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#otp dialogue
ideastoputonpaper · 6 hours ago
Person A comes into Person B's bedroom crying.
Person B: "You finished your book didn't you?"
Person A: *nods sobbing*
Person B: "Alright come here and tell me about it."
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thisayce · 7 hours ago
A: (being a dork)
B: (watching A being a dork)
B: I can't believe knowing that they're a dork made me fall harder in love with them!
C: Yeah, they have that effect on people.
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skriveting · 12 hours ago
A bunch of different prompts #5
"I'd die for you." "Please live for me instead."
"I don't know, it could be worse!" "But it could definitely be a whole lot better too." "You have a point there."
"I think I just met the human version of a dubstep remix."
"You're a mess. But you're my mess."
"If you don't stop now I'm calling your mom!"
"Every time I see your face I go crazy." "Crazy in a bad way or crazy in a good way?" "Undecided."
"Love is like a plant. It has to be watered and nurtured and eventually it'll grow and become stronger and stronger." "Can our love be the plant that eats bugs and stuff? That one's really cool." "... sure."
"If they don't kill you, I will."
"We're going on a trip, in our favorite rocket ship-" "Please don't sing the song-" "ZOOMING THROUGH THE SKY!!!"
"I can't believe you're scared of spiders, you're massive." "THEY'RE SMALL AND UNPREDICTABLE AND RUN REALLY FAST, OK?"
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skriveting · 12 hours ago
Person A: "So how old are you, B?"
Person B: "Eighteen."
Person A sighs, reminiscing blissfully: "Ah, I remember what it was like to be eighteen."
Person C: "A, you turned nineteen two weeks ago."
Person A: "Exactly"
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skriveting · 13 hours ago
A bunch of different prompts #4
"Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it." "How?" "That’s not your department."
"An asteroid could hit Earth right now and I’d still be more upset about this"
"Could you please make an effort with them?" "I don’t care about them, I only care about is you."
"Why not?" "Because I don’t want to die!" "You can be so boring sometimes why do I even hang out with you?"
"You know that’s never gonna happen, right?" "Just let me have this"
"You're the Ethan to my Hila." "You have to stop using modern references I have no idea what any of them mean"
"Rules are meant to be broken." Actually, that's not-" "Come on!!"
"If I get shot, will you have my back?" ".... Well..." "Say yes!!"
"He's the embodiment of everything wrong with the world. I'm kind of into it"
"Wow that was awful. Truly." "Thank you."
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skriveting · 13 hours ago
A bunch of different prompts #3
"Don’t you have to be stupid somewhere else?" "Not until four."
"Alright, fine. If I can’t get around you, I guess I’ll have to go through you!"
"So, you know how in _______, ___________ _______? That literally makes no sense." "IT’S 1AM. Go to sleep!"
"For most people it goes, observe, think, speak. For *B* it goes a little differently."
"This would be a lot easier if you weren’t so hot."
"I don’t want your help, I want you safe!"
"Who buys 25 packs of balloons?!" "Leave me alone, it’s been a rough day!"
"Can you turn up the heat in here? It’s freezing in here!" "Sure baby, come on over here-" "nOt what I meant!!"
"Keep talking and maybe one day you'll blurt out something intelligent."
"I wish I was who you think I am"
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skriveting · 13 hours ago
A bunch of different prompts #2
"Wow that was so wild. Crazy"
"I hope common sense is the next cool trend"
"You think you can take me?"
"Bring it on." "Enough with the movie references, can we just fight already?"
"Relax, there is no problem/we have no problems!" *B walks in* "Ok, one problem!"
"How did you even learn how to do this??" "It’s probably best that you don’t know."
"Tell me something I don’t know." "I guess that would be difficult."
"You really think you can stop me? Adorable."
"This is ridiculous, why did you make me carry you on my back?" "Stop complaining, I need a good vantage point!" "You can literally FLY!"
"Band-aids don’t fix bullet holes, *B*!" "Listen, I love a good Taylor Swift reference as much as the next guy, but now is probably not the time-"
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skriveting · 14 hours ago
A bunch of different prompts #1
"Hate to break it to you, but ..."
"Ok, this whole thing you’re doing? I’m gonna need you to stop."
"I can’t help but feel jealous when you turn and smile at anyone else"
"So now what? You’re just gonna chase after them with a flashlight and righteousness?"
"To save you the time and me the breath ..."
"Blackmail is more powerful than money. Once you have them with blackmail, you have them forever." "I just asked you if I could borrow five dollars, I-"
"I can teach you something else if you want"
"Does anyone care what I think?" "I know I don’t!"
"Toss me!" "Toss you?!" "Do it!!"
"Hold my beer." "This is a Capri-sun."
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blusnowflakes · 20 hours ago
you take my breath away
A: "if u really gonna do that, i might just stop breathing"
B: "good, i'll make sure u're passed out"
A: "cant wait, see you soon"
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chaoticemopigeon · 20 hours ago
Person A: hey im going to bed. goodnight dear, beware clowns
Person B: beware your ever shortening morality sweetheart <3
Person A: ....
Person B: Sleep Well :]
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skriveting · a day ago
Person A: "Don’t you have to go be stupid somewhere else?"
Person B: "Not until four."
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skriveting · a day ago
Person A: "How did you even learn how to do this??"
Person B: "It’s probably best that you don’t know."
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varyasprompts · a day ago
otp idea!
person A and person B hate each other for no reason (or maybe for a reason, it’s up to you). the only thing they have in common – person C, who is their close friend. person C wants A and B to get along so C decides to go camping with both of them. unfortunately everything turns out with C not being able to go with them (maybe it’s a coincidence, maybe it’s not) which means that A and B have to go together.
possible plot twists (you can use them, but if you have smth cool and interesting in your mind, it’s not necessary ✌🏼):
the weather gets worse and they have to hide themselves from the rain/thunder
smth happens with A’s tent and they have to sleep in B’s one;
they get attacked by a wild animal;
they fight and A leaves their camping place but B has nothing to do but get up and go after A because they have to stay safe;
they lose their map and now have to work together to find their way home
the story can end up with them two getting closer or vice versa. you don’t have to make them friends/lovers in the end, they still can hate each other 😂
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skriveting · a day ago
Person A: “The prospect of having to live without me must’ve been terrifying”
Person B: “Surprisingly, no.”
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skriveting · a day ago
Person A: “You’re unbelievable!”
Person B: “That’s nice of you to say but I’m sure a ‘thank you’ would suffice.”
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"Just a warning before we go in... my family can be a bit weird towards newcomers."
"If your family is anything like you, that's a given."
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jellyraindrops · a day ago
Person 1: “So I think that number 2 is 4.”
Person 2: “No it's not. Number 2 is 2 and 4 is 4.”
Person 3:“I got 4 for 2 too, but 87 for 4?”
Person 1: “No-I mean that the answer to QUESTION 2 is the NUMBER 4.”
Person 2: “OH.”
Person 3: “Ah, gotchu”.
Person 4: “Wait, how does this relate to Roosevelt in 1967?”
Person 1: “...”
Person 2: “...”
Person 3: “???”
Person 4: “Ah, shit. I'm in the wrong class, never mind.”
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"Why help me? If I die your daughter could rule the kingdom"
"If you die my daughter would be heartbroken"
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varyasprompts · 2 days ago
dialogue idea
A: what’s your favorite color?
B: i don’t know, maybe blue?
A: omg! that’s impossible! mine is too!
C: *frowning* i thought your favorite color was orange
A: *angrily glancing at C*
B: also i like red!
C: and A hates re–
A: wow, we’re soulmates, aren’t we? i LOVE red!
C: i’m done
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