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#otp imagines
melonsodacream · 17 days ago
(Random sketch from random ideas)
"What if my GSNK OTP had a wedding?" (Joke version) part 1.
Art by me, Melonsodacream 💕
Tumblr media
Nozaki (Umeko) and his "Mamiko scenario for shoujo manga purposes".
Tumblr media
Kashima and his "I'm still gonna be the killer lady even on my own wedding!".
Also check my ko fi page :
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imaginativeworks · a month ago
Imagine Your Otp
Person A: (shyly asks) “Why do you look at me like that? No one has ever looked at me like that”
Person B: (as they gaze into their eyes with every bit of affection within them) “Well than that is a shame then because I can’t even begin to fathom how anyone could ever look at you with anything less than pure admiration or affection~”
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quick-otp-prompts · 17 days ago
Person A: Hey, what is love?
Person B: Why are you asking me?
Person A: I don’t know, ‘cus it feels right? I mean- I learned how to love because of you, who else was I supposed to ask?
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nightly-writer · 2 months ago
Person A: I love you.
Person B: Telling me that after you stab me is giving me mixed signals.
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OTP Imagine
Person A: “I love you.”
Person B: “I love you more.”
Person A: “No, I love you more.”
Person B: “No, you don’t.”
Person A: “Fine. Whoever can make the biggest love mark loves the other the most.”
Person B: “Love mark? What’s a-”
Person A: *grabs B and starts sucking their neck*
Person B: *flusters* “O-oh.”
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dearmercutio · 4 months ago
Imagine person A asking person B to tuck them in at night because it helps them sleep better.
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littlewhispersofsolitude · 6 months ago
Imagine Your OTP #74
Person A: “Let’s play a game.” 
Person B: “Ooh, what game?” 
Person A: “I like to call it ‘what belonging or food item will B steal next?’.” 
Person B: ....
Person A: ....
Person B: ....
Person A: ....
Person B: “A kiss?” 
Person A: “Nice save.” 
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we-love-angst · 3 months ago
No prompt. Just felt inspired for the first time in forever. Anyway:
“Come on, A, I know you better than this. It isn’t you,” B said, holding out their hands in an attempt to comfort A.
“Do you? Do you really know me at all? Are you sure about that?” A exclaimed, carelessly waving the gun around.
“Yes, I’m sure. You could never hurt anybody, I know that,” B assured.
“Listen to me! Look me in the eyes, B! I am a monster! Don’t you get it?” A’s eyes were wild and crazed, and they could hear the thunder booming in the night.
“You’re not a monster! I don’t understand why you think that!” B countered, once again.
“Because I am broken! I m nothing but a worn-down psychopath just waiting to do someone’s bidding! I manipulate and betray and lie! I lie to you every day. Every day that I put on the smile, every day when I act nice like I care. Every day when the sun is shining and I don’t argue when you tell me I am such a great human being. I doubt I’m even human!” A shouted, still holding the weapon.
“No! I don’t care if you’re not the pretty perfect one everybody thinks you are! I don’t. I still think you are a good person! Because you are! You say you are a monster, but that’s not what I see. I see a good person who tries to please everybody in an attempt to hide that you need support or help! I see someone who needs someone to believe in them, to help them see that everything will be ok. You are not a monster.”
“But that’s where you’re wrong. I am a monster. I am weak. I am what everybody else thinks I am. I am what all of the little kids are told hide under their bed. I am a broken, ugly thing that can’t be fixed and deserves to be locked up.”
“I! AM! A! MONSTER! Why can’t you see that?”
“Because I love you! Because I love you, ok? I will never see you as some ugly thing that scares children in the dead of the night. I will never see you as some broken thing that can’t be fixed. I will never ever see you as an evil monster, ok? I love you,” B said.
A lowered the gun and dropped it on the floor as they started crying. B wrapped their arms around A as they both collapsed on the ground. And that’s how they stayed. A sobbing into B’s shoulder as B stayed with them.
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1800dumbass · 11 months ago
yeah yeah making out is cool but have you ever considered: almost-but-not-quite kisses? forehead kisses or cheek kisses and after they just sit there and stare at each other just shifting between looking into their eyes and lips and either one of them walks away like "haha, yeah, well i got to go!!! hahahah" or someone walks in on them but the tension is there and it won't go away like every time their skin brushes it's just electricity
yes making out but drawn out yearning? that revives the man
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jk-selfships · 2 months ago
imagine your f/o handing you tea/coffee when you're sleepy.
even in random moments or when you are doing breakfast with other friends of yours.
you know each other this well now that you both perfectly knows which flavors you like your drinks, and they will always provide you your favorite.
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penny x callisto headcannons bc why not
◜the first time penelope hugs callisto willingly by herself and it's not that special but it takes callisto's breathe away cause its like the first sign of affection someone has shown him in a long time
◞ callisto literally being so over-caring and protective towards penelope and letting her get away with anything (this is from my friend) or just doing smth with penny that she really enjoys that he doesn't but he does it just to see her smile
◜ok but imagine penny taking care of callisto's wounds/injuries?? she'd try and act not that concerned but internally she'd just be very worried over him
◞ penelope is, idk, a makeup/clothes designer?? and callisto just offers to be her model every time she wants to try something new just to see her again
◜ them baking, by the time they're done they're covered in flour and the kitchen is a mess but they still end up having fun and kissing
◞ penny doing something like cooking callisto's fav food when he returns home from a bad day. i cant even-
◜one day Penelope sees callisto's childhood pictures and just dies of cuteness-
◞ this is my first time doing headcanons for ship, sorry if it's really shitty
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imaginativeworks · 2 months ago
Imagine Your Otp
Person A: (Walking away, waving their hand with a light laugh) “Oh sure, sure dearest-”
Person B: “Dearest?”
Person A with their back still turned, they pause. Their eyes widen as they pursing their lips together in shock at the realization of what they just said. Then proceeding to play it off, not daring to face them.
Person A: “Yes, is something the matter with me calling you that? Would you prefer it if I stopped-”
Person B: NO! *ahem* No, uh. It’s quite alright. It’s no problem to me.”
Person A: (Looks back to them and nods) “A-alright, take care.”
As Person A walks out of the room they both take a big sigh of relief and give a soft smile in the direction of the other.
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quick-otp-prompts · 2 months ago
Um... if you have asks open, could I ask for some OTP prompts where one person is trying to help another person recover from trauma 👉👈
Person A, calmy stroking B’s hair: Hey. Hey, it’s okay. I’m not going anywhere I promise. I’m staying right here.
Person B: But it’s not fair to dump all of this on you. What if-
Person A: I dont mind it. I want to be here, with you.
Person B: Even now?
Person A: Even now.
In the months after something heartbreaking happens to a person, everything feels like a blur. But the little things add up overtime and remind us that things can get better, even if slowly. What do A’s and B’s little moments include?
A goodmorning text to remind B that ‘I am here for you’
B helping A shopping to make them feel a little more safe and secure going out in public.
Does A keep B’s favorite tea/hot cocoa on the cabinet always ready to make just incase B needs cheering up? Does B notice?
Person A doesnt know how to trust people anymore after certain events play through.
So B plans a day trip to show them that life isn’t as awful as it seems.
The trip is a massive failure and B feels bad but A seems to be happy at their attempt at least.
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nightly-writer · 4 months ago
Person A: Welcome to Bath & Body Works, would you like a bath or a body?
Person B: A bath?
Person A, shouting: Put the corpse back! Get the bejeweled bathtub!
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leyena04 · 7 months ago
Person A: (jokingly) I like to kiss you man!
Person B: Alright, but you're so darn ugly...
Person B kisses Person A leaving Person A suprised
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never-close-our-eyes · 3 months ago
hi! I was wondering if you could make some prompts of the beauty and the beast trope. Thank you!
I can try! Sorry if these aren't the best, I haven't reviewed anything Beauty and the Beast related in a hot minute.
Person A is the "weird one," but Person B is still madly in love with them.
Person A isn't the best person before they meet Person B. Person B teaches them how to be a better person, whether it be helping them control anger or stick to a schedule.
Person A and Person B sharing a slow dance at a party to a very cliche, slow song.
Person A has many suitors, but they know Person B is the one for them.
Person A has lived in a small village their entire life. They get sick of the same old life in said village, so they venture out. This is how they meet the mysterious Person B.
Person A is a part of a group who is dedicated to reforming villains. Person B happens to be their new villain, and boy, they're stubborn.
Person A is a completely different person when Person B is around, but it's in a good way. They seem to light up and become the life of the party when B is around.
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dearmercutio · 8 months ago
Imagine person A going out of their way to make sure they have anything person B may need if they have a flare up over at their house.
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littlewhispersofsolitude · 6 months ago
Imagine Your OTP #77
Person A: “Your ass looks amazing in those shorts.” 
Person B: “I wore them just for you.” 
Person A: *Winks*
Person C and D watching them from the other side of the room: “Guys. Every damn time, I swear.”
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fascinatinglyamusing · 3 months ago
Person A and B fighting
Person B, dramatically shaking head: No, you’ll never understand.. no one will ever understand
Person A, exasperated: Oh you’ve got sooo many layers Onion Boy
Person B: ...
Person B: ...
Person B: Did you just quote Shrek-
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