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#otp: such selfish prayers and I can't get enough
peredhel-blog1 · 6 years ago
anghraine said: yes and it’s HILARIOUS, like going on about how going all the way in the end was just pandering to the shippers and should have just stayed the way it was and the real main character is Rodrigo why isn’t there more Rodrigo shipping blahblah
I mean, I guess I understand annoyance that Cesare and Lucrezia are so heavily focused on in fandom (compared with Rodrigo). but that isn't the case with the actual canon? it's not like Rodrigo doesn't have loads of scenes where he's the main focus in canon, and he's incredibly engaging - I don't feel like he was pushed aside in favour of Cesare/Lucrezia. but in terms of shipping while I liked the canon ships with Rodrigo, nothing compares to the sheer perfection of Cesare/Lucrezia. honestly it's quite rare for me to be absolutely enthralled by a canon het pairing and I feel like their loves scenes have a rare beauty and didn't fall into, idk, boring/alienating gendered tropes? it doesn't actually surprise me that it's so popular. actually this is why I kind of eyeroll at a lot of fandom criticism about how fandom hates women and sidelines them for slash pairings when I honestly think a lot of times the problem is with the source material which is often male-written
basically unless you have a cast-iron incest squick or just don't ship I don't know why you wouldn't like Cesare/Lucrezia. I mean, I feel like the transition between the different scenes could've been handled better because at times it felt disjointed and confusing (I was kind of like - wait, are they on now? off? on? WHAT'S HAPPENING) so I get that criticism, and I also get that it probably didn't happen irl so it's not historically accurate, but... HAVE THEY SEEN THE WAY THEY LOOK AT EACH OTHER. HAVE THEY SEEN THAT I mean I'm borderline aro and I still found myself hoping that someone looks at me that way before I die
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peredhel-blog1 · 6 years ago
it's like the song 'bedroom hymns' was made for Cesare/Lucrezia
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