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Thank you to everyone on Twitter who’s expressed interest in ordering! I’m making classic literature themed candles e.g. The Hobbit: pine & charred barrel wood scented in a cut glass tumbler, plus some of my other fav texts.

I wanted to know if any of my Yuri On Ice fans would be interested in something similar? With illustrated label of preferred character/pairing or a charm in the wax? Scent and colour to match chosen characters. Each candle will be bespoke.

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you know that picture in your head of what good writing looks like? smash it with a bat and go write that ‘self-indulgent’ au you’ve been thinking about all week. ♥

sincerely, a fellow perfectionism-plagued fanfic writer. 

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people who write detailed, plot-driven stories with references and foreshadowing and these interesting as hell fully developed what-if divergences from canon amaze me bc my writing process is just… *gets struck with a single line of dialogue that demands to be written* *writes about 3k* *moves on*

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Now ik this is a serious scene


But this screencap is also genuinely so funny to me like look at Mila. LOOK.

Every single person in the Russian skating fam is a disaster when it comes to people they’re into. They just don’t know how to behave (which, I am sure, is fodder for commentary on how much of their lives they’ve given to skating and how isolated they’ve become) and as a result are just always fumbling around in the dark like headless chickens.

Be it, let-me-bring-in-my-ex-wife-to-coach-my-dumb-son-and-maybe-we’ll-bone-Feltsman, gonna-seduce-Yuuri-with-coaching-and-a-frontal-of-my-dick-Nikiforov, she-dumped-me-cause-I’m-creepy-so-I’ll-just-100x-Popovich, or is-my-crush-crying-cause-she’s-into-her-bro?-Babicheva.

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The second mermayAU with my beloved boys for the Summer Fandom Battle.

It’s titled “The Bait” which is a bit symbolical. As you see Otabek’s hook is empty, and Yura is more interested in those wierd unknown human’s feet. So… he already took a bait, didn’t he? ^_^

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1. Yuri!!! on ice:
The skaters have some kind of party game, or something else that makes them confess things.
During the course of this it’s revealed that nearly the whole circuit had smth with otabek at one point or another. most notable JJ.
Main-Pairing, or at least one of them was Otayuri, i think.

2. also YOI
basically the plot from “The Proposal” with Otabek as the Boss (although way nicer than Margaret Tate, if a bit stoic) and Yuri as the unsupecting employee (way cuter than Andrew Paxton, also more sassy and with a huge thing for everything Otabek, ‘cause Otabek)
Viktor is Yuris older brother and of course married to our darling Yuuri.
It had a happy end

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