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Another request by @queeenpersephone from the 50 Kissing Prompts list. ❤️


46. A lingering kiss before a long trip apart.

AU where Natasha was the SHIELD representative to Stark Industries in Iron Man 1 instead of Phil Coulson. She and Tony ended up dating and this story is set between IM1 and IM2 - he had just discovered the arc reactor’s defect.

“Tones, don’t give me that look.”

Natasha stopped stuffing her duffle bag and stared straight at Tony who just walked into their room and sat lazily on the couch to watch her. His face void of emotion, but his eyes and the tensed jaw gave away what he actually felt.

“Why? Any kind of look won’t work on you anyway.” Sarcasm laced his voice.

“Is this some kind of a guilt trip?”

“Nope,” he bluntly said before checking his watch and adding: “But look, you might be late for your own trip.”

“Hey,” she dropped a shirt on the bed and crossed arms on her chest. “We talked about this. If I get called, I go.”

He stood up and walked slowly to her smirking. “You do. You always do. I can’t count how many times anymore. Did I ever stop you?” Then his face turned dead serious again. “No. Just this once.”

Natasha pursed her lips and shook her head. Tony was already right in front of her, they were almost toe to toe.

“Everything’s settled, we’re leaving tomorrow, then you get just one message from Nick effin Fury and you’ve changed your mind.” His tone was flat; he did not need to do anything more for her to feel how dejected he was.

She sighed heavily. This was not a time to argue, and she considered where he was really coming from.

Trying to calm him down, she placed both of her hands on his shoulders, grabbing them gently as she ran her thumbs on his chest. “Don’t make it sound like I’m excited to go just like that. This is duty, Tony.”

He fell silent, looking away from her, then let out a resigned breath, too.

“Babe,” she reached out to cup his face. He wrapped his arms around her waist in return.

“I’m sorry that I have to cancel last minute, but we can reschedule, right? We can still go when I get back.”

“And what if they call you in again?” this time, his voice sounded vulnerable.

“I’m turning off my mobile for a while after this op.”

“Can you take a leave?”

Natasha could not blame him for doubting. He knew how much her job meant to her. But he still needed convincing on how much he meant to her as well.

“We will. And we’ll go for that vacation, not because you think you are dying but because I just want you to rest your mind.”

Tony froze. “What -”

“The palladium poisoning? Blood toxicity test? I’ve known it for a couple of days now.” Natasha cut him lightly and forced a smile. “Come on, I’m not your girlfriend and a spy for nothing. I notice everything. And I know you.”

He had to see that she was not mad at him for keeping it, and she also would not let him suffer alone any longer. She pulled him into a hug.

“We’re getting through this, Tony. But you gotta tell me all about it. We’ll pull all strings, even if I’d need to use SHIELD.”

Natasha felt more than she saw him agreed. He nuzzled her curly hair and they stayed like that for awhile, before he walked them to bed. Tony sat on the cushion with her on his lap, facing him.

“You know that more than the trip, I’m also concerned about you, right? That’s not your usual op. That’s Hydra.” His voice has completely changed. Gone was the indifference, all she felt was tenderness.

“I know that, too.” Her fingers slightly combing his hair.

“Just… Be safe, okay?” Tony caught her eyes.

“What you said,” she pressed a point finger to his arc reactor, indicating that he gotta do the same.

“I’m not kidding, Natasha. You update me or I’m following you to that other side of the world.”

It was her who spoke seriously again. She knew that he could do that, too. “Don’t be ridiculous. You’re not using that suit until we figure out how it won’t harm you in any way.”

“Then update me. At least me know what’s happening,” he emphasized.

Natasha pressed a firm kiss on his cheek. “I’ll try to be back sooner,” she reassured, locking his focus on her.

She initiated another move, planting soft kisses to his lips to appease him, until he willingly took over. His arms tightened around her hips and her hands were on his nape and collar, pulling him even closer. She moaned softly when Tony bit a little, urging her to open up so he could deepen the kiss. It was an unspoken promise….

You’re not losing me. I’m not losing you either.

They just linger for minutes, both catching their breaths, savoring the moment before they separate temporarily.

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no offence but you know when a character is injured and the other character ends up taking the injured characters shirt off to examine the injury but then it reveals like scars and/or older injuries and they’re just staring kinda shocked and the other character is a little scared and tense that they’re being seen and possibly pitied but actually their person is just sad that they went through that pain and they gently touch the old injuries and start tracing them softly… Heart bursts….I love this trope

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CELTY: Goes shopping groceries for elderly people (bless her)

SHINRA: He should work in the hospital but he’s secretly experimenting a vaccine in his basement

KIDA: Thinks that corona virus is just a conspiracy by Dollars and goes out the same but got arrested for breaking the rules

ANRI: She does nothing, as always

MIKADO:Goes out wearing an anti contamination suit. He needs to shop groceries for the next year or he’ll get anxiety

VAN GANG: Patrols Ikebukuro to kidnap and torture in their luggage van anyone who’s out without any valid reason

MAFIA GANG: sells mask and disinfectant overpriced

MAIRU&KURURI :No problem for them, they can watch Kasuka’s movies for the next 30 times


SIMON: always live on Facebook to keep people company and show them how to prepare sushi at home

SHIZUO:stays home. Respect the rules. He’s going crazy walking around his house all the day.Take his work, take his pudding but DON’T. LET. HIM. STAY WITHOUT CIGARETTES HE CAN’T GO OUT TO BUY THEM. He’s also pissed off of people’s flash mobs on their balcony


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“Most people find me hard to be near under the best of circumstances. I was, if I were being honest, terrified you’d see what everyone else does. It’s not that I don’t trust you. I am selfish and don’t want to lose you. I am heir to a dynasty drenched in blood. What could I possibly offer you?”

- Thomas Cresswell, Hunting Prince Dracula: Chapter 29


My god, this kid doesn’t know how worthy of love he is 😭

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