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#otp: you can have my back any day
sexyapplemilk2 months ago
God just the way Eddie and Buck hug in 3x01.
Like, bro.
That was a solid embrace on Eddie's part. Mans was holding and didn't plan on letting go. Buck was starting to pull away and realised when Eddie didn't let go he did a double take like 'shit we embracing now 馃憖' but its like they remembered there are people in the room other than each other and Eddie lets go.
Tumblr media
(Like dude, it would make sense for Bobby because he's litterally Buck's father figure and the original target of the bombing and it would be like a welcome home from dad, but the man who held his hand goes first? Okay then...)
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kenzari25 days ago
911 Buddie
30. 鈥淥k, yeah. This is exactly what it looks like.鈥
Hello! Thank you so much for sending the prompt. I hope you enjoy. 馃挮 Warning: contains 5x2 spoilers.
ficlet starter lines: 30. ok, yeah. this is exactly what it looks like.
It's way past two o'clock in the morning when Buck finds himself on Eddie鈥檚 couch; he's uncomfortable, maybe because it's too hot in Los Angeles or more likely because he's terrified.
A resume of what happened a few hours earlier: he and Eddie shared their first kiss and one thing lead to another, he ended up in Eddie鈥檚 bed and don't get him wrong... it was amazing. Best sex of his life, no doubt. Feeling Eddie complete him in every way possible was an out of body experience. There's only one problem, Buck loves Eddie. No, no. He doesn't just love Eddie. He's in love with Eddie.
Why is that a problem? Maddie would ask him if he was brave enough to get the phone and call his sister. Well Maddie, 鈥 the voice of reason inside his head sounds a lot like hers 鈥 the problem is that Eddie鈥檚 last relationship was based on what his son felt. And it's no secret that Christopher and Buck love each other.
What if- what if Buck is just Ana 2.0? Something convenient and comfortable?
He hides his face with his hands, bites his lower lip and controls himself not to cry. He can't cry. Crying would probably wake up Eddie and then he would have to share his insecurities... he can't. Not now. Not when the love of his life is finally healing, going to therapy, working on himself. He can't be a weight on Eddie's life.
"Baby?" the smooth and sleep voice calls him, the same way it did earlier when they were in bed.
Buck didn't even notice when Eddie arrived in the living room, but his immediate answer is something straight out of a romcom.
"It's not what it looks like," he says, like he was actually doing something.
"No? You're not spending the night on the couch after our first time?" Eddie asks, carefully taking a seat next to Buck. "Did I hurt you? Are you alright?"
"OK, yeah. That's exactly what it looks like. And I'm physically alright."
"A penny for your thoughts?" Eddie asks in a lower tone, his hand moves to Buck's hair, he caresses it slowly and Buck closes his eyes to enjoy the sensation.
He could- he could play pretend forever if it meant having Eddie.
"The truth, Evan. Please," Eddie begs, almost like he can read the younger man's mind.
Buck looks at him, his blue eyes full of unshed tears when he decides to ask the question.
"Are you with me because of Christopher?"
Eddie is surprised, Buck can tell by the way his expression changes, but he's nothing but patient and calm when he cups Buck鈥檚 face.
"I'm with you because I'm in love with you. Because I love you and I know it took me forever to understand my feelings, but Evan Buckley, don't think for a second that there's another reason but you for us being together. And, I fell for you way before Christopher did."
Buck lowers his head, trying to hide a smile. Eddie touches his chin, making Buck look at him one more time.
"Can I prove you wrong?"
Buck nods, his eyes meet Eddie鈥檚.
"How do you want me to do that?" Eddie asks. "Do you want to stay here and talk? Do you want to go to bed and talk or do you want me to-"
"Make me yours," Buck interrupts. "Like you did earlier. I have always been yours. Remind me that you're-"
Eddie kisses him, and in less than a minute Buck is on his lap and they're making out like two people who waisted too much time. They did. And in every kiss, every touch, every praise, Eddie reminds Buck that he was always his as well.
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vampirebuck8 days ago
when eddie diaz said 鈥測ou can have my back any day鈥 when evan buckley answered 鈥測eah, or you know, you could have mine.鈥 when eddie diaz said 鈥渢here's nobody in this world i trust with my son more than you.鈥 when evan buckley said 鈥渋 just want you to talk to me. even if it's just to say you're still mad.鈥 when buck said 鈥渨hatever it takes for you to forgive me.鈥 when eddie diaz said 鈥渋 forgive you. just don't do it again.鈥 when evan buckley said 鈥測ou and chris needed me and i had my head so far up my own behind with that stupid law suit.鈥 when eddie diaz said 鈥渨anna go for the title?鈥 when evan buckley said 鈥渢hen we dig by hand.鈥 when eddie diaz said 鈥渁re you hurt?鈥 when evan buckley said 鈥渆ddie, I need you to hang on.鈥 when eddie diaz said 鈥渘obody will ever fight for my son as hard as you, that is what i want for him.鈥 鈥渂ecause, evan鈥 鈥測ou act like you're expendable, but you're wrong.鈥 when-
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221bsunsettowers8 months ago
In Which Eddie Finds Out About the Flaming Car Driven by a Dog, and the 126 Find Out About Buck and Eddie
Buck is completely confused by why T.K. and Marjan would think he was hitting on them. Eddie is not happy to learn Buck was almost hit by a car on fire. Hen cannot stop laughing. Some important things are cleared up for the 126.
Pure fluff with some worried Eddie after the fact. Set right after T.K. tells Buck he has a pretty serious boyfriend during the crossover episode.
Thanks to everyone for being so encouraging when I posted about this idea, you all inspired me to write this! I hope you enjoy!
Can also be read on Ao3
"I already have a boyfriend and it's pretty serious," TK says, making sure he smiles at Buck to take what (he thinks is) the sting out of the words.
Buck's facial expression is one of complete confusion as Eddie comes around the back of the truck and within Buck's view. Barely registering the pat TK gives him as he passes, Eddie immediately turns around to follow Buck as he in turn follows TK towards where the 126 has gathered to wait until they are officially dismissed.
"I meant as friends," Buck blurts out, shaking his head as the group stares at him. "I wasn't hitting on you, T.K." Hen, who has followed her friends, snorts loudly, doubling over with laughter as she pulls out her phone and hits record.
"I've got to get this for Chimney," she gasps out between laughs, swiveling the phone between a puzzled Buck, a frowning Eddie, and an apologetic T.K.
"Hey man, I'm sorry," T.K. says sincerely. "Usually my radar is way better than that."
"No, it's not that-" Buck starts, but Marjan has begun talking as well.
"Were you hitting on me then?" she asks bluntly, "because I noticed you staring, and you seemed pretty unhappy when Eddie went in the ATV with me."
"No, I definitely wasn't hitting on you!" Buck exclaims, rubbing his hands over his face. "This shouldn't be this hard." Hen is laughing so hard at this point she can barely breathe, immediately moving her phone to capture Eddie's glare and crossed arms.
Buck turns helplessly towrds her, gesturing wildly. "Hen, you were always saying how obvious it was!"
"It was, is, and forever will be!" Hen cackles, shaking her head in utter disbelief.
"I was staring at you because I've seen you on Instagram and you're a total badass!" Buck says to Marjan, throwing his hands up in the air before turning to T.K. "And you pushed me out of the way of a freaking flaming car, so-Shit." Growing quiet, Buck hangs his head, sighing loudly as Hen pats him with one hand on the back.
"Should have left that part out, Buckaroo," Hen says sympathetically, as Buck turns to Eddie, whose eyes are wide and terror stricken as he stares at Buck before quickly lunging forward.
"Baby, I'm fine," Buck insists as Eddie runs his hands up Buck's torso and arms, crouching down to check for injuries on Buck's legs before ending with his hands cradling Buck's face. "I promise. I didn't want to say anything because I'm fine and I knew you'd worry."
"Baby?" Mateo mouths, and Hen angles her phone for a wide shot.
"Does it help that a dog was driving?" Buck tries, and Eddie shakes his head, a soft smile spreading across his face.
"Only you, sweetheart, only you," Eddie sighs, resting his forehead against Buck's. "You promise me you're okay?"
"I'll let Hen check me out if it makes you feel better," Buck promises, interlacing his and Eddie's fingers, "but I am completely okay." Raising their hands, Eddie brushes his lips across Buck's ash-covered knuckles before leaning in to meet him for a deep kiss.
"This could go on for a while," Hen says with a teasing sigh, settling down next to the 126.
"So hitting on absolutely nobody then?" Judd asks with a laugh, and the laughter spreads through the 126, both T.K. and Marjan good naturedly shaking their heads.
"Definitely not," Buck assures them, his smile sincere as he and Eddie join the group.
"I mean, just look at the way they sit!" Hen exclaims, gesturing to where Eddie and Buck's sides are pressed tightly together from shoulder to thigh. "They've been like that since before they even admitted they loved each other. Think about dealing with that sexual tension for almost three years!"
"T.K. and Carlos are still in the honeymoon stage, and it is absolutely nauseating," Paul teases, and Hen nods sympathetically, T.K. rolling his eyes but unable to stop himself from grinning.
"Sorry man, we didn't mean to assume anything," T.K. says, and Buck shrugs, smiling as he reaches over for a fist bump. Before Buck can lean back again, T.K. is pointing at Buck's finger, letting out a laugh. "In my defense, gloves definitely cover that."
The rest of the 126 leans forward, and Marjan laughs too as Eddie extends his hand. "Agreed, I'm blaming the gloves," she adds. "Tattoo wedding rings are pretty ingenious, I have to say. No switching them out or taking them off during shifts."
"Exactly what we were thinking," Eddie says with a soft smile, lacing his and Buck's fingers back together. "Our son helped design them."
"I'm particularly partial to the three little stick figures holding hands," Buck grins, and then he and Eddie are bringing out their phones, the 126 exclaiming over the pictures of Christopher as Buck and Eddie trade off telling the stories behind each photo.
Hen simply smiles, sending the video to Chimney before rejoining the group, who can't stop laughing as Buck recounts the story of Eddie trying to scramble eggs, Eddie grinning even as he blushes.
@buddie-buddie @kit-aislinn @awkwardlonerkid @ordinaryxgirl @justsmilestuffhappens @chrrlees @starsinthepavement @agentsofwhat
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skylessnights5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
鈥淓ddie,鈥 Buck whimpered, a tear flowed down his cheek as he turned to look at the silent man behind him.聽鈥淚鈥檓 sorry.鈥
Buck searching into Eddie鈥檚 deep brown eyes, it reminded him of his warmth and compassion in the past. But now it was gone and all that was left was resentment.
Buck begged for something more, maybe it was hope but was that even possible now?
Eddie twisted his lips and shook his head. He knew nothing Buck could say could change the past. It just re-opened his wounds even further.
鈥淪orry won鈥檛 bring Christopher back.鈥澛
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piningeddiediaz4 months ago
Am I trippin or is Eddie the happiest when he鈥檚 with Buck? (Except Christopher ofc but that鈥檚 a given)
you are absolutely 1000000000% NOT trippin. it鈥檚 bold, italics, bigger and red because it needs to be emphasised just how right you are.
and ok here鈥檚 the thing about 911 right - it鈥檚 about found family. it鈥檚 about these people who for one reason or another never truly belonging anywhere just fitting together, making something for themselves. and that鈥檚 beautiful, so it must be acknowledged that eddie is happy around the firefam. that鈥檚 all great! but the kind of happy eddie is around buck? the only other time he鈥檚 like that is with christopher. and most importantly, it鈥檚 a different kind of happiness. i always thought people have different kinds or happiness with different people, because everyone has a different meaning in your life so it makes sense that the kind of happiness a person may give you will depend on what they mean to you. the way someone can make you happy depends on who you are in that moment, what things you are carrying and letting go. the happiness eddie feels around christopher is as a proud father who had to overcome a lot of things within himself to feel that he could be a good father to his son, to understand that his unconditional love for his son is all he needs. his happiness around the firefam comes from a sense of effortless belonging, of feeling like there鈥檚 a group of people who actually care about him without expecting something in return. with buck, tho? to me it always looked like whenever he鈥檚 with buck, he鈥檚 just eddie. not a veteran, not a firefighter, not someone who has to constantly fight to prove that he is enough. just someone who can be himself without a wall. buck does not for a second question eddie鈥檚 ability as a father the way eddie always does, he knows eddie is a greater firefighter, he understands eddie鈥檚 reservations around being a veteran and very skilfully jokes around the topic of the silver star when he can tell eddie is uncomfortable about it but not showing it. his happiness around buck comes from being free, and to me that鈥檚 so so important. because it鈥檚 human nature to put up a certain front around people, of only letting some parts of yourself through because totally revealing yourself leaves you vulnerable to being exploited. but finding someone with whom you can truly let your guard down without hesitation, trusting that whoever you are at your core is enough? the happiness that comes from that is something else. and i think you can see that from the interactions buck and eddie have from the moment they meet because the happiness the two of them give each other comes from mutual trust, of knowing that they can be real with each other because no matter what they always have each other鈥檚 backs. they joke around in a way he doesnt with other people (that bit in s4 when they鈥檙e trying to figure out who killed that women is one of the few examples we see eddie just like. be silly. and it鈥檚 as usual with buck!). and above all that, the fact that eddie lets buck be a part of his time with christopher - the only other person eddie shows complete comfort around - just shows that buck is someone who eddie wants to involve in his happiest moments (the ones with his son). they鈥檙e just. they just make each other so happy!!
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sexyapplemilk2 months ago
I have rewatched 4x13 and 4x14 so many times. It's like, wow. They really did all of that. The Will scene actually happened, like Eddie really put his heart out like that.
He could barely trust his own wife to simply be around his child, and here he is trusting his best friend with raising him in his absence.
Eddie nearly died in the well collapse and realized that there is one person who could take care of his son the same way he could.
And that little "My attorney said you could refuse" "You knew I wouldn't" "Nah, I knew you wouldn't" Eddie knows that Buck loves and treats Christopher like a son and loves him for it.
and the main event "Because Evan," to "you act like you're expendable, but you're wrong." Eddie knows Buck's association with his birth name. When his parents used it made him feel small and hurt. Maddie was the only one who had the right to call him by his name without making him feel bad.
When his leg gets crushed, Maddie tells him that his life means something and that his job isn't his only purpose in life. He doesn't believe her, he strictly believes that his only purpose in life is to help others and get stepped on in the process.
This belief only hurts him more in the future, with the lawsuit and further putting himself at risk.
Now here comes Eddie, putting his heart and soul on the line and being the first person outside of his sister to make him feel worth something. He's the first person in his life to convince him that his life means something besides saving others. The first person to convince him that he deserves to be loved and that he isn't a tool to be used and thrown out, that he isn't expendable.
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