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Warnings: pregnancy termination, brief dissociation

He would be excited. That was the problem, Oswald would be happy and excited. Ed felt nauseous as he sat on the counter, staring at the positive pregnancy test in his hands, thinking about all of the things pregnancy entailed made him want to die. It would be easy to pretend and go along with Oswald’s excitement but Ed knew he couldn’t withstand the easy route.

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I’m on episode 7 of Gotham now. Just some thoughts:

•On the one hand, yay Zsasz! On the other hand, I’m surprised to see him doing so much shooting.

•"We’re in a room with 50 policemen, try something and see what happens". Oh Jim you poor sweet dumbass. Cue the slow exodus of cops staying the hell out of this to the surprise of no one.

•"Honk honk" ❤️❤️❤️ dammit Oswald

•I actually really like Maroni so far, and how the groundwork for Penguin’s arc is being laid. The confrontation with Carbone was actually really well written.

•Little Bruce hugging Jim. I love this idea of Jim as a mentor figure to him, and it’s good to see Major Crimes helping them out.

•Jim and Harvey are two halves of a whole idiot.

•Also the lady Harvey brings to Barbara’s apartment is very cute.

•Oh hey, muffins

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I have to say, writing Gotham fic comes with its own challenges. Like wondering if Oswald’s characterisation is off if you’ve written two scenes and he hasn’t lost his temper once.

Then again, I also get to spend time thinking about how Oswald wpuld moon over Ed, and that’s a lot of fun.

Ed tilts his head, and his hat casts shadows across his sharp cheekbones. His grin gleams like the edge of a switchblade. Like the best things in Oswald’s life, he’s dangerous and more rewarding for it.

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Yes we do have this in our apartment. Because of @cheerful-gothamite ‘s romantic obsession with the Transformers.

Anyways, tell me why Tim Drake is officially my favorite Wayne boy of the month!! Congratulations to him!! 🖤🖤❤️❤️. Also, is it just me or does Red Robin and Tim Drake look alike?

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