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biblioprincessdalian · 2 months ago
Designated Lesbian Syndrome (n.): When fans of a piece of media pick two female characters and pair them together as the token F/F ship and put them in everything, but do not bother to engage with their dynamic in any way more substantive than having them hold hands in the background. Everyone agrees it’s a good ship and it has nothing but their full support, yet this never materializes into real effort or content creation.
Most common with works that have little-to-no narratively important women, but in rare cases can even happen to major and complex characters who are then reduced to token background lesbians as everyone hones in on the boys.
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I'm so frustrated with news media culture
Tumblr media
This CBS article showed up in my newsfeed. I normally don't click on articles like these, but I read the headlines. My instinctive response to this headline was "what a tepid, noncommittal response from an uncaring administration." Mainly because that's the mental framework that media & social media has taught me to use.
Then I clicked the article:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
What Biden actually said was that these laws are an atrocity (they are). He literally called them "Jim Crow in the 21st Century" (completely true). He made a sweeping condemnation, taking a far stronger stance than the headline implied--stronger than the media has taught me to expect. A much more accurate headline would have been "Biden condemns Georgia election laws" or "Biden calls Georgia election laws an "atrocity"".
As a progressive, I have enough complaints about the Biden administration without media companies purposely trying to mislead me with this shit. Keep in mind the vast majority of people who read the headline will not click on the article. That is just how headlines work. And this is just one of dozens of small but incredibly harmful journalistic practices. Too many U.S. media companies consistently twist words & highlight the wrong information in order to drive wedges between liberal voting blocs while unifying the far right and I am sick of it.
Always read critically, and hold your news sources accountable.
#reminder of the extreme importance of supporting independent news sources#especially nonprofits like Mother Jones#but always always always examine word choices and tone#it's become second nature to me to rewrite and rephrase news articles as I'm reading them#i go into mental 'editing' mode.#just rephrasing sentences a different way as an experiment can do a LOT to quickly uncover invisible bias#for every phrase there are two synonyms that could have been used instead. and the writer made the choice they did for a REASON#anyways. TONE POLICE MEDIA COMPANIES NOT MINORITIES#serious post#not a shitpost#no I'm not a fan of the Biden administration#but falling for shit like this is ultimately why we got that orange fucker instead of clinton#Christ think about how much better the last year alone would have been if we'd had Clinton#again not a clinton fan but we would have had a functional center for disease control for one thing#would have had a center for disease control in the midst of a global pandemic#remember the CDC? the thing Trump got rid of along with 100 other essential government services#well putting children in cages is expensive I guess. Walls don't pay for themselves#anyway. vote as a form of harm reduction#yes the system should probably be torn down and built from fucking scratch#but until you figure out a way to do that will you please just fucking vote to reduce harm#wow. this was such a small thing but apparently I was set to go off I guess#I am possibly just beginning to process the last 4 years of social trauma.
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redwinterroses · 4 days ago
Hot take but casual ageism is a huge thing in the mcyt fandom.
From the fact that Cubfan literally had to change his skin because people thought he was "too old" to the posts where people freak out because they just learned that Bdubs or Impulse or Martyn or someone are grown adults with spouses and families, people are constantly acting like it's a Huge Thing for mcyt ccs to like... not be children. Even the "old man Philza" jokes, while funny and (i think) all in good fun, fall into this.
Can we please start doing away with this idea that only teen boys can be gamers? Because that is exactly what's implied every time someone goes nuts that [insert cc here] ISN'T a teen boy.
I had thought this was something we were finally moving away from but I swear it feels like I see it more and more often -- and even if it's treated with humor ("ohmigosh this little block man is old enough to have three children???") it gets less funny every time I see it. Not every cc is under the age of 25. Actually, outside certain SMPs, most ccs aren't teens. That's an outlier and shouldn't be counted lol. /lh
Casual ageism is obnoxious and stupid and I'm cranky this morning so y'all get my rant about it.
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technoblade-updates · 3 months ago
A summary of other points from Techno’s newest video for people who aren’t able to watch the video due to the video’s main topic.
The three Techno plushies are coming out September 3rd 3pm est on The Techno pillow plush “is actually really soft, you’re gonna have to take [his] word for it”.
He was being really productive in July despite not uploading content, “fillin’ out paperwork, makin’ business moves, workin’ on merchandise, buyin’ new equipment to make new videos because [he] really wanted to increase the rate at which [he] was making videos”.
He doesn’t want to go 1-2 months without uploading, he wants to start doing minimum weekly uploads and has been preparing for that.
He’s very excited about the plushies and says they look incredible and fantastic!
He wants everyone to wear their masks and get vaccinated against Covid.
He’s having fun making videos! He’s not sure if he’s going to be making a lot of content because of how slow he is at making it, but he’s having a great time making videos and playing games.
He has a video prepared for September 3rd, which is “kinda an old video [...] from a few months ago but it’s very good”
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undertalethingems · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Unexpected Guests Chapter Nine: Page 2
First / Previous / Next
* Sans tries to play it cool.
He feels like he’s missed more than the last 3 days, but cut him some slack, he just woke up. Give him a chance to catch up, will ya?
It’s probably no surprise what my favorite part is in this update--getting to draw an extremely wholesome hug between the bros was the best. I know many of you have wanted it for a while now, and I’m happy that it finally happened ^^
The next part goes up on October 28th! Stay tuned!
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redrobin-detective · 9 months ago
It would be interesting if Danny was just, blissfully unaware of how powerful he was and how he absolutely terrified most of the ghosts he interacted with. Danny’s looking at himself, a fairly young teenager and an even younger ghost whereas some of his enemies have been around for decades if not centuries. He gains his confidence, knows his rogues gallery, knows he can usually come out on top. But he’d always consider himself the underdog.
After awhile, new ghosts just stop coming through the portal to ravage Amity Park. “Hmm the whole ‘terror and pillage must be getting old by now,” Danny muses not realizing most of the more sane ghosts are staying the hell away from Phantom and his chosen haunt. 
Ghosts approach tentatively, reverently, seeking alliances and servitude because it’s much better to be on good terms with such a powerful figure. Danny just grins and welcomes his new spectral friends and completely misses their blatant relief at his generosity. 
His regular rogues, who have known for a while that Phantom is terrifyingly powerful but they also remember when he couldn’t shoot and ectoblast so the effect is lessened somewhat, as always coming up with new ways to mess with him. And Danny rises to every challenge and sends them packing, the ghosts bitterly fix themselves up lamenting on how such a little shrimp could hold so much power. Which of course scares the (un)living daylights out of other ghosts.
One ghost gets lost in Amity and is confronted by Danny and promptly just starts squeaking and crying out of abject fear. Danny has to spend 10 minutes shushing the poor ghost before showing them the way home. He shakes his head, the real world can be scary for ghosts but he just can’t understand what frightens them so.
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fun fact about me, the one and only time i tried to diet i drank a lot of water with lemon juice & cayenne pepper in it (bc of some dumb article i read online) and i came to enjoy the tangy pain so now even though I no longer diet my water bottles are still laced with generous amounts of cayenne pepper and every time someone new asks me if i have any water i am immediately jettisoned into the primal moral struggle of whether to explain to them my situation or just let them drink the spicy water
#also the diet helped me realize that my main problem with food was a disordered relationship dating back to a childhood sugar addiction that#would have killed lesser beings but probably did stunt my growth and armed with this newfound knowledge i went out into the world and learne#how to plan and cook consistently healthy but also sometimes decadent meals involving lots of seasoning and leafy vegetables but also plenty#of delicious butter and cheese and other goodies alongside good delicious proteins because balance is important and so is Joy#anyway quarantine has turned me into a super chef and reawakened my old hyperfixation on the history of the cultivation of staple veggies &#fruits (in my junior year of high school i once spent a solid month reading everything i could get my grimy little hands on about the great#banana famine) and anyway last night i made *incredible* roasted brocilini and ate it while reading online articles about the history of#brocillini which is quite a recent thing it is also called brocolette and is a hybrid between broccoli and chinese broccoli there is no aspa#asparagus involved although i am an immense fan of asparagus.#spicy water#also until recently kale had a different name and was a food you fed to cows farmers couldn't GIVE it away and then it was remarketed#and my grandma is one of the most calm placid people i know but i finally got to hear her rant in the car about the great kale rebranding#and let me tell you listening to my righteously indignant elderly grandmother mercilessly condemn the designer food industry SLAPPED#diet tw
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miraculouscontent · 6 months ago
Guys, I think I found the pattern so far. The amount of Adrien pictures in Marinette’s room dictates how much the episode gives a damn about making Marinette the focus of the episode itself instead of the reminder that Adrien is a person who exists (as if we’d forget about him or something otherwise; trust me, we’re trying). The Adrien pictures magically manifest themselves into the room when the writers are fantasizing about finding convoluted ways to force him into the script.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
What’s that? This post is just an excuse to complain about the inconsistency of Marinette’s room and the fact that - if they actually cared about her in any capacity - keeping it consistent would’ve been no problem whatsoever, not to mention that the pictures only seem to conveniently appear when an episode wants to humiliate Marinette or force the love square?
...Well you’re right. Hey, you didn’t think I’d deny it, did you?
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archervale · 2 months ago
this is literally so out of season but what if Jack’s kindergarten or something did a nativity scene for some reason and Jack got the part of the angel
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doodleodds · 2 months ago
Tumblr media’s been two months......I think it’s reasonable to post akeshu week day 2 now
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
hahahaha day 2 am i right fellas? only a week late....haha...........
#akeshu#p5r#akechi goro#kurusu akira#p5r spoilers#yeah im not even tagging it as the week anymore its been so dang long since i started this#this was an idea i had in my head for a while and i just figured 'oh huh day 2's prompt fits this' so. bam! there it is#and yes before you ask the rest of the pt also play with them. they're just doing a solo mission because theyre alone at the moment#and idk i just like thinking that akechi's mom is still alive so. she is in this au. congrats mamakechi!#this was the first comic i ever felt like i had to color code the word bubbles to tell who was speaking...which is probably not a good sign#just means that they were confusingly placed! so. sorry about that! i hope the flow of the panels isnt too bad#so uh. in other news i am going through possibly the worst case of art block i've ever gone through before#i think i was able to force myself to draw like. 1 panel a day of this. i drew like one line and then i closed the canvas#did i make joker a character sheet for funsies one day instead of drawing this? yes. yes i did. send help#i have a few ideas i still want to draw...but lord knows if i'll have the ability to actually force myself to draw them any time soon#i might? open commissions??? to force myself to draw on a deadline and for a reason rather than for myself and on no deadlines#maybe. maybe i will do that. or maybe i'll see if i can organize a collab of some kind....that would be fun too#hm. things to ponder#anyway! i hope you've all been well. see you in a month again probably knowing my posting schedule ^^;#fun little extra tidbit for you if you read this far down in the tags:#goro was originally trying to keep crow as a mysterious villain; he rolled a nat 1 in deception when introducing him to the party though#hence the 'oh did i hear something about delicious pancakes' line :P#outed IMMEDIATELY as a villain lol. bad luck goro!
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littlemousejelly · 5 months ago
Lena peppering little kisses all over Kara's face: sorry if this looks gay to the audience
Kara sits on the couch warm and happy, full of good food and boundless, infinite love for her friends as she listens to them argue over whatever the hell Winn's just drawn on his whiteboard. She's warm and happy and at least five degrees past elated and veering into quiet ecstasy because Lena's laughing in her lap, hair tickling her chin, cheeks, and nose. Her body jostles with the force of her joy and Kara can't help but slide her arms around Lena's waist to squeeze her a little, affection overflowing.
She's not entirely sure when Lena wiggled her way into her lap, but she's definitely not in any rush to have her out of it any time soon. Especially not when she seems so small like this, tucked in the sling of her hips, hair gently tousled, oversized knit sweater hanging off her shoulders, thick glasses perched on the nose she's scrunching cutely as she turns to smile curiously at her.
"Karaaa," she says, drawing out the vowel in a half-buzzed, half-accented slur. "What's up?"
Kara watches her dimples wink, heart skip-skipping as she commits the way Lena looks and feels in her arms to memory.
"Kara?" Lena repeats, and Kara blinks, a big, dopey grin spreading across her face.
"Nothing," she says, pulling Lena the slightest bit closer. "Just happy."
Lena studies her for a moment, then huffs a laugh, straightening enough to press a soft kiss to her cheek. Unexpectedly. She pulls back enough to meet her eyes and murmurs, "I'm really happy too."
And she's just, so pretty. So pretty. That Kara simply has to return the favor and kiss the adorable pink of her cheek.
Lena lets out the tiniest of gasps and twists her hand into her shirt.
"Oh," she breathes, lips parted and pupils large.
"Sorry," Kara rushes out, nervous. "Sorry, was that not okay?"
Lena's hand tightens in the fabric of her shirt, then relaxes again. Her fingers brush over Kara's stomach and send a little shiver up her back.
"It's okay. It's very okay," Lena says quietly, scanning Kara's face for… something, nibbling at her lip until she seems to find whatever it is she's looking for. She leans up and kisses Kara's other cheek, pulling back with her cheeks rosy.
For symmetry's sake and not at all because Kara wants to feel her peach fuzz against her lips again, she tilts Lena's chin with a finger and mirrors the action.
Lena giggles then, and it's light and lovely and perfect, quite possibly the only laugh Kara ever wants to hear again. Quite possibly the only laugh Kara ever wants to be the reason for again. But before she can think of a way to make her giggle again, Lena starts peppering kisses all over her face. Her forehead, her nose, her jaw, her cheeks, again and again, each time inching closer to her lips—not that Kara notices—and each time Kara finds she has no choice but to kiss her back, grinning harder and harder into every one until she's just pressing her smile to her face.
"Hi," she sighs out, nuzzling at a warm cheek.
"Hi," Lena whispers, hand somehow under her shirt now, fingers stroking directly over her belly.
"I like it when you kiss me," Kara admits, flexing her abs just in case.
Lena's fingers falter briefly before she continues exploring. Slower.
"I like kissing you," she says, brushing their noses together, mouth dangerously close to Kara's. Dangerously kissable.
"...Can I kiss you some more?" Kara ventures, and the question is barely out of her mouth before she's already beginning to tilt her head in, aching for a taste.
"Yes, please," comes Lena's reply, breath tickling her lips.
Right before a chorus of groans interrupts them.
"Aww, come on!" Winn whines, and Kara stifles a disappointed sound before reluctantly lifting her forehead away from Lena's to see what's going on.
Everyone is looking at them with varying levels of amusement on their faces.
"Seriously?" Alex asks, an incredibly pained look on her face and absolutely the least amused. "We take five minutes to tell Winn how that"—she gestures at the misshapen blob on his whiteboard—"is not a muffin and you're all over each other?"
Lena buries her flushed face into the neck of her shirt, letting out a quiet Ow when it pushes her glasses into her cheeks. Kara slips a hand under her sweater to rub soothingly at her back.
"This is obviously a muffin," Winn grumbles, and James ruffles his hair affectionately. "But they're totally all over each other."
Kelly wraps an arm around Alex's waist and plants an exaggeratedly loud kiss to her cheek before catching Kara's eye and winking. Kara has no idea why.
"I think it's sweet," she says. "They're cute together."
"Wait, you're finally together?" Nia asks, eyes lighting up. "Does this mean we can go on real double dates now?"
Kara blinks, still thinking about kissing Lena and more than a little annoyed that everyone interrupted them.
"Uh, together?" she says slowly, trying to tamp down her irritation. She draws aimless patterns on Lena's back and feels her heart do a funny dance when it makes her squirm. "What makes you say that?"
Alex looks like she wants to throw something at her head, Kelly's jaw drops, and Nia rolls her eyes so hard Kara's almost worried they'll get stuck.
"You're joking," Kelly says, voice flat.
"She's not joking," Alex says.
"Not even a little," Nia adds, shaking her head. "Fellas, is it gay to want to kiss your best friend?"
Kara opens her mouth to respond with No, of course not, but then Kelly says, "Super gay," just as Alex answers with, "Totally gay," and her mouth shuts with a click.
"It's… pretty gay," Lena mumbles into her shirt and Kara pauses where she's dragging her thumb up and down her spine.
"It is?" she asks.
Kara continues stroking over her back as she considers, deeply enjoying the way Lena seems to be trying to burrow closer with every brush of her fingers. And when one particular brush has Lena arching into her with a pretty whimper, something inside her snaps.
"Okay," she announces, swallowing hard, limbs suddenly shaking as she thinks about making Lena do that again, and more. "So I think it might be gay?"
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