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#otto octavius

So, I Just checked out your review on ASM with the arc, and while I agree with everything, there are some issues I could explain to you about Zdarsky as well as this issue. Especially with how you explained with the whole if Spidey communicated better with the difference between Otto and Him. First off, it was in Nick Spencer’s run in this issue that was referenced mostly again. Not just Zdarsky. And the reason this was brought up was because of Jameson’s own bias on Spidey. The two had it out for Eachother and Jameson would do anything to spread his own bias around. Not only that, but, the public also has their own ignorance and bias towards the wall crawler like they’ve always had. Public perspectives are always ignorant in their own views. And really,no matter what the reason Spidey had to do, the public will always have their own ridiculous bias. They would likely do that to the other heroes as well like Tony, Carol, Hulk, Thor, Daredevil, etc.

So, even if Spidey says that his whole thing with Fisk is a misunderstanding, people would always have their own biases especially ones like Daredevil(Though, his moment was used as a gag).

Also, you would likely expect a reference to Zdarsky in this since that was a big moment in history in the lore as well as other things. Also, like I would’ve pointed out earlier,many people would likely use Teresa in their stories. Not just Zdarsky. People like Nick Spencer would be fond of using her as well as others like Gerry Duggan, Tom Taylor, as well as Donny Cates, Al Ewing, and many other writers. It was a point I was also trying to make until you banned me for some reason.

So, yeah, as much as there are problems with this issues and your statements, this is the best I would add in these.

But, yeah, its like I was trying to tell you, Nick Spencer’s run has its issues. Infact, moreso than how you said about Zdarsky’s run since that run at least had more strength, emotional impacts, excitements, stakes, and does things to make the character of Peter Parker/Spider-Man and his world in character while with Nick, while he does try to make everyone in character, his stories however don’t put much strength into it. It’s like everything else has been holding back. And this issue shows how much things have held back so far that the story becomes pretty weak. And strength is something Nick Spencer needs to look for in his series if he wants to make this big as it should.

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peter parker and otto octavius in the msm 2017 have such interesting parallels

both were considered geniuses even in childhood , but unlike uncle bens appreciation and support of peters interests , ottos dad was . well

and as such , peter grew up to be kind . he knew how to love because uncle ben loved him

but otto wasnt loved , and grew up hungry for power and angry in some ways . he wasnt shown love so he didnt know how to show it himself and instesd he only had something to prove

they both went to horizon high , one as a teacher and one as a student .

they also both looked up to max modell and otto wound up hating max and max wound up hating peter , another tidbit i found interesting . they both also have ties to oscorp

i wonder , if otto had been shown love in his childhood , would he be better ? would he never had become a supervillain in the first place ?

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spider-man characters as dance moms:

kelly - mj

abby lee miller - wilson fisk

christi - peter parker

jill - norman osborn

holly - doc ock but like when he was nice and smart

melissa - idk the vulture??? love u melissa

cathy - mysterio

gianna - harry osborn

leslie - also doc ock but smol and angry ock

kira - kraven the hunter

jessalynn - the rhino lmao i feel like jojo would be birthed by the rhino love u jess!!

yolanda - i feel like she’s the lizard idk don’t make me explain

stacey - also the lizard but when he’s curtis connor

kristie - idk enough abt her but someone lmk

camille - someone nice and norman like gwen

jamie - j jonah jameson LMAOOO sry

not gonna include s8 bc i didn’t watch it 🥴

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