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Tumblr media
daisies and cinnamon | otto octavius x fem!osborn!reader
warnings: cursing; mutual pining; age gap; boss & employee relationship; reader is adopted
pairings: otto octavius x fem!osborn!reader 
word count: 2,768
summary: he tried so hard not to fall for you. but the moment he held you in his arms, he knew one thing for certain. norman was going to kill him.
a/n: just so u know, i made the reader adopted so the r can be more ambiguous! this idea has been in my head for centuries. there will be a second part as well, and maybe a third if people want it! i’ll be closing requests tonight, so feel free to get one in soon. thank you for reading, and i hope you like it!
edit: also i’m issuing a public apology to my beloved rosie for having her not exist in this fic. to repent i shall prepare several fluffy poly rosie otto and reader fics <3
Tumblr media Tumblr media
  “Thank you again for arranging this, Hare. I owe you one.” Your grateful statement was made between speedy huffs of breath. You and Harry were a tad late, your older brother graciously scoring you an interview with a personal idol of yours, Otto Octavius. Grad school was no easy feat, especially as a physics major. Although if you submitted a thesis that had cited Dr. Otto Octavius, chances were you’d blow it out of the park during your presentation.
  “It’s no problem, besides, someone’s got to be the smart one in this family. It keeps dad happy and off my back.”
  “I wish he weren’t so hard on you,” you frowned.
  “I know. Ah, here we are!” Harry stretched his arms out in greeting, maintaining the showman persona he had so lovingly constructed over the years. “Otto! My man!” 
  “Harry Osborn. I see you’re as charming as ever. And I assume this is Y/N?” What Otto had forgotten to add was that you and Harry had been 10 minutes late. It’s not that he disliked Harry, although the boy carried an air of immaturity and arrogance that annoyed him to no end. He couldn’t even retaliate considering Harry was technically his higher-up. Otto couldn’t help but brace himself for another trust-fund recipient spawn of Norman Osborn.
  “Hi, I’m Y/N Osborn. It’s an honor to meet you, Dr.Octavius,” you greeted with a small smile, your soft voice contrasting heavily with Harry’s boisterous one. Octavius silently appreciated that trait.
  “So, I’ll leave you both to it. Have fun changing the world!” Harry gave you a quick peck on the cheek before swiftly heading off, likely to attend one of many meetings for the day. Ever since he started working with your father, and with you starting grad school, the two of you hadn’t been able to spend time as much time together as you did in the past. This had actually been one of the few times you’d seen him in person for weeks now. The distance made you incredibly uneasy, and aware of something you prayed wouldn’t happen: he was becoming like your father. Although they loved you dearly, they were incredibly busy at times, leaving you lonely more times than you’d prefer. But if they could dive into their work, so could you.
  “Thank you so much for this, doctor. Before I show you my thesis, I’d love to learn more about this project of yours. I’ve read up on it for years now, and it still blows me away! I mean, this source of energy would be life-changing. I understand that the mechanical arms are impervious to magnetism, correct? I was thinking that- Oh god. I’m rambling.” Before you could shrink away in embarrassment, he surprised you with a hearty chuckle.
  “Please, don’t worry. I’m always delighted to meet people so invested in my work. It’s impressive, actually, I’m sure your father must be proud.”
  “Thank you, sir,”
  “Otto, please call me Otto.”
   You smiled widely at the kind gesture, “Of course, Otto. Now,” you started with a bounce to your feet, “I’d be happy to show you my thesis so far. But please don’t hold back any constructive criticism you have to offer because of my family name. I’d appreciate it if you could approach this as you would with any student.”
    “Of course. I can tell that you’re genuinely passionate about this. That’s a rare and important trait to have in this line of work. Let’s get started.”
    He didn’t expect you to get any bubblier. Although you seemed to adore his research, you put an entirely new brand of love into your own. You continued to effortlessly explain your work with vigor; making it clear just how much time you had dedicated to it. Otto couldn’t help but admire that. Many students he’s worked with approached their own research with vainglorious pride, seeing intelligence as a mere asset. You, on the other hand, had utilized your intelligence along with your passion. Watching you pour out every nuance and idea you had left him thrilled and more curious as your presentation continued. Although eventually, he found himself more interested in you, rather than the work you had presented to him.
    “Y/N. This is incredible. If I’m being completely honest with you, I’d like to work with you more on this. How would you like to fetch a cup of coffee and you could tell me more?”
  “That would be amazing, thank you, Otto!” You beamed at him, obviously eager to get to know him more. It was as if the more he spoke to you the more adorably excited you’d get. The second your eyes looked up at his like he was the sun; he knew he was done for.
Tumblr media
    “I salute you for enduring such a barbaric professor, for me it was Professor Edwards, who taught biology. Despite me being one of his top students, he despised me. To this day I haven’t a clue what I did to piss him off,” he chortled.
    “It’s as if having a terrifyingly strict professor is a rite of passage when pursuing science. Younger generations should prepare themselves while they can,” you giggled.
    “By then, you could probably be a professor.”
    “You really think so?”
    “Yes. You’ve got talent, Y/N. You’re going places, and not just because you’re an Osborn.”
    His wonderful compliments were going to be the end of you. For the entirety of your coffee shop excursion, Otto had been the epitome of a gentleman. He was an absolute sweetheart outside of work,  and the two of you seemed to mutually relish the other's presence. You truly didn’t mean to develop a crush, but it was impossible with how he’d look at you. Although you presumed it was wishful thinking, it was as if he were interested too. You couldn’t care less that he was older, or that he worked for your father. He was one of the first people in a long while to treat you like a person, rather than a pile of cash.
    “You know, Y/N, you came into my life at the perfect time. Back at my lab, we’ve been searching far and wide for new talent. If you can, I’d love it if you’d come work with me.”
    “You’re joking.”
    “Why would I joke about this-” suddenly, the man had been ambushed with a warm hug.
    “Thank you so much, Dr. Octavius! I won’t let you down. When do I start?”
    He flushed at the sudden contact. You smelled divine, like cinnamon. Your hair was just as soft as he thought it would be. And most of all, he was fucked.
Tumblr media
    “Y/N! What are you doing up there?”
    “I needed to get this book from the top shelf but I couldn’t reach it! I really need it for this question I have!”
    “Well, it certainly won’t do you any good in a position like that.” Your grin dropped. Otto was right, this was not a wise decision. There you stood upon two chairs from the lab, on your wobbly tippy toes in an attempt to get the prized book. Finally, in the midst of the precarious battle, you managed to reach for it.
    “See, it’s fine Otto! I got it.”
    “So I’m assuming you’re just going to read it up there, then?” For a second time, the man you had grown close to had bought you back to reality. Maybe if you took a peek down that would help? The moment your eyes glanced downward you nearly lost your footing, growing more and more unsteady. You would’ve fallen if he hadn’t grabbed your ankle.
    “Be steady. Do you trust me?”
    The most you could do was nod hastily. Whatever it took to get you off of the wobbly tower you’d do.
    “Lean forward a bit. Slowly. Now, give me your hand,” he gently instructed. 
    Chances were you would’ve fallen from embarrassment after that statement if you weren’t so adamant to get down. With a gulp you complied, letting his larger, calloused hand envelope yours.
    “Just keep steady, okay?” You were already feeling better once you were holding his hand, your own welcoming the warmth it radiated immediately. And then he picked you up by the waist. You couldn’t hold in a surprised squeal as he carefully bought you down to the floor. But he didn’t let go. Your body automatically leaned into his touch, despite the panic that rose in your mind. He’s your boss! No matter how nice his fingers felt, clutching your waist with care, you would definitely not fall for him. Unbeknownst to you, the same battle raged in his head.
    Once again, you smelled like cinnamon. Your body felt perfect in his hands. Despite fully intending to let go of you, he didn’t want to. With the distance between you, he could kiss you within seconds. He could finally get to know what your lips felt like. Before he could continue spiraling, he forced himself to let go immediately.
    Otto released an awkward cough, “Please don’t do that again, as much as I love your work ethic, I’d hate for you to get hurt.”
    “Yes! Of course! Thank you!” Before he could say another word, you sped away.
Tumblr media
    “Y/N Osborn. You can’t tell me that the man who literally carried you, who brings you your favorite coffee every day, who somehow remembers that color you like which you only mentioned once, doesn’t like you back!” Mary-Jane grinned, with a playfully stern tone.
    “Yeah, but I’m his boss's daughter. He’s probably doing it to be polite,” you frowned, before promptly shoving your head into the nearest pillow in hopes of hiding.
    “Buuuuuut,” she giggled, poking your stomach. “You remember the story of how Harry and I got together, right?”
    You released a long groan, “MJ, you’ve told me about it for months now. What’s your point?”
    “What I’m trying to say is that Harry and I thought we were just friends. Neither of us thought the other would reciprocate. But once I made a move, it was full proof. If he doesn’t make a move, you’ll have to!”
    “I hate this,” you hissed, “And please, please, PLEASE don’t tell Harry.”
    “I know, and I won’t. That’s why we’re going to need a plan. At that holiday party next week, you’re gonna take his breath away,” she smirked.
Tumblr media
    Shifting nervously, you adjusted the strap of the dress MJ had so lovingly chosen for you. It was a silky, cardinal dress, fit for the celebratory occasion. You had to admit, your friend had impeccable taste. Along with a pair of black heels and a simple gold heart pendant, you looked lovely.
    Your eyes scanned the room for Otto. Once you noticed a coworker of yours, he pointed you towards his office. After a knock or two on the door, you received a muffled “come in.”
     Octavius wasn’t one to cease his work merely because of the holidays. His work was life-changing, it was his everything. And he’d be damned if- oh. His brown eyes widened at your presence. You looked gorgeous to him every day, but this look was on another level. You looked ravishing, your figure seemingly glowing as you stood in the doorway, brightening up his darkened office. He tried his best not to stare for too long, but his efforts were futile once he saw you smile.
    “Where have you been, Otto? I was wondering where you were.”
    “I’m sorry, dear. I’ve been itching to finish these papers for a while now. And to be honest, I’ve never been one for parties.”
    “Me neither. It’s a bit too loud out there for my taste. I wanted to give you something, actually!”
    He frowned. You had gotten him a present, you looked for him at the party, and here he was huddled in his office. Otto silently cursed himself for not getting you a present sooner. 
     “Y/N, you didn’t need to do this.”
     “No, I want you to have it! Working with you has been incredible, Otto. And so has your friendship. You’ve helped me come so far, so it’s only natural that I should thank you! Now come on, open it!”
     Otto gazed into your eyes for a second, sensing your excitement. He could never say no to your face. With a playful grin, he swiftly ripped open the wrapped gift, before opening the rectangular box on his table. In front of him was a brand new copy of a book he had lost a while ago, the bold title reading: “ASTROPHYSICS FOR PEOPLE IN A HURRY, BY NEIL DEGRASSE TYSON”
     “You remembered that I lost this,” he whispered as his hand flipped through the large book.
     “Mmhm! I was so surprised that you didn’t have it on your bookshelf! I hope you enjoy it.”
     “You’re so sweet, you know that right? And I haven’t even gotten you a gift,” he sighed dejectedly.
     You glanced around shyly, “Please, don’t worry about it, Otto. I’m just glad you like it.”
     “No. Tell me something you’d like. Anything.”
     If only he knew how flustered he was making you. Not confessing soon may very well destroy you from the inside.
     “It depends if you’re willing to give it to me…”
     “Alright. Just as long as it’s not a Tesla or house. I may have exaggerated a bit when I said everything,” he chuckled.
      “It doesn’t cost anything.”
     Hesitantly, you began to move closer towards him, eventually plopping down on the desk in front of him. You hoped that fluttering your lashes and gazing at him would make it obvious. At the moment you felt a bit too shy to say the words.
     “Oh. I think I see what you want,” he blushed. Just like that day in the lab, you were incredibly close to him. Although he didn’t smell cinnamon this time. It was daisies.
     “I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want this too,” he paused, “But only if you’re comfortable. You know I’m quite a bit older than you, right?”
     “I actually don’t mind about that. I was more concerned about my father scaring you away!”
     “Well, I could care less what he thinks. I’m not going to let him keep us apart.” His hand reached for yours with nothing but the utmost affection.
     Your noses were nearly touching, and both of you felt like bursting into flame. “May I kiss you?”
     “Please,” you murmured quietly, inching closer towards him. Once you spoke, he had stood up, his arms pulling you close. His hand rubbed the small of your back fondly, as his other hand cradled your cheek. Finally, after months of anticipation, it had happened. He softly leaned in to kiss you, with a sense of tenderness and love that gave you butterflies. You pulled each other in closer, eager to seal the gap between you both as much as physically possible, to hell with oxygen. Accept this time, he didn’t let you go.
Tumblr media
    “Someone’s distracted during family dinner,” Norman mumbled, stabbing his fork into the ostentatiously decorated plate of food. It was probably extremely expensive, but Norman wouldn’t want anything less for his dinner. 
    “Sorry, dad!” You quickly put your phone down.
    “Jeez, Y/N, you’ve been distracted all night. Who are you texting so urgently?” Harry smirked, playfully elbowing you. He’d always get cocky when he had a little too much to drink. With a family name as affluent as yours, he could down as many glasses of red wine as he pleased (at least, before Norman would chastise him.) Unfortunately,  your brother also had a sense of when you developed feelings for someone. He just had no idea who.
    “It’s no one.”
    “Are you sure?” He leaned in. “Here it says you’re texting someone called “baby,” followed by several heart emojis. Awe, he misses you! A new friend?”
    “I am going to kill you, Harry,” you gritted in irritation.
    “What? I’m just curious. Your love life is incredibly entertaining. So who is it, that guy in your quantum theory course? Or is it that cute TA from your last school? Don’t tell me it’s Derek, he’s been trying to get me to give him your number for weeks now. Or is it-”
    “Y/N.” Your father always knew how to take the reigns of a conversation. It was inevitable at this point. “Are you dating someone?”
    You gulped. “Yeah.”
    “It looks like you’re taking after your brother, neglecting to tell me about your romantic endeavors. Tell me, who is he? I think we should meet him soon.”
    “Uh… he works for you, actually.”
Tumblr media
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| Experimental |
Otto Octavius x Reader
WARNING: NSFW; Sex Pollen; SMUT 🔥🔥
Summary: When Otto experiments with a brand new substance, it doesn't go well. Y/N sees the big bad doctor in a whole new light.
A/N this gif 🥵🥵
Tumblr media
IT WAS A NORMAL DAY IN THE STARK INDUSTRIES LAB, Y/N was looking at documents Fury wants her to look at as she sat down at her desk in the lab.
"Hey Doctor Octavius, here's the file the Fury had with the stuff you've been dealing with." Y/N said and turned to the man as him and his tentacles were studying the substance.
"Thank you Miss L/N." Otto said to her and Y/N gave him a smile and he gave a nod. "Norman and Curtis took the day off, so I'll be working late tonight."
"Of course, I probably will as well with all these files Fury wants me to look at." Y/N said with a sigh. "I'm gonna need coffee."
Y/N got up from her chair and went over to the coffee machine, glancing every so often at the physicist.
Ever since Peter had accidentally brought men from other dimensions they had all begun trying to get their lives a little bit normal.
Norman, Otto, Max, and Curtis all worked at Stark Labs with Y/N as they were all interested in the advance technology and investing in their own research.
Flint actually had begun a flower shop with Clint, after hitting it off with Clint and his family and becoming an uncle of sorts.
Of course Strange was trying to figure out how to get them all home but in the meantime, all of them had a good life after being fixed and helped by Peter and Peter and Peter.
Y/N was introduced to all of them when Peter had given them a tour of the lab. Y/N was one of the top alchemists in Stark Labs, being friends along side Bruce Banner.
Peter had been able to get Pepper to allow the men to work in the labs as long as Y/N was there. Y/N agreed as she could see the men's talents and they were all happy that she agreed.
Though Y/N got along with all of them, Otto was the one that normally kept to himself.
He would indulge in the occasional conversation or two, but when he was focused on work, he would only be focused on that.
Y/N understood though she felt sometimes that it was personal, every time she would invite him to lunch or grab coffee he would always decline. Even if the others would come, Otto always declines.
Norman, Curtis, and Max all assured Y/N that he didn't hate her, it was just Otto being a grump. Y/N tried to believe it but she still felt a doubt in the back of her mind.
"So Doctor Octavius, do you know exactly what this substance is?" Y/N asked.
"I have no idea, but by the looks of it, it's not toxic." Otto explained, looking at bright blue powder.
On the last mission with Peter and Sam, they had gone into a hydra base and when they had gone into one of the rooms, there were rows and rows of a bright blue powder substance.
Peter and Sam got a couple of samples before they had to escape from Hydra agents. Bucky had seen it before but never knew what it did and this Fury put Peter's friends to the case and Otto was stuck doing the beginning of the work.
"I wonder why Hydra had so many?" Y/N asked and as she came in closer to look.
As Y/N came closer, Otto didn't notice her standing so close and when he turned, he accidentally drop the vial and it spilled everywhere.
"Dammit!" Otto yelled and Otto and Y/N stepped back as the powder blew up. Y/N moved to the other side of the room but it was too late, they both inhaled the sweet and sickly scent. "You should of watched where your going!"
"I'm sorry, there wasn't a distance printed on your back!" Y/N yelled back, holding her shirt up, covering her nose. "Dammit now we have to quarantine."
"What?" Otto asked, looking at her in anger.
"We don't know what this stuff is! We can't just walk out and assume it isn't a plague." Y/N said and looked up. "F.R.I.D.A.Y set up quarantine and let Fury know that we are in lockdown in Lab A."
"Of course, Miss L/N." F.R.I.D.A.Y said and suddenly all the doors looked and the windows were then laced in an electric shield. As Otto watched as they were put in lockdown Otto looked back at Y/N and glared.
"Listen we will be fine, there's always a protocol for this, why do you think there's a bedroom and bathroom in this lab?" Y/N asked.
"Incase you overwork or you decided to spend the night?" Otto asked.
"Okay that or incase you are exposed to a dangerous chemical." Y/N explained. "You'd be surprised how many times Bruce has dropped something on himself."
"So what? We just sit here?" Otto asked and Y/N shrugged.
"We can figure out what this is, the sooner the better." Y/N said and as she tried to approach Otto stopped her.
"You've done enough, thank you." Otto snapped and Y/N looked at him a bit hurt and went over to her desk as she saw Fury pop up in a video call.
Y/N sighed, already having enough anger toward her for the day. She sadly answered the call and an annoyed Fury showed up.
"What happened?" Fury asked as Y/N looked at him with a deadpan.
"The chemical Doctor Octavius was inspecting broke, I told F.R.I.D.A.Y to quarantine cause we don't know what we are dealing with." Y/N said. "We'll be fine, once we figure out what this is."
"No need cause we sent it to a couple of other people and Carol found out what it was." Fury said and Otto turned his head toward Y/N's computer. "Carol said it's an aphrodisiac, she remembered encountering it a long ago and had tried stopping a couple of smugglers getting it on Earth."
"Well somebody smuggled it in." Y/N said and Fury nodded.
"Yes but it's not as dangerous, Carol said it was used in different cultures and couples that wanted to be- to be-" Fury was trying to explain but Y/N could tell he was holding back.
"To be what Fury?" Y/N asked and Fury sighed.
"That wanted to be sexually active, it causes them to go into a sexual drive that you can't stop unless you do it." He said and Y/N's eyes widened and looked over at Otto and they both realized what was going to happen.
"You mean that Otto and I-" Y/N was cut off by Fury.
"Are gonna be in bed like dogs? Yes." He said. "Now we don't know how long it's gonna take for it to kick in, but just stay in there and- and you know what just do whatever- goodbye."
Fury ended the call and Y/N and Otto both looked at each other.
"Great! This is definitely how I wanted my evening to go." Otto seethed, his face full of anger and let out an angry huff. "Stuck in here with you."
Y/N felt her heart crack, the sound of venom in his voice and she looked down, and away from him. Her fists clenched and she tried not to breakdown.
"Am I really that bad?" Y/N asked and Otto looked at her, his anger fell immediately. "Am I really that awful?"
He looked at her as she had glossy eyes, she fought off the tears, not wanting him to see her cry.
"Don't Doctor Octavius." She said, using his professional name and opened the door to the bedroom in the lab. She shut the door harshly and a tear fell from her cheek.
She locked the door, not wanting Otto to come into the bedroom. She wanted him to suffer, of course she felt bad but it wasn't like she planned on getting them both exposed to a sex pollen.
She decided if she was going to be in the lab, she might as well get out of her professional clothes and grab the spares.
When she opened the drawer she found a couple of Stark T-shirts and they were big thankfully, and there were a few pairs of sweatpants.
But as she began to take off her clothes, she begins to feel hotter as she takes her clothes off. Letting the cool air hit her body and her nipples hardening from the cool.
"Fury wasn't kidding when he said the effects would kick in." She said and decided to strip, leaving her in only her underwear.
She didn't feel too bad as she laid on the bed, letting herself feel the cold air. But as she continued to stay in bed she could feel herself grow more and more sexually aroused.
She didn't know why but she just couldn't help it as she began to touch herself.
She immediately took her panties off and began to play with herself, the slickness coaxed her fingers. Hearing herself moan as she dove her fingers into her pussy.
She began to pump in and out of herself, the sound of gushing and moans filled the room as she felt pleasure in maturbating.
"Fuck." She moaned as she continued until she felt the familiar feeling in her stomach, her walls clamped on her fingers and her juices coaxed her fingers.
But as her orgasm began to fade, the heat came right back and even stronger.
"Oh god." She cried out and she heard the door handle jiggle.
"Dammit, Y/N please let me in." Otto urged, and she could hear he was struggling as well.
No matter how much she wanted to be fucked, she was too prideful.
"No, fuck yourself, literally fuck yourself." She said angrily, and began to masturbate again. She dove her fingers right in again, and Otto could hear it through the door.
"Don't make me fucking break down the door, we both can tell masturbation doesn't work." Otto seethed. "Its either you let me in, or I'm gonna break down the door and make you beg."
When Y/N heard that, she couldn't help but feel turned on and she didn't know if it was because of the pollen or if it was her own thoughts.
Y/N moaned loudly as she felt her orgasm coming, and as Otto heard her loud moans, he did as he said he would and ripped the door open.
His tentacles tore the door hinges off and as Y/N came, Otto held a hungry look in eyes when he laid eyes on Y/N.
She was spread over the bed, fully naked and he could see the cum on her fingers and thighs. She was wet and ready, and his cock was rock hard and throbbing with need as he stared at her.
She couldn't help but feel more arousal when she saw Otto in all his glory. He was naked and his cock was hard, dripping with precum, just waiting to be put in her.
Her mouth watered when seeing his cock, it was average length but he had such girth. She was surprised that it was that big and he smirked as he watched her look at him.
"Now, now, no need to be shy." He said and walked over to her and got into the bed. He looked over on top of her and she quivered in arousal and a bit of fear. "Your fucking mine now, dear."
He went down and began to devour her breast, sucking and nipping. Making Y/N hiss in pleasure, making her wetter if possible.
"You don't know how long I've wanted this." He said as he began to kiss down her chest. "How I've always dreamed to taste this pussy."
Her eyes widened at his confession, but said nothing as her mind was racing as she watched this man.
He kissed down her stomach, and onto her thighs, smiling as his face went down to her pussy. He inhaled her sweet scent and immediately came close to her pussy and began to lick, he did so gently, so teasingly that it made her whine.
His tentacles suddenly came forward and grabbed her wrists and ankles and made her spread out. Completely helpless as this man began to eat her out.
He flicked her clit with his tongue and she moaned out, and he smirked as he saw the affect he had on her.
"You seem all nice and wet for me, you told me to fuck myself but seems I just needed a fuck toy to help me." He said, and got on his knees and began to tease her with his cock. "I just need to fuck my cum into you, so you can remember who fucked you good."
He covered his cock with her slick and she cried out as she felt so empty.
"Please, please- I need this." Y/N pleaded, fight the tentacles restraints and bucking her hips.
"I need to hear you beg, my dear." Otto said. "You need to learn that my cock is better than your fingers."
"Please Otto, god, I want you- I need you to fuck me." Y/N begged. "I'll be good, I'll your good- ahhh!"
As Y/an begged suddenly Otto went fully in and thrusted into her pussy. They both moaned loudly at the feeling of being full and tight.
"So good." Y/N slurred. "Better than my dreams."
Otto raised an eyebrow as he heard her confession as well and he bent down and kissed her.
Her eyes widened and she melted into the kiss, his tentacles let go of her wrists, and her hands immediately went around his neck.
She kissed him back with lust and passion, moaning as she bucked her hips up. Otto pulled away and groaned, letting out a deep chuckle.
"You are driving me mad." He said and kissed her again, pulling his hips back and slamming into her.
She screamed out in pleasure as she felt him do it again, and again, and again.
"Oh god yes." She said as he began to thrust into her nonstop, one of her hands went down to her clit and began to rub circles.
She gripped his cock tight, feeling herself coming closer to her high.
"Fuck I'm gonna cum Otto." She whined and he laced his hand around her throat and gentle squeezed.
"Your gonna wait for me, your gonna cum with me because your a good girl, and a good girl would grip my cock and let me fill her up." He said and Y/N nodded, he other hand gripping his arm that was around her throat.
"Please, I want to cum, cum with me Doctor." She said and Otto felt more turned on when she called him that, he began to speed up.
The sound of skin slapping and the bed creaking roared in the room, but neither of them cared. They only focused on each other, and Otto could feel her click on his thighs as he pounded into her.
"I'm gonna cum, dear." He grunted. "Cum with me."
Y/N didn't need to be asked twice and with a jolt, screamed and felt the wave of pleasure wash over her. She shook and used both hands to grab Otto's face and smash her lips onto him.
He kissed her back and felt his ropes of cum coat her walls, he felt his dick cum and thrusted a few times to get it deep inside her.
They pulled apart and both of them were panting, the feeling of the sex pollen was cooling down.
Otto's tentacles let go off her ankles and he immediately pulled out and laid beside her. He draped an arm over her.
"So better than your dreams, huh?" Otto asked with a smirk, Y/N blushed and slapped his arm.
"Same could go for you." Y/N said and now it was Otto's turn to blush and she laughed. "Is that why you were-"
"Ever since Rosie- I- I thought I wasn't good enough, I didn't think you wanted a guy like me- so I kept my distance and waited for these feelings to- to-" Otto was cut off by Y/N kissing him softly.
"It's alright, this probably isn't how we both wanted to start out, coffee would of been nice." She said with a laugh and Otto pulled her close to his chest.
"I think this is way better than coffee." Otto said and she snuggled into him.
As they cuddled, the could feel the pollen's warmth coming back again. They both groaned as their embrace made it better.
"Maybe your right." Y/N said and got up on Otto quickly and stared down at him. "Maybe this is better than coffee."
Otto chuckled darkly and grabbed her hips and sunk his cock into her.
"Darling, you have no idea." He said and she moaned out.
Both of them cried out and were happy that they had the whole night of nothing but pure and ravishing sex.
Y/N was mostly happy that she knocked over that vial, because without it, she surely would of missed out.
Hope you liked this! If you want to give me prompts or suggestions for another preference or one shot let me know! I do Marvel, Star Wars, Doctor Who, and Harry Potter! ✨✨
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tokoyamisstuff · 2 days ago
You: Peter and MJ are trying to play matchmaker with us again… Should we tell them we’re married?
Otto: No, it's more fun this way.
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x-emoloverofthings-x · 2 days ago
I have a small request if thats alright. Headcanons on ottos tentacles interacting with reader, do the different arms act differently around his s/o? I can just imagine them whirring and getting all excite for y/n or picking up y/n if they think they might get hurt djdjsvjsks
omg this is too cute!! i can just imagine them like little snakes coming over to see you!
-when the two of you first started seeing each other, the arms would immediately take a liking to you
-they would come near you, and chirp and whip, but not get close enough to touch you, as if they were shy
-but as the two of you got closer, they would warm up to you
-sometimes they would do this cute thing, where they would push the two of you together and try to get you to kiss
-it was their way of shipping the two of you
-when the two of you did kiss for the first time, they made the cutest little buzzing and chirping sounds
-there were also times when the two of you would cuddle, they would nuzzle up to you and let out a little purring sound
-y/n would pet them, the same way that a person would pet a cat
-basically they just act as cute little pets :)
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mrsdoctoroctopus · a day ago
The Queen’s Maid - King! Otto x female reader
Tumblr media
Authors note: Listen, I'm a slut for a good ol royalty au. Naturally I have to subject y'all to my version of it. Please don't hate me, I definitely wrote Rosie in as the antagonist for this story because it just would work so well. So her character in this story is so far from canon. But I just want to put it out there that I love her so much. Also I’m working on the sequel to “Fresh Air”, so be on the look out for that my dears <333
Summary: You were the dutiful Lady's Maid for Queen Rosalie. You followed every single order she gave you, and fulfilled all of her requests to the best of your abilities. Then when you were done, you kept to yourself. The other maids called you "mouse" because you scurried around, trying to avoid people at all costs. Suddenly you can't go unnoticed when you have caught the eye of the King.
Warnings: Some Rosie slander (it hurt me to write this), more shamelessly flirty Otto, Some steamy kissing 😏😏
The King and Queen's unhappy marriage was no secret to the castle's staff . Maids who were brave enough lingered near their quarters to catch bits and pieces of arguments, only to report back to the rest of them on their findings.
It was only in the public eye where the two were civil. When greeting nobility or hearing the grievances of the peasantry they held a regal air to them. King Otto would place a hand atop Rosalie's for dramatic effect. But most of the maids just knew he did it to get on her nerves. It was quite amusing seeing her hold back her looks of disgust.
You, on the other hand, stayed far away from the gossip as you could. You would simply roll your eyes whenever the scandals of Royals and Nobility were brought into the conversation. As much as you were not in favor of the Queen, you saw no reason to gossip about her like school girls. You simply wanted to play it as safely as you could.
The first few streams of warm morning sun slipped through the cracks where the curtains parted. This left gold streaks scattered about the Queen's quarters, almost in a stripe like fashion. You placed a breakfast tray down at the foot of the bed and made your way over to the curtains. With a gentle tug the curtains gave way to the bright light of the morning, this was the push needed to finally wake the Queen.
"Good morning Queen Rosalie." You murmured softly. "King Otto took his breakfast in his room this morning, so I figured I'd do the same for you." All you received from the Queen was a groggy grunt before she pulled the tray of food close to her. You took this as you cue to get out of there as fast as she could. She would send for you in another hour or so when she was ready to get dressed for the day.
As you made you trek back to the kitchens a maid, by the name of Alice, stopped you in your tracks. The two of you had grown rather close over the years of working in the castle. Especially now that you both were Lady's Maids for the Queen, you got to know each other quite well.
On Alice's face was a rather mischievous grin. You knew that look, she had something to tell you. And you knew it only could mean trouble. "Alice....what is it?" The other maid looked like she was about to burst with excitement. She grabbed your hands and leaned in real close to you so your foreheads were nearly touching. "The King wants to see you! He needs measurements done for clothing he's to wear to the feast he's holding later in the month."
You look at Alice as if she had suddenly sprouted two heads. "Is the seamstress not available?" Alice, still grinning like a madwoman, nodded her head. "Unfortunately she's taken rather ill and needed to find someone to fill her place for now." A look of confusion seemed like it was temporarily etched into your features. "Well don't be too upset Alice...." You remarked sarcastically. But this comment barely seemed to phase her. In fact, she just brushed right past it entirely.
"Anyways, I told the King that you had quite a bit of seamstress experience. Also that you would be perfectly fit for the job! And don't think I haven't seen the way you ogle over him. I'm practically doing you a favor!" You loved Alice, you really did. But it is moments like these that really test that love.
It was true though, you did find yourself admiring the King from the far. He was quite handsome. You thought that you could get off without a soul knowing, but of course Alice picked up on it. Nothing could get by her. "A-Alice I don't know what you're talking about. I-"
"Don't even start with me. He's expecting you in fifteen minutes. So collect your measuring.....stuff, and get your rear over to the King's quarters. Got it?" The rose hued flush that began creeping onto the bridge of your nose and cheeks immediately gave you away. You were too stunned to speak, so you simply nodded your head. "Go on little mouse, scurry away!" The nickname was a loving tease, Alice knew you hated it so she just threw it in there. You couldn't help but roll your eyes at that.
A pair of large wooden doors were all that was keeping you separated from the King. Your heart fluttered wildly against your ribs like a swarm of butterflies. You reached your fist out and gently tapped the door twice with a polite knock. "Come in." A muffled voice said from behind the doors. A voice inside your mind yelled at you to keep it all together. You spent hours upon hours with the Queen. This should've prepared you for the worse, and then some.
You placed a hand upon the intricate golden knob and opened the door for yourself. Once you had gotten further enough into the room, you shut the heavy door behind you. Without missing a beat you dropped into a curtsy. Your head dipped to the floor not daring to make eye contact with the King. "Good morning Your Majesty."
From above you, a hearty chuckle could be heard. "Oh come now Dear, I don't require any of that." You scrambled up from your lowered position and stood up straight. Finally, your eyes met his amber irises. A warm smile spread onto his bearded face. "My, my, what a beauty you are." This was muttered under his breath just loud enough for you to hear.
You cleared your throat trying to clear the tension that was slowly rising in the room. But the soft pink blush that peppered your cheeks gave you away almost immediately. You simply pushed right past his comment. “This won’t take long I promise you. I’ll be out of your hair in no time.” A look of disappointment flashed across the King’s face. “I don’t mind my dear, stay as long as you’d like. It’s quite refreshing to have a new face around here.”
Once more his comment goes ignored. You goal was simple, get in and then get out. From a velvet pouch you pull out a thin measuring tape, a pencil, and a small pad of paper. You place the writing utensil atop a near by table before draping the measuring tape over your shoulders for now. “I just need you to remove your coat so I can get an accurate measurement.”
Before you had ever finished your sentence Otto began taking off his coat. “Well, you move rather fast don’t you. For a woman of few words, you sure do know what you want.” A sigh of frustration puffed out from your taught lips. All of this flirtation and teasing made your head spin. For its massive size, the room felt small. Everything was just too close for your liking.
From where you were standing, his natural scent overwhelmed your senses. Tobacco and leather mingled in the thick air along with the natural flowery-ness of the oils you used in your hair. “You’re trembling.” His voice was lowered to a mere whisper. The observation was correct, so your plans of concealing your nerves failed miserably. “Do I scare you?” Each word was said so delicately. Filled with a softness you didn’t know he could possess.
“I-I….” For a moment you stared up at him. The air left your lungs as you struggled to pulled an answer out of….somewhere. “I’m just nervous, that’s all.” Your voice broke ever so slightly. This earned a soft chuckle from the King. “You’re a breath of fresh air.” You honestly couldn’t tell the sincerity of his words. You were in too much of a state of shock to process anything.
“I see the way you look at me when you think no one is watching. I can see right through you.” You take a step back and shake your head. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. Can we just end this conversation here. I don’t-”
With a few steps he was now only a few inches away from you. He leaned down to meet your height and pressed a hungry kiss to your lips. His thick arms wrapped around your waist, you couldn’t help but melt into his touch. You stood up on your toes to meet his lips, only deepening the kiss. The little pouch your were holding dropped to the floor with a soft thud. Your arms snaked their way around his neck, pulling yourself closer into him.
Your mind clearly had not caught up to your body because in a normal state this would absolutely not be happening.
After your lips were red and raw, you finally pulled away. You couldn’t help but stare up at him in absolute shock of what just happened. His thick brown hair was slightly tussled, a few stray pieces fell down upon his forehead. Otto pulled back as well. He tucked a piece of your own hair behind your ear, but you were sure it was going to take a lot more than that to look presentable once more.
“I hope to be seeing you again my dear.” Just like that Otto was gone. He left yo alone in the middle of his quarters. Yet all you could do was just stand there.
Did that really just happen?
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dreaminrubies · 2 days ago
HI I adore your work so much eek! Anyways just here to request a doc ock x female reader x tasm! peter smut!
Thank you so much!! I've gotten two requests for smut in this verse so let's consider this round one, my dears 😏
Warnings: D/s themes (Otto is Dom af), light bondage, light daddy kink, dirty talk and phone sex under the cut
“Who do you keep texting?” you huffed at Peter, getting annoyed by the constant dinging on his phone.
It wasn’t his fault you were in such a mood. Otto was gone for a few days at a conference and you were missing him. Even worse you were getting needy, and well sometimes when you got needy, you turned into a pouty little brat. Otto was much better at dealing with you in that state then Peter was. Peter looked up at you with wide eyes before his thumbs bounced against the screen.
“Peter! I asked you a question,” you whined and tossed a couch pillow at him. It bounced off his back and flopped onto the floor.
“I heard you! Um, Otto,” Peter replied as he shifted around to face you.
You opened your mouth to yell at him, but Otto’s thick like honey voice spoke through the phone.
“Now, now sweetheart, are you giving our boy a hard time?” he purred.
You hunched your shoulder and pouted. “No.”
“Don’t lie to me, sweetheart.”
“I’m not…..doing it intentionally,” you whispered. That was a bit more honest.
“Much better. Peter take her into the bedroom,” Otto instructed.
Peter hopped onto his feet and offered you his hand. You gave him a sheepish look as you took it and let him guide you. “Ok we’re in the bedroom,” Peter said.
“Perfect. Sweetheart, you’re going to get naked for us then lay down on your back for me on the bed. Peter, my boy, you know what to do,” he said.
You gave Peter a curious look as you stripped down before crawling into the large bed and stretched out on your back. A few moments later, Peter was on top of you, straddling your waist.
“I’m going to use my webs to tie you in place,” he explained, his large hand caressed your cheek.
“Oh,” you moaned and heard Otto’s deep chuckle come over the phone. The sticky yet strong webbing coated your wrists and hands while they bound you to the bed posts.
“Legs nice and wide, sweetheart.”
Peter moved off you and you blushed as you spread your legs wide. It didn’t matter how often they saw you like this, it still made you all hot and bothered and shy.
“Peter?” Otto asked.
“She’s wet, very slick for us,” Peter said before he bent his head down and pressed a kiss to your throbbing clit.
“Oh god,” you whined as you wiggled against the webbing and tried to rock back against Peter’s mouth.
“Very needy too,” Peter chuckled.
“That we already knew, poor thing, I bet she’s been slick the whole day. But she’s bad at using her words, isn’t she, Peter? Just pouts and acts up until she gets what she needs,” Otto purred. Even through the phone, his voice was rich, heavy and pronounced.
Peter gently nibbled at your inner thigh. “Yeah, that sounds just like her,” he whispered against your flesh.
“And what are we going to do with our needy girl, Peter?”
“Make her cum over and over again,” Peter sighed happily before he lifted his head and kissed your tummy.
The whine that left your mouth was downright embarrassing.
“I think that’s a yes,” Peter teased.
“She’s lucky I’m not there. The poor thing wouldn’t be walking or sitting comfortably for awhile,” he chuckled.
“Otto,” you begged.
“Now now, hush, we only want to hear moans out of you or if you need to use your safe word, or I could have Peter web your mouth shut,” Otto warned.
You couldn’t help but pout.
“She’s gonna behave, she’s gonna be good for us,” Peter smiled as he picked up the slim, purple vibe and pressed it against you.
The low, steady vibrations made you arch your back and you did your best to bite back a low moan. You hated giving in so easily.
“Does that feel good, baby girl?” Otto cooed.
You didn’t respond right away so Peter gave your thigh a very gentle pinch. “Daddy asked a question, baby,” he smiled before he kissed the spot.
“Yes, daddy, it feels good,” you panted as you rocked against the toy.
“Good girl, you just need to cum over and over again until your brain shuts off,” Otto purred as Peter played with the speeds, watching your thighs tremble. Your clit twitched with pleasure.
“Pleaseeeeee,” you begged, not caring about Otto’s no talking rule. You always pushed a bit if he wasn’t present, Peter was a sweet puppy who would give you whatever you wanted.
You were quite surprised when Peter’s hand lightly wrapped around your throat and squeezed.
“You’re not supposed be talking, princess, be a good girl,” he warned you lowly. Oh what the hell was that? Your stomach clenched and you weren’t sure how much longer you could hold it off. The vibrations were heavy against your clit.
“Very well done, Peter, count to five slowly then our girl can have her release,” Otto instructed.
As Peter began the countdown, he kissed your bare skin between the numbers. By the time he reached five, you wasted zero time as you release, your toes curling as you soaked the vibe.
“Perfect, my darling, but we’re just getting started,” Otto chuckled darkly.
Tag list: @hauntedforsst @anteroom-of-death @milfodyssey @laneygthememequeen @shangchiswife @anastasiyax
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jedislut · a day ago
Night Shift
THIS IS AN 18+ PIECE OF FICTION. please do not read on if you are underage or uncomfortable with NSFW fanfiction!!!
Tumblr media
[warnings:] Mean Dom! Doc Ock, dub-con (?), smutty smutty smut smut, cumplay, degradation, degrading nicknames, male recieving oral, female receiving oral, unprotected sex, P in V sex, no aftercare, AFAB reader (didnt massively use gendered language but mentions of things like pussy, babygirl, etc.)
wordcount: 3.5K
hey hey hey everyone!! thanks for all the patience on this one, i enjoyed writing it so much !! (probably a little too much if you know what i mean LOL) ENJOY!!!
you padded to the kitchen to get a drink. studying for this stupid project had you hunched over and stressed out for the past hour, chewing pen lids and frantically typing on your computer about all sorts of things you didn’t understand, so it was high time you go and stretch out.
you closed your eyes and rolled your neck after taking a sip, happy to feel the cold water sliding down your throat. You loved what you did, but sometimes on nights like this you wished you could make it all vanish and think about something else. You topped up your glass, and reluctantly headed back to your room. 
You let out a deep sigh as you pushed open the door, knowing you had far too much to do in too little time before your deadline in a couple days.
'What's wrong, darling?'
You froze. your blood went cold as a deep voice crept out of the dark corner of your room.
you didn't realise you had dropped your glass until you felt cold water hit your now boiling skin, the crash of the glass snapping you out of your frozen state. you opened your mouth to scream, but before you could even draw in a breath to your lungs, a hard metal claw had managed to snap itself around your soft cheeks, the fat bulging around its hard edges.
'I've been watching you for a while. Watching you walk around in barely anything. Letting just about anyone walk through these doors, just to leave you disappointed. You gave me no choice but to help you… I know you, I know this is what you want,'
Your tears had started to slip down your flushed skin and hit the metal.
As he was talking, he started to step into the light cast by the one lamp on your desk. you shook in fear and anticipation with the sound of his hard boots hitting the floor.
'I know you,' he repeated, 'and you will soon come to realise that I can take everything from you. So try not to scream, I'd really rather not hurt you.' 
He was huge. 6'2 and made of muscle and fat, so much so that it seemed like he was ten times the size of you, and the way he was looking at you... it's like he could've devoured you.
You stared into his Hazel eyes as he stood a foot away from you. Slowly his mechanical arm detached itself from your face and as it did, another more human arm came up to gently rub the red marks left in your jaw.
'Who the fuck are you and how did you get in here?' you whispered, mainly because you felt like you wouldn't be able to raise your voice if you tried.
He didn't answer. Instead he lightly tapped your face with a smirk and walked over to your notes that were covering every conceivable surface in your room. You watched him as he mulled around, sometimes stopping to read your writing and mutter something about you being very bright under his breath. A heat came to your cheeks as you were being praised, every part of you incredibly confused by this entire interaction. You should be more scared!! There's a fucking cyborg man who just told you he could kill you walking around your room, and here you are lapping up praise like a needy schoolgirl.
While you still wouldn't dare move a muscle, terrified of the behemoth man in your space, you found yourself taking a moment to stare inquisitively at his tentacles. Your brain didn't want to absorb the fact that this man was clearly half robot, and that those robots seemed to have a life of their own; one keeping its beady red center focused on you at all times, while the other three floated around the man's figure, dressed in a black roll neck and some pressed black slacks, held up by a simple but smart belt, the whole ensemble so simple it seemed the kind of thing that would actually cost hundreds of dollars. 
As he moved past you, you inhaled softly, unable to ignore the smell of worn leather, the muskiness of sweat and cigar smoke filling your lungs. 
After what felt like an eternity, he decided to move his attention back to you.
As slowly as he paced around your room, he started to move towards you, not moving his eyes off of yours. He stood close enough to you that you felt his breath moving the peach fuzz on your cheek. He leant in so his lips were ghosting against the shell of your ear as he whispered;
'You don't know this yet. But you will come to have my name burned in every corner of your mind. In every atom of your body, you will find me. You will never be able to escape how good I can make you feel; in every partner you will look for me.'
His voice made every hair on your body stand on end, and the fear you felt started to transform into a heat in your stomach and a tingle in your clit.
' You may call me Otto. '
A small gasp came from your parted lips.
The silence stretched on forever as every part of you came alive under his gaze.
His gloved hand came up and he traced his finger down your neck, leaving a trail of goosebumps and desire.
'Say it,' he commanded.
You attempted to speak, but nothing came out of your suddenly parched throat. It took you swallowing and gently clearing your throat before you could even start to make a noise.
As the word passed your plush lips, a smile crept onto his. Suddenly, his mouth was on yours and you were breathing each other in and his hand was on your neck and in your hair. His metal arms had started to surround you and their bright red eyes interrogated every inch of your body.
His hands were fucking everywhere and yours traveled up his arms, where you felt muscle rippling under his feverish skin. You went on like this for what felt like hours until he pushed you violently onto your bed. His hands messily ripped your very few items of clothing off your body while you panted under his touch. 
He was muttering under his breath that you belong to him, and though you were pretty sure this strange man was slightly insane, every word he said lit you on fire.
His touch felt its way up your leg while you shook in anticipation. He stared at your slick pussy with a shit eating grin on his mouth, ‘I knew you wanted this, you fucking slut’.
With that, he pressed his flat palm over your entire area, the warmth making you roll into his contact with a string of swear words falling from your mouth. 
‘Remember slut, I want to hear my name,’ he spoke with an edge of warning hidden behind his words. 
You started to beg: ‘please Otto, please! I need you to fuck me, I need you to touch me… please Otto, I need to feel you inside of me!’
He grabbed you and pulled you up until you on the same eye level, ‘If you are going to be so fucking desperate, you can wait. I asked to hear my name, not a monologue’. He punctuated his sentence by dropping you without warning, making your knees buckle under the sudden pressure of your weight. 
His metal appendages were behind you in an instant, wrapped around your arms, keeping you in place on the floor while you stared up at the doctor. 
He removed one glove with his teeth so that he could undo his trousers and free his bulging dick from their prison of fabric. He smiled down at your shocked reaction when his huge cock bounced in front of your eyes, and a small ‘oh shit,’ escaped without thinking. 
He called your attention back to his eyes with a click of his fingers, and while placing his leather gloves back onto his thick, tanned fingers, he spoke; ‘I want you to take all of me. I don’t want you to make a single fucking sound. Got it, baby?’ you nodded, the fear you felt earlier creeping back into your body when you realised that you have no way out of this huge man and his huge cock about to seemingly split you in two.
With that, he placed one huge hand on the back of your head, and used the other hand to open your mouth and collect as much spit as he could from you, using it to lube up his veiny dick before pushing your head forward so that you could wrap your mouth around the already leaking head. 
The sustained growl you heard coming from deep in his throat sent a shiver straight down your back and into your slick heat. 
You closed your eyes and bobbed your head over his tip, using your tongue to swirl around and lick the underside of his shaft. The more you fit into your mouth the more he groaned and swore at you, calling you all sorts of combinations of degrading names. You could hear the blood rushing past your ears as you started to lose breath, but all you wanted to do was please the man who had you at his mercy. 
You pulled away when his grip faltered on your head for a moment, using the few precious seconds to try and get as much air into your lungs as you could, your jaw slack and your lidded eyes staring up at him. 
‘Come on baby, I know you can do better than that, huh?’, with that, he pushed his entire length into you, making your nose hit his pubes, letting you breathe in his sweaty and earthy scent, while he rutted into the back of your throat. His fingers dug into your scalp, tangling in your hair, and you were thankful he kept his gloves on because you almost think he'd cut your skin with the pressure if it weren't for the extra layer.
As you choked around him, you could feel him getting more and more desperate, his thrusts getting deeper and more erratic while your spit ran down your chin and started to hit your thighs in cold pools. Just as you started to feel your vision cloud, and your sight starting to gain little black spots, he snapped his hips hard and fast into your throat, swearing through his gritted teeth and tipping his head back. The metal tentacles tightened around you and you felt his warm cum shoot into your mouth and throat. You had to squeeze your eyes to stop yourself from coughing or making noise when the sudden warm sensation hit you. 
He sighed deeply and contently, slowly pulling out of your soft mouth. He smiled wickedly down at you. 
‘Good little cumslut, you took me so well baby,’ he purred at you with his hoarse, lust-filled voice. 
The constricting metal arms loosened around you as he knelt down at your level, taking a moment to watch you gasp and try to get your vision back to normal. The warm cum had started to drip out of your mouth as you desperately tried to breathe. He tutted at you, and used his huge leather-clad fingers to scoop up the cum from your chin and thighs and place it back onto your quivering tongue. 
‘Stupid little slut, we don’t want to waste this stuff do we? We need you full up, my gorgeous whore’. 
You swallowed all his salty semen and nodded at his words, sucking the remainder off of his gloves as he cooed insults into your foggy brain. 
He placed himself back into his trousers and with the assistance of his metal appendages, he picked you up and placed you on your bed, face up with your ass hanging off the edge. His warm hands held open your soft thighs and he peppered kisses into your inner thigh. You were certain he could feel the heat radiating off of your cunt, you were so desperate for any contact that you started to roll your hips slightly. 
‘Only because you took me so well, I am going to let you cum. You hear me baby? I want you to cum on my face and show me how much you need me,’ 
‘Yes Otto, Thank you thank you thank you’, you mumbled, still in a blissful state from the force of what he had just done to you. 
He laughed at you, and licked a gentle, flat stripe up the entire length of your pussy. 
‘Fffffffuuuckk Otto,’ you groaned down to him as he continued torturing you with his soft, wet tongue. 
He replaced his hands with metal claws on your thighs, pushing you open further and snaking one arm onto your stomach to get better leverage on you as he fucked you with his mouth. 
You jutted your hips into him and gasped when his aquiline nose hit your clit and sent a shot of pure pleasure through your entire body. 
You keened highly when suddenly he removed himself from your cunt. Propping yourself up onto your elbows to watch what he was doing, he rose to meet your face. Just as you opened your mouth to beg him to touch you again, you felt two of his huge gloved fingers slip into you without any resistance, immediately hitting your g spot with ease. 
You screamed out as he started fucking you, hard, with his skilled fingers. He curled up into you with expert precision, it was like he had done this a million times before with you. 
He swallowed your moans by attaching his mouth to yours and kissing you so passionately that you almost could've cum right there and then. Everything he was doing to you was sending you fucking mad, your eyes fell backwards and tears started to fall onto your cheeks for the second time in god knows how long. 
‘That's it baby, I know, I know,’ he cooed as he moved back in between your legs.
He carried on pumping his girthy fingers into you as he swirled circles around your clit, the pressure building in you by the second. You arched your back and your hands shot down to grab his thick black curls as you scrambled for anything to give you something to hold on to.
As you pulled his hair in your fists, he dug his fingers into the soft flesh of your tummy, the metal claws almost piercing your skin with the sudden change in his emotion. 
He growled so loudly and possessively into you that you felt the vibration in your core. 
He fucked you harder and harder until everything went white and you couldn't even hear the scream coming out of your open mouth or feel the tears rolling down your cheeks. Your whole body arched into his touch and shook under his every movement, as he continued fucking you through your orgasm, wanting to taste every drop of your cum.
‘Holy fucking shit Otto,’ you panted, ‘who the fuck are you?’
The aftershocks spasmed through you sporadically, making the doctor chuckle every time, every now and again getting a small ‘fucking pathetic’ from him as he watched you try to regain control over your body. 
He brought his hand up to your mouth and you graciously accepted it and licked all your cum off of him, smiling around his warm fingers.
Once he decided you had enough recovery time, he simply commanded you to ‘Get up. Now’.
On shaky legs like a fawn, you stood in front of him. He rose to his full height and started to walk towards you, his chest pushing into you and causing you to stumble backwards until you were pressed up against the cold wall, the cyborg man staring down at you with a dark expression. 
‘Turn around for me, slut,’ 
Obviously, you weren't moving fast enough for his liking, because he rolled his eyes and grabbed your hips, flipping you around until your face pressed into the wall and your ass was pressing into his crotch. 
‘You see how fucking hard you made me? You need to take care of this, okay?’
You nodded against the wall and as you heard him unzipping his trousers once again, you heard the whirring of metal moments before you felt claws gripping each of your ankles and wrists, fastening you in your place. 
The cold edges pressed into your skin as his hands roamed your body, grabbing your soft skin, cupping your ass as it pressed into him. Groans escaped him without hesitation as he remarked how beautiful you were. His huge digits eventually settle, one on your throat and one guiding his hard erection through your folds. You shook as your hole clenched, wanting to swallow his length in and be pumped full of him. 
He traced the head of his cock over your clit, both of you letting out shaky breaths at the feeling. 
Without warning, he pushed his entire dick into you, eliciting a scream from you and a feral growl from him as he bottomed out, his tummy hitting your back.
he stayed like this for a minute, savouring the feeling of your cunt quivering around him, begging for stimulation. Slowly, he pulled out and pushed back in, hitting your cervix with a gorgeous ache. Although you were shivering from the cold, you felt heat creeping from your cheeks down onto your chest. He pumped into you slowly while gently rolling your nipple in between his hands.
Those fucking gloves.
‘Oh god, fuck me oh God’ you moaned out between his fastening strokes. 
‘There's no God here, sweetheart. Or have you just forgotten. My. Fucking. Name? Huh?,’ He snapped his hips into yours harder with each word. 
‘Oh fuck! Fuck me Otto-’ You wept out, losing control over your raspy voice with every stroke he fucked deep into you, a fizzing sensation rising in your belly as he hit your spot over and over again until your screams of his name turned into unintelligible yells and moans. 
His grip tightened around your neck and his hand slid down from where it was gripping your waist to rub messy circles into your clit. You keened out into the cold air, every noise you made making him lose more of his composure every second. 
Your hands balled into fists as the metal arms held you tighter into the wall. The steel dented your walls with the pressure, but you couldn't give less of a fuck. 
‘Holy fuck, my gorgeous little kitten.. Your pussy is fucking dripping for me. You couldn't have fucking kept me away from you if you tried’ he breathed into your ear, making your head tip back and rest on his thick arm as it bent you back towards his chest. 
His fingers rubbing into your clit got rushed, and his thrusts got faster and harder. 
‘Please Otto, please, I’m gonna fucking cum- don’t stop!,’ you screamed while a heat spread over every muscle in your body.
‘Don’t you fucking dare, you don’t deserve to, Slut’ he barked at you, snapping you out of your building orgasm and making you desperately try to stave off the feeling of ecstasy in your cunt. 
He thrust into you hard; once, twice, three times, before you felt a warmth ooze into you. 
You groaned as tears fell down your cheeks from the loss of your orgasm, shaking like a leaf in his arms.
He stayed inside you for a while, both of you breathing in each others air: you with your sweaty forehead pressed into the cool wall, and him resting his head against your back. 
After a moment, he pulled out of you slowly. 
The vice grip he had on your arms and legs loosened as you collapsed onto the floor, legs shaking under you. He composed himself before crouching in front of you. He stared into your eyes and pushed his fingers into your throbbing pussy. Your eyes rolled back into your head, overstimulated and frankly, fucking exhausted, as he curled his fingers up into you and collected as much of his warm cum onto his fingers as he could. He placed the liquid onto your tongue, making you clean him off for the second time that night, before kissing you, spreading the salty flavours between your tongues. 
He pulled away from you and placed his wet glove onto your reddened cheek, slightly squishing your face under his strong fingers. 
You attempted to keep your gaze on him as he placed you onto your bed, but you were fast losing your ability to stay awake. 
‘I'll see you soon, Baby.’ you hear him taunt, while you slip into an exhausted slumber. 
The only thing you saw as you tried to keep your eyes open was your curtains gently blowing in the light breeze made by your open window.
[taglist:] @bdffkierenwalker   @i-am-dead-inside-666
Thank you so much for supporting my writing!! if you enjoyed this, comment your username to be added to my taglist :) thanks!
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docockbrainrot · 2 days ago
Otto/Reader suggestions, you say? Otto and Reader playing a card/board game, maybe?
thank you!!! they're so cute :)
The snow comes down with heavy gusts of wind rattling the trees and whistling through the buildings, the street lights reflecting off the swirling frozen precipitation. You let the curtain fall back in place in front of the window from where you were holding it open to peek outside and turn back to Otto with a sly grin. “Well… looks like you aren’t going anywhere any time soon, huh?”
He looks displeased, but not ready to argue with you. “It’ll pass by morning, I’m sure,” comes his grumbled reply, resigning himself to reclining against the sofa cushion with an inconvenienced sigh. You watch him from the doorway for a moment before glancing at the window again, then back to him.
“Since you’re gonna be hanging out… wanna play a game?”
Otto looks immediately like he wants to shoot you down, but he must see the hopeful light in your eyes because he simply shrugs noncommittally. “I’m not really one for… games,” he admits, but one of the actuators seems to perk up and he looks over at it. “Ah… We want to play cards.” He says when he meets your gaze again, a faint smile tugging at his lips. Surprise has your eyebrows raising slightly, but you nod and hold up a finger to indicate that you’ll be right back before making the dash down the hallway.
You spend a few moments rummaging through the closet where you keep all kinds of odds and ends, finally locating the deck of cards you had hidden away for moments such as these. Well, maybe not exactly like these. You had never foreseen playing any kind of silly game with a supervillain who was snowed in at your apartment, but life can be funny that way.
“Okay, uh…” You return to the living room, sliding the cards from their sleeve and plopping yourself down on the floor across the coffee table from Otto, who leans forward with his elbows on his knees. “How about um… Go Fish?” you offer weakly and he laughs genuinely at that.
“Sure, sure, Go Fish it is.”
With his approval, you shuffle the deck and start dealing out the appropriate cards, unable to keep from feeling equal parts giddy and very silly. You hold up your hand of cards and look at him over the top of them. He’s arranging his hand in some manner of sorting system, smacking away one of the actuators that tries to take creative liberty of moving them around itself. You find yourself smiling again.
This could take all night.
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smokeyshawarma · a day ago
I loved your short reader and Otto! Could you please write something like that again but maybe reader always climbs counters to reach for snacks and Otto always has to bring her down and gets worried she'll fall😂 i feel like Otto would be like "i have 4 extra arms...ASK FOR HELP"😂
Glad you loved the HC dump, hun! Honestly, Otto’s so fun to write for and enjoy today’s HC dump!! 🥺
This is somewhat of a part 2 of this post featuring Otto and his short S/O, if you’re wondering!
Reader pronouns: She/her
Warning: FLUFF FLUFF FLUFF, Reader’s short (Below 5’6 in terms of height)
Tumblr media
You know, you’re always pissed by how the snacks are always stored on the higher shelves.
Otto could reach them with ease because of his towering 6’2 height, but you on the other hand had to climb the counters or have someone else take it for you.
I mean, come on, the counter provides you with the height required to reach the shelves, right? 😂
Even then, you have to be very careful so that you don’t drop anything from the counter or fall down from it and most of the time you do it when Otto’s not looking.
If he catches you on the act? Oh man, he’s going into Protective Doc mode in an instant as he just wants you to be safe and unharmed.
”What are you doing there, Y/N?” ”I’m just trying to pick up a snack, it’s no big deal!” ”No big deal? You can fall down and turn it into a big deal just because you broke an arm or something like that, you know?“
The thing is, Otto doesn’t really like it if you do it alone because he fears you may hurt yourself. He can’t bear to see you hurt like that at all, so he’d rather help you than let you constantly climbing up the counter and possibly injuring yourself.
“Come on, sunshine. I have 4 extra arms that’s more than open to help you any time!” he boasted, the claws opening and closing one by one. ”God, I hate you.” you replied jokingly, shaking your head at him.
If you ever fell down, Otto will immediately approach you to make sure if there’s any visible injuries or not.
Whenever you’re injured, you’ll be most likely be sitting on somewhere like the couch or bed so that he takes care of the stuff you want.
At first it’s hard to get used to his protectiveness because of how stubborn you are, but you soon understood his kind intentions as he just wants his significant other to be safe 🥺💖
[SINISTER FIVE TAGLIST] @softimaginescity @darknymite @doopdevil
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softimaginescity · 16 hours ago
Be Still My Foolish Heart (Don't Ruin This on Me) | Otto Octavius x fem!Reader
<... Previously | Chapter 2
Your interest in cello music begins to grow and soon enough, you propose a request to the good doctor. But, as the on going snow storm begins to kick up... Will you have time to enjoy his work?
(Fic concept by my dear friend, @samatedeansbroccoli 😌🤲🏻)
Tag list: @smokeywhalee @stupid-stinky @busybeingtrash @momos-peaches @pinkieperil @amongpresidents @bimboshaggy @nanjalee @mickeyperkins @tolovaj @omgbrainstorming @bad-bitch-bisexual (tag list open to additions! Or, lmk if you want off, all good!)
tags: slow burn, music au
Otto comes storming into his apartment. Covered in snow and filled with indignant rage, the doctor shrugs the snow off his shoulders, slamming down his things.
Some days are almost enough to make him want to quit. Hardly two days into his work week, and already Osborn has managed to piss him off to the core. You'd think the man owned him, like a piece of machinery or a simple minded dog, the way he treats him.
But... As much as he might like, he can't leave.
No because, genius as he is... He has no funding. Nowhere to go.
He needs a successful project, and the payment that comes with it, if he ever wants to get out from under Norman's thumb. Hmp, and he suspects Osborn knows it too...
Is this all part of the plan? The constant heckling and annoyance... Does Osborn think he doesn't know he can't leave? Is this a push to force him out, humiliate him, then have him come crawling back? But what good would that serve? Aside from stroking Norman's ego.
Bah, this is just the problem.
Mind games.
It's always something with him. Always some strange and ulterior motive that only benefits Norman Osborn. And if not him directly, then his damnable corporation.
Ha, maybe he should go to one of his competitors... That would be the perfect set back. But then... No to that too. He's invested too much time in his current work. His work that's saturated with the Oscorp copyright on the blueprints.
Amidst all his raving, the doctor seems to have found his way to his stool.
There stands his cello, faithful and faultless. It's his only true company these days. He does have some good news though. Last night, he managed to snag himself a pillow for the hard wooden seat.
It's a chair covering that he... Borrowed, from Oscorp. He has since defaced it enough that it has become truly his own. No longer does it remind him of the hell he comes here to escape.
The doctor nudges open a little box and takes out some oils for his bow. With a slow, meticulous hand, he prepares the string for another show. He must admit, he hasn't been as good to his instrument as he should. Not enough cleaning, not enough polish... But no more.
It has become his only companion. His only escape from the wretched outside world...
And as the snow continues to fall in it's steady waves, he fears more and more that he will be forced to rely on it soon.
You mutter a curse, throwing down your pencil into your notebook. The glow of your laptop illuminates your face and the blanket covering your head and shoulders. Damn this class. And damn this homework.
Bio chemistry is killing you. Why oh why do you need this class?
You fall back against your couch, alone in the dark. With a dejected sigh, you close your eyes to relax. There's no possibility of putting it off, it's due by midnight. You check the clock on your computer.
Barely even halfway done the assignment, and only two hours left.
A distraction sounds nice, but... You surely can't afford one right now. So... you wait. Maybe some rest will do you a service. You sit in silence, until...
The sound of music wafts in.
It's slow and sad and bassy. Relaxing and a little mysterious, with a tinge of a romantic quality. Eyes closed, you sigh deeply, sinking back into your seat.
There's that secretive neighbor of yours again.
While it's true you haven't been living here long, you find it a little strange you haven't seen him yet. He leaves early in the morning, just a little bit before you leave for campus. Then, he only ever seems to come back late, late at night.
A part of you has these fantastical ideas about him. What he might look like or what he does for work. Or... maybe he's just like everyone else around here. A shitty job and a mundane life. You huff a laugh.
Not too unlike yourself then.
The concerto continues and after one or two songs, you feel a renewed energy. Perhaps these questions aren't so daunting. You work in peace, still putting up a fight with your homework, but at least you feel more relaxed.
By some miracle, you're finished at last before the dead line. Your mysterious neighbor stopped playing over half an hour ago, but that's alright. Instead, you substituted his absence with some Cello music of your own. The music through the speakers doesn't quite feel the same, but it's enough.
Better then the damnable silence at least.
Even after the work is done... You leave the playlist running for a little while more. A few songs peak your interest here and there and you casually file them away into a personal playlist for later.
One song however, stands out to you like none of the rest.
Maybe it's the deep vibrato. Maybe it's the tasteful touch of singing and the singers rich, bassy voice that makes it that much more stirring... Whatever it may be, you can say with confidence that the way its rousing timbre makes your heart skip a beat and your chest swell with emotion before the end definitely has something to do with it.
You put it on repeat, and each time it never seems to lose its luster.
Then... It gives you a bold idea.
You tear off a scrap of notebook paper and jot down the name of the song and artist. Not but a few seconds later, you behold your work. Then... A mite of doubt begins to creep in.
As much as you'd love for your talented neighbor to perform this piece... You're afraid it'd be asking too much. After all, it's not as though you know one another. Then again... He doesn't have to know it's from you...
And if he wants to disregard it, you'd be none the wiser, right? Yes. Yes...
For now you hold onto it, storing it carefully on a nearby table. Perhaps tomorrow you'll make your delivery.
And that's just what you do.
In the morning, on your way out to class, you slip the paper sheet under the door and go on your way. He's long gone for whatever job he works by this hour. At least that fills you with some confidence regarding the preservation of your anonymity.
Later that afternoon, the doctor slams open his front door with a growl. Money, funding, and contracts be damned. He has half a mind to never go back to Oscorp again.
Why oh why is that bastard so insistent on antagonizing him? It's not his fault Norman's damn military project is failing. How is he at fault simply because his project is succeeding instead?
With even greater force then before, Otto shuts the door with wicked strength, the bang of wood echoes all along the barren hallway.
Fucking egotist. It's always about making Norman fucking Osborn look good. Not Oscorp. Not the hard working men and women contracted there within. Always... fucking... hi-
The doctor jumps straight up with a yelp.
In the wake of his abused door, a small sheet of paper flys up in the air. It passes up past his head, then flutters slowly towards the ground. With only a few clumsy misses, the doctor frantically snatches it out of the air.
Please don't be more bills... He's very much not in the mood.
Otto adjusts his glasses, pushing them back up his long, crooked nose as he scrutinizes the shred of paper. In quick, excitedly scribbled hand writing is a note. A... request.
The doctor's heart flutters with surprise and excitement all his own. He's been playing for so many years, and never before has he received an actual request for his music. Sadly, he's a bit more use to being told to quiet down.
Suddenly, it crosses his mind that whomever it was who left him his note, could very well have been near enough to listen in on his little tantrum moments before. Sheepishly, he peaks outside of his door. Empty.
Well then, perhaps not.
Like a child on Christmas day, he hurries back into his home, excitedly re-reading your note. He's never heard of this song before, meaning it must be contemporary. That puts a doubt in his mind of it's quality, but he'll give anything a try at least once. With a little research...
Ah. The doctor scoffs. He doesn't know where you found this song, but the one by the particular artist you named seems to be a cover. An English cover that is, of the original Spanish version. Undoubtedly an attempt to appeal to a greater audience, but nothing can beat the splendor of a song sung in it's native language. Although...
He that's not to say he can really sing, per say...
Well, he could if he tried of course, but effort alone hardly equates to skill. Still, the doctor shakes his head free of such thoughts. He still has yet to actually hear the piece.
But, after giving it a fair chance... He can understand why you might like this song so much.
The doctor replays it again, this time with his bow and cello and hand. Otto gives it a moment so he can pick up on the melody, then plays along soon enough. The first try isn't as perfect as he'd hoped, but he is pleased to find that his ear for picking up chords and rhythms is just as good as ever. With a little more practice, he finds he can play through the whole thing with ease.
And on that final, perfect playthrough, his heart pounds with pride as he saws the last note.
This is just what he needed, a brand new challenge. Something to get his mind off of-
The doctor's thoughts are interrupted by the insistent ringing of his phone. With a groan he rolls his eyes and goes to check it. His suspicions on the caller's identity are proven correct. It's work. Of course they want him back, especially after he stormed out early...
It rings and rings and rings... The doctor's eyes are transfixed on the little answer symbol. His sense of integrity demands he pick up, but his pride begs to differ. Why should he come at Norman's every beck and call? He's his own man with his own life.
No. Whatever it is, it'll have to wait.
The doctor tosses the little device onto the couch where it mercifully rings its last.
He turns back to his cello and music. You know, it's rather lucky you picked this song to send his way... He knows quite a few languages, Spanish being one of his favorites. Thankfully there isn't much singing in this song, as there shouldn't be, but what is in there he believes he can manage.
He's heard enough by now that he has the simple lyrics committed pretty solidly to memory. With a great clearing of the throat, it's all the warm up he intends to do. Starting out quietly for the first singing play through, he thinks he does decently enough.
For now, he gives it one more playthrough to do everything in one go before taking a well deserved break.
Throughout all this practicing, have yet to have heard a single note. No, you've been far too busy fighting your way through the absolute blizzard that's kicked up since this morning.
The snow has been off and on for the past couple days, but this seems to be the one last great hurrah of it all.
You don't get home until much later then normal. So much so that you almost wonder if you'll run into your neighbor on his way home as well. No such luck however.
By the time you're safely inside your apartment, you're frozen to the bone. You've long forgotten about your musical request earlier today, and to be quite honest... Right now you don't care.
Your fingers tremble and ache, burning with dryness and numb with chill all at the same time, you reach for the light switch to click it on. Nothing happens. Frantic and frustrated, you click the light back and forth, on and off, several more times before finally admitting defeat.
You walk a little deeper into the room only to see that all your plugged in appliances and electronics are offline. Does that mean... You race over to the vent above your couch. It should be spewing hot air as usual, but... Despite your desperate dance of stretching and waving in an attempt to catch any warmth... The vent is perfectly quiet.
Of course you should've expected that the wiring in this place wouldn't hold out forever... But you didn't quite think it would give out now, of all times. You run about and test a few more things. You have running water at least, but it's freezing cold. No shower tonight, you suppose.
With no end in sight for the winter storm, you gather up a mass of blankets and perch yourself on your trusty couch. You know... There's still homework to be done. You groan and flop down on the cushions allowing the weight of the blankets to smother you.
In all honesty, you're not sure if you'll be able to get the work all done before your laptop dies...
Fine then. Resolutely, you decide to shun the work. With one little email sent out over data waves, you relax at last. Well... As much as one can when faced with the freezing cold.
Your fingers and even now your toes, have long since gone numb. No amount of shivering or tightening of blankets seems to make a difference. But what else can you do? With nothing and no one to draw a source of warmth from... It would appear you'll have to hold on and hope.
You huddle one of your many blankets up over nose. Your ribs themselves feel cold and shake ceaselessly. The freezing numbness in the tip of your nose does not surprise you.
Before long, you drag yourself over to the kitchen, blanket now doing even less to warm you. Damn, you're hungry... But only now does it dawn on you that you have no means of cooking any of your frozen meals.
Now you're starting to panic. F-fuck... Maybe you'd be better off trying to sleep through this all? Hard to think of even when you can't stop shaking though....
Suddenly, a knock at your door startles you out of your thoughts.
Hmp, good. Maybe it's the land lord come to explain when the power will be restored. You hop across the freezing floor. Not that it's temperature matters, considering you've lost all feeling below your shins.
Your hands no longer hurt, in fact they don't feel anything at all, as the flex and grasp for the door handle. With a bit of effort, you open the stuck door wide. But it's not the land lord waiting for you. A large man in a thick sweater stands nervously before you.
"Ahem", the doctor clears his throat, "uh, a-are you cold? I have some hot soup going if you'd like"
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reuripotte · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Doctor Otto Octavius
What if Alfred Molina's version of Otto Octavius ​​was the same as the cartoon?
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simpingfordocock · a day ago
just realized I can write down my silly little doc ock/otto octavius scenarios here instead of keeping them inside my brain-
Tumblr media
(these are heavily inspired by Office Hours With a Supervillain by Meemoze on AO3, but only in the study sessions and helping at the lab parts. it's the first slow burn fic i read with otto x reader and it makes me real soft)
A/N: these are purely fluff and more domestic scenarios. these take place at the beginning of the fic where we have student (age 20)/teacher relationship and then evolves to friends and then friends that hold hands and go on dates and almost are a couple. none of these will go further than a kiss on the hand. ill probably make another one of these thats a spicy version
Otto Octavius study sessions:
• I make a safe playlist for Otto and I to enjoy. either sharing earbuds or played softly in an empty library or his lab. having music helps fill the silence, but it doesn't cover any frustrated/focused/excited studying sounds:) (Otto Octavius, made by ME)
• i also make a NOT SAFE playlist for my own private enjoyment (Doc Ock, made by ME as well)
• imagine he is setting up the music one day, knowing doc ock is his work nickname with the extra arms protect, and he sees the Doc Ock playlist. obviously he's going to check it out or at least ask about it. what would I say???
"hahah that's another version of our study playlist but it's got more songs. our normal playlist is softer and much less cursing and that's TOTALLY the ONLY difference. don't scroll through it haha.👁👁💧"
• IMAGINE before Otto knows our playlist is his name- I bring my Alexa speaker to his lab and say "Alexa, resume my most recent playlist please" AND SHE SAYS "p l a y i n g 'Otto Octavius' p l a y l i s t :)"
• so then I have to explain to Otto and it goes a little something like this:
Otto: 👁👁 was that my name?
Me: yes. I made you a playlist. its not FOR you in terms of messages, but it is your vibes. lots of soft nice songs and then a few musical numbers and upbeat songs thrown in for spice.
Otto: im soft? :'^)
• also imagine i misclick and add a super segsual song to Otto Octavius instead of Doc Ock. the song starts playing and I have to shush it audibly as I scramble to skip the song and delete it from the playlist. panic mode. I'm specifically thinking of "s3x with a ghost", "cpr", "verbatim", or "cult of dionysus". there's plenty of others that would work for this too, but those just come right out with it.
• i don't like studying, but you know damn well I'm gonna show up to our study sessions every chance I get.
• if im not in the studying mood I am secretly drawing him and having to hide half of the page under my sleeves cuz my drawing hyperfixation of the month is big t!ddie men torsos and most of them just so happen to be HIS t!ddies.
• he isn't blind of course and has defs seen bits of the secret sketches and notices me glancing at him often as a reference. with his stupid perfect turtlenecks and big coats being part of the main attraction. he sees me hiding my art and of course he doesn't push about it since I'm keeping it secret for my own reasons.
• one day when I leave for a quick break Otto gets curious and sneaks a peek of my sketchbook to find HELLA t!ts and pages upon pages of body studies that start with mega muscle men (tits AND muscles study) and then shift to his softer body type (with and without clothes but I never dared to go below the belt on the w/out ones. yikes). by this point I've probably seen him wearing the actuators and have drawn a few action scenes with them. I've definitely done a full body one and labeled the arms with their proper names (Larry, Harry, Flo, and Moe) and functions.
• he confesses that he looked at my sketchbook eventually and tells me how amazing they are and that he's flattered i think he's a suitable drawing reference. he's very shy about it and apologizes for looking without my permission.
• Now that he KNOWS about it all, i open up a bit more and share my goals with him. I go through my sketchbook and talk about everything i like about the drawings and then what i need to work on to further my study of the body.
• I tell him i want to practice drawing faces and expressions. drawing people in person is my favorite thing because they move a lot and it forces me to draw fast. capturing movement and having a general reference instead of a picture ref makes the sketches more lively.
• I am to scared to draw his face because what if i get his energy wrong and it looks bad?? but he comforts me by saying
"if you get it wrong the first time, just keep going until you've got it right. thats how we learn. - Now, i'm not meaning to pressure you and you certainly don't have to draw ME if you don't want to, but i'd be honored if you choose to do so. Either way, keep me updated. I love seeing your art:^)"
• here are some drawings I've actually done (the 4 pronged actuators were done before I knew they were 3 pronged lmao) for reference to that:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
• another alternative is napping. Otto is a bit concerned at first and will check in to make sure im ok and not overworking myself, but I tell him that I enjoy his company and he's a safe comfy place for me. plus I need the change of scenery and human contact after spending too much time in my single person dorm.
• when I fall asleep he will make sure that my glasses are off and on colder days he covers me with his coat
• Otto loves talking about his life's work and will go on and on if I ask about it. his eyes light up and I get to see that perfect smile. he talks with his hands when he's excited.
• speaking of hands- I just so happen to be cold as shit all the time and he obviously runs warm. 👁✨👁
• "im freezing, feel my hands"
• "woah you're so warm" *uses him as my personal heater*
• maybe I am touch starved. so what?
• he is 6'2 and im 5'3½. I will be enjoying every bit of the hugs to the fullest.
• I have anxiety and it leaves me bedridden sometimes or comes up in panic attacks. Otto would be so caring and make sure I always have everything I need incase I get overwhelmed.
• the supplies for this would be:
1. hair ties- remove texture and heat from my neck
2. water- keep hydrated
3. extra shirt -incase my outfit has too many textures or hugs me the wrong way and I need to escape it
4. crackers- simple easy snack on the off chance I am able to eat during it
5. chapstick- can't have these babes getting dry and cracked
6. enzymes, calm gummies, cough drops
• he would either carry a few of these items with him at all times or make sure that I've got everything already
• the scramble to get my hair up and remove any jewelry is fast and then I just have to sit and breath for a second and sip some water.
• more intense ones would be different and that could lead to some:
me: *not thinking in sentences* hand
Otto: *gives me his hand to hold*
• the ones that leave me bedridden and alone in my dorm would be the worst. he obviously can't come to see me in my dorm, but if I miss classes or a study session without warning he would call to check in on me. I'd try my best to explain what's going on and he would just talk to me and go through breathing exercises and give me something to focus on.
"do you have a plushie or pillow to hold on to? you do? good. I want you to focus your panic into the plushie. take a deep breath in with me.. 1.. 2.. 3.. and now slowly breath out. grip it as hard as you can directing the anxiety out of you and into the push. don't be afraid of your strength, you won't hurt it."
"if you are able and willing, I am here at our usual place in the library. you are welcome to join me no matter what state you're in. I'm always here for you"
• similar to the intense panic attacks, PERIOD CRAMPS also send me into panic spirals. with the pain coming in waves and I will NOT be in a good state of mind. I will be needing a hand to hold and you bet ur ass Doctor Otto Octavius is gonna hold my hand and say
"squeeze as hard as you need to, you wont hurt me"
• Dry cracky hands- he puts lotion on them for me
• I'm lactose intolerant, but i dont give a shit and i will get lactose products like frappuccinos, icecream, pastries, and whatnot. HE, however, will order for me at cafes and make sure they use lactose free milk or carry enzymes for me when my carelessness blows up in my face.
• Ottos has swapped out his normal milk for a safe version in the fridge at his lab since i visit so often. (we also sneak in some other snacks)
• We go see musicals whenever he is free from his never-ending work. i always keep the playbills from them and my collection grows steadily
• I make a seperate playlist full of songs from musicals we see together and will play that instead of the normal study playlist every now and then. (i dont have one made for this one irl)
• My wardrobe consists of tshirts, straight leg jeans that i roll up, and oversized old man shirts that i either stole from my dad, brother, or Otto. or i thrifted them. the other half of my closet is dark academia, fairy/cottage core, and other fancy stuff that i dont have the confidence to wear as everyday clothes.
• while Otto loves seeing me in his shirts and coats, he encourages me to wear my fancy outfits more often. He tells me i shine like the sun and i should dress in what makes me confident and happy.
• most of those outfits show some skin and that makes me a tad bit uncomfy in public (simply from being perceived by people when im used to being completely covered other than arms and face). Otto notices this and always carries one of his oversized button ups for me to hide in or gives me his coat.
• Speaking of being in PUBLIC- im uncomfy around crowds and i have a hard time leading the way when we walk.
• Otto often leads and makes sure im attached to his arm or hand. he walks slightly faster when theres more people so that we can escape quick. This means i get dragged every now and then and its my favorite thing trying to keep up with him.
• he will apologize if he goes too fast, but honestly its exhilarating running through the crowd with him. we are both a little out of breath when we start walking normally again
• I have vague leg/joint problems because i used to carry my backpack on my right shoulder my entire life. to combat this i try to wear my backpack on both shoulders, but i never know what to do with my arms.
• Solution: hold Otto's hand, sleeve, or arm at all times when we walk together >:)
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prince-septimus · 16 hours ago
“ it’s gonna be okay. i promise." with Otto x Norman x Reader
"it's gonna be okay. i promise." w/ otto octavius x reader x norman osborn
"It's gonna be okay!" you shout, but you can feel your grip slipping as you try to hold on to the bars just for a little bit longer. "I promise!"
Norman looks down at you, and a part of you just wishes he would reach down and grab you and pull you up, but you know he's fighting against the Goblin right now.
"Norman, look at me!" You almost forget you're barely holding yourself up. "You're gonna be okay!"
One of your hands drops from the bar you're holding and you gasp, using all your strength to hold on. You can hear everyone else fighting around you — the three spider-men attempting to cure everyone, and of course, you're the one who decided to go up against the Goblin by yourself.
You were hoping there was still a little bit of the Norman in there that you knew.
"Norman is a little busy, darling," The Goblin's voice rings out from above you, "want to take a message?"
You don't realize you're falling until you have no chance of catching yourself. But then you're not falling, and it knocks the breath out of you as you fall into the arms of someone you know all too well.
"Got a little carried away, love?"
You smile as Otto holds you bridal style, his arms carefully maneuvering him through the slowly collapsing structure everyone has been fighting in. "Don't I always?"
"You know the Goblin won't let go of him that easily."
You shrug. "Couldn't hurt to try."
Otto laughs as he puts you down, letting you land on your feet. "You say that after you just almost fell to your death."
"Yeah, but you were there to catch me, so where's the problem?"
send me a reassurance prompt!
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iobsessoverfictionalmen · 16 hours ago
Hey there!! I was wondering if I could request an Otto x reader where Otto is jealous of the time your spending with Norman (unbeknownst to him it’s purely platonic) - I hope that made sence
Hope your well xx
Of course sweet Anon, your request made perfect sense! I'm well thanks and I hope you are well too. Here's your request and I hope you enjoy it!
AN: Characters are from the Raimi verse. Mention of injury, not to the reader.
Otto Octavius x Female Reader
Tumblr media
"Has anyone seen Otto?" You asked the other occupants of the house.
Max shrugged, Curt nodded once then frowned, Norman lifted an eyebrow and Flint grunted a no.
"Great!" You sighed as you threw your hands up, "I think he's avoiding me."
Max looked confused, "Why would he be doing that? He practically lights up when you enter the room and he couldn't stop thanking you for your birthday gift."
You felt warmth rush to your cheeks, "It was no big deal," you mumbled, "I just noticed his pens were running out and he didn't have any more space in his notebooks. And the cupcake, well he has a sweet tooth, doesn't he? And chocolate chip is his favourite."
"I agree with Max," Norman stated, "after all that, he wouldn't be avoiding you. And if he is, he doesn't deserve the title of genius because avoiding you isn't smart at all."
You smiled, "Thanks guys, I'll keep looking."
Once you had double checked all the other rooms in the house, you made your way down to Otto's lab. All the occupants of the house had their own labs complete with beds because they often got carried away and Otto's was your favourite. Despite being slightly cluttered, Otto's lab always felt welcoming and he was always happy to explain his current projects to you.
You knocked on the ajar door and called out Otto's name. After receiving no response, you pushed the door open further to see Otto sprawled over the desk asleep with his actuators hanging limply behind him hissing occasionally.
Flo noticed you first and the top of the actuator bobbed once in a tired greeting.
You smiled back, "Hey guys, that can't be good for him." Walking forward, you lifted one of Otto's arms over your shoulders. "Can you help me move him to his bed?"
The actuators clicked in agreement and together you were able to gently move Otto over to his bed and the actuators buzzed in contentment as Otto sighed in relief. As you turned to leave the man to his rest, you were stopped by a grip on your wrist.
"Stay." Otto slurred out tiredly, "Let me have this, just for tonight."
Confused, you didn't see the actuators moving to pick you up and you only registered their movement when you were placed on the bed next to Otto. His human arms curled around you and that's how you fell asleep.
A weight on your thigh woke you some time later and you blinked to see Larry resting on your thigh.
"Why are you here?" Otto asked abruptly and you jumped, not realising he was awake.
"I was worried and I thought you were avoiding me."
"I don't see why you would care." Otto snapped, "You're with Norman all the time. Why would you worry about me?"
"With Norman?"
"A day ago, I heard you two laughing while you were in his lab and he had his shirt off."
You shook your head, "There is nothing romantic between Norman and I."
"How do you explain what happened then?"
"He was working in his lab trying to modify his glider and he crossed the wires. The glider slammed into him and because he thought you would all tease him, he asked for my help in patching him up. The reason he was laughing was because I accidentally poked him in the side where he's ticklish. His laughter was infectious and I started laughing too. That's it."
Otto closed his eyes, "Then I'm afraid I've been a jealous fool for nothing."
You cupped his face, "You're not a fool, Otto. You're human."
Larry squeaked from his place on your thigh.
"With four brilliant actuators."
Otto leant forward and kissed you softly. All the actuators whirred happily in the background.
*Extended ending*
"Okay, so he was avoiding her. It was a misunderstanding. They made up." Norman reported with his ear pressed to the door.
"I don't think we should be listening to this." Flint rumbled, "It's a private moment."
Max pulled back to look at Norman, "So is it your entire side that's ticklish or just that spot?"
"You're ticklish?" Curt snickered.
Norman pulled back from the door and reached into his pocket to pull out a grenade, "You should all start running."
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x-emoloverofthings-x · 2 days ago
Cute writing prompt idea: Reader finds out Otto is ticklish and playful fighting ensues :3
-when Otto found out that you were ticklish, he immediately took this information and used it against you >:)
-he would playfully chase you around and try to tickle you
-he just loved to hear you giggle so much, of course ;)
-even his tentacles would be in on it
-its all playful of course
-when they caught you, then the would find all the most ticklish part of you and then launch their attack >)
-you would then retaliate, finding all of Otto's ticklish spots
-soon the two of you would just turn into a giggly mess <3
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shangchiswife · 2 days ago
could you do a comfort fic where it’s set in the roommate au after nwh and the reader falls in love with otto? reader is a doctor/scientist who severely lives in the shadow of her controlling mother; reader feels as if she must keep up a facade for being perfect; reader finally breaks down one day and is comforted by otto and the others
so i sort of followed the guidelines to this but sorry if this isn't what you wanted!!
summary: your controlling mother calls and you break down and your boyfriend otto and your friends comfort you
otto octavius x gn!reader nwh villains x gn!reader
warnings: cursing
word count: 1185
You sat in the penthouse you lived in comfortingly with your legs up on the fancy table in the living room while you watched tv with your boyfriend and your roommates. Your roommates and boyfriend were from a different multiverse and so happened to all try to kill Spiderman.
You didn’t care much though since they all cozied up to you especially Otto Octavius who became your boyfriend.
Otto showed you so much care and tenderness that you were never used to.
You were so touch-starved that you practically begged to be touched by him.
Every gentle touch and hug would make you so happy and fill you with a sense of love and knowing that this man cared for you.
Something your mother could never do.
It wasn’t that you hated your mother, it was the exact opposite. You loved her so much but she was always so harsh with you and never cared much for you.
You had told Otto this information and he had frowned and told you that he would always be there for you to care and love you even if your mother didn’t as much.
Now here he was sitting next to you with his arm slung across your shoulders, one of his hands rubbing circles into your arm making butterflies form in your stomach at the simple touch.
He looked extremely handsome with his hair back and his eyebrows furrowed with concentration as he stared at the screen.
You sighed dreamily as you cuddled into his shoulder as he let out a deep chuckle at your touch.
He pet you gently.
“Hello sweetheart,” he pressed a soft kiss on your forehead, making your skin hot.
“Are you enjoying the movie?” he whispered, not wanting to disturb Max Dillon next to him who was entranced by the film.
“Well to be honest I’ve seen Harry Potter about fifty million times but of course I’m enjoying it!” you looked up at him and he kissed you again.
“Can you guys not do this in a public area? Geez we’re trying to watch Harry Potter here!” Flint snapped.
You lifted your head off of Otto’s shoulder to see him crossing his arms and avoid eye contact with the two of you.
Otto and you exchanged a glance.
“Sheesh I didn’t know that you were such a big Potterhead,” you put your hands up in surrender.
Flint rolled his eyes at you but a small smile played at his lips.
At that moment your phone buzzed in your jean pocket much to the people around you’s annoyance.
“Take the phone call elsewhere,” Curt said sharply in contrast to his usual calm attitude.
“Jeez what is it with Harry Potter bringing out all of your attitudes,” you shook your head lightly before hopping off the couch and going towards you and Otto’s shared room to get privacy for your phone call.
When you looked to see who was calling, your blood ran cold.
It was your mother.
Usually when you and your mother talked it always ended up in disaster with her telling you how much of a bad child you were.
You were not in the mood for yelling but nonetheless she was your mother so you had to answer.
You picked up and immediately the sound of your mother filled the phone.
“Y/N are you there?” she asked.
“Yeah mom I’m here,” you cleared your throat.
“How come it took so long to answer,hm? Do you have better things to do or something?” she questioned in a jarring tone that made you clench your jaw.
Here we go.
“Mom, I answered the phone two seconds later it was nothing personal I promise,” you spoke sarcastically as you shut the door to your room.
“Don’t use that tone with me when I’m calling to ask about you when I don’t need to or necessarily want to! You always act so bitchy with me and I don’t know why,” she hissed as you rubbed your temples.
“Look Mom, I don't want to fight right now because it’s not in my best interests. So how are you?” you asked hoping for a better turn of conversation.
“Don’t change the fucking subject. You are always being so bratty with me when I have done NOTHING to you. I raised you up and gave birth to you after nine hard months. I did not have to do that. And now here you are acting all high and mighty acting like you’re better than me. Well guess what, Y/N you’re not. No one loves you, why do you think immediately after you went to college I basically kicked you out. You’re not wanted. You know what I don’t even know why I called when you’re a stupid bitch,”
When she hung up you felt tears in your eyes.
That’s the way these phone calls always ended. With her taking a jab at your mental health.
You curled up in your blanket and a gentle sob escaped from your throat.
Everyone’s eyes were trained on the TV. It was the final task of the Goblet of Fire and Harry had just entered the maze.
Max whistled.
“Yeah go Harry,” he cheered.
From beside him Norman had an excited grin on his face as he laid back into the comfort of the sofa.
A loud cry rang and everyone perked up.
“What was that?
“Where’s Y/N?”
“Was that Y/N?”
“Let’s go check on them,”
Everyone stopped the movie and then walked over to your room.
“Y/N?” Otto’s voice was gentle as he knocked on the door.
“Can I come in?” he asked.
“Yes,” your voice came out muffled since you laid face down on your pillow.
The men all walked in and they all looked at you sympathetically.
Immediately Otto was by your side and started petting your hair comfortingly trying to put you at ease.
“Why are you crying my love?”
“My mom…I just don’t know why she acts the way she does. I’m always trying to be a good child for her but she’s never satisfied,” you sniffled as you looked up at them with red rimmed eyes.
Norman came onto the bed and wrapped his arms around you.
“Your mom sounds really toxic,” Max admitted as he took a seat next to Norman on the large king-sized bed followed by Curt and Flint.
“Oh trust me she is,” you let out a laugh before laying your head down on Otto’s shoulder.
“Don’t worry Y/N, if she ever talks to you like that again she’ll have to go through us,” Norman lifted his chin up haughtily making you laugh again.
“Thank you guys, I really love you all,” you cuddled close to Otto and gave him a chaste kiss on the cheek before wrapping your arms around Norman and Max.
Flint and Curt came closer so that they were included in the massive group hug.
“Can we watch Harry Potter now?” Flint asked as everyone groaned.
“Well thanks for ruining the moment, Flint!”
“Sorry but Harry Potter trumps this,”
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raggedy-dxctor · 9 hours ago
dating doc ock headcannons
pairing(s): doc ock/otto octavius x gn!reader
Tumblr media
swears he'll love you in this lifetime and every single other
always respects your boundaries as of they're the word of a deity
compliment you every chance he gets
very protective ans cautious, he's so scared that his past will cause harm to come to you
big cuddlee, like he loves being able to wrap you safely in his embrace
wakes you up with something different every morning, most commonly it's coffee and pancakes
buys you lots of jewellery, he loves it when you wear it and people are instantly deterred from flirting with you when they see an anniversary date and a heart carved into it
no matter what you're passionate about or what field you're talented in, he would happily sacrifice his free time to hear you ramble about it or watch you work
absolutely yearns to hear your words of comfort when the ai voices of the appendages flood his brain
craves your smile every waking moment that he's not by your side
honestly in his free time i feel like he's glued to your side
likes to hum you songs as you drift off to sleep in his arms, he'll subconsciously pick up the time of your favourite songs and hum it to you to help you sleep
his favourite thing is when you steal his lab coat and/or his clothes
really likes running his fingers through your chair and he'll twirl it around his fingers if he zones out thinking about work
paints you puctures of pretty landscapes that he sees on the internet or in persons
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moregaythanyourealized · 21 hours ago
Oh, thank you! In that case, might I please request an Otto X male!reader where the reader is trying to get a degree in video game design and is self-conscious that he’s not going into something more “prestigious” like Otto or Rosie did?
I made it a little more vague just so it could apply to more readers. Hope you enjoy!!
You sat down at Ottos desk fumbling with the mail. The acceptance letter had come a week ago. You didn’t tell anyone, because to be totally honest you’re weren’t sure if it was the right path. Your family supported you, kinda. You could see the way their smiles faltered when you told them what you were majoring in. How they whispered to each other when they thought you couldn’t hear.
“Otto, how did you know what to do with your life?”
The man stopped and pondered a moment, staring at the cracked ceiling of your shared apartment,
“Well, I just knew. I’ve always wanted to be a scientist and as I grew up I realized I had what it took to help people. So I did! and-“
You knew how this conversation would go. He would talk about how great he and Rosie were in College, hell, they got everything they dreamed of from it. A steady job, good income, each other… As Otto continued his story you scratched at the wooden desk lightly,
“Are you listening?”
“No, I just-“ You sigh and sit down again,
“You and Rosie were both amazing at what you did. I love what I do but, I don’t wanna fail. I don’t wanna let anyone down.” A large hand rested over yours,
“Y/n,” He said sternly,
“It is impossible for us to be disappointed in you when you’re doing what you love. You have a bright future, I can tell. You’re only going to fail if you don’t try.” Cupping your face Otto leaned in and kissed you gently. His eyes were warm and sweet as he pulled back.
“B-but what about money? I mean if I don’t make a good income like you-“
“You’re not me, you don’t have to live up to anyone. You’re your own man. The people who love you will stick with you.”
You chewed on your shirt sleeve, deep in thought,
“Will you stick with me?” Otto kissed you again,
“Forever, my dear”
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rareburstsofwriting · 2 days ago
Tale as old as time
Otto octavius x reader
Beauty and the beas au
Tumblr media
Chapter 1: more than this provincial life
A/n: well here is the first chapter of thr fic hopefully there are no spelling mistakes or any errors i amhaving my lovely editors look over the chapters before posting, hope you enjoy :)
As the rooster crowed to signal the first light at the break of dawn awaking those who have yet to wake, the little french village of Villeneuve was so quiet and yet so hectic as usual. People weaving in between each other, selling and buying at the market, each having their own story to weave with their own threads of life but, in every town there is a black sheep, one thread different from the rest, one young girl. Gorgeous by anybody's standards with eyes that held the stars within them, always so bright and full of life. But as with most things, looks are not everything. What's a golden bucket if it holds no water and all that glitters is not gold? It's someone's heart that matters most. While the majority of the villagers would admit that she was beautiful, they'd definetly all agree she was kind yet odd, always willing to help those in need of it, though always with her nose in a book and head in the clouds. Dreaming of far off lands, princes slaying dragons, damsels in distress, mystery with a side of romance and heartbreak.
Making small talk along the way as she walked through the small provincial town, dreaming of far off places and distant lands. On the way to the library to return the book she just borrowed, she recalled all the captivating details stored within the pages, magic seeds, castles in the sky, giant ogres, and the hero having to outwit them. The journey was filled with the chatter of the busting markets, and the whispers of the townsfolk, not that she minded. Entering the small library, she greeted the old librarian, he was always so nice, letting her read the newest books he got. She has spent endless hours in that library, just reading and talking to the older man about every book they both read. Looking through the small selection of books, you saw one that caught your eye, it always did. A mysterious prince and a girl who learns to fall in love with him, a truly beautiful story. Snatching the book right of the shelf you asked to borrow it again. Bless the sweet old librarian, this time he let you keep it. You borrowed it so many times, it might as well be yours he stated. You thanked him profusely and wished him a fine day before leaving the library to go home. Your nose burried in the book you had read over a thousand times, you probably remember the whole book at this point, maybe some day you will have read it enough times to fully memorise it.
But all good thing must end at some point, all good things must come to an end. This time it seemed to end with none other than Peter Parker himself. A brutish man who had let all the fame of being the war hero 'Spider-Man' get to his head, apparently he used to be a nice, well rounded and smart character but fighting in the war had changed him and not for the better, you win one battle and all of a sudden the town praises you like a god. Too engorced in the book to notice his upcoming frame you accidentally bumped face first into his chest.
"Im so sorry." you quickly apologised.
"You're always so focused on those books, you should be focusing on more important things," he leaned closer to your face as though to let you have a better look at his 'handsome' smug face.
"like me" peter gloated with a wolf like grin playing on his lips. Completely disregarding your comfort and personal space he threw an arm around your waist dragging you along with him whether you wanted it or not.
"How about we go to the tavern and I can show you all my war medals?" He questioned with a bragging tone of voice, leaving no room for an answer as he kept yanking you in the direction of the said tavern. Somehow managing to wiggle out of his firm grip, slowly backing away from him while hugging your book closer to your chest, as though it was a shield to protect you from him.
"I would truly love to but I must head back home to help my father." declining politely, you could feel Peter roll his eyes at the statement. He never really liked your father much, stating he 'let you read to much, letting you keep your head and heart in the clouds.' Not that the village disagreed, with him always whispering behind your back, "old man Marko? A great craftsman but strange." You didn't blame them though, people tend to shun what they do not understand. With a brisk pace you made your way through the village to your house at the edge of the small province. Walking up the steps to the door and entering, you see your father sitting at his work bench humming softly to himself as he painted a small music box. Watching him work with such intent focus, you greet him softly with a kiss to his temple as to not break his focus. He greeted you back in return with a soft smile playing on his lips.
"Papa? Do you think I'm odd?" You questioned softly, while checking over the book for any damage from the collision you had with Peter a few moments prior.
"My daughter? Odd?" He questioned confused glancing up from his work to look at you "What makes you say such a thing?"
"People talk and I don't fit in much." You state taking a seat beside him as he looked a you with those kind gentle eyes of his.
"Well what about that Parker boy he's awful handsome"
"Handsome, rude and conceded," throwing your hands up "oh he's not right for me papa." You sigh exasperatedly.
"Well I'm sure you will find someone, you are a smart beautiful girl, any man would love to have you. Never settle for anything less." He spoke softly as he cradled your face in his rough hand, years of wood carving and sanding having roughened them. The many years had not been nice to him and yet he still worked with a smile on his face. Leaving him to finish the music box, you went out to prepare Philipe, your horse for the journey to the fair. Loading the last of the boxes onto the cart, as your father got seated on the cart.
"What would you like me to bring back this time?"
"A rose, like the one in the music box"
A soft chuckle escaped his lips as he sat above you.
"Is that all?" " yes"
"Very well then a rose just like the one from the music box for the lovely lady" he stated dramatically with a bow of his head to add emphasis to the joke.
You waved him off, as you watched his form as it faded into the distance behind the tree line. Retreating back into the small house. Grabbing the book that was on the bench, you sat down on the soft sofa planning to curl up with the book and have a relaxing rest of the day. However, a loud knocking interrupted your preparation for a pleasant day. Looking through the peephole in the door you rolled your eyes at the unpleasant sight on the other side. Peter Parker, his tongue running along his teeth while fixing his hair, no amont of pampering or grooming could get you to like him. Regrettably opening the door to great him, he pushed passed you barging into your home without even taking his shoes off, tracking mud all over the floor. Glaring at the now tracked mud you didn't pay attention to what he was saying.
"And of course we'd have at least five kids"
Snapping your head up in question at the bold statement, a million thoughts racing through your head, not one of them positive. Trying to hide all the emotions that where racing in order to stay polite you respond.
"as lovely as that sounds I must decline"
"decline? But I can give you anything you could ever dream of and more"
"Peter you cannot give me what I dream of. What I dream of and what you want, there's too much distance between them, it would never work lest we hate each other." The facts of the matter didn't seem to sit well with Peter as he grew more agitated. His features deepening with a dark gaze. Standing up from his splayed out position on the sofa he stalked towards you; slowly as though a predator hunting its prey. Backed up against the front door of the house, his imposing frame towering over you, feeling around the door for the nob, you grabbed it quickly hoping he wouldn't notice. Thankfully he was too busy staring deep into your eyes as he spoke with a low threatening tone.
"ma chérie, I can give you anything, I can give you more than this village ever will. All you need to do is agree to marry me. Just say yes"
"It's a kind offer but I must say.. NO!" You exclaim swinging the door open, watching as he toppled over and out the door; slamming the door before he could even stand up, not wanting to deal with anymore of his childish temper tantrums.
He acted like a child that had never been told no before; like a child who was denied sweets, he stood up glaring at the door before stomping off, over the flower bed back in the direction of the tavern. Letting out a frustrated sigh your shoulders relaxed, releasing the tension that had built up from the encounter. Peeping out of the window to check he was gone; exiting the house slowly, checking that the coast was clear. Stepping down the stairs and walking around the house to the back to feed the chickens in their coop. Spreading their seeds around on the ground, you started talking to the chickens, truly you must be insane to talk to chickens but they seem to be the only ones who would listen. When the whole town fawns over Peter, they would call you crazy for denying his proposal, some of them would kill for Peter to even so much as look in their direction. Needing to clear your head you walked out to the meadow behind the house, looking out over the fields and forests with a sense of longing. The village behind you; the villagers would never understand how you felt. To be tied to the village for the rest of your life, to be bound to a small kitchen in a suffocating house; that kind of life is not for you. Dashing sword fights, daring knights, far off journeys in distant lands far far away, that was the life for you. Your heart and soul longed for adventure, for freedom.
Sitting down on the soft plush grass, picking a single dandelion from the meadow, looking at the delicate plant in the palm of your hand, closing your eyes. You made a wish, a wish for an adventure, for a handsome prince to save you from your boring day to day life, to whisk you off your feet. For what is an adventure without a handsome prince or knight in shining armour whisking the heroins heart and feet off of the ground and into the distant sunsets. For them to have another thousand adventures that we shall never know of. Opening your eyes you blow the tuft of seedlings into the wind hopefully carrying your dreams along with them.
Your head and heart was brought back to reality by the panicked neighs of a horse. Standing up from your position on the meadow, looking towards the direction of the noise. A horse was running out of the forest, a chestnut horse with light hair. That’s Philipe he looked like he had seen the dead come back to life. Rearing out of all control, flailing all over the place making it hard to grab his reigns. You managed to bring his head down to a lower level and eventually through shushing and petting he calmed down. Glancing at the still attached cart, you realised. Where was papa? What had scared Philipe so much to abandon his rider?
Making quick work of the straps that connected the cart to Philipe, you jumped onto Philipe grabbing the reigns not caring for riding bare back.
“Philipe take me to papa!” You commanded while kicking the horse into a gallop towards the forest he had emerged from.
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