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#otp; trimberly against the world
5ivebyfive · 5 months ago
Reblog this if you won’t let Trimberly die.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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robbiephantom · 3 days ago
Ron: Imagine if someone handed you a box full of all the items you have lost throughout your life
Tara: Self-esteem, haven't seen you in years!
Carl: Oh wow, my childhood innocence! Thank you for finding this!
Enid: I knew I lost that potential somewhere!
Daryl: My moral code, is that you?
Ron: I was just gonna show you this cool trunk my mother left me but do you guys need a hug?
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5ivebyfive · a month ago
Only one follower away from my current goal. The one where you’ve been promised some headcanons. Want a sneak peek?
Kim is a hot shot detective. They call her the Queen of Confessions.
Her partner is her non sexual life partner, Zack. When they play good/bad cop, Zack is always the bad cop. Kim charms them before going in for the kill.
Trini works for the district attorney’s office. Already rising to the top.
She’s a fierce prosecutor and takes every case personally. She gets told to “reign it in” often by judges.
A lot of defense attorneys are scared of her.
Kim calls Trini “Princess” because of how immaculately she’s dressed at any hour of the day. Kim often jokes that they should discuss strategy over breakfast. Trini calls Kim Stud for this reason.
Kim makes her attraction to Trini known. Trini plays it off and rolls her eyes and acts like she’s not interested....
But is she? And what’s the roadblock that always comes into my stories? Find out soon....
Tumblr media
And there is so much more to come...
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5ivebyfive · 23 days ago
Pssst, I have a secret….
You wanna know?
Okay, I’ll tell you.
You sure?
Well…my secret is that….
I love Trimberly.
Whether the fandom is alive or not.
Whether people are creating or not.
When I see them on my dash and when I don’t.
I just love them. I always will.
Tumblr media
Will you?
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5ivebyfive · a month ago
❤️+ trimberly
Who is the most affectionate?
I think they both are. Maybe Kim a little more. Always has to be touching Trini some way. Holds her hand, plays with her hair, loves doing her braids for her. Often pulls Trini down on her lap.
Who initiates the handholding?
Kim most of the time, but Trini does too.
Who worries more for the other?
Trini, because she knows her girlfriend can get into trouble on a daily basis.
Who is more likely to ask for help?
I think for a long time in their relationship they both struggle with asking for what they need. The longer they're together the easier it gets for both of them. It's then that they'll ask each other for help. Trini in reaching for things, Kim getting into trouble and asking for help. Something along the lines of always starting it by saying "Okay, so I was perfectly innocent..."
Who is the one always losing the keys?
Kim. Every time. When they live together Trini gives a spare key to one of their neighbors that she trusts, and Kim knocks on their door sheepishly on a weekly basis.
Who leaves little love notes for the other?
I don't know about love notes, but Trini is constantly sticking post-it notes to Kim's stuff to remind her of things. Sometimes she'll stick it to Kim's forehead when she's asleep.
Who can’t sleep unless the other is there?
Trini. She suffers from nightmares of Rita often and feels more at ease when she knows Kim is right there.
Who is more likely to propose to the other?
Kim. Even when they're not in "that place", Kim gets all wound up in the idea of it and trying to make secret plans to do it. She probably proposed 2-3 times before Trini said yes.
Who introduced the other to their family first?
Kim. Trini's still worried that her parents might not be supportive, but Kim invites Trini over for dinner with her parents all the time. Even when they weren't dating yet.
Who is more likely to play with the other’s hair?
Who makes sure the other has meals/stays hydrated?
Trini. She knows that Kim doesn't forget to eat or drink water on purpose, it just sometimes doesn't occur to Kim to do those things.
Who is more likely to stand up to anyone for the other?
Trini. She likes to be all big and bad despite her short stature. But Kim does it, too. Mostly because things that should probably scare or worry her, just don't.
Who is the most likely to prepare a surprise for the other?
Definitely Kim. She loves making surprises for Trini. Trini hates surprises. Kim grins and tells her "one day you'll love my surprises".
Who makes the other pinky promise not to do certain things?
Trini. Sometimes it works and keeps Kim out of trouble. Sometimes it doesn't.
Who puts a blanket over the other when they fall asleep on the couch?
Trini will squeeze in front of Kim and pull the blanket over both of them. Kim would flop on top of Trini and just pass out with her, doesn't occur to her to put a blanket down.
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5ivebyfive · 3 months ago
Ever think how now every time Kim mentions needing water, Trini instinctively backs away?
Then Kim gets all offended that Trini doesn’t trust her and Trini rolls her eyes and says that’s all Kim’s fault. Then Kim whines that Trini’s water tastes better, so Trini sets it on the floor/ground and backs away.
Then one day Trini teaches their daughters to never believe Mama when she wants some water, so the next day Kim innocently walks into the kitchen talking about getting some water and the twins scream and run away. And Kim’s like “very funny, Trini”.
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5ivebyfive · 20 days ago
Tumblr media
Let’s do a thing. Send me a ship (Trimberly, Brittana, Harlivy, Jalena) and a word and, in honor of Six Sentence Sunday, I’ll post a six sentence fic.
Gotta try to get my groove back.
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5ivebyfive · 6 days ago
Trimberly + time
For six sentence sunday!
Tumblr media
[content warning for naked cuddling.]
"Baby...time...," Trini murmured while her girlfriend Kim had an arm around Trini and was giving Trini soft kisses along her jaw.
"Forget time," Kim whispered back, slowly and lazily running her fingers against Trini's soft skin.
Trini felt lulled, drawn in, and she let out a sigh of words, "Pot roast...probably done...," and she felt Kim's touch freeze, her kisses pause, and Trini opened her eyes to look at Kim, whose face was contorted in some kind of inner debate. Trini raised a brow, smirked, and said "You can't decide between food and naked cuddling, huh?"
A wrinkle showed between Kim's brows and she pouted and replied, "Can't I have both?"
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5ivebyfive · 3 months ago
Ever want a Trimberly fic of your very own? Do you have a story that you’re waiting for someone else to write? I will write it.
I’m pretty desperate to get some bills paid and have extra cash for food, gas, and meds. Paying rent would be great, too. My job is still not giving me many hours (11 this week), and I had found another job, but after 1 day of hands on training they said it wouldn’t work out. So I’m back to where I was, looking for jobs.
I thought I’d give people a chance to tell me what you’d like to see written in exchange for a donation that will go towards everything I need.  I know I’ve had writer’s block for awhile now, but I’m hoping writing for a purpose will help me churn some out. And I really don’t want to have to do this, but it at least makes me feel like I’m giving back in some way to those that help me.
If you’re interested, message me with the following:
1. Idea you would like to see written or pick a prompt that I’ve reblogged in the past (Trimberly only please), preferably message me, but if you aren’t comfortable with that an ask is fine. 2. What rating you’d like it to be (mature, family friendly, etc)
Then I’ll write it and post it, and once you’ve read it you can choose what its worth. Let me know how you would like to donate (PayPal, CashApp, ko-fi), and that will be everything. If you want to pay up front, I won’t be opposed. I don’t know what else to say for this, but if you have any questions you can just ask me.
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5ivebyfive · 3 months ago
top 5 trimberly moments!
This is a tough one. Trying to rank them. So they are as below, unrated.
1. "Can I get a sip of your water? I'm dying." 2. Trini raises her hand and exchanges glances with Kim and Kim raises her hand. 3. Donut date. 4. Kim running after Trini (all the times) 5. The locker scene (To me it's canon and it happened. I don't care.)
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5ivebyfive · 6 months ago
Trimberly still wins all.
Tumblr media
That’s all. That’s my Trimberly content contribution that deserves to be on your dashes. Reblog if you agree.
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5ivebyfive · 2 months ago
💒 + Trimberly
I’m making this mobwives because I can.
There aren’t many people there. Just close “family”, real family like their moms and Trini’s brothers.
Both of Trini’s brothers walk her down the aisle. Jason walks Kim.
Trini wears a suit and a silver tie. Kim wears a sexy black number of black and silver because she says she is in no way pure or innocent.
When Kim comes to a stop beside Trini she rakes her eyes over her almost bride and leans in to whisper something dirty in Trini’s ear and Trini’s eyes darken and she yanks Kim down and kisses her heatedly. Billy, Trini’s best man, pulls them apart.
Kim keeps moving to kiss Trini after every time Jason, the officiant, pauses. Trini keeps smirking at her. When it’s time to kiss, finally, Kim catches Trini in the air and with Trini’s legs wrapped around her they finally, truly kiss and Kim whispers “fuck me in the limo before the reception?” And Trini grins and says “Anything you want, Wife. Anything.”
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5ivebyfive · 8 days ago
I hope she's okay. What do you think would be the best date Trimberly would go on?
Kim: A quiet dinner at my place, with Trini’s cooking of course. Then I clean up while telling her my *best* jokes. After that, some cuddling on the couch then…well, I put on my best moves. I would say a theme park with roller coasters, but anytime I suggest that she rolls her eyes.
Trini: Dinner at this great, hidden dive bar I know, couple drinks. Then a moonlight walk down by the diving holes, find a good cliff to sit on and….ya know…maybe I’ll kiss her.
Kim: then we get naked and swim.
Kim: And do it.
Kim: I love you.
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5ivebyfive · 3 months ago
Trimberly for the 'who holds what' thing.
The umbrella, when it rains - Kim. Longer arms. And she has a galant look on her face everytime.
The popcorn at the cinema - Kim. It's a miracle she even shares her popcorn with Trini.
The baby, when it cries - Kim for about five seconds when she holds it out and says to Trini, "It's crying again."
The ice cream cone, when they share - Trini. Otherwise Kim won't share.
The remote, when they sit down to watch a movie - Kim. She makes those decisions.
The basket, when they go shopping - Trini. Otherwise Kim will shove even more things into it.
The door, on dates - Trini. She treats her princess well.
The other’s hand, most often - Goes back and forth. They hold hands a lot.
Their breath, upon seeing the other on their wedding day - Trini. Kim mutters under her breath "Damn, I did good."
The camera, when they take pictures together - Kim. Longer arms. Which she reminds Trini of every time.
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5ivebyfive · 15 days ago
I wanna do a Trimberly spam to make myself feel better but I’m gonna pass out soon. So.
[insert spam of the best ship ever]
Tumblr media
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5ivebyfive · 13 days ago
Trimberly +
(Supposed to be Trimberly + oranges.)
Tumblr media
Trini watched across the lunchroom table as her friend Kim brought two orange slices to her parted lips and took a bite, and the juice from the fruit trickled down her chin. Trini didn't know how she was supposed to pretend she didn't have feelings and an attraction to the girl before her when Kim did things like that. So she watched as more juice fell down Kim's chin and watched the beads of juice carefully. She didn't quite know she was staring with her own lips parted, and didn't see Kim looking at her. Her gaze alternated between the juice on Kim's chin and the orange between her lips.
Score, Kim thought as her lips turned up slightly at the sight of Trini staring at her and her lips so intently.
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5ivebyfive · 16 days ago
How about Trimberly and getting ready for Halloween?
Yesss I love this thought. Whether they're teenagers, in their 20s, or with their kids.
Kim goes ALL OUT. Spends a lot on costume clothes, accessories, and of course props. Starts acting as her character dayyys before Halloween and Trini rolls her eyes. But smiles. And once they live on their own, Kim collects so many decorations. Mostly on the gruesome side. Like when they move into an actual house, Kim rubs her hands together and says Halloween is gonna be even better now (because she has more space to decorate) and Trini's like "Kim, it's December."
Trini buys already made costumes. When they're younger she's scary characters. Or funny ones. (She likes making Kim laugh.) Then when they're a little older she starts doing the sexy costumes. Just to make it hard on Kim. Because Trini wouldn't wear that stuff on regular days. She lets Kim run mad decorating their house and yard. She used to try to help, but Kim accused her of ruining "her vision". So Trini chills on the couch peeling grapes for Kim instead. (To put in a bowl and make kids think they're touching eyeballs.)
Except their first apartment, which had no extra room, Kim says they have to dress up for Halloween in separate rooms so they can surprise each other. Trini goes with it.
Candy. When they're younger and poor they buy the best candy they can afford. When they have a house and the means, Kim insists that they buy the full-size candy/chocolate bars. Trini rolls her eyes, but it's important to Kim. "We have to be the coolest house in the neighborhood," Kim says. Trini rolls her eyes again.
When they have the twins there, Kim is, if possible, even more keyed up for the big day. She reminds everyone how many days away Halloween is. Trini tells her if she says it one more time she's not allowed to have Halloween. Kim just smiles because she knows Trini wouldn't actually do that. Not to her. Kim loves shopping for Rowan and Penelope's costumes. Trini offers to make them and Kim just says not her girls. Trini gets more in the spirit with her daughter's around. She's no Kim by any means, but she loves watching her wife and daughter have fun. Now, Kim is all about family coordinated costumes. Sometimes they're old references the twins don't get and Kim huffs and tries to explain how cool it will be. Like the time they did Charlie's Angels (old school) and Kim made Trini be Bosely and Trini got angry because she would make a very hot Angel. Kim kissed her cheek and said she knows and whispered that Trini could be any Angel she wants after the girls pass out. Trini smirked.
Halloween is BIG in the Hart/Gomez family, because Kim loves it so much, and Trini loves her.
Please send happy Trimberly thoughts to share. I need good things in my brain. Maybe I’ll add my 2 cents.
It can even be “Trimberly and …. “
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5ivebyfive · a month ago
On this day, 3 years ago, I posted the first chapter of (it’s such a wonderful thing) to love.
And one day I’ll be able to say I finished it.
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5ivebyfive · 3 months ago
What are your top 5 tropes in Trimberly fic?
Oh man, I gotta think of some....
(Not in order)
1. The guys figuring out Trimberly want to be a thing before they figure it out. Like maybe they’re taking bets, maybe they’re trying to nudge them together, or maybe they’re (Read: Zack) being direct and asking if they hooked up yet.
2. Trini saying something in an annoyed tone about Kim pulling her off a cliff, and Kim rolls her eyes and says “You really have to get over that.”
3. Climbing into each other’s windows when they can’t sleep. Then either they go right to sleep because they’re so comfortable, or they lay there all night listening to each other breathing and refuse to make the first move.
4. Donut dates being A Thing from the first one on. It’s their thing, and they wouldn’t miss it for anything.
5. This is actually probably #1, but Trini calling Kim “Princess”. Whether Kim likes it at first or not. It’s so simple, but it blew up in our fandom and Trini calling Kim any other nickname just won’t do.
More might come to me, honestly.
Ask me my top 5/top 10 anything.
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5ivebyfive · 4 months ago
Now I wanna write Trini making Kim heart shaped egg in a basket one year then the next one she makes regular eggs and toast and Kim accuses her of not loving her as much as last year. And Trini rolls her eyes hard.
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