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Iago really whispered she’s cheating and lying to which Othello grabs her like mr incredible did to his little boss guy Iago proceeds to have a soliloquy where he’s like fuck yeah I hate women but I love Desdemona but forget her she’s a women mmm revenge is so yummy

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22. worst parent(s) (let’s be real we all need several)

YANKING OUT THE LIST. LET’S FUCKIGN GO. in descending order from least bad to most bad, imo:

12. lord & lady montague, lady capulet
11. leonato “yeah sure my daughter is a slut i guess” muchado
10. duke “power trip” frederick ayli
9. lord capulet gets his own bullet point fuck that guy
8. the racist guy from othello??? i haven’t read othello
7. that bitch from midsummer egeus i don’t remember anything about him except that he wanted to kill his daughter for marrying the wrong guy. shut up cuck
6. polonius. bitch motherfucker
5. mr. hamlet. bitch motherfucker part 2
4. gloucester. did he deserve That? probably not but like. he still sucks
3. king FUCKING lear im gonna break grandpappy’s bones
2. prospero. oh my fucking god. im going to crush prospero under my epic meat fist
1. i haven’t read titus andronicus but i think that guy should be on here, like, objectively

26. do you think Shakespeare was progressive in his time?

frankly i do not know enough about shakespeare’s time to give this one a good answer :< i haven’t read MoV but i’ve heard it’s iffy that said i do think he went off with most of his women characters (beatrice, ladymac, and ophelia all come to mind albeit for different reasons)

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Fuck. After reading Hamlet, I REALLY DONT KNOW WHICH SHAKESPEARE TO READ. I’m afraid I’ll be disappointed after reading a timeless masterpiece, but I told myself I had to read one tragedy a month and…ugh. So now I’m searching up Shakespeare’s plays ranked to try and decide whether I want Julius Caesar or Othello.

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3/100 Days of Productivity: 11/22/2020

it’s nearly two in the afternoon, and my paper was due at five yesterday, and I’m feeling strangely… distanced (?) from the appropriate levels of panic that I ought to be experiencing right now?

ah well it’s a good paper. Othello and racism and the perversion of marriage and the Fall. Intense stuff.

goals for today are SIMPLY:

  • finish that stupid paper
  • do something about the music final tomorrow

checking back in around midnight, and honestly, the day could have gone a lot worse! I’ve got this strange apathy about my potential failure of the music final tomorrow. Gonna wake up at four am and cram for it. last time I was this unprepared for a final, I had a whole emotional breakdown– this time around, it’s whatever. trust the curve, ya know? 

feeling like I can set the bar a little bit higher tomorrow!

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2/100 Days of Productivity: 11/21/2020

11:30 am Saturday morning, and today’s a paper day! I’ve got a Shakespeare paper due for Humanities at 5pm, so I’ve got about five hours to go! 

  • finish that paper! Finish in time to do edits, to play with sentence structure, to make beautiful and powerful sentences instead of just passably clear sentences
  • do some other homework: study for music final, OR read a decent amount of the Tempest
  • put away laundry OR do bullet journaling/scheduling prep

checking back in on Sunday after noon just before two– guess what, I finished absolutely none of those things! instead, I decided to get a therapist as soon as I get home :)

BUT I’m not counting the day as an absolute total waste of time because I did

  • write most of my paper, and actually did a good job of it
  • and uh
  • well I
  • I neatened my room a bit?

So yeah! Here’s to better luck today!

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I can see Thorin being so incredibly proud of her more than anything, to be honest. Yes, he’ll feel that connection to the storyline, but I can see him sitting there with a smile on his face the whole time that she’s on stage. He’s mesmerised by her talent as she gets so deep into the role. Watching her doing something she’s so passionate about fills him with love and joy.

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《Chat with Kyle》


acrylic, glitter tape on acrylic glass (anti-splash partition)











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