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#otherwise continuity is good!!

GOD i wake up… im still thinking about lilo and stitch…

u know im rly glad theres decent continuity in lilo and stitch but like… does lilo stop giving pudge the fish sandwiches??? she made a peanut butter sandwich in leroy and stitch and i thought “is pudge gonna save the day????” but she gave it to reuben xD

also im sad abt cobra bubbles bc like.. after the first movie it shows him in casual clothes sitting on the couch with stitch and lilo like a good friend, but in stitch! the movie hes just a stoic agent again D: and he didnt even show up in stitch has a glitch!! u would think hed at least show up to lilos hula performance or something :( maybe in the series hes in it more??

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It’s not a bad thing to trust and to forgive. I shouldn’t feel bad for those being such a central part of who I am. I just have to hope I’ll have more luck in the future.

#speculation nation, #honestly I feel like I’m the most forgiving person I know, #which is both a good and a bad thing, #good in that my compassion allows me to reach out to people and make connections I might otherwise miss, #bad Bc it means my level of tolerance for bullshit is much higher than a normal person’s, #which has definitely bitten me in the ass Hard before. multiple times., #this compassion has hurt me. but it’s allowed me to keep certain people in my life. so I can’t truly complain, #as for the trust issue... yeah. I feel like I’m going to have more problems with that in the future., #you can trust someone so completely. trust their words. believe they’ll follow through., #and then they’ll betray that trust. and there’s nothing you can do about it, #I think this past instance was a hard hit for that., #even with all the times I gave forgiveness. all the times I gave compassion. it meant nothing, #usurped by the frustration of my flaws., #I know I’m not a bad person. I know I have good qualities., #but it’s hard to feel desirable when my flaws have led to the ends of both true relationships I’ve had, #that’s an emotional injury I’m just going to have to carry. alongside my broken trust., #in the end I just need to continue to work on bettering myself. just like always., #and I will stay true to my convictions. I refuse to ever fall to the same things that people have done to me, #I may not be able to stop people from cheating on me. but I sure as hell can make sure I never do it to anyone else, #and there’s some satisfaction in that. satisfaction I won’t hurt anyone like that., #I won’t be what other people have been to me. that is my conviction.
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