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Getting Back Into the Swing of Things (part eight)
Or, Namjoon falls back in love with his ex (and his boyfriends do too)
Ot7 x reader (slow burn, roommates au, fluff, shopping, hoseok and yoongi will be protecting you with their life from now on, txt is aged up two years each so that your friendship has a closer age range, jungoo gets a lil jealous)
A/n: taglist closed and at the bottom enjoy the story <3
A tap hit your door one morning while you folded your small amount of clothes that you had into your drawers. You looked up seeing Hoseok smiling at you, a cup of something in his hands. "Morning, you still coming to the showcase?"
"The showcase?" You paused in your folding, holding the garment in midair.
"Yeah, the performance for my students? At the studio?" He tilted his head, trying to jog your memory.
All at once you remembered, gasping, "Right! When is that, in a couple days?" You asked, folding again.
"Tomorrow night, actually. It's a black tie event."
"Oh." You stopped again to think. "I don't think I have anything like that. I have a couple dress shirts and slacks, would that work?"
Hoseok glanced down at the clothes you had placed in the dresser already and scrunched up his nose a little skeptically. "Why don't we just go buy you a dress?" He smiled, unconvinced.
You put up a bit of a fight, but at the end of it you conceded, putting the reputation of Hoseok's event over your pride. You told that you'll pay him back, to which he gave another skeptical look, "The prices of these dresses get high, Y/n. Don't worry about paying me back," he said, grabbing his keys off the kitchen table. "You'll be paying me back with your company."
Jin, Namjoon and Yoongi had been sitting at the table still, talking about who knows what. "Are you guys going out somewhere?" Jin asked, snuggled into the crook of Namjoon's arm.
"Yeah, we're going to go get Y/n a dress so she can come to the showcase later." Hoseok explained, an air of recognition falling over the room.
"You're going?" Namjoon asked you.
"Yeah, Hoseok invited me." You bounced in place, playing with the strings hanging off your sweater.
"Yeah, I know you guys decided not to, but I figured it'd be nice to bring her and show her how it usually goes." Hoseok shrugged, zipping up his jacket.
"Who said we weren't going?" Jin questioned, standing up.
"You literally said--"
"I don't know what you're talking about, but I have to get my suit ready." Jin walked out the room, moving past him.
"Okay, I guess Jin's coming." Hoseok chuckled, looking to the remaining two. "You two changed your mind, too?"
"Yeah why not." Namjoon said, standing and stretching out. "I'll go look at my clothes too. Black tie, right?"
"Yeah. You?" He pointed at Yoongi who was still leaning back in his chair at the table.
Yoongi yawned lazily. "Yeah, sure. But I don't have a suit. I guess I'll join your little shopping spree." Yoongi said, dragging himself off the chair.
"We're just getting one dress." You said, standing your ground.
"And some shoes. And maybe jewelry." Hoseok added.
"I have jewelry." You furrowed your brows, crossing your arms defensively.
Hoseok nodded. "Of course you do. Buuuuut, you could always have more."
As you all moved out the house, you trying to talk Hoseok down from buying you too much and Yoongi silently laughing at you, you hoped this would be a quick and easy affair.
You should've expected anything but.
Yoongi seemed to be in a joking mood today, him and Hoseok laughing in the front seat about something, singing along to the radio. The boys really did bring out different sides of each other, and it seemed Hoseok especially had a positive effect on Yoongi's personality.
"Alright," Hoseok cheered, pulling into a parking lot of a shopping mall. "We're here!" Filing out of the car, you all moved to the sidewalk. Yoongi and Hoseok placed themselves at your side automatically, keeping you away from anyone walking near you.
"Are you guys allowed to just walk around? Aren't you celebrities?" You watched as people weaved around you on the sidewalk, eyes drawn to the men with you. "It seems like you attract a lot of attention."
"You should've seen when we all had dyed hair." Yoongi smirked.
"We have freedom, but we aren't exempt from attention." Hoseok explained, close enough to bump his shoulder with yours. "And if anything goes wrong we have the lawyers to deal with it."
Even entering the crowded mall made no difference, eyes still drawn to the men at your sides, looking like absolute pinnacles of fashion. They definitely caught the eye, Yoongi's all black outfit making his figure seem more imposing and Hoseok's contrasting bright outfit, a neon orange jacket that would look ridiculous with anyone else, and some black pants with a lightning bolt painted on one of the legs.
Your outfit in comparison, an oversized sweater and distressed baggy jeans-- distressed from overuse, not by design-- was rather bland. They didn't seem to pay any mind to it, not looking the least bit embarrassed about being with you. Hoseok grabbed your hand, pulling your hand to drag you into a store he spotted eagerly.
As soon as you had gotten into the public eye, though, Yoongi seemed to have closed himself off again, icy and sharp, but his expression melted with warmth everytime he looked at you.
"What's wrong?"
"Nothing," he huffed. "Just realized how many people are here." He glared back out into the crowd, irritated.
"Do you not like people?" You were a bit confused, since Yoongi had never been anything but nice to you. A bit quiet, sure, but nice.
Hoseok scoffed. "This grump? He hates everything that isn't his bed." He teased, ruffling his hair. Yoongi rolled his eyes, looking less irritated than before despite the teasing. The affection between all of them was really heartwarming, you thought to yourself, the way Yoongi relaxed in Hoseok's presence.
In the span of an hour, you went through a couple shops, not finding much, before entering a really high end one. While the others had a couple of nice dresses in a section of the store, this one was all dresses, all fine quality. Evening gowns, ball gowns, cocktail dresses, just being in the store made you feel like you had to be pay to be there.
You hesitantly took a step forward, Hoseok having rushed ahead to a dress he thought looked good on you. Yoongi was hanging back by the entrance looking exhausted already.
"Excuse me, miss," a store clerk walked over to you, saccharine smile asked at you. "Do you need help? I can assist you if there's something you're looking for?"
"Um, actually--"
You felt someone tug you away from the store clerk and behind a broad back. You realized by the neon orange that Hoseok was in front of you, separating you from them. Hoseok was giving a strained smile to the store clerk, pulling you away from them and moving in front of you. "We can help ourselves, thanks."
"Is this girl with you?"
"Yes." Hoseok stated confidently, as if challenging him to question him further.
"Okay, well, if you need me, I'll be over here." They returned to behind the counter, unsure how to continue with the sudden tension, moving away and leaving you alone.
"Will do." Hoseok replied, polite smile fading after they looked away. You tossed a confused look to Yoongi about his sudden guard dog behavior. What was so wrong with them wanting to help you, you wondered. But Yoongi just rolled his eyes, not seeming happy about the shop keep talking to you either. "People are so nosy." He scoffed.
Yoongi pulled you further into the store away from any employees towards a rack of dresses. "Take your pick," he finally said. "You can get whatever you want, don't worry about any prices."
Hoseok caught up to you, tapping your shoulder as you slid the dresses across the rack, sunshine attitude back as if nothing ever happened. "I found this nice red one, I think it'd suit you well."
You made your way around the store, finding dresses in your size. Hoseok was almost more enthusiastic than you, picking out eclectic dresses and Yoongi rolled his eyes, making him put them back, reminding Hoseok that it was a black tie event. Eventually, you headed to a dressing room with what you had gathered and stared trying them on.
You came out in the red one, too big for you and way too low cut. The bright blue was too harsh against your skin, and the sparkly gold one was scratchy. Starting to give up hope, you slipped on a velvet black dress and audibly gasped after looking at yourself in the mirror.
The dress suited you perfectly, the color complimented your skin, the cut complimented your body shape, drawing in your waist and making you look... pretty. Actually, truly pretty. It had been so long since you dressed up like this. You could already see the hairstyle you'd do with it, the makeup, the jewelry.
"So? How is it?"
"Don't just leave us guessing out here!" Yoongi's and Hoseok's voice filters over the door and you brought yourself back to the moment. You clicked open the latch on the door, stepping out barefoot.
They quieted, their faces dropping as they looked at you. "Is it... bad? I thought it looked--"
"You look incredible." Hoseok answered emphatically, Yoongi giving a sincere nod.
"I'll go tell the store clerk we're taking it." Yoongi said moving towards the counter, reluctantly pulling his eyes away from you.
The dress was placed in a garment bag which was gently folded and placed in a larger paper bag with the store's logo on it, and you walked out feeling excited for tomorrow already. It's not everyday that you have an event to wear something like this to.
Hearing the footsteps behind you quiet you turned slightly, seeing Hoseok and Yoongi stopped in front of a jewelry store.
"Oh, no. No, no, no, don't even think about it." You shook your head, turning back around and walking speedily away. Yoongi caught up to you, pulling you back, and you groaned.
Inside the shop, Hoseok was already talking to a jeweler, looking over glittering strips of diamond and silver. He turned to you as you got close, "Which do you think goes better with your dress? I was thinking this one."
He held up a necklace-- a wreath of diamonds, more like-- that was designed to circle around the base of your neck and dip past your collarbone. Each diamond glittered brilliantly like a sky of stars, the silver chain underneath just barely peeking out.
"I... can't even imagine how much that must cost." You breathed in awe, hand lifting to skim the edges gently.
"And luckily you don't have to." Yoongi smirked. "Let's take it, and these earrings." He held them up next to the necklace, long dangly things matching the necklace.
"Now we just need shoes!" Hoseok cheered as the jewelry wrapped up the pieces and handed you another bag full of impossibly expensive things.
"I don't think we--" you tried to protest, immediately shut down.
"I think we do."
You entered a shoe store, unfortunately, ignoring Yoongi's smug smirk, as you planted yourself on one of those seats in the aisles meant for trying on shoes. "We're not leaving until you get yourself something." He hummed, enjoying this way too much.
Before you could open your mouth to answer, a store clerk walked up to you. "Everything okay over here?" She asked you kindly, but all her attention was on Yoongi. His smug expression fell away, eyes narrowing into slits at the person suddenly in your space.
After you realized Yoongi wasn't going to say anything, you spoke up. "Um, do you have anything velvety and black?" She seemed surprised that you spoke, seeming to acknowledge you for the first time.
"Velvety? Are you sure you don't mean suede?" She asked with a condescending tone.
Yoongi glared even harder somehow. "She meant what she meant. Do you have it or not?"
The lady seemed surprised at his tone and then spoke, hesitantly. "Yes, I believe we have what you're looking for. Come with me."
You followed her and watch as she pulled out a selection of boxes, stacking them on top of a table and opening and displaying each of them. "We have boots, heels, wedges, flats, anything. What kind are you looking for?"
"Heels. Not too tall, please."
"How about these?" She picked up a heel, silver chains attached to the upper strap that would go around your ankle and draping towards the toe of the shoe.
"Great, thank you." Yoongi said, dismissing her as soon as possible.
"I can show you to the register."
"We'll find it just fine." He hissed, and she huffed, walking away, seemingly giving up on anymore conversation. Hoseok came running over, holding up a pari of sneakers that looked like they came out of a comic book. "Look at how cool these are!" He gushed, dispersing the leftover tension, making Yoongi smile again.
In the end, Hoseok bought the sneakers for himself, and you had the heels, the jewelry, and the dress, in very large bags that had to equal thousands of dollars. This was going to be hard to pay back, you thought to yourself, walking back through the mall.
Passing a cafe, Hosoek piped up pointing to it. "Let's grab something to eat before heading back!"
As you went to protest, your stomach growled. Yoongi gave you a knowing look and pulled you towards the cafe before you could get a word out.
You sat in a booth, Yoongi sliding in after you and Hoseok sliding in next to him. "Guys, there's two sides, you know."
"Yeah, and? We can all fit." Hoseok smiled.
Yoongi didn't look bothered by the slight squish, leaning into Hoseok's shoulder until the man wrapped an arm around him and pulled him closer. Yoongi hooked a leg up over yours, eyes closing as he tilted his head against Hoseok's neck.
The waiter who came to serve you looked confused at the seating choice but didn't comment on it. Hoseok ordered for both him and Yoongi, getting a sprite and a cola, as well as a plate of chili fries for them to share. You got a burger and mozzarella sticks and the waiter walked away. While sitting in the comfortable silence, you mused on the events of the day.
Yoongi and Hoseok seemed to act entirely different with people than you'd expected. Yoongi, who had only ever been patient and calm with you, had been acting irritable all day. And while Hoseok seemed more diplomatic and tried to be polite, he didn't seem much better off, almost as if interaction exhausted and annoyed him. You had seen his smiles take on a strained egde, but you suppose only people who have seen his real smile would notice. The men next to you, peaceful in the undisturbed quiet now, seem so harmless even with the attitude you had seen earlier. Was this the real side of them, or was the attitude today the real side? Thinking about whether or not they were always like this with strangers made you wonder if they really were different from Jimin.
You looked to your right, seeing Yoongi already smiling at you, head still laid back on Hoseok's shoulder. "What?" You asked, but he shook his head, looking away. "Nothing."
After the food came, you all ate, Yoongi and Hoseok not seeming to be in any rush to go back home. Instead, they took their time making jokes and telling stories, making you giggle. Yoongi seemed to like making Hoseok laugh too, the deadpan way he'd deliver jokes never fading to make Hoseok cackle.
Because of the calm atmosphere, the yelling that had started startled you even more.
Across the restaurant, a tray of food dropped, metal clanging across the floor and a man yelling at the service worker that had dropped them. You jumped, reflexively shrinking back against the booth, despite being across the restaurant and not the person the man was yelling at.
Yoongi groaned. "People are so loud," he glanced to you to say something, then paused, seeing you trembling and concern setting into his expression. Yoongi placed his hand around yours, settling the shaking that had started. "Are you okay?"
You nodded, but Yoongi wasn't convinced, your pale face and wide eyes giving you away. "Let's just get out of here," he huffed, pushing Hoseok out of the booth and taking the bags, moving towards the exit. Hoseok stood, helping you up and throwing fifty dollars into the table.
You walked all the way to the exit as quickly as your shaky legs could carry you, getting to the car and slipping into the backseat. Weirdly, Yoongi and Hoseok slipped in next to you instead of into the front seats, so close their thighs pressed against yours.
"What's going on? Aren't we going home?" You asked, trying to keep the shakes out of your voice.
"Not until you're okay." Yoongi said, grabbing your hand again, eyebrows still furrowed as he looked at you like you were a puzzle and he was missing a piece.
You looked down at your feet in shame, trying to avoid their eyes. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you guys angry--"
"You didn't make us angry." Hoseok cut you off immediately.
You tilted your head, feeling clueless. If they weren't mad, then what was the looks in their face? "But, you looked mad." You glanced at Yoongi, who had literally exited the cafe in a huff.
"I was mad at the guy." Yoongi explained, caressing the back of your hand with his thumb. "Never at you."
"I'm sorry," You said again. "I guess the noise just got to me."
"Why did the noise bother you so much?" Hoseok asked, but he had a feeling he wouldn't like the answer. Just judging by your reaction, he had a few guesses.
"I... I don't know." You stuttered, but you realized as they stared at you intently they wouldn't be taking that for an answer. "I guess loud yelling makes me bit nervous sometimes."
"Having a panic attack and being a bit nervous isn't the same thing." Yoongi criticized, raising a brow questioningly. "Now what's really wrong?"
"I... I guess it's because of my ex boyfriend..." you trailed off, not wanting to explain. You were twisting the sleeves of your sweater now, trying to distract yourself from the conversation.
Yoongi's leg bounced slightly next to yours, the frown on his face deepening. "What do you mean, because of your ex boyfriend?"
"He would yell at me sometimes... a lot, actually." You looked up finally, studying their expressions closely. You wondered if this was maybe too much to share with people who you didn't know that well, but something about them was so comforting, the bubble of safety in the backseat relaxing you after the stressful experience. You felt like you could trust him. They've been a lot more open and honest with you over this month you've known them, getting close to then bit by bit, after they had showed you genuine, sincere parts of themselves most people didn't get to see. You figured you could at least return the favor.
"And," you started hesitantly. "He would throw things at me a lot too." You lifted the sleeves of your sweatshirt to show a scar down your arm. "This is from the glass of a beer bottle he threw at the wall behind me."
Hoseok looked at your arm, your precious skin scarred, and anger brewed inside him as an urge to protect you rose. He looked at Yoongi's face seeing the same as the other man raised his hand to lightly trace over it.
You bit your lip nervously in the silence, and Hoseok's hand came up, immeadiately pulling it away, murmuring a small 'don't do that', and resting his hand on your jaw so you could look him in the eyes. "You don't have to keep telling us anything if you don't want to, but we won't tell anyone else if you do, okay?" He soothed, his thumb brushing against your neck reassuringly.
Hoseok watched you hold back tears and something swelled in his chest, warm and soft, and something else more stern and protective rose into place. He couldn't believe anyone had ever treated you like that, you, so trusting and compassionate. He resolved himself there to keep you from ever feeling that way again.
"I've been doing a lot of thinking since being here. It's just, there's stuff that you don't really think is that bad until it's not happening anymore. Or it just doesn't affect you because it can't, you don't have the time to break down or think about it." You blinked, realizing you were blinking past tears and reached up to cover your eyes.
Yoongi wiped your tears away. "He will never hurt you again. No one will. We'll make sure of it."
Yoongi and Hoseok shared a glance over your head and moved to get in the front seats and head home.
They would make that asshole pay.
Finally, tomorrow had arrived: The day of the showcase. Hoseok and Jimin had been out of the house all day, gone to prepare the event and when they returned, it had been to leave again, telling everyone in the house to be ready to go.
You slipped on your shoes, taking a deep breath in and a deep breath out. Tonight would be easy. You gazed at yourself in the mirror before stepping out of the room.
The necklace you thought was a bit much, but looking at it with the dress, you couldn't imagine being without it, the overall look giving an elegant glam. You had your hair pinned into an updo to match the silhouette of the dress, and the heels elongated your legs. Without leggings you felt a bit exposed, not having shown much skin in a while.
All in all, you looked incredible. Smiling, you walked out the room, descending the stairs into the floor foyer where everyone was gathering, Jimin and Yoongi still preparing in their rooms.
Namjoon turned at the sound of your heels, watching you step down. He was speechless off a moment, much like Hoseok next to him, both taken off guard by your look.
You deserved to always look this nice, Hoseok thought, all the riches in world wouldn't be worth as much as you.
Jin and Jungkook, however, hadn't shared the same speechlessness, immediately rushing towards you in excitement.
"Look at you, my little darling, you look so nice!" Jin cooed over you, adjusting your hair and your dress ever so slightly, tweaking your outfit to make you look even more put together. Jungkook however, wrapped his arms around your waist and twirled you around, lifting you entirely off the ground as he gushed about how pretty you looked. Your giggles filled the room and Namjoon glanced over seeing Taehyung hanging back but looking at you fondly. He let out a deep breath, feeling the weight on his shoulders loosen little by little as his boyfriends got close with you. It felt wrong to try and mend his relationship with you while they weren't used to you, but now day by day they were slowly coming around.
Eventually Jimin and Yoongi came down, Jimin ignoring you like usual and Yoongi barely having time to send a nod in your direction before Hoseok was rushing everyone out the door.
The venue was impressive, large and packed with people just as fancily dressed as you and the boys. You felt a little self conscious entering with the boys, looking out of place next to their practiced confidence. However, every seemed to treat you kindly, if a bit curious as to who you were, waving in your direction confusedly. People who came up to them side eyed you, trying to get a closer judge on your character considering they had never seen you before but Hoseok and Yoongi didn't seem to like that, forming a wall between you and whoever came up to them, shielding you from view.
Eventually Hoseok and Jimin slipped away, and when they came back, the lights dimmed, advising everyone to get to their seats. You were sat at the seats in the front row, right up next to the stage. Multitudes of shows passed over the hours, Hoseok cheering and clapping for them all. Especially after the performance with the five young boys from before-- Hoseok looked so proud, clapping louder than anyone in the room.
Afterwards, the students werefree to walk around, the students from the shows going to meet up with their loved ones as a snack table and plates were set out.
You stood, talking excitedly with Jungkook who told you he had an interest in dancing as well, and both spoke about the acts that you thought were cooler. Out of the corner of your eye, you felt someone staring at you looking over and seeing Jimin. He narrowed his eyes at you but said nothing, turning around and walking towards the snack table with Taehyung.
In a different corner of the room, Yoongi watched the way your earrings dangled against the column of your neck, smooth skin tempting and for a second he wished he was those earrings, pressed against you close like that. His own thoughts startled him for a moment but he'd be lying if he was truly surprised, the feeling he got when seeing you like a warmth seeping into his bones. You had crept in at some point between all the early morning and late night talks, your charm getting past his usual defenses. He hadn't gotten a close look at you earlier but now that he had the space to admire you, he wasn't wasting a second. You caught his eye across the room and waved excitedly, the cute smile on your face making him smile in return.
Jungkook walked away to get some snacks and got trapped in a conversation with some girls who walked up to him, you could see from here the awkward look on his face and the way they swarmed around him everytime he tried taking a step away. You idled in place for a second as you surveyed the room, everyone else in conversation and you didn't want to interrupt any of them. Then suddenly, movement caught your eyes, a flash of someone in the corner by a dessert table. It was the student from before, Beomgyu! You remembered.
Beomgyu waved at you excitedly, now dressed in a fancy suit and beckoned you over to where him and his friends were standing. You went over, and as you walked up, one of them had just noticed you, choking on his drink.
"Oh my god, I'm so sorry, did I startle you?" You said, trying not to laugh.
"No, no--"
"He's just nervous because he thinks you're cute!" Beomgyu said, getting an instant arm punch.
"He's lying, don't listen to him." The other boy put down his drink. "I'm Yeonjun." He held his hand out for a shake and you took it, pretending not to notice the slight red on his cheeks.
"I'm Taehyun!" Another one piped up, practically ripping your hand out of Yeonjun's. "I think you're pretty too."
"Hey, no stealing Yeonjun's girlfriend!" Another one fake scolded, as Yeonjun buried his face in his hands.
"I can't believe I'm friends with you guys," he groaned, banging his head against the wall.
"I'm Hueningkai, but you can just call me Kai, and this is Soobin!' The one who has spoke before gestured to another one that had been facing the snack table, turning around with a chocolate covered strawberry in his mouth. "What?" He said, voice muffled around the fruit.
"I'm Y/n, it's nice to meet you. You guys did incredible up there." You complimented and they beamed happily.
You started up a conversation clicking perfectly with the group who you had learned were only a couple years younger than you. To be fair, they were just easy to get along with, filling most of the conversation with their own personality, knowing each other well and making you feel welcome. You were happy to meet people that didn't hate you from the start, and then you realized how depressing that sentence sounded.
Beomgyu smiled at you an idea popping into his head as he bounced excitedly, "Ah, we should swap numbers! So we can all talk whenever!"
"Don't torture the girl, Beomgyu, she just met us." Soobin said, but you shook your head.
"I'd be okay with it! I could use a few friends honestly. If you don't mind, then I don't." You smiled, and they whipped out their phones, pushing the screens towards you, and you programmed all the numbers into your phones, laughing about the nicknames they gave themselves in your contacts.
Suddenly, in the midst of your conversation, Jungkook pushed his way over, putting a hand on your shoulder. "Y/n, we--" He seemed to just notice that you had company and tossed an unkind look towards the boys you were talking with. "We're heading home now." The grip he had on your shoulder tightened slightly, pulling you a bit closer to him. You couldn't identify the look in his eyes, but he seemed wary and suspicious of something.
You were caught off guard by both his attitude and the amount of time you had spent talking with the boys after you looked at the time. "Oh, it's already so late. I'll talk to you guys another time." You said bye to your new friends and walked away with Jungkook who moved his hand around your wrist, tugging you away quickly.
"Who were those guys?" He asked.
"Some of the students who were performing tonight. I met them first when Hoseok was teaching a class."
"A class? That's weird. Hoseok doesn't like having people sit in on his lessons usually." He raised an eyebrow,
"I had no idea. He invited me last time."
"Mm, he probably just didn't mind having you there if you were quiet. Usually me and Tae are too loud." He chuckled, seemingly relaxed now that you were away from your new friends.
New friends, you thought to yourself as you settled in the car, sleepy and happy, heading home.
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Tumblr media
II. Mysteries, Deepened
• type: Jungkook x reader (+ ot7 x reader)
• genre: fantasy! & vampire! au, (sort of) exes to enemies/friends/annoyances/lovers it’s complicated and they're stupid
• t/w: blood, gore, murder, biting, disappearance, mention of a past abduction, suicide mention, heights, bullying, overprotective Jungkook, yandere-ish at times, animal death, both Jungkook and the reader are annoying brats, smut (fingering, choking, praise, masturbation (f), oral (f))
• rating: mature/explicit • w/c: 9k
• If you want to read the story of the Mad King and his wife, it is here - Misfortunately, Yours
• tagging: @mintkims; @pinkcherrybombs; @leannsw; @ilsan-seoul; @mageprincess7 • dedicated to @mayla548
• main masterlist • series masterlist
Tumblr media
You watch as the paper slip floats in the wind. Big, bold letters of MISSING hanging overhead a smiling girl. The air is getting fresher as snow begins to gradually melt away, spring was coming but there were no happy faces to be seen around. Curfew had been tightened like never before and as days passed and Kayla Matthews did not appear, fear began to course through the school. Out of the corner of the eye, you watch a sullen figure trudge from one news board to the next - Kayla's sister, hour by hour, day by day trying to raise any leads - all unsuccessful. Life at St. Augustine's had gotten darker than this small and largely isolated community would have guessed.
With no little amount of pity, you watch Dana move lifelessly across the schoolyard, her friends' encouragement falling on deaf ears.
"Why so glum, Dearest?" a voice asks and by now you're proud to say that Jungkook's frequent scares no longer gave you tremble.
Of two weeks till full moon, one had already passed and he had weaselled his way into your life in every single aspect. His presence around you had not gone unnoticed and in no time at all, you went from being the weird one to being the weird two.
"Just thinking," you reply, watching as Dana breaks down into tears, ushered to the side by other girls.
When you approach her, they all bristle.
"Hey, Dana... I heard about Kayla...can I help you with anything?"
"Why would we need your help?" one of them, the blonde with a sharp expression, scoffs.
"For all we know, you could be the one who did something to her, you freak!"
The attitude is not unusual. After Luara's disappearance, the flimsy social protection you had by her side evaporated into thin air, further aggravated by Matthias who was convinced you'd done something to her. He clearly was struggling to grasp his place in the world as a douchebag, not some godlike lover that women should die for. Still, it stung a bit to have all your attempts at cordiality thrown back in your face.
They all suddenly blanched, casting uneasy looks to your right and you feel a tall figure brush against your shoulder.
"Ladies," Jungkook purrs, tone edging on malicious. "Behaving are we?"
By their faces, especially the blonde one's who has her arm slung around Dana, you can surmise that they were dying to send both of you over the hills but one smile and arched eyebrow from Jungkook and they settle for disgruntled silence.
"Your poster said she went to the woods? I can maybe help to organize a search party?"
"They won't s-search," Dana cries. "It's not the first time she doesn't show up for a long time."
"What makes you so worried?"
"She never doesn't call! She t-tells me, always! Always when she doesn't plan on showing up. She didn't tell me this time! She didn't tell me...." Dana hides her face in the other girl's jacket.
"She left the swimming practice with us," one of them reluctantly informs. "She said she will go for a quick walk in the woods and then she just... disappeared."
"She's not coming back," Jungkook mutters gravely as you walk to the cafeteria.
"Don't say that. It's cruel."
"But true."
Both of your gazes linger on Kayla's picture.
The chances of finding a missing person within the first 48 hours were 80%, 70% in the 72 hours. That number dropped drastically after a week, dwindling down to 10% and after two weeks mere 2% remained.
Kayla right now looked at the very, very slim chance of returning. You think back on a similar conversation you and Luara had talked about when weeks bled into months Over There and you had slowly resigned to never coming back. Funny how the miracle occurred, you'd won your 2% only to despise it with every cell in your body.
"Even so...there's not no chance," you mutter, more to yourself but Jungkook inclines towards you in curiosity.
He doesn't ask any more questions, so you don't answer but you've got this perplexing notion scratching at the back of your mind that you both knew what the other meant.
Once you step into the cafeteria, people raise their eyes and then look away. Jungkook gives everyone a cheery, scary smile and even the most obstinate heads pretend they have nothing insulting to say to you. Being with Jungkook had proven to be like living behind a stone wall, he seemed to be frightened of nothing which meant that everyone was terrified of him. The bravest people to approach him in hopes of catching his attention got dealt their rejection early and quickly on. The only thing he ever said to them was that he was but a worshipful servant underneath his mistress' wicked care, then toss a sly wink to which you only responded with an irritated eye roll, ignoring the flame licking at your cheeks and heart.
You don't want him, you said to yourself at night. You don't want him. You don't want him. But always somewhere along the way, the words mingled to "you want him" and then you were plagued with fantasies of his dark eyes peeking across your bare stomach before he lowered his mouth to your core and made you scream over and over again until your throat was raw and crying from overstimulation, you passed out. Those were nice fantasies you kept largely in private though they also made you stammer more in his presence, which of course pleased Jungkook to no end. Those mornings he was all toothy, shameless smiles, using any ridiculous, nonsensical excuse to tug you into his lap.
"Day's special please," you mutter to the lunch lady, heating your palms in the warm fumes of the food, fresh off the stove. Jungkook on the other hand piles his tray full, balancing it all, including your soup while wrapping one, protective arm around your waist.
"I've never seen you eat that much," you eye the mountain on his plate.
"It's not for me, it's for you," he answers and pulls you to sit in between his spread thighs. You were well acquainted with this embarrassing prison. The first time he'd done this, you wanted no part of it (well, a small part of you did but neither you nor he needed to be too aware of that) and tried to get away only to have your legs squeezed down as Jungkook laid back and with a lazy smile observed your feeble attempts of wrenching free. One way or another, he got what he wanted and that was chiefly your irritation and undivided attention.
"How much food do you think I need?" you scoff as he scoots closer so that your back be firmly pressed against his, his one hand wrapping around your waist the other - opening a tattered book of "Those Who Hunt the Night". Jungkook enjoyed that book dearly, said he hadn't read such fine comedy in years.
"More than a measly soup, Dearest. But if you don't want to stuff your mouth with a meal, I can g-"
"Shut the fuck up, you're disgusting," you grimace in irritation but he only laughs, briefly nuzzling his nose in your hair. Whether or not people are looking, which of course they are, they do so discretely.
When the food is all done and Jungkook is in near tears, from laughing, of course, reading the scene where the hybrid vampire is killed, the cafeteria is almost empty. Everyone has gathered outside, playing with the last snow, even if the mood is greatly drained by the frequent missing posters. Dodging the snowballs, you quickly cross the courtyard to the history class and you're almost in the clear when something heavy hits the back of your head, smacking your teeth together. Blood spills in your mouth. Holding the injured spot you turn around to see Matthias laughing dumbly with his pack of hyenas, all bearing a hefty snowball.
You turn with a smirk to Jungkook, meaning to offer him an exercise of senseless violence only to discover that he was no longer there.
─────── ☾ ───────
Sweat pours from Jungkook's forehead as he struck the back of his skull against the stone wall, over time creating a sizeable dent. His fangs itched and his breath came laboured.
He was starving.
"You survived the Siege of Glatos," he reminded himself, ripping at the covers of the book with his dampened palms. "Didn't eat for 50 years."
Yes, except it was different. There had been no one there, just him and Yoongi, trapped in a deserted village. No temptation, no humans running around like headless appetizers all day long. No you - his angel, his siren.
Jungkook stares in the bathroom mirror, fully in his recessive form. It was not a pleasant sigh. His veins ran black underneath his skin as well as the usual whites of his eyes. His fangs stretched over his lips and long claws stretched from the tips of his fingers. The only colour was the crimson ring which transformed the brown of his eyes into a pool of blood. The face of a monster.
He tried to recall why he hadn't fed already. Just snatch a human, that egregious filth that troubled you - solve two problems with one bite. It would be so easy but a picture of your dead body startled him into reason. He was alone here, there was no one else to spot him, no safety net for your survival. It was no small gamble to say that once he let himself prowl on the school grounds, he'd lose all sanity to hunger and would seek you out next.
You were brave and strong and resilient but at the end of the day still human. A human with no chance of fighting back, of hurting him in return. He shudders, recalling your limp figure in Jimin's arms as he tried to scream you awake and Jin rocking back and forth in the corner, drenched in your blood. You had broken his resolve like a fig in a flood. Jin's! The one who was a born vampire, who knew hunger like the back of his hand and had been taught for generations to control it.
All useless at the sight of you.
He'd nearly killed you that day and ever since then, your safety was paramount to all desire and thirst. Either there was a spotter or they didn't feed at all. The rule was simple and Jungkook was eager to uphold it.
Just a week left, less than a blink in his long life. He could survive a week.
─────── ☾ ───────
Mrs Navarro's class was always a soothing break from the otherwise bleak academics. There was no wrong here, just endless self-expression. It also meant more often than not you spent it entirely facing a blank piece of canvas and music streaming through headphones.
You just couldn't stop thinking that if it all went correctly, you'll never be sitting in her class ever again. Or on this world. There's a little gripe of regret poking at your chest, like never visiting one of those picturesque places in the travel brochures, never watching all the movies you wanted or visiting the restaurants you wished. Once you went all of it would be over - the human culture if there even was any left would be a dwindling minority in the sea of phantasmagorical. Only the neighbouring kingdom, whose Mad King's wife had come from a human settlement, had the imports of this world. But even so better than life here. You disagreed with reality and it was a fine time to do something about it.
"Lacking inspiration?" Mrs Navarro's voice trudged you from the pondering and you straighten in your seat at the sight of her dark curls hanging over your shoulder.
"Something like that," you lie. She hmms thoughtfully.
"Well, you know how we do it - deep breaths, calm mind -"
" - don't try to force what comes naturally," you finish for her and receive a soft smile.
"You know there's an upcoming art competition, maybe you're interested to join? Your work is always so vivid!"
Of course, it was vivid. All it took was a single memory of the time period between going to the Other World and meeting them - the Three Riddles of Malavat, Battle of Osca, the rebel meeting - a lot had happened, a lot you could recognise like it was yesterday and yet the one that mattered the most - a blank fog.
"When is it?"
"Next week."
By that point, one should hope you'll be long gone.
"I'll think about it," you force a gentle smile and Mrs Navarro moves on - to help the next struggling talent.
You wonder what would she do after hearing you've disappeared. Will you have your own missing posters plastered all over the school like Kayla did? Or perhaps you will be simply written off as another rebellious student breaking out into the world. However it may be, you won't be here to see it and that was the last decision.
Sighing, you meditate on the blank canvas. A waterfall, a white bunny amidst even whiter snow, Jungkook waving flirtatiously across the yard awaiting you for another morning despite how desperately you tried to push him away.
Your shoulders relax and you let your mind wander never catching onto a particular scene right until you can see a small library stretching increasingly solid all around. Everything is ornate and dark. From the sharp-angled bookcases to the burgundy rug on the floor.
A wall of grotesque illustrations stares back at you. Drawings of dissections of fae, lycans and others. You gulp at the line of "human" - the man below it standing split neatly in half. As you regress deeper into this be it a memory or a dreamscape, you become acutely aware that the thing you were sitting on was not a piece of furniture but a body. It holds you close, one large and calloused hand gripping your hip, the other sinking their fingers in your hair, meanwhile, a pair of plush lips press lazy kisses alongside your neck. You shift, heart beating out of your chest but they, he, now you realize, tugs you closer.
"Where are you running off to?"
Two sharp incisors glide over your jugular and you swallow, barely able to breathe as he nibbles at your skin.
"Hmm...it's what I thought," he starts to thrust you back and forth, creating friction in the nether region. You try to crane your neck to see who it was but he holds you firmly in place, it's simply not possible for you to move without him guiding. His fingers travel downward and slide beneath your clothing. Every single organ and blood cell in your body shudders and you flinch away at the unexpected feeling of being exposed.
"It's okay, princess, it's okay," and something in you believes that it is, in spite of even further there being a thought that you must get back to someone.
His hand wraps around your throat, gently but still tight enough that you can't not be aware of it. The other hand slips inside you.
"Move, fuck yourself on my fingers."
Thighs aching you do so, heart beating against the skin of his palms and your head growing increasingly foggier. You whimper as he licks at your neck the ends of his fangs ever so slightly grazing but not drawing blood. It doesn't take all too long until you're gasping and thrashing in his arms, to no avail, simultaneously needing just a little bit more and feeling too much. His ornate, jewelled rings press in your throat.
"That's right, princess, give in to me," he purrs voice caught between a soft whisper and hellish growl.
As you unravel on his fingers, he bites in your shoulder. To you, it feels no worse than a mosquito bite though somewhere you assume because you've conditioned yourself to not thoroughly feel its effects.
When he breaks off for air, his voice is but a rasp. Heady as though he's drunk.
"When you return -" he growls, furiously sinking his fingers in and out of you, thumb circling your clit, "-try to run, try to be taken away from us." He warns and with a startling, falling sensation, you begin to grasp that this wasn't a memory after all.
"I don't give a shit what will it take, we'll have our happily ever after."
You open your eyes, senses disappearing all at once and find yourself mewling and shaking against the blue cubicle of the girl's bathroom. Your knees give out and you slide, chest heaving up and down, onto the toilet.
─────── ☾ ───────'
Jungkook comes to a halt by a freshly dug spot of earth on the far side of the forest. A single lonely bird caws in the distance and he wonders back on his mates while working quickly on Kayla's previously unmarked grave. Even should she be discovered, werewolves didn't turn back after death. The form change of the Lycan kind needed to be decided and as such this girl will not ever be recognized.
"I'm sorry I had to kill you," he reveals to her grave, piling rocks one by one to at least give her some marking of a burial. "But you would have hurt my beloved and I couldn't let it happen."
When he deems the mound large enough, he observes a moment of silence.
"Rest now," he at long last utters and walks away, hands in his pockets. If Kayla was a werewolf it would explain why the saccharine scent had inexplicably lingered in the halls. He hoped she was only one. For their own sake, if there was an unsavoury figure lurking on St. Augustine's grounds, they should stay away.
Jungkook was regretful of Kayla's death but he would do it again and again and again if needed. He still couldn't bring that day away from his mind - the day Luara's forces invaded their home and took you away.
The humiliation of being subdued, intruded in their own home was nothing against the horrifying realization of suddenly too quiet halls. A house in which no longer there was a steady heartbeat, illuminating their days one by one. Nothing will ever repeat that dreadful night. He will never again watch you be hauled away to a strange world, all alone.
A crow flies overhead and from high up the treetops dust of wet snow falls onto Kayla's grave.
─────── ☾ ───────
When you enter your room the sight of Jungkook lying on your bed is not an unusual one. By now you learned to live with the fact that he was breathing down your neck.
"Watch out I have a snowball behind my back!"
He merely throws you a thoroughly unamused glance.
"Thought you will run off again," you mutter shrugging off your jacket and throwing it on top of Jungkook. He folds it in half and hugs to his chest. That ludicrous man. You fall on the other available bed (with room usually meant for two) and heave an exhausted sigh.
"Tough day?" he asks.
"Not really. Just confusing."
"Well, that's-" he halts mid-word and puts the jacket on his nose.
"Stop sniffing my clothes, you weirdo!"
But Jungkook doesn't listen. He sniffs it from one sleeve to the next and then jumps up to push himself against you.
"Get off of me," you huff petulantly as your cheeks burn but he grabs the wrist you meant to shove him with and sniffs at it too. Eyes closed he breathes in deep and your blush only deepens when you recall what exactly you'd been doing with that hand.
"Are you ill?" he asks lowly.
Jungkook seems to disagree as he straddles you, each leg caging you by the side and leans his nose in the crook of your neck. The scene seems hauntingly familiar though remaining frustratingly distant in the far recesses of your subconscious. Seizing both of your wrists in the large of his palms he shudders with every inhale before the hold turns painful.
"Ow..." you whine and not a second after your wrists are released. Tingling like they've been in a vice, you put your hands against his chest, not really trying all that hard to drive him away anymore. Even if you did, feeling the taut expanse of muscles you doubt you really could.
He braces himself against the mattress, trembling from head to toe and you can vividly hear the fabric underneath rip. All breath catches in your throat, despising the fact that instead of fear you feel a sense of thrill. Jungkook's lips touch your neck, barely a peck, barely even a graze but it has you keening. Like an instinct. Without any warning whatsoever comes a crash by your bedside table. One minute he's on top of you, the next, eyes terrified and wild, he presses himself against the wall as though you were the beast. You exchange heavy looks and then he's just gone. Disappeared as he was there even there. Quivering ever so lightly you raise yourself to glance back. In the mattress there now stood eight long gashes on each side of your head, so deep one would assume they were made by a dagger and not human's hands.
─────── ☾ ───────
The tree breaks and falls on the ground echoing through the forest like a crack of thunder. Jungkook shrugged off the impact and kept running. Far away, further still, he wasn't all too certain that his legs wouldn't succumb and he wouldn't turn back. It had been too close, far too close for comfort. He didn't even know to which desire he would fall victim first - to drain you dry or stuff you full.
Blind and deaf to the outer world he tried to purge any untoward memories or fantasies away from his mind - all rather unsuccessful. He was mortally hungry. He foolishly hadn't fed before entering this realm. Only had glimpsed the gate in the shimmering moonlight and jumped through it without a moment's thought. Anything, any chance he could bring you back no matter how minuscule he was eager to take. But now he found himself unable to both be with you, for he could do harm and be without you - it'd been so long for them, your absence, it had carved out a part they never could mend together. Existence - ever a pleasure to be in it.
Once Jungkook knew there must be at least half a country separating you two, he slowed and panted into the black night. He glanced across the frozen wildflower field he had stopped in. Unfortunately for that one life, it was present here with him. A deer looked back at Jungkook, uncharacteristically still. Others often teased him for having those same doe eyes - starry, almost innocent. Not now though.
The deer once sensing that the stranger was not kind after all took a run for it, dying a mere second after. Jungkook made the animals' death quick and marginally painless - snapped its neck, a brief flash of terror and then nothing. Retching, he lowered his mouth to its neck and drank as much as he could without hurling it up again. Fangs, dripping red he stared at the moon for comfort - pondering all the long way home. And should he make it with another werewolf roaming around.
─────── ☾ ───────
Jimin watched unenthusiastically as Taehyung gorged himself in overeating, sitting on a rock and reading the newspaper in the pale moonlight.
The Fae, Taehyung had been drinking nearly fifteen minutes from, finally gave up, dropping to the ground lifeless. With a sigh, Jimin raised himself and wipe some of the blood away with a handkerchief.
"Always such a messy eater" he chided.
Sniffing, Taerhyung looked around.
"None more, right?"
Jimin arched an eyebrow at this.
"More?" he asked, scandalized. "How could you possibly want more?"
"I'm - what's the phrase - stress-eating."
"Why are you so worried over?"
"Don't say it like that! As if you weren't frowning at the newspaper earlier!"
"Maybe I was glowering at your sloppiness, ever think about that?"
Jimin snorted.
"Why doesn't that surprise me?"
He laughs when Taehyung lightly swapped at his head. After a brief moment, they retreat back to their now usual sombre tones.
"What does the news say?"
"Queen Luara said to meet the King of Alzar this week, Marquis Ereghin to tighten restrictions on inter-realm travel in regards to the latest Lycan surge," Jimin read with a scowl.
"Marquis Ereghin..." Tae drawled, jaw clenching. "The same Ereghin who set Hoseok on fire?"
"His son I believe, but scarcely apple falls far from the tree," Jimin replies, with a barely restrained hiss. "We need to meet Jungkook by the gate, lest he falls into the Royal Guard's hands."
"If we're lucky, maybe we can see just how well Ereghin likes to be slowly burnt to a crisp."
Jimin echoes Taehyung's smile only mutely, partly still cleaning up his red-stained chin.
"What if...what if he doesn't return?" Jimin supposed in a faint whisper. "What if she doesn't want to return?"
"Why wouldn't she?" Taehyung frowned in genuine confusion. To him, it made no sense. The world spun around, the moon rose and fell each month, there were once seven, now there were eight of them, meant to stay together for all the long eternity. "We love her, she loves us."
"It wasn't..." Jimin stammered, wincing at some of the more sour recollections. "It wasn't easy, Tae. What if she meant to go with Luara? What if she was happy, in the end, away from us?"
"She wasn't!" Taehyung snapped harshly, ripping away from Jimin's handkerchief. "She didn't. She can't..."
He looked over their now small domain, wetting his lips and feeling a pain much worse than hunger nest itself in his gut.
"Can she?" he whispered to himself.
─────── ☾ ───────
Jungkook didn't show up that day, or the next day. And as the time passed only mere three days remained. With his disappearance, the second coming of Matthias' wrath was only more brutal. Almost as if sensing that he didn't have much time left to make a thoroughly traumatizing impression, he became downright murderous. No longer it was something as childish as kicking your books, locking you behind in the lecture rooms. They threw you down the stairs, vandalized your room, made sure that there wasn't a single safe spot left in the school for you to hide. Didn't mean of course you went down without a fight. As you hid behind the alcove of the second floor on East Wing, with pleasure you saw Eugene Livvard spew a sleigh of curses as he held his nose which you were certain you broke by swinging a fire extinguisher in his face. Keynan was limping as the said extinguisher was dropped on his foot.
"The fucking bitch, I'm going to kill her," Matthias fumed and you believed him. Over There people threatened to kill you all the time and so you knew how to differentiate between an empty threat and a promise. This, this was a promise. Matthias was deadset on actually killing you like the psychotic bastard he was.
Of course, when you went to the teachers, to Headmistress Kang to report him, all the evidence disappeared. Your room was in perfect condition and it just so happened that the students around failed to recall what happened. All you had to prove was bruises and fear but no one was interested to listen to the loony girl who read old books, wandered around and as the popular rumour suggested danced naked around a bonfire, worshipping Satan. You would never dance naked around a line of fire, that was too cliche.
Three days. Three days left. It didn't matter if you went to classes or not, you just had to survive three days. Perhaps in the more literal sense than you thought for.
The rest of his friends scatter further down the hallway but Matthias... he lingers back. You were confident he couldn't hear you, it was far too away but the way he turned his head, sharply as if he was just as confident where you were hiding, sent chills down your spine. He walks closer to the alcove behind the statue of one of the founders, baring his teeth. You decided at that moment that you were going to do everything it takes to survive, to get back to them.
"Rip his throat out, drive your fingers through his eyes," a voice flows past your ears, like a ghost whispering across the realms. Briefly, you can almost picture a man with catlike eyes sitting by an ill-sounding piano and whispering to you that as long as you were at risk, it didn't matter how brutal you were. If there was ever a threat to your survival, you should think of nothing but bathe in their blood, of tearing them apart so no one could ever harm a single hair on your head. But as the bell rang, an emergency siren echoing so loud throughout the school that Matthia's covers his ears, the fragile picture disappears.
He growls to himself but ultimately stalks away and you exhale a shaking breath in the now relative safety. Perhaps Matthias did want to kill you, but you were willing to return the favour. It should be scary, you assume, to be this willing to destroy your enemies but if anything it made you giddy. You were capable of taking care of yourself. At least to some extent. After you're certain Matthias has left and the alarm had stopped ringing, you crawl out of the alcove only to narrowly miss punching someone in the nose.
"What the fuck, you freak?! I was trying to help!"
The scowling blonde that protected Dana so much. You rack your brain for the names of the girls swimming team but nothing really concrete comes up - Drew, Andrewa, Andria, she could be any one of those. Whoever she was, despite the clear distaste she harboured, written in pronounced letters on her face, she did pull the alarm that distracted Matthias away. And for that, you can only thank her.
"Thank you."
She grumbles but doesn't wave the gratitude away, merely frowning down the hall.
"He's coming after you like crazy," she murmurs and you can awkwardly nod in agreement, out of your depth in making friendly conversation with your schoolmates. "He's insane you know that?"
"Well, he tried to shove me out of the window, so yes."
Her eyes widen before grimacing yet again. Luara always made fun of you for walking around with a sour face. You only ever stopped after returning back from them. Some said it was from the trauma, but you rather think because you had something to be really, really happy about. Or at least you'd prefer to believe that.
"Listen, I think...I think he did something to Kayla."
"Matthias? Why do you think so?"
"I...I saw them once, making out in the classroom. Kayla said it was a one-time thing, they were punished by professor Wilkins later anyway but I don't know... He dated Luara and she disappeared, he hooked up with Kayla and now..." at this point she stammers, gazing out the window, doing well to hold back her tears. "I haven't said this to Dana, she idolizes her sister and it's hard enough to see my girlfriend cry herself to sleep every night. I really don't want to add a shattered image of her perfect big sister to the list - she'll...she'll be heartbroken. But, even though I don't like you, and remember that I don't like you," she wags a finger in your face, to really underline that emphasis, "maybe you should get away from St. Augustine's. He's clearly after you and the way he looks -" she gags.
"The way he looks?" you echo and Drew or Andrewa, you're certain it's one of the two, furrows her brows in surprise.
"You haven't noticed?"
"Whenever I see him, I run away."
"He's fucking sick! And not just in the head! He's sweating so much, I swear I can smell him from here! He's all shakey and green. Teachers had him drug tested, they thought he was going into overdose but I guess they found nothing, 'cause he never suspended."
You suck in a contemplative breath.
Kayla's disappearance had been plaguing your mind. Mostly you wondered could she be alive and somehow ended up through the gate or was she really dead as Jungkook insisted.
You miss him, you realize. It's scary and lonely here in St. Augustine without his weird, intrusive but protective figure hovering over you like a halo. You also realize that there was a fair chance he had killed Kayla hence why he was so certain she wouldn't be turning up.
But if you think that he is who you want him to be, he wouldn't kill Kayla, would he?
Wouldn't he? Wasn't that in his "nature"?
But he hadn't hurt you even when he had his chance wide open.
"Anyway, I should go now, Dana gets anxious if I don't come back for long periods of time," the girl sighed and after throwing a compatriotic albeit stiff smile, padded in the opposite direction.
"Hey, what's your name? I...I didn't catch it."
She turns around, barely a centimetre.
"It's Andrewa. My parents were funny like that."
It's a nice name, you think to yourself, observing as Dana runs down the stairs, throws herself around Andrewa's neck and both girls disappear hand in hand around the corner.
Looking left and right you sneak downstairs where the hordes of students, guided outside as the fire protocol stated, will give you ample cover to sneak into the kitchen. With Matthia's reign of terror, you sparsely ventured into places wide open - cafeteria, classes, everything. He managed to steal away the last bit of human life you had left even in this destitute monastery. Maybe you could pocket some food that would last you until the Gate opened.
There are rows and rows of students of all ages, some barely awake, some near bouncing from joy. But everyone mostly laughs. There was no apparent fire or smoke so many naturally took the opportunity to relax between classes, strike a friendly conversation, trade some cigarettes underneath the noses of drowsy, overworked professors, especially Mr Wilkins who seemingly slept with eyes open. Life as St. Augustine knew it and as the nuns who founded it would be greatly disapproving of. You're all but out of the crowds and near the backdoor entry of the kitchen when there's a splurge and something hits your face. It's a wet, disgusting noise that not many people knew. But you knew. You knew.
There's confusion, then a piercing scream. One after the next the screams continue and chaos quickly overtakes the small courtyard. Keeping bile in your throat, numbly you reach for your cheek and looking down on your fingers see that they are stained red. Between the rush of bodies, all retreating back you notice a figure, a student splattered on the stone ground. What is left of his head and of his face is not a lot, there are long gashes across his features warping them into an unrecognizable puddle of flesh. Someone on your right vomits. Screaming continues. You may not recognize the face but you remember the clothes. Eugene Livvard who not more than ten minutes ago had chased you down the hall, threatening of throwing you off the roof had met his words more personally and more sooner than anyone could have known. In shock, you watch as his brain matter mixes in with the pool of blood filling the ridges of the courtyard slabs. You crane your head upwards and up, high up on the there's a dark spot. It looks down upon you for a split second and then disappears.
─────── ☾ ───────
"There's no way it wasn't her!"
"Yeah, first Luara, then Kayla, now Eugene. She's going after the popular people."
"Yeah, probably she's enacting some sort of grudge for being a loser."
You sit in the confessional and lifelessly listen in on the latest gossip. Eugene's death was a mystery. Did he jump, was he pushed, what was he doing out on the roof in the first place none of it had answers but despite the police technically ruling you out, thanks to Andrewa's alibi of talking to you and not dragging Eugene up the stairs onto the roof, the school had unanimously decided that it was you behind the murder.
It didn't look good on the paper, even you had to admit it. Loner, check. Doesn't talk to people - check. Involved in mysterious incidents - check and check. It didn't matter that you hadn't done shit, to none of them, by all accounts you could be their very own Norman Bates. You had packed all you needed, through tears leaving down many prized possessions. The road Over There would not be easy. If you didn't want to already die in the Stretching Swamps, the bare minimum is the only thing you could afford. You didn't participate in any lessons anymore. The only reason you hadn't left St. Augustine to the nearest motel was that now if you did, the police would undoubtedly find you guilty. Two days, you only had to survive two days. A quick time period before, barely a glimpse, now you began to wonder if you could ever make it to Gate. If it didn't open... not to be overly dramatic, you would die. Matthias would actually murder you or perhaps the police would find some bogus evidence and you'd be tried for a murder and two possible disappearances. You almost laugh to yourself, how did it end up like this, how did your life go from an unsociable bookworm to a possible life sentence but you remember your surroundings and as such fall deadly silent.
Or just silent. It was Eugene's memorial. Maybe it was improper to use such words but given how quickly the school board had organized the memorial, they hadn't even gotten the blood out of courtyard stones, you were far away from being the most disrespectful person here. They probably tried to salvage as much reputation as they possibly could. In her speech, Mrs Kang went over lies such as how kind and how brilliant Eugene had been, human frivolities to say after death as if not glamorizing the bastard would personally condemn them to hell. She also didn't miss the implication of suicide. Of course, better to say it was that than to admit that there was a killer on the loose. You pull away the curtain of the confessional to look over the crowds. Dana looked absolutely soulless in the third row next to a grimacing Andrewa. Matthias was in the first row and he was indeed shaking and green looking as though he was barely containing vomit. Strangely enough, you don't see him surrounded by his goons. They've all dispersed, not even looking at each other. Keynan had a crutch which he was squeezing the life out of, perhaps once again an improper term, and sweating like a veritable waterfall. He appeared more nervous than you and given that you were actually threatened to murder and had your innocence hanging by a thread that meant something.
Professor Navarro was crying in her tissue, while Wilkins was sleeping. The usual sight. At the end of her speech, Headmistress Kang introduced an absolutely draconic lockdown. No movement before seven, no movement after six. A buddy system was set in place in addition to the teachers personally escorting students to and from lessons. Wandering around would be more difficult for you than ever but maybe you could sneak your way into the cellar or the library. Both of these spots could provide some reasonable safety to spend the night that your room, which anyone could enter, didn't. You breathe in and out, trying to manage the rampaging anxiety. You were the main suspect of murder while the actual murderer was loose, Matthias was hellbent on bullying you to death, Jugnkook had gone missing and if the Gate didn't open in two days you might as well follow Eugene and toss yourself off the building. But yes there was nothing to worry about.
Something squeaks by your foot and you glance at a white spot rustling by your pants. Mr Red.
"Hey, little one," you greet him, gently picking the rabbit up. He didn't struggle much and was very transfixed at eating curtains. He might be a magical rabbit that could travel between worlds but a rabbit nonetheless. While carding through the short fur you scrape by a metallic collar around his neck. Pushing the white away, you confirm that there indeed is a very thin golden collar around this rabbit and what's more interesting, there is in fact a note attached to it. Unrolling the short note you read only two words "respond immediately" written in elegant penmanship that would rival the most ornate digital fonts. There is a noise outside, chairs and feet moving their way out of the reformated church and away. You have to wait until everyone's away to slip out as quietly as you slipped in.
"Hello," a sleepy voice drawls and the other side of the confessional, the proverbial sinner side, is suddenly occupied.
"Professor Wilkins, fancy seeing you here," you call out casually despite the fact that your heart was leaping into your chest.
"You too, my dear, especially since the majority of teachers thought you escaped by now."
"I didn't kill Eugene, I've got nothing to escape from," you insist sternly, petting Mr Red perhaps a tad aggressively now.
"No, I know you didn't. You don't have the grit for that," he yawns and shudders. "Blimey, it's cold in here."
"Do you know who killed him?"
At this, he quiets and drums his fingers against the wooden wall.
"I've taught in this university for a long time. I was here before Navarro, Kang and even Sodorov. I've seen all sorts of students pass by my lessons, some brighter, some dumber, some...plain evil."
"Professor, no offence, but I didn't ask for a lecture. It was a yes or no question."
He glances over his brown rimmed glasses and hugs himself to stay warm.
"Yes, I know who killed him. But no one will believe me without proof."
"So who is it?"
You exchange glances and he smiles dryly.
"I can't tell you yet."
"Why ever not?"
"Well because you will run off to Kang and she will make sure that the evidence rather points at you or them. It would be a grievous blow to the school if it should be revealed. No," he sighed, "evidence first, then the accusation."
"Why are you telling me this?" Mr Red begins to squirm in your lap and after a few harsh tugs, he breaks free and runs back into the wild.
"The evidence is on the roof, look at me," he pointed at his own withered, grey form, "I can't possibly climb up there. I need someone like you - spry and young. And most importantly desperate enough to do such a thing."
"If the school board ever found out you deliberately withheld information about Eugene's death -"
"They would fire me!" he finished gleefully. "And I would finally be free."
"You're doing all of this just to quit your job?" you blink, dumbfounded. "Why? Was the resignation form too mundane? Did the pen not fucking work?"
Wilkins once again sighed.
"I think you out of all people should understand how difficult it is to leave...St. Augustine. This place," he looks around in contempt so clear you can make it through the lattice, "once it grips you, it doesn't let you go. And I want to leave. I've been here for so long, I don't remember life outside these walls. And I'd like to remember. I really do."
You really want to remember too and you really want to leave which in a way only makes you more sceptical.
"How do I know you're not the killer who's luring me onto the roof so you could push me off?"
Professor's Wilkins' eyebrows shut up into his hairline.
"Young lady, do I look like I can throw healthy youngsters five stories down?"
No, if anything it was a surprise he wasn't half a rodent. Standing your eye level, he was every bit the frail, mousy little professor, who wore checkered cardigans, had stomach problems so frequent more than half of his classes were mutely cancelled and in your opinion, he ate too much cheese during the lunch. It would be a work of miracle for you to even traipse on the roof ledge and not crash headfirst into Earth's gravitational pull, let alone an old man.
"When do you want to meet?"
"Two days time."
"Why not tomorrow?" you dis.
"I need to make a copy of the keys. If the groundskeeper finds them missing even for a second, you and I'll get the blame for the poor boy's death, without a doubt. And we don't want that to happen."
Begrudgingly, you have to admit that no you really had other plans. Professor Wilkins takes your silence as an agreement and rubs his palms against his shivering shoulders.
"That's settled then! Oh, and also Kang locks up the church in ten minutes so I suggest you get quickly out."
─────── ☾ ───────
Tomorrow comes quickly and with bloodshot, weary eyes, you watch the pale sun glide over the horizon's edge in the greeting of another day. This will be one of the last times you'll ever see it. The other side had no sun. The light of the sky changed, like a window glass reflecting the light but not embodying it. Not even stars. At night times it was only a dark dome, with nothing but the occasional moon. Funnily enough, that was the only object present in both realms. Maybe that's why it was needed to open the gate.
It's cold in the attic as you clutch the blanket you stole from your room. Cold and unforgiving with a heavy layer of dust, cobwebs and rats running around in the walls but you'd heard some heavy crashes from the hallways beneath and if it was Matthias better this abandoned spot that someplace else like underneath the bat he would brandish towards your face.
As you sit and sip on the sour tea from Sodorov's stolen thermos, your mind wanders to Jungkook. He'd appeared and disappeared without a thought. But you thought he was... But if he was, he wouldn't just leave you, would he? A terrifying thought crosses your mind. What if they don't want you back? Was there perhaps a grain of truth in Luara's stories? Could you have been nothing but a running blood bag to them? Nothing but a quick fix pathetically agreeable to being fed from? You nuzzle your nose in the blanket. Even if you were, you think spitefully, there were still places to go in the Other World. Dragon Realm, the City of Sprites! You remember seeing the pictures, each and every one of them more wondrous than the rest. Your world did not begin or end with them!.. no matter how much it felt like it.
The day passes by quickly. It's more difficult to mingle as every proceeds in a single line, guided by a teacher. Only by hair's end did you manage to slip some food out of the trays when they were pushed onto the serving tables. Keynan and Matthias are nowhere to be seen and neither is professor Wilkins. As six chimes strike the tower clock, the halls die out and everyone is locked in their rooms. Sneaking your way towards the attic, munching on a rather dry piece of bread, you hear voices quickly approaching the hallway you had swerved into. Looking left and right you seek a quick exit. It's the second story of the North Wing, no benches, no alcoves, not even the odd statue to hide behind. Nothing but the windows and their ledges. You huff at the madness but as the voices grow clearer and clearer and you can make out an absolutely infuriated Kang arguing with a dispassionate Inspector recounting something about witnesses and proof and protocol, your legs sprint into action themselves. If the police would hold you right now, they could potentially release you only after 48 hours, too late for the midnight of tomorrow's night. For some unknown reason, even to yourself, you clasp the bread in your mouth, biting into the crust so it wouldn't fall, as if that was what truly mattered.
Cringing, you yank open the latch that was installed in the windows in the 1960s after the infamous gas leak and, knees shaking, step onto the latch. The second floor was nevertheless high if looking down. Trembling all over you sidestep away to the left on the narrow footing, so as to not be completely visible in the window and wait, nails scraping against the too smooth stone.
Just don't fall, just don't fall, just don't fall.
"I will not allow my student to be taken into police custody without any evidence or an official warrant!" Kang yells so shrill you wince and then press yourself even harder against the wall. The ledge seems to grow smaller and more slippery by the second. God, you just want a firm ground underneath your feet.
"Ma'am, we have a reason to believe -"
"I said evidence not reasons!"
"Ma'am, you may be preventing a murderer-"
"Let me tell you what I'm preventing, your terroristic intimidation tactic! I will not allow you to arrest and put my students into holding cells where you can torture the confession out of them!"
"She has no alibi-!"
"The hell she doesn't! Andrewa already vouched for talking to her minutes before Eugene died! Do you suppose this girl is Usain Bolt as well? What, did she manage to talk to Andrewa, somehow get Eugene, drag him to the roof against his will and throw him off all in the span of eight minutes?"
They're both breathing fire at this point and you can only listen in affectionate surprise. Kang was defending you. In all the years you studied, never would you have guessed she would be putting a good word in for you instead of shifting the blame.
"I will not let you threaten my students, no matter how troubled they might be!"
People as it turned out were full of surprises.
"I - why is your window open?"
A minute of silence.
"I don't know why is it open! It's an old castle, Inspector. Are you going to question me why is there a draft as well?!" Kang huffed and approached the window.
No matter how you tried, your hand would not release the side of the wall, the only thing even vaguely resembling a safety. As Kang looks out there was no way she could not see a human hand clinging in her sight and since there was no one else who would need to escape the police this desperately and who would flaunt the rules this brazenly, there was also no way she didn't recognize who was standing on the window ledge. Still, she said nothing, didn't even waver and closed the window. Closed but not locked it. You could only breathe out a weak thank you into the cold air but you hope she hears it.
"Let's bring this to my office. The children are sleeping," she snapped and hastily lured the police away.
Just so, as your knees were starting to give out. Steadily, trying not to focus too much on the unforgiving ground underneath, you slide on the ledge, that ridiculous loaf of bread still in your mouth for some reason. Back facing the window you blindly bang at the glass trying to shove it open but being more than a hundred years old, it creeks but refuses to spread, remaining stuck. Oh just great, just wonderful, just fucking what you needed right now.
Inhaling great mouthfuls of air and clutching the sides of the stone wall like your life depends on it because it did, you lift one shaky leg and kick it against the wooden frame. A heavier sway but they don't open just yet. You kick again but suddenly your left leg sways and you lose balance. Everything inside you turns upside down when you realize you're in fact are falling. Your back hits the ledge so hard, you could swear your spine is bruised but that doesn't matter because there is nothing but air beneath your feet and your hands grasp around nothing. You were plummeting down the wall with nothing to save you from an unfortunate and rather stupid end.
All air escapes you and for a second you think it's because you've hit the ground already but after the initial shock, you realize that someone had grabbed your jacket and the neckline was digging in your throat. They shout something at you but all there is to hear is the terrifying ringing in your ears and the wind howling louder than ever as you dangle on a thread and the strength of this stranger's arms. Shoes scuffing against the rock you try to garner any kind of push, any sort of leeway to move yourself up but they merely kick at the wall, doing nothing to help. The stranger's fingers slip away one by one and with newfound horror, you sense you're about to fall again. Air once again rushes past your ears and this time you can swear you're about to enter heaven, or hell more precisely given the rather unvirtuous life you've led, when out of nowhere it is warm again and it's not the night and darkness hugging you but a body. A familiar scent and dark curls tickling your forehead.
He grips you by the shoulders and shakes you so hard teeth rattle in your skull. You want to thank him but the words catch in your throat. He is furious. If that was even remotely close to the wrath in his eyes.
"What were you thinking? Are you trying to get yourself killed?" He shouts. "What if you fell and I wouldn't be near? What if you got hurt and I wouldn't be near?!"
What you want to do is the usual routine - either to tell him to fuck off or joke that the only thing you lost was the bread and not a leg but his sudden appearance stirs up emotions repressed deep, deep down.
"You left," you breathe out, accusatory, offended, lonely. He loosens the grip on your shoulders and still frowning, but gentle now leans down to touch his forehead against his.
"I didn't, Dearest, I was right here, just a hand's reach away," he whispers, lightly running his fingers against your hair.
Someone coughs and finally, you notice that there was another person present, probably your first saviour, which is surprisingly Keynan.
Jungkook moves faster before anyone can even notice and Keynan finds himself suspended against the wall, his neck caught in a death hold.
"You enjoy suffering, filth? You enjoy torture?" Jungkook asks him in a feigned calm, his voice was shaking as Keynan gasped for air, crutch falling onto the floor. "How about I give it to you?"
"Let him go!" you order.
Jungkook inclines his head, listening but not complying. Keynan's eyes began to roll in the back of his skull.
"I said let him go!" you order again, tone more resolute and firm. After a moment of stubborn silence, Jungkook lets the boy drop like a sack of potatoes.
"Mistress, you really should not be so generous with your mercy," he snarled and walked away, leaning against the window, pouting like a toy deprived child.
You run to Keynan and lightly prod at his cheeks. He bolts upright wheezing for breath.
"You're okay, you're okay," you try to reassure him as he trashes around. The longer he clings to you, the louder Jungkook's literal growl gets.
"I came..." Keynan cries, glancing left and right as if in the shadows there was some monster ready to pounce. "I came to warn you."
"What about?"
"It-it was Matthias who pushed Eugene off the roof. And he's coming to get you!"
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© sor-vette, 2022
Tumblr media
a/n: In my mind, St. Augustine looks something along the lines of this
Tumblr media
but you're free to imagine whatever you like :)
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valentines day event
Tumblr media Tumblr media
hello y'all! i will be participating in the “Two Hearts, One Love” Valentine’s day event hosted by btsgoldnet i will be taking requests for oneshots and drabbles for the event. please note that the deadline for sending requests is February 20th. i've put all the info needed, under the cut! :D
Tumblr media
➳ rules
must follow bgn's rules and guidelines!
i only write poly, so be sure to request upto 2 members or im spinning that wheel again!
please include all the details that have to be listed, or else imma spin a wheel and choose them myself
requests can be nsfw or sfw, but make sure to mention if you want smut or not!
please don't rush me, especially for oneshots as writing is a tedious task and im only human
➳ other info
details on what the event is and what you can request is listed here!
do not request member x member fics
if i wont be able to complete the fics by the deadline, i will still get them out!
i have a right to decline any request that makes me uncomfortable.
➳ format
after checking out the event post i have linked above (see link in 'other info'), kindly send an ask with the following format, or just try to include everything here:
movie dates:
row(s) and seat(s):
menu (items or combo):
Tumblr media
please drop in the ask here!
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lovesick (I)
Tumblr media
— pairing: yandere ot7 x (f) reader — word count: 5.9k — warnings: yandere, stalking, obsessive behaviour, harrassment, mention of violence/bodily harm, 18+ — summary: You dreamed of the day you would get your very own soulmark. Though, you didn’t expect to wake up to a searing hurt in your arm, the phantom pain of your shoulder being dislocated and your forearm fractured. As if dealing with the worst possible soulmark ever wasn’t bad enough, you also have to come to terms with the fact that you’re being stalked. When the letters and gifts you receive begin to escalate and the police offers no help, you have no other option than to figure out who’s behind it yourself – and hopefully before it’s too late. — amazing cover by @leithold​!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Your foot is throbbing – again.
You fall back into bed, lifting your leg up to rest it over your knee. You wince as you examine the damage, purple and yellow bruising covering your swollen ankle. Lightly pressing around the area, you're relieved to find that it only seems to be slightly sprained.
You glance over at your bedside table as your alarm goes off again, the framed picture next to your phone catching your attention as you silence the shrill sound. It’s a photo of you and Heejun, your next-door neighbour turned best friend. This particular one was taken on the night before he turned eighteen, your grinning faces showing off the pure excitement you both felt at the time.
Ever since you were little, even before you met Heejun, you’ve always dreamed about meeting your soulmate. You’ve lost count of the endless nights you stayed up imagining what kind of mark you would find once you woke up on your 18th birthday. Your favourite was always discovering a note written on your arm – the same as your parents. A close runner-up was the countdown mark Heejun had, you always made sure to check in with him every day to watch as the time suddenly decreased or increased. You’ll never forget the day he called you, voice choked up with tears and joy as he told you he had finally bumped into his soulmate.
With thousands of different variants of soulmarks and new ones being reported every day, you always thought you would end up with something sweet, something fitting to the fairy tale you always wanted. You certainly weren’t expecting to wake up to a searing hurt in your arm, the phantom pain of a dislocated shoulder and forearm fracture sticking with you for weeks afterwards.
It took some time to come to terms with the fact that your mark didn’t come with any way to contact your soulmate, and that their injuries would affect you and vice versa. Your first year was spent fretting over every paper cut and accidental stubbed toe, but that worry slowly dissipated as your soulmate kept leaving random bruises all over your body, new aches and pains showing up more often than you would like to admit.
Your theory that your soulmate was just very clumsy didn’t hold up for long, not when you suddenly felt the ghost of a blade slicing into your cheek, and another one being driven into your thigh while you were watching a movie. There’s no job out there that would warrant the amount of injuries you’ve experienced over the last five years, not when one of them were so bad you even had to postpone your college enrolment for a year. You suppose you’re lucky your mark has only left you with pain and bruises, and not a copy of the actual injuries. You don’t even want to imagine how living with that would be, especially when certain injuries have taken you months to recover from.
Truly, the only logical conclusion you could come up with was that your soulmate must be involved with something illegal; something bad enough that getting stabbed is just an occupational hazard. It’s only natural that your dream of meeting them has long since faded away. If anything, you hope you never do. At this rate you’re terrified your soulmate might manage to hurt themselves so bad that it’ll defy the rules of your mark, and you’ll be helpless to stop it.
You grit your teeth as you place both feet on the floor, pushing through the throbbing pain in your ankle as you hobble your way over to your closet. Seasoned hands find the nylon material easily – you don’t even have to look to locate the brace you’ve stashed at the top shelf. This isn’t the first time you’ve woken up to a sprained ankle, and you’re sure it won’t be the last. You learned years ago that days like these aren’t worth acknowledging, that the best thing to do is just to move forward and ignore the bitterness festering in your chest. Today is a bad day, so washing your face and brushing your hair is all the effort you’re willing to put into your appearance.
You dig through your drawers to find the fluffiest sweater you own, the soft fleece bringing you some comfort and looking fairly decent paired with loose pants that aren’t too painful to pull over your injured foot. You take a moment to brace yourself, inhaling a deep breath before you rest your hand against the wall, using it for support as you limp your way over to the front door. You spare a glance at the tiny kitchen nestled in the corner of your living room, your stomach rolling at the thought of eating anything. You’re meeting up with Heejun for an early lunch right after your classes end, so skipping out on breakfast isn’t too big of a deal. Pain has always made you nauseous, and combining that with a healthy dose of soulmate resentment doesn’t leave much room for hunger anyway.
Reaching your shoes, you sink down on the floor with a huff. You find the pair that’s a size too large, the extra room making it easier to get your braced foot in without moving it too much. You lace them up with gritted teeth, your ankle protesting the added pressure. You grab your bag from where you left it slumped against the door yesterday as you get back up on your feet, a flash of hot pink catching your eye as you lift it up.
You blink, your stomach plummeting to the floor as you stare at the brightly coloured paper. There, shoved halfway beneath your door, is another envelope. You lean down with effort, your fingers trembling as you snatch it up from the ground. Your breath sounds harsh, loud, in your quiet apartment as you tear the envelope open - the familiar crinkle of paper making your skin crawl. You unfold the letter slowly, choking back a gag as the sugary scent imbedded in it hits your nose. Your name is written neatly at the top, embellished with a flurry of drawn hearts around it. Your chest feels tight as you begin to read, disgust clawing it’s way up your throat as you skim over the words.
‘Baby, did you wear that black dress for me? You knew I would be watching, didn’t you? Thank you for giving me such a pretty show, you’re such a good girl. … those perfect curves just begging for me to touch them … I know you were aching for me to bend you over the bar, to show everyone that your sweet little pussy belongs to me–'
You hastily fold the letter shut, stuffing it back into the pink envelope. You stumble over to the small entry table near your shoes, zeroing in on the black box resting on top of it. The kaleidoscope of bright colours that tauntingly greets you as you open the lid only serves to make your heart pound faster, your hands shaking so hard you almost miss the box as you dump the letter in among the others.
You snap it shut, gulping down a deep breath of air as you step back. You hold it in until your lungs begin to burn, the growing pain forcing the panic to quiet down. You release it when you begin to feel faint, white spots dancing around your vision as you slowly breathe out.
A low buzz against your thigh snaps you out of your daze, your last alarm alerting you that you’re going to be late if you don’t leave right now. You grab your keys, hiking your bag up over your shoulder as you ignore the desperate voices in the back of your mind that tells you to stay home, to lock the doors and never leave. It’s fine, you tell yourself as you undo the three separate locks on your door, the metal chains rattling as they hit the wood.
You slowly open the door, making sure to peak both ways before you hurry out, keys quickly locking everything back into place. It’s fine, you echo as you hurry down the corridor, your knuckles white from gripping on to your bag too hard. This is just a normal day after all; it’s nothing you’re not already used to.
Tumblr media
“Y/n, over here!” The knots in your stomach slowly unravel as you look up to find Heejun waving at you, his freshly dyed red hair standing out like a sore thumb in the mellow café. The bright smile on his face gradually slips into a frown as he takes in the slight limp to your gait, your pace slower than usual as you make your way across the room.
“Again?” Heejun sighs, pulling out the chair next to him.
You slip into the seat with a shrug, a pinched smile on your face, ”What can I say? Maybe my soulmate has a pain kink.”
“Please don't remind me of that possibility ever again.”
You bring a hand up to stifle your snort as Heejun’s body shakes with an exaggerated shudder.
There’s something sad in his expression as he settles, his voice soft as he says, ”Even if that was the case, you know it doesn’t make it okay, right? Their body is not just their body anymore, and doing something knowing it’s unwillingly affecting their soulmate is shitty as fuck. I’m sure there has to be a rule or a law somewhere that states it’s illegal.”  
“I know,” You murmur, accepting the plate of food Heejun nudges in your direction. “But even if it is, there’s not much I can do about it when I don’t even know who they are.”  
Heejun winces as you stab into a piece of egg with a little more force than necessary, metal scraping against the porcelain plate. ”I’m sorry, Y/n. If I could trade places with you, I would’ve done so in a heartbeat.”
You hide your smile behind a slice of toast, your chest warming with the knowledge that even if everything else goes to shit, you’ll always have your best friend. If it’s one thing you’re sure off, it’s that no one – not even your soulmate – will ever be able to take up as much space in your heart as Heejun does.
“You would give up on Jaemin that easily? Damn, what a cold-hearted soulmate you are,” You sniff. ”I promise I’ll take really good care of him, you know he already loves me.”
You nearly choke on a piece of bread as an affronted Heejun shoves your shoulder, "I meant switch our marks, not our soulmates!”
“Sure,” You tease.
Shaking your head at the half-hearted glare you get in response, you let your eyes drift beyond Heejun. You can’t help the automatic need to scan your surroundings, to watch the people walking outside in hopes of catching something, anything, that might validate the uneasy feeling in your stomach. You truly have no idea who’s behind all the letters you’ve been receiving for the past year, and it terrifies you to no end that it can literally be anyone. Maybe it’s the man glancing inside the café as he walks past, maybe it’s the woman behind the counter, maybe it’s another student in your class, maybe maybe maybe –
You jerk back as Heejun snaps his fingers in front of your face. You can tell he already knows by the time your focus shifts back to him, his expression tight as he murmurs, ”There’s more, isn’t it?”
There’s a split second you consider denying it, just to spare him from worrying about you even more. There’s nothing you’d like to do more than just to pretend that everything is fine, that your biggest problem is your upcoming midterms and a soulmate that leaves you with bruises, but you can’t. You’re scared, and you can’t go through this alone. You can’t make yourself more vulnerable than you already are.
“I got another one,” You clench the fork tightly in your fist, feeling the metal dig into your palm. ”Pink.”
Heejun curses under his breath, voice muffled behind his hands as he rubs his face, ”What did it say? Did you bring it?”
“No–” You shake your head, feeling ill at the thought of carrying that sickly sweet smelling letter around with you, to have those words so close to you the entire day. ”It’s worse than normal, more desperate. He .. he saw us last weekend, at Blue Hour. He commented on the dress I was wearing, what I was doing – he described everything, every little detail. He was there.”  
You release a shaky breath, dropping in fork in favour of grabbing Heejun’s outstretched hand. The weight of his fingers curling around yours is grounding, enough for you to anchor yourself in reality and not the despair slowly filling up your lungs. Heejun looks pale, the red in his hair burning against his skin as he squeezes your hand.
“Y/n, you have to go to the police. Please.”
"You know what happened last time–”
Heejun cuts you off with a sharp shake of his head.
"If the letters are escalating then there’s no telling what’s he’s going to do next. He knows where you live, it’s not safe. I can’t force you to stay with Jaemin and me, but I can’t let you be a sitting duck for this psycho either. I know the police didn’t take you seriously last time, but you have more evidence now, more letters. You have to try; maybe you’ll get another officer that actually cares about the people they’re supposed to protect this time. I’ll go with you if you want, you don’t have to deal with this alone, Y/n.”
You know he’s right. Even if nothing came of it last time, even if the officer you spoke to back then had the nerve to suggest that maybe it was just an admirer that was a little shy, that you should be flattered – it’s truly the only option you have left besides uprooting your entire life and running away. And even then there’s no guarantee that he won’t follow you, that he won't find you again.  
“I’ll go,” You say, guilt curling around your heart as you see the way Heejun sags with relief.
“Thank you. We can go after my shift? Or I can call in sick and we can go right now?”
You give his hand a squeeze of your own before you untangle your fingers, mustering up a faint smile you don’t really believe yourself. “No, you should go to work. I think this is something I should do on my own.”
Tumblr media
You clear your throat, leaning heavily on your good leg as you wait in front of the welcome desk at the station. The officer behind the desk holds up a finger, eyes glued to the screen as he continues to tap away at the keyboard. You swallow thickly, gripping the strap of your bag tighter. The police station is oddly quiet. You were expecting more people and more noise, but all you can hear is soft voices behind closed doors, a fan whirring overhead despite the autumn chill already having set in. Your town isn’t the biggest, but it’s not like it’s small either. It’s definitely not sleepy enough for the police station to be so empty.  
You bite down on the inside of your lip, chewing absentmindedly as you look at the board taking up most of the wall behind the reception. It’s littered with safety posters and tips, a lost pet or two, and the faces of a few missing people you don’t recognize. Your mouth feels dry as you take in the candid smiles on their faces, the joy in their eyes. You doubt they had any idea they would eventually end up here, and you can’t help but feel like it’s just time that’s standing between the empty spot next to them, and a picture of your own face.
You force your eyes to move away, zeroing in on the newspaper clippings collected in one corner of the board. The smiling faces of different officers greet you as you look over the articles, but there’s one in particular that catches your eye. It’s a young man, probably around your age, grinning over a large bouquet of flowers. The force of his smile makes his eyes turn into crescent moons, his cheek puffing up adorably. The clipping seems to be dated a few years back, but you’re too far away to make out the text beyond the headline, something about him heroically saving a civilian off-duty.
“What can I help you with?” You startle as the officer finally acknowledges you. He doesn’t bother to hide his annoyance as you step closer to the counter, clearly irritated that you interrupted whatever he was working on.
“I need to speak with an officer. I’ve been receiving these letters– I, uhm, I think I’m being stalked.”
The passive expression on the man’s face is broken by a slight rise of his eyebrows, the faintest spark of interest in his eyes as he turns back to his computer. ”What’s your name?”
You quickly list off all the details he asks for, the room once again growing eerily silent as he looks through the database, pulling up different files. The muffled voices you heard earlier have grown quiet, and you can’t fight the dread that sets in as the officer spares you a quick glance before turning back to his screen, the corner of his lips tugged down into a frown. ”Ms Y/n, did you file a similar report last year?”
You swallow thickly. ”Yes.”
“It says here that your report was resolved and that no further investigation was needed.”
“What?” It was obvious as the letters continued that the police hadn’t done much to stop them, that the officer clearly believed that it was just some harmless admirer, but you had at least thought they had looked into it – that they had tried to figure out who it was. "No, it wasn’t–”
The officer cuts you off with a sigh as he pushes the intercom button on his desk, voice bored as he calls out for an available officer to assist you. ”Please wait here, someone will be with you to take your statement shortly.”
The easy dismissal stings. You step back, gaze flitting back to the entrance as you begin to wonder if maybe this was a mistake. Maybe you should've taken Heejun up on his offer. But before you can make up your mind to leave, the officer that was called for walks through the door near the reception desk, his head buried in a case file as he steps up to the counter.
The man you talked to visibly brightens at his entrance.
”Officer Park! I didn’t know you were still in. Didn’t your shift end an hour ago?”
You watch officer Park’s back as he shakes his head, his blonde hair bouncing with the movement. “Ah, you know how it is. I have plans for the weekend so I’m trying to finish up what I can.”
“Hard working as ever I see,” The man laughs.
Officer Park places his file down on the counter with a shrug, his voice teasing as he says, ”I assume you didn’t just call for me because you missed my company?”
The officer you talked to seems to suddenly remember that you’re still there, his gaze moving back to you before he turns to his computer with a huff. ”Someone’s here a file a report, a–” The man squints at his screen, like he’s trying hard to decipher the name he heard just a few minutes ago, ”Ms. Y/n.”
Officer Park’s back straightens suddenly, and you can practically see how his muscles tense beneath his uniform. ”Thank you, officer Lee. Do you mind taking this down to evidence for me?”
The other man nearly jumps out of his seat in his eagerness to help, a proud smile on his face as he hurries out of the room, file pressed to his chest.
You suck in a surprised breath as officer Park slowly turns around, your stomach lurching as his eyes find yours. You almost don’t register the shock on his face before he schools it into something more neutral, a pleasant smile settling on his lips as he walks closer. He feels … familiar. It takes you a moment to place his face, but a quick glance over his shoulder confirms it easily. He’s the one who saved that civilian off duty – the hero. But even then, you have a feeling you know him from somewhere else – you just can’t quite place where.
“Y/n?” Goosebumps break out over your arms as he softly utters your name. You offer a weak nod in response, the odd reaction to his voice making your throat close up.
“Let's talk at my desk.”
Officer Park seems reluctant to look away as he leads you back through the door he came through, his gaze jumping back to you with every other step. You fully ignore the ache in your foot as you match his pace, a tiny voice in the back of your mind urging you to act normal. You can’t quite figure out why he looks so worried, like you’re going to run off the moment he takes his eyes off you, but you suppose it might just be protocol regardless of what the person is there to do. He's probably just cautious.
You let your gaze wander around the open room as you follow a step behind officer Park. The large office space feels as empty as the reception. You spot three officers in total, with two working away at their desks and another one slipping into what you assume to be a break room. If you include the two officers you’ve spoken with so far, it’s only five in total. For the whole station. Most of the desks around room are completely empty, not even a pen or paper in sight.
“We had a lot of cut-backs this year, the chief was forced to let a lot of us go.” Officer Park says, voice hushed as he leads you past another desk. Heat creeps up the back of your neck as you nod, embarrassed that the confusion must be so easy to read on your face. You didn’t even know that he police could cut-back on officers.
“Here, take a seat,” You breathe out a small sigh of relief as you reach his desk, quickly sitting down on the offered chair. You wince as you move your foot, accidentally banging your swollen ankle straight into the leg of the chair.
Officer Park pauses at the sound, his hands poised over the keyboard in front of his computer. Something flits across his expression as he glances down at your leg, but the emotion is gone before you have the chance to recognize it.
“So, Ms. Y/n, what can I help you with?” You shrink back in your seat as he turns to the screen, his face unreadable as he pulls up a new file. There’s a tension in his jaw that wasn’t there before, and even though you can’t figure out why – it feels like you just did something wrong.
You reach into your bag, grabbing a few of the pink envelopes you had shoved in there earlier. All of the letters are creepy and invasive in their own way, but the pink are by far the worst. It seems like the different colours correspond to whatever mood he’s in, and the hot fuchsia always means fervently graphic descriptions.  
You place them on officer Park’s desk, twisting your fingers nervously as you say, ”I– I think I’m being stalked. I’ve been receiving these letters for about a year now, and they’ve been getting progressively more intense and uhm, descriptive. I filed a report last year, but it seems like it wasn’t looked into.”
“I see.”
You watch as officer Park unfolds the most recent letter, his body half-turned in your direction as he looks it over. His face stays blank, but mortification runs hot through your body as his eyebrows suddenly jump at one of the more extreme parts, your hands growing clammy at the slow speed he works his way through the letter.
Officer Park cocks his head as he reaches the bottom, bringing the paper closer to his face. He breathes in the heavy scent, seemingly unaffected by the sickly sweetness of the perfume that normally makes you want to gag. He raises the letter up towards the overhead lighting, but the slight shake to his head tells you that there’s nothing there, no mark or clue you might have missed yourself.
“There’s more than just the letters,” You blurt, your toes curling in your shoes at the thought of having to bring it up. But you can tell officer Park doesn’t seem overly concerned, that he’ll probably just brush it off like the first one did, and you can’t have that. ”There has been gifts too.”
It must just be a trick of the light as he shifts around, but you swear you see his mouth twitch as he folds up the letter, a hint of a smile brushing over his lips before leans forward in his seat. ”Gifts? What kind?” Officer Park asks, the calm tone of his voice not quite matching up with the intrigued spark in his eyes.
You scratch your wrist, giving yourself another second to muster up the courage. You normally don’t have a problem taking about sex or intimate details, but this–
“The gifts don't come with every letter, but sometimes they’re left in front of my door. They’re usually … sex toys,” You trail off, voice growing weaker by the end as you force out the last two words. The gifts belonging to the pink envelopes are always sexual in nature, and you’ve lost count of how many toys you’ve stored away in a box under your bed. You would never use them and it feels disgusting to keep them, but on the odd chance that it might be used as evidence, you figured it would be a bad idea to throw them away.
Officer Park hums, his dark eyes holding yours for another second before he leans back in his seat, hands folded in his lap. ”Do you mind describing what kind of toys, Ms. Y/n?”
“I’m sorry?” You squeak.
“It’s for the report,” Officer Park adds, pointing to the file on his screen. It makes sense, of course it does, but god, you would rather have the ground swallow you whole than to list off everything that has showed up at your door. You take a deep breath, clutching on the faint sliver of hope that it’ll be worth it if he might find a lead somewhere.
Stuttering your way through all the items you can think off, you try your best not to squirm in your seat as Officer Park’s intense gaze never leaves your face. You can practically feel the path his eyes take as they trail down over your features, your skin burning from the undivided attention. The heated look in his gaze twists into something half amused as you mention some of the more creative toys – the corner of his lip quirking up into a faint smirk. The sight makes your stomach turn, not quite sure whether he actually finds it funny or he’s just trying to not look too uncomfortable.
It’s only as you describe the last gift you received that you realize that Officer Park hasn’t written anything down – the document still blank on the computer beside him.  
The eggs you had for lunch roll dangerously around in your stomach, the weird feeling you had since entering the station only intensifying the longer you stay. Why hasn’t he written anything down? Isn’t that basic protocol?
Officer Park’s voice startles you out of your thoughts before you can spiral further.  ”Well, Ms. Y/n, I believe you’re correct to think that there has been an escalation in both the content and frequency of the letters and gifts you’ve been receiving.”
You grip your bag tighter as you register his words, your heart skipping a beat with hopeful excitement. The confirmation makes you a little light-headed. Finally. Finally, there’s someone who actually believes you and is going to help.
But your relief is short lived, barely even having time to settle down before it’s torn away again. Officer Park rests his hand on his desk, fingertip grazing the edge of one of the letters as he lets out a small sigh. Words of gratitude die on the tip of your tongue as he continues, ”However, even though they are a bit forward, the person behind them doesn’t seem to have any ill intentions. There are no threats being made, and nothing to suggest that they want to hurt you – quite the opposite, really.”
You blink.
“I understand that this wasn’t what you wanted to hear, but there’s nothing in the letters or on the envelopes that could help us to track him down even if we wanted to. I can keep one of them and try to do a fingerprint analysis, but I doubt it’ll yield any results. The letters were likely dropped off in a post box, and I’m assuming all the packages you received were from different companies?”
You can only nod, disappointment burying itself deep into your bones as you slump down in your seat.
Officer Park’s face softens. ”It’s a classic tactic that makes it nearly impossible for us to track them down because it’s touched by so many different people. You really don’t have any inkling as to who might have sent you these?”
“No.” You bite down on the inside of your cheek, not enough to really hurt, but just enough to keep the moisture forming in your eyes at bay.
“I’m very sorry Ms. Y/n, but my hands are tied here, there’s nothing I can really investigate when your safety hasn’t been explicitly threatened.” Officer Park says, apologetic.
“I-I understand,” You mumble.
“Is there anything else you can think of that might help?”
“No, there’s nothing else ..” You pause, suddenly very aware of the weight in your lap. After all, you didn’t just bring the pink envelopes, you brought a few of each colour. Even if the letters don’t outright threaten you, maybe the rest of them could be enough to convince officer Park that the person behind them isn’t mentally stable? That he seems to have seven very different personalities, and that he needs help?
“Park!” A booming voice calls out for Officer Park just as you reach into your bag to grab them, the echo bouncing around the half-empty floor.
“We have a suspected two-seventeen. Take Lee with you to investigate!”
“Yes, sir!” Officer Park yells back, hands already reaching for the badge and empty holster resting on this desk.
You hurriedly rise from your seat as he gets to his feet, forcing down a wince as you step back to give him more space, letters forgotten. Officer Park glances at you from the corner of his eye as he shrugs his jacket on, looking reluctant as he pats down his pockets to make sure he has everything.
“I’m very sorry to cut this short Ms. Y/n, but I have to go. I’ll make sure to file your report later and crosscheck it with the one you filed last year. I have a good memory for details, so there’s nothing to worry about.” Officer Park flashes you a quick smile, his eyes scrunching up prettily just as they did in the picture out front.
He grabs a small card from his desk; making sure to underline a number before he extends it in your direction. Puzzled, you reach out to take it, stifling a small gasp as his fingers wrap securely around yours, trapping your hand in his. The contact makes your skin crawl, the warmth of his touch making you even more uncomfortable than you were before. The feeling leaves you a little dumbfounded, because you can’t really understand why. Heejun has never made you feel this way when he touched you.
A faint whiff of something sweet hits your nose as he steps closer, Officer Park sounding urgent as he says, ”If you remember something later, or if anything, anything at all happens, please don’t hesitate to call me.”
You look down at the card in your hand, the name barely visible between your fingers. Officer Park Jimin.  
“Thank you, officer,” You plaster on a weak smile, tugging your hand away from Jimin’s grasp. The prickling in your neck immediately subsides as you take another step back, the distance calming your racing heart.
“Jimin,” Officer Park curls his outstretched hand into a loose fist as it drops back down by his side, ”Just Jimin is fine.”
Even though someone is urgently yelling for him to hurry up from a nearby hallway, Jimin’s gaze stays locked on to you, his body rooted in place. Waiting.
“Thank you, Jimin,” You repeat, your tongue heavy and uncooperative as it curls around his name.
A shiver seems to suddenly travel through his body despite the layers he’s wearing, something heated flashing in his eyes. He clears his throat, voice sounding a little strained as he says, ”Another officer will show you out. Remember to call if anything happens, Ms. Y/n.”
He spares you another hesitant gaze before he’s forced to run off, only slowing down enough to point another officer in your direction. You watch his back until he rounds the corner, some of the pressure in your chest lessening the moment he’s out of sight. You try to shake the weird feeling off, turning back to Jimin’s desk to pick up the letters he left there. Even though it makes your stomach curl to bring them back home, you would much rather do that and keep them as evidence in case something else happens, over the station just discarding them.
You get them securely back in your bag just as the officer Jimin talked to reaches you. You follow him silently back the way you came, allowing the resentment to grow for each step you get closer to the exit.
You release a shuddering breath the moment you step outside the station, letting the crisp autumn air fill your lungs as you inhale. A humourless snort slips past your lips as you begin to walk away. You’re honestly not even that surprised that nothing came of your visit, you’re just disappointed. Tired.
What good does it do for Jimin to file another report when he’s not going to follow up with it? When he couldn’t even spare you enough time to get all the evidence? It’s not like having his number is going to help you if he can’t investigate until after you get hurt.  
You hoist your bag higher on your shoulder, scowling at the biting wind that sweeps down the street. You’re sick of always looking over your shoulder and being harassed. You're not willing to just sit around in your apartment and wait for someone to come along and hurt you. If the police aren't going to help, then you’ll just have to solve this yourself.
It’s not like you have much left to lose.
Tumblr media
a/n: welcome to lovesick! this is the story that was born out of my 5k follower event, where you guys chose all the major details of the story! i’m thinking this might be a five parter, but we’ll see. the other boys will be introduced in the next chapters! 
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surprise | knj + pjm
Tumblr media
⇢ pairing: ot7 x oc // namjoon/jimin focus. (pls someone find a gif of them from this epi) ⇢ genre: smut. // pwp. ⇢ word count: 8.9K ⇢ theme: established relationships. ⇢ rating: explicit. ⇢ warnings: cursing, dirty talk, poly relationship, panty sucking, fingering, oral sex (f/m), nipple play, finger sucking, unprotected sex (wrap it up lovelies),  , yn walking around with her cooter out, doggy, cum shot, somnophilia (she sucks him off while he’s asleep), face fucking, deep throat, squirting, cum inside, slight over stimulation if you squint. these people have no boundaries... ⇢ A/N: i nearly died twice writing this... let me know what you think !! (please don’t be a silent reader!) x
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Tumblr media
The plan was to surprise them. You were very careful when telling staff you were coming, making sure that none of them spilled the beans to one of the boys. You wanted it to be a surprise. And judging from the lack of texts to your phone the entire time they should be on their way, you're confident it would be.
You've been here for hours, hauling ass after a photoshoot of your own just to beat them here. Only half packed, but you had a strong feeling the lack of clothes in your suitcase wouldn't make much of a difference. Exploring the dramatically large set was what you spent most of your time doing. Until you settled for sitting by the pool scrolling through your phone for a few hours.
It was boring and ridiculously large without them and by the time the sun has set it has gotten hard to keep your eyes open. You had planned to be waiting in the living room for them, with enough room to shout out surprise(!) just as they entered the house. But curling up in one of these carefully prepared beds to snag a nap sounded much more appealing.
You choose randomly out of the seven rooms that were laid out for them, stripping out off your outside clothes and into a large shirt that you had stolen from Jin months ago. It no longer smelt like him and you were making a mental note to snag another one before you were leaving at the end of the week.
Sleep takes you a lot quicker than you expect, soft snores filling the room. You don't even realize how many hours have gone by. You sleep through Hoseok's shocked voice as he walks through the grounds and the six other equally surprised tones. All the way through them choosing their rooms.
It's not until you hear heavy footsteps entering the room you found yourself in do you budge. “What up, what up?” Namjoon. You can tell by the steps he takes and the sound of his voice. Roaming around his home for the next few days with no idea what's waiting for him in his bed. Fatigue still weighs you down, though, so you do very little to surprise him. Not at all moving from your original sleeping position.
Joon is stopping in his tracks the moment his eyes set on the seemingly asleep figure in his bed. Long dark curls splayed over his pillow, face turned away from him but he can tell just from the curve of the ass that it's you. Shirt bunched up at your hips and the panties you've got on leave very little to the imagination.
He's setting his crate of belongings down faster than imaginable, trying and failing at not being too loud just in case you're really asleep. Which deems itself to be useless, because he's quick to reach his hand out, pushing the hair out of your face so he can peer over at your face.
Your eyes are closed, but you're not asleep. Not snoring loudly in the way that you do. Even still he takes a moment to admire how pretty you look like this. Long lashes dusting over your incredibly high cheekbones, the cute slope of your nose, the thickness of your lips. Lips that he hasn't felt in God knows how long.
It's been really hectic and hanging out with you and the other guys (without having to clock in) was very low on his list. At least with the guys, he got to see them every day. But you, besides the five-minute FaceTime calls when your breaks matched, neither of them have seen you in weeks. And the fact that you were here? Pretending to sleep in his bed? It almost felt like he was the one dreaming and the fact that he knew he wasn't, skyrocketed this mini-vacation from a seven to a million.
His body seemed to move on its own. Soft kisses pressed against the side of your face while his hand slid down the curve of your back. “Sleeping?” His sweet breath brushes against your cheek and you feel the deepness of his voice all the way in your core. Eyes blinking open, you're instantly focusing on his dark ones.
They look tired, the way he always does. But happy. His hair is much shorter than you remember and he looks like he's gotten beefier. You needed to find a place to file a serious complaint because if this man got any bigger, you're sure you'd combust. His lips stretch into a pretty smile, catching the way you're staring at him.
And he's no longer trying to stop himself, hand sliding down the small of your back to meet the curve of your ass. Fingers flexing around a cheek and you swear you see his dick jump. “Awake?” He's kneading your fleshy bottom beneath his palm, pulling soft hums from your throat.
He watches as your eyes flutter, teeth peek out to scrape against your lip as you lift your ass toward his touch. Joon is leaning down to plant a wet kiss on your lips, just as his palm slips underneath the fabric of your panties. Long fingers teasing the end of your folds while his tongue rolls past your lips.
His kisses are sweet. Shifting so his arm is no longer supporting him, body laid flat on the sheet as his hand reaching to grasp the side of your face. He keeps a firm hand between your legs, switching from teasing your folds to gripping your ass. Your hands reaching out for something to grasp and settling on his shirt, clutching the fabric in your fists.
Breathy moans fall from your lips as he messily sucks your tongue into his mouth, teeth lightly grazing your lower lip. He can feel his cock stiffening just from the sounds you make, the feeling of your pussy dampening between his fingers. “You're fucking dripping,” He groans into your mouth, lips pushing sloppily against yours.
You try to angle your hips in a way that has his hands moving somewhere more useful, which grants you nothing but a mean chuckle from him. He keeps his wrist steady, more concerned with tugging at your lips with his teeth. And you can tell by the teasing brush of his fingers, he's just daring you to do something about it.
So you do.
With the hands you've got planted on his stomach, you're pushing him back. Joon moves easily, hand falling from beneath your panties and his back hitting the pillows. You catch a glimpse of his intrigued smile as you climb over him, a leg on either side of his hips and your ass pressed firmly against his crotch.
You're reaching for his choppy hair, ready to pull his head back to reveal more of his neck to you. But your fingers are slipping right out, strands too short to grip. “You cut off all your hair,” You say through a pout, hands reaching up to run through the longer hairs at the top.
“Mhm. Do you like it?” Head bobbing in an enthusiastic nod and a grin spreading over your features. “Mm, you look very sexy.” Joon was definitely the type to act like compliments, especially about his appearance, didn't phase him. But you knew better than anyone that he loved hearing he looked good.
Especially if it was coming from you. Blunt nails scratch at his scalp, effectively sending shivers down his spine. His eyes flutter closed, head lulling back to rest against the headboard while his tongue licks at his lower lip. He's got a loose grip on your hips, holding your body close to his as you play with his hair.
“It's very short, though. I've got nothing to grip while your tongue fucking me,” Joon lets out a soft chuckle, heavy eyes lifting to peek up at you. “Good. You're always ripping it out,” The smile on his face has got to be the prettiest you've seen, eyes hooded and dimples showing. 
Your nose bumps against his cheek as you lean down toward his neck. “I think you're the one to blame for that,” You're mumbling and he's letting out another laugh, head tilting back to reveal more of his neck to your greedy lips. Your mouth immediately finds the sensitive areas, tongue attacking his clammy skin while his hands move from your hips onto your ass.
The lace of your panties is basically useless, wedged between the roundness of your ass and he can feel the heat of your pussy through his shorts perfectly. His cock hardens underneath you with each suck of your tongue, roughly squeezing your cheeks. He lets out low moans as your tongue continues its assault, successfully marking up his tanned skin.
His hips lift from the bed, confidently rolling up into yours. Smirking at the automatic way you react, gasping against his skin while your legs threaten to close around him. His bulge is straining against the zipper of his shorts and you can't help the way your body moves to grind down onto him. “Missed your big dick,” You're sighing, hips speeding up their movement until you're basically bouncing on his lap.
“Baby.” He hisses, pleasure shooting through his lower belly.
You look so good perched upon his lap. Swirling your hips this way and that, greedily using him to get yourself closer to your own release. Fingers buried in his hair and head tilted toward the ceiling. He can see the way your tits bounce beneath your shirt, nipples pressed against the material.
Joon's quick to lean in, tongue flattening on the hardened bud. A shiver runs down your spine at the feeling of the wet swipe of the muscle and you're moaning out when he's sucking it into his mouth. He doesn't stop until he's successfully created a wet circle in your white shirt and then he's moving on to the other side to do the same.
The sound of your whimpers goes straight to his dick, adding to the pleasure he feels from the slow way you move your hips. With a firm bite into your skin, he's leaning back dark eyes admiring his work. The front of your shirt soaked through where he can see your tits perfectly.
“Want you, Joon.” Legs spread a bit wider so you're able to feel his length right against your clit.
He's laughing at the desperation in your voice but complies anyway. Two firm hands on your hips and he's easily rolling your body off of his and onto your back. He's quick to slot himself between your legs, heavy cock pressed against your thigh. His hand slides down the front of your body, nestling itself between your legs.
You've soaked through your panties, his fingers easily finding your clit through the fabric. “Bet I'd just slide right in, huh?” Fingers rolling against the sensitive nub, a gush of arousal further dampening the material.
“P-please,” It's all you can manage through your panted moans, legs falling further apart. Hips lifting in hopes of nudging his hand closer to your entrance. He pulls it away altogether, a teasing grin playing on his lips. “Not yet, baby.” He says, leaning forward to cover your mouth with his.
This kiss is shorter than the last one, wet pecks trailing from your lips down the side of your neck. “Wanna taste your first,” He mumbles into your skin, dragging his mouth down the length of your body until his head is set between your legs, stomach laying flat on the sheets.
It's one thing to just feel how wet you were, but to actually see the way your pussy sticks to your panties was on a whole other level. The fabric is a darker shade of blue where you've soaked through, thighs glistening with your arousal. He doesn't hesitate for a moment when he's leaning in, strong arms wrapped around your thighs while his tongue begins licking up your juices.
Starting from the messy you've made on your thighs, Joon takes his time lapping it up, slowly making his way higher. He loves the way you squirm, whiny moans filling the room while you reach for his hair, gripping what you can in an attempt to pull him closer to your pussy.
He lets you move him closer, nose bumping against your clit. Dark eyes lift to find yours, so fucked out and dazed and he's barely done anything yet. It has him grinning, tongue dropping out to flatten out against you.
Your head sinks into the pillow, eyes rolling back as he sucks at your pussy through the drenched fabric. “Yes, fffuck,” Words coated in a sigh of relief, finally feeling the way the pleasure warms your core. Joon doesn't bother to remove your panties, sucking and licking at your pussy until the feel of the lace starts to irritate his skin. 
Even then, he doesn't do much to pull them off, tearing a hole in the center large enough to reveal your dripping cunt to his greedy eyes. And then he's diving right back in. Burying himself back between your legs, tongue licking into your folds with such fervor it pulls a surprised yelp from your lips.
He slurps lewdly at your pussy, the sound filling the room and nearly drowning out your wanton cries. It takes a lot of effort to lift your head, hooded eyes catching the sight of him between your legs. Eyes squeezed shut and nose pressed against your mound, tongue moving sloppily into you.
“Right there, shit!” Crying out as your hips lift, pushing closer to his face. His strong arm lays across your hips, holding your body down as his tongue dips into your entrance. The knot tightens in the pit of your stomach, sparks of pleasure spreading throughout your limbs. “J-joon...” You're panting, not sure how to form any other words.
Though, he pays you no mind either way. Mouth moving up to suck kisses into your clit while his fingers teasing your wet hole. Easily slipping two fingers past your walls, pushing into the knuckle. He watches the way you fall apart, back arched and hands groping at your chest. Jumbled speech and unfiltered curses falling from your lips.
His dick twitches, feeling the way your walls tighten around his fingers. “Gonna cum, baby?” Words murmured against your clit, sending a vibration throughout your entire core. All you can manage is a drawn-out squeal and a frantic nod of your head. Fingers tight in his hair, holding his head in place as your legs flail, hips jerk as cum leaks from your hole.
You're breaking the moment his fingers brush against the rough patch buried inside of you, a loud cry erupting from your chest as the band snaps. Body collapsing against the mattress as your orgasm rips through your body. Namjoon holds your shaking legs steady, mouth planting wet kisses against your clit as his fingers fuck into you.
He doesn't pull back until you're falling limp, heavy breaths lifting your chest arms lifting to cover your eyes. “Feel good?” He asks with a smirk, bringing himself back up to eye level. Fists on either side of your head to hold your body up, he takes in the fucked out look on your face.
“Mm, thank you.” Lips stretching into a blissful grin, which he matches. His lips and nose are wet, chin dripping with your cum. “I got you all messy,” You're giggling, arms reaching up to wrap around his neck. He makes a show of licking it off, tongue collecting what it can reach off of his face before he's leaning down for another kiss.
The kiss is a sloppy wet mess as his tongue pushes the taste of your cum into your mouth. He sucks and bites at your lips, swallowing every last one of your moans while his dick grows heavier between his legs. “Have to fuck you,” He's mumbling, hand reaching down between your bodies to fish his cock out from its confines.
His large hand strokes his shaft, teeth cutting into his lower lip as drops of precum drip from the tip and onto your thigh. You can't help but look on in awe, hard muscles flexing with the movement of his fist. Mindlessly, you're reaching up to tug at the buttons of his shirt, revealing a defined chest and toned stomach. “Flip over for me,” His voice is strained, but you're more focused on the way his muscles tense and jump.
When you don't move, his stare lifts from your glistening lips to your face. And he's catching where your focus is, a laugh falling from his lips. With a shake of his head, he's reaching down for your hips, finally catching your attention. “Flip over,” He says it once more but takes it upon himself to twist your body.
Landing with your chest pressed to the sheets and your cheek smushed against his pillows. You can't see him, but you feel the slow drag of his cock between your folds, gathering up your slick as a lubricant. He's groaning quietly, smearing his precum all over your pussy while collecting your cum onto him. Despite how good it feels, you've got a pout fixed on your lips, not being able to reach or see him from this angle.
“Ready, baby?” Thick head catching on your entrance and it's automatic the way your hips push back toward him. He slips past that first bit of resistance, making you gasp out loud. Pushing past your walls you can feel every inch of him as he stretches you out, strong hands holding your hips steady.
His pelvic bone presses against the globes of your ass as he bottoms out, his strong arm wrapping around your lower belly. Joon's quick with the way he pulls your body up, cock slipping deeper inside of you as his chest presses against your back. “So big,” You're panting, leaning into the ripples of his chest.
Slowly, he draws his hips back, allowing you to feel every inch of his cock disappearing from inside of you. And your pussy clenches around him in protest, pulling a strained groan from his lips. “Fuck, you're squeezing me so tight,” He groans, roughly shoving his hips forward.
You're crying out, head falling back against his shoulder as your body moves with the roughness of his thrusts. The sharp bite at the base of your neck has fresh juices leaking out around his length. “More, Joon.” Your head tilted so you're able to look at him. Cheeks flushed and lips curled into his mouth, dimples on full display.
A thin layer of sweat has formed on his body sticking the two of you together. He reaches for your face, holding it steady before leaning down to connect his mouth with yours. The kiss is nothing more than panted breaths and desperate whines. He speeds up the movement of his hips, forcing your body to bounce against his as he fucks into you.
The sound of your desperate pleas for release and skin slapping is what fills the room. He grunts lowly in your ear, large hands sneaking underneath the hem of your shirt to find your breasts. Pinching and tugging at your nipples while rutting his hips. “You're taking my cock so well, baby,” Your heart flutters at the praise, a familiar warmth spreading throughout your body.
Your ass ripples against his lower belly, legs shaking as you feel the tension growing in your stomach. “I'm close,” You're panting out as a warning, although he doesn't need it. The way your walls clench around him was proof enough.
He uses his hips to lower your body down, following you, careful not to let his cock slip from inside. You're laid flat on the bed with him his back pressed against yours, hips lifted to meet his and provide enough room for him to reach around and toy with your clit. Joon fucks you into the bed, the loud moans that you let out spurring him on.
“Cum for me, baby. All over my dick, you can do it,” His lips brush against your ear as he speaks, his tongue pushing out to tug the lobe into his mouth at the end of his words. All it takes is a few more timed thrusts and his fingers pinching at your clit to have you falling apart. The tension snapping, a tingly feeling cruising through your limbs.
Your body shakes beneath him, fingers clawing at the sheets as your orgasm rips through you, pulling a scream from your throat. Joon slows to a deep grind, helping you ride it out while planting wet kisses against your shoulders. Warm cum surrounds him, leaking from your hole and dripping down to his balls. That plus the sight of you whining and shaking is pushing him over the edge.
He's pulling out quickly, with the entire intention to calm himself so he can fuck you some more. Then his eyes are focusing on the cream globs of white that drip from your pussy, rolling down your thighs and creating a small puddle underneath you. He feels the jolt of pleasure before he can react, stomach caving in. 
“Oh, fuck.” Namjoon gasps, large hand stroking himself as thick spurts of cum shoot out to coat your back. His body hovers over your back, fist clenching the sheets as he coats your ass and back with his cum. Low grunts of your name fill the room, turning into low sighs as his orgasm fades. He's letting out a heavy breath before he's flopping onto his back beside you.
You can already feel his cum turning sticky on your back, but well before you can say anything about it Namjoon is hopping up to his feet. His dick swings as he walks around the bed, cute butt disappearing into the bathroom. He turns the water on just as the front door is being pulled over, quiet footsteps heading right for the bedroom.
It's Jimin. He's poking his head around the cracked door, eyes widening at the sight of your sprawled out on the bed. “Yn!?” Clearly shocked as he steps further into the room, paying very little mind to the muscly man who wipes his cum from your back. “What are you doing here?” Crouched down in front of you with his fingers tangled in your hair.
“I missed you,” Lips puckering out to him and he's quick plant a peck to your lips. “Who else knows you're here?” Leaned back at the balls of his feet, Jimin gives you enough space to sit up.
You're quickly finding Joon's shirt amongst the mess of clothing and you're slipping it on, haphazardly fastening the buttons. He's disappeared in the bathroom once again, shower water running and you vaguely remember him saying he was going to wash up. “No one. I saw Joon first, then he attacked me,” Jimin's laugh matches yours, his arm slinging around your shoulder once you've stood up from the bed.
Your new shirt falls a lot lower than it did on Namjoon, stopping a little lower than mid-thigh. The fact that you're not wearing anything underneath it was hardly noticeable. “Come on, let's go eat.” Jimin leads you out of the room, excitedly filling you in on the car ride over here. 
He seems to have more energy than normal, eyes a lot brighter than you're used to seeing, though there's still a hint of fatigue in them. Either way, you can tell that this vacation has already done him some good. Even though, it's just started.
You follow him into the kitchen, Hoseok stood with his head buried in the fridge. And you're just about to greet him when the soft sound of Yoongi playing the guitar hits your ears. You're making your way further into the house, head peering around the corner to find him sat on the couch guitar in hand.
He notices you right away, the music he was playing instantly being forgotten when he realizes what he's seeing. And the moment that his brain is registering what he's seeing is quick to setting the instrument to the side, standing and making his way over to you a large grin spreading across his features.
“When did you get here!?” He says happily, scooping you up into his embrace. The smile he wears stretches to both sides of his face and it has butterflies erupting in the pit of your stomach. Easily, he's lifting you off the floor, spinning your body in a quick twirl that has giggles flying from your lips.
His laughter mixes with yours, careful as he sets you down onto your feet, an arm wrapped around your waist to keep you from falling over. You've never seen Yoongi this happy to see you, not like he was ever unhappy to see you. He just didn't wear his emotions on his face like some of the others did.
“I got here this morning,” You're answering, only now remembering that he had asked you a question, to begin with. He only nods in response, pulling your body into his side to plant a soft kiss onto the side of your face. “I missed you,” He's mumbling out and the low trimmer of his voice has a flutter going in your chest.
Yoongi leads you the rest of the way into the kitchen where Hoseok spots you the moment you're stepping in. He lets out a dramatic gasp, eyes wide as you grin, rushing around the corner to his side. Your arms wrap around his body, hugging him close while he gets over the initial shock of seeing you after so long.
It's a moment before his arm is coming down to wrap around your shoulders, tucking you into his side. “Woow, I wasn't expecting you to come,” He says with a laugh and you're smiling, leaning up on your toes to press a soft kiss to his cheek all while reaching over the counter to steal the food he just prepared for himself.
“That's why they call it a surprise,” You say, taking a large bite of his hot dog with a wink.
Tumblr media
Taehyung finds Namjoon outside in front of the fridge on his way to the kitchen. He's changed out the clothes he had been wearing earlier, long pajama pants replacing the shorts he had been wearing before. Hair washed and glasses resting on the bridge of his nose. Tae's smiling wide at his friend, making his way over.
“Neighbor, hi.” He says, stepping up onto the porch.
It's the sound of Joon's voice as he responds that has Tae's eyebrow lifting. The: 'Yo, what's up, man?' falling in a tone that sounded a little too familiar. It has a chuckle falling from Tae's lips, eyebrows furrowed as he looks up at his friend. “Why do you sound like that?”
Namjoon is genuinely confused, never noticed the change in his voice before. “Sound like what?” It's obvious for the people around him, the ones that saw him through a different lens so they were always able to pick up on his little changes in demeanor. Like how his voice got a tad bit gruff after he's just had sex.
“Sound like you just...” It takes a moment for the pieces to fall into place, the confused expression he had been wearing splitting into a cheek-lifting grin. “She's here!?” Is all he says before he's rushing into the house, Namjoon just steps behind him.
It just so happens that you're by the door when he enters, large hands planting themselves on your hips. Taehyung doesn't give you much time to process anything before he's lifting you off of your feet, quick to wrap your legs around his waist. With the way he's holding you, he's discovering your lack of panties underneath the large shirt. It has his hips pressing up to meet yours.
He leads with his hips, taking three large steps until your back is pressed against the wall nearest to the door. You're clinging to him, arms wrapped around his neck afraid that he might drop you. In any other instance, you'd be fidgeting, trying to get him to let you down. But the look in his eye has your body frozen, cautious not to make any sudden movements or else he'd pounce.
Too late. Taehyung is lunging forward once you're comfortably rested against the wall, hands on either side of your face as he leans in for a kiss. A wet one that has you panting and clutching his hair the entire time. His hips haven't stopped moving subtle thrusts that are just enough to leave you wanting more.
A hand drops from your face, reaching around for your ass. He's got a firm grip on your fleshy bottom, holding your body tight against his as he licks into your mouth. He kisses you until you can't breathe and then some more after that. Not pulling back until he's sure he'll have you panting, a thin line of saliva connecting your lips.
“Hey,” He breathes, cock half-hard and pressed against your folds. “Hi,” You say it through a pant, a giggle breaking through. He's just about to lean back in to devour you some more when something Namjoon says catches his attention. Instead of the panty-soaking kiss, you had been expecting, he settles for pressed his lips against the tip of your nose.
He's gentle with setting you back down on the floor, even reaches to adjust your shirt so it's fully covering your ass. “To be continued,” He says with a nod, turning to follow Namjoon outside of the kitchen. Leaving you with numb thighs and a throb between your legs.
Tumblr media
You're sat between Jimin and Yoongi as they eat, stealing bites from either boy while Taehyung eye-fucks you from across the table. You're not exactly sure what it was, but he really enjoyed watching you squirm nowadays. Would purposely say or do something that he knew would drive you mad, laughing at your reaction.
Tonguing you down in front of everyone and not doing anything else about it was high up on that list. It only made it worse that he knew the effect that he had on you, so you could never play it off as if you weren't a blubbering mess each and every time he touched you. He'd know you were bluffing right off the bat.
But, that didn't mean you wouldn't try. You try not to make eye contact with him throughout the entire meal, engaging in light conversation with everyone else. You'd catch his smirk each time you refused to look his way as he spoke, how focused you were on picking up pieces of ham or how intently you listened to Hoseok speak.
He knew you weren't listening, knew for a fact the only thing on your mind was how hot it would be to be fucked on this table... by all of them. He knew you so well, he didn't even have to guess to know what that was what you were thinking. Which is why it was so much fun to fuck with you.
Namjoon is the first to leave, wanting to get some sleep to wake up in the morning. He plants a kiss on the top of your head as he passes you, mumbling for you to come up if you want before he's exiting the house.
You're stuffed and much more tired than you had thought, but you wanted to stay up for a bit longer in hopes Jin and Jungkook would make an appearance before you went to bed. Jimin is standing from his seat, stalking into the kitchen and giving you the perfect opportunity to lay your head in Yoongi's lap, feet lifting onto the chair.
His hand mindlessly slips underneath the collar of your shirt, palm finding your bare breasts. You're not even sure he realized he's doing it, thumb stroking over your nipple as he keeps up with the conversation going on around him. It's soothing, though, for the both of you and you can feel your eyes growing heavy with each swipe of his thumb.
They're all moving around you, but it seems that you're in your own little world. He drops pieces of his snack into your mouth, fingers coaxing the nub into a hardened peak. And he doesn't miss the flash of hair peeking out from underneath your bunched-up shirt. The fact that you're completely naked underneath the flimsy material makes his dick jump, but he's too tired to do anything about it.
Yoongi's backs straightening with a sigh, hand moving abruptly from around your tit. “I'm sleepy. Goodnight!” You're sitting up to give him enough room to stand, accepting the kiss he lands on your cheek before he's leaving to find his room. And then it's just you and Taehyung at the table and he's pinning you with that insufferable pout.
“How come you let Joon fuck you first?” Now you know him well enough to know that he's not really upset. The eight of you had a pretty good understanding of your relationship by now that jealousy didn't really factor anymore. But, it was Taehyung, so the reason he had for bringing it up had to be less than good.
You're hitting him with a shrug, reaching across the table to pull his chopsticks from his grasp, stealing a mouthful of food. “Guess you weren't fast enough,” The devilish smirk that takes over his features has a shiver running down your spine. He's reaching across for his utensils, gently tugging them from your grip.
“Are you challenging me, Yn?” He talks low like it's some big secret, dark eyes dancing over your features. “Should I shut you up? Get you under the table so I can stuff your mouth, want that?” If you weren't dripping onto the chair, you are now. And you're two seconds from telling him you want exactly that, when the screen doing is being pushed open.
The shout from the youngest member cuts your words off. An excited, 'You're here!?' as he trudges into the kitchen, leaning down to kiss you. One long smooch followed by three quick pecks and he's pulling away, moving on to prepare some food for himself. When you look back Taehyung is gone, empty container being tossed in the trash and he's entering the game room without a word.
You're sure it's not the last time he'll offer up stuffing your mouth, so you don't chase behind him ready to drop to your knees. Instead, you take to turning your attention on Jungkook. Watching as he slurps up his food, eyebrows furrowed like he's mad at it. Must've been hungry, he barely takes breaths between bites.
Jimin is settling at the table with a can of beer in hand. And as the moments tick by, it's dawning on you that Jin might not be coming out. “Where's Jin?” Sure you would've heard his voice by now if he was around. You had been waiting patiently for him to come out, but the longer you waited the sleepier you got.
“He went to bed already,” Jimin tells you, laughing at the way your lower lip juts out into a pout. You knew you'd be able to just see him in the morning, but you had been waiting for him and really wanted to see him now. “I brought Bam along,” He's not even the least bit surprised at the way your face shifts, smile breaking onto your features where the pout used to be. “I wanna see him!”
Jungkook nods, swallowing around the mouthful of food. “I'll take you as soon as I finish,” 
Tumblr media
You follow close behind Jungkook as he leads you to his house, hands on either side of his waist so you don't trip in the dark. That's the excuse, seeing him in these see-through pajamas was making it hard to keep your hands off of him. So any reason you could think of and you were reaching out for a feel.
“Bam, have you been well?” He calls as he steps further into the room. He's rushing over at the sound of his voice, floppy ears bouncing with each step he takes. And then he's stopping, right in his tracks and a moment is taken for him to study you. It's been a while so you're not surprised that it takes him a moment, but he's letting out a loud bark when it clicks, running the rest of the way over.
All but knocking you over in his dog version of a hug, tail wagging as your fingers scratch behind his ear. “He missed you,” Jungkook speaks from the other side of the room. Three excited licks land on your skin before he's jumping off, sensing that Jungkook was leaving the room and he needed to be right behind him.
You follow them into the bedroom, plopping down onto his bed. “What about you?” He can't help the automatic way his eyes zero in on your bare pussy, the fact that you're wearing Namjoon's shirt and still very wet. He knows you were fucked already, anyone with eyes could see that, but now you were dripping it on his bed and it was starting to get hard to focus.
“What about me... what?” He speaks as if he's in a daze, words delivered between your legs. And you're letting out a giggle, hand reaching down to tug the hem of your shirt down your legs, blocking his view just to see the dramatic roll of his eyes. “Did you miss me, too?”
Jungkook lowers himself at the edge of the bed, one arm entertaining Bam while the other reaches behind to shoo your shirt out of the way. “I always miss you,” Words distracted as he fits his fingers between your legs, gathering up enough cum on them before he's pushing them into his mouth, sloppily sucking them clean, keeping his eyes on you the entire time.
He doesn't do anything else, just licks his lips as he stands to his feet. “Get some sleep,” It's an order, not a suggestion. The tired droop of your eyes being a dead giveaway. And you don't even bother to fight it, nodding your head as he stands. You're slipping underneath his blanket, letting out a long yawn as he leaves the room.
Not even ten minutes later, you're fast asleep.
Tumblr media
You sleep through Jungkook's alarm, don't even realize he's gotten out of bed until you hear him coming back inside. He's got a lot of energy for someone who only got three hours of sleep. Your eyes barely peek open to find the two of them entering the bedroom. “Bam, why don't you tell Mommy what you did,” You can't hold the giggle that slips at his attempt of a stern voice, it all just sounds cute to you.
“What happen?” You ask, sure you're not going to get anything out of the dog who's too busy happily slurping from the water bowl. Jungkook plops down on the bed beside you, pressing a quick kiss to your lips. “He just shit all over the kitchen,” Laughter erupts from your chest, filling the room.
And it's even funnier because he's trying to look serious about it. “I'm gonna call you to clean it next time,” He huffs with a roll of his eyes, body relaxing into the mattress and head falling onto your chest. Your fingers instantly find his hair, running through the soft strands as his eyes fall closed. 
“What time did you sleep?” You ask, mainly because you're curious – hadn't heard him get to bed, but also, you can tell he's still tired despite the fact he should've slept that off. He's shrugging, turning on his side to wrap his arm around your hips. “After the sun came up,” He's mumbling.
He ignores your noise of disapproval, allowing himself a few moments to rest before he's shooting back up and calling for Bam, who comes running at the sound of his name. “I gotta brush his teeth. Wanna shower together after?” He's offering and you're nodding with a nod, arms stretched over your head as you sink further into the sheets.
Tumblr media
At the same time, you're entering the kitchen, Yoongi is sending you and Hoseok to go wake up the others for lunch. And you're heading straight for Jin's room, finding him asleep with his arms covering his face. He looks so warm and inviting, you don't even think twice about slipping into his embrace.
His arms are wrapping around your body in an instant, nose nuzzling into your wet curls and being swarmed with the sweet smell of your hair products. A familiar scent that has his eyes blinking open, a sleepy grin spreading across his features. “When did you get here?” Voice gruff as he moves to bury his face closer into the crook of your neck.
Your arms reach to wrap around him, pulling him close. “Last night, they told me you were asleep.” He hums out a response, body settling into you and he's quickly falling back asleep. You take the time to admire the features on his face, hair much longer now and falling into his eyes. Strong jaw set and thick lips puckered, he's handsome even unconscious.
No way that was fair.
The two of you are able to lay like that for fifteen whole minutes before Hoseok is showing up making an obnoxious sound resembling an alarm. He doesn't stop until Jin is asking for five more minutes, which he graciously grants. Once he's gone, Jin's pulling you closer, lips pressing into your skin as he sinks further into the comfort of his bed.
Tumblr media
Yoongi's nearly finished cooking when the two of you are making your way into the kitchen. He's got two arms wrapped around your torso, back pressed to your chest as his steps mirror yours. It was nice, the peaceful moment you spent laying in silence with him as if you were charging your batteries.
Something that you've done countless times with him before, but never realized how much you needed it until you were going weeks without anything like it. Jin releases you once you're fully entering the house and he's going to help Yoongi with the rest of the cooking.
It's loud in the way you expect them to be. Chatter overlapping while Joon and Taehyung screech karaoke in the other room. There's one member you notice missing from the chaos and you're willing to bet you know exactly where to find him. “I'm going to go get Jimin!” You're announcing to whoever listening, before disappearing from the house and making a beeline for Jimin's room.
You find him exactly where you expected. In his room with his head underneath the covers, soft snores shaking the sheets. Now. Being with all seven of them meant you had to get used to seven different personalities, seven different habits, seven different everything. And it also meant that you had your own special thing with all seven of them.
Silent cuddling with Jin. Cock warming while Joon read. Napping in Yoongi's lap while he was in the studio, etc. They all had a thing that became automatic throughout the years, something special that you hardly did with anyone else. Wake-up calls were that thing when it came to Jimin.
You're not thinking twice before you're crawling underneath the sheets, being met with his strong bare legs and his boxers bunched up in all the right places. He's not wearing a shirt. He flinches at your first touch, soft fingers brushing against the hem of his briefs. But he doesn't wake up.
He's not the lightest of sleepers so you know you've got to be fast, fueled by how badly you wanted to feel him against your tongue, you're quick to tug his boxers down his thighs. Even in the dark, you can make up the thickness of his cock. Soft but still impressive, he had the thickest dick out of all of his friends. And it was so pretty, long enough to rest against his thigh a blush pink tint to it.
Reaching out to wrap your hand around his base, you hear the low hum that falls from his lips. Shifting slightly but he only ends up getting closer to you. You don't tease or stall, wet mouth wrapping around his tip instantly. Slowly, you suck your way down his length, mouth open wide as you try to take all of him.
Then you're pulling back and trying again. It's at your fourth try that your mouth has loosened up enough so that you're able to suck him all the way down, nose brushing against his pelvic bone. He's much harder now too, felt him growing against the warmth of your tongue. Just as you're about to pull your head back for some air, a hand lands on the back of your head, keeping you from moving away.
“Fuck, don't stop.” His voice sounds gruff with the morning and you take a moment to peek up at him. Hair falling messily around his face, hooded eyes trained on you, pink lip trapped between his teeth. How could someone look this good just waking up was beyond you.
You don't stop, heading his order, your head bobs faster, sucking with a lot more enthusiasm. You're reaching your hand out to grasp his balls, rolling them around in your palm as you focus on taking him all the way down your throat. His back falls slack against the mattress, eyes rolling to the back of his head.
He pushes deep into your mouth, groaning at the way you swallow around him. Mind still foggy from sleep so it all feels like a dream. He feels the first bits of precum leave his body, the tightness of your throat sucking it out of him. He's careful with pulling back, keeping a firm grip on your head before he's pushing forward, fucking himself into your mouth. 
And you let him. Two hands braced on his hips, you let him fuck into your mouth however he wants. Drool and precum pooling at the corners of your lips, eyes watering and tears threatening to spill as he grows rougher. His whines go straight to your core, pussy clenching around nothing, desperate to be filled with something.
Preferably his dick. Jimin's drawing back to check out the wet lines that connect your mouth to his cock and he's just about to push back in when he catches the way your thighs squeezed together, free hand wedged between them. You're playing with yourself, mouthful of his cock and fingers between your legs.
The sight alone is almost enough to break him. Not without giving you what you so clearly want, though, first. “Ride me,” Two words and you're scrambling up to your knees, blanket being thrown off of your heads as you move up to straddle his waist. The panties you wore underneath your skirt are being ditched as you bunch the fabric up at your waist, quickly going to lower yourself onto him. He can't help but chuckle at your haste, arms wrapping around your hips to hold you steady.
“That's what you came in here for, huh?” His hand reaches down to grasp his hard cock, slowly dragging it between your folds. “Needed something in that greedy little hole,” You whimper in agreement to his words, hips fighting to get closer to his cock. But he's got a strong grip keeping you from going anywhere.
Jimin takes his time sinking in, enjoying the way your face changes the deeper he dips inside of you. He knows he's all the way in when your jaw drops and your eyes roll to the back of your head. He stretches you much wider than anyone else, the slight sting mixing with the pleasure and it already has a tingle forming n your toes.
Clit pressed firmly against his pelvic bone, he makes no effort to move against you. Completely still and judging from the smirk on his face, he doesn't plan to move at all either. “You do it,” He chuckles, reaching for your wrists to pull your hands onto his chest. Then he's reaching around for your ass, roughly squishing the fleshy skin beneath his palms.
You're lifting your hips once, experimentally, and then again when it feels good. He watches with greedy eyes, focused on the way his cock disappears and reappears in between your legs. It's hard to move with your pussy clenched tight around him, still not entirely used to the stretch but you'll manage.
This is far from the first time that you've ridden him before, though, it was the first time that he expected you to be in complete control. Most times he was the one guiding you, not allowing your hips to move unless his hands were the ones that brought them there. It was much harder for you to find your own pace, especially with the distracting way he toys with your ass.
Jimin waits. Allows you to fall into a slow rhythm, watches as the swirls of your hips become more confident and then he's knocking you off. Hips thrusts up into you roughly and pulling a loud cry from your lips. “You don't know how to fuck yourself?” He's laughing, sitting up so he's able to reach your neck.
“You like bouncing on my dick, huh? Like when I make you scream?” Just to prove his point, he's angling his hips in a way that he knows will get a loud scream to fall from your lips. Hitting all of your most sensitive spots, while sucking fresh hickeys into your skin. Your hands desperately search for something to grip, finding purchase in his hair.
He uses his hands to lift and drop your ass onto him, hips meeting each one of his thrusts. You feel the way your pussy clenches around him, legs tightening around his waist as the heat spreads throughout your body. “So good, Jimin! Please,” Hands fallen from his hair to reach his back, sharp nails gliding over his skin.
Easily, he's knocking you onto your back, body slotted between your legs. “Gonna make you cum all over my dick,” He groans, lifting one of your legs onto his waist so he's able to reach deeper. It has your back arching off of the bed, hips frantically moving to meet his as the pressure of your orgasm forms.
“I'm close, shittt,” You've got his cock in a chokehold, nails digging into the milky skin of his back. He feels the wetness that leaks around his length, forcing him to slide in deeper, head pressing right against your g-spot. That has you screaming, threshold shattering as your arousal sprays out of you.
Your vision blurs as you cum, incoherent sentences falling from your lips as your legs shake around him. Jimin doesn't let up, fucking into you as hard as he was before. “So fucking hot,” He's chanting it over and over, chasing his own release. The force of his hips has your body sliding up the bed, the headboard banging rhythmically against the wall.
His soft fingers meet your sensitive clit, causing you to flinch away. Dark eyes lift to look at you, cheeks flushed and lips bitten. “One more time for me, baby. Please,” Fuck, he was even hot when he sounded desperate. He's groaning at the way your pussy tightens, head falling into the crook of your neck. “My God, you're gonna kill me-” He groans.
It's not long before the thrusts of his hips become sloppy and untimed, cock twitching inside of you and fingers moving quickly against your clit. Just as promised, he's pulling another orgasm from you, a clear spray of cum wetting his crotch and stomach. Your eyes squeezed shut as you squeal and it's all he needs to let go, filling you with his warm cum.
He stays still between your legs, hips glued to yours as he empties his load inside of you. The warmth has soft whines falling from your lips, fingers reaching up to toy with his long hair. The two of you lay like that for what feels like hours, chests rising and falling in tandem as his cock goes soft inside of you.
You'd be content with never leaving this position, wrapped up in his sweaty arms with his face buried in your equally sweaty neck. “I fucking needed that,” He says with a laugh, lifting up just enough so he can reach your lips. He kisses you slowly, tongue lazily toying with yours and you swear you feel his dick twitch against your walls.
No chance to explore that, though, his bedroom door is being pushed open and Hoseok is standing in the doorway. “Alright, enough. Let's go,” Somehow, he manages to pull Jimin off of you, guiding him through the process of getting dressed. You're giggling, sure the others must have gotten annoyed with having to wait to eat because of you.
Thankfully, Hoseok leaves you to get yourself presentable, pulling a shirtless Jimin out of the room, despite his complaints about wanting to stay in bed with you.
Tumblr media
just a few days rest from your busy schedule is enough to get you back on track... spending those days off with your seven boyfriends in a castle built deep in the forest you can kiss any type of rest goodbye!
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minniepetals · a month ago
cry me a river | the gentle heart
Tumblr media
— summary: keep your heart warm, no matter how cold they have been to you
— pairing: bts x reader
— genre: angst, mafia!au
— word count: 8.4k
— warnings: emotional/mental abuse, violence, character death, allusions to physical abuse
— a/n: shorter as compared to parts 2 and 3 but i thought this would make a good chapter by itself
— part one / part two / part 3 / part 4 / part 5
— masterpost “How pathetic of you to bully a child twice your age. Do you have no shame in yourselves?”
Three heads turn your way, two of them a few years older than you and one with her knees on the floor, tears ready to stream down her little cheeks. You know those two older ones, you recognize them. They once served under your mother before she passed away, and although they openly glare at you, they do well with holding their tongues back in the presence of the failed daughter who returned home.
Scramming away without a word, not even apologizing or bowing your way, your brows furrow slightly as you hear their feet scurrying away before turning your attention back on the third maiden.
A poor little soul, clothes torn and dirty, different from the clean ones those ladies had on, with her cheeks puffy red and swollen eyes, tears ready to spill at any second yet she holds them back when you stand before her.
A small little girl.
“How old are you?” You ask in a gentle voice.
“T-thirteen,” she stutters, head lowered.
Just thirteen years old, already working under the Reapers, meaning her parents probably faced the wrath of your father and were eliminated, or she was simply an orphan child to begin with, having stepped into the wrong line of an alleyway and messed with the wrong people.
You can’t help her, you have no power, and for a second watching the lithe little girl cowering before you, it almost reminds you of the face of the little daughter no one had ever cared for.
You see yourself in her and lower yourself to your knees.
“How long have you been here?” You ask and she answers obediently.
“Two years, my lady.”
Two years, so about a year after you left the Reapers household.
A small bitter chuckle leaves your lips. “Do you know who I am?”
“I…” She looks up timidly, tears still held back but despite it all, you see courage and strength in them. “Y-You’re the...the daughter of..of the boss.”
“That’s right,” you nod, “then you should know that I am not a.. ‘my lady’ to anyone here, right?”
“...” She doesn’t say a word to that, brows furrowing slightly and for a second you almost think her tears are for another reason. “But…”
“I am a nobody in this house. I have no power, so even if I want to help you, I cannot do anything for you. The only thing I can do is drive the presence of my lower subordinates away.” You give a rueful smile. “They do well in leaving the room when I am present. They will not help nor listen to me, but they will leave. So if you should ever need anyone to stop bothering you, just come to me and no one will dare to stay when bathed in my presence.”
You thought that she would nod, listen to your kindness, but instead, she hits you with a question.
“But why?” She asks in her small voice. “Why do they do that, my lady?”
My lady.
You almost want to laugh at the way she’s still calling you that title despite the fact that you’ve already told her of you having no respect in this house.
“I am incompetent,” you simply say. “I am nothing but a pawn,” you pause, giving her a small smile, “a useless pawn. That’s why I returned here, because I couldn’t be made useful to my father or my ex-husband. When you can’t do anything right, when you can’t have an answer as to what you’ve done wrong, when they can’t even give you an explanation...that’s how you come to know that you are unloved and uncared for. That’s how you know that you are useless. And that’s why I came back. Silence holds a lot of answers, little one, and sometimes that silence can damage you so much more than any word can ever do.”
You stand back on your feet, ignoring the small dust particles your dress has picked up from the floor, and begin to walk away from the little girl who watches you with pitiful eyes from behind.
You hadn’t expected her to run to your side that quickly but she does, the very next day, knocking on the door to your room with innocent doe eyes looking up at you. You take one glance to the side and see the back of a man walking away to realize someone was bothering her again.
“Good job.” When you pat her lightly on the head, you see the most sweetest smile with the most precious eyes which turns into crescents at your praise.
She doesn’t speak much, but you find out her name a few days later after her daily visits, yet it becomes too frequent and you begin to grow weary.
“You cannot keep relying on me, Yuna.” A tilt to the side and you know a little girl her age doesn’t understand what you’re saying. “I cannot continue to protect you, you will have to eventually learn to defend your own self.”
Her face falls at your words and you hate the way you know you’ve probably shattered her hope in life. But what else can you do? You can’t even protect your own self.
“If you keep coming to me, my father will eventually find out. If not by himself, then his servants will let him know and no one,” you stress, “wants me to be happy.” Her little brows crease and you let out a small sigh, not wanting to explain this to a child but she has to know. This is the world of the mafia, after all, and concealing her innocence will only harm her.
She has to know.
Otherwise one day she may lose her life if the warnings never reach her ears.
“If you keep staying by my side, if you keep coming to me, and if you let anyone know of our kindness to each other...you will die.”
Her small body freezes in place, her eyes kept still, but you see the fear in them as they begin to tremble and her own body begins to follow soon after. She wants to ask you something, you know, but Yuna can barely even open her mouth without her voice cracking before you.
She wants to know what you mean.
And you let her know.
“You will die,” you repeat, voice a little softer, a little weaker, and a little more frail. Your eyes fall to the floor yet you keep your tears behind, knowing that showing weakness is unpleasant even towards a young child. “You will die, just as the first person who had ever shown me kindness.” She looks at you with an arch of surprise and curiosity and a bitter chuckle leaves you. “Perhaps some servants have wanted to show me kindness, perhaps they’ve wanted to reach out and lend me a hand…but they know the consequences to that. Father will kill them if they ever care for me.”
“They’re cowards.”
You’re surprised by the utter venom that leaves the lips of a small child, surprised by the amount of hatred she holds in her eyes as she speaks of those servants, and a part of you yearns for that sort of courage she has to hate others.
You want to hate others but…
Keep your heart warm, no matter how cold they have been to you.
You take a silent breath in and a silent breath out.
“Perhaps, but it changes nothing, as you can see. No one wants to reach out and no one wants to die. That is why...I cannot protect you, Yuna,” you tell her softly. “Even if you weren’t the one to reach out, if I were to ever care for someone...father will kill them as well. That’s why you shouldn’t associate yourself with me. I will only kill you.”
“No, I…” She shakes her head from side to side, tears welling up along her eyes as if the single thought of leaving you will break her. “You’re the first kindness I’ve ever met.”
Just as Mister Butler was to you. But you killed him in return and you know more than anyone to never do that to a child.
You stand from your seat and turn your back on her. “I will not allow myself to kill a child.”
“What did I tell you?”
Yuna lets her tears fall, it’s the first time she’s ever allowed her tears to fall, and your heart breaks knowing you’re the cause to them. But she quickly goes to wipe them away as if she understands, as if she knows just how much her tears are affecting you. How much of a burden they are to you.
A small child but knowing that someone before her is suffering and hiding her pains. She knows she can’t burden you with her tears when you have your own ones to deal with.
“I..” She clears her throat but even then, when she speaks again, her voice still breaks, “I can’t leave you.” A small sniffle and she looks up at you with such a desperate expression. “Please,” she says as she claps her hands together. “Please, my lady, let me stay, I-...L-let me vow my loyalty to you...only you.”
You frown. “No,” you tell her firmly. “What is the use in giving your loyalty to someone who can’t even defend herself? Need I remind you that I have no power?”
“I don’t care,” she cries and cries. “I’ll serve you. Only you.”
“My lady.” A strong voice, broken yet strong, her eyes though filled with tears, are also filled with such determination and for a moment you’re speechless at how earnest and stubborn this little girl is. “Let me serve you.” A knee to the floor and a head bowed. “Until the day I die, my life is in your hands.”
A lost child, orphaned, and hurt, looking for guidance and a parental figure and she finds that in you. Just as you had seen Mister Butler, she sees you in that light and the mere fact of you deserting her will only result in a shattered child with a loss of hope.
How can you ever do that to a child?
You can’t.
You can’t.
“You have to promise me something.” Her eyes widen slightly when she looks up at the frailness in your voice, at the sight of your tears forming along your waterline. You lower yourself before her, meeting her at eye level as you take her small, poor little hands into yours and wrap them up as a mother would a child. “You have to promise.”
“I..I-I’ll do anything for you, my lady.”
“You have to promise me that you won’t love me.”
Yuna freezes in place yet you stay firm and shake your head.
“If you love me, I will not allow you to stay by my side,” you warn her softly. “You got that? The second I see that in your eyes, I will discard you.” She doesn’t say a word so you push her further. “Yuna.”
You’re so small, so small and weak compared to your father, yet the way you speak her name is so commanding Yuna almost loses her composure for a second. Tears fill your eyes, desperation, but at the same time there is strong determination and so much strength in them that Yuna knows right at that second, there is no one else she would rather follow than you.
“I promise.”
The first promise made from the first follower of the ruined Reaper’s daughter.
You’re pushed so hard into the very room you hoped to never return to and stumble onto your feet, causing a hard landing onto the floor. The pain on your shoulder hurts but you pay no mind to it as you rush back onto your feet, not daring to glare at the man who handled you unfairly but pleading at your father instead.
“Please,” you say as you fall to your knees, hands tightly clapped against one another as you look up at him. “P-please don’t keep me here. Anywhere but here.”
A disgusted scoff falls from his lips. “So shameful,” he utters without emotions and it stabs at you in ways you’ve never hurt before because hearing this from a father you love and being reminded of the very words your ex-husband once told you hurts more than anything.
Namjoon still haunts your thoughts everyday just as the rest of them and it hurts. Your stomach twists in ways it’s never done before, filled with heartache and fear which threatens to consume all that you are. Every word that he’s ever spoken to you repeats in your head and you try to block them out by covering your ears but that stops nothing.
His words stab countless needles into your heart.
Stop it, please stop.
“You’re a grown woman yet you still dare to shed your pitiful tears before me? If you really wanted respect, you wouldn’t dare show your tears nor bend a knee to anyone.”
“Please, father, I—”
“Useless. Utterly useless.” He turns his back to you without another word and just as he begins to walk away, you see the little girl that has vowed her loyalty unto you, eyes filled with so much hatred as her jaws clenches hard.
Yet you shake your head her way, losing faith, and her eyes which shows so much disgust and protest is the last thing you see before the door is slammed shut before your face.
The wind hits you hard and you’re reminded once more of another scene with Namjoon.
The first and last fight you had with him when he had shut you out and everything began to fall apart.
You can feel your body trembling as you try your best to avoid the condition of the White Room, knowing more than anyone how terrifying it is. Perhaps it may look like an ordinary room to just anyone, a once white room that’s now filled with black and dirty marks like jagged knife scrapes, but to you, it is a nightmare.
A nightmare you can’t seem to ever escape.
You crawl yourself to a corner, facing the wall so you don’t have to see anything, and push your knees so close to your chest. Then with a bit of discomfort from your aching shoulder, you hug yourself as you begin to rock your body back and forth.
It’s comforting in a way.
It’s supposed to be comforting and keep you away from the fears but how can this ever be a form of comfort anymore after you’ve had people who were by your side to hold you?
“But they’re gone,” you whisper to yourself. “Gone…”
A tear falls and another falls and you shake. You tremble hard.
“Hoseok,” you hear yourself call out a name. “Hoseok please…” You don’t know what you’re begging for because he’s gone now, you’ve pushed him away, left him alone to deal with the problems for himself. You left him, you left them all.
“Hoseok, I...I’m scared. I’m so scared.”
“You can come to me.” You hear his voice in the back of your mind, so soft, so gentle, as he holds out his arms for you. You want those arms, to collapse into them, to let them hold you and take all the fears away. He loved you still and maybe Hoseok could have been the key to fixing the relationship but you were too afraid to find out. You want to hold onto him and rely on him yet at the same time, you’re afraid of him.
And now they’re gone, the promise is gone, just as you will never be able to go to Hoseok ever again.
“What do I do...what do I do, Hoseok? Who do I rely on now? There’s no one but me yet I...I scare myself the most. What do I do, Hoseok?” You cry pitiful tears and your voice breaks and fails at times but almost as if thinking alone won’t help you, as if you have a chance at him hearing you if you were to speak your thoughts aloud...he’d come.
“Please save me...Please hold me...Hoseok…”
Yet no one comes.
And no one ever would.
Ever again.
You fall quiet when Yuna expresses her anger for the first time ever.
“Why do you just let him do that to you?! Why didn’t you fight back?!”
Why indeed. Why, why, why? You ask yourself that every day yet the same answer comes back to you every single time.
“To survive,” you tell her. “That is the only way I can survive.”
“But don’t you want to live and not just survive?!”
Of course you do. Of course.
But how? How can you?
You want to scream and shout and blame the world for the life it’s given you, faulting it for every single thing that has happened to you but how can you? How can you blame anyone else for your very own life choices?
Keep your heart warm.
Keep your heart warm.
“It’s my fault for being weak and useless.”
“No, that’s not it.” Yuna cries and cries for you. She gets angry, gets upset, and wants to hurt others for you. Just for you. “You can’t blame everything on yourself because none of this is your fault.”
You shake your head, not wanting to hear any comforting words at the moment because it reminds you of them, of what they once were before the coldness got to them.
Keep your heart warm, no matter how cold they have been to you.
Cold. The room is so cold.
“Please leave,” you ask Yuna without sparing her a glance and you know, you know she wants to protest but you can’t have her in the room no longer. She will only give you false hope and you can’t love anyone anymore.
They’ll all leave in the end.
“Leave.” So you decide to shut them out first. “You’ll die if he ever finds out you’re only loyal to me.” It’s an excuse, an excuse, and although Yuna probably understands that, she knows not to go against your words. “So please leave.”
Keep your heart warm.
You don’t have the heart to look at her because you know she’s probably crying for you, wanting to help, to reach out and lend a hand. But you can’t take it, you can’t even allow her to hold her hand out in the first place.
She’ll leave in the end, just like the rest of them.
“What happened to you?”
It aches a little but you allow Yuna to apply some poultice on the shoulder you injured when that man had pushed you onto the floor a few days ago. You couldn’t get it treated yourself, not since you were locked up in the White Room for around three days, and although you had hoped to keep it a secret from Yuna, she eventually found out and is now tending to you.
“The shoulder?” You ask a question with a question.
“No,” she shakes her head. “I know how you got that and I’ll deal with him late—”
“No.” You quickly say in a firm voice. “You can disobey my orders with anything else but interfering with anything that involves my father or openly standing up for me is an absolute no. I will not kill a child.”
Yuna falls silent for a moment, eyes a little fearful when you stare down at her but eventually she nods solemnly.
“I’m sorry, my lady.”
Keep your heart warm, your voice echoes in your head and you let out a sigh. “You’re a good kid,” you say with a small pat to her head, “I don’t want you dying for my sake. Being like this is already dangerous enough but luckily no one enters my private room. You have to be careful.”
“Yes, my lady.”
You turn around once more to allow her to continue tending to your shoulder. “What were you trying to ask?”
“I…” her hand pauses mid-air, “I wanted to know why...why you returned,” Yuna asks. “Aren’t you afraid of your father? Unless...Mr. Kim was worse?”
“No,” you shake your head lightly. “Mr. Kim treated me much more fairly than father could ever do.”
“Then why?”
You fall silent for a moment and the room echoes in silence, but Yuna doesn’t say a word. She knows how to be patient, she knows when it isn’t the right time to speak, when to listen well, and that is what she does. She listens to your silence, until the moment you can speak again.
Yuna listens.
“I fell in love.”
She remains silent but you know she’s surprised by your answer to her simple question, a question that hurts to hear, a question that hurts to answer, and a question that keeps swarming in your own head every single day.
Even if Namjoon and the others didn’t love you anymore, you could have stayed, safely and securely from the pain of your father, from the trauma he has instilled onto you.
It was one of the toughest decisions to ever make and even now you wonder if you’ve made the right one.
Even if Namjoon and the others no longer loved you, you could have lived hiding away from your father.
“He loved me too...they all did.”
But staying with them has hurt you far more than you could have ever imagined.
“Mr. Kim had six lovers before me, before the marriage, and they were the ones to fall in love first. I was scared then, scared of their love, afraid that one day I’d be left abandoned and some misfortune would befall us if I were to accept their love. I was afraid of falling.”
You remember the kindness they held in that moment, the soft hands which caressed you so gently, the kind whispers, the tender smiles and touches. You remember it as if it were yesterday. Yet yesterday is no longer, just as that precious moment.
“They made me a vow, a promise. They promised to catch me when I fell. And fell I did, pretty hard. They caught me though, just as they promised to. But just as they caught me...they were also the very ones who dropped me and shattered me.”
You aren’t even sure if your words make sense to a thirteen years old but it doesn’t matter.
Nothing matters.
“...Oh.” Yet Yuna responds well. “Why?” She asks. “Why did they catch you just to let you fall?”
“...That’s a very good question,” you say with a rueful smile so transient it’s become a habit of Yuna to catch that split moment when you give her a smile. Fake as it is, she catches them all.
When she finally finishes wrapping the bandage on your injury and helps you put your sleeves back on, you turn to the young girl who has yet to understand the concept of love. “This is why you cannot love me.” She listens to your words, her eyes never leaving yours as you speak directly to her. “I lost once, then all seven at the same time. Love...doesn’t work for me. If you love me, I will be the one hurting in the end and I don’t think...I don’t think I can handle a false hope anymore.”
She bites her lower lip for a second, eyes trembling. “Do you believe I will one day leave you too?”
“Everyone does,” you say and allow no words of hers to protest against that. “And I suppose that’s why I returned. Because in here, I can predict the outcome. I’m used to the pains and sufferings here. In here, in the Reaper’s house, no one loves me so I don’t have to be disappointed in the end. I can predict the hurting so I can hurt a little less.”
“That…” Her tears return once more as her brows furrowing with frustration. “That’s not...you shouldn’t...it’s not…”
Yuna doesn’t know how to form her words yet you understand at the sight of her strong fingers clenching onto her skin so tightly.
“It’s stupid, isn’t it?” You say with a bitter chuckle. “But I’m fine. I’ll be fine...one day.”
A child like her shouldn’t have to trouble herself with your nonsense. She has her own troubles to worry about.
“How do you expect to survive in this world if you can’t even hold a gun?” The words your father spits out are harsh as he always has been when he watches you from afar, gaze as sharp as that of a hawks’, with two of his men standing tall on each of his sides. “Pick it up,” he demands and you stand there, staring at the handgun you had failed to hold just seconds prior, now dropped on the floor helplessly.
You close your eyes for a moment, taking a deep breath in, because you know that despite how afraid you are of that thing, your father’s disappointment far exceeds any other fear you hold in your heart.
When you crouch to pick the gun up once more, you aren’t sure if your slow breathing is occurring any longer, the only thing on your mind is to try and keep calm as you feel the metal in your hand.
You feel yourself trembling, the beat of your heart racing a thousand beats per minute, and suddenly you can’t see what’s before your eyes any longer. Images of the two dead bodyguards and Mister Butler flashes in your mind like a recurring nightmare that will never go away.
A shot to the head. A bodyguard falls.
Someone holds you down, shielding you from the bullets. A shot to the head and he too, falls limply onto your body.
The weight is heavy against your chest and you aren’t sure how to breathe.
“Mister Butler!”
You hear a gunshot far in your memories, so distant, so faint, but you remember being so alert the second you heard it. At the time the sound was so loud and clear, ringing and ringing in your ears, and the next thing you knew, you were standing right before a pair of eyes that no longer holds light.
He was your sun.
Hands far too unstable to hold onto something, you feel the gun slip out of your grasp and when it hits the floor with a loud thud, your blurry vision falls clear once more as your mind retraces back to reality.
Ah, you’re scared.
You’re scared.
You close your eyes tight, not wanting to look at that disappointing gaze of his, not wanting to face his wrath.
Yet you hear it loud and clear when his heavy footsteps marches towards your smaller frame. Your shoulders tense up, hunching close to your ears as your body shakes uncontrollably, yet the thing he lashes his anger out on isn’t you and when you hear a harsh slam of the gun to the floor right before you, you know he’s picked up the gun meant for you and smashed it to pieces.
“Are you that incompotent?! How weak are you to not even be able to hold a simple gun?!”
You flinch at his booming voice and bite hard onto your lips in order to keep your whimpers from escaping. If you make even the slightest noise, he’ll bring you back to the White Room. He’ll punish you.
“Fine,” you hear his strained voice when he turns for a moment. “If you can’t hold a gun, then hold this.”
Your eyes open to face what he has to offer but you weren’t at all prepared to be thrown a dagger right at you.
“Ah!” The sharp blade cuts your palm and drops to the floor and blood quickly begins to drip heavily. You let out a gasp, holding onto your wrist when the pain stings but fear more of the moment your father takes a harsh inhale.
He holds his temple as if suppressing his anger, and when that doesn’t work, the fire in his eyes is enough to make you tremble as he turns from you. “Take her to the White Room.”
Your eyes widen.
“W-wait..I..–Father please!”
Two strong arms take ahold of you when the door opens wide and father leaves the room without a word. “Fa—” Just as you’re about to call out for him, you catch sight of a familiar little girl and her screams.
Two people are dragging her away forcefully and your heart stops.
“Let her go. Hey!!” You rush to run to them but is forcefully held back by your own people and quickly struggle to leave their grasps. “Stop!! Let me go! I order you to let me go!!”
Yet no one listens to a word you scream out.
“Let me go!!”
You scream and shout, trashing your body as much as you can but they’re far much stronger than you will ever be, and in just a split moment, the sight of the little girl who looks up to you so much falls out of sight.
No one listens to you and you’re thrown back into the White Room once again.
Yet this time you’re more desperate to get out, this time you scream until your lungs give out, until your throat sores and can no longer take it, throwing fists after fists, banging onto the metal door so hard, begging and pleading and not caring for the blood and blisters that forms along your hands. Yet no one listens.
No one hears as they fall deaf to everything that is uttered from your very own lips, from the only daughter of the Reaper.
You aren’t sure how many hours you’ve stayed in that room, you aren’t even sure when you passed out but you did and when you open your eyes again, it’s when the doors to the White Room have opened up once again.
A gasp leaves your lips and before the guard can even tell you you’re free to leave, you stand up so fast and dash straight out of the room in just a split second.
Darkness fills your vision, your head spinning and your feet stumble upon one another but you don’t care to treat your own self just yet. You have a mission and that is to find Yuna, to make sure she’s alright.
You hear voices, asking after people, and though they show open disgust towards you, they tell you where Yuna should be and you run after the place.
You aren’t sure how many minutes have passed but even though you’re out of breath, even though your head spins in endless circles, you don’t care one bit unless you see it with your own pair of eyes that Yuna is alive.
She has to be alive.
That little girl with so much passion, so much life in her eyes.
They can’t kill her.
They can’t.
You hear a few voices from a room and immediately hide behind a wall, waiting and watching until the door opens and two familiar men emerge from the door. The same men who took Yuna away.
Anger rises from your chest but you know better than to confront them. You’ll risk Yuna’s life that way and even though there’s a chance she might not even be alive anymore, a part of you still has hope.
When they walk down the opposite hall from where you came from, it takes a few more seconds to watch their backs disappear before you stand before the door leading into a room.
Room 157, it states.
A long corridor of rooms fills this space up, a building different from the main house but still resides in the same property of the Reapers.
You feel so sick you want to throw up. Who knows how many other prisoners they’re keeping in here.
You shake your head to rid of the useless thoughts as you know that right now, confirming Yuna’s life is far more important.
The door creaks open and the first thing you notice is the cold air immediately taking over your body. You shiver and hold yourself. One single light source falls into the room from an open window, illuminating a small, little body, who holds herself up into a sitting position, her head hung over towards the floor as her arms are wrapped against her stomach.
You let out a gasp and quickly run towards Yuna after making sure the door was locked shut.
Upon your voice, her head slowly looks up.
“Yuna!” You feel tears stinging your eyes and in just a split second, you’re right by her side and allowing her to lean onto you for support.
“Ah…my lady…” She calls in a frail voice. “Why are you here?” It’s barely audible but you hear her. You hear every single word.
“You’re so cold.” You leave her for a moment to shut the window closed before returning to her side with your jacket taken off in order to wrap her up well. “What did they…do to you..?”
The sight of her is enough to know just what it is that they did to her.
Her face is bruised, cut lips, red markings on her neck and arms, and she holds onto her stomach so much you know they’ve probably gone there as well.
Tears fall from your eyes as you hold onto her. “I’m sorry,” you cry. “I’m so sorry I couldn’t come any sooner.”
“No,” Yuna shakes her head lightly, “If you did…I would have been in a worse state. I would have died.”
“Still.” You can’t forgive yourself. You can’t. “If I…If I came sooner..—”
“What are you talking about, my lady?” She leans away from your hold, brows furrowing as she examines the state you’re in. “They locked you up, my lady. There was nothing you could have done,” she says as she takes both your hands in her hold, letting you gaze down at how they appear before both your eyes.
One palm smears with blood from the dagger, your knuckles and the side of your hands cut and filled with red blisters from all that banging in hopes of knocking that door down.
You were so desperate to save Yuna you forgot about your own pains.
“We’re in the same boat,” Yuna says as tears fill her eyes and begin to roll down her cheeks before she can even hold them back. “I wanted to save you but I couldn’t and you…you wanted the same.” Her little hands tremble as they hold yours, pain and guilt filling her expression as she looks at them. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”
“How can you say that? Why would you apologize to me?”
“I don’t know, I…I don’t know anything.” She falls into your chest, crying and crying. “I just…I just want to make it all better.”
But she can’t and she doesn’t know how.
Just like you.
How do you save someone when you can’t even save your own self?
Yuna bandages your hands up so that you can treat her wounds.
The room is quiet, so so quiet, but the silence is comfortable and the silence is soft. You need no words exchanged in order to understand each other, not when you’re the only ones who can rely on each other.
Yuna is but a child trying to survive in this world after your father took her parents away from her forcibly. She yearns for your affections, for your love, and although you know you cannot accept her love nor can you give it to her, you let the little girl stay.
After all, she’s the only one keeping you sane at this moment.
With Yuna, you can breathe, even if it means a little. Because a little goes a long way and a little is just enough for you to open your eyes the next day.
She lays on your lap when you finish bandaging her petite body up, lying there as a child would seeking for their mother’s warmth. Her body curls up closely, head resting on your thigh as you sit there on the floor of your bedroom, lightly running your fingers through her hair.
Eventually her breathing slows, eyes no longer twitching, body no longer trembling, and the grip on your hand loosens. A blanket falls on her body as she falls asleep right there on your lap.
You hum a light tune, watching over her with a gentle gaze even as your heart aches at the sight of her peaceful expression.
Although Yuna is only ten years younger than you, still you feel a connection with her in ways you’ve never felt before. If you ever had a child, would it be like this?
But then again, that would mean having lovers, wouldn’t it? Having a husband who still loved you?
Your brows furrow and a silent tear falls from your cheek.
In the silence of the room, you’re far too afraid to let out a cry so you sit there, watching Yuna carefully as your own tears descend silently.
Two broken souls holding onto each other so the other doesn’t fall.
You only have Yuna now, and she only has you.
“You want me to...remarry?”
You can hear your heartbeat racing hard, hard, and hard. It drums so loudly, so quickly, as your mouth dries and your throat clogs up with an invisible force after hearing those words uttered from your father when he passes you a folder with the man he wishes you to remarry.
Yet you don’t wish to open any of its content and see the face of a stranger.
Not again.
“Father, who would want to marry someone who had just recently divorced?”
“Why does that matter? It’s not as if I’m asking the both of you to love each other.”
“But I—”
“Do you wish to disobey my orders?” He raises his voice, a glare leveled your way to make sure you know not to go up against him and normally you will cower, normally you will sit back down and lower your head and listen to his every word but this...you can’t do this again.
You’ll only hurt in the end and you know that if you were to ever fall into another mafia’s household, you may break. Who knows what sort of man this person is but either way, whether they will be kind or just as your father is, the outcome will remain the same and you know more than anyone that you do not wish to shatter once more.
“Please father, please reconsider.” You run to his side, kneeling down the floor and lowering your head before him. “I know I’m only a pawn but I’m useless, aren’t I? I can’t do anything right and if you send me to another mafia house, this one might not be as forgiving as Mr. Kim was. Mr. Kim was gracious enough to lend you his power even after the fact that we’ve divorced but—”
“Then why did you let him divorce you?!” You flinch under his raised voice but keep yourself still under his foot, knowing you can’t back down despite how afraid you are of him. Your eyes are squeezed shut and you know, although you know that father isn’t one to hit his own daughter, still you await the hand to come down at any time.
“Why are you such a worthless, incompetent child who can’t even keep her own husband? Just how much of a nuisance were you for him to return you yet be kind enough to still lend me his power? You’ve never done anything right and for once I believed things were going well, I thought that for once you were doing your part yet here you are, back on your very knees and at the foot of her own father. You’re useless.”
He stands from his chair and you hear his footsteps stomping away with a storm right behind him. “I’ll be a damn fool to send you elsewhere. Send her to the White Room.”
Your eyes open wide and your head is quick to turn towards the figure of your father walking away. Two men walk towards you, both of them you hadn’t seen before, both of them tall and bulky and fear overrides you.
“Please…” You beg, yet no one listens.
And once again, you’re handled roughly and without a care, dragged back to the very room you’ve dreaded your whole life.
When the door shuts after they’ve thrown you into the White Room, you remain lying on the floor without moving a muscle.
Tears fall from your eyes as your heart aches and your stomach churns and your nostrils thicken and your body trembles. You hold your hands to your mouth, trying to keep the noise from leaving your lips because you know uttering a single sound will only anger your father.
You don’t want to face any more of his wrath. You don’t want him to throw you away again and into another mafia.
You told him it was because the inevitable would come with you returning as a useless child but the truth is, you just don’t want to marry anyone else other than the very same boys who had broken your heart and left you completely shattered.
You don’t want to marry anyone else but Namjoon.
Kim Namjoon who hates you.
You love him, you love him, with all that you are, no matter how worthless and foolish you are and no matter how much you never deserved to love him. Any of them.
Even still, even as you were the one to break the chains around your wrists, even though you were the one to call off the marriage and asked him to never let you meet them again, you love him still. It hurts more than anything to love someone so hard, to still love when the other party has already forgotten.
You fell into the relationship like a fool, knowing the consequences that you’d face yet risking it all despite it. You are the fool that thought you could ever have love and keep it until the day that you die. You are a fool, a dumb, useless fool.
“Worthless, incompetent child.” Your father’s words echo in your head.
“Stop,” you tell yourself. “Stop it.”
“Stop..shut up.” You hit your head.
“Stop, please..”
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”
“So shameful.” This time these words belong to Namjoon and you choke out a cry yet it fears you so much because you’ve made a sound.
“Please,” you beg at no one at all as you slam your fist down onto the hard floor. “Please.” What are you begging for, you aren’t sure. Why are you begging, you aren’t sure. But you want it to stop, you want everything to stop.
You don’t want to feel anymore, you just want to be numb.
Numb to the pain.
Yet you can feel it all. You can feel every little ache that stabs needles into your heart countless times. You can feel the stinging of your knuckles as you slam it onto the floor. You can feel your pounding headache, your aching heart, your wet tears, the coldness of the room. Everything. Everything.
Keep your heart warm, no matter how cold they have been to you.
Keep your heart warm.
Ten Years Later
A shot right through the chest and he falls, like a completely wasted plastic bag. A useless, utter fool.
You’ve pierced him straight through the heart, just as he deserves, for all the countless times he’s stomped on it without a second thought. He doesn’t hold a heart in the first place, so what use is it to him at all? If anything, you’ve only done him a favor.
When you walk towards the hopeless man with clicking red heels and stand right above him so that he can see the face of the very person who’s sending him straight to hell, his eyes widen a little.
“Huh,” you speak, completely unfazed, “that was a bit...unsatisfying. I thought it’d be more thrilling killing my own father.”
A string tugs at the corner of his lips. “Who knew…” He coughs a few times, face anguished in pain as blood pools around him. “Who knew the very person..I brought into this world...Would be the one to end me.”
You stare at your father without any sign of emotion masking your face. You feel nothing as you watch him lying there helplessly. “You never saw it coming?” You ask and it takes a few painful seconds for him to shake his head.
“I would be mad but...I’m actually quite proud.”
What a foreign word to both you and him.
“Are you?”
“You don’t seem happy.”
“Should I be?” You ask flatly. “Perhaps I would have ten years ago, before I finally realized how shitty you were and that I would never live up to your expectations. But now?” You watch the night sky, noting at the darkness of the clouds and the coldness of the air. Rain is coming. “Now I feel nothing.”
“How foolish.”
“How foolish indeed,” you agree. “Though I didn’t do this for my own satisfaction, although that could have been a bonus,” you say. “You were just an obstacle in my goal so I had to get rid of you.”
“That’s right...Because you..you are daddy’s little girl.”
A small scoff leaves you as you return your dead gaze back on the very father who you once yearned so much for. “You’re wrong about that, father. I’m no one’s little girl. I’m my own girl and I belong only to myself.”
A shot straight through his head and his eyes are no longer filled with light. They never were in the first place, never had any sort of light, and now they belong completely to the dark. Just as it should have been from the very beginning.
And right on time, the sky rumbles and the rain falls from the sky.
You close your eyes and tilt your head towards it, allowing the rain to simply fall and fall, and for a moment you think it’s rejoicing, as if to fill in the void of your emotionless self who doesn’t understand the concept of joy. The sky rejoices in your stead, screaming in thunder claps, filled with such a storm, the wind howling and crying, yet you stand there, standing still beside the corpse of the Reaper.
You’ve done it.
You’ve killed your father, the very person who has tormented you your whole life. He’s gone now and never to return ever again.
Yet you feel nothing.
No joy, no sadness, you simply feel...nothing.
He was proud of you, he said, and you scoff because of how dumb that was. It doesn’t make you happy, it only fills you with disgust. That man doesn’t deserve to utter such words to you, as if saying so will make a difference and have you begging him for forgiveness.
But you’re done with that. Done with apologies, done with crying.
And now that the very man who held the highest position to the Reaper’s chair is dead, it’s your turn to take the throne and wear your crown.
You’re the Reaper now.
You hear a small gasp behind you and with the click on your heel, you turn at an instant with your gun leveled right at the very man who made the sound and—
Right before your finger can pull the trigger, you meet the very eyes of a man you once loved long, long ago.
Kim Namjoon and his lovers right behind him.
They stand tall, crisp black suits, with brows furrowed and mouths slightly agape at who they see before them; an ex-wife, an ex lover. Eyes as dark as the eclipsed shadow, it widens slightly as they burn straight into your soul and for a moment, just one split second, you think you may have felt your heart taking a single leap.
But it ends there and once more, you feel absolutely nothing.
You stand there with your gun pointed at Bangtan’s boss for a moment, eyes never leaving Namjoon as he takes up your challenge. Silence fills saved by the pouring rain and the noise of the city street.
Ten years has certainly been long since you no longer feel that yearning, aching, and love you had for them long, long ago. You no longer tremble before them, no longer cower, and no longer watch them with the eyes of the pitiful mafia daughter who could do nothing to defend her own dignity and honor.
No longer that shameful, pitiful wife.
You’re the first one to break eye contact.
You tilt your gun back, spin it along your forefinger before placing it at your side.
Well, you hadn’t expected your ex-lovers to be the ones to catch you in the act of killing your own father but it is what it is. They always believed you to be a spoiled little princess and daddy’s little girl but here you are, an image entirely different from what they have always known.
You take a step back onto the edge of the skyscraper and without blinking an eye, let yourself fall and have the wind catch you.
They never disappoint unlike some certain people.
“Y/N!” Hoseok calls.
It was Hoseok.
Ah, he sounds as concerned and worrisome as you once remember so well. The memories slowly retrieved for just that moment, the same ones you’ve forced yourself to shove back which had been hidden so well under all the darkness that you have succumbed to.
When you let your eyes open, you see their alarmed faces but in just a few seconds, your body is caught in the arms of a certain second-in-command, who holds you securely without falter until the moment the two of you are back on the ground.
A small smirk curls along your lips as you hop onto your motorcycle and ride off, knowing fully well that their eyes are trailing right behind you, just as you once were ten years ago.
But that weak hearted girl then is no longer here. You’re the owner of this body now and you will no longer tolerate anyone getting in your way.
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btssavedmylifeblr · 2 months ago
Void - Part 7.5 - Jungkook Interlude (M)
Tumblr media
title banner by @rude–jude♡
Genre: Sci-fi with a little angst and a LOT of smut
Pairing: BTS x Reader (yup - all seven)
Summary: You are the only female crew member on a 12 year space mission with seven handsome men. The sexual tension is real, y’all.
Word Count: 3.7k
Part 7.5 / ?
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7
Warnings: explicit sexual content, poorly negotiated kink, switch!Jungkook (but mostly sub!Jungkook), some slut shaming that goes both ways, slightly dubious consent in the very beginning because she is asleep
Author's Note: So this was originally intended to be the opening scene of Chapter 8, but then it got longer and smuttier than I was expecting, so I thought it would work better as a short stand-alone update. But be warned that it is significantly shorter than my typical Void chapters and Jungkook is the only member we see. I hope you enjoy it!
Crickets chirp and a soft breeze rustles through the grass when something brushes against your cheek. You twist away, rolling over in your sleeping bag. The sounds of a summer night back home fill your ears, just enough to drown out the mechanical noises of the ship. Again, something touches your cheek, running down the side of your face and caressing along your jawbone. You scrunch up your face in annoyance and hear a soft chuckle.
It’s a hand caressing your face, more insistent now. A finger traces around your ear, then glides down your cheek and across your lip. Your lips tickle and when you lick them, your tongue brushes across the rough pad of a large thumb.
You open your eyes to find your youngest crew member floating in front of you in the darkness, illuminated by a sliver of light from the hall, his dark hair fanning out slightly in the zero-g.
“Jungkook?” you mumble, rubbing your eyes. “What is it?” He’s dressed in his sleep clothes: a plain white t-shirt with grey sweatpants slung low on his hips. He smiles as he cups your jaw and tilts your face up to look at him.
“It’s Tuesday,” he whispers. You open your mouth to object about the ungodly hour, but he takes the opportunity to pop his thumb right between your lips. You suck on it automatically, too tired to entirely process what is happening right now.
He chuckles again, pulling himself closer to you. Saliva pools in your mouth as you taste his skin. His body heat is warm enough to reach you even through your sleeping bag. He leans in and places a soft kiss right below your ear, sending shivers up and down your spine. “That’s it,” he whispers in your ear. A surge of arousal courses through you as he pulls himself flush against you.
You gasp as he pulls his thumb from between your lips and drags a wet line over your jaw and down your neck. His hand is warm. “What time is it?” you ask.
He stares at your lower lip, pulling it down just slightly with his thumb. “Almost six,” he answers. Then he kisses you.
Jungkook kisses you like he’s trying to breathe you in, like all the air was sucked from his lungs and you are his oxygen. It’s intoxicating, makes you feel light-headed. He inhales you so deeply, he steals your breath from you.
With the gravity off, your feet float in the air. But Jungkook’s own gravitational field seems to be bringing him closer and closer to you. His whole body presses along you as he wraps you in his arms.
The sleep pod is still dark. All you hear is his deep breathing and then, the unzipping of your sleeping bag. With one arm wrapped around your waist, Jungkook’s other hand begins sneaking its way into the open zipper. His fingers brush across your bare stomach.
“Where is your shirt?” he teases. In the haze of sleep and drunk off his kisses, you can’t remember. Where is your shirt? Where are your pants? Jungkook’s fingers reach your bare thigh. “No pants either…” He laughs softly.
“Oh shit.” Your stomach lurches as you realize where you left your shirt. “Wait.” You break away from Jungkook to catch your breath. “My shirt…”
“You remember now?” Jungkook laughs, pulling a small white bundle out of the pocket of his pants. “You left it hanging over the kitchen camera.”
Your ears burn as you snatch your shirt from his hands. “Sorry,” you mutter.
“Quite a scandalous thing to do, leaving your clothing strewn all over the ship.” Jungkook licks his lips. “Sends quite the message to everyone.”
Your heart skips a beat. The throbbing sensation that rushes through you is a confusing mix of guilt, arousal, and embarrassment all at once. “I didn’t…”
“Didn’t what?” Jungkook asks, pulling himself closer again, arms wrapping around your waist. “Didn’t ask me to fuck you?”
No… you definitely did that.
His hands are back inside your sleeping bag. “Didn’t strip your clothes off and spread your legs right in front of my ramen?”
Nope, did that too.
“Didn’t beg Jin to fuck you on the kitchen table?” He starts massaging the groove where your thighs meet your ass. “Didn’t demand that Yoongi and I stay to watch?”
Everything is too warm and there is a slight ringing in your ears. “Yeah, I did, but… but I’m not…”
“Not what? Not a dirty girl who wants to fuck her whole crew?”
You shake your head, but he continues.
“C’mon…” he urges as his fingers breach inside your underwear. “Tell me what a slut you are.”
“JEON JUNGKOOK!” You roar, pushing him off you so hard he smacks into the door behind him, the zero-g making your repulsion of him appear that much more forceful. “What the fuck is wrong with you?!”
His eyes are wide with shock as he holds on to the door, staying as far out of your personal space as possible. “I, uh…”
“You cannot speak to me like that! You have no right! What do you think you’re doing?!”
“Oh shit. I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” He pants, shaking his head. “I didn’t mean-”
“I’m not your personal…”  You wave your hands trying to choose the right word. Not his personal slut. Not his whore. Not his sex slave. You can’t bear to say any of them outloud. Can’t bear that it would need to be said out loud. “I’m not here for you to just do whatever you want with! I outrank you! And I was sleeping! What the fuck?”
“Shit. I’m sorry. I know that. Shit.” His eyes turn shiny as they begin to water. “But Yoongi…”
Rage rolls through you. “Don’t you dare fucking talk to me about Yoongi. He would never. He would never treat me like that. Ever.”
Jungkook straightens his shoulders. “Hold on, now what are you talking about? Cause I saw the video. I didn’t say anything to you that he didn’t.”
And then Namjoon’s voice is in your in-ear. “Gravity powering on in three.”
You and Jungkook stare at each other, breathing heavily as Namjoon counts down. The main overhead lights click on, illuminating the sleep pod in faux daylight. You wrestle your shirt over your head and climb out of your sleeping bag, grabbing your jumpsuit and pulling it up over your bare legs. By the time the countdown is over, you are fully dressed.
The gravity kicks in and Jungkook slides down the wall to the floor. “Fuck,” he sighs. “I’m really sorry.” He rubs his eyes with his hands. “I thought you’d be into it.” He swallows, before looking up at you again.
“Yeah, well, I wasn’t.” You cross your arms, trying to quiet down the little part of you that wants to admit that actually you were into it, until suddenly you weren’t.
Jungkook groans, looking pained. “I’m so sorry.”
You’re unsure what to say. You want to say it’s okay, except it isn’t okay. But you feel much more in control and much less vulnerable now that you’re fully clothed and he’s on the floor. You sigh and hug your arms around yourself.
He stands up and brushes himself off. “I’ll go.” He turns and puts a hand on the door. Without looking at you, he adds “I understand if you want to rescind the HR form.” His shoulders slump and he looks so defeated.
It reminds you of how you found him slumped over his helmet in the airlock.
“Jungkook, wait.”
He looks back over his shoulder, eyebrows raised.
“Can we just talk for a second?”
He nods, turning back around, hands up.
“Why do you keep doing things like this?” you ask.
His brow furrows. “Things like what?”
“All these grand unexpected gestures. Trying to kiss me in the airlock and now sneaking into my sleep pod. Why do you keep assuming you know what I want? Why don’t you ask me rather than ambush me?”
He tilts his head to the side skeptically. “You would just… tell me?”
You can’t help laughing a little. He looks like a confused puppy dog. “Well, yeah…” You lean against the far wall of your sleep pod.
“No, no, no…” he shakes his head. “Don’t pretend you’ve been all straight-forward and easy to understand about this. I confessed my feelings for you and you had a panic attack. You asked me to have sex with you in the kitchen, then ran off and had sex with Jin instead.”
You cross your arms. “I had a panic attack because something I thought was private had been shared with my whole crew.”
“The video…” he grimaces. “And I just threw that in your face again…” He closes his eyes and pinches his brow with his hand. “I’m sorry. I don’t know what I’m doing. You’re just so hot and I …”
“What? You think I’m hot?”
Now he laughs. “Yes, of course, what do you think I’m trying to do here?”
“No, I mean, I know you want to fuck me. But that’s not the same thing.”
“I think you’re beautiful. And hot. And I do want you. But I also think I’m in love with you.”
You are surprised and confused that his feelings seem to be the same that they were weeks ago in the airlock.
“I know you think that’s ridiculous,” he mutters.
“Well…” you stumble over your words, unsure what to say next. “Well, it’s just that you were never interested in me on Earth. So this all seems a bit sudden.”
“You do know it’s been two years since we left Earth right?”
“What’s your point?”
“That it’s not that sudden.”
You frown. He has a point.
“Wait…” he says, staring off into space as he has a revelation. “Were you into me on Earth?”
“Well…” You cough nervously. “I mean… look at you. Have you ever met anyone who didn’t want to jump you immediately?”
“Yes!” Jungkook objects. “You, for instance.”
“Oh no…” you laugh nervously. “I’ve always thought you were hot. I had quite the crush on you our first few months on board.”
“What?! You did?” Jungkook presses his hands to his temples like he’s trying to keep all his thoughts inside his head. “But you never… we could have... why didn’t you say something?”
“I wasn't supposed to be interested in you! I wasn't supposed to be interested in any of you! I’m still not supposed to be doing any of this!”
Jungkook stares wide-eyed at the floor, trying to process everything.
Looking to break the tension you add, “and plus you did eat the last of my chocolate. Not sure I can forgive you for that.”
Jungkook looks shocked, then laughs slightly in relief before collapsing to his knees in mock penance. “I thought it was communal!” he whines. “It was in the pantry. Why would you put it in the pantry?”
“Cause that’s where we keep the food, you idiot!”
The two of you stare at each other again but this time the anger evaporates. You both burst into laughter, you leaning back against the wall of the sleep pod to keep yourself upright, him on his knees in front of you.
As your laughter subsides, his eyes transition from crinkled with laughter to more serious, tinged with a bit of longing. “Would it be okay if I kissed you again?” he asked. “Just once?”
“Just once?” You put a finger to your lips, making a big show of thinking it over, enjoying the shift in the power dynamic. “If I let you kiss me like that again, I don’t think I’d be able to stop at just once.”
He bounces slightly on his heels. “So can I kiss you again many times?”
“No…” you tease. “Not yet.”
“Please…” He clasps his hands together dramatically in front of his chest. “Please tell me what I need to do to kiss you again.”
A mischievous idea runs through your brain as he kneels in front of you. “You want me to tell you what to do?” His pupils dilate.  “Do you want instructions?”
He licks his lips, nods.
A new thrill surges through you. Arousal, but without the usual accompanying embarrassment and guilt. Power floods through you. Power to do what you really want to do in this moment.
“Okay. Take off your shirt.”
He grabs the hem of his shirt, standing up as he goes to pull it over his head.
“Ah, ah, ah,” you correct, pointing your finger down at the ground. “Stay there.”
He kneels right back down and excitement rushes up from your belly again.
“Oh you’re mean,” he whines, but he stays put.
“Maybe you like that I’m a little mean,” you tease.
His face breaks into a wide shocked grin. “Maybe I do,” he admits as he tosses his shirt to the side.
You whistle long and low as you take in the glory of him laid out in front of you. Lean, strong, his perfect six-pack abs tapering down to his thin waist. “See?” you tease. “How could anyone resist that?”
He groans, hands sliding up and down his thighs. “God, I want you so badly,” he mumbles. “Ever since I saw that video, it’s all I can think about.”
“Ah yes, the video…” An idea strikes you. “where I’m naked and blindfolded and you can watch me touch myself.” He squirms in his kneeling position on the floor. Goosebumps spread over his bare chest. “That video?”
He nods, large eyes staring up at you unblinking.
“And what if that’s what I want from you.”
His eyes get impossibly wider. “You mean, I’m the one who's naked and blindfolded?”
You nod. “And I can watch you touch yourself.”
“Yeah, okay.” He nods back. “Do you have a blindfold?”
You look around your pod, but don’t find much. “Close your eyes,” you say and he does so. With his eyes closed, you unzip your jumpsuit and take off your tank top again, leaving you in your bra and panties once more, but much less vulnerable.
You roll the shirt into a tube shape before stepping close to him. He radiates heat as you wrap the shirt around his head, pulling the hem through the armholes to cinch it tight around his eyes.
He inhales, licks his lips. “It smells like you. Smells good.” He reaches out his arms to touch you, but you jump out of his way.
“Ah, ah, ah,” you tease again. “No touching.”
He pouts. “I can’t touch you at all?”
“Only if you’re good for me.” Your heart races with exuberance as he nods again, so eager to do what you ask of him.
“So now you want me to…” His hand slides down over the front of his soft sleep pants, resting over the bulge underneath, already more prominent than it was moments ago.
“Touch yourself.” Your voice comes out all breathless as you say it.
“Over the pants or under them?” he asks. You smile at how badly he wants to be told exactly what to do.
“Over them,” you instruct. “Slowly.” You lean back to enjoy the view.
His breath comes in shallow pants as he grips himself through the grey cloth of his sweatpants. You can see his whole cock now, sheathed in grey. He wraps his hand around it, so you can see the entire length of it. His thumb rubs slowly up and down right below the head. The small wet spot that appears at the tip makes your mouth water.
“Pull down your pants,” you command, unable to disguise your enthusiasm. “I want to see you.”
He pulls them down just far enough for him to be able to free his cock. He has no underwear on, just the sleep pants.
“No underwear?” you ask and he nods. “Now who’s the slut?” you tease.
He groans as a spurt of pre-cum trails from the tip of his dick.
You grin. “You really do like it when I’m mean to you, huh?”
He chuckles. “I really do. More than expected. Keep going.”
“Mmm…” You would really like to slip your fingers into your underwear, but you resist, wanting to keep your wits about you as best you can. “Should I tell you about all the other men I fucked on this ship before you?”
“Oh god…” He pants as he rubs the palm of his hand over his dick, smearing the precum across the head.
“Let’s see…” you continue. “You already know about the video. But you probably don’t know I blew Yoongi in the greenhouse.”
“You did?” He grips himself again and begins stroking up and down.
“Mmhmm,” you answer, smiling fondly at the memory. “It was so good he cried.”
Jungkook groans again, stroking slowly up and down his length.
“Would you like that?” you tease. “Would you like my mouth on your cock right now?”
“Please…” he begs.
“Maybe next time,” you say. The noise of combined frustration and arousal that leaves him makes you pulse with your own want. “It’s too bad. Jimin says I have a very talented mouth.”
He grunts, hand speeding up slightly.
“Slowly, slowly,” you chastise and he whines, but obeys, slowing his pace. “And of course, I fucked Jimin right here. Several times.”
“Mmm…” Every time he strokes himself the muscles in his forearm tense and it does something to you. “I could hear you,” he says.
“Could you?” You step closer to him, so you’re looking down on him. “Did you like listening to me fucking him? Did you get off on it?”
He whines and shakes his head, seemingly embarrassed.
“It’s okay if you did. I fantasized about it, you know.” You lean over him to say this right near his ear. “With him inside me. I hoped you were listening in. I hoped you were getting off to the sound of us.”
He bites his lip, unoccupied hand clenching at his side.
“Did you touch yourself to the idea of me fucking someone else?”
“Mmph…” his hands are trembling and he nods ever so slightly.
“What a pervert,” you tease.
He gasps, letting go of himself entirely. His erection stays straight up, rock hard and desperate. “God, I want you so badly. I’m so close. Could you please touch me? Just a little? Just a finger? Please?”
The way he begs sets your whole soul on fire. “What if I wanted you to fuck me?”
His hips thrust upward on their own and he whines again.
You need him inside you. To watch him fully come undone. “Will you fuck me Jungkook? Please?”
Pleas spill from his lips. “Oh god, please, yes please...” His hands reach out, searching for you.
You straddle him, feet on either side of his bent knees. You pick up his hands and place them on either side of your hips. “Hands stay here the whole time,” you instruct. “If you move them, everything stops.”
“Yes, ma’am.” He nods vigorously.
You’re still wearing your underwear, but you slide the crotch of the panties to the side, just enough to expose your cunt. You place your hands on his shoulders and begin to ease yourself down toward his cock, ready and waiting.
“Wait, wait,” he says, gripping tightly to your hips and stopping your descent.
“What is it?”
He pants. “I’ve never been inside someone without a condom before.”
Your cunt pulses with enthusiasm. “Do you want to stop?”
“No, no,” he shakes his head fervently. “I just.. I might not last very long.”
“That’s okay,” you laugh, realizing this is the third time you’ve had this same conversation with these touch-starved men. “No one does.”
“Yeah, okay, please.”
You sink onto him slowly. His legs tremble as you make him feel every single inch. He’s long and rock hard and fills you so very very well.
“Goddamn,” you sigh, rocking back and forth to feel him stretch you out. “Even your dick is perfect.”
“Shit, shit, shit,” he grimaces. “So good. Shit.”
You squeeze tightly around him, delighting at the way he nearly doubles over in pleasure. You press your heels into the floor and ease yourself up and back down again. His hand squeeze tightly to your hips. You don’t want him to last. You want him to break.
You lean in close to his ear and whisper, “You can come inside me too.” You pair it with another firm squeeze around him.
He gasps and grits his teeth, hips bucking upward again.
You laugh, bouncing up and down again. “I don’t mean right this second…”
“Too late.” He groans, hands gripping tightly to your waist as his whole body tenses. “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” he moans as he pulses inside of you.
He collapses his head on your shoulder, panting. “I am so sorry I ate your chocolate.”
You laugh with delight, removing his blindfold and tousling his hair. He blinks, shaking his head. Then laughs. He cups your face in his hands and kisses you again. It still feels like he’s trying to breathe you in and it still leaves you breathless.
You both keep laughing and kissing as he slowly slips out of you. When you stand up, you are pleased to discover that it is his clothes that are a mess instead of yours.
“Can I please, please get you off?” he asks. “Anyway you want?”
“Sorry...” You glance at your watch. “I have work to do. This was fun though.” You use the discarded blindfold/tanktop to clean yourself up before slipping back into your jumpsuit. No one needs to know if you don’t happen to wear a shirt today.
He whines, but starts to clean himself up. “Will I see you later?”
“Probably,” you laugh. “It’s not like I’m going anywhere.”
“Okay,” he tucks himself back into his pants. “I’ll see you later then.”
“See you later, Jungkook.” You give him one last kiss in the middle of his forehead, then step out into the hall, feeling in control for the first time in a long time.
Part 8 coming soon!
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lushtans · 20 days ago
When their baby calls them dad for the first time
↬ pairing: members x fem!reader
↬ genre: FLUFF FLUFF FLUFF, established relationship
↬ rating & word count: pg-15 ; ~2.3K
↬ warnings: curse words, a bit suggestive here & there, nothing else that i’ve noticed.
↬ masterlist
˗ˏˋ꒰ 🍒 a/n ꒱ hellooo people i’m alive jsgjfhk, how’s everyone doing? here’s some extremely soft dad!bangtan bc yes 😔😔 dad!bangtan best bangtan 😭 hope everyone enjoys this ♥︎ || banner cr.
Tumblr media
Kim Namjoon
“It’s hard to believe how fast she’s growing up,” you mutter, your index finger wrapped in your child’s small and delicate hand.
“I know, love. It’s kinda crazy.” With a content sigh, He crouches down to match your position, dropping a gentle kiss on your daughter’s forehead before finding your lips in a sweet kiss.
___ looks at the two of you with wide eyes, letting out a sound that’s somewhere between a whine and a purr. Namjoon chuckles fondly, picking her up from her seat and nuzzling his nose with hers.
“Look at you. Already acting like your mom and you’re not even an year old yet.”
“Joonie,” you huff in protest, “Only 2 weeks are left, and I never do anything like that.”
“Sure, baby.” He pops the ‘e’ out forcefully, and for some reason that makes ___ giggle. Namjoon shakes his head, “Appa loves you, you know that, silly, little princess?”
“Aa? Apaa?” she tries to copy what her father just said, earning a gasp from both of you.
“Oh my fucking god!” He practically squeals, but your scolding cuts him off.
“Joon, I know you’re happy, but!! Not when she’s around!! I told you!!”
“Oh shit sorry—”
“Sorry, sorry. I just— oof It’s hard to find the correct words but oh my god. Did she really–?”
“Yup! She did!”
Gently placing ___ on his lap, he clasps your hands in his. “Oh my god!! Baby!! Should I try and see if she can say it again? Maybe?”
You smile at how his eyes seem to sparkle with happiness. Nodding, you add with a little pout, “Yeah, but then it’s my turn. I want to hear her say ‘mom’ too...”
“Oh sweetheart, of course. I know how you wanted ‘mom’ to be her first word, I’m sorry but not really sorry haha.”
Tumblr media
Kim Seokjin
“Aah, jagiya? Can you come over? I don’t know what’s wrong... his diaper is clean and you fed him just an hour ago? Please.” Your husband’s loud voice cuts through the sound of your baby crying.
“Mama– maaaa—” he cries again, only adding to Jin’s distress.
He tries to shush the baby, reassuring, “She’s coming, wait just a bit, sweetcheeks. Please, don’t cry.”
“What happened?” You wipe your wet hands with a hand towel, hurrying inside the nursery with worry written all over your face.
“I don’t know, he just won’t stop crying. I tried everything.” Seokjin mumbles in defeat, looking at you with guilt in his eyes.
“Mamaa!” ____’s cries seem to get louder, and you quickly come over to take the baby from his arms. You look at him reassuringly, pecking his lips before focusing on your son.
“Shhh, shhh, mama is here, right here.” You rock him gently in your arms, singing a random soft tune and trying to soothe him.
Seokjin looks at the two of you lovingly, once again realising that this is where his world is. It takes a while but ____ eventually stops crying, now giggling because of the funny sounds your husband is making.
“See? You’re doing so well, Jinnie. You’re an amazing dad.”
He stops to look at you for a moment, his eyes slightly teary, “Thank you, jagi.”
You lean in to kiss his cheek, and that blooms a beautiful smile on his face. “See what appa is doing!” ____ looks at Seokjin and giggles, clearly amused by the funny expression on his face.
“Huhu, aapaaa!” the baby exclaims all of a sudden, catching both of you off-guard.
“Jagi— he finally said it!”
“Oh my god! So happy for you, Seokjinnie!”
Tumblr media
Min Yoongi
As Yoongi takes the squishy toy in his hand and squeezes it to make a squeaky sound, you lean back against the wall of your shared bedroom and smile.
When it comes to his daughter, he’s the most precious human being you’ve ever seen. He would walk miles if it meant that his little queen will be at ease.
“And I thought you couldn’t possibly be softer.”
“What?” Yoongi looks back at you, quirking an eyebrow. Meanwhile, ___ tries to pry the toy away from her father’s grasp. He notices, quickly letting her take it.
“See? Gosh, it’s so endearing.” You start walking towards where he’s sitting on the bed. It earns you an eyeroll from him.
“Are you done? If yes, then excuse me, I need to look after my daughter.”
You chuckle at that, slowly walking towards where he is seated on the bed with your baby. ___ perks up, her big doe eyes watching you with curiosity.
“Lil’ munchkin, your appa is too soft for you,” you pout, dropping your voice to a whisper, “even more than he’s for me.”
“Owa? Ap-pa?” she fiddles with the toy before throwing it away, looking at the both of you.
The most sincere and happy smile breaks out on Yoongi’s face, his hands cradling ___. “Oh my god, yes, yes, Appa. You did it!”
“Aappaa!!” she giggles, clapping her hands out of sudden joy.
You wrap your hands around your husband’s waist from behind, kissing his neck with a hum. “Congratulations, Yoon.”
Tumblr media
Jung Hoseok
“Hey, you, little prince. Appa bought you new clothes. Do you want to see?”
Your son, who’s resting on your lap, sits up at his father’s voice. Little hands reach out for the bags Hoseok is carrying, both of you chuckling at his eagerness.
“You’re spoiling him,” you shake your head, watching your baby trying to get a hold of the new clothes while your boyfriend gets rid of the paper bags.
“You say it like I don’t spoil you, baby.”
“Back down, Mister, I was just teasing.”
Hobi laughs at your whiny voice, taking ____ from you. “Eomma is always complaining, isn’t she?”
“I would like to remind you that he was in my stomach for 9 months and pushing him out of my vagina felt really close to being in hell. Plus–”
“I know, baby. And I’m forever grateful to you for everything.” He pulls you in for a kiss, leaving you slightly breathless.
“Okay, wow. Did you just shut me up with a kiss? And you just had to take the high road all of a sudden and make me look like the villain, huh?”
“Appa was right, wasn’t he, ____? See how your eomma is always complaining.”
“A-appa?” your son looks at Hoseok with wide eyes.
“Oh my god! Hobi!!! His first word!!”
But your boyfriend is too shocked to say something. He opens and closes his mouth several times. “He– he said– appa–”
“He did! I’m so happy, oh my fucking god!Wait we need to record it!”
Tumblr media
Park Jimin
“No, no, baby, don’t lick that! It’s not safe!” With a huff, Jimin takes away the unicorn plushie from your daughter’s grasp. ___ let’s out a high-pitched whine, tears gathering in her eyes as she watches the plushie being put away.
“What happened?” you enter the nursery with a yawn. Your husband seems extremely displeased, pulling you in his embrace before you could reach your daughter.
“I told you to sleep. Why did you wake up?” He pouts, furrowing his brows before pulling you in for a deep kiss.
You purr after he pulls away, basking in the comforting warmth of his hold. “I couldn’t sleep, Jiminie.”
“Oh. I’m so sorry, baby, is there anything I can do to help?” He rubs your back, placing lingering kisses all over your face.
“It’s okay, what is ___ doing?”
“Oh, she’s just– sweetheart! I told you to stop licking that, ugh.” Jimin scurries away to the baby, pulling her away from the plushie and pouting at her.
“Why don’t you listen to appa? I told you it’s not safe and you shouldn’t lick that!”
Your daughter only lets out a whiny cry, throwing her small fist on her father’s shoulder. “Waa! Ap-apa!”
Jimin forgets how to breath for a moment, looking back at you with wild eyes. “Wait– did I— did I hear that correctly?”
“I think so! She really said it! Or at least, tried to.” you quickly come over him to kiss his cheek, taking ___ from him in the process.
“Yeah? Who just said appa? You! Yes, you!”
She giggles as you rock her, Jimin’s hand reaching out to caress her face delicately.
Tumblr media
Kim Taehyung
Cozy and secure in your boyfriend’s arms, ____ babbles a few incoherent words, probably trying to copy a few from what his father is saying.
“Isn’t he cute? Trying to speak what I’m saying.” Taehyung smiles at his son fondly, kissing his forehead.
Another string of incoherent words come from the baby, making both of you laugh.
“Aww bless, maybe we can try and he’ll be able to say a few words?” you suggest, looking at Tae thoughtfully.
“We definitely can! But I get to try first!” He smirks, wiggling his eyebrows at you.
“Um, no. I’m the one who came up with the plan so it’s natural that I go first,” you protest, crossing your arms around your chest and frowning.
“Baby... you know what happens when you disobey me.” His voice is dangerously low, a shiver running down your spine from his words.
“Gosh, fine.”
Taehyung smiles victoriously, coming over to you and pressing a gentle kiss on your lips. “Good girl.”
He hums, looking at ____ with his boxy grin. “Appa. Can you say that for me, my sweet little boy?”
“Appa. Appa.”
“Ap? Aa?”
“Yes, Appa.”
“Yay! Did you hear that? He just said appa!” Taehyung looks at you with the biggest smile on his face, and you can’t help but smile too.
Tumblr media
Jeon Jungkook
“Bahm! C’mere!” Jungkook waves at the doberman, trying to control ___ who’s reaching her hands out for the doggo.
Bam’s ears perk up, and he stands up, quickly coming over to where you are seated with your baby girl and fiancée. He eagerly receives your pats before going to Jungkook and wagging his tail excitedly.
“Oowaaa!!! Aam!” your daughter squeals, reaching up to touch his fur with her little hands.
“Did you just try to say Bahm? So adorable, aren’t you?” Jungkook tickles ___ a little, giggles escaping her as she tries to pet a really patient Bam who’s standing in front of her obediently.
Warmth floods in your chest, the whole scene in front of you making your heart flutter. You rest your head on Jungkook’s shoulder, his lips quickly finding your temple before he focuses on ___ and Bam again.
“This is perfect, Guk,” you whisper, nuzzling his neck. “I couldn’t be happier.”
“Baby, I know. It feels like a dream.” He shifts to face you, leaning down to touch his forehead with yours. The cold metal of his eyebrow piercing is a stark contrast to the warmth radiating from his skin.
“I love you.”
“I love you too.”
You smile, reaching down to pat your daughter’s stomach. “Appa and momma love you very much too, angel.”
___ cranes her neck to look at you, mumbling, “Apa?”
“Oh my god!” Jungkook inhales a shaky breath, pulling her up to hold the baby against his chest. Bam sits down on the floor, watching his owner with fondness in his eyes.
“You said appa! Oh my god! Y/N, she said it!”
Tumblr media
thank you so much for reading! i really hope that you enjoyed this 🥰! forgive me if there are any mistakes, I didn’t proof-read this 😭 (what’s new 🥴)! this was requested by @animegirlfromvietnam <3 i hope this lives up to your expectations!
reblogs and feedback is always appreciated! i’d love to hear what you thought about it 🥺💞
sorry for being mia for a while, i had a bunch of pre-tests 😭. but i’m back! and probably free for two months before i vanish again for my finals 🥲🥲
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agustdakasuga · a month ago
The Way Of A Criminal
Genre: Mafia!AU, Criminal!AU, Angst, Romance
Pairing: OT7 x Reader
Characters: Normal!Reader, Gangster!Namjoon, Gangster!Seokjin, Gangster!Yoongi, Gangster!Hoseok, Gangster!Jimin, Gangster!Taehyung, Gangster!Jungkook
Summary: Dealing with the sudden passing of your father was more than enough, you were truly alone. Until one day, 7 boys appear and tell you that you are to live with them and be protected by them. 
Warning: This story is fictional and has nothing to do with real life events or the actual members of BTS. It may contain depictions of violence, blood shed/ gore and mentions of abuse. Please read at your own discretion.
Tumblr media
[Tag list is now open and will remain open until the end of the series!]
Character Introductions
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wwilloww · 15 days ago
sh. | chapter eleven | ot7
Tumblr media
PAIRING ot7 x reader RATING Explicit. 18+. GENRE smut. fluff. angst. nonidol au. wildnerness au. roommates au. friends to lovers. SUMMARY Six months of quarantine have kept you apart. Somehow the distance sparks something new in each of you: questions, unfinished conversations, threads once chased now left cold. So when your roommate invites you to come with him to a mysterious house in the mountains with your friends, how could you even think of saying no? WC 6k WARNINGS AND TAGS  reference to reader with she/her pronouns. kissing. food play. discussions of sexual boundaries/expectations. discussions of kink culture.
← || series m.list || →
AN: this chapter has been so long in the making and i couldn't have done it without the possums sprinting with me or without the support of @calixwrites @xjoonchildx @thatlongspringnight and @illneverrecover who helped me pull together the mess that is this chapter. thank you so much to them. if you enjoy this chapter, i'd love to hear from you!
“I’m in.”
Seven pairs of eyes widen as you stand in the door, your red dress flowing around you, hair a little ruffled from the wind, face stinging from the cold. You look like a spirit of winter, flown in from the storm.
“Are you okay—” Hoseok begins to say, but Jungkook quickly stands up to speak.
“Fuck yeah,” Jungkook interrupts, clapping his hands together. “I mean, I thought we were going to eat first,” he adds with a sigh, looking longingly at the food at the table. “But me too. I’m in.”
“There’s no doubt I’m in,” Jimin adds. “I’m not about to pass up the opportunity to get my hands on seven lovely people.”
A giggle escapes Yoongi, a sound so foreign that you have to double check it's him. “This is a lot easier than expected—” Easy is not the word you would use to describe the last 36 hours. “But I think it’s pretty obvious where I stand considering I suggested it. Namjoon?”
Namjoon looks a little flustered that he’s been called on, but nonetheless, nods. “I think… I thought it through—” His eyes flick up to yours. “And think this might be a good idea. After all…” When he begins to trail off, you nod encouragingly, goading him on. “It’s been a long time since I’ve had sex. And more than that, being cramped up here with you lot—” someone snorts at the word cramped. “—has brought back things I thought were in the past.” Before you can linger on what that might mean, Namjoon is already spiraling off in another direction, “And I’ve read! I’ve read so many things about the multiplicity of romance and, ahem, sex, and how the capitalisticstructureofoursociety really reliesuponthetwofamilyunit to produce workers and continue the cycle of poverty, and polyamory—” his eyes widen at the word. Is what’s happening between all of you polyamory? That sounds so… official. “Or just sex, sex with multiple partners can be an active way of pushing against the patriarchy and impending capitalistic doomsday.” And then more quietly, as if he’s only just realized that he is in a room with seven people but needs to get the final word in: “Plus, the stigma against multipartner sex is historical, not biological.”
“Reading is nice,” Jimin says. “But you can’t have a book tell you what you ought to do in this situation.
Namjoon nods. “Yeah, um.” He scratches the back of his neck. “Well. I do, um, want this.” And then a second time, but bolder: “I do. Really. It’s… important to me.”
Yoongi and Jimin nod eagerly. Taehyung seems contemplative as he reads Namjoon’s features carefully. Jin keeps glancing at the food. Jungkook, who looks a little nervous at first, whispers something to his neighbor, Jimin, a big dopey grin spreading across his face. Hoseok, however, holds a blank expression.
Taehyung looks to Jin. “Well, we’re both in, based on our discussion last night.”
Jin rolls his eyes. “Uh, yes, of course we’re in. But I just thought we would eat first before all of this.”
That’s seven yes’s. And one unanswered. Seven pairs of eyes turn their attention to the one man who has been silent since you entered the room: Hoseok.
The man stands there, hands in his pockets. Out of all of you, Hoseok has always been the one to laugh first, crack a joke first, get on the dance floor first. And yet in this moment, he’s the only one who holds back. The look on his face is one that you know well, if not frequently: that expression he gets when he’s entirely focused. To an outsider, it might look like anger. But to one who knows, they understand that his features are drawn close in perfect concentration, his eyes locking on the center of his attention, his mouth pursing into a set line. It was one of the many things that you loved about him, these moments of intense focus that sat so opposite to his usually playful mannerisms.
Shouldn’t it be you in his place, hesitating, worrying that this step is going to fuck everything and everyone over? Instead, it feels like the cold wind from outside has cleared out your insides and left you with nothing but want.
When Hoseok still hasn’t answered, Jimin pulls him aside to whisper something in his ear, his hand stroking over Hoseok’s back in a sign of comfort. You try to make out what he is saying with no luck.
“I can’t—” Hoseok says, looking directly at you, heartbreak written across his face. And he turns on his heel and steps out of the room.
You watch the house of cards you’d carefully built up in your mind tumble to the ground, unaware that failure was even an option. If all eight of you weren’t in, none of you were in. But you didn’t imagine it going this way. Not really. There was some part of you that thought it could just be this easy, really, this easy, that everyone would say yes and all of you would just fall into it in one swift, simple motion. That all the tension that’s been living in this house, strung between the lot of you would simply cease, like it was cut through with a hot knife.
A collective gasp shudders through the group. Your friends turn to one another, expressions of concern dancing across their features.
“What—” Jungkook begins, his brow furrowing as he watches Hoseok disappear. “Is he okay?” The others mumble in alarm.
“I’ll take care of it,” you say, though, truly you have no idea how you’ll take care of this.
You follow Hoseok out of the room, but he seems so lost in his thoughts that it’s not until you catch up to him as he’s crossing the glass bridge and reach for his shoulder that he stops.
At first he seems surprised that it’s you, but he wraps you up in a hug that shocks you. It’s not until a moment later that you wrap your arms around him too and squeeze back.
“What’s going on?” you murmur into his chest.
He’s quiet for a moment before answering, pulling back and swiping a hand through his hair.
“It’s just ridiculous. The whole thing’s ridiculous.”
Ridiculous? Just last night he had said it hadn’t been so wild of an idea.
“What? I thought you said—”
“I remember what I said and I just, I got to thinking today and I’m not going to make you do something horrific like this.”
“Horrific? What the hell do you mean?”
Horrific is the last word you would use to describe any of this.
“I’m not going to force you to become some sort of concubine to seven men,” he says.
You laugh, thinking he can’t be serious. But when you see the frown on his face, you quiet. He is serious.
“Is that what you think this is?” you ask softly.
“Of course that’s what this is—”
“Of course that’s what this is!” He grabs your shoulders and stares into your eyes. “But the thing is, you don’t have to do it just because you think that they’re, what? Horny after all this time stuck in quarantine? Like you’re just supposed to go along with it, like some kind of sex slave or something, reduced to nothing but a set of holes to be used by seven horny men?! What are you going to do? Lay around the house all day just waiting… waiting to be….used? Like a sexual vending machine?”
It’s clear he’s spent an absurd amount of time in his head, sinking deeper and deeper into his anxiety. And while the image he’s painted, well, it might not be the reality of the situation, it’s also not the worst idea he’s ever had. You, at the whim and will of seven beautiful men. Still, the man needs some course correction. He’s still gripping your shoulders, and you gently wrangle out of his grasp to step closer to him. You reach out and place a hand on his arm, trying to bring him back to you, to this, to reality.
“No, no.”
“No, really, they’ve pressured you into this and…” His brow furrows, as if he’s hearing his own words for the first time and speculating at their reality.
“Hoseok.” He finally stops, his lips setting into a firm line. “No one is pressuring me.”
He frowns at you, contemplating what you’ve said. Gaging whether to trust it or not.
“What’s really going on up here?” you say, tapping on his forehead. But when you begin to withdraw your hand, he grabs your wrist and presses your palm to his face.
You blink.
He’s warm beneath your touch, but you can feel a slight tremor when he speaks. But now, now, all there is are his eyes, brown and wide and searching.
“It’s happening so fast,” he says hurriedly, the words whispered into the ever narrowing space between you two. “I can’t keep up.”
“What’s happening so fast?”
“Everything. Everyone. I thought—I thought I had more time.”
“More time for what? Nothing’s ending tonight, Hoseok.” He flinches under the formal name as if he’s finally heard it, but it’s too late to correct. If anything, tonight feels like a grand beginning. For you, tonight is the opening of the door to a whole new world. But when he looks at you, you know what you’ve said isn’t true for him. Loss, heartbreak, flutters behind the warmth in his eyes. He’s losing something. Someone.
Still, he shakes himself out of his thoughts. His gaze comes back to you.
“You’re sure there’s no one, no expectations or anything, that others are putting on you—You’re sure this is something you want?”
“Of course I want you, Hoseok—”
It’s only when it’s too late that you realize what you’ve said.
“You want me?”
“I want you…” You say slowly, like testing the words on your tongue.
“And you want the others.” He’s so quick to jump to the next thing. You just want to linger on what you’ve already said, how big it feels, hovering between you both.
“Can’t you just listen to what I’ve said?”
Sure, of course, it’s been a long time without sex. And even with the introduction of your nightly romps with Jungkook and Jimin — and your quiet moments with Namjoon — you’re still left wanting more. Your time with Jungkook and Jimin didn’t erase any of the rest of the longing that lived in your chest. If anything, it merely stoked the flame higher. A flame that yearned for Hoseok, too, with a particular kind of ache.
“Why don’t you believe me?”
Hoseok rubs the back of his neck.
“Why should I?”
He’s so thick, he’s so frustrating, you have no idea how you’re going to get through to him.
So instead, you reach up, press your hands to his cheeks, and kiss him.
It feels like a mistake the moment you’ve done it. It’s like walking across a bridge, without knowing that there’s an end in sight. You don’t know how he feels, and for all you know, he could be saying all this bullshit about you being a concubine because he just needs a way out, and it’s easier to turn it back on you than it is to look within. He’s always been this way. It’s been a long history of him keeping his emotions just beyond reach of you. Just beyond reach of himself, too. Even his thoughts, which felt less threatening to him than his own feelings, those too he kept caged up and hidden out of sight from you.
Hoseok is shocked, you can feel his shock shoot like ice through his body, like a bad memory,
All of a sudden it feels like that cab ride again, back in January, the silence sliding like a winter storm between you as you both stare out of opposite windows.
But his hands are gliding gently up your waist.
And he’s stepping closer.
It’s awkward, fumbling, like re-learning to walk.
But then the ice of his shock begins to melt as your lips meet his, sublimating into something explosive. Something that sings of fire ravaging through a frozen forest, flames licking at icicles, ice vaporizing beneath touch.
Your chest burns with desire larger than you know how to name, how to know. It burns like a winter sun, shining through the trees on a dark day. Like eyes, aching as they adjust to the light.
His hands fumble across your skin, he presses in closer.
The burn intensifies.
And so abruptly, you pull away, like you’ve been scalded. And force a soft smile to your face, despite the way you are quaking inside. And say:
“I wanted to do that. Does that say anything?”
He nods, swallowing quickly and tugs at the hem of his shirt. “Yes.”
Silence hangs between you as he searches your face, looking for an answer to a question you don’t know.
“Do you—did you… want? Want me to do that?” You stumble over the words.
He nods. “Yes. Yes, I—” He grips your hand in his and pulls you closer. “I did.” For a moment, you think he’s going to kiss you again. Breath is the only thing that hangs between you. But then he says, “Are you sure this is something you want?” and nods back towards where the others are waiting.
“Yes,” you say.
He looks down and swings your hand back and forth, his gaze locked on your interlaced fingers.
“Alright,” he says.
Part of you wants to linger, wants to kiss him again and give it a real shot and make it right. Not some fumbling, half-burnt mess of a kiss. But you see the thoughts spinning in his mind and so you say: “I’ll give you a moment,” and step back. The walk back to the dining room blurs in the mess of your pounding heartbeat. The boys are waiting for you.
Most of them are ogling the food greedily, Jungkook is even licking something off of his pinky finger. The rest are kind of lounging around, the chairs scattered, and that same warm feeling from before cuts right through your chest and warms you from the inside out. Whatever that was, back in the hallway, this, here, is at least familiar.
Even as a blanket of tension hangs about, which is fair, considering Hoseok had just run out of the room, there is a groundedness to the group. They take turns glancing at the door, picking nervously at the food, and mumbling to one another. But beneath it all, familiarity. Even if Hoseok is missing.
Your fingers unconsciously drift up to your lips, tracing over the skin where his lips were just a moment ago.
Jimin’s eyes follow your movements, attempting to parse together what’s just happened. Your gaze catches his and you smile softly. He nods towards the hallway with a raised eyebrow and you shrug. I’ve done my best.
Though, you’re not sure that kissing the man who’s been swirling through your head all week was your best. Or in your best interest, let alone his.
Finally, Hoseok returns back to the group, face set and determined. For a just a second, his gaze flicks to you before he sets his face sternly and speaks:
He clears his throat. “Sorry about that.” And you know it’s an apology directly to you, though, in all honesty, you’re not exactly sure what for. “And, um, me too,” he states, his voice soft. “I’m in.”
A collective sigh echoes around the room, like a breath that’s been held has finally released.
“Well that’s settled, we can just get straight to it—” Jungkook says, slapping his thighs and standing up. He gazes around the group while everyone stares back in silence.
Oh. Oh!
Get straight into it meant nothing other than sex. It feels scandalizing in a sense, that the lot of you would just jump right in, no preamble, no introductions — though, in a way, you all have been playing around the edge of foreplay for days now.
And what would follow?
Touch. Kiss. Dampness gathering. Fingers swiped through slick, brought to greedy mouth.
What would the lean muscle in Jin’s shoulder feel like under your fingertips? Would the soft skin of Yoongi’s neck taste the same after all that time? Would Taehyung be the same kind of lover as before, quick-witted and starving for pleasure? And what about the others, the ones who you haven’t touched, haven’t seen bare, haven’t taken within you — what would they be like? Gentle? Greedy?
Who would taste you? Who would want to taste you?
Everyone in this room apparently, and the thought is confirmed by the hungry looks that are passed around the room.
Jin sighs. “Sit down, Jungkook.” JK looks at him with a confused face. “We need to have a conversation first, don’t we?”
Jungkook nods.
“We’ll eat and talk at the same time,” Jin says. “So much for a composed dinner.”
“Jin, you didn’t really believe you were going to get any kind of composure out of this lot, did you?” you chide.
You all gather around the table. Jin and Namjoon take either side of you, the two broad shouldered men squeezing you into your seat. Not that you mind.
The food is already prepped and waiting on the table, like some glorious feast. The table is heaping with food, rice piled high in what must be the house’s finest bowls, and brightly colored vegetables.
Plates are filled with the bounty that Jin and Yoongi had prepared during the day. The piles and piles of food almost seems like too much, but then again you know that nothing goes to waste with this eternally-hungry group. Your gaze roves over the feast: the table is laden with meats and noodles and variations of stir fried vegetables sat among beautiful arrays of autumn squash, both cooked and on display. And at the end of the table sat what you can only describe as an overfilled cream pie.
“Champagne?” Yoongi asks, and the room fills with enthusiastic agreement.
Yoongi stands at the head of the table, a stark reminder of where he sat just yesterday morning, sleepy and propositioning the rest of the group. It feels like it has been years since that moment.
When he twists the champagne bottle open with a dramatic pop!, it feels like a representation of tonight. The tension building, bubbling beneath the surface and ready to explode at any moment. Though as you watch him gracefully pour into several champagne flutes, laughing and chatting with his friends, you realize that even with your communal agreeal, the cork hasn’t loosened yet.
There is more to come. Abundance. Warmth. Like the food on the table. Like the men around you.
Hoseok, under Jin’s guidance, begins to carve the meat. The way he handles the knife, his knuckles tense, and you feel it in your core. As your cheeks warm at the thought, his graceful hands expertly carving, you glance back down at your empty plate, trying to shake your mind of the images that fly through.
Hoseok, his fingers dancing over your back. Hoseok, leaning over you as he slips his hands down your pants, gliding along the delicate skin before plunging—
“Can I get you something?” Hoseok’s voice breaks through your thoughts as he stares at you with a note of concern in his voice. That’s when you realize you’ve been spacing out, mouth hanging open, staring at him.
“Um, yes please.”
Your plate is passed around the table and quickly filled with the help of your friends.
“To… us.” Yoongi raises a glass and you all cheer, warmth spreading through the room as you all smile at one another, reaching across the table to toast each person individually.
“Hey, hey,” Jin says, when you clink his glass. “You know what it means if you don’t make eye contact when cheersing?”
“It means seven years of bad sex.”
He holds his glass up again, and you do it properly this time, a sly smile spilling over his lips as he lets his gaze linger on you.
“Though I wonder, if you’re septupling your sexual partners overnight if you might be able to make up for that bad luck in a seventh of the time.” He shrugs. “We’ll leave the math up to the fates.”
As you settle into dinner, a comfortable clatter of eating fills the room. Hums and cries of delight rise from the table as everyone exclaims at the deliciousness of the food.
“Thank you, Jin,” you say, reaching over to pat him on the leg. “And Yoongi,” you raise your glass to your friend at the head of the table.
As everyone settles into dinner, Namjoon is the first one to speak, getting straight to the point. “The first thing we should do,” Namjoon coughs, “Is address the elephant in the room.”
Jin nods. “We can’t keep secrets around each other — we should have privacy in our own lives, yes, absolutely — but this whole sneaking around thing is no good for any sense of trust in our relationship.”
Your heartbeat hammers in your chest. He knows. How could he not, when you nearly told him everything yesterday? You just thought you’d be able to tell everyone that you, Jungkook, and Jimin had been fucking on your terms, not like this. But too, there’s a kind of relief in it finally coming out.
Jungkook hangs his head but doesn’t say anything.
A long silence hangs over the group. Jimin catches your gaze from across the table.
“Jungkook? Anything you’d like to share with us?”
The young man’s head snaps up as he takes in the room around him and the weight of all of his friends’ eyes upon him. His body is tense, but he takes a deep breath, and on the exhale, his shoulders fall. “Fine. I admit it,” Jungkook grumbles at a barely audible level. “We’ve been fucking.”
The room explodes.
“Excuse me?”
Someone’s chair screeches backwards and a glass of wine tips over, staining the white table cloth. Hands dart out quickly to dab it up.
“I thought you were just planning a surprise party?” Someone says.
“I thought this was some kind of flashmob thing?” Hoseok says.
“Me too!” Namjoon chimes in. “That’s, that’s what we talked about.”
“Flashmob?” you snort.
“The sweat, I mean, come on!” Namjoon fades into silence as the realization dawns on him. “Oh. The sweat. The fuck?!”
“How could we not?” Jungkook continues. “Goddamn I hadn’t come in someone coming up on a year and here are two very very attractive—”
“Two?!” Namjoon exclaims.
“Two?!” Yoongi cries. “And you didn’t include me?? And who?”
“Well, we’re including you now!” Jungkook says back.
“Me,” Jimin says softly from his seat.
“Fair enough,” Yoongi says, sitting down again. Hoseok is quiet. Namjoon however, is still wildly flustered.
“And here I was thinking it was the right thing to hold back…” he grumbles.
“You were a perfect gentleman, Joon,” you reassure him. “It’s quite a flattering look on you.” He catches your gaze and flushes at the compliment, looking down at his hands.
“Still, I can’t believe I didn’t know.”
The room quiets as the knowledge and understanding settles on all of you.
You slip your hand underneath the table, letting your palm settle on his knee before gliding up to rest on his thigh. Namjoon looks shocked but composes himself and throws you a sheepish smile. After a moment, his hand drifts down and settles atop yours. Not holding it, just, just resting.
“If anyone cares to know, we were fucking,” Taehyung says, gesturing between himself and his boyfriend.
“Shut up Tae,” everyone echoes.
“But on a more serious note,” Jin cuts in. “Does that information change anything for anyone? That some of us have already been sleeping together?”
You can’t help it. Your gaze flickers to Yoongi. For a moment, you feel like it’s January again, his dark eyes shining at you from across a dark room, a secret shared between the both of you. But you tear your gaze away from him when his flickers up to you.
Everyone is looking at one another, reading for Jin’s question: does this change anything? Yoongi seems unfazed, but beneath it you know he’s curious. Jimin looks cool and collected, lounging on his chair, examining something on his palm. Namjoon looks a little nervous but reflective. Jungkook, waiting. Jin and Tae, playful as ever. And Hobi, well. He seems to be in complete and utter shock.
You wonder what kind of shock. If he’s still reeling from the information that you, Jimin, and Jungkook have been playing the beast with two, well, three backs. Perhaps he’s still processing this whole change in relationship between all of you. Or maybe he’s still in shock from the kiss. You stop yourself there. Either way, he doesn’t look too pleased, staring into his wine glass, unspoken words brewing behind his gaze.
So you give him a minute, shushing Jungkook by nudging him with your foot beneath the table when he starts to say something.
“I guess it doesn’t change anything,” Hoesok says, finally. “We all have pasts. We all have… needs.”
That’s the word. That’s what it feels like, wanting him. It feels like a need. His gaze catches yours and you smile reassuringly. You hope the layer of worry that hides beneath your smile doesn’t show through.
Lost in thought, you’re surprised when Namjoon interlaces your fingers beneath the table. He gives you a little squeeze, as if to say You alright? You squeeze back, throwing him a soft smile, a reply of Better, now.
“The next thing,” Yoongi cuts in. “Before we go any further with this—We need rules.”
Namjoon’s grip on your hand tightens beneath the table.
“Expectations, understandings. Boundaries.”
“Well the most obvious one: is anyone straight?”
Silence settles in the room.
“Jungkook? I thought you were—”
“Uh no.” Jungkook says sheepishly. “Not, um, anymore.” Anymore? “Quarantine might have changed more than one thing.”
Some of your friends look surprised, while others just nod along, like they expected this the whole time. Taehyung is one of the former, taking the news sincerely and chewing over. But the conversation quickly moves on.
“No blanket consent statements,” Taehyung adds thoughtfully to the conversation.
Yoongi pouts. “Really? None?”
“Only if you’re the one giving them out,” Taehyung corrects. “I don’t know, it just seems too messy.”
“You’re right,” Yoongi says, though there’s a note of disappointment in his voice.
“Everything should be negotiated day-of, moment-of. With eight people, there’s too many moving parts.”
You all nod in agreement.
Yoongi takes a long drink of his wine and you watch as his throat moves as he gulps, and as a little bit of the red liquid dribbles out of the corner of his mouth. He swipes it away with his thumb, catches your glance and sends you a wink. You smile and look away quickly.
Jeez. How the hell are you supposed to be doing serious thinking right now when all of your friends somehow look like sex gods doing nothing more normal than eating their dinners?
“Any hard boundaries?” Jimin asks.
“Oh my god please no vore,” Jungkook blurts. Seven pairs of eyes blink back at him. “Please don’t eat me,” he adds softly.
“What kind of deep dark internet hole did you go down? ” Yoongi asks. “That’s even darker than where I go.” Hoseok leans over to Yoongi and you catch a whispered: Where do you go?
Jungkook flushes a deep shade of red before hiding his head in the crook of his arm.
“Quarantine was a long time,” he says, in place of explanation. “And reddit is a vast resource.”
The rest of you share some of your hard limits one by one. There’s the usual: no poop, no punching or kicking, nothing non-consensual. You insist on no anal fisting. There are a couple that surprise you though. When Jin states that he, under no circumstance, will engage in cock and ball torture, Jungkook pipes up and says he’s willing to try it. Hoseok shares that he has never bottomed, but when asked, he says he wouldn’t mind giving it a shot under the right kind of circumstances. Though someone reminds him that that’s a soft limit, the boys exchange glances, as if fighting over who will be the first to top their friend.
The reality is, that at the end of the conversation, there is a broad range of exploratory space between you and your friends. A space so large it nearly frightens you.
That’s when you notice across the table, a shining, waxy red fruit.
“Where on earth did you find pomegranate?” you ask Jin, bewildered.
“I knew it was your favorite.” Jin grins back at you, and Jungkook tosses the red fruit to you from across the table.
You toss Jin a brilliant smile as the red fruit lands in your hands.
An imperial orb, Jimin had once described it as.
And holding it, you feel the weight of not only its flesh, but its significance. For a moment, the image of Persephone, reaching for the pomegranate flits across your memory. Reaching for the dangling fruit, it was the sweetness that had sealed her fate.
You dig your fingers into the hard skin of the vibrant fruit and—oh—it squirts out, staining the white table cloth and, you quickly realize, your neighbor.
Namjoon has already loosened his tie and unbuttoned the top two buttons of his dress shirt, his chest smooth and shining in the candlelight. And now, pomegranate juice drips from his chin, rolling down his neck, about to stain that beautiful white shirt—
“Lick it up,” someone calls, probably Jimin, and before you know what you’re doing, you reach for the broad man, running your tongue first along the hard planes of his chest and trailing up, up, up to his neck. He shivers when your tongue traces his throat, the skin especially sensitive. You smile at that, and he looks down at you, brown eyes gleaming with amusement. And more.
“Me too,” Jin says, and you feel a hand on your back. With regret, you lift your lips from Namjoon’s neck and turn towards him.
Jin has smeared pomegranate across the cut of his chin, and it dribbles down his neck, already staining his collar. But you’re not one to refuse a beautiful man, and so with care—and leaving a hand on one of Namjoon’s thighs—you press your lips to Jin’s neck. The juice stains your lips, turning them a bloodied color.
You take your time kissing up the column of his throat, painting the smallest of caresses against the soft skin of his neck. Unlike Namjoon, he doesn’t tremble beneath your touch. Instead, his grip tightens around your waist, pulling you closer. You gasp when you are pressed skin to skin against his chest, your hands reaching to his collar for stability, nearly falling into his lap.
“You can use more than your lips, darling,” Jin murmurs in your ear. “I never did mind a little nibble.” And so with that, you skate your teeth along the hard edge of his jaw, drawing a sharp his from the tall man. You end it with a peck to the corner of his jaw.
When you look back at the table, everyone is staring at you, mouths hanging open.
“That was hot as fuck,” Jimin says, throwing a wink at you.
Jungkook, though, looks a little miffed. The table is dressed with both main courses, side dishes, and desserts, and as Jungkook reaches for a baklava, you realize just how delightful it is to eat sweets with the main course.
He frowns as he takes a bite, honey spilling down his lip. Jimin, next to him, leans over and swipes the golden liquid from the younger man’s pouting lip. Jungkook watches in awe as Jimin sucks the finger into his mouth, a sly grin spreading across his features.
“What else?” Yoongi asks, clearing his throat, and finally all sets of eyes are on him.
“No leaving anyone out,” Jungkook says a little too quickly, glancing at you, Namjoon and Jin. Namjoon beside you is a little stiff and breathing hard. His hand fumbles for you under the table, and finally falls on your knee. You smile up at him.
“How does that work? What does that look like?”
“Say, for example, someone wants to have sex with six out of the seven other people in this house? That just seems like a setup for drama,” Namjoon adds.
“Fair enough,” Jin echoes.
“So no more than five in a group.”
Five. Wow. Five still seems marginally larger than you know how to coordinate.
Jungkook chuckles nefariously. “That means that we could split up, hyungs, maknaes, and—” he waggles his eyebrows as a sign of what he means to fill in the blank with. Group sex, with different iterations of the group. Your stomach tightens in anticipation of the hundreds of different arrangements there might be.
Namjoon and Jin pressing you up against a shelf of books.
Jimin and Taehyung fucking you in the pool.
Yoongi, Jungkook, and Hobi having their way with you on the dinner table. You, spread out like some garnished and carefully prepared delight.
Frankly, the possibilities are endless. And you have a feeling that your day-to-day life might finally surpass the fantasies of your dreams, the ones that have come to haunt you with desire for months now.
Taehyung’s voice breaks through your reverie. “It feels a little unfair that she gets to sleep in Hobi’s bed every night,” he says quickly, his eyes flashing up towards you.
You bristle. “It’s my bed too!” you say before you can consider the implications of what he’s just said. Taehyung wants you in his bed. Again.
“You know what he means,” Jungkook corrects.
“I suppose I could see what he means by that,” Namjoon adds, just a little too casually. You raise an eyebrow at him. You hadn’t pegged him as the jealous type.
“I’ll choose where I sleep,” you say.
“Like a wandering bed ghost,” Yoongi cuts in.
You glare at him. “The other option is that I get my own room. Who’s willing to give theirs up?”
The room falls silent. One person raises their hand.
“Put your hand down, Namjoon,” you sigh. “I’ll be the wandering bed ghost of the Kim manor.”
“Do we have to do a seance to summon you?” Hoseok chirps.
You light up at his humor. It has felt like a long moment since he cracked any jokes.
“You’ll have to sing a mating call,” you joke back.
But the reality of your words finally hits you when no one laughs. Instead you find all of your friends staring back at you, a mixture of shy and blank and yearning expressions splayed across their faces.
In reality, you’ve all just agreed to add a big long mating dance to your friendship and there’s only one thing left to do: dance the dance of the beast with, well, eight backs.
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anonnie-in-wonderland · a month ago
Home Calls the Heart
Summary: Twenty-year old L/N Y/N realizes she might be, okay, is a little bit of a social pariah. But there’s not much she can really do about it. Until a dreary winter day, when a determined, persistent dog hybrid named Taehyung shows up and declares that he’s interested in adopting her for himself and the rest of his lonely pack.
chapter: two
Word Count: 4.3k+
rating: T (Taehyung is a little clingy in this chapter haha, but no real warnings)
genre: romance | hurt/comfort| magic AU
tags: bts x reader | ot7 x reader | hybrid | poly| FM!reader
Emperor Penguin!Seokjin, Golden Retriever!Taehyung, Coyote!Hoseok, Mountain Lion!Yoongi, Wolfdog!Namjoon, Kingfisher!Jimin, Holland Lop!Jungkook
Tag list: @colourlyhobbit @ghostkat23 @bunzom @juju-227592 @mochimommy2002
Author’s Note: Omg thank you!! 😭 As I mentioned last update, this is my first attempt at a (Y/N) fic and it was largely because I thought this would be a one-shot (sike, joke’s on me there). 🥲 But it’ll now have several parts. Not sure how many, but enough for everyone’s hearts to start mending. I hope the tag list includes everyone who asked. I was hesitant about doing one mostly because I was 1) not sure if this would even be long enough for one 2) was nervous I would miss someone or forget. It’s just my personal recommendation, so feel free to ignore it, but I think that ‘Rainbow’ by Kacey Musgraves pairs really well with this story!
The temperature had definitely dropped, (Y/N) decided, trying to bring feeling back into her fingertips. The dog (hybrid?) she was following dutifully trotted through the falling snow, his paws crunching lightly.
The weather didn’t seem to bother him at all, lucky pup. Meanwhile, (Y/N) was growing increasingly envious of his warm looking coat, clutching her thin sweater tighter to her body, and wondering why she hadn’t thought to put on a few extra layers.
Sure, the morning weather report said snow and a temperature drop was unlikely for the day, but never ruled it out. And really, her father always did tell her it was better to be over-prepared than left without in a pinch. She was finding this out the hard way right now.
Although the trail was lit, she was still having some trouble navigating as the snow kept falling, never having walked this far down the winding path. The dog had been good about staying right at her side in the beginning. Then his pace got a bit more brisk, and (Y/N) watched him take the lead, only his unmistakable tail guiding her along.
Pulling out her phone, she turned on the light and kept it trained on the canine, silently hoping there wasn’t too much further to go. She was in pretty decent physical shape due to the nature of her job—chasing down a flock of moody peacocks through a large botanical garden or even hiking uphill through the woods to find out why normally reserved wildlife was journeying into the suburbs and acting aggressively toward humans tended to do that for you—but it was getting pretty late. After finding out if and how she could help this dog, it would be time to head home.
A rather gloomy thought crossed her mind, the empty apartment waiting for her, the leftover pasta in the fridge. She had no roommate, no partner, no pet. (Y/N) came back, cooked herself dinner, indulged in a k-drama or game show, and had her nightly call with her dad.
Sometimes, a friend from high school would take pity and invite her out for drinks. Grateful as she was that she had people who tried to include her, (Y/N) knew she was killing the mood. She wasn’t as chatty in discussions as she used to be, always fidgeting, sipping at her beer and excusing herself a little early with the excuse of work the next morning.
In short, she was boring.
It hadn’t always been that way. At one time, she had a life. But if she wanted to be honest with herself, it had always felt a bit like playing a role. (Y/N) loved being around animals, and she humbly thought that they tended to feel the same about her.
But people… while she wanted to belong among them too, often it was trickier. As a child, not many of her classmates had only one parent. There had only been two peers she’d known of with divorced parents, and even that wasn’t the same.
Her mother was a bank teller, and passed tragically in a robbery gone wrong. The only casualty. The incident was splashed across newspaper front pages, and even made a local news station. Poor thing, a young girl would be lost without a mother, adults tutted with sympathy. (Y/N) had only been starting grade school when it happened.
She didn’t understand their strange behavior, as if they were trying just a little too hard to prove they weren’t pitying her while clearly doing just that. Her classmates noticed the special treatment she got, and some distanced themselves from her for it. She couldn’t blame them. They were children, and children were prone to jealousy.
But as she developed, even before her gift emerged, the whispers changed. (Y/N) was a healthy, active child, but a little ‘offbeat’ from others. She could get so immersed in her imagination, her teacher often told her father that she ‘forgot to come up for air’. The illustrations she made in art class were so vivid, and so clear.
She was proud of them, but no one ever seemed to hold the same enthusiasm—except her dad of course, who happily displayed them at home and in his office. At school, her art teacher scrunched her nose and encouraged her to try for something different, like a bunny or a field of flowers. (Y/N) didn’t understand what was so wrong with drawing the fantasy worlds she saw so well in her mind’s eye. She had even given them names.
At show-and-tell one year, she dressed as one of the characters she made up, who just so happened to be part fruit bat. Her classmates giggled as she flapped her arms and told them all about the story, while her teacher said nothing, hurrying her back to her seat as soon as possible.
The older she got, the less people understood her eccentricities. Eventually she got the dreaded “4D” label, an inevitability in hindsight. Being seen as “4D” wasn’t exactly a bad thing, but her classmates and their parents made her feel otherwise.
It was all because of the unprocessed trauma of losing a parent at such a crucial age, the parents’ of some classmates had said a little too loudly at a class party. (Y/N) pretended not to hear as she took her brownie and some pretzels and made a deer. What did they know, she thought? One parent was more than enough. Her mother was looking down at them, and proud of her. Her dad had always said as much.
When one of the mothers blamed him for not putting her in counseling sooner, saying the ‘damage’ to her development was probably irreversible, (Y/N) told her teacher she was feeling queasy. Getting a pass to the school nurse, she repeated the same story, asked to call her father, and left early for the day. Not even three short days later, she had saved a stray puppy from drowning and found out she had magic.
(Y/N) got so engrossed in the pieces of her life that had led her to this moment, she stumbled in the snow, going down after a short second of flailing for balance. Her teeth clicked together harshly and her chin throbbed, but she was otherwise okay.
Sitting up on her knees, she grabbed her phone, brushing a dusting of snow from the screen and inspecting it for damage. Luckily it was just fine, the case and screen protector having done their job. Her escort, however, had darted off into the tree line, off the beaten path. Suddenly it struck her how still and cold it was. How alone she was. A shiver raced up her arms, and she tried to angle the light to find the dog. “…Buddy?”
(Y/N) listened for the crunch of paws or an answering bark, but heard nothing. Climbing to her feet, she bravely held back any rising anxiety, her cheeks stinging from the chill as she pointed her phone this way and that. “Hello? Where’d you go, bud?”
She ventured a half step forward, before the quiet snap of a twig froze her in her tracks. Glancing down, (Y/N) gulped, noticing the distinct lack of twigs underfoot. Something flashed in her peripheral, movement in the shadows of the trees.
Heart starting to jackhammer, her cold fingers gripped the phone tighter, knowing that at best, she might be able to temporarily blind whoever was lurking with the flashlight and run for it.
Unless this was a hybrid she was dealing with like she suspected. In which case, he would probably be quicker. Shit. Her bleeding heart was really going to cost her big one day. If today wasn’t that day.
“Please,” she whispered, not sure exactly what she was pleading for. “I just wanted to help…”
“I know. I knew the minute you touched me.” To say that the deep voice was a surprise was an understatement, (Y/N)’s eyes bulging as a young man stepped into view. The snow fell a little faster around them; her lips were dry and chapping, and still, she didn’t have it in her to do anything about it. Her arm stayed extended, light trained directly into his face, but he hardly seemed to mind. It was impressive that he was able to maintain eye contact, that penetrating gaze sinking into her bones.
‘Wow…’ As inadequate as that was, it was all she had. (Y/N) had believed his canine form to be gorgeous, easily one of the most beautiful animals she had ever laid eyes on.
But here stood a man with fluffy wheaten curls that fell into his twinkling sapphire eyes. He didn’t visibly react to the temperature, although the cold had turned his lips the prettiest shade of pink. Or maybe that was their usual color, (Y/N) considered absently.
He moved closer, face unreadable, and (Y/N) was sure that with his excellent hearing, he must have heard her heart trying to escape her rib cage. Her next breath curled between them, her mouth agape at his sudden proximity. If there was any doubt whatsoever about him being her new friend from the park, the silky ears she could see on either side of his head put it to rest. The long, feathered tail of a golden retriever hung to the side behind him.
His full lashes brushed over his cheeks as he glanced down, now so near that she could see the tiny mole on the tip of his nose. Was it hybrid magic that made him so unfairly attractive even in a simple brown hoodie and blue jeans?
(Y/N) bit her lip in fear of uttering something embarrassing.
Without hesitation he pulled the cream scarf from his own neck and draped it around hers, tucking it in snugly. (Y/N) would be lying if she said she didn’t relish the warmth it gave. There was also the matter of the scent she couldn’t place clinging to the fabric and pulling a little sigh from her lips.
“Better?” he asked.
“Y-Yes. Thank you.” (Y/N) couldn’t help but reach up and lightly touch the scarf. It was so cozy! Was it wool?
Eyes bright, a large, rectangular smile split his lips and nearly gave her a coronary. She didn’t even realize she’d clutched at her chest until she heard a little chuckle.
Admittedly, when he’d emerged from the woods, voice a rumbling baritone and eyes as bottomless as the ocean, (Y/N) felt a little…intimidated. He stood a good bit taller, and was as fit as he had been in dog form.
But his smile effortlessly wiped all reservations about him from her mind. It was too genuine not to trust, the sun peeking from behind gray clouds after a week of rain. “I’m Taehyung.” He introduced, the name instantly searing itself into her memory. “Thanks for following me.”
‘Taehyung…’ (Y/N) liked it. It already felt like a name she would know for years, or maybe even the rest of her life.
“I-I’m (Y/N).” she replied, watching his ears perk and a slow wag overtake his tail. “And you’re uh, welcome. It just felt like the right thing to do…somehow.”
Taehyung’s eyes softened. “You were there, so you saw me approach all those people.” Staring at the ground, he mumbled, “You were the only one who was interested in finding out what I needed.”
(Y/N) grew a little bashful, shrugging. “I got the feeling that what you needed was a friend.”
“I do.” he agreed immediately. He reached out and took her hands in his, dipping his head down and staring directly into her widening eyes. (Y/N) could feel the heat spreading from her cheeks and down her covered neck. “I decided I want to adopt you. Would you be willing to come meet my pack? We need a new human.”
It was hard to pinpoint exactly which part of what he said caused her to short-circuit. Every sentence was as capable of doing the job as the one that followed it.
“What’s wrong?” he murmured. “Do you not want to?”
It wasn’t really about whether or not she wanted to. (Y/N) was just floored this hybrid, who had appeared out of nowhere at the park and gotten her to follow him into the woods, was now asking if he could adopt her. And from what it sounded like, take her home to meet more hybrids. Talk about moving fast.
“Taehyung,” she began, trying to word her response with the utmost care. This was, after all, the lonely, sad pup who had been so eager to make friends and play. (Y/N) thought she might have a better understanding of where the source of all that pain was coming from. “I want to help you if I can. But I don’t know if I can be your new human. We just met.”
Though his eyes briefly reflected disappointment, she could see the canine’s thoughts race through his mind. “Then we’ll get to know each other. I can tell you needed a friend too.” Picking up one of her hands again, he gently tugged, starting to walk through the snow. “I pulled you all the way out here. At least come get warm at my house. My hyung’ll make you some tea and feed you.”
(Y/N) let the offer worm its way into her head, knowing she probably wasn’t about to turn it up. Her car was back in a parking lot near the park, and in all likelihood was just fine where she’d left it. She, on the other hand, wouldn’t mind getting warm with a steaming cup of tea. “Sure. Thanks, that sounds good.”
Taehyung rewarded her with yet another of his unusually boxy but very charming smiles.
The hybrid district. (Y/N) had never had any reason to travel through the barrier, but now here she was. It didn’t feel much different than passing through a gossamer veil, just the lightest shimmer of magic brushing over her as they walked through.
Apparently the park and woods they had come through stood very close to his home on the other side. As she looked around in wonder, taking in the property, Taehyung tipped his head back and squinted up at the sky.
(Y/N) didn’t think much of it at first, admiring the picturesque farmland she found herself on. Ice-frosted fencing stretched for a mile, pastures blanketed in snow on the other side. Further in the distance, she could see an attractive wooden house, the lights on and smoke rising from the chimney.
“Hey!” An airy voice called down from above. (Y/N) blinked the snowflakes from her eyelashes, watching a young man descend from the sky on a pair of deep blue wings. He could have just as easily been an angel, his midnight blue hair matching his wings, his voice clear and sweet as he greeted the dog hybrid. “Where were you all day? The hyungs were getting restless.”
Taehyung shifted in front of her, and (Y/N) wondered if he had bothered to inform his family about the whole ‘adopting a human’ plan. “I just went for a walk. You know the park on the other side of the barrier? That’s where I was.”
The young man shifted, folding his wings in. (Y/N) admired how snug he looked in his puffy white jacket and the earmuffs keeping his ears toasty.
“You should’ve taken your phone.” The bird hybrid sighed. “Anyway, come get warm inside. It’s nearly time for dinner.” He held a hand out for Taehyung to take, but froze when he finally seemed to notice the stranger standing over the golden retriever’s shoulder.
“Tae…you’re sure you just went out for a walk?”
“Yep.” (Y/N) was positive now that he hadn’t told these other hybrids he wanted her to meet he was going to bring someone home.
“Hi,” she waved, hoping she didn’t sound as awkward as she felt. “I’m (Y/N). I met Taehyung at the park and—”
“I brought her back for all of us.”
“And I hope I’m not imposing.” (Y/N) finished, blushing at Taehyung’s cryptic explanation.
The winged man stared between them both, pretty gray eyes looking thoroughly lost. “Hi (Y/N), I’m Jimin.” Rounding on his fellow hybrid, he asked, “What do you mean you brought her back for all of us?”
“I want to adopt her, as our new human.”
“I’m still not sure that’s—”
“Tae!” Jimin shouted, taken aback. His wide eyed stare would have been cute under normal circumstances. But (Y/N) could sympathize with his astonishment. She was barely processing herself.
Taehyung took her hand, firm in his resolve. If it hadn’t been clear he was absolutely serious before… “I told her she could at least come have dinner with us, and meet the pack. I mean if everyone gets along, then what’s wrong with adding a new person to the family? I’m tired of seeing everyone hurting so much. This could be what we need.”
Jimin’s incredulous expression shifted, eyes softening as a sad grin lifted his full lips. It made her heart ache for a reason she couldn’t explain. Being an empath, (Y/N) was naturally sensitive to the suffering of others. It came with the territory. Taehyung’s pain had touched her heart in the park, and now she saw that Jimin was hurting too.
“Not everybody’s going to take this well,” he said softly.
“(Y/N)’s special.” Taehyung declared, looking down at her with admiration welling in his gaze. “Once everyone talks to her, they’ll see it too.”
Her heart fluttered, his words making her face warm. He already believed in her so much. She just hoped that she didn’t let him down.
Yoongi watched Jin check the window for the fifth time in twenty minutes. “What was that pup thinking, not taking his phone?” His hyung mumbled.
As he finished doing the chopping that Jin was too distracted to complete, he had to wonder the same thing. Sure, Taehyung was an eccentric mind, living in his own world sometimes, or saying things not many outside their little family understood.
An endearing, unique person and a good boy. Assuring him he was a good boy from time to time was very important for him to hear. But it was times like this where the mountain lion wondered just what went through that head of his. He’d told them shortly after lunch he was going for a little walk around the edge of their property.
Nothing wrong with that. No one was ever denied private time to clear their head. Even before the loss of Gramps, living in such a noisy and active household could take its toll, as much as they loved each other. So they all learned to give each other space when needed.
There were exceptions for everyone’s safety, of course, and this situation was becoming one of them. Hobi had been out and around the whole farm, planning to check up on Tae from a distance without disturbing him. But the dog hybrid was nowhere to be found. That led them to assume he had to have gone beyond the barrier, over to the human district.
But what the hell was he doing there was the question. They were recently without their guardian, and knowing Taehyung, he’d forgotten not only his phone, but any form of identification. Gramps had only passed recently. If he had at least a collar in his pocket (one Gramps never made them wear unless they were going beyond the barrier together), he could tell someone who stopped him he was ‘owned’ and avoid unwanted attention that way.
Unfortunately, Namjoon discovered Taehyung’s collar hanging from the hook with all the others, meaning he was out there without any ID if anyone did suspect he was more than the typical dog.
They discussed going out to search for him, but thought to give him just a little more time until they did. Just until dinner time. Then they would crank up the old truck and head out. Jimin took to the skies around the farm in the meantime, hopeful Taehyung would come back on his own. Yoongi wanted to believe so too, because they already had enough going on here. The last thing they needed was to be separated from another member of their family due to the pup’s recklessness.
Jin gave an excited cry, back at the window, but this time with an expression of relief on his face. “He’s back,” he breathed, placing a hand to his chest. “Jimin’s with him and so is…” His broad shoulders bunched under the cable-knit sweater he had on. “Who’s that?”
Yoongi set down the knife with all the caution necessary and moved away from the chopping board. Calmly joining his hyung at the window, he pressed into his back, sharp feline eyes instantly picking out the trio headed down the road. In between Taehyung and Jimin was a smaller figure, one who definitely did not belong here, on this farm.
Yoongi squinted through the scowl forming on his face. “He didn’t.” Oh, but he had. That was unmistakably a girl he had never seen before, and going off how close Tae was standing and the fact that he was swinging their hands back and forth, their pup had quite a bit of explaining to do.
Jimin could see Taehyung was ready to drag (Y/N) inside, literally into the lion’s den, without a second thought. Stepping up to the door before his flockmate could reach for the handle, he pressed a palm to Tae’s warm chest.
“Hold on. I think I should go in first and uh, warn the hyungs.” He offered (Y/N) an apologetic smile. Poor girl. It wasn’t her fault Taehyung had latched onto her and brought her home in some misguided attempt to cheer them all up. He was just grateful she was being a good sport about all of it. “They’re not expecting company.”
“They always make more for dinner than we need anyway.” Taehyung said.
“You know that’s not what I mean.” He ground out, rolling his eyes. Jimin hated when he pretended to be thick. That might work with humans who thought hybrids were glorified animals, but that wasn’t working on him. “I’ll be back soon.”
“Take your time,” (Y/N) told him, seeming to understand.
He nodded, slipping through the forest green door, doing his best not to rattle the freshly made holiday wreath they had hanging there. The foyer was the perfect comfortable temperature for a chilly winter day, and he began stripping out of his extra layers and unlacing his boots. A chill ran over him as he went to stand, almost knocking heads with the very pissed off flockmate standing over him.
“Yoongi-hyung,” he giggled nervously, “You’re that happy to see me?” He leaned into the unnaturally still mountain lion’s chest and pressed a sweet kiss to his lips. That would normally melt right through his tough guy act, but not today.
“Who’s that?” Yoongi grunted, his eyes staring out the window near the front door, where Taehyung was brushing snowflakes from (Y/N)’s hair on the front porch.
“She’s a guest. Taehyungie’s guest.” He tried not to lie, knowing that would make it all worse. Damnit, Tae really dragged him into the worst messes. …Well, to be fair, they tended to drag each other into messes, being the dynamic duo attached at the hip that they were.
“I’ve never seen her before.” he replied flatly.
“Hyung, he meant well, okay? Just hear him out before you get mad.”
“What’s going on, Jimin?” Emerald eyes flared impatiently as Yoongi swept the tawny bangs out of his face.
“I’m not entirely sure.” he winced. “Tae met her in the park today, and he seems really attached already. He invited her to dinner.”
“A head’s up would’ve been nice.” His hyung complained quietly. Annoyed as he may have come across, Jimin could feel some of the agitation fading out of the apex predator. “And he’s still going to get told off for not taking his phone or his collar, but whatever. Is she human? She’s probably freezing.”
Taking that as the all clear, he turned around and jerked the door open, ushering the two of them in with a wave. Taehyung was still glued to (Y/N), Yoongi raising a brow but saying nothing as she stood there nervously.
“(Y/N), this is our hyung, Yoongi. Yoongi-hyung, this is Tae’s new friend (Y/N).”
“Hey.” Yoongi greeted, stuffing his hands into his pants pockets.
“Nice to meet you, Yoongi-ssi.” she said politely.
“You hungry?” He eyed her frame up and down, no doubt seeing the tremors. Even borrowing Taehyung’s scarf, the fact of the matter was that the poor thing just wasn’t wearing enough layers to fight off the cold. “Dinner’s almost ready. You can come sit in the kitchen and warm up. I’ll put some tea on.”
“That’d actually be really nice.” She rubbed her hands together, starting to squat and remove her shoes.
Jimin eyed Taehyung, shooting him a pointed look. He was hardly giving (Y/N) space to breathe. It was kind of weird. Yeah, Tae was affectionate. Being a golden retriever, a notoriously friendly, gentle breed, it was kind of built into his DNA.
But due to bad experiences with humans, Taehyung wasn’t exactly known to attach himself to just anyone. With Gramps and with them, he got clingy, generally preferring to sleep spooning someone through the night or brushing up against them throughout the day.
Jimin knew Taehyung was serious about bringing (Y/N) into the fold as their new human, but why her? Not that he had anything against (Y/N). Honestly he liked her already. She had good vibes. It was just…so sudden. He wasn’t sure if she fully understood what Taehyung wanted from her, or if she’d be willing to leave whatever life she had behind and come move in with seven male hybrids who could be a bit of a handful. Most sane humans wouldn’t be interested. Hopefully, if nothing else, they could at least all get through dinner without things getting…awkward.
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sor-vette · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
"It's a refurbished student housing," you explain as they trail after you like ducks in a row. Even if they don't understand what you're saying, they seem to be clinging to every word. Wherever you look there's always at least one pair of doe eyes staring expectantly back at you a.k.a. what do you do when you open your doors and find a certain retired boyband for some reason wants to move in
• type: ot7 x fem! reader (poly) • genre: (ex) idol! au, roommate au, soulmate au, slice of life, fluff, crack treated seriously (?), angst, slow burn like an elderly dog with a limp slow, lack of communication • rating: mature • status: ongoing
Tumblr media
#1 Wacky Wednesday
#2 Tenebrous Thursday
#3 Solicitous Saturday
↪ #3.5 Jin Ponders the Meaning of Time over a Pot of Soup
#4 Munificent Monday
#5 Tiresome Tuesday
#6 Surreal Sunday
↪ #6.5 Namjoon Discovers the Definition of Love (His Own)
#7 Tender Tuesday(s)
#8 Furious Friday
#9 The Last Step Towards You
↪ #9.5 Jimin’s History of Having Bad Birthdays
#10 The Getaway Ploy
#11 Sh*t, again
#12 A New Slate
↪ #12.5 Jungkook and the Meaning of "Oh"
#13 Few Rights, Lots of Wrongs
#14 Helping Matters
#15 On Middle Grounds
↪ #15.5 134340 (slowed)
#16 The Tale of Two Sisters (& 7 Uncles & 1 Surprise)
↪ #16.5
#17 Mom
↪ #17.5 Taehyung Wants to Help
#18 First, Tentative Steps Into Light
#19 Life Goes On
↪ #19.5 Jung Hoseok
#20 The Letter
#21 October 12th, 2012
↪ #21.5 The Long and Unexplored Road to You
#22 Hello/Goodbye.
The End.
© sor-vette, 2021 - 2022
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jayhopely · 2 months ago
The Art of Craving [pt.1]
Tumblr media Tumblr media
➳ Pairing: Porn Industry Workers!BTS x Fluffer!Reader
➳ Genre: Smut | Fluff | F2L | Fluffer!AU | Pornstar!AU
➳ Rating: 18+
➳ Word Count: 15.3k
➳ Warnings: dom!bts x sub!reader | vaginal sex | anal sex | fellatio | cunnilingus (including fxf content) | sexual description of body | teasing | handjob | cum play | cum eating | deepthroating | throatpie | sadism | masochism | dom/sub dynamics | breath play | choking | gagging | masturbation | messy making out | slight snowballing | SEXUAL TENSION | pet names | voyeurism | exhibitionism | talks about consent and safewords | breast play | marking | masochist hobi | panty sniffer yoongi | fingering (anal and vaginal) | double penetration | spanking (pussy, ass, clit) | dirty talk | minor spit play | praise kink | degradation | size kink | begging kink | unprotected sex | standing sex | slight sub drop | aftercare |
➳ Summary: It was funny how despite craving each other for 2 years now, neither of you eight had the balls to confess. But all it took is a little push in the right direction from a certain well-wisher and next thing you know, you were getting your brains fucked out.
A/N: It's finally here!! I know I said oneshot but sksksksks and thank you Dee Dee @sugasbabiie for making this like, super-duper good banner for me ^^ and lovely bubs @3amthoughtsvented and Beezy @hobeemin for beta reading, seriously thank you so damn much! <33 Also @namjooningelsewhere you don't know how encouraging your words were luv, thank you~
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
"Cut! Stop filming right now." Namjoon's voice echoed in the studio, making everyone freeze in their spots. The lights were switched off, the film was paused, and breaths hitched, waiting for the next words of the director.
Namjoon was a perfectionist, known to be one of the strictest directors in his line of work. On set, he was a force to be reckoned with, leaving everyone grumpy with how commandeering he could be. It was maybe how the actor’s face had been angled, or how the squelchy sounds of sex appeased his ears, or that one time when the male actor had been way too soft for his liking- he wanted things to go his way, and his way demanded the utmost precision.
It was a shock to him when the three of his best stars’ performances were sub-par.
Misha, the female porn star, had her jaw unhinged, saliva falling from her mouth, black lines of mascara dripping down her face from when she had strained her mouth to take in Taehyung's cock; while Jin, who was pounding her from behind stopped, retreating his hands from her hips, both the men slowly pulling out as carefully as they could.
The slick sound that accompanied it was uncomfortable, but it was nothing the people on the set hadn't experienced. The actors slowly moved away from each other's sweaty and cum-covered bodies, waiting just like the others in the studio.
Hoseok and Yoongi were quick on their feet, rushing to hand very expensive silk robes and chilled waters to each of the cast, dabbing their faces with fresh towels. It was important to make sure they looked fresh for each cut, but not enough for it to be evident to the consumer that they did in fact cut the scene in the middle.
Namjoon stepped forward from his position behind the camera, Jungkook trailing behind quickly with a hardboard in his hands, struggling to keep all the papers in his grasp.
The director pushed his glasses up with a strained look on his face, jaw clenching every second as he struggled to keep his calm. It was the thought about how imperfect the scene had been that left Namjoon in a fit of pique. He wasn't having a good day today, and to have to experience such a lackluster performance from the team dampened his mood.
"This is a mess." He stated as soon as he got close enough to the three actors, taking in their tired forms with his equally dull eyes.
"Why? I thought everything was fine?" Misha started after handing her empty bottle to Yoongi, stepping forward with the robe loosely tied around her bare skin.
She looked ethereal without a doubt. Even with fresh streaks of black on her face, her face exuded sensuality, and her body was curved in just the right places for her to garner a relatively large base of loyal fans who were charmed by the way she could get them aroused with just a flutter of her eyes.
"Wait. Someone get ___ from upstairs first." He declared to no one in particular, but the job would be done soon. He had the power, and he knew it. He smirked when he heard thudding on the stairs. The set was quiet enough for him to listen to the labored breathing of the person. No one disobeyed Namjoon.
"I'll be there in two minutes!" Your sweet voice called out from the floor above, making the men in the studio anticipate your arrival, shivers spreading down their spines.
"Okay, first of all, you guys are doing a girlfriend-boyfriends roleplay. It’s supposed to be romantic, just a little bit lovey-dovey, yeah? And you guys look like you’re having a one-night stand.” Namjoon sighed.
“Wait- but- the people said they wanted rougher stuff. Go check the comments on Tanhub.” Taehyung countered with an exasperated look on his face.
“I know, and that shooting is scheduled for next week,” And Taehyung shut his mouth. “Anyways, Misha, you look disinterested, and your moaning sounds very forced; genuinely enjoy it, yeah? And you guys look like you are hammering a rabbit with your dicks." Namjoon turned to look at Misha's fucked out face and then at the two men who looked disgusted at the director's comment.
"Tell me that when you don't have a cock as big as Taehyung's down your throat. It's not even my fault, my throat wasn't warmed up properly, and I'm just not in the mood." She grumbled in reply, crossing her arms over her chest.
"Alright, we will do something for that. Is Misha's fluffer on set?" A trembling Jungkook stepped forward from the shadows, cowering under his boss's gaze. He immediately shuffled through the papers in his hands, coming up with nothing until he saw you skipping down the stairs.
His gaze was stuck on your form, wearing the shortest pair of shorts he had ever seen on anybody, your ass cheeks falling out and jiggling deliciously with every step you took their way. You hadn't gone easy on them with your crop top either. The cut dipped down all the way from your collarbone, showing off your sternum. The sides of your supple breasts were visible for their eyes to feast on, and did they appreciate the sight.
"You called me Mr. Kim?" You chirped, looking over all the stars before your gaze landed on the tallest man in the room.
"Hi princess, Misha's fluffer didn't come in today?" He smiled, and your heart fluttered.
"No, Lex did, but he left a while back because there was an emergency. He told me to tell you, but since you were in your element, I didn't."
Namjoons thick lips parted in a sigh, his hand going to ruffle his hair.
"Okay, we will figure something out for Misha; how about you go help Jin and Taehyung till then? We'll resume in 20."
"Alright! Let’s go!" You chirped with a grin, happy to spend time with some of your favorite people. Said men were quick to grab each of your hands, rushing you to one of the empty corners of the studio where they could have their privacy.
Though their jobs required them to be exposed in front of the camera, showing off all their assets, they still preferred to keep something to cover themselves up, and it worked in their favor when you would trail your hands over their muscular thighs, lightly scratching with your fingertips to keep them worked up.
That being said, they didn't need you to fluff them; your presence was enough to have them turned on for days, but there was something in the way you looked at them, touched them with the lightest yet most sinful hands that made them groan in pleasure and want more.
"Hi Tae, Jin! How have you guys been?" You smiled.
Their breaths quickened when they saw you drop to the floor and tie your hair up in a ponytail, your top riding up even further and revealing the tattoo under your breasts to them.
It was a simple flower vine, the blank ink spread from your sideboob all the way under the curve, but to be able to see so much of you felt like a dream despite having known you for two years now.
It certainly had an effect on them, one which you were not oblivious to. You knew them enough to understand when they were really enjoying themselves and when they weren't. Their moans from below left a sour taste in your mouth- they weren't authentic or the low, deep groans you knew all too well. They were forced and intermittent, and you knew it was time to change into your sexiest, most revealing clothes to make them shift in their seats.
It was the moment you had been waiting for for a long time.
"Hi, ___," Taehyung mumbled, his fiery gaze fixed on you.
Having you here right now, in such a compromising position, in front of their chairs, was a bad mistake. Your job was to keep them hard during breaks but it didn't help that they had had a crush on you since the moment they saw you walking down the set timidly on your first day as a fluffer.
It took all they had in them not to bust a nut; although they longed to cover your tits with their seed, they would have to wait for another day.
"Can I touch you now?" You gazed at them with longing eyes, and they were immediately nodding their heads.
"Thank you."
You dipped your hands under their robes, getting a feel of their calves and then their muscular thighs, not too fast, caressing the soft yet tense skin with a grin on your face. You didn't have it in you to look them in their eyes, you knew it would make you want to submit under their dominant gazes, so you kept your eyes fixed on your hands.
With a shaky breath, you begin to inch them up, teasing them. Their hearts began palpitating in their chests the more you got closer to their cocks. They knew what you were doing, they had played the game with you every time, but today, they didn't have the patience to let you act like the brat you were.
"I suggest you stop teasing baby. Don't make me get Jimin over here." Jin clicked his tongue in annoyance.
You shifted on your knees. It was your job to tease them. To keep them ready, not enough for them to cum. Jimin, your supervisor, had told you to do the same.
"Your job is to tease, ___, not to make them orgasm. Make them crave you. Use your mouth or your hands; it doesn't matter, as long as they stay hard enough to continue, you get paid." He had told you at the time of your job briefing, grazing his fingers over his thighs, which you couldn't help but gawk at.
You didn't understand what bringing Jimin here could do except for making your day even better. He would, in fact, just sit there and monitor you with hooded eyes, his legs spread wide enough for you to be able to steal a glance at his erection.
So you ignored their words, feeling your breath start to quicken, lust coursing through your veins from how excited you were to disobey them. It was the thrill of breaking the rules that made blood rush all over your body. They couldn't punish you even if you wanted them to, it was all a part of a job- your job as their fluffer.
You rub your palms over them with a feathery touch, wanting to make them wait for you. It was a sight to behold- the two twitching in their seats, and moaning for you. Their cocks were still covered by the silk robe, enticing you to touch them and lick them. Though you could see the outline clearly, it didn't satisfy the hunger in your throat, it never did, so you removed it.
And the sight would always leave you dumbstruck.
Taehyung's was, by far, the longest cock you had ever seen and tasted. His thick cock lay on his abs that twitched under your eager eyes, his long fingers rubbing his chin as if he was deep in thought. He was almost easily eight inches long, and you always commended anyone who had the power to manage an entire shoot with him.
Jin, on the flip side, was equally impressive, if not more. Though his length was maybe an inch shorter than Taehyung's, his girth made up for it. You were sure of the pleasurable burn it would provide when it split open a pussy, massaging the walls like no one else could. His thrusts were harsh and powerful too, thanks to his impeccable hips, and you never understood how one can be so perfect.
As you continued practically gawking over them, your cunt heating in your panties, it was Jin whose resolve finally broke and he grabbed your hand that was fisted in his robe and pulled you towards him in a swift motion. Your knees scraped against the ground uncomfortably, but that was the least of your worries when you saw the need in Jin's eyes.
You gazed at him with startled eyes, your mouth itching to ask if you did something wrong. Jin had his hand wrapped around the base of his cock, his leaking slit smearing his precum all over your reddened lips. You could taste a mixture of Misha's sweet pussy juices and his cum on your tongue, and that ignited a fire in your veins.
"Sweetie, put your mouth over his cock right now; you do not want to disobey us," Taehyung growled under his breath, his hands moving to undo his robe and grasp his cock tightly.
“But what about you?” You asked.
“Don’t worry about me ___; you have no idea about the effect you have on me." His stare pierced into your eyes as he spoke.
You flushed but complied immediately, parting your lips and taking him in your mouth. Hollowing your cheeks just the right amount as you take him in. All nervousness left your body the second you felt the weight of his cock on your tongue, it felt like it belonged there, heavy and warm. He's long enough to hit the back of your throat easily and thick enough to make your jaw throb with pain increasingly every second, but it was all a part of your wonderful job.
"You look so pretty with your lips around my cock!" Jin let out a pleasurable sigh at the feeling, your nails digging into his thighs at the praise, your tongue swirling around his tip, and he let his head fall back. Your eyes were closed due to the strain, but every sharp inhale and moan and sigh you heard was a reward, and you clenched your empty hole, wanting nothing more for him to fuck you.
With a pop, you removed your mouth from his cock, taking in deep breaths. You looked up at him only to see him staring down at you with lust-lidden eyes, his breathing heavy like yours. You were taken aback when his hand moved to grip yours, long fingers interlocking with yours and wrapping them around his thick cock and stroking it, sticky sounds amplifying in your ear.
You struggled to keep your eyes on his, feeling bashful under his stare, so you wrapped your lips around his tip again, licking his tip and coating it with your saliva. With his chest reverberating in a deep groan, you felt yourself becoming wet and your panties starting to stick to your core uncomfortably, gasping when his hand left yours, and you stopped yours too, wanting to ask him why. But you couldn’t when his hand pushed your head down on his cock in one go, his tip hitting the back of your throat.
"That's a good fucking girl. F-Fuck, baby, you feel so good!" He growled, the thrust of his hips starting to increase in pace, as you stopped bobbing your head up and down and let him take control of you. You gagged with every thrust when the tip of his cock hit the back of your throat, bruising the flesh of your mouth, but you wanted it.
With each thrust, you moaned around him, hearing him curse and groan above you. You were so lost in the intoxicating feeling of his cock hitting the back of your throat; you couldn't make out when his length throbbed in your mouth or when his balls tightened, filing with his cum, or when he released the deepest growl you ever heard and spilled his hot cum in your mouth.
Jin knew he shouldn’t do it; knew it was bad, knew it would get him in trouble with Namjoon later but seeing the girl of his dreams on his knees, sucking his cock with the warmest and most tempting mouth he had ever had the pleasure of fucking; was far too much for him to control, so maybe- maybe it was okay to let go, he decided.
"Fuck baby, so fucking good for us, gonna make you mine one day! Fuck!" He hummed under his breath. You couldn't hear him over the loud, slick noises of your drolling saliva and his cum, whimpering at the taste of his hot seed coating your tongue- sweet like honey with hints of citrus, a flavor you could easily get addicted to.
"Shit, baby, you're milking my cock! F-fuck!" He continued riding out his high, not caring that the shoot would have to be prolonged. You let him have it after weighing your options after the hazy feeling in your mind disappeared; the only thing you could do was wait for him to get hard again. He continued bobbing your head up and down, swallowing thickly at the sight of you looking fucked out and dizzy after just giving a blowjob.
Some of cum dripped down from your mouth and on his shaft, and you darted your tongue out to lick it. Dragging the muscle as slowly as you could over his length, you gave it small kitten licks, rolling your tongue back into your mouth to taste him with your eyes shut closed. You sighed, finally feeling full and hearty.
A deep groan on your left side caught your attention. Taehyung was sitting with his legs spread wide in his chair, forehead glistening with sweat, and was busy rubbing his thumb over his slit that oozed precum, the sight inviting you to wrap your lips around his cock.
You were tempted to suck him dry the same way you had milked Seokjin, but you couldn’t make the same mistake again, it would be unprofessional of you to make him cum; it always had been to wind them, but never to bring them relief.
"Having fun here, are we?" You turned your head, jumping in alarm at the presence of an all too familiar voice in your little corner.
It was Jimin, guided by Namjoon, both men looking like lust right in front of you. The former wore a tight, black t-shirt that hugged his biceps and chest, a silver necklace dangling from his neck. He had gone hard with his choice of dark leather pants which made his milky skin pop and his cherry lips look irresistible.
"Dear, oh dear, you made Seokjin cum didn't you?" Jimin bent down, his eyes condescending, staring into yours with a wicked smile on his face.
"I-I did but please-" 'It's not my fault', you wanted to say, but his hands had reached out to pull you towards him by your hips, rubbing the skin with a soft hand on each side, and you gasped in surprise when you felt the cold metal of his necklace graze your skin.
There never had really been any professional boundaries between the two of you, even from the day he had interviewed you for this job. It had always been a mixture of seductive looks from him, shy glances from you, and sexual tension that was almost suffocating. Neither of you had made a move on each other, but you couldn’t deny how your heart palpated in your chest whenever he monitored you on set.
You let him pull himself closer to you, let him fully press his body to yours, and grip your love handles with an antagonizing touch. He smelled earthy and comforting, clean and fresh, like the forest floor after the first monsoon rain. You let him tower over your figure, the presence of the other figures in the room seeming like a distant memory in the monsoon fall.
Your words were caught in your throat when his lips smashed on yours, licking into your mouth and tasting the remnants of Jin's cum that you had eagerly lapped up from his cock. You tried to pull yourself back, ground yourself, but he held you in place with his fingers digging into your flesh, and you shivered hard, forcing a chuckle out of him.
His lips were soft and warm, his mouth controlling yours with carnal desire. A mewl slipped past your throat when his tongue caressed yours, playing with each other languidly. Saliva dripped down your mouth, inviting Jimin to suck your tongue into his mouth, moaning as he did so.
His hand that had been pulling you into him was pressed against the back of your neck, the cool touch a salve to your burning skin. You couldn't help but press your lips into his further, needing his touch to soothe the fire in your core. You trailed your hand over his neck, feeling the muscles ripple every time a particularly hard slurp of his tongue made you mewl, the veins popping under pressure.
It was when you pulled your hands up to his soft hair and gripped the strands in firm, tiny fists he broke away from you, a string of saliva connecting your lips. You chased his lips with a hooded gaze and a pout on your face as he backed away from you, stroking the side of your arms as if to tell you to calm down. His throat bobs as he stares at you.
“Oh, baby.” He looked at you fondly, making your insides churn. He had to make you fall for them even harder.
You whimpered and stopped, staring at him with desire evident in your eyes, but he simply giggled in a shaky breath and moved closer to you, this time bringing his mouth close to your ears. Despite the hammering in your head that made you want to kiss him until your lips were numb, you could hear his hard breathing as clearly as your own.
“You liked that, didn’t you, baby?” He chuckled when you nodded your head immediately, breathing in deeply.
“Turn around, baby.” His voice was a mixture of amusement and anticipation, and you felt your heart beating out of your chest at the uncertainty of the situation. Your palms suddenly became clammy as he gently twisted your shoulders to get you to face the other side.
“Oh my-” And you jumped up immediately at the sight, breath hitching and forgetting the pain in your legs.
It was Namjoon, Jin, and Taehyung, all looking at you with dominating eyes, and from the fraction of a second you had a chance to look at them before you panicked, they were turned on too- the hard-on pressing against their pants a dead giveaway. You were pleased that you had elicited such a reaction from them— perspiration on their brows, heavy breathing with tight muscles.
You couldn’t lie; it did turn you on- the fact that your crushes had witnessed such an intimate moment between you and Jimin made you want to shove two fingers in your pussy and soothe the throbbing in your core. Still, it was unprofessional, to make out with your boss, while your other boss and colleagues got an erection at the blatant exhibitionism.
You had a few inklings about their attraction to you, overhearing a rather affected Jungkook rant to Yoongi and Hoseok about how delicious you looked when you helped Jin and Taehyung out for their shoots; or when Namjoon and Jimin had called you to the latter’s office for a few words. You had been nervous the entire day, but it was just them praising you for an hour straight. Only you know how drenched your panties were after that. Their words make you giddy to this day, but you didn’t know if you should wait for them to confess or do it yourself.
What if it wasn’t the right time, or your words came out all jumbled, and you made a mess of yourself, or what if it went in entirely different directions your imagination couldn’t even think of. Surely that can’t be attractive! But seeing their oh-so-not-decent acts with you ignited the desire to confess first in your brain. Confident women are always hot, you know; that’s why everyone likes Misha so much. Maybe you should ask Misha for advice.
Conflicting thoughts ran through your mind at supersonic speed, and it was a blessing when said woman trotted in with a hand on her hip, her robe tied so loosely you could see the entire expanse of her collarbones, twirling a thick strand of her luscious hair in her left hand. Her face was devoid of the black rivulets of mascara, and three men, namely Jungkook, Yoongi, and Hoseok, rushed in after her.
“So your solution, Namjoon?” She spoke casually, and you didn’t know if she hadn’t noticed the tension in the room or just chose to ignore it.
“Yeah,” His voice was raspy. “I don’t know if ___ would agree to it, but since she has done it in the past,” He gestured towards you, and you weren’t sure if you were the only one who could see the fire in his eyes. “I thought maybe she could help you.”
You were shocked.
Yes, you had done the job of Misha’s fluffer on many occasions, as hers seemed to not be present on set quite a few times, but you didn’t mind it. She was an amiable person, always kind to you, and she always whispered praises that were dipped with sweet honey in your ears. But in all fairness, it had been weeks since you last helped her.
“Would you want to, ___? You can always use your safewords if you feel uncomfortable.” All eyes were on you, and you felt a boost of confidence. They needed you to help Misha out, to make her pussy wet and needy for Taehyung and Jin’s cocks.
“Yeah, I’ll do it.” You declared with a small smile on your face.
“Are you sure? ___ don’t do it if you don’t want to consent to it.” Jimin looked at you sternly, his manager-aura prominent around him, a look you responded to with a reassuring smile.
Lost in each other’s gaze, his eyes reflected a whirlwind of emotions– worry, yearning, hesitancy, love– hold on, love? Love? But before you could analyze the depths of his emotions, Misha cleared her throat and stepped forward. Her hand grabbed yours in a loose grip and guided you towards one of the spare chairs next to Jin’s and sat down with her legs spread out, pushing you gently on your knees.
You stumbled a little before placing your hands on her soft thighs to balance yourself. Though the robe covered her, you could faintly see her pussy glistening with her juices, making your mouth water, desperate to taste her, but you stopped, waiting for everyone to leave your little corner. You turned back towards them and motioned them to go- they were your crushes, but now that you were hyper-aware of your surroundings, it would be impossible for you to concentrate on Misha.
With pleading eyes, you stared at Namjoon, hoping he would get the message. Thankfully he did, not before smirking at you- oh this wouldn’t be good- he pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose, looking like he had all the authority in the room; which he did much to your dismay and pointed the finger at Yoongi, Hoseok, and Jimin to stay.
“Shoot will resume in 20 minutes. All three of you must be ready by then.” Namjoon announced.
“But Yoongi and Hoseok-?” You trailed off, cocking your head to your right with a questioning look.
“Princess, if all three stars are here, then why would they not be here too? Their job is to take care of the three’s needs, isn’t it?” Namjoon shot you a look of amusement and left without another word, Jungkook behind him.
No words were said after; only the scampering of feet was heard as the rest got chairs to seat themselves on. All of them looked relaxed in their position, phones in their hand while it was your heart that was beating out of your chest. You turned back to Misha, who looked at you with a knowing smirk and motioned you to come closer.
But Misha knew, she knew really well what was brewing in that little head of yours, almost every single staff person knew, in fact. It was common knowledge to not come into the little bubble that had been created around you and the boys, ‘The Eight’, as they liked to call it, and until and unless they wanted to be fired, they learned to steer away from you and the boys.
Misha made you feel nervous- naturally so, as she looked like she knew all your cards, and you usually wouldn’t bat an eyelash towards such behavior, but Misha was different. After working with her for so long, you knew when a storm was brewing in her eyes and when it wasn’t.
You tried to convince your heart it wasn’t you whom they were looking at that; they were looking at their phones; you could even see the occasional scrolling of their thumb on the screen when you scanned the area, yet it didn't subdue your nerves. You took a few silent breaths and looked at Misha for permission.
“Behave like a good girl, okay?” She whispered in a sultry tone, and you nodded eagerly.
“Gimme my phone too, please.” Misha requested a dazed Hoseok, who jumped up from his chair and rummaged through the mess his fanny pack was; the constant clattering of god-knows-what was in there making you anxious.
“Get to it, little girl.” She pushed your head to the crevice between her thighs, the audible sound of her phone unlocking echoing in the room. Your nose met her clit, the woman above you letting out a small moan at the stimulation. Your hands gripped her thighs, rubbing small circles there with your thumbs.
The smell of her pussy was the sweetest candy you have ever tasted on a woman. You darted the tip of your tongue out, licking at her clit experimentally. Tasting her juices, watching as it elicited a soft sigh from her. It had been a long time since you ate her out, but she tasted the same as ever. You crossed your legs, hoping that your wetness wasn’t visible through your thin shorts, burying your head into the flesh of her thighs further in shame.
With shaky hands, you pried her thighs apart, gaining better access to her cunt. Finally getting to see her pussy lips glistening with juices, a whimper left your mouth. You immediately lapped at her clit, drawing ‘eights’ with the tip of your tongue before wrapping your mouth around it and sucking it into your mouth. A groan left her mouth, and you could feel her hand clench at her side before it came down to force you down and your tongue into her hole.
With need coursing through your veins, you thrust your tongue into her tight hole, Misha’s back arching of her chair as she hissed in pleasure. You could faintly taste Jin’s cum on your tongue, fueling your desire to please her. Her scent was stronger now; you almost felt drunk on it.
“Don’t tease, be a good girl for me.” She whispered into the shell of your ear, pressing a small kiss there before resuming scrolling through her phone. A strained breath from behind you caught your attention, and you retreated your tongue from her entrance, a deep hum of pleasure reverberating in her chest. With a few kitten licks at her clit as an apology, you turned your head back.
It was Hoseok, standing half an arm’s distance away from you, gripping his fanny pack so tight his fingers were almost white. His eyes were glazed, never looking up from the floor and a clear outline of his erection against his jeans. You shifted uneasily on your knees, praying to God he wasn’t in such a condition because of watching you eat Misha out, but he was.
“___,” He groaned out. “Come here, love.”
Your breath hitched as he almost whined out his words, extending his arms towards you. You went along with it, having little idea about what was in store for you.
He wrapped a steady arm around your waist as soon as you were on your feet, pressing his chiseled chest to yours until there was no space between the two of you. Your breasts were pressed up against his chest uncomfortably, but you didn’t mind, especially when you could feel his hardened nipples poke through his thin white shirt, which could be deemed translucent.
Hoseok’s breath hitched, his head falling to rest in the crook of your neck, his soft locks tickling you. Your hands nimbly found their place on his shoulders to balance yourself, without realizing you had dug your fingers painfully into his shoulder. A faint gasp escaped your mouth when you realized you had hurt Hoseok, but the thought was shunned when you felt his wet tongue drag up your neck, leaving a wet trail of saliva in its path that glimmered bewitchingly in the dark.
It was you this time whose breath was caught in their throat.
“Baby, don’t be shy, hurt me harder.” He growled, his hands leaving your waist to trace the muscles of your neck as they convulsed with every heavy gulp of air you took in.
“I- Hoseok, w-what?” You mumbled, baffled by the debauchery of his words. Your knees threatened to collapse under Hoseok’s hold when he glided his knuckles from your shoulder to the tip of your fingers gingerly. He interlocked your fingers together once he had had a good look at your trembling figure– eyes glossed over and breathing unstable– and you had no choice but to give in to him like he wanted.
His hand controlling yours and trailing it all over his body; first, his dainty fingertips had you tracing every dip and curve of his chest, scrutinizing gaze staring down at you. The touch was faint- barely there, but it was as if you had ignited the demon inside of Hoseok. Your elegant touch burned his skin, lavender scent that drove him wild, and pretty black eyes that he could stare into for hours on end, your everything–you, just you.
Your hand was laid directly over his heart now, and you could feel it thump erratically in his chest with every second your other hand got closer to the curve between his neck and shoulder, raising your head slowly to meet his eyes.
The sensuality of the moment caught you off-guard. It wasn’t something you had experienced with anyone before– all your previous partners were lovely, but it never lasted long enough to the point of expressing such deep desire for each other. You certainly hadn’t been in someone’s hold that was so firm and promising, as if he was committing himself to you forever- committing to never letting go of each other.
It felt good, very good.
Hoseok’s eyes were warm and dark, the embers of his passion towards you soaring higher as you looked at him with your own desire-filled eyes. His lips were wet and supple, looking so damn enticing in your eyes, and his hands were still holding yours. So lost in the moment; you hadn't even realized the audience that had gathered around you both, taking in your provoking form with enchantment.
“You heard what he said ___, hurt him.” You jerked in Hoseok’s grasp, eyes tearing away from his to look over his shoulder, only to be met by Yoongi’s dark gaze. He had his arms crossed over his buff chest with the veins protruding- it was almost an aphrodisiac in itself, which broke a damn of unholy thoughts in your mind- the phone in his arms long forgotten in his inviting lap.
But Hoseok didn’t stop taking your hand even higher, didn’t stop even when he had you tracing the outline of his pouty lips- the salmon-colored skin chapped from when he had gulped one too many times and bitten his lips to contain himself. He had been awestruck by the way you had eaten Misha’s pussy like it was the honey easing your burning throat. His lips felt soothing on your fingertips, though, and you could certainly help them, and before you knew it, you were reaching up to pull Hoseok’s lips down to you, taking him by surprise.
The second your lips met, he released the most resounding grunt you had ever heard from him, one of his hands frantically leaving your waist to clutch at your neck. You could feel his fingers embed crescent marks into your skin, a moan of pleasure and pain escaping your mouth, which was swallowed up by Hoseok’s low humming as his lips moved against yours with bruising intensity. A gush of wetness in your panties was your trigger to touch him in the same way he was feeling you.
Your hands that had dropped to his crisp collar were now entangled in his luxuriant hair, raking through them, and then a sharp pull at the right second was enough to make him pull away from you with a click of your wet and glossy lips. How he sucked in air through his teeth and proceeded to moan out your name were telltale signs enough to have you quivering but you masked it with a bright grin on your face, looking at him with a satisfied look.
“Would you look at that, little minx? Did you enjoy making out with Hobi in front of everyone? Hm?” A pair of hands on your hip bone kept you in place with no room to move; a gasp stuck in your throat. You had been confined with no space for yourself, not that you really minded. By the deep and baritone tone of the voice of said person, you knew it was Taehyung. The way he whispered lowly into your ear, soft puffs of air hitting the outer shell of your ear had you letting out an eager mewl.
With you sandwiched between both of them, you could feel both Hoseok’s and Taehyung’s rock hards press into your pussy and ass cheeks, respectively. You stifled a moan when Taehyung’s large fingers moved to grip your right ass cheek in a vice-like grip, watching as it fit perfectly in the palm of his hand and letting it go with a ripple of the flesh, biting your neck gently when you choked on your breath.
“Can we touch you, love?” Hoseok mindlessly twirled a strand of your hair in his hands.
“But you are- touch-touching me!” You hiccuped, not knowing what more they wanted out of you. They were pressed up against you, their cocks were twitching in their pants, something you were very well aware of- so how much more could they want?
“You think this is touching you, sweetie?” Taehyung chuckled from behind you, his chest heaving as he took in deep breaths, trying to catch a whiff of your mouth-watering lavender scent, which had your heart fluttering in response.
“Oh, baby, sweet little ___,” Hoseok mumbled darkly, the ghost of his lips trailing over your forehead, pressing a chaste kiss there. And before you could even form a coherent thought, he was roughly twisting your body over with his arms on your elbows, his caging you to his chest with an arm wrapped tightly around your belly button. A large hand decorated your neck, fingers splaying around your skin before they clamped down gently, just enough to have your breath hitching, and you dared not move an inch, letting Hoseok manhandle you the way he wanted.
Taehyung was now standing in front of you, rubbing his lips with his thumb. With salacious intent evident in his dark eyes, eyes following yours as they traveled down to sneak a peek at his erection that outlined his silk robe.
He had done it purposely, you were sure.
“You don’t know what we–what all of us want to do to you ___?” Hoseok gripped your neck a little to have your attention back on him, blowing air into your ear to have you squirm against him.
He, along with the rest six craved your attention- it was a hunger that was never satiated even after having your presence looming all over them the entire day. It would never be enough, no, not until they could have you in more than one way, that was to say sexually, romantically, emotionally, mentally, and everything else. They knew very well you wanted them as much as they wanted you, but you were shy when it comes to things like this- they had heard you telling Misha a long time back when you were chit-chatting with her, your face between her folds.
It had provoked them- they way you doused yourself in the praise Misha gave you, and made it their mission to make you feel that they wanted you too- and it was then that they had made up a plan to have Jimin and Namjoon pamper you, something the seven of them had such a hard time coming to a consensus about. But it worked in their favor, even after all the fighting about who would pamper you because they knew you were wet the entire time.
“You don’t know, baby, or are you playing coy?” It was Jimin, cooing at the way your cheeks blushed a deep red, the contrast against your skin had him almost tripping at how much effect he had on you.
He came to stand before your eyes in all his magnificent glory, his arms in his pockets and lips curled into a condescending smile that still seemed so fond and lovesome that you couldn’t help but stutter when you replied.
“I d-don’t know.” You hummed.
“Ah baby, now you have made this difficult for me.” Jimin clicked his tongue in feign disapproval. His right hand left the warmth of his pocket before his fingers were at your chin, tilting your head upwards so you couldn’t escape his gaze.
“Tell me, baby, do you see what you have done? Taehyung move.” He commanded, stepping aside himself to let you have a look at Jin and Yoongi, who had seated themselves right in front of you, making no attempts to cover their erections, just like Taehyung hadn’t. The only difference was- Jin had been pumping his fist up over his cock, the wet sounds you hadn't been paying attention to, now amplified in your ears, while Yoongi’s cock lay straining against the fabric of his denim.
“See, baby; you see how hard they are for you? How are they controlling themselves not to take you right here and have you screaming until your throat hurts? Do you know how difficult it is, baby? To have you acting like a fucking vixen, eating Misha’s pussy out and then looking at us with those innocent eyes of yours? Do you, baby?” Jimin groaned in pure irritation, ruffling a hand through his air before turning to you with a smirk on his face.
“I wonder if you’re wet for us too. Do you crave us too, baby?” He came closer to you before dropping down to his knees, a thud resonating in the air that had you shying away from his touch, but he growled and hooked his fingers in your shorts, pulling them down along with your underwear in a swift motion. You nodded nimbly, but you weren’t sure if it was just in your head- your brain was all kinds of messed up.
He knowingly smirked, seeing how you had very evidently wet your panties, before throwing them to a struggling Yoongi. He caught them frantically, his eyes popping and breath growing heavier as he pressed them to his nose, smelling your essence. You smelled divine, that was for sure, and he knew you would taste just as good. He just hoped you didn’t catch him whiffing your panties like a creep, but thankfully you didn’t.
You were too busy whimpering into Hoseok’s mouth as he lapped at your lips, Jimin planting affectionate pecks to the insides of your thighs that had you squirming desperately in his hold. It was agony when he purposely avoided going at your clit, dragging his wet appendage an inch from your core before languidly sucking love bites into the flesh.
“Please, Jimin, I-I need you.” You broke away from Hoseok’s lips to let out a pathetic whine, the man burying his face into your neck and trailing his hand over your neck before traveling down further to your clothed chest. He squeezes your breast softly with his palm as you moan until he can feel your heart stutter in your chest. He can feel how quickly your heart is beating under his fingertips.
“Can I touch you, ___?” This time you eagerly nodded, not having it in you to respond with words.
With newly found confidence, he kneads the supple flesh of your breast, his hand that was on your waist pulling your shirt up with one hand before he tears it in one swift motion. The satisfying rip of the cloth reaches their ears and your breasts were bare for their eyes to feast on, save on the skimpy lace bra that accentuated the shape of your breasts—growing confident with his motions when you pushed your chest into his touch vehemently.
And then he’s unclasping your bra with a single skilled hand, the men watching as your breasts bounce out of their confine almost teasingly, the ripples visible on your flesh and your nipples hard for them. You gasp when the cold air hits the sensitive skin of your areolas but Hoseok’s cupping them in his large, warm palms, shushing your adorable whimpers.
“Jimin, give her what she wants.” Jin was indulging himself, just like Taehyung, who had moved to sit silently in the corner next to him, both men loving the way your nipples had perked up when Hoseok pinched at them harshly. Your knees caved as a sob ripped out of you, and they just wanted the two boys to have their time with you so that they could too.
A loud gasp slipped from your mouth when Jimin hoisted your leg over his shoulder to get a better angle of your pussy. The air hit your hole had you twitching– something that made Jimin chuckle. He found you extremely adorable even in this situation.
The pad of his fingers makes contact with your clit first, rubbing the little nub in his hands before blowing air over it to have you squirming again. He gathered your wetness from your wet entrance with his index and middle finger before parting your pussy lips gently and sliding them knuckles deep into your warmth, a moan forcing its way out from both of you. He couldn’t believe how wet you were, how your walls felt like velvet around his fingers.
“Fuck, your pussy is so tight, little minx.” He moaned.
Jimin couldn’t wait to be inside your pussy.
“Baby, look at me.” Yoongi’s voice called out thickly and you immediately obeyed, only to be shocked. Your eyes were glued on your panties which were covered with both of your juices. Without an ounce of shame, he continued pleasuring himself. He covered his tip with the hem of the silk cloth before rubbing it up and down his length in a manner that only had the tension in your thighs furthering and your hole fluttering against Jimin’s fingers.
“Tell me how it feels, ___. Is Jiminie making you feel good? Does your little pussy want to cum all over his face? Tell us, baby.” He stared into your eyes, daring you to break eye contact, and you flushed a deep red.
“Do you want us to fuck you, baby girl? I can see your juices leaking down Jimin’s fingers from here; what a filthy little girl you are.” He continued, chuckling, amused by the way Jimin had you malfunctioning, but only because he really really wanted to make you feel good fuck you too. His dick was throbbing in his hands, the tip flushing a deep red after being denied your warmth for so long.
“Fuck you taste so good, always wanted this pretty little pussy on my face.” He moans into your sex before adding another finger to your dripping hole, which easily slid in thanks to your slick that coated your pussy whole. He smirked in a boyish grin when he suddenly attached his thick lips to your nub, alternating between sucking and licking sloppy eight figures, knowing it would make you cum all over his face- you probably hadn't even realized, too occupied with Yoongi. Still, your hole was clenching around his fingers so hard, he knew you were on the brink of breaking.
He shoves his face into your mound as much as he could to get you over the edge. You could only concentrate on the burn of him stretching you that was absolute euphoria, his fingers working out of you at a rapid pace that had you seeing stars. You unknowingly had broken eye contact with Yoongi, the man grinning eye to eye when he realized he had something to hold against you.
“Make her cum all over your face, Jiminie.” Taehyung’s voice echoes in your ear, but you aren’t sure anymore. It all seemed like a blur when Jimin hums against your clit, his fingers massaging your walls with more fervor that had you tripping over the edge. The waves of your earth-shattering orgasm hit you, and you close your eyes tightly when red dots fill up your vision as a loud moan escapes you. Your head is thrown back against Hoseok’s shoulder, who was pressing sloppy kisses into your skin, cooing at you in adoration.
You indeed were a sight to behold when you cum.
“That’s it.” Yoongi breaks, his conscience long forgotten as he falls to his knees next to Jimin, pushing him slightly out of the way so that he could have access to your pussy too. Ignoring Jimin’s protests of displeasure, he grabs Jimin’s wrist. He forces them out of you, ogling at your wetness that covered the entirety of his fingers for a second before shoving his tongue in your hole to taste your cum.
Yes, just like he had imagined. He isn’t hindered when you jump, trying to push his head away, your whiny tone voicing out the overstimulation that he was making you suffer through. But he didn’t care- not when you tasted divine. Your thick release on his tongue is the only thing he can feel, and he tongues at your walls to get every single drop on his taste buds, gulping breathlessly.
Everyone looked at the scene with mesmerizing eyes and ears alike, the noises you make like sweet music to their ears, and the sight which had their cock throb with the ardent need to bury themselves inside your pussy. You let out a soft moan in appreciation after the pain fades, just to let him know how good it made you feel and partially because you just can’t help it. His tongue is working on your pussy like magic.
“Shit, baby, I think you broke Yoongi.” Hoseok chuckled from behind you, the sexual tension dissipating a little at his comment. His hands still working on your breasts, but this time mindlessly, because he just can’t help but love how perfect they feel in his hands.
"Oh, he's gone," Jimin added with a snort, putting you back on your feet and standing up with a grin on his face. You smiled back.
Holy shit. They liked you back. But did this mean they like-liked you back? You did just do this- whatever this was- with them. So that means they must like you too. Yeah, they must.
You looked down after catching your breath from your inner monologue, the haziness of doubt in your brain fading, instead replaced by a wave of happiness and bashfulness altogether. Yoongi was still relishing in having the flavor of your cum on his tongue, holding the back of your thighs so you couldn't move away, and suckling at your hole and pussy lips.
"Yoongi, please st-stop, sensitive." You whined breathlessly.
"But you taste so good." He mumbled from his position between your thighs.
“Hyung, stop,” A deep voice called out from behind you, sending shivers down your spine.
Namjoon’s eyes had been transfixed on your glistening pussy, watching as Yoongi drank your essence hungrily, and for some reason, you didn’t shy away from his gaze. He was biding his time, waiting in the shadows of the studio like a predator for its prey with dark, hooded eyes. The sounds of your incessant whining and moaning throughout your steamy session with the boys were audible to him, but he was known to make a jaw-dropping entrance, which he had delivered in your case.
It was as if a switch had gone off under his presence, the submissive in you resurfacing with every step he took your way. Your body burned under his gaze as he clicked his tongue at your fucked out form- sweat was dripping down your forehead, and your limbs had turned to jelly.
“Already tired, princess?” He chuckled humourlessly, tucking a piece of hair behind your ear with such affection you couldn't help but muster a big smile his way with your heart jumping in your chest.
“No, I can take more if you want to give me more.” You chirped, writhing when Hoseok’s arm returned to your waist, holding you in position at your consent. He pawed at the globe of your ass with rough hands, squeezing the flesh harshly.
“Is that so, hmm?” He purred coming to stand in front of you, the click of his heels sent a shiver down your spine. You knew you were gone when Jimin stepped aside with a smirk on his stupidly handsome face.
Yet you nodded hesitantly, a million questions running through your head, eager eyes watching as he shared a witty look with everyone in the little corner before turning back to you. The butterflies in your stomach churned at the devilish look, the feeling enough to have you dig your fingers into Hoseok’s arm on your waist. Hissing through his teeth, he latched onto your neck and started to suck bruising love bites all over the expanse of your smooth skin.
A moan escaped you at the sensation of his lips on your body, the unsatiated desire to be filled up and ruined by the men you love still lingering on your senses.
“What do you want princess, tell us and we’ll give it to you. Maybe.” The absolute shit-eating grin on his face had you dumbstruck. Did he want you to announce it? Tell them how much you fucking love them since the moment you laid your eyes on them and how it was absolute agony to try to act as if they were mere co-workers? That you tried so hard to hold your strong-girl façade up but in the end, you were putty in their hands, that they can mold as per their wishes?
With rosy cheeks, you searched for a sign of mockery on his face, pleading uselessly under your breath to save yourself from the embarrassment that you were sure was to come.
A sharp spank was delivered to your hardened, sensitive clit at your silence, the little nub throbbing with blood as you choked on a moan and arched your hips into Namjoon's touch, craving for the blissful pain again.
"Tell us, baby, don't act humble now. I know you're nothing but a little slut for us, you just want to be fucked until you’re filled nice and deep, yeah?" He growled under his breath before delivering two speedy blows to your dripping pussy, the wet smack being drowned out as you sobbed in anguish. Just then you felt Hoseok bite down just next to your carotid, your body jerking forward to get away from his touch but a pair of calloused hands forced you in place, and you could do nothing but throw your head back and take the delicious pain.
Namjoon’s hand didn’t leave your mound, shushing you as he rubbed at your clit in tight circles soothingly. You whined at the pain, breathing erratically as you looked around with the haze in your eyes clearing, Taehyung standing in front of you with one clutching at your love handles tenderly, a devilish smirk on his features.
A displeased huff left your mouth, and you summoned the strength to look at Namjoon with the most innocent face you could manage- pouty lips jutted out just a bit too much, precious doe eyes glazed over as if you were on the verge of breaking down and wiggling your body just a little to torment him. His eyes slid down the galaxies of pink and purple Hoseok had painted on your neck before they dipped to your sternum and then to your exposed breasts, watching as you shuddered and your nipples erected just a little more beneath his sight.
“Oh would you look at that, princess’s got a tattoo,” With a click of his heels, his hands were enveloping your breasts, your flesh fitting so perfectly in his fingers that he almost groaned. He delivered a harsh smack to each of your nipples, the whipping sound pulling him out of the trance he was in.
“Look at that guys,” He groaned with a squeeze to your breasts but stepped aside, letting everyone bask in the way the black ink decorated your skin, the simplistic tendrils skillfully drawn and interwoven around a peony flower.
“I’ve s-seen that before.” A squeaky voice you hadn’t heard before echoed in your ear, and you let out a relieved sigh, though his presence only seemed to heighten your anxiety.
Jungkook greets you with blown-out pupils, devouring your breasts with his eyes alone. His hands are clenched by his side, perspiration on his brown brows as he pants lowly. You look like a goddess, that’s the only thought running through his mind.
“Jungkookie, come here.” The youngest scrambled to the spot in front of you at Namjoons demand, his ogling in addition to his close proximity making you squirm against Hoseok’s hold. It didn’t help that the rest had perked up in their positions.
It was a known fact that out of the seven boys, it was Jungkook who was the most stubborn and impatient to the point he’d whine the whole damn day if he wanted something or if something didn't go his way. And as far the boys knew, it translated in bed as well. He was a dom- he enjoyed the power it gave him, the fact that he had someone begging for his cock and by no means could he imagine bottoming for anyone but-
“When did you see princess’s tattoo Jungkookie hmm?” Namjoon hums under his breath, swiping his thumb over your areolas teasingly, while everyone waited rather impatiently in their seats, anticipating what Namjoon would do next.
“Today, when she was walking down the stairs.” He gulps.
“Articulate, Jungkook.”
“Princess was skipping down the stairs and- and th-then I could see her tits bounce in that stupid crop top she was wearing, and I could see the tattoo on the s-side” A displeased whine leaves his mouth as he stomps his foot on the ground. “It’s not my f-fault, I didn’t mean to look but she just looked so fucking sexy!” He growls at the end.
A blush sets on your cheeks as Jungkook peers at you with a pout on his face. His dominant aura yet the submissive look on his face ignited a massive fire in your core, and you gazed at him with eyes sparkling with fondness.
“Attention, princess.” You jolt in surprise when a heavy palm lands directly on your clit, audible laughter heard from the men around you as you look at them with pursed lips.
“You won’t be laughing like that if someone spanks your balls.” You grit your teeth in humiliation, but no one seems affected by your comment. The smirks on their faces grew wider when Namjoon swats at your pussy again, holding his palm right below your hole. His index circles your hole before pushing in speedily. You don’t moan- no, that would mean they won.
You go cross-eyed when Namjoon retreats his fingers soddened with your juices, whistling as his fingers poke at your lips, smearing thick strings of your sweet arousal all over the swollen flesh. He pushes his hand in with all his force and you have no power, not when Hoseok squeezes your cheeks together, your lips parting against your will.
“Look at you princess, you’re telling me you don’t like being humiliated, that it doesn’t get your dirty pussy soaking wet. What a fucking liar.” He enunciated each word with spanks to your ass, Hoseok particularly watching your ass turn red with mesmerized eyes.
“I think she deserves a punishment for acting like a fucking brat, doesn’t she Joon?” He chuckles when you shiver at the dark tone, pinching your nipple with unrelenting hands.
“That she does.” The director thrust his fingers in your throat, reaching deep inside, letting you swirl your tongue around them. You loved the way he made you gag at the unexpected action but the feeling is gone when they retreat soon after, pulling away with a lewd pop sound. He wiped your saliva over your dripping pussy as you mewl at the stimulation, mixing with your juices.
“You still didn’t tell us what you want buttercup. I’ll make it easier for you; do you want to be fucked by our thick cocks, or maybe overstimulated until you’re crying like a little baby or hmm, my personal favorite, what if we tie you up and fuck you until you can’t feel your legs. If you open that bratty mouth of yours, maybe,” You see Jin shrug his shoulders as he speaks up, secretly enjoying the way you look at him with pleading eyes. “Maybe, I’ll tell Joon to go easy on you.”
You wanted all. All of it.
You’re on the verge of breaking down, still, no sound coming from your mouth when Jungkook comes forward to wipe at your desperate, fluttering eyes, cooing at how adorable you look with tears threatening to drip down your face. Your lips wobble when he grips your hair tight, forcing you to look at him.
With his teeth clicking in annoyance, he groans, “We can stand here all day princess, choose your punishment or…” He trails off with a whine, pupils fixated on the bruising flesh of your ass. “... I know what dear ___ wants, hyungs. She wants to be fucked in her little ass.” He finishes with a proud smile.
“Oh, babygirl’s a little ass slut, I know.” Yoongi chuckles, catching onto Jungkook’s little messed-up trick. Your panties are back in his hands, clutching them in his lap as if they were a treasure.
“Ho-how do you know?” You mumble, with glassy doe eyes, still being forced to look at Jungkook. You had fallen right into their trap.
“Oh baby, baby~ I didn’t but you just confirmed my thoughts, dumb little girl.” He cooed, squeezing your hair just a little tighter that had your scalp burning. Jungkook loved to fuck ass- and if it was your ass he was fucking, he didn’t know if he would come out sane on the other end. He was the real ass slut here, and he knew it.
“Is that all you want, princess, to be fucked in your tight ass, or are you a needy little slut who still wants more?” Namjoon raises an amused eyebrow as you open your mouth only to close it again, visibly struggling under all their gazes. As if they could sense your anxiousness, Jimin steps forward, cradling your face gently in his small fingers.
“No, no princess, shh, it’s okay I got you. You know the safewords, right- red to stop, yellow to slow down, and green if you’re alright with continuing. We wouldn’t do anything you don’t want to baby.” Jungkook lets go of your hair, running his hands through it soothingly as Jimin plants a chaste, wet kiss on your cheek, a small ‘chu’ echoing in the air that had you along with everyone smiling ear to ear.
“I-I know, my safewords.”
“That’s a good baby.” He squeals and pats your cheeks lightly, and you keen at the praise with sweetly crinkled eyes, the anxiousness dissipating the second you felt his lips on your skin.
“You just wanted to be praised, is that it baby?” He continues with the same excited tone, indulging in your praise kink with the same enthusiasm you craved their acknowledgment. Good for all of you, he loved to praise, and you loved to be praised.
“But princess also likes to be called a little slut,” Namjoon states as a matter of fact and you duck your head down before nodding a little with an embarrassed smile at his statement.
“Ahhh… that’s gonna be a problem isn’t it,” He clicks his tongue, a false display of disappointment heavy on his face. You suck in a long breath, not knowing where they were going with this. By now you knew two things common to all of them- one, teasing was almost second nature to them, and two, they never did anything without a purpose, never.
Hoseok’s hand crawls down your mound to your pussy when his eyes meet Namjoons with a faint smug, already intoxicated with the feeling of having you intimately. Deliberately, he neglects your clit, but is quick to circle his fingers around your exposed hole after parting your soppy lips. One finger and then two fingers and he’s quick to rub your essence all your clit to get you worked up again. It felt so so good, to have his hands play with you, almost a salve after having your pussy spanked so many times it burned.
‘You’re lucky you have us seven wrapped around your fingers, baby. Seven men, all with different ways they wanna fuck you. Does that excite you, my little devil, hmm?” Seokjin shoved everyone out of his way, closing the distance between you two until you could feel his hot breath over the tip of your nose. Hoseok takes advantage of the situation, pinching your clit when you least expect it, a mewl slipping past your lips that has Jin leaning down to poke his tongue out and licking at your lips with his wet appendage. Your lips are shining in the dim corner, making you look ethereal.
After Namjoon, it was Jin who craved dominance and submission from his submissives. He was a brat-tamer, a very sadistic one, so to speak, something you knew very well. Although he had a very different persona on camera as a porn star, it wasn’t his true nature, you knew from certain sources. And right now, you were very grateful to God for not having to experience his brutal ways of forcing a brat into submission.
“I asked you a question, baby. I expect an answer.” His feet are forcing yours to part, making you stumble in surprise, but he’s quick to hold your hips with a bruising grip, giving you a small taste of the red crescent marks you had marred into his skin a while back.
You are caught off guard again when he shoves his throbbing cock in the gap of your slick-covered thighs, urging you to close your legs around his length. You don’t think twice before tightening your flesh around his length, your clit catching onto the tip of his cock as his cock rests snuggly between your soaking lips. Deep moans of relief you both let out at the contact have his dark brown orbs closing in the dizziness of pleasure, making you clench your thighs on instinct.
His eyes flutter softly as he gains his composure with a small smirk on his face. He’s not thrusting his hips like you expected him to. Little do you know it would be Jimin who would get to fuck you first; when they’re done playing their little games that get you red and squirmy, it would be the supervisor who goes first with your consent. It was him who got you to them in the first place, after all.
“Yes, it does.” You pat yourself on the back for answering with utmost confidence, satisfied hums from the men around you making you feel more in control.
“Is that so, huh… you needy insatiable slut," He coos with a devilish smile on his face. "We'll fuck you so well, you'll be crying for our cocks by the time we're done. But you don't mind right, you just want to be filled with cum, isn't that right baby?" He declared, his voice promising as he slams his hips into yours, his length dragging across your folds as if to forewarn you about how fucked out you will be after they have their way with you.
You don’t mind it, you really don’t. Many women would die to be in your position- pleasure, and pain at the mercy of the seven men. But they don’t have what you do and the thought excites you. What’s a few bruises and scratches when you know you’ll be fucked into oblivion?
You cry out in bliss, clenching your thighs together, hoping for the ache in your core to go away with just a little more friction between the two of you. You’re sure your slick is covering Jin's thick cock, dripping down the curve of his balls from how aroused you are, but even if anyone notices it, they don’t mock you for it- because they’re equally turned on as you are.
"Please, please, just f-fuck me. I want you." A strained sob is ripped out of you as you look straight into Namjoons lidded eyes with a look of frenzy in your own.
But it is Jimin who calls the shots and your eyes snap out of the dizziness when Namjoon glances at the supervisor, your vision following his and you release a shaky breath in realization.
"I think you're asking the wrong person here, ___," He says with a pout, folding his arms over his taut pecs covered under his garments but you can see the faint curve through the barely translucent material, making you shiver.
Namjoon growls under his breath when he senses the look of want you send Jimin’s way. You liked them all equally, and to you, it didn’t matter who fucked you, as long as you were getting your hole destroyed by one of their dicks. He tenses his shoulders before sending a nasty look Jimin's way. He looks visibly upset at the prospect of having to wait to fuck you, and your heart softens for him when you see the genuine sadness in his eyes.
Words slip out from your mouth faster than you'd like.
"M-maybe you both c-can…" The implications of your words are crystal clear yet the men do a double-take, not believing your words. Shocked gasps emit from a few, while the others just remain speechless in their positions.
Yes, they wanted to fuck your ass, others were content with watching your ass getting rammed but they didn’t think you were actually serious about it. In their hearts, they had shoved that thought to the next time they would fuck you, maybe after a few sweet dates as a couple, one where their heads are not hazed by lust.
It's only after Seokjin lets go of your hips with a sloppy, wet sound echoing in the air when thick strands of your arousal stretch, keeping you connected with Jin, and a concoction of your fluids practically dripping down his tip, does everyone come back to their senses.
"But you aren't stretched out, love. We don’t want to hurt you." Jimin voices his concern once he's done looking at you with a mixture of shock and excitement, placing his warm palm on the apple of your cheek, stroking the skin with the pad of his fingers.
"Oh uhm, I last n-night, I-I you know~" You stammer out with hazed eyes. The memories from last night when you had rammed the biggest dildo you had in your asshole, their names falling from your lips like a mantra as you cried out in bliss flip a switch in your brain. You only hope to never have to experience or say such a thing again in your life.
Smirks, embarrassment and the ache to be touched are the only things you feel as Hoseok retreats from your figure, the soothing warmth of his body gone, leaving you freezing as you shrink under everyone's gaze. He was like a shield who had your back, literally, and gave you the confidence to stand in such a compromising position, and pleasure that kept you craving more and more of their touches.
But he was gone now and you whined loudly in distress, suddenly feeling very exposed.
"Shh shh ___ it's okay, I got you." Jimin is quick to rush forward, licking two fingers and inserting them into your weeping pussy, the length sliding inside easily seeing how much juices you had produced for them. Your walls throb around him as the squelching sounds and your whiny moans leave them in complete awe. Fueled by your desire to have them, he curls his fingers inside you, feeling your velvety walls convulse around him when he hits that special spot inside of you.
Another pair of large hands settle themselves on your scorching skin and you lean into the warmth. It's Namjoon, you know when he wastes no time in spanking your asscheeks with loud smacks, alternating between the two. He cups the globe of your ass in his palm, using the tip of his fingers to juggle them in his hold, watching it bounce and ripple with a gaping mouth.
"Please please please don't tease!" You scream with desperation heavy on your tongue when Namjoon spreads your cheeks apart, his fingers digging into your plump skin. His own breath is heavy and trails his long fingers over your rim, engraining the feel of your shriveled hole in his mind. The ghost of his touch had your asshole quivering rapidly in shock and he's completely bedazzled by the sight.
It felt good when you touched yourself, but it felt a hundred times better when they’re the ones touching you.
"Shit, you're really an ass slut. Jimin hold her leg up." He says with a twinkle in his eyes, not being able to glance away from your ass. Jimin does as he's told, wrapping one arm around your thigh and hand hoisting it on his lean waist with ease. His touch tickles the sensitive skin of your thigh that it has you giggling with a wide grin. Your body doesn’t know whether to laugh wholeheartedly or moan at the constant pistoning Jimin’s offering you.
But all he offers is a smug smile before pushing himself closer to you and attaching his lips to yours, instantly demanding entrance you gladly give to him, silencing you altogether.
Your whole attention is back on the stimulation Namjoon is providing you with, prodding the tip of his finger at the tight rings of muscles as they spasm at his touch. You let out a delirious mewl when he chuckles at you without a reason, spitting a thick glob of saliva directly on your puckered hole. Some dribbles into your ass, and he bucks his own hips in desperation, as if rocking his crotch against the air would provide him relief.
“Colour, princess?” Yet he’s ever the considerate man, even if he’s on the verge of losing self-control. He places wet kisses all over your back with pouted lips, tasting the light sheen of sweat.
“G-green, please fuck me already~ ah!” You break away from Jimin’s mouth, bucking your hips into his fingers with frenzy.
“Good things come to those who wait ___,” Jungkook tsks, gliding his hand over his cock in deliberate, unhurried strokes. You can tell he’s not interested in pleasuring himself from just his tone, rather tranced at the scene in front of him and as much as you want to get him off, he’ll have to wait, because the two men around you won’t.
He spits again, viscous liquid oozing out of his mouth. The wetness drips around his fingers and collects over your rim and you can feel it spread over your entrance with his thumb as if it were lubrication. You moan weakly at the sensation and with newfound enthusiasm, he lands a final glob of saliva on your rim, this time pushing in his finger achingly slow.
Your ass sucks in his finger, opening up just enough to have him slip in his fingertip before your walls clamp down, hindering the entrance. Despite this, a wanton moan leaves you as you’re still sensitive from last night, and he's actually thankful to Jimin, who's allowing him to experience such an enthralling sight.
But it’s not wet enough. He needs more.
So this time, he places his fingers just below your soaking wet pussy, prodding and collecting as much of your sloppy mess that drips from your hole as he could with his one hand before retreating his finger in your ass and coating it with your essence. He's able to slip his finger further now, just a little more with your slick lubricating the intrusion.
"You didn't lie when you said you played with your ass last night princess, did you?” He questions with raised eyebrows, seeing how tight your walls are around him despite what you told them.
He doesn’t let you answer, gripping your shoulder tightly as if to brace himself. Unknowingly, he presses down on a particularly dark bruise Hosoek had sucked into your skin, chuckling with unadulterated carnal desire in him. You straighten up when he starts scissoring his way into the tight walls of your asshole and apart from the light burn his touch gives you, you feel nothing but absolute pleasure.
Jimin's to thank for it, keeping your clit rocking against the rough fabric of his jeans as he lewdly sucks on the flesh beneath your jaw, the only area Hoseok hadn’t marred your skin. He’s becoming greedier with his own deep moans leaving his parted lips when he feels your pussy fluttering around his fingers, your high approaching, and jeans forming a dark wet spot right at his crotch.
"Oh no no no baby, you only get to come around my cock, is that clear. Don't you dare come right now." The threat is clear in his tone and you cry out loud when his thrusts slow down to a halt.
"Please just want your cocks, ple~" Your jaw drops when Namjoon is knuckle deep inside your ass, pumping slowly through your tight walls, letting both of you get used to the feeling of euphoria. The overwhelming sensations have your eyes sparkling with tears, and Jungkook notices, feeling bad for you- he could never imagine being edged for so long that he turns delirious for pussy.
"Hyungs, baby wants to be fucked. Why don't you fuck her stupid?" Jungkook pouts, innocence dripping like honey from his voice.
You can't see him, or any of them, but you’re grateful nonetheless, so much that you wanted to throw yourself at him. The wet sounds, the groans, and low rumbles are a telltale sign the rest are touching themselves. You blush at the thought of being the center of attention of so many men, but you crave it too.
"Yes yes yes, want to be fucked by all of you, please!" You babble mindlessly, few tears making their way down your cheeks. Jimin pokes his tongue out to lick at them, from your jaw to just below your eyes. Mercy is fortunately taken on you, yet is gone unnoticed by you. You don't realize when the sound of the teeth of Jimin snd Namjoon's zipper unlocking is the only sound in the corner, or when their garments are falling on the floor.
All you know is the feeling on your pussy and ass clenching in unison when the former starts rubbing the tip of his thick cock all over your sodden folds. It catches you off-guard, and you open your eyes immediately to look at your pussy.
You can’t wait anymore. You want to be filled up- ass and pussy. Balls deep and filled with cum.
“Ah, shit~” You breathily moan, the same time Jimin does too- the delectable feeling of your juices covering his entire length, mixing with the translucent beads of precum on his cockhead creating a sloppy concoction he’s eagerly rubbing all over your folds. He's gripping at your thigh for leverage, pressing down harshly that will surely leave imprints when it’s over. With a few smacks at your clit with the tip of his cock, he's satisfied with a cocky grin at his attempt to work you up even more.
The fiery tip of his long cock impales you all of a sudden, once, twice, and thrice, testing out the warmth of your walls. You mewl as he fills you up in a single thrust, stretching your walls to mold his girth. The squelching sound that accompanies is akin to an eargasm, echoing again when you clench around his length. You sob at the initial sting but it dies down in your throat when he starts thrusting his hips back and forth into you with his eyes rolled back just like your own.
Wanton moans leave your mouth one after the other as you feel Jimin enter you until his heavy ball are pressed against you, hitting your special spot with ease. His eyes never leave you, connected to where his length disappears inside of your pussy effortlessly. Your pussy clenches around him involuntarily, and you can feel the pressure building in your core already, aided after being left dry when you were about to approach the first orgasm of the day but couldn't.
"So ready, so eager to have your tight ass fucked." You hear Namjoon chuckle condescendingly from behind you, his fingers leaving your asshole the same time Jimin slams into you, his cockhead pistoning against your g-spot with bruising force.
‘Just enough to satiate you for a couple of minutes’, he thinks as he slows down to a halt, allowing Namjoon to penetrate your hole. He does his best to comfort you- playing with your nipples, pinching and pulling them with tender hands, pressing butterfly kisses to everywhere on your face. He has to get you to relax.
You tense up with a whimper when Namjoon's bulbous tip prods at your back entrance, covered with a cold, wet substance that you identify as lube, probably the honey-flavored ones he always has on set, always. It gives him easier access when you lean over Jimin, your cheeks parting and asshole clenching periodically.
Your rim gapes against his cock and he's pushing in slowly, just enough to have you keening against Jimin. He pulls out with a hiss before smearing the mixture of his precum and lube over your puckered rim, sheathing himself in the warmth of your tight walls once again. He pulls out again with a groan and thrusts in again, and again until you're both wet enough for him to fuck you properly.
“Oh Princess, look at you taking cock so well.” His lips placed right above your ear and deep voice groaning lowly there. He's girthier than Jimin yet slightly shorter, the thought suddenly pops in your mind and your whole body shivers in delight. The man behind you delivers a deep thrust that has you falling forward into Jimin's chest, feeling his pecs against your forehead. He presses a chaste kiss to your hair and they begin thrusting in unison.
Low whistles echo in the air, drowned out by the sound of harsh thrusts slapping against the skin of your ass and thighs. "So fucking t-tight. Shit!" He moans when he feels Jimin's cock fucking into your pussy through a thin wall that separates your holes. He knows Jimin can feel it too when he growls, thrusting harsher. You lose control over your own body when your other thigh is lifted in Namjoon’s strong arms with little to no effort, both their arms burning deliciously at the effort. You’re nothing but a doll they are controlling as per their wishes, moaning, crying, aching, all when they want you to.
Your body swings like a puppet in their hold, completely at their mercy as they hammer rhythmically into you at a blinding pace. The ecstacy of feeling so full as their cocks plunge deep into you hitting spots you never knew could bring you such toe-curling pleasure, is a mouth-watering feeling.
"Fuck more- please I’m so close, please~" Your voice turns high pitched, eyes glassy, and they abide by your need, chasing their own highs with ravenous thrusts that have you screaming at the pleasure, moan after moan being ripped out from you. White clouds your vision all of a sudden, your body vibrating in pleasure as your stomach twists and knots before finally letting go.
You’re numb to the loud growls they let out when you tighten around them unimaginably, almost forcing their cocks to stop inside of you. But they’re men on a mission that leads to pleasure, continuing plowing your holes- besides, the thought of overstimulating you makes them go haywire. You’re a temptress, a goddess, and your body drives them fucking insane.
You’re still weeping a minute later, having had another searing orgasm, your holes seemingly tightening even more. Hot pleasure seeps into their veins when they plunge the farthest they can into you, your walls clamping down on their lengths as they spill their hot seed into you.
White paints your walls, spurt after spurt leaving their swollen cockheads and into the warm depth of your walls. You look down with frenzied eyes wide in shock when you feel your belly inflate a little, no doubt as Jimin empties his balls into you. Full, you feel so full, so content, mumbling dizzily under your breath as he presses his palms around the gentle curve.
“Hyung, look at babygirl~” Jimin ushers in an excited tone, pulling you completely into his arms, letting Namjoon come closer with curiosity bubbling in his tired body. Unfortunately, the position doesn’t favor him, so he turns around, finding his nearest target that seems to be Taehyung before landing you in his inviting lap.
You hum contently when he brushes his fingertips gently over the galaxy of red and purple on your neck, enthralled by your pretty, fucked-out figure limp in his arms. The rest gather around him with adrenaline pumping through them, Jin going as far as pushing his hand on your tummy tenderly. They don’t touch you otherwise, no- their hands are coated with their cums, having burst into pleasure as they fucked their fist just as Namjoon and Jimin had experienced their orgasm.
They are not disappointed when they see a thick mixture of yours and Jimin’s cum leak down your hole, combining with Namjoon’s as it drips down your asshole before finally puddling on the ground. Their cocks twitch at the sight, threatening to be up and ready to go in an instant. But Namjoon bursts their bubbles when he carries a soft blanket he carries in his bag for all occasions, not caring about his limp, cum-covered cock in his underwear as he almost swaddles you instinctually.
“I didn’t get to fuck ___ie,” Jungkook huffs at you, arms crossed over his chest awkwardly as he tries to avoid getting his cum on his t-shirt. He does not know that you aren’t asleep, only having closed your eyes for a quick second.
“We didn’t either brat, but she’s tired after a long day,” He smirks devilishly at Jimin and Namjoon, the men blushing like crazy. “But I’m sure she likes us too. Always better opportunities to fuck, Jungkookie.” He shrugs before winking at Hoseok knowingly, formulating a plan to ram your throat as Hosoek takes you from behind.
‘What a pretty sight.’ He can imagine it vividly.
“Are you sure she likes us, I-I mean- what if s-she,” Hoseok’s breaths grow heavier as he stares at your adorable body wrapped up in a blanket in Taehyung’s lap, looking like the most precious thing on the planet.
“Why do you think I don’t like you, Hobi? I’ve liked you since the moment I saw you.” You rasp out, struggling to open your eyelids that don’t want to co-operate with you at all, adrenaline fading from your body.
“Crush at first sight.” Jimin coos at you.
“We’re the same, princess. We’ve been waiting-” And Namjoon’s voice is distant in your brain as the tiredness hits you in powerful waves, forcing a whimper out of you. You thrash around so you can soothe the bruises and marks on your skin, but you can’t move your arms, feeling yourself wrapped in a warm, cuddly blanket.
“‘S hurts.” You whimper as you’re lifted into the air immediately, still protesting against the material around your body weakly. Six pairs of feet trail hastily around Taehyung as they protect you from everyone’s view, before having you in the safety of Jimin’s cabin.
“It’s okay baby, we’ll take care of you, hmm, you hearing me?” Jungkook makes sure you haven’t dropped at the feeling of intense pain.
“I’m fine. I’ll b-be fine.” You assure them with a small smile.
“Are you sure baby girl? Do you need anything in specific- juice, candies, chocolate, whatever you want!” Jimin mumbles with a worried hand brushing your hair after setting you down on the sofa in his cabin.
“No ‘m fine. Just ice cream.” You whisper, feeling your eyes close as two of them apply soothing cream on the right spots.
“Okay, okay, well I got it. I have chocolate, strawberry, cookies and cream-” He rambles without stopping to breathe, picking at the strands of your hair mindlessly.
“No Chim, it’s Rocky Road. Take me... with all of you tomorrow. The shop’s r...ight around the corn-” And your head lays in his lap, eyes shut as tiredness engulfs you whole.
You’ve fallen asleep peacefully, oblivious to the turmoil you've caused in the racing hearts of seven boys as the crowd around you with absolute joy on their faces. Maybe, just maybe, if everything goes well, they will be proud lovers to the most adorable girl they’ve ever met, all in the confines of a porn studio.
“So how did you manage to pull this off anyway?” Lex mumbles into Misha’s folds, sucking at her dewy pussy lips slathered with her slick with eagerness, his head buried between her thighs snugly.
“Oh little boy, you act like your throat hasn’t taken an eight-inch dildo, get them jealous, and slip away to have a pretty little boy tongue fuck her like a starved slut.” She giggles sadistically, squeezing her thighs around him until her essence will be the only thing he’ll sense.
“It was annoying to watch them act like love-sick puppies anyway.” Misha picks at her nails, uninterested. “Just like you baby boy. You love me, don’t you? Crave me too, don’t you?” She mimics Jimin’s words before letting out a high-pitched moan when Lex wraps his lips around Misha’s clit before parting with a pop.
“Always Misha.” Inserting his tongue in her hole, Misha’s never felt happier, both for you and herself.
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angelicyoongie · 3 months ago
Abundance (XVIII)
— summary: You never expected that you would end up adopting a hybrid, and if someone had told you that you would end up with seven? Well, you would have thought they were crazy. But here you are, with three different packs of hybrids that don't get along – but all want to stay with you. Yeah, it turns out crazy is an understatement.
— pairing: hybrid bts x human f!reader
— genre: fluff, angst, smut
— word count: 6.5k
— tag list: here (the tag list is closed/full!)
Part: I / II / III / IV / V / VI / VII / VIII / IX / X / XI / Find more chapters here!
Tumblr media
“Guys...” You whine.
Your voice is muffled by the loud purrs and soft growls surrounding you, the two packs trapping you beneath a pile of limbs and tails that refuse to move. The moment you even attempt to twitch your arm Hoseok only clings on to it tighter, not allowing you to budge an inch from the bed.  
On your left, Jimin presses his nose against your throat, thoroughly working to cover the overpowering scent Seokjin and Jeongguk left behind. He lets out a low hiss when the touch makes you flinch, your neck tender and sore despite the ice packs you tried to cool them with the night before. The cat hybrid places fluttering kisses on your skin in apology, his chest rumbling with discontent. He silently curses the preys in his head as he moves his gentle lips across your neck, miffed that he can’t properly mark you without causing you discomfort.
You tilt your head easily when he nudges your throat, his soft hair tickling your cheek as he carefully kisses his way closer to the back of your neck. Jimin suddenly stills as he reaches a specific point beneath your ear, the sharp intake of air making you nervous as the cat hybrid’s body grows tense. It dawns on you a little too late what he’s picking up on, your lips parting to explain just as Jimin’s head snaps up from your neck, his dark eyes finding Taehyung’s across the bed as he bites, ”Why does she smell like you?”
The fox hybrid’s tail swishes languidly behind his back as he sits cross-legged on the bed behind Namjoon and Hoseok, his demeanour suspiciously calm for someone who hasn’t seen you in over two days. Jimin scoffs at the smug smile Taehyung gives him, the fox hybrid's chest puffing out slightly as he says, ”Because I marked Y/n last night too.”
Jimin’s hiss is drowned out by Namjoon’s voice as the wolf hybrid detaches himself from your hip, his eyebrows furrowed as he turns to look back at Taehyung, ”Is that why you smelled like her last night?”
Taehyung’s smile quickly grows sheepish, his orange ears twisting back as he refuses to meet Namjoon’s eyes. “Maybe?”
The confession makes the wolf hybrid growl, disapproval rumbling deep from his chest as he says, "We all agreed to leave her alone until today, pup. You told me you only smelled like Y/n because you had cuddled with her clothes.”
… Wait, what? No wonder your shirts seem to be permanently wrinkled!  
Taehyung lowers his head with a whine, looking small under Namjoon’s hard gaze as his bushy tail wraps around his waist. ”I was in the kitchen to grab a snack when Y/n came downstairs. I didn’t seek her out on purpose, hyung,” He pouts.
Namjoon searches Taehyung’s face with narrowed eyes, something in his expression softening as the fox hybrid lets out a low, distressed whimper. ”I believe you,” Namjoon sighs. There’s no reason to fight over something as harmless as a little scenting, especially not since Taehyung found you after the prey’s rut were over, but still– The wolf hybrid reaches out to tilt Taehyung’s chin up, the sternness in his voice mellowed by warmth as he says, ”But no more lies, Tae. You know we don’t do that.”  
You bite down on your lip, unsure if you should speak up or not. It wasn’t Taehyung’s fault that you happened to stumble across him in the kitchen, and well, truth be told you probably would’ve felt a little hurt if he hadn’t hugged you after a few days apart. But, even so, this seems to be about something more than just you, and you don’t think it’s something you can fix. They obviously decided to leave you alone after Seokjin and Jeongguk’s rut for a reason, and while you might not completely understand why you know enough to realize that it’s something they need to work out on their own.  
“I’m sorry, hyung,” Taehyung mumbles.
Namjoon lets his fingers linger on the fox hybrid face, making sure he knows he’s not in trouble. “It’s okay, pup,” Namjoon hums.
The prolonged touch makes Taehyung slowly relax, his tail unwinding from his stomach as his ears peek up through his hair. Namjoon’s instincts are itching to pull him into his arms like he normally does after a disagreement, to scent his packmates until they’re all calm and happy again. But he can’t, not when he has to use the time he has left before you leave to properly scent you - to make you smell balanced.
Namjoon gives Taehyung's chin a tap before releasing him, a quiet promise of cuddles later before turning his body back to plaster himself against your hip. The intense fragrance of after-rut feels heavy, lodged, in his throat, and he can’t push it down no matter how hard he tries. Your scent is so faint under Seokjin and Jeongguk’s that he can hardly pick up on it, their marks covering every inch of your body. Namjoon grumbles under his breath, rubbing his cheek against your trousers a little more aggressively to leave behind his own claim. You’re not leaving before you smell like all seven of them.
“Weak,” Jimin scoffs. Namjoon is too soft to be an alpha, too easily swayed by Taehyung’s pretty face to put him in his place even though he directly disobeyed his alpha’s orders.
The cat hybrid bristles as he watches Taehyung snuggle closer to Hoseok, a flicker of something mischievous twinkling in his eyes as he catches Jimin’s hard gaze. Jimin doesn't even think twice before baring his teeth in response, confused at the immediate guilt that blooms in his chest when it makes Taehyung cower. He should relishin the alarm that crosses the fox hybrid's face, but instead, it just tugs at something in his chest, making his heart hurt and regret settle heavy in his stomach.  
Jimin quickly lowers his gaze, avoiding Taehyung’s upset expression by tucking his face back into your neck. He tries to convince himself that he doesn’t care, the tip of his tail flicking with annoyance as he works around the spot the fox hybrid marked you. It’s not because of Taehyung that he makes sure to avoid it, no; Jimin is just too sleepy to move his head enough to touch that particular area.
Jimin frowns as he breathes in your scent, another pang of guilt hitting him as he picks up the faint trace of Taehyung’s smell combined with the preys. He huffs. He wouldn’t have to be the bad guy if Namjoon just kept Taehyung in line, making sure his packmate didn’t do things he wasn’t supposed to. Jimin tries to ignore the little voice inside his head that tells him that Yoongi would do the same, that the older cat hybrid is just as soft as Namjoon is–
No, he’s sure Yoongi is just as annoyed, that he was just silently judging the two canines and giving them his best glare to back him up. Jimin angles his head, peering down your body and expecting to find his alpha ready to pounce on Namjoon for not doing his job correctly. But instead, he’s met with Yoongi clinging on to your thigh, not having moved an inch from earlier when you let them into your room. The small hope that the older cat hybrid would be as irked as him dies the moment he picks up on Yoongi’s deep purrs, the sound rumbling so loudly from his chest that Jimin doubts he even heard the conversation.  
Yoongi is completely lost in your scent, the smell so intoxicating he can’t focus on anything besides wanting more. He dips his pale fingers below the edge of your shirt, gripping the side of your hip to keep you locked in place as he rubs his face all over your thigh. Jimin watches with wide eyes as Yoongi slowly moves up your leg, not stopping until his nose is skimming against the strip of bare skin he exposed, his dark eyes almost fully dilated. Yoongi is obvious to what’s going on around him, obsessed with how your scent riles him up in a way it’s never done before.
Jimin sucks in a surprised breath as it dawns on him why his alpha seems so out of it – the preys must be affecting him too. The lingering smell from their rut must be messing with Yoongi’s senses, making him drunk on your combined scents. Yoongi purrs even louder as he finds an unmarked spot near your hip, his tail swishing happily behind his back as he gently bites down on the skin. Jimin feels your body twitch as Yoongi drags his tongue over the fresh mark, soothing the sting with his soft lips.  
You startle as Yoongi marks your skin, the sudden nip bringing you out of your daze. Jimin’s sudden hostility had made you freeze, your mind working overtime to figure out what made him so upset. You know that the boys are still slowly warming up to each other and becoming more comfortable, but the most part they’re all getting along well. Jimin isn’t an exception to that, but sometimes, something will seemingly set the cat hybrid off out of nowhere, and you don’t understand why. Clearly he isn't fond of Taehyung scenting you last night, but considering Namjoon let it slide you doubt it can be serious enough to warrant such a switch in his attitude. You sigh, feeling Jimin’s head rise and fall with the movement of your chest. It can’t just be jealously that’s making him act like this. You know you have to let it slide for now, but it can’t go on. Honestly, it might even be a good idea to bring it up with Yoongi first, he can probably shine some insight on what’s going on with his packmate, and then you can take it from there.  
An unexpected knock at your door seems to bring everyone out of their thoughts, Yoongi’s loud purrs stuttering to a halt at the noise. You can barely make out the top of Seokjin’s head from where you’re plastered against the bed, the other boys cuddling even closer as they catch the two familiar scents drifting into the room.
“Good morning,” He chirps. The blinding smile you receive as he gets closer makes your breath catch in your throat, the hamster hybrid looking way too soft and put together for someone who almost made you forget your own name yesterday. The small grunt that follows Seokjin’s words makes your eyes drift down to the bunny hybrid clinging to his back, a pair of sleepy doe eyes watching you over Seokjin’s shoulder.
“Morning,” You smile.
Your traitorous heart begins pumping a little faster as you watch Jeongguk sleepily smack his lips, the images of what you’ve been doing for the past two days flooding your brain. The bunny hybrid nuzzles his face into Seokjin’s neck, wrapping his arms around his alpha's waist to keep himself standing. The memory of those strong arms holding you in place and Seokjin’s tapered waist underneath your hands makes you flush, heat slowly creeping up your cheeks.
Jimin makes a confused noise as your heart rate picks up, nosing against your throat in an attempt to calm you down. You wish scenting would affect you in the same way it does to hybrids, but instead of soothing your nerves it just fires them up more, your blush deepening as Jimin’s plush lips ghost over your skin.
“How are you feeling, petal?” Seokjin’s eyes move meticulously up your body despite the hybrids mostly blocking you from view. The pet name almost makes you whine, your throat bobbing as you fight to keep it down. Seokjin’s expression grows pleased, satisfied, as he notices your struggle, a smirk curling at the edge of his lips as he says, ”Is it easier to walk today?”
There’s a beat of silence as the implications of Seokjin’s words sink into the room, your skin burning so hot it feels like it’s going to melt right off your bones. The thing is – you can, but barely. Your body feels like you’ve been working out for a week straight, muscles tight and sore in places you’ve never experienced before. Hell, you were this close to hobbling your way to the bathroom this morning.
You flinch at the sudden chorus of low growls that echo around you, Namjoon and Hoseok’s ears falling flat against their heads as they glance back at the preys. Yoongi hisses something under his breath as Jimin’s eyes narrow, their tails thrashing behind their backs. Taehyung simply tilts his head, intrigued at the shift in the prey’s presence.  
“Noona,” Jeongguk’s soft voice fills the silence, the amused glint in his eyes going unnoticed by you as you struggle to take in just how cute and sleepy the bunny hybrid looks. ”Is your throat okay? Were we too rough on you?”
“I’m okay, I can take wors–” You splutter, squeezing your eyes shut and cutting yourself off as you register just what you’re saying. Jeongguk’s question had made Namjoon choke, the wolf hybrid’s shocked coughs thankfully drowning out the sound of your voice.
Jeongguk muffles his giggles against Seokjin’s back, ears perked as he takes in their scandalized expressions. Yoongi in particular can’t seem to close his mouth, pouty lips parted in surprise as his gaze shifts between the two preys. He turns back to Jimin, slapping his equally dumbfounded packmate’s shoulder with a huff, ”I told you he wasn’t innocent!”
“Clearly not,” Jimin grumbles, his narrowed eyes trained on Jeongguk. The bunny hybrid seems surprisingly unfazed by all of the undivided attention, but still, Jimin catches the moment he tightens his grip around Seokjin’s waist just a smidge, moving his body an inch to the side so that his alpha covers him more.
You welcome the darkness behind your lids, trying your best to ignore the embarrassment that’s heating you up from head to toe. God, why did you say that? You can’t even properly think with all of them in the room, and having four of them plastered against your body doesn’t exactly make it any easier. You just need to escape for two minutes, just to splash some cold water on your face and calm down–  
“Shit,” You jolt upright; the abrupt movement somehow managing dislodge the tight grip the four hybrids have on you, making it easier for you to slip away. ”I’m going to be so late for work!”
The nerves you’ve somehow managed to suppress during Seokjin and Jeongguk’s ruts come rushing back up to the surface all at once, making you stumble as you get out of bed. You have no idea how you even managed to temporarily forget about the syndicate you’re taking to court unless you can convince your boss otherwise; but now that the thoughts are back, you can feel them rooting themselves deeper than ever.
The group on the bed whine at the loss, not ready to let you go just yet (–or ever, really, but they’re trying to compromise). The amusement in Seokjin's face is replaced with concern as he reaches out to steady you, keeping you from tripping over your own feet.
”Are you okay, petal?”
“I’m fine, I just–” You take a deep breath as you catch Jeongguk’s worried gaze, forcing your frazzled brain to calm down as you pat down your clothes. You carefully smooth out the wrinkles, suddenly thankful that you managed to get ready before you were ambushed. You might be running a little late but you just need to grab your bag, make sure that you have all the files you need, and get in your car. You can do that. You slowly release another deep breath, giving Seokjin a smile that feels somewhat collected. “I’m fine, I promise. I just can’t be more late than I already am.”
“Okay,” Seokjin nods, letting go of your arm, “Drive careful, Y/n.”
You quickly scoop up your bag, double-checking that you have everything you need before turning around to say goodbye. The guilty faces that look back at you almost makes you jump back into bed, but you can’t postpone your meeting with Mr. Gwan any longer. ”Guys, it’s okay. I missed you all too. We’ll spend more time together when I get home, yeah?” You sling your bag over your shoulder, relieved as you see the canines' tails slowly begin to wag, the felines agreeing with matching pouts.
“See you later, noona,” Jeongguk smiles, nodding his head in the direction of your bedroom door.
You throw them all one last smile before hurrying out of your room, clutching your bag to your chest. You breeze down the stairs, barely stopping long enough to throw on your coat and slip on your shoes. You have to make your boss reconsider the case, there’s no other way.
Tumblr media
“What do you mean we can’t drop it?” You hiss.
Mr. Gwan leans back in his chair with a deep sigh, complexion paling as he stares down at his desk. You’ve given him everything – all of the documents and pictures you got from your client, hell, you’ve even presented him with the clip from the news report to make sure you weren’t mistaken. This case is much bigger than what you’re equipped to handle, and all the proof is right there in front of him.
“Listen–” You rub at the side of your temple, feeling the telltale signs of a headache brewing. ”Sir, we have enough evidence to prove the client’s claim of money laundering, and that in itself is huge when it comes to Lim Enterprises. I know prosecutors who would be frothing at the mouth to have this case handed to them! They’ll be able to use their own in-house lawyers to crack down on the case quicker, and they’ll probably even get a special unit on board to investigate the trafficking syndicate.”
Mr. Gwan shakes his head, raising his hand to cut you off as you open your mouth; “It’s not that simple. Hwan Lee-suk personally expressed his gratitude to the company for taking on the case.”
You sit up straight, hand falling from your face as you stare back at your boss, dumbfounded, ”You mean, Hwan Lee-suk, the mayor?”
“Exactly,” He says. Mr. Gwan’s wrinkles seem to deepen as he picks up one of the pictures from the desk, looking more tired than you’ve ever seen him before.
”You know better than anyone that this business is all about reputation, Y/n. If we give this case to someone else after the mayor’s public support, people will talk. Our clientele consists almost exclusively of important people with a lot of money to spend, so how do you think it will look if we suddenly drop the case? Best-case scenario we’ll be dubbed as untrustworthy, worst case they’ll think the company is outright trying to offend the highest-ranking person in the city. Either way, it will ruin us.”
“I understand that,” You swallow dryly, desperation creeping into your voice, “but this is too big for us – for me.”
“My hands are tied, Y/n, there’s nothing I can do about it,” Mr. Gwan sighs; eyebrows pinched as he gathers up all the documents on his desk. “Just keep working with your client and continue to build the case for Lim’s money laundering. I’ll bring this ... new development to the chief, and he’ll take the investigation from there. The money laundering is our ticket in, we just need to make sure everything is airtight.”
“Fine,” You snap.
You briskly exit his office, resisting the urge to slam the door behind you. You ignore the concerned look Soohyun gives you as you storm past her desk, not stopping until you’re sat in your own chair, blinders shut and office door locked. You just need a moment to collect yourself, to figure out what you need to do next. What you hate the most about all of this is that you understand where Mr. Gwan is coming from. His concerns regarding the company are valid, and with the mayor complicating everything you’re not so sure you would be able to make a different choice even if the positions were switched. You understand, but it doesn’t make any of this any easier to accept. It’s not like you have much of a choice either – you need this case to succeed, to win, so that you have a higher chance of getting that promotion. You do want to spend more time at home with the boys and this is the key to make that happen, no matter how dangerous it might be.
You rub your eyes as you wait for your computer to boot up, feeling done with the day before it’s even begun. You already know you’re going to be spending the evening cuddled under a pile of hybrids, and that sounds like heaven right now. The amount of unread emails waiting for you in your inbox just makes the dread settle a little deeper, your hands heavy as you open up the first one.
You curse under your breath as you recognize the sender, Kim Hajoon’s name staring back at you. You haven’t had the chance to start working on his case yet, and he’s already asking for updates. You already know that you can’t help him without getting a little help yourself, so you grab your phone, pulling up the contact of your trusted private investigator. You type out a quick text, the message barely having enough time to be delivered before you get a thumbs up in response. You give her the basic details, scheduling a meeting for later in the week. There’s nothing Kang Yujun can’t get to the bottom off, and luckily for you, money embezzlement seems to be right up her alley.
Tumblr media
“I’ll never forgive you!–”
Jeongguk perks up at the sound near the front of the house, one ear turned in the direction of the door. Realizing it’s a false alarm, the bunny hybrid slumps in his seat, pouting, as he turns his attention back to the TV. He chews absentmindedly on a baby carrot; mind somewhere else as he tunes out the plot that’s unravelling on screen.
Jeongguk misses you. It’s been days and you’ve hardly been at home since their ruts passed, always coming back late and leaving early. He knows you’re busy with work, but that doesn’t mean your absence sucks any less. You did tell them it would only be temporary until you manage to catch up with everything, but even that feels too long. Jeongguk just wants you home with him, with them.
“I miss Y/n,” Hoseok’s whine drifts down the hallway, the muffled shuffling of footsteps coming closer to the living room. Jeongguk stops chewing, eyes widening as he instinctively scoots over to the edge of the couch. He draws his feet up, making himself take up as little room as possible as he hugs his knees to his chest.
“Me too,” Namjoon sighs. The wolf hybrid’s voice is heavy with longing, and Hoseok lets out another quiet whimper in response.
Jeongguk holds his breath as the two hybrids enter the living room, eyes locked on Namjoon and Hoseok as they move closer to the couch. The dog hybrid notices the stiffness in Jeongguk’s body first, his knuckles turning white from how hard he’s gripping his legs.
“Hey Jeongguk,” Hoseok offers him a gentle smile, grabbing Namjoon’s elbow to steer him over to the other couch. The wolf hybrid makes a confused noise - there's more than enough room for all of them next to Jeongguk - but he lets himself be moved easily, taking a seat on the smaller sofa. It isn’t until he offers Jeongguk a greeting of his own that he realizes why Hoseok gave him the look – the bunny hybrid is looking painfully tense, his ears twitching with uncertainty of where he needs to be paying attention.  
“Hyungs,” Jeongguk murmurs, wide eyes barely resting on them for a second before they snap back to the TV. Jeongguk swallows thickly, the word feeling foreign on his tongue with Seokjin nowhere in sight. The bunny hybrid hates how shy he gets the moment he’s alone, he never realizes just how much he depends on his alpha to be a buffer until he’s not there. What he hates more though – is how his instincts act up although he knows he’s not in danger anymore. Namjoon and Hoseok are just lounging on the couch next to him, their bodies relaxed and no signs of aggression in their scents. Yet still – still, Jeongguk’s prey instincts aren’t convinced he’s safe.  
“What are you watching?” Namjoon’s calm voice shouldn’t make Jeongguk flinch, but it does. Embarrassment floods his cheeks as he forces himself to meet the wolf hybrid’s warm eyes, Namjoon’s face nothing besides welcoming as he waits for Jeongguk’s answer.
“I–I don’t know, wasn’t paying attention,” Jeongguk stutters. He’s not sure what he was expecting, but it wasn’t for Namjoon to simply just smile, shoulders pulling back into a faint shrug as he says, ”Must not be a very good show then, if it can’t keep you interested. Would you like to try watching the first episode of Burn the Soul instead? Tae said it was good.”
“S-sure, it’s probably better than this one,” Jeongguk nods. The flush spreads to his neck as his eyes flicker over to Hoseok, the dog hybrid giving him such a tender look that it makes his heart skip a confused beat.
“Nice!” Namjoon’s sudden enthusiasm almost causes Jeongguk to squeak with fright, the bunny hybrid biting down on his lip just in time to silence the sound. He misses how Hoseok elbows Namjoon, the excited wags of his gray tail losing momentum as he realizes he was a little too abrupt. The wolf hybrid clears his throat as his ears twist back, his voice much slower and contained as he says, “I mean, uh, that’s nice. Thank you, Jeongguk.”
“S’okay,” Jeongguk mumbles. The bunny hybrid’s quick pulse slowly begins to settle as Hoseok puts on the first episode of the show Taehyung recommended. It is good, and Jeongguk is so distracted by the plot that he doesn’t even notice when his body begins to relax, legs shifting from his chest to rest more comfortably by his side. Jeongguk’s ears are perked in the direction of the TV, so enthralled by the music and sounds that he completely forgets to listen for anything happening outside of the living room.
It’s only when the TV goes dark before the new episode begins that Jeongguk lets his gaze drift from the screen, his eyes finding Namjoon and Hoseok easily in the dimmed room. The two hybrids are cuddled up on the couch, Hoseok tucked against Namjoon’s side, squished between the wolf hybrid’s strong body and the couch. Despite the lack of room, both of them look so comfortable and relaxed that Jeongguk finally takes notice of the stiffness lingering in his back, his posture still uncomfortably tense. Jeongguk twists, ignoring the alarm that tries to go off in his head as he turns his back on the two predators. He knows they’re not going to hurt him, so he just needs his prey instincts to accept it too. Jeongguk takes a deep breath as he leans against the back of the sofa, arm folded beneath his head and feet tucked under the pillows behind him. As soon as the new episode begins, the bunny hybrid melts into the couch, mind and body finally calm as his attention is recaptured by the show.  
Tumblr media
Jimin walks into the living room just as the screen goes black, the sudden darkness making his pupils dilate as he searches the room. He grumbles under his breath as he only finds three people, the extra set of ears on their heads making it obvious they’re not who he’s looking for. Jimin sighs, voice softening automatically as he notices Jeongguk’s curled up form on the couch, ”Is Y/n not home yet?”
He sees Hoseok shake his head, keeping quiet as he pulls a sleepy looking Namjoon behind him across the room. The displeased rumble Jimin lets out earns him an understanding look from the dog hybrid, Hoseok feeling just as anxious about you being so busy.
”And the bunny? Why is he sleeping out here?” Jimin asks, voice low, once the two canines are close enough to pass him by in the doorway.
Namjoon leans heavy against Hoseok as they pause, the wolf hybrid resting his head on top of his packmate's as he looks drowsily down at Jimin. “He’s waiting for Y/n to come home, he’s been there all afternoon,” Namjoon mumbles, deep voice slurred as he fights to keep his eyes open.  
“I don’t think he’s planning on leaving until he gets to see her. He missed her this morning before she left for work,” Hoseok adds quietly, ears drooping in sympathy as he glances back at Jeongguk.
Jimin purses his lips, offering the pair a nod as they shuffle past him. He turns his head, watching with keen eyes as Hoseok drags Namjoon along down the hallway, the wolf hybrid curling an arm around his packmate’s waist to keep his balance. The fondness in Hoseok’s gaze is so obvious as he helps Namjoon to their room, his face filled with affection as the other stumbles, his big tail almost knocking over a vase. There’s clearly something going on between the canines, but Jimin has no interest in getting involved with that - they can figure out their mess on their own.
The cat hybrid shrugs, taking a few steps into the dark living room as his eyes find their way back to Jungkook. His tail puffs up as the slightly chilly temperature settles against his skin, goosebumps rising over the area of his arms that’s by unprotected by his t-shirt. Jimin frowns as he gets closer to the couch, noticing the small trembles travelling through the bunny hybrid’s body as he shivers in his sleep. He hesitates, hand hovering over Jeongguk’s shoulder as he looks down at him. He might not like Jimin, a predator, touching him, but he can’t allow Jeongguk to get sick now, it’s not fair if you have to take care of him again so soon after his rut. You already abandoned them for two whole days, and Jimin refuses to have that happen again just because the bunny hybrid won’t go to bed.  
“Jeongguk,” Jimin gives his shoulder a quick nudge, eyes narrowing when it doesn’t do more than make Jeongguk grumble in his sleep. The bunny hybrid’s lips are parted in a soft pout, his cheeks puffed up from being squished against the back of the couch.
”Hey, bunny,” Jimin tries again, hand curled around Jeongguk’s shoulder to give it a firm shake. He ignores the little tug at this heart as Jeongguk whines, not letting up on his hold until he sees the bunny hybrid’s eyes slowly blink open.
“'hat?” Jeongguk mumbles, confused, as he brings his arms closer to his chest to fend off the chilly air.
“You have to go to bed, you’re going to get sick,” Jimin huffs, tail flicking with annoyance behind his back. Jeongguk takes a deep breath as he sinks deeper into the couch, staying silent for long enough that Jimin almost believes he’s fallen back asleep until he slurs out a tired, ”‘m waiting for Y/n.”
“She’s not going to be home for a while,” The cat hybrid hisses, irritation creeping into his voice as he other refuses to listen.
Jeongguk drowsily shakes his head, long ears lying relaxed down his back as he softly repeats, ”‘m staying.”
Jimin exhales heavily through his nose, Jeongguk’s stubbornness making his own rear its head. The bunny hybrid is not going to get sick if he can help it. Jimin stalks over to the large basket at the foot of the other sofa, nimble fingers quickly searching through the contents until he feels soft fabric against his skin. He lets out a triumphant chirp as he pulls out the white blanket he was looking for, bundling up the large throw in his arms before he marches back over to Jeongguk’s curled up form. Jimin dumps the blanket over the bunny hybrid's head with a satisfied huff, covering him completely under the fuzzy fleece. He stares down at the unmoving pile, eyebrows slowly pinching as the seconds pass and he can’t pick up on Jeongguk’s soft breaths. It’s just the blanket that’s blocking the sound, he’s fine.
Jimin rolls his eyes, taking a step back to leave when he finds that he can’t. He can’t look away from the heavy throw that’s covering Jeongguk’s head, his feet refusing to move as a sudden burst of anxiety grips him tight, rooting him to the floor. What if the blanket is too thick? What if Jeongguk doesn’t get any air and slowly suffocates and dies and then you’ll hate him and– Jimin quickly grabs one end of the blanket, yanking it down and away from Jeongguk’s head. It pools around his shoulder, leaving his face exposed to the fresh air in the room. Jimin reaches out a shaky hand, ears pulling back with distress as he places a finger under the bunny hybrid's nose. One, two, three– Jimin lets out a breath he didn’t even realize he was holding, shoulders slumping as a faint rush of air hits his skin.
He collapses down on the couch in relief, shooting Jeongguk a glare as the bunny hybrid continues to sleep undisturbed, oblivious to Jimin's inner turmoil. He scoffs as the only movement Jeongguk offers is pulling the blanket closer to his chest, ducking his head down to rest his cheek against the soft fleece. He side-eyes the top of Jeongguk’s head, his hair a mess after after the blanket was pulled off it. There’s a stray lock in particular that makes Jimin’s fingers twitch with the need to brush it back into place, the strands resting on the slope of Jeongguk’s nose. The cat hybrid balls his hands into tight fists, palms sweaty from the weird urge to groom Jeongguk. He doesn’t like the bunny hybrid, he’s not doing it because he wants to groom him, it’s just .. his fault that his hair is messed up, so it’s his responsibility to fix it, isn’t it? He’s sure you would be disappointed if he didn’t. Jimin bites down on his lower lip, sharp teeth digging into the soft flesh as he twists in his seat. Yeah, that’s it; he just doesn’t want to let you down.  
Jimin watches Jeongguk’s face carefully as he reaches out, brushing the strands back into place. He tuts under his breath as the piece immediately falls back into the bunny hybrid’s eyes, the rest of his hair such a mess that it won’t allow it to stay. ”Jeongguk,” Jimin hisses, repeating his name louder and louder until he finally gets a response.
”Hmm?” The bunny hybrid’s hums, one of his long ears doing a half-hearted rise to show that he’s listening.
”Your hair, I–Can I fix it?” Jimin grumbles, his chest uncomfortably tense as he waits for Jeongguk to process his words.
”Sure, hyung,” Jeongguk slurs, voice barely above a mumble. Jimin swallows thickly at the softness in Jeongguk’s tone, scooting closer on the couch. He's not so sure if Jeongguk even knows which hyung he’s really talking to, but he tries to be gentle as he untangles his hair, mindful not to disturb his sleep too much as he smoothes down the stray locks.
Jimin pauses as he tucks a piece behind Jeongguk’s ear, the bunny hybrid looking so young up-close. He knows there’s only a two-year difference, but Jeongguk is technically still the baby of the household and Jimin hasn’t really been making any effort to make sure he’s okay. The bruises after his assault may have faded, but Jimin can still picture them if he tries hard enough. He clears his throat, swallowing around the lump forming there as he resumes his grooming. Sleep makes Jeongguk’s features look soft and unguarded, and for once, the cat hybrid allows his protective instincts to get the better of him. He moves closer, his thigh flush with Jeongguk’s knee and the warm blanket brushing against his arm. Jimin's tail flicks behind his back as he encounters a piece that just won’t lay flat, the rest of the bunny hybrid’s hair moved perfectly back into place. He doesn’t think twice about it before leaning in, tongue dragging through the rebellious lock to wet it. He quickly smoothes it down, fingers running through Jeongguk’s hair to make sure every strand is in the right place. Jimin sits back, a pleased rumble escaping from his chest as he observes his handiwork.
He freezes as his eyes drift back down to Jeongguk’s face, the bunny hybrid’s shocked wide eyes meeting his. He feels Jeongguk grow tense from the close proximity, Jimin's fingers still buried in his silky hair from where he was combing through it. The bunny hybrid’s gaze flits over his face rapidly, trying to make sense of the situation as he tugs the warm blanket closer to his body. His eyes linger momentarily on tip of Jimin’s tongue that’s peeking out of his mouth, the concentration from how carefully he was grooming him still present on his face. Jeongguk regards him silently for what feels like forever, his expression a mix between shy and something Jimin can’t quite place.
The cat hybrid's heart beats funny when Jeongguk decides to close his eyes, body relaxing as he nudges his head into Jimin’s hand. ”Feels nice, hyung,” Jeongguk whispers, and Jimin’s hand trembles as he resumes his grooming, fingers carding through the brown locks in light motions.
Jimin pulls his legs up on the couch, mirroring Jeongguk’s position as he folds his unoccupied arm against the backrest to support his head. As the bunny hybrid’s breathing begins to even out, Jimin finds himself growing drowsy too. He figures he might as well just stay in the living room until you get back, just to make sure you come home safe. He’s a light sleeper after all, so he knows he’ll wake up the moment you step inside the house.
He tugs one corner of Jeongguk’s blanket over his own legs, covering himself from the chilly air. Smoothing and running his fingers through Jeongguk’s hair is oddly soothing, and Jimin can’t stop the content purrs from rumbling low in his chest. The whole situation feels surprisingly nice. As sleep starts settling in Jimin’s eyes, his arm becomes to heavy to hold up – his hand dropping from Jeongguk’s head to his waist. He curls his fingers into the fabric of the bunny hybrid’s shirt, seeking out the warmth radiating from his body as he inches closer. His gray tail wraps around the both of them under the blanket, providing them with even more heat to fend off the chilly air in the room.
Jimin falls asleep with Jeongguk’s gentle breaths puffing against his chin – the faint memory of your scent in his nose and soft lips pressed against his cheek lingering in his dreams until morning.
Tumblr media
a/n: hello!! i hope you’re all doing well. there’s a little less of y/n in this update because i decided to move the final scene i had planned for this chapter to the next one! it just makes more sense overall, so i hope y’all don’t mind it too much. but hey, at least we’re finally seeing some character development for jimin?? 👀 and maybe some for JK too?? 
see you all soon, stay safe! <3 if you’d like to support me, you can buy me a ko-fi! 💖
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kimnjss · 3 months ago
home sweet castle | ot7
Tumblr media
synopsis: just a few days rest from your busy schedule is enough to get you back on track... spending those days off with your seven boyfriends in a castle built deep in the forest you can kiss any type of rest goodbye!
Tumblr media
pairing: ot7 x oc
genre: smut // pwp
updates: every sunday!
status: ongoing
A/N: this is based on each episode of in the soop, focused around a certain member with each update, but they’re all in each part. send an ask to be tagged!
[ buy me a coffee! ]
Tumblr media
episode one: minimoni
episode two: taejin
episode three: jungkook
episode four: sope
episode five: (coming soon)
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minniepetals · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Cry Me A River | Masterpost
— pairing: bts x reader
— genre: angst, slight fluff, poly!au, mafia!au, arranged marriage!au
— status: ongoing
— warnings: (triggering topics! please read at your own discretion) childhood trauma, mental abuse, allusions to physical abuse, child neglect, manipulation, gaslighting, violence, mentions of assault, hurt and comfort, divorce, emotional neglect, minor character deaths, kidnapping, some emotionally unstable scenes
Tumblr media
one. the breaking | you tried so hard to be enough
two. the lie | a house made of cards, they lived in your beautiful fairytale
three. the promise | if you told them about the darkness inside of you, would they still look at you like you're the sun?
four. the gentle heart | keep your heart warm, no matter how cold they have been to you
five. the void | no matter how many times you read a story over and over again, it always ends the same
six. coming soon...
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deepdarkdelights · 3 months ago
Even in Death | Jungkook x Reader (Haunted Mansion AU)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Jungkook x Reader (Borderline OT7)
Word Count: 13.5k
Warnings: 18+,Yandere, Ghost Bangtan, Stalking, Obsession, Mentions of Blood, Slight Gore, Fear, Non Consensual Kissing, Panic/Anxiety, Depictions of A Dead Body, Serial Murders, Reincarnation, Heights, Poisoning, Lots of Attempted Murder, Mentions of Suicide
I do not condone the acts displayed in this story nor do I believe any members of BTS would actually engage in this type of behavior. This is simply written for entertainment purposes and should not be taken as a reflection of my own values, opinions, or morals. 
Preview: “Her face was exactly the same as yours, but her hair was styled appropriately for her era. But, what was most concerning was that you recognized the dress she was wearing in the portrait because it was the same one you were currently wearing. You could feel your skin crawl as you came to that realization, he had put you in his dead fiancé's clothes. “
A/N: Surprise, Happy Early Halloween! My internet disconnected while I was trying to upload this so I am thoroughly irritated hehe. Well, I do hope you enjoy this fic, it is based off of one of my favorite spooky season movies! As per usual, this is slightly edited but will be fully edited tomorrow my dears. I look forward to seeing you in the comments and my inbox 💜🎃🔮
Tumblr media
It was exceptionally cold for October. 
The leaves that were crisp colors of burgundy and orange were desperately clinging to the tree branches as the rain pounded them in unforgiving torrents. It was gloomy and had you been at home nestled under your favorite blanket with a hot drink, you would have loved it. But instead, you were in your car driving for hours at a time to make it back home. 
You had gotten a call that your brother was in the hospital, and as you were his only living family member, you had to make it there to see him. 
And, to make matters worse, the asphalt of the roads was steadily being drowned in rapidly increasing inches of water, making them look like murky, black, winding rivers. You had seen enough videos online to know that if the water got too high, you were going to be screwed. The last thing you needed was for it to travel through your exhaust pipe and stall your car. Then it would be game over and you would be effectively trapped in a natural disaster. 
The windshield wipers were sliding frantically from side to side and even though you had them set to the fastest speed, you were still driving blind. 
You knew that you were only halfway home, you still had hours more to travel. But with the way this storm was acting you were certain you weren’t going to be able to make it home that day. So, reluctantly, you knew that you had to search for somewhere to seek shelter and you had to be quick about it. 
You knew of one place. 
You had never been there per se, or even seen it in person, but you had heard enough stories from college roommates that had grown up in the area you were currently stranded in. There was an old manor in the forest, ways off from the modern roads. It had been a historical sight, but barely anyone has ever been inside it. Only dumb kids who wanted to impress their friends at least. And, from what you heard, those that went inside and returned were never the same, much like one of your old friends. 
But did that matter to you? No, not one bit. Because not only were you on a mission, but you were also a skeptic. A firm believer of tangible evidence and scientific proof, the concept of spirits and the afterlife were a far cry from things that worried you. 
You switched your turn signal on, the light ticking noise it usually emitted was drowned out by the harsh slap of rain against your car as you slowly turned your steering wheel and eased the vehicle off of the road and onto the well-worn dirt path that faded away into the thick tangles of the forest. 
It was even darker inside the woods than it had been on the main road, thick storm clouds and the old overgrowth of the trees had made it practically nighttime, it was like you had traveled through a fold in time. 
A sudden rumble of thunder shook your car, urging you to press your foot down a little harder onto the accelerator, you were suddenly very much aware of just how dangerous the weather had become. 
You were beginning to grow antsy the longer you traveled down the dirt road, maybe you hadn’t remembered the directions correctly but it wasn’t like you could just check your maps app to verify that you had lost signal the minute you entered nature. 
It took about fifteen minutes before you noticed a break in the trees, and when they began to finally thin out you were met with the towering statue of the manor. It was beautiful in an eerie sort of way. The entire structure was made out of dark brick and stone with thick glass windows that were foggy, showing their age and lack of care. The grounds looked like they had seen better days, the trees, bushes, flowers, and grass all withered and decayed. 
You couldn’t help but empathize with the locals, it was no wonder why the majority of them never dared to travel to the manor. It made even more sense why it had been left untouched for so long, it had this foreboding air to it, one that warned trespassers away. 
There was that as well as the large, black, wrought iron fence that surrounded the entire estate, its sharp peaks serving as a warning for anyone who dared to try and scale it. 
But once more, you were on a mission, and you could overlook all of these things for a few hours or so until the weather lightened up and you could return home. Despite its foreboding nature, you were certain that the manor would be safe in these conditions, it had withstood centuries of weathering after all, how much impact could one flood have? 
You eased your foot off of the accelerator as your car rolled closer to the fence, the rainfall was heavy but you could make out that there wasn’t an apparent lock on the gates. You would probably have to get out and try and manually open them. 
But, just as you rolled to a complete stop and went to shift your car into park, the gates rattled and then popped open before coming to a smooth stop, leaving them wide open for you to roll through. 
You sat there for a moment, lips parted in confusion. From your understanding, no one lived inside of the mansion, so how would the gates be updated to automatically open? You weren’t allowed more time to think as the sky lit up with a flash of lightning, illuminating the rooftops and casting splintered shadows over the grounds of the estate. You needed to take shelter, and fast. 
And so you drove in, the gates ominously clanging shut behind you. There was a stone roundabout encircling a large, old, cracked fountain that had once been dried up but was now steadily refilling, leading up to the entrance. You drove as close as you could before throwing the car into park and racing up to the front door. 
You hastily grabbed the door knocker, rapidly banging it against the thick door, but there was no answer. A frown settled on your lips as you stepped to the side, cupping your hands over your eyes as you attempted to peer into one of the windows but they were too fogged up with thick coats of dust and cobwebs making it impossible to see. 
You huffed in annoyance, stepping back from the window to collect yourself only to do a double-take when you noticed that the door was slightly ajar. You were certain moments before it had been locked and closed, but maybe you were wrong. Had you ever tried to open the door in the first place? You honestly couldn’t remember. Maybe it was the stress finally getting to you. 
You hesitantly moved forward, stepping foot into the entryway. You were immediately hit with the smell of stale, damp air and the sight of a darkened room. You could make out a grand stairway, two sets of them curving up to the second floor and decorated in thick lace-like, intricate webs. It looked like no one had been there in a very long time. 
But, if that were true, then why could you hear the slow, melancholic notes of a piano being played? 
You squinted your eyes in an attempt to get accustomed to the dark as you began to follow the sound of the piano. It was coming from a room off of the central entry way, that much you could make out. 
“Hello?” You called, listening for a response. The only sounds that followed were your footsteps tapping against the cracked marble floor and the tune of the piano. 
The music was getting progressively louder, almost unbearably so, the closer you got. And upon locating the source of the sound, you understood why. The piano was situated in a large ballroom, built to amplify the music that would be played there. It was just as dusty as the rest of what you had seen of the home. There were drop cloths over various pieces of furniture, giving them a ghostly effect, and some of the windows towards the rear of the house had been boarded up long ago allowing a cold draft of air to sweep through the room. 
You were dumbstruck for a moment as you caught sight of the grand piano. Mostly because the keys were being pressed down, but no pianist sat at its bench. You laughed at yourself after a few seconds, there were such things as self-playing pianos, you shouldn’t have let your blood chill like that. 
But still, it couldn’t hurt to check. 
You turned on your heels, away from the instrument, and scanned the room before you called out once more, even louder this time. “Hello? Is anyone here?” 
There was a dramatic clash of the keys, a rather horrendous sound, and the noises of the bench screeching against the ground before the room went quiet.
Your hand slammed against your chest in fright as your heart thumped steadily against it, now that had certainly frightened you. You spun around again and this time choked on your own breath. There was a man standing next to the piano, his mouth agape. 
His clothing was a little outdated, a little too formal; a loose-fitting shirt tucked into trousers with the top buttons undone. 
“Holy shit, you scared the crap out of me!” You said with an uncomfortable laugh as you leaned forward a bit, attempting to breathe normally and slow your racing heart. 
The man quickly began crossing the space between you, startling you into stepping backward. 
“You came!” He gasped, his fingers encircling your wrist sending a cool chill through your warm flesh. 
“Um, yeah, I’m sorry to just barge in here like this but the road just started flooding and I didn’t know what else to do. I’m sorry, do I know you? You seem so familiar.” You asked, your thoughts derailing the longer you looked at him. 
Raven hair, porcelain skin, sweetly shaped eyes and a gummy smile with the most gorgeous pair of hands you had ever seen, perfect for playing the piano. 
“You don’t…,” he trailed off, his smile fading away for a moment before a weaker one replaced it, “Yoongi, I’m Yoongi.”
“Oh, well, it’s nice to meet you Yoongi.” You said with a kind smile of your own. 
His lips parted momentarily, his features softening as he looked at you. It was like he was looking at someone he hadn’t seen in a very long time. That look didn’t last too long, he snapped himself out of his daze, uncurling his fingers from around your wrist. 
“Wait right here, please, the young master is going to be so pleased to see you.”
“The young master? Who’s he?” You asked, turning away from him as you continued to look at the ballroom. 
In another time it would have been so beautiful, glimmering gold, shining floors, and gorgeous light illuminating the room from the crystal chandeliers. You could faintly visualize swirling skirts gliding throughout the room and gleeful laughs echoing through the space. It was like a filter overlaying the room, almost like something you had seen it all before. But you knew that couldn’t be possible, especially considering this was the first time you had ever been to the manor. 
That was when you noticed it was too quiet. 
“Yoongi?” You asked, turning to find him but the room was empty, you were all alone. 
“Damn, he’s fast.” You mumbled to yourself.
“What are you doing here?!” A voice frantically called, fast and loud footsteps quickly approaching. 
You were sure your heart was about to fail at this rate, where were all of these people suddenly coming from? 
There was another man now, he was incredibly tall with golden skin and soft brown hair. He looked to be dressed like a butler, another common occurrence in this estate was apparently everybody dressed like they were from a different time. 
“I’m so sorry to come in unannounced, I just spoke with Yoongi but uh...I have no idea where he went.”
“You need to leave, now.” He said firmly, his expression would have frightened you had you not seen the familiar gleam of fear in his eyes. 
“What? I can’t go anywhere, not in this weather at least, the roads are completely flooded.” 
“Go somewhere else, anywhere else.” He replied, grabbing you by your bicep and forcibly removing you from the ballroom. “You can’t be here.” 
“Look, I’m sorry, I wouldn’t have come here if I had any other choice but this is it,” you tried, digging your heels down against the grimy marble floors, “I can’t leave until the storm is over.” 
“You’ll find another way.” He grimly stated, jerking you harshly towards the front door you had entered mere moments before. “Go.”
Your eyebrows were pinched together in frustration, your neck craned back a bit so that you could look the man in his eyes. His jaw was tense in irritation, his eyes cold, and his brows turned downwards. To you, it looked like a caricature of wrath, there was something telling you he wasn’t really angry with you, but that this was a front concealing something else beneath it. From the trembling of his hands and tenseness of his shoulders you could tell he was stressed. He was worried. He was frightened. 
You couldn’t quite understand how you knew this, but this seemed to be entirely out of character for him despite this being your first meeting. 
His posture softened slightly under your harsh stare, his lips parting as his eyes darted over every feature of your face like he was memorizing you. 
“Please,” he finally begged, “Please, just go.”
And, just as his fingers brushed the brass doorknob, a voice echoed down the hallway startling the both of you. Steady taps of polished shoes against the wood floor of the corridor bounced its way towards you. Both you and the man stood frozen in anticipation waiting for the oncoming shadowed figure to reveal itself. 
“Namjoon,” The voice asked, “Where are you taking our guest?” 
The new stranger finally stepped into the now candle-lit entryway, emerging from the corridor between the sets of grand stairs. He was very young and incredibly handsome with dark, wavy hair, a brown doe eyed gaze, and smooth skin. You could notice that his upper lip was slightly smaller than the lower one, and his face was littered with delicate beauty marks. And, much like his counterparts, he was dressed slightly out of time. All in all, he was gorgeous. 
Subconsciously, you shifted closer to your companion, Namjoon. There was something gnawing at the back of your mind that you were safer by his side despite the alluring nature of the newest arrival. 
“I was just taking her to get her things, young master.” Namjoon said, the lie rolling off of his tongue smoothly. Had you not been on the receiving end of his actions moments before, you would have believed him. 
“No need, we have everything she could desire, don’t we?” He asked with a tilt of his head, the candle light flickering over his features ominously. 
“Welcome to my home, I am the manor’s master, you can call me Jungkook.” He said with an elated grin, his eyes wide and shining as he took you in, a sudden excitement rolling through his body in waves. 
You nodded slowly, your previous confidence having faded away with this confrontation. You softly uttered your name, and in response, his jaw dropped in awe and his cheeks flushed a prominent pink. If you didn’t know any better, you would have thought he was enamored by you. But, you had only just met and that would be beyond absurd. 
“Yoongi told me you’ve been trapped here by the flood?” He asked, crossing the floor to come nearer to you as you began to shift even closer to Namjoon, although you didn’t notice. “I can assure you your presence is more than welcome, please allow us to take care of you during your stay here.” 
“Oh really you don’t have to, all I need is to wait until the flood subsides and then I’ll be out of your hair.”
“Nonsense, you must join us for dinner, please we haven’t had a guest like you in so long.” He begged, his eyes wide in innocence as his hand finally clasped your own. 
Almost instantaneously your hand erupted into tingles, like his touch and caused it to fall asleep. And, at the same time, a chill had settled in your bones. It was the strangest feeling, one so jarring that you ripped your hand free from his grasp causing his smile to fall and his expression to shift to one of pure disappointment. 
You chewed your lip anxiously as you turned to look behind you out the window. Eerily, you realized where you had been unable to look inside from the exterior of the manor, now you had a clear few of the outside. It sent chills down your spine as you couldn’t help but wonder if you had been unknowingly staring at someone on the other side when you arrived. 
More importantly, though, you could see down towards the gate. The river had begun to swell and was steadily starting to flood the area. Not to mention, the rain was pounding against the glass in unforgiving torrents. You really couldn’t leave even though your body was subconsciously warning you to flee. 
“Well, I guess I can stay for dinner.” You sighed with a reluctant smile. 
Jungkook came to life again, the same enamored grin returning as he looked at you like he was afraid to forget you. 
“Right this way then.” He nodded before turning on his heel and heading down the dark corridor. 
You hesitantly began to follow him with Namjoon following close behind. Every now and then Jungkook would turn his head to look over his shoulder and make sure you were still following him. It was like he was nervous to let you out of his sight. 
Namjoon’s hand just barely ghosted over your shoulder as he leaned closer to you, his breath misting over your ear as he hastily whispered, “Don’t drink or eat anything while you’re here.” 
Your face contorted in confusion as a low growl rumbled in your stomach, “But I’m hungry.” 
“Not a single bite.” He hissed. 
You exhaled strongly from your nose in frustration as you stubbornly nodded, despite the hunger carving up your stomach there was that tug in the back of your mind again, the one telling you to listen to him. While you had never been a believer in the supernatural, unlike your friends, you were a firm believer in following your instincts. 
You would not eat. 
Imposing suits of armor lined the walls of the dark corridor, the metal slightly dingy and dusty with cobwebs connecting their gauntlets and gloves to the weapons they held in their grasp. They were frightening to look at and you could have sworn you felt as if they were watching you, phantom eyes following your every step as you entered the depths of the manor. You could understand why your friends hadn’t liked it here, there was an unsettling feeling that seemed to linger in the dry air. 
When the three of you finally emerged from the corridor, your group spilled out into what appeared to be a grand hall. This room was the most lively compared to the prior ones you had been in. There was a strong fire burning inside the massive fireplace, candles lit in every corner of the room, and a long dining table covered with various foods and vases of dried flowers. But, most importantly, you were not alone. 
Only one person was familiar to you, Yoongi was seated at the table and the mildly bored expression he wore on his face quickly evaporated when he caught sight of you, that sweet gummy smile of his returning full force. 
Namjoon quickly ushered you towards one end of the grand dining table, the head seat on the opposite side of the table. Before he could grasp the chair, another set of hands did, sliding the chair backward and motioning for you to sit. The man that did so had a charming smile on his plush lips, a startlingly handsome face, and chestnut brown hair. 
“Oh, thank you.” You said with a wobbly grin, gently taking a seat as he pushed the chair in. 
“Seokjin, madam,” He said proudly before leaning against the table beside you. “I shall be your host, your ghost host-”
Your host was quickly cut off by a sharp jab to his ribs by another man, forcing a wheeze from Seokjin’s lips that extinguished the laugh that had begun to shake his body at whatever joke he had tried to make. 
“Ghost host?” You echoed, raising your eyebrows. 
“So quiet it’s like he’s not even there.” The man who had struck him said with a loud laugh and a bright smile despite the glare he was shooting at the host. 
“Hoseok, madam, I’m the groundskeeper of the estate,” He said with a slight bow, “It’s wonderful to see you.”
To see you? Didn’t he mean to meet you?  
“You’re the groundskeeper?” You asked, your eyes darting to the windows to take in the shriveled state of the gardens outside. 
Hoseok suddenly looked rather bashful and forlorn compared to his bright disposition from before. “I’m afraid I haven’t been able to go outside and tend to them in a long while.”
“I see, because of the weather.”
“The weather, of course.” He said with a sharp jerk of his head that seemed to imply otherwise. 
“Enough of their boring prattle, wouldn’t you rather speak with me, my lady?” Another voice chimed in, a cold finger stroking over the delicate bones of your hands sending tingles throughout the skin like what had happened with Jungkook.
You almost hadn’t noticed the other stranger seated at the table, but he too was just as beautiful and timeless as the other men, with full lips, sultry eyes, and raven-colored hair. 
“Jimin.” Jungkook coldly said from his seat at the head of the table, his gaze dark and full of warning as he watched Jimin withdraw his hand. 
“Oh come on, cousin, I’m just having a little fun.”
“The last thing you need is another woman in your life, Jimin.” Seokjin snorted, the tips of his fingers tracing his wine-filled goblet. 
“That’s true, he’s had more marriages than he can count on one hand.” Hoseok chuckled. 
Jimin seemed to only take their teasing remarks in stride, a proud smile parting his plush, red lips. “What can I say, I’m a lady killer.” 
Maybe you would have laughed at the comment had he not stared at you in a painful stretch of silence for far too long with a smile that was a little too wide. You forced a laugh and turned your head away despite still feeling his phantom gaze lingering on your profile. 
Jungkook called your name from the end of the table, instantly garnering your attention, “You haven’t touched your food.” He said, his voice laden with concern. 
Your eyes flickered down to the plate in front of you that was filled with heavenly-smelling dishes, your stomach twisted in hunger and drool began to pool in the sides of your mouth. You were incredibly hungry, you couldn’t remember the last thing you had eaten that day. 
It was the sudden jerk of your chair that pulled you back into the moment, Namjoon had kicked the leg of your chair as he had passed by, pausing to top off Jimin’s drink. You looked toward him and then back to your plate, remembering his stern instructions to not eat or drink anything. 
“Oh, I’m not very hungry, I ate just before I got here.” You lied. 
Jungkook seemed to deflate a little from your words, his posture slouching as a frown pulled at the corners of his lips, his eyes looking at you in an almost pleading manner, like a puppy begging for table scraps. 
“I’m sure it’s lovely though, it smells wonderful!” You rambled, afraid to offend anyone at the table. 
“Darling, won’t you have just a little taste? I’m just dying to know what you think of my arrangement.” Your host, Jin, asked with a laugh as he leaned forward. 
“Maybe later, I’m a little queasy at the moment.” You lied once more with a regretful smile. 
“I’ll hold you to that.” He said with a slow blink and a slight quirk of his full lips. 
“Well, don’t let me stop you, aren’t any of you going to eat?” You said, attempting to divert the attention away from yourself. 
The men seated at the table all gave each other a knowing look, one that conveyed a message you were not privy to. Hoseok was the easiest to read out of everyone there, you could see the look of anxiety present in not only his face but his entire body. You couldn’t help but think how strange that was. 
But, before you could think too hard about it, you were suddenly hit with a cold splash, one that stole the breath from your lungs and enticed a shocked gasp to free itself from your mouth. Your top and your pants were soaked in a thick, red, liquid with a strong scent. 
“Please forgive me, that was an honest mistake.” Namjoon said, his voice not anywhere as remorseful as you would have liked considering you were now soaked with wine. 
“The clumsiest butler there ever was.” Yoongi chuckled, although his shoulders were quite tense, his body betrayed his true emotions. 
“Namjoon!” Jungkook cried, standing up so quickly his chair slid back. He quickly began to round the long table and rushed to your side, embarrassing you even more than you already were. 
“Forgive me, young master.” Namjoon repeated, this time his head bowed down and regret was clear in his tone. 
“I’ll deal with you later.” Jungkook seethed, refusing to look at Namjoon. “Are you alright, darling?” 
“I’m fine really, like Namjoon said, it was just an accident.” You replied, the word accident coming out much harsher than you intended it to. 
Jungkook shrugged the jacket he had been wearing off and gently draped it around your shoulders as he, almost frantically, checked you over. Despite the initial chaos of everything going on around you, you couldn’t help but notice the lack of warmth that clung to the coat. It was almost like you had just picked it out of the closet instead of taking it from the man who was now crouched before you. 
Everything about the manor was just so strange. Wasn’t it supposed to be abandoned? That was what your friends had told you at least. But that didn’t make any sense, there were clearly six other men in the flesh and bone inhabiting the same room as you were. 
“You’re not fine, look at you, you’re completely drenched.” He huffed, cheeks flushed with embarrassment and eyes burning with the unextinguished coals of anger.
“If I may, sir?” Namjoon asked, eyes choosing to be trained on you instead of whom he was talking to. 
“Go ahead.” Jungkook answered, his jaw clenched. 
“I could show our guest to her quarters and provide her with a change of clothes, allow her to settle in for the night.”
“For the night?!” You exclaimed. 
“Of course, my dear, the river has overflown, I’m afraid no one will be leaving the manor tonight.” Hoseok chimed in, you hadn’t noticed he had moved but now he stood by the tall windows, pulling the curtains aside to peer out into the courtyard. 
And he was most certainly right, the river was swollen and the courtyard was steadily being submerged by the rising water. 
“But I can’t stay! I need to get home, my brother needs me!” 
“Don’t fret, it’s only for the night, you can be on your way tomorrow, right Jungkook?” Jimin added, a devilish smirk on his lips. 
“Tomorrow, of course.” He eventually replied, teeth tugging at his lower lip. 
You turned once more to gaze outside, almost like you could will away the flash flood and the pelting rain. A sudden flash of lightning and a deep roll of thunder had you huddling back into your chair, maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to try and leave. After all, you still had ways to go and some sleep could be good for you. 
“If you’ll follow me,” Namjoon said, pulling your chair back and raising his arm up, gesturing to the corridor you had previously come from. 
Before you could stand on your own Jungkook hastily rose to his full height and lowered his hand to you, offering to help you up. You gave him a thankful smile and slipped your hand into his as he guided you up. That feeling had returned again, stronger than it was earlier. Cold shocks ran over your skin and the urge to pull away and flee was strong. But you couldn’t understand why. No one there had done anything wrong, well maybe everyone excluding the head butler. 
They had offered you shelter from the storm, a storm that certainly could have killed you, welcomed you kindly and even offered to feed you and give you a room. Jungkook himself, the master of the house, had been so accommodating. 
So why did your skin crawl when he touched you? Why did your heart thump pathetically fast in fright when he came too close? And why did you have this morbid feeling that facing your death in the storm would be far better than staying a second longer on the grounds of the manor?
“I’d like to see you, once you settle in, of course,” Jungkook said as he handed you off to Namjoon. “I’ll be around.”
You gave him a nod in confirmation before saying your goodbyes to the other men you had briefly met and then retreated back into the musty, dark hallways with the tall butler by your side. 
Once you felt like you were far away enough, you decided to confront Namjoon. “What was all of that about?!”
“The more you know, the more danger you’ll be in,” Namjoon replied, his face was tense but there was panic buried in the depths of his dark eyes. 
“What does that even mean? First, you try to throw me out, then you deny me food, and then you dump wine all over my clothes! What the hell is going on here?!”
“Listen to me, there are some things that are better off left buried and undisturbed.” He said, fixing with you with a firm look as he came to a stop on the second floor in front of a heavy mahogany door. 
“Stay in your room, do not leave without me, do not speak to anyone.” He instructed before pushing the door open and showing you inside. 
The air in the room was just as stale as the rest of the house, the space dimly lit with several flickering candles. The room was extravagant in a gaudy way, thick carpets, curtains, and duvets decorated the room in varying shades of crimson and merlot with accents of gold. Much like every other room you had seen, it was like it had been preserved long ago in a different time from today. There was a grand fireplace at one end of the room that was already lit with flames that crackled loudly in the quietness between you and the butler. 
“Do you order everyone else around like this, or is it just me.” You bitterly laughed, plopping yourself down on the all too soft mattress. 
The butler’s back was to you but you could still tell what you had said greatly affected him. His gloved hands were clenched and there was a slight shake to his shoulders. You could hear him harshly swallow before clearing his throat. 
“I do what is best for everyone, including you.” 
And then, he was gone. 
“Does everyone here just vanish without notice?” You asked yourself with an annoyed huff. It seemed like they were incredibly good at coming and going in complete silence. 
You sat on the bed for a few more moments, your fingers picking at the frayed hem of the duvet. You could hear the pounding of the rain against the window panes and the crackle of the fire. But other than that, there was silence and you had been left to your thoughts. 
Your clothes had become uncomfortably sticky since the incident at dinner, and now all you wanted to do was peel them off. Your gaze landed at the foot of the bed where a bundle of fresh clothing laid, you couldn’t help but wonder how it had gotten there considering you didn’t remember seeing it when you had first entered. You clenched your eyes shut and let out an exhale from your nose, you had undergone plenty of stress in the past twenty four hours, you could chalk up the memory loss to that. 
You rose to your feet and gently unraveled the fabric. To your surprise, it was a full-length, white, satin, and lace gown. It looked too fancy to be sleepwear but not extravagant enough to be an evening gown. It was right in between, an elegant and rather beautiful dress. There was a part of you that felt completely ridiculous as your wet clothes slapped down against the thick carpet beneath your feet and you shimmied the silken gown down over your shoulders and hips. But, you couldn’t deny how lovely the fabric felt and how well it fit, almost like it had been tailored to your exact measurements. 
But that was ridiculous and, not to mention, impossible. 
Now dry and comfortably clothed, you were feeling rebellious. After all of the hell the butler had given you that night, you were more than inclined to the idea of frustrating him beyond belief. So you decided to break two of his three rules, you were going to leave your room and you were going to traverse the halls of the manor without him. 
The heavy door thudded shut loudly behind you causing you to jump in surprise. It had closed far louder than you had anticipated. But that was about to be the least of worries. The most pressing matter now was the light emanating from around the otherwise dark corner. 
Your fingers twisted anxiously in the fabric of your dress as you looked towards the origin of the light. Maybe Namjoon had warned you against leaving for a reason. And a reason that was much graver than him just being a dick to you. 
But in the end, your curiosity won over your sense of self-preservation. 
It was almost like it was beckoning you to come closer, it felt like you couldn’t control your body like your feet were blindly leading you forward and around the bend to the source of the thrumming light. 
At the very end of the hallway was a large door with a strong, green, pulsating light bleeding from beneath the door and illuminating the hallway with an eerie glow. But, what was even more startling was that the door appeared to be moving. It was expanding and contracting almost like it was alive...like it was breathing. 
There was a horrible feeling in your stomach that was telling you to turn away but your mind refused to listen and urged your legs to carry you unbearably closer to the very thing that was flooding your veins with the unmistakable cold shock of fear. 
And as you finally approached the ominous door, your hand raised and latched onto the doorknob. Upon contact the door ceased moving and appeared to be nothing more than normal. And, as if you were compelled, you twisted the knob and entered the room. 
The first thing you noticed upon entering was how eclectic the room was. There were so many items in the space that you had no idea how anyone could navigate it. There were herbs, books, crystals, stones, and unlabeled bottles that contained glowing fluids you were unfamiliar with. But, most strange, was what was in the center of the room.  There was a large, round table decorated with candles, a deck of cards, smaller crystals, and a massive crystal ball that was thrumming with the green light that had called to you moments before. 
But what was even more surprising was the man seated behind the crystal ball. For one, he was absolutely stunning, much like the other men that inhabited the manor. He had honey skin, dark wavy hair, and eyes such a rich green that they rivaled that of the crystal ball. His ears were decorated in various piercings and his fingers wore many rings along with his wrists that were covered in bracelets. And of course, he too wore clothes that you hadn’t seen any men of your era wearing. But damn, did it suit him so well. 
You were momentarily shocked by the sound of your name leaving his lips accompanied by a somewhat guilty yet amused smile. 
“How do you know my name?” You asked, your posture and voice rather defensive. 
“I know all.” He ominously replied, long elegant fingers tracing the crystal ball before him. 
“Right, of course, silly me.” You scoffed with a shake of your head. “What should I call you? Fortune Teller?” 
“Those who know me, call me Taehyung.” He grinned. 
“Taehyung the Fortune Teller.” You nodded in disbelief. 
“Not quite,” He mused before nodding his head, the chair opposite of him sliding out towards you, “But close enough.” 
You froze in shock, dumbly staring at the chair in front of you. Yeah, you didn’t have an explanation for that one. It wasn’t unheard of for frauds to rig things like this in their shops, but from what you could see, nothing was attached to the chair and you had no idea how he had done that. 
“Have a seat, please.” 
You slowly lowered yourself down onto the chair, and the minute you had situated yourself in it, the chair flung forward and pinned itself to the table as you shrieked in fright. 
“Don’t be scared, I won’t hurt you.” He attempted to soothe you with his deep voice. 
“This chair is moving on its own and has me trapped and you expect me not to be scared?!” You yelled, your hands gripping the arms of the chair as you attempted to scoot away only for a strong force to keep you frozen in place. 
“I need to be sure you won’t leave before I tell you what must be known.”
“What must be known?” You echoed, still frazzled from what had just happened. 
“Yes, you are in grave danger.”
“Danger? What kind of danger?”
“I have sensed a great darkness looming in your near future, the longer you stay here, the stronger it grows.” 
“I don’t even want to be here, I want to leave, I need to get to my brother, this was never supposed to happen!”
“All things are as they should be.”
“What does that even mean?!”
“You were destined to walk these halls once more, you’ve returned to us, but you cannot stay.” He continued, a deep sadness reflecting in his eyes as he reached out to you and grazed the back of your hand with his fingers. 
“Do you only speak in riddles? I need answers, if I’m truly in danger then I need to find a way out of here, I need your help.” 
“I cannot help you.”
“And why not?” 
“I am bound by forces you do not understand, what I have told you is a warning, that is all I can give you, anything more will bring doom upon the inhabitants of this manor.” 
“I don’t know why I am even listening to you, you don’t even know what you’re talking about.” 
That seemed to strike a nerve. 
Taehyung lurched forward, grabbing hold of both of your wrists and tugging you towards him, pinning your forearms down to the table. 
“What are you doing?! Let go of me!” 
“I may not be able to give you guidance, but there are others who can, those who are not bound like myself.” 
“Didn’t you hear me? I said let go!”
Taehyung ignored you, his eyes sliding shut as he began to recite an incantation so softly you almost couldn’t hear it, but you still managed to. 
“Serpents and spiders, tail of a rat; call in the spirits, wherever they're at. Rap on a table; it's time to respond. Send us a message from somewhere beyond.”
The room was almost immediately plunged into darkness, the only source of light being the green crystal ball and the few candles that littered the table. But, what was most horrifying, was what you couldn’t see in the dark. Cold gusts of air misted over your body and goosebumps raised on your skin leaving tingles behind like someone had touched you, but both of Taehyung’s hands were on yours and he was the only other person in the room with you. 
You screamed in fright as a disembodied low pitch, raspy whisper was uttered directly beside your ear, a cold chill racing down the length of your arm like someone was pressed up beside you, but no one was there. 
“Remember,” the phantom voice whispered. 
Several images flashed behind your eyes, but none of them made sense, they were fragmented, disjointed, and unrecognizable. A bloody hatchet, a blood-curdling scream, innocent doe eyes, a casket, a wedding, and a delicate cup of rich dark tea. 
But there was one thing that was familiar, the horrible pit of dread in your stomach. 
“Trust your enemy, deceive your friend,” Taehyung said. 
And, just like that, the light turned back on, the crystal ball dimmed, and the chair slid back from the table. 
And, without a second thought, you ran. 
You were so terribly frightened. You had never been one to believe in the supernatural, you were a skeptic at heart and mind but being confronted with whatever that was was enough to have your heart racing, adrenaline coursing through your blood, and tears rushing down your face as you blindly sped down the hallway, the door slamming shut behind you. 
You were so distraught, so completely and utterly horrified, you didn’t see the person standing in the hallway that you were running directly towards. But before the two of you could collide, a pair of hands gripped your biceps and forced you to stop, pulling another terrified cry from your mouth as your eyes clenched shut and you attempted to wriggle free, terrified to see another specter touching you.  
You could feel hands cupping your cheeks, tilting your head up to force you to look at whoever it was. Fingers gently brushed your tears away as you blinked rapidly, attempting to see who the figure was. You sniffed heavily as he continued to wipe your cheeks, and once your eyes finally focused you knew who it was. 
“Jungkook?” You weakly asked. 
He softly whispered your name back to you, his dark doe eyes so wide in wonder and something else...something that almost bled affection. His brows had pulled together in stress as he checked you over like your crying was the result of some physical harm to yourself. 
“You’re shaking, sweetheart, what happened?” He asked, firmly pulling you in closer to him as his hands settled on the curves of your waist. 
Your heart fluttered for a moment, chills seeping into your bones before your mind traveled back to the room down the hall and your shaking began to worsen. There was something ingrained in your body that was begging you to flee from the beautiful man in front of you, but the fear from what had transpired moments before was overpowering it. 
Before you could even try to stop it a sob broke free from your throat, your shoulders shook, and fat tears ran down your cheeks. You were so infuriated with yourself that all you could do was cry, you hated crying, hated appearing fragile. But here you were, knees weak in front of a man you barely knew because of a little scare. 
“Oh, no, darling, please don’t cry.” He begged, desperately trying to dry your already damp cheeks. “Here, come with me, I’ll take care of you.” 
His hand rested on the middle of your back as he began to guide you back towards the grand staircase, further away from the demons that had spoken to you and further away from the supposed safety of your room. Namjoon’s words from before were strong in your mind but you couldn’t fathom being alone after what had happened, and besides, Jungkook was kind, he wouldn’t harm you. 
Or so you thought. 
Jungkook had led you back towards the dining hall, pulling the chair that sat at the head of the table out and guiding you to sit. To your horror, he lowered himself down to his knees and grasped your hands in his own, staring up into your eyes in what could only be described as worship. 
“Please, get off the floor.” You sniffled, your eyes still tearing up as you looked back at him in embarrassment. 
“You’re worrying about me when you’re clearly the one in distress?” He asked although it wasn’t sarcastic, but genuine worry. 
“I’m not worried, it’s just weird.” 
That one forced a chuckle out of him, a fond look evident on his features as his fingers gently smoothed over the backs of your hands. The way he treated you reminded you of long-lost lovers reuniting but that only made a pit settle in your stomach. Although he was, by all means, a perfect gentleman, pleasing to look at and oh so kind, your skin crawled in his presence. You wish you knew why. 
“Won’t you tell me what happened? I don’t like to see such a beautiful woman so upset.” 
“I met Taehyung.” You said, choosing to ignore that last part of his statement. 
His expression immediately hardened, the kindness draining out of him in a flash. “You met Taehyung?” 
You nodded, hesitantly. “Yeah, I did. And it was the most terrifying thing I’ve ever experienced in my entire life.” 
“What did he tell you?” 
You paused for a moment, going over what you remembered in your mind. Taehyung’s final words echoed in your head, “Trust your enemy, deceive your friend.” As much as you hated your meeting with the fortune teller, you couldn’t help but think critically about what he had told you. That horrible feeling in your body, that pit in your stomach whenever you were around Jungkook, maybe it was all for a reason. Maybe, Namjoon was the only one you could trust and Jungkook wasn’t. 
“He...he didn’t say much, the room went black and I could see and hear things moving around, touching me and whispering to me. It was horrible, I don’t believe in those things they aren’t supposed to be real.” 
Jungkook’s body relaxed although there was now an amused smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. “You don’t believe in ghosts?” 
“I don’t, I mean, I didn’t? I...I don’t know what to believe in anymore.” 
“I see. Allow me to take your mind off of things?” He asked, rising up to his full height and completely towering over your seated form. 
You hesitantly nodded, before taking the hand he extended and standing beside him. He gently guided your hand to the crook of his elbow in a gentlemanly manner and began to walk with you. 
“I could tell you the story of this manor.” He suggested, the sound of his shoes tapping against the floor echoed throughout the silent space. 
You jerked your head in a nod and matched his pace. 
“The manor has been passed down through my family from generation to generation, and as such we have amassed a great wealth. But inheritance wasn’t the only thing that followed us, the manor has a history of misfortune and despair.” 
“Misfortune?” You echoed. 
“Yes, it started a long time ago and has plagued the family ever since,” He nodded, pulling you further into the manor. 
The corridor the two of you were walking down was dark, the walls covered in thick curtains and ornate portraits. The portraits were rather strange, there was something about them that made you intensely uncomfortable. You could see a woman lounging on a chaise, a ship caught in a storm, a man wearing a tophat hunched over, a woman with a penetrating stare, and a portrait of a dignified man that looked not unlike the host from earlier that night, Seokjin.  
“But, there was no greater misfortune than that of my great grandfather.”
“What was his misfortune?”
“He fell in love,” Jungkook said, his words trailing off for a moment, his gaze going glassy as he turned to look at you. It seemed like he was somewhere else, a different time and a different place than now. 
“How could love make misfortune?” You asked, snapping him out of his daze. 
“You would be surprised.” He sighed before continuing your walk and bringing you into what appeared to be a study, although to you it looked more like a library with the massive bookshelves that towered over you, each holding impressive marble busts that you could have sworn were following you and Jungkook as you walked through the room. 
“Marriages of convenience were far too common not too long ago. The Jeon estate was set to be joined with the Blackwell estate, the two most influential families this once-bustling town had ever seen.” He explained, pausing to make sure you were listening. 
“My great grandfather was to be wed to the eldest daughter of the Blackwell family, despite him begging his father to dissolve the engagement.” 
“Why did he want to break it off if arranged marriages were so common?”
“Because he loved another and he could not fathom a life where she was not his. This is the very room where he saw her for the first time.” He said, releasing his arm from your hold to guide you in front of him, his chest flush against your back. 
“Right there is where she was.” He mumbled, his voice directly beside your ear as his hands slipped down your shoulders to brace your biceps.
You swallowed uncomfortably as you looked towards where he was looking, there was an extension to the library that almost looked like a greenhouse. The walls and roof were made entirely of glass with several chandeliers hanging from the metal beams. There was a grand piano in the middle of the little atrium and it was surrounded by dried and decaying flowers that were still withering away. 
“She had accompanied her father and her elder sister all the way to our estate, but as the youngest daughter, she was often overlooked and forgotten. But my great grandfather, he couldn’t help but see her.”
“So, that was his misfortune? He was promised to her sister?”
“No...not quite.” He said, his voice lower than before, a dark edge to his words. “If only it had been that simple.” 
It was quiet again, although this time the silence held an intense gravity, you were getting that feeling again, the one that was telling you you would be better off far away from him. And now, Taehyung’s ominous warning was even clearer and stronger than before. You couldn’t trust Jungkook. 
But, you also couldn’t go on until your curiosity was satiated. That was your fatal flaw. 
“What happened?” 
“The eldest daughter grew ill a few weeks before their wedding, she was bedridden and her health was rapidly declining. And, before you knew it, she had passed. Her sister was heartbroken, she was distraught, but in her despair she and my great grandfather found one another. And, in the haste to merge the two estates, she was to become his new bride.” 
You couldn’t understand why, but there was something telling you Jungkook wasn’t revealing the entirety of the story to you. It felt incomplete somehow like you had heard it before but couldn’t remember the finer details. 
You were walking again, his hand now brushing the small of your back, his left side snug against your right like he was afraid to let you wander too far from his grasp. This walk was more familiar, if you remembered correctly you were heading towards the ballroom you had first entered when you had initially arrived at the manor. 
“So, he got what he wanted then? He was going to marry the woman he fell in love with.” You were searching for clarification now, the sister’s death was unfortunate but his great grandfather would have gotten what he desired. 
“As I said, it’s not that simple, darling.” 
You bristled at the pet name, there was energy in the air, it almost felt like lightning was about to strike. Something was about to happen but you didn’t know what and if you were being totally honest with yourself, you were scared. 
You were in the ballroom now, it was dark and dingy with cobwebs galore and sparsely lit candles to illuminate the vast space. There was something terrifying about it, a distant wisp of a memory slipping through the darkest recesses of your mind. 
“The day they were meant to be wed he found her in her room, motionless and limp. She had taken her own life.” 
“That’s...that’s terrible.” That was all you could manage to say. “Why did she do it?”
What you had said appeared to strike a nerve within him, his jaw tensing and his raven locks obscuring his eyes as he turned. The look on his face was a cross between immense distress and anger, he looked like he was at his breaking point. 
“That’s it? That’s all you have to say for yourself?”
“Jungkook, what are you talking about?” You slowly asked, taking a hesitant step backward in an attempt to make as much distance between the two of you before he noticed.
But luck was not on your side, he had noticed you trying to escape from him again. 
“I know you remember, you must remember!” He shouted, spinning on his heels to face you. “How could you not remember how much I loved you? I did anything and everything to be with you! You were promised to me and I was to you, remember?!”
“I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about, you’re scaring me!” You cried, your steps quickening as he began to rapidly approach your retreating form. 
“I have waited centuries for you to return, you don’t get to abandon me again, not this time!”
“You...you think that I’m her? You’re insane!”
“I don’t think, I know. It must be you, there is no other possibility.” He stubbornly said, his hand capturing your wrists and tugging you towards him.  “You belong to me and I to you, I’ll make you remember.”
“You’re not making me do anything, let go of me!”
“No! This is where we were going to be wed, this is where we would have had our first dance as husband and wife! How could you throw it all away? How could you forget?!” He cried, his grasp tightening as his voice became louder and louder. 
But, what was worst of all was what was happening all around you. The once empty ballroom was now packed tightly with masked dancing phantoms, you could feel the skirts of the ballgowns brushing against you, you could feel their penetrating stares, and you could see directly through them as they swung through the room in time with the out of tune piano.
You couldn’t stop the cries of fright that were coming from you as you tried to flee, Jungkook’s unrelenting grasp anchoring you to your spot. All you could do was clench your eyes shut and turn your head away in an effort to blind yourself from what you were seeing. It was all far too much for you to handle and with the way you could barely get a breath of air into your lungs you felt like you were going to pass out on the spot. 
“I’m not her! I don’t know what you’re talking about!” 
“Yes, yes you are, I’ll make you remember.”
And then, his lips were on yours. Your entire body lit up in a horrid wave of chills so strong it had you reeling backward. His lips were cold, absolutely frigid compared to your warmth. In all honesty, it felt like you were kissing a corpse. He had released one of your wrists so that his hand could cradle your jaw and guide you closer to him, that had been his own mistake. As soon as you realized that one of your arms was unfettered you ripped your other free and parted from him with a gasp for air. And then you were stumbling backward, through the crowd of phantom dancers, and sprinting away into the dark halls of the manor. 
You could hear Jungkook calling out to you, his loud voice echoing down the corridors and chasing after you. It felt like no matter where you ran to there was no way you could escape him, he was everywhere. 
You squealed in fright as you rounded a corner and he stepped out of the shadows. “Please sweetheart, stop running, we can be together again.” 
You ignored him, tripping over your own feet as you raced by him, your silken nightgown fluttering dramatically behind you as you sped down the dimly lit hallways. 
“I didn’t mean to frighten you, please, let’s just talk about this.” He begged, appearing out of thin air once more and only worsening the state you were currently in. 
“Go away!” You screamed, refusing to stop and continuing to run. 
“It would only take a few seconds, I swear it won’t hurt, and then we can be together forever just like I promised you.” 
“Leave me alone!” You yelled as you finally approached a familiar sight, your bedroom door. 
You quickly slipped inside and slammed the heavy door shut behind you. And then, you stood there for a moment, your eyes pinned to the entrance waiting for him to appear inside the room like he had done three times before. But, after a few moments of waiting, nothing happened. Jungkook didn’t enter your room, the door didn’t move, and it was utterly silent. 
That was why you nearly jumped out of your skin with a panicked shriek as you felt a hand settle on your shoulder. You whipped around and almost instantly relaxed, a sigh of relief decompressing your chest. 
“I thought I told you to stay in your room.”
“Namjoon.” You nearly cried, your hands hastily wiping at your tear stained cheeks. “Namjoon, something is wrong with Jungkook, something is wrong with this manor!”
“I know, I know everything. That’s why I was trying to keep you safe.”
“You...you know? You know that Jungkook thinks that I’m-”
“Lady Blackwell, yes.” He confirmed. 
“But I’m not! Listen to me, I am sick and tired of all of these ominous warnings and useless statements! You need to tell me absolutely everything right now!” You demanded, your fists balled up at your sides. 
Namjoon’s jaw tensed, his tongue poking his cheek in irritation. You could see his dark eyes darting around the room, he was thinking very intensely about what he was going to say. 
“No matter what I tell you, you won’t believe me.”
“Convince me then.”
The butler sighed, his thumb and forefinger pinching the bridge of his nose momentarily before he opened his eyes and gestured for you to take a seat on the edge of the bed facing him. 
“Over a hundred years ago, the young master was engaged to the eldest daughter of the Blackwell estate, at first he had few problems with the matter, but upon the family's first visit things began to go awry. He had met you, the youngest of the Blackwell’s.”
“Namjoon that’s imposs-,”
“Let me finish and then you can ask all of the questions you want.” He interrupted you with a warning look in his eyes. 
“Jungkook begged his father to break off the engagement and allow him to marry you instead, but that wasn’t what the two families had agreed upon. Jungkook was young and determined and he could never take no for an answer. So, he knew that the only way the engagement would be dissolved was if your sister were to die. Over the course of several months, he steadily began to poison her, slipping it into her drinks and her meals, and eventually, she grew sick and bedridden,
You were absolutely distraught when she died, you didn’t know what to do with yourself and you wanted nothing to do with Jungkook. You had seen him as an older brother, nothing more. Despite your wishes, you were to take the place of your sister. Jungkook thought that he was finally getting everything he wanted, but he never thought you would guess what he had done. You refused to marry your sister’s killer so you asked me to do something for you.” 
“Namjoon...what did you do?” You whispered. 
He pressed his lips together in stress, his eyes suddenly shining as if he were about to cry. 
“You begged me to kill you. You were religious back then, you didn’t want to take your own life but you couldn’t bear the thought of being trapped in a marriage with him. So I did it, I stole what Jungkook used to poison your sister and I slipped it into your morning tea. You fell asleep and you never woke up again.” 
There was a strange tightness in your throat as you listened to him speak, there was something in the back of your mind telling you what he said was the truth. You couldn’t explain it, it was much like that feeling in Taehyung’s room, the barest hint of a memory buried deep. 
“Why did you listen to me? Why did you do it?”
“I cared for you, I didn’t want to do it but you made me promise you.” He confessed, dropping to his knees in front of you and staring up at you with shining eyes. 
“I don’t understand what this has to do with what’s going on now, I don’t feel like her, I don’t remember what it was like to be her.”
“It’s not about now, it’s about what happened then. After your death, the young master was inconsolable and in his grief, he consorted with the supernatural.”
“Taehyung,” You breathed. 
“Yes, they made a pact, we would trade our lives so you could live again.”
“Why would you do that?! You killed her because she asked, she didn’t want this!”
“And I couldn’t live with myself!” He cried, “I jumped at the chance to bring you back, to right my own wrongs but I’ve only made a mess of things. We all loved you so much in our own way we couldn’t go on without you. Jungkook, Seokjin, Yoongi, Hoseok, Jimin, and myself are all bound in contract by Taehyung.”
“What happens next? I’m here, wasn’t that the deal?”
“You’re human, you can leave the manor but we can’t. There’s a curse in place, anyone who dies on the grounds of the manor remains trapped here.”
Your stomach turned at his words, you felt like you were going to be sick right then and there. You hadn’t been one to believe in the supernatural or even the afterlife, but now being confronted with the possibility you were going to die you felt like you were going to pass out.
“Is that why you wouldn’t let me eat or drink anything?”
“Everything was poisoned, if you had one drop of wine or one crumb of food, you would have died on the spot.” 
Oh, fuck you were going to be sick. You needed to leave, you needed to get out of there. Without thinking you leapt up from the bed and raced to the bedroom door, ripping it open with more force than you thought you had in your body. But before you could sprint out of the room, you heard something coming down the hall. It was footsteps and they were fast approaching. 
And, upon angling your head out past the door frame you were met with a horrific surprise. At the end of the hallway, Hoseok came to a stop, his face frozen in surprise. And, even worse, there was a large pair of rusty hedge clippers in his hands. 
You didn’t have to ask what they were for. 
“Please, don’t make this harder than it has to be.” He begged, sorrow evident in his dark eyes despite the tight grip he had on the tool beside him. 
Before you could breathe, scream, or do anything, Namjoon wrapped his arm around your waist and yanked you back into the bedroom, slamming the door shut. 
“Come on, we don’t have much time!” He exclaimed, his hand moving to your wrist and tugging you towards the corner of the room where a wall of bookshelves rested. 
Without hesitation, he reached towards a small bust that rested on the shelf and pushed its head down and towards the two of you, and almost instantly the bookshelf slid away and revealed a dark, damp, and cobweb infested tunnel. 
“Servants passageways, they were built into the house centuries ago, there’s so many in the manor not everyone knows where exactly they are.” He explained, ushering you into the tunnel. 
“Namjoon wait-”
“Hurry, follow the passageway, and don’t stop. I’ll distract the others and come for you when it’s safe.” He instructed you. 
And before you could get another word in, the secret door slid shut and you were enveloped in darkness. You stood there for a moment, paralyzed in confusion and fear before you realized that you needed to get moving. It was incredibly dark and from the smell and the state of the passageway, it was obvious that it hadn’t been in use in a very long time. 
Your hand traced over the brick wall to the right of you, they were cold and rather grimy but it was much better than tripping over your feet and smacking into walls you couldn’t see. Which, ironically, was exactly what happened to you. 
The tip of your shoe connected with a raised surface and had you falling forwards, your hands and knees colliding with more of its kind. Your hands patted the cool stone beneath you, and upon further investigation, you realized what they were: stairs. 
You groaned in pain, rubbing at your knee as you rose back up onto your feet and attempted to gauge the distance of the steps beneath you. At first, you were sure you looked like a newborn deer, sliding all over the place with your arms stretched out at your sides feeling for something to hold on to. But, eventually, you got the hang of it and began your ascent. 
There were so many steps you could feel the muscles of your thighs and calves burning in protest, you had no idea where Namjoon was sending you off too but so far you were not enjoying it. It was the memory of Hoseok and the rusted blades that re-instilled your fervor, forcing you to continue upwards. 
After endless climbing of steps, you finally reached a landing, and with your arms stretched out in front of you, you felt the familiar grain of wood under your palms. It felt like a door. And, with a little effort and a push, it popped forward and slid to the side revealing where exactly you had been trekking to. 
It was the attic.
Through a pair of broken shutters, an eerie moon cast light over the various objects that littered the space. It felt almost like a maze with how many items had been stored there, you wouldn’t be surprised if you got lost in the mess. There were several trunks, chairs, boxes, and portraits laying around, some of them covered in drop cloths and some of them not. But it was the portraits you were more curious about. Specifically, the one that was partially revealed. 
You managed to navigate your way through the eclectic maze, cursing every now and then when your dress would snag on something and scare the shit out of you, thinking that someone had come to find you and kill you. 
When you finally reached the portrait, your stomach dropped and you suddenly realized that you definitely could not deny what Jungkook as well as Namjoon had told you. You were either Lady Blackwell or you were her descendant because when you looked at the portrait you very well could have been looking in a mirror. 
Her face was exactly the same as yours, but her hair was styled appropriately for her era. But, what was most concerning was that you recognized the dress she was wearing in the portrait because it was the same one you were currently wearing. You could feel your skin crawl as you came to that realization, he had put you in his dead fiancé's clothes. 
You stepped away from the portrait, the uncomfortable feeling in your stomach too much to bear. 
The other strange anomaly in the attic was the numerous dresses that were concealed with thin veils. But before you could reach them and further assess them, you felt something underfoot that had you stumbling. Once you regained your balance, you realized what it was. It was a phone, and not an unfamiliar one. 
What was even more surprising was that you could turn it on, and it looked like it had been there for a while. The manor was strange enough, for your sake, it was better not to question it. Once the screen was unlocked, your stomach dropped. 
The last app that had been opened was the contacts catalog, and once again, your very own face was staring back at you. You were the last number the phone had called. It was all starting to make sense. 
This was your roommate's phone, the one she had lost when she was dared to enter the manor. You didn’t recognize the number that had called you that morning because you had deleted her contact when she got a new phone and a new number. The call about your brother, that wasn’t from the hospital, it came from here. 
When your roommate left her phone behind someone in the manor must have found it and from there found you. They had lured you right to them, your brother was perfectly fine. You had been tricked. 
“Son of a bitch!”
You let out a cry of frustration, picking up the phone and chucking it into one of the brick walls so hard the screen cracked and its light dimmed. 
You took a few moments for yourself, allowing yourself to breathe in and out deeply, over and over again until you could feel your heart slowing and breathing returning to normal. 
Once you were ready, you decided to distract yourself. Right, the wedding dresses. You came nearer to them, and in shock, you realized that there were six of them in total. All of them were gorgeous, probably the most beautiful dresses you had ever seen, but they had yellowed with age and were stained with the stale scent of the attic. 
Upon further investigation, you realized that beside each of the spread-out wedding dresses, there were portraits to accompany them. Your eyes scanned over each, taking in the sight of the beautiful brides with their glowing smiles. But another thing you quickly noticed was that all six of them shared the same groom. 
It was Jimin. 
At the moment of your realization, you heard a door squeak open and the steady click of shoes against the aged, wooden floors. 
Your heart rate immediately skyrocketed as you spun around helplessly, your dress flaring as you attempted to locate a hiding spot. And with the footsteps coming closer, you leaped behind a pile of wedding gifts, still wrapped, and curled into yourself. 
“I heard you up here, scuttling around like a mouse in the walls.” The voice mused, you could hear their smile ingrained in their voice. You were sure you knew who it was, it sounded exactly like Jimin with that uncomfortable flirtatious edge to his voice. 
“Come out now, there’s no sense in hiding. Wouldn’t you rather get this over quickly?” He said. 
A loud thud echoed to your left causing you to flinch and your hand to slap over your mouth before you could whimper in surprise. There was a horrible noise coming closer, it sounded like metal scraping against wood. Against your better judgment, you peaked through a gap in the presents and what you saw was horrifying enough to make your blood run cold. 
It was definitely Jimin. His jacket was gone and his sleeves had been rolled up to reveal his forearms. He was wearing a pristine white shirt with the top buttons undone and a wicked smile on his lips. 
But what was worst of all, was the sight of the hatchet in his right hand, the blade dragging behind him on the wood as he walked through the attic slowly and confidently, like a predator in the midst of a hunt. 
Your fingers tensed over your mouth as you felt a cry welling up in your throat. Of all of the ways to die, this one had to be the worst. 
“You know, you probably should have just let Jin or Jungkook do it. They would have put you down easy. But me? Oh, I want to take my time with you, darling.” 
The scratching of the blade was louder now, his footsteps were even closer than before. You had this feeling in the pit of your stomach that he knew exactly where you were.
“You should be honored, you can be my lucky number seven,” He chuckled, “They didn’t know what they were getting into when they married me. Till’ death do we part, they vowed. For better or...for worse. In sickness, and in wealth. But we both got what we wanted in the end. They got to become a wife, and I got to keep their dowry.” 
He was a black widow. 
Silence fell over the attic and you became painfully aware of everything else. You could hear your blood rushing in your ears, your heartbeat was borderline cacophonous, and no matter how hard you tried to muffle it your breaths were like nails on a chalkboard. 
Your entire body froze with fright. You could hear him humming a tune behind you now, and you distinctly knew it was “Here Comes The Bride.” 
“There you are,” He cooed, causing you to whip around and scramble backward on your hands. 
He was standing over you, the pile of presents forming a flimsy makeshift barrier between the two of you. The smile on his face was so horrible, it was just too wide and far too exciting. He easily raised the hatchet up, rested the handle on his shoulder. There was blood dried into the wood. 
“Come on out, darling. You’ve kept me waiting long enough.” He said before slamming his boot into the pile of presents and toppling them over one another. 
That snapped you out of it. 
You quickly turned over and sprung up onto your feet, sprinting away from him. He had been standing in front of the passageway you had come from and the closest exit was the shuttered window. 
You could hear him laughing behind you as you stumbled over yourself, ripping the shutters of the window open. You squeezed yourself through it in a panic, leading yourself onto the balcony at the back of the manor. It was still raining, fat drops of water rushing out from the sky, the balcony was slick from the rain. 
You ran forward, your hands gripping the slick railing as you leaned over. There was no way you could survive that fall, you were too far high up. That was when you realized, you were cornered. There was nowhere else to go. You were going to die. 
Jimin slipped through the window with ease, an amused and playful smile greeting you as both of his hands wrapped around the handle of the hatchet. 
“Taehyung said you have to die on our grounds, but he didn’t say how, did he?” He mused, slowly walking towards you, reminding you of your inescapable fate. 
You leaned back against the railing, pushing your body and weight flush against it as you closed your eyes, waiting for Jimin to reel that hatchet back and hack into your flesh with it. But that feeling did not come.
“Jimin.” That was Jungkook’s voice. 
You opened your eyes to see Jungkook firmly grasping the hatchet, he was enraged. “I told you, no, I warned you not to touch her.”
“I wasn’t going to touch her, Kookie, I was going to kill her.” Jimin snorted with a roll of his eyes. 
“Not like this, I told you we weren’t going to do it this way. She deserves to die calmly, not to be hacked apart like tomorrow evening’s dinner.”
“That’s what you want, Taehyung just said she had to die and you don’t have the guts to do it. Let me handle it, this is what I’m good at.”
“I said I’ll take care of it, she’s mine.”
“And by ‘take care of it’ you mean slipping poison into her tea? She’s not going to fall for that, it’s better this way, you’ll thank me later.”
“Jungkook, please,” You tried, your eyes glossy with unshed tears, “don’t let him do this, I don’t want to die!”
His face tensed up in pain, his eyes darting between you and the gleam of the blade. 
“It’s okay, sweetheart,” He said with a smile that looked more like a grimace, “I won’t let him hurt you, we can do things my way, okay?”
“No!” You cried, your chest heaving as your tears finally broke free. “I don’t want to die! I want to live, I don’t want any of this but none of you will listen to me!”
“Sweetheart-” He tried again, attempting to walk over to you.
“No, stay away from me, I won’t let you kill me!” You screeched, pressing yourself even closer to the railing behind you as the sky shattered and shook with shards of lighting and rolls of thunder. 
“It’s alright, it won’t hurt a bit and I’ll be with you the entire time. It’ll feel like you're drifting off to sleep.” He attempted to comfort you, a gentle smile being cast your way. 
“Go fuck yourself!” You spat as you realized you could not move any further, you were pinned. “I am not her, she is not me, and we don’t love you!”
And with that, the final roll of thunder shook the house, the railing behind you creaked and collapsed, your feet slid out from under you, and you went careening off the balcony, plummeting down to the ground below as your once pure white dress fluttered helplessly around. 
The last thing you could see was Jungkook’s face. He looked shocked and panicked, but you could also see he was relieved. He was happy he wasn’t the one who had to kill you. 
No, you took care of that yourself. Again. 
It seemed like no matter what life you were born into, it was always destined to end the same way. You would always take your own life. Whether it be intentional or completely an accident. Fate was a bitch. 
And with a sharp crack of your neck and the splintering of your bones, you died. 
And then, you were back on the balcony, right where the railing had given way, and you were staring down at your own mangled body, your white dress coated in mud and steadily being dyed a crimson red. 
Arms tightly wound themselves around your waist, his face pressed into the juncture between your neck and shoulder as the two of you looked over the horrific shell of your body laying limply in the mud. 
“I knew you would come back to me,” He breathed in happiness as he laid a shaky kiss to the column of your throat. 
You stood there silently, numbly in shock as you couldn’t tear your eyes away from what remained of your flesh and bone.
“Even in death, you are always meant to be mine.”
Tumblr media
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360iris · 25 days ago
Orchard House, Chapter 1: Fig + Cherry
Pairing: BTS, POLY!OT7 x Bunny Hybrid!Reader
Series Status: Ongoing, as of January 2nd, 2022
Summary: The one thing Kim Seokjin ever wished with his whole heart for, was to one day have a real family.
Warnings: She/her pronouns for reader insert, mature themes so reader’s discretion is advised.
Tumblr media
YEAR: August 2004
Kim Seokjin, Age: 12 / Kim Namjoon, Age: 10
Being the only child of a wealthy businessman and beauty queen who spent most of their time on flights in and out of the country, Seokjin spent the majority of his early childhood begging to be given a sibling to keep him company.
He’d decided at age four that no amount of nannies, maids or butlers were sufficient enough company to keep him happy in the absence of his parents. He longed for someone around his age to play games, sing and eat with.
His sole caregiver since birth, Migyung, was a kind and indulgent woman in her mid-sixties, who he had fondly come to consider as a surrogate mother, would often fall asleep the second they were alone and she’d settled into a chair- so playtime was doomed to be a solo pursuit from the very beginning.
On his twelfth summer, his mother, influenced by some foreign power unknown to him, bestowed him with a surprise.
Not the news of her rearing a child of course. This miracle presented itself as a boy, dressed in all white with an oversized and obnoxious, red bow draped around his neck.
The salt and pepper ears that seemed to shoot out of the top of his head, paired with a matching tail swishing apprehensively behind him, quickly piquing his interest.
“Surprise!” She cried out joyously, wearing a pleased smile that signified she was feeling quite proud of herself for organizing this. “You worked so hard on your grades this year, that I figured I’d talk to your father about getting you a gift! All A’s is no easy feat.
You used to plead with us to give you a little brother or sister, but you know mummy’s been far too busy for that. So your father suggested adopting a pet, and we found him! Isn’t he the cutest? His name is Namjoon.” She cooed, affectionately pinching the boy’s cheek. He didn’t make a sound or move. Instead he appeared to be gauging Seokjin’s reaction, as though he was sizing him up.
“He’s a Labrador Wolf. There are less than 10,000 of this kind in the world. They’re quite a commodity! I say, we lucked up with such a find.” She droned on, only halting when one of the butlers entered the room with a message of her manager being on hold.
After which, she quickly shooed the two boys out of the room with an abrupt and absentminded order to “go play now”.
Once in the hallway with the door to her parlor pushed firmly shut behind them, they stood in awkward silence. An air of unsureness muddling the space. 
Plucking up the courage, Seokjin cleared his throat. Looking up from his shoes to Namjoon’s face- only to find that the hybrid was already staring intently at him. Like he was awaiting orders, or some near-to-come punishment.
“Uhh, my name is Kim Seokjin. I was born in 1992.” He offers politely, anxiously fiddling with the ends of his shirt. He’d never interacted with a hybrid before, and the few he’d observed with subtle fascination during his parent’s dinner parties were far older than this one.
“I know.” The boy answered matter-of-factly, his voice even and thick. “I’m Kim Namjoon, born in 1994. It’s nice to meet you, Seokjin-hyung.”
Seokjin’s eyebrows rise at this. “Your family name is Kim as well?”
The hybrid tries to stifle the incredulous look that falls onto his face before he answers, “No. Those born into the adoption system aren’t assigned surnames in favor of receiving the name of the family, or person, who selects us.”
“Oh.” Seokjin returns his gaze to his shoes as he processes the somber information that was relayed to him in such a straightforward and frank manner. “I didn’t know that, I’m sorry.”
“Um… No need to be, hyung.” Namjoon answers after a beat of silent awe. It was the first time in his life that anyone, let alone a human, had apologized to him or even appeared sympathetic to his background.
“Right..” Seokjin replied, his attention diverting to the obtrusive, red brow that still hung around the younger boy’s neck.
“Well, let me be sorry about this at least. It must be unbelievably humiliating having to walk around with such a garish thing tied to you. I can’t imagine what they were thinking when they put this on you.”
“She said it’d make me look more like a present.” Namjoon recalls soberly, causing Seokjin to scoff as he carefully frees him of the ribbon. Haphazardly tossing it onto a random table in the hallway.
After another pause of silence, he speaks up with newfound interest. “Do you like video games, Namjoon-ah?”
Tumblr media
YEAR: February 2010
Kim Seokjin, Age: 18 / Kim Namjoon, Age: 16
In honor of Seokjin graduating high-school, his parents decided to host a formal dinner party. Though he struggled to understand how keeping the invite list reserved to only his father’s business partners, and mother’s work associates could possibly make him happy.
The occasion was quickly diminished to just another opportunity for them to encourage further business collaborations and social networking.
But he still pulled on the suit his mother and Migyung picked out for him. And helped Namjoon into a nice, customized two-piece made specially for hybrids. The pants featuring a tailored slot made just the right size for his tail to proudly slip through.
And as the night progressed, having a friend present to offer emotional support eased the suffocating pain that was appeasing rich A-listers with far too much time on their hands and an intense lack of self-awareness.
Or maybe it was empathy they lacked? They spoke on uncomfortable subjects, made unwarranted comments on one’s appearance and flitted about the room like costumed clowns.
Seokjin had come to hate nothing, and no one, more than the arrogant and entitled.
Just as he was finishing up his goodbyes for the evening, amazed at how he had somehow managed to get through the engagement with no major hiccups- he was suddenly ushered over to his father.
The older man’s face was expertly plastered with the smile he reserved primarily for charming those of similar, if not superior standing, into partnering with his corporation.
Dressed in an immaculate black suit and tie; the few strands of dark hair that had managed to slip free during the events of the night, fell forward and flowed effortlessly along his face, curling above his brow.
He looked the same as always. Proud, high-class and entirely in his element.
On his left stood a tall foreigner with gelled back blonde hair, his face littered with laugh lines. He appeared to be a young man of only twenty-seven. The two smugly exchanged hushed words before subsiding into loud cheers as he approached their cologne-soaked bubble.
“Seokjin! This is a work associate of mine from France.” He announced eagerly. Clasping a hand around his son’s shoulder and extending the other holding a champagne flute, towards said guest.
“Mr. Bernadotte and I have been corresponding for quite sometime now over video calls and he’s organized a present for you that I believe you’ll be quite pleased with.”
Offering the man a brief nod and smile, he allowed the two to continue to dominate the conversation. There weren’t many opportunities made for him to speak for himself at events like these.
“Yes! Your father has told me much about you. One of those things being that you’ll be moving to Seoul to begin university this year.”
“That is correct.” He confirmed, beginning to feel suspicious of the direction that the discussion was going in.
“Right. Well, he’s also told me that you were feeling rather sorry about having to leave your young, wolf hybrid alone during long school days- so we thought we’d offer a solution.” As he finishes his proposal, he turns and signals to one of the maids standing at attention.
Seokjin freezes in disbelief as a girl, no older than Namjoon, is ushered into the room and across the marble flooring.
Her small, white and pink ears shifting further upright as she is presented in front of him in a manner no different from how one would offer an extravagant gift basket, or congratulatory bouquet of flowers.
“Her name is Y/N, she’s a Blanc de Hotot. They’re considered a globally endangered species so it can be quite difficult to get your hands on one if you don’t have the right connections, but I pulled a few strings.
The breed originated in France, however she is especially unique- bred in The States but raised between the agency’s quarters in Paris and Seoul.
You’ll find her temperament to be gentle and friendly. She’s fluent in English, French and Korean; proving to be a very astute learner. 
And don’t let the fact that she’s a bunny dissuade you, she was thoroughly socialized around prey and predator hybrids alike.” He explained confidently. Caressing her shoulders proudly as if she were a prized trophy made of pure gold.
Sneaking a cautious glance over to his father, as Mr. Bernadotte continued his selling points, Seokjin finds that he is enthralled with the younger man’s spiel. Seemingly unphased by the fact that his son is being offered a living being, a little girl no less, from a complete stranger.
His expression bordered on intrigue as the gentleman says, “And if you’re interested in getting into the breeding market, you’ll be pleased to know that Rabbit Hybrids can reproduce year round, up to five times a year and as early as fourteen years of age. And miraculously enough, Y/n here just turned fifteen this year.”
Seokjin chokes back a pained grimace at the proposition, his skin becoming clammier the longer he stays engaged in the distasteful conversation.
Forcing out a smile and satisfactory word of appreciation, he’s finally granted his invitation to retire for the night, of which he accepts gratefully. 
Guiding the young hybrid through the crowd and wordlessly motioning to a stunned Namjoon to follow as they retreat to his wing of the house.
Tumblr media
Once the group is safe within the spacious confines of Seokjin’s suite, he guides the two hybrids to the dining table. Y/n sits down quietly as instructed, resting her hands softly in her lap.
“Okay.” Seokjin exhales deeply, suddenly feeling overwhelmed with the prospect of going from being responsible for two lives, to suddenly three. 
Though he never really had to “be responsible” for Namjoon. Their relationship had been as though they were friends on equal playing fields from day one, even amidst his parents- and an unfortunate portion of the world having a differing opinion. 
He was strongly against the “master-pet” dynamic elitists tried to push onto him and others with decent morals. 
Hybrids were originally just humans given a portion of animal DNA, the experiments conducted in the hopes of advancing the evolution of humans into a stronger and more superior form. 
However over time, due to widespread hate groups, fear mongering and campaigning, their animal sides were hyper-focused on by politicians and used to push them into a life of general servitude. 
And while there are corners of the world where hybrids can immigrate to live freely, there are still a multitude of restrictions placed onto them and the lives they are allowed to pursue.
As he looks over her, he finally notices the puffy pink dress and white ankle boots they’d clothed her in. Sighing heavily again as whatever tinge of caregiver instinct he had in him effectively kicks in.
Though it was unexpected, she was in his care now and he had the means to not only give her a certain quality of life, but also the guarantee of unwavering safety and protection that unfortunately, not many other hybrids were granted.
Moving to the mini fridge, he pulls out two mini milk glass bottles with straws and places one in front of each of them. It was Namjoon’s favorite brand of mango milk. The wolf bristles further as the cool glass is offered to the girl, though Seokjin fails to notice as he addresses her.
“Y/n. I’m sure you’re aware but my name is Kim Seokjin, and this is Namjoon.” He starts by first pointing to himself and then the other boy. She simply nods affirmatively, allowing him to continue without interjecting.
“I want you to consider me as your friend. Joon and I don’t really do the whole master/owner nonsense. From here on out, you’re allowed to be your own person. So don’t be afraid to voice your opinions and fears, okay?”
She takes some time to reflect on his words, her brows meeting in the middle cutely as she thinks and he guesses she was understandably feeling sceptical- as though maybe he was trying to set her up for failure. 
Everything he’d said went directly against the bulk of what prize hybrids were taught by their breeders. 
After a second she responds softly, “Okay, sir.” and he shakes his head with a chuckle.
“No need to call me sir. I’m not my father or that creep Bernadotte. Joon calls me Jin, how about you use that instead?” He offers hopefully, only to be met with a “Okay, Seokjin-ssi.” still addressing him in a formal manner.
“Ah- good enough!” He laughs airily, giving up for the time being. “It’s late so we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to buy you your own clothes. In the meantime, you can borrow Namjoon’s. I’ll be back with them.”
Before leaving he coaxes her to try the drink while she waits, only receiving a polite nod and smile from the girl before he moves into the other room.
Watching his form disappear she turns to the boy seated across from her. 
She’d felt his gaze glued to her from the second she’d been brought out by staff and it only seemed to intensify the longer she stayed in his territory.
Normally prey hybrids would be petrified stiff with the prospect of being left with a predator- let alone a wolf, but she simply returned his stare unphased. 
Sliding her untouched glass of sweet milk towards him and offering only a small smile when a low growl bubbled up from his chest.
Sure he was offended when Jin offered up his snacks to her without asking like he usually would (which was a testament to how spoiled he’d become under the older boy’s care), but he felt even further annoyed by the way she gave it back without even trying it.
“I can’t digest milk very well.” She answered quietly, seemingly reading his thoughts before bringing her hand back to her lap. ”Well- at all really. I’m sure it’s yummy though.” Nodding her head towards his own glass that he’d drained almost immediately after it was placed onto the table.
She watches as his cheeks redden at the observation. Averting his eyes from hers before scooping up the drink and sliding the already empty glass in front of her, just as Jin rounds the corner. 
Throwing a quick glance her way, he catches the tiny smile of appreciation that graces her lips at the gesture and he vaguely wonders how someone could be so pretty.
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Getting Back Into the Swing of Things (Part four)
Or, Namjoon falls back in love with his ex (and his boyfriends do too)
Ot7 x reader (slow burn, roommates au, fluff, humbling rich kids, they're all just stuck up rich kids but Jimin specifically)
Taglist open: @sunshinehobissunshine @pb-n-juju @bunnyrhe @7soulsbts @tinyoonsblog @royalchickens @urvirtualgfteehee @fangirlnonsense @deathincarnation @alngelias @jinswifeyy @not-today-19 @btsizlyfe @justsomoneliving @purplelady85 @just-me-and-myselfs @thinkaholicer @kookstempo @retrojennie @squishyturtle @bunzom @fuckinglittlekitten @canarystwin @scuzmunkie @stupendousliteraturewritingoaf @moonlitehunter @kimsaerom @sugarrush-blush @bt21chim @maries110911 @aroyaldarknessblr @creatorspalace @bjoriis @highinhopess @little-dark-empress @onlythebest-106 @cestlabellemort @rapunzel76 @kamen-tenshi @totallynoanalien @singukieee
babes if your name's red, I can't tag you </333
Jimin's never really been the jealous type.
He's worked a long time on himself, becoming at peace with who he was and how to have a healthy relationship with others. A nice balance between give and take.
Realistically, he knew that the five or more years he's spent by Namjoon's side must count for something.
But apparently, you've spent longer next to him and were still thrown aside so maybe he's overestimating. Or maybe Namjoon's lying about how important you were to him. Are to him, he seems to emphasize. Jimin hasn't heard a word about you and suddenly you're the most important thing in his life.
Is he jealous? No, of course not. Is he a bit miffed? Yes, understandably. When Jimin agreed to this, he didn't know he'd be housing his boyfriend's ex. His boyfriend's pretty, lovely, kind, smart ex.
You seemed as skittish as a mouse though, at least around him, because Jimin never saw you for than five minutes at a time, especially not during the day. You seemed to be nocturnal. Not unusual, you had spent all night driving over a week ago, and Jimin has ruined his sleep schedule before with less than that.
But the further away you stay from Namjoon the better. The way things were going, you weren't planning on becoming attached to anybody. You hardly initiated conversation with Namjoon, besides telling him how happy you are to have a place to stay.
It's possible that you really don't have any intention of getting close with Namjoon again, since you apparently just broke up with someone, and didn't seem too eager to speak to him at the dinner table. You talked to Jin more than Namjoon even, though again, that wasn't hard to do with little you've been around.
But, Jimin thinks to himself, settling on the bed, there are more important things to think about.
"Joonie," Jimin said, caressing his face as he prepared to shake him awake. "Joon." A little more firmly, accompanied with a push and Namjoon started blinking awake.
"Mm?" A sleepy groan.
"It's breakfast time, love."
Namjoon had the day off today, and Jimin was going to make sure he spent it well. He had planned out a bike ride, maybe a romantic dinner, just some quality time.
"What time is it?" He groaned again, slapping his hand around for his phone.
"10:45, I let you sleep in late." Namjoon was a busy man, and 6:30 was his normal wake up time.
Namjoon rolled out of bed and Jimin followed, talking and laughing with him as he got ready for the day. Their relationship was big and complex, but little moments alone like this made it all feel so simple, like a reminder of why he had decide to date each and every one of these amazing people.
"Where's Y/n?" Namjoon asked, walking out into the living room.
Nevermind, the romance was dead and gone.
Jimin rolled his eyes. "I don't know but her shoes are gone. She must've gone for a walk or something."
"Mm, I'll give her a call." He reached for phone in his pocket as they made their way into the dining room.
A call. You guys haven't talked in years while being states apart and now that you're under the same roof you're calling everyday.
Whatever. Jimin wasn't going to let you bother him. You don't honestly, why would Jimin be threatened by his boyfriend's ex who is, again, kind and pretty, when he had built up a relationship full of mutual love and trust?
"Joon?" Jimin starts, settling into the breakfast table next to Namjoon, plastering himself to his muscled arm. Those workouts have really been doing wonders, he'll have to give Jungkook a proper thanks for getting him to exercise with him. "I was thinking, its a been awhile since we've had some time to ourselves. We should go to the restaurant you like, by that park? And we can walk around after."
Namjoon turned to him, eyes warm and his dimpled smile growing at the memories of the place, and opened his mouth to give him an answer.
At that moment, however, you pick up the call. "Did you need anything, Joon?" You asked. Your voice sounding more annoyingly high pitched through the reciever.
"Hey, I was just checking on you, where'd you go? We're all sitting down for breakfast now."
"Oh I already ate. Go ahead and eat without me, I'll be fine."
"Are... are you sure? We can save you some if you want?"
"I'm okay! Thank you. I'll be home soon, don't worry." And you hang up, just like that.
"That was weird." Namjoon looked down at the call ended screen, eyebrows furrowed.
Jimin sighs in relief at the ended phone call. "Was it? Anyways, like I was saying, the restaurant?"
"Huh? Oh yeah of course, that'd be great."
A distracted answer but an answer nonetheless. He'll take it.
You know, Jimin may seem catty, but try to see this from his perspective. These guys were just about the best things to ever happen to him.
When he was growing up, he was left alone most of the time. He was a little troublemaker, tripping up the maids around his house, breaking things he probably shouldn't, and pretty much throwing a fit everytime his parents said they'd be working late. Which was a lot.
He had calmed down into his teen years, realizing his parents would never make the extra effort to reach him, and letting his anger boil under his skin like lava, deciding if his parents were going to be out making money all the time he'd just do his best to spend it, developing his addiction to designer.
He met Taehyung in high school, after he moved to his town from some country hillside, new and naive to the inner workings of city life. Taehyung was kind and mellow, a direct opposite to his energy, and they balanced each other out. Jimin had someone who would always listen to him, and Taehyung had someone who encouraged him to push himself, to think outside the box and go after what he wanted.
It was a couple years on their own before meeting Namjoon and the rest and it was like a fairytale. It's not hard to fall in love with Namjoon. He had a cold exterior at first, they all do, considering their less than ideal upbringings. But once they realized they were all in the same boat, his caring and charismatic nature and his inability to let the people close to him struggle when he could help was endearing.
Was endearing, because now it has him treating you extra nice. To have Namjoon, someone fiercely protective to the point of shutting everyone he didn't trust out of his personal life, quickly and immediately bring you into their lives, into their home, just proves that he really thinks you're worth it.
And that really scares Jimin.
He's really fond of the family unit he's created. They're perfect for each other, they work well as a group and individually. They all click with each other. It takes a lot of work for a relationship of seven people to make sure no one gets left out but they've built up communication and comfort.
Communication. Something Jimin never had before.
And here you were, messing everything up.
Because that's what Jimin was really worried about. What if you are perfect for Namjoon, and steal him away? He doesn't know why you broke up, and apparently Namjoon doesn't seem to remember either, with the way he's acting like a protective boyfriend. And that's not even factoring in the possibility that everyone else could end up liking you. Yoongi, Jin, Taehyung, and Jungkook are more flexible with their sexualities, as opposed to Hoseok and Jimin who have been one hundred percent gay for as long they remember.
Jin is usually like Jimin in these kinds of situations, cold and snappy and dismissive of outsiders, quickly taking care of anyone who tries to get close with their exclusive group. But he seems happy to have you here, inviting you into the kitchen and showing off his cooking skills in a way he hasn't recently. Where he would usually complain about being treated like a personal chef, he's now whipping something new up everyday.
Jimin's hoping it doesn't have anything to do with the sticky notes you leave sometimes after eating your meals, usually taking it to eat in your room, with your loopy, girly handwriting saying how much you loved the meal.
Yoongi and Hoseok seem pretty impartial to you being here. They must see it the same way, trusting Namjoon that you're okay to keep around and leaving it at that. And if Yoongi's been playing his music louder than usual, or if Hoseok's been leaving the door to his at-home dance studio more open than he usually would, Jimin is going to pretend it's unrelated.
Taehyung and Jungkook seem to be mostly ignoring you, Jungkook stares at you sometimes, when you're not looking with a look Jimin genuinely can't identify, and Taehyung might want to talk to you, but seems to be trying to support Jimin and avoid contact with you.
Which is highly welcomed, since Jimin can't really voice his discomfort with having you here. But Taehyung knows him better than he knows himself, it only makes sense that he wouldn't have to say anything.
He doesn't want to ruin your stay, not when it would make Namjoon upset. And for all the people that Jimin has made cry, he doesn't think he could get away with you being one of them.
Which is why, when he heard muffled sobbing coming from your room one night, he was a bit concerned.
Mostly because he doesn't want anyone to find out you were crying and blame him for it. He has no idea why you're crying but you seem to have a lot going on.
Jimin sighs, going into his room and grabbing one of the personalized plushies he and his boyfriends made for their anniversary one year, the bright yellow puppy plushie, smiling up at him.
Girls like teddy bears and stuff, right? This can't be too different, he thought to himself, placing the plushie on the floor in front of your room and knocking on the door. He slipped around the corner and waited for you to pick it up.
Jimin wasn't a monster. So if it warmed his heart a little to see you, sniffling with a soft red tint to your face, pick up the puppy and press its smiling face to your cheek as you calmed down, then that's no one's business but his.
He found his plushie the next day on the low table in the living room, and instead placed it back in front of your door with a sticky note saying 'keep it!'
He saw it tucked into your bed while passing your room later, door slightly ajar, and if he smiled to himself then, that's nobody's business either.
He would still need time to get over... whatever the feeling he gets around you is, but if he had it his way would just ignore you forever.
However, there are times where he doubts that he is God's favorite.
"Oh my God, why are you so slow?" He whined, watching as the crowd of people on the sidewalk pushed past you.
"There's a lot of people, I can't just push them." You whined, ever so slowly making your way around a clump of people.
"You can, and you should." He strided ahead, no longer looking back to see if you were keeping up. You should know the way home by now if you really can't find him.
And why did he agree to this again?
When Namjoon asked Jimin to take you with him so you weren't alone in the house when he went out this morning to pick up a delivery, he was obviously having a moment of weakness.
But just try turning down Namjoon when he's staring at you with his cute smile. It's impossible!
He figured it'd be quick. Get to the store and get back. Except everyone in the city was apparently out and about today too, making this walk much, much more taxing than it needed to be.
You grabbed onto his sleeve, jostling him and he ripped your arm away. "Don't touch me! This is designer, and if your grubby little hands get it dirty, you'll be paying for the dry cleaning. In fact, don't talk to me, don't look at me, don't even breathe in my direction. Just stay three feet behind me, like you have this whole time since you walk so slow, and let me pretend you don't exist for an hour." He hissed, whipping around again and walking faster.
You seemed to take his advice, not making a sound, and he really did forget you were there until he reached the storefront, opening the door and hearing you come in after him. Your eyes looked a little puffy but he dismissed it. Your emotions were not his problem.
"Marcelo! Your favorite customer is here." He sang, looking around the jewelry shop. He always came here to get his jewelry, the best custom pieces he owned came from there, all one percent authentic and high quality.
He looked closer at some new pieces he didn't see before. Custom initial necklaces. The necklace with a J charm hanging off a diamond was cute, he'll have to make a note to order it later.
A man you guessed was Marcelo came out from the back room, "My old friend! It's been a while. How is everything?"
"Oh, you know, I've been busy off in Paris. And Honolulu. And Tokyo..."
As Jimin bragged about his latest glamorous travels, you were trying very hard not to touch anything. With your luck, you'd break something, and then you'd have to pay for it. And with your job search coming up empty, you only had about a hundred and seventy dollars left before you were in a state of emergency.
Even though some of the stuff here was really nice. A necklace with a pink diamond as the center jewel was displayed over in a glass case, the chain being some sort of intricate gold lacing.
"And you, pretty girl, what are you here for?" Marcelo called from behind the counter.
"Oh, I'm not--"
"She's just here with me." Jimin explained, flapping a hand in your direction dismissively. "She's not getting anything."
"Are you sure? I have gold pieces that would suit you nicely!" Marcelo tried again.
"I'm good, thanks." You responded a little more abrasive than necessary, but it seems to help him get the hint, retreating into the back room to get Jimin's package.
You turned back towards the necklace and Jimin walked over, peering over your shoulder. "You sure you don't want that? I could always buy it for you." He offered innocently. You narrowed your eyes at him suspiciously. "You would really do that for me?"
His sweet smile took on a sharp edge, "Sure, why not? I don't mind doing some charity."
You scoffed. "Forget it then."
"Oh, come on, I'm only joking." He said, even though you knew he definitely was not. "Besides, when are you gonna get the chance to get something this nice?"
"Unlike some people, I don't need flashy accessories to make me happy."
Jimin's perfectly sculpted eyebrows raised in shock as he scoffed. "Excuse me? I don't need accessories to make me happy. I have six amazing boyfriends and a career and body that some people would kill for."
"Okay. That's things that would make other people happy. But how happy does it make you?" You turned towards him. "Or do you just get your happiness from making other people wish they were you?"
The two of you stared each other down for a long moment, Jimin eventually glancing away, "Whatever." He said, walking back up to the counter, back facing you again.
You sighed. This was shaping up to be a rough morning. "I'm gonna wait outside and get some fresh air." You moved towards the door, Jimin only murmuring a short 'whatever' as you exited.
You stood outside, breathing easier now that you weren't inside with Jimin leaking toxic vibes into the air. You inhaled the morning air, though now it was most likely almost lunch.
Jimin rushed out ten minutes later. "I'm hungry, we're getting lunch." He said, breezing past you down onto the street.
You trailed after him, realizing your stomach was growling. Maybe you should've eaten breakfast before leaving but it was too late for regrets now. You would just make something once you got home.
After a bit of walking, Jimin turned onto a different street, towards a busy looking restaurant with a long line out the door. He marched past everyone right up to the bored looking hostess. "Table for two please."
She sighed, staring down at her touchscreen, "Can I get a name for your reservation, sir?"
"I'm sorry sir that name isn't on the lis-- Oh, Mr. Park Jimin!" She said after finally looking up. "I'm so sorry, right this way, sir."
She led you to a back room, separated from the rest of the restaurant by a clouded glass wall and door, with a large table and minibar. "I'll have a servant bring the menus right away."
He must've noticed your puzzled expression. "This is one of Jin's restaurants. This is the room we always eat in whenever we're here."
"Jin owns restaurants?"
He nodded, pride dancing in his eyes. "All Michelin star certified. He started these because he loves to eat. His words, not mine. A couple of his old friends run the kitchens."
You nodded and you both faded to quiet again. Jimin pulled out his phone tapping at it and you counted the grey dots on the dark blue wall across from your seat.
A servant rushed in, dropping two menus and bowing before leaving. You went back to staring at the wall.
"Are you not going to look at what you want to order?"
"I didn't bring any money with me."
"What part of 'we're getting lunch' don't you understand?" He rolled his eyes. "I'm paying."
"No, thanks, I'll eat at home."
He stared at you, an eyebrow quirked in disbelief. "You're impossible. Do you like salmon?"
"I already said--"
"I'm ordering you salmon." He closed his menu decisively. "It comes with a side of buttered and grilled green beans and crispy quinoa rice."
You sighed. "Thanks."
The food came and you started digging in, slowly at first, then quicker after you realized how tasty it was. You stopped for a moment, glancing out the window and reflecting on how you had more good meals in this last week than in the last year, and you heard a snap from across the table.
You looked over to see Jimin lowering his phone, tapping at it again. "Do you have an Instagram?"
"No? Why?"
"Cause, you're in the corner of this picture of my plate. I was going to tag you but there's no need."
"Do you post all of your meals to Instagram?"
"No, I just like spreading awareness about Jin's restaurants. Now, my followers know where I eat, and they'll want to eat here too."
"That's... a little creepy."
Jimin shrugged, digging into his grilled chicken.
The rest of the morning passed in silence, Jimin at least walking slower on the way back this time.
You went to your room and face planted on your bed. The day wasn't even over and you were already exhausted, Jimin's hot and cold attitude confusing you. You settled back into your blankets for a nap.
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jxngh · a month ago
request : Could you do an OT7 headcanon to their s/o having big breasts?
< requested by anon >
pairing : bts x reader
genre : smut. i got soft sometimes but smut.
author's note : don't forget this is just a size nd doesn't really make someone more or less desirable in my eyes, i'm pretty sure not in their eyes too.. basically, enjoy without thinking hard ! + thanks to the gif owners these are... amazing.
Tumblr media
he loves every curve of your body
worships them
leaves kisses, mostly gentle with them
sometimes just looks at you like you're art nd thinks about how good you've been created
imagine his cute face while having questions about this topic
sometimes gets too carried on
especially if your outfit is showing a little much
he'd be simping
you'd catch him checking you out constantly
he'd try his best to not eat you out with his eyes on public
nd with his tongue lol
yeah he'd make sure that you understand his thirst about it
i'm picturing him using you all night
maybe that outfit on
he'd leave marks then
Tumblr media
me senses that this guy loves them so much
even you're not actually dressed up or you know revealing
he'd still be watching
he loves to squeeze them, kiss them, maybe some heavy sucking in some occasions
me senses foodplay
he enjoys it
you enjoy it
he enjoys it more since you enjoy bc he loves to see it
i can picture him back hugging you
leaving kisses to your neck while his big hands plays with them
would moan during the kiss
uhm,, when things gets a little heated he'd blindfold u
then have the time of his life playing with your boobs
i'm telling you gurl
his mouth would never leave them while his hands are busy w your other parts
Tumblr media
this guy is mostly soft about them
loves how soft they are
hear me out,, uses them as pillows
he loves you, loves your boobs, loves sleeping, it's a perfect combination
imagine having talks while his head is resting on them 🥺
sorry i love this lil cat so fkin much my heartu hurts
let's get in the hot part ladies...
his big hands would be all over them when you're riding him
or while you're under him
another sucker ladies, doesn't give a f nd leaves marks all over them
' love it kitten? moan for me. ' f u u u u c k
won't confess but loves it when you send him pictures of them
you don't even need to be naked he's already into it if you're in it
Tumblr media
would tease you about them when he teaches you some moves
it turns him on tho
he tries to focus on embarrassing you to keep himself from touching you
ends up talking about them too much lol
would end the lesson quickly to give them a little special attention
he'd get you in the closest empty dance room
pins you to one of the mirrors, undresses you slowly while leaving kisses
then grabs them while kissing, licking
yeah he'd slowly make a mess on you
loves to spoil you with new designed bras, lingeries etc.
makes you try them on like a private show for him
damn.. so hot
Tumblr media
they're like a toy of him, a toy to reveal stress
but he's also a simp about them
we all know this man's duality so one second he'd be squeezing them in a playful mood
then he kisses you,, nd things gets heated
he's a member of leaving marks club
he'd be grabbing nd playing with them while foreplaying
but later his mouth would be all over them, kissing, sucking, biting
yeah he gets too carried up but if you love it there's no way he's stopping that
would lose his mind if you don't even feel the need to cover them
that'd turn him even more that you have no problem to show people that you're his lover
he'd get soft afterwards tho, special cares
would get you creams to help healing nd applies it himself
saying he made it so he's the one who should do it
Tumblr media
remember he sleeps more than one pillow
he doesn't need them too much cause he's busy big spooning you
when not, he hugs your waist, rests his head on them
talks about anything nd everything in that position
sometimes grabs them hard just to be playful
doesn't really leads to something mostly, it's like random spanks just for fun
i'm picturing him in the shower
doesn't matter if you're the one joining or he is
he'd be watching them constantly, still squeezes nd acts like it doesn't effect him
lie.. nd you can tell because his mouth is all over them in minutes
firstly kisses with the warm water running down between your bodies
then grabs them nd sucks till you're moaning his name for more
would have you there while he's sucking the life out of your breasts
i wasn't really planning to tell y'all this here but if you're breastfeeding or something... he'd be a simp.no more words, he'd want a taste
Tumblr media
this guy is such a mess for them
constantly finds himself thinking about them, imagining them while touching himself
if you'd ever send a picture which is showing them well
i guess we all know his fav risky picture now..
would go mad even by the smell of them
plays with them, kisses them, licks them, everything you can imagine he'd do
i'm thinking.. something... damn.. titfuck?
he'd come so. hard.
nd it would become one of his biggest fantasies
when not in heated time he'd be laying between your legs, head resting on your boobs while playing games
loves to see them so doesn't really want you to wear bra when you're at home
fuck.. he'd be losing his mind if you're out nd he can clearly see them
would get jealous nd make you pay for it, be ready for bruises
taglist : @nglmrk - @allora1233 - @sizzlebangtan4 - @youmyjhope - @raiiisstuff - @bookfrog242 - @athiesam
.·´ you can tell me your thoughts / request for more in here ! hope you enjoyed !!
646 notes · View notes