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Why do we - in 2020 - still have people trying to justify the belief that Anakin and Vader are not the same person? I feel like I’m looking at a cesspool of toddlers every time I see people try to explain their “evidence” for it, when canon has firmly established the opposite. Anakin/Vader is one man. For fuck’s sake.

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Bajo el read more podréis encontrar #63 gifs icons de Flavio Fernández, conocido por su participación en el reality musical español Operación Triunfo 2020. Todos los gifs han sido hechos por mi, así que no los añadáis a otras gif hunts o los publiques como vuestros. Por favor, like/reblog si los usais, gracias // All of these gifs were made by me for roleplay purposes only, so please don’t add them into gif hunts, repost them, or claim them as your own. Please like/reblog if using, thank you!


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