworld looks like a place where something bad happend to you
🍇 your innerworld doesn't exist
*The headspace can change or you can develop it later in the time
Tumblr media
I have just one alter:
You are valid and 100% real even if you have just one alter. That's enough to be a system!
Tumblr media
I have only fictives/littles/non-humans... in my system:
This is what you needed at the time and it's so valid. Your brain chose what can help you to cope with stressful situation.
Tumblr media
I thought I am a system but people on tumblr are different so I'm not sure anymore:
🍇 you should be different
🍇 if every person in the world had a DID / OSDD then every system would be different
🍇 everyone can interpret what is happening differently
🍇 your feelings are valid
Tumblr media
I think I have DID/OSDD but I don't want to call myself a system, I don't like this nomenclature:
You don't have to do it.
You don't have to interpret your disorder in the same way as other people and it's still ok.
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did-osdd-culture-is · 11 hours ago
System culture is pANIC PANIC PANIC PANIC PANIC why are we panicking we're perfectly fine IT DOESN'T MATTER PANIC PANIC PANIC
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ourfamilysystem · a year ago
Reblog if your page is a safe space for anyone of any nationality and ethnicity.
Reblog if your page is a safe space for anyone in the LGBTQ+ community.
Reblog if your page is a safe space for anyone with a disability or disorder.
Reblog if your page is a safe space for anyone who has experienced or is experiencing trauma.
Reblog if your page is a safe space.
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didandmerant · 3 months ago
some of yall aren't ready for this but:
“having did is horrible for a lot of reasons and shouldnt be romanticized” 
“its ok to do things like picrews of all alters just to have fun”
 can and should coexist
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dissociative-talks · a month ago
Friendly, but firm reminder:
💛 Do NOT post or list your systems triggers publicly.
🧡 It’s okay to prioritize your systems needs before others wants.
❤️ Switching is/can be disorienting and scary. It’s okay to take your time.
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osdd-1bitch · 8 months ago
okay fuck fakeclaimers make aesthetics for your system. make moodboards and make stimboards, request them, commission art, fucking make shit with your alters about them. bond over aesthetics, give them shit they like to ground themselves with, to have fun with or just because. Make picrews, draw, make collages, no matter how "cringe" and "fake" they call it. fuck them, and and be yourselves unapolagetically. you dont owe them shit.
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mrgloverman · 3 months ago
Just a reminder to all systems that denial is part of the disorder. It's a covert disorder that is meant to keep you from knowing about your trauma. So having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that you are a system is hard for almost everyone. You are valid and no one can take that away from you. Denial is a coping mechanism and it's hard to stop.
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