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I have an idea for an AU based on something. Though, first I must give some background info…

I am in theatre and once went to the Texas Thespians Convention where I was able to buy one of these


It is a rubber duck that has an object or character written on the bottom of the duck.


(I got Batman)

After you buy the duck, you have to go around the convention and ask other duck carriers what their duck’s name is (other people will come up to you as well) in order to find what I like to call your “duckmate” (like “soulmate but with ducks). It is a matching item/character to yours. For example, my duckmate was someone with a Robin duck.

Though, be wary. I almost thought I matched with a Joker duck and my friend got the word "car” (which has SEVERAL possible matches) so your duckmate may not be entirely clear until you meet the right duck carrier. If you want, it is possible to buy multiple ducks for more possible duckmates. There is also the chance of duplicate duck pairs so you just pair with whoever you meet first.

However, keep in mind that you may never find your duckmate. I was lucky to find my Robin, but after that I bought 2 more ducks and could not find any more matches.

PLEASE, if anyone actually makes an AU involving this, TAG ME. The fandom or whatever setting this is in will most likely not phase me because I think this could be an entertaining AU and I would LOVE to see what y'all make.

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Cuddle Prompts

Who’s Big spoon/Little spoon?

Alex is usually big spoon because more often than not, Nina has to turn her back in the night and he ends up tossing an arm around her middle. But every so often Alex wants to cuddle up to Nina, bury his face in the crook of her neck, and be held for the night.

Favorite Position?

Any position that Alex is holding Nina. He is a very cuddly, affectionate guy and just holding her hand or having a hand on her back in the night makes him feel always a bit safer.

Who likes to cuddle the most? Who doesn’t?

Alex truly thrives on touch. No matter where; In public, in bed, on the couch, on the floor, Alex always has one limb wrapped around Nina at all times. And she doesn’t mind one bit.

Do they snack, watch movies, read or talk?

All of the above. Their bed is their sanctuary, and at the end of the day they just want to be in it together.

Who plays with the others hair?

It’s mutual, but Nina has such beautiful curly hair that Alex just can’t help but run his fingers through it. When they’re watching TV Nina always ends up between his legs as he braids it absentmindedly.

Who rubs the others back?

During her pregnancies, Nina got back rubs constantly. When she leans against Alex’s chest, he rubs her shoulders. But when Alex’s had a long day or has built up stress, Nina is breaking out the scented oils.

Who starts the tickle fight? Who wins?

Alex is always doing something to bug Nina. Poking her in the rib as they pass each other in the hall or tickling the underside of her foot when she’s on the couch. Either way, Nina is wrestling him to the ground and tickling his sides until he calls uncle.

Any pets cutting in?

All the time! Every morning Nina is waking up with either a cat on her chest or a big dogs hooves in her face.

Who falls asleep first?

Usually Nina. She’s tired a lot, after hours of meetings, on location work, and taking care of single mother duties when Alex is out of town for filming. She’s usually out the moment her head hits the pillow and Alex has to remove her shoes and tuck her in.

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Now that “Sickening Feeling” is finally on track again (for now! Ugh, I’m sorry I can’t keep up a consistent update schedule to save my life, guys. But I promise it WILL be finished; expect updates around the 18th!), have a somewhat-related Charlastor doodle. Because I love these two too much.

Once again, I couldn’t decide on which version I liked more, so I’m just tossing both out.

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Person A and Person B are a pair of ghosts haunting a house, and every day they try to outcompete each other in scaring whoever comes in 

Person B is part of a flash mob that Person A finds themselves in the middle of at the mall. They try to dance along but fail horribly because they don’t know the moves. Person B finds this hilarious

Person A and Person B playing in the garden/flower field and making flower crowns on each other.

Person A and Person B are pretending to be married because they want a discount on a vacation special to a Hawaii resort. 

Person B has taken a job as a phone sex operator to make some more money and they end up talking to Person A.

Person A and Person B cooking something without the recipe, because Person B is confident they know how to cook it from memory.

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Person A, taking down notes: What would you like for your birthday, Person B?

Person B: I want to hit a pinata with a baseball bat.

Person B: But the baseball bat is a knife

Person B: And I’m the pinata.

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Person C: I thought you wanted to kill yourself, Person A, said it was, and I quote, “My death wish”.

Person A, proudly: Well, I don’t really want to anymore.

Person C: Oh? Why is that?

Person A, nudging Person B: Because Person B will be sad and lonely if I died. Right, honey?

Person B, inching away from Person A: No? I’d take you back to Jesus for a fucking glass of water.

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