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#ot7 fic
wwilloww · 10 months ago
sh. | jjk | chapter one
Tumblr media
PAIRING: Jungkook x Reader ft. OT7
RATING: Explicit.
GENRE: NonIdol!Au. Wilderness!Au. f2l. Smut. Fluff.
WC: 6k
SUMMARY: How could you say no to a month away in the mountains with your friends after six months of grueling quarantine?
WARNINGS: YN is a cuddling fiend. Untimely boner. Handjob. Nipple play. Fingering. Unprotected sex. Size kink. Slight voyeurism. Power play. Dirty talk.
AN: This is a little bit of a test for a potentially longer series. So please please please tell me what you think, what you wanna see, what you think is going to happen!! 💕😉
Thank you to @hauntedlilies​ and @hesperantha​ for being the most beautiful beta readers ever. And of course, millions of kisses and hugs and thanks to the loveliest @thatlongspringnight​ for going off a cliff with me last night and helping me to plan ahead.
Tumblr media
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©wwilloww Do not repost, translate, or use my stories without my permission.
Tumblr media
Chapter One
“Shh, baby,” he whispers in your ear. “Do you really want them to hear?”
Still, you can’t help the little “Oh,” that slips from you when he drags his cock out of you oh so dangerously slow and then rams back in.
Each thrust pushes you up against the kitchen counter.
The rest of the boys are in the other room, the movie playing not quite loud enough, filling the space of the previously lazy Friday night.
God, he feels so fucking good inside you. And yet, you hadn’t meant it to happen like this.
Tumblr media
You’d always said that summer was your favorite season. But as you watch the light begin to fade from the sky, baby blue transforming into gold flakes of light that whirl across the gravel road, you think you might just have to change your mind.
The light glows and flickers through the pine trees as your car climbs the final hill to your destination. You begin searching for the cabin, although it’s nowhere in sight.
It’s the first day of a season away in the mountains. Two weeks ago your roommate, Namjoon, had bumbled into your tiny city bedroom, and just stood there for a moment before asking if you liked the mountains.
“Sure I do,” you replied.
He grinned. “Would you ever want to live there?”
“I mean— yeah, but like, work and quarantine and—”  
“Aren’t you working from home?”
“And haven’t we been quarantined — more or less — for six months?”
“Yes…” you said slowly.
“Then if those are your only hesitations, it’s settled!”
You’d stood from your little bed at that point. “What are you on about Namjoon?”
“I got a house in the mountains.”
“You got a house? In the mountains?”
“Details, buddy, details. I’m going, for a month or two — but probably until the spring. And I’d love it if you came with me.”  
It was as simple as that.
An offer, presented and received.
Perhaps six months locked away in your tiny city apartment had done you a bit of good. Decisions which you once might have weighed against reasonability or responsibility seemed to fall away. Instead, you did what you needed to do and the rest was up to whim and will. In recent weeks, you noticed it in the smaller things too. Eating when hungry. Moving when restless. Searching out company — virtually or in the form of your very large, but not very cuddly roommate — when lonely.
So when Namjoon offered you a season spent away from the prison walls of your tiny shared apartment, there was no hesitation.
“It’s all taken care of,” he had said with a gentle shoulder nudge when you persistently bugged him about chipping in. “Don’t worry about it.”
And even better than that, Namjoon had somehow rounded up your friends — even Yoongi who no one could tear away from his studio equipment.
The boys had already spent a night up at the cabin while you wrapped up some things in the city, packed a duffle bag, and headed out towards the great, yawning wilderness.
You were excited to see them. Quarantine had left you with little opportunity to spend quality time with your friends, and after 6 months in isolation with your roommate you were socially starved, and frankly, touch starved too. Namjoon tolerated your morning hugs, but the two of you weren’t really on the same page in terms of sharing physical affection the rest of the time.
Still scanning the trees for a cute lil log cabin, your eyes widen in shock as a building comes into view.
This is no cabin.
Before you stretches a beautiful home, designed with a graceful balance of smooth stonework, warm wood, and modern glass. A long driveway winds up a gentle hill. Are you sure you put the right address in? You think as you pull up in front of the house. But through the windows, you can see Jimin standing, waving at you.
What the actual fuck.
You park the car at the foot of the stairs leading up to the house, unbuckle the food from the passenger seat (would you dare risk the safety of Jungkook’s dinner?), and ascend the stairs. The door before you stands twice your height. Wrought iron vines tangle across a warm, dark wood. Just as you’re about to attempt to knock with your elbow, the door swings open.
“Baby!! You made it!”
You’re barely in the door, arms full of takeout, when he comes to wrap around you. It’s like all the time between you has washed away, replaced by the laughter bubbling through your chest. It’s been months since you saw your friend, months since you were held like this. It’s so easy to melt into his touch.
“Not your baby,” you correct, although you smile at the embrace.
“Not yet,” Hoseok teases back. “You know I would give you exactly what you need.”
“Is that a proposition?”
“I’m always propositioning you, it seems.”
You twist around to properly raise your brow at your teasing friend.
“Mhmm, seems like it.”
He winks at you, a playful smile teasing at his features. He bends down to press a kiss to the curve of your shoulder and kind of sways you back and forth. You stumble a bit, still carrying the heavy bags of food, but he holds tight to you anyways.
“Is this all you brought?” Hobi murmurs against you. “Just food? For the whole week? No clothes?”
You laugh. “My bags are in the car. I just figured you all would want to get your greedy little paws in some dinner first.”
“You brought food?” Jungkook peaks his head in from the living room.
“You didn’t think I would forget, did you?”
“You always know exactly how to take care of us, don’t you?” Jungkook comes to grab the three bags of takeout from your hands while Hobi still clings to your back like a koala.
“C’mon, Hobi, lemme go.”
As soon as the words leave you though, you regret it. He loosens his grip on you and the cool wash of the autumn air washes in through the still-open door behind you, replacing the warmth of his touch.  
“Promise you’ll be my cuddle buddy during the movie?”
How could you say no?
Perhaps that’s exactly where it all started. With them, there was nothing you wanted to say no to.
Tumblr media
After a boisterous dinner, dishes being passed to and fro, jokes being shouted above the racket, more than one glass of wine downed — you all slump on the couches, full and exhausted and content.
“Movie?” Jungkook suggests, one leg thrown over you as you lean into Taehyung’s chest. He strokes your hair gently and you swear you could fall asleep like this, blissed out and wrapped in his arms.
“PJs first,” Jin declares from the kitchen, emerging as he wipes his hands with a dishtowel.
“Ugh, thank god,” you groan, sitting up from the couch.
“I can’t believe you’re wearing jeans,” Jungkook laughs. “What kind of world do you think you’re living in?”
“Obviously one where we put effort into our appearance,” Jimin sings, eyeing Jungkook’s oversized holey t-shirt and sweatpants combo.
“Fine,” Jungkook says. “I’ll change.”
“Where, uh, where should I change?”  
“Bedroom?” Yoongi cuts in, not even removing his eyes from his phone screen.
“Oh!” Jimin claps his hands together, turning back to face you. “We saved the best for you. Well, for you and Hobi.”
“The master suite. There weren’t enough beds — and we figured a king-sized bed for two would be better than the couch for one?”
Hobi chips in: “Unless, of course, you’re uncomfortable, in which case I’ll sleep on the—”
“No, no, no.” You shake your head, stopping him in his tracks. “Nothing wrong with a lil more warmth in the world.”
“Good,” Jimin nods. “We figured putting the two of you cuddle freaks together anyways would be best for our sanity too.”
You sling the duffle bag you left waiting by the front door over your shoulder and follow your friend down a long glass hallway. The night has painted the exterior dark, but as you look down, you realize that the glass above and on either side of you is also beneath you. You’re walking over a bottomless bridge, the swirling darkness beneath you seeming to reach up towards you.
A squeal escapes you and you lunge forward, grasping onto Hobi’s arm.
“Shit!” You basically drag him forward, refusing to let go of him but desperate to get off of the glass floor. He chuckles at you but complies.
“Don’t worry, I got you. I freaked the first time too.”
He wraps you up again in his arms and more or less waddles you forward to where the hardwood begins again.
“See? All safe!”
Heat floods your cheeks as you look back down the long glass hallway.
“It looks a little less terrifying on the other side of it,” you sheepishly admit.
Hoseok chuckles and tugs you forward. You enter a large bedroom. Atop a large platform sits an extra large white bed with throws and pillows. You drop your bag and sprint towards the bed, launching yourself so that you land square in the center.
“Ah,” you sigh, taking what you think might be your first deep breath of the day. You spread your arms and legs out as if about to make snow angels. You prop your head up and take a look around the room while Hobi pads over to a large closet where he seems to already have unpacked.
The room is surrounded on two sides by entirely glass walls. The light that spills from the lamps that have already been lit makes it so beyond the walls, everything looks pitch black. Lush, fluffy carpets are scattered around the room, and in the corner is a small personal library, a little couch, and an armchair. And in the very center of the room is what you can only imagine to be an indoor fire pit.
Hobi throws a t-shirt in your face, breaking you from your thoughts.
“Get changed, slowpoke. I’ll take the bathroom.”
While Hobi changes in the bathroom you pull on the large t-shirt he threw at you and a pair of sleep shorts. While you wait on him, you scroll through your phone.
“Do you know what lies behind this door?” Hobi calls from the bathroom.
“What? No? Isn’t it a bathroom?”
“J-Hope’s hot body!” Your jaw drops before you are letting your phone fall to the mattress beneath you and laughing hysterically. He peeks his head out the door. He’s not wearing a shirt and you swallow quickly as you graze over the soft slope of his shoulders and the chiseled valley of his collar bones.  “Aren’t you curious?”
You quickly right yourself.
“Course I’m curious!” you laugh. “Who wouldn’t be curious?”
He grins at you. Sends you a wink.
“All you gotta do is ask, babe.”
“Get dressed, dummy.”
“Dummy that you love,” Hoseok corrects.
“Yes, my beloved little dummy.”
You wave him off and, taking your phone, head out back to the living room.
Tumblr media
Jungkook plops down on the couch where he was before, next to you. You’re not sure if you’re hallucinating after so many months apart from your friends, but it seems like he’s hovering. He sat next to you at dinner. Insisted on you staying in the kitchen while he washed the dishes to chat with him. He was waiting for you in the glass hallway too after you had changed, leaning casually as if he had just stumbled in — but other than the master suite, there was nothing on the other side of the bridge. He had been waiting for you.
“I missed you,” he says, a soft smile spreading over his features.
“I missed you too.”
“It’s been weird not having everyone around all the time—”
“--Too quiet.”
Your impulse is to ask him where he’s been, what he’s done — but you know. The eight of you have kept in touch regularly over quarantine. Your group chat, while filled with memes, has kept all of you updated on your daily routines for the past six months. You know where he’s been all these months, what he’s done, and yet there is still a new kind of distance.
You think he feels it too because he’s soon opening his arms, inviting you. You crawl over the couch to him and he wraps his limbs around you, cocooning you in a strange but nonetheless comfortable position.
As you sigh and settle into his embrace, you realize he feels like a new man.
There is a quiet kind of confidence to him that you hadn’t noticed before. An ability to sit still and silently and find comfort in that.
God, it’s sexy.
What? Your eyes shoot open at the thought. But before you can do anything about it, Hobi is tripping into the living room. His smile falters when he sees you and Jungkook all wrapped up.
“She promised—”
“I know,” you groan, sitting up from Jungkook. He frowns at the loss of contact. “Come ‘ere.” You reach your arms out towards Hoseok, but instead of joining you and Jungkook he hooks his arms around you and pulls you into his chest as he sits down.
“Like a little ragdoll,” Jungkook chuckles.
“I’m not a doll,” you huff, only upset at just how easy Hobi was able to haul your body across the couch.
“A little bit of a doll.”
Hobi wraps his arms around you as you lean back into him. You’d always end up like this with the young man, one of the two wrapped around the other. It was well known that out of all of your friends, the two of you were the most touchy. However, sometimes it seemed like more than that, as the two of you almost always gravitated towards each other in any group setting. It was just as simple as that. Hobi was by your side, no matter what.
The others come to settle into the living room, setting up in various levels of absolute exhaustion, tangled limbs, or apathy.
Namjoon scrolls through a couple of movies before settling on a title with lots of cars and noise.
The movie starts. Fast and Furious blares through the speakers, startling you slightly. One of those fancy, high-paced car movies. Despite the blasting of stuttering ignitions and roaring of top speed chases, you quickly find yourself drifting off, wrapped in the warmth of Hobi’s embrace.
A particularly loud car engine roars through the speaker and you startle awake.
Jungkook is stretched out lazily, one leg on the sofa, the other leg on the floor. As your eyes trail down his body — collarbone peeking out from his far too large t-shirt, forearms somehow still perfectly defined — you gasp softly when you see what’s tenting in his pants.
He has a boner. Between the thick spread of his thighs, the outline of his more than girthy cock presses up against the fabric of the grey sweatpants. He has a boner from a car chase.
He seems unbothered, unaware, even. You, however, are anything but.
Involuntarily, your mouth begins to water. The shock of seeing him like this reels through you. All you can think of is what it would be like to lean forward just enough, hands sliding up the hard muscle of his tights until your fingertips reached the elastic band of his waist. You wanted to dip your fingers underneath, wrap your hand around the thick girth of him, and lower your lips perfectly around the pink head. You want to sit on that cock, feel the way he fills you up and stretches you so—-
Jungkook catches your gaze. Heat rises to your face, a mix of embarrassment and arousal. As he takes you in, he smiles a little bit and lets his hand tral down his torso to fiddle with the band of his sweatpants.
You can’t be here. Can’t be imagining these kinds of things. Before you can think of what you’re doing, you’re rolling off of Hobi, a sound of question resonating from his chest.
“I’ll be right back,” you mumble, tripping out of the living room and around the corner to the kitchen.
What the actual fuck. What is wrong with you?
You can’t stop the images that flood your mind. Jungkook, towering above you, while you kneel at his feet, cock framed so perfected by your pouted lips.
All you want is to slip underneath the thick duvet of your bed and press the soft silicon head of your vibrator against your clit, working away at the unbearable tension that has built within you until you come. That’s not an option though, as you know tonight you’ll be climbing into bed with Hobi and the glee you first felt when being paired with your favorite cuddle buddy is now entirely by your frustration.
Head spinning, you grab your phone and begin to type into an empty message box.
This dude has a fucking boner, and all I can think of is stuffing it down my fucking THROAT.
What? Who are you going to text that to? Not Hobi, that’s for sure. And you’re sure your friends back home will simply shake their head at your message and respond with a series of question marks.
You shake your phone to delete the message and set it down on the counter. Turning your back, you head to the sink to pour yourself a big glass of water. Maybe some damn hydration will do something to quench this thirsty ass bitch, you think.
The water helps a little, and you gulp it down greedily.
Still, it's as if the image of Jungkook’s fat cock has been burned in the back of your mind.
You sigh and put the glass back down by the sink, looking out the bay window that sprawls over the counter.
You’ve never seen darkness quite like this. Without the lights of the city and with a new moon singing in the sky it seems as if the only light in your little world is that which shines from the house. All that you can really see is the vague silhouette of the mountains surrounding you and your own reflection. God, if only Jungkook were behind you, ramming into you at his own pleasure while you watched the reflection of him chasing his orgasm—
“Who’s cock are you wanting to shove down your throat?”
You freeze, hands curling into fists on the countertop.
“What?” you barely manage to breathe. Slowly, you turn.
Jungkook is standing at the entrance to the kitchen, your still-lit phone sitting on the countertop.
Without considering what you’re doing, your eyes flicker down to the still-prominent bulge in his pants. The gaze lasts only a moment. Half a second tops. It’s long enough to notice the way he strains so deliciously against the soft grey fabric of his sweatpants, the head of his cock clearly outlined against the material. And it’s also long enough for Jungkook to catch exactly where you’re looking.
“Wh— oh.” His lips purse perfectly around the vowel, understanding dawning.
Your mind chugs at hyperspeed, clunking through no reasonable explanation to offer a Jungkook who just very clearly caught you checking his dick out — the same dick you were just about to send a very steamy text about.
“I—” Your voice trails off into nothingness as you grip even tighter to the counter behind you. What is there to say?
“You?” Jungkook raises an eyebrow and takes a step towards you, a smirk playing on his features. “Hm?” His voice has dropped, resonating deep through you, any trace of questioning erased from his tone. “You saw my cock and the first thing you think is to text your friends about how you want to stuff it down your throat?”
“So it was a joke then?”
“No, no!” You begin to say Not a joke, I wouldn’t joke about that — but you stop yourself before the damning words can slip your mouth.
He tilts his head to the side, just a bit, and comes to lean against the island, several feet away from you. You can’t help but suck in a deep breath at the divine swirl of playfulness and danger in his gaze. He notes your tight grip on the counter, knuckles turning white.
“I’m not mad at you. A little surprised. Pleasantly so.”
“It’s a pretty little compliment to have someone you like wanna suck your dick.”
Your eyes widen. “Like?”
He speaks your name slow with a hint of boredom in his voice. “Seriously?”
“Seriously what?”
Jungkook smiles softly at you. “Sometimes you can be so blind.”
“I am not blind,” you huff, crossing your arms over each other.
“For certain things,” he smirks, “It seems you can see just just fine.”
He steps closer to you.
“I-I’m sorry, I didn’t mean — I didn’t want to make you uncomfortable, I —”
“I’m not uncomfortable in the slightest.”
“You’re not?”
You look up at him. There’s something dark, deep swirling in his gaze, and that playful smirk you know all too well dancing in the corner of his lips.
“I just want to know why.”
“I mean—” He raises his eyebrow at you. “It’s been a really long and lonely time in quarantine. Can you blame me?” Rather than bringing closure to the situation, every word you speak only seems to heighten your anxiousness, your speech speeding up, words falling over one another. “Y’all are so fucking hot and I forgot! I forgot, okay! I forgot how to regulate my goddamn libido and my thoughts and forgot what it’s like to be fuc—”
You slap you hand over your mouth.
“You forgot what it’s like to be fucked?” Jungkook laughs.
You pout a little. “Don’t laugh at me!”
“I’m not laughing,” he chortles. He is laughing. “I’m just—” he takes a deep breath to steady himself. “--just thinking that I know exactly what you mean and I — you know,”  His hand glides up his chest to rub at his collar bone. His signature nervous tick. He’s still laughing, only nervously now. “You know. You know?”
He takes a deep breath. Closes his eyes for a moment. You watch as his chest rises, falls, eyelashes fluttering open again. Suddenly he’s leaning in, both hands on either side of you.
“If it’s a lie—”
“If what’s a lie?”
His nervousness is quickly replaced with the playful smirk you’re so familiar with. “Did you mean it when it was a joke or when you said you wanted to — what was it? — stuff your throat with my cock?”
You gulp.
Now or never, babe.
Quickly, before you can doubt it, you nod.
He grins.
“I have a proposition then.”
“First Hobi, now you?”
“What? What did Hobi say?”
“Nothing — forget it.”
“Okay…” His brow furrows.
“Forget it,” you repeat.
The two of you stare at each other for a moment, reading each other’s gaze, trying to calculate exactly what the next step is. Surprisingly, you’re the first one to act, reaching out until your fingertips find the soft cotton of his t-shirt. You twist your fingers into it, not pulling him towards you by any means, but still, pushing him on.
“Proposition me,” you say, the nervousness gone from your voice.
His brows shoot up in surprise, but your gentle touch and the confidence in your voice seems to spur him onwards. “Well,” he starts slowly. “Considering you’re half the reason I’m even in this position—” He steps forward, just enough that you can feel his hardness press into your belly. He puts both hands on the counter on either side of you and leans into you. “I say we just sort this out here and now.”
“What are you saying?” you tease, twisting the fabric of his shirt into your hand, pulling him closer.
“I’m saying, let me fuck you.”
“Yes.” He’s so close that when he speaks, his breath brushes against your lips. “Are you going to let me kiss you?”
“Mhmm,” you hum against him.
He dives in like a starving man, lips pressing hard against yours. His hands begin on your side and slide around to press into your lower, back, pressing you tightly against him.
“Why not?”
You grin.
Your hands begin to trail down his torso, fingers tracing the outline of his abs, which, you think in passing, are far too defined to be real after six months of quarantine without gym access. You reach the band of his sweatpants and don’t hesitate to dip underneath.
Fingers trace over bare skin and you’re surprised to find — he’s not wearing any boxers at all. Your heart rate picks up as you realize he’s been walking around all evening, cock hanging free beneath nothing but a thin layer of grey sweatpants.
Just by pulling slightly at the band of his sweatpants, the head of his cock pokes up, caught between the fabric and his torso. With a wink, you push Jungkook back just enough so that he steps back a couple of paces, moving until his back hits the wall.
“Can I touch you?” you ask sweetly.
He nods, furiously. Reaching down to wrap your fingers delicately around his length, your eyes widen as you realize just how large he is.
Your hand barely even wraps around the girth of him.
His eyes flutter as your grip tightens around him.
“Shit,” he breathes.
Ever so slowly, ever so lightly you begin to stroke up and down the silky skin of his shaft. You watch as pleasure flickers across his face — always transparent, always easy to read. You’d always admired that about him, how he wore his emotions for the world to see. But getting to see the pleasure you caused, you created, worn on his delicate features is nothing like anything you’d ever experienced before.
With a slight twist of your wrist, you have him exhaling sharply.
“Jesus fucking christ, it’s a whole new world with someone else’s hand.”
You begin to drop to your knees, wanting to take him into your mouth. But he’s quick to stop you, hands coming to grip your elbow.  
“Fuck,” he hisses. “It’s been too long— if you keep going like that I’m not going to last very long.” He pulls you back up towards him.
You frown at him, almost comically.
“I promise you’ll have another opportunity to suck my dick,” he chuckles, reaching up to pinch your chin. “That is, if you want to do this again.” He presses his lips to yours and your frown is quickly disappearing as he now takes his turn to trail a hand down from your chin. You shiver as he skates around your chest, as he brushes up against your hardened nipples, protruding through your worn-out sleep shirt.
“Stop teasing me,” you whisper, and he grins at you.
“Am I moving too slow?”
“Torturously sl—” Your speech is cut off as he takes a clothed nipple between his fingers and twists, just enough. Your back arches into his touch, and before you know what’s happening, he’s slipping an arm around your lower back and twirling you around so that suddenly it’s you against the cold marble of the island, Jungkook pressing into you.
He kisses you furiously, lips moving against yours as if he’s searching for something.
“What about the others?” you whisper against him.
“What about them?” Jungkook’s hand traces down your torso and comes to tease the band of your sleep shorts. He looks at you, brow raised — a question of permission. You nod, bring your hand down atop his, and guide it underneath your shorts. “I asked you a question,” he says, as his fingers finally dip into your wetness. He slides one finger along your folds. The touch is delicate but the shock of the sensation has you arching into him.
“More, please,” you gasp.
He circles your entrance with a firm touch, before slipping one finger into you. You do your best not to wantonly grind down onto his hand, but you can’t help your hips as they buck up into him when he curls his finger. It’s still not enough though.
“I asked you a question.”
“Kook— please.”
“Answer and I’ll give you exactly what you want. What about the others?” Your mouth gapes open as he adds a second finger and hooks them both against that delicious soft spot within you, so he continues for you. “Do you want them to know I have you underneath me like this? Hm? Do you want them to see you so fucked out with the smallest amount of touch?”
You whimper at his words, but manage to speak, “Right now, just want you.”
He grins. Leans close, right up against your ear and whispers:
“Then why don’t you do your best and stay quiet like a good girl?”
Your mouth drops open at the term of endearment just in time for him to begin thrusting his fingers in and out of you. You bite down on your lip to stop the squeal that threatens to break loose from you.
“God you look perfect,” he whispers. “You fall apart so easily.”
“Mmf,” is all you manage to get out.
And then, all of a sudden, his fingers are ripped out of you and all you feel is empty, sensation lost, the trails of pleasure disappearing as fast as sand through the gaps in your fingers.
He silences you by crushing his lips against you. His arms come to wrap around your back and he presses you tight against him. You can feel his erection against your lower belly and you can’t help but push back against it. He groans into your mouth.
“I need you,” he groans.
“Please,” you speak against his lips.
“Yeah?” he kisses the corner of your mouth before kissing and biting down your chin and onto your neck. He keeps one hand at your lower back, keeping you as close to him as he can, the other, coming down to cup your now dripping sleep shorts. He ruts against you, erection pressing lightly into your stomach. “Does this pretty pussy want my cock?”
“God, yes.”
“I need to fuck you. And I need you to stay very quiet so that the others don’t walk in here while my cock is inside of you.” He pulls away from you just enough grap your ass, lifting you onto the island counter. His strength is surprising, but you don’t mind being a little manhandled.
He pulls your sleep shorts to the side, grips his cock, and presses the head to your entrance. You try to slide forward on the counter, try to hook your leg around his back so as to press him into you, but instead he just stays there.
“What a needy little one,” Jungkook growls. And with that, he finally presses into you, his eyes so carefully trained on your every expression.
The smallest of ohs slips from you as he finally bottoms out.
“Fuck, you sound so sweet on my cock.”
You didn’t think that you would break your quarantine chastity in a mountain chalet kitchen with your friend’s cock stuffed deep inside you. You wouldn’t have imagined it would have been Jungkook either — that’s not to say you hadn’t imagined it.
But looking at him, his eyes closed in satisfaction as he finally takes his pleasure — this is all you want.
Throwing your leg around his lower back, you push him further into you. He lets his head fall onto your shoulder, breathing the slightest of groans into your skin.
You continue like that, moving desperately against each other, frantically searching for the pleasure that has been missing for so many months.
And then he’s pulling out of you, lifting you oh-so lightly off of the counter and turning you around. With a hand pressing down on your lower back, your back arches deliciously, ass presented just for him.
He grips his cock tightly in his hand, and runs the head of it through your folds. He presses against your clit and you suck in a breath as he begins to tease you. In response, you roll your hips back at him and he hisses, gripping your hip even tighter.
Finally, he nudges the head of his cock at your entrance and pushes in.
It starts to slip out of you before you can stop it. A long whine, high pitched and needy.
“Shh, baby,” he whispers in your ear. “Do you really want them to hear?”
Still, you can’t help the little huff that slips from you when he drags his cock out of you oh so dangerously slow and then rams back in.
Each thrust pushes you up against the kitchen counter. The rounded pressure, though a little painful, only sparkes a deeper desire in your belly.
“Fuck, Jungkook,” you whisper.
The rest of the boys are still in the other room, the movie playing not quite loud enough, filling the space of the previously lazy Friday night.
And then he slows. Just enough that he can roll his hips into you at a torturously controlled pace, his cock reaching deeper, more sensitive areas than before.
As if he know what you’re going to do, he wraps his hand around your mouth, stopping your moan in its tracks.
“Do you really want them to know just how desperate you are for cock?” You can hear the smirk in his voice. His hand is so big it covers almost half your face. You imagine his tattoos covering you. This is exactly how you’d like to wear him, his cock deep inside you, his tattoos on beautiful display. “Because tonight, you’re just mine.”
Using the hand he has around your mouth and the other one he has pressed against your belly as leverage, he fucks up into you, hard and fast. The pace is punishing, and exactly what you need.
And just as you feel the pleasure building in your belly begin to climb, dangerously hot and searing you hear:
“What the fuck.”
There’s a figure standing in the doorway, mouth gaping.
Jungkook freezes. Doesn’t withdraw though, his cock still stuffed deep inside you.
“I—” You begin to speak but he raises his hands and you stop dead in your tracks, not sure what you would say anyways.
“By all means, please — don’t let me stop you,” Jimin says.  
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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how sticky | kth
Tumblr media
⇢ pairing: ot7 x reader // taehyung focus. ⇢ genre: smut. // pwp. ⇢ word count: 7.6K ⇢ theme: established relationships.  ⇢ rating: explicit. ⇢ warnings: cursing, dirty talk, poly relationship, handjobs, fingering, oral sex (f. receiving), public sex, outdoor sex, unprotected sex (wrap it up lovelies), all the boys wanna kiss yn, cum inside/stuffing, slight over stimulation if you squint. ⇢ A/N: literally this idea came to me while watching the first episode and seeing tae washes the dishes sooo, here you goo!! lmao x also if it seems messy or all over the place, that’s bc i wrote this while streaming dynamite and obvi got distracted . 
Tumblr media
Namjoon is the first to spot you, just as you're tugging your suitcase from the trunk of your car. The large grin that takes over his features as he makes his way over to you, brown hair flopping in the wind with each step he takes. A silver pot held in his hands that he must've forgotten the purpose of upon setting sights on you.
“You're here.” He says with a large smile, dimples showing while he leaning down to press a soft kiss to your waiting lips. “Did you eat?”
Just with one look around the backyard, you can tell that they just finished eating. Had hoped to arrive a bit earlier so you'd be able to eat with them. “Not yet,” He looked good, as usual, but oddly more attractive in this outdoor environment.
The blue two-piece outfit, which you had quickly realized was a favorite of his, hung loosely around his body. The muscles in his arms flexed as he kept his grip on the pot in his hand. Eyes turn to half-moons with the way he was smiling at you.
It had been a few weeks since you saw them last. What with their jam packed schedule and you keeping up with the things going on in your own life, there wasn't really time to be together the way you wanted. A constant long-distance relationship with the seven of them, even if they were only a few miles away.
Which was the biggest reason you were jumping on the chance to spend this week with them. Secluded with nothing to do but be together. It had been Jin who had suggested it, finding out that you had the same week free. What better way to spend it then with your boyfriends? Agreement coming from his younger members instantly and to your surprise, the staff was quick to agree as well. 
Most times riddled a distraction, but it seemed that you being here sort of fit the relaxation, recharging theme of this entire trip. Zero complaints from you, of course, you were packing your bags the moment you got the green light.
“I'll make you a plate, wait.”
All of a sudden remembering he had been in the middle of doing something before seeing you. Quick steps are taken into the house with the pot in hand and you're right behind him, marveling at the huge land they had rented out for this. All of the greens of the mountains and grass was a pretty contrast to the bright blue sky, the sparkling lake that you couldn't wait to try out.
And there was so much stuff! Placed all over the place from where you can see, each item matching a different member's personality so well that you could guess who asked for what. 
Joon is coming back, hands-free, but only to grab your suitcase, wheeling it into the house. He's gone talking to whoever is in the kitchen before he's returning, arm easily wrapping around your waist as he leads you down the hill.
“You came here looking refreshed,” He notes, finally saying out loud what he had been thinking since you were pulling the suitcase from the car.
Out of all of them, Namjoon seemed to pay a lot of attention to the way you looked. And no, not just the clothes you wore and how they fit – but like deeper. He paid a lot of attention to your facial expressions more than anything, reading your demeanor as if it was his latest page-turner.
A blessing and a curse, because although he knew when something was bothering you and tried his best to fix it without you saying a word. It was also really, extremely hard to hide things for him. Not that you tried to often.
“It was a nice drive and I'm excited to spend time with you guys,” The smile that takes over your features is causing a flutter in his heart, his large hand landing on your arm that you've wrapped around his torso – walking the rest of the way like that.
Jimin is whipping around at the sound of footsteps approaching, and you're eyes are widening at the sight of him. Unwrapping yourself from Joon's body, you're rushing the rest of your steps hands outstretched to touch the edge of the gat hanging from his neck.
“You actually wore it?” Speaking through a slight giggle and he's grinning, hands finding home on your torso as he playfully rolls his eyes. “Of course I wore it, so you better deliver,”
The result of a drunk game of Truth or Dare between the two of you. He spent the entire night choosing truth, but as soon as he was picking dare you were telling him to wear his new hanbok for the first day of shooting. He was agreeing with a roll of his eyes, boasting about how easy it was.
Then on your turn, he was hitting you with that sly grin of his. 'If I wear my hanbok for shooting, then you need to let me...' Words trailing off as he suggestively wiggled his eyebrows in your direction. You were quick to put two and two together of what he wanted. And you were agreeing because of course, you wanted it too.
With a distracted nod, your eyes are shifting to the moving figure behind him. “Of course, baby. Whatever you want.” Breaking from his grasp just as Namjoon is extending the full bowl in your direction.
You thank him with a wide smile, which he acknowledges with a short nod – going back to cleaning up while you take a seat at the table. Sat eating the food that you can tell was made by Jungkook as you watch your two men move around the yard until Joon is disappearing into the house again. Someone else exiting at the same time.
“I thought I heard your voice!” There's a smile in his voice that you can detect without having to listen very hard. And you're proven right as you lift your head, being met with Hoseok's bright smile. “When'd you get here?” He wonders once he's closer, taking the empty spot beside you.
“Not too long ago,” You speak through the mouthful of food in your mouth, the words you're speaking coming out a murmured mess. 
The smile on Hoseok's face only grows, his hand lifting to push his hair back on his forehead. “I missed you.” A random confession that has heat rising in your cheeks. He always did this. Knew what a few simple words did to your mind and took pleasure in making you flustered whenever possible.
This time was no different. Just three words and you were forced to put extra focus on your noodles. He missed you. Obviously, you missed him – that's a given. But the fact that he, Jung Hoseok actually missed you and was just telling you about it casually. With that smile on his face. Yeah, he knew exactly what he was doing.
“I missed you too.” A delayed reply, but he's not faltering. Doesn't even think twice about what you could have been thinking about in the time it took you to answer. Instead, he's reaching his arm to wrap around your shoulders, pulling your body into his so he's able to press a dozen chaste kisses to the top of your head.
And then just like that, he's releasing you. Not even giving you a moment to react before he's standing from his spot beside you and moving to help Jimin clean up the outside area.
After the third time, you're asked to scoot over, you're standing feeling as though you're in the way of the cleaning. So, you go to find the others that you haven't seen yet. Thanks to a FaceTime call from Jungkook while they were going through the tour, you had a pretty good understanding of the layout of this place.
Heading over the hill to the Upper House, bowl in hand. And you're grinning when you spot Jin standing out front, staring at the line of delivered groceries in front of him. “Jinnie!” You're calling with a wave of your hand, and he's turning around.
“Yn!” He calls, just as loud – waving you over with one frantic hand.
Easily speeding up your footsteps, it's not long before you're standing in front of him. Arms wrapped around his torso in a tight hug. “What are you doing?” He's out of your hold now, bending to lift the bags off the ground.
“Putting groceries away.”
Following behind him, you shovel mouthfuls of noodles into your mouth while sinking down at the island. For a little while, you're able to enjoy your meal and engage in broken chatter was Jin moves in and out of the house.
He's filling you in on all the plans he has for this trip and the things he's excited about and you listen with a smile on your face. Loving the way he looks when he's completely in his element, eyes sparkling as he talks about being able to fish with Yoongi.
Speaking of Yoongi. Sauntering out from God knows where, white tee hanging loose – revealing a bit of his chest, baggy black jeans that you've now decided is the only thing you ever want to see him in. His hair is unkempt, laying messily over his forehead and only slightly covering his eyes.
There's a smirk on his face when he notices the blatant way you're gawking at him, sinking into the seat beside you – his cold hand not hesitating to reach for your thigh. “You're here?” He speaks in the bored uninterested drawl that you've become used to. Use to read too much into it before you were realizing that just the way he talked.
Now it had the ability to have heat rushing through your veins, especially if he was using that voice when telling you just exactly he wanted to do to you. Never failed to have you basically salivating, putty for him.
“I just came...” The patterns he draws on your inner thigh stills as he lifts his eyes to look at you, a chuckle falling from his lips. “Did you?” He asks teasingly and you're too dazed to pick up on the double meaning of your words.
His hand inches further up your thigh until the tips of his fingers are just inches from reaching the hem of your mesh shorts. Without a thought, your legs are opening for him – giving him as much room as he needs to do whatever he wants.
Yoongi's grinning at your compliance, his lips are just inches for yours. He takes a moment to study your features. Lips shiny with grease, cheeks slightly flushed, eyes staring unfocused. A slow grin lifts the corners of his lips moments before he's leaning in closer.
Yoongi kisses you once as if he's testing the waters before diving in. Grip tightening on your thigh, pulling your body closer to his while he slowly moves his mouth over yours. Soft tongue slowly tracing over your lower lip and you're instantly opening up for him.
The groan that leaves his lips from the feeling of your wet muscles meeting as arousal rushing through your veins and pooling between your legs, fingers reaching to grasp the rough material of his pants for some type of grounding.
And he grins, teeth gently tugging at your lower lip as his hand slides up your thigh toward your waist. So sure he's fingers are about to sneak underneath your shirt, so you giddily wait for the contact. 
But it never comes. "Would you let the girl breathe, she just got here." Is what you hear.
Jimin, into the Upper House to change into something comfortable. And all too ready to scold his Hyung for trying something with you when it hasn't even been an hour. With a roll of those dark eyes of his, Yoongi is leaning down to press a soft kiss to your lips – much different from what he had initially planned.
Moment ruined, he's standing from his spot beside you. “I'm gonna go help Jin,” He announces to no one in particular, cheeks darkened with pink from having been caught. Yoongi talked a big game, but he was the most private out of the boys. Wasn't one for an unwarranted audience and preferred to have you to himself rather than sharing you.
“Tae's washing dishes if you're done with that.” He's jutting his chin out to point at your empty bowl on the island. As he speaks, he undoes the tie of his top letting it sag at his shoulders before he's shrugging it off. And you watch his fingers carefully, allowing your mind to wander to just how skilled he was with those fingers.
Playing the same notes for the past eight years on the piano wasn't the only thing he was good at. It's a moment before you register his words enough to stand to your feet, plucking your plate up and exiting the Upper House to find Taehyung.
Back to you as he scrubs the inside of the bowl, you watch as his hips sway to whatever song he's got going in his head. No idea that you're entering the kitchen or that you've arrived – just in his own world.
Taehyung looks handsome even from the back. 
His broad shoulders were still visible underneath the brown top that was just so him. He wore a pair of olive green shorts, giving you a perfect view of his strong legs and the way they flexed with the movement of his feet. Thoroughly riled up from Yoongi's interrupted touches from before, you're struck with a very mischievous thought.
Light steps are taken in Taehyung's direction, quickly setting your bowl in the sink before reaching your arms to wrap around his waist. Palms sneaking underneath the fabric of his shirt so you're able to touch his soft belly. You feel him still against you, taking a moment to put together that it's you back hugging him like this.
He's turning just enough so he can look down at you, a large smile spread across his lips as his eyes take in your face that looks brighter for some reason. “How long have you been there?” Tae tries to hug you back but gives up because of the awkward position.
“Not long,” You answer, nose pressed in the dip of his back after he's turned. Your lips place soft kisses against his covered back, the tips of his fingers brushing over the skin of his stomach. “I missed you.”
And you had. There was just something about Taehyung that drove you crazy with little to no effort. Had to be his aura. The way he carried himself. The unreadable expression that always decorated his features. How he was able to smile with his entire face, pulling large smiles on the lips of the people around him.
All of that and the simple fact of how well the boy could fuck. Of course, all of the guys knew how you make you feel good. All in their own ways, different and unique and still good. But Taehyung. Fuck, Kim Taehyung. A living Sex God, with a thick long cock that he knew how to use. Long fingers that could bring you to climax over and over again with very little time in between. And that mouth. God, that mouth. 
Porn stars would blush at the dirty things that came out of that boy's mouth.
Taehyung's eyebrow is lifting at the mindless way your fingers are dipping lower down his body, flinching just slightly when the tips of your fingers are grazing his quickly hardening cock. “That type of missed me, huh?” He's grinning, you can tell without having to see his face.
Head nodding slightly, you continue placing gentle kisses against his back – fingers drawing teasing lines over his cock through the fabric of his shorts. “Don't be a tease,” He hisses.
His wet, glove covered hand is wrapping around your wrist – forcing more of his cock underneath your palm. A soft moan falls from your lips at the feeling of it twitching with the new friction. Tae's hips rock slowly with the movement of your hand, half of his attention still on the dishes he washes.
And you pout. Want to turn his mind to mush like he's done to you many times before. Until the only thing he can think about is you and how you're making him feel. Fuck the dishes.
Even on your tiptoes, you're only able to reach the nape of his neck. But it's the first bit of bare skin you're able to press your lips against so you settle for it. Leaving open mouth kisses on it while your fingers slowly make their way underneath the waistband of his shorts.
Pleased to find he had decided to forego underwear, you're instantly met with the warmth of his shaft. A low cruse falling from his lips when your cool palm is wrapping around him. And you hold it there. Waiting to hear the scoff that falls from his lips as he starts to rock his hips again – his cock sliding through your grip easily.
The sound of his breathy groans fills the kitchen, egging you on. You can feel him growing harder in your hand and the slow drag of his hips is quickly driving you crazy until you're giving in to the tiny game you were playing and moving your hand.
“Oh, fuck.” Tae hisses, the dish he had been holding crashing into the sink as his fists reach to grip the edge of the sink. Voice gruff and it's usual deep, it has a wash of arousal flooding your body and fueling your movements. Free hand lifting to grasp his hipbone, holding him steady as you bring your hand up toward his tip.
A simple swipe of your thumb over his bulbous has a shiver running down his spine and a grin pulling on your lips. Strokes on his shaft speeding up as the sound of his breathy groans tickled your ears. Hips stuttering underneath your grasp in an attempt to take more than what you were willing to give him.
Always so greedy.
“Does it feel good?” Voice hushed where he can just barely hear.
Taehyung is quick to nod his head, though. “Your hand feels so good on me, Yn. Faster,” He whines, something that you're not quite used to hearing from him. Especially over a simple handjob.
He must've missed you a lot more than he was willing to admit.
And because your soul purpose is to give Taehyung any and everything he asks for, you're rubbing down on him quicker, squeezing him a bit harder. His cock twitches and jumps in your hold and you're fastened by the effect you have on him that your grip on his hip is loosening – allowing him to freely roll his hips upward.
A strong arm is reaching back while his body twists, large glove covered hand tangled in your hair to hold your head steady. For the first time, you're getting a good look at his face. Eyes blown and unfocused, his cheeks flushed and lips bitten. He looks so sexy staring at you as if it's taking all his restraint not to devour you.
The way he leans in, crashing his lips into yours for a sloppy hungry kiss only validates your thoughts. Grip tightening in your hair to hold your head still while his tongue tickles the roof of your mouth.
You try, desperately, to keep your focus on the movement of your hand. Letting him lick into your mouth and kissing him just as much as you can without completely losing your mind. Taehyung, like his six other teammates, worked really well with his mouth. In all ways.
He's nibbling on your lower lip, harsh breaths exiting his nostrils as your thumb runs over the underside of his cock. So close and you can tell from the now frantic roll of his hips. And you're more than ready to bring him there, loved watching him fall apart for you, because of you.
More than ready to have him explode in your palm so you can like it up when the sharp knock on the glass behind you is stilling your movements. Head turning to peak behind you, but Taehyung does stop his head tilting so he's able to suck wet hickeys into your warm skin.
Hoseok stands on the other side of the door, looking extremely impatient. You move to pull your hand from his pants, but Taehyung is quick to grasp your wrist. “Yn, I swear to God.” He speaks through gritted teeth and you're flashing a bright smile up at him.
“It's Hobi,” There's another knock on the glass, “He can't just stand out there,” Laughing, you manage to wiggle yourself out of Taehyung's grasp. He watches you with squinted eyes as you pull the door open for his Hyung.
Cued in on what had been keeping you, a teasing smirk plays on his lips. “What? You're just in here giving Taehyungie all the attention?” Both hands knit into your hair from underneath, slowly closing the space between you two.
“He's working hard in here,” You defend with a slight pout. Upon realizing he wasn't going to be getting off any time soon, Tae turns his attention back to the dishes. Scrubbing the gunk off with much for strength than needed, quiet grumbles leaving his lips.
“I worked hard too, cleaned up outside all by myself. What do I get?” Lips a mere inches from yours, all you'd have to do was lift up onto your tiptoes to feel their softness. “I saw Jiminie helping you.”
Hoseok is rolling his eyes at the slight detail. You're teasing him, he can tell from the way you're gripping his shirt in your fists. Like you're desperate to feel him but at the same time seeing how much you can hold back.
What you failed to realize was, he was much better at teasing than you. Without a second thought, he's leaning down to press his lips against yours. Kiss much different from Taehyung's. More controlled. More intense. Strong hands reach for your thighs, easily lifting your body off of the floor and setting you to sit on the countertop.
He's taking up space between your legs, large hands set on your thighs while he sucks your lower lip into his mouth. You can feel the smirk that plays on his lips from the sound of your moan. 
Hoseok responds by reaching back to give your ass a firm squeeze, pulling your body toward his. He's hard. You can feel it through the fabric of his neon shorts, but the moment you're angling your hips to feel more of him – he's pulling back. 
“Jimin should finish up, hm?” Recalling your earlier comment with a teasing glint in his eye. Planting a soft kiss to your lips, he backs away attention now on Namjoon who had entered with a bag of groceries. As if nothing had happened.
Body buzzing and senses fogged, you're left to wonder just how many times you'd be denied the release you craved.
The two men chatted amongst each other mindlessly, surveying the contents of the fully stalked fridge in front of them. Joon is pulling a bottle of coffee from the bunch, handing it over to you with a soft smile before twisting the cap on his own. You watch as he wraps his plump lips around the edge, Adam's apple bobbing as he swallows the liquid down.
Plopping down on the soft red cushion, you watch as Joon moves to offer Tae a sip of his drink. Which he's denying with a pout of his lips. From where you're sitting, you can see that his bulge has gone down a bit – but the foggy need for sexual release stays. You know the feeling. Had half the mind to get on your knees for him right then and there, not like either of them would complain.
They did share you, at times. And those were the times that you secretly hoped for each time you were being interrupted with one of them. But, all of them were so different from their interests and really liked the idea of being alone with you – it didn't happen as often as you'd like.
You could simply suggest it and no doubt they'd agree to the idea. Ready to do whatever you asked to fill your desire. But you liked the surprise of not knowing just when you'd be taking two cocks, or three, or maybe even four. All seven if the weather was right. The suspense had a great effect on you.
Jimin is entering the main house just as halfway through drinking your chilled coffee. Fully changed out of his hanbok, standing in a pair of loose-fitting black shorts and a white SAINT LAURENT tee. Dark hair floppy messily at the top of his head, evident that he's been running his fingers through it.
He looked good enough to eat and if he kept looking at you with those bedroom eyes, you were about to do just that. Beeline made in your direction, settling in the spot beside you. An innocent hand lands on your thigh and your brain short circuits, registering it as anything but.
Without a word, he's reaching for your bottle, taking a long sip from it before licking the drip from his lips. “Where's Kookie?” You ask, forcing your thoughts not to wander too much. And realizing you had yet to see that bunny smile of his, hear the cute way he say's 'Noona' as he wobbles in your direction.
The same age as Namjoon which made you older than Jimin, Taehyung, and Jungkook – yet Jungkook was the only one out of the three that actually referred to you as Noona. No matter how many times you'd tell him to speak comfortably with you, he'd refuse with blushed and a shake of his head.
The others believed he got off on it, the subtle reminder that you were older than him but he was still able to turn you to make you fall apart with the simple flex of his thigh. “You haven't seen him?” Hoseok speaks with his head inches deep in the fridge and you shake your head despite the fact he cannot see you.
“He’ll come running the moment he hears you're here,” Deciding that your drink is his now, Jimin stands from his spot beside you heading further into the house. Steps cut off by Jungkook turning the corner, as if on cue.
“What!?” A large grin on his lips as his sparkling eyes land on you. Soft hair bouncing as he skips over to you, leaning over the counter so you're face to face. Tattooed hand reaching forward to enclose the back of your neck, gently pulling you forward until your foreheads are touching. “You didn't tell me you were here, Noona.” Eyebrow arched and head tilted to the side.
You can barely see his face with how close you are to it, but there's no doubt that he looks attractive as hell right now in his attempt to be intimidating. Lower lip poking out in a slight plea, “I'm sorry, baby. I was asking about you, though.”
Jungkook only half listens to your words. Some space put between you and he takes advantage of that by allowing his eyes to take in your appearance greedily. Aware of the warmer temperature, you had decided a simple v-neck crop top would suffice. From this angle, he could see straight down your top. And he was doing very little to hide the fact that he was looking, respectfully.
“I'm sure you can think of some ways to make it up to me. Right, Noona?” Hand slipping from the back of your neck, the tips of his fingers brushing over the collar of your shirt. Lips suddenly dry, your tongue is jutting out to wet them. Thighs squeeze together instinctively at the promise his words held.
A contrast to his demeanor, Jungkook is placing a sweet kiss on your lips. One that lingers for a second shorter than you want, but the small smile on his lips upon pulling away is enough to make your heart melt.
All at once, he's releasing you and moving on to follow Jimin out of the kitchen. Taehyung is finishing up he dishes at the same moment, shaking his hands of the water droplets before wiping the excess onto his shorts.
Alone in the room with him again and you feel the atmosphere shift as soon as his eyes settle on you. Finally able to get a good look at you and taking in just how short your shorts are and how thin the material of your top is. But Taehyung is a gentleman when he wants to be. 
His hand rests on your back, the tips of his fingers brushing against the bare skin your shirt leaves exposed. “Want to go for a walk?” Teeth biting into his plump lower lip. Instantly, you're sliding from your seat head nodding at his words.
Taehyung's arms wrap around your waist, pulling your body into his chest and you just faintly see the grin on his face before you're being enveloped in his sweet scent. Guided steps are taken into the game room where Namjoon sits, a laugh leaving his lips at the weird way the two of you are walking.
“What are you making?”
“A boat,” Joon says with a wide smile, lifting the plastic boat to show you. Cutie. Impatient, Taehyung is pushing his hips forward into yours. Even through the layers and with the small fact that he's not exactly hard at the moment – you can still feel his bulge against your ass cheek.
But he doesn't stop there, slowly dragging his hips up so you can feel his entire length. A strangled gasp is leaving your lips that has Taehyung smirking, Namjoon too focused on whether or not he just broke his model, doesn't notice.
Arms tightening around your waist, Taehyung takes a step forward – urging you to do the same.
When Tae said he wanted to take you on a walk, he wasn't speaking in sexual innuendos. You had actually gone for a walk around the land. Hand in hand making comfortable chatter as you soaked in the nice weather.
Somehow, you managed to convince yourself that he hadn't been itching to get you alone to fuck you – but really just wanted to spend some time alone with you. It's sweet when you think about it. The gentle way he's talking to you about the nervousness that surrounds working on his new mixtape. His soft thumb brushing over your knuckles as you assure him that everything will turn out alright.
It's not until you're reaching the picnic table just a few feet from the water, is he wrapping his arm around your hips. Lifting you from the ground as if you weighed nothing and setting you down on the table.
Blunt nails lightly dragging over the back of your knees as he gently spreads your legs so he's able to stand in the middle of them. He's easily hooking your legs around his waist, ankles instantly locking to pull him closer to you. “You know what I want to do right now?” 
“What?” You humor him, even though you could probably guess. Arms lifting to wrap around his neck, head tilting to the side as a slight smirk plays on your lips. His mouth hovers over your ear, wet brushing over the shell of it as he speaks.
“Wanna taste that sweet little cunt. Bet you're already soaked from all the attention you've been getting.” To prove his point, Tae's fingers trail up between your thighs. Your body shudders as he drags a single digit over your slit through the fabric.
He wasn't wrong, had started to feel the heat pool between your legs when Yoongi first kissed you. Mind driving you insane with being able to be with them for this entire week. All of them. It was safe to say it had gotten to you in a very obvious way.
Not one to tease, Taehyung is using his long fingers to push both your shorts and panties to the side so his fingers can press against your bare skin. A surprised gasp leaving your lips with the nudge on your clit, hips bowing toward him. He grins.
“Gonna be a good girl for me?” He's a little breathless, but his fingers never falter. A single digit slipping past your folds and pushing through your walls. “Shit.” He chuckles at the enthusiastic way you nod your hand, tongue rolling over his lips before biting down. “Yeah? Gonna cum all sloppy on my tongue, baby? Let me hear you.”
At the end of his words, his thumb is pressing into your clit, rolling it around lazily as his finger moves slowly inside of you. “Y-yes-” Words breaking on a loud whine, he slows his fingers – waiting. “Wanna cum on your tongue, Tae... p-please.” Hips lifting to rock into his hand but he's pulling back, leaving you feeling empty.
It doesn't last long because he's quick with lifting your leg. Fingers wet with your arousal and wrapped around your thigh, bringing it up to his shoulder. Tae lowers himself to his knees in front of you, at the same time pushing the useless material aside before diving in.
Taehyung watches you through his long eyelashes while dragging his tongue along your folds. Always loved the way you looked when he was between your legs. The way you tried to keep your eyes open to watch him, biting your lip in an attempt to keep quiet, fingers tangling in his hair – holding him close. Hot.
Tongue dragging up to flick against your clit, Taehyung reaches for your other ankle. Lifting your leg over his shoulder so he's completely enclosed by your legs. Plush lips wrap around your bundle of nerves, sucking gently while he's pushing two fingers past your walls. 
“Oh! Tae, fuck...” Panting at this point, grip in his hair used to pull him tighter against you. His free hand reaching around to sneak underneath the hem of your shorts, palming your ass while pulling you closer. Fingers angled to brush against the sweet spot inside of you, loving the way you squirm underneath him.
Just faintly, you can see the outline of his hard cock through his shorts. Straining against the fabric begging for some attention. Having you spread out for him, hearing those pretty moans fall from your lips is enough to drive anyone mad. And it doesn't help that Tae's been waiting for this for weeks.
Sharp teeth nip at your clit just as he's pushing another finger inside of you. “Taehyung!” You're crying out, in half pleasure – but also a warning. If he continued like this you'd be cumming before even getting to feel him inside of you.
“Close, baby?” His words are delivered into your throbbing cunt, sending vibrations through your body that has your back arching. Fingers tightening in his hair as you grind your hips desperately into him.
So close you can practically taste it, no longer able to worry about not being able to feel him. Just chasing your release. A breathy chant of 'keep going' falling from your lips as you hold his head in place.
Heat spreads throughout your body, a dull ache starting in your core and spreading throughout your body. Walls clenched so tight around his fingers that it's almost hard for him to pull back, so he doesn't, instead pushes deeper – pressing all three fingers against your sweet spot. In that exact moment, his lips are wrapping around your clit, sucking harshly and you feel the band snap.
Body tightening and legs shaking as incoherent curses fall from your lips. Taehyung watches your pretty eyes roll back, head tipping too. And once he's sure you're at the peak of your climax, he's pulling his fingers from inside of you and standing to his feet. Quick with fishing his cock from inside his shorts, you just barely notice the absence before you're being filled again.
A drawn-out whine falls from your lips at the new stretch, a thick groan from his from the tight squeeze. The wetness from your release makes it easy for him to move, though and he's thankful – too eager to wait longer than a few seconds to have you.
Your fingers struggle to find something to grasp as he ruts against you in an almost brutal pace. Each snap of his hips pushing your body further up on the table, only for him to drag you back down toward him. Loud cries and incoherent sentences fall from your lips that you're sure anyone in a 50-mile radius could put together what the two of you are doing.
Taehyung loves it, though. It's like fuel to his ever-growing ego. Chants of his name falling from your pretty lips, nails clutching at the fabric of his shirt as you beg for him. Just the knowledge he's able to make someone like you, like this. Yeah, he loves it.
“Fuck. This greedy little cunt,” He nearly grunts, eyes flashing up to take in your fucked out expression. His thumb is easily finding your clit through the wet mess between your legs, rubbing it slowly. “You wanna cum again? All over my cock this time?”
A frantic bob of your head and a whiny 'please' is prompting him to reach for your hips. Easily, he's lifting your body from the table, securing your legs around his waist. His hips rut against yours with much more fervor in this standing position. And you attempt to meet his thrusts but you're so delirious that all you can manage is a lazy bounce.
Arms wrapped around his neck and face buried in the crook of his neck, your walls squeeze around him as you feel the pressure build in your stomach again. Sloppy, wet kisses sucked into his skin. Teeth scraping against the tanned flesh before you're crying out your orgasm, body shaking in his arms.
You're positive if it weren't for the rough grip he has on your ass, you'd be sprawled out on the floor from the power of it. Taehyung fucks you through the entire thing, not slowing down until he feels his own release approaching, just second after yours. Thighs tightening and thrust becoming sloppy while he pulls your body down tighter against his.
The feeling of his thick ropes of cum coating your insides has your senses waking up, that paired with the slow drag of his cock inside of you has your legs stiffening again. Hips rocking slowly against his as another tiny orgasm washes over you. So small Taehyung wouldn't have noticed it if he hadn't been paying attention – but of course, he was.
“Did you just cum again?” He says with a laugh, chest heaving as he tried to catch his breath. Lips sucked into your mouth to hide the sheepish grin that fought to take over your features. “It felt good... you cumming, inside.”
A triumphant grin takes over his features and he's leaning down to press a lingering kiss to your lips. “Let's keep it in then,” He's mumbling against your mouth and you're not sure what he means until he's pulling out – fingers quick to meet your entrance, pushing his cum back inside of you.
Body twitching with overstimulation, but you let him stuff you with his cum, not able to deny how hot it was. Especially the look of concentration on his face, careful not to miss a drop. Once he's satisfied, he's secured your shorts back in place patting his hand over your crotch playfully.
“You better keep it in there, too. Gonna fuck it out of you later,” He promises with a large grin, head tilting up to nibble at your jaw. He's got one hand resting on the curve of your ass, the other gripping your thigh. Zero plans to put you down any time soon, loving the way you're wrapped around him.
He'd stay like this with you forever if he wasn't for the distance shout he's hearing from the main house. Trying to ignore it and praying that you don't hear it, but as it grows louder your ears are perking up.
“Taehyung-ah!” It's Namjoon's voice and you're immediately pulling back when you register it. “Think Joon is looking for us,” You say through a giggle, the kisses he's leaving on your skin starting to tickle.
“He'll give up.” Tae murmurs, trailing a wet line of kisses down the length of your neck. And you almost agree with him, but you hear Namjoon call again and figure it would be best to just go see what he wants. So, despite Taehyung's reluctance, you're unwrapping your legs from around him.
“Or we can go see what's up.” Taehyung's changing his tune once he's realizing you weren't going to change yours.
His arm is easily sliding around your waist, pulling your body into his as the two of you make your way back into the main house. It's a little weird walking with his cum stuffed inside of you. Like a subtle heaviness between your legs that you just barely go without noticing. And if you moved too fast you could feel a bit of it start to trickle out, forcing you to pay much more attention to your movements than usual.
When the two of you are reaching the sliding door, it's locked. Your other six men are sat in the room, snickers falling from their lips with one look at your frazzled state and the fact that you're locked out.
“Ooh, what were you guys doing out there?” You can hear Hoseok's teasing tone through the glass. As if it weren't obvious. As if they didn't hear what you guys were doing out there.
Taehyung doesn't miss a beat, hand dropping down to grasp your ass. “Stuffed her full of my cum.” He says with a wide grin that has hollers of amusement falling from their lips. “Tae!” You're gasping, face heating up as you lift your arm to punch at his shoulder.
“What it's true?” Sparkling eyes turned to you, lips shaped in a soft pout that you'd lean up and kiss if you weren't sure it'd have a glob of his cum rolling down your leg.
Namjoon, your perfect little angel, is the one to pull the door open. And you're thanking him as you walk past, carefully taking the vacant spot beside Jungkook. “Do you really have cum in you, Noona?” He wonders. Eyes dark while a curious hand reaches to brush over the waistband of your shorts.
“Only a little bit,” Fingers lifting to just barely pinch your fingers together to show him. “Prove it,” He says with a tad bit of playfulness in his tone, tugging at your shorts just slightly. 
You have half the mind to do just that. The thought lingering in your mind long enough for both Hoseok and Yoongi to notice. Intrigued, Hobi waits to see if you'll actually do it – but Yoongi speaks up before the tension can grow any thicker.
“We're choosing rooms,” Changing the subject completely acting as if an eight-way orgy wasn't just on the table. “Oh, right!” Joon, who had been subtly watching to see if you take Kook's dare is all of a sudden the reason he had gathered everyone.
A few moments are granted for conversation to bounce around the room, choosing where they'll sleep for the next seven days. And once they've settled their arrangements, attention is back on you – but for an entirely different reason now.
“Noona can share the floating house with me,” Jungkook is saying with a wide grin, keying you in on the fact that this conversation had been going on a bit longer than you had been paying attention.
With a quick nod of your head, you're assuring the young boy that you'll share the room with him. “I figured I'd just bounce around? If you guys don't care.” Much easier that way, whoever wanted you to spend the night in the room – you would. But to keep things tidy, you'd keep your stuff in the floating house with Jungkook.
“Of course we don't care-” Jin starts, but his words are being cut off by Taehyung's haste. “My room first!” Hand raised in a cute schoolboy raised, the look that he pins you with washes all remnants of the word cute out of your mind, though. 
With a thick roll of his eyes, Namjoon's standing. “If she wants to. You choose, baby.” His attention now on you and the pet name has shivers running down your spine. There was just something about the way Joon called you 'baby' that had you keening.
He doesn't act on it, though. Not right now. And neither do you. One by one, they each break off to do their own thing until dinner time. You find yourself following Jin out to the dock after hearing he was going to fish for a little bit. You had gone on quite a few fishing trips with him, never did it but liked to keep him company when he went.
It's hard to ignore how at ease you feel here, with them. Not a single worry in mind in this secluded spot with your favorite guys. Where they're able to be themselves and be with you and be happy. Thankful that you were able to join them. And so ready to be apart of the memories this next week holds.
No matter how sticky.
Tumblr media
- seven days in the forest spent with your seven boyfriends while they film their upcoming reality tv show. there’s no telling what the eight of you will get into when the cameras are off.
masterlist ⤐
⇝ taglist: @randomkoalablog @smoljams @dee-ehn @jaiuneamesolitaiire @hehehehahahohohuhu @sw33tnight @butterflylion @withlovestudyblr @soulstaes @bangtansonyeondayyyum @samros95 @korkanswers @houseofarmanto @marifujioka @tae165 @uxwi @jinhitwhore @preciouschimine @yeontanie21 @aa-ronpa @taefect94 @lee-karliah @codeinebelle @mochibabycakes @diminieshoe @fuddyize  @soloikeadates @0xmysticx0 @bbyjoonies @amoreguk @tricethecharm @diminieshoe @jayyayyy17 @softlyjins @bangtan-noona @fan-ati--c @fuck-expectations-people @paradisetaemin @nyamjinnie @lilacdreams-00 @vsugakookie0104 @koostime @la-evforia @betysotelo18 @chocobetterknot @simplysanha @delicategukkie @kookieswithtaeq @jeon-ggukkie @angjeon @bangtansbun @flamboyant-louie @elliemeetsevil @angiexyoung @stonyiscanon @strawberryforever25 @mipetronella @rageyoudamnednerd @hellotherehoneybee @joonies-babyy @mypurplelamp @jikooksgirl19 @sushi-date-ghost​ @bigimpression​ @kookiesjoonies​ @amour-quinn​ @diamonddia-mond​ @alterlovess​ @gemad08​ @daydreambrliever​ @acc3ssdenied​ @silentlyimpractical​ @bella-victoria002​ @ashleyjoyx​ @yoooonie​ @diamonddia-mond​ @btsbed​ @sungieshines​ @thia-aep​ @taeshuworld​ @hopiebabie​ @trynavibewhileicry​ @illwritetomorrow​ @kookoo-kachoo​ @prettxyliies​ @triviasjms​ @ratking101​ @elephantdoors​ @feel-like-gold​ @kelitt​ @itsponybeaches​ @alpaca1612​ @jeonkookiebangtan​ @rather-not-sayy​ @kimsouthjoon​ @beeeb05​ @dreamcatcherjiah​ @yoongiverse​
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jkeuphoriadreamland · 11 months ago
Disobedience ლ Ot7
Tumblr media
ლ Pairing: Idol Ot7 x f reader ლ Genre: Established poly ot7, idol!au, explicit smut, one shot ლ Warnings: EXPLICIT 18+ M, dom/sub themes, jealousy, choking kink, noona kink, multiple partners, unprotected sex,(DP)enetration, sloppy seconds, edging, orgasm denial, fingering, rimming, anal, oral, gagging, slapping, masturbation, voyeurism, oral (female and male), squirting, squirting kink, bruises, SHOWER SEX, Basically OT7 having their way with you because you’ve been a bad girl.  ლ Summary: When you go to one of their concerts secretly, Taehyung sees a random stranger dancing up on you which triggers the rest of the members to remind you who you belong to.
A/N: This fic is for my recent milestone. I just want to say thank you for reading my stuff and I hope to be able to interact with you all more.
Tumblr media
You weren’t supposed to be there, you never went to their concerts without their knowledge, but you only wanted to experience it again like you did before, as a fan; not their girl. It’s not that they didn’t like you going, they always offered, stating that they could put you up in the V.I.P. section with all the luxuries and benefits of being theirs, but you wanted to be there freely, not worrying about anything but their music.
You knew they’d be busy, so you secured your ticket and seating area secretly. Chances were that they would not see you when they got all worked up and into their set list. Just as usual, the fans line up and get in, emotions heightened from the concert they’ve been waiting for months to see. The entire night is incredible, and not one soul there knew who you were.
For whatever reason, in the middle of one of their remixes, some random guy comes up to you and starts getting more into your personal space. As the song continues, he begins dancing, acting as if he wasn’t aware how close he had gotten. You let it slide for a bit, but in your distraction, one of the boys sees you while he scans the audience as is typical of them during concerts.
It’s Taehyung who sees you and blinks for a moment, unsure if he’s seeing things right. But when he focuses in to look closer, he sees a man dancing up against you in the crowd, and something in him snaps. He treks back a bit to find Jimin and easily communicates where his eyes are focused. Jimin quickly understands, smoothly looking your way so as to not draw attention. Annoyed, the two boys finish their song along with the others, and then run backstage to change for the last and final song.
Once they get behind the curtain Taehyung voices his frustration.
“Who the fuck was that guy and why was he all over, ____?”
“I don’t know, but I’m not fucking happy at all.” , Jimin grumbles.
This gets the other’s attention and Namjoon’s ears perk up. “What are you talking about?”
“____ is at the concert. And when I noticed her, I also noticed some random guy come up near her and start dancing up on her. I wanted to jump off the fucking stage.” Taehyung supplies what he saw while the other men listen in disbelief.
“That won’t fucking do. Did we take care of it?”, Jin speaks up angrily.
“Yes, I already told the staff. They’re moving her now. Why didn’t she just ask us to come? Why would she show up without telling us?” Jimin is beside himself, buckling his shoes while a staff member combs through his thick locks, placing each strand just right. As chaotic as everything was, he was always worried about you knowing that being with seven men could bring out quite a lot of emotions, but he never knew you to be so careless. It was their job to protect you, and you weren’t making it easy for them.
You, on the other hand, were livid. Not only were you upset at the dumb guy that danced up on you, but not Big Hit’s staff showed up and were asking you to move. You almost lost it then and there, sick and tired of always being under their watch. It wasn’t enough that you had signed your life away to be with the loves of your life, but now they were keeping tabs on you at concerts? In order not to make a show of things, you pinned your gaze on the innocent staff member and began walking towards the backstage area.
They offered you a seat and a television monitor to watch the rest of the show in quiet seclusion, but you wanted to leave before the boys were done. Of course that wasn’t going to happen, not when the poor intern that was assigned to keep his eyes on you continuously glanced your way in a silent plea for you not to make a scene. You didn’t want to make it harder for the poor boy, so you patiently waited for the concert to end. As soon as the final song was done, you got up to make your way out before the guys came back, but Jungkook appeared right through the curtain, hopping up  next to you as if he knew you were there.
“Noona! Thank god you’re here.”
“Yes, Guk-ah I’m here. What’s wrong? Why are you so worked up?”
“Because of what Tae saw,” said Hobi who had come in right behind Jungkook. He didn’t look happy and knowing how he was the least tolerable of bullshit, you knew you were in trouble. The rest of the boys walked through, but they were silent, watching as Jungkook fussed over your hair while Hobi gave you an earful. He spoke pretty much every word that was on the boy’s mind and when you turned to look at each one, you realized they were not the least bit happy about what you had done.
“Guys, listen...I’m sorry, but I just wanted to experience the concert without being your girl for once. I love your music and your hard work so much. Are you really going to be mad at me for loving you so much?”  You attempt to bat your eyelashes and use every ounce of manipulative baby you could muster, but none of their countenances shifted.
Teahyung had his arms crossed, Jimin pouted and scowled at you while Jungkook hugged you tightly from behind with his chin on your shoulder. They really were a bunch of babies. The older ones stood around you in a semicircle with their arms crossed as well. Namjoon’s jaw ticked while Yoongi glared daggers into your cheap attempt at an excuse.
“Baby girl, you know how much we love your support, but you can’t just show up to these events alone. What if someone found out who you were? You do know we have crazy stalkers that find out everything they can. What if they find out who you are? You do know we work hard to keep you safe and private?” Yoongi finishes off with a huff and then steps forward to grab your chin between his thumb and forefinger to make you look up and right into his eyes.
Even though he was as soft as a kitten, he made you the most nervous, his anger being gentle yet firm. He watched you carefully as you swallowed at his closeness knowing that even though they were upset with you, they still loved and wanted you the same if not more. As best as you can, you nod your head and wait for the other members to speak. When they don’t, you realize that maybe you had done something terribly disrespectful.
When Yoongi let’s your face go, Taehyung steps up and places a kiss on your nose, staring right into your eyes and holding the contact. “What I can’t believe, baby, is that there was a guy dancing next to you, on you, around you as if you didn’t belong to anyone. I’m so angry, I really want to punch something, but I think it’ll be best if we show you what happens when you disobey.”
It doesn’t take long to make it back to the suite, the ride long and intimidating. They sat next to and across from you, their piercing dark eyes setting you on edge. Namjoon had placed a hand on your thigh asking you to relax, but his touch caused you to jump making Jimin smirk before turning to look out the window. You were in no way fearful knowing that the trouble you’d be facing was anything but unpleasant.
The ride up the elevator was the most tense you’ve ever felt. With none of them speaking, you felt as if you couldn’t breathe, worried that if you made a wrong move you’d be in even bigger trouble. The only member that made you feel at ease the most was Jungkook. He hadn’t let your hand or waist go since you left the venue, and even now in the elevator he had you locked in front of him with his face buried in your neck. His soft breaths and little licks weren't making anything easier. He was obviously trying to distract you from the looks the other members shot your way, and you couldn’t help but sigh and moan from Jungkook’s ministrations.
You barely made it halfway down the hall when Jungkook abruptly stopped. His actions caused you to pause as well, and then while he was still behind you, he bent down to your ear placing a gentle kiss onto it before whispering. “Noona...I’m going to prep you first before they have their know you’ve been such a bad girl and…”, he whines against the shell of your ear as he grinds into your ass, pressing his length into you, “I’m going to make you feel so good, isn’t that right, noona? I always make you feel the best. You’re always such a good girl for me.”
He doesn’t wait for your answer, quickly turning to unlock the door to his suite. He had gotten the bigger room  this time after having won a bet with the boys. You knew it was all a show, that this very room was where everything would happen tonight, and no matter how sweet he was being, things would come to an end here. As he walks you in, his own feet moving yours in tandem, you begin to regret your poor choices. What they planned to do would be more a reward than punishment, but this was the first time you had ever been so rebellious to their wishes, and your skin was prickling with excitement.
“Go wash up, baby. I’ll be right behind you.” Jungkook turns and detaches himself from you, walking off to get the towels. You don’t think twice about what he’s asked, quickly making your way to the large shower. In truth there was enough space for you and all the boys, but you were secretly happy that it would be you and Jungkook first. He always had a soft spot for you and you knew he’d be lenient with you. You remove your clothes and step under the warm water, unconsciously releasing a moan at the delicious feeling falling over your skin and relaxing your tense muscles.
You get lost in the feeling and don’t realize it when Jungkook steps in behind you, his arms wrapping around your waist, the action alerting you to his presence. As he presses himself into your body, molding into you as one, he slips out a moan against your shoulder. Soft kisses flow from his lips, his tongue occasionally tasting your skin. “How do you feel, noona?”
His hands glide over your skin, belly and hips at a tormenting pace. He grips you tightly, pulling you back against his already aching length, his jealousy making him feel a need he didn’t know he could experience. “I feel good, Guk-ah..soo good.”
He’s kissing your neck now, his long fingers stroking between your folds, slowly making you insane. His kisses turn into slurps as he leaves his love marks all along the column of your neck. Your legs begin to feel weak and you place the palms of your hands against the wall in front of you as he slowly slides one finger inside. Your legs shake at his actions and Jungkook smiles against your skin, quietly chuckling to himself. “Open up.”, he whispers and you quickly obey.
As you do what he says, he places a firm grip on one of your thighs and then lifts it up to hook over his forearm. His fingers continue to torture you, and when he knows you’re ready he slips in another finger. The tip of his cock prods at your back entrance while his fingers work in and out of your cunt mercilessly. One of your arms hook back around his neck to dig your fingers into his long locks. With one hand on the wall, a leg up, and fingers knuckle deep inside of you, you begin to lose control, moaning wantonly into the room. The echoes bounce off the wall and Jungkook doesn’t let up, only spurred on by the increase in volume of your pleasure.
“You sound so pretty, noona. Are you ready for my cock, baby? I’ve been so ready for you….I was so angry when I heard about the guy, noona...why would you do that to me? Hmmm? Nooooona…”, he whines out unexpectedly when he tries to pull out his fingers, only to feel your walls tightening around his long digits. “Fuckkk.”
You turn then, unable to keep your hands off of him. You eagerly wrap your arms around his neck bringing him down to kiss him passionately. He whimpers a little when you bite his lip, but it only adds to the already burning need inside of you.
“Noona...the guys said you can’t cum. You need to be a good girl, okay?”
He looks to be in control, but you can tell he’s so close to falling apart. You knew him better, and while it was cute that he tried to be tough, you also knew he'd do whatever you asked.
Smoothing his fingers over the trembling skin of your thigh, he lifts it up and hooks it over his hip while he takes your mouth savagely. His small moans roll over your body and right to your core as he rubs himself against you desperately. “You ready for your punishment, bad girl?”
He says this through a smile, lining his cock up just right to then slowly push it forward and into your wet heat. You groan in pleasure, neck tilting back, eyes shutting at the sheer pleasure of it all. The warm water beats over your flesh, arousing the already aching nipples that occasionally rub over Jungkook’s chest. He pushes up slightly, testing the depths he can take, grinning when you only press closer and whine out his name. He turns you both slightly, careful not to slip out of you so that he can press your back flat against the shower wall. 
He can no longer contain his love, even though he should be upset, he leans in and kisses you softly, whispering unintelligible things as he drives himself in and out of your sopping wet core. When he feels you tighten around him, he remembers what his brothers told him, and he pulls out. “Sorry, baby, but you’re not allowed to cum yet.”
You feel betrayed, blowing out air as if you’ve been smacked in the chest. Needing so badly to reach your end, you start to grind against him, dipping your chin down in order to seduce him with your eyes. “Please….Gukkiiieeee, please...I need it so bad…”
You roll your fingers back into his scalp, massaging him easily, enjoying how he melts at your touch. He’s about to give in to you as he always did, but the opening and closing of the suite’s front door stops him. Jungkook’s eyes shoot open, and he steps back, shaking his head side to side teasingly, knowing you almost got your way.
He grabs a towel and dries everywhere but between your legs, barely touching you since he already knows how sensitive you are. He doesn’t want to risk setting you off, so he kisses your nose and then grabs your hands, interlocking his fingers with yours.
As you step into the bedroom, you see that all the other members are already there, their hairs wet from the obvious showers they had taken before arriving. Yoongi steps forward and Jungkook removes himself from you, making you feel incredibly exposed.
“Look at this neck, angel...all these pretty marks. Tell me who did these…”
He obviously knows who it was, but he liked playing these games, making you verbalize the dirty things you’ve done, turning him on. “It was Jungkookie…”, you trail off when his hand wraps itself gently around your neck, his thumb massaging over the tender marked up areas. He presses a thumb into a particularly dark one and you hiss.
“Such a dirty pretty..” He steps up to you, tilting his head to the side mockingly, eyes scanning over your face and then landing on your mouth.
“I bet you taste just as dirty.”
He doesn’t wait for you to react, kissing you deeply, tongue dipping deeper making your jaw ache from his greedy actions. You’re so distracted you don’t notice when Jin comes up behind you and gets on his knees. He slaps your thighs lightly so that you can open them up for him and he tips your hips back slightly so he can see your pretty, wet cunt. As soon as he dips his tongue between your folds, you buck back and almost detach from Yoongi’s kiss, but he doesn’t let you, swallowing your sweet moans down. 
You use Yoongi’s chest to hold yourself up and Jin continues eating out your pussy, pushing you forward causing you to balance on the balls of your feet. Unable to stand the agonizing pleasure any longer, you pull back from Yoongi, swallowing the air in a deep and guttural moan. He continues to hold you, letting you rest your head on his shoulder as Jin works to bring you to the edge, but just as before, when you feel yourself getting close, he stops completely.
“Fuck!”, you scream out frustrated and the boys laugh, enjoying the deep scowl you throw at each and every one of them. They look so fucking dangerous, each sitting or standing in a different part of the room enjoying the scene unfolding before them.  Now standing alone in the center of the room, Jimin calls your name.
You turn to see he’s already got his hands deep into his sweats, his arousal clearly seeping through the material near his crotch. “Get on the bed, brat. Don’t think we’ve forgotten the way you behaved like a slut today, letting another man get near you as if you didn’t belong to us. Move quickly, baby…on your chest....ass up.”
When you move forward, you notice Taehyung follows Jimin to stand at the base of the bed while you get into position. “Tae were the one that saw our baby girl here being a little desperate bitch. What do you think she deserves?”
“That skin looks too pretty. She needs to be taught a lesson.” Namjoon speaks up and it’s not until now that you realize all the boys are surrounding the mattress as well. They stand by with their hands in their pants, already so needy for you.
“I think she deserves to have her ass bruised.”, Taehyung supplies, and you swallow in expectation.
The bed dips behind you to your left and then your right, and you know it’s Jimin and Taehyung. Large hand runs smoothly over the curve of your ass, causing goosebumps to rise all over the area. You dip forward even more, burying your face into the pillow you have now gripped onto, ready for the blow you know is coming. Taehyung’s long fingers run from the tip of your pussy to the puckered rim of your ass, and you enjoy the caress until a harsh smack onto your flesh makes you squeal.
Jimin bites his plush bottom lip when he sees your skin rise in response to his strike, his large and thick rings leaving an even clearer mark. It stings you to no end, but when he runs his wet tongue and thick lips over your skin, you start to melt even further into the mattress. “You don’t know what you’ve done to us, baby. Do you know how hard it was for me not to run off that stage and rip that man off of you? I was so jealous….you’re ours, pretty girl. Only ours.”
Taehyung's voice reverberates against your spine as he kisses your back sweetly while his fingers play with your rim, awakening countless nerve endings of pleasure. He prods it slightly, only teasing as far as the tip of his finger can enter. 
“You know this is my favorite, baby...when you’re pliable and submissive, doing exactly as we ask. Did Kookie do a good job prepping you, angel?” Jimin teases you as you struggle to calm your breathing, already so sensitive and knowing you will probably lose it any minute.
Namjoon sits by your head, softly caressing your cheeks and then tilting your head up so that you’re forced to hold yourself up by the elbows. He kisses you gently, smiling when your fucked out eyes look to him for mercy. “Oh no, baby girl. You’re going to take each one of us. You’re going to take all our cum and you’re going to love it aren't you?” He runs his thumb over your bottom lip and pushes it in knowing you’ll take it obediently. He watches as you suck on it while Jimin and Taehyung busy themselves kissing all over your body. When you look up at him, saliva dripping over your chin, he almost loses himself.
“That mouth seems eager to have something in it.” He moves up, sitting in front of you with his legs on either side of your body and motions with his eyes for you to take charge. Gladly, you pull down his pants, stroking him up one and then twice, when you suddenly feel a thick cock entering you. You gasp temporarily forgetting Namjoon, lost in the pleasure of Tae’s large and thick cock working you open steadily. 
Not being a patient man, Namoon grabs your hair and pulls your attention back to his angry and swollen cock. The veins bulge at the side when you grip it in your hand, and the tip swells further when your squeeze. “Fuck…” He watches as you sink your lips over him, fighting the instinct to pop off of him when Tae strikes just the right spot inside of you.
Tae is set on torturing you, slowly rolling his hips in and out of you in no real hurry. You begin rolling back onto him as you slurp on Namjoon’s cock, but the smooth and delicious feeling is interrupted when Jimin slips a slippery finger into your ass. It’s not in all the way, but to the knuckle, far enough to make you choke on a sob and almost gag on Namjoon’s cock.
“Look at that. I think she’s starting to remember who she belongs to.” Jimin chuckles and the other members get needy at the sight. Jungkook manages to slip under you, taking a breast into his mouth, his finger massaging your back tenderly. He slides a pillow between his legs and Yoongi sees the younger one enjoying himself too much, his cock straining against the soft cloth, strings of arousal leaking from the younger’s tip onto the pillow cover. He decides to plop on the other side, sliding a hand onto your other breast as he strokes himself with the other.
Jimin continues to push in further, finally getting to the second knuckle. You lose your sanity, unable to keep Namjoon in your mouth any longer. He gets onto his knees stroking himself eagerly, so ready to cum all over your mouth. Hobi had been watching as he lay on the couch in front of the bed, but he could no longer wait,  pleading with Tae to pull out so he could have a turn.
Taehyung is so close to cumming, the image of his brothers having their way with you making him crazy. “Almost there, hyung...almost..” He gives a few more pumps and then swells up before releasing his load inside of you. You feel his heat pour into you, filling you to capacity as he fucks his cum into you deeper, stretching out the delicious feeling before pulling out.
Hobi just about passes out when he sees the cum slide out of you and down onto the bed. With Jimin’s relentless actions, the cum continues to drip out of you. He kneels right behind you and without warning pushes right into you, forcing you forward slightly onto Namjoon who has now started cumming.
“Open up.”, he grunts through clenched teeth and you try your best to catch all you can into your mouth, but the way Hobi and Jimin are abusing your holes makes you crazy. You’re so close to cumming and you don’t think you can hold out any longer. No one is touching your clit, but Jungkook’s tongue on your nipple along with Yoongi and the boys behind you is too much.
Jin waits patiently, watching you fall apart, the taste of your cunt still on his tongue. Jungkook is overwhelmed, your moans and whine reaching his ears as he ruts faster onto the pillow between his legs. Yoongi is already grunting, his milky white fluid spurting out and over his black shirt when you cry out and beg for release. 
“Baby girl, this is your punishment. You don’t get to cum until we have all had our fill.” Jin mocks from where he sits, his voice now coming closer. Hobi is relentlessly  hitting your g-spot, growling whenever you clench around him. “I’m gonna cum...fuck…”
He pulls out and spills his seed all over your bare ass and Jimin uses some of it to add another finger into your hole. You fall flat on your belly and right onto Jungkook who laughs and helps to turn you on your back. He rolls onto his stomach as well and kisses you greedily as he finishes off by rolling his hips deep into the fluffy material between his thighs. “You’re so fucking pretty, noona.”, he whispers as he kisses you softly on the lips and moves away. You take a few moments to catch your breath and thank whoever it is that is currently giving you water and allowing you to lean your exhausted body against.
You realize it’s Jin, his broad chest easy to distinguish. He tenderly runs the tips of his fingers over your face to make sure you are comfortable enough to continue. “Can you take two more, baby?”
You glance back and up at him, nodding your head eagerly. You’ve been so close to cumming several times and you really don’t think you can hold back with two more rounds, but when Taehyung slides a pillow under you asJin moves away, you knew you were about to be fucked; literally.
When they said take two more, you didn’t know it would be at the same time. Your hips are angled up enough for one man to sit below you, legs spread open and cock nestled near your rim. Jimin ends up on top of you, his strong thighs holding your legs up and back.
“Hello, my pretty baby. I love you so much. I’m going to take such good care of you.”
You just about cum when he slides into you without resistance, the angle you’re in making it so much easier for him to hit the spot that has been getting abused this whole time. Once he’s comfortably settled into a rhythm, you feel Jin push his tip into your ass. He’s leaning back on his elbows, legs on both sides of your body as he uses his strong legs to push in and out of your ass. 
The feel of both of them inside of you, taking turns to push in and out of you is too much. You reach around you searching for something to hold on to, and Jungkook is quick to find your hand and kiss it while he singsongs praises into your palm.
“Oh god..I can’t...I can’t….please...please let me cummmmm.” You’re crying now, overwhelmed from the feeling of their large cocks pumping in and out of you, the thin piece of flesh in your pussy separating their cocks feeling like nothing but a thin sheet of paper. They feel so good and when Jin finally gives you permission, you burts like a dam.
“Fucking cum, fucking cum all over our cocks.”
And you do, the pressure of your orgasm causing Jimin’s cock to be pushed out as you spray Jin’s chest with your juices. The actions alone causes Jimin to cum, his cock throbbing on it’s own as it leaks onto your stomach. When Jin sees you break, he too loses his load, filling your hole up to the brim. He pulls away gently, and Jimin turns to roll off as well.
You feel like you’ve soared up to the highest levels of heaven, your breathing ragged and limbs feeling like a rag doll. You don’t remember passing out, but when you wake up, you’re on somebody’s chest, body clean and now wearing a long tee; probably one of the boy’s. You shift slightly, your arm now asleep due to the heaviness of your slumber. 
“Hey, baby. You okay?” Jungkook smiles down at you, bunny teeth and nose scrunched up cutely. He looks so adorable and he always made sure to take care of you up until the very end.
“Yea..”, you croak out, voice hoarse from all the whining and whimpering you did. 
“Shh. Can you sit up? I made you some soup and I brought you some water.”
You nod happily and sit up to lean against the pillows he’s propped up behind you. He feeds contently, kissing you between each mouthful you take. “Good girl,” he coos.
When he finishes, he sets the plate aside and once again pulls your forward and back onto his chest. Kissing the crown of your head, he hums a soft song that lulls you into a comfortable state of relaxation. “Where are the boys?” 
You wonder where everyone has gone to since they usually came in to cater to you after being with you at the same time. “Oh, they went out to rehearsal and stuff, but I told them I’d stay with you to make sure you were okay. They left you gifts in the main room. I was also told to inform you that you had better not sneak into one of our concerts again without our knowledge or else.”
“Or else?” You mock, smiling against his chest as you feel him shake with his own laugh. “Yes, or else. Be a good girl, noona.”
“Okay, fine.”, you relent as you feel yourself slipping into sleep with the way Jungkook is running his fingers over your scalp.
“We love you, noona.”
“And I love you all...forever..”
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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Jetsetters | OT7
Tumblr media
Pairing: Flight Attendant!Female Reader x OT7 Genre: Smut/Fluff (JK is soft for Noona, uwu) Word Count: 8K Rating: M (18+) Summary: You’re left alone to entertain seven of the most prestigious idols in SoKo entertainment. How will you manage?  Warnings: Hand fetish to the maxxx, casual sex, rough sex, fingering (f receiving), male masturbation, raw penetration, double penetration, oral (f & m receiving), cum play/eating (lots of cum…like, a lot).
Tumblr media
Breathe, Y/n. Keep breathing.
The inside of the jet lavatory is small yet luxurious, stocked with white hand towels, lotions, pure soy hand soap—the works. You sit upright on the closed toilet seat and try to steady your breaths. Your clammy hands shakily grip your phone as you text the coworker that got you into this mess.
Y/n: What do I do??
Hyuna: Uh oh—TWO question marks?
Y/n: They’ll be here soon. I’m freaking out.
Hyuna: UgHhHh, why did I have to get sick and miss out on this?
Y/n: What if they’re divas? What if they’re mean? How am I supposed to do this on my own??
Hyuna: づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ
Hyuna: Breathe, babe. You’re a pro! You’ve got this!
Y/n: (ㄒoㄒ)
You place your phone on the counter and stumble to stand, smoothing down the back of your tight skirt with sweaty palms. You pivot to face the mood-lit mirror and pull loose strands of hair back into a tight high ponytail. You check that the silk neckerchief is tied snug and perfectly askew, your shirt is tucked and your makeup is still intact.
You’ve got this, Y/n. It’s just a bunch of boys—er—men. Famous, rich, attractive men.
The phone buzzes on the countertop.
Hyuna: Y/n? Hellooo. Did you faint?
You hear a car pull up outside. Doors open and close. Bodies begin to shuffle luggage onto the stairwell. You can hear voices trail into the cabin, making your heart stop.
Y/n: Oh god.
Hyuna: Uh oh…
Y/n: They’re here.
Hyuna: Fuck, I’m jealous.
Hyuna: Go get ‘em, tiger. Have a safe flight and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. 💦
Y/n: Not helping, Hyuna.
Hyuna: Bye! You’ve. Got. This. CALL ME AFTER! (•ө•)♡
Y/n: (((><)))
*knock, knock, knock*
“Y/n,” you hear the pilot call from the other side of the door. “Our guests have arrived.”
You clear your ragged throat, take one last look in the mirror and step into the cabin hallway, only to be thrust into a handful of BTS crew members pushing to get to the back of the jet.
“Good evening, welcome aboard.” You greet everyone and offer them refreshments. Perfectly rehearsed after long tours together, each of them quickly find a seat at the back. Some of them politely take bottles of water and light snacks while others slip on eye masks and prepare for the long flight. They all seem to fall into their place, right on queue.
Once the crew is settled, you make your way up to first class. The pilot already greets each member with a nod as they file into the front of the cabin.
“It’s an honor to fly with you all this evening, welcome aboard the Gulfstream G600. I will be your pilot tonight, and—AH, here she is.” He looks to you, meekly standing at the cabin mid-point. “Y/n will be tending to you this evening, so let her know if you need anything. Anything at all.” He nods at you with a smile. “She’s the best of the best.”
Seven pairs of eyes stare back at you, looking you up and down inquisitively. Your blood runs cold for a second and you forget how to speak. Each boy is incredibly handsome in their stylish travel clothes, bare-faced and a little sleepy. You were intimidated before, but god, you’re practically shaking now.
“Good evening, gentlemen.” By some miracle you manage to push out your greeting in a clear voice. “It’s a pleasure to serve you all tonight. I’ll be coming around with refreshments shortly, but don’t hesitate to ask if you need anything.”
Some members nod and smile, and others speak their thanks aloud; like the kind leader of the group, who’s eyes crinkled in an adorable closed-mouthed, dimpled grin. They settle into their seats and get comfortable for the ride ahead. You turn on your heel to head back to the mini kitchen, but feel a small tug on the hem of your skirt. You look down and meet the eyes of the youngest idol.
“Excuse me, Y/n—I mean—Hi Y/n, I’m Jungkook.” He stumbles over his words as he tries to compose what he needs.
“Hi, Jungkook, nice to meet you.” You smile back at him. “Can I get you anything before takeoff?”
His eyes turn from you for a second and rake over the empty seat next to him. Looking around, some of the other members seem to have more than one seat open beside them, making use of the large array of seating the new jet provided. Jungkook sits reclined in his chair with a blanket resting in his lap. He absentmindedly plays with the fringe dangling off of it, tugging some of the threads loose.
“Where are you sitting when we take off?” He asks.
“Well, I usually sit at the head of the plane, beside the cockpit.” You wait a moment to see if he had anything else on his mind. “Don’t worry,” you rest a hand on his shoulder. “I won’t be far. Feel free to press your service button if you need anything. I’ll come right to you.”
“It’s just,” he timidly interjects. “You can sit next to me if you’d like. I have a lot of space.” He motions to the empty seat and looks back up at you. His deep brown eyes are wide and curious. His pink pouty lips are delicately pursed as he waits for your reply, making you a little nervous.
“That’s so kind of you to offer, Jungkook.” You give him a gentle assuring squeeze to his shoulder. His eyes light up when you touch him, and you don’t miss the small smile that spreads across his lips.
“I could use the company. Some of the guys are tired, so I’m sure they’re fall asleep soon.” He pats the seat beside him. “All yours if you want it. The offer stands.”
You thank him again and head to the kitchen to grab bottles of water and snacks for the rest. First, you approach Yoongi, who’s sitting across the aisle from Jungkook. He has a wide-brimmed bucket hat pulled low over his eyes so you can barely see his face, but his voice rings deep in your ears.
“You can sit next to me too,” he says casually, in a low tone. “I enjoy being in the presence of beautiful women.”
Your skin prickles at his suggestion, feeling warm from the attention. If you could see yourself right now, you’re positive you’d look like a cherry-red tomato from all the blushing.
“Me too,” you hear Hoesok murmur from the seat in front of Yoongi. “And I have more legroom.” He leans over the arm of his chair and winks at you.
“She can take turns,” Jimin chimes from the dining room couch. Jin and Taehyung sit beside him, nodding in agreement.
“As long as I get the first turn,” Namjoon calls from the first row of seats. He turns around and smiles his dimpled smile at you again, making your heart melt when his nose scrunches a little.
You look at Jungkook and notice he’s already drifting off to sleep with his blanket wrapped around him tightly and EarPods in his ears. Not wanting to disturb him, you agree to start the flight with Namjoon and take it from there.
“Okay, haha, okay,” you say as you look around at all the boys. You almost can’t believe how well this is turning out. Not only are they not entitled divas, but they’re also all willing to get to know you. They’re practically battling for your attention. “You all really want me to sit next to you?” You ask aloud to the cabin, slightly bewildered. “I wouldn’t want to be a nuisance.”
They all agree with enthusiastic head nods and yes’s from the boys on the couch. You smile giddily and finish dolling out refreshments to all the guys, earning a gentle hand squeeze from Taehyung as he officially introduces himself, and a friendly hug from Jimin. Jin pulls a fluffy pillow from his bag and props it behind his head, blowing you an air-kiss as he flutters his eyes closed.
“Ladies and gentlemen, we are about to get moving so please find your seats and make yourselves comfortable.” The pilot echos over the PA system. “We’ve got clear skies ahead, so feel free to roam about the cabin once we level out.”
You take your queue and sit in the empty window seat beside Namjoon who’s flipping through an art magazine. He pauses on a page and lifts the magazine to study it closer. Hmm, he hums quietly to himself. He doesn’t seem to notice that you’ve taken your seat, he’s so engrossed in the artwork in front of him.
You feel your heart beating faster in your chest as you watch him draw a long finger across the page to read the artwork description. It’s like a dance, how gracefully he thumbs through the pages and takes his time to read each word. Your mind wanders as you stare at the magazine sprawled on his lap. You wonder how good it might feel to have him move his big hands over your bare skin; to grip your thighs tight and hold you close as you straddle him.
“You’re staring, Y/n.” Namjoon’s arcane voice spills into your daydream.
You realize he’s stopped looking at the magazine and is now looking directly at you.
“Like what you see?” He asks, smirking at your instant blush.
“Uh, no no, sorry,” you stutter out as you try to push the dirty thoughts to the back of your mind. “I didn’t mean to stare. That was rude of me.”
Namjoon folds the magazine shut and tucks it into his seat pocket, maintaining strict eye contact. He draws his legs up onto the recliner and swivels to face you, leaning in close.
“Don’t apologize. I like when you look at me.” A quick heat pools within you as he places a large hand on your knee and strokes it gently.
“Please buckle your seatbelts and prepare for take-off.” The pilot echos.
You’re stunned as Namjoon starts to trail his fingertips up your leg, pausing at the hem of your skirt.
“Tell me,” he whispers. “What were you thinking?”
You can’t speak. Your throat dries as you panic to find your voice. Your hands begin to sweat again as the jet rumbles down the tarmac. There’s nowhere to go now. The nose of the jet lifts up and towards the sky, far from solid ground. Now, you’re weightless and under the touch of one of the most handsome men you’ve ever laid eyes on. He continues to glide his hand up, past your skirt, high onto your thigh. You’ve lost all restraint and you softly moan at the feeling of his skin pressed against yours.
“I was wondering…”
“And what were you wondering, princess?”
You take a long pause and try to talk yourself out of answering him, but his hand trails up until he’s rubbing against your underwear. You lose all control of your thoughts and let them spill out into the open.
“…how good you must be…with your hands.” The words tumble from your lips, barely audible.
Namjoon leans in close enough to taste and breathes hotly against your lips.
“Want to find out?” He asks in a hushed tone.
Mhm, you sigh and close your eyes. You focus on the feeling of his hand gripping you, controlling you, so close to where you need him the most.
Namjoon groans with arousal and closes the gap between you. He claims your mouth in an assertive kiss, ardent, hot and heavy. His tongue pressed against your own, guiding you back, further back to recline in your seat. “Relax, Y/n,” he mutters against your lips. He pushes the recline button to sink you deeper into the chair, hidden from the other members. You peek over and notice the boys on the couch are resting their heads against one another with eyes closed. They seem to have fallen asleep.
Namjoon shimmies your skirt up above your hips and exposes your black thong, visibly damp from your arousal.
“These are sexy,” he hisses into your ear and peels the cloth down your legs. He slips them into his pocket and you don’t care to question it. You’re overcome with a wave of pleasure as he strokes his fingers through your smooth folds and gathers your wetness to ease the glide. “You have such a pretty pussy,” he says in a low voice. He grounds his hot mouth against your soft neck. “Did you wax for us, baby girl? Were you secretly hoping we’d fuck this little pussy?”
You’re embarrassed as he praises you but sheepishly nod at his question. In the back of your mind, you always wished something like this would happen. Your job allowed you to serve some of the world's most talented, attractive entertainers. While you’re a professional and great at serving others, it’s hard not to fantasize about serving them in other, unconventional ways. One time you overheard Hyuna blow an idol in the storage room and you got so wet imaging it was you making him cum.
Namjoon continues to pet you, occasionally moving up to circle your clit. His other hand pulls down the neckerchief, giving him free rein to mark you as he pleases. He doesn’t hold back, biting and sucking you harshly until you’re shivering from the sensation. You struggle to contain your moans, quietly begging him to take his two teasing fingers and sink them into your heat. When he enters, you clasp a hand over your mouth to choke out your cries. His fingers are thick and filling you up nicely, stroking slow and deep.
“You’re sucking me in, princess. God, you really needed to be touched, didn’t you?” He reaches down and unbuttons his jeans, turning on his side towards you and pulling out his length. He begins stroking himself up and down to match his thrusts inside you. He moves from quick and shallow to rough, deep penetration. He’s edging you, working you up and pulling back, giving himself time to match your high. You’re almost there when his thumb circles your bundle of nerves while he teases his tip in the other hand. Just the sight of him touching himself is enough to push you over.
“I’m so close, Y/n.” He pants against your bruised neck. “I want you to cum with me, okay?” Okay, you exhale, pressing your hand over your mouth tightly to muffle your cries.
His hands move in succession as you both climb to your peak. In and out, up and down; he doesn’t miss a beat. You clench and release through your orgasm, the sensation alone making Namjoon buck hot cum into his palm. He breathes out a strangled groan and pulls out of you to cover his own mouth. The aftershocks of your release and the sight of his cum-covered hand makes your head spin. You bite back a moan as he holds his hand up to study the mess.
“…May I?” You hesitantly ask, becoming shy as your orgasm wears thin. He nods, curious to see what you want so badly. You hold him at the wrist and bring his hand close to your mouth, flicking your tongue out to drag up his pointer finger. You take your time, sucking each finger separately, painfully slow. You lap at every drop and hold it flat on your tongue so he has a full view of it going into your mouth.
“Fuck, you’re so hot.” He sighs contently and watches you finish. You lean forward for a kiss, letting him taste himself on your lips. He moans softly as you release his hand, allowing him to tuck himself back into his jeans. You recline his seat and he relaxes into it, his eyes starting to flutter shut. “Such a…good girl.” He mumbles and draws his hand back to rest under his head, heavy with exhaustion.
You watch as Namjoon drifts off to sleep, his chest rises and falls gently as his breathing evens out. Skirt a mess and your face blushed pink, you wonder how you can pretend that didn’t happen when you face the other members. You poke your head up above your chair and are relieved to see that all the other boys are reclined in their seats and fast asleep, except for Jungkook. He straightens in his seat at the back row and waves for you to come over. You wave back and turn forward to quickly smooth your skirt down, adjusting your shirt and neckerchief as best you can.
Breathe, you recite your mantra. Breathe.
You stand on wobbly legs and carefully pad past Jimin, Taehying, and Jin on the couch. Hoseok and Yoongi have their backs turned toward the aisle, likely fast asleep like the others. You feel calm knowing the others slept through everything.
Well, almost everyone.
Jungkook pulls his legs in to give you room to slip into the seat beside him. He seems to avoid looking at you and just glances down at his lap and back to the seat in front of him. He seems stiff and uncomfortable.
“Hi, Jungkook, did you enjoy your nap?” You break the silence. He’s acting bizarre. You start to sweat again as you wonder what he’s thinking. “Would you like anything—water, a hot towel—“
“I saw what Joon-Hyung did to you.” He says, dead-pan.
You scramble for a response, but he cuts you off.
“I spoke to you first.” He looks at you with dark and hungry eyes. They focus on your flush cheeks, down to your neck and back up to your face. “Why does he get to have all the fun?” You unknowingly bite your bottom lip. The way he talks and stares makes you nervous, but excited.
He cups your chin into his palm and guides your head to look down at his lap. The blanket is pulled aside and bunched to create a privacy barrier between his aching bulge and the open aisle. He’s hard and you can see him clearly through his sweats. “I heard you cum, Y/n.” He gently places his palm at the back of your neck and tugs the neckerchief down to reveal Namjoon’s marks. “You made me so hard with your sweet moans.” He ghosts his fingers over the fresh bruises. His pouty pink lips hover by your ear so only you can hear him. “Did you think of me when you came around his fingers? Did you imagine my cock, buried deep inside you?” His sinful whispers drive you mad, coating your entire body in goosebumps.
Your eyes flutter closed as you focus on your breath again.
Breathe. Breathe. This can’t be real.
“Jungkook…” you say, barely above a whisper.
He shushes you with parted lips and draws you into a slow and passionate kiss. He takes his time, memorizing the shape of your lips. You reach up to brace the back of his head and pull him closer, but he grabs your hand and swiftly guides it under his waistband.
“Kook,” you whimper from the heat rapidly building inside you again. You can’t hold back a small moan when he grinds against your hand. You softy wrap around him and feel just how long he is. He groans in response and continues to grow harder under your touch. “You have to be quiet,” you command and give him a few strokes over his boxers to feel every bit he has to offer.
“I can’t, Noona.” He whimpers. The new nickname and his desperate whines make you even wetter. Your underwear is still tucked into Namjoon’s pocket, so you’re left to squirm as you the arousal glides past your lips with nothing to catch it.
You slip your hand out from his sweats and stand from your seat, lacing your fingers into his to guide him down the back of the aisle and into the first-class lavatory. It’s a little roomy for a jet bathroom, but you are still pressed against one another as you lock the door behind you.
Jungkook eagerly helps you sit on the sink and wraps your legs around his waist. He lifts your skirt and moans to find you without your panties.
“Dirty girl.” He admires how wet he’s gotten you already and gathers some of your arousal to gently thumb over your clit a couple of times. He notices how sensitive you still are from your first orgasm so he pulls his focus on the growing ache in his sweats. He palms over his bulge and groans loudly, almost frustrated. “Something has to be done, Y/n. You did this to me.”
“Mm, you’re right,” you say tenderly and lean forward to slip his sweats down, along with his boxers. He bites down on your shoulder when you wrap your bare hand around his length and calmly stroke up and down a few times. He seems to enjoy your attention, but you can tell he needs more by the way he bucks into your hand.
“Noona, take off your clothes. Everything.”
You oblige and unbutton your shirt to reveal your black lace bra, completely see-through, nipples hard and straining against the fabric. The sight makes Jungkook’s mouth fall open.
“Beautiful,” he says quietly and lifts your hips to drag the skirt off and onto the ground. He takes your breasts in his hands and licks you through the fabric, spending time to circle both buds. The sensation is highly erotic, feeling his tongue tease you with very little in between. He leaves the bra on and smooths his hands down your parted thighs to open them wider until he can stand in between and poke his tip between your lips. He looks at you for the next move and you quickly nod for him to continue.
“Please, Kookie. I want to feel you.” You wrap your legs around him and nudge him to start moving. Your head swims at the teasing pace he enters you. He’s slow, but for good reason. He’s long and thicker than Namjoon’s fingers were. However, it doesn’t take long before you’re nudging him with your heels to move faster. Your sensitivity has subsided, replaced by the need to be filled by every inch.
He moans as he starts to pump in and out. He doesn’t seem to care if anyone hears as he’s lost in the moment, his focus solely on the two of you. You shush him a bit but that only seems to fuel his need to be vocal, to let you know just how fucked out you’re making him.
He pulls your hips to angle upward, allowing him more access to drive into you. In this position, he brushes against your g-spot with ease, making you clench and drag him in deeper. He nests in you fully and flicks his hips in short rapid thrusts that numb your mind. You’re adrift in ecstasy and moan praises into his ear as he drives you closer to a second orgasm.
“That’s it, tell me how much you want it, Noona.” He growls between gritted teeth, getting a little rough, gripping you at your chin and high around your neck to look at him.
“I want it so bad, oh my god, I’m so c-close.” You stutter between words and swallow hard as he pushes into you.
“I’m close too. Where can I—oof…” He cuts himself off and pulls out to edge, pumping into his fist a couple of times before pushing back in. “Where can I c-cum?”
“Anywhere,” you pant. “Anywhere you want.” You don’t have many casual encounters, but you’re protected in case the moment strikes, like now. “Cum inside me, Kookie,” you plead.
With your permission, he reaches his high and grips your hips aggressively as he spills into you. He groans out his release in a deep lustful voice, so loud you’re sure he’s woken up at least one person. The sinful sounds of his pleasure and the feeling of his stuttering movements sends you over the edge and you press your mouth against his to swallow your curses. He brushes your hair behind your ear and nuzzles his chin into the crook of your neck as he catches his breath.
The comedown is slow, and neither of you are in any rush to leave. You’re still wrapped together, nested in each other when you hear someone knock on the door.
“JK, you okay in there?” You both stiffen at the sound of a deep groggy voice calling from the other side of the door. A minute passes and they knock again, louder. “JK?”
Junkook clears his throat and evens out his voice in his best attempt to sound composed.
“Yeah, I’m good. Thanks.”
A minute passes without a response.
“Be out in a minute,” Jungkook clarifies. The two of you shuffle in the small room and pick up your clothes, hurriedly trying to piece them back on.
“I know she’s in there,” calls the voice.
You both stop cold, unsure of what to do.
“W-who?” Jungkook automatically responds and then hides his face in his palm. Ugh, stupid, he mutters to himself.
“You know who.” They respond. “Pretty rude of you to keep her all to yourself, kid.”
Jungkook looks at you and mouths what do we do? You think for a second, but decide to end this game and come clean. You click the lock and slowly push open the door a crack, just enough to reveal Yoongi standing in the hallway, arms crossed over his chest.
“Hi, pretty girl.” He smiles and pushes the door open further to get a full view of you. You’re still naked from the waist down with only your sheer lace bra as protection. Your hair is in a messy ponytail now. Loose strands of hair have fallen and are sticking to your sweaty face.
“Hyung,” Jungkook whines while tugging his sweats up over his thighs. “You couldn’t wait until I finished?”
“It sounded like you finished, JK.” Yoongi quips and chuckles a little. He leans past the door to speak to the man directly. “You woke Hobbi and I, by the way.”
The younger man laughs and blushes adorably. He holds you close from behind and burrows his face into your shoulder. Yoongi reaches his hand out for you to take.
“Now it’s our turn to have some fun,” he says and gently tugs you away from Jungkook’s grasp. You trip to reach for your skirt, feeling very exposed and self-conscious. Jungkook’s cum slowly trickles out onto your thighs and you squirm to hold it inside. Yoongi pulls you away from the clothes and down the aisle, to the back row of seats in first class.
Hoseok is sitting in the second to last row with his legs draped into the aisle. He looks like he just woke up, rubbing the sleep from his eye and stretching an arm up to the ceiling.
“Yoong,” he yawns. His face lights up when he sees you standing beside him. “You found her.”
“The kid had her locked up in the bathroom,” Yoongi laughs.
You choke on your breath as Jungkook responds from right behind you.
“Actually, she locked the door.” He rubs his hand high on your waist and gives you a gentle back-hug. He touches his lips to your sore neck. “She tried to keep me quiet, but she just felt so good.”
Yoongi wriggles you out of Jungkook’s grasp and tugs you to sit on his lap. Hoseok moves into the seat next to you.
“How good?” Hoseok asks Jungkook while skimming his hand around your back to undo your bra. He releases the fabric to expose you completely and takes a tender bud into his mouth. He rolls it around with his tongue and on occasion, lightly drags it between his teeth. He reaches down between your legs and feels Jungkook’s drying cum, now tacky on your skin. He groans lewdly, his mouth still attached to your chest.
Yoongi looks down and sees your messy pussy.
“Mm, Y/n, is there room left for us?” You rub your thighs together at the sound of his voice. It seems to shoot straight down to your core, building your arousal with each syllable. Slightly exhausted from two orgasms, you’re surprised by your willingness to surrender to two more of these men in mere minutes. It’s a mind-blowing feeling having both their hands roam your body. It’s hard to locate which hand belongs to which idol. Yoongi adjusts you on his lap as he begins to stiffen under your bare ass. He’s softly grinding up into you and shuddering with anticipation.
Hoseok takes himself out of his jeans and pulls them down around his legs. He leans back in his seat and strokes himself languidly, seemingly content just watching you get flustered on his friend's lap. He’s already fully erect and mouthwatering to watch. You want to feel him too, at the same time. You salivate at the prospect of taking him into your mouth, leaning forward to get closer while still allowing Yoongi to grind up against you.
“Go on, pretty girl,” Yoongi urges you from behind. “Show Hobbi how good you are.”
You let Yoongi hold you steady at your hips, giving him a full view of your ass as you bend over to lick up Hoesok’s shaft. He feels heavy on your tongue, involuntarily humping up as you take him in. You open wide and allow him to take control, to fuck into your mouth in quick and steady thrusts. The motion causes you to bounce on Yoongi’s lap, brushing you up and down against his hardening bulge.
Yoongi groans as he watches you get face-fucked by his friend, flicking his eyes back to your bare ass right in his own lap. He can’t resist any longer and presses a long finger against your backside, rubbing slowly and adding some spit to ease the glide. His playful prodding draws soft moans from your lips, around Hoseok. He circles faster and begins to shallowly push his finger in and out. You push back onto him, giving him permission to go deeper and add more.
His hands are skilled, methodical, taking his time with every movement. He doesn’t rush the process, using just one finger to glide in and out of your hole until you’re relaxed and ready for another.
You hear shuffling from behind and lift up to see what is happening. Your heart stills at the sight of Yoongi’s hand as he grips his cock. His fingers are so long, slender and vascular. Undoubtedly pianists fingers, well defined and controlled in his movements. He glides over his tip a few times until he’s begging to be inside of you.
“I want to fill you up, pretty girl. Would you sit on me? I’ll go slow. Mmf—just want to feel you on me.” His pleads send a shiver up your spine. Heat pools in the pit of your stomach at the thought of sitting on his thick cock and filling you completely.
“You’re so stretched and ready, Y/n. Feel how my fingers are just sliding in and out?”
You nod as your head swims with desire. His fingers feel beyond amazing. He could make you cum just fingering you like this, but you had other plans.
“Please,” you beg.
“One cock isn’t enough for you, babe?” Hoseok laughs from above and pushes in particularly deep to remind you who’s in control. “Put him in, Y/n,” he orders. “I’m good at sharing.” He looks over at Jungkook who sits across the aisle and back in his seat, legs open, palming himself over his sweats. His eyes are dark again, set on your blissed-out face.
You pop off of Hoesok and lick your palm, reaching back and taking Yoongi’s length into your fist to give it a few quick pumps, then line it up with your entrance. He follows suit and takes a bit of spit to smooth over his tip. He breathes out heavily and pulses his tip past your ring of nerves. The pleasure is instant and takes your breath away. All the prep he gave makes you ready to sink back onto him fully. His hips stutter from behind as he gathers his bearings, visibly struggling to stay still. You grind your hips back onto him and match his slow thrusts.
You feel heat spread throughout your body as Jungkook stares at you hungrily from across the aisle. You lock your eyes on him as you lay your tongue out flat and allow Hoesok to push into your mouth while Yoongi braces your hips to bounce you back onto his length. Your eyes roll back at the sensation—being fucked at both ends, back and forth, from one to the other and over again.
“Can you cum for us, baby?” Hoseok pants out.
“She’s about to. I can—Hng…I can feel her getting tighter.”
The two men push into you faster until Hoseok is the first to reach his end. He pulls out of your mouth and spurts his hot release across your cheeks, dripping a little onto your red swollen lips. You promptly lick it away and feel the heat building inside you for the third time tonight. You’re oversensitive and quick to peak when Yoongi takes full control and flicks his hips into you at a punishing pace. You start to constrict through another orgasm, clenching down onto Yoongi and sobbing groans into the seat cushion. He bruises your hips in a tight grip and fills you up, humping your ass slower and slower until he has nothing left to give.
Hoseok reaches to support you at the chin and thank you with a kind look. He gives you a tender kiss, then retreats back to his row to sprawl out and cool off. Yoongi reclines into his chair and covers his twitching member with a shaky hand. He rubs your back with the other hand soothingly and pants out praises. Pretty, pretty girl. So good to us. 
You sit back onto your heels and dab your forehead, catching your breath.
“Come here, Noona,” Jungkook coos. He’s standing beside you in the aisle with his blanket open, ready to wrap you up. Your heart beats in your chest at his sweetness and you exhaustedly stand to follow him back to his seat. He pushes up the chair dividers so you can lay comfortably across with your head in his lap. You sink into his embrace and he smiles down at you, brushing your hair off of your face to dab away Hoesok’s release with the back of his sleeve. He’s gentle and careful to get every drop. You smile up at him and kiss the back of his beautiful tattooed hand, right on the heart etched in his flesh.
You’re about to close your eyes and enjoy this feeling for a moment longer when suddenly you hear your service call tone chime from the front of the jet.
“Oh,” you hear Yoongi tiredly grumble from across the aisle.
Jungkook leans back and allows you to sit up from your seat to look at the head of first class. All three boys on the couch are wide awake, sitting up, staring back at you. Jimin’s bottom lip is tucked between his teeth as Jungkook’s blanket slips down your body and reveals your marked neck and bare breasts.
“Better see what they want,” Jungkook sighs out a small chuckle. “But something tells me they saw everything and got a little jealous.”
You wobbly stand from your seat and wrap the blanket around your chest, making your way down the aisle to greet the boys. Your whole body is flush pink and shaking slightly as you struggle to maneuver across the moving jet. Standing is much harder after the last go-around and you feel your muscles start to burn.
“Y/n,” Taehyung calls to you, eyes never leaving your rosy face. You must look a mess, mascara-rubbed raccoon eyes, hair loose and wild. There’s no doubt in your mind that the remaining three men have plans to ruin you. At this point, your nerves are long gone.
“Boys,” you start, demure. “How can I help you?”
Jin bends forward to rest an elbow on his knees and braces your waist with a big warm hand. He coaxes you to sit on his thigh and pulls you into a cozy bear hug, resting your head against his broad shoulder.
“Just wanted to say hi, sweetheart,” Jin says softly against your ear. He rubs your arm up and down gently. It’s so calming you feel like you can fall asleep right here in his lap.
“Aw, look at you,” Jimin praises, petting your leg softly over the blanket. “Poor angel, you look so tired.”
Mmhm, you sigh, sinking deeper into Jin’s hold.
“Y/n, we want to take care of you.” Taehyung melts you with his pacifying baritone, pressed close against your other ear. “Can we take care of you, honey?” He strokes back your hair and places a hot open-mouthed kiss behind your ear, trailing small licks around your jaw to meet your parted lips. You sigh contently into the kiss and let him gingerly hold your cheek to draw you in deep.
Jimin leans across Jin’s lap and you turn to kiss his plush lips. He opens up and strokes his dexterous tongue along yours. You breathe each other’s breath, back and forth, between Taehyung and Jimin, until you’re dizzy, curled into Jin’s strong chest. The two younger men continue to kiss you from each side, down your body, leaving you time to spend alone with Jin. He wraps his arms around you tightly and kisses you delicately like he’s waited to do it all night.
“T-tae,” you stumble out. “Jimin.” They’re on the floor now, wrestling to fit between your legs. Both men lift the bottom of the blanket and slip underneath. You can hear them groan as you open your legs to give them better access to where you need them.
“Angel,” Jimin gasps. “You’re so pink and raw, baby.”
“Mm, so wet.” Taehyung follows. “Let’s make her feel good, Jiminie.” One of the boys licks a stripe straight up your heat. It’s startling and you scoot your hips back until Jin’s lap. Another lick loosens you up and a pleasured sigh escapes your lips. You’ve lost track of which boy is touching you when two tongues tease you back and forth, sucking and licking between your sore lips and your tender bundle of nerves. You feel the last of Jungkook’s cum fall out of you as Tae and Jimin mouths work in tandem. One of them slides two fingers in and out, making you grind your hips down onto Jin at a steady pace.
Jin lathes his hot tongue over your bruised neck and kisses each hickey Namjoon left earlier. It feels like he’s trying to heal your wounds while pleasuring you. Your mind is swimming as the boys work your core in tandem, alleviating your achy sore muscles. Jin is rock hard now, jutting against your backside as you rut into him.
“Sweetheart, you’re driving me crazy,” Jin moans into your neck. “I know you’re tired, but I have to fuck you. So bad.” The two boys seem to hear Jin’s pleas because they pull back. Jimin lifts up the blanket and Jin drags down his pants to free his girth. It’s thick, ready to be buried inside you. You help him lift you up and slide you down onto him, still pressing your back into his chest. Jimin and Tae wait to watch Jin roll his hips into you, throwing his head back onto the couch. He sighs loudly, relieved to finally feel you wrapped around him.
The two younger men give Jin a moment to fuck into you faster, finding a steady rhythm. Tae stands from between your legs and nods at Jin, wordlessly gaining his permission to peel down his own pants. He’s possibly the biggest of the bunch and the sight of his length makes you feel flush. You can feel yourself getting wetter.
“Open your legs, Y/n. That’s right, like that. God, you look so tight. Can you fit me too?” He peeks his long fingers into your open mouth to gather some saliva and strokes himself up and down. You’re mind-fucked, not sure if you can fit two of them in one hole, but you’re so aroused you can’t say no. Fuck me, Tae, you pant, giving him all the permission he needs to line himself up.
Jin slows his pace and scoots back into the cushion, trying to grant Tae room to kneel onto the edge of the couch and join him inside you. With more saliva and some calm breathing, you relax enough for him to slowly enter. It’s painful at first as Jin and Tae fuck in unison, but the pain quickly diminishes and is replaced with immense pleasure. You’re impossibly full—the fullest you’ve ever been. You’re stretched deliciously. Tae pulls out while Jin pushes in and vice versa, in and out, in and out. You’re lost in the motion, brought back only by Jimin coming to your side, bringing his face close to yours.
“Y/n, you have such a sweet mouth.” He kisses you desperately.
“So do you.” You kiss him back hungrily, impatiently. With the high building inside of you, it’s hard to hold back. You want Jimin, Tae, Jin, all of them. Everything they have until you’re completely spent. “Let me taste you, Chim,” you plead. “I bet you taste so good.” His eyes grow wide at your suggestion, blushing lightly.
He stands at your side and shows you how badly he needs you too. He’s pressed painfully inside his tight black jeans. You reach around and unzip his pants, pulling out the prettiest cock. He braces the back of your head and prods past your lips. You’re overcome with pleasure, wasting no time in taking him in fully and bobbing to the pace of Tae and Jin fucking into you. You want badly to catch Jimin up to the high you and the two other men have reached. As you take him in, you see in your peripherals the four other men now sat in the row of seats closest to the couch. They’re all watching your open display and timidly touching themselves.
“Princess,” Namjoon’s commanding voice trails to your open ears from across the dining room. “Show us all how well you can cum. Do it for us.”
“Pleaseee,” Hoesok begs, openly stroking himself now.
The other men agree, begging you, pleading you through your strongest orgasm. You’re unable to control your muscles, shaking and twitching around Tae and Jin, sucking Jimin harder and faster, not realizing how brutally you’re punishing him with your mouth. Jimin pops out of you and pets himself to edge. Jin is the next to reach his end, panting breathlessly from beneath you, cumming into your constricting pussy, battling Tae for room. The pressure drives Tae over the edge, filling you, even more, pressing in deep to keep it all in.
Jimin is the first to push past Tae and Jin as they slip out of you and rest your back against the couch. Your skilled mouth worked him up so much that he’s spilling into you the second he pushes inside. He pants raggedly and curses sweet sounds into your neck. You kiss his cheek and brush his hair back to cool him off.
“Hey, pretty girl.” You look up and see Yoongi lined up in a queue of the remaining men, ready to follow behind. You let Jimin pull away and curl up on the couch beside you. He closes his eyes sweetly, so tired; he looks like he could fall asleep any minute.
“Hey, Yoongs,” you respond with a smile.
He walks up and swivels you to lay on your back then lifts your legs to wrap around his shoulders. He drives into you without hesitation, so aroused from watching his brothers make you cum. He shakes as he drives into you and you can tell he won’t last long. With the last flick of his hips, he empties inside of your aching pussy. You let Yoongi pull away and sink into a neighboring chair. You quickly close your legs and try your best to keep everything inside. It’s the single-most erotic thing you’ve ever felt in your life and you’re not ready to let it go.
Next, Hoesok spills into you, then Namjoon. They contort your body and bruise your flesh with their strong grips; their big hands roaming over you to hold themselves steady as they shake out their orgasms. Each boy falls back from you and admires the mess they’ve made. When Namjoon finishes, he reaches down to drag some of the cum around your swollen clit and circles it over and over until you quiver.
“Good girl,” he praises. He touches his cum-covered fingers to your lips and lets you have a taste. He sucks in a breath and lets you take over, licking his digits clean. “Fuck, that’s a good girl.” He pulls away and finds his way back to his seat to recover.
Lastly, the youngest approaches you and pulls you close to his body.
“Beautiful Noona,” he coos, wrapping you and himself in his blanket and sitting back onto the couch. Everyone else is laying back in their seats to catch their breath, some drifting back to sleep. Jungkook sits there with you for a moment and kisses your hot cheeks, your nose, your lips, your neck. He can’t get enough of you, spent, a mess, sticking to his bare skin.
“Kookie, I’m so tired,” you whine against his lips.
“I know, I know.” He snuggles you into a spoon on the couch. He pads down your sweaty hair and takes his shirt off, using the cloth to clean the makeup off from under your eyes. “That’s better.” He smiles down at you.
“I might not see you again after this flight.” You speak aloud and the sobering thought makes you a little sad. “Can I…make a request?”
Jungkook smiles wide and brushes his nose against yours, then nuzzles down to rest in the warmth of your neck. I know, he whispers and hooks your leg under his strong arm. 
His breath hitches as he pushes into you one last time, thrusting slowly, taking his time. The glide of your wetness eases him in and wracks you with anew pleasure. You’ve been stretched and bruised, but his gentle care fills you up and controls your body, leading you to a final, exhausted high. He moans loudly again, muffling his saccharine sounds in the crook of your neck. He reaches down between your legs and circles your clit with his slender fingers, drawing you to a final leg-shaking orgasm. He follows behind and empties himself inside of you, coating your thighs with the release of every member.
The two of you drift off to sleep and let the gentle rhythm of the jet coax you into a peaceful dream that you hope will never end. 
Tumblr media
©Chimoona 2020
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forgottenpasta · 2 years ago
Summary: Each day of the week was reserved for one member: Jimin on Mondays, Namjoon on Tuesdays, Hoseok on Wednesdays, Seokjin on Thursdays, Taehyung on Fridays, Jeongguk on Saturdays and Yoongi on Sundays. But when you accidentally ditch a Sunday night date with the rapper, things go downhill faster than you’d anticipated.
Pairing: Yoongi x Reader, OT7 x Reader
Genre: Angst, Smut, Fluff
Warnings: Unprotected Sex, Creampie, Exhibitionism? (they all watch her have sex with Yoongi), Fingering, Squirting, Overstimulation
Word Count: 9.2k
A/N: I worked hard on this fic, agonising over a lot of it. So if you like it please validate me with likes and comments :)
Tumblr media
Pushing the door open with your shoulder, you slinked inside their practice room like a scared mouse bringing an offering of appeasement to an angry cat. The caramel macchiato in your hand complementary to the apology you’d practiced all night.
As you set the drink on one of the many side tables, you glanced towards the boys, all busy conversing with their choreographer to notice you yet. Taking a deep breath as you spotted Yoongi’s gleaming black hair, atop his favourite black hoodie to match, you squared your shoulders, entirely unprepared for how you were going to go about getting back on the rapper’s good side.
The rapper you’d stupidly (and irresponsibly) stood up last night on your scheduled Sunday date night.
Yoongi had you on Sundays. Each day out of the seven in a week were reserved for one member each. It didn’t always mean that you spent the entire day with them, but on stretches of time when they were at least partially free, it meant that particular day was reserved only for the member you all had previously agreed got you to himself on it.
And because Yoongi had been busy recording a new track last week, the previous Sunday you didn’t get to see him all day. The week before that, you had an important assignment, so Yoongi had left you alone. Just sending a succinct good luck text and ordering take out for you from your favourite Chinese restaurant, knowing that you preferred solitary confinement and often forgot to eat before an important test. And the week before that they hadn’t been in Korea. Some weekend music show, the broadcasting company insisted on having in Taipei for some reason.
And now they were leaving for their world tour in three days.
You missed him. And from his multiple reminders of the date leading upto yesterday night, the feeling was entirely mutual. You hadn’t been with him in almost a month and you had been going through withdrawal. Missing his humorous, cynical commentary on the chick flicks you insisted on watching just to see him grimace and cringe at every corny scene. The way he’d wrap you both up in a blanket burrito and fall asleep with his head on your chest, refusing to let you go, claiming he got a full night’s rest only when you were in his arms. And the way he’d fuck you senseless the nights you both were too impatient and too far gone to even utter a word of greeting when he arrived at your door, mauling your lips immediately and proceeding to christen every flat surface of your apartment. You often had difficulty walking straight the next day, the boys smirking at your obvious discomfort.
You didn’t know when you’ll get to experience it next. Because your messed up time management skills, laziness and your inability to say no to any of them had made you disappoint Yoongi for the first time.
When Taehyung had suggested you stop by to help him select a piece of artwork for his expansive collection, you’d thought you could squeeze him in before your 8 pm date with Yoongi at your apartment no problem. But somewhere between an argument about conceptual art, fighting over whose piece was better, Robert Ryman or Jasper Johns, where Taehyung accused you of having tacky taste in art, and him apologising for his rude comments by paying homage to your clit with his ever worshipful tongue, you’d lost track of time. By the time you hustled out of his room, wrinkled clothing, sex mussed hair, raw pussy and all, it was well past 8.
Yoongi was never one to wait for anybody, his punctuality one of the many moral compasses he lived his life by. So when you saw the long cold popcorn, a copy of a newly released mind-numbing romance movie on your coffee table and no sign of Yoongi, you knew you’d fucked up big time.
You weren’t afraid of his anger, he rarely ever displayed anger. You were afraid of his indifference, for you knew being ignored by the rapper cut an ego deeper than the wrath of all seven of them combined.
Hoping and praying Tae hadn’t told him what exactly made you late last night, you approached the group still deep in discussion about what sounded like the choreography for a section of their tour setlist.
Jeongguk saw you first, a big toothy smile lighting up his face immediately. He broke away from the rest, meeting you halfway by circling his hands around your waist.
“I didn’t expect to see you here this early. Hyung usually leaves you so exhausted that we don’t get to see your face before noon at least.” He smirks slyly, his thumb caressing the sliver of skin visible between your jeans and blouse.
A shiver runs through you, both at his deft handling and the reminder of your impending doom. You clear your throat. “About that, actually I—”
Jeongguk’s mouth covers yours, cutting you off. A brief taste of your lips and he pulls back with a pop, his tongue darting out to taste his findings. “Mmm so simple, noona. You really didn’t try today. It’s Cola.”
Pursing your tingling lips, you levelled a reproachful gaze on him. “It’s a miracle I even remembered to wear chapstick today.”
You and Jeongguk had this little ongoing game that he invented. Whenever he wasn’t away or busy, he’d kiss you each day and try to guess the flavour of your chapstick. Because of his bizarre talent to be eerily accurate in his guesses, you had ended up collecting a whole drawer full of even more bizarre flavours to try and throw him off. Ninety percent of the time he’d still get it right. And as a prize he got to choose which video game you both would end up playing on his designated day.
Or which position he’d fuck you in when he was feeling particularly demanding.
“Why? What happened?”, he asks, concerned.
“It’s a long story.” You shake your head, eyes catching the rest of the group breaking off over his shoulder. They were done consulting the choreographer.
You immediately sought Yoongi, trying your best to catch his eyes. Instead you caught everyone else’s, pleased smiles appearing on their faces as the five of them approached you.
All except Yoongi who didn’t even spare a glance in your general direction, moving to fiddle with the controls of the surround sound system, pulling up their tour playlist.
What were you? Medusa?
Taehyung flicks your forehead playfully, bringing your focus back on the boys around you. You smiled as Jin gave you a cute back hug. It vanished as soon a Tae opened his mouth.
“Thanks for yesterday, loser. Your horrible taste in art made me realise how right my choice was.” Taehyung made to flick you again but you slapped his hand away.
“You’re the loser.”, was your witty repartee. You brain wasn’t functioning beyond the point of making things right with Yoongi this morning.
Tae snickered, hooking a finger in your belt loop to pull you closer and out of Jin’s arms, ignoring the elders scowl. “That’s not what you were saying when I had my tongue in your puss—”
Your hand slapped over his mouth like an aggressive fly swatter. “You won’t rest till each and every one of the staff in this building has a thorough knowledge of how I’m like in bed, will you?”, you whisper yelled in exasperation, nervously eyeing the choreographer and Yoongi conversing near the stereo.
His random, vulgar word vomit in professional settings has made more than one Bighit employee get tomato red whenever in your presence. The receptionist still had difficulty looking you in the eyes after Tae had ordered her one time to arrange a car to escort you home because, “I’m surprised she doesn’t need a stretcher after the pounding I gave her.”.
Namjoon stepped in like the hero he was. “Tae knock it off. We don’t need a recap of how you made her cum four times last night.”
“He’s lying. I only came two times.”, you muttered absentmindedly, your breath catching as the fact that Yoongi already knew what you’d been upto last night registered. You should have known Taehyung, and his big stupid mouth, wouldn’t remain shut.
Gulping, you eyed the back of Yoongi’s black hoodie, feeling like a heel for the nth time. You’d fucked up big time and now you had no excuse. Not that you’d ever lie to him. But you knew Tae had likely exaggerated everything and the fact that you wouldn’t have a chance to explain away your stupidity smarted.
You pulled out of Tae’s arms, leaving him and the rest of the boys as Jimin accused him of being all bark and no bite, to which Tae responded with “Did you see the hickeys on her neck? Bitch I bite.”.
You groaned, guess your concealer wasn’t doing a good enough job. No wonder Yoongi didn’t want to look at you.
Clearing your throat when you reached him, you bounced on your feet nervously, waiting for him to turn around and acknowledge you.
He didn’t.
“Let’s do it from the top again. I feel like we need a couple more hours of practice before it’s flawless.”, he told the choreographer, ignoring your gloomy presence behind him.
You tried again. “Yoongi.”
Your cheeks flamed at the meek squeak that was his name. He was only half a head taller than you, not even that when you were wearing heels. His slight build allowed him to become inconspicuous when he wanted to, he looked particularly adorable when he curled up into a ball on your bed after an exhausting day. But his disappointment terrified you more than Ronald McDonald had scared the living hell out of you when you were a kid.
In reality he might not have turned around in slow motion but that was what it felt like to you as your heart boomed in your chest, your palms becoming sweaty. You couldn’t decipher his expression, he appeared calm, almost bored. But that was him majority of the time.
You had your work cut out for you.
“Can we talk?”, you asked softly. “Alone.”
Yoongi gave you a blank stare for a moment, before his tongue ran the inside of his cheek in a way that made an equal dosage of fear and arousal run through you.
You suppressed a shudder. “Please.”
After an excruciatingly long five seconds that felt like five hours, he gave a small shake of his head while looking deep in your eyes, as if saying “I can’t believe you”, before turning around to grab a water bottle from a carton on the table.
“No can do. We have a show in three days, we can’t waste time on useless drivel.”
Apologising for your fuck up was useless drivel to him? What did he want you to do to earn his forgiveness?
“Okay then maybe…”
Trailing off, your mouth gaped open as he left you there, talking to the big carton of water bottles on the table, as he walked off towards the centre of the room. You whirled around in disbelief and embarrassment.
Noticing his arrival the boys fell into formation as their choreographer called for a do over. You took a deep breath of mental fortification, making your way to one of the chairs placed near the door, fully determined to wait them out. Their practice could sometimes go on for hours on end without a break but talking to Yoongi was your top priority right now and you knew you had to be resilient.
Now and then you checked your phone to distract yourself from checking out the boys too much, you almost kind of zoned out by the time they’d gone over their routine thrice.  Each and everyone of them had thrown you a smile or a teasing smirk (Jin blew you the occasional kiss) when they took a break to drink water or wipe off sweat. Except for Yoongi who’d just glanced cursorily at you once and sighed irritatebly.
Whatever. You could handle his annoyance as long as he realised how sincerely sorry you were for ditching him like that last night. You understood where he was coming from. All the boys remained faithful to you and only you and you gave them your time equally. You’d barely been able to speak to Yoongi in the busy three weeks prior to your date which meant it was imperative you be there for him before he went off on tour. The fact that you’d foregone your night with him just because you’d become distracted with another member must have really hurt him.
It was a careful game of balance and negotiation, your relationship with seven men at the same time. Thankfully most of the time they understood that you were only human and bound to slip up in your quest to keep all of them pleased and happy, as they did you. But that didn’t mean that everything was smooth sailing all the time.
Misunderstandings happened sometimes, fragile egos got crushed because you were the only one juggling the feelings of seven. Like the time you had accidentally worn one of Hoseok’s comfy sweatshirts to Jeongguk’s game night. He’d been ridiculously moody the whole time, killing all your characters in Mortal Kombat so brutally that you barely had chance to land a hit on his. He’d been on a rampage mission that day and you’d only realised what had antagonised him so much when you caught him grimacing at the garment. Or the time Tae had sulked for a whole week when you’d baked a batch of cookies for Jimin after he’d recovered from a bout of fever and not allowed Tae to have any. He accused you of not taking care of him the same way when he was sick, to which you reminded him that he never fell sick.
Namjoon, Jin, Yoongi and especially Hoseok were more laid-back and rarely ever got jealous over anything.
But there were still some things that were inevitably out of bounds. Like blowing off a member because another was between your legs making you feel too good to remember any obligations.
Sighing, you laid your head on the side table you’d placed the now cold caramel macchiato on, Yoongi’s favourite. Anxiousness had made you forget telling him about the drink you’d brought him. Not that it mattered, he wouldn’t drink it anyway.
You watched his form dance in the smooth yet unhurried way that characterised everything about him, wishing he’d look at you. Eventually drifting off with your head on your arm.
“Baby, wake up. You’re going to cramp your neck.”
“Huh.” Slowly detaching yourself from the table, you rubbed your numb right cheek.
Jimin chuckled, carding his hands through your hair, fixing it or maybe messing it up more, you never knew with him. “You have sleep prints on your cheek. It’s adorable.”
“Where’s Yoongi?”, you murmured, looking around, confused. Only Hoseok, Namjoon and Jeongguk remained in the room and it looked like they were getting ready to leave as well.
“Tae and Jin hyung have a recording to finish. He went with them to the studio.” Jimin tilted his head, appraising you as your face fell.
Yoongi knew you were waiting for him. After two hours of practice he couldn’t even spare two minutes to let you talk to him? He’d walked right out after seeing you sprawled awkwardly on the table near the door, likely drooling in your sleep.  
If he wanted to hurt your feelings like you’d hurt his, he had succeeded.
“Let me guess.” Jimin spoke up, startling you from your pity party. “Tae made you late last night and you stood up hyung. And now he’s sulky about it.”
You shrugged. “We haven’t had a night together in a month now.”
“Oh, that’s bad.”, Jimin remarked, wincing. “He may act like he doesn’t care most of the time but he has an ego as fragile as Tae’s attention span.”
“I want to apologise.”, you sighed out, taking one of Jimin’s hand in yours and placing your cheek in his palm, nuzzling closer like a kitten. His presence was always comforting to you. “But he won’t even let me speak a word to him.”
“That’s how he is when someone upsets him. Shuts you out with his indifference and ignores you till you feel invisible and microscopic.”
“What should I do?”, you asked, pleading with your eyes for help. Yoongi had never been upset with you before, not like this and you didn’t know what the course of action was to get back in his good graces.
Jimin shrugged. “Well usually he comes around in his own time. He freezed me out when I misplaced his diary last month but bought me lunch exactly a week after. It’s like a timer of your punishment that runs out.”
“I don’t have a week.”, you whined. “You guys are going to America in two days and I don’t want things to remain unresolved between me and him when he leaves.”
“Understandable.” Jimin nods before a scary smile slips on to his face. You tensed, questioning wether you really wanted his help or not.
“Ambush him.”
“Corner him somewhere and tie him up to a chair or something, I don’t know. Then gag him so he doesn’t interrupt as you apologise.”
You blinked, proceeding cautiously. “Jimin.”
“Yes.” He smiled triumphantly, clearly confident in his advice.
“That would be counterproductive, don’t you think. It would likely piss him off more.” You let him down gently.
Jimin’s smile vanished as he tilted his head like a puppy. “True.”, he pouted. “But it would still be fun. I will even let you borrow my ropes…”
He trailed off when you raised an eyebrow, realising Yoongi wouldn’t be as receptive to being tied up and gagged as you were.
“Okay whatever.” He rolled his eyes, clearly put off that his brilliant plan didn’t pan out. “He’d likely be sulking in his studio the whole evening, so just go in and lock the door. Bam! Problem solved.”
Pursing your lips, you seriously considered the idea. It wasn’t foolproof but there were only so many places Yoongi could run from you. You wouldn’t exactly “ambush” him as Jimin put it, but waiting for him in his studio worked just as well.
“You know what Jimin, you are a genius. I knew there was a reason you were my favourite.” You cupped his face in you palms, squishing his cheeks.
“What? Seriously?”, he managed to ask, his plump doll lips puckering enticingly. So you smooched him like you meant it.
“Seriously.” You pulled back, keeping the fact that you said the same thing to all of them to yourself.
Your hands fell when you realised something, frustration creeping in. “Jimin, it’s your day today. I can’t ditch you too. That’s just repeating the same mistake all over again.”
Jimin shook his head. “It’s alright. I’ll let you off the hook tonight if you promise that next time you’ll let me play with the new nipple clamps I bought for you.”
“It’s a deal!” You jumped him, peppering kisses all over his adorable face as he laughed indulgently. “You seriously are my favourite!”
“I heard that.” Jeongguk grumbled from somewhere behind you.
At exactly 6:30 pm you slipped inside Yoongi’s studio using the code you knew by heart now. It was unsurprisingly empty, the guard on the ground floor had told you the rapper had left the building earlier in the afternoon. You had no doubt he’d be back any minute now. Yoongi was a hermit, a recluse who spent more time in this little room than was healthy.
In your hands you had his favourite lemon cupcakes with buttercream frosting that the little bakery two blocks from here sold only on Sundays. You had pleaded with the owner, a kind lady in her sixties who knew you by name, to make some on short order and your wallet had wept footing the bill for it.
The owner had obviously sensed your mission to earn forgiveness and gave you a complementary cup of brewed chocolate that she insisted, when paired with the cupcakes, could melt all frozen hearts. You hoped she was right. Armed with the delicious goodies and the apology you had practiced in your head on the way here, you felt pretty confident Yoongi would thaw. He had to, you had your puppy eyes on.
You contemplated where to set down the stuff, you had your purse and the cupcakes in one hand and the brewed chocolate was scalding the other, eyeing his desk comprehensively. Every inch of space was covered with audio gear, cartoon figurines and scrunched up notes and scattered stationary.
You came to the conclusion that it wasn’t a good idea to place the stuff anywhere near his expensive equipment.
“What the fuck are you doing here?!”
Flinching in surprise, a startled gasp tore out of you just as your hand slipped on the cup. You both watched on in horror as it fell on top of his desk with a splat, liquid chocolate splashing out over everything.
The pristine white keyboard controller in front of his monitor was now stained brown and some square panel like gear that you couldn’t name looked like it had absorbed most of the beverage like bread in milk. The rest of his work space now decorated with pools and flecks of aromatic cocoa.
The cup rolled of his desk and made a hollow cluttering noise as it fell on the ground, the sound amplified ten times by the absolute horrified silence in the room.
You must have went into shock because your mind totally blanked at the wreckage in front of you, eyes wide and mouth gaping. All you could hear was your heart hammering against your chest and blood rushing in you ears. How had things turned this bad in a space of seconds?
You felt more than heard Yoongi take a deep breath, because you couldn’t get oxygen in your own lungs anymore.
“I just bought that NI Maschine MK3 two weeks ago.”
You figured he was talking about the square thingy with multiple controls and grooves that was now taking a deep soak in Kim Halmeonie’s Best Brewed Chocolate. You robotically turned to face Yoongi.
“No. Don’t say you’re sorry.” Yoongi looked exhausted, like he was done with you, done with everything. “I don’t care if you are.”
“Yoongi please.” You didn’t know what you were pleading for.
“Get out.”
“You heard me. Get out.”
Taking a few steps towards him, you looked him straight in the eyes. “Yoongi I know I fucked up. Yesterday, right now. But please at least let me apologise and talk to you for a minute.”
“For what?” He shouldered past you to inspect his ruined work space. “I believe things should always serve a purpose. An apology from you serves none.”
He turned back, his cold eyes sending a chill down your spine. Impenetrable wall, like he was with strangers. “I don’t need it. I don’t want it. Get out.”
A frustrated huff escaped you. “Why won’t you let me—”
“Who do you think you are?!” Yoongi roared, stunning you into a shocked silence for the second time this evening. “You think you can come around and just go, walk in and out of our personal spaces anytime time you fucking want?!”
“I…” Your voice trembled so you paused. Yoongi had never raised his voice on you. Your mind and body were rejecting everything about this situation. Still you said softly, “You were the one who gave me the security code.”
“I wouldn’t have if I’d known how you’d abuse my trust like this.”
You gasped. He’d never had a problem with you being in his studio before. Why was he acting like this?
“I didn’t know you didn’t like me being here.” Hurt dripped from your voice.
“I don’t.” Yoongi shook his head, the anger he’d let bleed through his impenetrable wall now clearly reflected in his eyes. It seemed like when he finally snapped it was all or nothing for him.
“I’m not even sure I like you.”
Your world stopped. “What?”, you breathed.
He shrugged. “You have no sense of responsibility, you’re naïve and you’re selfish. And you take everything for granted.”
If his goal was to cut you to the core, he was succeeding very well. You felt tears burn your eyes as you pursed your lips to stop them from quivering. As one fat drop managed to escape you felt the urge to scream at him. You did not take anything for granted, you thanked your lucky stars everyday that seven amazing men chose you as their partner. You were not selfish, you loved to please them and lived to see them happy. Maybe you were naïve but you took your responsibilities seriously.
Was just one slip up enough to send you to the guillotine?
Yoongi seemed to think so as his eyes slipped from your face, pointedly staring at the ground instead.
No. He should be able to see the pain his words had caused you. Actions have consequences but words can tear people apart from the inside, enough to leave bone deep scars that never go away. Why was he being a coward now?
There was no conviction in his voice when he softly uttered, “Go.”
You didn’t need to be told again.
Recalling the name from memory, you pulled up the Native Instruments site just to double check. Satisfied you weren’t buying a fake, you went back and added it to your growing list.
After ten more minutes, you were satisfied you had everything that you’d sullied in Yoongi’s studio in the cart. Dreading scrolling down to look at the price, you sent a prayer heavenward for your bank account. Biting the bullet, you chanced a peek at the total, wincing at the numbers.
You were just a student, you didn’t earn much being a teaching assistant to one of your professors and picking up shifts at a cafe on the weekends. You lived comfortably since you had a partial scholarship but your savings were definitely not enough to be able to afford professional audio equipment.
Clicking on the check out option, you hoped the cafe would allow you to pick up some extra shifts. You didn’t know how you’d make time for them or even if they’d be enough to save your credit score but you were optimistic.
And you had too much pride. Whatever your relationship with Yoongi going forward, you didn’t want to owe him anything.
Eyes watering again as his words replayed in your head, you wiped your nose with the back of your hand. You had no idea what was supposed to happen from now. Did he break up with you? Did you even want to see him again?
One thing was for sure. You didn’t want your relationship with the rest of the boys to be affected by this. But you knew things rarely ever went your way.
A knock sounded on the door as you were filling in your credit card info. Frowning, you checked your wall clock. It was past 9 pm and Jimin wasn’t expecting you tonight, so you were free. Not that you could focus on anything else after the blow out with Yoongi.
Getting up with a sigh, you approached the door, unhinging the chain and the metal lock before swinging the door open.
Seven familiar pairs of eyes focused on you expectantly, clearly looking for signs of distress and emotion.
Namjoon found them immediately. “You’ve been crying.”
Yoongi closed his eyes, then sighed. “Can I come in?”
“Can we?”, Hoseok corrected.
On autopilot, you opened the door wider, not sure how to refuse them. You never knew how to say no to them. You never wanted to, even at the expense of your own self preservation.
“Oh little bird.”, you heard Yoongi say as you closed the door after them, your form freezing at his endearment for you. Why was he doing this? Up until two minutes ago, you thought he was done with you.
Facing them, your cheeks flamed red as you realised that they were currently looking at your laptop on the coffee table, the screen displaying that you were about to purchase a lot of professional gear that you had no idea what to do with.
Jimin’s lips turned down as he looked at you sadly. “Baby, I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have suggested that you go to hyung’s studio.”
You shook your head. Why was he apologising? It wasn’t his fault.
“I was going to come alone.” Yoongi speared you with a gaze you couldn’t quite decipher, you had never seen him like this before.
Jin took you by the shoulders, shutting the laptop and pulling you beside him on the couch. Brushing your hair back, he pecked your temple. “Hoseok heard you crying when you left the building and told the rest of us. We were worried about you,” he jerked his chin towards Yoongi. “And we couldn’t let him accidentally fuck things up even more for the rest of us.”
You wanted to tell him that you’d never judge them all through the actions of one but Yoongi cleared his throat.
He bit his lip, wincing before he even let the words out. “I’m sorry, little bird.”
“For what?” You threw his words back at him.
I believe things should always serve a purpose. An apology from you serves none.
He nodded, like he was expecting those words. The rest of the boys and you watched him like a hawk as he moved, circling the table in between before coming to stand in front of you.
You jerked in surprise as he unexpectedly kneeled down before you, taking both of your hands in his and catching your eyes with his unfamiliar ones. Unfamiliar because you’d never seen them so open, so contrite.
“I don’t have any excuses for my outburst. I lost control over my words and let some pretty despicable things slip.” He bit his lip and you realised this was uncharted territory for him as well. In your entire time with them, you’d never seen Yoongi apologise like this.
“Things that I don’t mean at all. Things that aren’t true. I just wanted to hurt you because I was hurting from my own assumptions and self pity.”
You were confused. “What do you mean?”
“I have an overactive imagination.” He let out a frustrated breath, chancing a glance at Taehyung who was seated backwards on your love chair, watching you and Yoongi with his chin on his arms. “When he came in this morning, all smiles and full of talk about how you’d spent the night with him, how he was going to buy the artwork you’d chosen as a gift for you and how he’d made you cum so many times, I just felt useless. Like you’d rather not be with me. Like you had forgotten about me.”
“C’mon, hyung. You know I like to exaggerate.” Taehyung paused. “Fuck you! You spoiled my gift for ____.”
Yoongi ignored him, pressing a light kiss on your knuckles. “I knew I was being childish, but we hadn’t been together in so long. It really felt like you didn’t need me anymore.”
You started to shake your head, about to question how he could be so stupid as to ever think such a thing. But he continued.
“And please don’t buy anything, little bird. You don’t owe me anything.” Yoongi chuckled self deprecatingly. “I’m not even mad about you spilling coffee all over my tech. I never was. It just gave me an excuse to take my anger and frustration out on you.”
“It was chocolate not coffee.”, you corrected like a fool.
“I dunked your stuff in Kim Halmeonie’s Best Brewed Chocolate.”
Yoongi smirked. “Excellent, baby. I knew you had taste.”
“You’re not mad about it?”
He shook his head. “Everything deserves a good chocolate bath now and then.”
You suppressed a smile, you were not done knocking some sense into his brain. “You’re an idiot.”
He shrugged. “It would appear so.”
“Shut up. I love you. How can you even for a second believe that I wouldn’t want you?That’s the most absurd bullshit I’ve ever heard.” You smacked his shoulder. He caught your hand and pressed a kiss on your palm.
“I got distracted and let time slip from my mind. But I was so regretful and angry at myself afterward. I had been looking forward to our night for a week and I’d fucked it up. I knew you wouldn’t be waiting for me when I reached home.”
Placing a finger on his lip when he opened his mouth, you narrowed your eyes with anger. “And you wouldn’t even let me apologise to you.”
He tugged your hand down. “You’re a bigger person than I am, little bird. So much smarter too. Please forgive me.”
“Why should I? What purpose would it serve?”, you retorted spitefully.
“None.” Yoongi smiled sadly. “I just love you so much, I can’t bear it when you’re angry with me.”
“Forgive him, babe.”, Hoseok piped up from where he was perched on the armrest of your couch. “Or he would be a grumbly pain in the ass the entire two months on tour.”
“Ugh, ____ you’ve got to now.” Jeongguk added from where he was rifling through your CD collection. “I can’t handle hyung when he gets ornery.”
Jimin nodded. “Same.”
Yoongi grit his teeth, clearly trying hard to refrain from commenting on the “help” the boys were providing him.
“Fine.” You gave him a once over, saving the image of him kneeling between your knees in your mind. You got a perverse sense of satisfaction watching him make himself vulnerable to you. Likely because he rarely ever did. “I forgive you.”
Yoongi smiled in relief, pushing forward to cup your face and bring your lips down to his for a deep kiss. You let him ransack your mouth with his tongue, nipping his bottom lip in return as you tasted each other to your hearts’ content.
“Yay!”, Jeongguk enthused rather unenthusiastically. “Now can we please watch this movie together. I haven’t seen it yet and I wanna.”
Breaking the kiss with a wet sound, you looked over Yoongi’s shoulder as he moved to trail open mouthed kisses down your neck. Jeongguk was holding your Blu Ray copy of Spiderman Homecoming.
“You didn’t watch Spiderman but you watched Infinity War. You gotta see them in order, Kookie.” You tilted your head to give Yoongi more space to work with. He nipped your collarbone.
Jeongguk snorted. “So? I haven’t seen Doctor Strange either. Oh and Winter Soldier as well.”
“Blasphemy!” Taehyung shrieked, going over to snatch the CD from him and putting it in the player. “You’re going to have an MCU marathon on the plane.”, he scolded the younger.
Jin squeezed your shoulder, getting up from beside you. “I’ll go make some popcorn.”
Yoongi stood up from the floor, tugging you with him. He smirked as he spun you around by the waist, taking your seat on the couch and pulling you down on to his lap. You nuzzled the side of his face as you settled in, pulling his arms around you.
“When you get back I’m booking a whole day with you.”, he murmured in your ear. “Just me and you and a bed I’m not going to let you get out of till you’ve screamed my name a hundred times at least.”
“Ambitious, are we?”, you teased.
“Nah, little bird. Just ___ deprived.” The movie started and all of them settled around your living room. Taehyung on the love chair, Jin and Namjoon on either side of you and Yoongi while Hoseok and Jimin occupied your other smaller couch. Jeongguk sat on the floor with his back against their couch.
Jin passed the bowls of popcorn, you and Yoongi foregoing them because your hands were otherwise occupied. He caressed your bare thighs till you shivered and you ran a hand through his silky black hair, his chest almost vibrating with satisfied purrs under your ministrations.
The movie went on but Yoongi had no intentions of watching or letting you watch it.  Everyone else had their attention on the TV while he showered you with his. With every stroke of fingers up your thigh, you could feel him nudging your skirt up and out of the way. Cool air soothed your bare skin with every inch exposed.
“Yoongi please.” You found yourself pleading for the second time this day, for an entirely different reason.
“I’m barely touching you, little bird and you’re already so needy. Are you wet for me?”, he whispered, growling low when you softly moaned an affirmative.
“Shall I check for myself?” He nipped your lobe, pulling your legs apart on his lap and moving his hands up to your inner thighs.
You let out a sound of frustration when he just left them there. “Please.”
“So greedy.” He muttered against your jaw, lining it with enticing kisses. His hands moved lower, just beside the crotch of your panties before stopping again. “Look up baby.”
You did. Your breath left you as you noticed Jeongguk’s eyes on you first. Then Jimin and Hoseok’s. Their matching hooded gaze shot a sting of arousal straight to your already soaked core. Jimin was palming a hand over the front of his pants.
In your peripheral vision you noticed Taehyung’s rapt attention on you and you concluded Jin and Namjoon had similarly noticed your predicament. Tony Stark lectured Peter on the screen but nobody cared, the movie was forgotten.
Yoongi was the proverbial devil on your shoulder. “Should we put on a show, little bird? The boys will appreciate it.”
“Just put your hands on me already.”, you moaned out loud when he brushed a thumb down your soaked crotch.
He chuckled. “Gladly.” His fingers cupped you in the next instant, pressing against your clothed slit as he pushed your skirt completely out of the way. Providing all of them a clear, unobstructed view of his fingers running up your damp panties. “Fuck.”, Taehyung cursed as you heard Namjoon’s breath hitch from beside you.
“You’re soaked through, baby.”, Yoongi growled. “You want my fingers in you?”
“Yes.”, you whimpered. He pressed his fingers over your clit, rubbing the wet cotton over it in excruciatingly slow circles. Your toes curled on the carpet.
“How many? How many fingers do you want?” His fingers picked up speed and your pelvis jerked up as electricity forked out from your pussy toward every inch of your body.
“Two? Three. Four! I don’t know! I’ll take anything!”, you whined, thumping your head back onto Yoongi’s shoulder as your eyes slipped close. You heard several curses around the room, each one of them no doubt enjoying your wanton display.
“Be careful what you wish for, little bird.” You barely had time to process his warning before he was pulling aside your soaked panties and shoving two long fingers inside you.
“Ah, shi—.”
His digits curled immediately, finding with expert ease the soft, spongy spot on your inner walls that stole your voice from your throat, your mouth hanging open.
“She’s taking your fingers so well, hyung. Such a greedy pussy.”, Hoseok hoarse words of praise made you whimper in delight. You wanted them all turned on out of their minds, you craved every bit of their attention. The sense of power you got being the reason the men around you were palming their rock hard dicks, was heady.
You spread your legs wider to give them a better view of Yoongi’s fingers jack hammering your pussy in an up and down motion, hitting your g-spot on every upward thrust.
“I can see her pussy dripping from here hyung. Fuck I can’t.”
Lifting your head with herculean effort, you saw Jeongguk unzipping his pants to pull his thick, hard cock out, stroking it in tandem with Yoongi’s fingers in you.
“Give her another finger, Yoongi. She can take it.”, Namjoon groaned from beside you, leaning forward on the couch to see between your legs better. Jin was in a similar position on your other side.
You usually took upto four fingers with Namjoon before he rewarded you with his dick, his impatience wasn’t surprising. 
“Please, yes. Give me more.”, you begged Yoongi.
“As you wish, little bird. Put your feet up on the couch and spread your legs for me.”, he commanded with a growl, slowing down his strokes to press the heel of his palm against your aching clit.
Moaning his name, you did as he asked. Pulling your legs up you placed your feet on either side of him on the couch, the position parting your thighs in the most lewd manner.
“Shit that’s so hot.”, you heard Taehyung grunt.
A third finger easily slipped pass your dripping entrance to join the other two and Yoongi resumed the assault on your pussy. His other hand slithered down your torso, pulling your blouse up and over your breasts before yanking down your bra. Your hardened nipples poked out like twin bullets above the makeshift shelf your bra made.
“Touch your beautiful tits for me baby. Pinch your nipples.”, Yoongi ordered as his hand slipped down to give your neglected clit some attention.
Bringing your hands to your breasts you palmed them like a temple offering, running your nails over your sensitive nipples. That coupled with Yoongi’s expert finger fraying the nerve endings in your clit and three of them massaging that magic spot inside your pussy, you felt your orgasm approaching like a train wreck about to destroy you.
Every inch of your skin felt hypersensitive and the eyes of all the boys on you just heightened your awareness and arousal. You buried your face in Yoongi’s neck. “Fuck, Yoongi I’m gonna come.”
“I know, little bird. I can feel your cunt closing up on my fingers, sucking them in.”
He sped up his hand, loud squelching sounds emanating from between your legs as he drilled your pussy with three long fingers. Normally you would have been embarrassed at how wet you were but at the moment you didn’t care about anything other than the pleasure shooting up in currents from your core.
“Aaah! Yoongi!”, you screamed his name as you felt the precipice approaching like a tsunami wave. Your hands automatically raised behind your head to shift through his hair and grab handfuls of it, your jelly legs falling open even more as your toes curled in delight. His rhythm didn’t falter once, continuing the double assault on your clit and your inner walls as you kneaded your breasts.
“Come then, little bird. Let go and fly.”, he growled in your ear, speeding up his hand even more if that was possible, pressing that magic spot inside you again and again.
Just two more flicks of his finger on your clit and you were done.
It felt like a mini explosion inside you, your vision blacked out for a second and you realised the scream your ears were registering was yours. Your pelvis spasmed, trying to meet his fingers for more and trying to get away from overstimulation at the same time. Your hands in his hair tightened, and you felt him wince beneath you but you couldn’t get your fingers to relax, waves of pleasure rolling through your being for who knows how long after your high subsided.
Moaning his name in protest when he continued to slowly pump his fingers in you, your eyes finally roamed the room. Jeongguk was jerking himself off so fast, his hand a blur in your vision. His eyes were focused on where Yoongi still had his fingers in you. Everyone of them were similarly affected, heavy breathing, soft curses and words of praise for you.
“You look so beautiful like this ____. Like a goddess. I want to kneel before you and taste you.” Jin’s softly whispered words of want turned into a plea. “Can I taste her, Yoongi?”
Yoongi pulled his fingers out of you finally, the wet squelching sound making you groan in embarrassment. He spread your folds with his index and middle finger, giving the guys a fantastic view of your inner cunt and swollen entrance.
“So pink and delicious. Fuck, baby.” Jimin had his hands inside his pants, stroking himself like Jeongguk was. You wanted to pout and tell him to pull it out as well. But then Yoongi answered Jin’s request.
“Not from the source. Her body is mine to do as I please tonight. And mine only.” He held his hand up, fingers wet till the the knuckles, your essence almost dripping from them, strings of it connecting his fingers like spiderweb.
He extended his fingers towards his hyung. Not saying anything, just offering them generously. Jin surged forward and captured two in his mouth, eyes rolling closed as your taste flooded his tongue. Circling Yoongi’s wrist, the eldest pulled his hand closer, sucking each drop of your arousal into his mouth like it was the best thing he’d ever tasted.
You watched enraptured, mouthing Jin’s name reverently when he finally let go of Yoongi’s hand, licking his lips and giving you a smirk. “You taste absolutely delicious, baby. Have you been eating pineapples?”
A snort of laughter escaped you but before you could answer his query Yoongi was pushing your hips up to unbutton his jeans. Hearing him unzip them and pull down his boxers sent a shiver of renewed arousal through you.
You had missed the feeling of his cock inside you and you wanted him to fuck you so well and thoroughly that you’d crave it everyday when they were away. Who were you kidding? You craved each and every one of them even when they were right beside you.
“Take off your panties, little bird.”
Looking down at yourself, you saw the useless fabric still on your body. You pushed it down immediately, dangling it off one leg before flicking it away.
Jeongguk swiftly caught it with his unoccupied hand, his deft reflexes impressive even when his red, swollen cock looked like it was currently storing most of the blood in his body. He brought the soaked cotton around his thick length, muttering curses as he used it to get off.
“Hips up, baby.” Yoongi nudged you to make space for his own rock hard cock and you obeyed immediately, watching with hooded eyes as he positioned himself directly beneath your entrance. “Put me in.”
Taking his heavy length in your hand, you stroked it once, twice. The ridges and veins bulged out and your empty cunt clenched around nothing, demanding to feel them against your walls. Placing the leaking tip against your slit, you spread his pre-cum all over your inner folds, even coating your clit with it.
Taehyung groaned at your dithering. “Don’t be a tease ___. Put him in.”
Levelling a smirk at him, you purposefully moved your pelvis along with your slow strokes of Yoongi’s dick up and down your slit, catching the swollen tip on your entrance on every downward motion, just to clench around it shallowly.
“Little bird, you’re playing a dangerous game here. Don’t make me put you over my knee and spank you in front of the boys.”, Yoongi warned in your ear, loud enough for everyone to hear.
“Fuck, that would be so fucking hot.” Jimin loved to punish you and the mental image of you over his hyung’s lap with your ass in the air, clearly did something to him.
But he didn’t dare encourage the idea. There was an implicit agreement in the room that this was you making up with Yoongi. Making up for lost time and making up for misunderstandings. All of them were your lovers yes, but right now they were just spectators allowed to witness the show you and Yoongi were putting on. If you had asked them to leave they would have filed out of the room in seconds but you didn’t. You wanted them here and you wanted them to watch. And so did Yoongi.
It wasn’t the first time you were having sex with more than one person in the room. They shared you regularly. Spit roasts, foursomes and even fucking one of them in the back of the car while the rest could hear, were regular occurrences. But this was the first time you were fucking one of them while the rest watched raptly and encouraged you with praises and groans of want. And needless to say you loved every second of it, wondering if you could talk to them about doing this more often.
Heeding Yoongi’s warning, you simultaneously pushed the head of his cock past your entrance and dropped down low on it. His sizeable girth stretching you out deliciously even after you’d taken three fingers up your cunt already.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck.”, you chanted as he slowly filled you to the brim, bottoming out when you were practically sitting on his lap again, stuffed full of his cock.
“Ah fuck, how are you so tight, baby? Your pussy is squeezing me like a vice.”, Yoongi grunted, kneading your breasts to distract himself from the urge to move, giving you time to adjust.
After a few seconds, you gave him the go ahead. “I’m ready.”
Yoongi set a languid pace at first, pulling you down by the hips as he thrust up into you. You hissed when your already sensitive walls sent shock waves to your nerve endings at the delightful friction. Meeting his thrusts with yours, the obscene sound of your ass cheeks slapping against his thighs filled the room, drowning out the sound of cocks being jerked, pants and groans as they all watched Yoongi pound into you.
“Faster, Yoongi please.”, you heaved, thighs throbbing with the effort of fucking in this position. But you loved it, your heartbeat increasing even more at the looks on the boys’ face. Lust, envy, pride and love shining in their eyes, watching as your breasts bounced up and down and your pussy swallowed up Yoongi’s cock again and again.
“You look so beautiful, baby.”, Hoseok praised. “You’re doing so good.”
You keened under his reverent gaze and because Yoongi speeded up his upward thrusts, ramming into you at the same time pulling you down onto his cock.
“Fuck, little bird, you’re going to make me come. Are you close?”
You could feel the pressure building up in your core. Placing your feet flat on the couch, you used them as leverage to bounce on his cock. The new angle making the head brush that delicious spot inside you repeatedly. “Yes!”, you cried when he sank particularly deep into you.
Yoongi grabbed your hair, yanking your head back onto his shoulder as you dug your nails into his thigh. He pulled you down to grind on his cock with a roll of your hips and you shivered when you felt the swollen head graze your cervix inside and your clit rub the fabric of his jeans on the outside.
“Can you feel me, baby? My cock’s so deep in you I can almost feel your womb.”, he growled, nipping your jaw before pulling you into a sloppy kiss. “I love you so much.”
“I love you too.”, you told him, looking deep into his eyes so he realised how serious you were. “Don’t ever forget that again.”
He gave you an almost imperceptible nod.
His long fingers found your abused clit again and you jerked at the jolt of pleasure. Resuming his harsh thrusts, he drove his cock into you at an even faster pace, pounding your battered pussy as you tried to match his strength with your own fast depleting one.
Angling his hips just right, he put pressure on your inner walls and you got the sudden urge to pee.
“Yoongi!” Almost panicking, you screamed his name. Not knowing what else to do, you tried to pull fingers away from your clit but he shook off your hand, circling your hypersensitive button in fast, jerking motions.
“Let go, baby. Don’t hold back.”
Getting your teeth against the overwhelming urge, you heard the others encouraging you to let loose as well. Yoongi snapped his hips harder, the friction and pressure on your g-spot and the constant overstimulation of your clit made a dam burst inside you. Both figuratively and literally.
Liquid gushed out of you in spurts, drenching Yoongi’s hand and cock. You yelled out as the most powerful orgasm you’d ever experienced overtook your body, making you quiver from head to toe, like a leaf during autumn.
“I’m so proud of you, baby.”, Yoongi whispered to you at the same time as Jeongguk asked, “Did she just squirt? Oh, damn fuck, I’m coming.”
And he wasn’t the only one. A few more rapid thrusts of his cock and Yoongi was spilling into you with your name on his lips like a prayer. Warm liquid painted your inner walls as your own release cooled on your skin. You felt so filthy, obscene, absolutely satisfied and so so happy.
Yoongi panted beneath you, trying to catch his breath. He pushed your hair off your shoulder, kissing your temple with a sigh. “You’ve ruined me, little bird. I can’t get enough of you.”
You smiled, closing your eyes and burying your face in his neck. Feeling uncharacteristically shy with so many eyes on you, now that you were no longer in the heat of the moment.
“Oh now you’re feeling skittish.”, Taehyung snorted. “Too late we saw you squirt.”
Pulling away from Yoongi’s neck, you attempted to shoot a glare at Taehyung, instead wincing as Yoongi pulled out of you. Immediately, a gush of his cum threatened to overflow your opening and you tilted your hips to keep it inside. Still, a trickle escaped you and slipped down your slit onto your ass.
“I need a picture.”, Jeongguk declared, rushing to kneel between your legs as he pulled out his phone from his pocket. Apparently, he was done jerking off as well, his face glowing with post-orgasmic bliss.
Your cheeks flamed as he took several pictures of your overflowing cunt, even moving back to take a full picture of you in Yoongi’s arms.
“Don’t forget to send me the pictures. I need a new home screen wallpaper.”, Yoongi ordered the youngest offhandedly, caressing the goosebumps on your arms.
You turned to narrow your eyes at him. “You need a new what now?!”
“Send them to me too.”, Jimin chimed in happily.
“Yeah same here.”, Taehyung added.
“Me too.”, Namjoon and Hoseok said at the same time.
Jin shrugged. “I guess I wouldn’t mind them either. We’ve got lonely nights ahead on tour.”
“What the fuck, guys?!”
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kimnjss · 10 months ago
finger painting | jjk
Tumblr media
⇢ pairing: ot7 x reader // jungkook focus. ⇢ genre: smut. // pure unedited filth. ⇢ word count: 5.5K ⇢ theme: established relationships. ⇢ rating: explicit. ⇢ warnings: cursing, slight dirty talk, masturbation, nipple play, noona kink if you like squint, oral sex (m. receiving), cum shot, face shot, light dry humping, jungkook finds a new canvas, over the pants handjob, unprotected sex, slight possesion kink, fingering, morning breath just doesn’t exist, okay... ⇢ A/N: i am very tired. so sorry if there’s crazy mistakes, enjoy! let me know what you think x
Tumblr media
It's hot underneath the blanket, the strong tattooed arm wrapped around your waist only adds to the heat. His nose is pressed gently into the side of your neck, soft snores tickling the back of your neck. Your back sticks to his bare chest bodies sweaty from the heat emitting from his heated blanket.
Falling asleep in Jungkook's arms was high up on your list of favorite things. He was always so warm and smelt nice. No matter how the two of you fell asleep, you'd be shifting into the spooning position, his face nuzzled into the crook of your neck.
And any other day you'd be all for it, but this morning? When it felt like a sauna underneath these blankets and on top of that, all his body warmth was surrounding you. You couldn't help but shift away from his sticky, only to have his grip tighten around your waist – instantly pulling you against him.
“Koo..” You groan softly, hand reaching down to wrap around his wrist. “Are you awake?” He's instantly shifting closer to you, face pushed closer to your neck. “No...” The thickness of his morning voice has a smile pushing onto your lips.
Almost making you forget about the heat penetrating your skin. He's tugging you closer, incoherent murmurs leaving his lips as he shifts. Only settling once he's found a comfortable position, arm still wrapped around your waist. Not as tight so you're able to turn in his hold.
He's fallen back asleep, lips slightly parted soft snores passing through them. Much quieter than the loud snores that shake the room when he's in deep sleep. Lashes gently dusting over his cheekbones slightly pink from the pressure of sleep. He looks cute, which has your hands raising to grasp his sharp jawline.
Nose twitching from the feeling of your hands on his skin, but he doesn't stir other than that. Not even bothering to fight the urge to press light kisses to the tip of his nose, giggling softly at the way it scrunches. Slowly, his eyes flutter open, widening when he sees how close you are to his face. A sleepy grin stretching his lips.
“You don't want me to sleep?” A slight pout pushes your lips out, thumbs swiping across the apple's of his cheeks as you shake your head from side to side. “It's hot,” You complain and despite the way he nods in agreement – his wraps tighter around your waist, pulling your body into his. “And you look cute,” Sentence punctuated with another light press of your lips to his nose.
His eyes fluttered closed at the light touch of your lips, body seeming to relax into the warmth of the mattress. It's when your lips stray a little lower, just barely catching his upper lip is his body shifting into full alert. Thoughts of where he could take this moment if he played his cards right.
Soft lips are catching yours when as you lean in, his hand lifting to tangle his fingers in your hair holding your head to his. Jungkook kisses you slowly, eyes falling close as he tilts his head to get a better reach of your lips. Instantly, you're lost in him. In the feel of him, how he manages to make your heart flutter with such little effort.
It's not long before his kisses are becoming harsh, teeth tugging at your lip as he grips the top of the blanket. In one swift movement, he's rolling his body over yours while shoving the warm covers off of your bodies. Caged underneath him with an arm on either side of your head, he's pushing his tongue past your lips and into your mouth without a second of hesitance.
The softest of moans fall from his lips, dying on your tongue. Legs hitched up on either side of his waist, you can feel the push of his hips onto yours perfectly. And his body is reacting quickly to the friction, cock jumping at the slight brush of your lace-covered core. The thin material of his boxers starting to strain against his crotch as he pushes his tongue deeper into your mouth.
“Noona,” He moans quietly, an arm lowering from the side of your head, his hand slipping underneath his large t-shirt you threw on before climbing into his bed. Pleased to find your bare breast underneath the fabric, his large hand squeezing at the flesh.
You get a glimpse of his dazed expression when he pulls back from your lips, lust-filled eyes searching yours only for a moment before he's ducking his head back down. Sharp teeth graze over the clammy skin of your neck, sucking the salty skin into his mouth. His tongue rolls over the marks his teeth leave behind, hips forever rolling into you. A wet patch quickly forming between your legs.
“You smell so good, Noona.” He whines cutely.
It boggles your mind how this man could still manage to be cute, even right now. Moans slipping from his soft lips as he sucks hickeys into your neck, cock pressed firmly into your core just begging to tear through the lace; so you can feel him the right way.
There's no holding back the whimpers that fall from your lips, body squirming underneath him desperate to feel more. His teeth catch a sensitive spot on your neck, causing your hips to buck into his. “That feel good, Noona?” There's just something about the way he called you 'Noona', so soft and innocent while the things he was doing was anything but.
Breathless, your head is bobbing in a nod. My hanging open as forced breaths shake your chest. “F-feels good, Kookie. Keep going,” Fingers reaching to tangle in his hair, tugging his head into your neck, and he groans. Hips lifting to press his cock into you, settling into a steady rut against your core.
He always liked it when you played with his hair.
Jungkook lays there, humping against your covered pussy while marking up your neck. His desperate moans fill the boathouse, fingers pinching and tugging at your nipples underneath your shirt. Your legs are wrapped tight around his waist, holding his body to you so you're able to feel every inch of his shaft.
It all feels so good, and you can tell by the sudden uptake of his thrusts; it feels as good for him too. Right, when his eyes begin to roll, the movement of his hips becomes sloppy he's pulling back. Crazed eyes looking down at you, “I want you to suck my dick,” His hips are slowing into a stop, cutest of expressions morphing his features.
“Please, Noona.” He adds as if you'd deny a request like that. Jungkook had a beautiful cock, long and thick. Pretty veins wrapped around the length when it was hard. The tip a pretty pink, often glistening with either your saliva or his precum. No way would you turn out an opportunity to have that down your throat. “Okay, Kookie.” You're saying with a smile.
If he was any happier, he'd be punching the air with joy. Jungkook is quick with rolling off of you, placing a soft kiss to your lips before laying flat on the mattress. His tattooed hand reaching up to push his hair back on his head as you shift between his legs. You had felt it when he was grinding against you, could imagine the bulge that had formed in his boxers.
But seeing it? Fuck, seeing it was ten times better. Half hard when he had woken up with you in his arms, so it's no surprise the way his cock is fighting to break free from the mesh material.
You take your time with dragging the elastic band down his hips, marveling in the pretty patch of dark curls that are revealed with its descent. Always neatly shaven but never bare. Felt manly to keep a bit of hair down there and you couldn't help but agree. Teasing yourself, you slowly uncover his cock inch by inch. Loving the impatient pout that pushes at his lips.
His hand is lifting once his boxers are low enough, cock swinging upward and he's catching in his large hand. The single stroke against his shaft has his eyes rolling and your mouth watering. Quickly noticing your fascination with the movement of his hand, he's repeating the action eyes staying focused on your face.
Soon getting into it, head cocked back as his hand squeezes at the mushroom head. Soft cruses falling from his lips, hips bucking into his palm. Almost afraid that he's gonna burst before you have a chance to feel him in your mouth. But you can't take your eyes off him.
Jungkook's free hand reaches forward, tangling in the hair at the nape of your neck. “Open, Noona.” He mumbles in the deepest of voices and your mouth is instantly falling open for him, eyes lifting to catch his dark gaze.
He's guiding his shaft past your lips with his hand, watching with hooded eyes as his thickness disappears into your warm mouth. A hiss of a moan falling from his lips when you're closing your mouth around him, hands lifting to grasp his thighs. “Oh, fuck!” He sighs, head falling back into the pillow.
Both of his hands reach up to push his hair back from his forehead, forcing himself to watch your mouth move on him. With your grip tightened around his thighs, you're easily able to swallow him down your throat. A breathy groan falling from his lips when your throat constricts at the intrusion. “Just like that, Noona. Take my cock,” His encouragement comes with a large hand tangling in your hair, tempted to push your head down further onto his length.
It's only a moment of contemplation before he's doing just that, hips lifting as he uses his grip to push your head down. Throat fluttering, a rough cock sounding from the end of it. Forcing your head to lift from his shaft, slobber, and precum keeping your mouth attached to him. He moans at the sight.
You're diving back in without a moment of hesitation, urging your throat to calm the fuck down, so you can swallow your boy the way he deserves. Jungkook takes for gripping your hair, much slower with the way he guides your mouth down his length. Hissing loudly when your nose is pressed into his pubic hair.
“Fuck, Noona. You look so pretty like this,” There's no helping the way your body flushes at the slight compliment. Tongue pushing out against him, forcing more of his shaft down your throat. Wanting to please him, hear him moan for you, compliment you. Hands gripping at his hips, lips wrapped tightly around him, your head slowly begins to move back and forth.
Sucking him down harshly, the sounds of his groans vibrating against the wall, sending pangs of arousal between your legs. Positive you're dripping through the fabric of your panties and the wetness your fingers find the moment their fit between your legs proves you right.
Easily finding your clit, your fingers rub gently against the sensitive bud while you suck him down. His eyes are quickly catching the movement of your hand, a drawn-out moan falling from his lips at the sight of your wet fingers rubbing into the soaked fabric. Cock twitching against your tongue, thick dribbles of precum sliding down your throat.
The hand he holds in your hair tightens, guiding the movement of your head with much force now. Hips rising to meet your face until he's full-on fucking his cock into your mouth. Setting his own pace, moving as if it's your pussy that he's buried in. And you let him, whimpered moans leaving your throat and hitting his cock. That only eggs him on.
Your fingers match the thrust of his hips, eyes rolled back imagining that it's his long fingers between your legs rather than yours. “Your mouth feels so good, Noona.” He's whining, lower belly constricting as his orgasm nears. The firsts of his cum mixed with your spit dribble out the corners of your mouth, and you're sure you look a mess with your teary eyes.
Jungkook thinks you look hot, though. Always thought you looked hot with his cock stuffed down your throat. The mere sight of you enough to push him over the edge. It's when he notices your legs begin to shake, eyes fluttering as your orgasm washes over you. The squelch of your fingers between your legs growing louder as your cum soaks your panties even further.
“Shit, shit, shit.” His movements are hurried, pulling his cock from your mouth. Frantic stroke of his hand over his shaft, tip aimed at your face and you hold your mouth open waiting. A long whine falls from his lips as the cum shoots from the tip of his cock, painting your cheeks and lips with streaks of white.
His lip caught between his teeth, brows furrowed, and cheeks hollowed. He looks so good over you, emptying his cock onto your face. Body tense from the power of the orgasm that racks through his body. You don't move, mouth wide open until his body is relaxing. Rigid breaths lifting his chest.
“Mmh, you're so perfect Noona.” He sighs, using his cock to smear his cum against your skin. So concentrated as if he was painting a pretty picture with his seed and you can't help the giggle that falls from your lips, tongue pushed out to swipe over him each time he's close.
Jungkook's two seconds from pushing his cock back into your mouth when the door of his room is being pushed open. Hoseok stepping in without a second thought, not even surprised to see his youngest member with his cock pressed against your cheek. “Go wash up to eat, Kook.” He speaks in nonchalant, hand reaching out to grasp the back of your neck.
Gently, he's tugging your face toward him, capturing your lips in a wet kiss. The taste of Jungkook heavy on your tongue but he doesn't seem to care. “Good morning, baby. You look pretty,” He's mumbling against your lips, a soft laugh falling from them.
Hoseok is lifting himself further onto the bed, deepening the kiss between you. And you're almost certain he's going to lay you down and have his way with you while his youngest watches. But he's pulling back after a moment, a small smile pushing onto his lips.
“Let's go get you washed up,” His arms are sweeping under your thighs, lifting your body from the bed. Jungkook is right behind him leaving the room, chatting along with his Hyung about what they're planning on doing today.
Head finding Hoseok's shoulder, you listen along to their plans. The smile never falling from your cum stained face.
Tumblr media
“Are you guys just going to game all day?” Arm crossed over your chest, hip popped out as you stare at the three men huddled in front of the computer screen. Jin weighing in on Yoongi's skills, while Jimin plays quietly beside them.
You, Hoseok, and Taehyung are ready to go. Dressed and set to go pick up burgers, inviting the others at the forefront of Taehyung's mind.
“Let's just go ourselves,” Hoseok says with a nod of his head, realizing the other boys have no plans to get up from their spots in front of the computer. Taehyung nods quickly, arm snaking around your waist as the three of you make toward the cars.
Hoseok is slipping into the passenger's seat while you climb into the back, Taehyung taking the driver's seat beside him. A grin is sent to you through the rearview mirror, from Taehyung. Anyone else would've taken this as a cute innocent smile, but you sense the mischief behind it – as well as the conversation you had been having prior, you know it's anything but.
“So when you gonna start waking me up with blowjobs?” He speaks casually, foot stepping down on the gas as he drives forward.
Jungkook was definitely one to brag, the first thing out of his mouth when you were sitting down for lunch was how you had just got done sucking him off. Hobi, who had witnessed the aftermath of it was nudged to confirm his words.
It's not unusual, so the other members don't even bat an eye at their younger member's detailed description. Only half listening as they shovel food into their mouths. Taehyung hangs on to every word, though, even adding questions as the story goes on.
You're sat beside him, filled with pride as he groans about your ability to blow his mind. Marveling about how pretty you look with your mouth wrapped around his cock. The technique of the bob of your head.
“When you gonna start waking me up with head?” You counter, with a smirk.
Hoseok's head is perking up at your rebuttal, “It's the only right way to wake you up,” He says with a grin. And you're returning it. Almost every morning you've woken up in Hoseok's bed, you were waking up with his head between your legs. The type of morning call that you weren't rolling your eyes at... well you were but in the best way.
The car is skidding to a stop after a while, Taehyung hopping out after pushing it into park. He's quick to move to your door, tugging it open for you with a wide smile. He watches as you slide out, thanking him with a kiss on his cheek. And when you're a few steps in front of him, his arms are wrapping around your waist, pulling you into his chest.
Walking beside the two of you, Hoseok is slipping his hand in yours. Fingers laced together as the three of you walk down the trail admiring the pretty scenery around you. It's peaceful where you are, fresh air tickling your lungs as easy conversation flows between you.
There was something about being out in the open like this, with them. Such a feeling of healing, being able to talk and relax, and just enjoy yourself. The sound of Hoseok's laughter fills your ears, in response to something Taehyung has said – his proud grin taking over his features, happy to have had made his Hyung laugh. Not a single lull of awkwardness as your walk continues on, you and Tae plopping down in the meadow to smell the pretty flowers. Taking pictures with Hobi in front of the creative looking buildings. Until you're piling back into the car to get the burgers you had set out for in the first place.
Taehyung pays for the food, before driving off to find a quiet place for the three of you to eat. He's handing your food back to you once you're parked in a nice spot, sat in the trunk part of the car watching the scenery in front of you. Hoseok is leaned back in his arms, far enough into the trunk where you're able to sit between his legs. Taehyung beside you.
It's so easy with them, nice. Comfortable. The happiness in your heart grows with the more time that you spend with them.
Tumblr media
You find Joon and Jungkook sat on the porch painting away when the three of you arrive. The dotted painting Joon started the night before closer to being finished, behind him Jungkook has started an unbelievable image of the mountains out behind you. Cheeks dusted pink as loud compliments come from Hoseok, followed by assured praise from Taehyung and Namjoon.
They're joking around and laughing with each other but your eyes are trained on Jungkook, watching as he paints away with this sexy look of concentration on his face. He always gets like that when he's focused, his mindset on one task, careful to meet the perfect outcome he's planned.
It's undeniably attractive and you're all but drooling watching him work. His head rolls, sweeping the growing strands of hair out of his eyes. In the movement, he's catching your gaze, instantly reading the look in your eyes. But he doesn't say anything, aside from the little smirk that takes over his features, he acts as if he hasn't noticed.
Turning his focus back onto his painting.
You stand there watching him as Taehyung moves to stack the beanbag chairs, calling Hobi over to show him his new style of art. Joon heading over to check out what they're laughing about, quickly joining in on their laughter.
“You having fun eye-fucking me, Noona?” He doesn't even lift his gaze from the painting, just continues perfecting the reflection of the mountain in the water. Despite the confident sexy drawl, there's a light dusting of pink on his cheeks.
Obviously feeling some type of way with your undivided attention. You're moving to stand a bit closer to him, gentle fingers twirling his freshly washed hair. “You look sexy when you paint,” You're cooing, sure to scrape your fingers against his scalp the way he likes.
All at once, his back is straightening, eyes blinking before he's setting the brush down onto the palette. “Think I'm gonna take a break, do something else.” With the way his eyes drag over your body, teeth nibbling at his lower lip, you're quickly putting together exactly what else he wants to do.
He's standing to his feet with a slight huff, bending forward to pick the paints he had been using off of the floor. Silently, you follow him into the kitchen. Attempting to keep up with his hasty steps, eager to clean his mess so he can have his way with you. You watch as he turns the water on, your bum sat up on the counter; as Jungkook starts shaking the paint from his brushes in the sink.
The sleeves of his hoodie are rolled up, revealing the dark ink that decorates his milky skin. Disappearing underneath the fabric, but you know just how far the markings go. Somehow grown addicted to adding more, always rushing excitedly to show you the new tattoo on his skin.
Without thinking, you're reaching your hand out, tracing the large lines on his arm. Dark eyes flicker down to your finger on his skin, watch the way your nail traces over his tattoo. It was no secret between the two of you how much you liked them, nearly found every excuse to touch them, kiss them, lick them.
Not that he was complaining.
Your fingers are warm against his skin, soft. And he enjoys the way they feel, shamelessly allowing the image of them wrapped around his cock enter his mind. The blowjob you had given him this morning still fresh as he could still see the streaks of cum dirtying your face.
And the look on your face right now? As if you were physically forcing yourself from jumping him right now. How turned on you were just from watching him paint? Unless you were thinking about something else?
You were. Scenarios gone crazy in your mind about the two of you together. As if you couldn't reach over and make all of your fantasies a reality. There was just something about Jungkook that always had your mind reeling. And because he could read you like an open book, he doesn't hesitate to move from in front of the sink so he's now standing in front of you.
Stood in between your legs, fingers covered in the green and yellow paint he had been washing off, making fingerprints into your bare thighs as he tugs you closer. “What are you thinking about, Noona?” There's tease in his voice, could guess what dirty thoughts are running through your mind.
You play coy, though. Legs easily wrapping around his waist, pulling his body against yours. Arms lifting to wrap around his neck. “Oh, nothing special...” The tips of his fingers dance over your thighs, painting streaks against your skin. The paint is cool against your warm skin, the colors shining underneath the bright kitchen light.
“Yeah? You weren't thinking about how good I could fuck you right now?” Much closer now, his words mumbled into your ear. And he doesn't have to pull back to see your eyes flutter, knows exactly the effect his words have on you.
His teeth catch your lobe as your hips press into his, flinching away at the intense friction only to press further into him moments after. “Should I fuck you right here, Noona? Let everyone see how well you take my cock?” Despite the twitch of his cock at the mention and the frantic nod of your head, he maintains the nonchalance.
Fingers drawing faint hearts into your thighs, seem to be paying a lot more attention to his work than to the movement of your hips. Suddenly, pressing into you, reaching forward to dip his fingers into the paint he hadn't quite finished cleaning up. The yellow color bright on his finger and he takes his time to draw the hooked letter at the top of your thigh.
The J is large and clear, much like the K he's painting on the other side. Claiming you as his with each stroke of his painted fingers. The movement of your hips doesn't let up, causing him to lift his palm onto your waist to keep you still. Determined to get the lettering just perfect, before he's pulling his hand back.
“My Noona.” He's mumbling to himself more than anything, head dipping down to bury in the crook of your neck. The litter of bruises he left this morning meet his greedy eyes, only resulting in a grin that pushes on his lips. Proud of himself. And he sucks an unmarked bit of skin, determined to cover you with him.
A chorus of moans slip through your lips, eyes fluttering as his mouth works on your skin. The fistful of his shirt that you had clutched falling as your fingers drag down the front of his body, not stopping until you're meeting the crotch of his pants. His entire body flinches when you're cupping him through the material, hissed swears vibrating against your neck.
You smirk, pleased to see you have the same effect on him he did you. Squeezing him in your palm, you enjoy the tiny whines that fall from his lip. Stroking him slowly as he forces himself to keep focus on the painting he's creating on your neck. “Hm, you're getting so hard for Noona.”
“For Noona,” He repeats with a nod of his head, hips beginning to roll into the palm of your hand. All concentration went out of the window when your hand begins to match the movement of his hips. Palm closed to create a bit of tightness as he fucks himself into your palm, breathy moans hitting the wet skin of your neck.
His fingers press into your skin, leaving green and yellow marks that will more than likely bruise later. Tongue swiping over the skin of your neck as he pants, hips rotating into the palm of your hand. Quite literally putty in your hands, and he's almost embarrassed with how quick the twist in his stomach comes. Whining and ready to cum when he hadn't even touched you properly yet, unacceptable in his eyes.
Jungkook is able to muster up all the composure that he can find to slow his hips into a lazy thrust. Clearing his mind enough to slip his hand underneath the fabric of your biker shorts. He's groaning when he finds you're just as wet as he had thought, panties sticking to your pussy lips. Playing with him was always the easiest way to rile you up. Much like how you did this morning, his fingers are finding your clit through the fabric of your panties.
Rolling the little bundle of nerves between his fingers has your hips jolting, a gasped moan slipping. He smirks, speeding up the movement of his fingers as his eyes flutter. Jaw parting, your hand stills at his crotch, head tilted back as the pleasure he's giving you has your limbs growing heavy.
“How's that feel, Noona?” He mumbles softly, searching for reassurance. As if the twitch of your legs wasn't enough answer. “S-so good... don't stop,”
He does you one better, fingers slipping from your clit, lowering themselves further into your shorts. The tips of his fingers rub against your folds through the fabric, seemingly teasing himself before he's pushing your panties to the side. Little to warning is given before he's pushing two thick digits past your entrance, head rolling back as a loud groan bounces off the kitchen walls.
Your walls flutter and stretch around the intrusion, protesting when he pulls his fingers back. A scream of his name tickles his ears when he's quickly pushing his fingers in, has done this a thousand times he doesn't even have to try to brush against your most sensitive parts. It's become a sixth sense to him, pleasuring you.
“Always so wet for me,” Soft lips brush against the skin underneath your ear, fingers quickly dragging against your walls. There's no holding back the gasps that fill the room, fingers pressed into his shoulders, desperate to have him closer. “Who makes you this wet, Noona?”
His head lifts, eyes flickering to yours. At the same time, his fingers curl inside of you, pressing firmly into your soft spot. And you're crying out, hips angled in search of his fingers, “You,” Panting, your body moves in tandem with the thrusts of his fingers. Jungkook grins over you, thumb lifting to swirl around your wet clit.
“That's right, Noona. Only me.” He's proud of himself, you can tell just from the tone of his voice. His thumb circles over your clit quickly, fingers pushed deep inside you and you feel the snap of pleasure in your stomach. Hips bucking uncontrolled as squeals of his name fill the room. His fingers don't let up until your body is falling slack against the cabinets, aftershocks of your orgasm twitching your legs.
You feel the spill of your release when he's pulling his fingers from between your legs, a hurried kiss landing on your lips. Tongue licking over your lower lip before entering your mouth. Wet fingers curling over the waistband of your shorts to tug them down your legs, carelessly tossing them onto the kitchen floor.
Teeth and tongue clashing as you fumble to tug his shorts down his legs. Grinning against his mouth when his cock springs out, hard and nearly pulsing ready for you. He's just as turned on as you, eyes dazed and expression fucked out. Heavy breaths shaking his chest as his hand wraps around his shaft.
Eyes focused on the way he guides himself to your entrance, free hand wrapped around your thigh to lift it onto his hip. “Fuck,” He groans as he slowly sinks deeper inside of you.
Mind still foggy from your orgasm, the fullness of having him so deep inside feels ten times better. Legs secured around his waist, holding him close once he's bottoming out. It only takes a few draw backs of his hips for him to fall into a steady pace, fingers gripping the flesh of your ass, moving you against him.
“Mmh, Noona's pussy swallows me so well.” Jungkook whines face buried in the crook of your neck. His hips buck into you harshly, the sound of slapping skin and your cries the only thing to be heard in the room. “F-fuck, your cock feels so good, Kookie.” You gasp, fingers flexing at his waist, gripping his shirt in your fists.
Your back bounces against the wall, lashes flutter as another orgasm begins washing over you. His cock ramming into your gspot, pelvic bone brushing against your clit so perfectly. Like he was made for you. Walls tighten around his length, squeezing him tighter each time he pulls back.
That has his muscles pulled taut, needy groans falling from his lips as the movement of his hips begin to become sloppy. Cock rutting into your heat so deliciously, it makes you shudder, back arching and legs beginning to vibrate at his sides. “Gonna cum again, Noona?” He's panting, whiny moans filling your ear.
Head bobbing in a nod, a loud cry of his name falling from your lips as your orgasm washes over you. He's not far behind you, hips pistoning into you as he reaches his peak too. “Holy fuck,” He groans, hips becoming stiff. Large hands set on your hips, to hold your body in place.
Sharp teeth scrape against your skin as his cum fills you, the warmth of his cum pulling a loud moan from your lips. “So good, Kookie.” You praise, breathless. Boneless body falling against him. And he grins wide, pride filling his chest. Pleased with himself in making you feel this good.
Wet kisses land on your neck, arm wrapping around your waist as he pulls you from the counter. Legs wrapped around his waist. “I wanna go cuddle with you,” You're mumbling spent from the two orgasms he just gave you.
A chuckle falls from his lips, as he nods. Shorts are forgotten in the kitchen as he effortlessly carries you toward the floating house. He's warm against you, and you cling to him as he walks.
Sleep slowly washing over you.
Tumblr media
- seven days in the forest spent with your seven boyfriends while they film their upcoming reality tv show. there’s no telling what the eight of you will get into when the cameras are off.
⬷ masterlist ⤗
⇝ taglist: @randomkoalablog @smoljams @dee-ehn @jaiuneamesolitaiire @hehehehahahohohuhu @sw33tnight @butterflylion @withlovestudyblr @soulstaes @bangtansonyeondayyyum @samros95 @korkanswers @houseofarmanto​ @marifujioka @tae165 @uxwi @jinhitwhore @preciouschimine​ @yeontanie21​ @aa-ronpa​ @taefect94​ @lee-karliah​ @codeinebelle​ @mochibabycakes​ @diminieshoe​ @fuddyize​  @soloikeadates​ @0xmysticx0​ @bbyjoonies​ @amoreguk​ @tricethecharm​ @diminieshoe​ @jayyayyy17​ @softlyjins​ @bangtan-noona​ @fan-atic-blog​ @fuck-expectations-people​ @paradisetaemin​ @nyamjinnie​ @lilacdreams-00​ @vsugakookie0104​ @koostime​ @la-evforia​ @betysotelo18​ @chocobetterknot​ @simplysanha​ @delicategukkie​ @kookieswithtaeq​ @jeon-ggukkie​ @angjeon​ @bangtansbun​ @flamboyant-louie​ @elliemeetsevil​ @angiexyoung​ @stonyiscanon​ @strawberryforever25​ @mipetronella​ @rageyoudamnednerd​ @hellotherehoneybee​ @joonies-babyy​ @mypurplelamp​ @jikooksgirl19​ @sushi-date-ghost​ @bigimpression​ @kookiesjoonies​ @amour-quinn​ @diamonddia-mond​ @alterlovess​ @gemad08​ @daydreambrliever​ @acc3ssdenied​ @silentlyimpractical​ @bella-victoria002​ @ashleyjoyx​ @yoooonie​ @diamonddia-mond​ @btsbed​ @sungieshines​ @thia-aep​ @taeshuworld​ @hopiebabie​ @trynavibewhileicry​ @illwritetomorrow​ @kookoo-kachoo​ @prettxyliies​ @triviasjms​ @ratking101​ @elephantdoors​ @feel-like-gold​ @kelitt​ @itsponybeaches​ @alpaca1612​ @jeonkookiebangtan​ @rather-not-sayy​ @kimsouthjoon​ @beeeb05​ @dreamcatcherjiah​ @yoongiverse​ @aethrav​ @studyroy @miinoongi @fangirls94 @catsandstrawberries @jiminsreads @gee-nee @dreamingaboutyousworld @seokjinslittledumpling @meowmeowyoongles @loisje123 @honeyspillings @taehyungsmatcha @kuppyjiminie @kookitykook @rjsmochii @hobidyll @jrobmorebangtan @xxstrangegirlxxx @saymynamewithluv @kookunot @stvvcks @moments-of-melancholy @take-u-2-an0ther-w0r1d​ @holaaaf​ @hobiismyhopeu​ @ayyyocee​ @purpleheartsfortae​ @cecedrake2217​ @joontoxicated​ @uppiespuppy​ @cjphoenix135​ @kookscrescent​ @oii-f-eli-x2​ @aestheticisbts​–fangirl @sweeneyblue1​ 
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recs-by-xherxx · a year ago
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It’s 2020, oh now it’s 2021, we gotta organize shit . . . so here I am, listing down my favorite go-to fics. Enjoy!
// notes: I AM A SMUT PERSON TYPE OF READER, so most of these are rated-M, unless with (*) means SFW and here are other icon legends below.
(☁) fluff, (☂) angst, (↯) one-shot, (↹) series
for monogamous fic, a ☆ sign for the most favorite, the reigning ficrec. all poly fics are amazing to me since i’m OT7 biased. haha.
i also do not remove fics in this list despite writers deactivating. so i apologize if some fics have been deleted.
(& I’m a lazy mf reader, so I only read fics that are amazing or written by my mutuals, or recs by my trusted friends or stuff that really seem to catch my interest. And as a writer, i also included fics which i loved writing the most and most proud of [?]. so yeah. Here goes.) 
(↹) let me hold them - @jjungkookislife
(↹) physcom (3) - @teawithkpop
(↯) the seven kinds of love (☂) - @jimlingss
(↯) please - @bang-tan-bitches
(↹) void (2) - @btssavedmylifeblr
(↹) cherry (4) - @go-gently-please
(↹) 7 days of the week (1) - @forgottenpasta
(↹) THESIS IT - @/xherxx
(↹) *the truth untold (☂) - @/xherxx
(↹) trivial pursuits - @foreignfingers
(↯) se7en - @ironicarmy
(↹) thou shall not steal - @/herxx
(↯) sated - @littlemisskookie
(↯) valentine ice cream cake - @/herxx
(↹) a taste of sweet - @mochismilesbrighterthansun
(↯) fated to love you - @untaemedqueen
(↹) prove it - @/xherxx
(↯) jetsetters - @chimoona
(↯) *mikrokosmos (☁) - @minniepetals
(↹) gods’ gambles - @/xherxx
(↹) sh - @wwilloww
(↯) *wine (☁) - @/minniepetals
(↯) sincerely, yours - @pasteljeon
(↯) tonight - @hobidreams
(↹) game nights - @kimnjss
(↹) ours - @jkeuphoriadreamland
(↯) relax (rm) - @maliby
(↯) something-ot7-ask - @voidswan
(↹) the studio sessions - @getitinbusan
(↹) the new year’s luck - @/xherxx
(↹) fire & desire (2) - @joonbird ☆
(↹) bad guy- @sweetbunnykook
(↯) heat - @thewanderingalias
(↯) thunder - @ppersonna​
(↹) effleurer - @sugaurora
(↹) sunday - @/forgottenpasta
(↹) not-so-anti’s-luck - @/xherxx
(↯) pinky swear - @taelaxies
(↯) shift back - @/xherxx
(↯) tear - @crazy4myself
(↯) tonight - @hobidreams
(↯) fubu ttdsn - @/underthejoon
(↯) love language - @gukslut
(↹) bound - AO3/obiwrites ☆
(↯) confessions are best given under pressure (☁) - @alwayschoosechocolate​
(↹) tip 143 - @minflix
(↹) wednesday - @/forgottenpasta
(↯) cross - @hobiwonder
(↯) hatefuck - @njssi
(↯) burn in hell (she said) - @floralseokjin
(↹) arranged - AO3/obiwrites ☆
(↯) obligated - @underthejoon
(↯) yuki - @/xherxx
(↹) roommates with benefits - AO3/erinbrownwrites ☆
(↯) cream suit - @/ppersonna
(↯) my only wish - @/ppersonna
(↯) new parent syndrome - @1kook​
(↯) doctor-dreamy - @jungblue​
(↯) kiss the girl - @sketchguk​
(↹) my neighbor’s luck - @/xherxx
(↹) sin city (9) - @btssmutgalore ☆ ​
(↯) me, you, and this thing we have between us - @boymeetsweevil
(↹) heatwave - @curly-bangtan ☆ ​
(↯) sugar-sweet confession (☁) - @/alwayschoosechocolate
(↯) somebody else (ft. myg) - @jamaisjoons
(↯) summer - @/xherxx
(↯) ruin the friendship - @/njssi
(↹) nicotine - @/xherxx
(↯) obey - @jjkfire
(↯) sugarplum energy - @bymoonchild​
(↯) somnolent - @/forgottenpasta
(↯) euphoria (☂) - @/btssavedmylifeblr
(↯) cobalt&charcoal (☂) - @tayegi
(↯) tinder 2.0 - @/tayegi ☆
(↯) banana milk - @/kimnjss
(↯) finders keep hers - @yeojaa
(↯) waking up in vegas - @/ppersonna
(↹) mutual help - wattpad / @personasintro
rap line
(↯) whine - @/bang-tan-bitches
(↯) need - @/bang-tan-bitches
(↯) party - @dovechim
(↹) one-time thing (2) - @lamourche
(↯) right here, right now - @/hobidreams
(↯) heaven - @/mochismilesbrighterthanthesun
vocal line
(↯) songbird - @/dovechim
maknae line
(↹) colors - @fortunexkookie
(↯) desperate - @thepolyversionofbts
(↯) listen closely - @jungtaeyoongles
(↹) ours | roadtrip - @/jkeuphoriadreamland
(↯) nine months - @/jjungkookislife
kim line
(↯) stress reliever - @polaritae
(↯) attention - @/jamaisjoons
(↯) disobedience - @tipsydipsydo​
(↹) serotonin2.0 - @/xherxx
(↯) addicted to your touch - @/jjungkookislife
(↯) meet halfwaay - @/xherxx
(↹) magic hands - @breadoffoxy
busan boys
(↯) blow your mind  - @/ironicarmy​
(↯) dreams cum thru - @/xherxx
(↯) innocence indecente - @/tipsydipsydo
(↯) capital h - @/kimnjss
(↯) tattooed two - @httpjeon
(↯) maid for you - @/forgottenpasta
(↯) shameless ft. bts - @imaginethisbts
(↯) pour up - @jungkxook
(↹) bad guy - @/sweetbunnykook
(↯) satiate - @mygsii
(↯) the failed track (sopekook) - @/taetaewonderland
(↯) pink (jinkook) - @/bang-tan-bitches
(↹) sleeping temptation (yoonmin) - @yminie
(↯) witch doctor (yoonkooktae) - @/polaritae
(↯) biggest fan (yoonmin) - @minnpd
(↯) prove it (taejin) - @redwithlovex
(↯) the bet (namvmin) - @/btssmutgalore
(↹) house of cards (namyoonmin) - @sweet-teeth-mfs
(↹) aerodynamics (94z+maknaeline) - @bangtanbetchfics
(↯) aperitivo (jinkook) - @/bangtanbetchfics
(↹) not allowed (yoonkook) - @whatifyoulivelikethat
(↯) feedback (vope) - @/yminie
her’s BTS OT7/POLY go-to fics @AO3
ficswithluv week12
ficswithluv week1
her’s bts xxx masterlist
ficswithluv week27 (OT7)
mygsii’s OT7
wastingmylifesecondatatime‘s OT7
ittybittyamy author recs
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bangtanprincesss · 3 years ago
piercings |poly bts|
Tumblr media
pairing: bts x reader (poly)
words: 2.5k
genre: pure soft fluff, suggestive themes, dick piercings, author’s excessively soft feelings for baby boy jungkook
summary: you and the boys had been stuck in the house for a few weeks, and decided to do something a little... spontaneous. 
if anyone would like a sequel to this, with some wink wink nudge nudge with the new piercings, please like/reblog and lemme know!! set in the same universe as my other poly fic: home
→ masterlist → commissions & donations
“are you sure about this?” you eyed taehyung from the corner of your eye as he pointed his finger to the screen enthusiastically. 
nodding frantically, taehyung yelled out, “hyungs! come here!”
taehyung’s voice carried across the large house with a sense of urgency that the rest of the boys maybe took a little too seriously; six sets of feet frantically running through the hallway to try and reach the living room.
“what? what’s going on?” namjoon was the first to arrive, eyes searching the room for anything out of the ordinary. 
a small laugh bubbled in your throat, “babe don’t worry, tae’s just excited.” taehyung’s bouncing legs which bumped against yours every so often proved your point.
“hyung, come look,” taehyung pointed to the screen and namjoon walked over with squinted eyes, taking in the contents of the page. 
“piercings?” a soft voice said from behind you, jungkook’s soft hair appearing next to you, prompting you to lean over and kiss his cheek making his skin turn a light shade of pink. 
“i want a dick piercing,” a choking sound escaped your throat as you looked up, wide eyed, at yoongi who was staring blankly at the screen. 
“you heard me,” yoongi shrugged and shoved his hands in his pockets, “i’ve wanted one for awhile.”
the incredulous look on your face made the rest of your boys break out into laughter, “i think you broke her,” jin chuckled and nudged yoongi who shrugged. 
taehyung pulled the laptop entirely onto his lap and scrolled down the page a little, “yep they do those here. i might get one as well,” he said with a smirk.
“jesus fuck,” you swore and dragged your hands down your face, “you guys will be the death of me.” 
arms wrapped around your waist and pulled you into a soft lap, one you immediately recognized as hoseok. “you’re not gonna pierce your dick right, hobi?” you asked with wide eyes. 
shaking his head hoseok pressed a kiss to the crown of your head, “not my cup of tea, i was thinking nipples.” 
the room erupted in laughter again and you couldn’t help the smile that spread over your face. taking a deep breath you looked up at the rest of the boys, “anyone else getting anything crazy?” 
“i think baby boy should get his nipples pierced as well,” jimin teased wrapped his arm around jungkook’s shoulders. 
kook’s cheeks turned a deep red as he tried to sputter out a retort, “jimin! n-no!” he wrapped his arms around his torso and tried to avoid direct eye contact with everyone around him. 
“baby, i think that’s a great idea. we all know how sensitive you are,” tae said with a sing-songy tone.
“you all are insane,” you huffed and grabbed the computer from tae’s grip, “i’m just gonna get a double helix.” 
the room filled with sounds of disappointment at your words, “but babeeee,” hoseok wined and looked at you with puppy eyes.
shaking your head you pressed your forehead against his, “i think we’ll have enough fun with all the other boys’ piercings, don’t you think?” the sultry tone of your voice had an immediate effect on hoseok, his eyes closing slightly and his hips moving forward against yours, “damn right we will.”
“no sex until after the piercings yeah?” namjoon tried to reason, trying to hide his own arousal. 
“you won’t be able to use your dicks for months, hyung.” jimin giggled, bringing his hand to cover his mouth, cute, you thought.
“might as well get one good one in yeah?” no one could argue with that.
an hour or so later you and the boys were dressed in baggy clothing as you walked inside the tattoo parlor where you were getting your piercings done. 
“the dude is gonna be like, ‘what the fuck?’ when he sees those hickeys,” taehyung said while poking a hickey had a left on your neck.
“you’re the one who left it, dumbass.” you swatted his hand away and walked up to the front desk, “hello! the seven dwarfs and i are here to get some piercings.” you ignored the shouts of hey! coming from behind you and smiled at the lady at the front desk.
the receptionist had a huge smile on her face, “sure thing sweets, all seven of you?” you nodded and proceeded to have you and the boys fill out the rest of the paperwork she had given you.
“who’s first?” the lady asked stepping out from behind the counter, “xiao is busy in the back, so i’ll be doing your piercings today.” she pulled a glove over her hands after pulling out all the necessary bagged needles and disinfectant. 
you turned around to find the boys already deep into a game of rock paper scissors, “dumbasses,” you rolled your eyes, “i’ll go first.” 
nodding, the woman lightly patted the chair to which you sat down, a sheen of sweat starting to form on your brow from the sudden onset of anxiety you felt. she cleaned the area of your ear before pulling out a brand new needle, “b-boys!” you said a little louder than intended and they were at your side in a second.
yoongi grabbed your hand and pressed a kiss to your knuckles, “it’ll be over before you know it. it’s quick baby.” another pair of hands passed through your hair as you closed your eyes and took a deep breath.
“1... 2...” before saying three the lady had pressed the needle through your ear, pushing a tiny mewl from your throat. the process repeated again and your second helix was done. 
“fuck,” you swore when you got out of the seat, “which one of you assholes is next.” 
“me,” yoongi raised his hand, “i’ll go.”
“alright,” the woman said throwing away the supplies and grabbing the new stuff for yoongi’s piercing, “we’ll have to lie you down for this one. do you want your friends here?” she asked with a small smirk.
“nothing they haven’t seen before,” yoongi drawled while taking off his bottoms and getting comfortable on the couch. cleaning the area, the lady pulled out the needle again. 
“just go for it,” yoongi said, to which she did, immediately pushing the needle through the skin of his cock, a strangled hiss leaving his lips. 
you moved forward and smoothed the hair out of his face and kissed his nose, “all done babe.” involuntary tears left yoongi’s cheeks and you immediately wiped them away, “it’s all done.” the lady told yoongi to sit there for a few minutes before moving again. 
after that taehyung got his piercings, jin, jimin and namjoon had gotten more ear piercings and hoseok had gotten his nipples done, now it was time for the baby maknae to go. 
“i d-don’t know it i...” jungkook trailed off while wringing his fingers, looking incredibly nervous. 
a frown tugged at your lips as the anxiety radiated off of jungkook in waves. 
“oh baby,” you frowned and pulled him into a hug and whispered into his ear, “if you really don’t wanna do it baby you know your hyungs and i will never make you do it. but if you do, it’s quick baby i promise.” 
jungkook let out a sigh and nodded, “i’ll do it.” 
“such a good boy, kookie,” jin praised, “hyungs are so proud of you.” jungkook’s cheeks turned red for what seemed like the tenth time that day as he took a seat on the chair. 
“will you hold my hand?” jungkook asked in a low voice while grabbing the hem of your shirt with his fist. 
“of course i will, bunny,” you tangled your fingers together and beckoned hoseok forward, “hold his other hand.” hoseok smiled down at jungkook and took his hand in his, running his thumb over the younger’s knuckles. 
the lady once again went through cleaning procedure and brought the needle close to jungkook’s chest, “one... two...” and pushed the needle through, similar to what she had done to me. 
a yelp was heard throughout the room and jungkook’s face contorted into one of pain, unable to hold back his tears as a tiny sob left his mouth. 
“oh baby,” you cooed and kissed every inch of his skin as the worker finished her job. 
you keep your hand intertwined with jungkook’s as everything was finished and namjoon paid the bill. 
“can we get ice cream?” taehyung asked excitedly as the eight of you walked past an ice cream parlor on the way back to the house, “pleaseeee,” he begged. 
you know there was no point in trying to convince tae otherwise, so without a word you turned your course to the parlor across the street.
you walked up to the front window, immediately rattling off the boys’ practiced ice cream orders, we get ice cream too much, you thought in your head with a chuckle. 
jimin found a nice shaded area next to the parlor where the eight of you could sit and enjoy your frosted treat. some of the boys immediately flopping to the ground while yoongi and taehyung looked at you both with incredulous eyes.
“if you think i’m about to bend down to the fucking dirty ass ground after what i just had done, you’ve got another thing coming.” yoongi said while shoveling ice cream into his mouth. 
after what seemed like an hour or two later, you all were finally settled down in the living room, ice packs making their rounds through the room. 
“anyone need anything?” you asked as you stood up to go to the kitchen to grab some drinks. 
“a new dick,” taehyung groaned and hissed when he accidentally moved his leg a little too quickly. 
“but i like your dick,” jimin stated matter of factly, shrugging when jin slapped his shoulder at his dirty words, “yours isn’t that bad either, hyung.”
you shook your head, grabbing a drink for everyone and headed back into the living room. 
“come here,” namjoon said while grabbing your hips, making you plop down onto his lap.
“joonie!” you yelped while dropping two of the soda cans in your hand. namjoon merely shrugged and cuddled into your back, rubbing your waist softly with his thumbs. 
a hiss could be heard from behind you, “fuck gimme that.” yoongi practically tore the can from your hand and pressed it to the front of his pants.
your mouth dropped open in disgust, “yoongi! that was to drink! no one wants your dick all over their drink!” 
“well it’s mine now,” he settled back against the couch, finally feeling some relief from the burning of the piercing. 
unwrapping namjoon’s hands from your waist, you reached towards jin, “jinnie, come here, you’re the only normal one in this relationship.” 
jin chuckled and placed you in-between him and namjoon, to which you all resumed to watch the movie on the tv. 
without realizing, the noises from the tv and the slight bickering from around you lulled you to sleep, comfortable in the presence of your boys.  
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forgottenpasta · a year ago
Lifeline | 06
Summary: What happens when a witch curses seven vampires to share one fated mate between them? BTS x Reader, Vampire!au, Idol!au
Pairing: Ot7 x Reader
Genre: Angst, Fluff, Smut, Fantasy
Word count: 15.4k
Warning: mentions of sex work, mentions of murder, violence, blood, language.
Ch.1| Ch.2| Ch.3| Ch.4| Ch.5
A/n: Enjoy!
Tumblr media
“You’re getting me Beyoncé’s autograph or I’m going to kick you out of our apartment.”
Staring unseeingly at the blinking line of the cursor below the wall of coding you’d managed to do since morning, you half listened to Jisoo’s threats in your ear, wondering when you would heed your stomach’s grumbling and finally grab a bite. You had only had a cup of coffee and a muffin in the morning, stuffing the bready, crumbly goodness in your mouth while informing Jisoo about your imminent departure to America in a matter-of-fact tone, as if you were only going to go to the grocery store to pick up some eggs. 
If she only knew that I’m going as their grocery myself. Nothing like flying your food along with you.
You grinned at your lame attempt at diet humour. 
“You pillock, you’re not even listening to me!”
Wrinkling your nose, you focused back on Jisoo’s churlish voice. “What the fuck is a pillock, Jisoo? Have you been watching those overdramatic British cooking shows again?”
“I hear judgement in your voice, Y/n.”, Jisoo sniffed in offence. “And I do not care for it.”
Leaning back on your plush office chair, you chuckled with delight. “Why, pardon me madam, which old English lady are you trying to imitate right now?” 
“Shut up.”, Jisoo grumbled. “I know what you’re trying to do. I want that autograph. And I will only settle for Rihanna as a substitute. I’m going to exploit your lofty connections, now that you’re all chummy with world-famous celebrities.”
“Jisoo,”,you said her name at the tail end of a long-suffering sigh.“When I told you about the award show the boys will be attending, at what point did I say that I’ll be sitting at the VIP section, drinking champagne with the who’s who of Hollywood? I’ll probably be in an obscure cramped hotel room with another member of the staff, eating shitty room service while watching them on the tv like the rest of the world. And besides, I don’t think Beyoncé and Rihanna are even gonna be there.”
Jisoo was silent for about five seconds.
“Then what’s even the point? Flop.”
A soft knock on your office door distracted you. You looked up just as it swung open to reveal one by seven of the reasons you had difficulty breathing several times a day. 
“Jisoo, can I call you back?”, you mumbled distractedly before hanging up on Jisoo’s protesting voice. 
You were only human. You couldn’t multitask while Jimin was leaning against your office doorjamb looking like all your sins manifested. In a casual long sleeve t-shirt and sweatpants, his hair uncharacteristically swept off his forehead and delicate silver earrings dangling from his earlobes. 
A knowing grin graced his mouth as you blatantly checked him out, amusement dancing in his eyes. 
With a cough you straightened in your chair. “What’s up?”
Cringing, you inwardly smacked your forehead. What’s up? Really?
It didn’t seem to matter that in the three days since you’d come back to office, they all (barring one) made sure to see you in flesh at least once a day. Actually came up with all sorts of excuses to visit you, “run into” you, “accidentally” catch you while you were leaving the restroom, just “happen to be” in the cafeteria when you came down for lunch. That last one was Hoseok not even trying to be subtle. 
Your mind still half fried and scrambled itself trying to process all the attractiveness surrounding you.
“Your friend doesn’t ask too many questions, does she?” Jimin appraised your twitching form, thankfully ignoring your childish greeting. 
You frowned. “Were you eavesdropping?”
He shrugged one shoulder. “I don’t have to. I can tell you what Namjoon and Jin are talking about one floor above us.”
Of course he could. Sometimes they looked so approachable that you forgot they were not human and could probably break your neck with a snap of their fingers. 
“What are they talking about?” You pressed. 
He just smiled. 
Well, it was worth a try.
“Jisoo”, you answered his earlier question instead. “doesn’t ask too many questions because she trusts me and wants the best for me. She’s happy thinking Namjoon is so head over heels for me he’s willing to take me across the globe with him.”
“She’s not far off.” He pushed off the threshold, sauntering inside. 
“You’re kidding right? If Namjoon had his way this curse would be broken and he’d be in Gina’s arms while my dead body floats face down in the Han river.” 
Laughing at your morbid imagination, you paid no mind to the way he effortlessly swung up one of the chairs in front of your desk and placed it beside your own, plopping down on it heavily. He eyed the coding on your monitor curiously as you turned to face him. 
Absentmindedly, you concluded that his side profile must have been sculpted by the gods. 
“Don’t exaggerate, Y/n.” An elbow on the armrest, he cupped his face in one palm, giving you his best impression of a cherub. No innocence about him though. “Besides I wasn’t talking about Namjoon.”
There goes your poor heart, fluttering in your chest like a hummingbird on steroids. 
Scratching the back of your neck, you chuckled nervously. Was he flirting with you? How did you reply to that? You were woefully inept at this. 
“It’s so surprising,” he tilted his head, gazing at you thoughtfully. “That you have no qualms kissing Jeongguk like that in front of us, but you’re blushing at the mere mention of me falling for you.”
Did he have to put it like that? And was he really falling for you? You doubted that. He was really glib with his words. And you were awkward yes, but not a fool. 
“That you have no problem letting Taehyung—”
“Jimin.”, you cut him off, not ready to go down that line of questioning yet. You were not sure of the answers yourself. Instead you turned the tables on him. “If I ask you something, will you answer honestly?”
The change of subject didn’t go unnoticed by him. He smirked at you sideways, but let it go. “Depends on what you ask, love.”
If he wanted to throw you off by using that endearment, he was…succeeding. 
You cleared your throat. “You still haven’t told me why you call me that, but that’s something for another day. Tell me,” you leaned forward into his personal space. Two could play at this game. “Why don’t you have your share of reservations about me? Just like the others.”
“What do you mean?” His eyes flickered to your lips for a second and you wondered if you weren’t a fool for trying intimidation tactics on a vampire. He wasn’t in the least bit intimidated. 
“I mean,” you try to lean back but Jimin’s hand on your elbow stopped you. You swallowed harshly, but continue on. Curiosity about the only member who’d always been kind, considerate and accepting of you burned. Now you had your chance. “You don’t seem to be taking this curse like a curse at all. Don’t you want a mate of your own? Like Namjoon. Not one that you have to share with six other vampires?”
For a few seconds Jimin gave you a blank stare. Then he let go of your elbow abruptly. You almost toppled into him but manage to catch yourself at the last second. He didn’t meet your eyes when he replied, “Does it matter?”
Classic evasion. You couldn’t count how many times you’d used the same phrase when you didn’t want to answer something. 
“It matters to me.” You told him softly, this time reaching your hand out to place it on his arm. He eyed it sceptically. “I’d like to know.”
He scoffed, the bitter smile on his lips surprising you. “No, Y/n, you really won’t. You think I’m some angel who has your best interests at heart. Well, truthfully I don’t want to disavow you of that notion. It works in my favour.”
Whatever you’d expected to come out of his mouth, it wasn’t that. What was he suggesting? How did you believing he was a good person work in his favour?
“What do you mean?”, you echoed his earlier words.
“It means,” he mimicked you, but instead of just invading your personal space, his hands circled your knees and spread your legs apart, pulling you to the edge of your chair with a quick jerk. With a shocked yelp, you clutched his shoulders for balance, your eyes widening as he wedged his firm thighs in between your splayed legs. “That you’re incredibly naïve and I like it.”
The skirt you were wearing was bunched up at your hips now, you tried pulling it down in order to not flash Jimin your plain white cotton panties but he didn’t let you move. You huffed in irritation. “Is there a reason why you have me in this position right now? And I’m not naïve.”
He ignored your add on, gently caressing the back of your thighs. “Just keeping you in place so you don’t run away screaming.”
Restraining a full body shiver at the deft stroke of his hands on your bare skin, you gulped. Where was he going with this? “Why would I do that?”
Jimin smiled, his fond gaze on you didn’t fill you with warmth like it usually did. When he spoke it was with a chilling intensity that set all your alarms blaring. 
“I don’t see you as a curse, because you’re not, Y/n. Not for me. You’re the sign I had been waiting for, for so long. A reward really. For everything I’ve been through. You were owed to me.”
A shuddering exhale left you. One at a time.
“What have you been through?”, you whispered.
A glassy glaze took over his eyes, as if your question transported him somewhere else. “Do you remember the Haeundae serial murders?”
“Um vaguely.” You frowned, thoughts a mixture of confusion and apprehension. “I wasn’t even in middle school then. Several escorts from one of Busan’s red light districts were found with their throats slit. They bled to death. Right?”
“Wrong.” Jimin’s grip tightened on your thigh, his gaze vacant. “They were bitten and drained. Slitting their throat was an attempt at cover up. A very sloppy one at that.”
Your heart skipped a beat. “H-how—”
“My mother was likely an escort. I wouldn’t know, I never met her. She left me, a squealing newly born baby, in an open drain pipe in Haeundae.” He laughed, the sound broken and manic. “Infanticide by drowning in fucking gutter water.” 
Goosebumps broke out on every inch of your bare skin. Not because of all he was telling you, but because the pain in his eyes felt too much, too real, too soon. It took you several, agonisingly long seconds to find your voice. Still it came out barely audible. “You’re not dead.”
“No, I’m not.” Dare you say there was pride in his voice. “I’m a natural born vampire. That’s the only good thing the sperm donor passed on to me. We’re fucking resilient, even as newborns.”
“Your father was a vampire?”
He nodded stiffly. “My mother couldn’t have been. Vampires aren’t prone to sex work.” He sneered, a dangerous glint in his eyes. “Biohazard and all.”
Lest they kill their partners in the throes of passion.
 You shivered. He wasn’t saying as much but you could read in between the lines. And the picture that was painting itself in your head was inhuman. Did his father force himself on his mother? Giving her a ‘monster’ baby who she abandoned? You didn’t have the gall to prod him but you didn’t have to. The torment on Jimin’s face told you all you needed to know.
Does he feel guilty on behalf of his father? Even though his mother left him to die.
“How did you survive?”
At your timid question he looked at you, really looked at you for the first time since he’d started going down the black hole of his family history. Or lack of one.
As if impulsively, Jimin’s hands on your legs smoothed to your upper thighs, almost underneath your skirt. He observed your every twitch and shuffle with interest, making you squirm even more. 
“A deer shifter who also worked the nights in the same area found me. She took me in. My earliest memories are of her standing in the kitchen of her tiny, dinghy apartment. She couldn’t afford better even working night after night, selling herself to all and sundry. In those memories, she’s severing the carotid artery of a chicken before draining its blood in a glass for me.”
“She took care of you.”, you breathed, searching for some warmth, some fondness in his eyes for this unnamed person. You found none. 
“She was afraid of me.” He gritted his teeth, a muscle jumping in his jaw. “I can barely remember any conversations we had. Fuck, I don’t even remember her name. Maybe she never told me. Can’t blame her, really. She was housing a predator in her sorry excuse of a fucking house and she damn well knew she was prey.”
“As soon as I turned eight she packed up her bags and vanished, leaving me to come home to an empty apartment. I remember being so confused and scared, I thought something had happened to her. I was ready to go out and knock down the doors of every pimp in the city who may have harmed her.” 
Your hands clasped together behind his nape as his voice broke at the last word. There were no tears in his eyes but you knew he must be holding them back with herculean effort, not wanting you to see him cry. You wanted to tell him that it was okay, he could cry, sob, break down in front of you.
He has gone through so much. 
Jimin closed his eyes on a stuttered exhale. “Guess she thought I was old enough to fend for myself.”
Heart breaking at his pain, you slid your palm to cup his cheek gently. He turned his face, nuzzling closer, a hand left your thighs to circle your wrist instead, keeping it in place as he inhaled sharply, scenting the blood rushing beneath your skin. 
Not knowing what to say to console him, you let him do as he pleased, shivering when he placed an open mouthed kiss on your pulse, his teeth barely grazing your skin.
His next words shot a chill down your spine, making you go rigid with fear.
“So I fended for myself. I half drank those whores and slit their throat to let them bleed out, covering it up as senseless murder.”
“Y-you killed them?”
He placed another kiss on your wrist, rubbing soothing circles on your skin with his thumb. You were anything but soothed, you were downright terrified and shocked. Maybe you were naïve, when he’d asked about the murders you’d thought he lost someone dear to him because of them.
Maybe he did.
“Did you k-kill the deer shifter too?”
He didn’t hear your timid question, or if he did he ignored it. Eyes still closed, his hoarse voice belied a deep seated agony he kept under lock and key everyday. “I was a child. I didn’t know what I was doing, I had nothing. Just that cloying ever present hunger for revenge, for something. The need to belong somewhere, have someone. The thirst for blood was nothing compared to the thirst to lash out. Take what should have been mine from the beginning.”
A tear escaped the corner of your eyes, and you pursed your lips to restrain more from following after it. “We-were you hoping,” you paused to swallow harshly “that your m-mother was amongst those you killed?”
He opened his eyes at that, staring into space without really looking. Again he didn’t answer you. You sensed he was far away, reminiscing painful memories. 
“The ones the police found were only the beginning. I got better at it, choosing my targets carefully.”, he chuckled wearily, his breath hot against your palm. “You couldn’t begin to imagine how many lonely, destitute prostitutes roam the Busan streets. Ones nobody gives a fuck about when they go missing.”
Everything had turned upside down. Yet again. Whenever you thought you had begun to understand these otherworldly men posing as beloved artists, they went and messed up your perspective of not just them, but your entire world.
Jimin was a cold blooded killer. Yet he was loved by millions.
In the clusterfuck of your multifarious emotions, one stood out. You still felt sympathy for the poor eight year old boy whose mother left him to die as a new born, whose guardian abandoned him, who no doubt had no clue why he was what he was…essentially a monster. 
It terrified you, this compassion. He’d just confessed to murdering innocent people.
But he was a child. 
Pulling your hand from his grip, you interlaced your fingers in your lap, voice curt when you asked, “W-when did you stop?”
Gritting your teeth at the stutter, you tried again. “Why did you stop?”
Jimin ran his tongue against the inside of his cheek. Seemingly back to the present again, he studied your reactions closely. You tried to maintain a poker face, but you knew you failed when his eyes fell to your trembling hands. 
“You’re afraid of me.” He declared it as fact. A small, cynical smile appeared on his face. “Well, at least you didn’t run away screaming like I thought you would.”
“I still might.”
Jimin reached up to wipe your cheek. You flinched in reflex. His eyes hardened as he pulled his hand away. 
“BangPD found me hunkering beside an alleyway dumpster when I was 13.” Sighing, he looked away from you. Suddenly he seemed tired of it all. Maybe he thought he’d revealed too much. He still continued on. “I’d just recently finished a kill, there was blood on my ratty clothes, on my mouth.”
“He took you in?”, you guessed.
“He knew what I was.” Jimin nodded, then smiled. A genuine smile this time. “Because he knew others like me too. He introduced me to the boys. Namjoon, Jin, Yoongi, Taehyung, Hoseok and Jeongguk. I was the last to join them.”
The torment that was there in his eyes moments earlier, disappeared, and you knew Jimin had found his place in the world when he came here, when he met the others. His next words told you as much. 
“For the first time I felt like I belonged.” Jimin leaned back, running a hand through his thick hair, letting it fall over his forehead. “For the first time I wasn’t alone anymore, wasn’t scared of what I was. The guys taught me everything I know, they made me everything I am right now. They felt like home.”
Meeting your eyes, he corrected himself. “They feel like home.”
Things were starting to click into place. And the more they did, the more you realised how wrong you were. “And you don’t want to lose that feeling. Ever.”
He nodded, raising an eyebrow. “You see? I would do anything for them.”
You were so far off. He wasn’t accepting of you because he somehow fell for you in the short time you’d known each other, you weren’t a special snowflake he couldn’t bear to live without. 
No, this was just pure self preservation and self regard. He was just looking out for himself.
If it wasn’t clear enough, he spelt it out with you. “ I don’t ever want to lose this feeling, Y/n, and as long as you’re in our life I won’t have to. To answer your earlier question, I am more than fine with sharing you.” he laughed, shaking his head. “Ecstatic even. I would gladly forego having a mate of my own if it meant staying with the boys forever.”
So, he doesn’t feel anything for me?
Inwardly, you rolled your eyes. Why did it even matter? You didn’t feel anything for them either. They were just a very immoral, a-burden-on-your-conscience stepping stone to success. 
He is using me, I’m using them. Even Steven.
That would have been true, except for the butterflies in your stomach every time they were near, the wetness between your legs every time one of them touched you and the sheer space they had begun to occupy in your thoughts. 
And for that reason Jimin’s reasoning for wanting you stung even more. 
“Y/n?” Jimin’s soft voice made you straighten up and look at him. For a moment, the angelic beauty of his face be-spelled you. He looked so innocent, so harmless. One would think he wouldn’t even hurt a fly. 
I wonder how he looks when he’s in a rage, desperate enough to kill without a second thought.
“Are you okay?” Jimin glanced at where you were wringing your hands in your lap. 
“Yeah.”, you said, a little too quickly. Cracking your knuckles, a nasty habit you’d picked up from constantly typing on the computer, you purposefully stared at your monitor where a montage of you and Jisoo in Jeju was playing as screensaver. “ thought maybe I should get back to work.”
Jimin chuckled, shifting back to free your trapped legs. “Alright. I know a dismissal when I hear one.” 
You peered up at him as he stood up, feeling a bit intimidated when he met your eyes. 
“For what it’s worth,” he bent over to whisper in your ear and you shivered “you feel like home too, love.”
Then he kissed your cheek. 
You scowled as he left your office.
Why the fuck did he have to do that?
Minjun scratched his head, hesitation clear on his face. He clearly didn’t want to be having this conversation with you. 
“You’ve made good progress, Y/n, and I like where you’re going with this, but you won’t be here for the next few days since you’re ahem—”, he cleared his throat awkwardly and you restrained a resigned sigh. He improvised, “Since you’ll be um assisting Bangtan the next few days.”
How pg-13. 
“Should I assign someone else to takeover for the time being? Till you’re back to resume your work.”
“I don’t think there’s need for that.” You gave him a smile, hoping it looked sincere enough. “I can work on the trip. Gotta do something on those 11 hour flights, you know.”
“Y-yeah.” He didn’t meet your eyes. Was he actually intimidated by you? He had never been before, regarding you with casual indifference like he did most other employees under him. “If you’re sure. I wouldn’t want you to be swamped by work when you have other things occupying you.”
Holy fuck. He was intimidated by you. Your eyes almost bugged out of your head. What did he think? That you’d tell the boys to fire him if he made one wrong move?
Mistaking your expression for something else, he hastened to clarify. “I-I meant, I didn’t mean—”
Before you could stop his train wreck self, someone else did. A light knock on the door had him shutting up immediately. You both turned as the door opened. 
A pretty blonde stuck her head in, a smile lighting up her face as she spotted you. 
You frowned. Did you know her?
“Jinhee.” Minjun was similarly confused. “What are you doing here?”
The woman named Jinhee stepped in, and you distractedly noted that she was a ten on the attractiveness scale. The simple figure hugging plaid dress and heels she had on made her look simultaneously formal and smoking hot. A look that screamed that she dressed for both the office and the after hours. You were immediately envious of her dressing sense, especially considering that most days only sheer will power prevented you from rolling up to the Bighit building in pyjamas and stained t shirts.
She gave you a subtle once over, as if gauging exactly what was going through your mind. “I’m here to take Y/n-ssi with me, she’s needed somewhere else.”
Minjun nodded immediately, as if you were a highly distinguished individual and he’d taken too much time out of your busy schedule. “Of course, of course.”
Getting up you collected all of your stuff, not wasting a second to hightail it out of the room. You wanted to thank the pretty blonde for saving you as she immediately fell in step with you. 
“Where are we going? Did Sungmin want to see me?”, you asked instead, glancing at her briefly. 
She was silent for long seconds, almost making you think she wasn’t going to answer, before she flashed a smirk your way. “No, Min Yoongi does.”
Suspicion arose quickly. “Yoongi?” You raised your brows at her. “Are you sure?”
“Yeah, why?”, she asked, wide-eyed. “Aren’t you close with all of the boys? You sound surprised.”
Your hackles rose immediately. The way she’d emphasised the word ‘all’ didn’t go unnoticed by you either. 
Narrowing your eyes, you gave her a warning look. “Why are you asking me this? Who are you, by the way?”
“Oh I’m sorry, I forgot to introduce myself.”, she gave you a sheepish smile, but you saw right through her faux pleasant demeanour. “I’m Park Jinhee. I’m a stylist with the costume department. In particular, I arrange the boys’ stage looks.”
You gaped at her, impressed. No wonder she had impeccable dressing sense, and to think she came up with all those drool worthy, panty melting outfits the boys rocked on stage? Whew. 
Will she mind if I ask for her autograph?
“Also, I’m Taehyung’s fuck buddy.”
Will she mind if I punch her in the face?
“W-what?”, you stuttered in shock, shaking your head. 
Jinhee tossed all semblances of politeness out the window. “You heard me, Y/n. Me and Taehyung fuck. Occasionally. To be honest, I want to do more than just fuck him but he’s never been the romantically inclined one. That’s more Jimin’s style.”
A muscle jumped in your jaw as you grit your teeth. The way she spoke so casually, so intimately about them had you on edge. If she only knew what Jimin’s style actually was. 
Romantic? If you’re into serial killers…
Morbidity aside, you quickly composed a poker face, though your insides teemed with unexpected turmoil. “What am I supposed to do with this information? I’m sorry to break it to you but I’m not the best at relationship advice.”
“Oh but you are.”, she exclaimed, turning to you with a saccharine sweet smile. “You managed to snag six of the seven most coveted men in this country, heck dare I say, in the world. You Michael Phelpsed in the relationship department, Y/n.”
Arriving at the elevators, Jinhee quickly pressed the button and as if she read your mind again, went on to clarify, “But you didn’t get the hottest among them, am I right? I have never seen Taehyung around that cute little office you got along with that impressive promotion. All of the others pay frequent visits though, do they not?” 
The chilling look from you just made her snicker in delight. In just one breath she had made sure you knew that the entire building was aware how you’d gotten your position, as well as implied you were fucking six of them quite openly. 
“Jinhee.”, you spoke calmly, even though on the inside you were anything but. “I would shut up if I were you.”
“Why? Did I lie?” The elevator doors opened and she clutched your elbow, all but dragging you inside with her. Swiping her card, she pressed for the floor where their personal studios were. “Or did I struck a nerve? Don’t worry, I would do the same if I were you. We all gotta hustle somehow. If you think I’m judging you, I’m not.”
“What makes you think I care about your opinion?” You brushed off her hand from your arm and looked down your nose at her. “I’m not interested in having this conversation with you, Jinhee.”
Suddenly, all cheeriness vanished from her face, the seriousness in her eyes startling you. “But I am. Interested in Taehyung that is. I don’t give a single fuck about you sleeping with the others. However, if you so much as breathe near Taehyung, the consequences won’t be good for you.”
There it was. She had finally come to the point, you were wondering when the threats would pour out, since her infatuation with Taehyung wasn’t well masked. If she only knew that you’d already done much more than breathe the same air, that he’d has his tongue down your throat and his fingers inside you not too long ago. 
You pushed up the collar around your neck, suddenly conscious of the place where he’d sunk his fangs. Pursing your lips, you gave her a long hard contemplative stare, then you sighed.
“Have you told Taehyung how you feel about him? Maybe you should do that, instead of warning others off him.”
From the surprise on her face, that clearly wasn’t what she’d expected you to say. She shook her head. “He’s not the type to take confessions seriously. He would just laugh at me.”
Probably true. “Try it anyway.”
You knew the only reason you were encouraging her to open up to Taehyung was because you knew he didn’t feel the same way. He couldn’t. You were his mate, no matter how much he wanted to deny the fact. And the one thing you were coming to know from all the time you’d spent with the boys, was that they were not attracted to anyone else the way they were to you. At least, not anymore.
Ever since that day at the office, Taehyung had been avoiding you like the plague. You weren’t going out of your way to cross paths with him either, mostly because you were mortified at what you’d allowed to let happen that day. But Taehyung’s reason for not facing you were much deeper than that. You suspected he loathed the changes being mated had brought with it. 
Slyly, you glanced at Jinhee sideways. “You said you were fuck buddies. I’m sure you two have been going at it like rabbits ever since he returned.”
Her cheeks coloured at that, and knowing how cavalier she had been just moments before, you guessed it wasn’t because of shyness. “He hasn’t-he’s been busy. I guess.” She cleared her throat, darting her eyes everywhere but at you. “Their comeback is around the corner.”
The elevator dinged open and you both strode down the hallway, Jinhee fidgeting beside you. Oh, how the tables have turned.
“Really?”, you pretended surprise. “Then I’m sure he needs to relieve some stress. Why don’t you help him?”
“I told you he’s been busy.” She glared at you, clearly directing some pent up frustration at the wrong person. “It’s not like I haven’t tried. He keeps turning me down without so much as a glance my way. Clearly he got more than enough stress relief at wherever he’d fucked off to when he was gone.”
Yoongi’s studio came in sight and you slowed down to give Jinhee a sympathetic pout. 
“So much for being fuck buddies.”
“You bitch.” Jinhee seethed. You ignored her, knocking at Yoongi’s door instead. “You better heed my warning and stay away from him or—”
Rolling your eyes, you cut her off, knocking again. “Or the consequences won’t be good for me. Yeah, yeah. Whatever, Jinhee, goodbye.”
“Why you little—”
“What the fuck is going on here?”, Yoongi’s grumpy voice yelled as he pulled open the studio’s door the tiniest bit. Through the sliver of the crack, he peered down at you with a scowl, the headphones perched on his head a little askew, his newly dyed blonde hair sticking in all directions. He looked scary and adorable at the same time.
Biting your lip, you tilted your head to meet his eyes. “You wanted to see me?”
The scowl deepened, if that was possible. “No, I didn’t.”
You snapped your head towards Jinhee at that, who was walking backwards to the elevator again, facing you with a cheerfully bitchy grin on her face. You should’ve known Yoongi wouldn’t invite anybody to his personal studio. 
Abruptly, he grabbed your arm and pulled you in. “But since you’re here anyway, I can make use of you.” 
The last thing you saw before the door slammed shut was Jinhee’s grin vanishing. 
“This feels like a prank.”, you breathed, gazing around at Yoongi’s cozy work space like you were in the inner sanctum of Satan’s abode. 
Yoongi looked offended. “Do I look like a pre-pubescent kid to you?”
You grinned. 
“No, don’t answer that.” He held up a finger, waving it at your face indignantly. “And wipe that stupid grin off your face or I’ll throw you out.”
“Such harsh threats.”
“Remind me why I invited you in here again?”
“You didn’t invite, you manhandled me in like a caveman.”
“Right.” Yoongi adjusted the headphones, positioning them so only one side covered his ear, then he pointed at the small sectional placed sideways along the length of the small room. “Sit down, Y/n, and make yourself as invisible as possible. I don’t want it to feel like I actually have another person present in here with me.”
Blinking at his absurdity, you absentmindedly took a seat, regarding him owlishly. “You pulled me in here to be decoration?”
“No, that implies you’re aesthetically pleasing.”
Yoongi held up his hands, leaning against the opposite shelf full of random figurines and trophies. “I’m in a stump, okay. I just need some inspiration.”
“Why are you in a stump?” Pulling back into the comfy back cushion, you rested an arm along the backrest, practically melting into his sofa before eyeing him up and down. For all intents and purposes it looked like you were an evil moustache-twirling movie villain checking out the innocent, shy virgin. 
A hot, sinful, non-virgin who’s glaring at me like I ran over his puppy.
You straightened up with a cough. “I mean, your new album’s already done, right?”
He raised a haughty brow. “So? What has that got to do with anything? I don’t make music because I want to cram it into albums and assembly line them out just to make a quick buck.”
You were pretty sure he was making more than just a “quick buck” from all his royalties.
“No. I meant that you already have so much on your plate, right?”, you improvised, that was totally not what you’d meant. “You have to memorise the new songs, choreography and I know you guys have been practicing and shooting day in and day out. You can put off composing for a bit.”
Yoongi smirked, and you swear you saw a hint of pity in his eyes, making you scowl. 
“Oh, you mortal. The trifling restrictions of fatigue and overwork are so human. Vampires are above such waste of time.”
You ran your tongue along the inside of your cheek, a habit you’d picked up from Jeongguk. Did you really think Yoongi was going to appreciate your show of care?
“Well, then. Let’s hear it.” You waved your hand in a “get on with it” motion.
“Your new music. Maybe a second opinion on it will help.”
“Yeah, no thanks.”, he deadpanned. 
Your middle finger itched to salute him.
“This feels strangely symbolic.”, you huffed, crossing your arms across your chest. Yoongi’s eyes briefly dipped to your breasts but they were back on your face before you could call him out. “You don’t actually need me but I’m here anyway. I’m going to be accompanying you guys across the world, wasting my precious time and company money, just to sit prettily on a couch somewhere in a hotel room, just like I’m doing right now. I feel useless.”
“Keeping us fed isn’t being useful enough for you?”
You could tell Yoongi regretted his words as soon as they came out of his mouth. 
His slight cringe at his demeaning rhetorical question was masked by his usual stoic expression in just a few seconds, but you didn’t do anything to mask your hurt, flinching as if he’d slapped you. 
Standing up, you rushed towards the door. There was only so much verbal sparring with Yoongi you were equipped to endure. 
When you pulled the doorknob the door didn’t budge. Checking to make sure the it was unlocked, you pulled again. No luck.
“I didn’t mean that.” Yoongi’s soft whisper came from directly behind you. You glanced up to see his hand on the smooth wooden surface, a flat palm keeping the door firmly shut. You hadn’t even heard him move.
“That’s a weird way of apologising.” You futilely pulled on the knob again. It’s like it was suddenly made of reinforced steel. “Let fucking go.”
Yoongi chuckled huskily, his breath tickling the hair at the nape of your neck. You shivered, all too aware of his close proximity. 
“If I let go and you pull at the same time, you’re gonna get a face full of wood. Unless you want a few teeth removed, I suggest stepping back.”
Huffing in annoyance, you spun to face him, your back pressed to the door as he crowded you against it. “Unless you want to get socked in the jaw, I suggest apologising. Right now.”
Try as he might he couldn’t suppress the amused grin that took over his face. The fucker was laughing at you. The audacity.
“I’m warning you, Yoongi, I’m gonna wipe that shit-eating grin off your face with my fist.” You stomped your foot. 
His smile just widened, he was looking down at you as if you were circus amusement. “I’d like to see you try, baby.”
Fuck, fuck, fuck. Not that word. 
 “Don’t “baby” me. You haven’t earned it and it’s not gonna work.”
“Hmm.”, he hummed, leaning closer with a contemplative look. His other hand came up to join the first in trapping you against the exit. “How do I earn it?”
Two could play at this game. 
Circling your hand around his waist, you pulled him closer, catching him off guard. His eyes widened in shock. You smiled evilly. “Say “I’m sorry I’m such a douchebag, Y/n. I took my perma-bitchy attitude a little too far and I’m ashamed at my asshole-ish behaviour. Committed to repenting, I will reflect on my actions in order to not repeat them in the future.”” 
He raised an eyebrow, not fazed at all. “Did you just call me a douchebag, a bitch and an asshole all in one breath?”
“Yes. Now say it or you don’t get to call me baby. Ever.”
Letting out an agonized sigh, as if pained, he lamented, “You drive a hard bargain, Y/n.” The sudden sincerity in his eyes made you go still. “How about I apologise and tell you exactly how wrong you are. You’re the opposite of useless. You’re practically the most important person in our lives. And not just because of the obvious reasons.”
Tilting your head, you eyed him cautiously. Your noses were almost touching and at your wary expression he wrinkled his to bump against yours, startling you. If you weren’t mad at him you would have cooed at his cute antics. 
“I’m listening.”, you said at length. 
“I’m not a sappy guy unless I’m writing songs, Y/n—”
“I can tell.”
“—so I’m only gonna say this once.” He frowned.  “Also, don’t interrupt me, got it ?”
He was expecting a response, so you rolled your eyes. “Yes, your highness.”
Brushing a few tendrils of hair off the side of your face, he softly cupped your left cheek. You couldn’t look away from his piercing gaze. “Metaphors are the only way I can describe what you are to us, Y/n. As immortals our instincts are primal things to us, as fundamental and true as the universe itself. A universe where you’re the sun and we revolve around you. Our centre and our light. We want you with us, everywhere we go, because like a pair of magnets we seek you out involuntarily, to complete us. Can’t you tell? Certainly you’re not oblivious to how one of us is always buzzing around your office like an overeager bee around a flower?”
Did he just call you a sun, a flower and a… magnet, all in one breath? No wonder he was making millions off of his writing alone. 
You evaded his eyes, blushing hard. “That-that’s not true. Taehyung’s not like that.”, you hedged, going with the easiest anomaly to his explanation, although there were many more. 
Yoongi sighed, hooking his finger under your chin to push your face up, eyes meeting his. The levity there was startling. “He’s always been stubborn as fuck and too used to getting what he wants. Both him and Jeongguk have always been the spoiled ones. But where Jeongguk has grown out of that phase, Taehyung will deny his own compulsions till the end of time if it meant he could continue being a tenacious asshole.”
“His own compulsions?” Were you purposefully fishing for flattery?
Yoongi obliged you with a chuckle, a mischievous glint in his eyes. He looked playful, a rare sight. “If you’re the sun, he’s Pluto. The outlier who wants to pretend he’s not with the rest of us, but still circling around you.”
You burst out laughing. “Yoongi, your metaphors are cheesy.”
He grinned at your mirth. “Get this.”, he paused. “If you’re a magnet, he’s steel. Trying so hard not to be attracted to you, but failing miserably.” 
“Stop!” Yoour cheeks hurting from trying to contain the giggles. “That was straight up embarrassing! And not even scientifically accurate.”
He shrugged, snickering himself. “If my humour’s so embarrassing, why are you dying laughing.” 
“I’m not.”
“Okay, then here’s another one.” You braced yourself as he pulled you impossibly closer. “He’s Kim Jong-Un and you’re a Kpop concert, he wants to bop along so bad but ca—”
“Fuck.” You slapped a hand over his mouth, cracking up again. “No, you’re not going there.” 
He let you shut him up, his eyes almost disappearing into crescents above your hand as he watched you try to ease your hysterics. Suddenly he perks up, pulling you away from the door towards his computer.
“What?”, you breathed, still huffing out tiny giggles.
“I need you.”
At his blunt words, your heart clenched in your chest. But he just pushed you down in his chair, reaching for his mic and positioning it before you. He stood behind you, towering over your form as he pulled up an application on the screen.
“I need to record your laugh. For research purposes.”, he informed, clicking away at his keyboard. 
He was giving you heart palpitations. 
“For research purposes?”, you repeated dryly. 
“Yeah. Did I stutter?” A few mouse clicks and he’s pushing the mic right up against your face with an expectant look. 
You gave him owlish eyes. “You want me to fake a laugh?”
“Fake? Fuck no. Laugh like you were just now.”
“You were making me! With those terrible metaphors.”
He opened his mouth but you cut him off.
“No! Not anymore, please!”
He gave you a shit eating grin. “You leave me no choice then.”
You seized up. “Wha—”
You were so focused at the devil above you, you didn’t even notice his stealthy hands reach for your ribs around the sides of the chair. A swift movement, and his fingers were under your shirt, brushing against your bare skin. 
“NO!”, you howled, immediately cracking up. You were so goddamn ticklish, and he couldn’t have known, but he just discovered another one of your human weaknesses to exploit. 
“Yoongi! Stop, damn it, you stupid motherf—” At that he doubled up, peering at your upturned, red face below him as he sought your stomach. Trying to push his hands away didn’t work, he was too strong, so you reached up to slap that smug, evil grin from his face. 
“You sound like a goat, but I guess I can work with it.” 
Lies. He was enjoying this a little too much. Way too much. The feeling of your skin beneath his fingertips felt like heaven, your laughter music. He didn’t want to stop touching you, he wanted to explore. And elicit a much different reaction. He wondered if you’d let him record your moans too?
When his wrist accidentally brushed your bra, he knew he had to stop. His dick was twitching in his pants, threatening to salute you and expose his insouciance for what it was, a facade. He pulled away, finally letting you breathe.  
Bracing yourself against his desk, you caught your breath, thoroughly winded. “I’m going to kill you, Min Yoongi.” 
He patted your head patronisingly. “Okay, baby, I’ll be waiting. Right now, scram. I gotta get back to work.”
“Huh?” Your scrambled brain took a second to catch up while Yoongi rolled his chair away from the computer, grasping your shoulders and effectively pushing you out of it before occupying your vacated seat smoothly. Snatching a pillow from the couch, he put it in his lap, rolling back to face the computer and away from you. 
You stood there, a little lost. One second you were in the chair, the other out of it.
“Close the door on your way out.”
The keyboard and mouse clicking resumed, punctuating your dismissal. 
This mercurial, frustrating, sexy-as-fuck vampire!
With a huff, you strode towards the door. “Hope you fuck up all your demos, Min Yoongi.”
His amused laugh followed you out. 
Two weeks later and its time for your first trip around the world as food for seven vampires. You were never going to let up on this joke, even if it was only for self-entertainment. After the Tickle-gate with Yoongi, the boys appearance around your office had become a little scarce due to their comeback approaching. For the last four days, you hadn’t even seen them. The day of the release had been yesterday and after a brief comeback showcase, they were flying off to America today. No music shows, no additional interviews. Their domestic promotions had certainly dwindled down ever since they reached global stardom. But their Korean fandom was as loyal as ever, considering they were already topping all domestic charts there were.
Would they still be loyal if they found out about me?
Not likely. 
Which was why you were sure you were flying the 12 hour flight from Incheon to LAX in economy with the other staff. You looked forward to the full body cramp that was going to accompany your movie marathon. You had decided you were going to watch every vampire themed movie that was available, yes, even Twilight. The occasion demanded it. 
A quick hug goodbye to Jisoo, with another promise of A-lister autographs you didn’t intend on keeping, and you were off. Time to meet the co-ordis who knew their secret. Especially Seulgi the vampire, who Jeongguk had given head to. 
Your mood sky-dived. Suddenly, you wanted to turn tail and cuddle with Jisoo in your bed again. 
Ryowook’s smiling face greeted you as soon as you stepped outside your apartment. 
“What are you doing here?”, you asked, surprised to see the chauffeur. 
“My day job, ma’am.” He opened the back door of the company Mercedes. “I have orders to take you to the airport.”
“Why wasn’t I told about this?” You slipped inside nonetheless. “And I could have just travelled with the other staff, this is waste of fuel and your time Ryowook-ssi.”
He smiled that patient smile of his, the one that told you were being ridiculous without a word out of his mouth. 
You sighed. “Am I going to meet them at check-in?”
Another serene smile. “Certainly.”
You gave up, relaxing back into the expensive leather to watch the city zoom past. 
A short drive and he was dropping you at Terminal 1. One of Bighit’s on-call bodyguards met you there, taking your bag and signalling you to follow him without a word. You did so, a little weirded out now. Why couldn’t they just have you travel with the staff? What was up with the whole passing you along like a relay race baton situation?
In a confused daze, you hurriedly followed the buff man as he bypassed the Terminal 1 entry gate, instead leading you along the side of the huge building and towards a smaller entrance manned by airport police clad in black and bearing assault rifles. 
The signboard above read FBO in large bold letters. 
“What’s an FBO?”, you asked the bodyguard, quickening your pace to catch up to him as he entered after showing his ID. They let you in after a brief look at your passport. 
“Fixed Base Operator. The airport gives this terminal to all private jet companies operating here.”
Your feet tripped over nothing. “What?”
The man was already handing over your bag to a handsome man in a steward’s uniform, who quickly ran it through a scanner. 
“Can I have your handbag too, ma’am?”, the young flight attendant blinded you with a too white smile. 
You wordlessly handed it over, feeling as if you were in a twilight zone. 
In less than ten seconds, you were off again. This time the flight attendant carried your bags for you as he led you and the bodyguard out the exit and onto the tarmac. In the near distance you could see the large commercial airliners taking off, some of them  flying directly overhead. To your right were hangars, much smaller planes parked inside or out on the ramp. 
Ahead of you stood a dark blue private jet the size of a large bus. The front cockpit part was long, the nose cone almost one fourth the size of the whole plane. It’s empennage was painted a bright gold and a golden stripe ran along its fuselage. It looked like it was made for royalty. 
The air was heavy with jet exhaust fumes, but the atmosphere felt different than your regular plane boardings. No body checks, no lines, no waiting times, no airbridges and no snooty economy flight attendants that frowned when you asked for water. 
The two men let you ascend the stairs built into the clamshell-style door first. Still quite not being able to process reality, you airily boarded the small plane, jaw hitting the floor with your first step in. 
You thought it’d be cramped, the plane was pretty compact after all. 
It was not. 
Two plush leather recliner chairs, that looked like you could melt on them, were spaced evenly on one side. Four more faced each other in pairs of two, with a polished table in between, on another. Dim lights gave a regal ambience to the interior, every shiny surface reflecting a golden glow. A large tv was mounted on the wall and an open entryway led to the back. You spied a long L shaped couch piled high with throw cushions behind the recliners, complete with an electric fireless fireplace below the tv. 
You didn’t know how long you stood there gaping. 
“Is everything okay, ma’am?” The flight attendant’s voice made you snap your mouth close. The young man smiled apologetically when you turned to him. “If something’s not to your liking, please let me know.”
Not to my liking? As of three minutes ago I thought I was going to be doing contortions in a shoe box sized seat for the next 12 hours.
You shook your head at him, glancing at the bodyguard still standing at the entrance. 
“You’re coming with?”
“I have orders to stand guard till the boys arrive in an hour.”
“In an hour?”, your brows raised. “Why am I so early?”
He side eyed the attendant, who quickly took the hint. 
“Would you like some champagne, ma’am?”
Who wouldn’t? “Yes, thank you.”
After he left, the bodyguard answered you. “Precaution. No more than the necessary people should see you with them.”
“Ah.” Of course. 
You hadn’t noticed but their fansites were probably camping outside already. 
You wanted to ask why exactly you needed to be on the same plane with them, but held your tongue. He likely didn’t know why such odd whims struck those vampires. 
Letting yourself marvel at space around you, you plopped down on one of individual recliners. Your back met the pillowy leather and the footrest elevated your feet, till you were practically draped over the chair in a relaxed puddle. The thing felt like a cloud surrounding you. 
Soon, the attendant came back with a silver tray full of hors d’oeuvres and a flute of champagne. He set it on a pull out table that magically materialised from below the recliner.  
“There’s a mini bar built into the armrest of every chair.” He tapped once and it flipped open to reveal neatly lined bottles of water, soda and alcohol. “You can adjust your chair from the controls on the other side.” He pointed to a sleek panel. 
“Okay, thank you.” You smiled at him. 
He beamed back. “Of course.” He pointed to a bell shaped button above you. “If you need anything, I’m one press away.”
You nodded, sighing when he left you alone. Sipping the bubbly drink, you let your thoughts drift to the ordeal ahead of you. 
Ordeal because soon Taehyung was gonna be confined in a small space with you for an extended period of time. The first time you’d see his face after the humiliating incident in the conference room. Also because you still had difficulty facing Jimin after his unnerving exposition. Because you still didn’t know where you stood with Namjoon and didn’t want to “accidentally” do tongue acrobat with Jeongguk again. You were giving Yoongi the silent treatment for Ticklegate, so there was that.
So by process of elimination you were going to stick to either Seokjin or Hoseok like barnacles on a turtle this entire plane ride. 
Mind made up, you took out your laptop to do some work while you waited for them.
You frowned when the sleek black screen of your computer took more than its usual half a second to light up. Glancing closer, you pressed the power button again, doing a double take when your blurry reflection on the screen shimmered.
Blinking a few times, you shook your head, clearing whatever cobwebs in your retina which were making you see things. 
Nothing doing. 
You squinted at the screen.
 A black blob, eerily close to the shape of an almost skeletal hand, seemed to materialise over your shoulder in the hazy reflection. 
Your heart pounded. 
“You look comfortable, pretty girl.”
At the sudden voice, you shrieked, jumping ten feet in the air. 
The rest of the boys came rushing into the plane at your panicked scream. All of them, except Taehyung who ambled inside without a care in the world, stared at you in confused worry.
“What happened?”, Namjoon demanded, scanning you from head to toe.
Placing a hand over your chest, you willed yourself to calm down. “Nothing. Hoseok just scared me.”
“Hobi.”, Hoseok corrected.
 Yoongi smirked at your laptop. “Were you watching porn?”
At the reminder, you glanced down at your powered up computer, now showing you the login screen, demanding your password. No sign of creepy reflections anywhere.
Huh. Weird. 
Maybe the last few weeks had made you paranoid.
“I’m not talking to you.”, you muttered, not looking up at him.
Yoongi rolled his eyes. “Dramatic much? I just tickled you a bit, you’re making a big deal out of it.”
“You did what?”, Jin asked, confused at the non-sequitur. Hoseok took the seat beside yours, making himself comfortable as the rest of the boys moved inside too. 
You surreptitiously watched out of the corner of your eyes as Taehyung made a beeline for the door at the back, disappearing from your vision. 
“Tickled her.”, Yoongi deadpanned. “For purely professional purposes.”
Jeongguk gave him an owlish look, dumping his backpack on the sectional. “Your kinks are getting weirder day by day, hyung.”
Hoseok ignored them, turning to you, concern etched on his brows. “You didn’t have any problem getting here, did you pretty girl? It was crowded outside.”
“I was early.” You chuckled, reaching for one of the dainty snacks the flight attendant had put out. “I hate airport security and I have an irrational fear about missing flights. Turns out I didn’t have anything to worry about.”
 You gestured to your surroundings, chewing the savoury goodness slowly. Wow. Did they have a Michelin star chef on call too?
“Oh, yeah.” Hoseok looked around, as if noticing the extravagance for the first time. “I guess it is convenient.”
“That’s one way to put it.” You proffered up the tray to him. “Want some? It’s really good.”
Running a hand through his blonde hair, he eyed the tray as if you were offering him live snakes to consume.
“I’m sure it is. But I can’t.”
Frowning, you put the tray down. Were you missing something here? “I know you guys eat food. Jeongguk told me so the first day we...met.”
A chagrin smile appeared on his face. “We could. Human food has no nutritional value for us but we can still consume it to keep up appearances sometimes. A variety show or advertisements for fried chicken, things like that.”
Guess there was a lot you still didn’t know about them. They did ads for food they didn’t even eat. But then again, this was nothing compared to some of the other stuff you had come to know. “But you don’t like it?”
He shrugged. “It’s nothing compared to blood but some unmated vampires like it anyways. Jimin used to love eating candies.”
You frowned, reaching for another cheese and meat combo. “Used to?”
For a brief second, Hoseok’s mellow eyes flickered down to your jugular. He spoke before you could make something of it, his voice soft. “Everything tastes like dry ash on our tongues now that we’ve had your blood.”
That made you swallow down the antipasti prematurely. 
He continued. “And you know we can’t drink any other blood. It’ll poison us.”
Namjoon’s suffocating, blue-tinged face flashed in your mind and you nodded. 
“Ugh.”, you dithered, uneasy with the conversation and Hoseok’s focused gaze. “So...”, lamely, you tried changing the topic. “What am I doing after we land?”
A snide scoff made you turn in your seat to look at Namjoon sprawled on the chair behind yours. “Don’t tell me you’re still squeamish at every mention of blood, y/n.”
“What do you mean still? Am I supposed to be comfortable with it just because you’re vampires?”, you huffed, annoyed at his judgemental expression. 
He glanced down at his phone, avoiding your eyes and you swear you heard him mutter “Gina was” under his breath but Jimin spoke before you could clobber him over the head for his audacity. 
“I saw Taehyung after he returned. He looked like he’d just mauled a bear and I know he’d just been with you. How are you still not desensitised after all that?”
Jimin was perched on the table, his newly dyed black hair swept back off his forehead as he leant back on his hands. 
You gave the breathtaking man a challenging look. “You’d know about desensitisation, wouldn’t you?”
Yoongi choked on air, Jeongguk’s eyes almost bugged out of his head. You heard Hoseok inhale sharply from beside you, but you didn’t look to see the other’s reaction, continuing as if you hadn’t dropped a I-know-about-Jimin-committing-murder sized bomb on their heads. 
“Besides, the blood on him wasn’t mine.”
Jimin grinned, his eyes almost disappearing into crescent moons. He appeared the picture of loveable cuteness, except for the fact that he was smiling at the mention of his grave crimes. “Touché, love. But I know that it wasn’t yours. If there’s anything we’d never be desensitised to, it is the downright mouthwatering smell of your blood. No...,”, he rubbed his chin, faux contemplative, prodding your challenge by reminding you of the conspicuous brutality of their kind. “He’d done some desensitisation of his own before coming to you.”
The “he” in question was as silent as a monk with a mute vow, not a peep heard from the back of the plane. You glared at the doorway, knowing very well that Taehyung could hear even a pin drop from inside the bustling airport, let alone this conversation three metres away. He was sticking to his pretending-you-were-invisible agenda, it seemed. 
The rest six of them were watching you closely. Now that they knew about your knowledge of their kinds’ propensity to violence, they likely were apprehensive about your reaction. Well, you’d give them none. 
In a room full of predators who’ve declared you their only prey, vulnerability and fear would only feed into the control they thought they had over you. 
You faced them again, shrugging. 
Jimin smirked. “No snarky comments? Why this preferential treatment towards Tae? You like the ones who don’t give you attention, love?”
“Enough, Jimin.”, came Jin’s brusque command. He was seated at the table too, turning around to give you a soft, apologetic glance. “I think what they all want to bring up, in a round about, idiotic way, is that it’s been weeks since we last fed. Though, me, Namjoon and Yoongi can last a few weeks more, the younger ones might be feeling it.”
You froze. Of course. What the hell did you think they brought you here for?
“Whatever you’re thinking, baby,”, Yoongi cut off your musings, narrowing his perceptive eyes at you. “It’s probably bullshit. We would have brought you with us no matter what, anxiety would have eaten us alive if we hadn’t.”
“And I’m not feeling it.”, Hoseok rushed to add from beside you, gently taking your hand in his, stroking the pulse at your wrist with his thumb. “Hungry that is. My endurance isn’t the best, but it’s working as of now.”
“Taehyung fed from you not too long ago, I’m sure he’s fine too.”, Namjoon nonchalant voice came from behind you. 
How Taehyung could tolerate them talking about him as if he wasn’t there, you’d never know. 
Sighing, your gaze shifted to the remaining two who had yet to speak as to their appetite. 
Jimin had an unreadable expression on his face as he contemplated you, his shirt riding up to expose his toned abdomen as he ran a hand through his hair, pushing the thick locks back off his forehead. A habit of his which you hadn’t taken long to notice. 
Jeongguk regarded you with his head tilted. Unlike Jimin, you could read him like a book. His open, almost guileless eyes held a plea. He didn’t have to say it. He was the youngest, of course he was starving. He was always starving. 
They didn’t say anything, leaving everything up to you. 
“After we reach L.A we can…”, you trailed off, not knowing how to say it. The inexplicable pleasure their bites gave you was something you’d yet to foray into, but it wasn’t an altogether unpleasant experience. The opposite in fact. “Discuss it, I guess.”, you finished lamely, courage fizzling out at the last second. 
You absolutely, could not let them know that maybe, probably, perhaps you wanted them to bite you too. 
Laughter rang out from the behind the curtained doorway, the mocking tone of it clear as day. You scowled, turning back to your laptop. Great. He probably already knew. It wasn’t like you were subtle when you were with him. 
The plane took to the air not long after, clouds encasing everything till the earth below was barely visible. You had sought your work to escape, though Hoseok managed to occasionally snag your attention with the effortless ease of his conversation. 
Eventually he slipped away to join the others at the table, raucous laughter filling the small plane from their bickering and roughhousing. Being immortal creatures with untold strength, an ignorant human might expect the vampires to be sophisticated and mysterious, but these boys were as much a mix of puerile childishness (or in laymen’s terms ‘a bunch of idiots’) as one would expect of any young men in their twenties. 
Of course, the polished but ‘normal’ surface they presented to the world, to their fans, to relate to was only skin deep. Scratch a little and you’ll find a horrifying reality few would be able to stomach. You wondered what someone else would do in your shoes. Some other girl, maybe one of their fans. Thank all the gods in existence for binding you to them so intrinsically or curse them for hurtling you into a grim world of cruelty you were ill-prepared for? 
These questions plagued your mind as your fingers typed away on your computer. Somebody had pulled out UNO cards and you could hear the competitive Jeongguk loudly complaining about Hoseok’s shuffling as Yoongi dropped a draw four card on him just as he was about to win. 
As you said, a bunch of ‘normal’ idiots. Not quite. 
As you were examining your coding for errors, Seokjin came to sit down beside you. Unsurprisingly, like much of his personality, his cologne was the mild soothing kind instead of headache inducing intense.
You took a deep breath. “Not interested in card games?”
To your surprise, he pouted, long lashes fanning his downturned gaze adorably. He was wearing glasses, which suited his beautiful face criminally more than they ever did you.“No. They never let me win anyways.”
You found yourself smiling inspite of yourself. “You’re a sore loser then?”
“No.” He returned your grin. “I just think they’re disrespectful making me lose after everything I do for them.”
“Just say you’re bad at cards, hyung!”, Jimin shouted. 
Both of you ignored him. 
“They are disrespectful.”, you concurred. 
“Thank you. But you’re sitting here by yourself, don’t you wanna join them?”
“No, I’m a sore loser too.” You tilted your head at your laptop. “Besides I have work to finish.”
Jin spared a fleeting glance at it, before furrowing his brows at you. “I know you were pretty much ordered to come with us, but this isn’t a work trip for you. You can put it off till you’re back. An impromptu vacation, maybe.”
Biting your lip, you considered his tempting words for all of two seconds. Cracking a knuckle on your other palm, you shook your head. “A lot of people doubt the integrity of my employment already. I have something to prove. This game could be big for me.”
Slowly, as if approaching a spooked deer, Jin extended his hands to yours. You watched as he took one of your hands in both of his, warm skin stroking your cold one. “The people you’re talking about, most of them are just jealous. They, along with anyone else who dares to look down on you, don’t deserve a spare thought in your mind. You have nothing to prove to anybody but yourself.”
His eyes showed nothing but sincerity and you found yourself leaning into his gravitational pull. He was a beacon of warmth and security. Akin to a down bed piled with soft blankets and feathery pillows after a long, tiring day. 
“That’s easy to say but that’s not how real life works.”, you whispered. 
Jin smiled, tugging your hand into his lap. “Real life works how I want it to work. If you want to be the most renowned software engineer in the country, then that’s what will happen. If I can’t fulfill your every wish then what kind of a mate am I?”
Your breath hitched. What he was saying was so morally skewed but it caused flutters in your chest nonetheless. Like a penguin offering a pebble to a mate he’d chosen for life. But no, there was no choice involved here. 
“That’s—”, you cleared your throat, pulling back a little though he didn’t let you go far, tightening his grip on your hand. “That’s wrong, Jin.”
He shrugged. “I don’t care. Self indulgence often is. And seeing you happy because of me might be the greatest indulgence of all.”
You pursed your lips against a shy smile. That was the most romantic but fucked up thing anyone had ever said to you. He clearly didn’t have any reservations about nepotism. As long as he got what he wanted.
You wondered if no-moral-compass came complementary with the supernatural tag. 
“You were typing for a long time. Do your fingers hurt?”, he asked softly, tugging your other hand into his lap too.
They didn’t, but you nodded anyway. 
Biting his bottom lip in concentration, he got to work on your right hand. He touched you as if you were made of delicate china, tenderly massaging your palm with his long fingers. His hands were a work of art themselves, thin blue veins decorating his porcelain skin in the most beautiful patterns.   As he caressed your wrist, you got lost in the repetitive motion of his hands, coming to when he moved to your fingers, stretching them not so gingerly.
“Sorry, beautiful. You were cracking your knuckles, so I figured they needed a little tug.”, he murmured, not looking up from his ministrations. 
“It’s a bad habit.” His intense focus made you wonder how much effort he was putting not to go overboard with his strength. He could crush your bones to dust in a matter of seconds no doubt. 
Jin moved to your left hand, massaging it in the same manner till your hands positively tingled with static electricity. 
“You’re so good at this.”, you complimented, sighing in contentment when he moved to your forearm. 
Jin chuckled at the bliss on your face. “We don’t need it but massage feels good after a long practice anyway. We’re a slave to sensations as much as you humans. I’m used to doing this for the rest.”
“They should kiss your hands.”, you said thoughtlessly. 
He stopped his movements for a second, continuing when you opened your eyes. 
“Will you?”, he implored, smirking. 
Maybe his massage had mellowed you out or maybe it was him, but you felt playful. You smiled coquettishly. “Do my shoulders and I will kiss your lips.”
If this was a movie scene you would see tumbleweeds rolling out of nowhere. You almost regretted your words. But then...
Jin grabbed your upper arms and in one swift motion you were facing the other way, your back to him. His hands immediately attached themselves to your shoulders, rolling your muscles in a way that let slip an involuntary moan out of you two seconds in. 
Jin tensed behind you at the sound. 
“Fuck, pretty girl.”, you heard a groan from Hoseok. “Hyung’s massages are mediocre at best, you should have come to me if you wanted your shoulders rubbed.”
You suppressed a smile at his grumbling, Jin resuming his amazing, rhythmic motions. 
Yoongi’s words were barely audible. “How is that fair? I’m not gonna massage no one, but I want kisses.”
That mercurial man, you swore he oscillated between a cynical, grumpy old man and mischievous cherub like a pendulum.
“It’s worth it, hyung.”, Jeongguk chimed. “I’m speaking from experience.”
Flushing at the reminder, you leaned back against the eldest, almost unconsciously. Skewed sense of morality aside, his presence was very comforting. You tuned the rest of them out when you felt Jin’s breath at the nape of your neck, making you shiver at the sensation. 
He chuckled. “You’re so putty in my hands.” 
You were. The dim lighting inside the cabin, the soft murmurs of the boys and Jin’s ministrations were working together to turn you into a sleepy puddle. Giving up against gravity, you let your back meet Jin’s chest, nestling into him without too much thought. You heard his breath hitch, but he accommodated you immediately, pulling you closer in by wrapping his arms around your waist till you were in his lap, your legs on the chair you previously occupied. 
“Comfortable?”, he whispered in your ear. 
“Mhm.”, you murmured, sighing when Jin put his arms around you, one hand reaching up to caress your tresses. “You make a great chair.”
“I’ll take that as a compliment.” He adjusted your position, stirring you a little away from sitting directly on his crotch and you blushed when you realised why, not commenting on it. 
Letting yourself relax, you switched off your overworked brain for a while. For the last few weeks you had been constantly on your toes either stressing about your new job or coming to terms with being ‘fated’ to seven men. Maybe you would take up Jin’s suggestion and treat this trip as a vacation, when else were you going to get a luxury, all expenses paid week off? 
As Jin placed a soft kiss on your head, you paused in your thought. If things continued as they were, this could be your new reality. Weeklong journeys to other continents just because the boys wanted you with them. The thought made you scowl. Was it really a vacation when you were shackled to them by the contract you had signed and promotions you had accepted?
“You know.”, Jin’s silky voice brought you out of your spiral down regret. “There’s a queen-sized bed in the back. If you want, you can nap till we land. Stretch out your limbs.”
You perked up, a bed sounded amazing. “Yes please.”
Jin brushed your hair behind your ear. “Do you want me to carry you?”
That made you jerk upright. “Ugh, no. I’m not a baby.”
“Tragic.”, he teased, making you wrinkle your nose at him. Before he let you go, he warned, “I want that kiss later. Don’t think I forgot.”
Flustered, you sprung up with a one-track mind and a tunnel vision aiming for the bed, noticing the other members either reading or on their phone, airpods in their ears. You could faintly hear music blasting from Yoongi’s. Must be nice having undamageable eardrums. 
Beyond the entryway, the back of the plane was a decent-sized room which had windowsill seating on one side and a bed on the other. A bed which was occupied by the last person you wanted to face. 
Taehyung lounged on the centre of the plush bed, reclining against propped up pillows. He paid you no mind, swiping through the ipad in his hand as if he hadn’t heard you come in. 
Of course. You were invisible to him after all. 
Rolling your eyes at his petulance, you changed course to the small door with the universal toilet sign illuminated above. You really needed to pee, not giving a single fuck about the rest of them being able to hear you while you did so. For some reason your usual shyness and jitters around hot boys had been obliterated ever since you had come in contact with them. You didn’t understand why, but suspected it was because of their assertiveness and power over you that made you throw caution to the wind so often lately, maybe your unconscious attempt at getting back some control over your life. Before them, you’d never have the nerve to use a guy as handsome as Jin as your personal masseuse and cushion. If they wanted your company, they would get that and everything that came along with it. 
When you were done, you emerged to find the bed empty. Seeing your chance, you plopped face down on it, crawling lethargically towards the pillowcase as you shirked your hoodie. If he wanted to play hide and seek, he was more than welcome to ignore you and stay up-front while you slept the flight away. 
Pulling the covers over yourself, you nuzzled the soft sheets, settling in for a good shut-eye, a luxury you had never before experienced on a plane ride. 
But when do things ever turn out in your favour?
Just when your eyes were starting to droop Taehyung’s snide tone jerked you awake.
“Stowaways stay in the front.”
You sprung up like a spooked cat, gaze blurry. “Huh?”
There he stood, arms crossed and a blank expression on, looking like Adonis in a plain blue set of pyjamas. Unfairly stunning. 
“You’re in my bed.”
Deliberately taking your time, you rubbed your eyes, yawning. You pondered your surroundings for a moment, enjoying the clenching of his jaw the longer you sat their playing dumb. “I don’t see your name on it.”
He was silent for a few moments regarding you with poorly concealed vexation. Then he uncrossed his arms, stepping towards the bed with eyes locked on you. 
You gulped. Had you piqued the tiger already? 
Thankfully he stopped a good distance away, bringing his hand up to the headboard. Your confused frown turned into horrified amazement at the light sound of scratching, your eyes going cartoonishly wide.
The nails atop his long, slender fingers had extended out, looking freakishly similar to claws. And even more bizarrely, they cut through the hardwood like it was nothing more than room temperature butter. 
When his hand dropped, the letter V was etched onto the headboard, mockingly asking you ‘how about now?’.
“Did you just vandalise the plane?”, you blurted, shocked. 
He sneered. “Are you gonna snitch to BangPD like the trusty little employee you are?”
You could tell a patronising jab when you heard one. 
“Atleast I’m not a coward who can’t even face the person they accosted. But then again I would feel ashamed too.”
Taehyung scoffed, not entertaining your accusations for a second. “Accosted? I remember you begging me to make you cum. You fell apart on my fingers very willingly, Y/n. And I wasn’t ignoring you, not purposefully, you’re not that relevant.”
Actions and consequences. If you slapped him right now, what would happen? You were temptingly close to finding out. 
“I seemed very relevant when you were dying for a drop of my blood, asshole.”
A smirk appeared on his face at the word ‘asshole’. He shrugged. “A necessary evil. Now get out of my bed.”
At his curt order, you sat up properly, the covers falling away from your form. Reclining back on your palms, you raised your brows at him. “Or what?”
Taehyung leisurely perused your sprawled figure, not hiding the fact that his gaze lingered on your chest. The tank top you wore under your hoodie was low cut, a hint of your cleavage visible. When you had put it on this morning, you didn’t think you’d take off your hoodie. Airplanes usually left you shivering with ten blankets piled on top of you. 
Your hands itched to pull the fabric up, but that would be a sign of weakness. Instead you let him check you out, raising a mocking brow when his eyes met yours again. “You don’t seem eager to get me out of it.”
Taehyung ran his tongue inside his cheek, leering at you. “Now that I think about it…”
He loomed closer, planting a knee on the space beside you.
At first you thought he might get on top of you, but he merely climbed on, brushing past you to take up the other side. He perched himself like he had before, pointedly looking at you as he stole the two pillows you were going to hug yourself to sleep, propping them behind his back. 
He promptly went back to scrolling on his ipad.
You huffed, slamming yourself down and pulling the covers over you. “If you try any creepy shit, I swear to God…”
He laughed, a loud yet pleasant sound. “Swear to all the Gods you want Y/n, they’re useless.”
You scowled at him. “What the fuck does that mean?”
Shaking his head, he smiled down at the lit-up screen, as if you were the funniest thing he’d ever seen. A circus clown. “Don’t fret over it, sweetheart. Thank your Gods that I’m a generous vampire willing to share his stuff, and go to sleep.”
Pissed off, you ignored the infuriating man, prioritising the rare experience of sleeping on a bed in a plane instead. 
“Keep to your side.”, you threw out one last warning before pulling the covers over your head, effectively shutting him away. 
The jet reached LAX at 9:30 pm. Jeongguk had come to wake you up half an hour before the landing. Taehyung wasn’t in the bed with you when you woke up but you found a pillow tucked by the side of you where the bed ended, as if to keep you from falling off. You couldn’t decipher your emotions to make out how you felt about that. 
By the time you made yourself presentable again, making full use of the full size mirror in the room, the plane was taxiing on the tarmac. You heard the flight attendant tell the boys about the situation outside, something about a sizeable crowd being present. You joined them as they were telling him they’ll forego the VIP exit for the general one chock full of fans. 
Curiosity made you ask, “Why not VIP? This one could be dangerous for you guys.”
Namjoon gave you a funny look, which the rest seemed to mirror. “Nothing’s dangerous for us Y/n.”
And they left it at that, likely not saying much because of the cabin crew present but you got the message nonetheless. 
Us macho vampires are the danger, not the other way around.
Internally, you scoffed. Did they have to be so full of themselves all the time?
“You’ll use the VIP one. We can’t be seen together, hence the separate exits.”, Yoongi informed. 
“Fine.”, you quipped, VIP meant you’d get a much needed shower sooner. 
“We’ll leave first. One of our managers will escort you out fifteen minutes after we reach our cars.”, continued Yoongi. “Extra precautions just in case.”
Scowling, you pivoted around to head back to the bed, dreams of a shower delayed. 
When you reached the hotel, the personal staff assigned to you informed you that the boys still hadn’t reached. Some official schedule that you frankly tuned out because you couldn’t care less. Jet lag was making itself felt and you wanted that shower yesterday. 
“Your bags are in your suite already.”, the same bodyguard who had accompanied you to the plane informed you. 
No rooming with other staff then. You weren’t surprised, which made you annoyed. You didn’t want to start expecting this kind of treatment, it was way above your pay grade. 
“Lead the way.”
As soon as you reached the rooms, you barely gave a second glance to the opulence surrounding you, instead making a beeline towards the bathroom. You thanked the staff on the way, kicking off your sandals to feel the plush carpet under your feet. A trail of discarded clothes followed you. 
The bathroom was big. Bigger than your bedroom back home. A mix of french country and rustic, the interior looked straight out of a Good Homes magazine. The small chandelier above the granite bathtub made the centre piece, calling out to you like a siren. Letting yourself succumb to the pull of a nice bubble bath, you turned on the faucet, examining the rustic wooden countertop for your choice of fragrance from the smorgasbord on offer. Selecting cherry blossom, you poured almost half the small bottle in the rising water.
At last, when the water was almost ready to spill over, you turned it off, shirking your bra and panties. A satisfied moan left you as you submerged yourself in the hot water, closing your eyes as you let yourself sit back and loosen up. 
Not keeping track of time, your thoughts didn’t even drift to the boys coming back, so the soft knock on the bathroom door startled you, water splashing over the tub at your movement. 
“Yeah.”, you called out, wiping droplets off your face. 
“Pretty girl?” Hoseok opened the door a crack, respectfully staying outside and not peering in yet. “Can I come in?”
Swallowing, you sat up in the tub, biting your lip. Maybe it was the warm water which had you feeling imprudent, maybe you’d become uncharacteristically impulsive, but you found yourself answering, “Okay.”
The door opened and the dancer ambled inside, pushing it closed behind him. His gait was languid, but his gaze on you was anything but. Although your bare shoulders were the only thing visible above the cloudy, bubbly water, he drank the sight up greedily. 
Licking his bottom lip, he approached you. “Do you want some help?”
You watched him closely, nodding. “Can you wash my hair?”
His face lit up, instantly killing any regrets that could even take root within you. “Please.”
Again, you reclined back as he circled behind you. You heard him rummage through the toiletries on display. “Cherry blossoms?”
You hummed in affirmation. 
“You have amazing taste.”
The denim of his jeans rustled as he kneeled beside the tub. Your lips parted in anticipation when he collected your hair together. 
What was it about this trip that was making them take care of you so tenderly? In one way or another all of them could be capricious when they felt like it, but then they switched gears and made you a skittery mess with just one word or touch. 
“What will I do while you’re all out doing your thing this week?”, you questioned to distract yourself from the tingles running down to your core at his touch.
He ran the hand shover over your hair, careful not to get any water in your eyes. “Anything you want. Some of the staff will be at your disposal if you want to see the city, just let Gian know about it first.”
“Who’s Gian?”
“Your personal bodyguard, the one who dropped you off at the plane.”
You sighed, tilting your head for Hoseok’s convenience. “Why do I need him? I can go sightseeing on my own. Nobody knows me”
“We know you can.”, Hoseok agreed, gently massaging your scalp with the cherry blossom scented shampoo. “But the fact of the matter is, there are other creatures like us out there. And we’re not the most loved among our kind.”
“Huh?” You were thoroughly confused. “Not the most loved. What does that mean?”
Hoseok took a deep breath, as if divulging something against his will, but his hands never stilled. “With our popularity, there’s a very high risk of our secret getting out. Although unbelievable, any slip up on our part could dearly cost the supernatural world. It’s an unspoken rule that we can never arbitrarily reveal our identity to humanity, ever.”
Though you knew the answer, you still asked. “Why?”
“Vampire hunters are real, Y/n. Many of them are human. Sceptics will jump on any chance to prove our existence and try to exterminate us. Supernaturals don’t like the amount of exposure we have because of this.”
Hoseok guffawed, laughing at some inside joke. You heard the clink of bottles as he reached for the conditioner. “Though it could be argued that we don’t like anyone apart from our own selves. We’re notoriously self absorbed creatures.”
Before you could think about them, the words were out of your mouth. “Are mates an exception?”
Hoseok stilled behind you. Then you felt his breath at your ear, not even hearing him move. 
“Yes, we like you very much, pretty girl.” Softly, he pecked the skin below your ear. 
You pouted. “Doesn’t seem like it.”
He chuckled, cascading the water over your head one last time. “I’m sorry we’re so difficult. I can’t imagine how you must feel having to manage seven men all pining for you.” 
He turned the water off. “All done.”
“Okay.” You didn’t know what else to say to his words. 
He didn’t get up, instead leaning one elbow on the edge to peer down at you. You met his eyes, upside down. 
“We wanted to ask you something, pretty girl.”
“Would you like to accompany us to the award show? As our plus one.” 
He was completely serious but you burst out laughing anyway.
“One plus to seven people? And what happened to precautions so nobody finds out about me?”
Smiling down at your laughing face he leaned closer ever so slowly. “You can come with us as part of the staff. Or we’ll get you VIP passes. We just want you there, this award is big for us.”
Pursing your lips, you booped his cute, upside down nose. “And who exactly is we?”
He grinned wide, not replying.
You huffed. “I haven’t brought anything suitable to wear if I go as a guest.”
Hoseok rolled his eyes. “Don’t worry about trivial shit like that. Leave it up to me.”
Gazing into his eyes, you blurted your honest answer without thinking too much about it. He had a way of making everything feel easy yet exciting. 
“Fine. Okay.”
The next moment, his mouth was on yours, his bottom lip covering your top one and vice versa. The kiss was upturned and sloppy, evoking a recollection of Peter Parker kissing Mary Jane in an alleyway. 
Hoseok’s tongue met yours eagerly and you tasted each other as if starved. Carding your fingers through his hair, you pulled him closer. His hands clutched your shoulders, keeping you in place for his thorough exploration of your mouth, making you moan at the delightful intrusion. 
After a minute or an hour, you couldn’t tell, he pulled back, a wet sound accompanying the parting of your lips. He looked absolutely devastating with his mouth swollen and hair mussed from your hands, eyes half-lidded as he gazed at you with such barely veiled passion that you shivered. 
He blinked at the goosebumps on your arms, forcefully pulling himself out of the lustful haze. “You must be cold, baby, the water’s cooling down.”
You almost reached for him when he got up, wanting to pull him back into another toe-curling kiss. But he was already making his way out the door.
“There are heated towels on the rack, pretty girl. Dry yourself up, I don’t want you getting sick.”, he ordered, smirking back at you one last time before he left you alone. 
Grumbling under your breath, you did as bidden, wrapping your torso in one huge towel after wiping yourself down. 
After taking out the plug from the tub, you stood in front of the mirror, hand combing your wet hair. 
You were about to wrap your hair in another fluffy towel, when a movement in the mirror reflection made you go still. 
It took a minute to register what you were staring at. The otherwise clear mirror was foggy at the edges due to the steam from your bath, but the hazy form developing itself behind you in the mirror could not be fog. 
It was moving.
Then the mirror rippled. Like it was a silk sheet, not solid fucking glass. 
The murky form was looking eerily close to a human figure the longer you stood there absolutely petrified and bewildered. 
It spoke.
It’s hand, if it could be called that, reached out towards you and you were unsure if it was coming from behind you or from inside the mirror. You couldn’t move, all control over your muscles had been snipped, even though some part of your rational mind screamed at you to run, to call for your boys. 
They would protect you. 
“Come with me, y/n! They do not deserve you.”
You moved closer, entranced. But did you really need protecting?
The alluring voice beckoned you forward, and you complied, reaching your hand out to touch the wispy, skeletal one approaching yours. As soon as you were close enough, it lunged to grip you in its trap.
A piercing, excruciating pain flared up in your arm at the first contact with the apparition. The clawed creature was literally burning your skin away, smoke rising from where it clutched your forearm like a vice. 
You bellowed out for your mates. 
A/n: Please let me know what you thought, feedback keeps me writing. 
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kimnjss · 11 months ago
warm showers | knj
Tumblr media
⇢ pairing: ot7 x reader // namjoon focus. ⇢ genre: smut. // pure unedited filth.  ⇢ word count: 5.4K ⇢ theme: established relationships. ⇢ rating: explicit. ⇢ warnings: cursing, dirty talk, poly relationship, oral sex (f/m. receiving), squirting, cum eating, voyeurism if you like squint nd tilt your head, titty fuck, nipple play, handjobs, fingering, spit, jungkook has an obvious noona kink, slight overstimulation, shower sex, unprotected sex (wrap it up lovelies), outdoor sex, cum shot. yn can never relax. ⇢ A/N: LOL ., i really had to force myself to stop with this one - like jungkook’s part wasn’t even supposed to be added ssjf;s - safe to say i got carried away , hope y’all like ittt! x
Tumblr media
A chilled can of soda in hand, Namjoon steps out of the man's house. Eyes searching the empty backyard for something to keep him busy until dinner. The weather is nice, even at midday. He thinks over going for a walk, taking in the great green around him. He spots you as he starts, arms waving in the air as you make your way back from the dock where you had been with Jin and Yoongi.
The smile growing on your face when you catch his attention, steps speeding up until you're stood right in front of him. Arms easily wrapping around his neck, you're raising on your toes to press a soft kiss to his wanting lips.
With the feeling of his mouth against yours, you're being reminded that he hadn't gotten the chance to properly greet you since you arrived. Had been so focused on cleaning up and making sure you had something to eat, the special attention he always liked to give you had been forgotten. You'd just have to fix that.
Namjoon is pulling back after a few moments, an arm secure around your waist and holding your chest to his. Not allowing him to get too far, your fingers tangle in the soft hair at the back of his neck.
“I missed your lips,” You're murmuring before leaning up to go in for another kiss. Tongue slipping past his parted lips to taste him. His mouth is opening further with a groan, large hands moving to take hold of your waist, pulling your body tighter against his.
He tastes heavily of mint, leading you to believe he had just brushed his teeth. That mixed with a hint of the coffee he's been slurping. It's not long before the control his shifting in the kiss, his teeth grazing over your lower lip before he's sucking it into his mouth.
A curious hand slides down the front of your body, toying with the buttons on your shorts until he's able to pop it open. All of your senses at a ten, nervous buzzing with anticipation of what's to come. Moaning at the simplest thing, like him slipping his hand down the front of your shorts.
Joon hasn't even made his way past your panties, the tips of his fingers brushing against your covered slit – but you're keening. Hips rolling gently into his hand, silently begging for him to let you feel more. He laughs at your desperation, but still presses his fingers into your covered clit.
“You're so fucking wet. Has Tae's cum leaked out of you yet?” Joon had only put a few inches between your faces, his lips brushing against yours gently as they moved to form his words. Slowly, you're shaking your head.
Still so full of Taehyung's cum, even if most of it had stained your panties. You wouldn't be surprised if looking down would grant you with the sight of a wet patch along the seem of your shorts too. But cleaning yourself up was at the farthest corner of your mind, they liked you messy.
“He's gonna fuck it out of me,” Repeating the words Taehyung had mumbled into your ear not even a few hours ago has a chill running down your spine. Whether it was Namjoon, Jin, Taehyung, Yoongi... whoever – you were more than ready to be fucked again.
Joon is quickly picking up on that, not that he needed that many hints. It was no secret that you were always so ready for them. Hardly ever passed up a chance the be stuffed full, instead begged for it – panting for it, eyes glossed. It was always a sight to see.
Tugging his now wet fingers from between your legs, Namjoon allows you to see the glisten you've left behind. The clear string that connects his fingers together that can only be explained as your arousal and what's left of Taehyung's cum.
“Change of plans,” He grumbles, pushing his fingers into his mouth. You watch with parted lips as he sucks your juices from the digits, tongue sliding over them to collect and bit that he might've missed.
You're in awe. Confused how one man can be this attractive without even trying. And when he was trying? That was a whole different story. “I want a taste,” You're whining, needy to feel his lips against yours again.
Namjoon is quick with pulling his fingers from his mouth, hands wrapping around your thighs to lift your body from the ground – effortlessly. Soft giggles fall from your lips as he hoists you over his shoulder, making his way to the picnic table.
Something told you, you'd be seeing a lot of this table in this upcoming week.
He's careful with the way he sets you on the table, legs easily wrapping around his waist as he moves to stand between your legs. Soft hands find either side of your face, holding your head steady while pulling you in for another sweet kiss.
A soft moan falls from your lips from the heavy taste of you on his tongue. He's grinning, hands dropping to secure themselves around the top of your shorts – slowly tugging them down your hips. With his body, Joon is able to lay you down on the wood of the table, lips parting as more distance is put between you.
Legs spread and your shorts discarded on the ground, Joon can clearly see the mess between your legs. Growing harder just from the sight of it. The soft pink of your panties darkened by dampness. He takes his time with lowering them down your legs, a personal striptease revealing your glistening slit to him bit by bit.
Until you're on full display. Thick cum leaking and rolling down the crack of your ass, pink clit throbbing, further proof of how ready you were. All for his greedy eyes. He can't help but admire how good you look spread out for him.
“Tae made such a mess of you.” You can hear the purr in his voice way before he's looking up at you with those lust-filled eyes. “Should I clean you up?”
Your frantic nod and the quick way you spread your legs for him has a chuckle falling from his lips long before the whiny 'please' falls from your lips. His eyes are on you the entire time he's lowering himself until he's face to face with your glistening slit. Legs easily being lifted onto his shoulders as he leans in closer to you.
One initial swipe of his tongue has your back arching off of the table, a whimper falling from your lips. A smirk pushed on his face at how responsive you were, he's quick to dive in.
Greedy moans fall from his lips, face pressed between your thighs while he laps from your dripping core to your clit. Large hands grip your hips, holding them in place as he sucks wet kisses into the throbbing bud, ignoring the way your body jolts while needy moans fall from your lips.
Body shuddering at the feeling of his teeth lightly grazing over it, the moans falling from his lips sending thick vibrations through your body. Slowly, Joon is lowering his mouth on you. Tongue dipping in to lick out the remnants of cum from inside of you. He groans at the taste, arms tightening around your thighs as he pushes his face in deeper.
Brows furrowed in concentration, his entire focus on your dripping hole. Messily, sucking up every ounce of your arousal that has since been mixed with Tae's cum and now his saliva. The streaks of wetness he misses running down the roundness of your ass and staining the table beneath you.
Fingers buried in his hair, you hold him close to you. Wanton moans falling from your lips, growing louder each time his mouth grew closer to your sensitive bud. His dick twitches between his legs, straining against the fabric of his pants and before long the will to tease you is thinning.
Soon enough, Joon's tongue is finding it's way to your clit – granting you with slow swipes of his tongue that has your back arching and loud whimpers falling from your parted lips. You can feel him on every nerve ending, completely taking over your body just with the rolls of his tongue.
Already sensitive from the Taehyung had fucked you in this very spot, it's not long before you feel the pressure building in the pit of your stomach. Toes curling at his sides as the feeling of his movements seem to intensify.
“F-fuckk, Joon. I'm close.” You warn him as if he couldn't already tell. Had been with you enough to pick up on the obvious signs of you nearing your climax.
The tips of his fingers tease your wet entrance, two fingers easily sliding past your clenched walls. Thick cum oozes out with his insertion, but he pays it no mind slipping his fingers deep past your folds until you're being met with the bone of his knuckle. “Always so fucking tight,” There's strain in his voice as if it's his cock that's buried inside of you rather than his fingers, and from the rhythmic thrust of his hips, it's safe to say he's imagining just that.
“You gonna cum for me, baby?” Words breathy, the movement of his fingers speeds up. He's pushing much deeper now, the tips of his fingers just barely brushing against that sweet spot deep inside of you. Your hips lift and roll, desperate to follow the movements of his fingers – needy to finally reach your high.
Walls clench around his fingers in protest as he's pulling his wrist back, a soft chuckle leaving his lips, eyes dragging up to look at your fucked out expression. “Not gonna answer me?” The smirk on his face shows off the pretty dimple in his cheek – and it's almost enough to have you cumming on sight.
“Yes, yes! I'm gonna c-cum for you, Joon. Please make me cum.” You're nearly screaming out, too close for him to stop now. He's grinning at your desperation, granting you a third finger pushing past your walls.
No longer holding back.
The pace he takes on his brutal, force rocking your body against the table. His body moves along with yours, determined to keep his mouth latched onto your throbbing clit. Loud cries fall from your lips each time his fingers are bruising the rough patch deep inside of you. Calls of his name and incoherent sentences of praise, begging him to keep going.
So close.
Your release hits you all at once, thighs tensing until they being to shake while your back lifts clear off the table, toes clenched into tiny fists. “Fuck!” You're shouting for the entire yard to hear, orgasm leaving your body in thick waves.
The snap in your stomach much more intense than it usually is. Joon's fingers are forced from inside of you, but his mouth takes place of them – laughing as he tries to catch the fresh arousal that leaves your body. Thumb rubbing quick circles on your clit while your hips rock as you ride it out.
It's a few moments before you're calming back, deep breaths making your chest rise and fall slowly. Eyes finally beginning to focus on your surroundings again. At the exact moment, Namjoon is standing straight on his feet. Fingers pushing his hair back on his head as his tongue licks at his wet lips.
Your arousal drips down his chin and you can see the dampness of his shirt from where your squirt must've first hit you. But, you're too weak to comment on it. Tiny shock waves making your body jolt against the oddly comfortable table, eyes still fluttering.
“You good, baby?” Joon's asking, but you're ears are still ringing so you can just barely hear him. You nod anyway, not wanting him to worry. Faintly, you feel his hands on your hips, lifting your body into a seated position.
Gentle hands adjust your panties on your hips, sliding your shorts back up your legs. The slightly worried expression he wears has a sleepy giggle falling from your lips, his attention quickly snapping to your face. “That felt so fucking good, Joon.”
A dust of pink takes over his cheeks, lips curling in to contain his smile. The dimples in his cheeks poking out. All of a sudden shy as if he didn't just make you squirt five minutes before. You were still in shock. Had never squirted with him before, but it was safe to say you'd be expecting it from now on.
“You liked it?” Joon asks as if the wetness of his shirt isn't proof enough.
You're answering with a wet kiss to his lips, shaky hands burying in his damp hair. He kisses you back just as intently, hands tracing over the curves of your body until he's able to grasp your hips. Easily, he's lifting you from the table, wrapping your legs around his waist.
“Should we take you to relax?”
Figuring a break is in order for you with the way you zoned out just moments after he made you cum. You don't protest, letting your body fall slack against his while resting your head comfortably on his shoulder – letting him carry you wherever he wanted.
Tumblr media
Namjoon left you with a dozen kisses placed to your lips after carrying you into the game room where Hoseok still sat building his rubber plane. Suitcase left in there, so he waited for you outside to be able to walk you to the floating house where you'd be keeping your luggage.
A single promise that he'd catch up with you later, once he got changed out of his wet clothes. From the smirk on your lips, you could tell his pride was still in the hundreds from what he was able to do to you.
And despite the amount of lingering kisses you leave on his lips, Joon doesn't let them escalate too much – serious about letting you rest a bit. After the long drive from home to here and how busy you've been since you've gotten here – he feels you deserve some time to yourself.
You're agreeing with him once he's walked away and you're able to think straight without your want for him clouding your judgment. Bones aching and legs weak, you needed to lay down.
Planned to do just that as you rolled your suitcase down the narrow corridor, trying to figure which room was the vacant one. With your back turned, you don't notice Jungkook sneaking up behind you. Not until you feel his finger dip into the back of your shorts, clutching the waistband in order to pull your body to his.
A soft laugh leaves your lips, knowing instantly who's tugging on you that way. And you're only proven right when you're met with his huge smile. A strong arm wrapping around your waist to hold you steady as he leans down to press a soft kiss to the tip of your nose.
“You look a mess, Noona.” The sweetness of his voice and the way his smile doesn't falter has a laugh bursting through your lips. Eyes rolling as you wiggle from his grasp, turning into the room that you could only assume was his.
Could only imagine how you looked, being thoroughly fucked and then after made squirt like it was an everyday thing. The flush of your cheeks obvious, hair knotted and eyes dazed. It was his favorite way to see you, freshly fucked and spent – convinced you couldn't take anymore.
Only urged him to prove you wrong.
Jungkook is moving past you to fully enter the room, plopping down on his bed and leaning back against his palms. He watches you through hooded eyes, searching through your suitcase for something to change into after the shower you so desperately needed.
He can't ignore the forming hickeys on your neck. How your shirt has becoming disheveled, bunched up in certain parts to expose more of your cleavage. The fact that you didn't even bother to button your pants back up, teasing a peek of your lacy panties. Panties that he's more than positive are way beyond ruined at this point.
Jungkook can feel himself hardening just from the thought of what he knows you've been up to. Can't help but be a bit bummed that he missed his chance at a front-row seat, but his imagination would suffice for now. Especially when you're standing, peeling the tiny shirt from your body to reveal the sheer material of your bra.
Useless, he's deciding. Could see your nipples right through the fabric – not that he was complaining. The flimsy material doing very little to lift your breasts, not that their natural perk needed a boost. Just made him wonder why you wore it. As if you were only waiting for a moment to show it off. This moment.
“Noona,” You feel his whine deep in your core, can tell exactly what he wants without him having to say much more. And your pussy clenches around nothing at the thought of having him.
Turning to find a large hand cupping his bulge through the fabric of his basketball shorts, lip tucked between his teeth as he watches you. A grin pushing on your lips as you make your way over to where he's seated. “What is it, Kookie?” You play coy as if you didn't feel the intensity of your stare while you were changing.
Hand landing on his upper thigh, slowly inching its way between his legs. Eyes pinned to his face as he forces himself to not look away from your hand. His jaw drops once you're cupping him, hips twitching up as he reaches for your waist with his free hand.
Easily, Jungkook is tugging you toward him. Twisting your bodies until you're laid on his warm bed underneath him, wrists clasped in one of his large hands and pinned above your head. The sultry smirk that takes over his features has you squirming, needy to feel any part of him.
“You're so fucking sexy, Noona.” He groans, head burying in the crook of your neck. Open-mouthed kisses pressed against your clammy skin, creating a wet trail from your jaw to the tops of your breasts – pulling soft moans from your lips. Free hand curled into the cup of your bra, pulling it back until you're spilling out and his mouth can make proper contact with your hardened nipple.
Thick tongue swipes over the nub over and over again as he moves to fit his body between his leg. You can feel his length pressed against your core and from the muffled groans that leave his lips – you can tell he's enjoying the friction just as much as you.
He releases your hands only to free your other breast, quickly grasping it underneath his palm while your hands find the curls of his hair. Sharp teeth scrap over your pursed skin as his fingers tweak and twist the other side, pulling a melody of moans from your lips that has his thrusts speeding up.
The ridge of his cock nudging so perfectly against your sensitive clit you can feel the pressure growing in your belly once again. “Jung-ah... I'm so close.” You pant, hips lifting to meet his.
All of a sudden he's stopping struck with an idea from the look on his face. He's releasing you all at once, lifting his body until he's straddling your waist. Hair a little sweaty and matted, cheeks pinked as heavy breaths fall from his swollen lips. Brows furrowed in concentration, he looked so fucking good.
His hand slowly dips into the front of his shorts, fishing his cock out from the confines and you watch as he strokes himself slowly. Eyes boring into yours as groans fall from his lips, beads of precum leaking from the tip, and landing on your stomach.
“Let me fuck your tits,” A breathless request from a needy boy, one that you're agreeing to way too quickly.
It was no secret the interest Jungkook held for your tits. Would always pay extra attention to your chest, even if the setting wasn't the least bit sexual. The countless times he's fit his hand underneath your shirt, finding comfort in having a handful of you.
Only a matter of time for him to ask for this. And to be honest, you're surprised it took him this long to finally do it.
Jungkook is shifting above you quickly, the smile growing on his face as he makes his way up your body. Your hands lift to push your breasts together, creating a nice valley for him to slide his length through. He ignores it at first, rubbing his engorged head against your peaked nipple – watching as precum leaks onto your skin.
“You're so perfect for this,” Dark eyes flicker up to your face for a second, letting you know he means what he says. Doesn't look at you for long, but it's long enough for you to see how much he appreciates you.
The moment is gone before either of you can decipher it, his hips pushing forward to squeeze his cock through the tight opening you've created for him. “Oh, fuck!” He groans, eyes blown as he watches himself disappear between your breasts. 
“So fucking tight, uh-”
He stills his movements, sucking on tongue pushing it out of his mouth, letting a long line of saliva fall from it – hitting your chest and creating an easier slip for him. Gasping at the foreign feeling, the way he looks spitting on you and so fucked out.
Just the sight of him has a wave of arousal rushing between your legs. His jaw dropped, cheeks hallowed showing off those faint dimples. Needy moans fall from his lips as his thrusts speed up, obviously bringing himself closer to his release.
Usually able to last longer, but it's the way you look underneath him. Like you're seconds from falling apart untouched, the soft moans that fall from your lips. It's enough to push him over the edge. And how selfish would he be to get off like this without doing a thing for you?
Without slowing his thrusts, Jungkook is sliding a hand down the length of your body. Fingers easily finding that sensitive bundle of nerves and rolling it. A jolt of pleasure shoots through your body, hips raising as a loud moan falls from your lips.
“Feels good, Noona?” He says through a laugh and you're nodding your head quickly, legs spreading wider for him. “S-so good, Kookie. Keep going,” You gasp, mouth quickly finding the head of his cock.
Kitten licks wet his skin thrusts growing sloppy as he nears his end. Much closer now with his fingers working between your legs that your legs are tensing just as the first spurts of his load hits your face.
Strained cruses fall from his lips as he moves faster, painting your cheeks with his arousal while his fingers push past your folds helping you ride out your orgasm. His body is soon falling slack over yours, fingers moving slowly in and out of you until you're flinching from overstimulation.
A chuckle falls from his lips when you reach down to bat his hands away, easily slipping his fingers out and moving to lay down beside you. “I didn't think that would feel so good,” Arm over his eyes as he tries to catch his breath.
The sound of your giggle has a large smile tugging on his lips, head lifting so he can take a look at your messy face. “Fuck, you should see yourself.” Could swear you saw his cock twitch at the end of his sentence.
A large hand reaches up to grasp the back of your neck, tugging you down so he's able to kiss you. Tasting himself on your lips and groaning when your hand reaches for his shaft. His laugh breaks the kiss, free hand meeting yours to lace your fingers together.
“Later,” He promises, leaning in to nip at your jaw – slowly making his way up to your ear. “We gotta get Noona all cleaned up for dinner,” Despite his words, he's covering your mouth with his. And you're automatically leaning into him, fingers tangling in his hair.
Tumblr media
It's not until after your very drawn out make-out session, one complete with a handjob that he begged for – after claiming he'd be good without it, are you finally finding a bathroom to shower in.
Ten minutes have been spent underneath the warm spray, most of that time spent washing Jungkook's dried cum from your face and hair. Soft hums fell from your lips as you lathered your body wash (a gift from Yoongi) onto your skin. Not even a full day spent in this house and you were already enjoying yourself more than expected.
It had been a while since the eight of you were together – like all together underneath the same roof for a long period of time. So it was safe to say that you were a bit worried that this week wouldn't go as smoothly as it had been.
There was just something about the outdoors and being together with your boys that made you feel warm. Excited. Ready to hurry up and spend more time with them while you could, before their busy schedule was whisking them away again.
Can't help but feel greedy with all this time that you have and the last thing you want to do is waste a single second of it.
A cool breeze tickles your bum as the shower curtain is being pulled back. Head tilting back to catch the wide grin that's spread across Joon's face. A large hand lifts to push his hair back from his face, head tilting to the side. “Care to share?”
You're scooting forward before the words can even fully leave his lips. He laughs loudly, before stepping into the shower behind you. Chest pressed against your back and you feel the tip of his cock poke against your ass. With a soft moan, you're pushing back against him.
“So greedy,” He chuckles, hand dropping down to grasp your hip as he reaches past you for his soap. “I simply came in here to shower,” You don't even have to look at his face to know he's full of shit and you're more than ready to call his bluff.
Spinning around in his arms, you catch the way his eyes quickly lift – giving way that he had been admiring your backside just moments before. That has a smirk lifting on your lips, hand reaching to rest at the back of his neck. “That so?” The tips of your fingers trail down his flat belly, eyes never leaving his.
“Of course,” Joon takes his lower lip into his mouth, biting down on it as he urges himself to not look away from your face. If the raging hard-on wasn't proof enough, one look at how good you looked wet and soapy through the steam would have him falling apart.
Soft fingers wrap around his length, his body jerking forward at the sudden contact. A hiss falling from his lips that has your eyebrow raising. “Are you sure?” You tease. Joon's rolling his eyes, smiling spreading on his lips as he reaches for your arm – tugging your body against his.
“Nope, I lied.” The sound of your laughter is mixing and filling the empty bathroom, dying into soft sighs as your lips find each other. Joon's hands are reaching back to grip your ass as you stroke him slowly, tongues battling against each other's for dominance that you're all too quickly giving up to him.
His hand is sliding down the curve of your ass until he's able to grasp your thigh, easily lifting it off the tile to wrap around his waist. “We don't have much time before they're wondering where we are,” Words murmured over your lips and you're nodding, guiding his head toward your entrance.
Matching moans fall from your lips as soon as he's filling you up completely. “Joon-” You're ready to beg him, needy even though he's just started. Silently, he's nodding his head at your unspoken plea – dragging his hips back until your walls are squeezing around just the head of his cock.
“Fuck, baby!” Hips snapping against yours, pulling a drawn-out whimper from your lips. Fingers gripped so tight on your leg, you're sure you'll bruise. “You feel so good...” He's whining out, reaching down to lift your other leg off of the ground.
Slow steps taken toward the wall, stopping once he's able to rest your back against it. Jaw clenched as his thrusts speed up, thumbs pressed into your hipbones. Meeting his thrusts with each roll of his hips, feeling his cock slide deeper and deeper inside of you with each push.
Nails clawing at his back, the soles of your feet pressed into his ass – holding him tighter against you. Joon's got his head buried in the crook of your neck, tongue, and teeth attacking your skin – no doubt leaving a mark. All at the same time he's fucking into you with such fervor, body bouncing against the tiled wall with loud thuds – it's more than obvious what you're doing in here.
There's no build up this time, your release catching you off guard. Toes curling and head lolling back as it washes over you. Walls clenched so tight around his shaft that it's quickly thrusting him into his own release, hips stuttering until he's pressed flush against you – spilling his load deep inside of you.
“Shit,” You say with a laugh, body falling slack against his. Limbs still tingling, but you allow him to carefully lower you onto your feet. A dozen kisses are placed on your shoulder as Namjoon moves you to stand underneath the water again.
He completes the shower for you as if your hands have lost function. Delicately washing over your body and rinsing your hair once more before he's wrapping you in a plush towel. Doing the same for himself before leading you into his room where he lends you a pair of his comfy sweats, a large tee shirt to match.
The whole time carrying light conversation, easily making you laugh with his words. His large hand is grasping yours once he's dressed, gently tucking your body into his chest as the two of you make your way down the stairs.
Jimin and Taehyung sit in the game room, starting up a round of karaoke. Jimin sends you one linger stare, dark eyes traveling over your figure swallowed in Namjoon's clothing. Just the look alone has a blush rising on your cheeks. Yet, before you can explore what that look meant – Joon is leading you out of the main house.
The two of you walk hand in hand all the way up to the upper house, where the rest of the members are. Busy in the kitchen preparing dinner for tonight.
“Damn, you look exhausted,” Hoseok is pointing out once he's got a good look at you, a chuckle falling from his lips with the knowledge of just what has you looking so wrecked. “She's been having a lot of fun,” Jungkook says with a wide grin as he passes you, fingers pinching at your bottom.
A surprised yelp leaves your lips that has him laughing, head shaking. He's quick with pulling his attention back to whatever he's supposed to be helping Jin with, Yoongi too focused on the soup he's making to look up.
“We're gonna go rest before dinner,” Joon announces to the busy kitchen, earning scattered nods.
You follow him into one of the rooms, hands pushing at your cheeks as he pulls the door closed behind you. “Do I really look that tired?” Eyes following him as he gets comfortable on the couch, hand patting his lap for you to join him.
“No, you're pretty.” Warmth spreads through your body at the easy compliment, taking up space beside him on the couch. He leans back against the cushions just as your head rests on his knee. Curled up beside him while he opens his book, reading the words out loud to you.
All of a sudden feeling as tired as you're sure you looked, you listen to his soothing voice as sleep slowly takes over.
Tumblr media
- seven days in the forest spent with your seven boyfriends while they film their upcoming reality tv show. there’s no telling what the eight of you will get into when the cameras are off.
⬷ masterlist ⤐
⇝ taglist: @randomkoalablog @smoljams @dee-ehn @jaiuneamesolitaiire @hehehehahahohohuhu @sw33tnight @butterflylion @withlovestudyblr @soulstaes @bangtansonyeondayyyum @samros95 @korkanswers @houseofarmanto @marifujioka @tae165 @uxwi @jinhitwhore @preciouschimine @yeontanie21 @aa-ronpa @taefect94 @lee-karliah @codeinebelle @mochibabycakes @diminieshoe @fuddyize  @soloikeadates @0xmysticx0 @bbyjoonies @amoreguk @tricethecharm @diminieshoe @jayyayyy17 @softlyjins @bangtan-noona @fan-atic-blog@fuck-expectations-people @paradisetaemin @nyamjinnie @lilacdreams-00 @vsugakookie0104 @koostime @la-evforia @betysotelo18 @chocobetterknot @simplysanha @delicategukkie @kookieswithtaeq @jeon-ggukkie @angjeon @bangtansbun @flamboyant-louie @elliemeetsevil @angiexyoung @stonyiscanon @strawberryforever25 @mipetronella @rageyoudamnednerd @hellotherehoneybee @joonies-babyy @mypurplelamp @jikooksgirl19 @sushi-date-ghost @bigimpression @kookiesjoonies @amour-quinn @diamonddia-mond @alterlovess @gemad08 @daydreambrliever @acc3ssdenied @silentlyimpractical @bella-victoria002 @ashleyjoyx @yoooonie @diamonddia-mond @btsbed @sungieshines @thia-aep @taeshuworld @hopiebabie @trynavibewhileicry @illwritetomorrow @kookoo-kachoo @prettxyliies @triviasjms @ratking101 @elephantdoors @feel-like-gold @kelitt @itsponybeaches @alpaca1612 @jeonkookiebangtan @rather-not-sayy @kimsouthjoon @beeeb05 @dreamcatcherjiah @yoongiverse @aethrav @minphanx @studyroy @miinoongi @fangirls94 @catsandstrawberries @jiminsreads @gee-nee @dreamingaboutyousworld @seokjinslittledumpling @meowmeowyoongles @loisje123 @honeyspillings @taehyungsmatcha @kuppyjiminie @kookitykook @rjsmochii @hobidyll​ @jrobmorebangtan​
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taesinferno · a month ago
Tumblr media
summary: kim namjoon was all work work work. he never stopped. he never slowed down. he never took a break. he kept at it like a beast, pushing himself further, going harder and harder, hitting deeper... and he was even more diligent at his actual job! you dont get to the top of the world for nothing. and you were about to find out just how exerting it was.
rate: 18+
pairing: CEO!knj × reader (& a hint of taehyung)
warnings: age gap (41/24) , dom!joon, sub!reader, doggy style, penetrative sex (protected), belt use, harness, heavy makeout, hickies, sensual massage, spitting, clit slapping, spanking, fingering, slight degradation, slight embarrassment, phone exhibitionism, power play (not w yn), slight coercion, crying (again, in a good way 💀 dont look at me)
wc: 4.3k 😳
a/n: whenever i write for joon it always ends up being longer than i plan :/ his power. let me know what you think! + if you want to be tagged, click here.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You had woken up the next morning to an empty bed and breakfast steaming on a tray next to you with a note that read: "in meetings all day. if you need anything, the attendants will take care of it. -H"
You had decided to spend your morning exploring the rest of the boat, only catching a small glimpse yesterday before dinner as Jimin led you through, but it was too fast for you to really have a good look around. Just as you were rounding the corner to where you thought you'd find the deck, you walked right into a sturdy chest, soft satin pressed against your cheek, and a deep chuckle resonating in your human-pillow's chest.
"You okay?" The smooth baritone speaker asked. You looked up to find one of the most handsome faces you've ever seen in your life. It was so dazzling that it slightly startled you; even though you'd met him yesterday, you still weren't used to his ethereal beauty.
"I'm sorry, Mr. Kim," you apologized quickly, dropping your eyes to the floor and stumbling backwards, tucking your hands behind you. "I was looking for the deck, but I got lost."
"Call me Taehyung," he sent you an earth-shattering smile. "I can show you. I have some time before my next meeting."
You nodded eagerly, readily following him as he zig-zagged his way through the (much bigger than you'd originally thought) yacht, trying to keep a mental map of where you were going this time, unlike the last time when you were too distracted by the stupidly handsome stranger guiding you.
"The deck is on the top floor," he explained as he clicked the elevator button of the large red doors standing before you. "There are stairs, but it's way faster this way since we're in the belly of the ship right now."
How did you end up there? You could've sworn there was a window out of Hoseok's room, so you'd somehow confused your way all the way down here. Though, it sure didn't look like what you'd expect a belly of a ship to look like, with its extravagent halls, giant glass doors down the corridor, and the lavish elevator doors that were opening up in front of you, fancy LED lighting up the inside.
"Ladies first," he gestured, holding the door open for you. You scurried in quickly, scooting into the corner near the elevator buttons as he came in after you. You'd expected him to stand a distance away on the other side of the small confining space, but were surprised to find the tall, handsome man towering over you, backing you into the corner. His gaze startled you as he watched you expectantly, tilting his head. You pushed yourself further against the elevator just as he had opened his mouth to say something, unbeknownst to you, clicking almost every button with your body as you turned towards him. The ding of the elevator as it slid shut made you jump, the lit-up buttons on your side catching your attention. Your eyes flew wide as you'd realized what you'd done.
A chuckle left Taehyung’s lips, "I wanted to press the button, but looks like you beat me to it." He backed away, standing a comfortable distance away, leaning against the elevator rail with his arms casually crossed as he waited patiently for the impediments upon your journey upwards to pass.
You, on the other hand, couldn't keep your erratic heartbeat in check from how close he was standing to you before. You'd caught a whiff of his musky cologne, the scent surrounding you as you'd glanced up at him owlishly.
You take in his features now, the beautiful slope of his nose to his strong jaw. The way wisps of his hair fell over his face, the way his crossed arms showed off the perfect fit of his suit. And now that he was far (a few feet) away, you wanted him back into your space.
"...and the pool's pretty big, you'll have to check it out."
You were startled out of your daydream with the expectant look on Taehyung's face, followed by his laugh. Your cheeks burned as you realized he'd been talking this entire time, but you were too busy fantasizing about what those beautiful tinted lips could do rather than what words were coming out of them.
"Looks like something else's got your attention?" He raised his eyebrow, a hint of a cocky grin on his face as he caught you shamelessly staring.
It was like your legs had a mind of their own, moving you across the small space to stand right in front of him, the ding of the elevator opening on another floor irrelevantly behind you. You look up at him, offering no further actions other than yourself, standing here, ready for the taking.
Taehyung didn't hesitate in bending down and pressing his lips into yours, his arm finding its way around your waist as he pushed you backwards, right against those buttons you had clicked earlier, relighting the floors you'd already passed.
You moaned into his mouth as his tongue forced its way in, muffling any noises you were to make. His hands ran down your sides, finding its place on your hip, the other tangled in your hair as he pushed his hips into yours, making you grasp at him wildly with your tiny hands, whining his name.
"That's right, angel. That's my name," He growled lowly as he bent his down to meet your neck, sucking in red spots and grazing his teeth against your skin. You couldn't help another whimper fall out of your mouth, complete disregard for the opening and closing elevator doors on each level. You wrapped your arms around his neck as he marked you up, cornered against the wall. He held you in place, effectively stopping your wriggling in his arms, as he buried his face in your neck. Lewd sounds of his wet kisses and your tiny mewls were the only sound in the small space.
That is until—
"Fucking hell, Taehyung."
Your eyes opened wide at the voice stepping into the elevator, catching a glimpse of his white-streaked hair as he kept himself to the far end of the elevator, hitting door closed with a bored expression on his face.
He levelled his eyes with you, Taehyung still latched to your neck, back turned to the newcomer, as if he hadn't heard a thing. You were caught in a momentary staring contest before he dropped his gaze, opting for running his eyes over your trapped body instead.
You tugged at Taehyung desperately to catch his attention, before he finally yielded and pulled away to admire the blossoming purple spots on your neck. He turned to throw a quick greeting nod to his colleague, to which the elder returned with an eye roll.
"Bang Si-Hyuk's on a conference call with Jin and he asked for you." He drawled monotonously, as if he wasn't delivering the urgent news that just came out of his mouth.
"Oh shit," Taehyung ran a hand through his messy hair, trying to make it presentable again. "Now?"
Yoongi nodded again in confirmation. Luck for Taehyung, the elevator doors chose that moment to land on another floor, dinging open to the floor right above Jin's office.
"I'm sorry, yn. I'll have to show you the deck next time," he called out with a wave of his hand as he practically ran out of the elevator, leaving you with the quiet executive in the corner and a body on fire.
You didn't try any conversation, shifting in the corner and picking at your fingernails as he looked at you, keeping your gaze glued to the floor. Rushing out the door as soon as the elevator door dinged again out onto some unknown level, and away from his curiously alluring eyes.
You roamed the halls of the floor you found yourself on, looking for signs and peeking into rooms for any indication of where you might be, or for someone to give you a clue. You came up pretty much short, no signs pointing you in any direction, and no people to ask.
You were just about to give up and go back to the elevator, hopefully it'd be empty by now. If only you knew where the elevator was. You were ready to run back in circles through the areas you're sure you've already lost your way in until you heard a voice at the end of the hall. You followed the sound until you were stood in front of a large, ornate door that was slightly ajar, allowing the speaker's words to slip through.
"Right, and make sure the lunch is scheduled for Sunday. We need the deal to go through before the start of the next period, so I'd have to meet with them on that day. No later," a pause as (you assumed) the person on the other line responded, "It's none of my concern if that works for them. If they want our partnership, they'll make time."
You pushed the heavy door open, inviting yourself into the room to face the broad shoulders of the man with his back turned to you. His free hand was frantically sorting through a suitcase looking for something, throwing clothes freely around the room, creating a tornado of a mess.
"1pm is fine with me. Put it on the calendar," he ordered. You didn't want to disturb the CEO, he seemed to be extremely busy. But he seemed to practically be the only one on the floor. You'd just ask for quick directions and then you'd be on your way, letting him get back to whatever important business he had to attend to. You shuffled into the room fully, your footsteps catching his attention as he whirred around.
"I'll call you back," he told the person on the other line before hanging up. His next words were directed to you, but still very business-like, "Can I help you with something?"
You nodded quickly, not wanting to take up too much of his time, "Yes sir. Please, I seemed to have lost my way. Could you point me in the direction of the elevator?"
"East or west?" He questioned, throwing his phone onto the side table carelessly as he gave you his full attention. Very professional.
"Uhm..." you looked down timidly under the guise of thinking. You weren't sure. You didn't even know there were two elevators on this boat.
"Down the hall, take a left at the end and another left near the blue doors and you'll see it. Take it up to the deck, and one of our employees can guide you around the boat." He directed with a kind smile. You nodded and stuttered out a quick 'thank you.' Great, now he thought you needed a bodyguard. To be honest, he was probably right.
He turned back to the chaos he was in the middle of creating, running his hand through his pink hair as he tried to relax his frazzled state. He could've sworn his red tie was in this bag. But his wardrobe attendant was on his lunch break, and it would've just been easier if Namjoon found it himself. Or so he thought.
You were ready to leave, body angling away and towards the door, but you couldn't help yourself. He looked so stressed out, in his own little clothes tornado of his frantic making, you'd feel bad if you just left him like this. He needed to relax, even just for a second. There wasn't much you could do, but there was something.
"You're stressed," you blurted out, regaining his attention and a glance over his shoulder in your direction. "I can help... I can give you a massage? I'm pretty good," you rushed out your words before you could stop yourself.
In the pause Namjoon took to consider your offer, your heart almost beat right out of your chest. You wanted to eat your words, take them back. He was taking too long to answer you thought as you bit your lip. He was the CEO, for godssakes! If he wanted a massage, he probably had a world-class masseur on hand. He didn't need someone like you.
You were ready to stutter out an apology, turn tail, and run, but before you could get the words out—
"That's very kind of you, thank you." The relief was evident on his weary face, thankful for a break. One moment where he wasn't running around, where it was someone else doing the work.
He shrugged off his suit jacket, tossing it into the ever-growing pile to the side, his haphazard tie and dress shirt followed. Your eyes were shamelessly glued to the expanse of his back, bronzed skin and rippling muscles across his broad shoulders as he tangled with his belt, pink hair tickling the nape of his neck. You'd forgotten that one key little detail, you thought you watched him undress in front you. That a massage required the nudity of one participating party. The ache in your core and arousal flooding your panties reminding you with fervor that your hands would be running all over this man's body.
When he was down to his boxers, he finally looked over at you, small pout on his handsome face.
"You're not getting undressed?" He inquired.
"Did you want me to?" You piped in surprise, ready to jump into action at his words.
"It's only fair, don't you think? I'll feel a little self-conscious if I'm the only naked one here," he chuckled as he fiddled with the band of his boxers. Right, that made sense. Not really, seeing as that's pretty much how all massages typically went, with the masseur clothed. But you were never a stickler for tradition.
You had just finished pulling your shirt over your head when your heart jumped in surprise at the view of his giant cock, his dick out so suddenly. Boxers kicked away as he layed down on the disheveled bed, shielding his god-given gift away from your eyes. He looked over his shoulder, waiting for you.
You hurriedly threw your shorts off, left only in your undergarments, climbing hesitantly onto the edge of the bed as you tried not to think about how his dick would feel shoved in your tight pussy. Namjoon let out a chuckle at your timid state.
"You're going to keep those on?" He prodded, fiddling with the strap of your bra with his giant hands. You looked down at yourself as if you'd forgotten what you were wearing. "Shouldn't I..." you trailed off, about to ask if he wanted them off when a snapping noise interrupted your thought.
Your bra now dangled from Kim Namjoon's long fingers, dimply smile with a hint of cocksure on his face, "Oops?" He teased, "I'm somewhat of a klutz. My friends like to call me the god of destruction," he explained as he threw your bra over the edge somewhere, moving his hand down to your panties. "Wanna see what else I can destroy?" The double entendre evident as he looked up at you with mischievous eyes and a cocky smile, pretty lips spread wide as he turned slightly towards you, giving you a glimpse of his jacked body and the biggest pecs you've ever seen.
You were way too embarrassed to answer what you really wanted to, opting to look down at your twiddling fingers instead. Namjoon caught on, letting out another beautiful laugh as he turned back into the pillow, easing the tension in the room.
"Lotion's in the second drawer to the right. Do your thing, baby."
You put all the knowledge you'd ever received about massaging (which were pretty much only your friends' reviews throughout your life) into this right now. Namjoon was probably used to the best of everything, so you'd at least try, for him, to get somewhere close to that.
Though, you'd quickly learn this wasn't any routine massage. As Namjoon’s groans grew louder each time you found a knot, doing absolutely the worst for your already ruined panties as heat flooded down to your core, you found yourself sliding further down his waist, your original position, to his perfectly sculpted buttocks.
You didn't miss the way when he turned over, he caused you to slide down, brushing his cock against your clothed underwear as you went, causing a small gasp to escape your lips.
"You seem distracted."
He eyed you tantalizingly, hand propped under his head as he revealed himself to you in all his glory. You were tangled up in yourself next to him, like Bambi, a baby deer just learning how to use your limbs. Your eyes were wide as his gaze traveled down to the wet spot on your panties, tongue peeking out of his mouth.
"Pretty girl," he caressed your jaw with the back of his hand, before grabbing your face in his hands, guiding you closer. You whimpered as he covered your mouth with his, revelling in the butterflies erupting in your stomach as he pushed his saliva into your mouth.
You wanted to indulge, to lose yourself in him, but one tiny voice in the back of your mind made you pull away and whimper, "Namjoon-ssi. We can't."
"We can do whatever we want, baby. You're with me," he excused before leaning back in, but you pushed him away again.
"But Hoseok—Mr. Jung—he'd get upset." you whined, making Namjoon laugh. "Baby, Hoseok's had his turn. It'd be selfish of him to keep you all to himself, don't you think?" You took a minute to think it over, but you didn't have to think long, nodding in agreement. He was right, Hoseok's had you already. And he cared about you, he certainly wouldn't want you to miss out on Namjoon's god-like body, or the way his fat cock would probably split you in half, paired with those dimples and a soft tilt of his head? Of course Hoseok wouldn't want his angel to be deprived of such a thing, he wanted only the best for you.
"He won't mind, I guarantee you," he said, giving you that one last push you needed. Well if the CEO guaranteed it, who were you to refuse?
You let him pull you under him, encompassing your body with his muscular one as he brought his lips back down to yours. Trapped under the CEO as he moved his arm down in between your bodies and found the spot you needed him in most.
"You're fucking soaked. What's got your panties in a twist?" He chuckled as he ripped your panties off you, throwing the shreds somewhere, leaving you completely exposed to him. His hand dipped in, feeling the arousal on his fingers as he curiously explored. "Though, Hoseok sure did a number on you," he nodded at the row of hickies littered all over your neck.
"Uhm, that wasn't..." you started in a small voice, biting the inside of your cheek, "That wasn't Hoseok."
Namjoon lifted his head in surprise to survey you, "Oh." He probably thought you were a whore. Was he even wrong, though?
That didn't deter him from the way he moved his fingers deftly over your clit, playing with your pussy with his huge hand. "Mm, so wet for me baby. What's got you dripping like this, huh? Talk to me."
"Uhm...your...," you struggled to focus, but it was becoming impossible with the way he was rubbing circles in your clit. A harsh slap on your pussy jump-started your brain, words tumbling from your mouth, "Your body, Namjoon-ssi. Your eyes, your big hands, your lips, y-your... your..." you yelped as you felt the subject of your thoughts press against your thigh, "everything about you so big, Namjoon-ssi."
"Yeah? You like it like that? You want to be wrecked by my big everything, don't you," he mocked. You were a sight, writhing beneath him as he turned you into a mess. "You want my fat cock to break you, don't you?"
You let out a whimper, grabbing onto his biceps for steadiness as he slid a finger into your fluttering hole.
"Gotta warm you up, baby. Can't take me just like this, even though I know you want to," he soothed, pumping his fingers in and out of your dripping cunt, moving his way up to fit three into you. You clawed at his arms as he scissored inside you, feeling your walls clenching tighter around him at your impending orgasm. How embarrassing. It hadn't been two minutes and you were already gushing all over his fingers. His kiss muffled your cry of his name, a surprised sound coming from you as he shoved his tongue down your throat.
Now successfully stretched out, he flipped you over propping you up in the position he wanted you in.
"C'mon, hands and knees babygirl," slapping your ass to get you to move faster. Scrambling into position, your limbs trembled from the orgasm he'd bestowed upon you. You tried to keep yourself up, but couldn't help it as you sunk back down into the mattress.
"Get up, princess. Be good for daddy, let's go," prodding you. "I'm gonna fuck you now, okay? You need to get up."
"Can't, daddy," you whimpered. "'m too shaky. Can't get up."
You heard Namjoom tsk behind you as he shuffled around the room. Something cold pressed against your hip before he lifted you up, and tightened the belt around your waist, holding the ends like a harness.
"Baby wants to be lazy. I see how it is. But don't you know, lazy people get punished in this company. We have no room for all that," tearing off a wrapper as he, presumably, slid on a condom, "Guess I'm just gonna have to whip you into shape," as his hand landed a hard spank on your ass cheek.
You cried out, sure his hand print would be permanently marked on your ass from how hard he hit. But you would take it as he rained down hell, you would show him you weren't lazy. You'd be whatever he wanted you to be.
"Are you gonna be good? Are you gonna do what I say? Or are you gonna whine like a little bitch?" You cried out in submission, tears pricking in your eyes. He lined himself up with your quivering hole, aching to be stuffed full and stretched wide. "Yes, sir! I'll do whatever you want. Please."
"Is this all you're good for?" He mocked as he sunk into your cunt, causing your eyes to blow wide open as he set a ruthless pace. "Can't do anything but sit there and take it?"
"B-big...s-so—...." you stuttered out with watery eyes, feeling him in your throat. So big you thought you'd break as he pounded into you from behind. Your hands and knees threatened to give in again, but Namjoon held you up by your harness, like a well-trained animal, one tug had you back at attention.
"That's right, babygirl. You've never had a fat cock like this splitting open this tiny hole have you?" Crude sounds filled the room, Namjoon's grunts loud in your ear as he slammed his hips into yours. He barely gave you a chance to adjust to the stretch, just taking what he needed and leaving your pussy abused and your cervix bruised.
Fuck, you're clenching so tightly around me," revelling in your warm cunt, "Loosen up a bit," he commanded, groping your pussy.
"Namjoom-ssi, sir—p-please. Slow down. I-I can't," you sob, tears falling from your eyes only making his thrusts rougher and his gropes meaner.
He leaned down to your ear, "Are you being lazy again?"
You shook your head frantically, cries shaking your whole body as you took every thrust ripping you in half.
"That's what I thought," he growled, tilting your head back to meet his eyes with your soaked ones. He opened your mouth forcibly with his hands, dripping a glob of saliva down your throat before commanding you to swallow.
A buzzing from the side of the bed caught your attention, feeling the vibrations tingle up your body before Namjoon retrieved it, glancing at the caller ID briefly before sliding the phone to answer.
"Hello?" Your eyes widened, cheeks burning at the person on the other line hearing the lewd slaps and pants from the reckoning you were receiving. How was he just gonna answer the phone now?
You tried to bury your face in the sheets to muffle your crying, but you didn't think it mattered much as Namjoon let out a series of loud grunts before speeding up to inhuman pace, your voice caught in your throat as he fucked into a stuttering silence, tears streaming down your face in pleasure.
"Fuck yeah," he growled, kneading your ass in his hands as he held you wide open, stuffing his cock in your cozy hole. You'd assumed he was off the phone as he'd stopped responding to whoever was on the other line, and you were secretly thankful for the regaining the privacy of your moans.
His hips stuttered as he opted for long, languid strokes hitting deeper instead, his voice rumbling in his chest even deeper than his cock.
You let out a wail as he pulled out and threw the condom to the side, pumping himself to completion over your used body. You felt his cum splatter all over your ass, painting you in his seed. You wanted to move, to let your screaming limbs finally have their well-deserved rest, but he held you in place. Assuming the phone call was over, though, you were desperately wrong.
"I look forward to seeing you Sunday, Suho-ssi. We'll talk more then."
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sh. | ot7 | chapter four
Tumblr media
PAIRING ot7 x reader
RATING Explicit.
GENRE smut. fluff. angst. nonidol au. wildnerness au. roommates au. friends to lovers.
SUMMARY Six months of quarantine have kept you apart. Somehow the distance sparks something new in each of you: questions, unfinished conversations, threads once chased now left cold. So when your roommate invites you to come with him to a mysterious house in the mountains with your friends, how could you even think of saying no?
WC 3.6k
TAGS: digging into some angst in this chapter. makeout. pining. conversation about sex. explicit language. dirty talk. 
AN It has been a while since I’ve updated and I wanna thank you all so much for your patience and support while I worked on some other projects. Now that we’re up and running again, I’m hoping to go back to our regular schedule. 
Thank you with 2 million hugs to @hesperantha who beta’d this chapter and who asked me all the right questions when I freaked out about the characters earlier this month. Seriously, without your brain and support I truly don’t know where this series would be. While Lil is also an incredible beta reader, she is also an incredible author. If you haven’t read her work, please check it out because I LOVE IT. 
Also, here’s a moodboard for this chapter. 
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chapter four
January 2020
“This summer is going to be everything.“
He leans into you. Hard. For a second you think he might tip so far into you that he will take you both down in his drunken revelry. But then he is pushing off of you, twirling into the street and leaving you dumbstruck on the sidewalk, spreading his arms wide to the dark January sky and hollering: “Everything!”
You can’t help but let the laughter roll through you as you jog towards him, tugging him away from the bright headlights that are creeping down the city street towards you both.
“Come here. Don’t be stupid.” He lets you pull him wherever you want him, but still cuts back:
“But like, that’s our thing. You and me. We’re stupid together. We wouldn’t even be friends without all the dumbassery.”
He loops his arms over your shoulder, tugging you into his side where you fit like a puzzle piece. You take a deep breath, smelling that all-too familiar scent. For whatever reason, it makes your heart beat just a little bit slower.
“We would be nothing without our insolence,” you agree, but he’s already moved on, throwing his head back to look up at the dark, frozen sky.  
“Phew, I’m not going to remember any of this tomorrow,” he drawls. “But I’m too excited to wait to tell you: I have it all planned.”
“What’s all planned?”
“The summer.”
“Oh. Tell me.”
“Step one. We quit our jobs.”
“After saving up a little bit of money.”
“Of course.”
“And then we find the cheapest flight to the most beautifulest place. And we go there.”
“And what will we do there?”
“Explore, of course. We’ll do everything there is to do. Make some friends. Eat good food. Wake up and watch the sunrise and fill the day with every single whimsy. And then when we’re tired and bored of that sunrise, we’ll go somewhere else.” He’s stumbling over his words, just as he stumbles a little clumsily over his feet. You laugh. Hold onto him tighter.
“Where will we go?”
“Details babe, details.”
“Alright. And we can go to the beach? I’ve been dying to see the ocean for months.”
“We’ll go anywhere your sweet heart desires.”
“And we’ll stuff our faces with whatever we want?”
“And we’ll only do the things we actually want to do, not just the things we think we should do because we’ll only be there once?”
“I’m in,” you grin. “I like your loosely shaped plan.”
“My speciality.”
“God, I need it,” you sigh. “I need something to change around here.”
“Summer always changes everything, doesn’t it?” he laughs.
“I can’t wait for summer.” You pull away from him just enough to twirl, arms spread wide. “I! Can’t! Wait! For! Summer!” He laughs at you and reaches for your hand, intertwining with you just in time to pull you back from tripping into the street. You laugh as he pulls you back towards him. The giddy feeling swimming through you almost reminds you of July heat. “I just don’t know how we’re going to convince a friend group of eight to all quit their jobs.”
“Maybe it doesn’t have to be all eight of us.”
“True,” you shrug. “I can’t even imagine a single way we could pull Yoongi away from this city.”
“What I mean is—” He pulls you in then, close to his chest. “We could go… Just the two of us.”
“Why?” you giggle, bringing your hand up to tug on his lopsided jacket collar. “We have so many lovely friends, I can’t imagine doing something this stupid without at least inviting them!”
“It could be an us thing,” he says softly.
You look up at him. Really look at him.
Cheeks pink from dancing and too many drinks. Chest rising steadily but quicker than usual. You know this. You know this well. You know him. But the hazy look of drunken revelry has quieted in his gaze, and instead his eyes shine clear and serious.
“An us thing?” you whisper. In a moment, sound has suddenly taken on too much weight, as if the wrong word, fallen from your lips, will shift everything.
Lips. Lips.
That’s all you can think.
The dramatic arch of his cupid’s bow, the natural pink glow, the falling slope of his lip — and without thinking, you are falling towards him too, pressing yourself close to his chest, as if a cold wind had swept you there.
Magnetized. That’s how you’ll describe it to yourself later. Drawn in. Looking back at it, you’re not sure who started it, who really leaned in to close the final distance.
But then his lips are on yours, warm and soft and holding the weight of a thousand questions — and you realize you’ve been ravenous. You didn’t know the hunger within you until he’s touched you like this — his hand coming up to cup your cheek, his arm wrapping tight around your waist and pressing you firm against his torso as if he might lose you if he lets go. It opens itself up inside you like a yawning thirst, only growing larger in the same moment it’s sated by his hand tangling in your hair, his mouth pressing against yours, his tongue teasing the plush of your lips, your bodies moving desperately towards one another.
He is at once furious and careful with you. His tongue exploring your mouth, sloppily biting down on your lower lip, swallowing the whimper that slips from your throat — and then with all of the gentleness in the world, his thumb drawing a swirl on your cheek, brushing a stray strand out of your face, him, sighing against you. The coldness of the world pushes in on you two and yet all you can taste is July sunshine radiating off of every inch of him.
You want more.
Air, breath. Need it.
You pull away, sucking in the air so cold it burns your lungs. That’s when you see it: confusion blossoming in his eyes.
“Oh no,” you whisper. “I’m sorry, I-”
“That wasn’t supposed to happen,” he murmurs, his mouth still so close to yours that you feel the brush of his words against your lips even as your stomach drops. Acid burning through you. Hunger squashed.
Before he can say anything else, you turn away from him, shame flushing your cheeks.  
“No. I guess not.” You gather up every ounce of strength in the mess of confusion in your chest and turn back to him. Smile softly. “It’s okay.”
He looks dumbfounded.
“What I mean is—”
“I know.”
“You know?”
“It wasn’t supposed to happen. It’s okay,” you say, your voice just a little too cheery. You can’t bear to look at him like this. Brow furrowed, reading your face so intently. “We should get a taxi,” you murmur. “It’s… late.”
“We should get a taxi,” he echoes back to you.
You stand in silence while you wait.
When you want to watch him look out the taxi window, you remind yourself that you are now in the space of navigation. Of figuring out. You squeeze your eyes shut. Dig your nails into your palm. Shouldn’t have let go like that, you scold yourself. Your only hope: the small voice reminds you what he had said earlier.
I’m not going to remember any of this.
Halfway home, he reaches across the seat and without looking at you, grabs your hand from your lap. You suck in a surprised breath, but he’s careful. Gentle. With his thumb, he smoothes over the little divots in your hand where your nails dug in. He hums something familiar.
When the taxi pulls up in front of his building, you force yourself to look at him. He’s smiling again. You know this. You know him. Nothing has to change. You smile. Blow him a kiss.  
“Goodnight, Hobi.”
“Goodnight, darling.”
And with that, he climbs out of the cab.
“Can you wait for just a moment?” you ask the driver. You watch Hobi disappear into the front door and you wait until you see the familiar orange glow of his living room light turn on before leaning forward to the driver and giving him the address.
“Home for the night?” he asks.
“No, a friend’s.”  
You give the address. You send the text. As the cab pulls away from the curb, something white flutters outside of your window. The first snow of the year.
Tumblr media
Autumn 2020
You have never, not once in your life, wished to be a person who knows anything at all about birds.
But as the sweet song of some small creature drifts in through the walls of the house over breakfast, you wish you had a name for the thing, for the little spark of joy that lights in your chest amidst all the confusion.
Your eyes are glued to the steam rising steadily from your mug, curling through the morning, swirling through the quiet, only broken by birdsong and the quiet chewing of your friends. At least until you a voice cuts through the silence.
“God how long has it been since I’ve had sex? I could really use a fucking right now.”
Your gaze shoots to where Yoongi sits at the head of the table, one leg hooked over the arm of the chair as he swirls a half-eaten piece of toast through the air.
“Like a nice, good, long fuck. Well— I take that back. A fast and furious fuck would also be much appreciated right now. And probably a little more realistic.”
Yoongi pushes back in his chair, gazing off past his seven friends, frozen in various positions of eating breakfast, out towards the arc of the mountains beyond the wall-sized window.
“You know, with all this time on my hands, I actually started writing my own porn,” Yoongi muses, with a note sweet and quiet, as if he is speaking only with himself rather than over a half-eaten meal in a public setting. He takes another bite, his words now garbled. “Much better than searching for videos. When you write it yourself, you can get it just right.” He nods at Jin who chokes on a mouthful of maple syrup and pancakes.
“Wab—” He swallows, shaking his head. “Why are you looking at me?!”
Yoongi laughs. “True. Out of all of us you’ve got the least use for porn. At least you’ve had Taehyung through all this—”
“We don’t live together,” Taehyung cuts in.
“Not yet,” Jin grins.
“I legitimately live in your apartment and you thought I’ve been fucking Jin through quarantine?” Taehyung asks Yoongi incredulously.
Yoongi shakes his head and waves his hand dismissively towards the taller man. “Who knows. Sexting. Robot sex. Maybe you had Jin scale the building and climb in through your window.”
Taehyung blinks back at him. “You think my boyfriend scaled the glass exterior during a pandemic to get to our 14th floor apartment for a fuck?”
“A damn good fuck if I do say so myself,” Jin says.  
Yoongi ignores him and turns his attention to his next victim. “And Namjoon, he’s been lucky enough to have you—” Yoongi points his gaze towards you.
“Excuse me?!” Namjoon coughs, sputters on his cup of coffee.
“Yoongi!” Hoseok calls out. “What the hell are you on?”
Jungkook leans over to you. “Maybe he’s tryna put something in the air.”
“Maybe he’s smelling something in the air,” you cut back, ruffling a hand through his tousled hair.
“What, like my cum dripping down your leg?” Jungkook hits, the low whisper brushing like the blade of a knife against the sensitive flesh of your ear. It’s then that you feel his fingertips brushing against your knee, trailing higher and higher until he toys at the hem of his own shirt that you’re still wearing. “Did you keep me inside you? Hm?”
Hoseok’s eyes flicker over to you and you shove Jungkook away from you. His hand stays on your thigh though, tracing lazy circles.  
Yoongi continues, ignoring the mumbles from around the table. “You know. You two have a built-in fuck system right in that cute little apartment of yours.”
You and Namjoon turn to gape at him.
“Don’t tell me the two of you have never done anything.”
You shake your head. Yoongi scoffs.
“Nothing? You two are constantly ogling each other — as if you’re trying to commit each other’s bodies to memory — and you still haven’t fucked?”
Ogling? You glance over at Namjoon whose cheeks are flushing furiously. He shoves a large fork of breakfast in his mouth. Obviously Yoongi’s got it wrong.
Jimin comes gliding in from the kitchen, a fresh pot of coffee balanced carefully.
“What did I miss?”
“I was just thinking…”
“Everyone should fuck,” Yoongi drones, that bored tone back in his voice as he shovels another bit of breakfast into his mouth.
“Oh, what an interesting thought,” Jimin grins, sliding into his seat on the other side of you and propping his chin up with his hand. “Tell me more.”
“Oh my god this really is so exciting,” Jungkook whispers into your ear.
“Shut up,” you hiss. “Let the man speak.”
That’s when you feel another hand sliding up your thigh. Jimin. You suck in a deep breath and do your best to banish the thoughts spiraling in your mind as you turn your attention towards Yoongi, even as you can see Jimin smiling like a damn fool in your peripheral vision, a look of innocence painted on his face.
No fucking wonder you thought he was some kind of sub. The man loved playing his duality.
“All I’m saying is we should consider it,” Yoongi continues, his eyes flashing towards you. As you look around the table, all seven men have their eyes trained on Yoongi. Interest. Curiosity. Hesitation. Question. The emotions flicker across their faces as if mixing in water. “Eight friends. One house. So many months of being off our game. You can’t deny that the sexual tension has built up to a peak.”
“I think it’s a fabulous idea,” Jimin says.
“I…” Jin looks at Taehyung and reaches over to squeeze his arm. “I don’t have a problem with it, but also unannounced at breakfast - and advocating for such a drastic change in our relationship—”
“At such an early hour in the morning—” Taehyung adds.
“—Is quite a surprise.”
“It’s 11am, hyung,” Namjoon says. “It’s hardly that early.”
A tense but curious silence drapes over the table as each of you look around, gaging where the others might stand.
“We shouldn’t,” Hobi says, his voice quiet, and everyone turns towards him.
“Why?” Yoongi asks. “Even you have said to me in the past that you wanted to fuck—”
“That was a private conversation.”
Yoongi’s eyes glimmer with mischief but he’s not one to spill secrets so he shuts his mouth.
“Why shouldn’t we?” Taehyung chimes in.
“For one, we’re all friends.”
“Friends fuck,” Yoongi says.
“Friends do fuck,” Jungkook adds.
“Well, maybe they shouldn’t. What if… what if something happens. If someone gets hurt. If someone — something — gets complicated.” Hobi’s voice wavers at the end.
“Even if that’s the case,” Jin says softly, reaching out to put a hand on Hobi’s arm, “We’ve worked through these kinds of things as a friend group before. Easily. With a lot of maturity and grace. Complication, you might find, is not the end of the world. It can be—” He smiles at Taehyung. “A delight.”
“Ugh, hyung, we’re having a serious conversation,” Jungkook huffs. “Save the sap for later.”
Hobi continues. “So yeah. We’re all friends. But two, my second point: how do we even know that anyone is even interested in anyone else?”
There’s something strange swirling in his eyes. Like he only half believes the fight he’s putting up.
Jimin scoffs. “I might add something interesting to this conversation,” he says, leaning back in his chair. The eyes of the group turn to his relaxed figure as he draws out the silence for dramatic effect. “As your friend, as each of your friends, desire is not the issue.” He laughs like he knows something the rest of you don’t.
“What the hell is that supposed to mean,” Namjoon asks.
“What it means is that as the group confidant I’ve heard things from each of you that not only suggest but confirm that there is enough mutual desire in this house to power the entire country for a century.”
A chorus of soft “oh’s” echoes around the table.
“Just think about it, won’t you?” Yoongi asks Hobi, who nods.
Jin raises his eyebrow and stands. “Well, I’d like to suggest we all take a day to think about it. See where we stand. And then come back to talk about it, let’s say — tomorrow. At dinner.”
The table echoes with agreement and people begin to stand to clear their plates.
“One last thing—” Yoongi calls out, his gaze meeting each of the men around the table before falling to yours. “We should remember that something like this doesn’t need to be extraneously complicated. Alright?”
You nod, knowing his words are meant for you more than anyone else in the room.
Tumblr media
January 2020
You don’t want to watch Hobi’s house disappear in the distance behind you as the taxi pulls away from the curb and begins to make the journey towards the heart of the city. Instead, you grit your teeth and watch your message flicker from sent to delivered to read. The response appears a second later.
1 new message: Door’s open. You know the code?
You smile to yourself and click the phone shut as you slip it into your pocket.
For once, you are grateful that the driver isn’t particularly talkative. As the car speeds through the city you do your best to focus on the way the buildings blur by. You try to memorize the second-long portraits of people on the sidewalks with bright eyes and frost-nipped cheeks and laughter that clouds in the air. Arms slipped through elbows and faces pressed close together. You try not to think of tonight. Try not to memorize it. Try not to pour over every detail of it.
But how could you not?
The way he had felt against you. His hands gracing so lightly over your skin, thumb pressed gingerly against your cheek. The careful softness he had treated you with and the edge of his own hunger for you that you thought you had tasted on his lips—
But he had told you otherwise. Not supposed to happen.
Perhaps it was only your own hunger you tasted, reflected back at you. In the end though, you think you’d rather not know, so you let the fog of uncertainty slip over the memory instead. Let it blur the details just like the speed of the car blurs the buildings that pass you by.
When you arrive, you wave off the driver with a friendly gesture and turn towards the flashy skyscraper before you. You stand there for a moment, looking up at the towering mass.
Snowflakes blur your vision, and you blink a couple of fat flakes out of your eyelashes as you watch them fall like stars towards you. With a sigh, you wipe the water from your eyes and head towards the entryway, the doorman nodding and calling your name in a friendly hello.
“Back again,” he hums, his voice graveled.
“Back indeed,” you smile as he opens the door for you. “How could I ever stay away?”
“He’ll be happy to see you. He’s always happy to see you.”
Across the lobby. Up the elevator to the fourteenth floor. You punch the code into the keypad like you have a thousand times and let yourself in. The living room is dark and empty.
“Hello?” you whisper.
“You sounded weird in your text,” a voice calls from the other room.
You shuck your shoes off and pad into the living room.
“In here!” You follow the sound of the voice towards the bedroom, already shucking off your jacket and tossing it on the couch. “I heard you went out dancing with Hobi. Did something happen?”
“Kinda.” You lean against the doorway.
He spins around in his chair, his eyes raking over you as the glare of the double computer screens behind him glows blue, framing his silhouette. “You look nice.” You smile, but it doesn’t reach your eyes and he notices. “What happened?”
“I don’t wanna talk about it.”
“Okay then, what do you want to—”
Before he can finish his sentence, you’re plopping down in his lap, arms lacing around the back of his neck. He pulls in a sharp breath.
“Just fuck me, will you?” You press your lips to his chin, nibbling along his strong jawbone, kissing along the soft swell of his cheek. His hand comes up to rest on your hip, fingers digging into the flesh of your belly and you hiss and tilt your head so that your lips meet his ear. “Fuck me. Distract me. Make me orgasm until I can’t remember anything about tonight except your cock.”
A grin spreads across his face.
“As you wish,” Yoongi says.
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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honeymoonjin · 2 years ago
Cum! BTS - ot7 x reader smut
Tumblr media
A/N: hello and welcome to the kinkiest thing I’ve ever written... As a personal celebration for being accepted into the btssmutclub, I’ve broken my own self-imposed two-week hiatus to present to you this: an episode of Run! BTS in which the seven members compete to see who can make you cum first. (4.5k)
Special thanks to @jeonau for the title, I owe you my life vi xx
This is a part one (Jimin and Yoongi only in this chapter), so keep an eye out for the second half! Warnings for sexually explicit content: a lot of mentions of sex toys and sexual content, exhibitionism/voyeurism, sensory deprivation, bondage, face fucking (not sure if this is the right term sorry, f giving), multiple orgasms, oral (f receiving), spanking, manhandling, dirty talk, fisting, controlled orgasm, subspace, aftercare (phew!)
Part two can be found here
“Oh, what’s this?”
You bite your lip to hold back a smile at the unconvincing tone in Hoseok’s voice. That boy could never lie. Of course, they were all told as usual to act like they hadn’t heard of the episode’s concept before, but you’d already met with them multiple times to arrange it.
You let yourself zone out with a pleasant look on your face as the rules of the game were read out. It was simple; each member was competing to see who could make a girl orgasm the fastest, and you were the chosen victim. It was part of a three-part series on relationships, seeing which member of the world’s biggest boyband was the best boyfriend material. The fans hadn’t seen those episodes yet, as they were slated for a later release, but the producer had let you sneak into the editing booth a couple of days ago to catch up. The first part was based on romantic gestures; cooking competitions, picking out the most meaningful flowers, date ideas. This was the second part, and apparently seeing how well they were with kids was the third.
When you hear your name being called, you tune back in to the conversation and lift a hand, waving shyly. “Hello everyone, my name is Y/n, please take care of me.”
“We sure will be,” Jungkook jibes loudly, clapping hands with the eldest to his right who cracks up at the joke.
“Yes, Y/n, how are you feeling?” Namjoon asks politely, resting a large palm on your shoulder gently.
Your cheeks flush a little. “I’m excited. Curious to see who wins!”
The producer waves his hand behind camera to catch all of your attention before speaking further. “To help with your task today, each of you will be given an item that can be used on Y/n, but some will be more advantageous than others. In addition, any of you can use your hands or any part of your face.”
Jimin pouts. “Wait, can we not fuck her properly?”
“Only one member can use their cock, but that member has to go last.”
The guys surrounding you let out noises of consideration. “Using our cocks will definitely be an advantage,” Yoongi reasons, “especially if you’re big like Taehyung or Namjoon,” Yoongi breaks off and dodges when Jin kicks out at him for not mentioning him among the well-endowed members, “but if you go last, she might be too tired to come quickly.”
“Mm, it’s a hard choice,” Hoseok agrees. “Producer-nim, how to we choose who gets what toy?”
“Ooh, I get to choose, don’t I?” you pipe up. “Well, I get to choose the order that you pick the items in, and then each member can choose from what’s there.”
“That’s correct,” the producer affirms. Everyone’s eyes widen as a table is rolled out by two workers, filled with ten different objects. “The items to choose from are; lubricant, a dildo, nipple clamps, a paddle, a blindfold, rope, a ribbed condom, a vibrator, a ball gag, and one envelope which contains a mystery item. Y/n, you can begin naming the order.”
You bite your lip and glance at the guys on either side of you. “I want to say first, that there are some things there I like more than others, so even if I choose you early, you have to pick something I’ll actually like.”
“What do you like, then?” Jin asks.
You shrug. “You’ll have to find out. Why don’t you pick first, then, Jin?”
The other members ooh and aah as Jin approaches the table, hovering his hands over each item like a fortune teller and glancing back at you to read your expression. Disappointed when you remain with a nice-enough but neutral smile on your face, Jin sighs and turns around to properly choose.
“I think I’ll play it safe since I have the choice from all of them. I’ll go with vibrator.”
You wiggle your eyebrows teasingly at him, then return to the other six. “Hm, I think Yoongi is the strategizer among you, so I’m curious to see what he would pick.”
You subconsciously clench your thighs a little tighter together when he looks slightly up at you through his eyelashes and narrows his brows teasingly. He flicks his tongue out to lick his lips and walks over to the table.
After a few quiet moments of contemplation on Yoongi’s end, Jimin huffs loudly. “Hyung, this is a variety show, please say your thoughts out loud to the cameras or it’s no fun!”
Yoongi rolls his eyes but dutifully turns to the nearest camera, staring disdainfully down the barrel as he addresses the members. “I don’t want to give you guys all my secrets and theories. I want you to make bad decisions so that I win. I’ll take rope.”
You try to school your expression, but you can’t help but flush when he picks it up in his hands, and snaps it taut between them, the resounding crack of tension sending shockwaves right down to your quickly dampening core.
Yoongi chuckles at your slight flinch. “Ah, I chose well,” he gloats.
You clear your throat and swallow, eyes flickering up as you think through who should go next. “Taehyung, you’ve been awfully quiet, why don’t you have your pick?”
The maknae lifts his head up in surprise, fixing his hair under his cap and fiddling nervously with the zip on his jacket pocket as he approaches the table. “Uhh… ribbed condom?”
The other guys immediately hoot and cheer for him. Yoongi laughs, shoulders shaking. “The ribbed condom is only worth it if it’s on your cock. Taehyungie wants to fuck her!”
The man in question blushes and shuffles past you without making eye contact, but you reach out and gently pinch his bright red cheek as he walks by. “He’ll just have to hope nobody else wants to fuck me too,” you tease.
“Oh, everybody here wants to fuck you,” Namjoon explains matter-of-factly, “but this is a game, Y/n, and we’re all determined to win.”
“Go on and choose then,” you say lightly, “show me how you plan to win.”
Namjoon smiles languidly, in his element now that there was a decision to be made. “Well,” he begins, slowly strolling over to the dwindling supplies on the table, “at this point I’m sure you’re wet enough that lube is a waste of an item. Blindfold isn’t necessary, because I could just as easily push your face into the carpet so that you couldn’t see me anyway, and both butt plug and dildo seem like good options, but… You have several restraints, a paddle and nipple clamps on there. Seems like you want a little pain with your pleasure. I think the mystery item will be your personal favorite choice. I choose mystery item.”
You raise your eyebrows with a smile. Truth be told, you have no idea what’s in that envelope. Your favorite things to play with are already on that table. Namjoon takes the envelope and returns to his spot, slipping it open and pulling out the card. He reads it once, reads it again, and tips his head back, sighing in disappointment.
“Dammit,” he curses, flipping it around to show the rest of you as well as the camera, “cock ring.” You all crack up and he shoots you and the others a glare. “And we have to use the item? Great, this won’t be at all helpful unless I’m fucking her. Okay, I want to put my name down for going last too.”
Taehyung pouts and looks down at the silver packet in his hands nervously. “Producer-nim, what do we do if multiple people want to fuck her?”
“Once everyone chooses, then I’ll tell you,” the man answers simply. “Y/n, who’s next?”
As the options dwindle down, it becomes less about who you want to go first and more about who you want to leave until last with few options left. “Next can be-”
“Please, noona, let me choose!” Jimin blurts out, clasping his sweater paws together and pleading with his soft eyes.
“-Hoseok,” you finish, and Jimin cries out in annoyance and collapses onto the floor, throwing his arms up dramatically.
“Shit, Jiminie,” Hoseok says as he makes his way over, “she’s gonna leave you ‘til last now. Ooh, what to choose?” He tucks his chin into the flesh between his thumb and forefinger in a cliché thinking pose and pouts his lips slightly as he considers. “I think Namjoon was right, and since he chose the mystery item, I’m going to go with nipple clamps.”
Your eyes widen slightly. “Oh, I did not expect that!”
Hoseok pauses, the chains between the two clamps still swinging in front of him after he picked them up. “What? Did I make the wrong choice?”
You just shrug ambiguously. “No comment. You’ll see when it’s your turn.”
You turn back to the group when a hand tugs on your own. Jimin is practically swinging from you like a child. “Noona, please let me choose! There’s nothing good left, noona please!”
You pat his head. “Okay, then, Jiminie, go choose.”
He smiles sweetly at you and bounces over to the table, running his hands over what’s left. “Um, I think I’ll do blindfold.” He picks up the black silk and turns back to you, eyes crinkling shut in another soft smile when you nod at him proudly.
“Well!” Jungkook announces loudly. “It’s my turn now, finally, and I’ll admit I’m surprised no one has chosen the obvious option.” He struts over and, without hesitation, selects the butt plug.
“Is everyone done?” the producer questions the group, but Jungkook shakes his head.
“And,” he continues meaningfully, sending Taehyung and Namjoon shit-eating grins, “I want to put my name down for getting to fuck Y/n.”
“Hey!” Namjoon exclaims. “We have shit items, Jungkook, respect your elders!”
Jungkook just shrugs smugly. “You should’ve chosen better, hyungs. Producer-nim, what do we do to be chosen?”
The producer laughs silently off-camera at his antics, then sobers up. “A game of rock paper scissors, one round.”
The tension in the air rises yet again as the three face off. “Rock, paper, scissors!” Jin yells on their behalf, inching forward to see the results before laughing boisterously.
Taehyung and Namjoon are both holding out scissors, with Jungkook in between them sticking out a fist. Jungkook won.
Taehyung pouts and steps forward to the production team. “Producer-nim, that’s not fair, he shouldn’t get to use his cock when he’s already got a good item. It should go to Joon-hyung or I! How are we gonna get Y/n off now?”
The producer just shrugs, and Taehyung gloomily stomps back to his place in line, letting Jimin wrap his arms around Taehyung in a consoling embrace. “Now,” the producer continues, “Jungkook is seventh place, but the rest of the order has to be decided. Please pull a card out of the bucket and wait to reveal it to the camera all at once.”
Obediently, the remaining members shuffle forward, and each take a folded-up card, gripping the edges in anticipation of revealing them. “One, two, three!”
Some are overjoyed, others are disappointed, but the producer calmly speaks over them, “the order is as follows, from first to last: Jimin, Suga, RM, J-hope, V, Jin, and finally Jungkook.” Out of his announcer-style voice, the producer stands up and gives more instructions on the room change.
You’re all led to a decently large bedroom set, with a bed in the middle, the items all lined up in order of use on a long side-table at the edge of the room, and all of you standing in front of it, you at the head of the group. As instructed, you’d also taken off your top layer of clothes to now be standing in the white matching lace lingerie set you had been given earlier. It was a little chilly in the room, resulting in a smattering of goosebumps on your arms and thighs, but no doubt it would heat up soon enough.
The production team are spread out on two walls of the room, the foot of the bed and the side across from you, and the producer lets you know one final instruction before you begin. “We’ll be timing each member, and the two fastest get a reward. Everyone else has to serve a penalty. Each time Y/n orgasms, she gets 60 seconds to recover before the next member takes over.”
Your eyes widen in shock. That part had not been told to you before. Your toes curled in anticipation at the thought of it. You clear your throat. “Jimin is up first; where do you want me to go?”
“Lie down on the bed on your back,” he commands, but still in a gentle tone, “I’ll help you put the blindfold on. Wait-” he breaks off and glances over to the producer, “when exactly does my time start?”
“The moment you touch her,” the producer replies.
Jimin chucks you the blindfold. “Put it on yourself, then.”
You catch it and stare at him, mouth open. “Rude. Okay, then.” You obediently lie down on the bed, scooting up so that your feet are fully on the mattress, and knot the blindfold behind your head, adjusting it so that it doesn’t pinch at your hair. “Ready.”
The pressure of fabric over your eyes makes it better just to close them, and in the pitch-black darkness you’re left in, another wave of goosebumps runs over you.
Quietly enough that you know he was hoping you’d miss it, Jimin whispers in the direction of the production team. “Okay, start.”
You bite your lip, toes wiggling slightly in anticipation, but instead of the light, teasing touches you were expecting from the sweet Jimin, your ankles are latched on to and you squeak as he tugs you down the bed roughly, legs falling over the edge and your pelvis smacking against his crotch.
The sound of his chuckle is drowned out by the laughter and teasing of his hyungs. “Shut up,” he hisses over to them, “it needs to be quiet so that she doesn’t know what’s coming next.”
Unable to stop yourself from laughing in the ridiculous situation, you silently chuckle, shoulders shaking slightly.
“Oh, good going, Jimin, she’s real into it!”
“Stop it, Jin-hyung! Producer-nim, tell them to be quiet!”
The gruff voice of the producer reaches your sensitive ears. “One minute, 46 seconds.”
“Fuck.” Without another moment of hesitation, a hand, cold from the air-con in the room, is slipping under your panties and tugging them down. “I can use anything but my cock, right?”
It feels more and more to you like you’re not even part of the situation, and instead of the blindfold doing its job, you feel like it’s just making you dissociate. “Jimin-ah, I need you to do something,” you whisper softly into the blackness.
Your request is honored by a gentle nip on the very inner seam of your left thigh. You gasp and hear a delicate giggle before you receive the same treatment on your other leg. “Jimin,” you sigh, pushing your head back into the soft duvet as you feel him suck one of your folds into his mouth, cleaning you up. You groan as he continues his ministrations everywhere between your legs except where you need him most. Your hips begin tilting up, seeking more.
You freeze when he suddenly plunges two fingers deep inside you. You know Jimin has small hands, yet the angle is far better than anything you could ever reach on yourself, and by skipping straight to two fingers he’s giving you that satisfying slight stretch.
“Oh, yes, that’s it,” you breathe as he finally begins actually trying to make you cum. The other members have been kind enough to fall silent, and the only sounds in the room are your panting and the squelch of your juices as he fucks you with his fingers, pushing upwards to grind against the underside of your pelvic floor for more divine friction. “Jimin, Jimin, ah!” Perhaps it’s the excitement of knowing that there are at least twenty people watching, and cameras filming you, or perhaps it’s the fact that you haven’t gotten off in a week, but Jimin’s actual efforts are sending you to the edge embarrassingly fast.
It’s not until you’re almost there that you realize your hands, which so far have been clutching tightly at the sheets, are actually free to roam, and you slide one down and wind your fingers in his hair, pushing his face back onto you. He laughs lowly against you, and the vibration makes your breath catch in your throat, but he opens his mouth and places an open kiss over your clitoral hood, flicking his tongue under and around your clitoris with just enough pressure to make your hips start up again. “Fuck, I’m close, keep going, just let me…” Jimin continues to lick and suck and finger you as you grind up against his face with steadily heavier breathing.
In a few more moments of you fucking his face, Jimin slips in a third finger on his next thrust, and the wider stretch tips you over the edge. Your legs tuck in, thighs locking around his head as he continues to lap at your clit and curl his fingers inside you. You arch your back, jerking as waves of pleasure slowly subside into periodic twitches, and you finally slacken your legs, letting him pull away.
As you try and catch your breath, you hear Jimin excitedly asking for his time, then whining angrily when it’s longer than he wanted, blaming the other members for teasing and distracting him at the start.
The blindfold is slipped off of you, and you squint up at the figure blocking the light in front of you. Yoongi. “On your hands and knees,” he commands roughly, the weight of the bed shifting as he sits back on his heels and waits for you.
Tiredly, you lift yourself up, aware there wasn’t much time between members. On your hands and knees, you feel yourself coming back to full awareness. It was a good orgasm, but it was more of an appetizer than a full meal. And you imagined Yoongi would deliver.
Teasingly, you wiggle your ass for him, only to jump in shock when a flat hand comes down to give a bruising slap on your right cheek. Without giving you time to process the sting, Yoongi is grabbing your wrists and pulling them behind you, making your face fall onto the mattress with nothing to support it. You feel yourself growing even slicker with the feeling of the ropes he’s winding around your wrists, not so much to cut off circulation, but tight enough to restrict any movement. You try to tug your wrists apart experimentally, but they stay firmly fastened together, resting on the small of your back.
Another slap rains down on your other cheek, and you gasp. “If I was allowed to use my cock right now, you wouldn’t be able to walk for days,” Yoongi’s voice says casually, smacking you again, “you’d like that, wouldn’t you?” His voice grows distant as he presumably faces away from you. “You see that, boys? All I’ve done is spank her like she deserves and she’s dripping for me.” You suck in a breath as a pressure comes down over your back, Yoongi leaning over you to whisper in your ear. “Look at them. Turn your head the over way and look at my brothers as you make a mess all over these sheets.”
You whine and shift awkwardly until your head is on the other side. You can see them all now, Jimin sitting down with a hand in his jeans, playing with himself as he watches you with lidded eyes. The other members are all waiting their turn, but you can see the desire in their eyes as they shift their growing erections and shuffle awkwardly on the spot.
As you’re distracted looking them over, Yoongi takes the opportunity to sit back up and slap you again, this time on your clit. You squeak and try to tuck your thighs in, but with the way your chest is pressed against the bed, you have no leverage to. “If you look away from them for a second, I’m not letting you cum, game be damned.”
You whine, but keep your eyes trained on them, one-by-one observing the way they look at you. Yoongi runs the back of his hand and then his palms against you, slicking up his hand. You gasp and attempt to wiggle your hips forward, thinking you know what he has planned, but he plants his other hand between your shoulder blades and pins you down.
“Uh ah, you’re going to take me like a good little girl, hm?” He slips two fingers in, scissoring you open a couple of times before upgrading to three. “See, I didn’t want to say it before, but I have a plan.” You bite your lip harshly and shut your eyes at the stretch when he gets in four fingers, hoping he won’t notice you disobeying. “I don’t have to rush if I ruin you for all the other members, now, do I?”
“Hey, don’t play dirty, hyung!” Jungkook complains. “I have to go last, you know!”
You force yourself to relax as Yoongi begins fucking you faster with four fingers, loosening you up. “I don’t think I can take it, Yoongi,” you confess.
“I wasn’t asking you,” he replies gruffly, but takes his hand off his back to reach around and massage at your clit, upping the pleasure enough to let you calm down more. Surprisingly, that contact on your sensitive bud paired with the four fingers plunging into you are enough for you to feel the rising tide of another orgasm. “O-oh god, I’m close, Yoongi,” you moan.
“Holy shit,” Namjoon muses, “he’s been going like half as long as Jimin. Yoongi, bro, I think you’re going to win!”
You whine in frustration when the friction against your clit is removed. “Wha-?”
“No trying to get out of it,” Yoongi commands, “you don’t come yet.”
Your eyes open again, eyebrows deeply furrowed in focus. “But that’s the game,” you complain, “please let me cum now.”
“No.” You automatically hold your breath when his hands slow down, and you can feel yourself widening impossibly around him. “Take it.”
His eyes focused between your legs, you watch as Hoseok’s mouth falls open. “Oh my god, he’s really going to do it.”
It’s hardest at his knuckles, where the circumference of all his fingers wedged together is almost too much, but then he breaches a certain point and you feel his hand sink inside you, fingers folding up into a fist when they reach your cervix and can go no further. He stays still for a moment, and you’ve never felt so full, until he begins rocking his fist inside you, knuckles grazing against your g-spot, and his other hand strums mercilessly over your clitoris, and the pleasure is too much, and you can’t move your hands to stop him and you’re coming violently, harder than you ever have, tears streaming, and body writhing on the sheets as you let the orgasm hit you full force with a cry.
He speeds up while you’re coming, prolonging the high, and it’s so much that you feel on the verge of passing out, but just when your vision spots, he pulls out with an audible thwack and you collapse against the sheets, the muscles of your core fluttering around a void.
You feel completely hollowed out in all ways, and you let your eyes fall closed as nimble yet wet fingers pick at the knots, releasing your arms to flop on either side of you. A surprisingly tender kiss is pressed to your naked shoulder as Yoongi moves around beside you, and he leans in to whisper quietly in your ear. “Good girl.”
You feel the bed springs shift twice as Yoongi gets up and leaves, and Namjoon joins you. The moment his hand rubs against your sore ass cheeks however, a voice yells out for him to stop.
The hand pauses on you, and you’re too exhausted to react, barely conscious enough to listen in.
You vaguely recognize it as Jin calling out in a concerned tone. “…handle any more, we should take a break. Our schedule is free tomorrow afternoon, let’s finish then.”
Jimin speaks up, voice sleepy, and you wonder in your daze if he jerked off while Yoongi was taking his turn. “Yeah, Producer-nim, I think she deserves a break after Yoongi-hyung. Look at her, she looks like she’s going to drop dead.”
The hand on your ass lifts, only for the bed springs to jump again. You blink blearily when someone calls out your name and see Namjoon kneeling on the bed in front of you. “Hm?”
“Are you okay?” You nod weakly, barely able to move. “Okay, Taehyungie’s gone to grab some water from the next room, and we’re going to end shooting for today. I’m so sorry, I should’ve asked you first if you were able to go on.”
You hum in acknowledgement and let your eyes fall shut again, gingerly pushing your legs down so that you’re no longer sitting with your ass in the air.
Namjoon sighs and pushes the sweaty hair back from your face. “We’ll just clean you up, and then we’ll take you to the hotel room, yeah?” You mumble something into the sheets. “What was that?”
“I can’t feel my legs,” you admit, slurring drowsily.
Namjoon lets out a little sigh and then you hear him standing up, muttering quietly with someone else. You feel a third party roll you over onto your back, wipe between your legs with a baby wipe, and then gently lift your legs one at a time to slip on some baggy sweatpants. You crack your eyes open to see Hoseok standing in the t-shirt he entered in, but with no pants on, only Shooky-patterned boxers. Tipping your head down with your final energy reserves, you see his sweatpants are the ones warming up your legs and covering you.
“Thank you,” you whisper.
He just chuckles and boops your nose softly before moving away. You let your gaze fall to your side where Namjoon is clapping Jungkook on the back and pushing him in your direction. The maknae approaches you and warns you that he’s going to pick you up, before slipping an arm under your thighs and your back and lifting you off the damp sheets. You groan and flop onto his chest as he does a little shuffle so that you’re resting higher up on him, then your world whirls around you as he turns and begins to leave the room.
You press your face into his chest and inhale the fresh-smelling cologne lining his t-shirt fabric, and before you know it, you’re slipping hopelessly into unconsciousness.
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kimnjss · 11 months ago
rainy days | myg
Tumblr media
⇢ pairing: ot7 x reader // yoongi focus. ⇢ genre: smut. // pure unedited filth. ⇢ word count: 4.9K ⇢ theme: established relationships. ⇢ rating: explicit. ⇢ warnings: cursing, dirty talk, poly relationship, dry humping, handjobs, oral sex (f/m. receiving), sleepy jimin just wants to fuck, ass eating, squirting, anal fingering, voyeurism, slight biting, hickeys, fingering, face sitting, sixty-nining, over stimulation, cum inside. ⇢ A/N: alot of people said yoongi for this episode... literally all of you, but a few people said jimin - so i added him a bit too! hope you guys like it - let me know what you think x
Tumblr media
The loud chatter on the other side of the door is what pulls you from your slumber. After a long night of playing ping pong with Jimin and Taehyung, you were falling asleep in Jimin's room. His arms pulling your body against his as he nuzzled his face in the crook of your neck.
He stirs when the door is being pulled open by Joon, words leaving his lips that you barely comprehend waking from your slumber. Jimin murmurs in response, his words dying in the space of your neck as he moves his body closer to yours – pulling you tighter against him.
Leg lifted to wrap around your waist, completely and totally enveloping you in his warmth. He smelt nice, fresh from the shower he had taken the night before. Shifting to get more comfortable on the bed and you're automatically leaning into him. Feeling his thickness graze your thigh, followed by a sigh falling from his lips.
The grip he held around your waist tightens, body pulled tighter into yours as he rolls his hips once more. Body shivering from the new found friction between his legs. Desperate to feel more of him, you're lowering your body – just enough that the bulge straining against the fabric of his shorts is pressed right against the crack of your covered ass.
Jimin gasps, like full-on gasps, when you're grinding back against him. Dick hardening even more as he pushes against you. “You want to play? So early, baby?” Words mumbled into your ear as his hand travels up the front of your shirt, easily finding your bare breasts.
His thumb grazes over your pebbled nipple, body tensing against his as a soft moan falls from your lips. “Jimin-” You start, so ready to tell him how badly you need him, but he's quick to shush you, words being drowned out by the increase of chatter outside of your door.
The movement of his hips against yours doesn't still, dragging his hard cock over your ass while his fingers tweak your nipple underneath your shirt. Movements so slow, so subtle that it barely looks like anything from above the covers.
And you realize that's what he's hoping for when the door is being pulled open again. Jin stepping in without hesitance, only briefly taking in your close bodies before he's calling Jimin out to eat. Door left ajar, but he is picking up his speed as soon as Jin is exiting the room.
A hand cocooning the space between your legs, rubbing circles into your clit over the fabric of your panties. Movements so quick with release the only thing in mind and you're crying out at the new pressure on your sensitive bud.
A familiar sound for the younger boy just a few steps away from the door. “Fuck, Jimin. Your fingers... I want to feel your fingers,” Legs spreading wider for him, giving him all the room he needs to fuck into you with those thick fingers of his. And the hearty laugh that falls from his lips lets you know that he's ready to do exactly that.
Growing hot underneath the blanket, Jimin is quick to kick it away. Just as your hand is reaching back into the waistband of his shorts. His cock twitches in your hand as you pull it out, two powerful strokes of it has a groan falling from his lips. And the lips of the man watching from the door.
Your attention is quickly snapped up to Jungkook's figure standing in the doorway. Eyes slightly wide, as if he's afraid blinking would stop this moment, large hand palming himself through his shorts as his teeth dug into his lip – realizing his mistake of making noise. Being heard.
“Kookie,” You're moaning just as Jimin is pushing his fingers inside of you. The sound has a whimper falling from the younger boy's lips, a devilish smirk taking over the features of his elder. “Want to see how fast I can make our girl cum?” There's challenge in his voice, knowing for a fact his maknae would never turn down a challenge.
“She's so wet, Kook. Listen,” To prove his point, Jimin is speeding up the thrusts of his fingers – spreading your legs wider so that the only sound heard is the squelch of the wetness between your leg s.
His thumb pressed down on your clit, rolling it around while his teeth nibble at the shell of your ear. Eyes glued to Jungkook who has stepped further into the room, feigning for a closer look at your scarcely covered pussy. He's drooling, full-blown stroking himself as he watches you become nearer and nearer to your orgasm with each push of his Hyung's fingers.
Just faintly, you can hear the other call for them. Wonder what's taking so long for you to come out. Jimin ignores the shouts, determined to make you fall apart around your fingers – and from the way your walls are squeezing around them, he knows he's not far off. 
The hand wrapped on his cock moves un-rhythmically, an afterthought to the intense pleasure building in the pit of your stomach. He doesn't pay it much attention, hips jerking into the palm of your hand freely – giving pleasure to himself while he does the same for you.
“Fuck, Hyung, do you hear her? She's so close.” Jungkook whines, oddly entune to the way your moans change when you're about to cum. But he's so right because as soon as he's done speaking you feel the tension snap. Hips frantically rolling into Jimin's hand, his thumb pressed so deliciously against your clit.
Seeing you cum is enough to get Jungkook off, heavy cock glistening with precum as fresh spurts shoot out the tip, dirtying the floor. Jimin chuckles at the sight, Jungkook curses and jerking as he tries to catch his breath. Orgasm nearly as powerful as some he's had before, but still enough to have him feeling light-headed.
“You made the baby cum, now what about me?” You hear Jimin's voice through the cloudiness of your orgasm filled mind, but understand enough where you're shifting. His head falling back against the pillows as you reach for his shaft, easily wrapping your lips around the head.
Jungkook stays to watch you suck Jimin off. A lazy hand stroking his shaft as your head bobs up and down. Marveled with how easily you're able to swallow him down, nose pressed against the elder's shaft as if he wasn't tickling the back of your throat.
“Fuck, Yn!” He's gasping, fingers tangled in your hair to hold your face close to him. “Such a good girl, taking my whole cock.” The praise has your confidence skyrocketing, hands reaching to toy with his balls as your cheeks hallow – sucking him deeper in.
There's no warning other than the string of curse words that fall from his lips, the stutter his hips does as he thrusts into your mouth – before his cum spilling out. It's thickness filling your mouth and you take every last drop.
Cum always tasted so sweet. And he looking like a fucking angel when he was falling apart. Hooded eyes trying to focus on the way you look when your mouth filling with his cum, plump lips swollen from the way he's been biting them, eyebrows furrowed to create that sexy crease.
Jimin's gasping when you pull off of him, back arching slightly when you're running your tongue over the underside of his cock. Which, has a soft giggle falling from your lips as you lift up to his face.
“Good morning,” You greet him with a bright smile and a sloppy kiss to his lips. A kiss that has him realizing some of his cum is still in his mouth. The devilish smirk rests on his lips as he pulls back, eyes flickering over his shoulder at Jungkook who hasn't once moved from his position.
“Why don't you go say good morning to Kookie?” He suggests and you're jumping at the idea, almost literally. Hopping off of his body and all the way over to Jungkook. Arms wrapped around his neck as you pull him in close. And you don't miss the dust of pink over his cheeks just before you're lips are finding his.
He doesn't flinch or hesitate when the warmth of Jimin's cum is hitting his tongue. Instead, he's letting a groan fall from his lips. Hand finding the back of your neck to pull you in close as he licks into your mouth with much more hunger.
Kissing you like a starved man moans dying on your lips as your hand wraps around his shaft – stroking him gently. It's not until he's whining, lips falling from your as he takes to teething at your neck, do you realize Jimin has left the room. Gone to find the others.
“Noona...” Jungkook drags out with a whine, hips stilling as his cum wets your hand. The warmth, the sound of his voice, the desperate rock of his hips – has a moan slipping from your lips. Not an ounce of hesitation as you lift your hand to lick his stickiness from it.
He watches with bright eyes, not daring to tear his gaze away until you're reaching back – wrapping your sticky hand into his hair and pulling his face toward you. A soft kiss on his lips, that's much shorter than the others.
“Good morning, Kookie.” You say once you're pulling back, voice hushed as if your words are a secret only meant from him. With a large grin, he's leaning in once again to cover his mouth with his.
More than ready to show you how good this morning is.
Tumblr media
Finding Yoongi sat in front of the computer, beside Jin and you're easily slipping into his lap. Arm wrapping around the back of his neck as you get comfortable in his arms, shifting so your body is sideways on his lap.
“Thank you for the food,” Gazing up at him with a bright smile, your free hand lifting so you're able to run your fingers through his hair.
Yoongi is quick to react to your welcomed intrusion, an arm secured around your hips to keep you from slipping and his hand resting casually on your thigh. Moments from accepting your thanks when Jin is speaking up beside you.
“Hey. I helped too.” He wears a tiny pout on his face that has your lips stretching in a smile. A quick kiss that is blown in his direction that he's acting as if he caught, pressing his hand to his lips. Giggling, you're leaning back against Yoongi's chest.
“Should I give you one too?” A slight pout on your lips as you look up at the man. His eyes slowly shifting from the tablet in front of him to you. Tongue pushing out to wet his lower lip as the grip he holds on your thigh tightens.
Yet, he shrugs – feigning indifference. “If you want to,” He says simply but that's all the convincing you need to lean up to press your lips against his. He's groaning at the sweetness of your mouth, while his fingers slowly inch their way up your thigh.
Fingers knotted in his soft hair, you're tilting his head back just a bit so you a better reach his mouth. He's groaning when your teeth graze his lower lip, lips parting to let your tongue through. You hum against his mouth, lifting your body higher his lap – legs straddling his hips.
The roll of your hips is what sets him off. Cock hardening underneath you, while the grip he holds on your ass tightens. There was something about the attention Yoongi gave you. Always zeroed in as if you were the only thing to exist at that moment. Nothing else mattered when he was in your arms.
Covered core drags over his bulge, soft moans falling from your lips and dying against his tongue. “So hard,” You mumble, lips slipping from his to find the skin of his neck. Tongue and teeth working against his skin as your hand slides down your bodies. His cock jumps underneath your palm and you're grinning, running your fingers over his covered shaft.
“You really want to play that game, baby?” Voice deep that has a pang of arousal rushing between your legs. Without a moment of hesitance, you're nodding your hand. The tip of your nails run over his scalp in the way you know he likes as you nod up at him.
“It's not like you'll do anything about it,” You challenge quietly, loving the twitch of his cock underneath your palm.
Quick to wrap your legs around his waist as he stands from his seat, clinging to him to keep yourself from falling. And he laughs darkly an arm resting underneath your butt to lift you onto him. Without a word, he's carrying you out of the room – out of the house and you have a pretty good idea where he's taking you.
The entire walk from the Upper House to the Main House, you've got your lips on his neck. Wet kisses landing on his warm skin, tongue tracing imaginary patterns into it – which only riles him up more. With each step, his cock grazes your thigh. What you'd give to feel him buried inside of you, wouldn't even care if he decided to do it while walking with you in his arms. You just wanted to feel him.
Hoseok is looking up at the burst through the screen door, taking one look at your probably disheveled presence. Just because you were walking didn't mean Yoongi kept his hands off you. He had snuck his palm underneath your shorts, palming your bare bottom shamelessly as he carried you.
No doubt you were giving these boys a show they didn't pay for. One they've seen many times before. So wrapped up in his building blocks, Joon hadn't realized when you first entered the room. But is lifting his head at the sound of Hoseok's grunt, eyebrows raised.
Yoongi doesn't offer them a moment to comment with the way he's whisking you up the stairs without a second glance backward. The toe of his shoe is nudging the door open and he wastes no time with tossing you down on the big bed. Giggles fall from your lips as your body bounces up and down, slowing just in time to see him pull his shirt from his body.
“Take those off,” He's referring to your pants, but your attention is zeroed in on the strain of his cock against the fabric of his sweats that you're barely hearing him. Quick to tug his own pants down, revealing the black briefs that hug his hips nicely. Nearly drooling at the sight, but Yoongi doesn't allow you much time to marvel at his impressive physique.
He's climbing onto the bed, just as your fingers are dipping into the waistband of your shorts. Replacing your hands with his, he takes his time to drag the garment down your legs. A striptease just for him and he's grinning wide at the sight of your lace panties. 
“Always so pretty,” He compliments in a whisper, head tilting up until his lips are finding your neck, his large hand easily finding your clit through the fabric of your panties. “You gonna be a good girl and cum for me?”
You're nodding before he can finish his sentence, head-turning to find his eyes. Pupils blown and lust-filled. The way he's looking at you has a moan falling from your lips automatically. “How many times do you want to cum?” Fingers dip down to collect some of your arousal, but he's quick with finding your clit again – toying with it underneath his fingers.
Almost positive, that your body could only handle two... maybe three max orgasms right now, but ever so willing to please him you lift your hips. “However many you want to give me,” His cock twitches at this, you feel it against your thigh.
“Such a good girl,” He praises, fingers speeding up in their movement between your legs. His only focus is on your clit and the pretty moans that fall from your lips each time he's applying more pressure. Your legs are spread wide for him, hips rolling with the movement of his fingers.
Still sensitive from this morning and it doesn't take much to get you worked up again. Yoongi is smirking once he notices, fingers slowing down in an attempt to tease you as he peaks up at your face. “Close already, baby?”
You've both hands wrapped around his wrist, silently pleading he didn't pull back. That he'd let you cum. Nodding slowly, your teeth nibble on your lower lip. He looks so good right now. The sun hitting his milky skin so nicely that he's glowing above you. Dark hair falling into his eyes, lips bruised red from yours. You could faintly see the marks forming on his neck courtesy of you.
And then he grins, you're done for at the sight of that big smile of his. “I'll give you an easy one,” He says with a wrinkle of his nose. Two fingers plunge inside of you at once, your hips lifting off the bed as a drawn-out moan falls from your lips. Yoongi strokes your insides slowly before he's pushing a third finger inside and picking up the pace.
Fingers not as thick as Jimin's but longer, much longer – easily pressing against that rough patch of skin-deep inside of you while his thumb continues to tease your clit.
“Fuck. Your needy little pussy is squeezing me so tight,” He speaks in mock surprise, while he peaks up to look at you. Fingers tangled in your own hair to keep it out of your face, forcing your head up as you watch the movement of his hand between your legs. Mouth dropping and eyes rolling back once he's pushing his fingers into the knuckle, effectively pushing against your gspot.
And you're falling apart right before his eyes. Hips lifted so high that he had to reach to pin them back onto the mattress. Incoherent curses falling from your lips as your orgasm turns your brain to mush.
Yoongi only slows the movement of his fingers slightly, helping you ride out your quick orgasm with a grin on his face. Only when your back is falling flat on the mattress does he pull his fingers from inside of you, greedily licking your arousal from his fingers as you look on trying to catch your breath.
“You taste so good, baby.” He groans, rolling off of your body so he's lying flat on his back. His hand lifts to grasp your thigh, gently tugging your body toward him. “Come sit on my face, let me taste more.” His own words have his cock twitching and you follow the movement of his hand as he palms himself over his boxers.
Despite the heaviness in your limbs, you're lifting your body into a kneel. Pulling your panties down the rest of the way before straightening to stand. Naked from the bottom down, your tiny t-shirt clinging to your figure. Hair in knots and cheeks flushed. He liked it best when you looked this way.
Carefully, you're setting a foot on either side of his head. Giving him an eyeful of your dripping cunt that has a wanting groan falling from his lips. His mouth is opening as you're lowering yourself onto him, lips easily wrapping around your clit.
“Oh, shit-” You gasp, body curling forward, hands moving to brace themselves on his stomach to keep yourself from folding over.
The chuckle that falls from his lips vibrates throughout your core, pulling a breathy moan from your lips. You can feel his smirk as he glides his tongue over your folds, arms looped around your thighs to hold your body in place.
Greedy moans leave his lips, as he uses his grip to spread your legs wider. Angling his head so he can push his tongue deeper inside of you, slowly dragging it back up to your clit. His tongue rolls as he sucks the sensitive nub between his lips, sharp teeth grazing over the skin.
A desperate moan breaks through your lips, legs flinching against his grasp as he gently nibbles on your clit. Yoongi's pulling your body further down onto his face, lips remaining wrapped around you as he rolls your clit between his teeth. You don't fight the way your hips grind down into his face, wanting to feel more of him.
Hands sliding down his stomach until you've reached underneath the hem of his boxers. Heavy cock jumps in your grasp as you take hold of him, stroking him slowly – unfocused as his mouth on you become more determined. 
“Yoongi, fuck!” You shout, the feeling of his tongue slipping inside of you sending a new wave of pleasure racking through your body. Cock squeezed in your hand while your hand moves over him quickly. He hisses when your lips are wrapped around the tip, sucking on it gently as your hips move in time with his tongue.
He pushes his three fingers into your core, which has your body bowing forward – more of his cock slipping into your mouth. Expertly, his fingers twist deep inside of you, tongue teasing your clit, determined to make you cum again.
Your moans are muffled by his cock down your throat, sloppily sucking him and ignoring the drool that pools at the corner of your mouth. He's making a mess too. Lips, teeth, and tongue working over your clit as he fucks into you with his long fingers. And then he's pulling away, fingers still inside of your as his head lift slightly.
There's a moment of hesitation that lingers in the air, it's short – but long enough where you're pulling him from your mouth, ready to check if he's alright. But then you feel it, tentative at first, the tip of his tongue dragging over your tighter hole. Once. Twice. Testing the waters before he's diving in and your eyes are rolling back.
“Oooh, my God. Yoongi.” Taking to lazily stroking his shaft, mind to clouded to concentrate on properly sucking him off. Yoongi moves his tongue over you as he would in your pussy. And it has you panting. Paired with the delicious twist of his fingers inside of you, you're feeling that familiar tingle builds in your stomach.
Your core tightens around his fingers, hips jerking as the pleasure builds between your legs. Yoongi's lifting his free hand, the tip of his finger rubbing over your puckered hole as he places soft kisses against your cheek.
“Should I fuck you here too?” His voice is so deep, laced with lust and you're feeling a warm gush of arousal from your core at the sound.
“P-please, Yoongi... I need to-”
Not even waiting for you to finish your sentence before the tip of his finger is dipping inside. He moves slowly until he's slipped into the knuckle and you're full of him. Both of his hands move opposite of one another, picking up the pace when you begin to loosen. 
The feeling is foreign, but the delicious burn has your body tumbling closer and closer to your release. Walls clenched tight around him as your hips rock in time with his fingers.
“Such a good girl,” He's praising as your mouth closes around his tip, sucking him deep inside of your throat. “You like having all your holes stuffed full?” Your answer is mumbled over his shaft, head nodding up and down.
He's gasping when you swallow around him, hips jerking up to push more of his cock into your mouth. Fingers speeding up inside of you and the moment his thumb is tapping against your clit – you're falling apart.
His cock falling from your lips as you sit up, hips rolling against his face as your orgasm washes over you. “Fuck, Yoongi-, shit.” You curse, legs shaking from the powerful pleasure cruising through your veins. Teeth cut into your lip, in an attempt to silence your loud cries.
Yoongi doesn't pull back, not even for a second. Mouth sucking kisses into the roundness of your ass as his fingers push and pull against your walls. Teeth grazing over your sensitive bud and your pleasure is heightened, hips flinching away from him - a squeal leaving your lips as a clear stream of cum squirts from between your legs.
Soaking his chest, stomach, and darkening the fabric of his boxers. Yoongi laughs underneath you, arms wrapped around your thighs again to pull you back down – licking up the mess around your entrance.
“I love it when you squirt for me,” He growls into your pussy, easily lifting your body from his face. In one swift movement, he's setting you onto his lap. Large hand reaching down for his wet cock, lining himself up nicely with your tight hole before he's pushing forward. Pulling a drawn-out moan from your lips. “Ride me, baby.”
You're so sensitive, it hurts. But not enough for you to stop. Not when he's looking at you like that. Lips and nose shiny with your arousal, clear droplets rolling down his chest. Hair sweaty and sticking out in random directions, from his hands, yours. He's got this dazed look in his eyes as if he were the one that had just come three times.
The stretch of having his cock inside of your sensitive cunt is quickly getting rid of the slight feeling of overstimulation. Enough for you to lift your hips, whimpering at the slow drag against your walls.
“You're so fucking tight,” He grits, both hands lifting to push his hair back as his back arches slightly while you lower yourself back onto him. From his hair, he's grasping your hips, repeating your previous movement at his own pace.
Hands circling around to grasp your ass, he uses his grip to lift and drop your body against him as his hips move to meet your movements. It's sticky, his precum filling you and mixing with what's left of your release. All the sound of wet skin slapping against each other filling the room.
“You take my cock so well, baby.” There's strain in his voice and it does wonders for your ego knowing you can make him like this. Walls clenching tight around him as you grind down against him. The velvety friction between your legs waking a dull ache.
A yelp coated masked with a giggle falls from your lips. The quick slap against your ass making your cheek jiggle underneath his palm. His hips snap roughly up into you, body bouncing over his and you're reaching for his chest to keep yourself from falling over.
His hand smacks against you again, before he's gripping the flesh; pulling your body down onto him as he lifts his hips. Filling you to the hilt and holding his cock there as he rolls his hips, the tip of his cock rubbing against that rough patch of skin.
“I'm gonna cum- Babe, please..” You beg, fingers sliding down the front of your body to find your clit. Quick circles are made over the bundle of nerves as you roll your hips over his, free hand tangling in his hair as your chest finds his.
Yoongi catches your lips in a heated kiss, thrusts growing sloppy as he chases his own release. His mouth tastes heavily of you, wet lips sliding over yours. “Fuck, do that again.” He murmurs when your walls clench around him. Involuntarily because of your nearing orgasm, but you tighten your muscles once more for him.
A drawn-out moan falls from his lips, strong hands coming down onto your hips to hold them still as he fucks into you with much fervor. Body bouncing over his as he fucks himself further to his release. It's not long before his cum is filling you, harsh breaths leaving his lips as he rides out his own orgasm.
With your fingers toying with your clit between you, you're not far from your own orgasm. Your walls squeezing tight around him as your toes curl lashes fluttering.
“God, baby.” He breaths once he's regained his composure, easily pulling his cock from inside of you. A soothing hand finds your back, rubbing soft circles into your skin as your body twitches with the aftershocks of your orgasm.
Both of you lay wrapped in each other, sticky and hot but neither of you has the strength to move. Your hair is twirled between his fingers as you place wet kisses against his damp skin. “You're gonna drive me insane,” He's saying after a few moments of silence passes between the two of you.
A sweet laugh falls from your lips, head lifting so you can get a better look at his flushed face. Cheeks pink and a light layer of sweat on his forehead. “That's the plan, baby.” There's a flutter in his chest from the sight of your big smile, a smile pushing on to his own lips as he leans up – covering your lips with his.
He can hear the others downstairs, loudly debating who'd come get you guys to start dinner. Yoongi doesn't flinch, doesn't make any moves of getting away from you. Set on enjoying the feeling of having you in his arms, your tongue drawing a line down the length of his neck.
Dinner could wait.
Tumblr media
- seven days in the forest spent with your seven boyfriends while they film their upcoming reality tv show. there’s no telling what the eight of you will get into when the cameras are off.
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jingabitch · a year ago
O o o o can you do one with the boys of fucked up were one of the punishments goes to far and she not really feeling it that day and readers like they hate me and I’ve been a really bad girl there going to get rid of me and I’ll be alone again so she gets all depressed and tries super hard because she thinks she’s been bad
hi anon, sorry it took me a while to write this, but i hope you enjoy it! the first part of your ask sounded like subdrop but when i researched subdrop it didn’t really cohere with the second half of your request, so i just wrote it as a subdrop fic. Hope this is okay! :)
Word count: 4.5k-ish
Warnings: yandere | explicit language | descriptions of sexual acts (BDSM) | description of subdrop | angst
Series index
You bite your lip and cling on to Hoseok’s shoulders desperately, trying to will your limbs to stop trembling. Just a little more, you think to yourself, clenching your jaw as you push your forehead into his collarbone.
Tonight had been the most intense scene you’d ever done with the boys, Hobi and Jin tag-teaming you. It was unusual, since one of them at a time was usually more than enough for you, but when the boys had come home from practice today, past midnight, you could tell that something was wrong between the two of them. Your hesitant question had resulted in a massive punishment, although you know by now that they’re really just working out their own stress.
From what you could tell based on their sniping at each other initially, even as both of them snapped orders at you, they’d had a fight during dance practice. You don’t mind helping them work through the tension, but if they don’t finish soon you’ll literally pass out on Hobi’s lap.
He’s deep inside you, the plug with the tail he likes so much in your ass, and you’re full almost beyond bearing, but it wasn’t enough for them. Jin is behind you, one hand stroking your hip while he croons soothing words into your ear, his other hand busy stretching you out further to take him.
He’s leaning as close to you as he can without touching your back, which you appreciate, because the sweat on his chest would definitely sting the cuts on your skin from his brand new cat-o-nine-tails.
“Jin… it’s too much,” you pant, your nails digging into Hobi’s skin. If he notices that you forgot to call him ‘master’, which you’re supposed to do during a scene, he doesn’t make a big deal out of it.
He pauses. “Use your safe word, then,” he murmurs into your ear. You sob and press your face deeper into Hobi’s neck, but don’t say it.
Hoseok’s hands settle on your body, one on your waist and the other stroking the back of your head. “Good girl, you’re such a good girl for us,” he croons in your ear, and if you weren’t so strung out at the moment you might have made a quip about how it was easy to say that when you’d gotten yourself off on his shoe.
Of course, at that point in time he’d been calling you a bad, disgusting, dirty whore who didn’t deserve to be touched.
Finally, Jin decides that you’re prepped enough, and lines himself up against you. Your body is tense as you lean against Hobi for support, causing Jin to chuckle, his breath puffing out against your skin. “You need to relax, baby,” he says, and you let out a deep breath as you concentrate on doing just that.
“Good girl, you’re such a good girl,” he says, encouraging you as he slowly splits you open. You whine and squirm, full beyond bearing, but he doesn’t stop, holding your hips still even as your nails catch on Hoseok’s back.
When he’s finally all the way in, you rest your head on Hobi’s shoulder and pant as your body adjusts to the overwhelming fullness, and they just make soothing noises at you. After a moment, you nod once, just enough that they can see it, and they start moving, timing their thrusts so that at least one of them is always inside you, and Jin reaches around to stimulate your clit.
Almost against your will, you feel the orgasm building, and you whine and whimper, gritting your teeth against the sensitivity that borders on pain.
“You gonna cum for us, baby girl? You’re such a nasty slut, aren’t you, so happy to have your holes stuffed,” Hobi says in a dangerous tone, right in your ear, and that’s it, the degrading words sending you stratospheric. For a moment, everything is white as you orgasm harder than you ever have in your life, all your muscles locking up as you throw your head back, bracing it against Jin’s chest.
Then everything goes black as you pass out.
When you open your eyes you’re back in the bed you share with Yoongi, cleaned up and snuggled under the duvet. When you roll over to check the time on the wall clock, you see that it’s late morning, and as you lie in bed, slowly becoming more aware, the soreness of your body starts to filter in.
Groaning, you struggle into a sitting position, leaning against the headboard as you massage your temples. For some reason you have an awful headache, in addition to the soreness in most of your body, especially between your legs, and the cuts on your back are stinging, aggravated by the contact with the headboard.
“Yoongs?” you call out, wincing at the dusty sound of your voice and the pain that shoots through your throat. When there’s no response, you reluctantly toss aside the covers and stand up, wincing at the protest of your muscles as you stretch, then go to the drawers to fish out one of Yoongi’s shirts.
When you open the bedroom door, Yeontan immediately runs over to you, his tail wagging, and you look down at him, smiling. “Hello,” you murmur at him, leaning down to pet him. “Where’s everyone?” you ask, as if he could give you an answer.
He just barks at you then pants, and even though you know it’s completely ridiculous, you feel a little hurt. “Just hungry, huh,” you say a little bitterly as you go to grab his food and scoop it into his little doggy bowl.
While he’s digging in happily, you drift over to the fridge. You aren’t that hungry, but usually Jin prepares something for you to eat during the day when they have to leave you alone, especially after a scene.
Pulling the door open, you look for the neatly stacked Tupperware containers that usually have food in them. There’s nothing.
The pain lashes through you, and you fall to your knees, still holding on to the fridge handle, looking up pathetically at the fridge shelves. It’s not empty by any means, but there’s no food that’s ready to eat, just a bunch of ingredients and sauces. You could cook something for yourself, but you’re too tired and besides, you don’t have much of an appetite.
Forcing yourself to your feet, you go to pour yourself a glass of water, and notice a small pile of cash next to the pitcher. There’s a Post-It note attached to it.
Sorry I didn’t have time to cook for you before we had to head to the studio, baby girl. Buy yourself some nice takeout, okay?
You rip the Post-It note off the money, which you completely ignore, and chuck it angrily in the bin, stomping back to your bedroom and slamming the door shut as you go. You can barely hear Yeontan whining in confusion outside at your uncharacteristic behaviour.
You don’t fully understand why you feel so awful either, physically sick and so unenergetic, but it’s all you can do to curl back up in bed and pull the covers over your head. The urge to cry overwhelms you, and you sob quietly, feeling so alone and sad.
When you wake up again, it’s to Yeontan whining and scratching outside your bedroom door and you open it reluctantly, letting him prance around your ankles. You still feel awful, worse than you ever have, but the dog needs to eat, so you go to feed him and change his pee pad.
While Yeontan is eating, you go to check your phone, sighing deeply when you see that there are no text messages. You know it’s not uncommon for them, especially with the comeback coming around, to not use their phones while at the studio, but for some reason today it feels especially like a rejection.
“Tannie…” you whine to the dog when you come out, sitting next to his food bowl. “Why don’t they want me anymore?”
Yeontan’s ears prick up, so you know he’s listening, but he doesn’t stop rooting in the bowl for the last pieces of kibble.
“Is it because I’m dirty? I probably liked being punished a little too much, there’s something wrong with me, what kind of pathetic person likes something like that…” you continue as he finishes his food, licking his chops as he sits back to watch you, head cocked like he’s really thinking about it.
You go to pet him, and he licks your hand for a moment before abruptly getting up to use the pee pad in the corner.
You still haven’t eaten, but you’re not hungry, so you just go to the fridge to grab a handful of strawberries and a bottle of water, avoiding the pitcher because you don’t want to see the pile of cash they’d left there like you’re a whore.
Taking your phone with you, you go to sit on the floor in front of the couch, feeling a little like you don’t deserve the comfort of the sofa. It’s getting late, so they should be coming home soon, and everything will be all right again. They’ll shower you with kisses and affection and stop the voices in your head from getting too ugly, because try as you might you really can’t shut them off.
Yeontan comes to sit on your lap, pleased that you’re on the floor so it’s easy access, and you pet him mindlessly as you wait for them to come home.
Lost in the increasingly negative spiral of your thoughts, time slips away from you. The next time you snap out of it, it’s to the obnoxious buzz of your phone against the marbled floor. You flip it over and see the text from Namjoon on the group chat.
Kim Namjoon [22:05:08]: sorry baby girl, we’re going to stay over at the studios tonight to catch up. :( take care of yourself, okay? We miss you!
Without bothering to open the text or reply, you lie down on the floor. It’s cold, but that’s okay.
It’s not like someone like you deserves to be comfortable.
You manage to fall into a light doze, even on the floor. When you wake up, it’s completely dark and your phone keeps buzzing against the floor, making that awful noise.
“Fuck,” you growl, picking it up and flinging it across the room. It flies into the wall with a satisfying sound and then drops to the ground, and you hope for a second that you’ve broken the goddamn device, but it continues vibrating, the force of the motion causing it to rotate slightly.
No matter; at least it’s not next to your head. You clench and unclench your left fist a couple of times to try and get the feeling back in your hand, having lost it because you’d been sleeping on your left arm, then settle back onto the floor.
Yeontan is gone, probably having had enough of the cold floor. It’s fine, though. Everyone leaves in the end. You should have realised it by now; all the relationships in your life play out in the same pattern. Why would things have been different with the boys or the dog?
You’re so fucking stupid, for letting your guard down, believing that someone like you could ever be loved. You, with your sick, twisted desires.
Maybe this is what you deserve.
Yoongi scowls down at the cell phone in his hand. He must have called you twenty times by now, and you’re not picking up, which is rather uncharacteristic of you.
“Give it up, hyung, she’s probably asleep,” Jimin advises him.
“I just want to check on her. She didn’t reply Namjoon’s text,” Yoongi counters. It bothers him, the fact that you’ve gone radio silent all of a sudden. They’d just finished dance practice five minutes ago, and he immediately made a beeline to his phone to see what you’d replied on the group chat. Sometimes it’s cute emoji-laden encouragement, other times it’s a selfie of you cosied up in the bed with Yeontan. He was shocked to find no response from you at all.
“You shouldn’t wake her up, hyung,” Hoseok pipes up.
“Yeah, she probably needs her rest after last night,” Jin says with a greasy smirk that he shares with Hoseok.
Yoongi scowls. “You shouldn’t have gone that hard last night,” he reprimands them.
Jin shrugs. “She liked it.” He still shivers at the memory of how hard you came around him and Hobi that last time. It had triggered their orgasms too, and they hadn’t noticed that you’d passed out until they were done cumming their brains out.
Brow still furrowed in displeasure, Yoongi doesn’t give in. “Still,” he mutters, although he has to admit that they have a point. If you’re resting he shouldn’t disturb you.
Maybe he’ll try calling you again tomorrow morning.
The next time you wake up, it’s not dark anymore, and Yeontan is back, insistently patting your face with his paw to wake you up. You push him away with a frown.
“Just want me for food, huh?” you say in a raspy voice and a sniffle. You’re not sure if it’s because you still feel a little teary or because of the cold you’re sure you’re coming down with after spending all night on the floor without even a blanket, but it’s not like it matters.
Yeontan, oblivious as always, just barks happily at you.
With an annoyed sigh, you get up to feed him, because as displeased as you are with the way he - and everyone else in your life, apparently - treats you, you can’t just let him starve.
Watching him wag his tail as he eats, you roll your eyes before picking up his water bowl to refill it. Usually your love for the little dog is overwhelming and you find him cute all the time, but today his enthusiasm for life is incredibly grating.
Grabbing another bottle of water from the fridge, you try not to look at the empty spot where the Tupperware containers containing Jin’s cooking would normally be stacked, or the pile of money still sitting on the counter.
You don’t need the reminder that they don’t love you.
Wiping your nose on the collar of the T-shirt you’re wearing, you take a few steps back towards the living room before just giving up and collapsing in the hallway, facedown. Yeontan, wondering if this is a new game, comes to stick his nose in your ear, snuffling and wagging his tail.
“Stop it,” you groan halfheartedly.
Yeontan doesn’t listen, barking as he continues to nose at your face.
“Go away!” you shout, throwing your hand out to shove him away from you. It collapses to the ground, outstretched, and Yeontan, shocked from how roughly you hit him, sits down and whines in confusion.
You don’t move from your position until the boys come home that night.
“Baby girl, we’re home!” Jin yells once he steps through the front door, surprised that you didn’t come to greet them like you usually do. It’s not even that late, before your usual bedtime. You’ve been acting weird since yesterday, and all of them were concerned when you went completely radio silent. None of their calls today even went through, and you wouldn’t reply to any texts, so they decided to come home earlier than they normally would to check on you.
Yeontan comes sprinting towards the front door, barking urgently, and Taehyung, sensing that something is wrong, bends down to tend to the animal. “What is it, baby?” he asks, letting the dog jump on him and wriggle around before trotting back to the kitchen, looking back to make sure Taehyung is following.
He almost trips over you, lying in the hallway, barely conscious.
“Y/N-ah!” he exclaims, falling to his knees and putting a hand on your back. His loud cry draws the attention of the others, who thunder after him after hearing the panic in his voice.
Yoongi curses when he sees you lying there, and you can hear him, but you can’t quite muster up the energy to turn over and greet him.
You aren’t sure you want to, either. He’ll just send you away, and you don’t need to hasten the inevitable. Maybe if you close your eyes really hard, time will stand still and you can stay there with them.
Your wishes go unheard, however, as Yoongi skids to a halt on your other side and kneels down, turning you around roughly. You can feel his terror in the trembling of his hands, and you feel a sudden sick sense of satisfaction that he feels even a little bit as bad as you do.
“Jesus, you’re burning up,” Yoongi mutters, pulling your torso onto his lap as he presses the back of your hand on your face. Yeontan, seeing that Taehyung has stopped following him, comes back to tug on his sleeve.
You feel a little bad - you hadn’t managed to get yourself into an upright position to feed the dog all day, and his water bowl is probably empty too. Taehyung gets up to follow Yeontan, and seeing him pacing in front of his empty food and water bowls, immediately snaps into daddy mode.
“Noona, let’s get you to bed, okay? What happened?” Jeongguk picks you up off the ground into a bridal carry, letting your head rest against his chest as he carts you off to Yoongi’s bedroom, the rest of them following somewhat haplessly.
He places you down on the bed so, so gently and the care he takes with you opens the floodgates. All of a sudden, you can’t stop crying, and the boys around you look alarmed. Jimin, ever the affectionate one, immediately climbs onto the bed next to you and hugs you tight, rubbing your back as you sniffle unattractively into his chest, probably getting your gross tears and snot all over the undoubtedly expensive shirt.
All the crying causes you to cough loudly and violently, until it feels like they’re going to rip your chest apart. Namjoon runs to get you some water and approaches you uncertainly, handing you the mug like he’s giving something to a wild animal.
Jimin takes it for you and holds it to your mouth, tilting it just enough so you can sip slowly. After you’ve drained the whole thing at his insistence, he hands the cup off to Jeongguk and continues rubbing your back.
“Do you want to talk about it?” he asks quietly, and you blink up at him with swollen eyes.
“Oh, sweetie,” Yoongi sighs, grabbing some tissues from the box on the nightstand and wiping your face gently. “What’s gotten you into such a state?”
“I… I don’t know!” you cry, bursting into tears once again and they just hug you. You explain through sobs and fits of coughing how you felt so awful when you woke up yesterday but weren’t sure why, how unloved and unwanted you thought you were when you realised there wasn’t any food in the fridge when there usually was something waiting for you, the fucking money on the counter, and the way your thoughts had spiralled out of control over the past few days.
As Yoongi rocks you in his embrace, he glares over your head at Hoseok and Seokjin, who look increasingly ashamed as you continue telling them your story. Seokjin’s shoulders are by his ears now, and Hoseok won’t look up from his feet.
“Baby girl, we’re so sorry we made you feel that way,” Namjoon says quietly, reaching out to stroke your hair. “We should have been more conscientious of your feelings.”
“Yeah, Y/N-ah,” Hoseok adds. “It was our fault for pushing you so hard when we knew we were going to be away the next day. We should have been around to take care of you when you went into subdrop.”
You look up in surprise. Subdrop? You’ve never even heard that term before, and the confusion is clear on your face.
“It’s okay, love. We’ll explain more about it later. For now, just know that none of it is your fault, okay, sweetheart?”
Sniffling, you nod.
Seokjin finally steps forward and takes your hand. “I’m so sorry for neglecting you, baby,” he says, pressing apologetic kisses to your knuckles. “It will never happen again.”
For the first time in days, you crack a small smile at him.
“Now, have you eaten anything today?”
You think about it. “I ate some strawberries yesterday,” you finally offer.
The boys’ expressions vary from shocked to horrified. “You haven’t eaten anything all day today?!” Seokjin fairly shrieks.
“I guess not,” you shrug.
You can hear his ranting as he sprints to the kitchen to cook you something. Too tired to have much of a reaction, you just sink back into Yoongi’s embrace, letting him prop you up against the pillows like a doll as he presses kisses to your temple.
“I love you so much, baby,” he keeps repeating to you.
When the soybean stew is ready, all of you migrate to the dining table. Seokjin, impressive as always, even managed to rustle up some side dishes - leftover kimchi, kelp salad using the seaweed he used to make the stock for the soybean stew, and rice.
You don’t feel hungry even as you sit down and pick up your utensils, but once the first bit of soup and rice is in your mouth, you realise that you’re actually ravenous. You stuff your face with the food, nearly scalding your tongue more than once on the soup. Hoseok, sitting next to you, rubs your back and laughs. “Slow down, love. You’re going to hurt yourself,” he advises.
You ignore him - you haven’t had a proper meal for two days - focusing on how amazing Seokjin’s food tastes. The last time they had time off, he made his own doenjang and you can literally taste the difference between his homemade goodness and the storebought stuff.
When you’ve cleaned out your bowl and all the side dishes, you sit back with a little sigh, only now noticing that all of them were watching you and getting a little awkward.
“Um…” you hum nonsensically to break the silence.
“Baby girl…” Namjoon sighs. “Why didn’t you tell any of us you weren’t feeling well?”
You look down at your hands curled in your lap, ashamed. “I didn’t want to be a burden,” you confess finally.
“Sweetie… you should always tell us if you feel bad,” Jimin admonishes you gently.
“I didn’t think you wanted me anymore,” you say in a small voice, looking down to avoid making eye contact with any of them, which is why you’re caught off guard when Seokjin lifts you off your chair and into his lap.
“Baby girl, you never need to worry about that, okay? We will always want you.” The certainty in his voice makes it difficult for you to continue doubting his words, so you just nod in response.
“Good girl,” he says, stroking the back of your head with his big hand. “Now, take your medicine and go to bed, you’re still sick.”
You start to acquiesce, then jerk upright in his lap, even though the motion makes you woozy. “Oh no, I was so mean to Tannie,” you gasp in horror, squirming away from him. You make your way as quickly as you can to the kitchen, where his treats are kept under the sink. Rummaging around for the rawhide bones you know he adores, you grab one from the plastic bag and sit down, shaking the bone at him.
“Come here, baby boy,” you coo at him, smiling when he runs straight to you. Yeontan is not the kind to keep grudges, but you still feel bad, stroking him and pressing kisses to his head as he starts gnawing on the bone.
“I’m sorry for being mean just now,” you repeat over and over again while showering him with affection.
Taehyung huffs in amusement. “I’m pretty sure he’s forgotten all about it,” he says, watching you rub your face in Tannie’s soft fur.
“Do you? Do you forgive me for being a big meanie, my fluffy baby?”
Yeontan ignores you, too focused on the rawhide bone.
“Okay, I think you should get to bed now,” Namjoon nags, seeing as Yeontan is way too busy to give you any attention anyway.
“Okay, good night baby boy,” you say to Yeontan in your pet voice, petting him one last time before getting up to go to bed.
When you’re all tucked in, Jeongguk comes in with a cup of water and medication for your cold. “Here you go, noona,” he says, hovering over you anxiously while you down the pills. The boys pile on to the bed one after another, curling up comfortably in their usual positions.
“Hobi-oppa?” you ask in a small voice.
“What’s subdrop?”
He hums. “It’s when subs get really sad after a scene.”
“Oh…” you say thoughtfully. There must be more than that, you think.
Thankfully, Namjoon jumps in with a more detailed explanation. “There’s two aspects to it - the emotional and physical. Some subs get really depressed and sad after a scene, especially if there’s no aftercare, for various reasons. But after such an intense experience the hormones in your body can drop sharply and that causes the physical symptoms.”
That makes more sense, you think as you nod along. It would certainly explain why you had that inexplicable headache yesterday morning, and how upset you got over what you’d done with them.
“Is there a way to prevent it?” Yoongi asks, concerned for you. He knows what Hoseok and Jin are like, and asking them to dial it back might just prove impossible.
“Not that I know of, and I think it varies from person to person. I guess you just have to figure out how to get through it,” Namjoon says, rubbing his chin as he tries to recall what he’d learned from that long-ago Google session.
You hum along, half-asleep now. “It’ll be fine,” you say, cracking a giant yawn.
“We’ll be more careful next time,” Jin says contritely, wriggling closer to drop kisses to your forehead. Jimin squawks in indignation as he’s crushed under Jin’s weight.
It occurs to you briefly as you fall asleep that this wouldn’t have happened if you’d had a more normal relationship - you’d have researched everything way more thoroughly before trying new kinks, especially ones that were so extreme. You tamp down the thought ruthlessly.
This is what makes your boys happy, and it’s fine. You like it too. It’s fine.
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taesinferno · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
-> a/n: okay NOW im done lmaoo . kinda rushed, but u get the point. also just in time for the new promo pics oh LORDDD
-> pairing: ot7 × reader
-> warnings: aged up bangtan, age gap, manipulation, unprotected vaginal and anal sex, gangbang, mouth fuck, handjobs, double penetration, hair pulling, roughness, biting, putting oc in uncomfortable positions (sexually), angst ig?, infidelity, + SERIES M.LIST
main m.list
Tumblr media
Jungkook had kept you, with big eyes and begging "one more night, baby please." You were putty in his hands, and he knew. You let him drag you to the master bedroom, where the other men had apparently already gathered.
"What's wrong, darling? We heard you wanted to go." Hoseok was the first to approach you, cupping your face in his hands and meeting your eyes with concerned ones.
You couldn't find your voice to tell him. Looking into his kind eyes, you remembered everything he'd done for you. Taken you in when you were penniless in a strange city, shared his bed, doted on you, spoiled you. You couldn't look into his handsome face and tell him you hated him for not telling you he was married. Because, at the end of the day, you really didn't.
You didn't have a leg to stand on. The man who ushered you in was a testament to that. The faint tingle in your ass evidence to what you'd knowingly done. Your moral high horse, your crocodile tears over being a homewrecker, they were all moot at this point.
"It's okay, yn. You don't have to hide it. JK told us, so I booked you a ticket for a cruise around the Mediterranean." Hoseok reassured you with a gentle smile. Your mouth fell open in shock. You wanted to cry from his generosity.
You jumped into his arms instead, finding his lips to showcase your gratitude. Although, with a slight sinking feeling in your stomach. Yesterday, you were all up in arms about staying another minute. Now, you regretted ever saying you wanted to go.
"It's your last night, so we wanted to say goodbye," Namjoon's deep voice sounded, nods from the boys following his statement.
You followed them up to the moonlit deck, hidden away in your private cove for one last night. You drank, you danced. You took off your clothes and threw them overboard. You threw yourself into Taehyung’s lap with one tug of his hand, and felt two other bodies immediately taking up his sides. Just normal goodbye party things.
Taehyung's lips found your neck as Jimin sat elegantly in front of you, where you were turned to the side in Taehyung's lap. His ring-embellished hand found yours, entertwining before he brought it up for a kiss. With the heat creeping up on your face from the sweet gesture, he slowly guided your hand down to his freed cock, gently wrapping your hand around and directing you until you were moving it on your own. His head fell back as he settled his hands on the back of the couch, letting you do your thing.
On your other side, your favorite silver-streaked dilf was vying for your attention. You turned yourself around in Taehyung's lap to keep your hand on Jimin, but be able to see Yoongi as well. His cock was already out, swollen and begging to be pampered. Your favorite sugar daddy. Your small hand wrapped around his length cautiously as he tugged you close by your hair for a kiss. "Good girl, obedient baby, 'm gonna miss you."
Taehyung was getting a bit impatient with the lack of your attention on his cock. Before you knew it, you were being lifted up and turned around on his lap, momentarily losing your grip on Yoongi and Jimin, to be facing away from Taehyung, and towards the dragon-eyed man sitting directly across from you. You felt Taehyung slip inside you, and with no prep, your walls stretched painfully to try and accommodate him. You let out a gasp as you almost fell foward, trying to take a breath after having the air knocked out of your lungs. But you weren't given much of an opportunity.
"Namjoon, please..." you didn't know what made you call out for the large man, what you expected him to do. But Namjoon had gotten up from his spot with a chuckle, and made his way over. "Poor baby can't take cock like that? Need me to help you?" No chance of an answer, not when he was fitting his cock into your mouth simultaneously. "You've learned so much since you've gotten here, baby. Make me proud."
You let out a gurgling sound as he stuffed you full. The comparison between the two cocks in you right now were insane. Two of the biggest you'd ever taken, and they were both shoved ruthlessly into you simultaneously. Were you in heaven, or in hell?
You didn't know. All you knew was the tears running down your face from how hard Namjoon tugged your hair, pushing you down on his cock with filthy things spewing from his mouth as he set the pace. How fast Taehyung was pushing his cock deeper into your guts, Yoongi's hands kneading your ass. All you could hear was their grunts, Jimin and Yoongi rutting into your hands, not letting you slow down for a second. Not one breather in sight.
You were covered in cum, leaking out of your mouth, splattered all over your body, when you were passed over to Hoseok. He was as handsome as the first day you met him. Pretty grin as he held you close, leaning back against the couch cushions. So sweet. So kind and gentle. Your savior. So—
"Fuckk!" You cried out as he pushed into your ass. He tilted your face towards his to muffle your wails with a kiss, cooing "hush now, let me take care of you," as you cried into his shoulder. "Alright, go JK. She's squeezing me so fucking tight I don't know how long I'll last."
"If she lets me in," Jungkook grumbles, suddenly in between your legs, rubbing at your clit and tapping at your entrance with the tip of his cock to get you to open up. You were wound up from Hoseok's intrusion, but the stimulation to your clit was enough to let him shove his cock into your cunt, making you cry out and your whole body jolt in shock. "Ahh, fuck she's so tight."
Seokjin smoothed your hair as you trembled from the double intrusion. He could tell it hurt, but you were so placid, so obedient. You'd do anything they said. "Come on baby, wrap your hands around my cock. It'll make you feel better." You looked up at him with watery eyes, but complied. So gullible.
Your eyes were screwed shut as you took your reckoning, tearing up like the crybaby you were. You couldn't help it, with the way Jungkook was rubbing at your clit vigorously, the way Seokjin patting your cheek apologetically, Hoseok whispering sweet nothings as if you were his. His shy, pliant girl. His crybaby. His little bird that needed saving.
Tumblr media
"But I want to stay with you." You whined, clutching his suit jacket with teary eyes the next morning. Hoseok gently pulled your pawing hands away, and tucked them back into your side. "I've gotta go, sweetheart. But you know I love you, right? You mean so much to me."
His pretty little lies filled your ears, telling you wanted you wanted to hear. Enough to make you step off the boat with a light heart and the promise that you'd see him again. Letting you believe he'd leave everything for you, his wife, his family. He just needed to get a few things straightened up back home. You waved him goodbye as the boat left the harbor, innocently making a place for him in your heart.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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forgottenpasta · 3 years ago
Lifeline | 02
Summary: What happens when a witch curses seven vampires to share one fated mate between them? BTS x Reader, Ot7 x Reader, Vampire!au, Idol!au.
Genre: Fantasy, Angst, Fluff, Smut
Word Count: 7.9k
Warning: Lot’s of biting and blood. It’s Diabolik Lovers up in this shiiii~
Ch. 1 | Ch. 2 | Ch.3 | Ch. 4 | Ch.5| Ch.6
Tumblr media
The coffee cup almost scalded your hand as you power walked down the sunlit hallway towards Sungmin’s office. Shifting the fresh brew to your other hand, you opened and closed your fist to get rid of the sting.
Your drastic ascend to the upper echelons of executive decision making in Bighit had stumped you, double and triple checking with Minjun if the letter you had received was really authentic or just some silly prank from your otherwise humourless supervisor.
He had assured you it had come from the very top. And seeing Bangpd’s very real signature on it, you had finally accepted this dream reality.
Still, it hadn’t stopped you from questioning Sungmin when you’d reached his office for your briefing the next morning, eyes bleary because usually you would be snoring on your bed at 9 am.
Why exactly were you the one chosen for this position? In your one month at Bighit you couldn’t remember even one remarkable thing you’d done as an intern.
Sungmin had just scoffed and grumbled under his breath about handing him your resignation letter if you wanted to play 20 questions with him first thing in the morning.
You’d seriously contemplated doing just that, after all you were way over your head here, you didn’t know one thing about being an assistant, let alone being one to the IT head of Bighit.
But then he’d showed you your new office and you’d about nerdgasmed at the multi-screen desktop dominating the space on the table top. The gleaming Dell Precision 5720 calling out to everything in your tech savvy self and you’d forgotten any objection you had had to your new job.
After all, you were a quick learner. How hard could an assistant’s job be?
The decision had been made within the next hour. You’d accompanied Sungmin for a meeting with the top technology buffs of the town to discuss the development for BTS’ new virtual reality game. After fangirling at all the tech jargon for two hours straight, where Sungmin threw annoyed glares at you every two seconds, you’d made up your mind.
You were not going to look a gift horse in the mouth.
So now after trekking two blocks for his favourite coffee, you strode past disgruntled employees to reach your boss’ office before he had a meeting with Bangpd in ten minutes.
Why do I overestimate my stamina so much?
Sweating from the heat and exercise, you heaved for breath as you jogged down the last two turns to your destination. If the coffee in your hand was a cold beverage instead, you seriously would have turned it over your head to cool off.
God was granting all your unspoken wishes these days.
Because in the next second and just as you turned the last corner, a rock hard chest slammed into your cup-bearing arm. The collision crushed the cup a little and with a shrill cry, you splashed the brown concoction straight down your white blouse, your body jarring at the forceful impact.
“Oh fuck. I’m sorry, pretty girl.”
The red-headed dancer clutching your arm steadied you while looking at you with worry.
You immediately stopped breathing. Vague, hazy images of the man in front of you floated through your mind, making you press your fingers to your suddenly aching temples.
Have I been dreaming about BTS’ J-hope lately?
“Are you ok, Y/n?” Hoseok raised his brows in concern.
At his question you shook yourself out of your weird stupor, suddenly becoming aware of two major things.
The J-hope was almost holding you in his arms, looking at you like he was about to transport you to a hospital if you didn’t give him confirmation of your well-being soon.
And your very white blouse was soaked through with coffee.
But wait… “How do you know my name?”, you asked. Because that’s the first thing one says to a member of a world famous band.
Flustered at your question and your too-perceptive eyes boring into him, Hoseok stammered. “Umm…Sungmin was talking about his new assistant.”
At the doubtful tilt of your head, he hastened to continue. “All good things, don’t worry.”
Now you looked downright suspicious.
Hoseok wanted to smack himself at his slip, he wasn’t supposed to know your name or face. But your sudden appearance before him when he’d already been looking for you had filled him with a sort of giddy thrill.
He couldn’t wait to introduce you to the other boys. And somehow inform you about his inhuman nature and what you meant to him in a way that wouldn’t make you run for the hills.
Looking for a change in topic, he glanced down at your confused form, exclaiming an expletive at your soaked chest. “Oh no, your shirt. Come with me, I’ll get you something to change.”
Your mother had taught you never to accompany strange men anywhere. But was he really a strange man if his face greeted you everyday from countless billboards, screens and magazines. Nevertheless, he was a good looking man and being in close proximity with one often turned you into a fucking guppy.
“I..umm.” You looked down at yourself, then his outstretched hand and then around you both at the curious glances every other employee was throwing your way as they passed by. Some blatantly snickering at your drenched form.
You blushed, crossing your arms and not looking him in the eyes. He did strange things to your head and heart. “It’s…okay. You don’t have to worry about it. I didn’t look where I was going. Maybe I’ll just wash it off in the restrooms or ask one of the staff for an extra shirt…”
Pausing, your eyes widened as the man before you raised his hands to the buttons of his own shirt. “What are you doing?!”, you exclaimed.
Unbeknownst to you, Hoseok had been scowling at some of the male workers eyeing your chest with interest. He was not about to see you parade through the entire floor with soaked clothing. He took off his shirt.
Now your face was literally on fire. You tried looking everywhere except his bare sculpted chest but your eyes were traitors.
“Helping you out.”, he stated softly, draping the button-down over your shoulders. Instinctively you clutched the two ends together, covering yourself up.
Taking the long cold, half empty cup of coffee from your hand, he took a deep breath at the sight you made. Flushed cheeks, kissable lips and wide eyes peering up at him in slight awe.
My mate in my clothing. Even though he wasn’t a werewolf, he felt the urge to howl in satisfaction.
“Follow me.”, he told you, grasping your arm and leading you away. “I know a place where you can change.”
“What-wait!”, you blabbered behind him, not really knowing what was happening. Ever since yesterday evening it was like you’d entered a parallel universe. One where you got hired for jobs without even lifting a finger and hot rappers spilled coffee on you just to drape their shirt over you next.
You didn’t have the courage to stop and tell the man that you could change in the restroom. Or, heck your new state-of-the-art office.
Not when your hand tingled where he held it firmly in his own, the broad planes of his toned back making your stomach do weird flips as he pulled you with him to god knows where. Now, you knew why they didn’t let just any employee access these floors. Because a half-naked BTS’ member could likely be roaming around the halls.
Damn, Yerin is missing out.
“Here.” He stopped in front of a door, pushing it open to lead you inside the dimly lit room. Once your eyes adjusted your breath hitched at your surroundings. “Change here. I’ll be back with you in a minute. Just need to fetch a new shirt.”
Giving you one last admiring look, he left you alone.
In a room where someone like you was clearly not supposed to be. With a reeling mind, you took in the various prized trophies Bangtan had collected over the years neatly placed on a long shelf that covered the left wall. And with what you’d heard about them, these clearly weren’t all of them.
Must be nice having so many awards you can casually place them wherever there’s spare space.
But what really surprised you was the recording equipment off to one side and an expensive multi-screen computer much like the one in your office. You spotted some instruments too, including a piano in one corner and a saxophone in a display case. A metronome sat atop the table closest to you. Comfortable chairs were scattered about the room.
With slow, scared steps you moved inside, afraid that you’d actually break something in what was clearly a very well used vocal practice room.
“This is so not normal.”, you thought out loud.
Taking a deep breath you focused on the task at hand, immediately realising that J-hope expected you to change into the shirt he’d given you. Resigning to your fate since you had no other options, you quickly took off your ruined blouse, grimacing at the smell of coffee. You desperately wanted to take a shower but that didn’t seem to be in the cards, especially since Sungmin must be wondering about your prolonged disappearance.
After wiping your chest and cleavage with whatever part of the blouse that wasn’t wet, you took J-hope’s shirt in your hands. Against your better judgement you pulled it close to your face, inhaling his heady, intoxicating scent.
I never said I wasn’t a weirdo.
Donning it on, you were just about to button up the shirt when unfamiliar voices approaching the door made you freeze in panic.
You hadn’t locked the door like the idiot you were. Heartbeat racing you frantically looked about the room for divine intervention just as the handle turned down and the door swung open.
“I don’t know why you’re asking me hyung. I’m not going to babysit your sugar gliders.”, Yoongi voiced, stepping inside the practice room. And immediately going stock still at the strange girl looking at him with saucer eyes.
Jin followed close behind. “But my sugar gliders love them some Suga.” His snicker at his lame joke was abruptly cut off as he realised what Yoongi was gawking at. More like who.
The first thing they noticed was your lacy black bra and your unbuttoned shirt.
Jin swallowed. Yoongi scowled.
You were fucked. “I-I can explain—“
Jin shook his head, frowning. “Who are you?”
Yoongi cursed under his breath. “I told Bangpd to amp up the security. I swear to god if this is another crazy saesang somehow breaking in.”
You were extremely offended. “I’m not a saesang.”, you snapped.
Yoongi scoffed, moving towards you to escort you out. “Yeah, that’s what they all say.”
It hit him like a truck. A truck doing one-twenty down an empty freeway. First your delicious, delicious scent and then the thirst. Raw, ravenous thirst.
Yoongi reeled back in shock, like you were the one who’d bit him.
Concerned for the younger, Jin reached forward to ensure he was alright. Only to have his heartbeat accelerated to max, sudden alien sensations overwhelming him, his every sensory nerve suddenly overstimulated with you.
Jin swallowed harshly, immediately understanding what was happening. Though it still wasn’t clicking for Yoongi as he stared at you like you were some kind of monster.
You cocked your head at their strange behaviour. “Are you guys, alright?”
As soon as you inadvertently exposed your pulse to them they were done.  
They exclaimed to each other in unison. “She’s my mate!”
Jin’s eyes widened in disbelief.
Yoongi’s narrowed, his breathing harsh. “You’ve got to be kidding me.”, he croaked, it felt like he had gravel in his suddenly parched throat.
But Jin was putting two and two together. “The witch.”, he breathed.
“What is happening? Do you guys need to see a doctor?” You pointed at Yoongi. “He looks like he’s about to have a heart attack. I swear I’m not dangerous.”
Naïve girl, Jin thought. You were the one in danger.
Turning to you, he snapped impatiently, feeling his own thirst burn out of control despite his famed restraint over his baser instincts. “What’s your name?”
You raised your eyebrows at him. “Could have asked nicely. I’m Y/n—“
Yoongi’s patience broke and he charged towards you. “I don’t fucking care! I can’t hold back anymore.”
Eyes widening you tried to step back and dodge him, but you had no clue what you were actually dealing with.
Yoongi’s arms came around you like a vice, one strong hand soon finding a way into your hair, tilting your head for his hungry mouth.
Pain. And then pleasure. Your mouth hung open as your limbs suddenly went powerless as if your brain had abruptly cut off all signals to your body except pure, unadulterated delectation. A feather light tongue sucked at your neck in delight.
You couldn’t control your whimper of need when a soft hand moved your shirt down one shoulder and a second set of fangs pierced you just above your clavicle.
In a matter of minutes, or seconds your befuddled self really couldn’t tell, you were shaking with arousal, all sensations shooting straight down to your core.  
At your moan, Jin broke out of the thirst-induced haze. As your rich nectar slid down his throat, one sudden thought flashed in his head. You were human.
He pulled away. “Yoongi enough.”
When the younger didn’t seem to hear him, Jin grabbed his shoulder, yanking him away from your neck. “I said enough. She’s not an all-you-can-eat buffet.”
Reluctantly pulling back, Yoongi lapped a few times at your neck to close the wound. Suddenly bereft you stumbled forward into his arms, disoriented. He caught you, grasping your chin to lift up your face. “Look at me.”
Blinking a few times, you did. His brown eyes seemed to be glowing with power and not for the first time you wondered if you were dreaming.
“Go to sleep, sweetheart.”
Your sudden heavy eyes begged you to obey and even as you fought against it, eventually you succumbed to the strange aura that willed you into unconsciousness.
Yoongi glanced at Jin, carefully positioning your sleeping head on his shoulder. “I had to.”
Jin sighed. “I know. She has no damn clue what she’s in for.”
The door swung open and Hoseok rushed in. “I’m sorry I took so long, pretty girl. I had to go all the way to—“
He gaped at the sight before him. His unconscious mate in Yoongi’s arms, two healing bite wounds decorating her exposed skin, while Jin looked on.
“What the fuck is going on?”
Jin pursed his lips. “Well, remember Suli, the witch.”
Sunlight filtered in through the drawn curtains of the huge windows, playing over your sleeping from on the plush settee as if trying to tickle you awake. You remained still, deep in slumber.
Hoseok rubbed a hand down his face in frustration. “What are we going to do?”
Yoongi paced a hole in the floor. “That fucking witch. If I knew her curse would actually work, I would have—“
“You would have what Yoongi?”, Jin interjected, seemingly the only calm one in the room. “ We were all helpless in that instant, we couldn’t do anything. And she vanished immediately afterwards. The only solution now is to look forward and figure out what we’re going to do about all this.”
“How are we going to tell the others?”, Hoseok questioned, observing your sleeping form. Sighing, he couldn’t help but admit that although he’d been confused out of his mind, he hadn’t felt the slightest jealousy at seeing you with Yoongi and Jin. Which was preposterous considering usually vampires were notoriously possessive over their mates. But then he remembered his anger over other men eyeing you this morning and his need to cover you up.
So anyone other than Bangtan is a no-go.
Yoongi frowned. “Namjoon-ah already has a mate. I don’t understand how this is possible.”
Jin nodded. “I think first we should figure out what to do with Y/n. She doesn’t know what we are, what she is to us.”
Yoongi looked at his two bandmates. “And I don’t think we should tell her the latter.”
“Why not?”, Hoseok asked. “How else are we going to justify seven men drinking from only her on the regular. Because that’s the reality now, you know that right? She’s human and she has seven vampire mates. Who all need her blood.”
Yoongi groaned, carding a hand through his hair at the impossible situation. “I have no damn clue.”
“I have an idea.”
At Jin’s words, both of them regarded the eldest expectantly. “We can hire her.”
“Elaborate.”, Hoseok demanded with scrunched brows.
“If we tell her she’s our mate right away, she’ll be out the door faster than we can say her name. It’ll be like proposing for marriage on the first date. That too a marriage with seven vampires.”
“Makes sense.”, Hoseok acknowledged.
“But we need to tell her about our supernatural status. And somehow get her to agree to become our source.”
“Like a donor”, Yoongi exhaled. Some vampires hired temporary donors for themselves till they found their mate. It was easier and a lot less hassle than procuring bagged blood all the time. Or committing a crime and potentially exposing themselves by biting unsuspecting strangers on the street.
“Maybe money will work or…” Jin racked his brain for something. “…she’s an IT professional right?”
Hoseok nodded in understanding. “Aaaah. I know where you’re going with this. But isn’t this very immoral. Keeping your mate in the dark I mean.”
“Do you have any other plan?”, Yoongi snapped. “Besides this isn’t a normal situation, she’s an anomaly caused by a fucking curse. We need to find this witch and do something about it. Till then I think this plan works out.”
Just then you stirred from your deep, dreamless sleep. It felt like you were waking up from a coma, like you’d taken sleeping pills, every muscle in your body trying to lull you back to darkness.
“Ugh.” You clutched your head as you sat up, lazily wondering where you were.
Hoseok was by your side immediately, helping you sit up.
“Are you okay, pretty girl?” He was worried that after two vampires taking your blood, you wouldn’t be feeling all that good.
But you seemed fine as you asked, “Where am I? What happened?”
Trying to make sense of your surroundings you looked about at the huge, unfamiliar room as Hoseok answered your queries. “You’re in our common room. Sorta. It’s just some place where we come to rest, play games, or just relax when we’re in the building. As for your second question—“
He was cut off by a loud shriek.
You’d finally spotted Yoongi and Jin and the events of a few hours ago came rushing back to you.
“They bit me!”, you tried to convince a flustered Hoseok, clasping his arm and pulling him close. “J-hope-ssi, these two bit me! You have to believe me.”
Yoongi snorted and Jin burst out laughing. “J-hope-ssi!”
The said man glared at them both while trying to console you. “Call me Hoseok, pretty girl. And I do believe you.”
“You do? I swear I was just trying to change clothes when they came in. After accusing me of being a saesang they came at me with…” ,you paused in your hysteric monologue, not believing half the things you were spouting yourself.”…with sharp, pointed teeth.”
You tried to imitate twin fangs with your pointer fingers against your mouth, knowing fully well you were making a fool out of yourself. But all the bizarre happenings of yesterday and today had finally taken a toll on you. You were sure you were already half mad.
Hoseok muffled his chuckle against your hair, loving the smooth feel of it on his face.
Yoongi rolled his eyes at your theatrics. “Well, that’s what vampires do, sweetheart.”
“Huh?”, you were confused for a moment, as if he’d spoken a foreign language. “You did not just say…”
“I did.”, Yoongi deadpanned. Hoseok and Jin eyed you with trepidation.
You scoffed. “I may be going mad but I’m not that crazy yet. Vampires! As if! I’m going to report you two for sexual harassment, I don’t care if you’re an idol or the damn President himself.”
You stood up suddenly, Hoseok and Jin going wide-eyed at your gumption. You were no doormat and if they thought so they had another thing coming for themselves.
Yoongi pushed off the wall he was leaning against, crossing the room to close in on you. His confident gate and devilishly handsome face made your heart rate double instantly.
Yoongi smirked, hearing your pulse go crazy as your cheeks burned red, wanting to bite into them like apples.
You peered up at him as he stopped before you, gulping at his intimidating form, your earlier bravado nowhere to be seen. He wasn’t all that tall or broad to begin with but his gruff and no-nonsense personality put anybody in their place with just one glare.
“Watch closely, sweetheart because I’m not going to do this again.”
He opened his mouth. Right before your shocked eyes both his upper canines lengthened, sharpened as they dropped down, gleaming with lethal purpose.
With a gasp, you jerked backwards not believing your eyes. He licked his lips and even your startled self couldn’t deny how sensually appealing he looked with fangs down and half-lidded eyes.
Straight out of the cover of an erotic novel.
You shook your head clearing out the dirty thoughts. You slumped down on the settee again, completely out of your mind, three sexy-as-sin members of Bangtan monitoring your every next move.
You laughed so hard you doubled over. “How amazing! Vampires and idols to boot!”
“She’s lost it.”, Hoseok commented.
“I’m surprised she’s not scared shitless. The first time we told Sungmin and a few other employees, they almost wet themselves in fear.”, Jin mumbled peering over at your hunched self as you laughed hysterically.
“I think Sungmin actually did piss himself, he was wearing new pants when I saw him nex—“
At Yoongi’s glare Hoseok shut up immediately. The surly rapper addressed your prostrate figure on the settee. “If you’re done giggling, we have something we need to ask you.”
Sobering instantly, you straightened up. “If you’re done spilling your secrets, I need to get out of here asap.”, you retorted, holding up both your hands. “Look I saw nothing, I heard nothing and nothing happened. If you let me go now and never talk to me again, I swear I won’t tell anybody.”
“Nobody would believe you anyway.”, Jin told you, not in a smug way, just stating facts. And he was right, nobody would.
“It’s not that easy, pretty girl.”, Hoseok explained. “We umm…we need you. I mean we have a proposition for you.”
Hoseok begged with his eyes for Jin to take over before he fucked it up for all of them. Yoongi didn’t bother opening his mouth because he knew he’d demand rather that ask for your acquiescence.
Jin stepped forward, taking one of your hands in his before sitting beside you.
They were right, surprisingly you felt no fear in their presence even after what they’d told you they were. It was as if you knew instinctively that they’d never hurt you. At leat not intentionally.
It was strange but you didn’t question it.
Jin didn’t beat around the bush. “We want you to become our blood donor.”
“I don’t— What do you mean blood donor?”, you asked but you didn’t like where this was going.
Jin chose his words carefully, fully knowing that right now you were a skittish kitten who could slip from their grasp with just one wrong move. “See there are some people whose blood vampires are naturally drawn to. It could be because of various factors, you know healthy diet, high haemoglobin or just good ol’ genetics.”
Or being a fated mate. But Jin kept that information to himself. He wasn’t lying essentially, some people’s blood was naturally more delicious than others. Or it could depend on preference. Taehyung for instance exclusively fed on his favourite rare AB positive type.
You frowned because you’d never been a health nut and being an intern meant peanut wage, so your healthy eating options were also limited. “And I’m one of them?”, you asked skeptically.
“Yes, pretty girl. You are.”, Hoseok told you.
Your eyes immediately narrowed at him. “You say that as if you’ve tasted my blood as well.”
Hoseok flushed. “J-Just an intuition…you smell lovely.”, he stammered, cringing internally at his words.
Jin brought your attention back to him. “What we want to ask is, will you consider being our donor. Of course we’ll pay you very handsomely in exchange.”
Rubbing at your temples, you repeated what he asking in your head once again. It looked like a bad deal from every angle. “I don’t—”
Yoongi interrupted before you could refuse them outright. “You’re a software developer right. How about we put you on the main team for the new game we’re developing. You know, right alongside the tech gurus from Kairo corp.”
Out of everything you’d seen and heard this day, his words were the only ones that stopped your heart for a second.
Your dream developer firm and tech research company. It was your personal goal to one day work as a developer for the esteemed Kairo corp, whose clients were scattered all over the manufacturing, entertainment, automobile and a dozen other industries. To say they’d suddenly dangled before you the only bait that could potentially get you to agree was an understatement.
“Really? You’d do that?”, you breathed.
Yoongi shrugged. “Why not? Plus the hefty pay check Jin promised earlier. And if you want we can even put in a good word for you with them. You know your resumé will be gold with a recommendation from Bangpd himself.”
To feel your dream suddenly come within arm’s reach felt surreal and you spoke without a second thought. “Okay. What would I need to do?”
Jin beamed at you. “Don’t worry about the details, I’m sure we can work it out. You’ll just have to be a donor for all of us—”
“Wait wait.”, you stopped him, reeling at what he was implying. “You mean to say, donor…for all seven of you?”
Jin nodded hastily. “It won’t be like what you’re probably imagining. We older members don’t need much. We can even go months without blood.”
Hoseok continued to reassure you. “The younger ones might feed from you once or twice a week maybe. But that’s it.”
You flinched at the words “feed from you”, not liking the sound of it. I’m not pizza.
Yoongi took out his phone, turning away now that you’d agreed. “I’ll tell our manager to draw up a contract.”
“Oh.”, he turned around suddenly, informing you casually. “You’ll have to shift to our dorms of course.”
What the hell did I get myself into?
Three down, four to go, Jin thought as him and Hoseok escorted you to their dorm building.
You were seated between them both in the backseat of the SUV and he could practically feel your nervousness and apprehension in the closed surroundings.
“Having second thoughts?”, he asked, tilting his head so he could see your face clearly.
“I’m on my fifteenth thought right now.”
Jin chuckled, peering down at you with amusement.
You did not have an out of this world beauty like the female idols he was used to, but your lively eyes and succulent mouth gave your face a character, a charm that he found very attractive. He noticed the way you would cock your head when you were confused or clasp your hands together in an obvious sign of anxiousness, just like you were doing right now, when he’d never noticed anything like that before on a girl. Heck, he never noticed anything except their face and body.
Considering Hoseok was currently stealing surreptitious glances your way every minute or two, Jin concluded he was similarly affected.
And he was. The entire ride Hoseok had been worried that they’d sprung this whole thing on you too soon. You had no clue how the Supernatural world worked and there was so much you didn’t know yet.
He felt uneasy about the leverage they’d used against you to get you to agree. The look on your face when Yoongi had tossed your dream job at you like it was nothing was still ingrained in his mind. He’d never in a million years thought that he’d have to play such tricks on his mate.
But then again, she’s not just my mate.
Beside him you sighed and rubbed your arms, suddenly aware of the missing presence in the car. “Where’s the grumpy one?”
“Hmm? Oh Yoongi?”, Jin replied. “He had some work to do. With the contract and all.”
Over your head, both of them shared a knowing look.
Yoongi’s voice over the phone sounded gruff. Namjoon shoved the phone between his neck and shoulder as he pressed the button on the coffee machine.
They got absolutely no sustenance or nourishment from food and drinks but they could still consume it for the taste. And Namjoon had been using coffee as a crutch for over three months now even as his strength deteriorated from not feeding for so long.
But he still couldn’t bring himself to bite Gina, partly because he felt no inclination to and partly because he was afraid what would happen if he did. He did not want to lose his mate.
“What’s up, hyung?”, he replied, pouring the brew in Yoongi’s Kumamon cup.
The unsuspecting elder continued ominously. “Do not freak out but…”
Namjoon straightened, taking the phone in his hand, forgetting about the coffee and already freaking out.
“…me and Jin found our mate too.”
Namjoon froze, he had a suspicion what Yoongi was going to say next but he hoped and prayed he was wrong.
“And they’re the same person.”
Dumbstruck, Namjoon grasped at anything to get out of this nightmare. “Hoseok—”
“Yes, Namjoon-ah, it’s the same girl he was talking about. Her name is Y/n as you know.”
“No-no, this can’t be happening.”, Namjoon mumbled. Suddenly feeling like his legs were jell-o he stumbled toward the living room and sat down heavily on the couch. “Tell me you’re joking hyung.”
Yoongi sighed. “I’m not. I tasted her…it was like drinking the elixir of the fucking gods themselves. That was hours ago and I still feel like I can bench press all six of you at once.”
Namjoon recalled a similar experience when he had first met his nymph mate. Am I about to relive that again?
“Namjoon listen. Put me on speaker and call the maknae-line. They need to hear this too.”
On autopilot he did what he was told, putting the phone on the coffee table before yelling for Jeongguk, Taehyung and Jimin in a voice that didn’t feel like his.
“What’s wrong?” Jimin padded out of his room first.
Taehyung followed with Yeontan in tow, immediately sprawling on the couch and cuddling his puppy. Jeongguk was last, fresh out of the shower with water still dripping from his hair.  
“Is everyone there?”, Yoongi’s voice came from the phone on the table.
Taehyung frowned at it. “Yeah, we’re here. What’s going on? I was about to call Sooyoung to meet up with me tonight, so can you please hurry.”
Jeongguk smirked at Tae mentioning his regular hook-up. Army had no clue but his  hyung was the real international playboy.
“Well, you’re not going anywhere, Tae. Our mate is on her way to the dorms and—”
“Wait.”, Jeongguk interrupted Yoongi. “Did you just say our mate? As in like plural.”
“Yes you brat, that’s what I said. Don’t interrupt me again.”
Jimin gasped as Yoongi continued. “Apparently the witch wasn’t bluffing. We pissed her off that night and now it’s coming full circle to haunt our fucking asses.”
Taehyung, who had become paralysed at the news, spoke up. “You mean I pissed her off.”
Abruptly he stood, carding both his hands through his hair, not comprehending that his one stupid mistake had fucked all of them over for the rest of their lives. “Fuck, this is all my fault.”
“Don’t say that, Tae. You couldn’t have known this would happen.”, Jimin consoled his friend.
Yoongi huffed impatiently. “Look all that doesn’t matter right now. She’s on her way over to the dorm with Jin and Hoseok as we speak—”
“WHAT!”, all four of them shouted.
Yoongi growled. “I said don’t interrupt me, dumbasses. She doesn’t know that she’s our mate, okay. I need you all to keep it that way.”
“How did you convince her to come here?” Jimin perked up. “Is she a fan?”
“Not-I don’t think so. Well…it didn’t look like it.”, Yoongi hesitantly answered.
Seeing the opportunity Jeongguk fired his rapid fire questions. “How does she taste? Is it really all that it’s hyped up to be? Did your throat burn like Joon hyung told me it would—”
It sounded like Yoongi smacked his forehead. “Kook, she’s gonna be there in about ten minutes. Be patient, you’ll find out soon enough. And as I was saying, she doesn’t know so please keep it that way. She’s agreed to become our donor for now, in exchange for a position with the Kairo team and a fee of course. I’ve asked our lawyer to draw up a contract.”
Jimin didn’t know why but he was suddenly very disappointed. He’d imagined a very different scenario for his first meeting with his mate, one that involved flowers, walks by the Han river and stargazing. Deep down he was a hopeless romantic and all this talk of money and contracts was putting him off.
“That’s awesome! I thought I would have to somehow restrain myself from drinking her blood.”, Jeongguk said cheerfully.
“Don’t pounce on her as soon as she crosses the threshold, idiot.”, Yoongi reprimanded.
“What are you talking about, hyung? I was thinking of going out and pouncing on her as soon as she was out the car.”, Jeongguk deadpanned.
“I’m sorry. I was joking.”, Jeongguk chuckled. “I’m just excited.”
“Stop.” At Namjoon’s pained whisper, all of them turned their attention to their leader.
“I can’t do this.” And he was getting up, slipping on his hoodie hastily as he made his way to the door, his coffee long gone cold on the kitchen counter.
“Where are you going, hyung?”, Jimin called out worriedly.
“To Gina’s.”
The door slammed behind him with a resounding thud and Jimin wondered if Namjoon accidentally cracked the wood.
Jeongguk scratched his head. “Well fuck, I forgot about her.”
Taehyung stared after the leader, his thoughts in a jumble. But everything inside him was screaming only one thing. That this was all because of him. His members, his brothers that he loved so dearly were stuck sharing a mate because he couldn’t control his stupid ego in the face of a wacky sixty year-old lady.
“I think I should go too.”
“What?”, Jimin frowned. “Why?”
Taehyung got up, slipping Yeontan into Jeongguk’s brawny arms. “I need to fix this.”
“How?”, Jeongguk asked as Tan licked the side of his face.
“Somehow I’m going to find that witch and I’m going to fucking apologise.”
And he was gone too.
Jimin stared at the maknae. “Well, I guess we’re the only ones welcoming our new mate.”
Namjoon banged on his girlfriend’s door.
The entire trip here he’d been holding on to only one hope. He was going to bite his mate and show that fucking witch that she couldn’t interfere with fate. He was not going to be unmated so fucking easily.
“Gina! Open the door!”
“Hold your horses! I’m coming.”
His girlfriend’s sweet voice calmed him a little. It was going to be okay. He was going to give her all the attention he’d been stupidly neglecting to the past three months. They’d make love and he would feed from her just like usual. It was all going to be fucking fine.
The door swung open and Gina’s beautiful elfin face greeted him. Even though he didn’t deserve it, she smiled at the sight of him. “Hello stranger.”
“I’m sorry, babe. I’ve been an idiot lately.”
Gina laughed. “Straight to the point I see.” She opened the door wider. “Come in.”
Namjoon stepped inside, immediately taking his mate in his arms as the door swung closed behind him. “How are you so fucking sweet to me still? It’s been over a month since I came to visit.”
Gina caressed his hair back from his forehead. Namjoon leaned into her touch, anxiety building up in him at not feeling the familiar current, the burning he always used to feel when she touched him. He pushed it aside.
“I figured you might be busy. What with you being the leader of the most popular boy group on earth.”
Namjoon snickered, leaning in to place butterfly kisses on her jaw. “You’re too good to me. I don’t deserve you.”
“No you don’t. But you’re stuck with me anyway.”, Gina breathed, her nipples going hard against his chest.
She moaned as Namjoon bit her earlobe where he knew she was sensitive. Pushing her hands into his hair, she pulled his mouth down on hers.
Namjoon couldn’t feel even the slightest stir in his groin. Frustrated, he pushed her against the wall, determined to power through.
“Ah fuck baby, I missed you so much.”, she moaned, grinding her pelvis against his. He could smell her arousal, she was completely gone at just one touch from him.
Being a nymph, Gina loved sex, even openly admitted she was addicted to it. Namjoon’s guilt had also been partly because he hadn’t been taking care of his mate’s needs.
Now that he fully intended to do so, his body wasn’t cooperating with him one bit. Groaning in frustration, he pulled back, eyeing the smooth skin of her neck with intent. He was starving that’s all. After all it had been almost three months without blood. Once he fed, everything would go back to normal.
Namjoon rubbed his thumb over her pulse. “I need to do this first, babe. I’m sorry.”
She tilted her neck immediately. “Go ahead.”
His fangs dropped and in the next second he was piercing her skin.
“Fuck yes.”, Gina exhaled.
As soon as the first drop slipped down his throat, he knew he had fucked up big.
Jerking back like he’d been staked, his hands went around his throat immediately. His eyes bugged out as her blood literally burned him from the inside.
Gina panicked, rushing towards him. “Baby what is happening?! Oh my god, you’re turning blue.”
Namjoon stumbled back, away from her touch. “C-call my…d-driver. Now.”, he choked out.
She appeared hurt for a second before she rushed into action.
Thirty seconds later, Namjoon was hunched over in the front seat as the driver sped through the streets of Seoul to their dorm. Gina had wanted to come too but he’d waved her off, signalling the driver to floor it.
“F-faster pl..ease.”
He knew what was happening. He’d read about it in countless paranormal biology books and websites. Heck, his own Dad had once told him about it.
If a mated vampire took someone else’s blood, it would literally poison him. As he clutched his throat in excruciating pain, his anger grew. Anger at that fucking witch, anger at Taehyung. Anger at you.
He couldn’t believe his body had rejected his own mate’s blood just because it was suddenly craving someone he’d not even fucking met.
As the car sped up even more, both the pain and his fury increased tenfold until he was practically shaking with it.
“Can I back out now?”, you asked Jin and Hoseok as you stood in front of their dorm door. “Please.”
“It’s going to be alright, princess. Don’t worry I won’t let anything happen to you.”, Hoseok declared.
You and Jin both gave him a dubious look.
Jin knew the members inside could hear them standing outside the door. But they were graciously giving you time to come to terms with the situation.
“Are you ready?”, he asked for the fourth time.
Finally you nodded, taking a deep breath. You were scared out of your mind. Seven sex-on-legs superstars and you. Under one roof. You weren’t nervous because they were vampires. Your silly brain had no sense of self-preservation, instead focusing on how hot they all were and how…normal you were.
You didn’t want to make a fool out of yourself. But who were you kidding, that was exactly what was going to happen.
Jin typed in the code on the keypad, it beeped once before he pulled down the handle and led you in.
The very first thing you noticed in the otherwise cavernous living room were the two boys seated on the couch, already looking at you with wide, eager eyes. Like you were their mom and you’d just bought home their favourite snack after going grocery shopping.
They both stood up in unison.
Your hand flapped up and down in some sort of a wave. “H-hello.”
Jimin spoke first. “I’m afraid to get closer.”, he told no-one in particular.
You thought you were being smart when you replied with, “Don’t worry, I don’t bite.”
Hoseok snickered from your left and Jin snorted from your right.
What a fucking moron I am.
Jeongguk smirked. “But we do.”
You walked right into that one. “So I’ve been told.”, you grumbled, already regretting your every life decision.
“So can we?”
Jeongguk’s question put you off guard.
“Can you what?”
Jimin smiled an angelic smile. “Bite you.”
At that both Hoseok and Jin left your side giving you reassuring looks over their shoulder as they disappeared somewhere down the hallway, leaving you with the sexy maknae-line vampire duo.
“Can we, please? I can’t wait anymore.”, Jeongguk asked impatiently.
This was what you were here as. A donor. You thought about the payment you’d get in return, not the monetary kind but the chance to work at Kairo, and your resolved strengthened.
Slowly you nodded.
Jeongguk reached you first, coming to a sudden halt at exactly a foot before you.
His face looked like he’d suddenly received some divine revelation, his mouth hung open as he took deep breaths. His hands clenched into fists, making his fore-arm muscles bulge out as the veins there throbbed visibly.
Why do his arms look so sexy?, was all your stupid brain could think about in that instant.
Jimin followed close behind. “Oh god.”, he exclaimed from beside Jeongguk when he got close enough. “Why do you smell like my favourite candy?”
You pursed your lips at the sight they made. Fangs down, red lips ready to devour you.
“Huh. I don’t know…but thanks I guess.”, you replied absentmindedly, then something clicked. “Wait, vampires can eat candy?”
The maknae’s eyes glowed with sinister intent as he ran his red tongue over his razor sharp canines. His earlier cheerful voice had gone gruff and thirsty. “Vampires can eat everything, doll. But right now I’m about to eat you.”
He was on you in a flash. Pushing your hair out of the way, he nuzzled for exactly one second at your neck. “Fuck, I’m going to love this so much.”
His fangs dug in with fervour and you heard him moan with delight.
Your hands went to his shoulders, fisting into his shirt as pleasure coursed through you. “Aaaagh.”
Over his shoulder, your dazed eyes met a frozen Jimin’s. The fair-haired dancer swallowed at the sight you made, everything in him begging him to join the maknae. To take what was his. But for some reason he hesitated.
Then one of your hands unclenched from Jeongguk’s shirt and you held it out toward Jimin. And without any words you’d given him everything he’d wanted.
He lurched forward, taking your soft hand in his. As your fingers interlocked, he moved behind you. Gently pushing your hair away from your other shoulder, before yanking your shirt down.
The material ripped easily at his strength but you didn’t care. You wanted both of them, simultaneously. You couldn’t understand why you were feeling this way but something in you wanted them both to take from you. And at that moment you would’ve given in to them even without all they were offering you in exchange.
Pushing away your bra-strap, Jimin kissed your bare shoulder before he pierced your smooth skin. When your lifeblood slid down his throat, he experienced nirvana.
He snaked his arm around your waist and pulled you closer, sucking at the wound like a man starved.
One hand in Jeonnguk’s hair and the other clasped with Jimin’s, you felt like you could stay like this forever. Your body was practically singing for their touch, but even in your blissed-out state you knew they only wanted your blood. Not you, not in that way.
When your body began to quiver, you figured they’d taken all you could give for now. Pulling at maknae’s hair a little, you whispered his name. “Jeongguk…”
“Mhmm.”, was the reply he gave you, savouring you still.
“Please, stop.”
They both stopped right away.
“I’m sorry, doll. Did I take too much?”, Jeongguk reluctantly pulled back, still eyeing your neck with want. But he licked your wound closed instead.
Jimin did the same, looking at you with worry. “Are you okay?”
“I’m fine. I’ll be fine.”, you replied, breathing a little shallow and feeling slightly lightheaded. “I don’t think I could’ve given up more though.”
Jimin brushed your cheek with his thumb lightly, pursing his lips at your words. “Tae and Joon hyung better not come back home tonight then.”
You frowned. “What? Why?”
Jimin regretted his slip of tongue. “Don’t worry about it, love. I think you should rest now, it must have been a long day for you.”
He began to lead you away, sharing a silent look with Jeongguk.
The maknae spoke so softly only Jimin could hear what he said. “I’ll call and tell them to stay away.”
Just then the door burst open and a stumbling Namjoon came barreling in. Knocking over the vase as he fell over the entry table, the loud shattering noise made you turn around.
The leader’s frantic eyes met yours and you gasped at what you saw. His veins were protruding, starting from his throat and spread all over his face. They looked painful and so so blue.
“There…you fucking are.”
Even though he barely choked out the words, the sheer rage in them was unmistakeable.
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game nights | ot7
Tumblr media
⇢ pairing: ot7 x reader  ⇢ genre: smut. // pure unedited filth. ⇢ word count: 4.7K ⇢ theme: established relationships. ⇢ rating: explicit. ⇢ warnings: cursing, slight dirty talk, fingering, voyeurism, oral sex (f/m. receiving), unprotected sex, multiple orgasms, soft noona kink, riding, cum shot, light anal play, exhibitionism, idk if this is an orgy buut... handjobs, masturbation, think there’s a bit of dry humping too. ⇢ A/N: yall, this was so !! i had a lot of fun writing this and this is my first time writing all of them so like pls be nice :( seven is a lot tho ., yn really out here living her best life x
Tumblr media
Several kisses are placed to Yoongi's cheek as you stand from the bench in the camper van. Wanting to give him some space to work as he got sucked deeper inside of his music, his grin grows at the feeling of your lips against his skin, a distracted peck being placed on your lips before you're heading out of the van.
Quick steps are taken toward the main house, set on seeing what the other guys are up to in there. Joon and Tae busy preparing dinner for tonight. Jimin is the first to notice you as you slide the screen door open, lips stretching into a pretty smile.
He's sat on the table, Hoseok in front of him and Jin on the other side. “What you guys in here talking about?” You're asking, sinking into the open space between Hobi's legs. Your back resting against his chest, strong arms wrapping around your waist. His head cranes to the side, wet lips grazing over the shell of your ear.
“They're playing the game,” His words tickle your ear, teeth nipping at the skin. He has your eyes fluttering from the gentle touch of his tongue, tips of his fingers brushing against your thighs.
The soft swipe of his tongue shifts into bold sucks from his lips, a single hand sliding underneath the fabric of your shirt. He's tracing patterns against your stomach, grip tightening around your thigh, parting your legs slightly – just enough so he's able to fit his hand between your legs.
A soft laugh falls from your lips, head tilting a bit so you can get a better look at his face. “What's gotten into you?” His fingers managed to creep up high enough underneath your shirt, fingers just underneath the wire of your bra. “You look good. This Kookie's shirt?” You're nodding, barely registering his words.
Mind too wrapped in the anticipation of what the and between your legs plans to do. Never one to beat around the bush, it's no surprise that Hoseok is skipping the formalities, going for what he wants. Jimin has hopped up from his spot at the table, singing is heart out with the karaoke lyrics that appear on the screen.
Jin is still in his spot at the table, focus on the character running across the screen. Neither of them picking up on the way Hoseok has slipped his hand underneath the waistband of your shorts, bypassing your panties completely. Cool fingers find your folds, stroking them slowly.
“So soft,” He sighs into your ear, fingers moving further between your legs. The tips of his fingers finding your entrance. With each gentle stroke he leaves behind, paired with the wet kisses he's leaving on your neck, you're growing wetter. And he's quick to notice, a groan falling from his lips at the feeling of your slickness. “Getting so wet already.”
With his words, his fingers are picking up speed. Moving up to find your clit, applying light pressure to the nub and you're eyes are rolling. Hips lifting slightly as your head lulls back against his shoulder. If he was trying to be discreet, that's now shot to hell with the sounds that leave your lips.
He doesn't seem to mind, rolling your clit between his fingers allowing you to lift your hips into his hand. Hoseok sucks hickeys into your skin and you feel heat bubbling in your chest. Close already and it's a little embarrassing how quickly he managed to get you there.
“Oh, fuck!” The cry tumbles from your lips automatically, as he's pushing two long fingers past your walls. He's chuckling, sliding into the knuckle, curling up, and just barely brushing against the soft spot inside of you. Jin's attention is flickering to you instantly at the sound of your voice, recognizing the roll of your hips automatically.
Thick lips caught between his teeth, sitting up slightly to get a better look at the movement of Hoseok's fingers between your legs. He's pumping his fingers in and out quickly, pressing against that spot each time he can reach it. Pulling whiny moans from your lips that has Jimin turning to face you.
Dark eyes zeroing in on the look on your face. Brows furrowed, jaw slack as a string of moans falling from your lips. A tightness rises between his legs, brow arching slightly. The karaoke forgotten as he lowers himself in front of you. “Is Hobi making you feel good, baby?” His tone soft, fingers reaching out to catch your jaw.
He uses his grip to tilt your head to his, pinning you with that sexy look that has your toes curling. You nod, but he's shaking his head instantly. “Wanna hear you,” Hoseok has pulled his fingers out to the tip, pushing them forward with a force that has a loud shout breaking through your chest.
Keeping his fingers pistoned inside of you, his thumb lifts to toy with your clit. Jimin's waiting expectantly in front of you, hands set on your knees to keep your legs from clamping shut. Weakly, you nod again – quickly realizing that wasn't enough for him the last time.
“Y-yes. It fe-els... so good.” It's the stroke of his ego that has Hoseok speeding up the movement of his fingers, mind set on making you cum in front of his members. Jin has moved from his spot behind you. Sat beside you with a large hand set over the growing bulge at the front of his shorts, not daring to look away from you.
It's different, having all of their eyes on you. Use to the times that Jungkook has watched, but this was much different and you liked it. So much that it has your walls clenching around Hoseok's fingers, pressure building in the pit of your stomach. “She's so close,” Thumb pressing down rougher on your clit as he speaks.
His name falls from your lips on a broken cry, orgasm washing through your body. Long fingers fuck you through the entirety of it, lips pressing soft kisses against your skin as you ride it out. He's not pulling his fingers out until your body is crashed against his chest again.
Jimin allows you no time to breathe, hands instantly reaching from the waistband of your shorts. He's tugging them down your legs before you're able to register he has a hold on them. Catching your panties along the way, effectively revealing your wet lips to the entire living room.
“Fuck, you're so messy.” He's whining before leaning forward, Hoseok's hands now on your knees – holding your legs open. Jimin's thick tongue takes a bold lick over your slit before he's diving in, lips attaching to your clit as the tip of his tongue flicks against it.
Hoseok's chin is rested on your shoulder, watching Jimin's tongue fuck into you. His thick length pressed into your lower back, the slow lift of his hips dragging it against you. Soft groans from the friction falling from his lips, mixing with the husky moans that echo beside you.
Eyes shifting, landing on Jin. Cheeks flushed and teeth scraping against his teeth, eyes downcast, focus on the twist of Jimin's tongues over your folds. He's since pulled his cock from behind his shorts, glistening tip on full display as his large hand strokes over the base. His hips move to match the movement of his hand and you can't keep yourself from reaching out.
His cock is thick, heavy in your palm. There's a stutter in his hips when you're stroking him, a pit more power in your movement than he had been applying before. The tongue between your legs moves swiftly, pushing past your folds and slipping into your entrance.
He's lapping up the juices that have leaked from your core following the orgasm Hoseok just gave you. Moaning against your core like the taste of you is the most delicious thing to ever hit his tongue, the sound sending vibrations through your body that has your pussy tingling, not far from your next release.
“Jimin,” The gasp falls from your lips easily, free hand reaching down to tangle in his hair. Pushing his face further between your legs as they threaten to close, if it wasn't for the firm grip Hoseok had on your thighs – no doubt they would've clamped down around his head by now.
Jin hisses, your hand squeezing around him a bit hard – moving faster over him. He's moving against you, cursing under his breath as the tightness in his stomach grows. The steady roll of Hoseok's hips behind you doesn't let up either, driving himself closer to the edge which each thrust.
“You're so sweet. Gonna cum all over my tongue?” His words are murmured into your entrance, but you hear him as if he's right at your ear. Nodding breathlessly as your hips lift, silently begging him to bring you to your climax all over again. Strong hands reaching out landing on your inner thighs.
His nose is pressed snugly against your clit, pushing against it with each movement of his jaw. Desperate pleas and mules fall from your lips and it's not long before you're falling apart, hand loosening around Jin's length which has him reaching to finish the job himself.
He watches you as you cum, grunting out his own release moments later. Jimin doesn't let up between your legs, taking in the new flow of arousal that leaves your body while Jin's cum splatters onto your cheek, rolling down the side of your face. Soft kisses are being placed to your clit before Jimin is lifting his head from your legs completely, hooded eyes finding your flushed face.
Your juices drip from the tip of his nose all the way to his chin. You don't bother to mask the soft moan that falls from your lips at the sight of him sucking his lips into his mouth, groaning at the taste of you. Thick lips capture yours a soft hand set on the back of your head to keep you still, mouth instantly flooded with your taste.
Jimin pulls away after a while, grinning down at you. Hoseok is the one to wipe your face, sleeve covered palm reaching up to wipe the stickiness from your cheek. He's cooing sweetness into your ear, gentle praise of how good you were for them. Hearing his words is enough to have your head spinning.
Jin is helping you to your feet after Jimin has secured your shorts onto your hips again. Soft lips finding your forehead and the moment is so sweet. Being surrounded by them, the way they care for is enough to make your heart swell.
And for the hundredth time, you're filled with the simple happiness that comes from being her. With them.
Tumblr media
Dinner was delicious, much to Namjoon's surprise. He had been so worried about cooking for everyone, but it turned out well in the end. Paired with the delicious stake prepared by your Taehyungie, it made for a great meal. Now the eight of you were gathered around in the game room, figuring out what game to play together on your last night.
Last night. You couldn't believe that the week had flown by so fast, had enjoyed yourself to the fullest here with them. It was nice to get away from it all, be in a place where only you guys existed. A definite breath of fresh air being able to step away from the constant hustle and bustle of their everyday life, finally able to breathe.
And them wanting you to be here with them made it that much better. This trip could easily be placed high up on your list of time spent with them. Whether it was spending mornings with Jin, cuddling with Yoongi, or working out with Jungkook you had enjoyed yourself.
Even if it was something as simple as watching Jimin and Taehyung sing karaoke, it felt like the best moment. Reading with Joon, driving with Hoseok such simple things but each moment felt precious. Even now, sat around the table listing off the different games you could play, it felt special.
It's Taehyung that suggests strip poker after the game of Avalon has grown too confusing to keep up with. And it's no surprise how quickly the suggestion is picked up, wide grins spreading across features as the cards are passed out. The game quickly turns competitive, it's inevitable with these boys. Although, their goal isn't targeting each other – no, what they were focused on was which one of them could trap you. A secret alliance formed to get you undressed but battling to see who could make you take off the most.
You're not the only one that has stripped down, though. Sat in the t-shirt that you stole from Jungkook and a pair of panties is almost nothing compared to what Taehyung is left in. the one that suggested the game, but he wasn't doing so well. His shirt and pants discarded, as well as his socks. He sits in nothing but the clingy briefs that leave very little to the imagination.
And you don't even bother to keep yourself from looking down. He's hard, which isn't much of a surprise. You had been pressed against him since he took his shirt off, seconds from nuzzling your way into his lap. His cock seems to twitch at the new bit of attention, lips parting as you all but drool at the sight.
He notices instantly, shifting so that his crotch is on display. You can clearly see the way it fights against the fabric of his boxers and your mind is wandering to all the things you know he can do with it. Yoongi's attention is spiked at the lull in your game, eyes following where you're staring. A brow lifted in Taehyung's direction.
Tae doesn't even realize he's got another set of eyes on him, the game the farthest thing from his mind as he reaches for your hand. Movements slow but there's direction behind them. Yoongi watches the entire time Tae sets your hand in his lap, spreading your fingers over his crotch.
A breathy moan falls from his lips when your fingers flex around him, hips lifting just slightly to meet your touch. The others are so wrapped up in the game, attention on Hoseok who has lost two rounds in a row. Shirt ditched as well as the sweats that hug his hips so nicely.
Your focus doesn't shift from the movement of your hand, though. Encouraged by the soft whines that fall from his lips, paired with the intense stare from Yoongi beside you. The tightness grows between his legs, not sure if it's from the sight of Taehyung getting worked up or watching the both of you. He doesn't care enough to dwell on it, though.
He's scooting closer to you without a second thought, arms wrapping around your waist. It seems like the game has been forgotten, an argument broken out about Jimin cheating the entire time. All so caught up in the game, they're not even realizing that's going on right beside them.
That's until Taehyung is letting a loud groan fall from his lips, a reaction following the swift way you've slipped your hand into his boxers – grasping his length in your palm. Yoongi ignores the new set of eyes on you, continuing his movements in spreading your legs. Effortlessly pushing your panties to the side, long fingers finding your sensitive clit instantly.
“Noona,” The breathy moan follows the whine that falls from your lips, your eyes snapping up to find Jungkook's, watching you hungrily from across the table. In that alerting you to the five-set of eyes burning into you, watching as your hand works over Taehyung and your hips roll into Yoongi's palm.
“You like being watched, huh? You're so wet already?” Yoongi's deep voice fills your ears, fingers slipping past your folds. He uses your slickness to easily slip past your walls, the familiar stretch pulling a soft sigh from your lips.
Head bobbing in response to his words, catching the smirk that falls on his lips. “M-more,” You croak, wrist twisting as you work your hand over Taehyung's length. His legs are spread, making it much easier for you to stroke him. Head cocked back slightly as his hips move with the rhythm of your hand.
“More what, princess?” He's asking as if he doesn't already know, the slow drag of his fingers enough to drive you insane. He doesn't show any signs of speeding up either, having too much fun teasing you.
Your eyes are finding Joon, the one that has always been sweet on you. Hitting you with a simple pout, silently begging him to implement his leader skills somewhere in here. Anything that would get you to your release quickly, you could already feel the dull ache growing between your legs.
One look is all it takes to have Joon rising to his feet, large hand pushing the soft hair back off his forehead. “You want all of us, huh, baby?” His words are making your eyes go wide, the opposite to be said about your walls that clench around Yoongi's fingers.
“Fuck, she just got so tight,” Yoongi announces, eyes lifting to land on Joon. That is all the confirmation that he needs to round the table, taking up space behind you. A hand set on your shoulder to pull your body back, just enough where he's able to reach your lips.
He kisses you hungrily, plush lips taking over yours. Wet tongue slithering past your lips and meeting yours, the moans Yoongi is able to pull from your lips are swallowed with each twist and push of the appendage. Jungkook rises across from you, instructing his hyungs to lay you down and you're still trying to keep your focus on Taehyung.
Thrusts have grown weaker, but the soft sighs still seem to fall from his lips. Obviously getting off on more than just the way your hand was able to make you feel. Joon is quick to follow the younger's request, pulling back from your lips as Yoongi pulls his fingers from inside of you. He's able to easily lift you onto the table, amazing you with the way he's able to handle you as if you weigh nothing.
You're laid out for them like the meal they just feasted on and they're looking at you like you're the most delicious thing. Yoongi's got his fingers pushed into his mouth, sucking your juices off the digits. Hands catch the hem of your shirt, you're not registering that it's Jungkook in front of you until the boyish chuckle leaves his lips at the sight of your bare breasts.
“So pretty, Noona.” He groans, soft lips latching onto your raised nipple. Teeth grazing over it as his hand reaches to pinch and twist the other one. Long fingers curl around your calves, lifting your legs and pushing them toward your chest. The soft suck around your clit has a pang of arousal shooting through your body, hips lifting.
A firm hand pushes your hips back down onto the table, thumb brushing against your hip bone lightly. “Be still for Hyung,” It's Yoongi's voice, don't even have to open your eyes to pick out his gruff drawl, which could only mean it's Jin who's between your legs.
Somehow, the twist of his tongue is exactly opposite to the swirl of Jungkook's on your chest. It's hard to keep up, hips fighting against Yoongi's grip – desperate to move closer, take more than Jin was willing to give you. The velvety brush against your lips as your eyes peeking open, eyes focusing on the flushed face of Taehyung.
Crouched over your head with his cock in hand, just inches from your lips. He looks strained, as if he's holding back from pushing his way into your mouth – you don't doubt that's exactly what he's doing. “Open your mouth for me,” He pants, brushing the tip of his cock over your lips again.
You're opening up immediately, head tilting back making it easier for him to slide his cock down your throat. A hand reaching back to grasp his hip, forcing yourself to get used to the odd feeling at this angle. Lips wrapping around the base, pulling a grunt from his lips. Despite the bold licks Jin delivers between your legs, you try to focus on sucking Tae off – trying to keep yourself from choking.
Jungkook has switched sides, moaning against your skin. Your throat constricts around Taehyung's shaft when Jin's thick lips wrap around your clit, sucking down harshly on the sensitive nub. “Ah, shit.” Tae groans, not being able to help himself from fucking deeper down your throat.
“Damn, you look so good, baby. Does it feel good?” It's Jimin's voice beside you. Taehyung is pulling back, the drag of his cock leaving your throat forcing a cough from his chest. Drool and precum dripping from your lips, head bobbing at Jimin's words. He grins, reaching for your hand.
You watch with watery eyes as he places soft kisses to your knuckles, grin stretching as he lowers your hand to his cock. “Feel what you do to me?” There's a soft whine behind his words when your hand moves against him. At the same moment, Jin is pushing two long fingers inside of you. Scissoring his way past your walls and your hips buck into his palm.
Yoongi's attention has shifted, grip loosened on your hip as his hand finds it's way back between your legs. Rolling your clit underneath the pads of his fingers, effectively adding to the pleasure that Jin's fingers bring you. Taehyung is pushing his way back into your mouth, eyes rolling to the back of his head when he sinks into the warm wetness.
His hand is reaching forward, set on toying with your breasts only to be met with the softness of Jungkook's hair. Gripping the strands between his fingers, he's quickly rocking his hips back and forth. Fucking his way to release with your distracted sucks. The tingle between your legs stealing most of your focus.
Tae's able to bring himself to release with the roll of his hips into your mouth, a slight hiss falls from his lips moments before he's filling your mouth with his thick cum. The warmth paired with the pressure between your legs is enough to push you over the edge, walls clenching almost painfully around Jin's fingers as your orgasm washes over you.
He fucks you through the whole thing, the pressure being lifted from your chest as your body tenses. Jin doesn't pull his fingers out until your body has fallen slack on the table. Taehyung's cock slipping from your mouth moments after and you're parting your lips to show off the fact that you've swallowed every last drop.
Jungkook's hands are quick to grip your hips, lifting your body off of the table. He holds you up as he shuffles, laying himself down on the table instead. It always amazes you how easily he's able to maneuver you in his arms, setting you on his lap. A whimper slips past your lips feeling the thickness of his cock against your thigh.
Not even bother to hide the way your hips roll against his, craving that friction between your legs. “You gonna let our youngest fuck you?” It's Hoseok's voice, crouched at your side, long dick clutched in his hand. “P-Please,” You sigh.
You're the center of attention and that fact alone is enough to have your skin burning. Eyes watching you hungrily, lips glistening from the orgasm Jin had just given you, panting and ready to be fucked for all of them to see. Jungkook doesn't waste a minute with slipping past your folds, wetting his cock with your arousal before he's pushing his way past your walls.
“Fuck, Noona.” He gasps once you're seated on him completely, buried inside of you to the hilt. Your thighs pressed on either side of his hips, large hands gripping your thighs. He gives you a moment to adjust to his length, a drawn-out moan falling from his lips as you begin to move over him.
Allowing him to slip out to the tip before you're lowering your hips back onto his. He groans, tips of his fingers pressing into your skin. He's holding back, you can tell. And all it takes is the sound of your breathy moans, encouraging him to move. His hips are snapping up, bouncing you on his lap. Tits bouncing in his face.
Just as his lips are catching one of your nipples, warm hands land on your ass. It's Taehyung behind you, using the grip he holds on the globes of your as to keep you steady. The bold swipe of his tongue over your puckered hole has your toes curling, moaning out loudly as you push your hips back.
Tae holds your hips steady as he licks into you, Jungkook's cock dragging against your walls. He doesn't let up, only growing rougher in his thrusts. A direct contrast to the sweet roll of Taehyung's tongue, the sensation has pleasure shooting throughout your core. Hoseok is still at your side and your hand is lifting to wrap around his shaft, pulling a hiss from his lips instantly.
“Mmh, baby.” He sighs, hips instantly moving along with the movement of your thrusts.
A euphoric feeling cruises through your veins with the more force Jungkook puts into his thrusts, jaw falling slack as your eyes flutter. Just barely focusing on the other men around you, Jin watching you with lust-filled eyes as he strokes himself to completion. Heavy breaths falling from Yoongi's parted lips as he palms himself over the fabric of his shorts.
Joon is making his way to you, sweats pushed down his legs. His thick cock gripped in his hand, glistening with precum. “Wanna feel your mouth. Think you can do that, baby?” You're opening up instantly, tongue pushed out welcoming him into your mouth. The velvety tip brushes against the roof of your mouth, long fingers curled in your hair to keep your head steady.
Mind all over the place and a bit overwhelmed with all this attention, you can't concentrate on sucking him off properly. Yet, he doesn't seem to mind. With the grip he holds on your head, Joon's able to easily buck his hips against your face, fucking his cock in and out of your warm mouth.
“You look so good, baby.” Jimin's close to you now and you don't hesitate to reach for him, hand wrapping around his length. Stroking him quickly, in time with the way you're working your hand over Hoseok. He's whining, gasping with each stroke of your hand. The roll of Jungkook's hips, the stretch of Joon in your mouth and Taehyung fucking his tongue into you has you tumbling over the edge quickly.
Muffled moans falling from your lips as your walls convulse around his shaft, thighs shaking as your body crashes onto him. Jungkook is not far behind you, releasing noisily against your thigh. Joon moves quickly to stand behind you, hand working over his shaft already close from having your mouth around him it doesn't take long before you're feeling the warmth of his cum splatter onto your ass.
Your quiet moans grow louder, mixing with the sounds coming from Jimin and Hoseok's mouths as they reach their climaxes, covering your back and hair. “You're so messy, Noona.” Jungkook points out with a laugh, words falling on sleepy ears. Eyes fluttering as you sink into the comfort of his chest spent.
Jin is reaching out after a moment of you laying there, the sexual haze seeming to fade away now after you've all reached your peaks. Soft hands wrap around your waist, carefully lifting you. “Let's get you all cleaned up,” He speaks in the softest of tones, carrying you all the way to the bathroom.
So comfortable in his arms as they pamper you, running a warm bath for you to soak in. Taking such good care of you as if you were precious. And to them, you were.
Tumblr media
- seven days in the forest spent with your seven boyfriends while they film their upcoming reality tv show. there’s no telling what the eight of you will get into when the cameras are off.
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⇝ taglist: @randomkoalablog @smoljams @dee-ehn @jaiuneamesolitaiire @hehehehahahohohuhu @sw33tnight @butterflylion @withlovestudyblr @soulstaes @bangtansonyeondayyyum @samros95 @korkanswers @houseofarmanto @marifujioka @tae165 @uxwi @jinhitwhore @preciouschimine @yeontanie21 @aa-ronpa @taefect94 @lee-karliah @codeinebelle @mochibabycakes @diminieshoe @fuddyize  @soloikeadates @0xmysticx0 @bbyjoonies @amoreguk @tricethecharm @diminieshoe @jayyayyy17 @softlyjins @bangtan-noona @fan-atic-blog @fuck-expectations-people @paradisetaemin @nyamjinnie @lilacdreams-00 @vsugakookie0104 @koostime @la-evforia @betysotelo18 @chocobetterknot @simplysanha @delicategukkie @kookieswithtaeq @jeon-ggukkie @bangtansbun @flamboyant-louie @elliemeetsevil @angiexyoung @stonyiscanon @strawberryforever25 @mipetronella @rageyoudamnednerd @hellotherehoneybee @joonies-babyy @mypurplelamp @jikooksgirl19 @sushi-date-ghost @bigimpression @kookiesjoonies @amour-quinn @diamonddia-mond @alterlovess @gemad08 @daydreambrliever @acc3ssdenied @silentlyimpractical @bella-victoria002 @ashleyjoyx @yoooonie @diamonddia-mond @btsbed @sungieshines @thia-aep @taeshuworld @hopiebabie @trynavibewhileicry @illwritetomorrow @kookoo-kachoo @prettxyliies @triviasjms @ratking101 @elephantdoors @feel-like-gold @kelitt @itsponybeaches @alpaca1612 @jeonkookiebangtan @rather-not-sayy @kimsouthjoon @beeeb05 @dreamcatcherjiah @yoongiverse @aethrav @studyroy @miinoongi @fangirls94 @catsandstrawberries @jiminsreads @gee-nee @dreamingaboutyousworld @seokjinslittledumpling @meowmeowyoongles @loisje123 @honeyspillings @taehyungsmatcha @kuppyjiminie @kookitykook @rjsmochii @hobidyll @jrobmorebangtan @xxstrangegirlxxx @saymynamewithluv @kookunot @stvvcks @moments-of-melancholy @take-u-2-an0ther-w0r1d @holaaaf @hobiismyhopeu @ayyyocee @purpleheartsfortae @cecedrake2217 @joontoxicated @uppiespuppy @cjphoenix135 @kookscrescent @oii-f-eli-x2 @sweeneyblue1 @aesthetic--fangirl​
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xherxx · a year ago
Thou Shall Not Steal
Tumblr media
Okay, so my unemployed ass is just so bored and I’m sorry for another OT7 plot which I’m not sure when I’d get to actually write about someday.
FINALLY, it’s here!
➥ genre: mafia!au, spy!au, action, smut, romance, enemies to lovers
➥ pairings: BTS x reader (OT7)
➥ summary: The richest mafia lord in the industry throws a huge yet twisted deal before he retires and every gang out there wants to get their hands on his riches.
Off to give the godfather the heir he asks for, the Seven Deadly Sins choose you as their woman.
➥ plot twist: You, who so happens to be a spy—working against them, gets pregnant with their child.
➥ warnings: NSFW, violence, porn with plot, tension, impreg, polyamory, threesome, foursome, spit-roasting, sloppy seconds, gang, cumplay, light yandere
➥ teaser: “Stealing from Bangtan?” someone hums, apathetic.
You know this voice very well; even without seeing him face to face you can tell who he is.
“It’s not stealing if it’s mine to begin with, asshole,” you spit, the shadows in front of you growing bigger.
You’ve been tied up for hours and it’s only now that they choose to visit you.
The room is suddenly lighted up, all seven men greeting you with sinister smiles.
“Welcome back, beautiful!” Jimin raises sarcastically, the scowl in your face undying.
“It’s been three years since you ran away from us,” Taehyung comments with a pout. “It’s a pity you’ve been caught.”
“We’d love to chat and talk,” Seokjin adds, “but unfortunately, it’s the baby that matters the most.” He grabs you by the chin, forcing you to speak.
“Where’s our baby?!” they interrogate in sync.
🍎 series playlist
the other prologue 
that other side of the story because everything always has another side
*one: question mark [ ? ]
used to express doubt, curiosity or uncertainty; who are the seven deadly sins?
*two: exclamation point [ ! ]
used to express surprise, action, intensity; the sins will train you?! *smirks*
*three: double exclamation point [ !! ]
just double the surprise, action, intensity and tension; Intruder Alert!!
four: dash [ — ]
used to break in sense or represent omitted words; dashi run run run—
five: semi-colon [ ; ]
used to express a pause; a short break from all the chaos
six: ellipsis [ . . . ]
used to omit or remove materials that are less relevant or to indicate incompleteness; “You know, Tae . . .”
seven: ampersand [ & ]
used to connect; you & the seven deadly sins in one mansion
eight: tilde [~]
used to indicate an approximate value or in some contexts, a lustful or exhausted sigh; oh, no~
*nine: apostrophe [ ’ ]
used to express ownership and possession; who do you really belong to, the sins’ or Brian’s?
*ten: slash [ / ]
used to denote duality, fractions or contradictory notions; /slash/ it to death
eleven: backslash [ \ ]
used as an escape character or for computer coding or for separating written items in computer file names, commands, etc; \ reverse slash \
twelve: comma [ , ]
used to separate independent clauses; like you, and them.
thirteen: hyphen [ - ]
used to join words or part of words; ex-mafia, ex-CIA
*fourteen: period [ . ]
used to end things; The end.
(*) indicates smut chapters
The whole mafia industry is shaken when the richest, most powerful—the godfather challenges every other gang down below for an heir to his throne.
“Heir?” Hoseok—hiding under the name of Greed in the syndicate—hisses, gritting his teeth upon hearing the breaking news, “That psycho isn’t asking for heir. He’s asking for high-class pornography!”
Pinching his nose as if pained, the Pride, Seokjin counters, “We all know that, Hobi. But the old geezer never backs out from what he says. His words may sound like trash but it’s gold. Pure fucking gold.”
While Wrath, the leader of the gang is busy analyzing the deal statement, Jungkook also known as Gluttony grumbles, “Yeah, I know he runs half of this freaking industry. But asking seven-membered gangs to fuck a baby into one woman is out of bounds!”
“It’s not like we haven’t tried sharing women,” Taehyung, the Envy says lowly which earns a glare from the maknae.
“Hyung, sharing women is okay. Impregnating one woman and raising an infant altogether isn’t!” Jungkook stresses out, hands flailing in the air with utmost displeasure, “Plus, he’s fucking demanding for a video proof. Of us! Fucking one woman! That’s fucking twisted!”
“He’s a known voyeur. And it’s all just stupid games with that man,” Yoongi interrupts, calm as usual; the code name Sloth fitting him the most. “He knows every seven-membered gang wouldn’t approve of it. He’s testing who’d go all out for his treasures and name.”
Putting down his phone, Namjoon hums in agreement. “Hyung’s right. The video proof is just child’s play. It’s just evidence that we’re engaging ourselves with one woman, like an initiation. He’d know if we really followed his rules.”
His eyes shift from one man to another, elaborating, “He knows the industry way better than anyone else. One of us can just fuck a prostitute and present him a baby but with a video proof. . . . we can’t alter which woman we picked. I’m pretty sure he’d have the mother followed and observed all throughout her pregnancy too.”
Groans are heard, most of them hating the idea; Seokjin goes on to enlighten them, “He’s a fucking idealist. An insane idealist who thinks having an heir with seven mafia fathers would be the ultimate key for an invincible family business.”
The others shake their heads at the nonsensical notion but the greed within them to rule the mafia industry won’t let them drop the challenge.
The man known as Lust gets on his feet, swirling the whisky in his hand. “Now the main question is . . . who do we fuck our baby into?”
And like an answered prayer, you walk into their office, hair in a presentable bun, wearing a decent round eyeglasses, and in a tight corporate uniform stressing out your figure.
All eyes dart to you while you saunter towards Namjoon’s desk. “Mr. Kim, the alcohol trade you offered Lee Enterprises just got cancelled,” you inform but there are no replies, only poisonous silence as their eyes drink you in.
Now you’re suddenly conscious, eyes dropping to the ground at the unwanted attention. “Uhm, sir. What do we do—?”
“Kill them,” Yoongi orders from behind.
You turn to him and nod courteously. It’s always been their way of showing power and you’ve grown accustomed to it.
“Send men to assassinate the whole family,” Namjoon adds, you diligently taking note of what they say.
Suddenly, Jimin goes to you, eyes piercing right through you in a mysterious way you can’t unravel as he drinks up his liquor. “Ms. Secretary,” he subtly whispers, making you look at him in return.
“I never knew you had pretty eyes,” he says, “Too bad we can’t see them well because of your glasses.”
Your lips purse tightly for a moment before you offer, “My apologies, sir. Do you want me to take it off?”
Taehyung smirks at your reply and Jimin just nods, pleased with your response.
“Please do.”
With his signal, you remove it meekly and meet his gaze. “Anything else I can do for you, sir?”
Without warning, Jimin reaches to untie your hair, letting it fall down to your shoulders as he assesses you.
You don’t have any idea what they’re up to but you stay still like a doll being played with. You’re trained to be like that anyway.
A little later and Jimin brazenly undoes a button of your top, a portion of your cleavage on display for them while you remain stoic.
Pleased with how unabashed you are, Jimin steps back with a smile. “Perfect,” he remarks, “That’s the look the mother of my child should have!”
Your eyes can’t help but widen at his statement. “P-pardon?” you stutter, earning chuckles from them.
“Ms. Secretary,” Taehyung calls your attention, “What do you think about having kids?”
“Kids?” with a raised eyebrow, Seokjin stresses out the ‘s’, making Taehyung shrug.
“She’s hot. She can pull off the plurals, hyung and you know we wouldn’t mind.”
Rolling his eyes, Namjoon shifts his gaze to you, seemingly waiting for your answer so give him one, “Well, maybe someday in the future, sir.”
Jungkook’s lips curve upwards. “How about someday this weekend? I’m sure Hobi-hyung would like that. He’s had his eyes on you ever since you stepped into our office,” he teases but halts when a flying iPhone hits his arm.
Everyone looks at where it came from and it’s a rare sight to see Jung Hoseok blushing that you’re somehow more confused with what they mean.
Taehyung joins the fun. “Stop acting like you don’t fantasize about her, Jeon.” And with that, the maknae shuts it.
There’s a moment of silence, all seven of them exchanging glances and that’s when Seokjin grabs the opportunity. In a trice, he walks to you, tilting your chin to face him. “Ms. Secretary, I think you have just been promoted.”
You blink at him repeatedly. “Promoted to what, sir?”
“To be the sins’ wife,” he whispers softly in your ear, a thick lump suddenly forming in your throat.
Clicking his tongue, Yoongi butts in, “Hyung, stop romanticizing things for her. Cut the crap and offer the real deal.”
The maknaes make face at the party-pooper businessman, while Seokjin just chuckles lightly. “Fine.” He pushes your stray hair on the back of your ear, asking, “Will you let the seven of us fuck a baby into you, beautiful?”
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