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OT7: Little Red
Tumblr media
In which bangtan pack finds something unexpected in their familiar woods.
Tags/Warnings: Wolf Hybrids!OT7, fox!reader, angst, fluff, strangers to lovers, poly!AU, selective mutism, trauma mention
Fic length: long
A/N: just a random Idea I've had in mind.
Namjoon likes to believe that he's created the perfect place for his pack.
It's safe here, away from the public and other dangers, no one to judge them at all. It's a cozy place where they all feel comfortable and happy, and he's glad there's never been any significant disturbance whatsoever. Not anything he couldn't deal with, so to say.
That all changed one stormy night, when Jimin and Hoseok found you outside, injured and unconscious.
Jimin only notices your bright red tail at first- rest of your body hidden by the bush you'd managed to somewhat escape into, the wolf instantly on high alert at the state you're in. There's blood, the scent of fear and panic clinging onto you, and the fur of your tail seems in a rough shape most of all. "hey- Hoseok!" he calls out, the older wolf instantly noticing the urgency in jimin's voice.
"what- oh god." he mumbles, before crouching down as well to help the youngest wolf pull you out of your makeshift hiding spot. "we need to get her out of this rain first." he says, and jimin nods. "you carry her- I'll go in front and alert Namjoon." he informs him, before he does what he's said he would.
The wound on your thigh is a shot that almost missed- yet did still hit, grazing your thigh once, another one underneath, when another smaller wound makes Jimin nauseous.
This bullet clearly didn't miss.
And when he carries you inside, the rest of the pack is already nervously awaiting him, hoseok having told what happened-
Namjoon's gaze dark, sensing that something isn't quite right here.
"I managed to get the bullet out." Seokjin says, sighing as he wipes his washed hands. "she's not out of the danger zone yet, but I'm hopeful." he informs Namjoon, who sits with Yoongi and Hoseok in the living room to discuss things.
"they're not allowed to hunt here." Namjoon says. "whether he mistook her for an actual fox or not, these woods are not public property." he angrily says to himself, while Yoongi seems confused.
"whoever shot her clearly knew what they were shooting at." he says. "three shots. One could argue that any hunter would notice what they're shooting after the first." he argues, and Hoseok chimes in.
"it doesn't matter if or if not for now." he tells them. "first and foremost we need to figure out who she is, and where she's from." he leans back on the couch. "she had no collar. No proper clothes. Seems neglected." he crosses his arms angrily. "she's either a wild fox, or a domesticated one."
"I'd put my bets on the latter." Seokjin says at that, making the three other wolves look at him. "a wild fox wouldn't neglect themselves that much. She also clearly tried to seek help."
"and in that case it's even worse." Yoongi sighs. Domesticated fox hybrids need affection and attention. They become depressed and frustrated if abandoned like that. Whoever was your owner prior to this clearly got rid of you by simply throwing you out- your naturally curious and impish nature probably having proven to be more than what they could handle.
"I'll be making some calls to settle the shooting." Namjoon sighs after a while, pinching the bridge of his nose. "Yoongi, can you search up any missing hybrid reports for me? Maybe she's on there and just a runaway." he says, and the older wolf nods.
Hopefully this whole thing is easier to solve than it looks.
"huh?" Jungkook wonders, when he enters the room you should be sleeping in. The bed is empty, several boxes of things that should be in the closet on the floor, and he can spot a rather dirty red tail peeking out the almost closed closet doors. He carefully approaches, opening one of the doors;
Only to be met with your violently shivering form, eyes wide open and staring at him, fluffy ears pinned back. "hey- what're you doing in there?" he carefully asks, squatting down to appear smaller to you. He knows he's physically a little intimidating, especially if you're a domestic breed- and it seems like you are, because you're absolutely terrified of him. "I'm not gonna hurt you okay? I brought food?" he offers, pointing towards a bowl and cereal and a carton of milk he'd put down on a small bedside table. "I'll get it and make you some here okay? You don't have to move." he explains, before carefully retreating to get all the items he'd brought.
He sits near you on the floor, and by now he's noticed that you're shaking a little less, though your entire body language is still absolute panic. He carefully fills the bowl with a bit of cereal and milk, before he offers a spoonful to you. "it's okay, you don't need to move, like I said. But you need to eat something." he worries, and you stare at the spoon for a good moment, drop of milk dripping into the bowl he holds under it, and your hunger gets the best of you as you carefully open your mouth to receive the mouthful of sweet cereal.
You've never had anything like it.
"good girl, tastes good?" he asks with a smile, and you nod a tiny bit, making his grin grow-
And his tail wag, heavily thumping onto the floorboards below.
"here, another one." he offers, and by now you're a bit more at ease, ears now moving a bit more freely; one towards him, the other directed at the door, presumably to catch any faint hint of anyone downstairs. "good job, thank you. See? Nothing bad happening." he reassures, excited that you're relaxing even if it's just a bit.
You work your way through the small amount of cereal with him, before he carefully gets up to bring down the empty bowl and rest of things he'd brought upstairs. "she ate?" Yoongi wonders, and Jungkook nods- though his entire body seems.. Sad.
"she was absolutely terrified, hyung." he says. "like, she was shaking- hiding in the closet."
"Fox behavior." Seokjin clarifies. "they feel safest in closed and dark places because it resembles an underground den. It's surprising she's up already. " he says, as Namjoon enters the room.
"They found the hunter responsible for shooting her. The guy has been on the radar for a while now- they promised to punish him accordingly, whatever that means." he mumbles more or less to himself. "did you find anything?" he asks yoongi, who shakes his head.
"sent emails to almost every shelter in the area. No one knows of a missing fox hybrid, domestic or not." he shrugs. "seems like she really was just dropped."
"poor thing." Jimin sighs, as Taehyung chimes in.
"well, let's take her in for now, at least until she's able to tell us what happened and decide what she wants." he offers. "I can only imagine how confused she must be right now." he says more or less to himself.
"I'm going to have to change the dressings of her wounds, especially now that she's moved so much. Jungkook?" he asks, and the wolf snaps his ears towards him before his head follows. "can you come with me? Seems like she's warmed up to you at least a bit."
Jungkook nods.
when they both enter the room, they can't help but chuckle a bit.
You've put all the boxes and old clothes and unused items stored in the closet neatly at the side, probably after noticing the mess you've made prior. "darling, can you open the door for me?" Seokjin carefully asks.
"I'm here too- you don't have to worry!" Jungkook reassures as well, and at that, you peek out the partially opened closet door.
"hello there." Seokjin smiles, and notices your eyes on him. "hm?" he wonders, until you open the door a bit more. "ah- you remember me?" he wonders, and you nod a little, making his eyes widen. He didnt think you'd be able to- after all, the little moment you'd woken up while he had tried to take out the bullet in your leg could barely count as being conscious. "what a good memory! I'm impressed." he praises, and you seem to become flustered by that.
Secretly, Seokjin had been worried that you might not understand them. With they way you react to his words however, it's obvious that you're able to understand quite well what he's saying-
So you really are a domesticated fox.
What pains them both even worse is just how quick you trust them after only such small gestures of kindness- easily letting Jin clean and re-wrap your leg so your wounds can heal properly. You seem curious but so awfully scared by the smallest of sounds that it hurts to watch you.
And when they leave, you instantly crawl back into the closet.
"hey- little fox?" Jimin carefully asks, setting down what he'd brought before knocking on the closet door. He hears you moving before you carefully open the doorway tiny bit, eyes wide at the unfamiliar face in front of you now. "hi there. I'm Jimin- I brought something for you." he offers, and you open the door a bit wider, to look at exchange he slides towards you.
A spray bottle of some sorts, and a brush.
You seem confused, blinking at the items before you look back at him. "for your pretty tail. I'm sure you'd like to have it all neat and clean again hm?" he says, and you become flushed at that, ears drooping.
You do want that.
"Would you like me to do it?" he asks carefully, and you seem to think for a moment- bevor you open the closet fully, turning around. He carefully works his way through the tangles and slight matts of your tail, brushing everything out with the help of the detangling spray at his side. You occasionally move around, until you're laying on your side, cuddling up to bunched up blankets and pillows while Jimin gently grooms your tail for you.
When he's done, he's sure you're asleep- but then you grab his wrist carefully, looking up at him before you slow-blink.
And he feels like crying, because you're just too sweet to ever have to go through the things you did.
Namjoon and Taehyung meet you a few days later all bundled up in a soft blanket, hair freshly dried and body finally clean. You're less scared, still on high alert, but also in a way better condition health wise. Though you're not allowed to walk, Jungkook seems perfectly happy carrying you around, setting you down on one of the chairs outside in the backyard where they've lit a small fire to laze around. "I'll get you a snack. Be right back!" Jungkook promises, and you look after him, before your ears snap towards the fire cracking- Taehyung unable to silence his chuckle next to Namjoon.
You're visibly curious but hesitant- looking at them, but never saying anything. Seokjin suspects selective mutism resulting from trauma- meaning you don't speak not because you physically can't, but you're mentally unable do so. Until that trauma is resolved, you will most likely stay silent- and you'd felt awful about it, until the oldest wilf had reassured you that you can take all the time you need.
"I'm Namjoon, this is Taehyung." the pace leader explains gently, and you nod, a sign that you heard and understood. The blanket is so thick only your head is really visible- and it's the cutest sight they've ever witnessed.
"there we go!" Jungkook triumphs, walking up to sit next to you with a bag of tiny pretzels inside. "here!" he offers one, and you take it without any hesitation, by now knowing that what Jungkook offers you is always yummy food. The snack is a little salty and crunchy and you decide you really like it, eyes closing and ears drooping in happiness at the taste of it.
Everyone witnessing it wants to melt on the spot.
You're just adorable.
Hoseok and Yoongi are quiet- but comfortably so.
In order to get you used to them, everyone occasionally spends their daily tasks in your room, so you can get accustomed to their scents, habits and behaviors. It helps a lot- by now, you're no longer scared to see any of them randomly visit you in your makeshift den.
Both Hoseok and Yoongi seem to you as if they know everything. You could listen to them rant on about something for hours to no end, and they personally can't deny that your curious attention is just absolutely adorable.
It also makes them a lot more angry at whoever threw you out like trash.
Hoseok and Yoongi are both randomly building a lego set- well, mostly Hoseok, while Yoongi complaints about the amount of pieces and badly written instructions. It's then that something brave happens; you're slowly creeping out of your den to sit a little closer, tail in your hands for comfort as you watch the wolves build the spaceship.
"Do you want to help?" Hoseok asks, and you nod at first- before your ears lower themselves at the very complicated instructions.
"yah Hoseok-ah, isn't that a but too hard for her?" he scolds softly, only playfully annoyed. "you can't give little fox such complicated shit. Not even I understand his the fuck this is supposed to work.
Hoseok laughs- and at first Yoongi isnt sure at what, until he notices your shocked expression at his cursing, and he can't help but laugh as well.
"you're too cute." Yoongi says, snapping you out of your shock. "I'll try not to curse so much." he reassures, and you nod, before continuing to watch the other wolf assemble the spaceship.
The most remarkable thing however happens a few weeks later, when a big storm hits the bangtan pack house.
They're all worried about you, having made a big nest in the living room downstairs to watch the rain in the backyard- when you carefully step down the stairs, tail in hand for comfort.
"oh darling, come here." Seokjin says, waving you over to sit in between the pack in their nest. You sit next to Taehyung and Namjoon who both smile at you, before everyone's down to rest. You don't know were to go at first, before a gentle hand leads you to lay down on his chest- Taehyungs warm gaze reassuring you that you're safe.
"you're part of the pack now, little fox." Namjoon says from the other side. "you're safe with us." he urges, and it's then that you nuzzle into Taehyungs chest, tail wagging for the first time ever.
A tiny 'thank you' coming from you, muffled into the fabric of your now packmate, who just runs his palm over your back.
And for the first time, you sleep soundly, safely so. There's still a long road ahead of you, a lot of things to overcome and a lot more to experience and learn, but you're ready to face all of that.
Because you're with your pack now.
And your pack will keep you safe.
Tumblr media
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home sweet castle | ot7
Tumblr media
synopsis: just a few days rest from your busy schedule is enough to get you back on track... spending those days off with your seven boyfriends in a castle built deep in the forest you can kiss any type of rest goodbye!
Tumblr media
pairing: ot7 x oc
genre: smut // pwp
updates: every sunday!
status: ongoing
A/N: this is based on each episode of in the soop, focused around a certain member with each update, but they’re all in each part. send an ask to be tagged!
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Tumblr media
episode one: minimoni
episode two: taejin
episode three: jungkook
episode four: sope
episode five: (coming soon)
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sh. | chapter fifteen | ot7
Tumblr media
PAIRING ot7 x reader RATING Explicit. 18+. GENRE smut. fluff. angst. nonidol au. wildnerness au. roommates au. friends to lovers. SUMMARY Six months of quarantine have kept you apart. Somehow the distance sparks something new in each of you: questions, unfinished conversations, threads once chased now left cold. So when your roommate invites you to come with him to a mysterious house in the mountains with your friends, how could you even think of saying no? WC 4.5k WARNINGS AND TAGS  no use of pronouns for reader. nudity. handjob. sleepy fucking. riding. fingering. creampie. cum play. dirty talk.
AN: readers, it's finally time to take a deep breath. let's have some rest now. i had so much support and help with this chapter wow! thank you so much to @dntaewithluv @miscelunaaa and @hesperantha for all your comments, love and support. i would like this chapter so much less if it didn't have your eyes on it. what a dream team! thank you!
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©wwilloww Do not repost, translate, or use my stories without my permission.
Yoongi’s room smells like him.
Like reaching the peak of the mountain at the end of a long day’s hike, the sun setting red and blistered behind you, casting all before you in blued shadow. Like there’s a fire somewhere nearby, that hint of smoke and warmth drifting through the frozen air, promising comfort even in this landscape of snow just a little ways off. And too, there are notes of notes of cedar wood, and what’s that? There’s something else harder to place–something fresh and herbal. Mint.
“Are you sniffing my room?” Yoongi asks curiously.
“Frankly,” you say, “Yes. I missed this.”
The statement is unsaid but blares loudly into the room:
I missed you.
He looks at you softly before pushing past you and into the room.
If Yoongi was good at anything it was settling into a place and making it his own. Though you all had been at the house for less than a week, his instruments are packed tightly in a corner, on beautiful display—here, you note, with him, sentimentally, rather than in the office he had turned into a recording studio—and the place looks lived-in but tidy. Though the setup is entirely different from his nice big city apartment, it is entirely and utterly him.
“Let’s get you cleaned up,” Yoongi says.
He turns back and raises an eyebrow. Your hair must be ridiculously disheveled, your clothes, completely forgotten, come dripping down your thigh. You must be the picture of the modern Venus, you think with a scoff.
“But—” you look longingly over at his bed, a deep sense of weariness settling in your bones. “Bed?”
“Shower. First.”
Showering with Yoongi is methodical. While you let your eyes close against the steam, he runs a washcloth over you, gentle but diligent. He insisted on doing this, pressing a kiss to your shoulder and thanking you for earlier before beginning at the top and slowly working his way down your body, bit by bit. Though you would normally prickle at being treated like you couldn’t do it yourself, you’re too sleepy to argue. In fact, you find yourself relishing in the sensation of being cared for. The gentle scrub of the washcloth, the quiet humming of Yoongi.
When he finishes, you do the same for him, washing him down softly as you line his skin with sleepy kisses. He chuckles at you for that, your sleepy affections.
“You never used to be this affectionate,” he says.
“Yes I did!” you argue. “You were just too busy getting your dick sucked to remember properly.”
“Hm,” he hums, but doesn’t argue back.
But maybe he’s onto something.
After tonight, something inside you feels broken open. Like a dam, once piled high and sealed tightly, now beginning to crack down the center. Cold, clear water begins to spill through.
It feels relieving.
It also feels fucking scary. Especially when things like what happened with Hoseok happen. And will continue to happen, a voice within you reminds. But it’s not just the sex that you’re worried about. It’s the aftermath. The longing gazes. The tight lipped exchanges. The truth, unsaid, unspoken, untold, always hovering beneath the surface. That’s where the pain is.
After all of this, you feel even more confused. You had thought that Hoseok’s earlier actions—specifically, fucking you into the couch—had meant something. At the very least that he wasn’t repulsed by you, like you had thought for so long. But everything that happened after that? The man is nothing more than a bag of mixed signals.
“Stop that,” Yoongi drawls, breaking through your thoughts.
“Stop what? I’m doing nothing.”
“You’ve been scrubbing at my ass for a full minute. Stop whatever it is you’re thinking about.”
You peer up at him.
He passes you one of his weak smiles and turns off the water. Stepping out into the steamed and warm bathroom, he reaches for and wraps a fluffy towel around you before grabbing one of his own.
“Nothing to be sorry about,” he says, pulling the towel tight around you. “But if my ass is all red and sore tomorrow, we’re telling the others a different story.”
You flush a little at the implication.
“That’s not something we ever tried before.”
“I’m full of surprises, babe.”
You follow him back into the dark bedroom, dabbing off the droplets of water that have collected on your skin til you’re dry. Well, dry enough.
Yoongi tumbles into bed with a big sigh, and you stand at the edge of the bed, just looking at him. In the light of the moon, his skin is particularly radiant, looking like it shines with the celestial light itself, burning from within.
He catches you looking and a sly grin washes across his lips.
“C’mere.” He throws his arms wide.
Discarding the towel on the floor, you climb into bed with him like it’s the most natural thing in the world. It feels like the most natural thing in the world. You settle into his side, throwing an arm over his chest.
After your breath settles and the darkness croons, Yoongi speaks:
“Where’s your head at?” he inquires.
The answer is easy. “All over.”
“Let me in,” he says. It strikes a note of terror through you, that phrase, but you take a deep breath.
“Confused. I feel confused.”
“About what? About me?”
You shake your head. “Never about you,” you say.
“Hobi,” you say softly. “I feel confused about Hobi.”
“Don’t we all?” Yoongi chuckles before falling serious. “But you’re right, he was all over the map today. Pining after you one moment and pushing you away the next.”
“Pining?” you ask, something akin to hope fluttering in your chest. You try to grasp onto the fluttering to hold it, to hold it down, but it wriggles out of your reach and continues its damned flitting.
Yoongi stretches his head to look down at you.
“Yah. Pining.”
It’s your turn to crook an eyebrow.
“There’s nothing about that man that pines, Yoongi.”
He chortles. “You’d be surprised.”
“I don’t think it does me any good thinking of Hoseok as pining,” you say somberly. Your mind finishes the sentence for you: It would only lead to — the natural next word is heartache, but surely that’s too much.
Yoongi gives you a long, searing look. “I suppose that’s fair.” There’s a long pause as he considers you. “Well. What do you want from him?”
It’s always those simple, searing questions that come from Yoongi that strike right to the heart of the matter. You’re silent for a long moment, searching for the answer within you. Finally, it comes. You tug the words to the surface. “I wanted him to kiss me.”
You’ve entirely missed the point though. Yoongi has asked you what do you want, while you answer a different question: what did you want. Even as you talk to one another, you also talk past one another.
Yoongi cocks an eyebrow. “Kiss you?”
You nod.
“That’s the only thing that was missing,” you say softly.
Yoongi hums, considering what you’ve said. “What, his ginormous monster cock wasn’t enough for you?”
You crack a sleepy smile at his joke, and thrust a weak fist into his side. Hoseok was wonderfully well proportioned with a wonderfully normal sized dick, but Yoongi’s comment makes you think back on the expert manner in which he wielded it.
“Yoongi. You’re not listening.”
He drawls your name back to you in the same intonation. “You’re not listening to me, you’re sleepy and dick-drunk and this conversation would make a lot more sense in the morning. Don’t you think? ”
You glance at the sunlight peeking through Yoongi’s curtains but don’t argue. “You started it,” is all you manage to say.
“But maybe we can finish it tomorrow? When you’re thinking clearly?”
You’re silent.
Yoongi clicks his tongue and looks down at you.
“You good?”
His voice is deep and resonant, and it slices right through you to a part so sensitive you dare not name it.
It’s strange, talking about another man when you’re in Yoongi’s bed. Especially when Yoongi’s hand is roving gently over your back, bringing goosebumps to the surface of your skin, stoking a heat deeper than you can reach yourself.
His touch is aimless and light as a ghost against your skin, and yet the patterns he traces, bringing sensation to the topmost layer of your skin, are intentional, learned over the years. They’re delicate, intricate loops. You imagine his touch tracing visible patterns into your skin, the heat within you rising to darken where he touches you. It’s so much. It’s too much. It’s not enough.
You decide what you want.
After everything, after every touch, after seven men had their hands, and other things, on you still feel like a piece of the night is missing. But the truth is: Yoongi isn’t Hoseok. That much is clear. But you don’t want Yoongi to be Hoseok. You want Yoongi as Yoongi, full of his quiet dick jokes and sleepy tracing. Yoongi isn’t a but; rather he is an and. And a kiss is still a kiss, and going to sleep still wanting one hurts.
Your body buzzing with desire, you roll on top of Yoongi. His breath leaves him with a slight “oof” but his hands come to rest on your waist. You throw him a sleepy smile before you begin kissing down his neck. He groans, exposing his neck to you, letting you kiss him where you know he’s most sensitive.
Still, he says, “What are you doing?”
“What I want,” you say.
“What you… want?”
“Like you told me to.”
You’re not sure that answers the question he was asking, but it’s true. It’s his words echoing in your mind. It always seems to be his words repeating in the back of your brain.
You kiss him, ravenously so, your body running on a mix of lust, adrenaline, and sheer willpower. It is entirely at odds with your physical exhaustion, the kind that sings steadily and achingly in your bones, but the truth is, you are a beast. A black hole of desire.
His hands come to rest on your hips, and you let your legs spread wide enough that you’re now straddling him, his cock pressing into your thigh. It’s hardening, quickly you notice, and you smirk against his neck and give his neck a quick bite. He hisses, his grasp on you tightening.
“You don’t know what you’re doing,” he says.
“I do,” you say, punctuating your words with a slow, lazy roll of your hips against his cock.
He gasps into your hair, his nails digging into your hips.
You reach down between your bodies, fingers grazing over that happy trail you love so much, until your hand can wrap around the base of his cock. Taking him firmly within your grasp, you give him a quick stroke before realizing your hand is a little dry.
Sitting up just enough, you bring your palm to your lips, and, eyes locked on his, take a long, slow lick up your palm.
His eyes darken.
When you bring your hand back down to his hardening member, the glide is easy and delicious.
“Fuck,” he hisses, speaking your name like it’s a curse.
In a second, his hands are coming down on yours, fingers tightening around your wrists, bringing them above your head, and—in a flash, you realize he’s flipped you onto your back.
He’s slotted between your thighs, one hand pinning yours above your head. His cock is hard and hot against your center. When you peer down, you can see the tip poking out between the both of you.
“You’re tired,” he says. “Too tired to be doing this.”
“Suddenly I’m not tired at all,” you say, pressing your hips against his cock and earning a fluttering of his eyelashes, a look you press between the pages of your memory, wanting to save it for later.
“You’re tired,” he repeats, his grasp on your hands tightening.
You glare back.
But the truth can’t be withheld. You are tired. Just as the sensation of desire floods your belly, weariness weighs heavy on your bones.
“‘m not.”
“You are.”
“‘m not.” You pout with all the appeal of a petulant toddler not getting their favorite finger food.
“Are we going to keep arguing about this?” Yoongi’s voice is deep, soothing. Makes your eyes want to flutter closed.
“Close your eyes.”
“Just for a moment.”
“Fine. But I won’t fall asleep.”
So you do. You let your heavy lids drift shut while he looms above you, your arms still stuck above your head.
“Babe. I know you had a lot of fun tonight, a lot of good feelings, and a lot of big feelings. But you have a fragile body, a human body. And it needs to sleep. You can’t stay up forever.” :
“I can.”
You’re surprised, not expecting his acquiescence.
“But do something for me?”
“Relax your tongue.” You do, surprised it was even tense to begin with. “And your belly.” You do that too, and take a deep breath. “And now, let the rest go.”
First the muscles of your face soften, then your shoulders. Your hands go limp in his, as your whole body relaxes.
“Good. Now, sleep.”
And that’s how you fall asleep: Yoongi holding you down, sleep rushing quickly and furiously over your tired, tired body.
Tumblr media
Sun is streaming through the curtains, golden, ready, and eager for the day to begin. A sliver of liquid light has found its way through the blackout curtains and dusts across your eyes, turning the inside of your lids warm and dusky from the inside out. Stretching, wriggling softly, you test your limbs for soreness, only to find a kind of pleasant ache resting warmly in your body. Like you’ve been used well and good.
You blink awake and notice Yoongi still lightly snoring beside you, an arm thrown over your chest, his body close enough to know you’re still there, but far enough that he wouldn’t get overheated as the sunlight warmed the room. That man was always worried about getting overheated, wasn’t he?
His hand is still tangled in yours, a similar position to last night. He must have fallen asleep still holding you. The thought brings a sense of warmth to your chest.
But then he does something that surprises you. He rolls over, away from you, but doesn’t release your hand. Instead, it’s still trapped between his, and with the force of his movements, he pulls you over onto your side, pressing your front into his back. He’s now rolled up in your grasp.
It makes your breath halt in your throat.
This is new.
You’re the big spoon, your friend, the little spoon. Your body is tense, stiff in this new position. Being this close to him, wrapped around him like this, makes you think twice about what’s going through your friend’s unconscious mind.
“Yoongi?” you whisper.
He doesn’t stir.
You’re trapped there, his hand grasping yours tightly, bringing it to his chest.
As the light shimmers down from a split in the curtains, you find yourself shimmying closer to him, tucking your head behind him, and pressing your hips to his. He’s so warm like this, radiating heat like a sun. You let him have your hand.
Sleep shivers just beyond your consciousness, as you drift in and out of a waking state. Once more, your body is relaxing in his hold.
That is until your hand brushes over something abnormally stiff. Eyes still closed, you let your fingers press against it, exploring, wondering—and at your wondering, Yoongi groans, his hips shifting forward into your hand. oh. Oh.
You quickly snatch your hand back, only to realize Yoongi’s is still twined around yours. It tightens. Holds you there.
“Don’t stop,” Yoongi says, his voice muffled by the pillow but still resonant and deep. His voice is graveled by morning.
“Yoongi…” you whisper. Something about the blazing sunlight makes you bashful.
“Go on,” he mumbles. “Want you to…” But he doesn’t finish the sentence but presses his hips forward, searching for the touch of your hand. His shift makes the blankets fall down from around your chin, exposing the skin of your arm, goosebumps rising as your skin meets the cold air. You shiver.
“I didn’t know… didn’t think…”
He chuckles, his voice rough.
You love his voice.
“You were so eager to have your hand around my cock just a second ago. Go on. Keep exploring.”
“Let me just hold you,” you say, your face heating. And so you slide your hands down as if to wrap around his belly, but once more your fingers come in contact with something warm, hard.
“Shit,” you gasp, your fingers twining around the head of his cock. “Why are you already so hard?”
“I was dreaming,” Yoongi says. “That we all fucked in the living room.”
You clear your throat, your hand slowly stroking his cock up and down, becoming more confident. “Hate to break it to you, my tangerine, but I think we did.”
“You think? You’re unsure?”
You can tell Yoongi is still half asleep. His hips are moving towards your hands in small ruts.
“We’d remember, if I’d fucked you,” he drawls. “Nngh, fuck, you feel so good…remember?”
“Maybe I need you to remind me,” you whisper in his ear. “Remind me what it’s like to fuck you.”
That seems to do the trick. Yoongi stirs, stiffens a little, and you know he’s fully awake, that he’s shifted from dream to memory.
“Remind you, eh?”
You play along. “I forgot what it feels like.” Your grip around him tightens as his hand comes down atop yours to guide your strokes exactly how he likes it.
“You forgot what what feels like, baby?” he pries, ever eager to hear the devilish words on your tongue.
“Your cock, inside me,” you groan.
His hand slips behind him, pressing between your legs, prying them open to him. His long, ringed fingers—it was always those goddamn rings that did it for you, their rounded, cold edges mixed with the warmth of his long fingers—they slide slickly between your legs.
“You’re not too sore, babe?” he coos as you buck against his fingers which circle dizzyingly just out of reach of your most sensitive parts. “If you want, you can just get me off and we’ll call it a day.” You can hear the grin in his voice. “I’ll come all over your hand. Or maybe you can take me down your throat like you did so well last night.”
“Fuck you, Min Yoongi.”
“Get in line.”
The truth is, you wouldn’t mind spending the rest of the morning wrapped up in and pleasuring Min Yoongi, but you’ve got a fire burning deep in your abdomen. And it gives itself away as you buck up against his hand.
“Needy baby,” he says, the pet names sweet upon his tongue. You always knew he was feeling good when they would fall from his lips like dripping honey, when he’d lose himself to the repetition of babe, baby, and the long list of other pet names he collected just for you.
You tighten your grip around him and his fingers flex and wrap around yours once more, his rings cool against your warm fingers.
“Want my fingers inside you?” he coos. “Or my dick?”
“You’re dirty,” you laugh. “Straight to the point.”
He tilts his head backwards, capturing your lips between his as you continue to stroke him slowly, your fingers picking up the precome at the tip of his cock and gliding it across the silken skin of his member.
“You gonna fuck me?” you croon against his lips. “Or you just gonna fuck my hand all morning and come into the sheets?”
“Are you saying I can come somewhere else?”
“I am.”
He grins against your lips, turns, and presses his cock into your abdomen, grinding his hips into you.
“You feel that?”
“That’s all you.”
“But also it’s half a dirty dream.”
“I’m not so sure it was a dream.”
“It was.”
“Because I actually fucked you in my dream. In my dream, I didn’t have to wait until the morning to get my cock into you.”
Everything happens very quickly then, you rolling on top of him, him positioning himself beneath you. You wrap his hand around his cock and guide him into you. You both groan as he enters you, he throws his head back.
It’s easy, fucking like this, pleasure beading on Yoongi’s brow as he thrusts up into you, you riding his cock, hips swiveling in a pattern that comes naturally, easily, sleepily.
Because the most delightful part of this all is that you’re half stuck in sleep still, the tendrils of weariness making your body heavy, heightening each sensation. When pleasure shoots through your abdomen when he hits a particularly good spot, it is like that of lightning shooting through a dark and dense night. It wakes you up, it decorates the darkness.
“Please come in me,” you gasp as his hips rut up into you.
“You want my come?”
“Uh huh,” you gasp. “Want it.”
When Yoongi comes, he’s quiet about it, hands gripping your hips so tightly that you’re sure he’ll leave marks, little moons, where his fingernails press into your skin. Pleasure flits across his face. He lets out a soft moan as his seed rushes inside you and coats your inner walls white.
“Fuck, you’re so pretty when you come, Yoongi,” you coo, bending down and swiping a sweaty strand of hair out of his eyes, your hips still rolling gently against him.
The two of you flop on your backs, gasping. The ceiling spins out above you, your body ringing in pleasure.
“For someone who was just begging me to fill you up, you’re sure eager to let it go to waste.”
You glance down to find his come dripping down your thigh.
Before you can do much though, Yoongi is moving, sliding himself between your legs. With three fingers, he scoops the dripping come from your thigh and in one slick movement, shoves it back inside you. You gasp at the stretch of three fingers, gasp at the coldness of his rings pressing against your inner walls, gasp at the darkness in his eyes that’s fogged over his usually sharp gaze.
He still wants you, even after marking you all over as his.
“How does that feel, baby?” he says. “Knowing you’re stuffed full of my come?”
“G-good,” you manage to stutter out as his fingers thrust lazily within you, careful to avoid your clit so as to not overstimulate you too much. Still, the sensation of him in you again like this pushes you closer and closer to a breaking desire. “Like I’m supposed to be filled up.”
“That’s right, buttercup.” He whispers the next bit. “You’re supposed to be filled up with my come.”
A flash of heat goes through you, and he kisses it into a soft burn, his lips capturing yours as he continues to thrust his fingers in and out of you, working your mixed come into a foamy mess. If anything, he’s just making more of a disaster between your thighs, but you don’t mind it. You like it, like the mess, like the way you feel like his for a mixed moment, marked up by his teeth and his come.
“That’s it, that’s it, that’s it,” he coos as you get even more worked up.
He kisses you and fucks you on his fingers until you’re coming undone again beneath his touch. And as you come, he swallows up every sound you utter with a prideful chuckle, like he’s won some unnamed prize.
You want to lay in his bed all day, undisturbed and bundled into Yoongi’s grasp but he’s already standing and offering you a hand.
You shower again after that, a repeated ritual with him washing you down dutifully.
“You’re not going to ask me to keep it inside me all day?” you joke while he washes you down.
“What’s ‘it’?” he asks, eyes gleaming with mischief.
“Your come.”
“Now say it again, the full sentence.”
You roll your eyes before focusing on the darkness in his zeroed in gaze. “You’re not going to ask me to keep your come inside me all day?”
He grins. Gives you a little pat.
“I hadn’t thought of it, but now that you suggest it…” He leans close to your ear, his teeth grazing the sensitive lobe. “Maybe I should fill you up again, make you walk out into the kitchen with come dripping down your leg. Maybe I’ll make Jungkook lick it up. Or Hobi.” The thought of it makes your thighs clench. He notices. Grins. “He deserves to do some cleaning up after the way he left things yesterday.”
It’s the first time he’s mentioned what he witnessed last night, and you realize, he noticed it too. The sudden distance in Hoseok, the sudden departure from the quick and deep intimacy the two of you had shared in the dark, early hours of the morning.
You can’t help but nod.
Showering wraps up quickly. Yoongi dedicatedly dresses you in a set of his sweatpants, and you wait for him to finish dressing as you linger by the door.
As you lean against the frame, water dripping down your back from your damp hair, Jungkook passes by.
“You look well-fucked,” he notes.
You just nod, and he continues on his way.
You had thought last night was nothing more than a beginning, but as you watch the slow smile that spreads across Yoongi’s face as he lumbers towards you, the slow way his hands rove over your body as he presses his front to your back, wrapping you up in his grasp, you know:
This new reality doesn’t just consist of a one-off fuckfest.
As Yoongi hobbles with you into the hallway, sucking another mark onto your neck, you understand. Nothing has been erased. And everything is continuing, like a small snow drift pushed from the top of the mountain, building velocity and weight as it crashes down around you. Whatever had been marked in ink last night in the darkness has not been erased by the morning light: instead it shines brighter, bolder, than ever before.
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jungkussyficrecs · 4 months ago
Let's Talk About Us
Tumblr media
Read Part 1: Let's Talk About Sex
Part 3: Let's Talk About Love
Summary: You just wanted to spend time with Jungkook but things never go as planned.
Word Count: 4.2K
Chapter warnings: some mxm? light smut. penetrative sex, idk if it was protected, you decide, angst, kissing, uh yeah lots of talking, jk being a brat in the beginning, jungkook self-care ;)
Waking up in between his boyfriends had to be one of Jungkook’s favorite things in this world. The only way it could be better would be if you were here to join them. The hyungs all had a mutual understanding: their Jungkookie loves his noona, and if she wants to join their relationship, their arms are always open. It’s clear that you’re gorgeous, kind, and the perfect girl really. The only trouble is convincing you to become a part of their relationship. However, not knowing how you feel and knowing how sensitive Jungkook is has led to a sort of standstill. They all admire from afar and long for you, but they have to break the news to you gently.
‘What are you thinking so hard about handsome?’
‘Just us, hyung. And how lucky I am,’ he turned his head to face his hyung. As he presses a kiss to his lips he feels the evidence of Hobi’s morning arousal, and asks cheekily, ‘What are you thinking about Hobi hyungie? A little excited this morning I see ’
‘Yah, who raised you to be such a brat?’ Yoongi’s rough morning voice utters from behind him as he feels a light tap to his behind.
‘Jin hyung,’ Jungkook retorts boldly.
And suddenly he’s being rolled completely onto his back, and then when he looks up he sees Hobi looking down at him.
‘Maybe we should teach our baby a lesson. What do you say,Yoongi hyung?’ Hoseok asks as he gazes right into Jungkook’s eyes, stare never faltering.
‘I think that’s a perfect idea. Let’s show him what happens when he backtalks his hyungs.’ Yoongi replies.
Just as Hobi's hand start’s to travel south and his lips near Jungkook’s, they’re cut off by Taehyung waltzing through he door. He flops onto the bed next to Yoongi and says,
‘Jin hyung says if you all aren’t downstairs for breakfast in ten minutes, he’s going to put a sex ban on all of us. His words, not mine.’ Tae smiles while burying his face in Yoongi's shoulder. He leaves light pecks along his hyung’s neck, not in a suggestive way, just in the sweet nonverbal Taehyung way.
‘Tae-hyungie, Hobi hyung riled me up, and now I’m not allowed to fix it?’ Jungkook whines from under Hoseok.
‘Aw poor baby Jungkookie. Want hyung to deal with it?’ Taehyung says as he moves closer to Jungkook.
‘Yes,’ Jungkook says breathlessly, ‘I need it hyung.’
Taehyung starts places light kisses up the column of Jungkook’s neck, and then he leans close, and just as Kook’s eyes close thinking he’s going to get what he wants Taehyung pauses, ‘tough luck babe, there’s no chance I’m getting a sex ban because of you. Up and attem.’
Jungkook groans, ‘You’re all so mean to me,’ he pouts.
Taehyung is walking away from the bed toward the door when he turns and smirks, ‘No kookie, I just don’t fall for your maknae plots to always get what you want.’
Jungkook flops over with a loud whine, face first into the pillow. He kicks his legs like a child while mumbling about how unfair everything is before he finally makes his way out of bed. When Yoongi and Hoseok left the bed, he isn’t sure until he hears a moan from the bathroom that sounds suspiciously like his Hobi-hyung.
‘Jin hyung! Hobi hyung and Yoongi hyung aren’t listening–,’Jungkook tattles as he walks towards the hall, an evil smile plastered onto his face.
There’s a lot on your mind as you think about what you’ve found out about Jungkook. Yeah, you’re happy for him because he deserves to be loved, but you want to be the one to love him. You’re not exactly sure when your feelings started. They didn’t fully register until Jungkook admitted to his relationship with Jimin; the more you think about it, the more the realization that the fondness you thought was a platonic best friend love was actually more, becomes glaringly obvious.
After admitting to his relationship with Jimin, Jungkook has started to bring him around more. Everytime he does it hurts. You wish the realization of your feelings happened sooner. Every sweet kiss they share or cuddle on the couch, while endearing to watch, is also incredibly hard to watch. They’re perfect together, but you couldn’t help but to wish you were the one in his arms. The thing about Jungkook is he’s so easy to love. He’s kind, sweet, and he wears his heart on his sleeve. It’s no wonder one of his closest friends besides you fell for him. Jungkook views the world with wonder, and it’s incredibly endearing to watch. Seeing the stars in his big doe eyes when he regards something is probably your favorite thing about him.
Some part of you thinks Jimin knows how you feel. Sometimes the way he watches you interact with Jungkook seems like he’s analyzing you for something. But the only thing that matters is how Jungkook seems blissfully unaware of your feelings. It hurts, but it’s for the best. At the end of the day, your friendship is the most valuable thing in the world.
Laying in bed moping about how you’ve lost Jungkook before even fully realizing that you want, no, need, him is going to do nothing. It’s been a week, and you still haven't fully grasped all of your feelings. So, rather than laying in bed torturing your mind with ‘what-ifs’ and ‘should have beens, you decide to distract yourself by going to his place to spend time with him.
On the drive over, all you can think about is how to get out of this situation. Ignoring him until your feelings go away is out of the question. Confessing to him is even more out of the question; however, your feelings disappearing on their own also seems highly unlikely.
The more you think about Jungkook, the more you are endeared by him. How did it take so long for you to realize how much you love like him as more than your dorky best friend.
As you take the elevator up to his apartment, all you can think about is Jungkook. There are a thousand thoughts racing through your head since those true feelings have been awakened. Letting yourself into his apartment, you immediately notice that he isn’t sitting on the couch yelling obnoxiously at the TV while playing games. His wallet and keys are still by the front door, so he’s definitely home. Maybe sleeping, and the idea of cuddling up to your best friend sounds very tempting. Sleeping with Jungkook is easily one of your favorite things in the world. He’s the warmest, snuggliest, and cuddliest person you’ve ever met. The way he wraps himself around you creates a feeling of safety that will never be replicated by anything or anyone else.
Walking down the hall toward his room, the door is cracked open. The excitement about the prospect of getting to nap with Jungkook outweighs any logic. As you approach the door and peer through the crack, you can’t help but be shocked at what you see.
Jungkook’s head is thrown back, his bare chest is glistening with sweat, hard cock laying on his stomach with a small pool of precum puddling above it, face scrunched up in what you can only describe as excruciating pleasure. Raking your eyes down his body and admiring the scene in front of you, the building arousal comes to a screeching halt at the sight at the end of the bed. There between his legs, the waist attached to the man Jungkook’s thighs are wrapped around, grunting while languidly moving his hips is Taehyung.
The sudden shock surpasses any building arousal as a gasp leaves your lips. Suddenly everything stops. Both of their heads snap toward you. Jungkook's lips, which were parted while sucking in gasps at the delicious pleasure Taehyung was providing, are now parted in shock.
‘Noona,’ he chokes out, ‘what–’
‘See something you like Y/n-ah? Getting reminded of the past?’ Taehyung asks, a lazy mirk on his lips as he punctuates the sentence with a roll of his hips.
‘Hyung,’ Jungkook gasps out, putting his hands on Taehyung’s hips in an effort to get him to stop.
Frozen in place, you have no idea what to say. You’re rooted to your spot. A million thoughts are racing through your mind as you consider the situation. Isn’t Jungkook dating Jimin? Is he cheating on Jimin? If he’s cheating why isn’t he trying to hide or reconcile the situation? Why do they look so good?
You turn and walk away, rushing toward the front door to try and leave as quickly as possible. Why does it hurt so bad to see him with someone else, and you’re not even the person being cheated on.
Just as you’re walking away you hear the door slam against the wall from behind you,
‘Y/n wait,’ Jungkook is running out of his room stumbling into his clothes. You both pause looking at each other; his chest is heaving with the effort it took to run after you while pulling clothes on.
‘Jungkook,’ you start softly–
He’s quick to interrupt you, ‘Let’s talk, Noona. It’s not what you think.’ He starts to approach you
‘It looks like you’re cheating on your boyfriend, Jungkook.’ You say angrily.
Jungkook starts to panic, ‘No you don’t get it. Just sit down and let me explain, please.’ He pleads.
“I don’t think I can be here right now. I love you and you’re my best friend, but I can’t support this.’ You say while starting toward the door again.
‘Y/n-ah,’ you hear from behind you. Turning toward the hall that leads to Jungkook’s room, you see Taehyung leaning against the wall. He’s regarding you both with soft eyes in that almost unbothered way he always approaches things, ‘How about you hear us out, yeah?’
For some reason his collected demeanor brings you back to earth for a moment. You look back and forth between the two boys in front of you. Taehyung’s kiss swollen lips, Jungkook’s shirtless torso, and deep breaths are strong reminders of the activities they had just been partaking in. Jungkook’s eyes have that pleading innocence you know so well. Taking a deep breath to collect yourself, you walk over to the sofa and gingerly sit down. A sigh of relief leaves Jungkook as he glances at Taehyung, and they both make their way over to the couch opposite you.
All three of you sit in silence for a moment, seemingly trying to process everything that has just happened.
‘Y/n-ah, I know what this looks like, but I think Kook-ah is the one who needs to explain to you what’s going on.’ Taehyung says softly. His ability to keep calm in such a situation is admirable. You glance over a Jungkook with a questioning tilt to your head.
Jungkook pauses and takes a deep breath, ‘Last week I told you I was dating Jimin. And that’s not a lie, but it isn’t the full truth.’
You look at him questioningly, ‘What do you mean Jungkookie? What aren’t you telling me?’
Jungkook takes a breath and a glance at Taehyung, ‘I am dating Jimin, but I’m also dating Taehyungie-hyung.’ He says while throwing a small smile Taehyung’s way.
Now, polyamorous relationship’s aren’t unknown to you, but they definitely aren’t very common. Never something you’ve had personal experience with, but there’s nothing wrong with them. You can tell that the boys sitting across from you are attempting to gauge your reaction to this revelation.
‘That’s–Ok, that’s… so what you’re saying is, Jimin knows? He’s okay with all of this?’ You ask nervously.
‘Oh he’s definitely ok with it,’ Taehyung chuckles, ‘In fact, I’d say he even enjoys watching me and Jungko–’
‘Hyung!’ Jungkook squeaks out embarrassed and ears tingeing red. ‘Now’s not the time.’ He mutters while avoiding your gaze.
‘Oh, that’s great! I’m really happy for you guys,’ you try to make the statement as believable as possible.
‘Thanks, Noona,’ Jungkook mumbles, ‘I know it was kind of awkward to walk in on me and Hyung, but thanks for being supportive.’
It seems like Jungkook buys it, but something in the way Taehyung is gazing into your eyes makes you uneasy.
‘You don’t have to lie, you know?’ Taehyung says, his gaze never falters from yours. You can feel your heart speeding up. Palms are starting to sweat a little, and without even realizing the bouncing of your leg starts up.
‘Hyung,’ Jungkook chokes out while glancing back and forth between the two of you, ‘What are you–’
‘Can’t you see how jealous she is Jungkookie? How much your Noona wishes it was her that you’re with.’
It feels like all the air has left your lungs, there’s nothing you can do to get words to come out of your mouth. Your brain wants so desperately to deny his accusations, but nothing is coming out.
‘Huh Jungkookie? Didn’t you see how she was clenching her thighs watching me fuck you? Maybe she was getting flashbacks to years ago. I bet in that pretty little head of hers she can’t decide who to be more jealous of, me or you.’
‘Hyung, stop it,’ Jungkook tries to grab his hand but Taehyung isn’t having it.
‘No, Jungkookie. I’m tired of watching you two dance around each other. How long have we been waiting for you to finally fess up to her? Can’t you see how upset she is knowing that you’re in a relationship but it isn’t with her?’
‘What?’ you can’t even think straight, ‘What do you mean ‘join us’?’
‘Your sweet best friend Jungkookie is in love with his Noona, y/n-ah, but he’s also in love with all six of his Hyungs.’ Taehyung starts.
You freeze, ‘Jungkook?’ You look up at him to see him adamantly avoiding eye contact, ‘is it true Kook-ah?’
‘Yeah Noona, I hope you don’t think any differently of me, and I understand if you don’t feel the same way, and I know you probably think it’s weird but all of the Hyungs, and I really want to try this with you–’ He’s rambling, and you can’t even process everything that is happening
‘Jungkook,’ you cut him off, ‘Just, just wait a second.’
‘Y/n-ah, this is a lot to take in, but just know, none of what Jungkook has said is a lie, and all of our feelings are genuine.’ Taehyung says slowly.
‘And by ‘our’ you mean all seven of you?’ You ask cautiously.
‘When we all agreed to date each other we knew there would always be a place for you in Jungkookie’s heart, and once we started to get to know you more, we couldn’t help but to fall for you too.’ He pauses and kneels down in front of you, ‘Ideally this is a conversation all eight of us would have together, but I couldn’t stand to see you heartbroken when you have no reason to be.’
He’s regarding you fondly from his kneeling positiong in front of you. Glancing over his head at Jungkook, you try to comprehend what just happened. Hope and uncertainty lie in Jungkook’s eyes.
Taehyung pats your hand before standing up, ‘I’m gonna let you guys talk.’
Your eyes follow Taehyung, and after we walks out the door you glance back at Jungkook
‘What should we talk about, Jungkookie?’
‘Let’s talk about us.’ Jungkook says quietly; his eyes are cast down to the floor while he says it, but once the last word leaves his mouth he meets your eyes. You both just watch each other for a moment.
‘I feel like there’s not much to talk about, Kook.’ You’re feeling overwhelmed to say the least. It’s hard to pinpoint one emotion when so many things were just revealed.
‘Noona,’ Jungkook pauses. He seems to contemplate what he wants to say next, ‘A few years ago I started dating Jimin-hyung, and somehow, slowly after that all seven of us ended up in a relationship together.’
‘It started with Taehyungie-hyung first. He kissed me one night while we were drinking, and I thought Jimin was gonna break up with me because I liked it. I liked it, Noona. I was ashamed at first. Why would I enjoy kissing someone when I already had a perfect boyfriend? We all sat down and talked; Taehyung admitted that he had been sleeping with Yoongi-hyung but he also had feelings for us. Once Jimin and I talked it over, cried, and aired our feelings out, we talked to Yoongi. Yoongi told us that he felt the same, but also had feelings for Hobi. It’s funny because at the time we were all too scared to admit to how we felt about Jin-hyung and Joon-hyung because they were already in a relationship, but once the five of us realized where things were headed we knew we needed to tell them.’
He glances up at you to gauge your reaction before continuing, ‘When we were having the conversation all seven of us, admitting feelings left and right, it felt incredible to finally get everything out in the open. But, I wanted to be transparent with them; I had feelings for you. Jimin knew, and he felt the same. Once Jimin and I started dating, he started spending time with you too, and he fell in love just the same. We were hoping one day we could ask you on a date with the both of us, but that changed once all seven of us decided to date. They all know how much you mean to me, Noona. You’re so easy to fall in love with, and they all feel the same. Deep down, I think you know that we’re all special to you, too.’ He finishes and takes a deep breath.
You look up at him with tears in your eyes, ‘Jungkook,’
‘Noona, please don’t break my heart right now.’ He pleads.
One thing you’ve always loved about Jungkook is his eyes. He has stars in his eyes, but he also has the most transparent eyes. He carries love in his eyes, he carries his hurt in his eyes, you can see the light in his eyes. They’re the most beautiful things in the world because whatever he’s feeling, you can see in them.
You let out a laugh with tear filled eyes, ‘I wasn’t planning on it.’
While he had been waiting for you to say something, his eyes had cast down to the floor, and as soon as the words left your mouth, his body went stiff and his head snapped up to meet your gaze.
‘What,’ he chokes out, ‘Are you– are you saying that you—’he starts,
‘Jungkook,’ you start, ‘I’ve been in love with you for a long time.’
He stands up from his seat opposite you, and walks toward you. Grabbing your hand, he pulls you up from your seated position. A gentle hand finds its way to your cheek while the other makes its way to your waist. His thumb gently strokes along your cheekbone as he looks into your eyes searching for any sense of hesitance, ‘Please, don’t lie to me right now.’
‘I wouldn’t dream of it.’ You whisper
Then you feel his lips on yours. Those soft, pink lips you’ve been dreaming of for yours but never would admit to yourself. You’ve heard of ‘fireworks’ but there’s none of that with Jungkook. There’s just a feeling of warmth that envelops you; you’re home with Jungkook.
Jungkook can’t explain the feeling that washes over him while feeling your lips moving against his. This is what he’s always wanted. The butterflies in his tummy every time he see you laugh, the ache in his chest when you cry, and the love he feels when you’re in his arms, all make sense.
You both pull away panting and look into each other’s eyes. Reaching up to brush the hair out of his eyes, you can’t help but to admire the boy in front of you.
Jungkook seems to have different plans as he starts to place soft pecks on your lips repeatedly, ‘Why’d you come over here anyway? Not that I’m complaining,’ he murmurs in between the kisses he’s laying on your lips.
You smile bashfully, ‘I wanted to come cuddle you.’
‘We can do that, Noona.’ He smiles, ‘We still have a lot we need to talk about with the Hyungs, but right now I just want you in my arms.’
. . .
Later that night after you had gone home–begrudgingly leaving Jungkook’s arms with a few stolen kisses, Jungkook is lying in bed thinking of you. He thinks about how happy he is that everything is out in the air now, and how you seem to be at least a little open to the idea of a relationship with him and the hyungs. Then he starts to think about how perfect you felt in his arms, and how soft your lips were against his. The little breaths you let out when he ventured a little too far down your neck before stopping himself.
He opens his eyes after feeling blood rushing south. Is it weird to get off to the girl he just confessed to? It’s not like it would be the first time anyway.
Running his hands across his face, Jungkook plops his head back against the pillow before slowly sliding a hand down his torso. He applies light pressure over the bulge in his sweatpants, and breathes out at how good the pressure feels.
He thinks of you while he applies more pressure–thinks of kissing you, and even more that he can’t wait to do. How perfect your tits are–you weren’t wearing a bra today, and he didn’t notice until he hugged you goodbye and felt your chest pressed against his.
He lets out a groan and slips his hand under his pants, pulling the waistband below his balls to free himself. Wrapping his fingers around the base, his eyes flutter shut at the sweet, sweet relief. He strokes himself once, swiping his thumb over the head to make himself fully hard.
He's so hard and all thought of moral rights and wrongs are out the window. He kicks his sweatpants all the way down his legs. Beginning to stroke his cock, building up a steady rhythm, he thinks about how good your hands would feel around him. Your hands are so much smaller than any of his hyungs, and god your fingers might not even wrap all the way around him.
He lets out a small moan as he begins to pick up the pace. Reaching into his bedside drawer to get his lube. He drizzles some onto his hand, and then hisses at the sensation of the cold lube against his hot length.
Slick wet sounds fill the room as he adds a small twist to the motion of his wrist right below the head of his aching cock.
He whines out, 'Fuck, that's so good.
He becomes more breathless the more the pleasure builds. The thoughts of you have him picking up his pace, hips thrusting up into his hand that is wrapped tightly around his cock. He imagines your hot, wet mouth; your pretty lips wrapped around his cock. Maybe one day you’d venture down past his cock and give some attention to his balls. And maybe, if you’re comfortable with it, you’d venture down past that sweet spot below his balls, and on downward toward his most sensitive spot.
He thinks about you tongue fucking him while playing with his cock—
He lets out a loud moan and throws his head back; he’s really fucking close. He feels like a hormonal teenager again with how fast he's going to cum. There's no time to tease himself in just the way he likes because he's so turned on. Feeling his cock pulsing in his hand, that nice tingling in the base of his spine is building as the feeling in the pit of his stomach starts to become overwhelming. His hand is moving faster, and his hips have a mind of their own. He reaches down to palm and lightly tug on his balls.
'Holy shit.' He's fucking up into his fist imagining that it's you on his cock.
‘Fuck, noona, I’m gonna cum for you.’ He moans out before he topples over the edge.
Cum shooting out of the tip of his cock all over his hand, mouth wide open, balls unloading all over his chest. A loud moan of your name is the only other noise as he continues to stroke himself--hips twitching with overstimulation.
When he finally takes his hand off of his cock and rests his head on the pillow, all he can think about is how he’s never come so hard by himself before. Taking deep breaths in and out trying to collect himself from the incredible pleasure he just experienced
Just as he’s about to get up to clean himself off there’s a whistle from the other side of the room,
‘Nice show baby boy. Think you can give me another one?’ Joon asks from the doorway–an almost predatory look in his eyes.
A/N: JK really needs to learn how to lock his door...
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"edge of tonight" ~ part ten, the aftermath
Tumblr media
pairing: namjoon x reader (lots of platonic ot7 x reader) rating: T (for tears) genre: mafia au, angst this part: Everyone copes in their own way (even if it isn't really coping at all). tw: mafia au!, angst, swearing, panic attacks, implied/referenced self harm, implied/referenced suicide/suicidal tendencies word count: ~6.0k track #13: Blue & Grey ~ BTS: "Can you look at me 'cause I am blue and grey?" the edge of tonight masterlist an: hey look, an update after one month instead of five :D i really really hope you all like this chapter, i am super worried about it. the last four or five chapters have been huge lore drops, and this one is not that. so please please please let me know what you think of this one, especially if you liked it. thank you for reading, thank you for continuing to stick this out, and i really hope you enjoy!
Yoongi's glass slipped from his hand, but not even the sound of glass shattering broke anyone out of their trance.
"I was right there," you continued, voice cracking as those memories bombarded your mind, drowning you in flashes of things you didn't want to remember. "I was right there, god, you were right there." Your eyes screwed shut, fighting against the images that still plagued you. The office was silent but all you could hear were echoes from a bygone age as your heart hammered in your ears and you tried to explain. 
"I couldn't—it was such a bad day—they were so—I couldn't move—everything hurt so much—my throat was raw with how much they made me scream so I couldn't—I couldn't answer you when you called for me—" 
You dug your nails into your palms, desperate for the relief you knew came from seeing your blood. Pain meant you were in the here and now, it made you focus on what was real and not what was long over. Except it was never over, not really, not when it still felt like your chest was being pried open and you were bleeding out in that room.  
"—and I waited—I waited for you—I waited for so long—" A sob broke through, despite your best efforts to keep everything down. You were on the verge of a panic attack, you knew the signs well at this point. You needed to get out before you started hyperventilating, before you got worse. 
You felt the faintest touch on your knee and recoiled, "Don't touch me!" Jungkook threw himself back, you weren't sure how or when he ended up on the floor. Your eyes met his, wide and shining with unshed tears, and you could see your pain mirrored back at you. His mouth was open – you could sense the apology on his tongue – but he couldn't bring himself to speak. What exactly would he be apologizing for?  
You swallowed and forced yourself to take a breath, though it came out in a shaky huff. Jungkook's touch was what you needed to ground yourself again, if only temporarily. You blinked your remaining tears back, keeping your face down as you wiped it with your jacket sleeve. Your voice was quiet, but stable when you spoke again.  
"So those four years I'm unaccounted for, I was still in that goddamn room. I got out and went straight to Busan, and I've been there ever since." 
The tension in the room was starting to be too much for you. Despite knowing them, despite having been friends so long ago, the room was too small and there were too many people around you, looking at you, too close to you. You felt the panic begin to swell up again. You needed to get out.  
"Look, I've had a shit night, and I'm gonna have a shit morning," you forced the words out as you stood, "was there anything else you wanted?" 
That's what they wanted to say. Unanswered questions hung in the air like ornaments on a tree—if you walked away now, would you ever tell them more? If you left, would you ever come back? 
"I think we've all had enough for one night." 
Jimin's voice was uncharacteristically serious, carrying a stoicism the rest rarely heard. You looked up and met his eyes; there was a gentle firmness there that you didn't know what to do with. So you nodded and began walking towards the door. "Mind if I crash on the couch?"  
That snapped Jin out of his stupor. "NO, no, we have a spare bed you can use—" 
"I don't sleep on beds," you said as you walked past him, not even offering him a glance. You fought to keep your steps even, trying to keep yourself calm until you were alone. 
"I’m not going to let you—" 
"Hyung," Jimin spoke up again, "let her go." 
You ducked your head, shoulders hunched, trying to shrink in on yourself as you made your small escape. They were frozen, unable to move as they listened to the clack clack clack of your heels on the hardwood floor and down the stairs before you reached the carpet on the ground floor. The office finally started breaking apart in silence. 
Jungkook cried, face scrunched up and hand over his mouth. He was right, it was a misunderstanding, a mistake – but it had cost Namjoon everything. He understood why you were so hurt and scared now, why you weren't angry. You blame yourself for that night just as much. If only you were a little faster, a little louder. If only Namjoon had waited for one more second. 
Hoseok felt like he was going to burst from guilt. He was outside that door. He was the one who told Namjoon they had to go. If you weren't there, then you weren't there, and they would have to try again later or look somewhere else. He had cried with Namjoon so much that night, mourning their failure, the loss of you slicing through his chest all over again. 
Yoongi stood stoically, calmly, quietly, the way he always did; but his fist was shaking at his side and his jaw was clenched. He didn't know who or what he was angry at. Was he angry at you for holding this against them – against Namjoon – all these years, while they had worked their asses off trying to find you, to bring you back? Was he angry at Namjoon or Hoseok for not being more thorough when they were checking that room for you? Or was he angry at himself for getting shot and being the cause of them having to abort the mission early? 
Jin held his head in his hands. There was far more to your story than you let on tonight, but he wondered if they would ever be ready to hear it all. Everything that happened to you, all that you've been through… He was sure it would only tear them apart more. 
Namjoon stared ahead at the chair you were sitting on. He replayed that night over and over and over again in his head. A locked door, a room with only a bed, you heard him, you saw him, and he left you there. He should have done more, he should have checked, he should have found you. He was right there, you were right there. So many years, so much pain, so much suffering, all because of one small choice. 
It was the biggest mistake he ever made. 
Taehyung and Jimin shared an endless look, practically speaking telepathically. A slight head tilt towards the others in the room. A small raise of an eyebrow. An indignant frown. Jimin rolled his eyes but gave a wave of his hand. Tae offered a boxy smile and then carefully followed after you.
Jimin looked around the office, observing how everyone was doing. Namjoon and Jungkook were the worst, unsurprisingly. A bomb dropped like that, from you, onto Namjoon – Jimin would be amazed if the leader recovered within the next month. And Jungkook, well, his heart was too big for his body, and with how big his muscles were that was saying something. 
The guilt and regret were palpable in the room. They were so close. And they failed. Namjoon might have been the one who wanted you back the most, but finding you was the main goal for all four of them. They all wanted you back – to eat with, to fight with, to laugh with, to love. You were the only one who could fill the you-sized hole that was left in their group the night you were taken away. And they were so close.
"Jin-hyung," Jimin said quietly, his voice strangely gentle. "Can you take Hoseok-hyung to his room and stay with him?" The eldest nodded stiffly, easily yielding to the younger, though it took him a moment before he started moving. He didn't say anything, just lightly held onto Hoseok’s elbow and pulled him up as Jin stood. Hoseok was shaking, even as Jin wrapped an arm around his shoulders and led him out. 
Jimin went over to Jungkook next, kneeling down next to the maknae. He carefully pulled Jungkook's hand from his face and wiped the tears from his cheeks. "It's okay now, Kookie," he whispered, "she's okay now." 
"No she's not, she—" 
"Isn't there anymore," Jimin cut him off. "She's here now. She's safe." 
"We can't change the past, Kookie. What happened is what happened. But she's here now. I need you to focus on that, okay?" Jungkook took a shaky breath in but nodded. Jimin gripped his hand and pulled both of them up. "She's gonna stay the night, when you came from her place did you bring anything?" 
The maknae shook his head and wiped the last tear tracks off his face. "Just the money bag." 
"Okay, why don't you and Yoongi-hyung head back over and grab the rest of her stuff?" He looked over to where Yoongi still stood quietly. "Is that okay hyung? You two are the only ones who've been there, and Kook probably shouldn't go by himself." The hitman nodded, letting out a breath. 
"Come on, Kook-ah," he tilted his head towards the door and waited for the youngest to be by his side before they started out. "You want the door closed, Chim?" 
"Yes, thank you hyung." The pair took their leave, Yoongi closing the door behind them. 
Which finally left Jimin alone with Namjoon. 
The thing about Jimin that had been solidified the moment Namjoon met him, was that he was a little shit. There were few things he enjoyed more than pushing buttons and getting a rise out of someone. The flip-side to that, Namjoon discovered much later, was that Jimin could also be the gentlest member when he needed to be. That's why he was assigned to the abused and traumatized people who came to them for help. 
That's why the elders let him take the lead tonight.
⋞ 〈 ⏣ 〉 ⋟
Taehyung made it about halfway down the staircase when you came into view, curled up and shaking on their black leather couch, facing the back of it. Your heels and hat had been discarded to the side, next to a large black duffle bag, and you were trying to use the jacket as a blanket. Tae turned around and went back up the stairs, ducking into the first bedroom he reached (which happened to be Jungkook's).  
He went straight to the bed and threw a pillow towards the door and pulled the comforter off the mattress. You wanted to sleep on the couch and that was fine, but there was no way Jin wouldn't have their heads in the morning if no one offered to make said couch more comfortable for you. Bundling the items up in his arms, Tae exited Jungkook's room, and almost ran into Jungkook himself as he and Yoongi were leaving.  
"Be careful with her, okay hyung?" the maknae whispered. Taehyung smiled over the bundle and nodded. The three descended the staircase together, and though Yoongi and Jungkook gave you lingering looks, they continued on to the garage and left you and Tae alone.  
Without any fanfare, Taehyung dropped the blanket and pillow on top of you. The suddenness of the action made you jump slightly, and you took in a sharp breath, but you didn't look up to see who it was. "I don't need anything," you said, but not as firmly as you wanted. Tae shrugged, even though you couldn't see it.   
"It gets cold down here, especially at night. It is winter, after all."  
You didn't respond. Instead, you moved the pillow under your head and kicked at the blanket until it fully covered you. If he was going to go through the trouble of getting all of it for you, you might as well use it. Their couch wasn't much better than the one you'd been using the past few months. Under the blanket, you held your jacket close to your chest, unwilling to let it go.  
"Thank you."  
It was so quiet Taehyung thought that maybe he imagined you saying it, but seeing you essentially burrow yourself beneath the cover proved him otherwise. He sat down on the floor, leaned against the couch, and was careful to not touch you. "I think I already know the answer, but are you okay?"  
You took a deep breath, finally fully calming down. You swiped a hand over your face, clearing away the last of the tear trails, as you answered, "Why do you care?"  
"Because everyone who isn't me or Jimin cares about you, and we care about them." You scoffed quietly, but he continued on. "And don't you dare try and tell me they don't. I've known Namjoon for eight years now and the only thing he talks about other than you is that time at the beach when he caught like, seven crabs."  
It wasn't the full truth, there were other things Namjoon talked about, but Tae specifically remembered the crab story because it was the first one he heard and he once ended up hearing it three times in a row.  
You bit your lip, forcing the soft feeling of fondness away. "He still tells that story?"  
Tae waited a moment before answering, following the pattern you set up. "On his good days, yeah, when it doesn't look like he's carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders. He'll play basketball with Yoongi-hyung, even though he's way too clumsy for it, and he'll join Kookie and Hoseok-hyung in their video game marathons, even though those two are the worst cheaters I've ever known. And Jin-hyung will make dinner and he'll actually join us and tell stupid stories that we've all heard too many times, but we let him anyway because goddamn it's nice to actually see him smile again, even if it only lasts for the day."  
He let out a breath. He hadn't meant to let all of that out, but, well, it was out. Tae wondered for a moment if this counted as being careful with you like Jungkook asked.  
More tears pricked at your eyes as you listened to what constituted Namjoon's good days. "That sounds nice," you whispered. "Sounds normal." Like the way things used to be.  
"Yeah? What do your good days look like?" Tae asked.  
You had to think about that for a moment. If a good day for Namjoon was doing the things he used to do, the things he did ten years ago, then you hadn't had a good day in ten years. Your good days were ones where you didn't argue with Jackson, or you got more than three hours of sleep at a time without any nightmares.  
"Staying alive," you finally answered, hugging the jacket impossibly closer to yourself, the only lifeline you still had, the one thing that connected you to your past. Up until tonight, that was.  
Taehyung's eyes widened. "Damn." Now he knew what Jungkook was getting at, what the maknae could sense before anyone else. Maybe Jimin should've been the one down here talking to you instead. "You really are something else." 
"What's that supposed to mean?" Tae thought for a moment if you weren't so sad, you might have sounded affronted at his comment.  
"People who have been through less than you have chosen not to survive." Those cases hurt Jimin the most, and Tae was usually the one to help him pick up the pieces and put them back together.  
"Can't win the game if you're dead." You repeated the phrase Jackson had fed you over the years. That's why I need you to be careful out there, especially on your jobs. Above all else, you need to stay alive. 
"Ugh," Taehyung scoffed, "you sound like Namjoon-hyung planning something. Everything's a game you need to win." He felt you shuffling behind him and looked over his shoulder to see you twisting around yourself to look at him.  
"I'm sorry, are you new to the Underground, or do you just not pay attention?" He rolled his eyes at you, then turned away again. "Everything here is a game, and if you don't play, you lose."  
"Aren't things different where you're from? North and South and all that?"  
"Same game, different name." You laid back down, facing the back of the couch once more. "In Seoul, there's more glory outsmarting your enemy; in Busan, it's outliving them."  
Tae nodded. "So, you're winning the game right now?"  
"I'm winning a game. I'm losing several others."  
"There's more than one??" This was why Taehyung was not one of the planners or strategists. This was why he did intel and negotiations. Whatever the fuck Namjoon and the rest of the hyungs—and apparently you—did, Taehyung wanted no part in it.  
Something that almost sounded like a laugh came from behind him, and he couldn't help but feel proud. He wasn't Jimin or Jungkook, but Taehyung could still help with the more delicate things where he needed to. "Feeling better?"  
You moved your shoulder in a small half-shrug. "I guess." Your panic attack had entirely subsided by now, and he did prove a good distraction—a better distraction than what you normally had. Jackson wasn't really a sit down and talk type of person, not since you'd left Seoul for Busan. "Sleep is still gonna be a bitch though." Like usual.  
"Then don't get sleep," Taehyung offered, "get rest."  
You looked over your shoulder at the back of his head again. "There's a difference?"  
"I'm sorry, are you new to being a human being, or do you just not know things?"  
"The first one," you answered, partly joking. Partly not. Tae let out a sigh. 
"Jimin is an insomniac, though for reasons much different than yours. It took me for-fucking-ever to get it through his thick, stubborn skull, that even if his mind wouldn't shut up, he still needed to lay his ass down and let his body chill for a while." Taehyung finally stood up and brushed the few wrinkles out of his clothes. "So if you can't get sleep on your own, that's fine. Just, chill instead. Give your body a chance to recover."  
You rolled over fully to look at him, and you caught his gaze. "That bit about you two being friends—that was the only true thing you told me that night, wasn't it?"  
Taehyung smirked. "I'll never tell."  
You raised a single eyebrow at him, and Tae swore that in that moment you looked like a carbon copy of Namjoon. He made a mental note to never piss you off, in fear that your wrath would be worse than his boss's. "Liar."  
The smirk grew into a full boxy smile. You were smarter than you let on, than what most people probably assumed. "Get some rest, Y/N," Tae said before heading back to the staircase. You watched him ascend without looking back at you, then you rolled over again, tucking yourself into the couch as much as you could.  
Rest. The idea sounded too good to be true. Jackson always had work for you to do when you couldn't sleep, always something to keep you busy. If you weren't sleeping, if you weren't doing something, then you started thinking. And when you started thinking, you started thinking too much. And when you started thinking too much, you would fall into a spiral of your own worst fears—and when that happened, Jackson was the only one who could get you to stop, to pull you out of the rabbit hole of your mind.  
And you hated yourself a little bit more every time.  
So, no, you would not be getting rest. You would try to get some sleep, as you did every night, and if that didn't work, then you would get up and snoop through Jin's kitchen for leftovers (because goddamn you missed Jin's cooking, even though you would never tell him that) and you would start planning on what you were going to do in the morning.
⋞ 〈 ⏣ 〉 ⋟
The car ride was silent. Yoongi drove. Jungkook rested his head against the window, watching the streets as they passed by. He knew Yoongi was struggling in his own way and he wanted to help but... Jungkook was still reeling himself. He could finally understand why you were always so on guard around them, but more than that, he understood you.  
Four years locked up, used and abused, forced to do what others wanted – if Jungkook hadn't found Namjoon, he would've ended up like you. Depressed and jaded and untrusting. But Namjoon found Jungkook before that could even start happening to him. No one ever found you, not really. Jungkook was lucky. You weren't. It wasn't fair.  
It wasn't fair.  
"Jungkook," Yoongi's voice was quiet – it was always quiet, but it wasn't as stable as it usually was. "You're thinking way too much. Seriously, I can hear it over my overthinking." The quip was supposed to at least make the youngest smile, but there wasn't so much as even a huff. Yoongi glanced over and nudged Jungkook's shoulder. "Hey, Kookie, out with it. What's going on in that head of yours?"  
"It isn't fair," the maknae mumbled.  
Yoongi couldn't hear him. "Come again?"  
"Hyung, it isn't fair!" He finally looked away from the window but still didn’t make eye contact with the elder.  
Yoongi decided to pull over. This was one of those conversations, and he wanted to give the youngest his full attention. "Life isn't fair, Kook-ah."  
"No, I know, but—" He groaned and threw his head back against the headrest. Yoongi waited, knowing there was more. Jungkook just needed a minute to get his thoughts in order. He was like Namjoon in that sense. Finally, he quietly asked, "Hyung, were you right?"  
"I'm always right."  
"Did I replace Y/N?"  
"Except when I said that." It wasn't one of Yoongi's proudest moments. He, like Namjoon and Hoseok, was struggling to cope after that first year of you being gone. When Namjoon got back to the apartment with a new kid in tow, Yoongi snapped.  
"You can't just disappear for hours and then reappear with another kid who's too young to get into this! You did this last time—it's like you're trying to replace her!"  
Jin chewed him out for a while after that, and though it took Yoongi a few days to calm down, he did eventually apologize to both Namjoon and Jungkook. The youngest forgave him and gave him a hug, which was even more off-putting, but Yoongi always had a small worry in the back of his head that the outburst hurt Jungkook more than he ever let on.  
And occasionally, Yoongi was right.  
"You didn't replace anyone, you know that," he tried to reassure him, but Jungkook only shook his head. "Jungkook. Look at me." It took a minute, but the maknae did as he was told. Yoongi saw the glint of tears in his eyes and suppressed a sigh. Sometimes this kid really was too young and too soft for this job.  
"You did not replace anyone." Yoongi spoke quietly but firmly, making sure his words stuck. "You were not the new Y/N, and you're still not the next Namjoon, I don't care what Jin-hyung's been telling you." That did get a small smile out of him, but only for a moment. "You're you, and we wouldn't have you any other way."  
"I just..." Jungkook sighed, turning away again to look out the windshield. "I feel like I traded places with her. I was in a bad place until I found you guys, and then I wasn't, and I ended up...normal. But it was the exact opposite for her. She lost you guys and everything got so much worse, and now she's..." He trailed off, unable to find the right words to describe you.  
Yoongi hummed and sat in silence for a bit before speaking up again. "Kookie, would you still be you, if you were still in the underground boxing rings?" Jungkook shook his head. "No," Yoongi agreed, "you would not be our overly-eager happy-go-lucky maknae." The elder squeezed his eyes shut. "I don't even want to imagine what a dark, brooding Jeon Jungkook looks like."  
"I'd have a lot more tattoos," Jungkook mumbled.  
"Your muscles would be even bigger, which is extra terrifying because your thighs could already crush my head like a grape."  
"Hyung, I've only done the watermelon thing twice."  
"Twice is still too many times!" Jungkook finally laughed, smiling brightly, albeit at Yoongi's discomfort. But at least he was laughing. He waited a moment for the maknae to calm down a bit before continuing. "So will you trust me when I say that, despite everything, Y/N is still Y/N?"  
"Are you sure?" Jungkook questioned, still worried.
"I mean, she's a little more bitter and is holding a few more grudges, but," Yoongi half-shrugged, "yeah, her firecracker spirit is still there." He put the car in gear and started driving again, now that the more serious moments had passed.
Jungkook's eyebrows furrowed. "But, in all the stories—"  
"Everyone tells them wrong."  
"—she's always so sweet."  
Yoongi narrowed his eyes. "You've been told about the time she cursed us out."  
"When Hoseok-hyung got stabbed?" Yoongi nodded. "Yeah, but that was just a one-time thing."  
"No, Hoseok getting stabbed was a one-time thing. That was just the first time she yelled at any of us. It started happening a lot more after that."  
It was usually Yoongi you fought with back then. That's why all the stories the others told painted you in such a bright light. Namjoon and Hoseok were cowards when it came to disagreeing with you, and Jin seemed to be the one person you listened to without complaint. But Yoongi knew better.  
You were a brat.  
And ten years later, you were still a brat. You were just a brat with an agenda now (one Yoongi would be more than happy to assist with if you would let him).  
Jungkook let out a breath, finally relaxing. "So Jimin-hyung was right?"  
"Jimin is never right."  
"Y/N is gonna be okay now?"  
"Except when he said that." Jimin could actually still be wrong, but Yoongi didn't want to upset Jungkook again. Poor kid had been through enough tonight already. "She's back with us now. She'll be okay." 
The car went back into silence, but Jungkook's mind started racing again with different questions. Would you really be okay? And what if you decided to leave again? Would you be okay then too? Or would things get worse for you again? What if—  
"Jungkook, I swear to god—"  
"I'm sorry!" And he was, but Jungkook couldn't help the small laugh that slipped out of him. "You know we can talk about your thoughts and feelings too, hyung."  
"Not a chance, kid." Yoongi had a plan: he was going to keep all his emotions locked up tight in his chest, and then one day he would die. Plan B was sneaking down to Daegu for a weekend and beating his thoughts and feelings out there, but Jin and Namjoon would never agree to that, so Plan A it was.  
"You can talk it out with me now," Jungkook offered, "or you can talk it out with Jimin-hyung later." Yoongi rolled his eyes.  
"Think I'll pass on both accounts, thanks." Thankfully, they had finally arrived at your apartment, giving Yoongi an easy out of this conversation. He pulled up to the curb and shut the engine off. "Alright, let's make this fast. That back alley gives me the creeps." He reached around to the backseat for the smaller duffle he'd grabbed to bring your few belongings back.  
"Do you think someone could've been watching her?" Jungkook asked. "There's plenty of vantage points back there."  
"Song might've been keeping an eye on her," Yoongi considered. "All the more reason to hurry." He opened the door and climbed out, Jungkook following right behind him. As they made their way through the narrow alleyway, Jungkook spoke up again.  
"Can we get takeout after?" He whispered.  
Yoongi balked. "No!" He whisper-yelled back.  
"Please, hyung?" Jungkook pouted.  
"No place is gonna be open this late." Yoongi shot back. He looked up and around once they were through. Jungkook was right, there were a plethora of places anyone could've watched you from. Were you being watched? Did you know about it?  
Jungkook hurried down the steps ahead of Yoongi. "There's that one Chinese place, around the corner from where Hoseok-hyung works. It's open 24 hours." He pushed the door open and walked into the dark apartment, Yoongi right behind him.  
"I don't think she's eaten tonight." And knowing you and your living situation, Yoongi knew Jungkook was probably right. He threw the duffle on the couch.  
"Fine." Yoongi sighed and pulled out his phone. "But you're paying for your own food."
⋞ 〈 ⏣ 〉 ⋟
An opening door woke you up.  
It was another reason why you hated closed doors. You were a light sleeper on the best of days, but the sound of a door opening had become so ingrained into your very being that even if you did manage to actually fall asleep, the second a door opened around you, you were awake.  
You shot up with a gasp, looking over the couch towards where the sound came from. No one had left that you knew of, and they should have a high enough security system that people can't just walk in. And if for whatever godforsaken reason they didn't, you would be having words with Hobi in the morning.  
"Who's there?" You called, not expecting an answer. You weren't expecting any noise really, so the sounds of plastic bags and keys only confused you, especially when you did get an answer back.  
"Yoongi?" You heard footsteps come towards you, and then there he was, a bag of what could only be standard takeout in his hand. Jungkook followed in after him with another bag of takeout and a duffle over his shoulder. "When did you leave?"  
"When Tae brought you the blanket," he answered. 
"We went to get the rest of your stuff," Jungkook added.  
"Why?" (You knew the answer, but you still refused to admit it to yourself).  
"You're staying the night," Jungkook started, speaking far gentler than he had when he spoke to you in your apartment, "and so we thought—"  
"I mean, if you really wanna sleep in Tae's overly-priced wannabe ball gown, be my guest," Yoongi cut the younger off, placing the food on a side table across the room and began to unpack the boxes. It wasn't that Jungkook couldn't explain, but Yoongi spoke your language better.  
"If you wanted me to sleep, you wouldn't have come back until morning," you fired back.  
"2 A.M. is morning." He started unpacking the takeout boxes and opened one, taking a bite off an egg roll.  
"Did we wake you up?" Jungkook asked softly, dropping the duffle containing your things next to your small pile next to the couch. You turned to face forward and crossed your legs, still hidden beneath the blanket.  
"You can't really call it sleep, but yeah, the door woke me up."  
Yoongi's jaw ticked at that; he'd bring it up later. Instead, he brought a pair of chopsticks and a couple of boxes of takeout over to you. "Well, if you can't really call it sleep, then you can get some actual food in you." 
You glared up at Yoongi. He glared down at you. I'm not hungry was on the tip of your tongue. His eyes narrowed slightly. I dare you. "Have you had anything other than coffee today?" 
"Yes," he answered indignantly. "I've had half an egg roll." You rolled your eyes but took the food a bit begrudgingly. (It smelled so good, and it had been a long time since you've had company you actually enjoyed while you ate—but you still refused to admit that to yourself). 
"Stop helping me," you muttered as you opened one of the boxes. Hot steam floated up and your stomach betrayed you by growling. 
"Not hungry, my ass," Yoongi muttered back. He walked back across the room and finished the egg roll. Jungkook sat down on the floor next to the couch and started taking out more food.  
"I'm not eating all of that," you told him. 
"Kook-ah, bed." 
Jungkook froze. "But hyung!" 
"No buts. Take your food and go bunk with Tae for the night." Yoongi sat down and began stuffing his mouth, effectively shutting down any other argument Jungkook might have had. 
The youngest pouted but did as he was told, putting the boxes back into the bag and standing back up. He looked at you, his wide eyes pleading with you to let him stay. Instead, you gave him a small smile. "Night, Bunny Boy." 
Somehow, Jungkook pouted more, but turned and went upstairs. Leaving you and Yoongi alone. The two of you sat and ate in silence for a while, occasionally catching each other's gaze. Despite the distance between you, it was almost like looking into a mirror. Years of pain and heartbreak reflected back at each of you, but Yoongi saw the underlying emptiness in you. He knew that emptiness personally. 
He wanted to ask. He wanted to keep you talking until the full decade of mysteries had been unraveled, until every question had an answer. Until he knew without a doubt that you were okay, that you were going to be okay. 
But Jimin was right: everyone had had enough, including you. Everyone wanted answers, but everyone had waited for this long to get them. They could all wait a bit longer. "Don't run off once we're all in bed, yeah?" 
You let out a sigh and set the nearly empty takeout box to the side. "You really want me to stick around, don't you?" Yoongi half-shrugged. 
"For as long as you'll have us." He stood and started packing up what was left of the food. "The kitchen is back that way," he gestured to one of the rooms behind you, "you can leave whatever you don't eat in there. And there's a bathroom around the corner you can change in." 
You only nodded. He finished cleaning up and started making his way upstairs. "Hey, Yoongi?" He paused and turned to face you. Your lips turned up ever so slightly, but he could still see it. "You're a piece of shit." 
He stood frozen on the steps for a moment too long, just staring at you. You almost wondered if the shock was too much for him. Then he smiled, wide and gummy, the one you only saw on the rarest of occasions. "I missed you too, jagiya." 
Fondness and familiarity rushed through your chest at the name he had given to you so long ago. For the first time that night, you didn't completely regret your decision to stay in Seoul. 
"Go to sleep at a reasonable hour," you told him as you finally pulled the blanket off yourself and stood, stretching out your arms and legs, and grabbing the bag Jungkook left next to your stuff. 
"We passed reasonable nearly four hours ago," Yoongi replied, starting back up the stairs. You waited another moment, until you heard a door open and close, before heading in the direction of the bathroom to change. You really did want to get out of the dress (but you would never admit that to Yoongi).
After getting a chance to wash your face and brush your teeth and change into a simple t-shirt and sweatpants, you took one more detour to put the leftover takeout in the fridge—which had a shocking amount of takeout containers for a kitchen Jin was running—then collapsed back on the couch.
The emotional weight of the night finally started getting to you, and the sudden exhaustion made it easy for your eyes to close and for you to fall into what you hoped was a long and dreamless sleep.
thank you again for reading!! please let me know what you think. i am already working on the next chapter, which will feature a bit more action and a bit more badass mc (in place of the mostly sad one we've been seeing so far) so you can look forward to that coming soon!! and a super special thank you to my taglist peeps, lemme know if you want to be added to list and subsequently become a Cool Kid™️ @illnevertrustmyselfagain @misschino @youlook-likehell @dany-but-not-targaryen @nyx-goddess-of-choas @fangirl125reader @wordsaremyswords @clowdyblue @tutnotmytea @scentedsope @hope122598 @veronawrites @ayoongiverse @myooniverse @jiminrings @mirahuyooo @cafemyg @lolalee24 @elyte @hyungieyoongi @singukieee @hello-neema @thebadassmotherofmyshotas @kawaii-bear @notsooperfect @mintyoonjisworld @glams00 @thisisnotangel @fangirl-and-stuff  @dprssdgal @irony-of-living @hobateas @remmykinsff @gukieater​ @cherrie11113 @lovra974​ @girlwithluv0613 @whatsakilo ​ @yoursoontobestepmom ​ @juju-227592 ​ @zahraaelamira @xyahrinx ​@belladaises ​ @jaiuneamesolitaiire ​ @lookhere-2seok ​ @imnotokayfuckup ​ @rjsmochii ​​ @theealanis @mintsugarmy
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clutterfied · 4 months ago
Little Red Riding Hood
Tumblr media
OT7 x Reader
CaregiverFratboys! BTS x VerySlightLittle! Reader
Established relationships AU, University AU, Little Space AU
Rated M
Warnings: Period sex (do not read if squeamish) , slight little space (if uncomfortable with this concept, you may not proceed), light smut
Summary: You are a little when extremely stressed and more so when on your period. At least your seven boyfriends were willing caregivers, huh?
A/N: Before we begin, I would like for you to know that Little Space is basically regression of the adult mind back to that of a child. It could vary in severity, and yet it is a form of escapism and/or a stress-coping relief mechanism for all littles out there. In my Tumblr page, no one is judged. 😘
Now sometimes when you had your period, the only time you can blame your weakass hormones by the way, you would tend to be a bit on the moody side, your boyfriends tiptoeing on egg shells and kicking out the entire frat house to prevent anything from setting you off if you ever traipsed in, clad in thick wool socks and one of their jumpers because you were more susceptible to the cold --and crying, lots of crying --during that time of the month.
Not to mention the underwhelming stress due to the pressure of your post grad baby thesis, you were bound to explode bawling if so much as Holly or Bam or Mickey or any of their loveable furballs starts cuddling into you on the three-way couch.
And today was one of those days, Yoongi pausing from eating you out on top of the washer when he hears your soft sniffles, cat eyes widening a horrified fraction before pulling up your panties and calling out for the other six who were lounging around at home doing shit knows what.
"RED FLAG! RED FLAG! " He all but yelps covering you up with his hand just as the beginnings of blood leak out, forgetting that you were already clothed.
Once all your bewildered men have gathered around, barefoot and mostly shirtless because of the wild summer heat, they take in your dazed state, brows furrowed until Jimin, ever the gentle observer narrows it down to your... little tendencies.
He crouches down to where you were frantically propped up by Yoongi --on the floor against the washer-- and coos. "Aw, is our little baby tired? "
The seven stand at abrupt attention when you bring a cottoned sleeve to your lip and chew on the edges, nodding slowly, eyes glazed. "Yes, puppah. "
Shit. The midterms must have really hit you bad.
Mild panic engulfs the entire house as Namjoon barks commands, "Jin-hyung, can you possibly bake her favorite chocolate cake under thirty minutes? "
The eldest nods furiously and scampers back to the kitchens to do his thing.
The leader turns to Hoseok and the anxious Yoongi next, "Hob-ah, Yoongi-hyung, take charge of her stuffed heat packs and nest area. You know what to do. "
They nod and just like Seokjin, run to prepare the stuff requested.
"Maknaes, call the school, baby needs at least a day of shut down. After that go help the rest. " Without another word they rush out as well, following their hyungs.
Namjoon slowly picks you up without much protest from your end, opting instead to bury your nose into the nook of his arm pit, "Namwoon," you puff, hand poking a muscled chest.
His dimples brighten as he kisses the top of your head lovingly, "Yeah, baby? "
You flutter your lashes, seeming to think for a moment before you gurgle out a noise and in your fucked out state, you yawn. "Wub oo. "
"We love you too, baby girl. Now sleep. "
Once you come to--that is ten minutes of nap time, you blink blearily at the awful LED clock the frat house kept on the mantle, green lights throwing your sight off and you cry, hugging the stuffed penguin warming your tummy, multiple blankets rumpled from your moving around.
Several footsteps crash through the room.
You swivel sideways in an attempt to get up only to fall, and with a frustrated childish huff, open your arms up, hands making twinkly stars, "Oh hewwo. Can I ave sum food, pwease? "
Strong arms the result of endless gym days and maybe holding you up during group sex carry you to the kitchen where the rest of your boyfriends were, Jimin and Taehyung trailing after their muscled bunny counterpart.
Seokjin's smile blinds you and you groan hiding away, causing muted giggles to burst forth. "Aw, baby is awake? Here, Jin - oppang baked your favorite dessert! "
At that you peek at them and when you spot the delectable treat, you do a little happy dance inside Jungkook's hold, eternally killing your boyfriends with so much cuteness Hoseok nearly passes out beside Taehyung who had pulled up a chair for you to sit on.
Your younger boyfriend deposits you gently before taking the stool next to yours and proceeding to feed you small tolerable bites. "Say ah! "
"Annnnhhhh! " Your lips enclose the spoon and pull out slowly, savoring the rest oblivious to the sudden tented pants on everyone present. It is at that moment as you're chewing that you take note Namjoon isn't with you and you ask.
They merely shrug severely distracted by your puppy eyes and long, smooth legs.
That's when Namjoon enters the room and slaps a hand to his forehead, "Okay, you horn dogs, get away from her! " ushering all your boyfriends out the door -- except Seokjin because someone sensible has to watch you "not you Yoongi-hyung, you're a sex freak" to which the latter pouts but listens anyway and does as told -- and wrangle them in a different area just until their boners died down.
Because if there was one house rule, it's that they weren't allowed to be sexually intimate with you in any way, shape, or form when you were in your little head space.
That was just plain disturbing.
Anyway. Namjoon comes back only to see you getting rocked back and forth onto his hyung's lap, a very obvious erection rubbing against your core and he wants to slam his head against the concrete. "JIN-HYUNG WHAT DID I TELL YOU! " He shouts in mild exasperation "I'm sorry I couldn't help it! " his hyung blushes with embarrassment, before hurrying to pull you off from his oldest friend and manhandles you to his bedroom, locking the door.
The shower on the floor above runs --must be Seokjin -- and he sighs, running a hand through his brightly colored orange locks while you lay in your back on his bed wearing nothing but Yoongi's hoodie and a pair of cheeky underwear.
You look to him and grin, "Namwoon - oppa, cuddwles. "
If he didn't have the most self control in this house, he would be fucking you right about now.
"I give up, " he drops down, a giant teddy bear next to you and lulls you until you close your eyes.
"Unh! Namjoon! " Your thighs are up in the air while your insatiable boyfriend pistons in and out of you.
You had woken up with a mild head ache and a complete recollection of your episode that you scampered to the edge of the bed.
The big mistake was, your foot got caught on the sheets, accidentally grazing the house leader's front and now you're in this predicament.
Once he fills you up, warmth seeping into the condom--they all prefer having you raw on normal days-- you pant rolling onto your side. He nuzzles your collarbones, "Did I do much damage while I was being, you know, a little brat? "
He chuckles. " A bit. "
Pouting, you kick him playfully earning a grunt. "You gotta clean up, babe. Period blood isn't exactly sanitary. Plus your sheets are now ruined. " You try to tell him but he only blows a raspberry on your armpit.
"Ew, Namjoon! "
"What? You like doing it to all of us. Had to see what the hype was about. "
"Not that! I meant I just squirted out blood just now! Couldn't you feel it? "
The man peeks at your still joined hoo -has and he has the audacity to smirk. "Well, since we're dirty anyway, how about messing it up some more? "
"Ugh, you're impossible! "
A knock on the door alerts the both of you until the knob quite literally flies into the opposite wall when someone kicks down the groaning piece of lumber.
"Yah! " Namjoon gasps.
"You're being selfish, hyung! We want to play too! "
And that is how you found yourself coming seven times over and over and over again, really sore and legs feeling like jelly as you are taken on a roller coaster ride.
You just knew your epitaph would read "Here lies the girl who passed away due to a good dicking down on her period".
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sopejinsunflower · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Part 1
My head feels heavy and my tongue feels like sandpaper. I try opening my eyes but my eyelids feel like leads. I’m laying on something soft, a bed most probably. I try to move and only manage to squirm a little, feeling the fabric beneath me to ascertain that it is not a bed but a sofa instead. A leather one, judging by the creaking sounds it makes with every move. Slowly, I can finally open my eyes but my vision is blurry and the room is dark. I blink a few times, trying to get my bearings when I sense that I’m not alone.
As my vision adjusts to the dimness, I notice a figure just below me on the floor, breathing lightly. No, not one, but two of them, laid out on opposite ends. A movement to my left makes me turn to find the figure of a man draped across the other end of the sofa, coming awake. Another man has his head on that one’s lap. A chair scrapes back somewhere to my right and I see three more just waking up, all sitting at a table. Or sleeping on it. As realisation kicks in, I recognise these seven men: BTS.
When everybody is awake fifteen minutes later, we look around the room at each other, the same question lingering in our minds: what the fuck happened? Our cellphones aren’t on us, not even our wallets.
“Where are we?” I ask, looking around the room from the sofa.
Namjoon gets up from the floor and walks towards the window. All I can see from my spot are tall trees and darkness outside so it must be nighttime. Yoongi gets up too and makes a beeline to the door that looks to be the front door and tries the knob but it doesn’t budge. Namjoon, upon seeing that, tries to slide up the window, but to the same result. And then everyone is on their feet, moving around the house trying to open doors, windows, anything that leads to the outside. Nothing.
“We’re locked in,” Jin says, his brows furrow.
Just then, thunderous footsteps come down the stairs and Jimin, Jungkook and Taehyung, who had gone upstairs to check on doors and windows, appear, the same exasperated looks on their faces. They shake their heads. A loud bang make us all turn our heads to Namjoon, surprise to see him holding a chair as he had tried to break the window but failed instead. “What the fuck,” he breathes.
“Is this a prank?” Hoseok asks, running a hand through his hair. “Some sort of game? Run BTS?”
“I doubt it,” replies Yoongi who is standing in front of another window, looking out with a scowl on his face. “I think we’ve been kidnapped.”
Jin laughs. “Right. Someone kidnapped seven men together. Someone passed our security and brought us all here to a house in the middle of nowhere and locked us in.”
I hug my knees then, trying to process the situation while making myself as small as possible. I’m trying to think back to what happened before waking up here but my memory is a blank: al I remember is being in that meeting room with the boys, talking about the short story I wrote that Hybe was planning to make into a short movie. But there had been other people in the room; managers, producers, writers, other staff and bodyguards at every entrance point. I remember that last detail very well as they would eye me suspiciously everytime I walked past them as if the tag around my neck wasn’t good enough. And then what? What happened afterwards? Why am I here with them? Was it a mistake, a hitch in the plan of whoever it is that took us that forced them to take me too?
Jimin approaches me silently. He puts a hand on my shoulder. “Are you okay?”
I look at him, unsure of how to answer. Physically, yes I am. Psychologically? Emotionally? Instead, I just keep looking at him and he gives a light squeeze as if he understood what hadn’t been said. I fidget with my fingers and that is when I notice the tiny marking on the inside of my left wrist. I bring it up to my face to inspect it. It looks like one of those Latin symbols you see in a science class and, if I remember correctly, the one etched, no, tattooed on my skin is that of an omega symbol: Ω
I hate tattoos and would have never thought of getting one.
“What is this?” Taehyung asks from the foot of the staircase. He is also looking at his wrist, a deep frown on his face. Namjoon strides over to him to see. His forehead bunches together before answering, “Looks like a lowercase beta symbol?”
One by one they all check their wrists. Namjoon, Hoseok, Jimin and Jungkook have the lowercase alpha symbol and Jin and Yoongi match Taehyung’s beta one. I’m the odd one out. Does that mean something? And what do the markings even mean, to begin with?
As if on cue, a deep voice resounds all over the house through invisible speakers. “Welcome to the Omegaverse House. I hope everyone is comfortable. I’m sure you have found the markings on your wrists. That will determine your hiercharchy in this little world I built just for you.”
“Who are you? What do you want from us?” Namjoon shouts as he looks around the room.
The voice chuckles. “You can call me Master. What I want is to see if this little experiment of mine works, is all. You’re my little test subjects. If this is a success, we will have all of you to thank for the new worldshift that will happen. I must say, I nabbed the perfect subjects, too. With the amount of eyes on you popstars, my experiment, once successful, will be hard to ignore.”
“They’ll find us before that even happens!” Taehyung screams, standing up.
“You can keep wishing on that,” the voice replies, humour in his voice. “They’re going to have a hard time finding you. Do you know how long you’ve been missing as of now? A week and seventeen hours.” The voice breaks into a laugh, chilling me to the bone. “A week and no leads. I’m very careful with my work. Just as you are meticulous in yours. Now, all you have to do is just be good and stay here for as long as the experiment requires you to be. Groceries will be delivered twice weekly. There will be instructions delivered every other day and if you are good boys and girl, you’ll find it will be a lot easier. Take this as a retreat, a holiday, a break from your demanding schedules. Go against my orders and instructions, you’ll learn the price you have to pay. I’m sure you are all very smart people. We’ll speak again soon.”
Then there is silence. No matter how much the boys ask questions, they get nothing in return. The sound of something travelling through a chute catches our attention and a paper sticks out from a small metal pipe by the bookcases behind me. Hesitantly, I pluck it out, unfold it and read the content.
Take your temperatures twice a day - once when you wake up, once before you go to sleep - and mark them down and labelled properly on a paper. Send that paper the same way this one comes in every night. Failure to do so will be punished. Attempts at messing with the data will also be punished.
The boys then start to talk over each other, voicing their worries, anger and disbelief, their thoughts of what is actually happening and ideas of how to get out of here. I keep quiet, never moving from my spot that I had woken up in. To be honest, I am tired and hungry. Starving, really. I don’t want to think about anything right now except for food or sleep, whichever comes first. The voice, Master, or whatever, mentioned groceries so that means there is food somewhere. Starving us to death isn’t the goal, obviously. Silently, I get up and make my way to what I think must be the kitchen, subconsciously marveling at how big the house is. I approach the fridge, stopping short at the reflection in the sleek black surface of the door.
I look like a ghost, literally. Pale face and hair sticking out in odd places. Instead of the grey slacks and light blue blouse I had worn the day of the meeting, I have on dark sweatpants and an oversized white t-shirt that did nothing to hide my breasts underneath. Behind me, I see Jimin walk in through the reflection and I reflexively cross my arm over my chest, completely forgetting what I was in the kitchen for in the first place. The others pile in behind him. I turn around, shuffling on my bare feet, my mind blank except for the hunger that is starting to ache.
“I’m hungry,” I mutter, eyes on the huge island in the middle of the kitchen.
The boys look around momentarily and I hear Jungkook say from across the island, “Me too. I’m starving.” The others then start to murmur their agreement.
Yoongi marches past me and opens the fridge door, peering inside. He took out a basket of eggs. He then opens the overhead cabinet and takes down two bundles of instant noodles with five packs in each, ten packs in total. Jin starts to be proactive, too, rummaging through the low cabinet and producing a large pot. He fills it with water and puts it on the electric stove. As we wait for the water to boil, we sit around the kitchen island in mutual silence, too hungry or tired to speak. Yoongi takes care of the ramyeon and as the savory smell of it wafts through the room, loud grumbles come from each and every stomach. Jin takes out bowls and chopsticks as Yoongi moves the pot onto the ceramic top. Jungkook jumps up immediately and starts ladling noodles and soups into each bowl before handing them out. We eat like a hungry pack of wolves and in less than five minutes, the pot is empty again to much of our dismay.
“The rice is cooking,” says Yoongi as if he reads our mind. “I’ll make kimchi fried rice once it’s cooked.” No one objects. Jungkook gets up and goes to the freezer part of the fridge. He finds a pack of diced beef and unpacks it in the sink. I notice how they are not frozen yet, which means they had only just been placed in there. Realising he didn’t need to thaw it, he leaves the meat there and goes back to sit down.
“What is the last thing you remember?” Namjoon speaks up, looking around the room. No one speaks at first as we all think hard and long. Then one by one we give our answers and they are all the same: the short story/movie meeting. Yoongi recalls being in a car but that is the extent of it. I look around the room. I’m a complete stranger to them, why was I roped in? I'm nobody compared to these seven world stars, so what do they want with me? What purpose do I serve? My family won’t be able to even afford a ransom money if that was demanded.
“What’s Omegaverse?” Hoseok asks.
“I’m not sure,” answers Namjoon, “but it sounds familiar.”
“Like the fanfic,” Jin chuckles as if trying to lighten the mood.
Quiet falls again.
Something clicks with what Jin said and I run a finger over the omega symbol on my wrist. Is it true? But how can it be when it’s just fiction; a niche in the smut universe that every fanfic reader is very well-aware of. A fiction that revolves around how human biology has evolved - or devolved depending on how you look at it - into something like that of a wolf or a pack animal. A world where there’s no gender but only alphas and betas and omegas, a hierarchy made to make mating all that much easier and clear cut. But what if it is true? What if that was the experiment that the voice over the speaker had meant? I have a sinking feeling deep in my stomach and for a moment, the smell of the meat sizzling in the pan as Yoongi starts to cook again makes me feel like throwing up. I scramble to my feet and barely make it to the sink before hurling back out the noodles I had not ten minutes ago. Yoongi disregards the pan and rushes to my side, holding my hair back with one hand and rubbing my back with the other as Jin takes over the cooking.
I wipe my mouth with the back of my hand as Yoongi turns the tap on to wash off the content of the sink. As he is reaching out, I get a whiff of a faint sweet scent coming from him. It smells a little like chocolate and I can feel myself relaxing, leaning against Yoongi’s body. He pulls me in, and, almost instinctively, I nuzzle against his chest. Catching myself, I pull away immediately and Yoongi must have felt it too, as he shuffles away slightly to create space between us, leaving us both a little perplexed at what just happened. Then it dawns on me.
“The experiment,” I say through ragged breaths and a stinging throat from all the bile, “I think he was speaking the truth. He’s not experimenting with us, he’s experimenting on us. We are the experiment.”
Yoongi helps me back to my seat and Jimin offers a glass of water. I take one gulp, feeling a little refreshed and more focused now. Namjoon shakes his head. “I wouldn’t trust him, whoever he is. He’s probably just trying to scare us and he’s got you good.”
I open my mouth to object but Yoongi beats me to it. “As much as I want to agree with you, Joonie, I think she’s right. Something’s...off.”
They stare at him, even Jin stops stirring the rice to look at Yoongi. Namjoon tilts his head a little. “Did you just call me Joonie?”
Yoongi doesn’t answer immediately, probably didn’t even notice what he said. Hoseok gives a nervous laugh. “Something’s off, alright. You’ve never used that nickname before, hyung.”
Yoongi shrugs and brings his chair to sit down next to me. Jin finishes cooking and serves the second round of food to everyone with Jungkook’s help again. This time, the food disappears at a much slower pace as everyone mulls over their own thoughts. Jin was the first to speak. “So, if you’re right,” he looks pointedly at me, “you’re saying that since we are the experiment and we are in this omegaverse, this means that whatever this omegaverse is, will happen to us?”
“Maybe,” I answer as I toy with my food.
“Hold on a second,” says Hoseok, placing both his hands palms down on the surface of the island. “What is omegaverse?”
“It’s fiction, I said so,” Jin replies through a mouthful of rice.
Yoongi sighs. “It’s fiction, yes. It’s technically a genre where there’s no gender but just alphas and betas and omegas.”
Hoseok looks even more confused. “Alphas and betas and omegas?”
“Like the symbols on our wrists?” asks Taehyung as he rubs on his marking to no avail.
“Yeah,” said Yoongi. “Alphas, betas and omegas are the hierarchy system.”
“For what?” Jimin’s turn to ask.
Yoongi and Jin exchange glances but I answer for them. “For mating purposes. Like wolf packs. The omegas are the lowest in the rank, the one that’s...mated.”
Jin clears his throat. “In the omegaverse, an alpha is the top rank. They’re the only ones that can mate by putting their marks on their partners. This mark is for life. Alphas are also the only ones that breed and omegas, the breeders.”
“And betas?” Taehyung asks, looking from Jin to Yoongi then back again.
Yoongi answers this time. “Betas are somewhere in the middle. We don’t mate and are rarely able to breed, too. I guess betas are more flexible, going in between alphas and omegas. But I’ve read somewhere that betas are mostly more in control due to their level-headed nature and mild temperaments. They are the least affected by pheromones when an omega is in heat near them.”
“When an omega is in what?” Namjoon’s eyebrows are raised so high they disappear behind his blond bangs.
“In heat,” Yoongi reiterates. “Like cats when it’s mating season, you get the gist.” He passes a hand over his face, sighing as he did so. “This is starting to sound ridiculous, even to me.”
Namjoon stands up. “Right. We’re all exhausted. We should think about this more tomorrow. Right now we need sleep. Maybe it’ll help us process things better.”
Taehyung and Jimin offer to help clean up the kitchen while the rest of us trudge upstairs. On the second floor, we learn that the house has a total of three storeys with four rooms each with its own bathroom on the second and third floor. I claim the first room I see; on the second floor, the first door on the left. I close the door behind me and make my way inside. There’s a desk by the window with a thermometer and a journal and pen sitting neatly on top of it. What happens if I don’t do as instructed? I look around the room, trying to find a camera of some sort but nothing. Is he watching us all right now? How? From where?
Ignoring the items on the desk, I crawl into bed. Five minutes later I feel a sharp, electric jolt coursing through my body, making me arch my back in pain. I grit my teeth, willing for it to stop as tears spill from the corners of my eyes. It feels like an eternity when it finally did and I lay there panting, trying to catch my breath. The same voice from earlier booms throughout the house. “If you’re testing the legitimacy of my instructions, well, you got it. Trust me, that was just a taste. Continue to disobey and you won’t make it past another week. The temperature, if you please.”
Bastard. I’m still breathing heavily, my heart racing a mile a minute. Slowly, I push myself up from the bed and stagger to the desk. I place the thermometer under my tongue, wait three minutes based on the clock nailed to the wall and take it out to check the number. I jot down the temperature in the journal and crawl back to bed, falling immediately asleep once my head hits the pillow.
It doesn’t feel long when I wake up with a jerk, feeling disoriented as I look around the room. It is still dark outside and the clock shows that I have probably been asleep for forty minutes tops. Once again, I look around trying to pinpoint what has woken me but don’t see anything out of the ordinary. Nothing except that strong scent lingering in the air. It smells like coffee but not quite the drink. It has a tinge of musk underneath, like that of a man. It smells totally different from Yoongi’s earlier. I get up and follow it out of the bedroom only to find myself in front of the room next to mine. I knock lightly but there is no answer. I try the door and find it unlocked and make my way inside. A desk lamp is on. On the bed, a figure is sitting on the edge of it, his back to me. He turns, revealing an art book in his hands.
“Namjoon,” I whisper, calling his name in what sounds more like a whine stuck in my throat. I’m not sure why, never mind the fact that we are basically strangers, but I need him. Need to feel his arms around me or else I wouldn’t feel safe to continue sleeping. He looks confused, regarding me from above his reading glasses. Then his eyes soften. Without a word, he puts down the book and stretches out an arm, beckoning me over. I go to him like a child, snuggling under the blanket for warmth but mostly to feel him against me. It isn’t a sexual need, I note. It was more like that of a child needing her comfort blanket, for reasons I’m clueless of. Once under the blanket and in his embrace, I nuzzle his neck, breathing in that faint coffee scent and I immediately relax, feeling my nerves just melting away. Subtly, he nuzzles the top of my head in return.
“Did you have coffee before bed?” I can’t help but ask, my nose pressing against the hollow of his neck.
“No,” he replies, his voice coming out husky. “Why?”
“You smell like coffee,” I say before drifting off to sleep, for good this time.
Tumblr media
Next part: here
Check out my other works → :MASTERLIST:
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seokth · 10 months ago
mother knows best | index.
Tumblr media
pairing ; ot7 x female reader (platonic), ot7 moms & female reader
summary ; being the only woman in a friend group with seven men automatically makes you the love interest in seven mothers’ wistful romantic stories. though your relationship with the guys remains completely platonic, the marriage fantasy their moms frequently project onto you and their sons has them coming up with all sorts of shenanigans to make you their daughter-in-law. mother knows best, you suppose.
warnings ; overbearing moms, attempts at humor, platonic, slice of life
note ; a drabble series featuring the (fictionalized) bangtan moms! <33
Tumblr media
season 1 ;
01 ; sunday lunch
02 ; of quail eggs and perms
03 ; of hair styles and scissors
04 ; of tangerines and dumplings
05 ; mafia game
06 ; code red
07 ; father knows best
08 ; a solemn day
09 ; of ferris wheels and pomeranians
10 ; of burns and skin care routines
11 ; of fights and allergies
12 ; once upon a treasure hunt
13 ; of breakups and bouquet tosses
Tumblr media
season 1 extras ;
01 ; what if tae’s eomma makes him & oc go to hawaii?
02 ; what if the members get tired of their eomma’s antics?
03 ; what if a member is out with his mom and a girl comes up to him?
Tumblr media
series extras ;
survey ; who is oc’s appa’s favorite among the members?
ask ; what if the moms had a group chat?
character asks ; come chat with our mkb gang and ask them anything!
Tumblr media
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yeeunjia · 5 months ago
▬▬ [ENHYPEN] reaction to you being the choreographer of one of their songs !
Tumblr media
idol!enha x idol!gn!reader
▬▬  enha masterlist, here. i write for both kpop and genshin! for feedbacks or requests send them here! (●'◡'●) feedbacks, reblogs, follows, or likes are appreciated!
▬▬  warnings : none ————————————————————————— lee heeseung 이희승 : - [ you’re the choreographer of ‘fever’  ♡ ] - once he sees you practicing the choreography, he wasn’t able to resist the smile that wanted to form on his lips. you wanted this to be a surprise, obviously, you didn’t want him to know even a clue about it. you groan once you notice him staring at you in the mirror and turn at him. “hee!! this was supposed to be a surprise!” you pout. “i enjoy watching you, though. im staying here.” he teased as a smirk formed on his lips. “lee heeseung, i love you, but, i swear if you don’t get out (¬_¬") ...”.  “okay, okay!!!” he chuckled before leaving the room. park jongseong  박종성 : - [ you’re the choreographer of ‘given-taken’  ♡ ] - he almost lost his breath when he saw you. he loved every second of how you did the choreography.  ヾ( ˃ᴗ˂ )◞  you surely looked like you were in your own bubble and he found it adorable. especially how you look when you’re concentrating. “hey, babe. can i help?” he suddenly asks making you startled. he chuckles, again, finding you adorable. you didn’t mind though, it is THE PARK JONGSEONG after all. ᕙ(  •̀ ᗜ •́  )ᕗ sim jaeyun  심재윤 : - [ you’re the choreographer of ‘blessed-cursed’  ♡ ]  - i swear he won’t be able to stop smiling!!! you’re perfect in his eyes, from head to toe, and inside out. he admires every inch of you and seeing you actually being the choreographer of their new song made his heart melt. he fell for you even deeper :(( ends up giving you a little back hug while showering you with compliments. “HOW DID I GET SO LUCKY TO FIND SOMEONE LIKE YOU???” tons of kisses here and there.  ( ˶^▾^˶ ) park sunghoon  박성훈 : - [ you’re the choreographer of ‘flicker’  ♡ ] - he felt so proud of you >___<  and to think about the fact that you’re also doing this for the others in i-land that are also performing this song?? ( ❛ ֊ ❛ ) he’s impressed. very impressed. he admired every second of your choreography too!!! because of this, he’d make sure to work even harder. he’d want to make you proud too, despite knowing that you already are. yang jungwon  양정원 : - [ you’re the choreographer of ‘drunk-dazed’  ♡ ] - very impressed #2. the way every you were able to keep up with the beat amazed him too. he understands if you don’t wan to spoil the whole choreography, yet, though. makes sure that you don’t overwork yourself. he does not want that happening at all. not even just a tiny bit.  (。•ˇ‸ˇ•。) can’t stop staring at you in pure admiration once you show him the whole choreography!! :DD kim sunoo  김선우 : - [ you’re the choreographer of ‘tamed-dashed’  ♡ ]  - oh dear he just loves you too much. literally starts screaming. nails the whole choreography in a bliss. you both made quite an impact on each other. basically the best power couple!!  ₍ ᐢ. ̫ .ᐢ ₎ he’ll be all “(Y/N)-AH YOU’RE SO COOL!!” and would also feel extremely happy. and i mean way extremely happy that he’d start clinging onto you everywhere like a koala. nishimura riki  西村 力 : - [ you’re the choreographer of ‘upper side dreamin’ ♡ ] - speechless. awfully speechless. the way your body moved from head to toe made him admire you more. he wanted to be able to have such skills.  (ˊ•͈ ◡ •͈ˋ)  wonders why you didn’t tell him about it though, you, his significant other, being the choreographer is a big deal. BEGS you to teach him the choreography. of course, you agreed. he was just too cute to resist.  (๑ᵕ◡ᵕ)
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softiejoon · 6 months ago
The Apartment Games | Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
pairing: ot7 x f!reader (platonic?)
genre: crack, humour, smau
warnings/tags: non-idol!au, college!au, roommates!au, player!taehyung, literature student!namjoon, fashion student!hobi, comp-sci student!jin, music student!jungkook, sound production student!yoongi, business student!taehyung, veterinary student!jimin, communications student!yn, more warnings in individual parts
disclaimer: this smau crack fic is just for fun (that said, i'm probably going to put in way more time and effort than warranted) and since this is a wip, everything here is pretty much subject to change. also don’t ask me how the age differences work, there were No Thoughts
summary: when y/n's roommate moves out, an opening at the nicest apartment complex on campus becomes available – and highly coveted within the crowded bangtan dorm. with seven chances to prove who can be the best roommate, the boys are prepared to do just about anything for some privacy and freedom. and y/n certainly intends to make the most of that desperation willingness. welcome to the apartment games.
if you enjoy my work, please consider supporting me ☕
>. character profiles
i. the end of an era pt.1
ii. the end of an era pt.2
iii. the list
iv. ground rules
v. anonymous suga(r) daddy
vi. behind the scenes
vii. tae has entered the chat
viii. bust a tear duct
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thirstygirlhours · 5 months ago
Reviews and Recommendations
After finding a distinct lack in recommendations lately I’ve decided to lay out a list of some BTS fics that I’ve read recently with quick summaries, trigger tags, and a little review. All of these fics are 18+. A lot of these are novel length or longer. 
For some reason any single fics I have ever read have escaped my brain so these are mostly OT7 right now.
OT7 with Y/N
The Little Fox - @purpleyoonn (Complete)
Hybrid/poly BTS fic. TW: sexual assault, kidnapping, abuse.
Y/N escapes from a house built to use hybrids for their bodies after a dangerous client tries to lay his claim, abusing her until she can’t take it anymore. She is found cold, alone, and hurt by a mysterious human and his hybrid. Will she be able to live happily ever after with these men? Or will her past come back to haunt her?
I really enjoyed reading this. It has quite a lot of dark aspects to it and will not be for everyone please read with caution.
A Thousand Springs - @whitesparrows97 (Complete)
Immortal BTS/Soulmate AU. TW: Mentions of suicide, violence.
An attractive man approaches Y/N at the bar, flirting like mad. But a sudden wave of emotion tells her to run, to get as far from this man as possible. She tries to escape but finds the familiar stranger blocking her path. Will anyone come to her rescue? 
This was a really fun fic, it does have a miscommunication-esk complication in the middle, but a classic is a classic. It does get quite violent. While not technically a mafia fic it does have similar vibes.
The Return of an Empress - @you-are-my-joy (Complete)
Royalty AU. TW: Violence, attempted murder.
Y/N finds herself trapped within the world of her favourite novel as the main protagonist. This would be amazing if it weren’t right before the characters assassination. Can Y/N avoid the doom flags and ultimately her death?
I always get excited when this fic shows up in my AO3 box. You can read it there or here. It’s such an interesting idea. I read a similar book when I was younger about a girl who fell in love with the protagonist and he escaped the book, so this was a cool reverse. I can’t wait to see where this goes!
Playmates - @scribblemetae (Incomplete)
Sex Worker AU. TW: None yet?
After a horrible blow in your life that left you homeless without anybody to turn to. You find yourself turning to a job you never thought you’d stumble upon. The role of a playmate was easy.
Another one that can go a long time without an update but always worth the wait. I can’t remember if this is on hiatus right now or not but I thoroughly recommend going to read what's already done. 
Sh. - @wwilloww (Incomplete)
After 6 months of quarantine, you jump at the chance to escape to the country with your 7 best friends. But when you get there you remember just how many things had gone left unsaid before you were forced apart.
This story has just reached the apex of OT7, although there has been plenty of smut in the meantime. Absolutely worth it for a slow burn with some and quick flame with others. Truly the best of both worlds.
OT7 without YN
A Packs Price - EmpatheticShipper (Complete)
ABO. TW: Attempted murder, sexual assault, pregnancy towards the end.
Kim Seokjin is an omega that was casted out of his pack after bringing home the scent of alpha's belonging to another pack. Wounded and alone, he meets two omegas who eagerly take him back to their den. Can he escape the past to start again?
I don’t even know what made me read this fic but I dis really like reading it. I think I was just trying to find book length fics and I stumbled into this. It’s a long and sometimes angsty read but I think it’s worth it.
You Said We’ll Be the Flare -  preciousbirdie (Incomplete)
Dom/Sub hierarchy. TW: Misuse of bdsm dynamics. 
Uprooted from his small hometown, Jungkook is given as a submissive to the wealthy Kim family in the place of his dreadful cousin. Not only must he try to pretend to be someone he is not, he must try not to fall in love with six men who seem hesitant to get to know him better.
I will preface this by saying there are always long waits between chapters and it kills me every time that I have to wait. I love the dynamics of this fic between the boys. We are now on chapter 13 and are only just getting to the peak point.
The Bodyguard - @rmnamjoons (Complete)
Political AU? TW: Violence.
You’re the daughter of the ambassador to a small country in Western Europe, working as a diplomat to help your mother with her endless meetings and politics. After a kidnapping attempt gone wrong, you and your protective bodyguard Namjoon are on the run across Europe.
Fantastically written slow burn fic. I would recommend finding it on A03 as then it’s split into chapters, but as I read the whole chunk in one sitting here on tumblr that really is up to you. rmnamjoons has some other great fics you should definitely check out too.
A Dangerous Game - @chaoticpuff17 (Book 1 Complete)
Mafia AU. TW: Yandere, sexual assault, violence, kidnapping
After agreeing to help catch an infamous Korean crime lord, you find yourself as the object of his latest obsession. 
Not for the faint of heart. This is a really good take on a possessive Namjoon and a hopeless situation. If you’re into it, there is a whole extended universe.
Leveled up
You have no idea what you're doing when you log in to a new video game with your brother's beta code. But what you do know is that you want to see more of the dazzling virtual reality game he showed you despite the fact that you're not much of a gamer. And though you quickly realize you're out of your depth in this world, it gets even worse when you're pulled into a raid with a group of players who know exactly what they're doing – and have very little time for your amateur antics.
This is fun, and broaches the topic of different first languages while solving the issue creatively.
All I Want For Christmas Is You - @ladyartemesia (Complete)
Enemies to Lovers. TW: none?
When Park Jimin is unable to escort his precious sister through the gauntlet of corporate holiday galas, he blackmails his best friend Taehyung into being her chaperone. After all, who better to safeguard his headstrong sibling than a man who would never want her for himself?
Who doesn’t love an enemies to lovers? You don’t need to worry about it being too xmas focused either. This was a really good read from start to finish. It’s bee a while since I read it though so I can’t remember any specifics other than I enjoyed it.
A Human Touch - @snackhobi (Complete)
Robot AU. TW: androids treated as subhuman.
Everyone knows that androids don’t have their own emotions, so after a 2 hour session just talking with a sex bot your friends paid for, the last thing you expect is for V to turn up at your door.
Really makes you think about that robot uprising thats gonna come in like 20 years. But anyway... this fic has a lot of emotion and is really cute in some places.
Thank you, Baby @scribblemetae (Incomplete?)
Stalker AU. TW: Readers kinda stupid, Non/Con, yandere
Turns out the boy who's been stalking you for years has decided its about time he shows his face in the form of a picture, and decides its time to talk to you for real, in the form of a phone call.
Needy, whiny, stalker JK. Nothing more I want in life honestly... although it might be nice if he weren’t a psycho
The Ten Series @deepdarkdelights (Complete?)
Kidnapping AU. TW: Kidnapping, abuse, assault. 
You wake up in an unfamiliar bed, completely terrified. You remember the man that had taken you. Tall and built, there was no way you could escape, and that's what he was banking on.
Every little snippet of this couples story adds so much depth, it makes you want to keep reading on.
Airplane Pt 2 @xjoonchildx (Complete)
Bounty Hunter AU. TW none?
jungkook jeon stole six million dollars. it’s your job to bring him home.  but finding him – and keeping him in one place is not that simple. then shit gets weird.
This was really fun. Cheeky Jungkook trying to escape Y/N. She just can’t seem to refuse his offer.
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bonny-kookoo · 3 months ago
OT7: Sunset Songs 1
Tumblr media
In which a hybrid is nothing but a status symbol, a pet, a sign of wealth and power- or are you maybe more than that?
Tags/Warnings: another hybrid fic shut up, Idol!OT7, Puppy hybrid!Reader, stigmatization and shitty views on hybrids, romance, angst
Additional Chapter Warnings: Hints of angst, unfair treatment of puppy but she's fine with it/used to it, best boys bangtan tho
Chapter Length: short/mid
Next ->
The award show is nothing out of the ordinary for you anymore.
Ever since the company had bought you for them, you've been a fixed part of their schedule as well, coming along to almost everything. It's typical for idols and other celebrities to own a hybrid once they have enough money and have accumulated a good fanbase; it's at this point almost tradition. And while you've heard a lot of horrible stories connected to the abuse of hybrids; you don't mind being with them at all.
You don't mind.
"Do you want some water?" Jimin asks, leaning a bit forward to make sure he doesn't have to yell over the music too much. They've already performed- and are now sitting on the sides, watching the other artists present their songs on stage. Namjoon had shaken his head when he'd noticed they didn't provide a seat for you- but one look around confirmed for him that every hybrid present was simply sitting on the carpet provided instead. It's the same as always, but he still hates it.
Fans always go wild about those interactions.
You simply nod your head at Jimin, the singer instantly searching for any of the bottled water- asking around, before he looks back at you apologetically. "It's fine!" you tell him above the loud music, before you turn around, watching the stage with your back leaned against his leg. You look up when someone starts to play with your hybrid ear; Taehyung grinning down at you before you turn your head back towards the stage, his hand remaining as his fingers move over the soft fur on your ears. It's a habit of his, you've noticed.
While some absolutely don't like it, others see it as something cute; they praise the group for treating you not like a pet or a maid but a person, while keeping the balancing act up as to not show anything that might be considered 'inappropriate'.
Those interactions, such as letting you sleep in their beds with them, or even making flirtatious comments, are kept behind closed doors. In public, you're nothing but platonic, a simply tender pet and owner situation.
You cough a bit, ears instantly pinned back as you feel rather watched by the cameraman now- it's your first public appearance after being a bit sick previously, news having had instantly picked up on it, creating rumors of possible mistreatment towards you as it's mostly the case when a hybrid is hidden from public view- and companies lied all the time about any accusations. But for you, it had really been just a simple sickness situation; and while you're not contagious anymore, you're visibly not up to one hundred percent of your health yet. "here." Jungkook says from the side, a hand on your back as he gives you his half empty bottle of water. "I already asked for some, they must've forgotten. You can have mine." he explains, and you nod thankfully, emptying the plastic container eagerly, cool liquid heaven on your still scratchy throat. He knows that they didn't forget. They simply didn't bother.
It's moments like these that remind you why you absolutely don't mind the booming music and many people and lights around you, even if they stress you out. You're with them; and you love them, because they're more than just nice to you.
Namjoon always takes you out for long walks and trips, loves to go hiking with you whenever he can. Seokjin enjoys your carefree nature; always up to play around with you, uncaring how ridiculous he might start acting, because you'd never find him weird. Yoongi takes long naps with you, and keeps you in his studio often because you're not only a very good listener, but you also remind him to take breaks and rest if he becomes too focused to remember anything around him. Jimin and you like to have cozy times at home- his days off happily spent with you lazing on the couch with him, hidden away from the outside world, just the two of you. And while Taehyung likes to sing to you and have you listen to him ranting about whatever daydream he might be having, Jungkook and you are always up to no good, testing out recipes he's found on the internet, or playing games until you end up playfully wrestling around.
So you don't mind the sleepless nights, public judgement and hectic schedule at all. You don't mind that your love will never be more than just platonic and unreturned in the way you love them;
You don't mind any of that, as long as you can stay with them.
Tumblr media
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yoon2k · a year ago
Tumblr media
summary: kim namjoon was all work work work. he never stopped. he never slowed down. he never took a break. he kept at it like a beast, pushing himself further, going harder and harder, hitting deeper... and he was even more diligent at his actual job! you dont get to the top of the world for nothing. and you were about to find out just how exerting it was.
rate: 20+ audience
pairing: CEO!knj × reader (& a hint of taehyung)
warnings: age gap (41/24) , dom!joon, sub!reader, doggy style, penetrative sex (protected), belt use, harness, heavy makeout, hickies, sensual massage, spitting, clit slapping, spanking, fingering, slight degradation, slight embarrassment, phone exhibitionism, power play (not w yn), slight coercion, crying (again, in a good way 💀 dont look at me)
wc: 4.3k 😳
a/n: whenever i write for joon it always ends up being longer than i plan :/ his power. let me know what you think! + if you want to be tagged, click here.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You had woken up the next morning to an empty bed and breakfast steaming on a tray next to you with a note that read: "in meetings all day. if you need anything, the attendants will take care of it. -H"
You had decided to spend your morning exploring the rest of the boat, only catching a small glimpse yesterday before dinner as Jimin led you through, but it was too fast for you to really have a good look around. Just as you were rounding the corner to where you thought you'd find the deck, you walked right into a sturdy chest, soft satin pressed against your cheek, and a deep chuckle resonating in your human-pillow's chest.
"You okay?" The smooth baritone speaker asked. You looked up to find one of the most handsome faces you've ever seen in your life. It was so dazzling that it slightly startled you; even though you'd met him yesterday, you still weren't used to his ethereal beauty.
"I'm sorry, Mr. Kim," you apologized quickly, dropping your eyes to the floor and stumbling backwards, tucking your hands behind you. "I was looking for the deck, but I got lost."
"Call me Taehyung," he sent you an earth-shattering smile. "I can show you. I have some time before my next meeting."
You nodded eagerly, readily following him as he zig-zagged his way through the (much bigger than you'd originally thought) yacht, trying to keep a mental map of where you were going this time, unlike the last time when you were too distracted by the stupidly handsome stranger guiding you.
"The deck is on the top floor," he explained as he clicked the elevator button of the large red doors standing before you. "There are stairs, but it's way faster this way since we're in the belly of the ship right now."
How did you end up there? You could've sworn there was a window out of Hoseok's room, so you'd somehow confused your way all the way down here. Though, it sure didn't look like what you'd expect a belly of a ship to look like, with its extravagent halls, giant glass doors down the corridor, and the lavish elevator doors that were opening up in front of you, fancy LED lighting up the inside.
"Ladies first," he gestured, holding the door open for you. You scurried in quickly, scooting into the corner near the elevator buttons as he came in after you. You'd expected him to stand a distance away on the other side of the small confining space, but were surprised to find the tall, handsome man towering over you, backing you into the corner. His gaze startled you as he watched you expectantly, tilting his head. You pushed yourself further against the elevator just as he had opened his mouth to say something, unbeknownst to you, clicking almost every button with your body as you turned towards him. The ding of the elevator as it slid shut made you jump, the lit-up buttons on your side catching your attention. Your eyes flew wide as you'd realized what you'd done.
A chuckle left Taehyung’s lips, "I wanted to press the button, but looks like you beat me to it." He backed away, standing a comfortable distance away, leaning against the elevator rail with his arms casually crossed as he waited patiently for the impediments upon your journey upwards to pass.
You, on the other hand, couldn't keep your erratic heartbeat in check from how close he was standing to you before. You'd caught a whiff of his musky cologne, the scent surrounding you as you'd glanced up at him owlishly.
You take in his features now, the beautiful slope of his nose to his strong jaw. The way wisps of his hair fell over his face, the way his crossed arms showed off the perfect fit of his suit. And now that he was far (a few feet) away, you wanted him back into your space.
"...and the pool's pretty big, you'll have to check it out."
You were startled out of your daydream with the expectant look on Taehyung's face, followed by his laugh. Your cheeks burned as you realized he'd been talking this entire time, but you were too busy fantasizing about what those beautiful tinted lips could do rather than what words were coming out of them.
"Looks like something else's got your attention?" He raised his eyebrow, a hint of a cocky grin on his face as he caught you shamelessly staring.
It was like your legs had a mind of their own, moving you across the small space to stand right in front of him, the ding of the elevator opening on another floor irrelevantly behind you. You look up at him, offering no further actions other than yourself, standing here, ready for the taking.
Taehyung didn't hesitate in bending down and pressing his lips into yours, his arm finding its way around your waist as he pushed you backwards, right against those buttons you had clicked earlier, relighting the floors you'd already passed.
You moaned into his mouth as his tongue forced its way in, muffling any noises you were to make. His hands ran down your sides, finding its place on your hip, the other tangled in your hair as he pushed his hips into yours, making you grasp at him wildly with your tiny hands, whining his name.
"That's right, angel. That's my name," He growled lowly as he bent his down to meet your neck, sucking in red spots and grazing his teeth against your skin. You couldn't help another whimper fall out of your mouth, complete disregard for the opening and closing elevator doors on each level. You wrapped your arms around his neck as he marked you up, cornered against the wall. He held you in place, effectively stopping your wriggling in his arms, as he buried his face in your neck. Lewd sounds of his wet kisses and your tiny mewls were the only sound in the small space.
That is until—
"Fucking hell, Taehyung."
Your eyes opened wide at the voice stepping into the elevator, catching a glimpse of his white-streaked hair as he kept himself to the far end of the elevator, hitting door closed with a bored expression on his face.
He levelled his eyes with you, Taehyung still latched to your neck, back turned to the newcomer, as if he hadn't heard a thing. You were caught in a momentary staring contest before he dropped his gaze, opting for running his eyes over your trapped body instead.
You tugged at Taehyung desperately to catch his attention, before he finally yielded and pulled away to admire the blossoming purple spots on your neck. He turned to throw a quick greeting nod to his colleague, to which the elder returned with an eye roll.
"Bang Si-Hyuk's on a conference call with Jin and he asked for you." He drawled monotonously, as if he wasn't delivering the urgent news that just came out of his mouth.
"Oh shit," Taehyung ran a hand through his messy hair, trying to make it presentable again. "Now?"
Yoongi nodded again in confirmation. Luck for Taehyung, the elevator doors chose that moment to land on another floor, dinging open to the floor right above Jin's office.
"I'm sorry, yn. I'll have to show you the deck next time," he called out with a wave of his hand as he practically ran out of the elevator, leaving you with the quiet executive in the corner and a body on fire.
You didn't try any conversation, shifting in the corner and picking at your fingernails as he looked at you, keeping your gaze glued to the floor. Rushing out the door as soon as the elevator door dinged again out onto some unknown level, and away from his curiously alluring eyes.
You roamed the halls of the floor you found yourself on, looking for signs and peeking into rooms for any indication of where you might be, or for someone to give you a clue. You came up pretty much short, no signs pointing you in any direction, and no people to ask.
You were just about to give up and go back to the elevator, hopefully it'd be empty by now. If only you knew where the elevator was. You were ready to run back in circles through the areas you're sure you've already lost your way in until you heard a voice at the end of the hall. You followed the sound until you were stood in front of a large, ornate door that was slightly ajar, allowing the speaker's words to slip through.
"Right, and make sure the lunch is scheduled for Sunday. We need the deal to go through before the start of the next period, so I'd have to meet with them on that day. No later," a pause as (you assumed) the person on the other line responded, "It's none of my concern if that works for them. If they want our partnership, they'll make time."
You pushed the heavy door open, inviting yourself into the room to face the broad shoulders of the man with his back turned to you. His free hand was frantically sorting through a suitcase looking for something, throwing clothes freely around the room, creating a tornado of a mess.
"1pm is fine with me. Put it on the calendar," he ordered. You didn't want to disturb the CEO, he seemed to be extremely busy. But he seemed to practically be the only one on the floor. You'd just ask for quick directions and then you'd be on your way, letting him get back to whatever important business he had to attend to. You shuffled into the room fully, your footsteps catching his attention as he whirred around.
"I'll call you back," he told the person on the other line before hanging up. His next words were directed to you, but still very business-like, "Can I help you with something?"
You nodded quickly, not wanting to take up too much of his time, "Yes sir. Please, I seemed to have lost my way. Could you point me in the direction of the elevator?"
"East or west?" He questioned, throwing his phone onto the side table carelessly as he gave you his full attention. Very professional.
"Uhm..." you looked down timidly under the guise of thinking. You weren't sure. You didn't even know there were two elevators on this boat.
"Down the hall, take a left at the end and another left near the blue doors and you'll see it. Take it up to the deck, and one of our employees can guide you around the boat." He directed with a kind smile. You nodded and stuttered out a quick 'thank you.' Great, now he thought you needed a bodyguard. To be honest, he was probably right.
He turned back to the chaos he was in the middle of creating, running his hand through his pink hair as he tried to relax his frazzled state. He could've sworn his red tie was in this bag. But his wardrobe attendant was on his lunch break, and it would've just been easier if Namjoon found it himself. Or so he thought.
You were ready to leave, body angling away and towards the door, but you couldn't help yourself. He looked so stressed out, in his own little clothes tornado of his frantic making, you'd feel bad if you just left him like this. He needed to relax, even just for a second. There wasn't much you could do, but there was something.
"You're stressed," you blurted out, regaining his attention and a glance over his shoulder in your direction. "I can help... I can give you a massage? I'm pretty good," you rushed out your words before you could stop yourself.
In the pause Namjoon took to consider your offer, your heart almost beat right out of your chest. You wanted to eat your words, take them back. He was taking too long to answer you thought as you bit your lip. He was the CEO, for godssakes! If he wanted a massage, he probably had a world-class masseur on hand. He didn't need someone like you.
You were ready to stutter out an apology, turn tail, and run, but before you could get the words out—
"That's very kind of you, thank you." The relief was evident on his weary face, thankful for a break. One moment where he wasn't running around, where it was someone else doing the work.
He shrugged off his suit jacket, tossing it into the ever-growing pile to the side, his haphazard tie and dress shirt followed. Your eyes were shamelessly glued to the expanse of his back, bronzed skin and rippling muscles across his broad shoulders as he tangled with his belt, pink hair tickling the nape of his neck. You'd forgotten that one key little detail, you thought you watched him undress in front you. That a massage required the nudity of one participating party. The ache in your core and arousal flooding your panties reminding you with fervor that your hands would be running all over this man's body.
When he was down to his boxers, he finally looked over at you, small pout on his handsome face.
"You're not getting undressed?" He inquired.
"Did you want me to?" You piped in surprise, ready to jump into action at his words.
"It's only fair, don't you think? I'll feel a little self-conscious if I'm the only naked one here," he chuckled as he fiddled with the band of his boxers. Right, that made sense. Not really, seeing as that's pretty much how all massages typically went, with the masseur clothed. But you were never a stickler for tradition.
You had just finished pulling your shirt over your head when your heart jumped in surprise at the view of his giant cock, his dick out so suddenly. Boxers kicked away as he layed down on the disheveled bed, shielding his god-given gift away from your eyes. He looked over his shoulder, waiting for you.
You hurriedly threw your shorts off, left only in your undergarments, climbing hesitantly onto the edge of the bed as you tried not to think about how his dick would feel shoved in your tight pussy. Namjoon let out a chuckle at your timid state.
"You're going to keep those on?" He prodded, fiddling with the strap of your bra with his giant hands. You looked down at yourself as if you'd forgotten what you were wearing. "Shouldn't I..." you trailed off, about to ask if he wanted them off when a snapping noise interrupted your thought.
Your bra now dangled from Kim Namjoon's long fingers, dimply smile with a hint of cocksure on his face, "Oops?" He teased, "I'm somewhat of a klutz. My friends like to call me the god of destruction," he explained as he threw your bra over the edge somewhere, moving his hand down to your panties. "Wanna see what else I can destroy?" The double entendre evident as he looked up at you with mischievous eyes and a cocky smile, pretty lips spread wide as he turned slightly towards you, giving you a glimpse of his jacked body and the biggest pecs you've ever seen.
You were way too embarrassed to answer what you really wanted to, opting to look down at your twiddling fingers instead. Namjoon caught on, letting out another beautiful laugh as he turned back into the pillow, easing the tension in the room.
"Lotion's in the second drawer to the right. Do your thing, baby."
You put all the knowledge you'd ever received about massaging (which were pretty much only your friends' reviews throughout your life) into this right now. Namjoon was probably used to the best of everything, so you'd at least try, for him, to get somewhere close to that.
Though, you'd quickly learn this wasn't any routine massage. As Namjoon’s groans grew louder each time you found a knot, doing absolutely the worst for your already ruined panties as heat flooded down to your core, you found yourself sliding further down his waist, your original position, to his perfectly sculpted buttocks.
You didn't miss the way when he turned over, he caused you to slide down, brushing his cock against your clothed underwear as you went, causing a small gasp to escape your lips.
"You seem distracted."
He eyed you tantalizingly, hand propped under his head as he revealed himself to you in all his glory. You were tangled up in yourself next to him, like Bambi, a baby deer just learning how to use your limbs. Your eyes were wide as his gaze traveled down to the wet spot on your panties, tongue peeking out of his mouth.
"Pretty girl," he caressed your jaw with the back of his hand, before grabbing your face in his hands, guiding you closer. You whimpered as he covered your mouth with his, revelling in the butterflies erupting in your stomach as he pushed his saliva into your mouth.
You wanted to indulge, to lose yourself in him, but one tiny voice in the back of your mind made you pull away and whimper, "Namjoon-ssi. We can't."
"We can do whatever we want, baby. You're with me," he excused before leaning back in, but you pushed him away again.
"But Hoseok—Mr. Jung—he'd get upset." you whined, making Namjoon laugh. "Baby, Hoseok's had his turn. It'd be selfish of him to keep you all to himself, don't you think?" You took a minute to think it over, but you didn't have to think long, nodding in agreement. He was right, Hoseok's had you already. And he cared about you, he certainly wouldn't want you to miss out on Namjoon's god-like body, or the way his fat cock would probably split you in half, paired with those dimples and a soft tilt of his head? Of course Hoseok wouldn't want his angel to be deprived of such a thing, he wanted only the best for you.
"He won't mind, I guarantee you," he said, giving you that one last push you needed. Well if the CEO guaranteed it, who were you to refuse?
You let him pull you under him, encompassing your body with his muscular one as he brought his lips back down to yours. Trapped under the CEO as he moved his arm down in between your bodies and found the spot you needed him in most.
"You're fucking soaked. What's got your panties in a twist?" He chuckled as he ripped your panties off you, throwing the shreds somewhere, leaving you completely exposed to him. His hand dipped in, feeling the arousal on his fingers as he curiously explored. "Though, Hoseok sure did a number on you," he nodded at the row of hickies littered all over your neck.
"Uhm, that wasn't..." you started in a small voice, biting the inside of your cheek, "That wasn't Hoseok."
Namjoon lifted his head in surprise to survey you, "Oh." He probably thought you were a whore. Was he even wrong, though?
That didn't deter him from the way he moved his fingers deftly over your clit, playing with your pussy with his huge hand. "Mm, so wet for me baby. What's got you dripping like this, huh? Talk to me."
"Uhm...your...," you struggled to focus, but it was becoming impossible with the way he was rubbing circles in your clit. A harsh slap on your pussy jump-started your brain, words tumbling from your mouth, "Your body, Namjoon-ssi. Your eyes, your big hands, your lips, y-your... your..." you yelped as you felt the subject of your thoughts press against your thigh, "everything about you so big, Namjoon-ssi."
"Yeah? You like it like that? You want to be wrecked by my big everything, don't you," he mocked. You were a sight, writhing beneath him as he turned you into a mess. "You want my fat cock to break you, don't you?"
You let out a whimper, grabbing onto his biceps for steadiness as he slid a finger into your fluttering hole.
"Gotta warm you up, baby. Can't take me just like this, even though I know you want to," he soothed, pumping his fingers in and out of your dripping cunt, moving his way up to fit three into you. You clawed at his arms as he scissored inside you, feeling your walls clenching tighter around him at your impending orgasm. How embarrassing. It hadn't been two minutes and you were already gushing all over his fingers. His kiss muffled your cry of his name, a surprised sound coming from you as he shoved his tongue down your throat.
Now successfully stretched out, he flipped you over propping you up in the position he wanted you in.
"C'mon, hands and knees babygirl," slapping your ass to get you to move faster. Scrambling into position, your limbs trembled from the orgasm he'd bestowed upon you. You tried to keep yourself up, but couldn't help it as you sunk back down into the mattress.
"Get up, princess. Be good for daddy, let's go," prodding you. "I'm gonna fuck you now, okay? You need to get up."
"Can't, daddy," you whimpered. "'m too shaky. Can't get up."
You heard Namjoom tsk behind you as he shuffled around the room. Something cold pressed against your hip before he lifted you up, and tightened the belt around your waist, holding the ends like a harness.
"Baby wants to be lazy. I see how it is. But don't you know, lazy people get punished in this company. We have no room for all that," tearing off a wrapper as he, presumably, slid on a condom, "Guess I'm just gonna have to whip you into shape," as his hand landed a hard spank on your ass cheek.
You cried out, sure his hand print would be permanently marked on your ass from how hard he hit. But you would take it as he rained down hell, you would show him you weren't lazy. You'd be whatever he wanted you to be.
"Are you gonna be good? Are you gonna do what I say? Or are you gonna whine like a little bitch?" You cried out in submission, tears pricking in your eyes. He lined himself up with your quivering hole, aching to be stuffed full and stretched wide. "Yes, sir! I'll do whatever you want. Please."
"Is this all you're good for?" He mocked as he sunk into your cunt, causing your eyes to blow wide open as he set a ruthless pace. "Can't do anything but sit there and take it?"
"B-big...s-so—...." you stuttered out with watery eyes, feeling him in your throat. So big you thought you'd break as he pounded into you from behind. Your hands and knees threatened to give in again, but Namjoon held you up by your harness, like a well-trained animal, one tug had you back at attention.
"That's right, babygirl. You've never had a fat cock like this splitting open this tiny hole have you?" Crude sounds filled the room, Namjoon's grunts loud in your ear as he slammed his hips into yours. He barely gave you a chance to adjust to the stretch, just taking what he needed and leaving your pussy abused and your cervix bruised.
Fuck, you're clenching so tightly around me," revelling in your warm cunt, "Loosen up a bit," he commanded, groping your pussy.
"Namjoom-ssi, sir—p-please. Slow down. I-I can't," you sob, tears falling from your eyes only making his thrusts rougher and his gropes meaner.
He leaned down to your ear, "Are you being lazy again?"
You shook your head frantically, cries shaking your whole body as you took every thrust ripping you in half.
"That's what I thought," he growled, tilting your head back to meet his eyes with your soaked ones. He opened your mouth forcibly with his hands, dripping a glob of saliva down your throat before commanding you to swallow.
A buzzing from the side of the bed caught your attention, feeling the vibrations tingle up your body before Namjoon retrieved it, glancing at the caller ID briefly before sliding the phone to answer.
"Hello?" Your eyes widened, cheeks burning at the person on the other line hearing the lewd slaps and pants from the reckoning you were receiving. How was he just gonna answer the phone now?
You tried to bury your face in the sheets to muffle your crying, but you didn't think it mattered much as Namjoon let out a series of loud grunts before speeding up to inhuman pace, your voice caught in your throat as he fucked into a stuttering silence, tears streaming down your face in pleasure.
"Fuck yeah," he growled, kneading your ass in his hands as he held you wide open, stuffing his cock in your cozy hole. You'd assumed he was off the phone as he'd stopped responding to whoever was on the other line, and you were secretly thankful for the regaining the privacy of your moans.
His hips stuttered as he opted for long, languid strokes hitting deeper instead, his voice rumbling in his chest even deeper than his cock.
You let out a wail as he pulled out and threw the condom to the side, pumping himself to completion over your used body. You felt his cum splatter all over your ass, painting you in his seed. You wanted to move, to let your screaming limbs finally have their well-deserved rest, but he held you in place. Assuming the phone call was over, though, you were desperately wrong.
"I look forward to seeing you Sunday, Suho-ssi. We'll talk more then."
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sh. | chapter thirteen | ot7
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PAIRING ot7 x reader RATING Explicit. 18+. GENRE smut. fluff. angst. nonidol au. wildnerness au. roommates au. friends to lovers. SUMMARY Six months of quarantine have kept you apart. Somehow the distance sparks something new in each of you: questions, unfinished conversations, threads once chased now left cold. So when your roommate invites you to come with him to a mysterious house in the mountains with your friends, how could you even think of saying no? WC 8.2k WARNINGS AND TAGS  reference to reader with she/her pronouns. orgy. allusions to free use. powerplay. grinding. dirty talk. slight degradation. praise kink. dom!Jin. teasing. oral sex. handjob. fingering. anal sex. exhibitionism. voyeurism. orgasm. creampie. overstimulation.
AN: thank you all so much for all the love you've shown this series. i appreciate each and every one of you. let me sing the praises of the delightful max aka @hesperantha who once more has done a number on this chapter and helped bring it to life. thank you max!
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Jin lounges on the chair, legs spread wide, cock standing strained against his stomach.
“Stop.” He holds up a hand. “Let me see you first.”
You pause, looking at him curiously.
“I want to look at you,” he says.
So you stand there, while his eyes rove over your body, drinking you up. You feel suddenly shy at the unwarranted lust that permeates his gaze and your own flickers downwards, towards the floor.
“Head up,” Jin orders. “Look at me. You know what it means to be looked at, right?”
You shake your head.
“That you’re wanted.” It’s said softly. “C’mere.”
You wander over and settle tentatively in his lap, balancing most of your weight on your legs.
“No,” Jin says, pulling your hips back so your ass presses against his erection. A gasp shudders through you. “Sit. None of this floating shit.”
“Oh… okay.”
So you do. You let your weight fall against him, and he pulls you securely against his chest, a gasp spearing through you as you feel the contact. You’ve never been this close to Jin before, never felt him like this.
For a moment, the room falls into the silence that you’re beginning to get used to when one moment transitions into another. Silence is a good thing, you’re learning. A sign of comfort.
Jin takes the opportunity to let his hands roam upwards from your hips, tracing gently against your sides. You shiver at the light sensation.
“I’m going to touch you, is that okay?” he whispers in your ear so that no one but you can hear his deep voice.
“Yes. Please.”
“Such good manners.” You can hear the sly grin in his voice. “Keep it up and I might give you what you want.”
“And what is it that I want?” you cut back.
“Us.” Jin’s hands slide from your sides to cup your tits, gentle touches gliding around your areolas before pinching them, pulling a sharp inhale from you. “You want to be our slut.”
The word triggers a new flood of need.
“You like that, don’t you?” Jin continues. “Like being our dirty little whore.”
You nod dumbly, all too aware of how his words affect you.
“I think there’s something I’d like,” Jin declares.
“And what’s that?”
“For the duration of your stay here, I don’t want you to come.”
Anger flashes through you. “What?!”
“Unless it’s one of us making you come.”
Shock rolls through you like a hot spear and Jin’s grip on you tightens. His hands trace down your body, exploring, learning where your body folds over itself, where it dips, where it curves. Taking you in like you’re something to be learned of, worshiped. Despite the commanding tone that he takes with you, his eyes are wide and curious as his hands and his gaze roves over you, like he’s never really seen you before. In a way, he hasn’t. Not like this. Spread out. Pliant. Willing. Entirely bared.
For him.
For all of them.
Because right now the rest of your friends have very hungry eyes locked onto your form.
“Well, it’s not like I’ve really been coming any other way since I’ve been here,” you say, reaching back and twining your fingers in his long black strands. His grip tightens.
“Is that so?”
His hands rove back up to cup your breasts, pressing and plying them to his whim as he hums small praises in your ear: “So ready. So willing. So good for me.”
When he speaks next though, it’s not just for you. It’s for the pleasure of everyone in the room: “Have you been coming on Jungkookie’s cock every day since we got here? Making Jimin watch while you bounce on him?”
“Actually—” Jimin cuts in. “It was the other way around.”
“Ah,” Jin hums, his voice graveled. “Did you tie poor Jungkook up and make him watch while you came undone on Jimin’s cock?”
You murmur an agreement, your body beginning to warm up again beneath his roving hands. But your answer is quickly cut off as Jin slowly begins to slide his thumb into your mouth, pressing down on your tongue, silencing any legible speech that might slip from your lips.
“And you liked that?”
You nod, silenced by his large thumb.
“You like to show off, don’t you? You like to know everyone has their eyes on you. You like to know that they’re getting off because of you. Isn’t that right?” He slips his free hand down your body, tracing towards your clit, and you think he’s going to touch you, to circle around, to play with you. And he does, but not in the way you think. Instead, he slides his fingers through your lower lips, far enough apart that they whisper right past your clit. He’s not touching you. Not where you want him to. You squirm in his grasp, wishing for his thumb against your clit as he slides his fingers back and forth through your lips, but his hold tightens. “Sh… it’s okay,” he coos. “I asked you a question. Answer me.”
“Ynghf—” is the best yes you can manage around his thumb in your mouth.
“Good. Then you won’t mind so much if I fuck you in front of everyone else, will you?”
No, no, I don’t mind, you want to say, but any thought you may have is silenced by his fingers finally pressing against your clit. Not rubbing, not circling, but pressing. His stillness stirs the urge to grind against his hand in desperation. After several seconds of pressure, he releases you—a sharp inhale of breath—and presses his hand to your mons pubis. Pressure, release. It feels like you’re starved for touch, for oxygen.
He repositions you and your eyes widen. The head of his cock is pressing against your entrance. Your breath shudders in anticipation as you feel the girth of him against you.
Jin is big.
“Do you really think you can take me?” Jin groans as he rubs the head of his cock against your slick lower lips. “Maybe I’m too big for your little cunt.”
Releasing your jaw from his grip, he uses his grasp to lift you above his cock, circling the head of his dick around your dripping entrance. You want to swallow him up, want to feel him press against your innermost walls, want to feel the way he warms you from the inside out.
He presses the head of his cock against your opening and pushes. It doesn’t go in. He pushes again. And it slips in just a little but the stretch is so intense that you retract against his chest. He pulls out and hums against your ear.
“Don’t worry, it’s okay if you can’t fit me now. You will later.”
“N-no,” you groan, trying to sit back down on his cock, but he holds you back.
It must be an array of things. Seven pairs of eyes on you, and only you. The heightening feeling of tension in your chest, delightful, but present. The lingering sensitivity from two orgasms with Yoongi and Namjoon—a sensitivity which you curse, as you crave Jin in the way you can’t have him. You want to fit him, you want to fit him badly. You ache for him to fill you up, stretch you out, just for him, and all your friends to see. Still it’s clear that without a little more time, there’s no way he’s fitting comfortably within you.
“I’m not in any rush,” Jin murmurs in your ear, just for you to hear. He lowers you back to his lap, slipping his cock between your lower lips. “But know: when I come, I want to come in your cunt.” He punctuates his words with a thrust through your pussy lips, his cock gliding smoothly through the slick that’s gathered there, collecting your desire as his hips kick forward.
He begins to thrust gently against your cunt, more or less using your pussy lips to get himself off. Using you as a toy to get himself off. The thought makes your head spin in the best way possible and your core clench against him. He chuckles when he feels it.
“Look at her, already falling apart and I haven’t even fucked her.”
Jin motions to the others to gather close around, and they do as he bids, untangling themselves from one another and stepping closer. Sat in Jin’s lap, you’re suddenly surrounded by six of your friends.
“Tell us,” Yoongi drawls. “What is it you want?”
As you look around, you notice that most of them have their hands wrapped around their cocks. Jimin is one of the few who doesn’t, pressing his palm to his cock, cupping his balls rather than stroking. Holding back the way you knew he always would. He always did like to drag things out, you think.
“What do you want?” Yoongi repeats and you look up at him.
You want to take each of them into your mouth, between your palms, inside you. You want to learn what makes each of them twitch against your skin, want to learn how each one feels the moment before they tip over the edge, how their hearts would hammer in their chest in the moment after. How air, sliding between their lips would feel in the throes of pleasure .
More than anything, you want to be the source of that pleasure. Just as they do for you.
You want to be the center of it all. Just as you are now.
“I want you all.”
“Greedy, greedy.” Jin murmurs. “You can’t even take one cock, how are you going to manage to take six more?”
Yoongi chuckles. “So what do you propose then?” He steps closer, and his cock is within inches of your mouth. Your mouth waters.
“Wanna suck you off.”
Yoongi traces your lips with the head of his cock and you open wide.
“Just me? What about the others?”
“Let them do what they want,” you say, trying to swallow Yoongi’s cock, but he keeps it just out of reach.
“Do you really mean that?” Yoongi says, leaning in and brushing the hair that falls into your eyes off your forehead. “You want them to do whatever to you?”
“Anything,” you gasp as he keeps himself just out of reach. “Please—just touch me.”
Yoongi’s cock comes to rest on your bottom lip. “You heard her,” he says. “Do whatever you want.”
The words shoot like ice through your warming body. You’ve never trusted someone, let alone seven people, like this, and it comes as a kind of surprise when your heart races at the implication that for tonight you’re theirs, all theirs.
The tip of Yoongi’s pink cock finally, finally slips into your mouth and you press your lips in a careful o around it, careful to keep his dick safe from your teeth, even as you know Yoongi always did like a little bit of pain with his pleasure.
Your work narrows to Jin still between your legs, thrusting against your cunt, and Yoongi between your lips. You circle your tongue around the head of his cock, applying just the right amount of pressure and he groans.
“I’ve been waiting for this,” Yoongi says and sends you a wink. “It’s been too long.”
In a moment, all of the times that you spent together come rushing back. Him fucking you against his balcony window. Nights spent curled up in his bed. The TV blaring and ignored in the background while you rode his dick on the couch. The memories come, and you find yourself even more eager to please him. To remind him.
“Here,” a familiar voice says, and you look over to find that Jungkook is standing near you, his cock in his hand. You reach for him and he steps closer, slipping his dick into your hand. “That’s a good girl,” he says when your hand naturally tightens around him.
There’s so many things happening at once that you’re only half sure you’re doing any of them well, but you still give your all as you wrap your hand around his shaft. He’s already slicked up, but you use your thumb to gather the precome beading at the head of his dick and slide it down the length of his cock.
He’s already groaning and you’ve barely touched him. He’s so quick to his own pleasure, luxuriating in it more than anyone you know does. It’s so tempting, the way he lets his head roll back, his eyes flutter close. The way he lets it just take over his body, like he’s been waiting at the edge of a lily pond this entire time, just waiting for the opportunity to dive into the cool and dark depths of pleasure. Like he is nothing more than a feeling being. Like he is nothing more than the sensation of the moment.
Could you do that? Sink into sensation? Let it take over your body? Like the dark waters of the pond, could you let it sink into you, darkness twirling round your limbs as the men in your life press pleasure into your skin?
You’re unsure. Teetering at the edge. But you’ll try.
You close your eyes and dive in. Sensation floods your system: ​​the soft skin of Jungkook’s cock in your hand. The sea-salt taste of Yoongi, leaking onto your tongue. Jin’s largeness, spearing through your lower lips. That warmth it kindles deep within your abdomen, stoking the flames higher and higher. And hands. Everywhere, hands, petting you, tangling in you, pulling you closer, closer to delight. To pleasure.
Your strong but silky grip tightens on Jungkook as you slowly begin pumping his cock. Your hand wanders down to his balls, cupping them for a moment, feeling their heavy weight before you dance your fingers over them, wishing it were your tongue on him instead.
Jin, still beneath you, is calm and grounded as he takes Taehyung’s dick in his mouth. You can see it all in the periphery as he bobs expertly up and down on his boyfriend’s cock. You steal a move or two out of his book. And though it’s hard to focus on more than one thing at a time, you wish you could see Taehyung’s face as his boyfriend drowns him in pleasure.
You hear him though.
Those sounds.
The same ones you used to draw from him. They resurrect some deep memory within you, some young, deep longing that you thought had long gone to bed. Instead the fire flickers higher, and you grind your hips against Jin’s cock.
Jin pulls off with a pop and grins.
“Did the little one think of something she wasn’t supposed to? Is that why you’re clenching on my cock like that? Like a whore?”
“Ngfh,” you say around Yoongi’s cock.
Jin gently takes your head and pulls it off of his dick, turning you so you’re twisted and looking at him. Something dark and dangerous shines in his eyes.
“Tell me.”
You shake your head.
“Tell me.”
He raises one eyebrow and you’re done for.
“Thought about fucking… Taehyung.”
“Ahh…” Jin glances up at Taehyung and grins. “She’d like to fuck you.”
Taehuyung, cock in one hand, reaches down to tilt your head up and press a kiss to your forehead. “Patience baby, patience. You’ll get your turn.”
That’s when you feel something skate against your lower lips and you lower your eyes to find that Hoseok has knelt between your thighs and is now gliding his tongue against you.
“Fuck,” you curse, watching as his tongue lathes across Jin’s thrusting dick as Hoseok aims for your clit. It’s a sight you’d never imagine you’d see, but now that you do, you don’t ever want to unsee it. It’s depraved in the best way possible. “Fuck, Hobi,” you gasp. “You feel so good.”
You can feel him grin against your cunt.
“You taste so fucking sweet,” he murmurs against you, and his words slice so sharply through you that each sound feels like a curse.
His tongue circles around your clit ever so slowly. At this point, you’re strung between sensitivity and longing. Your lower lips feel every touch, every stroke, every thrust, and it makes you feel dizzy.
The room, too, is starting to smell like sex, and it goes straight to your head, leaving you feeling a little wild from it all.
Yoongi replaces his cock on your lip, resting gently, urging you softly, until you take his head and suck it carefully into your mouth. His head rolls back and he lets out a soft groan that goes straight to your center.
“Can never get enough of your mouth, baby.”
When you suck him deeper, letting the tip of his cock brush against the back of your throat, he sings your name like no other.
“Just like that,” he groans, fisting a hand in your quickly tangling hair.
He peeks down to check on you, and you nod. He thrusts gently into your throat. Once. Twice. A third time. You gag around him, and his eyes glance down to yours, but you nod along. At least as much as you can with a dick in your throat.
“Tap twice when you want me to stop,” he says.
“Mmmf,” you reply. Yes. Keep going.
He somehow understands and slips his cock deeper into your throat.
One. Two. Three. And then relief. Air floods your lungs, a high floods your brain.
“God, your throat is so tight around my cock.”
He thrusts once more before picking up a shallow pace, using your throat like some kind of fucktoy, his eyes glued to yours as he does. You know what he wants. Eyes on me, babe. Take them off me and I’ll finish on my own. It’s what he’d always tell you before.
When he sees you’ve remembered, he grins a cocky little smile.
You groan around his length and he does too, in turn, pressing your nose against his pelvic bone and thrusting into your throat.
“Fuck, hyung,” Jungkook sighs. “Can see your dick in her throat.”
For a moment you forget everything but Yoongi’s cock in your mouth, Hoseok’s tongue against your clit, and the sensation of your hand working on Jungkook’s cock. But then you notice: Jungkook seems happy, a little too happy, like he’s been dancing on the lip of orgasm for a long while.
You pop off of Yoongi’s cock to turn to Jungkook.
“You gonna come soon, baby?” tightening your grasp around him, slowing your strokes just enough.
“It looks like he is,” Yoongi chimes.
“N-no,” Jungkook whines as you tug on his balls. “Gonna hold on, wanna come with the others.”
You too, are balancing on the edge of coming. The continuous motion from Jin, the hard, wet pressure Hoseok applies to your clit, the sensation of Yoongi’s pleasure sliding against your cheek: it goes straight to your head, makes you feel like something is about to rip out of your chest and go feral.
“When we fuck you—” Namjoon’s voice comes from behind you and Jin. You twist to find him standing, slowly stroking his cock, a perfect memory of that fateful day in the library. But this time everything is different. This time his eyes are on you, the real you, in the flesh rather than a figment of his imagination. This time, his eyes bear into yours with a heat you’ve only tasted flickering embers of from him: glimpses of his mind caught deep in a rut of passion. But now the heat burns strongly in his gaze. “How many cocks do you think you can fit?”
“Mm—” you say as Yoongi shoves his cock in your mouth again. Namjoon comes around to the front, so you can see him as Yoongi throat fucks you.
“One? Two?’
Jin’s voice resonates in your ear.
“You know, one day we’ll double stuff you. Fill you all the way up to the brim. After we’ve stretched you out a bit. Gotten you used to taking cock whenever we want you to.” The delirious way Jin’s fantasy’s spill in your ear has your pelvic muscles clenching at his thoughts. At all the thoughts. Now that you’ve opened this door, there’s no going back to the way things were before. And that means a thousand more doors open before you now, though the ones with cries of pleasure echoing through them are currently the ones calling your attention.
“Is that what you want to be for us?” Jimin hums. “Our little whore?”
“What will you let us do to you?” Jin murmurs in your ear. “Will you let us bend you over at breakfast? Will you wake up, stuffed with cock because Jungkook couldn’t bother to wake you up before he needed to fuck you?”
Jungkook groans at this. “Fuck, hyung. Wanna do that.”
Jin’s pace against your cunt is picking up, and so is the pace of Jungkook’s thrusts into your hands. Hoseok, still, continues his reliable pattern, but it’s the repetition that builds you up, each lick of his tongue against you pushing you closer and closer to your ending.
“I can feel her clenching at the thought of it,” Jin chuckles.
“Is that right?” Jimin asks. “You wanna be our little fucktoy?”
You slide off of Yoongi’s dick, removing one hand from Jungkook to wrap around Yoongi as you gasp, “Yes, yes. Wanna be that for you.”
“For us,” Jimin echoes. “So good, just for us.”
There’s something about the way that he says it, his voice deep and strained, his eyes boring into yours, his hand slowly roving up and down his dick. You’ve never seen him lean into his own pleasure like this, and to know that he’s imagining what you’re imagining—you, fucked well, fucked frequently, all over the house. You, waiting for a cock to fill you at any moment, ready for it at every moment. His jaw clenches at the thought, his hold of control finally, finally wavering. You watch as his eyes flutter, then lock on yours.
Our whore. Ours.
Everything feels like it speeds up, your friends cooing sweet praise which lands softly on your ears, sinking deep beneath the surface of your skin, warming you from the inside out.
And suddenly you’re coming. Sinking deep within the pond of your own pleasure, your hands release Jungkook and Yoongi and clasp onto their thighs instead, your back arching deliciously as delight courses through your limbs. You’d been teetering on the edge of your orgasm for so long that when it finally comes, it’s a slow, intense wash of extremity.
“Fuck, look so good coming undone on Jin’s cock like that.”
Maybe it's something about the way your head is thrown back or the way you cry out, but your undoing causes a chain reaction. Jungkook comes with a grunt, his seed spurting across your chest. Yoongi is soon to follow, pressing his cock to your lips with a gentle swallow, baby. He tastes salty and tart on your tongue, and you greedily drink him down, a little spilling down your lips, which Yoongi dutifully swipes up and presses to your tongue.
“So pretty, swallowing my come.”
Holding you steady, Jin pushes the tip of his cock into your entrance, still fluttering with the aftershocks of your orgasm. At your back, you can feel him shuddering and his cock twitches within you as he comes in your cunt.
Hoseok kisses up your belly, peppering your torso, your chest with little love bites, his cock in hand, his breath coming quickly. You can feel the heat of his breath fan across your skin as he works his way upwards, the gentlest of touches. He gets to your neck and stops. Steps back. Grins at you.
“You look beautiful like this.”
There’s a moment where all of you don’t speak. The room is filled with the sounds of everyone panting. And then the rearranging happens. It’s like molasses seeping across the floor, the way everything moves in slow motion, Jungkook disappearing for a moment, only to come back with a t-shirt which he uses to carefully mop up your chest. Jin rearranging you, so you are the one in the chair, the rest peeling off into pairs and trios and speaking in hushed tones, faces, bodies, caressed so gently. Jungkook and Namjoon sit closely together, Namjoon’s hand threading into Jungkook’s hair as he leans in closely. Yoongi and Hoseok disappear from the room, chatting lightly as if you all aren’t naked and fucking each other. Yoongi runs a hand up Hoseok’s back.
When you stand, you feel dizzy. Not physically. But as if every touch, every whisper, every gasp has gone directly into your head and intoxicated you.
You too, disappear for a moment to pee, Jin’s come staining your inner thigh. You’re hesitant to wipe at it, but you do, reluctantly.
Not wanting to look in the mirror, you stare at your hands instead, the foamy soap lathering up between your fingers. You get lost in the rhythm of it all, your gaze blurring as you finally take your first deep breath of the night. In. Out. You return. Your head feels less spinny. Your limbs feel heavy again.
When you return you look over the living room in an absolute state of disarray. It suits your friend group well.
Taehyung is suddenly at your side, and he stares at you for a long moment, taking in your blissful expression. You glance at him.
“I’d like to remind you that I suggested this kind of thing years ago.”
You grin at him. “It seems like your wish has finally come true then, eh?”
“I guess it has.”
Jin calls to him from across the room and you’re left standing silently in the doorway.
Something icy cold is pressed against your skin and you yelp.
“Oh! God! I didn’t see you there,” Namjoon hurriedly exclaims. “Fuck, I’m so sorry.”
He’s holding two very large, very frosty glasses of water.
“No, no, it’s okay. It just surprised me,” you say. “I never said temperature play was off the menu, anyways.”
Namjoon’s eyes widen. “Oh really?” He offers you one of the glasses of water with a gentle insistence that you drink. And you take it, gulping down the sweet, sweet liquid. You hadn’t realized you were this thirsty.
“Here,” you say, and press the glass to Namjoon’s lips too, setting down the second glass where Jimin grabs it to pass around to his friends. As you tilt the glass forward, a little bit dribbles down the side of his mouth. He drinks deeply, ever holding your gaze, his throat bobbing with the effort.
How is it that even like this he is sexy?
At this point in the night, all discomfort of your naked form has melted and you press yourself closer to him, close against his hard cock.
Lowering the glass from his lips, you trace a lazy finger up it and it twitches against your hand.
“You’re so hard.” His cock is reddened with arousal and need.
“I, uh, didn’t come. Not with the rest of you.”
He kisses you then, capturing your lips. Until you wrap your hand around his dick and he groans straight into your mouth.
“You don’t have to—”
“But I want to.”
He smiles against your lips and something shifts in him. “Never thought you’d be this good. This obedient.”
“Not obedient,” you correct. “I just want you—want to do whatever it takes to get you.”
For a moment it feels like it’s just the two of you in the room, him staring into your eyes as your hand pumps slowly up and down his slick shaft, his breath ghosting over your lips as he pants. You can tell he’s close. That he’s been edging himself for a while now, waiting for your touch for release.
“You could say you’ve been a good boy too,” you hum.
He bristles at the word: “Boy?” but you continue.
“Saving your come just for me.” His eyes widen, like he’s still getting used to this game that the two of you have been playing. “I want it, you know,” you say. “Wanna taste you.”
Namjoon smirks at that, pecks your lips, and lifts his chin.
“Kiss it,” he says. Kneeling, you lean forward and purse your lips around the head.
“Like this?”
“Yes,” he groans, and you trace your fingers up and around his cock, marveling at the thick vein that pulses beneath your touch.
There’s something about playing up the innocence with him that makes him absolutely melt. You’re not sure what to call it, how to name it, but he drinks up your performance like it’s the elixir of life poured straight from your lips.
You think Namjoon, rule follower and enforcer, has a craving for that which he’s not supposed to have. The thought brings a slight smirk to your lips.
As you bob on his cock, it’s not long before he’s shuddering and tangling his hands in your hair, pressing his hips to your lips, and coming down your throat. You catch his eye before licking up a dripping bead of come from your lips. He pulls away, kneeling before you.
When he kisses you, his tongue explores his mouth.
“I like tasting me on you,” he whispers against your lips. “You should taste like me more often.”
The casual edge of confidence looks extraordinary on Namjoon. You kiss him harder, winding your hands around his neck and pressing your bodies together.
“I’m spoiled,” murmurs Namjoon, as you both stand together. “Getting to have you twice tonight.”
That’s when you feel another presence at your back, and you turn to see Hoseok. His look is like he’s asking for permission, so you nod, and he steps closer to you, lining your bodies together as he nears. As Namjoon wraps you in his arms, Hoseok kisses gently up your back, worshiping the skin beneath his lips.
Wrapped up like this, warmth floods your body. Not the kind that goes straight to the deep place beneath your navel, but a genuine, fearful kind of warmth. Fearful in the sense that you are absolutely terrified by the gentle heat that washes through your limbs, the subtle comfort, the feeling of being entirely and completely cared for.
For the way in which Namjoon kisses you screams care. The way in which Hoseok hugs your back, tracing over the most sensitive parts of your neck, screams care. The two of them are there for nothing but your own pleasure.
Caught between them, you begin to get lost, begin to lean into it all, begin to down in the sensation of it all, sensation cooing, easy, easy, easy—
“Wanna fuck hyung,” Jungkook’s voice cuts through your reverie.
Seven pairs of eyes turn in his direction. Jungkook is kneeled on the ground between Yoongi’s spread thighs, as the older man leans back into the cushions of the couch.
“Good job speaking up. But you gotta be a little more clear than that, baby,” Yoongi says, lifting Jungkook’s chin as the younger man looks up dotingly at his elder. It seems like Yoongi has taken on the role of extracting everyone’s desires tonight. “You have a total of six hyungs. Who exactly do you wanna fuck?”
Jungkook is silent for a moment before letting his head hang a little and saying softly: “Taehyung.”
“Ah. I see.”
Yoongi turns and waves to both you and Taehyung, standing and going to the center of the living room. You move to go, for a moment glancing back at Namjoon and Hoseok, who looks a lot like how you feel without the warmth of them wrapped around you: a little abandoned.
You’re not sure what you’re involved for, not when Jungkook and Taehyung are looking at each other like they could devour the other whole. But Yoongi’s hand is gentle, resting on your lower back until you glance up at him.
“Trust me?”
You nod.
Slowly, his hands supporting your lower back and your neck, he lowers you to the floor. Leaning over you, his eyes flick to your lips. It’s a long moment before he kisses you, hands running up to cup your face, his weight falling beside you on the floor. That is, until sounds of dissent rise up around the room.
“Alright, alright,” Yoongi says, pulling himself away from your lips with a chuckle. And then, whispered, only to you: “Gotta go play puppet master, babe. I’ll be back.”
“As you wish,” he winks.
The phrase shoots you straight back to that cold January night. Something tugs at your heart. Nostalgia? Longing? Longing for what though? For him? For the way things used to be? Secretive and hidden beneath the blanket of night and a dozen white lies?
“You don’t need to be my wish fulfillment fairy,” you say, reaching to cup his cheek.
He scoffs. “I was thinking more of a wish fulfillment prince, but yeah. Yeah. I know.”
“Do you?”
He frowns. “What if I want to?”
“Yoongi!” Jungkook calls.
Yoongi stands and with a pinch to your chin, makes his way over to Jin, who smiles and opens his arms to the shorter man.
Taehyung moves over and quickly takes his place, settling his weight above you as you giggle at the way he grins and tickles your side. Your laugh sounds so youthful, he might have transported you back in time to the first time you made love.
“What were you two hens gabbing about?”
“Nothing,” you murmur, glancing after Yoongi, who now straddles Jin and is kissing him.
Taehyung tilts your head back to him.
“It’s been a while,” he says. He kisses you then, and your mind is wiped free of any rogue murmuring. He tastes of the perfume of old trees on an early spring morning — something earthy, complex. Red wine poured over a tarnished tongue, and hints of chocolate mixed in there too: You had seen him licking something dark and sweet off of Jimin’s spoon earlier in the night.
He tastes like your youth.
Maybe a bit more mature now, with foreign notes underlying the deep memory. He kisses you, and it is familiar and yet not at all. The way his fingers tangle in your hair is new, expert. But the way his hips press with need against yours: well, that you know all too well.
The greed, the longing. It comes back with ferocity.
You are drowning in nostalgia and you’re not entirely sure if you like it, being stranded somewhere between who you were when you were with him and who you are now, without him. Or, better said, with him in a different way.
Your bodies remember one another, though. They fit together like puzzle pieces, remembering pleasure and drawing gasps out of the other like a well practiced recital.
It’s natural. It’s not.
Soon, Jungkook settles behind him.
“You okay baby?” Jungkook asks him, and Taehyung extracts himself from you to twist around toward Jungkook.
“Mhmm. Want you,” he says, kissing the younger man, who first flushes and freezes at the compliment, but soon kisses him back. You notice his ears turn a bright shade of pink and you giggle at that.
“Jimin got you all ready for me?” Jungkook asks, a nod to the lubed up adventures of earlier. Still, he picks up a bottle of lube and slicks himself and Taehyung up. “He’s a good hyung.” And then whispered: “I bet he wishes he were in my place right now. Getting to fuck you.”
“It’s not everyday someone gets to fuck this beautiful ass,” Taehyung jokes.
“That’s not entirely true,” Jin calls from across the room. You all laugh.
Taehyung twists back to face you as Jungkook kisses up his back. He then pulls his hips back, arranging Taehyung so his ass is up in the air. He slides his dick against Taehyung’s ass, sizing himself up, watching the way the tip of his cock prods against Tae’s ass as he thrusts slowly, slowly.
When he pushes in, Taehyung groans straight into your mouth, his pleasure reverberating through you, sending a shock straight to your core.
“Fuck, Jungkook.”
“I am.”
Licking your palm, you reach down and wrap your hand around Taehyung’s cock, knowing that you won’t be able to focus on the pleasure you want to give him were you to guide him inside you. You can feel the warmth of his length in your hands, the girth of it too. While he isn’t as big as Jin, he’s still sizeable in his own right: just as you remembered.
You wonder if you’ve ever felt him this hard though.
Taehyung kisses you then, with purpose, his hands bracing around your head. As Jungkook thrusts into him, and with your hand wrapped around his cock, he’s caught between you, tangled in a web of pleasure. If this were a porno, his eyes would be crossing right now and he’d be whimpering theatrically. But this is real life, and so instead you track his pleasure by the way his breath shudders out of him and teases your lips. The way his words fumble out of him when you tighten your grip on him or when Jungkook hits a particularly sensitive spot inside.
Jungkook looks like he knows what he’s doing, his hips rolling expertly in and out of the older man. You know those movements, and for a moment imagine he’s fucking you too. Though, truly, there’s not so much imagining necessary when the image before you is more like a dream than anything else.
“Simple,” Taehyung pants, his eyes squeezing closed at a particularly positioned thrust. “Simple like pleasure.”
You nod. He’s seen you begin to drift off. He calls you back, a hand tangled in your hair, messy lips pressed to yours. He lets his hand drift down your body to where his cock is resting against your belly.
“Wish I could fuck you.”
The pleasure building in you all night, despite being fed by several orgasms—you’re beginning to lose track of how many—yearns for some new satiation. You want to be fucked. You want to be filled.
“Then do.”
“When I fuck you, I want to make sure I capture every single moment—fuck Jungkook—of you on my cock.”
You can imagine it now, the two of you tangled up in each other. Would he fuck you on the balcony like he always wanted to, lifting your leg to balance on the railing while he pounded into you from behind? Or would it be like all those nights in your tiny apartments, sleeping in beds too small for two people, figuring out new configurations that didn’t involve fucking in the kitchen and waking up your roommates?
“You look fucking amazing on my cock,” Jungkook groans. “So pretty being fucked.”
Jungkook looks like he’s in heaven.
You are having fun. This is incredible, this is some kind of dream come true, and yet you can’t help but continue to glance across the room at him. Even as Jungkook says something that makes you laugh, even as Taehyung’s hands trace across your skin in ways that pull goosebumps to the surface, you are distracted.
That is until Taehyung shifts above you, slotting his cock against your clit and letting his hand drift down too.
“You’re gonna look at me while I make you come, isn’t that right?”
“Yes,” you gaps, as his fingers find their way within you.
“Not with any other man on your mind. Just me. Just me.”
It’s been years since you heard him talk like this, spinning your name round his tongue calling for you, only you, making you promise you were only his. It tugs at something in your chest—a memory of him growling “mine” as he slammed into you. Back in the day, you’d always thought that his more possessive streak would prevent him from arrangements like the one you’re currently in the midst of. Or, better said, that was currently in the midst of you. However, it seemed like the two weren’t mutually exclusive. The possessiveness, more of a performance.
“Simple, simple,” he coos in your ear as your body heats up once more beneath his ministrations. Truly, you weren’t sure how you were still going at this point. Running entirely on the high of the moment, perhaps. “Just let yourself sit in the sensation.”
So you do, as you’ve done before.
It’s easier this time. Taehyung’s familiar deep voice singing praise in your ear, Jungkook’s melodic dirty talk brushing over your mind, long fingers pumping steadily into your cunt, Tae’s cock at your clit, you sink within your body.
Sometimes it's hard to be in this body, you think. Sometimes it’s so hard to be present. Sometimes it hurts to feel the things that come across this body. You can feel the tendrils of fear beginning to snake into your chest as you think, it’s hard. It’s so hard. But then:
“Simple as pleasure, darling. Just feel me. Just tell me what you’re feeling.”
“I feel you.”
“Yes. Good. What else?”
“I feel your fingers.”
“Good. Doing what.”
“Playing with my clit. Circling around. Making me go… a little insane. Just fast enough to rile me up, but not, not enough to let me go over the edge.”
“What else?”
“Your cock. So… big. Pushing against me. Like you could slip in at any moment. And can feel… Jungkook. Fucking you. Wanna feel Jungkook fucking me too.”
Jungkook chuckles at that, and lowers his weight just so, so that Taehyung’s hips are really on top of you now, his forearm flat on the floor, and Jungkook is propped up atop him, reaching around him to brace a hand on the floor. Jungkook does his best to hold himself up, but his breath brushes against your face now, and you can feel the growl building in his throat.
It goes on like that, building a steady pressure within you, the two men atop you growing louder with their pleasure. When your orgasm comes, it comes slowly, warmly, like warming up after a long, cold day. Taehyung eases you through it, urging you forward, praising you good girl, good girl, so good, just for me, come undone on my fingers, on my cock— And you might have wondered where he built up all this control, being able to lead you through your pleasure so easily when he was on the precipice of his own, but instead you find yourself lost in the well of sensation.
You’re drowning for a moment, somewhere without language, somewhere soft, somewhere pinkish and warm. You float, untethered.
Blinking back to reality, you open your eyes to a grinning Taehyung.
“I forgot how gorgeous you are when you come—fuck.”
Jungkook has picked up his pace. He’s close to coming, and you can tell that Taehyung is too, that he’s been holding out just for you, waiting, wanting to make sure you got what you needed.
“Come for me, Tae,” you say. “Come for me, I wanna see it.”
That’s enough for him. Taehyung groans and squeezes around Jungkook, and soon the both of them are toppling over their own pleasure. Taehyung comes with your and Jungkook’s names on your lips, spurting across your belly, his come dripping into your curves.
He holds himself above you, panting, while Jungkook extracts himself.
“Fuck. Seeing you like this makes me want to cover you in my come again. Round two?”
“I think the others might be a little pissed to see you hogging her.” Jungkook chimes in. “We have five other friends.”
“Who are starting to look a little tired.”
Taehyung glances around the room.
“I don’t think so.”
Your friends are all in one lazy pile of limbs. A groan slips out of the pile, and then a familiar sound: Hoseok’s laughter. You smile at that.
“So maybe I can hog you for a moment longer.” Taehyung curls into your side. For a second, it feels as if no time at all has passed between you. Like you’re still nineteen and giddy in love and stupid-young and imperfectly happy. You always had found peace in these moments, the minutes after sex, when he would lie still and muse, when silence wasn’t an enemy but a friend to the both of you.
A question rises to your lips as the past sings like a siren in your mind—why did we end?--but you’re quickly quieted by the soft way he looks at you. Questions can come later. Taehyung lets his hands trace across your temple before dipping to your neck and massaging the skin there.
“Ooh,” you moan, his fingers working expertly.
“Thank you,” he whispers.
“For what?”
“For kissing me like that.”
It feels strange for him to mention that of all things when just a moment ago you’d had your hand wrapped around his dick.
“You’re welcome,” though you’re still not entirely sure what you’re being thanked for.
Jungkook cracks a joke.
The laughter that bubbles out of you is sincere and lighthearted. You haven’t heard yourself laugh like that in months. You settle in against Taehyung’s chest, while Jungkook makes a show of rolling over the both of you to take the big spoon position on the other side of you. The plush carpet beneath you cradles you in warmth.
Eyes fluttering shut, you find yourself more comfortable than ever, wrapped in the heat of their bodies.
Still, there’s a different kind of burning, resting low in your belly, that you can’t quite shake. A need that, even though your friends have showered you in ever-loving devotion, still, like a flame, licks at the walls of your abdomen.
“Close your eyes for a moment,” Jungkook hums. “You look tired.”
“M’not tired,” you say, right before a yawn forces itself through.
The two of them chuckle.
“Just close your eyes for a moment.” Taehyung gently presses down on your lids.
So you do.
The night's events play behind your eyes. The closeness with Namjoon, a closeness which you’ve never felt before. A trust, unending, in Jimin. A hope for Jungkook. A favorite book, reopened, with Yoongi. A spark with Jin. A rekindling with Taehyung. A tentative first step with Hoseok.
You realize that he’s the one person you wish you had been closer with tonight. He hovers like a specter at the edge of your mind. Closer. Want you closer.
He was a puzzle still missing a piece, a lock you couldn’t find the proper key for. What was it about him that continued to draw you towards him?
Your mind spins in circles, tracing around the parts of your body that had been so lovingly touched, caressed, handled tonight. It spins into a pinkish glow, all of the events of tonight running together. And that pink turns into a weariness that sinks into your bones, and that weariness turns into a quiet mind.
Sleep, sleep, a deep voice coos in your ear.
Someone moving your body wakes you up. You feel jostled from reality itself.
“You should rest. Really rest,” Jungkook’s voice murmurs from above you. You realize you’re being held, cradled even, by the large man, as he pads across the carpeted flooring, carrying you bridal style.
“Want… Hobi,” you murmur into Jungkook’s chest.
Your eyes open just in time to see Jungkook throwing a side eye towards Yoongi, who shrugs. They seem—not miffed—but curious about your asking for Hoseok.
“Alright,” Jungkook chuckles. “Though you’re a little too sleepy to be wanting anything right now.”
You playfully tap your fist against Jungkook’s hard chest. “No…”
“Alright, you can have Hobi. But he’s looking pretty asleep right now.”
Jungkook sets you down on the extra large sized loveseat and you find yourself immediately swaddled by a body. Hoseok curls around you, pulling you into his side. Notched together like that, you let out a deep, happy sigh.
“Hi, Hobi,” you whisper as a blanket is draped around you.
“Hi, love.” His voice is sleep-grogged and deepened by tiredness.
“...Are you sleeping?”
“Okay.” Sleep tugs at your consciousness and you close your eyes for what could have been a second or an hour. “Hobi?”
“Are you happy?”
“’f’course I’m happy.” A pause. “You’re here.” He presses a kiss to your forehead.
For some reason there's a sense that the question rings unanswered, but it’s not long before sleep is tugging you under. As Hoseok’s hands tighten around your body, you fall into the watchful arms of slumber, your mind replaying the events of the night behind flickering eyelids.
Was this where everything was always bound to lead? So many paths, converging at once. The lot of you, sinking into pleasure, the room filling with the devilish sounds of pleasure and lust — pants and sighs, words of affirmation, pet names that fall too easily from previously pressed lips? Was it always this inevitable?
You watch as eyes meet, new sensation burning through familiar gazes. It is as if the boundaries of your shared skin have melted and left something new weaving through the air. The taste is so sweet that it’s almost sharp. Sugar melted and left simmering on the edge of burning.
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park-jimin-isnt-real · 2 days ago
"edge of tonight" interlude: breakfast
Tumblr media
pairing: namjoon x reader (lots of platonic ot7 x reader) rating: T (for tears) genre: mafia au, angst this part: Jin makes you breakfast. tw: mafia au!, angst, swearing, jimin is a little shit (albeit a well-meaning one), namjoon is so sad, jungkook is too pure for this story ngl, jin is... aggressive but also in a well-meaning way, mentions of sex but nothing happens word count: ~5.5k the edge of tonight masterlist an: surprise!! the story behind this is, i thought the next chapter was going to be too short, so i wrote this as the beginning; but now having written about half of the next chapter, i have discovered that the word count will be just fine and this really should've been used as the end of the last chapter. really this is just why you should plan out your fic before you start writing willy-nilly. anyways, i hope you enjoy!! this is canon, it takes place between the last chapter (the aftermath) and the next (the meeting). please please please let me know what you think! thanks for reading!! and as always, the lovely moodboard at the bottom was made by the fantastic @mirahuyooo
Namjoon woke to the distant sounds of yelling.
Which was not unusual for nights when all seven of them stayed at the main estate. Boys would be boys and there was always some kind of minor scuffle in the mornings—it was usually food related and once breakfast was figured out everyone would calm down.
He carefully lifted his head off his desk, slowly stretching his muscles around. Jin would get after him for falling asleep at his desk again. Usually he at least managed to get to one of the couches before crashing. Parts of his spine cracked as he moved. He took a deep breath, then stood and started towards the office door, continuing to shake off the soreness of his limbs.
Namjoon froze when he opened the door and heard, amidst the usual morning yelling, a distinctly feminine voice. One he had nearly forgotten, one he thought he had dreamt up.
The events of the previous night came flooding back. It was like being shot in the chest all over again. 
I watched you close the door.
Namjoon shut the office door with an audible slam. The voices from downstairs paused at the sound, before starting up again quieter than before. Namjoon rested his head against the cool wood and squeezed his eyes shut. 
What would've been if he hadn't left you there? If he had carried you in his arms out of that horrid place? If Jin had taken care of your wounds and Yoongi had gotten you some food and Hoseok had made some quip that would make you smile again? If Namjoon had wiped your tears away and held you tight and promised that you would never leave his sight again? 
If Namjoon had kept his promises to you? 
I'll find you again, I promise. Wherever you're at, I promise I'll find you. 
You found me, and then you left me there. 
She's not here. 
I watched you close the door. 
I promise I will always find you and I will always come back. 
I waited for you for so long. 
Namjoon was never one to try to hide. He was always praised growing up on how responsible he was, how he took credit where it was due and owned up to his mistakes. But right now Namjoon wanted nothing more for the ground to open up and swallow him whole. How could he face you now, after what he did to you? After what he didn't do? 
There was a soft knock on the other side of the door. "Namjoon-hyung?" The voice was muffled, but Namjoon could still tell it was Jimin. He had sat with Namjoon for a long time after you left, after the rest of the members dispersed. 
"You're gonna overthink this into oblivion, hyung," he'd said. "It wasn't your fault, and she doesn't blame you." He repeated that over and over again, along with what he had told Jungkook, what happened is what happened, we can't change the past, she's here now. None of it made Namjoon feel any better. 
It only made Namjoon regret things even more. 
Namjoon took a deep breath, trying to steel his nerves, and then opened the door once again. Jimin was standing just outside, already showered and dressed for the day in a fresh slim suit, while Namjoon was still rocking the (now very wrinkled) tux he had worn to the ball last night. "How'd you sleep?" Jimin asked, knowing full-well the answer was not great. 
Namjoon ran a hand over his face and sighed. "What's going on downstairs?" he asked instead. Jimin snickered and chose to ignore the blatant change of topic. 
"Y/N has stated that she will be perfectly fine to walk all the way back to the city, grab breakfast at some café, still have her meeting with Song's guy and make it out alive, and then get to the train station and catch the next train to Busan—all by herself. I told her to watch out for anyone who starts turning into a zombie, and she looked at me like I was crazy." 
Even Namjoon rolled his eyes at that one. "I expect that from Jin-hyung, not you." 
"Oh, Jin-hyung would've made the joke, except he was too busy demanding that she stays and he'll make her breakfast, Hoseok-hyung was insisting to drive her wherever she needs to go, Yoongi-hyung offered to sit in on the meeting and make sure she gets out alive, and Jungkookie is begging her not to leave, as only our dear youngest would." 
Namjoon's mind absorbed the information like a sponge and noticed the two members who had been left out. "What are you and Tae doing?" 
Jimin only shrugged, "Sitting back, watching the chaos, making Train to Busan references that are going right over her head." His brows furrowed and he lowered his voice to make sure it wouldn't carry. "I mean, seriously, she was free in Busan for 6 years. Unless she was living under a rock that entire time, there's no way she hasn't at least heard the basic premise." 
Now that was an interesting point, one Namjoon could chew on in the back of his mind. You were free in Busan. No one would look for you in Busan. Sure, you ended up becoming a bounty hunter, but there was a big difference between simply laying low and completely disconnecting yourself from the outside world. 
Which begged the question, were you actually free in Busan? 
"Anyway," Jimin continued, voice returning to normal, "Jin-hyung muttered something about 'going to get Namjoon because Namjoon is the only one, you'll listen to' and then we all heard the door slam, and I decided to be the one to come get you and let you know what you're gonna be walking into." 
Namjoon looked towards the staircase, listened to the overlapping voices without really hearing them. His hand twitched at his side. How could he face you? 
Jimin flicked his forehead. "Knock it off!" 
"Ow!" Namjoon rubbed at the spot and glared at the younger. 
"It's not your fault, and she doesn't blame you." 
"How do you know??" 
Jimin looked Namjoon dead in the eye. "Because she relaxed the second your name was mentioned." 
That. That caught his attention. That was familiar. 
The second she feels nervous or uncomfortable she goes to you. She reaches for you. 
"It was only the tiniest bit," Jimin went on, "and her walls went back up pretty fast—I think Kookie was the only other one who noticed it—but she did. Subconsciously, whether she wants to admit it or not, and my vote is definitely on not, she still needs you." 
Not me, not Hobi, not Yoongi, you. 
"And Jin-hyung was right to come get you, but not because you're the only one she'll listen to. It's because you're the only one who will listen to her. And right now, she needs someone on her side." 
And that's how Jimin left Namjoon, standing in the doorway of his office, as the younger went back downstairs. And Namjoon stood there for another minute, his mind racing with everything Jimin had just told him before the waters stilled on one single thought. 
She needs someone on her side. 
There was nothing Namjoon could do that would make up for the last ten years—he would be trying for the rest of his life. But he could start with this. So Namjoon took another deep breath and walked down the stairs. 
"Namjoon, finally!" Jin was the first voice to break over the rest. "Can you please tell—" 
"None of you are in charge of me!" 
Jimin never lied, but he definitely needed to be more specific sometimes. You were literally facing off against the rest of them (most of whom were still in their pajamas), already dressed in a red sweater and black jeans, complete with your red hat and green jacket. You were clearly ready to leave. Namjoon didn't want you to go, but— 
She needs someone on her side. 
"Hyung, she's right," Namjoon said, sounding every bit the leader he definitely didn't look like. "We're not." Shocked faces turned to look at him, but yours was confused, like you couldn't understand why he was backing you up. 
"You were told what she's trying to do?" Jin asked, looking between Namjoon and Jimin. "Namjoon, it's insane!" 
"Then I'm insane. Are we done now?" It was almost like you were waiting for one of them to dismiss you. To say yes, we're done, you can go. It wasn't like you. 
The room finally fell into silence and everyone looked at Namjoon, expecting him to have the last word. Namjoon looked at you, expecting you to say something, to explain, but you only turned away from all of them and took a step towards the main entrance. 
"I'll make crêpes." 
The way Jin said it made it sound like a threat. They all turned to eldest with wide eyes, but you resolutely stood with your back to them, silent. 
"Shut up." 
"You fucker." 
"That's low, hyung, even for you." 
Jin's crêpes were your absolute favorite. You used to ask him to make them all the time, and he had always told you no, then they won't be special. It was just another thing that was taken away when you were, but now— 
"I'll even make the raspberry syrup." 
Jin was pulling out all the stops.
"We have raspberries??" Tae and Jungkook asked together, perking up far too much at the idea. 
"Not for you," Jin answered, eyes still locked on the back of your head, "and only if Y/N stays for breakfast." 
"Hyung, that's not fair," Jimin said quietly, glancing back and forth between you and Namjoon. Namjoon could practically hear Jimin's mind yelling at him to do something. Because he was right, it wasn't fair, but not in the sense that they wouldn't get breakfast. 
It wasn't fair to place that kind of ultimatum on you. 
Namjoon opened his mouth to shut the whole thing down, but you sighed. Your head dipped down ever so slightly and your shoulders slumped. "Fine," you said, somehow sounding more defeated than you had last night. "Whatever." You turned, gaze locked on the floor, and walked around them to get to the kitchen. Jin followed after a moment, and one by one they each trickled in. 
You sat at the island, resting your arms on the jacket balled up underneath them and staring dejectedly at the countertop. Yoongi and Hoseok took seats on each side of you, and Jungkook sat on the other side of Yoongi. 
Jin donned his rarely used apron and bustled about, collecting ingredients and utensils. Taehyung and Jimin sat together at the table, Tae flipped through another fashion magazine and Jimin scrolled through his phone, looking upset about something. 
Namjoon leaned against the wall, hands in his pockets. He felt out of place somehow, something just wasn't quite right, and it took a moment to realize it was you. He had been without you for so long that suddenly having you here felt wrong, it felt different. 
You were different. 
Namjoon had always thought that once you were back, things would be the same as they used to. Hoseok would make you laugh; Yoongi would have little sarcastic spats with you that would end in you calling him a piece if shit and him calling you jagiya. Jin would start cooking again. 
But now, Hoseok sat next to you silently, not even looking at you. Yoongi played on his phone, but he kept glancing up at you. His mouth kept parting, like he was going to say something, but he kept backing down. And sure, Jin was making breakfast, but he practically threatened you with it.��
Fine. Whatever. 
Namjoon took a deep breath, wanting desperately to fill the silence and end the tension. "So—" 
"I'm not answering any more questions." And after the unintentional interrogation you were put through last night, Namjoon couldn't blame you. 
"—what does everyone else have going on today?" Business didn't stop just because you had come back. 
"I have a shift at the hospital later this afternoon," Jin answered first, stirring the syrup over the stove. 
"I was gonna drag you to Genius Labs later," Yoongi said, "just to get you out of the house." 
Hoseok looked at Namjoon. "Just Dance is closed for the holiday weekend, so Jimin and I are free." 
"I'm not doing anything," Jungkook answered, looking almost too innocent. Namjoon raised a small eyebrow at the maknae. "I'm not, hyung, really! The Basement is closed too!" 
"I am not free," Jimin spoke up, still looking at his phone. "Tae's gotta go in to finalize the pictures being used in the February issue and I'm going with him." 
"And then," Tae continued, turning another page in the magazine, "Jimin is going straight to Serendipity to try to drown his sorrows, again." 
"I am not!" 
"You so are! You would've gone last night had Namjoon-hyung not called the meeting." 
"Wait, why is Jimin-hyung drowning his sorrows?" Jungkook asked. "Did something else happen last night?" 
"I'm not!" 
"Oh, something happened alright," Tae snickered. 
"It's not funny!" 
"No, it's ironic." 
"Taehyung, quit pushing Jimin's buttons," Jin said, spooning batter into a heated pan. 
"Not Tae's fault Jimin makes it so easy," Yoongi muttered. 
"I hate all of you." 
"Hyung! What happened?" Jungkook asked again. 
Jimin sighed. In the momentary silence of the kitchen, Namjoon looked at you. You sat unmoving as you listened to everyone. Namjoon would've thought you had fallen asleep, but there was still too much tension in your shoulders. 
"She isn't the only one who decided to reappear after a decade." Jimin was glaring at the back of your head, but he wasn't really looking at you. In his mind's eye he saw— 
Hoseok turned around fully. "Your ex was there last night?" 
"Someone actually dated you?" Yoongi asked as he looked over his shoulder. "I thought you had sworn off dating and stuck to one-night stands only." 
"She's the reason why," Taehyung answered, turning another page, "and now he's stalking her Instagram." 
"TaeTae, please," Jimin groaned with a hand covering his face, "stop." 
"Namjoon-hyung!" Jungkook spoke up, deciding to turn the attention away from Jimin and give him a bit of a break. "What are you doing today?" 
That. That was a good question.
"I… don't know," came the slow, stiff answer from the leader. Usually, the majority of Namjoon's time would be absorbed with the inner workings of the North scene: who was worth trying to strike a deal with and for what, which allies were starting to get too comfortable or bold in their dealings, and all of it was done with the end goal of you.
But. You were here. The plan was always, once you were back the gang would dissolve, so to speak, and then you and Namjoon would fuck off somewhere. But all those plans were made before Bangtan had even formed, much less grown as big as it was now. Namjoon was running an entire operation; he couldn't just drop everything and walk away with you. 
As much as he wanted to. 
"I'm not the only one who hears the buzzing, right?" Hoseok asked suddenly, looking around at the other members. Namjoon furrowed his eyebrows in concentration. It was faint, Namjoon could hardly hear it over Jin's cooking, but it was there. 
"I don't hear anything," Taehyung supplied, still not looking up. 
"I do." Yoongi put his phone down. "What is that?" 
"It's my phone," you sighed as you sat up. You messed around with your jacket, unbundling it and pulling the device from one of the pockets. 
"How the fuck do you have a flip phone??" Hoseok's eyes went wide at the sight. "Even most burners are crappy first gen iPhones these days." 
You put the phone down on the counter, and the buzzing amplified. "It doesn't connect to the internet, so unless you have the number and I answer the call, it can't be traced." The phone went still for a moment, then started vibrating again. 
"So who's call are you avoiding?" Yoongi tentatively asked, looking between the device and you. 
Jungkook spoke up before you could answer. "Is it still that Jackson guy?" 
"Who the fuck is Jackson?" Jin turned around after flipping a crêpe, eyeing you questioningly. 
"That's exactly what I asked when we were on our way here last night," Jungkook said, "but Y/N-ssi didn't answer." Several eyebrows were raised at Y/N-ssi, their youngest had always called you noona—was he nervous to do so in front of you now? 
"I didn't wanna talk about him then and I don't wanna talk about him now." You sent a small glare to Jin in return. "Don't fucking burn my crêpe." 
"Oh, the one your pride nearly turned down?" Jin turned back around to remove the pastry from the pan and place it on the plate sitting next to the stove. "Besides, arson is Yoongi-ah's thing." 
"Not my fault the rest of you are cowards," Yoongi muttered in response, picking his phone up and returning to whatever he was doing. 
"I like burning things," Jungkook said. 
"You're too young for that." Which got an eyeroll from the maknae. He was not. 
"So, like," Hoseok started, turning towards you with more hesitation Namjoon had ever seen from his friend. "You and Jackson aren't dating, are y—" 
Namjoon had never heard your voice carry that much venom in it before. His only guess was you really did not want to talk about whoever Jackson was. Namjoon also guessed that you would, if only to keep any other questions from arising. 
Namjoon was right. 
You let out a sigh and rested your head against your hand with your eyes closed. "Jackson is my handler," you told them. "He takes care of the money and the jobs and tells me where to go and who to kill." There was something else, something you weren't saying, something that kept your shoulders nearly up to your ears. 
"Sounds like a decent deal," Yoongi said. "Did you meet him in Busan?" 
You bit your lip. "Nope." 
Oh, Namjoon wasn't going to like this. "Then where did you find him?" He dared to ask. His hands clenched in his pockets as he tried to remain neutral.
It took you a moment to answer. "I didn't. He found me." You looked over and met Namjoon's eyes. "Jackson got me out." 
Years of remaining neutral in the face of everything the underground had to throw at him, and those four words nearly shattered all of it.
"He's the one who took me down to Busan," you continued, "and then it was his idea to start the whole bounty hunter thing." 
"And you just went with it?" Taehyung asked, magazine open and forgotten on the dining table. "You didn't, I don't know, try to get back to Seoul, even on your own?" 
Namjoon held your gaze and saw the flash of fear and pain in your eyes. "I didn't get a choice." 
"You slept with him, didn't you?" A series of oh my gods and Jimin!s rang through the room. Your head whipped around so quickly Hoseok heard your neck pop. 
If looks could send someone directly to hell, the way you glared at the blond—who was sitting confidently in his chair, leaning back with his hands in his pockets—would've sent him straight to Dante's Seventh Circle. 
"That is none of your business." Your voice was quiet, and in Namjoon's opinion, not nearly as firm or threatening as he remembered it being when you were angry.
Jimin had the audacity to smirk. "That means yes." You shrunk back and wrapped your arms around yourself, like you were trying to hide and defend and hold yourself together all at once. "And that means that you probably didn't want to, and I'm willing to bet you didn't like it either." 
"Jimin, that's enough," Namjoon snapped. Namjoon didn't want to think about it, and he didn't want Jimin to keep egging you on about it. You turned around, keeping your head down, and put the jacket on. You were actively trying to hide now. 
"Hyung," Taehyung stood, "I think we're gonna go." Namjoon caught the liar's gaze. "I've got a lot to do today." Namjoon nodded. No, Tae didn't, but his day was now going to be filled with ripping Jimin a new one, Namjoon could see it in his eyes. 
Jimin followed suit and slowly started making his way to the garage door, but he kept his eyes on the back of your head. "I'm just saying—" 
"Do not." 
"Hyung, you really shouldn't." 
"Why must you dig your grave so deep?" 
"—he got you out, okay, great, cool. You owe him your gratitude. You don't owe him your body." And with that, Jimin strolled out, leaving Taehyung to chase after him. 
"Why are you like this?" You all heard Tae ask before the door had fully closed. An uncomfortable silence filled the area in their absence, the few sounds being Jin who was continuing to cook and your phone still buzzing from unanswered calls. Namjoon wanted to apologize for Jimin—Namjoon wanted to apologize for a lot of things—but he wasn't quite sure how. 
It was you who broke the silence. "You know," you said, playing with your fingers to avoid making eye contact, "I had decided last night once I knew that you were, well, you, that I wasn't going to kill any of you, but uh, you might end up down a member anyway." 
Hoseok nodded, even though you weren't looking at him. "No one's gonna stop you."  
"I will!" Jungkook pouted. Namjoon knew that look—the pout, the furrowed brows, the wide and all-too-innocent doe eyes. The kid could get away with murder if he told the cops he didn't do it while looking like that, even if he was covered in blood. (It's why his hyungs gave in to him so easily, and Jungkook knew that and had no problem exploiting it, including now). 
"Try not to take him too seriously?" He asked you. "Jimin-hyung's not normally like that, really. He's usually really really sweet, and I guess he just had a bad night—" 
"Kook-ah, I think we all had a bad night." 
"—but he still shouldn't have taken it out on you." Namjoon watched for your reaction and was surprised to see a lack of one. There was no soft smile giving in to the youngest's plea, there was no frown in disagreement. There was nothing, like you were just... empty. 
"Alright your highness," Jin said, finally turning around to properly face the rest of you. He placed a plate down in front of you with a stack of crêpes folded into fourths about six centimeters high, drizzled in red raspberry syrup and garnished with full raspberries and lightly dusted in powdered sugar. He handed you a fork. "Far better than some shitty croissant you'd get at a cheap downtown café." 
"You offered," you mumbled as you dug in. For someone who had so firmly protested against being fed, you certainly began devouring the food. Almost like it had been a while since your last decent meal. Almost like you didn't know when your next one would be. 
"Uh, hyung?" Hoseok questioned, leaning over to peer around Jin. "Where's the rest of them?" The stove was off and the bowls and utensils were stacked together, waiting to be moved over to the sink. 
"The rest of what?" Jin asked in response, except his tone suggested he knew exactly what Hoseok was asking.
"Hyung, I saw you piling crêpes on a second plate," the hacker insisted, "where's the rest of them??" 
Jin only shrugged. "The rest of what?" he repeated. Namjoon bit back a smile. Of course Jin only made breakfast for you. He really shouldn't have expected anything different. 
Hoseok didn't answer, per se, but he and Yoongi glared at the eldest. Jin wasn't even phased. "You go missing for ten years, Hoseok-ah, then I'll make you some damn crêpes." He turned and grabbed his small stack of dishes and started washing them out. 
"Are there any raspberries left, hyung?" Jungkook asked, knowing full well the quarter-full container of raspberries was sitting right there on the counter with the rest of the ingredients. "Can I have some?" Jin sighed. 
"Save some for TaeTae." 
"Yes!" The youngest hopped off his seat and bounded for the plastic box, quickly shoving three into his mouth. 
"I can't believe this," Hoseok muttered, still staring at Jin's back. 
"What a complete and utter betrayal," Yoongi added, "and after everything I've done for you." 
Namjoon caught your eye roll. You put the fork down and pushed the plate away, the food only half-eaten. "For god's sake, here. You two can share the rest." Everyone turned to you in shock—you never shared food Jin specifically made for you, it was yours (and especially when it was crêpes)—and every mouth opened to tell you no it's fine, keep eating, it's for you, but a sudden ringing cut them all off. 
"Shit," you said, grabbing your phone. You only glanced at the caller ID before looking up at Jin. "Turn that off," you nodded at the running faucet, "I need it quieter than the dead in here." Jin complied immediately, and the rest of them froze, Yoongi and Hoseok barely even breathing next to you. You turned around and took a deep breath, then flipped the device open and held it against your ear. "Hello?" 
Namjoon looked at you in awe. Last night, you were angry and sad. Earlier, you were empty and defeated. But something in you transformed when you answered. 
"I'll be honest, Mr. Wang, I wasn't expecting your call this morning." 
Your back was straight, your head held high; Namjoon couldn't see your eyes from this angle (and he didn't dare move to get a better view) but he could imagine the coldness shining through them. And your voice— 
"If the events of the ball have already been reported, then I don't believe a meeting is necessary." 
It rang with an authority Namjoon had forgotten you had. I am the child of a mob boss, you had once told them.
"Oh, I'm sure there are plenty. Very few of them, however, would be of concern to you." 
Last night, you were a jaded ex. Earlier, you were just broken. But right now, you were a mob boss in your own right, a queen capable of running an empire, of burning the country to the ground. 
"Allow me to make this easy, Mr. Wang: due to personal complications, I can no longer complete this job. I can have the money returned to you—" 
Why the fuck you would try returning eight billion won was beyond the rest of them, and the way you were cut off suggested that Mr. Wang thought so as well. You let out a silent sigh, your shoulders dipping in defeat ever so slightly. 
"Well, how can I refuse such an offer?" Namjoon was able to pick up the barely-there note of resignation in your voice. "Same place? … Of course not... One hour, Mr. Wang." You closed the phone, ending the call, and all that power and authority melted right off you as you slumped forward. You looked like you were carrying the weight of the entire world on your shoulders, and all Namjoon wanted was to relieve you of that burden. 
"That sounded like a trap," Yoongi said after a moment. Something similar to a laugh left your mouth. 
"Of course it's a trap," you responded. "Unfortunately, not walking into it will result in worse things happening." You finally stood up, stretching your legs out, and looked around at the few members remaining. "I have to be in downtown Seoul in an hour." 
Hoseok jumped up. "I'll drive!" 
"Absolutely fucking not." 
"Hobi, Jin just made me a delicious breakfast that I would like to keep inside me. You are not driving." 
"A delicious breakfast you only ate half of!" Jin scolded from the sink, having started washing his dishes again. 
"I've gotten better," Hoseok told you, but you shook your head. 
"I don't believe you." 
"He really has," Yoongi added, once again looking at his phone. "He even taught Kook-ah how to drive." 
You looked at the maknae, eyes wide in confusion, as he continued to snack on the remaining raspberries (and definitely not leaving any for Taehyung). "But you drove so normal." 
Jungkook shrugged. "You were in the car," he said, as if that was the only explanation needed, "and I know the stories." 
You closed your eyes and took a deep breath before looking at Namjoon. You looked tired, so, so tired, a kind of tired Namjoon understood all too well. You just wanted this to be over, so Namjoon stepped in. 
"Yoongi will drive. Hoseok, Jungkook, you'll go too." The three nodded and immediately left to go get dressed. You lifted an eyebrow. 
"Three is overkill," you told him quietly, then, "I kinda thought you would offer." Namjoon's eyes widened the tiniest bit—did you want to be alone with him? Would he finally get his one-on-one with you? 
Was he ready for that? 
"Namjoon-ah still can't drive," Jin said, turning the water off and drying his hands. Namjoon ducked his head, hoping his blush wasn't too obvious as both your eyebrows raised. 
The leader nodded. "Jin-hyung thinks it's beneath him—" 
"I'm a doctor, not a driving instructor." 
"—Yoongi-hyung doesn't have the patience for it, and I didn't want to learn from Hoseok-hyung." You simply nodded in return, agreeing with the logic. You probably wouldn't want to learn from Hoseok either. 
"Yah," Jin chided, pushing the plate of half-eaten crêpes towards you, "finish eating while you wait. We still don't waste food in this house." 
You rolled your eyes but stepped towards the island to take another bite. "You couldn't waste food in this house if you tried," you said between mouthfuls. "Jungkook alone looks like he could clear out a fully-stocked fridge." 
"He has," Namjoon and Jin said in unison, Namjoon with a fond smile on his face and Jin with a scowl. Jin continued, "I swear that boy hits puberty again every other month, the way he eats me out of house and home sometimes. I'm a growing teenage boy, hyung—he's twenty-five!" You ducked your head, holding a hand up to your mouth while Jin rambled on as only Jin could. There was a small shake to your shoulders and you closed your eyes. 
Namjoon felt a small warmth inside him—a tiny flame melting away some of that ice that had collected over the years without you—as he watched you try not to laugh. A lot of things had changed, but maybe not everything. 
"What's Jin going on about this time?" Yoongi asked as he re-entered the kitchen, dressed warm but casual with a black beanie already on his head and his phone still in hand. Hoseok and Jungkook followed soon after, dressed similarly; though Jungkook was also sporting his leather jacket (the one he wore when he was trying to impress someone). 
"Kookie's eating habits," Namjoon answered smoothly. 
"I'm a growing teenage boy, hyung!" 
"Jeon Jungkook!" Despite Jin's scolding, the maknae had a bright smile on his face. "I told you to save some raspberries for Taehyung! Why does it look like you ate them like popcorn??" 
"Because I was entertained and I had raspberries instead of popcorn." Namjoon rolled his eyes at the maknae's response but couldn't hide his own small smile. This kid... 
"Glad to know I'm still entertaining," you said before Jin could start up again, pushing the now empty plate away. You didn't look at anyone, probably to keep your smile hidden (even though Namjoon could hear it in your tone). "I've got an address, let's go." You straightened your hat and finally silenced your phone, slipping it into your jacket pocket. Yoongi walked up to you and asked for the address, typing it into his phone. 
"You aren't coming?" Hoseok asked quietly. Namjoon shook his head. He knew he'd end up doing something stupid, and he didn't want to risk your safety any more than it already was. 
"We'll keep her safe, hyung," Jungkook whispered, offering a reassuring smile. 
"Keep yourselves safe too." The two nodded, then Namjoon watched as you, once again, walked away from him. 
Jin waited until he heard the rumble of the car and the grinding of tires on the gravel before standing and opening one of the lower cupboards. Namjoon watched in confusion as Jin pulled a second small plate of crêpes out and pushed it towards the younger. 
"Eat, Joon-ah," Jin said gently, "then go take a shower and get properly dressed." The eldest finally took his apron off, hung it up in the pantry. "You're less cranky after you've taken care of yourself." Jin left the leader to his sudden breakfast before Namjoon could respond.
Tumblr media
thank you again for reading!! please let me know what you think. hopefully the next chapter will be up in the next week or two so you can look forward to that coming soon!! and a super special thank you to my taglist peeps, lemme know if you want to be added to list and subsequently become a Cool Kid™️ @illnevertrustmyselfagain @misschino @youlook-likehell @dany-but-not-targaryen @nyx-goddess-of-choas @fangirl125reader @wordsaremyswords @clowdyblue @tutnotmytea @scentedsope @hope122598 @veronawrites @ayoongiverse @myooniverse @jiminrings @mirahuyooo @cafemyg @[email protected] @hyungieyoongi @singukieee @hello-neema @thebadassmotherofmyshotas @kawaii-bear @notsooperfect @mintyoonjisworld @glams00 @thisisnotangel @fangirl-and-stuff  @dprssdgal @irony-of-living @hobateas @remmykinsff @gukieater​ @cherrie11113 @lovra974​ @girlwithluv0613 @whatsakilo ​ @yoursoontobestepmom ​ @juju-227592 ​ @zahraaelamira @xyahrinx ​@belladaises ​ @jaiuneamesolitaiire ​ @lookhere-2seok ​ @imnotokayfuckup ​ @rjsmochii ​​ @theealanis @mintsugarmy @rosesarehim @smol-grandpa @highly-functioning-mitochondria
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clutterfied · 5 months ago
Green is the color of jealous boyscouts
Tumblr media
OT7 Possessive!BTS x Girlfriend!Reader
Established Relationships AU
M/F, Polyamory
Rated M
A bit of smut but not enough to need Hobi water...okay maybe moderate smut. Public indecency. Squirting. A bit of voyeurism. Oppa kink. Cum kink. Choking kink if you squint. Possessiveness. Dirty talk. Raw fuck but wrap before you tap folks. Basically basic bitch filth, you know the drill. ;)
Summary: In which Y/N's friends proceed to drag her to a strip club in Seoul.
Disclaimer: I do not own anyone...though I wish BTS owns me oops. I wanted this to be longer, though I got lazy but wanted to post something so here we are. I had this idea in my mind for an entirely different, longer and somewhat angsty version but we'll see if I get enough commitment and focus to actually write that.
Oh and by the way, yes there is a male strip club in Seoul where the girls get invited on stage for a lap dance which is an entirely different take compared to those in my country because the dance is erotic and sensual and not the awkward viagra-privates-out-slapping-your-face scene...may the heavens bless that country :').
You prod at your forehead, hoping the movement would take some of the pain away as you watch your friends get themselves shitfaced drunk inside a shady club near the outskirts of Seoul.
How you had managed to make a trip from Daegu to the bustling city in just two hours is beyond you. Or rather, your friends --who have the audacity to leave you alone while they grind up against equally shitfaced strangers --apparently had this all planned out.
"Come on, they have a strip club special! It will be fun!" they said and that's that.
Sipping your drink languidly, you glare down at a guy shuffling towards you and he backs up quickly, shrugging his shoulders and leaving to find another willing victim.
When was this supposed strip club special starting anyway?
You wish it would start soon so you'd be over and done with, preferring to head home and sleep the weariness off because really, your headache is killing you at the moment and the next drink you chug down could be your last before you throw up all over someone's nice, expensive suit.
You feel a buzz in your pocket, completely forgetting that you have seven boyfriends you were supposed to meet with tonight for a nice dinner until they all cancelled last minute due to work, leaving you free for the rest of the evening...until all of a sudden the music blares onstage, several half-naked and blindfolded men strut out--
You nearly choke on your cheap drink when you swipe to answer the call just as one of the...professional dancers sashay his way towards you, curious onlookers watching the exchange.
Why is he coming towards you?! How can he even see with that blindfold on?!
In a blind panic, you meant to back up only to trip on the soles of your feet because of course why wouldn't you in this kind of situation, causing the back camera of your phone to focus on the guy's very nice looking abs (not that you were drooling, just stating facts) and Seokjin's voice to halt.
"Baby, where are...you..."
With a squeak, you toss it into your bag.
Just in time as the dancer shows you his pearly whites, sinewy limbs glistening with body oil. You notice several of the dancers were scattered around as well talking to the other customers and you nervously dart your eyes back to his.
"Hi. We have a special event today, miss. Would you like to partake?"
Partake? Who speaks like that?
You vigorously shake your head, "Um no, sorry I'm just here for the uh...food." You cough making the man chuckle. You noticed that he seemed familiar, now up close and not blasted by the purple stage lights.
He nods, proceeding to go to another patron but then turns to you once more, a gentle smile on his face, "It was nice to see you again, Y/N. Maybe we can have coffee next time and catch up?"
Your eyes widen when you begin to realize...
"Jackson? Jackson Wang?"
That chubby kid who became your bestfriend but then moved away and became a hot super model Jackson?
"Yep, that's my name, don't wear it out! I still use the same number by the way. Call me!" he grins at you, shooting you finger guns before sauntering over to the next lucky lady who gapes at his muscles.
You don't even get one step after him when a possessive arm grips your waist, several warm bodies flush against your back. The musky smell of your older boyfriend's cologne sends you into overdrive as lips descend softly against your ear, a half moan half whimper pulses out of you causing the seven men behind you to groan lowly in unison.
"H-how did you find me so fast? I was going to call back but my friend startled me--I thought you guys were too busy tonight? " You didn't mean to make it come out as an accusation.
When you turn your head to look up at the man holding you, he smirks, a hand going to explore the underside of your blouse, fingertips clasping a bud in slow anticipation and you bite your lip. "Jealousy can make people do impossible things, baby. You weren't being naughty with that man were you? "
You gulp, throat drying as he nips at your exposed collar, veiny hand coming to caress your throat lovingly.
In a breathy answer, you close your eyes savoring his teasing. God you can't believe you were getting this worked up over his hands. "N-no, he's a friend. M-my best friend actually, the one I told you about. "
Collective murmurs engulf you and then Yoongi moves both hands to grope your breasts under your shirt, earning him an arch of your back.
Jimin joins his hyung, unceremoniously shoving an arm up your skirt, and you know you must seem like a wreck, mouth parted, puffs of air leaving you.
"Shit. " Someone abruptly curses and then two of your boyfriends (Jin and Namjoon, the protective parents of the bunch) hurriedly flank either side of you while the youngest of them (wow, Jungkook looks hot with his leather jacket and neck tattoos) sidles up to your front, his height covering you from any wandering stares, a smirk on full display as the other four proceed to touch you in places that make you want to jump all of them all at once (Hoseok licks your face with his long, long tongue, Taehyung lovingly twirls a piece of your hair, and Jimin and Yoongi continue playing your most private parts like mere instruments).
It was a good thing most of the attention was on stage because you were about to slip into the kind of euphoria that no one other than your lovers should be privy to as someone's fingers glaze the side of your clit through your clothed wet core.
"Mmm, Jimin..." you whisper, nearly going insane when he slips a careful digit in.
That is all it takes for your boyfriends to snap back into reality and all but haul you out of there into someone's car, and back home, where you are promptly deposited onto the customized bed your boyfriends insisted on getting for all eight of you (for sex and cuddle times).
On your back with your hair fanned out and legs spread for them to devour, you are not given any reprieve that night until the next morning, each taking their turns to fill your walls with white over and over and over again with the promise of not letting you able to walk properly for the next three days.
"Unghh, Yoongi-oppa... " A long drawn out moan and you're finally finally done, gushing with a messy squirt around your savage lover's softening cock.
"Fuck, baby you did so good. Shit I love your tight fucking cunt. I love you. We love you so, so much. You're ours, yeah? " He murmurs on repeat, utter bliss pouring from the depths of his soul as they all come down from their visceral high (he from pounding into your heat without mercy for the sixth... seventh? time and the others from being voyeurs to your sinful pleasure, the room now smelling of hours upon hours of sex and their faint perfumes).
"Y-yes, yours. All yours, o-oppa. " You mumble weakly, slowly drifting to a blissful sleep.
And it is with a multitude of red spots and layers of dried cum adorning your skin do they allow you, pussy still throbbing with need after your fifth orgasm, cheeks inflamed with embarrassment, to meet with Jackson the next day after you forget to tell them that you had plans to do so.
For reference, here is the strip club. No copyright infringement intended. All rights belong to Kelsey the Korean's channel. Go watch her if you have the time, she makes some really interesting vlogs. :)
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Tumblr media
I stare out the window of the aeroplane, lost in thought, chin on my fist.
I’m watching the ground crew move around in their green vests and their noise-cancelling headphones loading luggages or just doing their normal routine down beneath the belly of the plane. 
Passengers are still filling their seats, muffled chatter surrounding me. A couple take their seats next to me, the woman in the middle seat. I smile at her but turn back to the window, not wanting to have any small conversation. I didn’t get much sleep last night, tossing and turning and woke up screaming. The same nightmares, the same ending every time, waking up in sweats. But it was worse last night.
As the plane fills up with more people, the conversation around me becomes louder. The chatter grows more excitable, laughter filling the cabin as a group of people up front lean over the aisle to talk to each other. I look around, trying to understand what the commotion is about. It didn’t take long when I spotted the ARMY bombs some of them had clipped to their backpacks or carrying delicately in their hands. Great. Concert goers. 
“Are you going to the concert, too?”
I turn around to face the woman next to me, beaming ear to ear, her eyes shining bright. That’s when I noticed the Chimmy headband on her head. Her boyfriend, I assume, has turned to look, waiting for my answer. He has on a BT21 T-shirt. I shake my head. “No, I’m not.”
They both look a little disappointed and I immediately turn away, breathing in deep. When the plane finally takes off and is in the air, the crowd becomes calmer. It’s going to be a long flight to New York but I grit my teeth and pretend to be interested in the movie I chose to watch. Truth is, I can’t quite focus on it as the couple next to me are hunching over an iPad, watching one of BTS past BBMA performances, whispering excitedly to each other. It seems that the boyfriend is new to the group as she explains details about the boys to him. 
She catches me glancing at the iPad screen and she turns, smiling. “Do you know BTS?”
I freeze, the words stuck in my throat. For some reason, I don’t know how to answer her. I must have stared at her far too long with a passive expression as she shakes her head, mumbles an apology and goes back to the video. I wish I could run to the lavatory but I'm in the window seat and going out means I have to face the couple twice; once to go out, and a second time when I need to come back in. Plus, all those other people on the flight that seem to have the same purpose as them; I don’t think I can handle another question on BTS.
I turn up the volume of the movie and try your best to get lost in the plot. It’s difficult now when it’s already halfway through and I have no idea who’s who anymore. Dinner will be served soon, I think, so I stick it through the movie just to pass the time. My eyes might be looking at the screen and my ears might be hearing the words the characters are saying through the earphones, but I’m neither seeing the actions nor listening to any of the scripted drama. 
My mind is going on a time travel three years prior. Instead of watching the characters going into the climax of the movie, I’m seeing that dock in Queensland, the coastal guards in a tight semi circle waiting for the boat to park. One of the officers jumped down onto the boat, one hand resting on the gun clipped to his side. Namjoon had done the talking but one look at the scratched up faces, the cut up feet and the uniformed white outfits were enough to convince the officer that we weren’t a threat. 
When they escorted us to the station, I thought things were finally coming to an end, that the worst part was over. But I was wrong. 
“Miss? Miss?”
I snap out of my reverie and pull out the earbuds. The flight attendant is leaning over the couple, concern written all over his face. 
“Sorry, what?” I mumble.
The flight attendant gives me a once over and chalks it up to me not hearing him due to the movie. He repeats, “Chicken or beef, miss?”
“Oh, um, beef, please,” I reply, opening the table flap and taking the packed meal from him. “I’ll have a Coke too, please.”
The plane is alive again as people eat and talk at the same time. The couple keep to themselves, the woman squeezing herself more to the other side of her seat, a clear body language that she’s not comfortable with me. I decide to lighten the mood with her. “So,” I say, turning to them to get their attention. I swallow hard. “Are you guys…ARMYs?”
She instantly lights up. “Yes! He’s new, though. We’re going to the concert at MetLife this weekend. I’m so excited!”
“It’s my first BTS concert,” pipes in the boyfriend with a smile. “I’ve been converted.”
I nod, plastering a smile, strained, on my face. “New York is going to be purple, I’m guessing.”
The woman gasps. “Yessss. New York will be borafied!”
I let out a small laugh but didn't say anything more, continuing to eat in silence. 
“So you are a fan,” the woman says hesitantly. 
I shrug, looking away before they could see the flustered look on my face. “Used to be.”
“Oh.” She seems unsure how to proceed but a question from the boyfriend keeps her busy the rest of meal time, enough for me to jam in my earphones again. No, no more conversation, I think. 
Then, the dreaded thing happened. She turned back around, this time slowly almost as if she’s afraid to face me. From the corner of my eyes, I see her staring at me for a while before I finally turn around, taking off one earbud. “Yes?”
“You…look familiar,” she starts and I suck in a breath, my heart skipping a beat. 
“I don’t think so,” I say hurriedly, shaking my head but she must have caught on to my hesitance. 
She pushed. “No, no. I’m sure I’ve seen you somewhere before.” She turns to her boyfriend for help and he scratches his chin. Then he pauses, eyes widening.
“That girl!” he exclaims loud enough that the people in the seat across the aisle turn to look curiously. I gulp, my throat tightening. “I remember now! You were all over social media. And I mean all over! Remember?” He turns to the girlfriend. “You said it was the talk of all the ARMYs! Her pictures were everywhere!”
A few heads turn and I can feel myself shrinking, wishing I can just melt into the seat or turn invisible. My chest feels tight and my vision is swimming, all instinct in me telling me to run as more and more faces turn towards me. But there’s nowhere to run, nowhere to go unless I jump through the window or-
“Excuse me, miss.”
I look up to see the earlier flight attendant standing over our row, his eyebrows dipping in concern. “I’ve been told that you actually have been moved to a different seat.”
“To first class? I think you must have mistaken your seat,” he explains gently. To the couple, he smiles sweetly, asking, “Would you mind moving for a bit while she gets out?”
The couple look a little taken aback but slowly stand up and move out into the aisle. I follow them out and the flight attendant gestures to follow him. I do, leaving behind whispers that are still audible to my ears. I press forward, keeping my eyes and head down. We go up one floor and the flight attendant leads me to the front and to a seat, the biggest flight seat I have ever had. 
I hesitantly sit down, looking around me, a little perplexed. 
“My stuff-” 
“Don’t worry. We’ll have them up here shortly,” he says before I can even finish my sentence. “Just sit back and relax and enjoy the flight the rest of the way.”
His smile puts me at ease. I nod. “Thank you.”
“My pleasure,” he chirps. A flicker of sympathy crosses his face but he doesn’t say anything, walking off back downstairs to his own section. 
Once settled, I fish my flight ticket from my back pocket. There’s no way I messed up my seating because there’s no way I can afford a first class ticket halfway across the world. I chuckle silently, sitting back in the lush seat. Another flight attendant comes over to show me how to turn the chair into a bed and I spend the rest of the flight curled up in a blanket, making up for lost sleep. 
As I’m getting ready to disembark, the flight attendant I pass by the door casually asks, “Heading to the concert this weekend? I heard they’re really big.”
I smile but shake my head. “No. I’m just here to see family.”
She smiles back. “Well, enjoy the Big Apple anyway!”
The pre-booked taxi ride from JFK to the hotel takes about an hour and a half with heavy traffic, going straight into the heart of the city. The couple was right; the city looks like someone threw up purple everywhere. It’s almost like going into a whole different world and these lights are significant indicators of the gods they worship. My heart sinks a little. This means I would have a hard time going out anywhere. I don’t even know why I came when I should’ve known this was expected.
A week earlier than the concert. It should be fine.
Fine my ass, I think, sighing heavily and leaning back against the headrest.
“It’s crazy, isn’t it?” 
I glance into the rearview mirror to see the driver looking at me. “What is?”
“This whole thing,” he says. “I’ve never seen anything like it. When Taylor Swift was here on her Red Tour, no one painted the city red.” He laughs but pauses when he sees I didn’t share the humour. 
“Sorry, I thought you were one of them,” he explains apologetically. 
I don’t reply. I close my eyes, a clear sign that I want whatever peace and quiet I can get before we arrive. An image of Kenzo lying on the ground with his eyes wide open flashes in my mind and I immediately sit up. I put a hand over my chest, breathing in heavily, counting to ten. It takes longer to slow my heart down and when it finally does, I rest back against the seat, fighting to keep the content of my stomach down. 
The taxi pulls up at the hotel lobby and the driver helps me with my luggage. Without paying attention to my surroundings, especially the Welcome Worldwide ARMY sign over the entrance, I make a beeline straight to the concierge. The lady behind the desk gives me an odd look, checking and rechecking my reservation details before she hesitantly hands over the keycard. I don’t wait long for her to ask any questions, rushing towards the next elevator that arrives and punching the 22 button, breathing a sigh of relief when the doors close before anyone else could get on.
Opening the door to the room, it finally hits me why the lady was giving me suspicious looks. ‘Room’ is an understatement; it’s a whole damn suite. I step in, my shoes sinking into the lush carpet and fighting back the urge to roll my eyes. I close the door behind me and go to find the bedroom. There are two, but I’m pulled towards the bigger one. I place my luggage to the side and stand in the middle of the room, staring at the king bed. Something itches at the back of my mind but I push it away, turning on my heel and heading to the living room. 
The windows overlook Central Park, the trees turning dark now that the sun is setting. The purple lights are more visible everywhere now and I can even catch glimpses of the concert banners. The stadium is thirty minutes away and yet here I am, still stuck in the middle of it all. Why did I come?
Namjoon checks the time on his phone: 7.30PM.
He holds back a sigh, rolling his neck around to try to relieve the stiffness. His whole body is aching, especially his legs but it’s sort of a good type of ache, the kind of ache he finds almost cathartic, an ache that tells him that things are almost back to normal. 
  Normal. What is normal, even? He doesn’t think his life will ever be normal, not from what they came back from three years ago. Three years; sometimes it feels like a long time ago but there are days when it feels like it was just yesterday sitting in that Australian interrogation room, helping the authorities piece things together while they wait to get in touch with the South Korean embassy. The funny thing was, Bang PD was the first to arrive, distraught and looking like he had lost a lot of weight, days earlier than when the government finally did. 
“Yah, Namjoon-ah.”
Namjoon looks up at Jin standing over him. 
“Time to go, Joon-ah,” Jin says. “Let’s go. I want to get back quickly.”
Namjoon pushes himself off the dance room floor, stretches and follows Jin out. The other guys are already ahead of them, chatting animatedly. Him and Jin take on a slower pace, watching the others from behind and laughing when Taehyung insists he carries Yoongi on his back to the car. Hoseok’s laughter echoes through the hallway, mixing with Jungkook’s sweet voice as he belts out a random verse of a song. 
“Stop checking the time,” Jin chastises, swatting Namjoon’s hand when he’s reaching into his pocket. “It’s making me antsy and time isn’t going to move any faster no matter how many times you stare at it and it’s making me hungry. I hope the room service menu is good.”
Namjoon just nods. He has no appetite and the last meal he had was lunch at noon. He watches Jimin and Taehyung disappear into one black car and his heart skips a beat. He only relaxes when he sees their manager get in, too. Yoongi and Hoseok get into another car and Jungkook, him and Jin take the last one. He silently tells himself that he saw the driver’s face, that he knows him, and sees him to be the same one from the last time. A manager rides with them, pulling the door closed. 
He finds himself tensing everytime they’re about to travel somewhere and they travel a lot. He made a habit of memorising the faces of the drivers and taking notes of who rides with who, making sure all the faces are familiar ones. It gets exhausting, always having to look over their backs but it’s out of his control now. It has become second nature, almost an instinct to react that way after what they’ve been through. He’s barely making any progress in therapy, too. 
As the car pulls out, Jin places a hand on his knee, stopping it from bouncing. “Stop,” Jin says softly. “It’s fine.”
He relaxes instantly, sitting back and turning to look out the window at the purple ocean outside. Jin’s hand still rests on his knee and he makes no move to remove it. Jungkook sits in the back, one elbow resting on the luggage next to him, quietly scrolling through his phone but once a while he looks up at Namjoon’s face in the window reflection. He didn’t think today was going to be this bad. To be honest, he didn’t think it was going to be this bad for everybody. 
Jungkook may be the youngest but he knows the others too damn well for them to hide their true emotions from him. He notices things that the others thought he might have mislooked. He catches things the others think no one else knows. Like the way Hoseok and Jimin might have given it their all during practice but their eyes didn’t shine the same way they always do when it comes to dancing, or how Taehyung keeps forgetting lyrics, or when Jin keeps messing up the choreography more times than he can count without much improvement. Yoongi was a lot quieter, too, and Namjoon just won’t stop checking the time. 
Also, because he’s the youngest, he can’t really say much to change things. This is their first ever comeback after two years of hiatus. They needed to nail this well so Jungkook had done his best to keep everything as close to normal as possible, even if it meant pretending. 
But while he thought he was being his normal, cheerful self, the others, in turn, heard the forced laughter and noticed the over hyperactive behaviour that seemed to be compensating for the team’s lack of energy. The team was in shambles so practice finished early. With their luggage back in the cars, they move to a different hotel after only one night in the last one. Jungkook’s glad. 
They arrive at the Ritz-Carlton just before nine o’clock, entering through the back door and are herded into a staff elevator. The ride up is a long one and most of them rested their backs against the cool elevator walls. Their managers and guards lead the way to their room and once inside, they are greeted by the delicious smell of food.
The suite has a separate dining room and they all pile in there, practically following their noses while their entourage help with the discarded luggages at the front door. They stand around the table, eyes wide at the spread, mouth literally drooling. Jungkook plops down on one of the chairs but then something else catches their attention.
Yoongi’s ears pricked up at the sound, looking around at the others to see if they heard it too. Namjoon locks eyes with him and they share a silent message between them. Jungkook slowly stands back up.
I let the shower run for a few seconds before stepping into it, relishing in the warmth that washes down my stiff shoulders and back. 
Jet lag is a bitch but the shower is somehow relaxing me enough to finally feel tired. I pass a hand over my hair to let the water touch my scalp but other than that, I remain motionless, standing under the shower facing the wall, trying to relax. I didn’t fill up the bath, thinking of only having a quick shower before going straight to bed but the idea of sleep gives me dread all the time. Especially when sleeping alone.
I call them nightmares but Felicity, the therapist I have to see twice a month, says it’s my brain reliving trauma and processing it. So easy of her to label it with pretty words as if that would magically make them easier or better to deal with. I still wake up in sweats, most times screaming, other times, when it’s a particularly bad one, I would just cease being functional the whole day, retreating into whatever corner of my mind I go to. 
Every night I wander the omegaverse house alone, going from room to room, searching for something. I never remember exactly what I was looking for when I wake up but the feeling of being trapped grows stronger and stronger throughout the end, almost as if it’s squeezing me awake. They’re always the same, though sometimes I find myself running through long, never-ending hallways as dark figures, hundreds of them, chase me until I stumble over Kenzo’s dead, staring body and the dark figures warp into different people and swarm over me. These are the ones when I wake up mute.
I pump out some soap and lather it onto my body. I run one hand over the other arm, my eyes easily noticing the multiple puncture wounds that littered the back of my hand, the crook of my elbow and all over my upper arm. They might be old scars but they never fail to remind me of what entailed when we finally left Australia, a week after arriving at their port. Some of them are fresh from earlier this month, too. 
Two weeks of quarantine, alone at a hotel, each of us in separate rooms with no method of communicating between us. We weren’t allowed out of our respective rooms but people came in and out of ours frequently. The first week was a full retelling of what happened, from day one to the day we docked in Cairns. They pushed for minute details, repeating same questions sometimes multiple times and then made us repeat the whole thing again on paper when we finished, all the while a medical and research team drew vials of blood and took handfuls of saliva swabs and rolls of fingerprints in between. 
When the hotel quarantine finished, we were transported to a medical facility in Jeju Island and by then I only saw the others once during transportation. The nightmares began there, on the first night. 
I finish up with the soap and move on to the shampoo. The longer I spend in here to my thoughts, the darker down the rabbit I might end up and I prefer not to. I should hurry, I think as I lather the shampoo in between my palms. If the shower hadn’t been on I probably would have heard the soft click of the door being opened.
But I sense it creeping in even before I feel the presence behind me so I slowly wash off the shampoo from my hair without turning around, waiting as the shower water pelts over my head, the suds swirling around my feet and down the drain. 
Coming in quietly from behind, Namjoon wraps his arms around your waist.
He nuzzles your neck, letting the water wash over him, too. He feels himself melting into you, every muscle on his body relaxing as if he finally lets go of a really heavy weight. He squeezes his arms around you, almost pulling you up to your tippy toes. The hot water has fogs up the shower glass from the waist down and it’s starting to get a little stuffy but neither of you seems to notice or care.
Namjoon kisses your neck. “Hi.”
You tilt your head back, giving him more access. “Hi.”
He pinches your nipples, rolling them around and feeling them grow perkier. He feels you push back against his hardness and for a second, he almost lost it. 
“How was the flight?” he whispers in your ear, sucking on your earlobe.
“Okay,” you say, hooking one arm around his neck. “How was practice?”
“Not bad,” he replies, kissing along your jawline. “Did you sleep well last night?”
You shake your head. “You know I never sleep well alone.”
There’s a sort of a sense of satisfaction for Namjoon to hear that but all he says is, “I’m sorry we had to leave, baby.”
You twist around a little to look him in the eye. “I know. I’m here now so it doesn’t matter.”
Namjoon nods, pressing his forehead against the side of yours. He leans down to connect your lips together, sucking on your bottom lip between his teeth. Slowly, he pushes over you until you’re bent over, palms resting flat against the wall. He trails one hand up the inside of your thigh until he reaches your core, already soaking wet and not from the shower. Your folds wielded against his fingers, prodding to find your little nub. 
A moan easily slips through your lips when his middle finger rubs over your clitoris while he uses his forefinger and ring finger to keep your lips open for easy access. Outside, you hear someone turn on the bath water, letting the bath fill up. A few seconds later, you’re rocking back and forth over two of his fingers, the shower shut off and the lewd squelching sound echoing off the walls. 
Namjoon can feel how warm and wet your walls are, clenching his fingers like you’re about to cut off his blood supplies. He lets out a low growl, something deep and primal and your slick covers his fingers, dripping down all over the rest of his hand. He continues to pump his fingers, watching you writhe and moan under him until, finally, with one tensed shudder, you come, milking his fingers, making him wish he was cock deep in you instead. But not yet. Not yet because he knows you needed this release.
He catches you around the middle as you slump forward, straightening you up once strength goes back to your legs. You turn around, a questioning look on your face. He just smiles at you and pushes open the shower door and ushers you out. Jin sits in the bathtub, his elbows resting against the lip of the tub. Namjoon whispers, “Go on. I think Jin hyung was missing you a lot today.”
Namjoon closes the shower door and finishes off showering while Jin beckons you over with one finger. His hair is pushed back with water and there’s a glint of mischief in his eyes. When you get close enough, he takes your hand and helps you get into the warm water, seated in between his legs. 
You rest your head on his shoulder, breathing in his creamy milky scent that instantly drives out the jet lag from your body. Suddenly, you’re refreshed and you look up at him, wondering if that was his intention. You see his lips go up in a smirk and you get your answer. 
“Did you have dinner yet?” he asks, one thumb rubbing circles on my shoulder. 
You nod. “But it was expensive. They ordered room service.”
They, as in the two undercover guards that follow you everywhere, one acting more like a manager, stepping in when it comes to trivial decision-making. Yes, hired under HYBE, their backgrounds so thoroughly checked you were sure some information was illegally obtained. But they’re good people and they have been with you almost two years now.
“Was it good, though?”
You chuckle. “Yeah.”
“Well, then there’s no problem. You deserve it, sweetheart,” he purrs in your ear. “You don’t have to worry about if it was expensive or not. Our concern is more if you enjoyed it. Did you?”
Your eyebrows knit together. “You make me sound like a concubine. I make my own money, you know.”
Jin’s expression mirrors yours. “You’re not a concubine. You’re the love of our lives, our mate. We’re a family now.” He takes your left hand, absentmindedly playing with the silver band wrapped around your ring finger, a ring that comes in an identical set of eight. Not gold but silver because people think BTS are adorable when they have matching rings. “If we want to spoil you, we’ll spoil you in however ways we want, whenever we want. Remember, whatever that’s ours, is yours.”
You stay quiet, having had this conversation too many times too much already and never winning. He runs a hand through your wet hair, not even acknowledging Namjoon who quietly slips out of the bathroom. “Did you have the nightmare last night?”
“Yeah,” you say, your voice coming out small. 
He kisses your temple, long and lingering. “I knew you should’ve flown with us.”
You shake your head. “No. Remember what happened last time? I’m not going through that again.”
“I know, sweetheart,” he says, pulling you into a hug, nipping at your neck. “Let’s not think about the bad stuff. Tonight, we’re going to take care of you, princess. Let us take care of you. We’ll make sure your dreams are only of you cockwarming us tonight. We’ll make sure you come until you’re all dried up.”
Your whole body tingles with anticipation. You glance up at him through your lashes, pouting teasingly. “We’ve only been separated a day.”
Jin lands a kiss on your lips, sneaking in his tongue to let you suck on it. You lean into him, your omega a little excited for what’s in store that slick is staining the bath water. Jin can smell it, cupping his hand over your warmth but he’s patient. He’s in no rush. You are theirs and theirs alone and they’ll take their sweet time with you.
That night, the scrumptious dinner was barely touched. By morning, the master bedroom was half destroyed and the boys had to opt for long-sleeved shirts to cover the scratches and bumps. One look at your turtle neck in the morning told the manager enough that he didn’t even need to see the damage to call up hotel’s housekeeping when they boys had left for practice, slipping extra cash in the housekeepers’ hands to keep them quiet.   
Your phone pinged to signal a text message and you see it’s from the group chat. 
Joonie: We’ll be home a little late tonight, baby 😘 A lot to catch up on with practice
Jiminie: But check the bottom drawer. It’s for you 😉
Kookie: I picked it out!😋
Padding slowly towards the closet and checking the bottom drawer as instructed, you produce the item. You smile to yourself. Looks like tonight is going to be another fun one. 
Before you could put it away, a staff member walks in to do their usual sweep of the room and he catches a glimpse of the cosplay outfit. His face burns bright red as he scurries out. The look on the manager’s face when you go back into the living room is not a happy one, knowing that he would have to repeat today’s clean up for tomorrow.  
He sighs. “Just try not to break the bed again.”
You smile sheepishly but nod.
“Would you like to go out? Shopping? Look around? You’re in New York after all.” He checks his watch. “We have time.”
You shake your head, looking forlornly out the window. The manager doesn’t push. He knows what’s on your mind, knows it well enough to understand that in a place where worldwide ARMY is gathering, you prefer to avoid the purple crowd. 
“I’ll just wait here.”
The manager stands up. “I’ll have them bring up lunch soon. Let me know if you change your mind about going out. The boys won’t want you cooped up.”
You nod but you both know that won’t happen.
Two years ago, after a year in the medical facility, being under the microscope, needle and every other probing and prodding object, they finally decided that we were ready to be integrated back into society. By then, everybody knew the full grasp of the pack concept and solemnly acknowledged that separating us by force affects us physically, physiologically and mentally. They learned this in the first two weeks; take one of us away and watch the others regress.  
They decided that whatever we had was not contagious or infectious, and our blood work, albeit abnormal, also didn’t seem to pose any health risk to any of us. What they couldn’t figure out was how to reverse it without killing us and that was where the line was drawn. So, we all packed up our things and left. I found out later that the research group was a private one, sworn to secrecy and NDA bound. Everything was kept hush, hush. 
By that time, BTS had been away from the public eye for far too long. People were getting anxious. Rumours flew off of a disbandment and HYBE went through a loss in stock, not significant, but enough to make people more suspicious. The world even caught wind of a privately hired team investigating a remote uninhabited island in the Solomon Sea after news of BTS appearing in Australia out of the blue circulated. Of course, they didn’t find anything but an abandoned research building. They even found the bunker but the entrance had been sealed shut.
So this time, when news spread of BTS flying in from Jeju Island (from a private resort, as far as the public was concerned), back to Seoul, crowds gathered at the airport, waiting for their beloved boys to return.  
This was when the mistake happened. 
We were briefed of the situation twice; once in flight of the private jet and then once more when we landed because apparently the scale was bigger than they expected. There were media and the crowd was in a hysterical state. HYBE decided that there would be no facetime, that we could take another route to the cars and completely miss the crowd altogether but Namjoon thought it was better to let them see that the boys were alright, that they could pass things off as them needing a getaway. With makeup, they look just like their normal selves in less than an hour. The mistake was letting me walk with the staff, camouflage as part of the team.
Hysterical was an understatement. The crowd of fans was inconsolable, wailing and crying, holding up signs that were more negative than positive; accusatory at worst, guilt-tripping at the least. One whiff of their scents told me how heartbroken the boys were but this had been expected. I kept my head down, silently swallowing the turmoil of emotions I was sensing from my pack, unable to do much.  
It was right at the last second, right when we thought we were in the green, right when the exit was in sight and right when BTS almost passed through the doors so they could make a break for the cars, when a group of people broke through the barrier and swarmed everybody; the staff, the managers, the guards and especially the boys. What happened next happened in slow motion.
The swarm of crowds gave me a flashback of the black soldiers chasing us down the hallway and for a brief moment I felt I was back in there. I froze. The air was sucked out of my lungs and all I could focus on was the bodies jostling me around, pushing me away from the staff group. The noise sounded dampened and for a moment my mind went blank and it felt hard to breathe. 
Someone smacked me in the head with a sign and panic rose even more when I was almost swallowed by the ocean of bodies crashing into me. The guards were having a hard time pushing them back and I had lost my bearing. I almost tripped and fell if the hand hadn’t caught me in time, pulling me out and dragging me away. Someone had wrestled through the crowd and had me under their strong arms, shielding me as we both bolted for the doors. Only once in the car, once air could fill my lungs again, once my head wasn’t ringing anymore did I finally realise it had been Hoseok who kept one arm over my shoulder the whole car ride, hands in fists to mask the shaking.
Pictures spread like wildfire all over social media. Questions about who I was and what I was to the boys, to Hoseok especially, bounced all around every type of media, both local and abroad. A deep dive of my old social media accounts told them just enough for them to know that I had used to work with HYBE and the conclusions had been that we had met through work and fallen in love and that the boys had disappeared from the public eye so that Hoseok could have time to nurture the relationship. Plausible, but far from the truth. 
But that was something that people could accept, or at least learn to, so HYBE never made any announcement to confirm or refute the speculations and the fans went wild. For a long while, ARMYs were divided into two: those who supported the boys’ private relationships and those who wanted to shoot down anyone and anything that threatens their chances. Unfortunately, the loudest were the ones that were unfavourable.
I never went out. I didn’t go back to my home country because I had no one to go back to, so my life remained here. BTS moved out from The Hill and chose a country house on the outskirts of Seoul, a modern and stylish hanok that came with a wide inner court. The hanok also came with a bungalow next door that included two separate studios. These were where most of the staff stayed on a weekly rotation. They had guards posted twenty-four seven around the ground’s perimeters but due to its location in the mountains, it was the most private place they could find and we hardly ever had any unwanted visitors.
But that incident at the airport set a ripple into motion. A year at a medical facility can’t be counted as recuperating so BTS had to take off for another year, appearing on Vlive once or twice a month just to keep in touch with the fans that stood by them, keeping up the appearance that everything was normal and okay. While they worked on rebuilding their relationship with their fans, I hid away. I deleted all my social media and was never seen in public again. The idea was to wait until everything died down but throughout the year, I still remained one of the unsolved mysteries of BTS, fan theories popping up every other month. 
The boys regained some semblance of their usual selves with the help of their fans but I was slowly losing myself. I no longer had a life separated from them and I was growing to resent their presence because them being around meant I could never go back to my normal while they could. We live a pack life in the house and even when we each have our own rooms, we pile in the nesting room every night. I was desperately suffocating and even if my omega is happy and satisfied, the human part of me wanted more.
The night I ran away, I left behind only a small note. I knew I was crushing them but it was something I had to do. They respected it enough to not pursue me. I left the country and went back to my hometown. I found a job in the city as an editor for a small publishing house and lived my life quietly for four months, during which BTS announced their comeback and a world tour coming the next year. 
Life without them had been excruciatingly painful but I pushed back on the pain. My goal was simple: to get back on my feet before I feel worthy enough to stand next to them again. I had to be worthy, had to be someone ARMY could learn to accept because if we were to remain a pack, I would, in the future, be seen with them again, accidentally or otherwise, thus there should be a good explanation. 
Hoseok once told me that if it meant him coming out as us being secretly married then he would in a heartbeat but I knew what that would cost. I didn’t want them to sacrifice their relationship with the world for me. Not yet, anyway. So I stayed away, adamant to make something of myself first before I could go back.
But then the call came, directly from Bang PD himself. An emergency. I should take the first flight out to Seoul, the ticket is already in my email. 
I left work and arrived in Seoul in less than twenty-four hours, growing more distraught as the car that picked me up didn’t head for the mountains, but instead the general hospital. Jungkook had been admitted for chronic gastritis, an abdominal pain he had ignored for too long. When I pushed open the door to his room, the emotions were already flowing. The boys stood around his bed, already aware of my presence the moment I stepped into the hospital. 
None of them reacted, watching with trembling hands as I approached the bed. Jungkook bawled and I was in his arms in no time. When he was calmed enough, Namjoon and Yoongi pulled me aside. They told me how, when I left, Jungkook was barely eating, shut away in his room most of the time and had stopped all his hobbies. He even went back to his parents place, just like they all did, but they couldn’t stay away for too long. My absence was more than what they could handle. 
I spent the night cuddling Jungkook in his hospital bed, his arm wrapped tightly around my waist as if even in sleep he wanted to keep me here. Only Jin and Hoseok remained at the hospital, sleeping on the pull out sofa, spooning each other. It took a week for Jungkook to finally be able to go home and when I stepped through the entrance of the house, Jin sat me down on the couch and the others came in. After four hours of tearful conversation, we came to a conclusion that had been there all along.
There was no way I could go back. There was no way I could be away from them ever again. This is home. This is family, the only one I have left, given to me, the only blessing throughout all this fuckery. I gave my notice at work and a team was sent to collect my belongings and bring them to Seoul. I got another job, the same one, a local agency, with the added bonus of being able to work remotely, except for the first Monday and the last day of every month. The job gave me the sense of self and security I needed to stay and everything else worked out on its own.
A month later, I came home on a Monday to find the house dark and quiet. Alpha pheromones permeated the air with the hint of the betas but I couldn’t find them anywhere, not until I’ve put down everything in my room and then had seen the fairy lights in the inner court. I went outside to see a white tent had been put up and that a grill was starting. The boys stood underneath the tent in nice shirts and chino pants, hands behind their backs like they were about to give a speech. Namjoon stepped forward and fell on one knee, holding out the silver ring. 
Our situation is a delicate matter, something the world would never understand, thus, the only ones who are informed of the whole detail of what happened to us and the intricate relationship we are in now are the company’s higher ups, the staff and managers that work with BTS and families. We are still being prodded for blood every month and a full body checkup every six months. We are assigned group therapy once a month and individual ones as many times as needed. Even families were being provided the same support. It’s not an easy thing to wrap your head around after all.
The rings represent everything, both a promise and a subtle announcement, more so for each other rather than anyone else. Through pacts and documents managed by Big Hit, mediated by some family members (Hoseok’s and Jin’s fathers, mostly) our relationship, the pack, will be regarded as an official marriage among those that were privied. The documents even included a prenup, something I never quite understand what it’s for but quite shocked that the idea came from Namjoon. As for my behalf, Ginny was my representor and witness, the only none family, none HYBE employee included in our tight circle. 
I remember her crying, snot running down her nose when we first arrived back in South Korea. She was the only person there specifically for me, grabbing me in handfuls and alternating between angry and relief. When I left the country to be away from the boys, Ginny had acted as the middle person as she had remained in Seoul. She wrote a book, a fantasy novel that, if you read closely and notice all the little things, could be about us but I never asked. The book was published but neither of us talked about it and it didn’t matter to me. Everyone deals with this differently. Writing was her way. 
We’re all trying to live life as normal as we can, the best we can. We’re all struggling with the demons that followed us from the omegaverse house and the people close to us are dealing with the bizzarity of it all the best they can. We named the house we live in Maxime, the wooden plaque stuck to the outside wall next to the gate, just above the mail slot. All house mails are addressed to The Maxime Household, providing anonymity, not against Despatch or fans or stalkers but from the number one threat: the Master.
For now, it’s been quiet, and call it paranoia, but I’m glad HYBE is ramping up security measures in more ways than one so it doesn’t bother me anymore when the protocol to leave the house probably rivals the POTUS or even an Emperor. It took away most of the boys' freedom but living in the mountains gave them enough leeway to do things by themselves. 
Namjoon still manages to go on bike rides, though the mountains can be strenuous and Taehyung still manages to keep up with his social circle to a certain point. Jungkook goes back to boxing in the staff bungalow gym and Hoseok and Jimin go out shopping decked head to toe in disguised outfits, which we’d have fun laughing about the whole day.
Jin spends most of his free time with family if he’s not researching new recipes to cook for the pack and Yoongi doubles down in his studio hours, the only outlet he knows how to channel his psyche into. The music poured out like a waterfall, uncapping all that he had been bottling, raw and unrestrained, but most of the songs he played for us within the confines of his studio walls, remained to die there.
And me? I’m living my life, our life, to the fullest. This love and this bond has been a gift and I don’t want to waste anymore time not appreciating it. I have my boys with me from the moment I close my eyes to sleep to the second I wake up, safe in their arms, forever in their sight, as Namjoon promised. 
We will continue to honour this rare gift until the time comes for us to face the Master again. He’s still out there, waiting, probably even watching. What he doesn’t know is that there are things that developed more than just the telepathy so when we meet again, and I say when because I know it will happen, we’re prepared. 
I put this story out into the world so you can read this and know that somewhere out there, maybe even the person sitting next to you on your train home or the next table in a restaurant, could be a victim of the maniac, forced to live an altered life of part human, part wolf in secret. If you come across these people, know that there are forces working behind the scenes to have justice served. And us, The Maxime Household, might deliver it ourselves one day. 
I hope you’re reading this, too, Master. The world might not be ready for us but we are ready for you.    
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