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Patreon Reward February Preview 🌟

I already know I will mess up with painting the blood _(:3 」∠)_

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Thank you for playing our games✨✨✨

A new Kimono for you and your bofriend?

Don’t miss our (revival) Gacha “New Year” in Princess of the Moon Ultimate!

One more chance to unlock super cute avatars 💕

✨ Event Period ✨

01/17/2021 15:00:00 (JST) ~ 01/31/2021 15:00:00 (JST).

Have a look at the notifications in the game during the event period.


✨ Story: Princess of the Moon Ultimate ✨

–Welcome, Princess of the Moon

You arrived at a negotiation in a foreign country with remanents of the Middle Ages.

Night has fallen by the time the negotiations end, and you wander into a palace as you follow the moon home……

Suddenly, chosen by the Princess of the Moon you are to choose the next King that will lead the three kingdoms–!?

Before the fated day, you are to live together with the prince for 3 months,

and take lessons to become a true princess.

Furthermore, you have to perform a secret role to the princes on a night with a full moon…?!

Which prince are you going to choose?

✨ You can download the game here ✨



Have fun in “Princess of the Moon Ultimate”.


Merci de jouer à nos jeux ✨✨✨

Un nouveau kimono pour votre petit ami et vous ?

Ne manquez pas le gacha (réédition) :

« Nouvel an »

Disponible pour un temps limité.

✨Période du gacha✨

17/01/2021 15:00:00 (heure du Japon) ~ 31/01/2021 15:00:00 (heure du Japon)

Consultez la rubrique d'informations du jeu pendant la période de l'événement pour plus de détails.

✨ Histoire : La Princesse de la Lune ✨

-Bienvenue, Princesse de la Lune.

Vous étiez venue assister à une réunion dans un pays étranger aux vestiges du Moyen Âge.

Lorsque celle-ci s'est terminée, la nuit était déjà tombée. Vous avez ensuite suivi la lune pour retrouver votre chemin et ainsi erré jusqu'au palais…

On vous a tout d'un coup choisie pour être la Princesse de la Lune

et il est maintenant votre devoir de décider qui sera le prochain Roi qui reignera sur les 3 royaumes !

Avant l'arrivée du jour fatidique, vous devrez vivre sous le même toit que les princes pendant 3 mois

et suivre des leçons pour devenir une véritable princesse.

De plus, il vous faudra remplir un certain rôle secret avec les princes lors de la nuit de la pleine lune…!

Quel prince choisirez-vous ?

🎇 Vous pouvez télécharger le jeu ici 🎇

▼ iOS :
https: //

▼Android :

Amusez-vous bien !


Danke, dass du immer unsere Spiele spielst.

Ein neuer Kimono für dich und deinen Freund??❤

Schau dir unser limitiertes Gacha “Neujahr~” in Die Prinzessin des Mondes an.

Nutze die Chance und hol dir super süße Avatare💕

🎇 Event Zeitraum 🎇

17/01/2021 15:00:00 (JST) ~ 31/01/2021 15:00:00 (JST)

Sieh dir die Notifikationen im Spiel während des Eventzeitraumes an.

✨ Story: Die Prinzessin des Mondes ✨

–Willkommen, Mondprinzessin

Du bist zu einer Verhandlung in einem fremden Land mit Elementen des Mittelalters gekommen.

Die Verhandlungen gehen bis in die Nacht und du schreitest in einen Palast, während du dem Mond nach Hause folgst…

Plötzlich wirst du Mondprinzessin.

Du sollst den nächsten König auswählen, der die drei Königreiche anführen wird- !?

Vor dem schicksalhaften Tag lebst du 3 Monate mit dem Prinzen zusammen, du nimmst Unterricht, um eine echte Prinzessin zu werden.

Außerdem muss man für die Prinzen in einer Vollmondnacht eine geheime Rolle erfüllen …?!

Welchen Prinz wirst du wählen?

✨ Das Spiel kannst du dir hier runterladen ✨

▼ iOS:

▼ Android: Spaß!

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I just received Elijah commission from Rùa Bí and it’s so good I almost used emoji.

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yeah you’re right, let me download more (idk what to feel at this-proud and offended-)

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i am in such a terrible fucking mood im so anxious and im literallyt about 2 cry on call wiht my friends playing phasmo 

please please pelase send me cute fluffy anything with the boys,,, i just 


my boys

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17/01/2020 Devlog

Hey everyone! Time for this week’s devlog! 


  • W R I T I N G (about ½(ish) complete with Magnus, Chapter 10)
  • Maggie’s route is over 80% complete with around 90,000 words
  • One completed BG
  • One completed BG Sketch

The Ramble:

So this was another productive week!

We received one more completed BG this week, which is the Endgame Lounge - a place where a lot of the Endgame HQ scenes take place. There is only one more BG left, and that is the new training room BG.

Aside from that, I’ve been writing. A lot.

So far I’ve been hitting my daily goals and am (currently) on track to finish Magnus’ route by the end of the month - or get really close to it. Of course, that relies on me continuing at this pace of about 1700 words per day.

Initially, I set my minimum goal at getting to 75% by the end of the month. I hit that earlier this week. So now my minimum goal is to get to 90% complete. Obviously my “aggressive” goal is to get the route finished but I’m aware that goal is aggressive. Even so, that’s what I’m working toward right now.

I am currently working on Chapter 10. I have the “potato” draft done but am going back to flesh out the scenes and connect all the little bits together. I’d say overall it’s about half done. This is about where I expected to be writing wise by now so yeah. I’ve made a lot of progress writing in the last few weeks, exhausting as it has been.

Sneak Peeks and Previews:


A couple of BG sketches!

Upcoming Week:

Basically I have to write around 10,000 words for the remaining two weeks of January if I want to hit the final word count goal. Of course, that doesn’t mean Magnus’ route will be complete. The goal is just a general marker and some routes have gone above the 110,000 word mark. 

(Caleb’s is the longest route at the moment with 113,000 words.)

Magnus’ route is running long at the moment and is looking to pass 110,000 for sure. I suspect I’m going to need to be really ruthless when editing and trim it down, given how it’s going. =w=

Anyway, that’s neither here nor there.

The point is that this is doable for me though it’s a push to hit that upper word count goal every day. And of course, we’re getting into chapters that are a little more difficult to write as I have to frequently stop and do a beat sheet of the scene beats to help myself get through the fight sequences, the arguments, characters plotting, foreshadowing, etc.

This also slows me down and makes it more difficult to hit the actual goals.

But that’s the plan! 

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[Stand My Heroes] 聖夜を奏でる♪ Symphonic numbers (Performing the Holy Night ♪ Symphonic numbers) Shindo Kiyoshi SR Event Drop Card Story
【The Trembling Heart is a Tremolo】 Translations

*Sutamai Master-list
*MC name is retained as my usual. Requested by Anon!
*Part 2′s Story title: [寒空の下で滲むもの Things that blur under the cold skies] and is voiced.
*Scenario Writer: @Atomiatomi (Atomi)

Part 1 / Part 2

Keep reading

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Okita Souji & Kazama Chikage Cards (1/17/21)

Aw their winter wear looks cute. I want to hug Souji ( ꈍᴗꈍ) please stay warm

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The cooking meme mentioned here! 

I think I’m with Nythera and Nhật Mai. I’m pretty decent for a home cook, but I’m not much of a baker. And I’ve never really made anything outside of Asian cuisine besides spaghetti, tacos, and burgers LOL. I don’t have much experience cooking with dairy either because there’s not too many Asian dishes that calls for that. But I know enough that I will make this ಠ_ಠ face if a recipe tells me to pre-cook shrimp or tell me not to marinate meat before cooking it. Do you want bland food? Because that’s how you get bland food.

And that’s where Temerith and Solasstas shine. Not only can they cook well, they have a wide breadth of knowledge to draw on. They can make bearfolk cuisine, delicacies that lizardfolk enjoy but humans cringe at, or soft flaky desserts loved by everyone. 

As much as I like eating food, I like the concept of food way more. I love learning about food chemistry and the Maillard reaction is my favorite chemical process. I’m sorry if I ever make anyone hungry while playing Lotus of the Junk Heap because the characters talk about food a fair bit. 

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⛔Daily chat spoiler ⛔


💕💖💕💖💕fuccccck who allowed satan to get lost on the human world so poetically💖💕💖💕💖💕

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Since i’m not very active on this blog anymore,i’ve decided i’ll most likely switch to a blog talking about various otome games,since i fell out of Obey me!

I’m not sure yet of what i’ll center it on,but the few otomes i’m invested in boil down to;Amnesia,Obey me!(not TECHNICALLY a dating sim but??eh.same target),Collar x malice,Diabolik lovers,Twisted Wonderland (not TECHNICALLY a dating sim but??eh.same target),Code;Realize

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Ladies, Non-Binaries and Gentlemen,

I present to you,


the Lonely-Jobless-Weeb-Lockdown-Starterpack

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