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swan-bones · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
Ostrich Fern
Gouache on paper, 2020
by Kelly Louise Judd
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piratewwx · 18 hours ago
okay han loops is okay and chris loops went priv. i can deal with this
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Happy Birthday Phoebe! 
Tumblr media
This uchi ostrich is based off of the legendary phoenix or firebird! Her hobby is fitness and she loves to supplex boulders for fun! She is skilled at frequent eating and one day she plans to be a swimmer! She loves the song KK Flamenco, and her favorite coffee is Kilimanjaro with a hint of milk and sugar! Wish her a very very happy birthday, sparky! 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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virtualiansanity · 2 days ago
My millionth COVID-19 stress dream took an odd turn as my anxiety manifested in the form of an ostrich fight on a sidewalk (that people were getting too close to and taking pictures of). Oh, and one of the ostriches was clearly bionic. A little heavy-handed and confusing, but pretty rad.
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misticturtle · 2 days ago
Oh where do I begin. My entire life weird things have happened to me.
I'm talking about outlandish weird stuff. Most people would say it can't be but let me tell you, it does happen.
I have a few stories but the one with the damn Ostrich comes to mind. ( Me: F 14 years old when this takes place)
I was visiting my grandparents in Missouri. Now the house was about 10-15 miles from the next town, middle of nowhere. All there was, was hills and fields as far as the eye could see. One would assume that they could see every thing.
I enjoy going for walks. So I'm walking down a dirt/gravel road not far from my grandparents house.
I look at my phone and when I look up there is a giant ass ostrich standing not 10 ft in front of me.
It was huge. It looks like a velociraptor with wings. Mr. Scary ostrich had a huge claw the size of my hand. I was terrified. Like where did this ostrich come from. Have I been teleported to some ostrich land like wtf is going on.. Mr. Scary ostrich was getting all huff and puffy aggressive. I knew I couldn't outrun this thing, I'm small and chubby. I know that if he kicks me in the chest I'm done for. That claw can rip me in half.
Mr. Scary ostrich takes a step closer to me. I step back. He takes a few steps I take a few steps this goes on for a while Untill I hear some one screaming "hey that's my Ostrich". I'm just like well get him I ain't trying to get murdered by a overgrown dinasour chicken.
I see a truck full of guys one of which happens to be my grandfather.
I run back to the house and tell everyone what happened. My dad laughed and no one believed me until my gramps told them the same story.
So that's how I survived meeting an ostrich in wild Missouri.
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skippyfunny · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
????????? ??? ?? ??????????
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Ostrich greets zookeeper with lively dance performance in Australia
A female ostrich at Melbourne’s Werribee Open Range Zoo dazzled a zookeeper with a sprightly dance.
Video shared by the zoo shows Scratchy the ostrich swaying her hips and feathery wings while showing some deft footwork.
How to watch: 18-day International Ocean Film Festival
Werribee Open Range Zoo Savannah keeper Lauren Irving said the dance was an indicator of an ostrich’s excitement.
“It was almost time for dinner, so I was dropping off some goodies and also blowing some bubbles for the flock of ostrich girls, which they find really interesting and mentally engaging,” Irving said.
from KRON4
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somedumbravenclaw · 3 days ago
Stardew Ostrich ;-;
So I just found out that you can get ostriches in Stardew and I want one so badly cuz I have an ostrich costume irl that I named Felipe but its like a twenty step process which I’ll post in a sec hold on
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catsandcrabs · 3 days ago
You know what I mean?
Look at them go!
Tumblr media
Like YES BABE run away from ur problems!! as fast as you, a flightless bird, can!!
They're so inspirational!!
And when things get hard??
Tumblr media
Bury yourself in a hole!!
Tumblr media
Ostrich supremacy.
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theherothestars · 4 days ago
“Willy and his friends story in a nutshell. A little exaggerated though, but it just adds a little flavor.”
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penpwned · 5 days ago
If you get this, answer with 3 random facts about yourself, and send it to the last 7 blogs in your notifications, anonymously or not! ♡ (If you want to~ Have a nice day!)
i go through the “♡ bad boys” phase when videogame characters like GLaDOS or Johnny Silverhand ‘enemies to lovers’ me. i simp. not in the ‘i can fix him’ kinda way but in the ‘i want to be the LeFou to your Gaston’ kinda way
i don't really care for Call of Duty but i have nearly 400 hours in WWII because a couple years ago they had a Halloween event with one cool outfit and i was like, want it. i started playing, got gud (enough), and all the Halloween gear later, i'm still playing. similarly, i was never into Fortnite until season 7 when i saw Lynx and i ended up playing the whole season and then some until chapter 2 because her design was just 😍 i even installed and launched it one more time just to get some neon wings ... then immediately uninstalled it, lol
i grew up watching my mom play videogames, one of the most prominent ones being Final Fantasy. now, i never believed in Santa or the Easter Bunny but i did think chocobo were real ... and the disappointment of reality hit all the same
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hit-it-or-crit-it · 6 days ago
would love to hear about your ship tag logic if you were serious or semi-serious about that
I was like...a quarter serious but also an important fact about me is that I’m never not going to share my opinions at excessive length if I have them and am asked.
I said that mostly because I haven’t been tagging the wizard breakdown tracker with any names, but did tag it with a ship tag, and anyway the logic, with a very long background about my general philosophy on tagging, is this.
To be honest I was on Tumblr for like 2 or 3 years before it even registered that using the quote unquote main tag is how people might find one’s posts or vice versa because my thought process was always “I am posting about this thing and as such the tag that makes sense to use is the tag that describes this thing” until I said something silly about some very large property (I can’t remember honestly but like, Star Wars or Harry Potter or something like that that’s just in the cultural lexicon) and tagged it as such and someone I did not know and was not one of my like, 40 followers got very mad that I had made a joke that wasn’t sufficiently in line with their view of which characters were best and worst. Anyway as a result when someone gets up in arms about something being posted “In the main tag?” my brain immediately replaces it with “In front of my salad?”
More generally my tag philosophy is “be generally community-minded and benevolent in your intent, but also you can’t read minds, you can’t please everyone, and moreover anyone going into a tag should be aware that as with anything on the internet, a large number of people will not follow the unwritten rules either because they are genuinely unaware*, or they do not care.”
Anyway. I never tagged for ships because usually there are like 15 different possible names for ships and as such it didn’t seem like tagging would achieve much. I just usually tagged with the characters involved and called it a day.
As of quite recently, however, I’ve learned that blocking the tags of some noncanon ships has not only greatly improved my own internet experience, but also allowed me to continue enjoying those ships for the interesting dynamic they once were, without it being tainted not the creepy nice-guy/girl/person narrative that I find is depressingly prevalent for ships that now have obstacles in the form of “the character has begun dating someone else”. So I decided that if a ship is not canon**, and the post I’m making or reblogging is about that ship, it’s only fair that I allow others to do the same thing and tag it, hence tagging “shadowgast” for the wizard breakdown tracker even though I’m not tagging by character.
(I should note: if you do need something else tagged in the breakdown tracker, like if you would like to be able to block anything having to do with Trent and only look at it when you are in a place to do so, feel free to send me a DM or anon. I’m not saying I will always tag things when requested, but if my reason for not tagging was mostly laziness I will, and if I turn you down I promise I will give you my reason and it will be way shorter than this post).
I do not tag things that literally happen in canon (using the shadowgast example I’m not going to tag a gif of Caleb and Essek interacting as such unless there’s text or a caption that’s adding something that wasn’t literally said or done) and similarly I don’t tag for canon relationships usually unless it would be really fucking weird if I didn’t (eg: this, which is both about shadowgast and fjorester, even though normally I wouldn’t tag for the latter, because it feels weird to only tag for one of the two ships it refers to). I have never had any patience for people who bury their head in the sand when canon doesn’t match what they personally wanted; not that I haven’t ever been gravely disappointed by media, but I’m of the opinion the thing to do at that point is to go through whatever mourning period one needs and either stop watching and get over it, or watch anyway and deal with it.
I should also note I have no idea what this will look like in Campaign 3 because by the time I was like “oh this is a necessary addition” most ships had come up with one main portmanteau-esque tag but off the top of my head I can name a large number of ship names from earlier on. I may have to just do the traditional “/” notation like Ao3, or a Star Trek fanzine from the 1980s.
*I should also add: there is no good way I have found to make people aware of unwritten rules other than slow personal realization over time, because unwritten rules as a concept suck and I have yet to see someone break the news of “hey you’ve broken an unwritten rule” in a way that doesn’t seem either extremely passive-aggressive or extremely aggressive. The only winning move is not to play, etc, etc.
**someone could probably write at least a masters’ if not doctoral thesis on what makes a ship canon so I’m going with “mutual romantic interest with the intent to pursue it has been explicitly expressed to each other either in word or deed” which is still open to some interpretation, but like, see above re: not burying one’s head in the sand.
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scotchfield · 7 days ago
King Crab Ostrich Meatballs
King Crab Ostrich Meatballs
Tumblr media
0.25 gills honey
0.5 coffee scoops asparagus
6 pints toast
5 drops franks
2.5 liters blackberry
5 fifths onions
3 pounds ham
8 gallons apple
0.75 pinches jelly
1 ml yogurt
1.5 bushels french fry
3.5 bushels alfalfa
9 teaspoons kiwi
Add kiwi, one at a time, mixing on low speed after each just until blended. Mix well, top with alfalfa, and serve. In a large bowl, mix together onions and toast. Grease muffin cups or use paper muffin liners. Let stand 10 minutes before serving. Lightly grease a 9x13 inch baking dish. Blend in the yogurt. Microwave honey and asparagus in microwaveable bowl on HIGH 1 minute or until honey are completely melted and mixture is well blended, stirring every 30 seconds. Remove half of the french fry for basting, and set the remaining aside. Add ham, one at a time, mixing on low speed after each just until blended. Cook until the other side begins to brown. In a saucepan over medium heat, mix together the jelly and apple. Sift together blackberry and franks.
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mvaljean525 · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
                    Close your eyes and make it right                             Deny what lurks, bleeding night                                     Ostrich people fearing death                                         Kiss a mirror, see no breath
Graphic - 髙木智広 Tomohiro Takagi  (B.1972)
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zaatanna · 8 days ago
weird how you can just buy livestock on alibaba dot com
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African Wildlife Virtual Safari - Ostrich in FastMo Ostrich footage captured from a livestream from Africam and ExploreDotOrg. From the livestream description: “On the Northern border of South Africa and Botswana lies a beautiful area known as the Groot Marico, named after the Marico River. This spectacular setting houses Tau Game Lodge situated in the Madikwe Game Reserve (the 4th largest game reserve in the country). The lodge overlooks Tau Waterhole, an oasis for animals and wildlife including elephants, giraffes, lions, tigers, zebras, and cheetahs . Along with these animals this area attracts over 27 species of game and is a prime spot for bird watchers. The waterhole also houses resident nile crocodiles that prey on small game and birds. The Tau live camera gives viewers a secret window into this sanctuary and it’s robust South African ecosystem as elephants bathe, lions roar, wild dogs roam, and crocodiles prey.” #AfricanWildlife #Ostrich #Ostriches #GameReserve #LiveCamCapture #SouthAfrica (at Tau Game Lodge)
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1qazxsw2dr5 · 9 days ago
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