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puellamagifashion · a day ago
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Episode 12 Viking girl
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captainhowdie · 3 months ago
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golden age of TOHO1-2
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forgottenhlvraifacts · a month ago
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Forzen just wants to graduate.
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princessphilly · 6 months ago
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For all my Henry Cavill fic lovers, a Walter Marshall fic for my Breeding Kink Challenge
CW: pursuit and capture, slight cnc, breeding, creampie, gag, smut, pet names, dirty talk, verbal degradation. Reader is plus sized.
Tagging: @ysmmsy @angryschnauzer @darklydeliciousdesires
“You have five minutes to run, sweetheart.”
“You feel so good for me, sweetheart, so nice and wet.”
You moaned at Walter’s words as he fingered you, his other hand holding you at the waist. His thick fingers felt so good, getting you nice and ready for him.
You ran through the yard, ducking under a low branch. From the timer on your smartwatch, your five minutes were almost up. You had to hide and hide quickly, or you were going to get fucked wherever you were found.
It was a game, a game of hide and seek. You had started it by texting Walter that you wanted to play today. It was the first day you both had a day off. A magical Tuesday that you expected to spend all night tied up. You hadn’t expected to spend an afternoon running for your Dom.
“You can always safeword,” Walter had reminded you. But you stuck out your tongue and ran.
“My bad little slut, running from your Sir,” Walter began as his cock sunk into your pussy. “It must excite you to get caught, your cunt is leaking down your thighs.”
Voice muffled by panties stuffed into your mouth, you wanted to tell him to fuck you faster. But as if he could read your mind, Walter began to give you slow strokes, enough to let you feel just how big he was but not enough to get you close to the edge. However, each stroke rubbed your gspot, letting you know just how good it was when you finally came.
You heard him, his heavy footsteps in the distance. You tried to move some more, making sure you were deep in the trees, far away from the house and the road. As quietly as possible, you sought to get deeper but you felt a strong arm push you lightly, pinning you to the ground.
“Twenty minutes. Almost makes me think you want this more than me, sweetheart.”
“No more games sweetheart, you’re going to take my cock,” Walter started as he thrusts became harder.
“Going to breed you, make you nice and rounder so that you can stop running from me.”
Grunting at his words, you squeezed his coco using your kegels, earning a pleased grunt from Walter.
“Gonna fill you up every moment I got until you have my child.”
You moaned into your panties gag at Walter’s words and the feel of his talented fingers on your clit.
“My pussy keeps squeezing me harder. It wants the same thing, right, sweetheart?”
Then you both heard voices and surprisingly, you felt yourself get closer to your peak. Walter let out a strangled chuckle. “Fuck, that’s dirty, sweetheart. You like the idea of maybe being caught. Yeah, take my cock, I’m about to cum.”
You made noises as Walter hit your gspot again and you came. That was enough to send Walter over the edge as he rutted into you with a low groan.
Moments later, you sought to move from being face down, ass up, but a strong hand kept you in place.
“I wasn’t lying, I’m making sure my cum knocks you up.”
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a-chlolix-blog · a month ago
Adrien speaking STRAIGHT UP FACTS!
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You absolutely did give it to an amazing person!!
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shiara-tsoni · a year ago
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kawamaru · a year ago
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I love you.
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kinschi · 5 months ago
What do I do when I have a wip I want to finish? Start three new ones
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pink-is-the-way · 14 days ago
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puellamagifashion · 2 days ago
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Adorable misc. magical girls
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captainhowdie · 17 days ago
Some Kokichi my lord?
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these are the last drawings I drew
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forgottenhlvraifacts · 9 months ago
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Dr. Coomer’s best friend had a beautiful puppy in his childhood.
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milandas-law · a month ago
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Four pairings I adore that involve the girls saving their boys from falling.
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a-chlolix-blog · 6 months ago
I just realized this and I'm maybe late to this realization.
The writers accidentally made it seem like Chloé could've been a permanent heroine who even Ladybug didn't know the identity of...
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If it wasn't for Audrey!
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Think about it!
Pollen clearly told Chloé their name, info about the Bee Miraculous, the power Venom, and its weapon.
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There's NO WAY the Kwami didn't tell her to keep her identity secret if she were to become their "New Queen".
Chloé's had the Bee Miraculous for a whole day. Queen Wasp takes place the day after Style Queen.
And said NOTHING until she heard Audrey not only invite Marinette to New York, but also insult Chloé as well.
If she wasn't told this rule, she probably would've posted selfies of herself as Queen Bee minutes after getting this info, tell Audrey Adrien and Sabrina, AND tell Ladybug everything the next time she saw her. All of this BEFORE Queen Wasp.
Tumblr media
So it's obvious that Pollen told her to not reveal her identity.
This is what I think the original plan for Chloé with the Bee Miraculous was
- Since Chloé knew she couldn't reveal herself to be Queen Bee, she decided to wait until danger happens and for Ladybug and Chat Noir to show up.
- Impress Ladybug and be welcomed on to the team.
- She'd decide to just wait for danger to appear instead of creating it herself.
- She'd be caught off guard when Ladybug accuses her of stealing the Bee Miraculous (without knowing that she's Chloé).
- She'd of course run off with the Bee Miraculous, as Queen Bee and upset that she probably won't get the approval of the two women she looked up to the most.
- Gabriel would then hear about this Heroine, become Hawkmoth again with hopes of akumatizing her.
- Chloé would've transformed out of the suit at one point and with Pollen's help, fought off the akuma.
- With a pep-talk from Pollen, Chloé wouldn't give up and continue to be Queen Bee.
- Even if Ladybug wouldn't want her help (at first), Queen Bee would've been making Akuma Fights much easier.
We've could've had that...
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But Nope! Chloé's mommy issues were just too strong.
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If Chloé was meant to be the worst, why make her mother the reason she reveals herself to all of Paris & puts a train full of people in danger?
She only did what she did to prove herself to Audrey.
Why make Audrey a factor at all if Chloé's meant to be an unsympathetic monster?!
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shiara-tsoni · 7 months ago
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Omega may be mine, but I am yours.
Wishing you all a warm holiday season!
[Click image for better res]
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kawamaru · 6 months ago
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A Little Cloud
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mooreaux · 11 months ago
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Some oc doodles and the like I’ve been picking at over the last month
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