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[Akatsuka Village]

Ozo: Eehh!! Mr. Police, are you kidding me?The golden statue is ours, but it can’t be made into money?

Ozo: Because it will be stored as a cultural artifact? Fu~! I thought it would be a get-rich-quick opportunity!

Ozo: Look at me! Haven’t you noticed? My taxi? The plate number is 2-10 (NEET)*, okay? Isn’t that harsh?

Hajime: Well, I’m kind of the same way. I’m not a college student or anything. What will I do if my father doesn’t come back?

Toshio: Ahaha! That’s terrible! Anyway, let’s get together again. In about two months.

Takashi: Okay. Two months later… It’ll be… exactly 24 months since then.**

Ozo: Will you write? About this case?

Karatsugu: Heh. Maybe I’ll write when I really need the cash?

Hajime: I won’t write. Maybe. You are…***

Karatsugu: You have no money. But don’t you think you’ve got an irreplaceable treasure called a brother? Buraza?

Chorosuke: If the six of us get together, we can do something. I feel like it! Yup!

Hajime: Well, sextuplets are rare to come by.

Toshio: Yeah. Something will happen…. Maybe even a good thing.

Takashi: … Yes! Maybe something good will come of it… We’re sextuplets after all!

Ozo: Isn’t it!? We’re sextuplets, right? That’s just… awesome, right!?

Chapters: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11

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Ozo: Ehh!! What are you going to do with us? You think I raised you guys for this!? This is bad!? What the hell do you think you’re doing!

Karatsugu: Oi, tied… !? Ehhh!? Would you like to have a priest turn us into gold!? Alive!? Either way, it doesn’t matter!?

Chorosuke: Hey! How can you do something like this? I’ll tell the media! Oh no. I can’t tell if I’m not saved, right?

Hajime: Shit. Sacrifice. Was it supposed to be like this in the first place? No, definitely not.

Toshio: Alright!! Are you going to make me an offering!? You’ll regre-!! I will definitely do it!

Takashi: Don’t get me wrong!? I don’t think this will happen, like at all, I didn’t expect it, right!?

Hajime: If you think you’re writing me a letter, then… that’s pretty badass.

Takashi: What I’m saying is!! You’re wrong!

Ozo: Eehh!! Were you one of their evil minions? You’ve brought down your own brothers, who have come all this way!? For buried treasure!?

[[Ozo pulls one of his best scandalous faces.]]

Ozo: You’re a sly bastard!?

Takashi: Like I said!! You’re wrong! Look!? We’re tied up together?

Karatsugu: There’s a fire!? Will we become golden statues? I got it! Scoop! He who became a Golden Statue… Me.

Chorosuke: Hold it!? I was fine with the way things were!? I’m the head! Dayoko!! It’s your brother!!

Booooooo~ Barabarabara~ [[The blow of the wind and a distant whirring are heard throughout the forest.]]

Iyami: Sheeeeeeeeeh!!! There are stones*!! Sheeeeeeeeeh!!! It hurts! Sacrifice… a new golden statue!!

Ozo: Woah!? Th-That’s a hell of a wind!! What in the-!! Do you hear a tearing sound? What the… What a sound!?

Takashi: Wh-what!?… Stone? They’re falling from the sky… *

[[Takashi looks up at the skies. Searching.]]

Takashi: It’s raining.

Drop, drop, drop. [rain is trickling down from the sky.] Zaah–

Hajime: The fire went out in the rain. Thank God … ··· Ah? Look. A police helicopter …!

Toshio: Mr. Police!! Hey!!

Takashi: Don’t think too much about how the police officer is floating in the air…

Karatsugu: And with this! We’re saved! … Heh. Even if I miss the scoop, my heart is… golden.

The sound of the helicopter’s blades fill the air.

Chapters: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11

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Ok so I was reaserching some stuff for my Denki Mystery Blog, and I happened to find an interesting piece of merch! Acrylic Stands!

It’s precursor was the Acrylic keychains first released in 2017:


A hefty lineup of 8 sets, Osomatsu in Neetland, Steampunk, Musical, Kigurumi, Magical Girl, Akuma Rider, Fujio Rock Band and Youkai sets. It was done gacha style, like the game. You didn’t know who you bought until you opened it. (Hence the trading aspect.)

Come winter 2018, to coincide with FesMatsu ‘18, Acrylic figures came back but as stands!


The 6 sets are 

  • Fujio Rock Band Teachers (since the original fujio rock band set was used in the acrylic key chain set)
  • Princess
  • Color Gang
  • Vampire
  • Denki Mystery
  • Chinese Food

All of them are in their walking sprites except for the Chinese Food. The bases were generic coming in 6 random colors (both stands and bases were random so ex. Vampire Ichimatsu may come with a purple base or turquoise base and not necessarily a green base.)


They also released a Diorama set with 6 enemy acrylic stands and 12 slots, perfect to add one of each of your own matsu. The stage background is the anime opening background.

A Vol. 2 was released at the same time:


Adding 3 more sets to the original release

  • Sweets
  • Prince
  • Musical Dark Past 1 (since the regular musical set was already used as a key chain)

bringing a total of 9 sets. This time, the base is properly color coded, but still plain with white polka dots.

I can’t find any info on any 2019 merch (aside from the Almost all illustrations book and Original OST release). But for the 4th anniversary Hesokuri Wars released these dioramas in Fall:


The Dioramas are based on the attractions and objects you can get at the ingame 4th anniversary campaign for Trashney Land, the acrylic stands you could get are the 3rd Anniversary units (not the 4th surprisingly), that carries 5 dolls of the most popular sets in Hesokuri (Noir, Yakuza, Vampire, Denki Mystery and Musical). Alongside regular parka units. If I’m right you could also swap out the stands with stands from the past two volumes! Allowing you to make your very own Matsu shrine (Oh how I want musical jyushi and denki jyushi,,,, hngg)

Also available for Fall 2020 are two more volumes of the acrylic stands!


10 sets available! 

  • Stage Papa (or Father Magazine Model)
  • Christmas Vampire
  • Fujio Rock Band (ft. Matsuzo, but without matsuzo himself)
  • Jobs both sets 1 and set 2
  • ReMIX (The 4th anniversary units)
  • Yakuza, “Wolf” (smh)
  • Denki Mystery (Zero)
  • and last but not the least Matsu Noir!

The bases this time are much more personalized, referencing the aesthetics of the original set (ex. Denki Mystery Zero and Christmas Vampire’s bases are a reference to their promo images posted on the Hesokuri Wars twitter, and Matsu Noir and Yakuza referencing their event campaign images)

Since the only way to get this is through a gacha-styled system, these figurines (esp the much more popular sets) can go for a hefty price. (Denki Mystery,,,, please come home,,,,)

Extra: I’ve seen some people customize their own stands by using the acrylic keychains, not all of them fit the bases though, Musical, Kigurumi, Magical Girl and Fujio Rock kinda fit if you insert their foot into the hole.

I’ll probably make another post detailing on the other merch (like buttons holy shit a ton of buttons, clear folders, washi tape, notepads etc.)

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Osomatsu-san Season 3 Episode 1

I decided to try to draw one fanart for each episode of the new season of Osomatsu-san. I hope I manage to keep up. Also, yes, I know it’s been a while since the season started but I was too busy with other projects to draw somethings back then. Better late than never, though!

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Osomatsu san english dub has a high bar to meet like

have you heard these characters’ screams? 

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Now I hope for next green Cure to fill that one empty spot, so I can have my crossover complete (Cure Infini is a white Cure, so no need to mention him here.)

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