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I gotchu honey 👊😩

I’m having an operation tomorrow so I’m just trying to get today’s in, so I’ll just do Sven for ya, hon.

Blush Blush- MC turned into Manimal (or Ma’amimal)


  • Panic
  • You’ve become a deer, instant panic
  • He laughs at you for a bit, but it doesn’t last long.
  • He’s not the brightest so he has a hard time thinking of how to help.
  • He gives you a forehead kiss, which somehow makes you almost back to normal.
  • He kisses your lips, but no luck.
  • He tries to research, but no results come up.
  • It seems he’s given up so he invites to to bed.
  • You lay next to him as he spoons you, apologizing for not helping much.
  • He tells you how much you mean to him and how he will love you however you are.
  • He kissed your neck lovingly, then you kissed him on the lips.
  • That magical light spread throughout the bedroom, returning you to normality.
  • All is calm once again, as you and Sven celebrate.
  • And you end up falling asleep in his arms.
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《 Hallow’s Otome Corner 》

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Welcome to my blog for otome imagines! I do headcanons, scenarios/oneshots, and matchups for Cafe Enchanté, Code: Realize, and Cinderella Phenomenon. Please address me as Hallow! My inbox is open for requests or if you just wanna talk and my private messages are open if you prefer requesting/talking that way. Hope you enjoy your stay!

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Kentin x Reader

It was one of those days where the weather was undescribable, the sky was of a blinding brightness and it was impossible to predict if it would be raining or not.

Bright grey clouds were coating our natural ceiling, it was hard to keep looking at it for too long without having to squint your eyes . It felt like luminosity was set way too high.

The perfect weather for a cozy indoors day. That was one hell of an opportunity to do absolutely nothing and you started by laying in bed for 30 minutes doing unproductive things on your phone, while sliding backwards in your bed so your back was against Kentin’s. He brought more warmth to this cold morning in addition to your comforter.

A few minutes later, something wet entered in contact with the back of your hand. You jumped a little in surprise, colliding into Kentin, who groaned.

Cookie, your boyfriend’s german sheperd, was looking at you lovingly, wagging his tail. You smiled at the furr ball and scratch his head. He surely took your gesture as an invitation because he put a paw on the bed tentatively. Not able to resist you tapped the mattress a few times allowing him to come up. He wagged his tail faster and hoisted himself at your level, he went first for the face, attacking you with lickings, then headed for his master.

Thedog literally jumped on Kentin and licked his face furiously, not caring if the latter was still asleep or not.

« Oh Cookie, AHAHAHA Stop, that tickles ! »

He was trying very lightly to push him away, but he clearly enjoyed the attention from his puppy.

When the latter had enough, he went back to you, who welcomed him with kisses and strokes.

While you were fondling cookie, you felt an arm snake around you.

« Good morning » Kentin whispered in your ear, pressing a kiss to your cheek before resting his head on your shoulder, still visibly tired.

« Morning, how did you sleep ?’ you put one of your hand on the back of his head, running your fingers through his brown strands.

« Mmh »

« Wonderful ! Me too ! »  you chuckled before kissing the top of his head.

« Im gonna go feed cookie » you added and slowly got out of his embrace to suffer to the rather low temperature of the room.

« The weather looks really bad, let’s stay inside and laze around » he proposed, while you were putting on one of his sweater.

« My thoughts exactly » you sent him a wink « How about you little boy ? »

« Woof »

« If everyone agrees then »

You heard Kentin laugh as you walked out to go in the kitchen to give cookie his morning meal.

When Kentin emerged from the bedroom, cookie was eating to his heart content and you were already taking out a few things to prepare breakfast.

The young man didn’t hesitate and wrapped himself around you propping his head on your shoulder, kissing your cheek. You leaned back into him, giggling as you felt his hand wander around your abdomen, tickling you in the process.

You managed to wriggle your way to turn into his embrace and wrapped your arms around his middle. The two of you were tightly intertwined and happy to be.

« Can we stay like this all day ? »

« Sure, we have food right behind and water at the sink, that’s manageable » you laughed, closing your eyes and letting your need to be close to him to take over.

Kentin straightened himself, loosening his hold on you.

« I want to kiss you »

You lifted her head to look at him, and laughed, closing your eyes while pursing her lips a bit.

The next second, the two of you were passionately kissing, chasing the sleep away to drown in each other.

« Woof »

Cookie was looking at his masters, scratching Kentin’s calf.

« Seems like he also wants kisses »

With a giggle, you separate yourself from your boyfriend and scooped the puppy up in your arms. He happily licked your face then turned to his master to claim some love from him as well.

Kentin wrapped his arms around you again all while getting his face licked clean by cookie. You kissed the furball’s head making him turn to you for more kisses.

Your little family, unuasual sure, but you loved them both so much.

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Of course! This is my third try after Tumblr crashed so I’m crossing my fingers!

Blush Blush- VTuber MC


  • A hot gamer gf?
  • Streamer?
  • With an anime avatar?
  • Yes. He’s obsessed.
  • He immediately gets to work on a new avatar for you.
  • Hacking powers for the win.
  • After a few hours, your new avatar is done! It’s adorable and he’s so excited to show you it!
  • You absolutely love it, and it becomes the new avatar you use!


  • He’s absolutely hype when finding out.
  • He immediately wants to see, subscribing to the channel.
  • If he’s not in the room when you’re recording or streaming, he’s watching you from his phone.
  • Shows your channel to every person he knows. He’s so proud of you!


  • This poor boy doesn’t understand well at first, so after an hour of explaining he gets it.
  • He’s amazed with the idea!
  • Your face as an avatar?
  • He begs to try it out, giving you puppy dog eyes.
  • Of course you give in, letting him try.
  • Biggest mistake.
  • He makes your avatar say very unladylike things, but he teases you while you try to stop him.
  • All resistance is futile.


  • He’s so excited!
  • Since it’s close to what he does, he immediately asks to make some videos together.
  • Of course, they get super popular.
  • They become a weekly thing, lots of videos of you and him are made.
  • He eventually decides to make a channel for you two to do together, and it immediately goes viral!
  • You two are seen everywhere, and are as happy as could be.

I’m sorry if it isn’t the best! Blush Blush is harder to do, but it’s a nice challenge!

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Dark Howl Pendragon edit

This is the amazing artist from the original art


It was just a random idea, if anyone wants to take it and perfect it, just give me the credits.

And, ladies, ya can thank me later ;)

(I’m fcking in love cough cough)

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It’s snowing as I write this, but it’s weird because the snowflakes are like floating in the air rather than just falling to the ground. It’s just an interesting sight. Anyways, to the request we go! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Kyohei : I’m pretty sure he’s father died when he was really young right? In the MS (I can’t remember it’s been so long and I keep mixing it up, I thought he drowned or something at the beach but I might just be making things up, in which case pretend he’s dead), so he’d have felt the absence of growing up without a parent, or parents (idk about his mother). So when you arrive at his doorstep - well the apartment holding a pregnancy test in your hand and puffy eyes he’ll be quick to usher you inside and take you to his room for a little privacy. Basically a safety measure to hide from Nagito, that little guy is always on the hunt for people to bother (jokes).

Anyways he’ll sit you on the bed and calmly listen all you have to say - and maybe question you a little just to confirm the the child is definitely his, I mean can you blame him, it’s a lot of responsibility and he’s going to have to uproot a lot of his life which is going to affect his band members as well, which isn’t going to be easy.

But secretly he’s kind of content with the way things turned out - sure he wished he wasn’t just having a child with a random stranger - but since speaking to you, he’s discovered you seem like a nice person and have your child’s best interest at hands. And that’s the most important thing to him, for you both to be on the same page.

I think because the members are pretty much always busy preparing for various things, he won’t be there as much in the beginning, especially considering he’s very involved in the production and management aspect of the group as well. But that’s okay, you’re also pretty busy with your own career and life.

I think Kyohei will slowly begin to fall for you because of the little things you do. There isn’t some grand big gesture - or a snap moment. It’s the small things like asking him about his day, making him coffee for him the minute he stumbles into your apartment looking exhausted. Because lord knows he needs it. Your little reminders (nags) to not skip meals and then later down the line sending him small lunch boxes because ‘I was making lunch for myself so I thought why not one for you too’.

It’s the simplicity and sincerity with which you act that lays the foundations to your friendship and eventually why he falls for you.

The hardest part for you is keeping it a secret from your friends, because you assume privacy is definitely something Kyohei would want, also you didn’t want to risk it being leaked and then causing a scandal. I think you would have become good friends with the other members during this time so you’re reluctant to reveal anything about the father’s identity. It’s not that you didn’t trust them - you were just overly cautious. Better safe than sorry.

Eventually they stop asking, but then one day, when Kyohei has to raincheck with your appointment you ask your closest friend to accompany you in his stead. You were pretty far along and sometimes you had really uncomfortable back aches so you didn’t feel like driving. She agrees merrily, most of the appointment runs by smoothly without any hitches.

That is until Kyohei bursts into the room, a few minutes after the doctor has left, muttering apologies as he clasps your hand in his. Your friend gasps from beside you and you have no need to sneak a glance to imagine what she looks like. Wide-eyed and mouth agape. You were certain. Kyohei flashes you an uneasy look to which you muster a half-hearted smile in response. “Oh yeah and I may have forgot to mention, this is my baby daddy!”

Your friend is ecstatic and congratulates the both of you with a bright smile, she promises to keep the news to herself as she grabs her things bidding you adieu now that Kyohei had arrived and confirmed he could take you home.

Not that you wanted him to. That meant having to have yet another difficult conversation. Honestly Kyohei was a little hurt you felt the need to hide him from your friends, his first line of thought was that you might be ashamed of him- or how it all turned out. And while he’ll admit the circumstances you met were less than ideal, if you asked him then, whether he’d change anything about it, he’d say 'no’ in a heartbeat.

Kota : So Kota, hmm he’s actually really hard to write for here because I can’t decide if he’s the type to actually just act in such a reckless way. Like he just seems so aloof and cut off, but I feel a LOT goes on in his head behind the scenes. Okay I don’t think you guys would have met in a club, in fact I imagine you guys are probably gamer friends, because you know how Kota plays a lot of games in his room, he probably has a headset by now and mingles online as well. I get the idea he’s more extroverted when speaking online than he is in real life.

So eventually after playing online for a while, you guys decide to meet up and the friendship just kind of blossoms from there. I think secretly Kota will have developed a bit of a crush on you, like he’ll listen to you rant about games, talk passionately about your job (whatever profession it is), watch you cry your heart out during cheesy romance flicks but also shy away from fear during horror films. The last one he finds most peculiar because you’re always so enthusiastic to see them. Basically he’s smitten with you, but despite the Revance members constantly teasing him about it, he never eludes to his feelings for a second.

That is unless you count those rare moments you rehearse lines with him. Usually Kota puts all work things aside when you’re here, because he values your time together that much, every second of it. Anyways you’re practicing lines for a rather romantic drama of his. As you relay the lines which much enthusiasm and theatrics it becomes very difficult for Kota to maintain character, but by gods miracle this talented actor succeeds. Finally you reach the mildest of romantic scenes, but suddenly with Kota standing less than a few inches away from you, your hands become clammy and heart is racing ahead.

You can feel his breath fan the exposed skin near the bottom of your neck as he reads of the script he’s held up behind your back. You’re so absorbed with the feeling of him close to you that you miss your line, it isn’t until Kota point’s it out to you that you apologise and stutter the lines. Kota doesn’t miss the nervous edge contained within your voice and can’t help but speculate inside his mind. Are you uncomfortable? Should he stop? Why did you stutter now f all moments? Could she-

He pulls back to stare into you eyes, he was almost sure he’d find the answer there. After all he could read you better than he could read himself at most times, however today he was at a loss. He could see something akin to confusion, mixed emotions stirring within your sparkling orbs but he couldn’t decipher why. You swallowed thickly as you matched his stare, your heart was thumping rapidly against your rib cage, practically screaming at this point to be let out. Oh my god! What if Kota can hear it? Will he think I’m weird? What if he thinks I like him? Do I like him? What the hell is happening to me?

However the moment is ruined when Kyohei and Nagito enter the room not even bothering to knock. “Kota, it’s urgent. We’ve got to go to HQ now.” Those simple words shattered the illusion and brought you back to reality. Kota steps back, apologising with his gaze as he turns on his heel to follow after them. Once alone you let out a deep huff.

The second time you’re rehearsing lines you find yourself in a similar predicament, however the scene was far steamier than the last. You can feel your own body heat rising as if you were actually the heroine from the script. Though it was your fault for initially agreeing to it, you really wished you hadn’t accepted the idea of acting the scene out by the book. You should have chosen to run lines instead, you thought as you now found yourself in this precarious postion backed up against the wall by Kota. His character was supposedly mad with the female lead for not doing as she was told an throwing herself into danger for him, however the tension was quickly shifting from fury to sexual.  

And then came the moment you were supposed to seal the argument with kiss and call it a scene. Obviously you weren’t going to act out the bedroom scene with him… or were you?

Both of you got so swept up by the emotions of your first kiss neither of you can bring yourself to pull apart and even when forced to do so in order to breathe, neither of you detach from each other.

You wake up earlier than Kota, alarmed by your state of undress and even more so by the man sleeping beside you; wasting no time you quickly pick up your clothes and escape the apartment before the others wake up and your forced to complete the walk of shame. Last night’s events are replaying on your mind over and over again as you trudge along the side walk, feeling slightly groggy and very uncomfortable.

What you needed was a nice soak… no, a cleanse! I can’t believe I did that Kota! He’s gonna- Ah! What’s even going to happen to us?

But if you thought that was the worst of it, you were wrong. You’d been successfully avoiding Kota for around a month now and though your period was two weeks late, you purposely chose to ignore the signs screaming out to you. Even when you started coming down with morning sickness, a phenomena whose cause still can’t be exactly explained you dismissed as food poisoning. The strange cravings, slightly increased appetite? Must be a result of all the work i’m doing, I’d been losing weight rapidly before, it has to be catching to me. You reasoned with your inner critic. Eventually though it had all surmounted to be too much and you forced yourself to take the test, dreading the outcome when your doubts were confirmed.

You’d decided to go to the shopping mall on your day off, just to blow off some steam, however you certainly weren’t expecting to catch Kota there with some of the other Revance members. Even with their disguises you recognised them immediately - or maybe you recognised the disguises you’d seen so many times. You weren’t completely sure. But you were sure of the fact that another nauseous spell was about to hit you, so you raced towards the women’s bathroom.  However Kota too, spotted you immediately and called out to you, even following you until you disappeared behind the doors. He waited for you outside, mentally cursing himself that he’d caused this drift between the two of you.

When you finally exited he was quick to pull you by the wrist and take you somewhere you could speak freely, without having to worry about other members of the public. Before he could even get a word in, you told him your secret first. You were pregnant, with his child. Kota wasn’t ecstatic to hear those words, but he wasn’t upset either. To be honest he’d always wanted a child and he was madly in love with you, so who better to share this experience with. But these circumstances were less than ideal, because he still hadn’t been able to confess to you.

Though things didn’t occur in the order either of you had wanted, it did all happen eventually and by the time the little miracle was wrapped up in blankets sleeping peacefully in your arms you couldn’t have been happier. Kota intertwines his fingers with your own as he presses a kiss to your temple.

“I love you.”

Iori : I don’t see Iori hooking up with a stranger and this occurring in the same scenario to be honest. Truth be told, I imagine you’d be a close friend of his, perhaps confidante or childhood friend. With a pre-existing platonic relationship, I feel he’s more likely to let his guard down, so maybe in a moment of vulnerability (for either of you, perhaps he’s really stressed over work or maybe you’ve been through a really hard break-up and he’d there to comfort you) you do the deed. It just so so happens that that’s not the end of it like you thought. The one night, friends with benefit’s scheme ends up transforming into something so much more.

You probably won’t speak much for the next few weeks, both busy in your own things, but Iori won’t sense something’s really wrong until he realises you’ve completely cut him out of you life. I think because you know him reasonable well, you’d be worried about disclosing the truth to him, because you know how much his career means to him. Also I take Iori as the type of guy that doesn’t really want to be a parent until they just so happen to fall into the situation and from then onwards realises the truth of the joys and bliss of being part of a loving household.

 He’ll probably turn up one evening in front of your apartment building, waiting for you to return home and then catch you outside. You might attempt to shrug him off and when that fails assure him you’re fine and send him on his merry way. But he’s not having any of it, (I imagine you child will have that stubborn streak as well) and so decides to invite himself in. It’s only when he leaves you to freshen up before you sit down and talk it out as he suggested, that he catches a box of opened pregnancy tests on the counter. His heart is probably beating a mile a minute as he opens the drawer and begins searching your house rather frantically to find it’s results.

He finally finds it on your bedside table in your bedroom, just in time for you to walk out of the shower drying your hair with a towel. Your eyes probably widen twice their size when he finally turns round and you see what’s in his hand. There’ll be a pin drop silence for a while before either of you speak, Iori being the first. “Why…?”

“It’s not your business, I’ll deal-” A thread within him will snap and he’ll cross the room in a second, roughly seizing hold of your shoulders as he backs you into a wall.

“It is my business! How long were you planning- were you even planning?” Your gaze flashes to the destination brochures all lying in a pile at the corner of your desk. Iori turns his head, following your gaze and piecing together your answer. He returns his gaze to glare at you as he drops his hands, smiling bitterly as he turns to leave. You jump to catch his wrist, but miss by the hair’s length.

“Iori wait, it’s not like that!” You call out behind him, navigating your apartment complex to catch up to him, however in all your hurry you cut a corner too quickly and end up colliding with the corner of a banister protecting the balcony. A cry of anguish escapes you lips as you squeeze your eyes shut and collapse onto your knees, clutching your side.

Iori turns on his heel upon hearing your cries and races to your side after seeing your pain-stricken face. He curses himself as he scoops you up into his arms. He’s quick to deliver you to the hospital, to be seen by the professionals, who later inform him you’re alright as well as the baby. “She’s just bruised, it was a strong-ish sort of collision but fortunately the baby is only in the embryo stages currently so it didn’t have an impact. I’d probably just take it easy the next few days.” Advices the doctor.

Iori thanks him before entering your room as soon as is allowed. His first instinct is to scold you for your carelessness but he thinks better off it. He’s still furious with you for trying to hide this from him, but he realises he has to put it all aside to just be for you and his child, these next few months. During which you probably spend every moment apologising and trying to make it up to him.

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Who are some of y'alls favorite fanfic writers???

And im also going to tag the only 2 ppl I kinda know ahaha @yandere-blueberry @some-weeb-chick ❤❤❤❤


(I still love all the account I follow they make amazing works but I wanna find more accounts)

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Asleep - Gavin Bai x Reader


Originally posted by dreaming-of-tokyo

  • Warnings : making out but nothing too heavy, mentions of underwear but it’s not gender-specific, reader is gender-neutral as always!
  • Genre : just comforting fluff, some spice if you squint
  • Word count : 1.9K words
  • Synopsis : Gavin’s been away for a month, and his fiancé/e misses him more than they thought they did—which, really, already was a lot.
  • Additional notes : I dedicate this to @cheri-translates who’d been awaiting my works so patiently, so I wanted to treat her for being an angel with a piece for her best boy!
  • Requests : Are open! Check the rules over here.
  • Masterlist

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Mammon x Reader

That trip to the beach had come as a miracle. The temperature in the devildom only rose higher and higher and this since already a few days and you’ve had enough of it already, especially since it was crazily hotter than in the human world.

Mammon was the one to suggest to go to the beach, he barely could contain his eagerness and to the surprise of all, Lucifer agreed with his younger brother, allowing the whole gang to have a vacation.  Cue all of you choosing to go t the human world, allowing you to go back to your world for a while the brothers also enjoyed the change of scenery.

Two weeks later, when you reached the beach, the avatar of greed ran onto the sand as excited as a child seeing the sea for the first time.

He even made a to do list for the day, containing a bunch of activites to achieve to, as he said « make the most of the possible fun we could have ».

While the brothers took great pleasure in their new vacations scenery, you chose to stay in the shade of your sun umbrella to take a nap, along with the avatar of sloth.


What felt like only two minutes later, you opened your eyes, blinking  to push the sleep away. You grabbed your sunglasses, putting them on to shield yourself from the sun, then sat up on your beach towel.

Aside from Belphie, asleep next to you, none of the other demons were around. The others probably weren’t far away but with all the persons on the beach you couldn’t spot them.

You spared a glance at the napping demon next to you and knew damn well that nothing could disturb him and in case someone tried to, he was totally able to defend himself, so no problem with leaving him alone for a while.

Slowly recovering your senses from your little nap, you got on your feet, intending to search for your friends.

After a few steps on the hot sand, your feet entered in contact with something squishy but hard.

You heard an « Oof » from somewhere close to you without knowing exactly the source of the noise.

Immediately, you jumped aside and looked back to see the weird stuff you’d stepped on.

Among the sand, there was Mammon’s face sprouting out, his expression clearly showing his pain.

« Mammon ! Why are you…What the… I’m so sorry ! I haven’t see you ! »

You kneeled roughly on the sand and started to wipe the sand off his face.

« Are you alright ? »

He let out some coughs and shook his head.

« What do you think ?! You just stepped on me, I’m litterally eating sand. Those assholes brothers of mine buried me and ran off leaving me alone »

Your heard a faint sob in his voice among the annoyance.

You took his glasses off, putting them on the sand nearby and cupped his face in your palms squishing them playfully.

« I’m so sorry Mammon »

You changed position from your knees to end up laying on your belly against the sand to have both of your faces at the same level. Then you  peppered his face with kisses. The cheeks, the nose, the mouth, the forehead and every place you managed to reach.

As well as he could he tried to turn his head away from you but couldn’t do much due to his current position.

« Stoooop ! Not fair. Like I could like that » he whined

You let out a few giggles and let your head fall over your crossed arms next to the buried demon.

« I don’t know if I’ll manage to free you myself . The only thing I can do is take care of you until your brothers come back. What can I do for you ? »

His lips quivered as he looked away.

« I’m hot »

You sat up, stroked his hair and walked back to your previous spot. You packed all your stuff, taking the umbrella with you and moved the whole to where Mammon was.

To prevent him to get heatstroke you placed the umbrella just above him before using the water spray bottle to refresh his face, hoping to make him feel a little bit better.

« Oi what are you doing, sprinkle me like a flower »

« It’s so you feel less hot. Are you thirsty ? »

He mumbled a « yeah » and welcomed the water bottle you helped him drink from .

« Do you want me to spray you some more ? »

« Please »

You executed yourself and went back to your previous position, laying on the send with your face close to his.

« You’re…you’re too close »

Not caring about what he said and especially appreciating to tease him,  you leaned over and kissed his cheek

« I feel so bad for not being able to help you »

He looked at you straight in the eye with a seriousness you didn’t know he was capable of

« Hey don’t that, you’re here doing your best and being nice to me. If it was my brothers they kick my face and mock me to not end. »

With a sad smile, you cupped his head gently and put your forehead against his, closing your eyes.

« I’d never let them do that »

Then you replaced your forehead with your lips.

« With the pact, I can order them not to hurt you or bother you, I promise Mammon »

Even how hard he was trying, it wasn’t enough to hide his strong blush

« Thank you »

In an affectionate gesture, you stroke his hair.

« Don’t worry, it’s my responsability as your human »

He tried desperately to look away as the blush increased

« Yeahh… It’s only fair after all »

You were only inches apart with your ucrrent position, taking advantage of the situation and brought to your lip to Mammon’s, stroking his cheeks at the same time.

When you pulled back the demon was even more flustered.

« What are youd oing, you think you can kiss me like that ? »

So cute ! So cute that you were dying to tease him further.

« Was it that bad ? I’m sorry, I just wanted to take your mind off of your situation.

Looking down as if you were sad, you started to back away from him.

« Hey stop it, it’s not… I liked it ! »

« What ? »

There came back the blush

« I liked it, okay ! Could you, stay with me, please… »

« Of course Mammon, I wouldn’t leave you like that »

« Hum, could you kiss me again ? »

« What was that ? »

« You heard me ! Stop pretending you didn’t ! »

You cut him off with a kiss, he follow, kissing you back. It was soft, warm and the situation made it even more special to you.

« I see you’re enjoying yourself Mammon » a deep voice surprised the both of you

You parted from each other only to find the brothers standing a few feet away, glaring at the buried demon.

« So unfair, why does Mammon get to spend some alone time with MC ? »

« Guys could you get him out please ? » you asked, trying to make you best puppy dog eyes.

Lucifer, as awlways didn’t budge, trying to affirm that you didn’t have any effect on him, but the other blushed at your demand and executed themselves . Mammon was finally out and covered in sand but at least he was free.

You walked to him and started to wipe the sand of, not bothering to touch every part of his body. Much to his brother’s dismay who were still glaring at him.

But for now, he enjoyed the moment and wrapped his arm around your waist while you were wiping his chest. At the gesture, you looked up at thim, smiled and kissed his nose. .

The demon smiled goofily happy to show his brothers who was the favourite.

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Pairing: Otome Tohoten x reader; Ichijiku Kadenokoji x reader; Nemu Aohitsugi x reader

Genre: NSFW; Smut

Warnings: None

A/N: Oooo spicy times for the Chuuoku ladies! This one was fun to write for sure haha I hope it’s along the lines of what you wanted! Enjoy~


⋘ ──── ∗ ⋅◈⋅ ∗ ──── ⋙

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Nibble | Satan


SYNOPSIS: You want head pats.

READER: cat demon! gender neutral

WORDS: 581

WRITTEN: 02/10/2021


He wasn’t the type of person to easily show his affection nor did he enjoy physical affection from people, even his own brothers.

But you were the type of person who enjoyed physical affection very much. It came with being a cat demon, but even for a cat, you never hissed or scratched people.

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Sorry Fenn… I will comeback for your route after I finished with Toa’s route magic ending. Because My Hubby on your route always made me think he was jealous😂. AHH and then TOA!! MY LOVE! I forget this scene happen when I first read it… But when I read again… WOWW!! Toa you REALLY a gentleman!! MC’s hand just wet with water and Toa wipe it with his handkerchief!!! I couldnt help imagine if MC’s hand dirty with something else… Ofcourse Toa will wiping them too 🤭❤❤❤❤❤❤


MC dont lie! You already SWOONING OVER HIM! ….. Like me❤🤣

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Yes I am :) I’m starting to get back into the fandom after playing the games again and damn did I miss it! I hope these are ok!

James: Your intelligence and wisdom stand out to James the most and he can have conversations with you for hours about anything and everything. You two are generally the voice of reason amongst your friends and family and you two define the words “power couple” especially since you’re a goddess.

Erik: Your charm and seductiveness is what draws Erik to you. The chemistry between you two is undeniable and the sexual tension is off the charts. You see right through his flirtatious, playboy barrier and you always fluster him when you call him out on it. The teased has become the teaser.

Sam: Your being a cunning trickster reminds him a bit too much of a certain incubus that he doesn’t get along with so you two didn’t exactly get off on the right foot. Your constant teasing and pranking towards him definitely doesn’t help matters either. It isn’t until Sam sees your benevolence that he begins to fall for you.

Matthew: You have met your match with this incubus! Fun and games are aplenty with you two and the prank wars are legendary! But you also know to treat him like a man instead of a child and you have an adult charm that makes him feel mature himself. Matthew feels as if he doesn’t have to prove anything to you and loves you even more for that.

Damien: Reading your mind never fails to surprise Damien. Your cunning wit and mysterious nature makes it hard for him decipher your true thoughts as you often throw him off with random tunes and trivia. Whenever Damien is able to hear what you’re truly thinking, he’s always touched by how benevolent and wise you are. Your love is one that has many layers but one thing that’s always shown on the surface is your affection and love for your incubus.

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[Imagine - The First Flutters of hearts beating as one]

I sighed as I hung up the laundry, Juju was nowhere to be seen, neither was Popori or Haruhi. The heat was relentlessly beating down upon me and I was feeling fatigued, but someone had to do this job. Haruhi snuck up behind me, flushed deep shades of red. “Where were you?” I ask, my voice weak and croaky after not speaking for a while.

“I was cooking dinner, so I could relax later on, only I didn’t realise how much of a mistake that would be in this heat.” She replies washing her face by the well.

“Huh, poor you. You look exhausted, you should get some rest.” I suggest.

“You know what, I think I will, considering I don’t have anymore work.” She chirps, skipping off. I nod and hang up the last tunic, before balancing the basket on my hip as I return to the utility cupboard. Only me and the girls ever really come here, unless of course a soldier is looking for some extra wine or something to clean private garments with.

I gently close the shed door and am startled by a voice calling out behind me. “What are you doing?”

I flinch a response to the sudden disruption and turn around to see Okita-San smiling at me mischievously. “Nothing, just putting the basket back.”

“Are you busy?” He asks, shifting his weight from foot to foot as he towers over me.

I dust my hands and usher him out before moving to close the door to the small shed. “Well, The soldiers aren’t back, so no rounds. I don’t have to go shopping as Popo’s out in town, and dinner’s been made by Haruhi. So no.”

“Great.” He replies seizing my hand in his own and leading me to the temple. There I see Yunosuke, playing with another little girl.

“What’s going on?” I ask.

“Yay, you brought Lady ____ to play!”

“Play?!” I ask nervously. Okita-san chuckles.

“Yes, we’re playing house and I need a partner, so who better than a caring lovely girl, such as Mira here, to be mine, but then Yunosuke wouldn’t have one. Hence-” He pulls my arm and stands me next to Yunosuke. “Here’s your partner.”

“But-” I sigh and admit defeat. Yunosuke looked too cute to resist, although my muscles ached and I’d been on my feet all morning so had looking forwards to relaxing with some drinks and a book. I guess not.


We played all afternoon and a breeze was beginning to pick up. “Yunosuke, I have to go take a bath, is it okay if you play another game with Okita-San meanwhile.”

“Okay.” He nods and runs to Okita and Mira who are talking discretely between themselves. Okita-San was so good with children, it warmed my heart. I wonder what it would be like to have children of our own someday.

What am I talking about?! We’re not even married, let alone having children. I shake those thoughts and go have a bath. After changing into fresh clothes, I return to my room to grab a towel and dry my hair. It was far cooler outside than before and I didn’t want to risk catching a cold, that would just make things difficult for everyone.

Around an hour or so later, the sun has began to set, from the looks of orange and red lights peeping through the windows. A knock on my door interrupts my thoughts. “____?”

“O-Okita-San!” Surprised at the sudden visit, I jump up to answer the door. Okita-san rarely knocks on my door, or even comes to my room, despite his room being right next to mine. A gentle smile tugs at his lips as he gazes at me tenderly. “I was just wondering if you wanted to go on a stroll with me.”

“Now?” I inquire, hardly believing he’d actually asked me to join him. Though we confessed our feelings to each other a few weeks ago, hardly anything has changed. In fact I was beginning to think we were even more distant that we used to be.

“Yeah, we’ve got time until dark.”

“But my hair’s wet.” I mumble, twirling a few strands and confirming my doubts. Yep, they felt wet to touch. Okita-san nods, a sigh escaping his lips as he backs away.

“You’re right, well-”

I cut him of mid-sentence, dreading the idea of turning down the rare opportunity to spend some time alone with him. “Actually let’s go!” I pipe up, slipping outside and sliding the door closed behind me.

“But you might catch a cold.”

“But I might not.” I reply with a cheeky smile, he gives in, clutching my hand to lead the way.


We don’t go anywhere special, just along the desolate country roads. Fields of crop harvest stretch out far until they transform into wild meadows and forest. “Is there any special reason you wanted to go on a walk?” I query, swinging his hand slightly as walked. His hand wrapped around my own tightly, encasing it with it’s warmth.

He’s silent for a few seconds, potentially scouring his head for a reason before coming up empty handed. “No, I just wanted to spend time with you.”

“We see each other everyday.”

“I meant alone.” He adds, tilting his head back to gaze at the stars. My heart skips a beat at his confession; I’m forced to bow my head to conceal my flushed pinky cheeks. Though, perhaps he won’t see them anyways because it’s dark outside. There’s little source of light besides the dim glow emitted from the moon, causing the river water to shimmer with white sparkles.

“Right… I felt the same way.” I admit, feeling a little more confident to voice my heart’s wishes now that I was certain he’d felt the same. I was afraid earlier he’d think me being too clingy or childish for thinking as such. But now I’m reassured, we both want to take this relationship further from simply acknowledging each other’s affections. “I missed you Okita-San.” He turns to me, a wry smile spreading across his lips as he tugs at my wrist, causing me to lose footing and collide into his chest. I let out a small yelp, grasping at whatever to save myself from falling. It just so happens to be the front of Soji’s kimono.

He exhales shakily, breath fanning my face in the process, as if his own heart is reacting to our intimate position; pitter-pattering against his chest. His fingers deftly tuck behind a stray strand of hair on my forehead, all the while he never breaks eye contact with me. “You’re so innocent and precious. It makes me want to stain you even more, yet at the same time…” He pauses, his lips quivering as he chokes on the words. “…Protect you from everything.” I flush a deep red a consequence of the proximity of his face to mine drawing closer still.

“Okita-San…” Though I’m overcome with the urge to press my lips against his, I’m anxious about our position. “Someone will see, we shouldn’t.” I caution him, pushing off of his chest to break apart, however he tightens his grip.

“No one will see, we’re in the middle of nowhere at night.” He scoffs pulling you closer by the waist. “It’s just you and me. Just us.” he whispers huskily, his breath fanning my face, however it does nothing to cool me down.

“B-but- Mm!” Soji cuts you off with a kiss, he pulls away slowly, his arms loosening slightly as he gazes into your eyes to see your reaction. Your eyes slowly flutter open, immediately absorbed by his sparkling brown orbs gazing back at you. Your breaths intermingle and Soji reconnects your lips once more, without hesitation, this time with a little more fervour. You feel your knees  begin to buckle, but he tightens his embrace, holding me flush against his body as he angles his face to deepen the kiss.  

Then a tickling at my nostril has me retracting, I pull away abruptly, forcing out a small sneeze. Okita-San looks rather startled at first but then his lips curl upwards into a smile as I let out a second sneeze. My eyes widen in horror, “I’ve got a cold!” I whine stomping my foot like a petulant child. How frustrating, there’s so much to do back at the Shinsengumi camp.

“So it would seem.” He chuckles airily, seemingly nonchalant and unconcerned by the fact. It only treads further on my nerves of irritation.

“It’s not funny! It’s your fault, you suggested going on a walk!”

“But you agreed to coming.” I huffed knowing he was right, but unable to accept the blame as I turn my back to him to return the way we came. He catches my arm, tugging at it gently to keep me from escaping.

“What?!” I snap, turning on my heel to flash him a glare. He places a gentle kiss between my brows, to vanquish my frown away and then moving his lips to each of my eyelids.

“It’s actually a good thing…” He purrs, hands travelling the length of my spine before coming to rest between my shoulder blades.  

“How so?” I pout as he cups my cheek with his right hand, tilting my head upwards so I can meet his gaze.

“It means I can take care of you. We barely get to spend time together anymore.”

I consider his words for a moment before cracking a smile. “Ah, Okita-San! You always know how to cheer me up.” I sigh dreamily, playing with tufts of his hair.

“I suppose we should get you home though first, it’s already dark…” I nod, allowing him to intertwine our fingers before we continue along the dirt path from which we came.



Again not really requested by anyone, but I just felt like writing for him! Hope you enjoy!

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