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tropicalfreckles · a year ago
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AND THE SERIES IS DONE! Will I draw more of the properties doing just crossover stuff together? Probably yeah, I have that Lydia sleepover drawing and more 3x beej shenanigans. It’s fun drawing all of them together. I’m glad you guys enjoyed my meme series so much!
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sharlett · a month ago
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Hello again, roman LARP-ers enjoyers.
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alicewoodward · 21 days ago
Thinking about how Ethan said they caught a “Pokey-man” for Lex and the villain for this really was a Pokey-man
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setzappersto-pew · 24 days ago
In light of the events of Yellow Jacket, I’m compelled to watch TGWDLM yet again to see the glimpses of how Pokotho functions in both timelines... and to be in awe of just how much Nick and Matt knew about this world way back in 2018. As TGWDLM was the third show they came up with, they absolutely had all the Lords figured out, so they gave all the hints without actually name dropping Pokotho or the Black and White.
And just how I was drawn to the TGWDLM announcement video after season 1 of Nightmare Time, I want to look at it again to see what can be learned about Pokotho. Check out my original post, which has a link to the announcement video.
First, the meteor comes up again in Yellow Jacket. The scientists who made Otho, who seems to be a vessel made for Pokotho, found the blue shit on a meteorite. Were they in outer space, or were they in the Black and White, the “darkest void beyond time and space”?.
Second, I am curious about the use of “Cyclopean”. As I said in this post originally, this term is used to describe Blinky, with his one eye, and Wiggly’s portal in Black Friday (”his Cyclopean gateway”). I suppose they could just be using it to describe something monstrous and otherworldly, like we might use Eldritch or Lovecraftian. But there has to something more, right? It would be helpful to know that “cyclops” means “circle eye”, not necessarily “one eye”; the creatures in Greek mythology were just described as having one big, circular eye. Given this, it fits with Pokotho, with his empty, circular eyes in his mask-like face. Should we continue with the idea of “Cyclopean” connotating “one” instead of “circle”, it still fits Pokotho: his epithet is “The Singular Voice”.
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Charles: Well, this is the weirdest occult summoning ritual I've ever walked in on. Otho: ... How many have you walked in on?
Charles: Honestly, I don't bother counting.
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pokotho · 10 days ago
so the mind milk is "cooked up in a lab somewhere" according to eddie chiplucky and in honey queen the jae!cashier who told liz cunningham they didn't want her business said in regards to her being from clivesdale "once a chemist, always a chemist" ?????????????? do you guys think that means something?
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korovaoverlook · 4 months ago
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More Beetlejuice art. Surprise, surprise! This was an experiment with light and shading. I'm not 100% happy with how it turned out, but I think it's a great first step into digital painting. I hope you all enjoy it!
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androgynyfairy · 24 days ago
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Your apotheosis is upon you…
Help I think I love Otho and Pokey just as much as Blinky
Tonight’s episode was probably my favorite of s2 by far. I have no idea what Otho was supposed to be wearing, so I whipped something up, especially knowing Pokey’s got a flair for the dramatic.
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superstarlimo · 24 days ago
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sharlett · 4 months ago
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Hello my dearest followers and other legion fans, today i offer you this
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apanict · 5 months ago
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listen goth teenagers are mean. they barely interact but Lydia would drag otho for filth
stolen from this ask:
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saviorofthelegion · a month ago
I wonder if they’re talking about Legion hounds
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I think Antony loves animals too much (especially dogs ofc) to want to fight any so I put him in the “i choose peace”
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pokotho · 24 days ago
idk i was scared of him at first but i still think otho is kinda cute in a monster way. he's just a lil dude and he has hair like a sims 4 kid sim
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ghosts-and-rock · 15 days ago
Imagine the sort of pony beetlejuice would look like if he made himself look like a my little pony. Or whatever creature he could be, given the amount of magic talking creatures in that world he could be, including whatever creature Discord is. Lydia could just be a unicorn, and scare the hell out of Delia with her fear of unicorns lol.
I don’t know if you wanted a story or not with this but I’ve got a few thoughts on it!
Beetlejuice absolutely would be a draconequus (which is what Discord is) but would also have a pony form (probably an alicorn)
Everyone else is a challenge cause I’m still somewhat deciding
Charles and Miss Argentina are earth ponies
Adam and Delia are pegasus
Barbara and Lydia are unicorns, Otho is a griffin, and Juno is either going to be an alicorn or changeling queen
For Beetlejuice’s story I’m thinking that he was created by Juno to be a pure being of chaos and death but he was “too emotional” by her words.
She attempted to get him turned to stone or killed but he escaped and now wanders Equestria.
He uses his pony form to hide from people and trick them into causing chaos. Rarely does he ever show off his draconequus form unless needed or he wants too
Adam and Barbara are a strange couple especially since they are two different species
Emily was a unicorn before her death
Lydia isn’t technically a pure unicorn since her mom was a unicorn and dad a earth pony
Delia’s fear of unicorns isn’t known why she is but some think she was scared by horror movies with them as main villains
Lydia absolutely does take advantage of Delia’s fear at first until they get along
Otho collects many weird oddities and carries many around with him
Adam and Barbara being two different species was always weird to people. Once they died they didn’t have to worry about that.
Barbara never used her horn for fighting which made many think she was a very prude unicorn until meeting Beetlejuice
I have many other stuff that I’m still planning out but I do have general universe stuff too if anyone wants to hear more!
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