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Otabek 18. I love him so much I think I might re-watch Yuuri on Ice just for him :')

Same pal.. same…

18. Favourite possesion headcanon

- When he was a toddler, his mom gave him a koala toy that he cherishes to this day. It brings him such joy and comfort that it is almost hard to believe. He always places it near his bed to always remember the happy times as a child.

Thanks for asking!

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Otabek and Yuri with 6, 7, 9?


Imma do them as a couple then :}

6. Hugging headcanon

- Yuri is always trying to act tough and pretends he doesn’t need affection or hugs. But in the end he realizes Otabek doesn’t believe him, so he gives up. He is right tho, Yuri adores affection but doesn’t admit it. When they hug, Otabek usually wraps his hands around Yuri’s whole body and kisses his neck. He is so warm that Yuri cannot let him go. If Yuri wants a hug, he will hug him from behind and nuzzle in his back.

7. Kissing headcanon

- They give small pecks to each other every time when they are in a good mood. Otabek is always so slow and sensual and prefers the kisses to last longer. Yuri is a bit more rough but only when Otabek wants to. It is enough for him to kiss him, doesn’t matter slow or rough.

9. General physical contact headcanon

- Otabek is more touchy, so he will always wrap a hand around Yurio’s waist and/or pick him up in the air to fluster him. He will always pat or rub his back, hug and kiss him. Yuri likes to lay onto him and cover themselves with a blanket. He will most of the time poke him if he feels bored or wants something. In the mornings he usually is on Otabek’s back like a koala and gets carried everywhere. Overall they hug a lot. Sometimes Otabek can give massages.

Thanks for asking!

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My beautiful daughter™ @talya-choi​ asked me for a 3 Marker challenge and gave me crimson red, phthalo blue, and gold. Now I neither own any markers nor have I ever worked with markers, so this is, as to be expected, a disaster. Nonetheless, I don’t say no to a challenge, so take my favorite golden boy. (Don’t tell me you gave me gold and didn’t expect this.)

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I’ve been dead to Tumblr for years now but if I make a post about anything, it’ll be my constant-questioning that decides to take over and allow myself to make a reappearance.

Now: for months upon months, the few people that remain in the Yuri!!! on ICE fandom ask the same question: “are we ever going to get this Ice Adolescence movie?” I myself have been one of those few people who both remain foolishly loyal and asking these questions. A lot of people have lost hope and given up waiting, thinking that the radio silence us overseas fans have received is the creators’ way of hoping we forget everything while they then drop the news that there is, in fact, no movie coming.

As frustrated as I am and as much as I’ve chided in with these chants of doubt, I can’t help but hold on to a little bit of hope, which is Kubo’s Twitter. You’re probably thinking “yeah, it’s dead, she never posts anymore so how is that reassuring?” Well, let’s take a step back in time all the way to the days where season 1 was coming to a close and the fandom was at its peak: Kubo tweeted CONSTANTLY, her page had numerous updates on her life, the show, etc every single day. Then, when the movie was announced and production (presumably) began not long after, her tweets began disappearing, becoming few and far between. From my perspective, I would take that as a sign that she’s working very hard and is putting her focus towards the movie rather than social media. Even still, her Twitter has remained a desolate wasteland almost for the past year or so. Her last original tweet was in October of last year (2019), and the most she’s been active is retweeting a few things here and there. (And if you ask me, she looks like she’s lost a lot of weight which is a tad bit concerning to me).

Is this proof that Ice Ado is 100% on its way to our screens any time soon? No, it’s absolutely not. Am I trying to hold on to even the slightest bit of hope, even though that thread grows more feeble by the day? Yes. All we can hope for is an end to the radio silence, and that we are absolutely spoiled ROTTEN if/when more news comes out. We deserve it after all. I’m just trying to find ways to hold on to this fandom for dear life.

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I would sell my soul to the devil if my ships could be happy, canon, or both. I’d then become a demon and find someone to summon me so I could come back to earth and see them live out the rest of their lives in happiness.

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