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Hi there!

Hmm… I don’t think that will happen, under any circumstances. Meaning, that he would end up with Undertaker and real!Ciel. There is just no way. Sebastian wouldn’t let that happen, and our!Ciel doesn’t want it either. At all. So no, I don’t think that can happen. 

However, I also don’t think that he has nothing right now?  First of all, our trio of servants (leaving Snake aside for now) and Tanaka. These people are and will always be 100% on his side, for sure. No question about it. In fact, for the longest time I’ve been thinking that, if they’re not killed by the enemy, the servants might turn on Sebastian for our Ciel. It’s a conflict I’d be excited to see.

Also, the Midfords. It’s complicated here… The Midfords are his direct relatives. Yes, they might be disappointed and worried because of his lie and the accusations on him (which, for the 28419985th time, make no sense), but I’m pretty sure they don’t actually hate him. In fact, I lowkey believe that much of the conflict between the Midfords and our Ciel is due to plot conveniences and slight bad writing on that side. 

I mean, really now,  Edward has been with our Ciel the entire Blue cult arc, basically, trying to bring Lizzy back, while Lizzy, who is very much so confused at the moment (and it’s understandable because our Ciel did lie to her, after all), has been at the Sphere hall with the older twin. It really doesn’t add up in any way or form. Technically, the Midford siblings, or at least Edward first, should be back on our Ciel’s side as soon as possible.

What should happen with them is that we should have an actual, more realistic conversation between the two Midford siblings, and also several conversations between the Midford siblings and our!Ciel. And all problems would be solved. (And more character development for Frances, Lizzy and Edward. Please, sensei.)  

Back to the main topic, he also has other friends, like Sieglinde. He’s also very smart. So, I think he would have plenty of things to live for, if he were to get rid of his enemies, of the contract with Sebastian, and if he were to find some motivation to continue living. 

However… I also don’t think that is very likely to happen. I believe that Sebastian will actually get to eat his soul by the end of the manga, that is my personal opinion. Now, is that a good ending for our!Ciel? Does he deserve that kind of sad ending? Questionable

But still, I agree with you. Anything is better than being with Undertaker and real!Ciel, seeing as things are not exactly… safe and sane about them right now. Well, thanks for your message! Have a wonderful weekend and stay healthy! 

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Today’s Terrible OCiel Name Suggestion is…

Rayban sunglasses for 24.99 Phantomhive

Cursed by @mewzaque

(Mod UT: Congrats 🎊 on cursed status for that one. We will donate 50% of the profits to the COVID-19 epidemic prevention department. Every purchase is your support for charity, thank you!)

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October 28th: Hall of Spectres - Haunted places, supernatural disturbances, monsters, etc.

Hosts: @griever-bit-my-finger @angryredoctopus

Short Time ago I drew some of my Corpse Bride!Ciel for Halloween, so I decided to bring him back. I really love The Corpse Bride movie.

Zoom ever here


“I passed lot of Time in the darkness that I’ve forgotten how beautiful is the moonlight.”

“Don’t you understand It was a mistake!? I would never marry With you!!!”


Corpse Bride!Ciel who instead wanting a wedding, wants revenge 👀✨👀

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Phantomhive pen!!

The new product from Bandai inspired by the Book of the Atlantic movie is this beautiful fountain pen.

Price: 19,800 yen

Reservation: starts in October 27, 2020 until December 9, 2020

Delivery date: scheduled to be shipped by March 2021

Link for reservations!!

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Today’s Terrible OCiel Name Suggestion is…

Brother John Phantomhive

“From the traditional song:

Are you sleeping? Are you weeping?

Brother John, brother John.

Where is old Tanaka now? When is our party? Now?

Tick tick tock. Tick tick tock.

Or, if you prefer the original French version:

Frère Jacques, frère Jacques.

Dormez-vous? Pleurez-vous?

Où est le vieux Tanaka? Quand est notre fête?

Tic tic tac. Tic tic tac.


Triple cursed by @abybweisse

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Yesterday’s Terrible OCiel Name Suggestion was…

Jeremy Phantomhive

“Rachel named him after the local vicar, Jeremy Rathbone. So when Sebastian pretends to be the vicar, our earl/Jeremy is saying his own first name. And when Vicar Rathbone says the boy’s name is unusual, he’s only talking about Ciel.”

Triple cursed by @abybweisse

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Well my dears, I believe it is time to start out next arc off perfectly with this time of the month…also known as SPOOKY SEASON~!

Somewhere along the edge of a forest, a fox was sprinting for its life as three dogs were chasing after it with two men riding on horses following right behind them. However, the dogs soon stopped before entering the forest, barking loudly without making a motion to continue forward. The two men stopped their horses to gaze at the scene before them.

“Damn, it ran into the forest.” One of the men cursed.

“The hunt’s more worthwhile when the fox is sly.” The other man responded, moving to continue on. “Let’s go.”

“You can’t be serious!! This is the cursed forest, isn’t it!?”

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