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can't sleep someone knock me out
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Not me posting system stuff on my not system acc :T
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ough that knight is a lady 😳
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what form of love do you embody?
love as tenderness [ love as gentleness after a lifetime of cruelty ]
when ocean vuong said "sometimes being offered tenderness feels like the very proof that you've been ruined" and when pablo neruda said "like a jar you housed the infinite tenderness and the infinite oblivion shattered you like a jar" and when anais mitchell wrote "all i've ever known is how to hold my own, and now i wanna hold you, too”
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do u guys remember my friends the weepuls
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No i dont know the nature of my sensory upset yes im going to keep adding and taking away sensations until it stops. Whats your point
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try again
Summary: Jonathan had a recurring incident that would play in his mind over and over like a horror movie every time he tried to touch Edward. It had happened twice before this evening, each time with increasingly more distressing results.
Jonathan startled when he heard the window creak open behind him. He had situated himself on the step of the fire escape outside of the apartment for some time now looking at the dull, starless night sky. He couldn’t tell how long he had been out there. 
Edward leaned out of the window, clearing his throat before he spoke.
“I made tea, come inside and warm up.”
Jonathan gestured with his hand, a cigarette between two fingers.
“Keepin’ me warm. I’m good.”
Ed plucked the cigarette from Jon’s fingers, taking a sharp inhale from it before putting it out on the railing and ducking back inside.
“C’mon,” Trailed Ed’s voice from inside, ignoring Jonathan’s subtle objection. “I don’t want the cold air getting in.”
Jonathan rubbed his arms. He was, in fact, freezing his ass off. Even after years of living in Gotham he never acclimated to the colder weather. Still, Jonathan would rather face the chilling winds than turn around and sit in the tense silence that was bound to settle over him and Edward, or worse, have the conversation that had been looming over them ever since they’d started sharing living spaces. 
Jonathan had a recurring incident that would play in his mind over and over like a horror movie every time he tried to touch Edward. It had happened twice before this evening, each time with increasingly more distressing results. Shaking hands gently pushing Ed down onto soft ivory sheets would turn into sharp claws before his own eyes, tearing flesh and fabric alike until only shreds of a man were left in front of him. Jon would always pull back and they’d both move on from it. 
A strong gust of wind hit Jonathan and he winced, finally accepting defeat and pulling himself back inside. He closed the window and locked it with a soft click, taking one last lingering glance before turning to the cramped kitchen.
Ed handed him a mug- a shitty little novelty one with a pun on it that Harley had gifted him long before either of them had made a change in careers- and leaned against the counter opposite of Jon. Classical music played somewhere softly in the background breaking up the silence, but the lack of dialogue was evident. Jonathan gripped the mug a little tighter, reveling in the slight sting of pain from the heat of it.  
“You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to because of me,” Edward said tapping his fingers on his mug anxiously, looking down at a crack in the tile of the kitchen floor. 
Jonathan shook his head. 
“That’s not it. I want this- I want you. I want it so much, that’s the problem.”
This brought Ed to look up at him. 
“How is that a problem?”
Jonathan hunched his shoulders, instinctively drawing himself in, a defense mechanism to make himself smaller that he never seemed to grow out of.
“It just is, I don’t know. I want- and it’s not enough until it’s too much and then I just can’t. I start losing myself or something and I just-” Jon waved his hand that wasn’t holding the mug in frustration. “I don’t know. What I do know is that whatever it is, it’s going to end badly.”
Ed was frowning in concern and had placed his mug beside him on the counter in favor to cross his arms over his chest. 
“Is this about the Scarebeast incident?”
“Yes? At least partly. Ed, did you know it came back? After the main occurrence with it, it came back. Long story short I tied myself to the wrong people and they betrayed me, and I was so fucking angry that it just-” Jonathan made a gesture with his hands, having put down his mug during his rant. “And that’s the problem. I got too emotional and that’s what happened. I don’t know if it’s still possible for me to even turn into that and if any strong emotion other than anger would activate it but I don’t want to find out. It’s safer this way.” 
“Jonathan, I’m not afraid of you.”
“I wish you were,” Jonathan said under his breath. Edward threw his head back with a sigh.
“Not like that,” Jon added. “I wish you were afraid of me for your own sake, so you’d have some sense to stay away.” 
“I know who you are- what you were and all that you’ve done. I knew all that before committing to this. I accepted the risk when I chose to be with you, and I’m still here, aren’t I?”
Jonathan didn’t respond.
Edward moved towards him, grabbing Jonathan’s hands in his own and bringing them to rest on his hips. Ed brought his own arms between Jon’s and around his back, pulling him into a close embrace. He leaned his head on Jon’s shoulders and swayed them slightly to the music. He could feel the rise and fall of Jonathan’s heavy breathing.
“Is this alright?”
Jonathan hummed and allowed himself to relax into Ed, hands becoming less stiff as they tightened around Ed’s waist.
Ed let out a short exhale and patted Jonathan’s hands.
“Loosen your grip a bit.” 
Jonathan immediately pulled back as if he had been burned. Ed tried to grab his hands again but Jon had already linked them behind his own head.
“I don’t think I’m capable of doing anything but harm,” Jon said, sounding incredibly exasperated. 
Ed shook his head. 
“You didn’t hurt me, you just didn’t need to hold on that tight. I’m not going anywhere. Want to try again?”
Jonathan knew that wasn’t true, but allowed himself to be moved back into position. Ed could leave at any time and it was something Jon anticipated. Ed leaving wasn’t an if, but a when to Jonathan. He was just waiting for himself to draw the last straw that would finally cause Ed to draw away from him. Saying you’d do anything for your partner is a romantic statement to some, but one with terrifying implications if your partner was The Scarecrow. Jon was just waiting for the night that he’d walk out of the washroom from rinsing himself clean of blood to see Ed with his bags at best, just a note on the counter at worst knowing Ed wouldn’t be able to leave without placing some kind of hint as to where he had gone. Edward would leave, and Jon would let him because above all else he is a weak man. A horrible man who had done horrible things, yes, but a weak one nonetheless. The last thing he wanted to do was hurt Ed and become the monster he spent so much time trying not to become. 
“Jon? Still with me?”
“Right here,” Jon responded. 
Ed hummed and Jonathan could feel his smile against his skin. A quiet, warm moment of peace in a lifetime full of horrors- Jonathan didn’t deserve this.
“Of all the men and women in Gotham, why me?” Jonathan asked quietly.
Edward pulled his head up so he could look at Jon with a puzzled look. 
“Men have taken their own lives because of the words I’ve said, yet you let those lips kiss you. My hands have maimed and murdered, yet you allow them to touch you. You could have anyone, better people, better lovers, people worthy of your time.”
Edward shook his head with a laugh, bringing his hands up to coarse through Jonathan’s hair. 
“Your head is filled with straw, someone ought to get you a brain Scarecrow. I allow it because I want it. If I wanted anyone I’d have them, but I don’t. I want you. And don’t forget,” Ed said with a bright smirk, “I’m just as much a villain as you are.”
Jonathan opened his mouth to say something but Ed silenced him by placing his finger over his lips. 
“If you’re going to debate me on whose the bigger bad I suggest you find something better to do with your mouth.”
Jon rolled his eyes but pulled Edward in for a kiss nonetheless. They still had a ways to go in terms of figuring things out but at least for tonight, they were making some progress. 
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So Michael's form is himself and what he looks like, but I'm thinking he can possess people,,, hijack their forms for a while,,, his physical body disappearing while he does it
Like tell me that wouldn't be cool.
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Thinks about tsubasa world chronicle for a single second and immediately explodes into a million pieces
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My day be sooooooo fine then BOOM itchy
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Tumblr media
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